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Archives: January 15, 2009

Hamas launches first phosphorus rocket at Negev; no injuries reported

Israelis, sipping Pepsi, watch bombardment of Gaza town

Israel looking to ignite new war: Lebanon

Here's my solution to the middle east crisis:

Boy, 7, seriously hurt as Gaza rockets slam into Be'er Sheva

BBC: Israelis 'shot at fleeing Gazans' (Deliberately shooting women & children).

Who is "Moderator" and why is he locking every political video that criticises Israel actions in

Pistol/Revolver Owner's only please

Down We Go Again: Faint Hope Vanishes On Wall St.

VA nominee Shinseki vows to clean up agency

I took the day off Jan. 20th...

Fair Pay Bills could come up in the Senate this week

Bill Clinton and full disclosure

Why I'm trying not to post in threads about Gaza right now.

NY Times: Gannett to Furlough Workers for Week

U.N. Acquires Nuclear Weapon

Olbermann: "No pain, gain. And, no brain, no pain"

DEVELOPING: White House admits negligence in e-mail recovery

Please! Tell your kids about the dangers of alcohol poisoning!

Lately the Democrats are Shining, and it feels good.

How Many More Minutes Do We Have to Wait? ---pix->

FBI Building's Surprising Inaugural Message

Cheney's post-VP plans revealed!

Window Opens to Arabic Web (online translation)

Have any other President and Vice President been on such a

Corker flies coach to brave Michigan critics at Detroit auto show

Foreclosure Crisis Solution: 1 Trillion In Federal Aide & Convert Homeowners Into Temporary Tenants

Military recruiting via video game center in Philly (NBC news)

They just hand out these inaugaural invites to anybody, don't they?

Arguing point against Death Penalty...more money is to be made from live prisoner than buried corpse

Another Limousine Welfare Queen?

About that Gitmo thing ........

UFO 'tentacles' are propulsion plasma beams, researcher says

Let Justice Be Done, Though The Heavens Fall

Court Grants National Security Archive Motion to Search White House Computers and Preserve E-mails

Tin Toil Hat Hour on History International Channel...

toll tops 1000

NJ kids with Nazi-inspired names removed from home

The Alliance for Climate Protection

Gitmo personel, better lawyer up

Difficult To Tell If T.J. Maxx Hit Hard By Recession

USA Today: UAW strike in '36-'37 changed workers' lives across USA

Three Arrested in Slashing Death of Frostproof Man (true headline)

Unity is not always all that it is cracked up to be and sometimes division is necessary

California (50) Labor Unions Joins Prop. 8 Battle (full list)

Dear Keith Olbermann: There's a difference between a "mistake" and a crime

Watch this video:

The Great Depression: An Essential Lesson

Wow... Obama's holding a dinner for McCain the day before the Inauguration!

Keep your eye on your wallet when there are Paulsons around !!!!

Religion and the inauguration...

When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight - Except On Inauguration Day....

Is Newsweek a RW rag?

From the 2004 debates, Bush is speechless!

Thank You Howard Dean! Please make a 50 state tour of your own

I can't wait for Tuesday. How about you?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

CNN: Bush to Host Game Show After Short Break in Dallas:

Bank of America to Get Billions More From Treasury

Supremes gut 4th Amendment

"Cut Government Spending"

Former FBI Ten Most Wanted fugitive receives three-year prison term

Soo... who is using the basketball court at the Supreme Court building?

Help Save Our College Newspaper--protect freedom of speech!

Get Up Stand Up Don't Give Up The Fight.

I am blessed!

OMG! How many days until Obama's inauguration!?

Demand for "best job in the world" crashes website

3 year old Adolf Hitler removed from home

Oooooh I'll bet Randi's pissed. Obama meets with "liberal pundits" today..

Revolutionary Road...

Boss, I Need a Bigger Screen. For Work Efficiency, of Course.

I'm just saw Tweety and this GOP ideologue Frank Gaffmachine and ...

Nortel Networks Files for Bankruptcy

Obama to End Military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said 'war on terror' was wrong

Companies find spreading pain preferable to cutting jobs: wage cuts, pay freezes, furloughs

Ideas for

Chávez Reopens Oil Bids to West as Prices Plunge

Army routinely used unlicensed psychologists until 2006

Marietta Police: 40 potential victims in child sex case

Hello, President Obama.

here's my idea for a stimulus package, tell me what you think.

In new tactic, L.A. goes after gangs' money

Is John Cornyn really stupid, a chronic liar or just a garden-variety asshole? (Or all of the above)

Could you order dick cheney to be tortured? Cause he'd sure do it to you.

Obama to End Clinton's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Military Policy

No wallet is safe when there's a Paulson in the room.......

Happy birthday Dr. King (rights activist, union organizer) Martin Luther King, Jr. born Jan 15, 1929

BUSH Recession or Depression?

GOP Civil War: Growing Cracks

Poo tossing monkey on the loose in Florida

Did Rachel just get Blindsided by Jim Webb

United Nations Relief Agency on fire in Gaza

AlterNet: What a Cheesy 1980s Teen-Flick Can Teach Us About the Bush Doctrine

"Don't tell me the federal response was slow....”

Microsoft expected to announce layoffs

Breaking news in Texas. 2 people carrying sulfuric acid in their car

Welfare Queens Gone Wild

Glenn Greenwald: Establishment Washington unifies against prosecutions

And the skewering of Two Shoes continues....(Doonesbury)

"Wars are not won on the battlefields,

Marine suicides in 2008 at a yearly high since Iraq invasion

Barack Oxbama? Barox Obama?

Ann Coulter - Worst Guest Ever (CNN)

War on Hamas Saps Palestinian Leaders

Yeah Right!!! - More Tax Cuts & Open The Border To More Immigrants.......

Barney Frank is on WJ - CSpan 1 n/t

Yippee, I got my invitation to the inauguration in the mail! Oh, wait....

2009 is going to be a GREAT year!

Obama, Stimulus Proposals Enjoy Broad Backing in Poll


Establishment Washington unifies against prosecutions

Are you going to watch Bush's final address to the nation tonight?

Hey, Republicans, you've failed America for 28 years. What should Obama do about the economy?

Shinseki: Six-Month Wait for Military Disability Unacceptable

Vice Presidential Handlers Lure Cheney Into Traveling Crate (The Onion)

Today is the Holder Confirmation Hearing- and it ain't gonna be pretty

Facts of involuntary activation from the IRR

Nancy Skinner has a great show coming up tomorrow a.m.

"Slow as molasses in January?"

Are You Going To Change Your Screen Name?

Because Cheney Thinks So

What is the status of the Bush/Obama bailout bonanza?

Shoppers 'Sidelined' In Long Retail Slump....(place this one in the category of 'Duh.'

Poodle of Freedom

thursday: 8 rethuglicon senators led by david vitter will try to block Obama from getting tarp funds

Republicans seem really scared of Eric Holder for some reason?

US home foreclosures spiked 81 percent in 2008 despite efforts to slow the "tsunami,"

Roping a Deer! Bwahahahahhah! (Gotta be a Rethug)

Stamp vending machines will soon become a thing of the past in post offices.

Finding Havens for the Homeless (DC)

Nevermind, it's a non story, I have been told

Crime and Punishment; Is it healthy for our society to allow high ranking officials to escape

Bill Frist on CNN this Morning

Bush administration acknowledged that a modern Afghan democracy may be unattainable and unaffordable

Herring (D) Blocked from House Seat (VA) After 16-Vote Victory

Obama Moving Today? Do the Obamas finally move into Blair House today?

I suspect solving the case of the Anthrax Attacks will be a top priority real soon

Lesbian couple to join Obama train ride

VIRUS ALERT! Do NOT Open the "Obama Amazing Speech" or "Amazing Speech by Obama" Email.

A Letter to Media Executives From John Russell Re: Gaza Tragedy and ABSENT Mainstream Media Coverage

Republicans say they'll grill Holder on Blagojevich ties

How will we know when its a DEPRESSION?

Eric Holder says without a doubt that waterboarding IS torture

Eric Holder says without a doubt that waterboarding IS torture

BREAKING NEWS: In 16-1 vote, Senate panel endorses Hillary Clinton as next secretary of state

Obama: tight noose on bin Laden as good as capture ("whether he is technically alive or not")

Finding havens for the homeless.

Throw a shoe at Bush game

10 take aways from the Bush years

Anyone have a good Drinking Game fo der Fuhrer's grand finalie ?

Help the poor ?

Trammell Crow dies. North Texas real estate developer.

$3T for the Iraq war, $700B for the bailouts and now $825B for the stimulus

BREAKING NEWS: No Miami events planned if Castro dies

Israeli forces shell UN headquarters in Gaza

Did the Vitter Shitter Critter give a reason for voting against Hillary's confirmation as SoS?

George W Bush begat Barack Hussein Obama ?

Bioidentical Hormones

Cheney In Retirement (Toon)

Last Press Conference

EU, Israel Suspend Talks as War in Gaza Rages On

Margaret and Helen: Helen rips off another one


I Wonder If Congress Will Make Banks Quit Jacking Up Rates On Credit Card Burrowers.

Let the Revisionism Begin: History May See Lincoln-Like Greatness in George W. Bush

At protest, Greek police seek friendlier image

Smith Station Little Girl Fights For Life (can we get health care yet for god's sake???)

Dearborn schools urged to ban Arabic

Save the Children calls for Gaza ceasefire

German Discounter Aldi Aims to Profit From Belt-Tightening in US

Does anyone else think

Israel Shuts Out World Press

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Mr. President-elect

Inaugration Central

Oh, if only...


What if Clinton did kill Vince Foster?

Sarah Palin Announces Her Intention to Sue to Block Protections of Endangered Whales

When will the Potemkin Ranch in Crawford be disassembled?

How do I feel about one last damn speech by Shrub?

Barack Obama: Letter to My Daughters

Is there anything that you'll miss when bush leaves the WH? n/t

Protesters label Redford an enemy of the poor

Interesting, "LittleSis"....the opposite of Big Brother

What is the difference between POW and Enemy Combatant? Further questions...

Kellogg pulls crackers after recall by supplier (Austin and Keebler brands)

Pardon Scooter Libby meme has been formed: Failure to do so would discourage good people from gov't

What do you wish to be the first and foremost points of action in 2009?

Nuclear weapons and weapons-related 'budget' exceeds most anticipated government expenditures

Labor Leaders Kick-Off Single Payer Healthcare Campaign At National Union Conference!

Christian Coalition Proclaims Itself Ready to Fight

Should Timothy Geithner be confirmed to run the Treasury?

"I saw American Carol a while ago and just saw it again on DVD"


Military Planners, in Nod to Obama, Are Preparing for a Faster Iraq Withdrawal

Sens. Tom Coburn and Bill Nelson sing Elton John's Rocket Man

Sens. Tom Coburn and Bill Nelson sing Elton John's Rocket Man

Martin Luther King born January 15, 1929


Won't be able to claim they weren't warned

Are corporations desperate for cash?

DOJer: Missing White House Emails Found

'War on Terror' was wrong - David Miliband

'War on terror' label was a mistake, says Britain's No 10

Democracy to call on the ignored (guess who)

Facebook Sacrifices Burger King “Whopper” App

If cable and satellite companies are forced to carry CSPAN1&2, then

Hey Harry Reid, it is a cold day in Chicago

USDA unable to weed out unapproved modified foods

One last Bushism for the road...and damn, this one's a whopper...

Crude Prices Fall Below 35 Dollars,,,Included is a very bad sign for the economy.

Good News From The World of Science!

Monsanto Investigator in Illinois Laughs They Are Doing 'Rural Cleansing'

Thoughts About the Group Citizens Against Government Waste

Tenn has huge toxic disaster plus their House in up in arms

Max Blumenthal: The Inaugural Anointing (File Under WTF)

Ken Salazar is in the hot seat just now

Any DUers know besided Columbine killers who got their weapons at gun shows?

So what kind of Bull S**t do you expect Bush to tell the nation tonight?

even acid in their faces can't keep these girls from going to school

Report: Kern failing at secondhand smoke protection

What do you think of the idea of DU having a DU Blue Jobs Forum?

Does Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) know about this??

Global warming??'s -33 F, wind chill -52 F

111 posts to go!!!

111 posts to go!!!

What I'll be singing tonight at 8pm EST >>

Even in Republican Utah, Bush presidency rated lackluster, poor

Wall Street retreats: Stocks tumble, with the Dow briefly below 8,000 on Citigroup, Bank of America

Please help, I'm confused... If I don't want to drill, I'm racist or hate poor people?

BREAKING: Bradley Scholzman's sphincter just tightened up

Good TARP Transparency Amendment

Senator Boxer saving committee seat for Kennedy

No resting in peace for Gaza dead - Cemetery hit

AG Nominee declares waterboarding to be torture

What explains the postive markets so far today

Cheney maintains Iraqi civilian deaths were worth it: "the country is better off for it today"

Be Watchful for Pardons Tomorrow (Friday) Night

Obama's moving letter to his daughters

My Trend Micro P-Cillin Internet Security Program Is Activating Anytime I Do Anything In DU......

The Age of Unaccountability

Homeland nominee to review controversial ID plan

Vitter the only dissenting vote

New Senate Web Page...

I've actually been quite impressed with MSNBC letting most of the Holder and Clinton

Why does Bobby Bright ("D"-AL) Hate Women And Children And Love Republican Ideology?

I love that Rush and Hannity were not invited to meet with Obama

Just to keep you updated - Eric Holder is making it throug Confirmation with no big problems so far.


It is so refreshing, Holder has not ducked a single question - not one

Top Intelligence Court Affirms Warrantless Wiretapping

THIS is the new Presidential Portrait to be displayed on the wall in every Federal building

City of the banned? Protest prohibition under discussion in Burlington

Citi to be nationalized? Maybe, CNBC reports that traders are passing the rumor around.

I'm feeling good- really good- about Holder.

Obama will end Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Candlelight Vigil No. 152, 1/14/09

Barack Obama's Open-Letter to His Girls: 'What I Want for You — and Every Child in America"

Drat...we have stupid inservice on Tuesday the 20th I was trying to decide

So, do the Democrats get to have a rebuttal to GWB's "farewell, f*** you" speech tonight?


********************* Official (?) Holder Thread - they're back! *********************

Obama Builds MoveOn to the Tenth Power - Headlines 1/15/09

Senate panel backs Clinton as secretary of state, 16-1 - Guess who

Patient snow dog

Did you call your Senators about the Fair Pay Act?

America spent $52-billion on nuclear weapons and weapons-related programs, in the 2008 fiscal year.

Indonesia Rebuffs Japanese Whaling Ship Amid Widespread Outcry Over Annual Hunt

National Call-In Day for Single Payer !!!

No Logos, but Corporate Representation at Obama's Inauguration

The Social Model of Disability

David Vitter votes against Hillary Clinton

Request for information

Urgent: stop a Republican filibuster of fair pay for women

How can you tell what member # you were on the _OLD_ DU?

Why Do I Have To Be Like You?

************** Official (?) **************

US AIrways...The Media Should Keep their Traps Shut Until..

Imagine...making a complete disaster, not only of your life, but of

Democratizing Data - Ignite Boston Event Feb 12, 2009

The Best Job in the World

Bush/Cheney Administration’s Final Assault on Wolves

Senate voting on TARP right now....

Useful article: Best kind of driveway salt for the environment

Bush's Orb and Scepter

I'm almost afraid to ask this, but...

Here's my solution to the middle east crisis:

U.S. Airways plane crashes into Hudson River near Manhattan

More misconduct at the top: Schlozman was supposed to help stop discrimination

"dog food for dinner"-That, in a few words, sums up the Bush legacy.

Canada: Cops taser mother with kids on her lap!

is anyone else completely caught off guard by the teams that are going to the Super Bowl?

Here's the FR post of the day...

Lets put this to rest, it really is important.

The Turning Point How the Susan Crawford interview changes everything we know about torture.

Hamas Not Popular in Muslim Countries Pre-War - Pew

Look who is outspoken rescue man for the economy

West Wing 'Ghost Town'

You think your life sucks? Winter turns dangerous. Try being homeless

Let's Bitch About Obama and Undermine His Administration NOW

Wanna bet that Palin gets herself into the headlines on the 20th?

Caption this....

"Aviofascism"-Al Qaeda Uses Birds to Down Civilian Airliner (Spencer Ackerman)

A Presidential pardon question:

Breaking hard like a rock, tin foil sales skyrocket as reports on plane crash filter in from 'net

Tomorrow Is the Last Day of the Market Under chimpy's Occupation

I must admit, I will not listen or watch Mr. Bush tonite. I have had..

US Airways flight crashes in NY. In water, and looks good.

MSNBC....USAIR......Terror Terror

Obama secures a victory in the Senate on use of the next $350 billion in TARP funds

In light of my congressman's recent pity party..

is it enough to simply elect Democrats?

Retired FDNY firefighter who stood with Bush amid the rubble at Ground Zero will be @ WH tonight

Sarah Palin wasn't invited to Obama's party for McCain.

Finished reading a book? Some good uses for it:

Bye Bye to the Worst President Ever

Its nice to know a non-lethal crash will knock Chimpy off the spotlight tonight

Woman missing from WA Ferry, picture and story...

Wonder why I ask for your support? My Congressman's column

Gas Prices Southaven Ms & Memphis Tn

Old graves dug up to bury new dead in Gaza

O'Reilly Freaks Out Over the Thought of Holding Bush Admin Torturers Culpable

Kucinich on the Destruction of the UN Headquarters in Gaza

Today's science lesson: What happens when a bird goes through a jet engine:

I'm pretty sure on Fox News

Kucinich Ready To Go After The Federal Reserve!

West Wing 'Ghost Town'

Arlen Spector......puke......

Economist: "Another Great Depression."

Palin Not Invited to Obama's Dinner for McCain

Facebookers on DU check in....

The secret dinner with Obama you haven’t heard about

Madoff's Building where he lives.

Hawai'i: The canary in the DTV coal mine?

Love how bloomberg keeps shutting down these stupid media

UPS delivers $10,000 of weed

List of approved names for the upcoming name changes.

My Q's on WilliePete got a great response, thank you, but

Why do they call AG Holder (to be)

**Newsflash - Obama is at the Wash Post right now**

Martin Luther King would be 80 today

"Mission Accomplished" was not a mistake.

Democrats unveil stimulus, and Republicans cry 'pork'

Democrats unveil stimulus, and Republicans cry 'pork'

I was willing to make the tough decisions

Rewriting the First Draft of History

Marriage Licenses should come with an expiration date

I've just finished writing Dubya's last speech

Plane crash: Has Bush announced an invasion of Canada yet?

BUSH: "Most Americans were able to return to life much as it had been before 9/11. But I never did."

Helen Thomas: "Reporting is reporting the news and letting the chips fall where they may."

Just a correction. It wasn't a plane crash but an emergency landing. Great pilot!

OK - this question needs to be asked - why the deafening silence from "stars" like Bono, Oprah

Last adress from chimpy tonight, consider this a warning

Senator Cornyn tried to use the ticking timebomb/torture scenario on Holder

Senator Cornyn tried to use the ticking timebomb/torture scenario on Holder

amazing pic

From earning six figures to hoping for $7 an hour

Bush's Actual Legacy, as nailed by Dan Froomkin

One of the pilots will join Bloomberg for the Press conference

One of the pilots will join Bloomberg for the Press conference

What's going on with Intel?

While I'm on my high horse

These images are my 'See you later bush' images (Add you own)

Ian Green's Toons on Blairs Medal

The United States of Unemployment

Toles on HRC and W

Please,please-rate and comment at the site on my ltte about MLK

My lovely wife and I are both celebrating anniversaries today!

New Yorkers are amazing.

Police: Dog left in van unintentionally

The pilot did well but how about something for the women and men of The European Metalworkers

This poor economy has finally freaked me out

Obama gets his TARP money

U.S. Army Chief Expects Overall Rise in Deployed Troops

"And Then They Came For Me"

Tonight I asked my fifteen-year-old daughter about torture.

Don't FORGET! As Much as we Love Obama and he has our Hearts for HOPE...we can't FORGET!

Tomorrow is the 90th Anniversary of the Boston Molasses Disaster

Bush declares ‘National Sanctity of Human Life Day.’

OK Give Bush a grade

Palin to be No Show at Obama's Dinner for McCain (may not have been invited)

What I learned on CNN this AM: "Chavez is WORSE Threat Than OBL for Americans"

U.S. military report warns 'sudden collapse' of Mexico is possible

Holder: "I Will Review That Determination" Not To Prosecute Schlozman

A Cry for Help from Rural Alaska. Is Anyone Listening? Not Palin

Former OH "faith-based" director arrested in prostitution case involving a minor

I know the plane crash was exciting, but ...

Maddow renews with AAR, show will move to mornings

what the hell does chimpy think he has to tell us tonight. wasn't

Will you change your DU user name?

Breaking...US Plane crashes in the Hudson River

MN. Gov Pawlenty's State of the State Address? Did anyone listen?

Does anybody know if it's ok to make a partial estimated tax payment?

Bush to pardon at last minute to give more time for crimes

Can you name any president(s) you think was worse than "W"?

Bush's Speech-Writer At Work

FAIR Action Alert: New York Times Tom Friedman supports civilian suffering as "education"

Children's clothes and shoes 80 percent off at Target...

MSNBC Poll: Give President Bush a Grade

Windows 7 Bug could Kill Your MP3s Permanently

Huge UN document drop on wikileaks

White Phosporus has been illegal since 1980?

High-ranking Dem to hold hearings on BCS

Question for PILOTS, what are the requirements for a safe water landing?


Dana Perino, unhinged....Pt. XXXII: You Clean Up the Mess. We Outta Here.....

For those who missed it I want to tell you about the Holder Confirmation Hearing today

Why isn't America outraged that bush NEVER EVEN TRIED to get bin Laden?

To: Corpmedia: Bush's TEST was on August 6, 2001. 9-11 was result of his failure of that test.

"Monsanto and industrial agriculture's darkening shadow over our food"

Kucinich on the Destruction of the UN Headquarters in Gaza

Bio-feedback training from a toy for $100 - wow!

New York Couple Harassed by Creditors Trying to Collect Debt Their Dead Son Owed

FBI says NYC plane crash was not terrorism. Did they suspect the birds?

FORGET 911!!! It's NOT IMPORTANT! What IS important is...


It's Time to End the War on Drugs : Obama's Marijuana Prohibition Acid Test

I've seen something new on Bush's face this week

Indiana State Senator Files Gold Money Bill

Does anyone else here have strangers coming up to your door to "Witness" and pass out Bible tracts?

Federal Court Upholds Wiretap Law

** SpiralHawk Appreciation Thread **

TODAY is National Call-in Day for Single-Payer Healthcare. PLEASE CALL D.C. NOW.

Great article by Robert Creamer. This is the tone of conversation

Re: BART cop shooting - Any Crim Law experts at DU, if so, do you think murder charge will stay?

While we joke about the geese bringing down the plane, we know some right wing kooks...

Before the Fundies get going

Nothing would fix the economy quicker and better for long run than universal healthcare.

"Sexting". Minors are being prosecuted for child porn, for distributing pictures of themselves.

The Turning Point-How the Susan Crawford interview changes everything we know about torture.

Jack Bauer Belongs on Tool Academy

Inmates Forced To Use Finger Toothbrushes

Inmates Forced To Use Finger Toothbrushes

Holder Will Have to Prosecute

Holder Will Have to Prosecute

Rick Warren and Gene Robinson: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell


Meet the Guy who is going to put on a show at the Holder Hearing tomorrow

Obama Transition Team Member David Bonior: "Get a Hold of Inequality" with the Employee Free Choice

Let's hear it for the pilot of that Hudson River airbus!

Geithner hearing set for Jan. 21

Hope is beginning to flow

Huffinton Post: What Not To Wear To The Inauguration

The REAL bush legacy: He kept us safe EXCEPT on 9/11.

Isn't it time to start calling Bush on 9/11?

DC please re: Inauguration Day

DC please re: Inauguration Day

SCOTUS expanded police power again today

Recommend this thread if

Barack Obama is bringing back the night-owl presidency

Richard Nixon's Resignation letter

Those of you going to DC for the Inauguration.

To all the vaccine-haters:

To all the vaccine-haters:

The Single Worst Thing about America (and why opposing torture is courageous)

Why can't we track the TARP money?

DC-Bound DUers: What are your plans for the Inauguration festivities?

NBC POLL: Solid support for Obama's economic plan

Pleasant surprise I got at work today (Inauguration related)

Pleasant surprise I got at work today (Inauguration related)

The Strangest Secret in the World - Earl Nightingale

Good for Obama for pushing for the 350Billion. (They're saying on TV it's close.)

Good for Obama for pushing for the 350Billion. (They're saying on TV it's close.)

Was that a Miracle? NYC Plane crash.

Aren't Obama and his supporters wonderful? (Amen!)

From PETA: Throw snowballs at Sarah Palin (hey, why not?)

Barack Obama: A Letter to My Daughters

Have you been "exposed" to MSNBC? Do you live in the "Northeast"?

Does anyone else get tired of all the "advice" our elected officials

Clinton bids colleagues farewell

Inauguration on DirecTV

I Applaud President Obama's Decision to push "Don't Ask Don't Tell" to the Forefront.....

Obama Would Spend Bailout Funds on Housing Crisis

Obama Charms Even a Night's Grand Ol' Party (at George Will's house)

Conservative Kudlow dishes on Obama dinner w (video)

President F*ckup - How George W. Bush will be remembered by history.

Don't forget-Inaugural express leaves at 10 am ET Sat

A schedule of events for Obama's inauguration

A schedule of events for Obama's inauguration

I am selling inauguration tickets

Some churches and labor unions step into the Prop 8 cesspool to drain the thing.

Inauguration Committee finds last minute solution to help with costs of event

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR --- I feel sorry for W.

PHOTOS: Obama and Biden at the Supreme Court

It's getting chilly in DC

Piss Lou Dobbs off... Poll: "Should Obama get the other $350 million?"

Prediction: Stevens will retire within four months of inauguration.

The worms are so coming out of the woodwork. Guess our PE

WSJ/NBC poll: Repubs/Indies want Repubs to compromise with O/Race relations "striking" positive #'s

Prop 8: The Donors Who Got It Passed....

I'll be glad when all the hoopla is over.

Wouldn't It Be Hilarious If Folks Sent Diapers To Senator Vitter

I hate to put such a huge burden on Obama, but...

Vote up "Forgive Student Loans: Stimulate the Middle and Lower Middle Class" on!

I found a great post on a right wing blog on the birth certificate issue

Obama Appoinments: Repairing the Judicial System

Biden Outlines Plans to Do More With Less Power

Inauguration Protests?

How hit by Ashford & Simpson became tribute to Barack & Michelle

Everybody cut loose, "Footloose!" 5 days left!

Blair house - so they can move their today - did they? n/t

What Obama said to Bush in Oval Office ....

Joe's Farwell Speech is a Warm-up for Tuesday.

Cowgirl's Survival Plans: Washington DC Sunday, January 18

"The Republican base hates this. So ... why anger the base in the name of good policy..."

Any chance Bush has already issued pardons for Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al...

Didn't Bush say he didn't care about how the public views him

Joe Biden begins his last day as a US Senator - much the way he has spent the rest

Senator Vitter's Diaper Fetish -What's Erotic About Em?

High Favorable Rating for Obama According to NBC/WSJ Poll; America Supports Stimulus Plan

I am going to the Inauguration - uploading pics and videos live

U.S. rabbis urge Obama to push for immediate Gaza truce

U.S. rabbis urge Obama to push for immediate Gaza truce

Cadillac presidential limo ready for the inauguration

Cadillac presidential limo ready for the inauguration

Cadillac presidential limo ready for the inauguration

Washington Post Special 1-day inauguration email alerts for those going to the Inauguration....

BREAKING:iMedicalLeave - Steve Jobs is taking a medical leave of absence from Apple

There will be a relatively short username-change amnesty period starting after inauguration day.

Holy crap! I just scored tickets to the Swearing In!

CAN & DID...

Texas school district will allow limited viewing of the Inauguration

Man who does Osama audio tapes is going to miss George Bush

Man who does Osama audio tapes is going to miss George Bush

LaHood Sponsored Millions in Earmarks

LaHood Sponsored Millions in Earmarks

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will host the Free Kids' Inaugural Concert, and other info...

Why do we need Bush to Address the Nation tonight?

Obama Names 11 To Legislative Affairs Team

Obama adviser pledges money to reduce foreclosures

Lindsey Graham trying to make nice after being a vicious attack dog for McCain

Well. It is Georgie-boy's final address to us....You playing the drinking game?

He's Leaving. Really.

Chávez reopens oil bids to West as prices plunge

Eric Holder: waterboarding is torture

Oh so NOW Bush cares if we "Farewell"

Has anybody calculated the percentage (by population) represented by Democrats in Congress?

Delusional Freeper post of the day

Delusional Freeper post of the day

Didn't China spend $300 MILLION on the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony?

Tom Coburn is being as manipulative as his simple mind will allow him to

January 19 and 20 should be a double Fed. holiday

"I think Obama is sitting on a volcano."

Tomorrow is the last day for much of bush's "government." It's the END.

video of Clinton-Vitter-Kerry exchange

BREAKING: Dubya's Farewell address LEAKED!

************* 5 MORE DAYS! *************

Richard Dawkins Solicits New Slogan for Second Bus Advert

Richard Dawkins Solicits New Slogan for Second Bus Advert

What political positions would be good for Chelsea and Michelle in the future?

What political positions would be good for Chelsea and Michelle in the future?

**Heads Up: Joe and Hillary to Say Farewell to the Senate**

ABC passenger got cancelled on Spirit Airlines and then got on USAir 1549..

Democrats give up on bipartisan recovery plan.

It snowed in DC when JFK was inaugurated. I watched the whole

how many think Karl Rove arranged for the release of a flock of geese in front of the plane

Wonder if Bush changes his farewell address tonight to talk about plane crash...

Obama publishes open letter to his daughters

Has anybody else gotten an email from Courage Campaign to help overturn Prop 8?

The "you betchas" and "dontcha knows"

The "you betchas" and "dontcha knows"

Has anybody else gotten an email from Courage Campaign to help overturn Prop 8?

Have the Freepers blamed the plane crash on Obama yet?

David Paterson facing troubles in NY

Find An Inaugural Bash Event Near You - MoveOn - Party, Party, Party

Don't Forget to Register Your Inaugural Ball Gown

Holy sneakers, batman. I scored a front row seat to the Inauguration!

"The Urgency of Now"

"The Urgency of Now"

Family members only: 800-679-8215

Anyone Have Scoop On JOHN CONNELLY?? I This The SAME

Anyone Have Scoop On JOHN CONNELLY?? I This The SAME

Anyone Have Scoop On JOHN CONNELLY?? I This The SAME

Anyone Have Scoop On JOHN CONNELLY?? I This The SAME

Where's Vice President Cheney and his shotgun when you need him!

Where will Bush rank in history?

Are Palin and Blago going to the Inauguration? They are Governors, so they must have been invited

Bush has already pardon himself and everyone else....?

*'s Final Address to the Nation (excerpts)

Florida Air Flight 90 went down almost exactly 27 years ago: Jan 13, 1982

Rep. Kristen Gillibrand will most likely replace Sen Clinton. She provides the Gov

Rep. Kristen Gillibrand will most likely replace Sen Clinton. She provides the Gov

Rep. Kristen Gillibrand will most likely replace Sen Clinton. She provides the Gov

What happened to HIllaryclintonforum. net?

Bush Pardon Prediction

PHOTO Obama on cover of Time....again!

PHOTO Obama on cover of Time....again!

WAPO columnist mocks "liberal score-settlers" for demanding prosecution of torturers


Slate: The Enigma in Chief - re: bu$h

Slate: The Enigma in Chief - re: bu$h

LOL! Comedy Central figures out that my friend, Kamau Bell, did 1st Obama joke on their network!

At what time does Obama take the Oath of Office on Tuesday?

Kerry Pays Tribute to Biden's Lifetime of Public Service

So how do you think Eric Holder is doing so far?

Oh noess..I'm freezin!!! It's only 58 degrees today here in Orlando!!

What are you doing January 20?

Bush History-A Pretend Cowboy, A Science Lie, An Iraq Admission, & Economic Failure, 1/15

The Obamas Finally get to move into "Our" Blair House!

Nate Silver: How Obama Really Won the Election

Preview of Bush's Speech

McClatchyNews: Tim Geithner took Child Dependent-Care Tax Credit for Kids Summer Camps!

I wonder if Flight 1549 will become another exhibit at the Intrepid Museum.

I wonder if Flight 1549 will become another exhibit at the Intrepid Museum.

SHOCKING TRUTH: Where is Ground Zero in the Birth Certificate Cult?

Any links to Hillary's farewell senate speech?

Any links to Hillary's farewell senate speech?

If you're going to the Inaugural next week, dress carefully!

What will Obama never say? (humor)

Letter to Rep. Robert Wexler From John Russell Re: Israeli Invasion and Slaughter Of Women/Children

So... If Bush Pardons himself...

Dear President Obama: Please dump Tim Geithner and dump him fast

COOL!!! My news tip just got used on CNN!!

In 2006 Garrison Keillor shamed the senators who voted for the "torture" bill.

Senator Burris being sworn in at this moment!

An Open Letter to President George W. Bush on the Occasion of his Leaving...

Why can't Obama close the deal?

WHO here is planning on watching Chimpy tonight?


Senate clears path for $350 billion bailout bill

Senate clears path for $350 billion bailout bill

My first inauguration experience in 1980

Suppose Obama is "forced" to drop Tim Geitner and ends up nominating Robert Reisch instead

Obama said "Our homeland."

Obama visits the Washington Post!

Obama's Inag. 160mil Very cool great for DC economy!!!!

Vitter just voted NO on Hillary. The only one 16-1

Count Down, where is everybody, Frenchie, Babylon, Grant, CalPeg, JenniferZ, Clio, Jackeens ...

Count Down, where is everybody, Frenchie, Babylon, Grant, CalPeg, JenniferZ, Clio, Jackeens ...

Standing ovation as Biden 'yields the floor' in farewell speech to Senate (w/ video clip)


US Airways plane crashes in Hudson River NY-Breaking


Why isn't anyone offended that Obama is repealing "don't ask don't tell" /first/?

Freeper Madness-Obama a 'scumbag" for allowing gays in military

The Repuke's stimulus plan - tax cuts across the board - sorry, Obama.

The Repuke's stimulus plan - tax cuts across the board - sorry, Obama.


Barack Obama Speech at 2004 DNC Convention



Why does Bin Laden prefer audio-tapes over video-tapes?

Good God, everybody, just stop!

Eric Holder just said he'll allow the evidence of torture to lead him where it may

Eric Holder just said he'll allow the evidence of torture to lead him where it may

Eric Holder just said he'll allow the evidence of torture to lead him where it may

Eric Holder just said he'll allow the evidence of torture to lead him where it may

"Chicken Pox Parties"- have all the kid's friends over to get it over with and avoid vaccinations

"Chicken Pox Parties"- have all the kid's friends over to get it over with and avoid vaccinations

"Chicken Pox Parties"- have all the kid's friends over to get it over with and avoid vaccinations

Man offended by Buddha statue at zoo - but it isn't Buddha

A great idea to vote up: Forgive Student Loans

Kathleen Parker: The Obama Family Trendsetters

Hero of the Hour: Chesley B. Sullenberger - captain of USAir Flight 1549

Reconciliation on the Warren issue

The Obama Administration is starting to look more and more like Babylon 5, every day, in a GOOD way.

The FBI just released a photo of the potential main suspect in the Hudson River plane crash

Damned terrorist al Qaeda Geese!

Woooohoooo!!!! My Inauguration Tickets just arrived!!! (** NOW, with PHOTOS!! **)

So, how does a new president pragmatically deal with the high crimes of the prior regime?

Ice cream flavors to honor George W. Bush

Tonight, Tavernertavern features Town Hall Masala Mama IPA

Highest Bidder gets to pick my new user name

Finding Jesus

Somebody stole my parrot! The one I didn't have its wings clipped yet! Seriously! sad....

Should this be my new sigfile?

banana i love you

Do you know how difficult it is....

Do you know how difficult it is....

Gime, what's a gime?

The missile knows where it is at all times.

Good vibes please for some interviews I have coming up

California Peggy - have you read

Poop-throwing monkey loose in Tampa Bay

Khan, Ahab and Corinthian Leather

So how do you change your username? I have the perfect one in mind,

I have a code...

For the love of god, it's "addictive", not "addicting".

What is your personal moment of victory?

It's Time for Matt Again


I spent all afternoon in the Dr's office!

In honor of the amnesty, I offer: (free!) Lounge-specific user names


A confession:

Holy shite! I just got done listening to Corporate Avenger.

I am in the market for a recordable MP3

****** I GOT THE MOUSE ******

Hey MAHNY! I am calling you out.


Man, it's COOOOLLLDD here!!!!

Well, I had a good time in Austin yesterday, the day was cool and the sky was blue.

Breaking News: Ceti Alpha V Star date 200901.14 Kahn Noonien Singh dies.

My sister apparently de-friended me on Facebook.

Question for anyone who holds British Petroleum (BP) stock

Help pets in need. Use

Here's some interesting Beatles trivia

Christ, am I a slow learner or what?

Ricardo Montalbans greatest role?

Ricardo Montalbans greatest role?

K is not doing homework today

someone please post Capitol Air on the internet.

Late-Breaking Useless Trivia

Ah. NyQuil D, I loves ya. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Knick Eddy Curry slapped with sex-harassment suit (from another man)

Okay, what the hell is going on?

That would be an anus, for sure.

My school district is insane!

Pet Peeve #56,891: People asking for directions

Name some extravagence you'd like to have but probably never will.

I've got a squatter.

Did someone repost the redhead pic thread or something?

Geez I need to get away

I am a DJ, I am what I play

For Mr. Scorpio..Naturally 7 "In The Air Tonight"

Windows Vista just popped up a warning message


My cat still has a blog, you know.

Are You Happy

Why is LynneSin spreading lies about Richardo Montalban? I mean, the guy just died.

That would be an anus, for sure.

Hubby won a drawing at work! It's a gift card for The Olive Garden.

If only there was a god worth a damn running things...

Colder than ...

LynneSin be damned! Rec this thread if you believe in rich Corinthian Leather!

Pills on your clothes--any way to prevent them?

I'm not alergic to my painkiller anymore!

So, it's -21F and the cable and tubes go down...

So, it's -21F and the cable and tubes go down...

7 Badass Animals Presidents Have Kept As Pets

Caption this!

Are you sitting down for this?! Sit Down!

I've got a squatter.

Another entry from the Name Change Department, Pitt Mayor changes name to Steelerstahl

PSA: Split-pea soup pancakes are not all that

Mayor of Pittsburgh to change his name in advance of Ravens Steelers game.


That crappy, God awful week I'm having. Just got better.

top brand cosmetics will be free while supplies last at certain stores due to class action lawsuit

Has everyone lost interest in Top Chef?

How do you get rid of a case of the ass?

OK, where is the official thread about Name Change Amnesty?

Rick Warren Cites Hitler Youth as Model For Christian Dedication

Hysterical Prank Call I Found Last Night (Video)

Ice cream flavors to honor George W. Bush:

Kitteh pics!!!

Are you worried about losing your job?

Post a road seldom traveled by the multitudes

Best Disney Movie

I hear odd rustling sounds in the next room. One of three cats is unaccounted for.


My surgery is delayed.

Hate Adam Sandler though you may, he was brilliant in "Reign Over Me."

I saw a nasty car accident on the way home from work yesterday.

What's the greatest concert Midlo's ever been to?

Ever been arrested because of a math error?

kitten picture of the day for thursday january 15

I got 96% on my Census Bureau test

Theodor Geisel coined the word 'nerd'?

Ever get the feeling that half the country wants to move forward with race

Wow, I did the math. Making your own moonshine is incredibly cost saving.

oh boy, Karate Kid remake?

European Men's Speed Skating Championships

The SidneyCarton erratic and inconsistent Poetry thread:

Help! I'm being held in a basement downtown against my will!!!

Damn you Skinner! You foiled my plan!

Damn you Skinner! You foiled my plan!

What's with my cat?

Do you like your age?

111 posts to go!!!

Are you going to change the names of your sockpuppets too?

Groundzero - the effects of nuclear weapons on cities using googlemaps.

I'm delayed.

PSA: Since I am 50 now, I would like to share some of the wisdom that I have acquired over the years

I wonder if Rabrrrrrr will add an 'r' or subtract one during name change amnesty?

Anybody tried the "Angry Whopper?"

Bumper Sticker on Car I saw today.

I'm bored. I can't go anywhere. Pic thread!

I am now a legally licensed driver again!! w00t!

Question about disability: Looks like a good friend of mine

BREAKING: Grissom's goodbye (CSI) and TheOffice/30 Rock will be aired as scheduled tonight

Does extreme cold weather affect satellite radio reception?

*Ice* Swimming

Is capitalizing my username during the name-change amnesty a worthy reason?

I'm going to change my username to Edwards08

The official Lounge "Complain About the Cold" thread!

Are gerbils truly assholes?



I've been spending some time in GD.

I got a 96% on my urine test

" we have to?"

The Best thing about working from home


I am trying to write a poem, without success, I must add...

I took the census test this morning!

What is your #1 leisure-related hobby?

Have you ever gotten frostbite?

Hot Topic

Ode to my LG Dare.....

Any computer printer experts- Printer is printing blank pages.

How many lies will I find out before the day is over?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/15/2009)


Apparently United Airlines thinks I'm dead!

I figured out why my cat doesn't like being petted...

To Fur or Not to Fur -- that is the question.

So I was in another forum, and the topic of the

So I was in another forum, and the topic of the

anyone noticing the Monthly require test is going on a little too much lately

That would be an onus, for sure.

That would be an onus, for sure.

*** PSA *** Nomad1776's thread is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!

Snake Game.

I'm having trouble with Youtube today.

Do they now sell bread encrusted fried chicken at Hot Topic?

I'm addicted to Facebook

Attention crazy people on craigslist: kindly stay the fuck away from me and my home.

My cats are such pigs

Today, on the DU, I learned that ThomCat = KKK

Is anybody picking the Cardinals?

My goddamn blood sugar meter just broke.

Declare Your Independence From Pants. A very important video announcement.

Good morning Lounge

Which chain clothing store do you find to be the most cute with its

Whose last tv appearance will you be watching?

The L Word may be going to Prison

Does anybody know if it's ok to make a partial estimated tax payment?

I'm gonna miss Richardo

Is King Tut's tomb the biggest treasure find of all the ancient Egyptian's tombs?

Just a playful, empty thread

Today's phrase is "Hawaiian dark-rumped petrel." Modify a thread with "Hawaiian dark-rumped petrel".

Another in New York...all escaped..

BTW, if you didn't know already - there was no such thing as rock and roll. It was a gimmick

vibes request

FYI- Free HBO this weekend on DTV & Obama inauguration special!

Let's start a list of things you won't be allowed to change your username to

Dems and Repubs: You Are How You Eat?

The Red Phone - Online Comic Imagines Conversations Between Obama and Bush

to all the ex boyfriends

greywarrior, I am calling you out

LBN: Jet Crash into the Hudson River spawns at least ten threads in GD

"We're flirting with the zero mark- in a most salacious way, I might add."

my dem boots

Two links for you - a truly fantastic band...

which words?

how do you smooth over an unfortunate drunk dial?

BTW, if you didn't know already - there is no such thing as Corinthian Leather - it was a gimic

Cowboys reportedly consider releasing T.O.

Toon Time: Tom the Dancing Bug

Well, this morning has started out sucktastically.

Woman with the biggest boobs in the country


Best term of endearment for the soon to be departed pResident

YES! In addition to the Super Bowl, Tampa may be getting...the Lingerie Bowl!!!

Canadian Geese blamed on terrorist activities bring down an US Airways jet.

Warm, sunny Florida my ass.

Hate Adam Sandler though you may, The Lonesome Kicker was the most brilliant Springsteen parody ever

Why do people fuck with other people's minds?

I can't get my hair cut, because I need to get my hair cut.

I'm leaving Milwaukee tomorrow and flying to a Tropical Place!

So who else besides me is gonna be stuck at work or school for most of the 20th

Schools closing for cold temperatures

Where do Kindergarten teachers buy those stupid sweaters w/ 85 lbs of embroidery dangling off them?

Best tasting food that you can remember.. where, when..if you can

I bought my mom one of those "Bush countdown" clocks a few years ago...

things not to pack in checked luggage

The skin on my legs is really super dry.

Anyone else miss the Morning Sedition radio show?

Soft Corinthian leather- RIP Richardo

Update on my mother: As I suspected, she has pneumonia

I'm cracking here folks.

Help!!! There's a bird in my house! Seriously!

5 More Days - Enjoy The BuhByeBush Blend!

What is your all-time favorite comic strip? (or funnies)

Charo is 58 today. Captain Beefheart is 68

I must brag about my Bella! We went to doc today.

Richardo is not dead, please make a note of it

Good games/activities for 6 year old girls?

Hey, Anthony Bourdain was filming in our town last week!

Cenk: Bush Drops Fake Cowboy Shtick (#1 Top Rated Diary At DailyKos Right Now)

In its heyday, which mall store was cooler?

Your current temperature:

What's The Best Concert You've Ever Been To?

My word for the day is intercalate.

Have you ever gotten your tongue frozen to the lamp post?

Most indecipherable political ad ever (MAY NOT BE WORK-SAFE)

I am in need of mid-week LOLCATS....please oblige....

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Was the BEST Trek series

Press conference for the plane crash today. They said the pilot reported a bird strike.

fucking fuckers

Let's play "Greatest moments in DU history!"

Good God, y'all. Put frickin' mufflers on your cars!

Bush pushed the limits of presidential power

Your request is being processed... Timothy Geithner Housekeeper Status Unchecked, Taxes Unpaid: AP

Israeli army masses along Lebanon border

Union: California company may buy Republic (sit in) Windows

Bolivia breaks off diplomatic ties with Israel over Gaza

Retired Fighter Pilot to Run NASA?

Tortured 9/11 suspect may never be prosecuted: Pentagon official

A Cry for Help from Rural Alaska. Is Anyone Listening? Not Palin

Alaska plans to sue over beluga whale protection

Court to Franken: Wait until February on election suit

End 'ugly' human rights record, group urges Obama

Obama, Stimulus Proposals Enjoy Broad Backing in Poll

Swindlers Find Growing Market in Foreclosures

Sri Lanka 'takes control of Jaffna'

Bank crisis deepens anew

Israeli army shells Gaza; ceasefire talk gathers steam

Biden Outlines Plans to Do More With Less Power.

U.N. compound ablaze in Gaza fighting

UN chief condemns Israeli shelling of UN compound

"Prisoner" Star Patrick McGoohan Dies

Activists Israeli warships block Gaza protest boat

China, Iran oilfield cooperation to help stabilize market

More than 1,000 killed in Gaza

Obama Would Spend Bailout Funds on Housing Crisis

Gay band will march to the beat of Obama's drum

BREAKING NEWS: No Miami events planned if Castro dies

JPMorgan Chief Says 2009 Will Be Bleak Dimon Believes ‘Worst Not Yet Behind Us’

Israeli leader warns Hamas of 'iron fist'

Biden Tells Obama Afghanistan War Will Get Worse

Grassroots will not wither under Obama 2.0

After Tax Errors Raised, GOP Leaders Defend Treasury Nominee Geithner

Panel: Police restrained in handling RNC protests

Senate panel backs Clinton as secretary of State

Bar owner in human smuggling ring gets probation

UK foreign minister urges rethink of ‘war on terror’

Religious Groups Seek Swift Ban From Obama on Torture

Kellogg Pulls Peanut Butter Crackers

Injured Gaza children in Belgium

Russia and Ukraine to meet for gas row talks

Vets given wrong Rx doses

KGB spy to buy English newspaper

TVA Ordered to Clean Up Coal-fired Plants

3 Red Cross Workers Abducted in Philippines

China Passes Germany With 3rd-Highest GDP

(Congressman Henry) Waxman to push global warming bill

Historic St. John's Episcopal Church Will Host President-Elect on Inauguration Day

US (DOD) includes Obama withdrawal option in Iraq plans

Senate panel backs Clinton as secretary of state

Obama Threatens Dissenting Democrats with First Veto

EU Halts Upgrade Of Ties To Israel

Democrats in House Unveil $825 Billion Stimulus Bill

Pentagon report: 90 percent of Iraq Army not self-sufficient

Cheney: 'Can't Claim Perfection' on No-Torture Policy

US Democrats introduce bill to curb card practices (to go into effect in 90 days after enactment)

Government to pay ($350,000) in case of vet who took own life

ICRC: Israel's use of white phosphorus not illegal

ICRC: Israel's use of white phosphorus not illegal

Burris to be sworn in today

Ohio man ran hooker-review Web site-

IBM to create 1,300 jobs

Spills Put Coal Ash on Obama Environmental Agenda

Military Planners, in Nod to Obama, Are Preparing for a Faster Iraq Withdrawal

Foreign press urges boycott of Israeli army footage after attack

Gaza: Call for full arms embargo as weapons ship heads to Israel

Government Guarantees for Bank of America to Be Between $100 Billion-$200 Billion, CNBC Has Learned

Our world may be a giant hologram

Holder: W.H. should act 'within the dictates' of wiretap law

Official Obama portrait released; first taken with digital camera

Journalists group condemns strike on Gaza media

Gaza City As Israeli Forces Surround Hospital

Obama's bipartisan hopes for stimulus plan fade

Barack Obama: killing Osama bin Laden not essential

Nine arrested at Israeli Consulate protest in S.F.

'Fantasy Island’ star Ricardo Montalban dies

Google to cut 100 jobs, close engineering offices

Obama sets priorities; poised to tackle Gaza crisis

MSHA fines Massey unit $180,000 for W.Va. accident (+Widows ask judge to reject Massey plea)

Deaths in Afghan helicopter crash

Baltimore city official pleads in gift card case

UN headquarters in Gaza struck by Israeli shells

Depression ahead, prepare for stock rout: SocGen

US hopes for renewed dialogue with Venezuela

BART victim was 'restrained' when officer shot him, police say

Bush to call Obama inauguration a 'moment of hope'

US renews Gaza humanitarian concerns

Senate OKs use of second half of bailout funds

Bush expected to pardon those with torture links

Emerging social unrest threatens foreign investors

Intelligence Court Rules Wiretapping Program Legal

UN assembly holds 'emergency' session on Gaza

Gannett to Furlough Workers for Week

Iraq to purchase 2,000 T-72 Russian tanks

Report: Israel, Hamas agree on 2-week truce

Legendary Dallas real estate developer Trammell Crow dies

Bank of America to Get Billions in U.S. Aid

Bank of America to Get Billions in U.S. Aid

Iran interested in Boeing jets

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 15

Navy picks Florida for carrier, leaving Virginia in wake

At hearings, attorney general nominee Eric Holder says waterboarding is torture

Traffickers prey on Cambodian men

Israel claims Hamas security chief dead in attack

UN predicts zero world growth in 2009

Obama Adviser Paul Volcker Presents Plan to Alter Global Financial System

BREAKING NEWS: US Airways jet crashes into New York's Hudson River

Venezuela breaks off Israel ties

Barack Obama: it is no longer essential to kill Osama bin Laden

7 States Sue Over Bush Rule on Health Workers (with religious, moral objections)

Civilians flee Gaza hospital engulfed in flames

US to sign pact with Israel to block Hamas arms-Olmert

Missing White House E-Mails Traced, Justice Aide Says

Ambien May Have Led To Sleepwalking Death

Methane discovery suggests presence of life on Mars, say Nasa scientists

Morgan Stanley Said to Seek Supertanker to Store Oil (Update1)

California nears insolvency amid budget woes - gov

Secret Service Director Assesses the Shoe-Throwing Incident in Baghdad

New jobless claims increase more than expected

Students Paying More and Getting Less, Study Says

WH e-mail in "true emergency conditions"-Magistrate judge orders search of all White House computers

Foreclosures up 81 percent: RealtyTrac

Republicans upset over U.S. children's health bill

Chávez reopens oil bids to West as prices plunge

Rangel To Reintroduce Military Draft Measure

Highlights of $825 billion economic stimulus plan

'War on terror' was a mistake, says Miliband

Is Israel Losing the Media War in Gaza?

Bush administration: 'We tortured Qahtani'

Guardian UK: Torturing the truth

Editorial: Fair pay (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)

Financial Times: Al-Jazeera journalists become faces of the frontline

Alaska - A Pedophile's Paradise

Das Boot: The Unsinkable Warmonger (Unreliable Sources / The Nation)

Can Tim Geithner Lead the Economy Out of Its Mess?

Welcome to Blair House, Obama Family.

I, Obot: What will Obama's tech gurus Shift+Control next? By Tim Dickinson

Chris Cillizza - Republicans' Navel Gazing and Why It Matters

The FundamentaList (No. 63)

Thanks to Bush's Press Conference we can now rest easily...

Inaugural Scene Blessed By Congressman Who Compared Obama To Hitler, Marxists

How big will inaugural crowd be? Do the math

"The Man Who Made Us Whole" Hitchens on Lincoln

Mexico as a Failed State Will Require U.s. Military Intervention

Goodbye December

The Media PR Battle on Gaza

How the Susan Crawford interview changes everything we know about torture.

Gail Collins: He’s Leaving. Really.

Mysterious Intellect by E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Chávez Lets West Make Oil Bids as Prices Plunge

Bush and Cheney meet Sir Isaac Newton

Bush Pardons Osama Bin Laden.

Witness to Apartheid (1986) with commentary by Desmond Tutu

Vets Health System in Need of Triage

Kerry Compares Situation in Afghanistan to Vietnam

Kerry Compares Situation in Afghanistan to Vietnam

David Bonior: Employee Free Choice Act is the economic solution America needs

Blago addresses the jury, er uh the Illinois Senate on 1.14.09

How do I get sentenced to ten years at Bernie's?

Chef Rick Bayless Discusses the Obama's Tastes

You Are Being Watched

Al Sharpton: Churches should focus on social woes, not gay marriage

Gaza Hospital and also U.N Compound Hit and other Headlines - Democracy Now - 1/15/09

Countdown: Torture: implications of what our country has done and become

Should Dick Cheney Be Hanged? Part 2

John Nichols: Single-Payer Health Care Would Stimulate Economy

Bush to Appear on Prime Time Tonite, in Special Edition of 'My Name is HURL'

Should Dick Cheney Be Hanged? Part 1

Queen Noor on Gaza

Justice for Oscar Grant

Congressman Alan Grayson On the Big Picture and the Fed

Video report on today's bombing of U.N. buildings by Israel (from Greek TV)

BBC: Israelis 'shot at fleeing Gazans' (Deliberately shooting women & children).

Holding Bush Accountable (Holtzmann / The Nation)

Rachel Maddow interviews Bishop Eugene Robinson

Gaza Agonistes by Eric Alterman

'Bloody Sunday' paved road to Obama White House, activists say (CNN)

White House Computer Search Granted

TPMtv: 'Black and Bitter' John Tanner's racist actions still on our payroll

Roland Burris sworn in to the US Senate 1.15.09

Holder: The attempt to politicize the department will not be tolerated

Mainstream Media is Dead - Part 1

Helen Thomas on Bush Presidency 2 of 2

Helen Thomas on Democracy Now

KGO News: Early anti-Vietnam protest over Madame ("Dragon Lady") Nhu arrive in SF (1963)

ABC News: Nixon's school desegregation policy (1970 ... Leon Panetta mentioned)

CEOs Should Eat Their Own Cooking (Byrnes / NPR)

Senator Schumer questions AG Designate Holder, Junuary 15, 2009

Fraud hobbles Indian outsourcing strategies

TYT: Cenk's Take On The New Osama Bin Laden Tape

Rep Keith Ellison speaks on the situation in Gaza.

Bush's Popularity Reaches Historic Lows

9/11 Truth Written into "Rescue Me" Script

Rick Warren Urges Followers To Emulate Hitler Youth

Letterman: The final Great Moments in Presidential Speeches on Friday...

Audacity Without Ideology; "Most of Obama's references to ideology are disdainful and dismissive."

Gaza UN Aid Compound in Flames from White Phosphorus Shelling

Giving Away 8 Years Of Bush

Helen Thomas: Almost done with bizarre Bushisms

TYT: Bart Cop Arrested In Teen Shooting

Obama eats his way across campaign trail

Israel Pounds Gaza: Shells Crowded Hospital, UN, Media Organizations

Hardball: Did Bush Keep America Safe?

Bob Woodward: 10 Take Aways From the Bush Years

Oprah Goes to Washington, DC

Israeli war ship confront Iranian Red Crescent ship near Gaza

This is Really Hard to Believe

Sen. Coburn pays bet with Nelson. Sings Elton John

Rachel Maddow and awkward interview with Jim Webb over torture

Eric Holder on Schlozman and DoJ partisan hiring

Long Time Coming

Eric Holder: Waterboarding is Torture

Eric Margolis: Who and what is Hamas?

Feingold Questions Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder on FISA

Rick Santorum Hates Everyone

Kucinich: A Post Legal Era In World Affairs Has Taken Shape!

TYT: Rush Limbaugh Finally Gets His Cake For Helping Bush (Cenk's Take)

Young Turks: Palin Finally Gives Her Thoughts On The Katie Couric Interview

Good idea. Bad Idea. Why is Obama so desperate for Conservative approval?

Do not squander America's stimulus on tax cuts (Stiglitz / FT)

SMILE! Only 5 more days of Bush

Johnny's Little Blue Wagon

Helen Thomas on Bush Presidency-1/2

Casey predicts more deployments by mid-2010

Biden tells Obama Afghanistan will get worse

Suicide of GI spotlights mental care issues

Disney World offers troops free tickets

Police search for missing Fort Stewart soldier

Shinseki’s VA confirmation looks likely

NM Guard chief says troops helpful on border

See the Super Bowl, even from your submarine

NH Guard soldiers to be welcomed home

McCullough: Fleet not able to go everywhere

CNO: Cutting costs key to fleet’s future

U.N. group charts new course against piracy

Former airman sentenced for child porn

SouthCom CO: Manta (Ecuador) unlikely to be replicated

West Point worker accused of stealing millions

Committee praises VA nominee

Pentagon official: 9/11 suspect was tortured

1st AFRICOM mission to Darfur extra heavy

Navy identifies body of Whitney civilian recovered in Gaeta, Italy

Northrop unveils motorcycle inspired by B-2

Mom, ex-girlfriend testify in Ugbogu case

Navy decides to base carrier at Mayport

Yongsan GI found not guilty of sexual assault at hotel

Suspected WWII bomb explodes, injuring 1

Replacement Marine unit to go right into ship-based training

Suicide Spotlights Troops' Mental Care

Treatment Available for Facial Paralysis

Casey signs 7,000 letters of apology to families of fallen

Some to block Gitmo closing

Bush, DoD Reject Judge's Torture Claim

Report: Iran a threat to Iraq security

Report: Mexico at risk for ‘rapid’ collapse

French Muslim Troops Refuse Afghan Duty

Marine Jailed for Sex With Widow

On the Heels of a Bulb Ban, Europe Mulls Pulling the Plug on Large Plasma TVs

Fabulous Exciting Pics of Biofuel Growth in Europe THIS YEAR!!!!!

German Utitility RWE to buy 49% Stake in New Bulgarian Nuclear Plant.

Newark Delaware first to license electric cars to provide power

Old tooth study revived to look at radiation effects

Afghans Feel Ill Effects of Rising Air Pollution

Greenpeace suggests that Bulgarians wear sweaters rather than generate electricity.

Vattenfall Invests in Ocean Energy in Ireland

WSJ: Steven Chu: Okay, Coal’s Just a 'Pretty Bad Dream'

All Electric 2009 Ford Focus BEV Test Drive

Kyocera chief upbeat on prospects for solar power

General Giap Protests Planned Bauxite Mine's Impact On Environment In Letter To PM - AFP

Toyota Plans ‘Limited’ Consumer Sales of Fuel-Cell Cars by 2015

World's First Silicon-Ink Based Solar Cell Pilot Production Completed

West Coast Pelican Problems Accelerating Rapidly Into Major Die-Off - Oregon Live

Obama energy goal hard to meet: energy secretary

UK Approves Third Heathrow Runway With Proposed High-Speed Rail As Environmental Carrot - Guardian

5-Day Test Run Begins Before Start Of Biggest Arctic Sea Ice Data Project On Record - Bloomberg

Peter Garrett Should Greet Sea Shepherd in Hobart - Greens say

Oregon college drilling for 1st geothermal plant

New I-5 bridge design includes wind turbines

Entergy trying to keep key parts of Vermont Yankee assessment from the public

Gas price v. Oil Price

Op-Ed - Feds, State Considering Non-Native Oysters For Chesapeake Cleanup And For Human Consumption

Real NJ nuclear physicist Rush Holt on Energy Policy, Barack Obama and John Holdren

Solar energy's darker side stirs concern

Sarah Palin Attacks Beluga Whales - From Center for Biological Diversity

Feedback please: A troubling trend in Global Warming Denial on the internet

Likud slips, but broad backing for Gaza op remains

KUHN: When Israel expelled Palestinians:

UN: Israeli Shell Hits (Another) UN Car In Gaza City

Hamas Web site: Saudi 'fighter-priest' killed in Gaza battle

Anybody watching the special order speeches in the house on CNN?

Why isn't this news? US Rabbis call for Gaza Cease-Fire

UNICEF: 300 Children Killed in Gaza

Gaza faces bleak future even when bombing stops

Journalists Killed In Gaza

Israeli soldiers say they have OK to use tough tactics in Gaza

Spent shells prove Israeli use of white phosphorus, Gaza doctors say

Let's resolve this

ANALYSIS / Egypt's Gaza truce plan is mostly bad for Hamas

Kucinich to Introduce Gaza Ceasefire Resolution - Who Will Co-sponsor?

Jewish Americans in Los Angeles protest against Israel's Gaza attacks

Israeli army masses along Lebanon border

Israel's 'other voices' go unheard

Israeli troops advance deep into Gaza City

Fatah, Hamas split widens amid Gaza war

Volunteer Gaza doctors confront fear, frustration (AFP)

Uri Avnery: The Blood-Stained Monster Enters Gaza

Gaza pounded amid push for truce

Obama, It's Time to Stop the Arms Gifts to Israel and Egypt

Israeli charged with attempting to spy on behalf of Iran

More Evidence: Israel, British Gas & Gaza

Paul V. Rafferty: “Operation Cast Lead” Set to Close after Poor Reviews

Israel: Meet our demand or brace for expanded war

Barghouthi calls on UN visit Gaza, witness the slaughter and put an end

Israeli strikes hit Gaza hospitals and UN aid headquarters

Explosion Blasts Media Offices in Gaza

Model of Diplomacy: A Greek Returning Gifts

Israel tries to block GA debate on Gaza, eventually gives up attempt

Pro-Palestine activists invade office of Israeli PR lobbyists

Explosion Hits Media Offices in Gaza

PM condemns an Israeli attack!

Spent shells prove Israeli use of white phosphorus, Gaza doctors say

Gaza hospital on fire after Israeli strike: witnesses

watching war while picnicking on a hill

U.S. may cut $1 billion in loan guarantees to Israel over West Bank settlements

ICRC: Israel's use of white phosphorus not illegal

Press, Banned from War Zone, Reports Growing Evidence of Israel Using White Phosphorus

Israeli forces shell UN headquarters in Gaza

Israel Hits UN Refugee Compound ; Threatens to Shoot Unarmed Civilians aboard Mercy Ship

Foreign press urges boycott of Israeli army footage (AFP)

Israelis shell hospitals and UN HQ

(Israeli) High Court: Mistakes happen during war

Israel 'breaking law' with Gaza war

Israel says killed Hamas interior minister

President of the UN. General Assembly Says that Israel has Turned Gaza into an Inferno

Analysis: Divisions complicate Gaza truce efforts

US Races to Secure Gaza Truce(Gaza Anti-Arms-Smuggling Deal With Israel)

Fire rages at U.N. relief agency in Gaza

Olmert and Rice put spat over UN vote on Gaza behind them

Report: Israel 'green-lights' ceasefire

NYT: War on Hamas Saps Palestinian Leaders

Senior official gives eyewitness account of Israeli shelling of UN Gaza compound

Old graves dug up to bury new dead in Gaza

Gaza City As Israeli Forces Surround Hospital

An unsung hero rescuing lives at the Gaza-Israel checkpoint

Jewish lawmaker likens Israel to Nazis

Israel's Livni Flies to Washington Over Gaza Plan

EXTRA: Hamas spokesman says movement will not agree to ceasefire

Patients flee as flames engulf Gaza hospital: medics

Operation Cast Lead: The “Birth Pangs of a New Palestine”

Five wounded, two seriously, as Gaza rockets slam into Be'er Sheva

UN headquarters in Gaza struck by Israeli shells

300 pairs of children's shoes laid out at Israeli Embassy

UN assembly holds 'emergency' session on Gaza

How Israeli Intelligence Fabricated a Frequently-Repeated Myth to Justify Tel Aviv's Aggression

Democracy Now: US Rabbis Urge Obama to Push for Gaza Ceasefire

Iran president: 'Not feasible' for Israel to live

Israeli leaders still ignorant of 4th Generation War

Motorola cutting 4,000 jobs (CNNMoney)

Foreclosure Crisis Solution: 1 Trillion In Federal Aide & Convert Homeowners Into Temporary Tenants

Apple's Jobs to take medical leave (CNNMoney)

Why the Stimulus Alone Won't Work

Is HSBC bankrupt?

“Pushing on a String” by Josh Sidman

Almost "failed state" Mexico peso, stocks slammed by U.S. bank woes

Schwarzenegger: California Faces Insolvency within Weeks

Report: Bank of America Could Get More Government Aid

Roubini states ' We are in a World Recession now"

Shipping rates hit zero as trade sinks

Wonder if I should just go ahead and sell some mutual funds I have?

Credit Crunch Reduces Mafia Commissions

Today in labor history Jan 14 PA Superior Court rules bosses can fire workers for being gay

Vought, union continue labor talks

Judge sides with retired NFL players on union appeal

San Diego school board OKs pursuing labor rules for construction work

OSHA cites companies in deadly Quincy crane collapse

OSHA investigates site of teen's death

Mass. company cited for 35 safety/health violations ($76,900 in proposed fines)

Actors Guild President Vows to Move Forward With Strike Vote

Court upholds (unemployment) benefits for St. John’s nurses on strike in 2004

Obama insider, IBEW, SEIU, fire back at L.A. bloggers in solar war

Labor unions, churches to fight gay marriage ban (Proposition 8) in court

Today in labor history Jan 15

Dr. King and the 1968 AFSCME Memphis Sanitation Strike

Labor Leaders Kick-Off Single Payer Healthcare Campaign At National Union Conference!

Protest for day laborers in Queens

Marching for Stella D'Oro strikers

Government ban on strikes

Gay Oracle..

they put rice in chipotle burritos because then fewer gay men

Some way for "straight" people to celebrate the GLBT heroes/people in our lives.

GLBTer's and Straight Allies: What's for dinner tonight?

Do you screen call?

Organized Labor Joins Prop 8 Lawsuit !

Is this the right forum for questions?

Two great Gay icons ..... Judy and San Francisco

Do you ever fling your wrists so hard you dislocate them?

So, THIS is what happens when I have to go do a few errands?!?!?!?

what's the weather like where you are?

Wait, did this become the lounge when I wasn't looking?

Bishop Gene Robinson: Supporting Obama doesn't mean we don't critique him

SPIDER-MAN creator Stan Lee is to unveil the world’s first gay superhero.

I think we in the GLBT forum should help Rick Warren.....


I like chocolate milk!

Varla Jean Merman tribute.....

Is anybody heading to Mid Atlantic Leather in DC this weekend?

Pressure increases on Tennessee hotelier who 'dared' fired gay man to sue

Stupid Questions

another attempt

You guys. I am needing e-hugs.

Water in Bolivia: Defeating the Multinationals Is Just the Start of the Problem

Chávez Lets West Make Oil Bids as Prices Plunge

Brief Barack on Colombia . . .

US hopes for renewed dialogue with Venezuela

Venezuelan lawmakers approve unlimited reelections bill (Xinhua)

Clinton Confirmation Hearing - CUBA

My Mardi Gras season starts in 24 hours: Ask me anything!

Its Official: Greg Williams is new Saints Defensive Coordinator

It's official: Jim Schwartz is the Lions new head coach

is anyone else completely caught off guard by the teams that are going to the Super Bowl?

Cowboys reportedly consider releasing T.O.

Bug Crazy: Assessing The Benefits of Probiotics

Orlando Sentinel backs citizens right to fight back against criminals...

Gun trumps taser

silly gun question for Holder

On abortion and self-defense.

Yeah, keeping the tone of what's non-negotiable or what's

Snow Stairs

I feel it in my chakras, I feel it in my soles. The shift is all around me as energy grows

yet another looking glass falls photo

it was chilly today

"Released!" - Karen Bishop - January 15, 2009

Did you see this thread about Obama's official portrait?

Ya know...

*** January Preliminaries are now up in GD ***

Not a prize winner, but I pulled over in traffic for this and the one behind me was a cop

JeffR....Paging JeffR.........

plan b...or just BE

H.R 45 new Gun registration/license bill

Internet Growth Follows Moore's Law Too

for my pals in C&B, some pics up in DIY of the remodel totally off topic

Our world may be a giant hologram

The FundamentaList (No. 63)

Moon Rock Reveals Hot Molten Core

a question for "cooking experts"

Braised Flank Steak with Lemon and Garlic

Gene Robinson says he will invoke GOOMU.

King Arthur Flour free shipping on $50.00 order

Suppose a person were to honestly and confidentially say to you,

Vaccine inventor gets death threats

Muslim woman, rabbis to pray at inaugural service

A thought that occurred to me some time ago regarding eden

Looks like NASA will suggest that there is LIFE ON MARS tomorrow!

Great Crock Pot tips, tricks and secrets...Fess Up Folks

Ah, Pythagorean Theorem, is there nothing you can't do?

rather interesting note this AM - parochial (private) schools in the Akron area closed

Question for Teachers

UFO 'tentacles' are propulsion plasma beams, researcher says

Question about Matrox Dual Head

CP: Government sees red over Liberal poaching PCO insider

Nice Inauguration story with mention of Amy Brundage, Kerry loyalist who pitched in for Obama

Kerry on Cnn right now.

Farewell address for Sens. Clinton and Biden tomorrow

Okay, I'm going to cry, (happy cry)

Wonderful JK statement upon Biden's

Searching for optimism in 2009

Ex-KGB spy in bid to buy Evening Standard

Noise control - live music etc

Evil Tories Support Nasty Polluting Capitalist Airport Expansion

Evil Tories to destroy thousands of new jobs at Heathrow