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What I would like to see at the swearing in ceremony of Obama....

How about a 5th "My dinners with Dubya" thread, in case you missed the first 4?

Daily Kos: Working America Green Jobs Contest: Win a Trip to Washington DC

Big PhRMA: Crying Wolf Again

160 million dollars for a party in this economy.

Wanted: Island caretaker with experience lazing

Toyota unveils 2010 Prius with solar roof panels in Detroit


new MA pot law: Cop can smoke joint in car, but a regular cig would get them fired...

Kick this thread if you're feelin' the love

Wow. Serious crimes are being looked into by federal grand jury!!!!!!

Should I read the book "The South was Right" by James and Walter Kennedy?

Brad, Brad, Brad ..... you sly dog, you. Hehehehehe

U.S. Drops Fraud Charges Against David Stockman

Is it in our interest to commit blood and treasure toward the creation of a unified Afghan state?

Cheney calls Gitmo a first-rate facility.

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"UNELECTED" Bush Is Totally Fixated On Success Or Failure Of His Own Propaganda-Mark Crispin Miller

"UNELECTED" Bush Is Totally Fixated On Success Or Failure Of His Own Propaganda-Mark Crispin Miller

Wife of Rick Warren (headline words) is confused (my words).

HuffPo's "23/6" satire site has a pretty funny piece for those who want to see Bush behind bars...

HuffPo's "23/6" satire site has a pretty funny piece for those who want to see Bush behind bars...

$815,000 settlement for fired Mountlake Terrace cop ( supported decriminalization of marijuana)

Yet another reason to love Toronto: Check out the "Transit City" plan (video clip):

The Abramoff Trail: Is Siegelman Prosecutor Trying to Cover the Tracks?

"Shovel ready" & more trashing of the environment

Prayers in public---

Bob Corker, who told the Detroit 3 to drop dead, visits Detroit Auto Show.

Ana Marie Cox Joins Air America

Hey Ron Christie! Over HERE!

Bush appointee saw Justice lawyers as 'commies,' 'crazy libs,'

Did anybody else just hear

My first memory of being a "Democrat." And, no, I'm not ashamed.

Man on the run - was found to be growing plants in his barn

The Irish Times: Travel trend in Spain is mainly to the train


Does anyone at this point give a flying fuck what......

Hey Dem Chair of the Indian Affairs Committee - release the 1000's of pages suppressed by McCain re

Israel's media plan: "Fewer military officers; more women; tightly controlled messages..."

Why did Shrub read about LINCOLN and not about himself?!1

Obama attends a dinner party with conservatives

Former Civil Rights Division Chief Schemed to Keep 'Lefties' Out of Key Jobs

Ok so who's gonna be there? Check In.

Would Picasso have been a Democrat? Was Jackson Pollock a Liberal? Ooohh, I'm going to change

So, umm who else got a nice inaugural invitation in the mail today?

Four bodies found in Kansas house after arson

Laid off

This was supposed to be satire...

Northern Hemisphere Warming trend 1901 to 2007

Idea: what about a Service/Volunteer forum?

Bush says he lost money in meltdown too

Boycott Israel Campaign

U.S. spent over $52 billion on nuclear weapons in 2008 -Carnegie Institute

Remember all the bodies of Iraqis that were being found dumped all around Baghdad couple years ago?

From Obliteration To Engagement: Funny What Happens When You Have A Peace-Seeking Boss....

48% of U.S. Oil CFOs believe that the world has reached Peak Oil....

48% of U.S. Oil CFOs believe that the world has reached Peak Oil....

House Democrats introduce SCHIP bill

BART cop arrested as Oakland braces for another protest

When God's on your side.

Bernanke drops pretense of secrecy and airs Fed's plans

Gaza Strip: When Perpetrators Play Victim

Remember when we felt we had fallen down the rabbit hole, back when the 2000 election

But Jeff, are you crackers? Crackers are for Christmas, or possibly New Years!

Amy Goodman, Allan Nairn - Obama promoting an insubordinate murderer to high office?.....

Are any DU'ers Barack Obama's alumni?

A Tidal Wave of Discontent Threatens China

Neil Young "Fork in the Road"

Bush and Blair - just threw up a little in my mouth

What does Bush 'brood' about?

WTF? Medal of freedom ceremony...

Here is why labeling someone an anti-semite who isn't is so disgusting:

Good Grist For The Obama-Has-Betrayed-Us Whiners!

"My way", by g.w. bush

Some good news: Today the House votes on the expanded SCHIP legislation

Israel may face UN court ruling on legality of Gaza conflict

Amy Goodman: History Cannot Save Bush

Finger Salute to bush

Reality check.

They found the "runaway pilot"

Trudeau continues to skewer Two Shoes this week....(Toon)

Is there any journalist out there brave enough to write the column 'Who won? - Bush or Bin Laden'?

Shouldn't this the way for Ford and GM to go as well?

Former Gitmo Prosecutor calls techniques despicable

****Detainee Tortured, Says U.S. Official---bu$h* official****

.Detainee tortured said US Official

Israel hits Lebanon with rocket fire

Attacking Alzheimer's with Red Wine and Marijuana (pot helps form new brain cells?)

We must not allow Bush supporters to rewrite history..

Arrest Made in BART Shooting Death of Oscar Grant

Marcy Kaptur on the House floor speaking of new TARP bill...

That Bush family is pretty big.. I'd like to be a fly on the wall

Repubs versus every Attorney General nominee

Why No Charges For Schlozman?

Chattanooga Police Department Declines to Charge Officer ...

Dana Perino is on C-Span, but don't bother to watch

Jobless Parents Struggle To Pay Child Support

Assad warns of extremist backlash (Duh!)

Suggestions for ending the Gaza carnage

A quick refresher course in who knew what when regarding Torture policies of Bushco

Norm "Fake Smile' Coleman's political career is over. Hypocrite, Toady and Scumbag!

The Bodaciousness of Hope!

This would probably make TSA heads explode.

bu$h* got 350 billion no questions republicans want to block Obama getting tarp funds

Thanks George! Drug costs soar for seniors

Cheney : Unlawfull Combatants - Last time I heard that justification was the wwII Imperial Japanese

A question about the legal fiction of corporate personhood.

OK very serious question

Oh my -Dana Perino is on CSpan1

Congress Aims to Take Back Constitutional War Powers


Will The NSA Halt Warrantless Electronic Surveillance Tuesday at Noon?

Can U.S. financial capitalism be fixed?

Can U.S. financial capitalism be fixed?

The New York Times, a den of lazy-ass flaneurs

That 18% of die-hard never-abandon Bush supporters does not come from the Religious right

Hear no evil? See no evil?

Hear no evil? See no evil?

SCHIP about to be reauthorized

Rep Kendrick Meek announces for Martinez' Senate seat

I Apologize - I Was Wrong, I Admit It.

My god I just had the most chilling thought....

Sheriff jailed for pocketing money meant for inmate meals

Rev. V. Gene Robinson (gay bishop) 'Delighted' To Be Part Of Inauguration (NPR)

House Democratic report recommends criminal investigation of Bush administration officials

Paul McCartney; Richards Lewis and Belzer on "The View" today

You have to realize they don't need to overthrow the government, they already have.

Agriculture Dept. nominee to push food for poor

Treasury nominee accounts for his own tax errors

Questions about Justice

Hamas has accepted the Egyptian cease-fire proposal

FBI Building's Surprising Inaugural Message

Obama Dines With Conservative Opinion Leaders: Kristol, Brooks, Will

An Unarmed Palestinian Woman Confronts Israeli Soldiers Her name is Huwaida Arraf

Ex-Pow Philip Butler: Congress Must Prosecute Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Haynes, Addington, Gonzales, +

Larisa Alexandrovna: New information sheds more light on GOP IT guru's tragic death

I looks like most freepers hate Bush

My stupid cable company took CSPAN2 off the expanded cable now I can't see Book TV

Bush pushed the limits of presidential power

So, if I run into Shrub at the grocery store or the mall, what should I do?

Fox News Is Outraged: Obama Is Trying To Steal Lincoln’s Identity!»

Help! Life too much for today! Monte Cristo, 6 more fucking days!

Love Her Liberally

Obama inauguration to air in theaters

There is a big difference between Zionism and Judaism - here it is


Is visualising submission by references to anal-sex homophobic/sexist or just regularly obscene?

Terrafugia Flying Car

Al Jazeera to share its exclusive footage of Gaza conflict

AlterNet: Is America's Love Affair with Stupidity Finally Over?

whistles and airhorns (rick warren )

Condi Rice: "But trying to judge it now is a fool’s errand"

Is $450,000 a lot of money?

Bush: "The most important job I have had is to protect the American people from another attack"

Scooter Libby allies: Bush must pardon Libby: "This guy took a bullet for the White House"

How high on the tin-foil scale does this theory rate?

U.S. Home Foreclosures May Not Be Cut by Bankruptcy Reform, Barclays Says

Sex offender who won Alaska lottery beaten with iron pipe

Henry Waxman up on C-Span re:Shipp...FYI

Ben & Jerry Honor Obama With "Yes, Pecan"

Camp Bernie

Religious-right legal center "Liberty Counsel" accidently endorses gay marriage.

TVA Disaster Spreads Far and Wide

If the new Presidential limo is so different

I guess Jenna and Not-Jenna will lose their security detail next week.

How come in some Third World countries,

Alas, Babylon.

(LA) Legislators furious over delays in crafting Category 5 flood protection plan

The one lesson I learned a year ago as an Obama supporter.. that will come in handy

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act of 2009

People staying married because of the sucky economy--I know some, chances are you do too.

New information sheds more light on GOP IT guru's tragic death

House debating SCHIP on CSPN 1.

Richard Perle on Thom Hartmann now.

Glenn Greenwald: Tom Friedman offers a perfect definition of "terrorism"

Baby it's COOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDD outside!!!!

My sister got a job at Wal-Mart....

Richard "PNAC" Perle on the Thom Hartmann show?

LOL... Rec this thread....

Listen to Diane Rehm today 1/14

Off-duty policeman fatally shoots son of police officers, 15

Henry Payne's trying to start the fires of right wing paranoia

self delete

Why it is ok to say god at the inauguration

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington will perform at inaugural concert

Depression or recovery.

A Street Scene Shot 1/14/09 - Most did not get what they came for

Report Cites Political and Racial Bias At Justice

What's the true story on CITI?

I have relatives who live near Bremerton. Are they 'human shields'?

Would you like to have all posts that start with the words "Kick and rec if..." banned?

This is OUR time.

Navy Allowed to Kill Whales in Hawaii During Sonar Training

Recession may ground space flights

Ex-BART officer arrested on murder warrant

Thank you George Bush, thanks a lot.

Joe the plumber meets Israeli plumber

I saw an offensive and idiotic bumpersticker today - (Gag Alert):

Since tax season will soon be upon us

Obama Official Presidential Portrait Released

New Study Shows Pro-Marriage Legislators Win Elections

Bush: "My favorite color is blue and I love enchiladas"

Is Kira Phillips auditioning for 'The Riddler' ??

No resting in peace for Gaza dead (Gaza's main cemetery bombed)

Restoring American Global Leadership, One Step at a Time

The Rude Pundit: Because We Won't Have Him to Kick Around Much Longer, Part 7 (Alibi Edition)

Office of Norm Coleman Is Closed

Interesting article about a Jesuit priest who has been working with Hamas

Prepair to be Pissed - Project Upstream set to Ruin your AIM forever..

The one...The only...Groucho!

MORMON CHURCH EXPOSED: New Prop 8 Evidence and IRS Loop Hole

Make Obama Do What He Promised - Headlines 1/14/09

If one wished to model pure malevolence, one need only watch and listen to ........

Obama says sale of virginity good for economy

Paul Hackett vs Rob Portman for Senate Seat in Ohio!

Since 911 there have been absolutely no elephants in my refrigerator.

Should a Democrat vote for children's health insurance?

Who the Hell is this cross eyed freak on Hardball right now?

The Bush Legacy: An Assault on Public Protections

How to: bail out the american economy..

The Blue Dogs & the Power of Positive Press--Will Progressives finally take on the Blue Dogs?

Cyclists More Likely To Have Bone Loss

Heartbreaking and infuriating - "As SP Whines, the Village of Emmonak is Dying

John Nichols: Single-Payer Health Care Would Stimulate Economy

Officials in Florida want to ban skimpy swimwear

Judge Allows Madoff to Remain Free on Bail----again

Manhattan Office Vacancy Rises to Highest Since 2004

The last time I felt truly hopeful was sixteen years ago ......

Marcus Schrenker mutters "die" when found

Clinton: No negotiations with Hamas

Capital punishment

So Rush got a birthday cake from bush....

More faux Christian outrage - This time it's the Kansas City Zoo!

The SINGLE greatest response to Osama bin Piece 'o' SHIT is still on the "Concert For New York" DVD.

In final hours bush/cheney greenlights wolf slaughter

Please explain decriminalization vs. legalization of pot

Red Cross says Gaza humanitarian situation 'shocking'

Steve Jobs takes medical leave until June

Will Bush-Cheney Be Brought To Justice?

Breaking CNBC: Steve Jobs to take medical leave of absence until June.

My "Bush-Be-Gone" Wager! One of the Bush twins will become a Dem, and enter politics

Jewish Demonstrators Close LA Israeli Consulate in Protest of War in Gaza

So about that war crimes thing

Steve Jobs' complete memo to his employees about his health

DUBAI: Financial Crisis Delays Work On New Tallest Tower

Tymoshenko says Kiev, Moscow must reach gas deal without EU help

This will make a lot of people happy.

The Real News Network is doing a magnificent job

Kevin Bacon is One Degree of Separation from the Poorhouse


So how many networks are cutting their prime time programing

Inhofe? Is that an American name?

An email I received today from Howard Dean

DU this poll: Give Bush a grade!

Anyhone doing the WhiteKnot thing on Jan 20?

Bush hosted Limbaugh for private birthday lunch yesterday.»

another poll-"The Nation" re: Bush's legacy

Detainee Was Tortured, a bu$h* Official Confirms- ok congress, how much more proof do you need?

BREAKING NEWS: Actor Ricardo Montalban has died at age 88, official says

Can Labor Revive the American Dream?

Economist: One in Five Union Organizers Gets Canned (illegally- we need the free choice act)

This video used to depress me but, now, with the hope of better days ahead...

Obama's brother-in-law has promising campaign as Oregon State coach

Women's Voice and Leadership Crucial for Change: Open Letter to President-Elect Obama

Frank Gaffney being devoured on Tweety

As a 7th generation White Mississippian, I applaud how far we've come.

Marion County, West Virginia - Possibly the oddest county in the United States

Didn't dumbass just declare a section of the ocean a "marine sanctuary"????

Nope, McDonald's Isn't Making Us Fat

Senator Inhofe (R-Ok) tells the truth in congress....

Huffington Post: Big Labor Launches Multimillion Dollar EFCA Ad Campaign (VIDEO)

NJ kids with nazi inspired names removed from home.

BART officer arrested on murder charges. It's about time!

Yo, Bush*! Here's some historical perspective from Old Europe for you!

Will I always be mad at Bush?

Kia eyes 15% fuel savings from new stop-start engine

Black Congressional Caucus Abandons King Legacy and Black Opinion, Votes For War on Gaza

Should I thank Bush for not being attacked by any tigers lately?


New Law May Reduce Prescription Mistakes

"He's More Machine Now than Man"

Could New Lead Law Cause Library Ban of Children?

Do schools still teach kids that America was "discovered" by Europeans?

MarketWatch: Don't be conned into thinking there will be a recovery in '09

Your request is being processed... Timothy Geithner Housekeeper Status Unchecked, Taxes Unpaid: AP

"There is no democracy! There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide & Exxon"

Who would love to see Two Shoes and Shitstain.....

OK, who here knows where in the hell we spent the first $350 billion of the bailout?

Amazingly I cannot get "conservatives" to admit that they're pathetic losers

Khan is Dead! Long live Khan!

House Republicans Reject Delaying Digital TV Conversion

Buwahahaha, Thom Hartmann called out Richard Perle for lying to him on the radio.

Tell Senators to Restore the Rights of Workers to Sue for Pay Discrimination (Lilly Ledbetter)

Onion: Blagojevich Just Getting Started

*ALERT* DUzy v2.0 *ALERT* (It's REALLY coming back)

6 ppl in water; boat capsized; USCG on scene; live on MSNBC

How smart is President Obama? This effing smart.....

Now fast food companies make you litter (who knew how much they control us???)

'There's no stress!': Couple tie the knot in Taco Bell fast food restaurant

The Indoctrination Arcade

Thank you Shuster

BRRRRRR! How do you have your thermostat programmed?

The face of White Supremacy is always the greatest argument against it

Manufacturers are doing everything they can to save money

MarketWatch: Ice forms on retail registers

Cheney On Whether Iraq War Was Worth The 4,500 Americans Killed: ‘I Think So’

House votes to expand health care for children, passes 289 to 139

i love how obama is reaching out to the rw shills....old kudlow couldn't say enough nice things

Citi plunges as investors brace for break-up

So, Conyers now issues a 500 page report calling for investigations

Letterman tonight...couple of things in W's admin went wrong. the 1st term and the 2nd term

bush says his low point was being called racist because of Katrina response

"A Pedophile's Paradise"

Hahahahah Lindsay McSame Graham is

Juan Cole: Israeli PM Ehud Olmert Claims to be Able to Order Bush Around

Who has done more damage? Bush or Cheney?

Bush playing his fiddle while ...... . burns

Seven Days Underground 2001 - Ah, memories

Vanity Fair: "My Dinners with Dubya" ....Friend of Bush Daughter Reveals All!

'The Ascent of Money' tonight at 9p.m. on PBS (check your local listings)

Filibustering the Ledbetter Act?

Obama meets with Liberal columnists

New York folks. Can I ask a question? Do you all have a Lt. Governor

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Corker hopes Chrysler will merge (this guy won't keep his nose out of Detroit's business)

Wow, Barbara Boxer

Can someone here please

Changing al-Qaeda's Script

EarlG's Moderator Ad (Video)

A question of logistics ...

Wall Street is crashing and burning today.

Oh man, new AFA 'alert': "Campbell's labels help support gay marriage "

Report Calls Online Threats to Children Overblown

Cheney Tells Jim Lehrer Tonight: No Torture, Few Mistakes, Economy Not Our Fault

End of an ERROR: 1-20-09, do WE get NAME CHANGE AMNESTY?

End of an ERROR: 1-20-09, do WE get NAME CHANGE AMNESTY?

America doesn't need to be some 'shining city on a hill'... We need to be more humble

Be kind to everyone

The commander in chief yelled to military aide: "You're a wimp! Go get 'em."

Moving Forward, Looking Back: Goes Together Like “Silence is Complicity” and “Nuremberg Trials”

SPIDER-MAN creator Stan Lee is to unveil the world’s first gay superhero.

Cheers to the Freeway Blogger

WSJ opinion: Obama should act like he won --let the Republicans "triangulate"

Scientologists Targeting HIV-Positive Protesters

2010 Prius: WTF

Obama, please rename the Department of "Homeland" Security

Limbaugh Defiles White House (Hopefully for the last time)

The Ascent of Money

Single-Payer/Medicare For All Stimulus Package Would Create 2.6 Million Jobs!

Nancy Pelosi presents her hip groovy Youtube video..god help us all.

United States of America-China Chamber of Commerce

U.N. Acquires Nuclear Weapon

Police Take Adolph Hitler From His Parents.

GOP Defeat in Tennessee; State House in "Absolute Chaos"

"the Nouveau Poor..."...(break out your violins)

Anyone hear reports Citi may be taken over by the feds at week end?

TOONS: "Mistakes were made...."

Do you want to say somtheing directly to PE Obama?

DU'ers in states which are experiencing Arctic cold, can you tell me about this?

Let's not call them our rallies "protests"...let's call them "Hope Rallies"

I just bought groceries at Wal-Mart, should I feel guilty?

Dick Cheney says Gitmo shouldn't be closed because ...

Help me compile a list of GOP tactics ...

Do you stockpile anything?

'Prisoner' star McGoohan dead at 80

Denied boarding because of breast pump (breast pump was deemed a security threat)

Steve Jobs taking medical leave. It appears things are worse than he thought.

Joe The Plumber Fights With Israeli Reporter

Words of war and peace through the last few years. Eisenhower's most peaceable of all.

Parents lose custody of Nazi-named children

Lighten Up in '09: Shoppers Guide to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

no evidence Jessica's Law works, may have opposite affect on sex offenders

Who will best promote a progressive agenda: President Obama, the Dem Senate, or the Dem House?

Another 5-4 decision today on the SCOTUS (dealing with valid evidence on a police error)

Wear your White Knot on Inauguration Day

So I find myself posting to day old threads

NJ kids with Nazi-inspired names removed from home

Governor Sarah Palin Announces Lawsuit to Overturn Protections for Endangered Whale

Do you drink water where you live?

BREAKING: New Bin Laden tape out now....

Question: Do you think this is CIA's Bin Laden or AIPAC's Bin Laden?

bin Laden STILL OUT THERE making threats as bush leaves office bragging

Now that he's met with, invited, nominated or consulted every conservative on the planet....

NORML seeks help nominating the Netherlands for a Nobel Peace Prize for its sane drug policies

Regarding Wal-Mart, China, and cheaply manufactured goods.

This one comes from the heart.

This one comes from the heart.

This one comes from the heart.

This one comes from the heart.

Conyers Explains Why He Hasn't Impeached

The Doobie Brothers

Franken goes to high court; 60 rejected voters sue

The Jonas Brothers do suck, but they keep you from having to talk to your damn tweens

White House Emails and Record Keeping.

Funny Lounge Quotes

Can anyone recommend any books on the CIA & Mind Control?

I just got my SECOND NOTICE!

I'm putting Parche on ignore until he tells me what a 'nifnod' is.

Ben's Chili Bowl

Cool free online jukebox.

That Prilosec lady is having a great time

Yakkety Yak or Don't Talk Back?

Cooties! Obama Dines With Conservative Opinion Leaders

Can we all at least agree that Brad Schlozman must be prosecuted?

How to progress from a simpleton to a complicated man and not feel the shock?

Ron Reagan just asked an "intentionally provacative" question

Senate Democrats Gain Big Edge in New Committee Ratios

Obama: 'I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.'

WTF - "W", Thanks and Farewell -A Look Back at the Bush Years now on CurrenTV

I just caught a moose in my kitchen! What should I do with it?

Good night DU

I can not get freaking product in to our store anymore

Obama's pro-Israel congressional welcome

Who's gonna scream ..... THEY'RE GONE next week?

"Criticisms, political pressure and Barack Obama".....Salon/Greenwald

Raw Story: New details emerge on Connell's mysterious plane crash & death.

The weather looks good for D.C.

Laura Bush was 'sort of' angry at Obama

Did Poppy Bush Raise Money While His Son Was President?......

I see Democrats

i need a haircut

**Public Service Announcement**

Thanks DICK A look back at the Cheney Years now on CurrentTV

Is this a normal step to prepare for a Presidential Inauguration

Smooth sailing but few details in Clinton session

Email just received

Are any of you having this kind of stuff happening to you lately?

Wow, the movie Peter Pan is kinda dark to me now

Howard Fineman: "Bush is just trying to get out of town with some dignity"

"Speaking of tools..."

Breaking News: Dick Cheney will not be at Obama's Inauguration...

Obama's Guantánamo challenge: a boy soldier's trial

***dial up warning**** i'm getting rid of * pics from my photo bucket account--help yourself.

DU This Poll: Fox News on Gitmo

Now here is the awesomest cell phone ringer EVAH!!!

Lyrics to "I Am What I Am" From "La Cage Aux Folles

The great thing about Obama is that no one, not even his worst enemies, can claim he isn't a LEADER.

What if Franken and Coleman face off in a televised "Cranium" game for the Minnesota seat?

Clean Coal Technology - This Is Reality - Youtube

Jon Stewart just skewered Bush's Press Conference on his Katrina excuse.

Do we really have to call him President Bush after January 20?

The second bailout...

Helen Thomas is a national treasure

Will Geitner survive?

Senate Republicans to Norm Coleman: DROP DEAD

Christ, that's cold!!!

Reminds me of when I was little

Obama, Biden To Visit Supreme Court

Britney Spears' Single "If You Seek Amy" Banned From Radio

I can't take it anymore! Barack! Michelle! Sasha! Malia! You can have my puppy!

PE Barack Obama's Favorability Rating.

Obama pushes ahead with plan to rejuvenate black-Jewish alliance

I've succumbed to yet another vice - Cheddar Cheese Quakes

One Last time a George W bush drinking game (please add your own "hits")

The Republican Frame of "we have not been hit again since 9/11" is a fabricated lie

Can can someone someone loan loan me me a a dictionary dictionary so so I I can can find find...

I've just determined that I have posted every possible combination of words in the lounge.

Well..I guess I am taking my C-PAP out of mothball tonight.

Obama pens letter to his daughters (in Parade magazine this weekend)

and right on schedule: A new Osama Bin-Laden tape is revealed

Great Kerry - Clinton exchange...

In Retrospect: Today In History - HRC Questioned About FBI Files

Okay yet another insurance rant

What time should I plunk myself down in front of a TV to see this inauguration?

MSNBC Inauguration Notes: Who (Olbermann and Matthews) and Where (Movie Theaters)

Ok, so how many triangles are there in that Facebook ad?

Since we're talking music: Anyone like (or even remember) "The Jesus and Mary Chain"?

mmmmmm Inaugural doooonuttt!!!

GOP setting up roadblocks for Holder

Teacher sex with 18-year-olds not illegal according to court

************* 6 MORE DAYS! *************

Geithner Hearing moved to after Inauguration

Obama will end 'don't ask' policy, aide says

How Bush Treated Clinton and how Obama should handle Bush

This post intentionally left blank

Damn! I REALLY have no words for this.

What will you be doing on January 20?

Good economic news! Plant NOT closing!

Farewell letter from Howard Dean as DNC Chair:

Which part of the change of administration is better?

I light of the thickening clouds of Obameuphoria gathering before the Inauguration:

I have no words for this!!!

I have no words for this!!!

Hamas sux. I have a LOT of sympathy for the Palestinian people...

Bush didn't end up being a compassionate conservative--maybe Obama won't end up being Repuke Lite

Awww, poor Georgie - he and Laura have lost money in this downturn too....

Does anyone else watch "Whatever, Martha" on the Fine Living Network?

Official Portrait of President Obama

I got permission to take a personal day next Tuesday, the end of an Error


Bush History-Scientists & Military Brass Explain Harm Caused by Bush Policies, 1/14

Bush History-Scientists & Military Brass Explain Harm Caused by Bush Policies, 1/14

Brownback Resists Possible Transfer of Guantanamo Detainees to Kansas Base

I think that in order to move forward we're going to have to examine the past

Who Has The Best Bass Transit System In The US?

Where would I find this weeks Duzy Awards? Where are they posted?

Anybody here have good luck with online dating services?

She Will Lead Them: A Precedent-Setting Inaugural Role

For those lucky enough to be going to the Inauguration - Here is WP Inauguration Central link.....

K&R if you are tired of all the whining!

Enough is ENOUGH: Let's get one thing straight -

Enough is ENOUGH: Let's get one thing straight -

Discrepancy found in your form. Please back out and try again.

What Not To Wear To The Inauguration

What Not To Wear To The Inauguration

Dear Malia and Sasha-'What I Want for You — and Every Child in America' - By President-elect Obama

K&R if you reject the idea that dissent is "whining"

Obama EPA will investigate coal ash sites

Remember the famous words of Wendy Vitter, wife of David, in 2000.

Meet Obama's Nominee for NASA Director


Damn! I have no words for THIS!!!

Bill Burton Heading To Obama White House

As a 7th generation White Mississippian, I applaud how far we've come (X-post)

Iraqi shoe thrower signed by Pittsburgh Pirates

Kennedy's support fading in New York

Does anyone have stats on the # of people at past inaugurations vs. $ spent?

Order a patriotic lunch this week-if you are in the DC area

AP: Clinton acted on concerns of husband's donors

i think i'm in love

GREAT Serge Gainsbourg quote:

I can't believe Obama let Disney do this

"we'll print them out and gather them into a binder"

Cash in Rick Warren's plane ticket to save costs

du this poll!

160 million?? Hell, Obama raised that much in one month

Letter From DNC Chairman Howard Dean

"He is charming, he is terribly smart, bright, well-informed..." says Kudlow who attended RW dinner

$160 million... it's an outrage... and it's trivial... but it's not really about Obama

Duplicate post.

Obama Lauds House for Passing SCHIP

Why all the concern, angst and outrage?

Are you POed?

Does anybody have info about the Obamas' pick of interior decorator for

"A New Birth of Freedom" Inauguration events officially start on January 17th!

An open invitation to my Inaugural Potluck

Bishop Gene Robinson to be guest on Rachel Maddow show tonight. From Rick Warren on Robinson pick...

Are you VD (victory deprived) and therefore, so enamoured with "winning" that everything said,

Obama meets with liberal columnists

Obama meets with liberal columnists

I don't care if this has been posted already: Jackson Promises to Put Science First at E.P.A.

Help me out... Does Obama support a draft or not?

So simple I drew a picture...

God, wouldn't it have been even more spectacularly wonderful if

Does ANYBODY here think HRC's talk of "smart interventions" is a good thing?

The cost of the inauguration.

Anyone watching Obama, Biden, and Graham talking to us about Biden's trip to Iraq

Any Senator That Voted To Confirm Alberto Gonzales Should STFU Over Eric Holder

Obama to name net-neutrality proponent as head of FCC (thank God!)

MSNBC: Obama to end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Here's Bicoastal's idea of an Inauguration ceremony that will please everyone.

Obama and Neocons Break Bread At George Will's House....are we suppose to be outraged?

Did anyone ever see the Wilson sister's letter to John McCain?

Good Read from McClatchy News: Remembering Obama: 'This Guy Could be President'


Bush's final Gallup approval rating at 34% -- what he'd call 'a successful surge'

How has George W. Bush's 8 miserable years in office personally affected your life?

Obama attends conservative dinner party

KHAAAAAN!!!!!! BREAKING: Ricardo Montalban dead at 88..



More From Kudlow about Obama Dinner with Conservatives

It is courageous that Obama has taken torture as seriously as he has

the headache conundrum.

Economic question for Republican Morons:

Nut case Shawn David Morton at it again with his outrageous predictions on Obama

Campaign Pledge Out The Window: Hillary Won't Ban Security Contractors

Advanced Technology to Help the World Watch U.S. Presidential Inauguration on Jan. 20

It's About HOPE


Sexual Chocolate

Bush is running wild in Tampa!

INAUGURAL TRAIN to Arrive in Wilmington at 1 p.m. on Saturday...

Map of Jumbotrons in DC on Inauguration Day

Obama will visit Ohio on Friday

Letterman's comedy writer with a plea: Obama, ' screw up' so we have

The utter inhumanity of George & Laura is absolutely ASTOUNDING!

Has there even been this much of a desire for reconciliation?

Obama met with LIBERAL columnists this morning

"Singing Atlanta Kids" Get a Big Surprise!

Vilsack vows to help farmers and poor families

160 Million

Inaugural schedule filled out (Please keep kicked...TIA)

What on Earth with Bush SAY Thursday?


I don’t love Obama, Hillary or Spiderman.

Large Protests in D.C. are selfish and take away needed resources.

From Andrew Sullivan's blog (about his meeting with Obama this morning)

How we can cost costs on the Inauguration...

6 days left. Here Comes the Sun

Love Her ...Liberally

I Do Not Support Andrew Cuomo for NY Senate for his Disrespect for Obama in the Primaries

How dare Obama live in a 132 room white mansion when he becomes president!





What a day it has been here.


New York Times Magazine Preview: 52 Photo Portraits of "Obama's People" (check it out!)


One of the creepiest pictures I've ever seen....

Some advice for arguing with conservatives after Tuesday 1/20




Palin is getting in her own way

Ok, who gave the chemists booze?

Thomas Frank: Obama Should Act Like He Won

A modest proposal

A modest proposal

Just a reminder folks...

Just a reminder folks...

Best/worst pop/rock songs with squealing tires sound effect?





I need some serious advice...

The other shoe fell. Hubby got notice today he will no longer




A turtlenstrange appreciation thread!!

scraps is a boy dog.. don't call me Shirley.

Who's taking the 20th off?



Obama's Inauguration the most expensive in history at 160 million. Not cool.

Reefer-ready Projects: An Economic Stimulus Package

Does anyone know anything about buying a used car warranty?

Can I post this in the Lounge?


Since some folks like to DECLARE that Obama and others are not PROGRESSIVE, let's agree on a

The Best Movie Scene That Describes DU

Official Obama Portrait Released

I just put myself on ignore and now I can't see if this damn post came through.

Power Play Gives Democrats Control in Tennessee

For those who never thought they'd see a Black Man Inaugurated as US Prez, this Thread's for You!

I don't know who Michael Vincent is but

BUSH: Worst President, Par None?

I'm drunk enough to tell you all EXACTLY what I think of you!

This pic of my tiniest cheerleaders cracks me up

Ok.... TKAK47 or 421 or Something Or Other....

I got big things goin' on! BIG THINGS!

6 Obnoxious Old People Habits (Explained by Science)

KitchenWitch is using the Lounge to spell HADOC!

I am tired of programming

and if you think I'm not

I am so very drunk right now...whats everyone else doing now?

My dog drools all over the coffee table when I eat there...

...then I look down and see THIS between my legs.

"Batman and Robin" was TOO a good movie!

Christian Bale... The Photo that doesn't make you think of Batman.



Does anyone feel a Beatles resurrgence coming on?

Does anyone feel a Beatles resurrgence coming on?

**Public Service Announcement**



Obama set to make history: Detailed analysis of federal appeals court compositions (graphs included)

C20 H25 N3O

More TOONS: "Ch-ch-ch-Changes..."


This is incredible.




Couldn it have been something that *I* did?

Couldn it have been something that *I* did?

Is the advertisement


NFL Final Four pool, anyone?



Captain: I don't need no stinkin' lighthouse

What is your opinion of this particular song?

G'night ever'one

Well, Stanley, that's another fine mess you've gotten us into!

How long does it take to play the Endless Setlist in the RockBand video game?

Has anyone heard about PETA's latest campaign?


First-of-Its Kind Study: Medicare for All (Single-Payer) Reform Would Be Major Stimulus for Economy

Goodnight DU. Thanks from Sammy...

$160 Million is around $32 per person attending.

Can someone take the time to explain to me why TV is going digital?


Christ, that's cold!!!

I just figured out why I keep getting blisters on the palm of my right hand.

I got called "uneducated" today. Ask me anything.

I'm taking my two- and five-year-old to lunch at a new restaurant called Pryderi's

Has anyone heard about PETA's latest campaign?

Lounge Vibes for my beautiful MCTaTas..Shes sick

Just think - this time next week the only Bushes you'll find at the White House....

savannah is a lap dog.. a lap husky

Laundry or DMV?

Getting $crewed by a bank, need advice (HELP!)

I haven't been around much lately

I made MrLaraMN take SophieMN to Marley and Me.

In honor of the Ravens march to the Superbowl, I'm posting the song "Baltimore" by a young Tori Amos

when I saw a "Portman Likely to Run for Senate" headline I got my hopes up


Holy crap......anyone remember Charlotte Church???

The poem I read tonight at the open mic...

I just wrote three pages of instructions for the pet sitter. Ask me anything.

"Choose your battles."

Being "essential personnel" has its disadvantages..grrr...

Dog owners who dress up their pets could face prosecution

So I admit I like the new Kanye West

I had a shitty day at work, yesterday..., I worked late and didn't

Delete dupe nt

Delete dupe nt

My neighborhood is finally on Street View

A question or two for Ipod Touch users.

Summoned for jury duty! Survival tips?

It's a slow news day in Des Moines...

Spider Eggs Hatch In Bush's Brain (America's Finest News Source)

Motörhead - I Don`t Believe A Word

Any thread with the word fuck or fucking deserves my immediate attention

Why don't we all trade places when I ring the bell?

They called John Wayne "The Duke"...what is your "The" nickname?

The cost of the inauguration is a good thing and is 100% justified. Period.

I'm a dog shelter adoption reject.

My gas bill was $350 -- yikes!

FINALLY!!! It's about damn time. Flying car unveiled.

Megan Fox Says She Wants Salma Hayek's Chest

A picture from our heatwave

K&R if you are tired of all the whining!

kitten picture of the day for wednesday january 14

Thanks Sports Illustrated for trying to spoil our luck

God damn, it's cold!!! nt

The Guess Who's Older Game - Round One

The Guess Who's Older Game - Round Two

Kemp's Northwoods Smorewich

The idiot in the office next to mine is blaring some Emo bullshit

here is my new logo:

Could one choose as a DU handle a real, living person's name?

The idiot meditating next to me is blaring some Omm bullshit

Do you manage people? Do you appreciate people who are direct?

Jackie Chan to take Mr. Miyagi role in remake of "The Karate Kid"

Got $12 million lying around?

PSA- Get your screen names here

So when is the State of the Lounge speech?

Anyone else miss LynneSin? The Lounge isn't the same without her.

Sneak peek of Terminator Salvation

an article about rat lungworm disease

Here is all the indictment the asshole criminals leading the car companies need:

Ugh, I hate personal music videos people make for their favourite songs

Can you out-do my lame-ness?

DU Musicians - a little help, please.

Please help. I'm posting from my laptop, frozen to my toilet seat.

e. coli

Final half-season of Battlestar Galactica starts in two days and


I will now make some of you feel really old: Led Zeppelin's first album turns 40 years old

Do you know why the Little Mermaid wears sea-shells?

Click here if you have ever confused Aristus with Shakespeare.

Calling Rabrrrrrr ... where is Match Game Rabrrrrrr style?

Click Here If You Are Just Confused

Click here if LaraMN has ever confused you with another DU-er.

The idiot in the office next to mine is blaring some Rush crap...

The idiot in the office next to mine is blaring some Rush crap...

OK what is the deal with Vegetables from Mexico

New member of the family (dialup warning)

New member of the family (dialup warning)

I'm changing my name to 'Don't bother to read this'

Hey Californians Any News On Prop 8 Reversals?

After casting asparagus, Freepers have announced a name change AMNETY!!1!!

Just Think: Last May I could have met President Obama

Symarip, I read your name as "Syrup". Peake, I confuse you with Parche,

Which stupid fact will we hear ad nauseum for two weeks if Pit-Phil Super Bowl?

Check in here if your username is happy with you

Grocery Shopping Sucks When You Dont Have A Car

Post here to force MrCoffee to use punctuation in his new forum ID.

The Pension Boards rep just called. Wants to talk to me re: long term care

So I guess this is not the time to talk about the 75 degree temps here?

On Inaugural Day I Am Having A 12Pack

Is anyone planning on switching to the screen name- thecowboyssuck

A DuStrange and turtlensue Appreciation Thread!!!!


You won't have PeterU to kick around anymore.

Finally a good use for cats!

I have to go to High School Musical 3 with the Brownies...should I bring my iPod?

Up for auction: Low bid chooses my new username

Up for Auction: High bid changes my new underwear

It's a sad day when the Lounge is the sanest place on here....

I'm gonna change mine to "HornyToad"

Post a parenthetical song

I have a Prince "Sexy Motherf****" earworm,



Why I can't get anything done these days...

Up for auction: High bid chooses my new username.

RIP Ricardo Montalban

Click here if you have never taken advantage of a username-change amnesty.

Do you know that you can see your DU registration number? Will Pitt's thread brought this to mind.

I am currently accepting applications for a doppleganger.

I got a speeding ticket today...

Why do I hate Vista? MAHJONG!!!!

"This made me think of you"...Should I be worried?

To my lounge friends...especially taterguy...

CAT VIDEO OF THE DAY: World's most mellow cat?

I just got a cool resume sent to me, from a Cuban educated in the Soviet Union.

I just got a cool resume sent to me, from a Cuban educated in the Soviet Union.

Check in here if you're happy with your losername

Sean of the Dead. Funniest zombie movie ever?

Click here if you have ever confused madinmaryland with Turtleandsue

My new YouTube fetish

Do you people even bother reading the stuff I write in my posts?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/14/09

What kind of M&Ms did Tattoo like?


Got the Amazing Spider-Man Obama cover today.

the thing with open secrets...

Somebody should change their username to "SPADOINKLE"

What is the Cure's "Hot Hot Hot" about?

You know how the Dallas Cowboys and possums are alike?

This just occurred to me and it was funny at the time.

the thing with open sores...

Do any of you even read what LynneSin writes?

What should be my new username?

This thread is NOT:

Do you think adding a shot of Jamesons would in any way

Dog Owners Cold Weather Alert!!! (Warning Graphic Image)

OMG. I'm buying this house I moved into. The piano movers just left.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/14/2009)


WikiAnswers: teaching me new things everyday.

Special Delivery from the Fail-man

Preinauguration music

You know you've been in the Lounge too long when:

Kim Whatshername gives the paparazzi the bird

Is There a Movie you Consider to be Martin Scorsese's "Masterpiece"?

So my partner just put on his computer headset. Looks like it's World of Dorkcraft time...

I am now, officially, a Sith Lord

I went to the police station today.


I think I'll change my user name to

Check in here if you're happy with your username

What's for dinner, DU?

What's for dinner, DU?


What Good Thing Has Happened To You In 2009?

How would you explain the difference between a faith and a belief?

When the amnesty comes for namechanges, I'm considering changing mine.

"Honest Engine" Auto Repair - racist?

Why don't we all trade names with another DUer of equal post count?

Anyone familiar with the company called 'Combined Insurance?'

What's in your Clipboard / ctrl-V?

I feel fucking useless...

Got laid off...should I go to DC for the inauguration festivities?

Good morning Lounge

I think this may be a sign of mental illness. (pic)

Making Room for Miss Manners Is a Parenting Basic

Don't you just love it when other people make you feel like garbage?

What is the worst smell you have ever experienced?

How often do you eat molasses?

Just watched a feral cat walk by in this bitter cold.

Breathe deeply.... I want to SCREAM!!!!!! F U C K!!!!!!!

Yay...BabyG is home.

Any "Band of Horses" fans?

*** PICTURE POST *** LaraMN just gave me a great idea. Post a pic of you and your tax exemptions!!

Anyone else miss Peake? The Lounge isn't the same since I squashed him like a bug

Patrick McGoohan died

Anybody have a cure for love sickness?

I just caught a mouse in my kitchen! What should I do with it?

So where do the goth kids buy those stupid dusters with 85 pounds of chrome crap dangling off them?

Ever feel like you're a ghost?

A good music video montage and I can't explain why it is:Bad Religion - I Want To Conquer The World

What music have you listened to today?

I want to grow my sideburns and a goatee, but I keep chickening out.

How GD cold is it going to be where you live tonite?

I just had a Varied Thrush in the yard!

"Offers For Virginity Auction Up To $3.7 Million" (ATTENTION EARL G!)

Parents lose custody of Nazi-named children

Skinner announces NAME CHANGE AMNESTY!!! WOOHOO!!

What's a good username for a sockpuppet?

Last Bush-junta-era Match Game: "War Criminal Chimpy McFuckstick is finally leaving, and I feel _"

Hey Chicago DUers! Any Lane Tech grads here???????

Obama manager delivers reassuring message to Canadians

Zambia's cholera death toll hits 28

Obama Dines With Conservative Opinion Leaders: Kristol, Brooks, Will

US 'fake death businessman' found

Alakai to enter dry dock

Obama will end 'don't ask' policy, aide says

TV News Goes All Out Online; Inauguration for those "who must spend their day in front of computer"

Pentagon: We made 9/11 detainee dance with a man and bark like a dog - so we couldn't prosecute him

Khadr trial date up in air after 'secret' refiling of charges: defence lawyer

EU policymakers sour on Ukraine and Georgia

BART officer arrested on murder warrant in NY Day shooting

Evidence in Terror Cases Said to Be in Chaos

Israel Stops Iranian Aid Ship heading to Gaza.

Greek guerrillas claim police shooting, other attacks

Report: Chrysler in talks with Nissan-Renault, Magna

Protesters to blame Davos elite for global crisis

Report Details Iraq Contract Failures ($722 million contract for KBR - Halliburton)

Iraq VP to Biden: Obama's "Reputation On the Line" Over Gaza

Assad warns of extremist backlash

Olmert stands by his version of Rice flap

In Michigan, Bank Lends Little of Its Bailout Funds

Kids with Nazi-themed Middle Names in State Custody

Greece hinders US arms delivery to Israel

High Schoolers Accused Of Sending Naked Pictures To Each Other

New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services removes Adolf Hitler Campbell, sisters from parents

Bush: I Think I Lost Money, Too

Iranian students offer $1.5m reward for Mubarak execution

New Orleans Times-Picayune to Bush: 'No Question' Federal Response to Katrina Was 'Slow, Shameful'

Ex-Oakland transit officer is arrested in Nevada

Arrest made in BART shooting death of Oscar Grant

Bush unaware if bin Laden was close to being captured

Pelosi: Remaining $350B will be better spent

Judge To Bush Administration: "Surrender" Your Emails

Feds play candid camera with Gov. Blagojevich

Bush appointee saw Justice lawyers as 'commies,' 'crazy libs,' report says

Retail sales slump 2.7 percent in December

Senator objects to quick hearing for Treasury pick

Environmentalist author Arne Naess dies at 96

World 'needs radical cuts' on CO2

Spokesman: Obama will end 'don't ask, don't tell' policy

Democrats want tax fix on Obama stimulus bill

Buffett got better Goldman deal than taxpayers

NJ kids with Nazi-inspired names removed from home

Another first--woman to give inaugural sermon

Bin Laden: U.S. Decline Fueled Gaza Attack

NY lawmakers: Voters should choose senator, not Guv

FACT CHECK: Bailout Not Yet Making Money, Despite GOP Lawmakers' Claims

HRW slams Bush's award of freedom medal to Colombia's Uribe

Ricardo Montalban, TV Star and Chrysler Pitchman, Dies at 88

Obama meets with liberal columnists (Frank Rich, Rachel Maddow, others)

Three rockets fired from Lebanon hit north Israel

Officials trade blame for Latvia's riot

Rick Warren reaches out to Gene Robinson

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 14

President-elect plans pre-inaugural trip to Ohio to push economic plan

US 'monitoring Iraqi views on Gaza invasion'

Spanish court opens 'Jesuit Massacre' case

UnitedHealth Group pays $50 million to settle fraud allegations

Detainee Tortured, Says U.S. Official Breaking: Missing pilot-financier arrested in Florida

Daimler to pay SEC triple-digit mln dlr fine-report (Sieman's type bribery)

Judge upholds instant runoff voting in Minneapolis

Bush Presidency Closes With 34% Approval, 61% Disapproval

Bush declares emergency for inauguration

Downtown Oakland bracing for another protest

U.S. Judge Orders Release of Young Guantanamo Detainee

Evidence in Terror Cases Said to Be in Chaos

Motorola to lay off (4,000) more workers, warns of loss

Filmmaker Oliver Stone meets Bolivia's Morales for interview, coca

Aid boat resumes Gaza emergency mission (Spirit of Humanity)

Court Grants National Security Archive Motion to Search White House Computers and Preserve E-mails

US to blame for financial crisis, says China

Court: Teachers Can Have Sex With 18-Year-Olds

Oil Prices Tumble With US Inventories Bulging

Justices Says Evidence Valid Despite Police Error (5-4 again)

Ex-Member Of Strickland’s Staff Arrested

'Suspicious' rider was Secret Service agent

Report: Hamas accepts Egyptian proposal for Gaza truce

Red Cross says Gaza humanitarian situation 'shocking'

BART officer arrested in connection with New Year's Day shooting

'Prisoner' actor Patrick McGoohan dies in LA

Steve Jobs Leave Of Absence, Tim Cook Stepping In As CEO

MSNBC Breaking: ‘Fantasy Island’ star Ricardo Montalban dies

Obama, Biden to Pay Call on Supreme Court.

Nortel files for bankruptcy protection in U.S

U.S. military report warns 'sudden collapse' of Mexico is possible

Bin Laden purportedly calls for jihad over Gaza

Iraq Torture, detention without trial still dog Iraq

Bolivia cuts diplomatic ties with Israel

Spain's high-speed trains win over fed-up flyers

Children Heavily Represented Among 917 Dead, Say Officials

Chris Hedges: The Language of Death

AlterNet: Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big NY Dems Descends into Calls for 'Wiping Out' Palestinians

Newsweek Defends Abu Ghraib

Palimpsest President-How Obama will write and rewrite his presidency.

Washington's Second Inauguration speech - 135 words

Moses of the Democrats

Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big-Time NY Dems

AlterNet: Economic PTSD: The Psychological Effects of the Recession

Unions, step up to the plate

Happy New World!

The Bush Legacy of Racist Politicization of Justice

Obama Should Act Like He Won

Obama and Palestine

Heading Forward - 2009 Outlook

Brian Schweitzer Speaks at DNC - Part 2:

Ron Clark Academy - "You Can Vote However You Like" Students will perform @ the Inauguration

Celebrities Buy Heathrow Land to Delay Third Runway

Terrorists sexually Humiliated guests before killing them

Clinton v. Palin:

The $350 Billion TARP Debate

Joe Conason: The Stimulus Killers, or, Do Republicans Have Any New Proposals?

Gene Lyons writes: Timing of assault on Gaza suspect

Principles and Pragmatism

Peru Planting 512,820 Trees a Day to Fight Climate Change

Obama: Everyone Can Get Involved in Inauguration

Heartbreaking Poem of Palestinian Girl - English Subs

The Verdict

Joint Terrorism Task Force investigates dumpster divers as freegan terrorists?

The Verdict , Complete

Mind the Gap

9-11 Families View of Bush Administration

The New Paranoia: Hedge-Funders Are Bullish on Gold, Guns, and Inflatable Lifeboats

Thank Bush for the Memories

Clarence Page: Our Drug War Next Door

The CIA and Narco-Imperialism

Olmert's Claims Revive Spectre of "Israel Lobby"

Bush’s Final Purge

Bush: 'I Take My Justice Dept. Appointees Like Joe the Plumber - White and Bitter'

Spencer Ackerman: Clinton Still Hawkish On Iran

David Vitter 'Lays' It On the Line to Hillary

Rachel Maddow & Barbara Boxer on the re-emergence of America's 'soft' power

World trade flows suffer as oil price plunges

Who will save Israel from itself? By Mark LeVine

Love song to Islamic Fundamentalists (from a jew)

When Daddy Is Off at War: A Hologram Home?

Garbage in, garbage out

Remarkable little girl describes Gaza

Is Israel Using Banned and Experimental Munitions in Gaza? Democracy Now 1/14/09 2 of 2

Is Israel Using Banned and Experimental Munitions in Gaza? Democracy Now 1/14/09 1 of 2

Op/Ed 1/14/09: Open Letter to the Citizens of Israel

Countdown: Justice Report on Schlozman

Tom Friedman offers a perfect definition of "terrorism"

Should Congress Approve the Second Part of the Wall Street Bailout?

U.S. military report warns 'sudden collapse' of Mexico

Leading Israeli Scholar: Israeli "State Terror" in Gaza Attack. Democracy Now - Pt. 2

Bush surprises Limbaugh with birthday cake at private lunch

EarlG's Moderator Ad (Video)

Goodbye bush

David Sirota reacts to ignorant right wing lie about the New Deal 'prolonging' Great Depression

WABC News: NY Chinatown community protests over death at the hands of the police (1980)

CBS News: Israeli Army in Gaza (1990)

Michael Heart: We will not go down (Song for Gaza)

After eight long, tiresome years, President Al Gore won't be missed.

American Power Is on the Wane

Venezuela Takes Control Over Its New Satellite

Hope & Change - National Ad for the Employee Free Choice Act

Bush Grant of Medal of Freedom to Colombian President Uribe Is an Outrage

Conservatives who love torture think 'Jack Bauer' is a real person

Leading Israeli Scholar: Israeli "State Terror" in Gaza Attack. Democracy Now - Pt.3

Ann Coulter on The View

Now I Understand Why They Hate Us


Worst person in the world, Jan 13th: BillO and his torture fantasy world

THOMAS FRANK: Obama Should Act Like He Won

Weapons expert talks on Israel 'phosphorus use' - 13 Jan 09

TYT: Should The Media Be Objective OR Neutral?

We Don't Ask - National Ad for the Employee Free Choice Act

Israel and Gaza War: A Prayer for Gaza: A poem by Dr. Rafey Habib

Alan Grayson: Smile America, You’ve Got a $1.2 Trillion Slush Fund?

CBS News: Link to power lines and cancer (1990)

The Economic Apocalyptics are Full of Boo-Boo

News Media in South Africa and Israel (1988)

Dennis Kucinich: 50 percent of the population of Gaza is under 14

Tennessee Democrats elect republican as speaker of the house

Kaptur: White House is counting on fear to propel...inappropriate action on a Wall Street bailout

GOP Clings to Reagan Myth


Leading Israeli Scholar: Israeli "State Terror" in Gaza Attack. Democracy Now - Pt. 1

Rachel Maddow on Clinton's committee appearance, and the re-balancing of State and Defense

Ivan Eland: An Empire That America Can't Afford

Bush: ‘I Don’t Give A Darn’ What Americans Think Of Me

Whitehouse: If Obama doesn’t investigate Bush’s crimes, I will

Seven most horrible things about Bush presidency

Obama: Disagrees with President Carter About Hamas

CNN's Rick Sanchez vs. "Joe the Plumber"

Army looking to expand electric car program

Pentagon: Critical issues unresolved in Iraq

Schofield soldier dies in Iraq

Bragg soldier killed in Iraq

Veteran with PTSD acquitted in robbery case

Future of Army aviation is topic of symposium

Green comments admissible in rape slaying case

Soldier faces court-martial in Iraq deaths

Official: Biden affirms responsible pullout

Drum investigating death of soldier

VA therapy gives elderly vets chance to talk

Mullen: Military can’t fix foreign woes

Ex-Carson GI pleads guilty in robbery, deaths

Iraq vet loses free home offer after drug plea

Lawyers want detainee confession reinstated

Destroyers, LSDs to undergo inspections

GAO upholds Bollinger patrol boat contract

Navy allowed to use sonar in Hawaii waters

Northrop Grumman gives USNA training software

AAV sinks during training off Hawaii

Pentagon: Ex-Gitmo detainees now fighting U.S.

Death of Marine in Afghanistan being examined

TYT: CNN Confirms Israel Use Of White Phosphorus

Cherry Point crews leave for Iraq

Red Flag adds 3rd week for more CAS practice

Pace offers regret for Iraq War mistakes

62nd Airlift Wing passes nuclear inspection

Staff sgt. dies after water training exercise

Provisional nuclear command stands up

SecNav: Motorcycle makers must help with safety

Trial date set in excessive force civil case

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: 4-step plan for a more flexible, tech-savvy service

Navy chaplain faces new Article 32 hearing

3 Germany-based servicemembers killed in bombing

To the Okinawan widow of a fallen Marine, a son is born

Recruiters score 100 percent in December

New Navy effort will reassign some NCOs

Weapons cache seizure a big blow to militants

Camp Fallujah control signed over to Iraqis

Shinseki in Hearing Today to Head VA

Vets Exposed to Incorrect Drug Doses

Joint Forces Warns of Mexico Collapse

Abbas: Israel 'Exterminating' Gazans

PTSD Tied to Successful Insanity Defense

F-16s replace departing Apache helo unit

Today's Marine Corps Times mailbag:

3 new lawmakers have experience in Iraq

TYT- Elisabeth Hasselbeck Visits The White House

Jewish Charity Brings U.S. Viewers Israel's Version Of The War In Gaza

Why the Gaza calm crashed By Alastair Crooke

Sea Shepherd: The War for the Whales Erupts in Indonesia

Olmert ignoring calls from Barak, Livni for immediate Gaza truce

EU premiers plead for gas - Reuters

Phoenix begins adapting to new light rail system...

Phoenix begins adapting to new light rail system...

Conoco reports big oily water spill at Alaska field - Reuters

Rigzone - Cantarell Production Down By 62% Since 2004 Peak, Total Mexican Output Down 18% Since 2004

The War for the Whales Erupts in Indonesia - Japanese Whalers

Once Thick Off CA Coast, Black Abalone Listed As Endangered By National Marine Fisheries Service

Gaza: CAIR says Bush 'Indifferent' to lives of Americans, others in Gaza

Egypt pushes Hamas to accept truce

Israeli Forces Storm Gaza City Neighborhood

GRL - Swiss Study Shows Climate Warming Since 1990 Beyond Statistical Chance - AFP

Thousands Of Two-Headed Bass Larvae Spawn In Australian River - Search On For Source Of Mutagen

Fans thank Jon Stewart for Gaza stance

Israel Accused of Testing Experimental Weapons in Gaza

Australian Green, Golden Bell, Southern Bell Frog Populations In Rapid Decline

Scientists Begin Long-Term Survey Of East End Marshes (Long Island) To Watch For Sea Level Effects

As Polar Bear Summit Convenes, W. Hudson Bay Population Down 22% In 20 Years, Beaufort #s Down 17%

Key FL Legislative Panel Skeptical About Cap & Trade, Existence Of Climate Breakdown

Kucinich to Israel: Please State Your Goals

A Bicycle Evangelist With the Wind Now at His Back

Blazing Summer Temps (106 F IN Adelaide) Power Record Call Spike To Oz Weather Bureau - Reuters

Israel's Gaza offensive stokes anger among Jordan elite

International Law Seldom Newsworthy in Gaza War; Israeli justifications often cited uncritically

Tehran's Air Pollution Hits All-Time Record High Levels - So Bad City's Crow Population Flees

Tronox Bankruptcy raises questions about uranium cleanup

Diplomats: Gaza op causing long-term harm to Israel's image

Thousands Of Birds Invade Outback Roadhouse, Die In Heatwave (Surreal Pictures)

In Last Days, ChimpCo Asserts Free Rights Of Navigation Through Canadian Arctic Chokepoints - NYT

Spain's New High-Speed Trains Stealing 100s Of Thousands Of Airline Passengers - Guardian

Good review of British Offshore Wind status

Gazans seek new places to bury the dead

FWS Removes Some Wolf Populations from End Spp List

International Law Seldom Newsworthy in Gaza War , Israeli justifications often cited uncritically

Obama's pro-Israel congressional welcome

Beyond disproportionate

At Cairo Hospital, Injured Palestinians Increasingly Voice Support for Hamas - WaPo

Jordanian Soldier Opens Fire at Israeli Patrol on Border

Israel-OPT: Gaza sewage lagoons could collapse - water authority

TVA ordered to clean up coal-fired plants

The Wall and Israeli settlements

Science - U. Wash Study Projects Half World Population Faces Hunger By 2100 As Climate Breaks Down

Geothermal Future

Gaza: Residents waving white flags 'shot dead as they flee their homes'

Ski slopes closed because of cold

Did Will Marshall of PPI just call for "evenhandedness" on Israel's part?

Katyushas fired on Northern Israel again

Gaza protests violate Canadian laws: Jewish Congress

Turkish PM denies anti-Semitism, says 'Jewish-backed media' spread false info on Gaza

Three rockets fired from Lebanon hit north Israel; IDF returns fire

Villaraigosa's support of Israel is on the mark

Has Russian Jews influenced Israel, If so in what way ?

Gaza Strip: When Perpetrators Play Victim

Gaza: no other option?!

Protesters close Beirut Starbucks branch

Israel may face UN court ruling on legality of Gaza conflict

Gaza crisis spills onto the web

Israel Stops Iranian Aid Ship Heading to Gaza

The "Generous Offer" Update: Two Years of Starvation Followed by Fire-bombing

Rabbi's full-page ad in NY Times urging Obama to back Gaza cease fire now

Hamas May Survive Offensive, Israel Says

"ANALYSIS / Israel believes Hamas is waiting on Obama for Gaza truce"

Israel hits Lebanon with rocket fire

Gazans Open Old Graves To Bury Their New Dead

East Jerusalem family being replaced by settlers

Doctor dies in Gaza while treating wounded

OPT: Factbox - Developments in Gaza fighting, 14 Jan 2009

For a Greater Israel: The Gaza Massacre

Israeli troops attack Gaza City

NYT: Israel Halts Ship to Gaza, Iran Says

Palestinian Official: 800,000 Gazans Without Water

An Unarmed Palestinian Woman Confronts Israeli Soldiers Her name is Huwaida Arraf

Greece hinders US arms delivery to Israel

Israel losing 4th Gen War conflict in Gaza

Is Madoff the tip of a money laundering pyramid in Israel?

War reporters are crucial to report Gaza’s true horror

Leading Israeli Scholar Avi Shlaim: Israel Committing “State Terror” in Gaza Attack

White Phosphorous and Dense Inert Metal Explosives: Is Israel Using Banned, Experimental Munitions?

Israel defense officials back immediate Gaza cease-fire

Proposal emerges for 10-day cease-fire in Gaza

Israel media on defensive over Gaza war coverage

IDF legal team gathering Gaza evidence

The Humiliation of America (re: Olmert phoning smirk)

Israel Shuts Out World Press

Israel indicts two Iran TV journalists for reporting on Gaza ground invasion

Poll: American public backs Israel firmly in war with Hamas

Leading Israeli Scholar Avi Shlaim: Israel Committing “State Terror” in Gaza Attack

Israel defense officials back immediate Gaza cease-fire

Rockets from Lebanon threaten 2nd front for Israel

Israel Warns Lebanon Residents After New Rocket Attacks

Palestinian Death Toll Passes 1,000 in Gaza: Medical Chief

Lancet blasts Israeli 'atrocities' in Gaza

Why is nobody (including U.S.) committing to an enforced ceacefire - with nobody firing on either

Israeli Troops Massing On Lebanese Border

Activists disrupt Israel's PR operation

Phosphorus mortar shell detected in Negev

The Real News Network is doing a magnificent job

Aid agencies: More than 200 lives lost since UN call for ceasefire

Some 11 Palestinians killed, 8 injured in Gaza by Israeli bombardment

Olmert says he did an endround Rice to get Bush to abstain at UN

Leading British Jews call on Israel to halt 'horror' of Gaza

Why Israel Can’t Make Peace With Hamas

US 'monitoring Iraqi views on Gaza invasion'

Physicians group urges Israel to step back

IDF: Navy didn't engage Iranian aid ship

Who will save Israel from itself? By Mark LeVine

Amnesty International: Israel using Palestinians as human shields

Norman Finkelstein on Gaza crises, debate with former ambassador Martin Indyk

Israel and the United States: Up In Arms

First Gaza damage estimate: $1.4 billion

Bolivia breaks Israel ties, claims Gaza 'genocide'

More than 1,000 killed in Gaza

British parliament in uproar over Gaza invasion

No resting in peace for Gaza dead (Gaza's main cemetery bombed)

Israelis 'shot at fleeing Gazans'

'Solidarity during war is Israel's finest hour'

History did not begin with the Qassams (Amira Hass)

US Congressman: Israel war violations 'deliberate'

British parliamentarian says Israeli leaders are 'mass-murderers and war criminals'

Report: Hamas agrees to ceasefire in Gaza

Where were the protesters when missiles were hitting Israel?

Tom Friedman offers a perfect definition of "terrorism"

The Bailout Game

SEC and Madoff and Markopolos

Retail Sales Collapse in December ... real retail sales declined by 11.3% (on a YoY basis).

State Pensions’ $865 Billion Loss Affects New Hires

Shipping rates hit zero as trade sinks

TelegraphUK: "Shipping rates (from Asia to Europe) hit zero as trade sinks"

Why the Stimulus Alone Won't Work

U.S. declares former UBS banker Weil a fugitive

Community group disrupts sale of foreclosed homes

Russia has Europe by the balls!

Hatred for the right grows all over the world!

Gaza: Israeli troops reveal ruthless tactics against Hamas

The Ascent of Money - highly recommended PBS documentary

Are Junk Bonds A Buy?

Financial Coup d’Etat & Your 401(k) by Catherine Austin Fitts

Eugene Debs

A "sick day"

Unions step up campaign for medicare for all campaign

Global Unions Will Help Push Employee Free Choice

The Economic Argument for the Employee Free Choice Act

Listen to Bruce Raynor talk about incoming Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and outgoing Elaine Chao

No anti-gay ordinance too small for the AFA haters.

What is the situation with the hateful Prop 8? Last I heard, the A.G. Jerry Brown had

Thank you Freddie -

Box Turtle: Al Sharpton Supports Atlanta Pro-Gay Interfaith Alliance

Box Turtle: Tracking How Candidate Obama Morphed on Gay Marriage

Gay Men's Chorus invited to perform at inaugural concert

Sharpton decries churches pushing Prop. 8

Boy,the MLK day protest sure hit a nerve

This is great news

Let's rename this forum:::: The 'I have a question' forum.

I'd like to ask a question.

I'd like to ask a question ...

I'd like to ask a question

I'd like to ask a question ...

I'd like to ask a question.

I'd like to ask a question

Thought you all would want to see this, about Warren "reaching out" to Robinson.

There's a post in GD that could use some kicks and recs.

Savage claims "a lot of guys become gay out of default" because "they're afraid" of women

New Study Shows Pro-Marriage Legislators Win Elections

I very rarely go to gay bars. Amongst the straight people I hang out with

latest on Prop 8

Sally Kern: ‘Homosexual Agenda’ Event In OKC

Spanish court opens 'Jesuit Massacre' case

HRW slams Bush's award of freedom medal to Colombia's Uribe

Bolivia Cuts Ties with Israel over Gaza

Venezuela Inaugurates New Food Production Plant for Food Sovereignty

Did Venezuela's Opposition Meet with US Officials in Puerto Rico?

Subversion Through Trade? Cuba and the Obama Administration (January 13 Counterpunch)

Driver Sues Curry for Sexual Harassment

The Stoops borthers will meet in a bowl in ____?

SEC Night on ESPN.. Kentucky 79, Tennessee 64.

Chiefs Hire Pioli (as GM)

Two coaches throw each other out 4 story window.

No SEC teams in the top 25 in the NCAA Men's BB.

Boxing! January 14-17, 2009

TODAY: MSNBC "FDA Admits Failure to Protect Public"

Homeopathy — Still Crazy After All These Years

Lilly Said to Be Near $1.4 Billion U.S. Settlement on Drug Zyprexa

Book Is Rallying Resistance to the Antivaccine Crusade

High Caffeine Intake Linked To Hallucination Proneness

A question for "gun nuts"

Pistol/Revolver Owner's only please

Has anyone else seen Elizabeth Baron?

I need some help interpreting this

I need to vent before I blow my stack :-(

The Flow.

Does Asheville have the prettiest city hall

I suppose this is ex-street scenes?

Astrological Predictions That Don't Fit

Want another cool photo tool (or maybe you are just nosy)?

This Pluto in Capricorn is really pretty simple actually...

Baby, It's you know what outside

I am 70 years YOUNG today!!!

(semi-) Weekly Healing Project #17 | Jan 14-24 | When those we care for hurt us

Whatever happened to Splendid Table?

Mapping the Sea and Its Mysteries

Instruction Manual for Life

Ratzinger continues demonization of women with 'devil masquarading as vision of Mary' mythology

Making my 2d chicken soup 'ever,'

Why it is ok to say god at the inauguration

Italy's Jews: Pope Benedict negating 50 years of interfaith progress

5 lbs of Opakapaka

Gravlax, V2.0

"Heat" by Bill Buford

The Latest in Faith Based Initiatives

Anti-Love Drug May Be Ticket to Bliss


I had such plans before my back went out... help

Won-ton wrappers with my pasta maker?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is this Monday, the 19th

Our Universe may be a giant hologram- New Scientist

I'm about to blow a gasket over spinach!!!!!!

I have lost...............

Cry for help from DC-area C&Bers...

Questions about Justice (X-Posted from GD)

the Frugal Gourmet once made a smoker out of a galvanized garbage can

Alternatives in schooling question -

Some 9/11 Commission records will be released on 1/14/09

Denton County innaugural party

Annual Denton County Dem Chili Supper

Dems at Dan's

Strayhorn announces bid for mayor

Car Title Question

Streaming video from the Texas Lege

GOP trying to waive rules involving 2/3's agreement to end debate.

Do you live in DALLAS? Need help - Wednesday, 1:00 - urgent!

Tarrant County DUers and the Inauguration Parties

Angry desperation IE 7

Edmonton Sun: Stelmach wants a bailout