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Archives: January 13, 2009

If Madoff falls off a balcony or has a heart attack something to consider....

Salon: Hank Paulson declares victory

I thought of a great way to show your face at the Inauguration in DC or your town!

ACLU claims Catholic bishops misusing grant money

Grrrr. This will really make you furious.

From The Cable, Laura Rozen's Blog: Derek Chollet to Foggy Bottom?

For those snowed in who have cats:

Another Mr. Fish stunner

Senate Republicans brace for ominous 2010

LOL Michelle Malkin

The grass is greener, the snow we shoveled isn't so heavy.......

The Gig Economy

FedEx Delivers During the Presidential Inauguration

Do you feel more angry as the Bush occupation ends?

Dr. Evil is BAAAACK!’s new anti-union campaign repeats “Secret Ballot” myth

Skinner, how about a countdown clock for when bush leaves the WH?

Flame Bait: Clean coal plant to be built in

W.'s Greatest Hits: The top 25 Bushisms of all time

I can't wait for KO and Rachel to skewer Bush now

LIVE FROM DC!: The Mighty "CodPiece Unplugged!"

al-Jazeera English has restored their live TV feed...

The best laid plans ........ I will not be on the Mall on January 20th

More families seeking home heat aid

Obama to sign order next week to close Guantanamo prison- could be within hours of his inauguration

X-posted: Fans of the movie "Michael Clayton"

Going to the inauguration? Better plan on doing a lot of walking.

Gitmo conundrum .......

The jug-eared little prick ignores Helen Thomas in his final press conference.

The invisible hand with the extended finger

GM will build Volt batteries itself

Woo Hoo! Bernie Sanders gets big kudos

KO is going after Bush for this!

Say goodby to * with this: PINK's "Dear Mr.President" (some graphic pics)

What I Remember About George W Bush ?

Bush - "We had fun!"

Chimpy blames the Clenis. Says "These problems started before my administration."

Bush.... I rescued 30,000 People in "NO's" and if I'd landed on Air Force would have harmed

Am I wrong to pray for a shoe storm during Rick Warren's speech?

Cheney ‘Not Enthusiastic’ About Bush’s North Korea Policies

Digby: CNN's Fiscal Madness

We wouldn't have to stand it any longer if the world stood with us. If they demanded an end to the s

Barack Obama meets Mexican leader

Lizard people...check in!

How serious can we be ?

John Kerry: Wasn't it today four years ago he introduced us

Gold mine to court: Let us dump waste in lake

Damon Weaver UPDATE

Why did Bush believe other countries should take

Why did Bush believe other countries should take

Sounds like the new Ford Taurus almost has auto-pilot

Hey, Shrub, it AIN'T "momentary approval" ---------you SUCK for LIFE!1

yep (or yap)?

Does anyone here know of a source for a high quality sound

music to my ears...

W. comes clean-on his dad, Condi's farts and the time Dick waterboarded the house boy-By MATT TAIBBI

When Bush spoke today about his flyover of Katrina.. and stammered

If your town had a new mayor take office and they uncovered criminality by the old mayor

if you robbed a bank and had a satchel full of cash

This Modern World The raw, gritty and totally true story of a penguin. By Tom Tomorrow

US Marshalls IMPROPERLY Arrange - Free Federal Ride For Fox Sports

The latest scam?

Worst Person In the World

Scum Dog Billion hairs - Jon Stewart's take on

Atlanta thieves nab 2 bicycles from Jimmy Carter

The closing hour quackitude of a drunk

Bush years at DU

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Campbell Brown, CNN: Bush "disconnected from what really happened" during Katrina, can't see failure

Airlines, Small-Jet Owners Seek $4 Billion in U.S. Stimulus Aid

I Will Give Keith O Until Inaug Day To.....

Two blogs in praise of Howard Dean's efforts for our party. TPM, Kos. Pic from Samoa.

Do we really have yet another farewell feast of lies on Thursday? Wasn't today enough?

McDonald's 'most littered brand' in UK

If this morning's press conference pissed you off, look at what Junior has on tap for Thursday.

The Grandson of Slaves...Touching and especially poignant to

U.S. debt approaches insolvency; Chinese currency reserves at risk

David Van Os: As Inauguration Approaches

Help! Rachel said something about

Coulter was on "The View"

Insert random and arbitrary criticism of Obama...

when are we going to post the ***Official Fuck You George*** post?

Not sure if Obama is interested...but I just took a male Jack Russell out of my yard

Blizzard people. Check in.

Blizzard people. Check in.

Oh Wonkette...

If you've tried to access Al Jazeera (English) and BBC World News and found them blocked in the US,

Finger length may predict financial success

Citizen's arrest poster for Johannes Mehserle

Can we please remove SOME of the reactionary restrictions on the I/P forum?

So Massachusetts residents are "overwhelmingly satisfied" with their healthcare experiment?

For the record both Bush and the Republikkans are correct

Murderers should be placed in prison...

Everybody Must Get....

jeezis, bush is an asshole.

jeezis, bush is an asshole.

Sony: Poster child for a recession


Don't miss WJ (CSpan1) this morning

According to Joe Scum et al

Here's a hint for that stupid fuck: They wouldn't have had to be rescued from their roofs...

Barbara Ehrenreich: The Nouveau Poor Have Reached Numbers Too Large to Ignore

Check out Missouri's new website:

Am I wrong to be sickened by Tony Dungy love-fest today on the news?

Polanksi victim urges end to case

Polanksi victim urges end to case

Polanksi victim urges end to case

Senate boosts wilderness protection (the good guys now run the show)

By the way DUers, who set the tone in Washington

They should get a Sheltie.

Kalamazoo Mi rescinds their anti discrimination ordinance

The first thing I thought to myself upon waking up this morning was...

The Democrats better start calling this economy what it is - The Republican Depression of 2008-09

Pair accused of assault over Wii Christmas gift

160 bills lumped into one yesterday.

From the annals of "teh stupid": Dad Sells Girl, Calls Cops to Complain He Wasn't Paid

NCLB Standardized testing: "Is our children learning?"

Attorneys Release Detailed Report, Closing Guantánamo Easy as 1-2-3

Non Sequitur on Wall Street - sort of (ROFL)

Ford to launch new line of electric vehicles

Watchdog: Bush ex-officials used leverage in private sector

Where Some See Mistakes, He Sees Disappointments

Now that there are 58 or 59 dem senators, what will be the composition of senate committees?

One 'disappointment' bush didn't mention, his FAILURE to get the perp of nine eleven

Guess a few generations of my family will lose our citizenship if this is passedRE:Texas Legislature

day 18 and no end in sight

Obama Backs Sunshine For Secret Legal Memos

When H2 isn't green...

World Clock...

Una Mas Semana.

TheHiillary confirmation hearing - thread 1

How come no one is talking about.....

did Bush Order Rice To Abstain On Gaza Ceasefire Resolution?

Exposed: Prop. 8 part of 'Christian Taliban's' move to make Bible the law

Wow...pic of Gaza City

Bush* is getting hammered on CSPAN, even

President Pissypants, The Most Hated Man In The World

Don't forget the protesters arrested during the GOP Convention: Townhall 1/25

Racist slur or army banter? What the soldiers say

Racist slur or army banter? What the soldiers say

Visualizing Corporate Bailouts

Will Cheney have to swear in Burris and Franken?

Mr Obama, make a clear break, cut the evil cord,

A photographic good-bye

Bush Justice Department sues Indiana city for discriminating against whites

Franken Opens Three-Front Offensive in Minn. Senate Dispute

Roger STONE is now a fashionista?!1 With NIXON tatooed on his back--EWwww!1

bush kept our nation safe for NINE whole months, not 7 fucking years.

Lieberman thought it was “a good question” to ask if Obama was a Marxist

Roger STONE is now a fashionista?!1 With NIXON tatooed on his back--EWwww!1

Hmm. Rick Warren has his own MySpace page.

When Bernake came in and they said he is an expert on the Depression...

One more week in this hell

Helen Thomas should get the first question at the first press conference of President Obama! nt

There are volumes on bookstore shelves detailing the Bush years crimes - who can deny it?

I don't know if it's hitting cities yet but try not to complain when sanitation fees go up

Let carriage horses run free: It's time to ban the practice in New York City

Do you think, from your experience, that people from another country/ies

The Final Bushism?

DOJ Releases Report On Politicized Hiring

DOJ IG Takes Down Schlozman

So, it's the all Iran boogie man confirmation hearing

ACLU Director: "Eight days from now, the very worst president for civil liberties -- is history!"

Meghan McCain: Sarah Palin is the only part of the campaign that I won't comment on publicly

Bush and Jobs: A Remarkable Achievement

fuck you sideways, dubya....

connecting the dots

Any recommendations for sites with info re. the health care/insurance problem? nm

Israel testing ‘extremely nasty’ weapon: Norwegian doctors

Sen Boxer is questioning along with pics of women abused around the world.

Lawmakers turn to YouTube to feel our pulse

I have two messages to the world, to those who claim they love peace and seek freedom.

Does "discontinued" mean over forever? (Re; Jeff's DUzy awards)

Bush Presser. The abusive parent.


Sen. John F. Kerry: New directions for foreign relations

Who should Obama choose to replace Ted Olson

When will cabinet members actually be confirmed?

Dan Rather Volunteers to Install New Toilet in Joe the Plumber’s Guest Bathroom

Crowd control at Obama's inauguration.

As George W. Bush Gives Tony Blair a Medal, Britain Winces

Any thoughts on the Obama foreign agenda as Hillary is outlining it in the hearing?

Clinton Sets Out New Direction for U.S. Foreign Policy

Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer

A feature I would like to see on DU.....

Cheney considering writing book: "I've got a lot of stories to tell. And a few scores to settle."

Is Sen Nelson (FL) not the creepiest thing in the world.. He looks like an alien

Ari Fleischer: "Obama should be thankful every day that he inherits a world without Saddam"

Gov. Dean's Statement on "Clash" with Obama Advisors: "IT'S NOT TRUE"

Gov. Dean's Statement on "Clash" with Obama Advisors: "IT'S NOT TRUE"

bye bye...

Sorry Tweety - this is no coalition government

Is anybody watching the SofS hearings?

very disturbing economic talk

For Those Coming to DC, Please Please Plan Ahead

Oh oh, Cheney To Write Book?- "I've got a lot of stories to tell. And a few scores to settle."

How long will this 2008 Depression last ?

How long will this 2008 Depression last ?

My Magic Penny Keeps You Safe

The Problem isn't Republican or Democrat

Turkey feels Palestine's pain

Kick and Rec if you like Kicking and Rec'ing silly posts for no reason. n/t

Another case of Voter Fraud against Ann Coulter and also being sued by landlord

Dallas County commissioners to vote on condom ban

Imagine the scandals (and crimes) that are going to appear once we have the paperwork

Ex-Gitmo Guard Reunites with Detainees to Go on Tour Against Torture

Ex-Gitmo Guard Reunites with Detainees to Go on Tour Against Torture

Ex-Gitmo Guard Reunites with Detainees to Go on Tour Against Torture

Retarded strangler has deal to leave Pa. death row

Someone with knowledge of the industry, let's say the coming SAG strike can last past the time

Mr. Obama, you must prosecute the criminals.

Someone, please mount a TV camera on the front of a speeding bus!


Milk in trouble (not the movie)

TEDTalk Tuesday: "Blue Room"

Alan Keyes Goes Stark Raving Insane (Birther Alert)

More evidence released of politics in Justice Dept. hiring

A hero's fall: Honored for Trolley Square bravery, Hammond now an ex-cop

Stalking the Shadows: Faithless

HEY ELECTED DEMOCRATS - Study: Gay-friendly state politicians are better off

I got your Presidential Medal of Freedom right here >>

And the Senator from New York Is..


A new rip-off game. The class action suit.

Just finished watching An Inconvenient Truth.

CHENEY: "there's never yet been a congressman come forward & volunteer to take 250 al Qaeda members"

Iran Tells Obama Not To Repeat 'False' U.S. Charges

New talking point: Any republicker who's opposed to Obama's

Rude Pundit-In Brief: Because We Won't Have Him to Kick Around Much Longer, Part 6

"52 months of uninterrupted job growth"

Bush Map: Then and Now

Why Obama won in a 3 minute YouTube Clip

WH interns forced to fill seats at Bush’s last press conference to make the room seem less empty

Why No Charges For Schlozman?

California senator cares more about Tennessee than TN's own senators.

The Growing Clout of the Nouveau Poor

If we're gonna have employment statistics, why not have real ones?

Legacy - "Bush Should NEVER Have Become President" In The First Place!

Racism at DOJ uncovered.

Download A Free Copy Of The New Windows 7 Operating System At:

does anyone know

Britney's New Single "If U Seek Amy" Faces U.S. Radio Station Ban

New Jersey-New York Delegation Calls for Hudson River Rail Tunnel Funding

Former Gitmo prosecutor rips military trials, calling interrogators' practices 'despicable'

Senators Mikulski and Cardin Introduce Bill in 111th Congress to Honor Harriet Tubman's Life

Kohl, Feinstein introduce bill to revive community policing program (50,000 new officers)

Something else that will be nice after next Tuesday.

DERF TOON: how Bush will leave office

Is "Homeland" just another code word for the RW? I detest that word. Last

Yippee! A 4th GOP senator is not seeking re-election, no democrats have announced any retirements

Miami Herald: Rep. Kendrick Meek of Miami to run for U.S. Senate

My Crowning Achievement of the Bush Administration:

My Crowning Achievement of the Bush Administration:

With Economy Sour, Consumers Sweet On Herbal Meds

Obama - Don't Fuck This Up


We'll Miss The Vermont Rebel Yell ~ Blaise Nutter . Huffpo

U.S. marshals misused as sports escorts (lawyer for service also worked for fox sports)

Schlozman Emails Indicate GOP Voter Suppression Strategy

After catching a case of police brutality on video one should...

Snark: How to get Congress to overwhelmingly pass single payer health care for the US..

Feingold, Baldwin Reintroduce bill to protect cranes

Senators Boxer and Snowe Reintroduce Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights

Rachel Maddow on Bush's look back at Katrina: "Maybe I could have done the photo op differently"

Rachel Maddow on Bush's look back at Katrina: "Maybe I could have done the photo op differently"

Playing this game could seriously damage your health - The Inquirer

All the proof you need re Republican values versus Democratic values

Nelson: bring oil traders out of shadows into light of day

Bush refuses to have his picture taken with the press corps on last Air Force One flight.»


FINALLY!!! - Conyers BACKS Prosecution: Imperial Transgressions Against Constitution & Country

Vitter The Hookerman is Crying......

The Response To Katrina Was A Crime Disguised as Incompetance

Obama to order Guantanamo Bay prison closed

Man with loaded gun arrested near LAX - Third bust in a week, this one's legitimate IMO

Bush's Final Press Conference: White House Interns Forced To Fill Seats

Forest Service halts plans to change road rules

Israeli politician calls for nuclear strike on Gaza

What do we do now that we know who really controls our government?

Kucinich Threatened by Pelosi & AIPAC to Drop Impeachment

I'm very surprised at how easy the Pubs are dealing with the Clinton confirmation.

Report says medical equipment is vulnerable to terrorists

Report says medical equipment is vulnerable to terrorists

U.S.: Olmert NEVER asked us to abstain from UN vote on Gaza truce

-36 degrees in Upper Midwest --- !!!

Global Temperatures cooler in 2008, Pirate activity extremely high in 2008

Senate Set to Pass Public Lands Bill

Flashback from the Nation: AIPAC's Hold

How many Bush Crimes will come to light next week and month?

Palin: We Are "Pathetic"

Vitter questioning Hillary with concerns about ethics is kinda rich,

Leahy On Report: Schlozman Lied To Me

A boy asks his father: "Dad, what is politics?"

Vote to keep wingnut blog from winning "Best Science Blog"

does anyone know whether 2008 income taxes might be affected by Obama's new policies?

does anyone know whether 2008 income taxes might be affected by Obama's new policies?

I may be waaaaaay off base in thinking this, but they're sorta crotch sniffing again.

Propaganda Alert: Cheney's Office Lies about Gitmo Recidivism, Reuters Prints It

Rummy's back...

IDF To Appeal Human Shield Ban

Is it just me or do Congressional Democrats seem to still be missing they are in power?

Saudi Arabia goes Green

Washington's joke of the day

Police: Man tried to sell daughter into marriage for cash, beer, meat

I believe having an openly gay priest speak does offer some balance for the bigotry of Warren

Franken going to court to get seated

I posted this earlier about people being laid off from my company...

I posted this earlier about people being laid off from my company...

Is it time to consider a distasteful but effective solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem?

Clinton Just Lied - Said Hamas Broke Cease Fire - Live On CSPAN

1.2% Indian representation on Obama’s transition team ... Where is the cabinet-level appointment?

Democrats Seek Criminal Probe of Bush 'Abuses'

Doctor Warns About Putting Vicks On Kids

The right responds to Gitmo closure news

Give Cheney's memoirs a title

List of racket and mortar attacks on Israel in 2008 - 3,000 by Dec 27

Oops Geithner has some problems re SS and medicare taxes

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So Voinovich goes.

Retired physicist's lofty aim: one billion pairs of adjustable spectacles for the world's poor

What's wrong with Pelosi's face?

Rick Warren's collaboration with a homophobic African church leader

Trust me on this. Check out my new climate video on youtube

Okay, let's define torture

Okay, let's define torture

A legit question to my fellow DUers..

10 ... 9 ... 8 ...

Kerry Just Lied - Said Hamas Broke Cease Fire With Israel - Live On CSPAN

One more long, miserable, fucking week

One more long, miserable, fucking week

Franken Asks Minn. High Court to Grant Certificate

Flash: Obama Changes His Mind - Headlines 1/13/09

Matthew Shepard Act will be a Priority of Obama's Admin. --Return Human Dignity

More than 50 labor unions back overturn of Proposition 8 (file amicus briefs)

Congress puts up video on YouTube, has to disable comments.

Cheney: It ‘Always Aggravated Me’ That The NYT Won A Pulitzer For Exposing Warrantless Wiretapping

Love you Rachel

BUSHCO-Eliminated 4th Amendment-“Justifying” Warrantless Wiretap Program & Detention Of US Citizens

Blago to preside over Senate that will try him

Kentucky Division of Forestry seeks input on forest issues

BBC presents World News America's 'Notes to Obama' series.

Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer

FOX cancels Prison Break

(Wired) Surveillance If you think you're being watched, you're probably right.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

My sister finally shut down her puppy mill...

About Palin's future in-law (maybe)

I need help/advice about credit card fees

Vice Presidential Handlers Lure Cheney Into Traveling Crate

'Boiling anger' over Bush legacy

My latest scribble-doodles

Former GOP Aide Pawns Inauguration Tickets on Craigslist for $3,500

Former GOP House Aide Nabbed Trying to Sell Inaugural Tickets

Underplayed Story of the Day

Can state prosecutors indict Bush?-Consider the federal wire fraud statute...

Sacrifice 10 Facebook Friends, Get Free Hamburger (Burger King)

'My Dinners With Dubya': Bush Guest On Prez's 9/11 Behavior

7-Year-Old Totes Gun, Raps Profane Lyrics on youtube

WWII officer who said 'nuts' to Germans dies

Franken asks Minn. high court to grant certificate

Lanny Davis is not a fresh, steaming pile of

Obama to select Julius Genachowski for FCC

How would you deal with someone who is making harassing phone calls?

If only someone could do this for the final * address...

If you are aiming to be Secretary of the Treasury,

Record Numbers Need Help Heating Homes

"My Dinners with Dubya"

Just. Go. Away.

Geez, * just declared a State of Emergency for Inauguration Week

Democratic Lawmakers May Investigate Bush Years

W: Biggest Presidential Failure IN HISTORY

Things looking down ... and up

Recession Could Spur Traffic Citations

Geithner, Choice for Treasury, Questioned on His Tax Returns

Is Israel right?

Dodge ESX3 Hybrid Gets 72 MPG...what happened??

Hillary looks very tired today

Hillary looks very tired today

Does anybody know what this might be all about? I just received a phone call

Boxer Introduces Legislation to Make Hybrid Cars More Affordable for America's Families

"My Dinners with Dubya"

Geithner has a maid problem and a tax problem

Only one Toon required for today...

Senate Democrats Gain Big Edge in New Committee Ratios

An afternoon with Vincent "Keep Fighting" Bugliosi.

CA rejects Superfund listing for Rocketdyne site

Schlozman believed DC Civil Rights lawyers were 'commies'; enjoyed 'bitchslapping' them

So, where CAN I get a dog?

Is this elder abuse?

Anyone else having global warming doubts?

Huckabee: Homosexuals can control their behavior like alcoholics can control getting drunk

Jumping the Arc: Freepers discuss faith-based dino science (illustrated!)

This Pic Says It All

Monkey’s Last Press Conference

The Final Press Conference: Portrait of a Narcissistic Psychopath

Interesting point of view: The Democratic Party kept Lieberman and kicked out Howard Dean.

RIP VISTA. I think Windows 7 will eliminate Vista by Christmas

So .... there was an attempted break in across the street this afternoon .....

This election is teh proof positive why the Democrats need to attract the center.

So, who will need a name change here like I do ??

Should tobacco be regulated under the FDA

Progressive Bloggers Launch ‘Get Afghanistan Right’ Campaign Opposing Troop Escalation»

Ron Christie...

Democrats seek criminal probe of Bush 'abuses'

Hey Natalie prostitution is still prostitution

Senior U.S. military commander re: Afghanistan: "We have no strategic plan. We never had one"

Top 100 Bush Pictures

Dangerous coding errors revealed (BBC)

The birth of a DU'er and the end of an era.

"I thought maybe that people would have some sense of warmth about George Bush as he leaves office,

DUers should embrace "24"

Yah Republicans ! - U.S. mortgage meltdown linked to 2005 bankruptcy law

I got this email from my Mom today...

"CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION" (House Judiciary Report: page 271)

Cheney: It ‘Always Aggravated Me’ That The NYT Won A Pulitzer For Exposing Warrantless Wiretapping

Do you Watch "24"?

How Do "Conservatives" Recover?

The other dark meat: Raccoon is making it to the table

Mickey Rourke: yet another dumbass celeb I can add to my "ignore" list

I just accidentally a coca cola bottle is this bad?

"Only the little people pay taxes" --- Taxes 101

Student auctions off virginity for offers of more than £2.5 million ($3.7 million)

Huckabee gets even with Ann Coulter, rattling off her insults and lies (RawStory).

Huckabee gets even with Ann Coulter, rattling off her insults and lies (RawStory).

Kucinich offers Resolution for Cease-Fire in Gaza, unimpeded aid to Gaza

Olmert Says He Made Rice Change Vote

Need great depression stories, recipes, etc.

Man says he killed his ex-wife by accident (sex and guns don't mix)


Dominos Stores Closing; More than 100 Laid Off , franchise owner sites high min. wage as one reason

An apology for our 2001-2008 interruption in service

Kick & rec if you are still a Democrat!

Oh, my, I think Sarah is losing it.

Whatever It Takes: The politics of the man behind “24.”

No need for condoms – GE corn can do the job

In society’s view, a double standard on teen sex abuse (girls seen as victims, boys as lucky)

Brad Schlozman found to have perjured himself in front of the Senate. AG will not prosecute? WTF?

Downloading YouTube videos FYI

Turley to Olbermann: If Obama doesn't prosecute war crimes by Bushco, then he (Obama) owns them, too

Glenn Greenwald: Criticisms, political pressure and Barack Obama

Labradoodle is NOT a dog Breed but a continuing experiment with bad results

Labradoodle is NOT a dog Breed but a continuing experiment with bad results

How's your weather today? It is gorgeous in California

Rant on "personal responsibility" and paperwork...

Call: Make Credit Card Reform as part of the Economic Rescue . . .


Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: If Obama doesn’t investigate Bush’s crimes, I will.

"But we havnt been attacked in 7 years"

The Internet, Anonymity and Misanthropy

Cheap. Chinese. CRAP.

Sex offender wins $500,000 Alaska lottery

The lounge used to be pun

Dig "Space: 1999"? Check in!

The lounge used to be dun

For coupled members, how often do you have sex?

The GAME – Part 2: Consequences and Remedy

The GAME – Part 2: Consequences and Remedy

Post #2001! I've finally evolved!

Is there anything in the world more powerful than lounge vibes?

Anybody else going to Austin for the 8th Inauguration for the 80th Legislature.

Jack Bauer is wearing my dad's short beige raincoat...

Contraception next on list of forbidden things? Next slide down slope for women's rights?

Y'know, if Jack Bauer ever tortured me, I'd crack in like 4 seconds.

Which Rick Roll band should be in the Hall of Fame, but isn't?


Damn - how much chocolate vs, dog?

Breaking: Jan 21, 2009 CNN economy


I sense the presence of Bertha Venation nearby

I have the sudden impulse to go flood GD with "Friends" references

If I can suggest something for Mike Malloy's show on Thursday

Snowball loves you

Who would win in a Death match? Jack Bauer or Ben Linus?

"Michael Clayton" is an amazing screenplay. What do you think Michael's future is?

You know what ole Jack Bauer always said at a time like this?

I knew that Hoedown would get Keith going

A maths puzzle (calculus)

So, for the whole meeting, I could not understand why my coworkers were talking about testicles.

How would you like to spend the winter babysitting my hotel, I'll give you lots of money?

Cats with jobs

Pictures from a romance.

I'm going to miss Der Chimperor. Post your fav anti-Shrub tunes

Who would win in a death match? The "original" loungers, or the "new and unfunny" loungers?

For those snowed in who have cats:

Exorcist fans: Ever see the spider-walk scene?

Exorcist fans: Ever see the spider-walk scene?

I'm Jonesing for Lost. But I'm scared they'll kill off the wrong people

I knew that shrub's press conference would get Keith going

Obama service project (with pics!)

Crimes against civilization & nature

8 Days To Go...

What's up with Pennsylvania Avenue sports teams this year?

I watched Wall-e for the first time yesterday

I am liveblogging 24 right now

Who would win in a Death match? Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra?

Just so you know, salsa in the nasal passage HURTS

I want THIS job! Vibes please

Who would win in a Death match? Steve Martin or Nancy Sinatra?

*This*...will be a messed up movie!!

My dad is a fucking riot...

The faculty of my Physician Assistant course have postponed class on the morning of Inauguration Day

Tuesday..Afternoon..Barack is Prez...

First Night in Boot Camp

ok, i'm bored and i'm playing final fantasy 4 on my DS, ask me anything

i had no idea it would be so hard to write a four-sentence bio of myself

Ain't it FUN living in the upper Midwest?

baby aardvark

Eight years ago there was a very accurate prophecy. It was funny back then.


Rated PG-13

Dammit--STILL hungry!

My girlfriend was channel surfing and stumbled upon a rerun of the God Warrior

Take a look at these gorgeous strippers

"The Uncultured Project"

So , where exactly does the milk of human kindness

let us all give homage....

The Anantomy Of a Joke or some such other type of Nonsense

What's that editorial cartoon that features a penguin talking to rightwingers..? n/t

Post your PG-13 thoughts here.

Post yer great money-makin idears here

Is this the perfect job or as close as it comes? Link inside...

Rare fiveway photo: Naked page-3 chicks!

sheez wayk yet?

Oh joy: my day is looking up. I have to take my mother to the ER.

In these times, don't you think Xanax should be OTC? nt

Post your personality

W00t! I got carded last weekend!

Octopuses given Rubik's Cubes to find out if they have a favourite tentacle

So, there's this straight boy who's into me...

It's 2009. Who will be the next The Knack

Some people are pricks - they deserved to be engulfed into flames of lava and melt away!

The only reason the Miami Vice theme was popular was the show.

Why I hate Minnesota in January:

Anyone else watching Mommas' Boys?

It's 2009. Who will be the Next Bruce Springsteen?

I tried to gouge its eyes: surfer’s battle with shark to drag girl from its jaws--incredible account

Huff Post: Breaking: Obama Heading To The Hill Tomorrow

Huff Post: Breaking: Obama Heading To The Hill Tomorrow

Citizen Kane or SHAUN OF THE DEAD?

34% of Americans are obese, 32% are overweight - 72 MILLION are obese

Inauguration Survival Tips!

Mike Malloy will be commenting on the Chimpapalooza press conference tonight.

Larry Craig and Bob Allen have apparently been Law & Order-ized...

Herr Bush's Press Conference Today: Condensed Version.

Well of *course* the lounge is a fun place perish the thought

Anybody else like Salted Licorice?

Hey, Chicago DUer's! Where's the place to be next Tuesday?

Stimulus slots more cash for schools

"Fuck You"

I bet you a million dollars that Obama will pardon Bush by the end of 2009.

As Bush Goes out the Door with "Mea Culpa" to the Whore Press that Exhaulted him...this DU'er Weeps!

"24" didn't desensitize us one single bit to anything.

In 1986 I opened a checking account at a little bank called First Atlanta.

Co-sign my farewell letter to George W. Bush

I'm aghast!! Watching excerpts of Chimpy's farewell-a-palooza speech on Countdown

Which way do you prefer your chicken prepared to eat?

Obama's Closing Gitmo by Executive Order, Week One

Obama's Closing Gitmo by Executive Order, Week One

Retiring from the Senate in 2010

Julius Genachowski Said to Be Obama’s Choice for FCC Chairman

"Blair House: The President's Guest House" (unless you're an Obama) on CSPAN Saturday.

I Encourage DUers To Watch Bush's Last Press Conference

MST3K fans! RiffTrax (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett) LIVE online, FREE, Jan. 15th

Fill in the blank: I accidentally _______ the whole box

Kick and Rec if you like Kicking and Rec'ing silly posts for no reason. n/t

Chuck E. Cheese TV stolen during setup

Here. This is what they are trying to excuse - that which we previously prosecuted

The Internet, Anonymity and Misanthropy (X-Posted from GD)

I am SO excited for my upcoming peaceful weekend! Check it out!

I'm weak, fearful, and I don't know how to skate.

Where did O live when he was a Senator?

One week, people! ONE WEEK!

Capacity Crowd Will Close Checkpoints

Has anyone here taken the census bureau job test?

We will not be subjected to this anymore!

Bush provides good justification that no natural born citizen should be allowed to run for President

Airedale terrier? I'm not advocating this, but someone mentioned it.

I am being taunted by a mouse!!!

The four great religous truths

"if you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding.

After today's pathetic display of Lord Pissypants, I now know what W stands for:

It's getting cold. Know what happens when it gets cold?

Mission Accomplished...Time to wave bye bye to Georgie

pink cadillac- the killer and the boss


How closing Gitmo really sells out liberals...

bush in the cradle: Maron and Seder

Like him or not, George W. Bush's legendary incompetence laid the groundwork for Obama's election.

Lights are on in the funeral home, cops check it out.

Hey, Simon Tisdall, what part of "we have one president at a time" don't you get?

I finally finished typing out all of my planned OP's for 2009.

Hope Obama overturns the Global Gag Policy immediately

Hairy, floppy, fully exposed manboobs = fine

After today's pathetic display of Lord Pissypants, I now know what W stands for:

Nightline announced that viewers could provide feedback about Bush's leadership

I thought of a great way to show your face at the Inauguration in DC or your town!

Semi-remembered, kinda forgotten comedies

Today at DU I was reminded of the movie- The Caine Mutiny

Another poll

Student auctions off virginity for offers of more than £2.5 million

Where's flvegan? There is a LABRADOODLE flame war in GD....

Meet Julius Genachowski, Obama's FCC Chief Nominee.

Bush is a Type A personality?

The pukes are going to use Holder to try and weaken Obama

On my resume I'm listing all my skills as being "mad skills of ___".

Best post EVAH in GD!!

Bernanke: Obama Stimulus Would Lift Economy

I quit smoking 6 mo ago. I just burnt some incense and now I'm hacking

Former Rep Tom Davis Shreds GOP

a meltdown worthy of three mile island!

Relax CON lurkers...

Kerry "Aims to Make a Mark as a Senate Chairman"

Your Shipment of Fail has Arrived

Bill Clinton will continue raising money for Dems

Recite the alphabet out loud and post on DU when you're done.

The pardons are coming ! the pardons are coming !

Title Insurance on a Mortgage Refinance?

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) up for reelection in 2010. If we don't put the fear into him now ...

I'm gonna open the bar cause I miss Parche

Parting song for our Great Leader: "Go to Hell"

************* 7 MORE DAYS! *************

Plaxico in court. Yes, again.

The Dark Hard Thunder Man appreciation thread

Ministry of Crazy Walks

Why Is Harriet Myers Behind Hillary At Her Confirmation Hearing Taking Pictures?

Do You Ever Feel Marooned?

Senate confirmation is easy!

Do You Ever Feel Maroon?

A Fable That's Playing Out In Many A Mind

Weather forecast for next Tuesday - Washington DC

The Hillary Clinton Doctrine: Tough, Decisive and yet Diplomatic

Turley on KO right now discussing war crimes.nt

Okay, this whole clone thing has gone a bit too far.

What's The Latest On Bush Pardons?.....

Farrell: W farewell

Former Republican representative Tom Davis: Voters see Republicans as extremists

For All Of You DU'rs Going To The Inaugural, I Hope You Have Fun

Bush History-Better to Let Criminals Go Free than Allow Investigations of the GOP?, 1/13

First Movers - How exactly will Obama get all his stuff into the White House?

I love for its free TV content--its free movies are TERRIBLE!

Just heard the new Indigo Girls Song

In support if Obama's blackberry addiction, here are some fake ads about it

Empower and fund Agencies and Departments, not WH task forces. Cool.

Emotional Bush In ‘Mea Culpa’

SophieMN wants "wall shelves and some paper" for her 7th birthday.

Question for people out there

Many of us applauded Obama when it came to gitmo closing

Many of us applauded Obama when it came to gitmo closing

Inaugural event in Philadelphia

Obama is Juan Carlos I to Bush's Francisco Franco

I want to create a thread that never flies

'08 Campaign Guru Plouffe Focuses On Grass Roots

I want to create a tread that never dies.

Poll: Will Barack Obama prosecute The Bush Administration for its crimes?

I want to create a Fred that never lies.

7 days left! You Should be Dancing!

Only on DU...

You can describe the Senate hearing in three words.. Expand the Empire!

I want to create a Fed that never spies.

The dangers of defining yourself in opposition to others

Just thought I'll post this

Twelve year old lurches blearily from bedroom and mumbles, "Hey mom..."

UPDATE: 10 year old reporter Damon Weaver gets his press credentials for the inauguration

Hillary Clinton in Confirmation Hearings....

In case anyone has been tempted, let me just say it now.

Check in here if you dont watch 24

Obama will Investigate....and pardon

Obama will Investigate....and pardon

The rethug crusade against closing Gitmo begins...

Another Obama breakthrough- The first President since Teddy R. to come from a big city

Vice Presidential Handlers Lure Cheney Into Traveling Crate

Obama presses urgency of bailout funds, senators say

Sen Jon Kyle to Dems: "You will not sit Franken any time soon"

44 to reverse 43's executive orders

Media MSNBC To Air Obama Inauguration In Theaters

Have you ever done MBs spring cleaning?

bush farewell speech to stress dangers of foreign entanglements & the military industrial complex.

What does it mean, the "shine box"?

Dear Obama, bring back Government Cheese.

It's -22F outside, but it doesn't really feel *that* bad.

This has got to be the WORST dress person at the Golden Globes

New Sonic Youth album coming

Anybody tried the Pedi-Paws pet nail thingie?

What about a Cabinet-level position of Secretary of the Arts?

A farewell reminder to the outgoing Bush administration--from Spain, 1936

A farewell reminder to the outgoing Bush administration--from Spain, 1936

Jimmy Carter's bicycle stolen! If you don't think Kkkarlll Rrrrove is behind this your a foole!

Mika-Mouse from Morning Joe

The new Friday the 13th remake looks dumb.

Is there an online cliffnotes version of the stimulus package Obama wants to sign on 1/21?

Tomorrow I will go see items recovered from my possible burglars!

Kerry asks brilliant question re. Iraq/Afghanistan and Whorah jumps right in as HC starts to answer

Conservatives: In seven days, you are either with Obama, or with the terrorists.

Duncan on Obama: "Never Before Has Being Smart Been So Cool"

Robinson: Obama "most gay-friendly person we have ever had in the White House"

You know what Bush leaving office feels like to me?

Hillary Clinton's favorability ratings skyocket. Personal 10 year-high (New Gallup poll)

One More Fukin Week

General Wesley Clark live on Ed Schultz right now. Smart, smart man.

It's crack I tell you. Legal, virtual crack. I'm so doomed.

In case you missed This Modern World....

Obama threatens his first veto

Charlotte schools letting inauguration trips be an excused absence

Want to see some real horse shit? Sun-Times: Journalists Being Shut Out by Obama

Obama shelves Jobs-credit Proposal

Bush declares state of emergency for Inauguration

anyone out there who was predicting that chimpy wouldn't leave office on Jan 20 still take that view

Bill Nelson blasts Peter Orszag during his confirmation hearing

Will Russia move on the Ukraine before the 20th or after? Will they play the

In Freeperville Raped woman were looking for "it" anyway

What will be the last Bushism?

Sarah Obama, Barack's Kenyan Grandmother, Heads To Washington With Gifts

Full Text - Hillary's Opening Statement to SFRC

I have the sinking feeling that Obama's legendary speeches will end after he's sworn in

Entertainment announced for Neighborhood and Kid's Inaugural Balls

That's it! I'm leaving DU.

Obama's call "Change We Need" hits my neighborhood ... Clintonville, OH

My Grandparents had their dish for 6 months now

The Jonas Brothers Suck

Sarah Palin Attacks "Anonymous, pathetic , bored Bloggers who lie"

Your QUESTION to Commander Cuckoo Bananas at his last Press Conference?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/13/2009)

Why does Hillary Clinton bug me? Or maybe it's not her... I'm confused.

Life Of The Party-The Obamas' Party Planner

That Bush presser was hard to watch

Fuck you, David Vitter

Honorably serving the dishonorable

What DU'er do people confuse you with?

Tweety hot over Clinton's dealing$ for Dubai-Saudi $$$, but never showed concern for Bush1 dealing$

How would Obama prevent a nuclear Iran?

How would Obama prevent a nuclear Iran?

Most U.S. Corporations Pay No Income Tax

Inaugural Hell Freezes Over

~~~ UPDATE re: Mary Beth ~~~

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2009

Researchers demonstrate that environment causes autism.

*Public Service Announcement*

Huckabee Takes Swipe at Palin

Trying to find the name of a foreign film...

Anyone tired of all the hoopla but ready for Obama's presidency?

Gay man picked to head OPM — "Highest ranking openly gay official ever"

Round two of me Vrs my sister cause of her brat

Anyone using Windows 7 yet?

Who Has The Best Mass Transit System In The US?

I don't think I'll ever consider myself a non-smoker.

What do we do with Gitmo detainees?

If you begin a sentence with the words "I wonder", goddammit, don't end it with a question mark!

Hillary Clinton has been SOS for minus one week and we're STILL at War!11!!11

No, you DON'T have a good reason to be cynical.

I'm streaming Hillary's confirmation hearing.

Ok, I am more devastated that the DUzys are gone than any of Obama's picks

Comcast launches all-Obama channel

I was right about Bush, and I bet I'm right about Obama too

Christopher Hitchens poll

How's that Geithner pick looking?

I just want to say this, Kerry looks incredible in this position.

I just want to say this, Kerry looks incredible in this position.

At Obama's first Presidential press conference, he should call on Helen Thomas first

Obamas choose interior designer for White House

The look on Hillary's face when Vitter started in...

Kerry: New directions for foreign relations

If Your In Memphis next Tuesday Come To The Inauguration

Dog-gate: the West Highland White Terrier gets shafted

per merh's experiment: so i'm taking this class on how to levitate small woodland creatures...

The TRUTH about the imaginary feud between Obama and Dean

What's a good martial arts style to learn?

Obama picks lobbyist for deputy defense secretary

Obama picks lobbyist for deputy defense secretary

kitten picture of the day for tuesday january 13

Okay, let's cut the BS. Name/post your one absolute favorite song ever.

Put four or more DU names in a sentence.

Is it okay to eat too much molasses?

Yet another shorts and T-Shirt day in NORCAL!

Did Obama pull a bait and switch with cabinet appointments?

Have you ever gone to your MLB team's spring training?

The Lounge thread starters poll


Now here's a song that was perfect for its time

Now here's a song that was perfect for its time

I accidentally the whole box.

Good morning Lounge - with new pics of my condo

The lounge used to be fun

Being drunk, posting on the internet and being behind the wheel of a car

Christmas Is Not Over 'Til I SAY It's Over! (note from my cat)

I am a non-entity.

My cousin, the insane climber.

has a migraine

No cuts Line jumper and dad land in jail

What is a good marital art to learn?

Why Did Mickey Rourke Win A Golden Globe?

Tell Me That American Idol Is Not Here Again

What Song Brings Back So many Memories For You?

Obama's pragmatic choice: Prosecute the criminals or be Whitewatered!

VW accuses Lamborghini O.C. of $12 million theft

Check in here if you're going to be in DC for the Inauguration

I'm feeling punchy. Tell me a band or song that you like so I can insult it.

Post your very best asshole-induced rant!

2 and a Half Men is one of the funniest shows on TV

Anybody remember the little plastic pencil boxes

Medicinal Marijuana

Our Corolla is $700 away from being totaled

Southpawkicker appreciation thread!

Worst car name?

Sexual Pancakes - My very own home made Youtube show

So Ricky Henderson, perhaps the most selfish player in the modern era, January 20, 2001 - January 20, 2009

Obama Preparing Order To Close Guantanamo-(In First Week On Job)

Committee on Rights of Child opens fiftieth session

UPDATE: S Korea Nuclear Envoy To Discuss Fuel Rods With North

Obama to Limit Dividends From Banks Getting ‘Exceptional’ Aid

New policy emphasizes U.S. interests in Northwest Passage

Capacity Crowd Will Close Checkpoints

Racist slur or army banter? What the soldiers say

Capacity Crowd Will Close Checkpoints (Inaugural parade)

China's December exports, imports fall sharply

Stars sign up for Obama celebration

US car workers protest at wage cuts demanded for bail-out

Ill. Gov Got $80K From Road Builders

Activists plan more BART shooting protests

U.S. International Trade In Goods and Services - November 2008

Goody's lays off most of corporate associates, to file for Chapter 7 Tuesday

DOJ Report: Schlozman Broke The Law, Then Tried To Hide It From Senate

Obama Shelves Jobs-Credit Proposal

WH interns forced to fill seats at Bush’s last press conference to make the room seem less empty

CEO Firings On the Rise As Downturn Gains Steam

Obama tells (Mexican President Felipe) Calderón he wants to 'upgrade' NAFTA

Obama Learns Fast That Dems Are Hard To Herd

(DOJ) Study Finds Ideology Fueled Justice Dept. Hirings

Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer

Sex offender wins $500,000 Alaska lottery

Iraq’s oil revenues are 174 % higher in 2008 – oil ministry

No room at the graveyard, as Gaza fighting rages on

Top Officer Urges Limit on Mission of Military

Military summit tells ‘ugly story' of suicides

Ex-military prosecutor backs Guantanamo legal challenge

Obama Picks Julius Genachowski to Head FCC

Judge: Copy of disputed documents (re: Bush DOJ firings) goes to Obama

Clinton: U.S. committed to ending war in Iraq

At Confirmation Hearing, Energy Nominee Steven Chu Shifts His Stance

Bernanke says more steps needed to stabilize banks

Cheney: It ‘Always Aggravated Me’ That The NYT Won A Pulitzer For Exposing Warrantless Wiretapping

No cuts Line jumper and dad land in jail

European Commission says Ukraine blocking resumed gas flows

Congressman Baca wants health warnings on video games.

Biden discusses troop withdrawals with Iraq leader

Obama picks lobbyist for deputy defense secretary

Michigan Kids Living In Poverty On The Rise

Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction

Bush says he leaves with `good, solid record'

Yahoo Names Bartz as CEO to replace Yang

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Snowball

Bush Awards Medal Of Freedom To Blair, Howard, Uribe

Democratic Lawmakers May Investigate Bush Years

Bush to Obama: your friends will betray you

Morgan Stanley Pays $2.7 Billion for Citi Brokerage

New admission over legal advice on Iraq invasion-

Fugitive money manager bails out of plane to fake death

Colombia asks US info on Chiquita executives

Venezuelan pianist to play at Obama’s inauguration

Bush Awards Medal Of Freedom To Blair, Howard, Uribe

Iran says uncovers U.S.-backed coup plot

Hammond (LA) man arrested for making threat on Bush's life

KIPP Teachers Organize (first of it's kind in the US)

Ice skater Jayne Soliman gives birth after being declared brain dead

Clinton vows to revitalize US diplomacy

Faulted By Environmentalists, EPA Nominee Has Fans In US Senate

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 13

Hutchinson Technology layoffs go into overdrive (1,380 Jobs Lost)

Israel, Hamas locked in fierce Gaza street battles

There's the rub, Vicks may actually make kids sicker

Obama to reverse Bush executive orders

AP: Clinton Acted on Concerns of Husband's Donors

Computer keyboard is 'dishwasher-safe'

Largest-ever study of US child health begins

Bush’s final days fraught with Israel-related developments

State Dept: Israeli PM flat wrong on Rice

Drugmaker Pfizer cutting up to 800 scientist jobs

Pregnant as a result of rape, she was killed by her family

Revealed: why some foods are addictive

Gay Group To Protest at MLK Service

European Parliament passes pesticides bill (to save the bees)

Geithner failed to pay personal taxes

LG wins race to power GM’s plug-in car

Bush Farewell Speech Thursday Night On Primetime

U.S. arms shipment to Israel canceled due to Gaza conflict

Rice shame-faced by Bush over UN Gaza vote: Olmert

Alabama NAACP criticizes use of Azalea Trail Maids in Inaugural Parade

Held captive by their half-brother for 10 years

US: 61 ex-Guantanamo inmates return to terrorism

Press TV: Fans thank Jon Stewart for Gaza stance

Who is Dawn Johnsen, newly appointed to Office of Legal Counsel, DOJ

Tuesday meeting about Xcel's rate increase: Boulder Colorado

The Last Ignoble Act of the Bush Justice Dept: Busts Bill Cosby for Voter Fraud

Bush's Missed Opportunity to Express REAL Regret

The Ceasefire: Finding Bodies in Gaza

Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer

Gaza is Sinking in a River of Blood: A Message from a Gazan to the World

Transcript of press conference by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at United Nations Headquarters

Bush spins scandalous neglect of vets

US award to Uribe sends wrong message (HRW AIUSA CIP HRF LAWG RI WOLA)

Cocaine plane trail is open challenge for Obama administration

Bill Stone, one of Britain's last surviving World War I veterans, died Saturday. He was 108.

Eugene Robinson: Bush’s Short View of History

CU's College Democrats oppose hiring of right-wing prof

For Kids Sake - Don't Stop The Aid

Five Essential Things We Must Do to Stop America's Idiotic War on Drugs

How To Resolve The Credit Crisis: Credit Where Credit Is Due by Dr. Ellen Hodgson Brown

US: Carbon monoxide deaths on the rise as economy sours

Why Single-Payer Health Care Can't Wait

Hillary: “They LIKE Me, They Really LIKE Me!”

The World at War |~ US 4 China 2 Indonesia 4

Time For Tax Hikes

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Obama: Declare an End To 'The War on Terror'

AlterNet: Five Essential Things We Must Do to Stop America's Idiotic War on Drugs

DAY 17

NYT editorial on immigration: A Sense of Who We Are

The No State Solution!

Israel Is Losing This War by Uri Avnery

Volcker: This Crisis Is Different .

The lessons of Gaza By Andrew J. Bacevich

OBAMA for the First Time Dropped in for a Bite to Eat at Ben's Chilli Bowl Diner

Bush On Jobs: The Worst Track Record On Record

Ghana gets it right

Hillary Clinton Re-Imagined

Some See Mistakes, Bush Sees Disappointments; an "innocent bystander" in "one long pratfall"

Bush evokes passion, sometimes anger (CNN)

The Bush Verdict Is In

John Nichols: Clinton Temperature on Gaza: Relatively Moderate

Eminem - Mosh. A little nod to the Bush legacy as Junior slithers out the door...

Viewpoint: The end of the neocons? (BBC/Jonathan Clarke)

Commentary: Bush still doesn't get it (CNN/Ed Rollins)

Tavis Smiley: There Is No Such Thing As A Post Racial America

What About Gay Marriage? ;-)

Ideas for Obama by Paul Krugman

A blogger responds to Sarah Palin UPDATED

Bush's Final Swan Song: 'I Did It Lie Way'

Joe The Plumber's New Gaza Report

Dorkiest Youtube video ever

A Night With Ann Coulter

Dear America: From a Saudi Girl

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008

Bernanke urges clean-up of US banking

Myron Rolle, FSU Football Player, Choses Oxford Over NFL

Night Survival Techniques.

In Foreign Policy, a New Trio at the Top: Clinton, Kerry and Obama Begin to Realign Their Roles

Freegan cheap eats - dumpster diving goes upscale

BBC argues with Israeli Spokesman over UN School Bombing

NC Governor Beverly Perdue takes the Oath of Office

Obama Orders Close Of Gitmo

Who's Running TARP? You Might Not Wanna Know

NC Gov Beverly Perdue's Inaugural Address - Part II

Countdown-Jonathan Turley -closing gitmo, Holder, torture prosecutions

Obama names Raytheon lobbyist for defense post

NC Gov Beverly Perdue's Inaugural Address - Part I

Bush refuses to have his picture taken with the press corps on last Air Force One flight

Rachel Maddow talks with Major David Frakt on the need to close Gitmo

Obama Vs. Constitution (60 Sec. TV Ad)

Corporate Coup in the U.S.

HUCKABEE: "Nope. I am definitely not pro-sodomy. I promise, scout’s honor."

“What in the name of humanity are Israel doing?” CH4 UK

Rep. DeFazio tells it like it is (on the "tax cut" plan)

WABC News: Jacob Javits on the campaign trail (1980)

Pro-Israel and Pro-Peace Rally's 1/13/09 Democracy Now 1 of 2

TYT: Joe the Reporting Plumber

Pro-Israel and Pro-Peace Rally's 1/13/09 Democracy Now 2 of 2

Saving the Economy, One Furnace at a Time

Cambell Brown Rips Bush On Katrina

1 of 2 CBS: Wall Street caused oil price spike

The Young Turks REALLY SUCK for posting the lawyer getting sucker punched video

WABC News: Devastating earthquake in Italy (1980)

Christopher Hitchens vs. Bill O'Reilly on Torture

EU bans pesticides and chemicals to save Bees

How close are we to Martial Law in the US? ALERT!

WABC News: Presidential Campaign 1980

Lave Lamps for Obama

AlterNet: Now I Understand Why They Hate Us

NBC News: Alaskan Oil Bust (1987)

Coulter, Gonzalez, Saltsman, Oh My! - Part 2

Coulter, Gonzalez, Saltsman, Oh My! - Part 1

TYT: How Much Power Does Israel Have Over the US?

Worse Than Hoover-The personality flaw that's made Bush one of the worst presidents ever

Civilians in Gaza 'feel alone in this world'

Keith Olbermann Breaks Down Bush's Final Press Conference

Speaker Pelosi Presents Capitol Cat Cam

Veterans Say CIA Tested Drugs, Mind Control on Them

TYT: Is Bush A Psychological Mess? Cenk Explains.

TYT: Cenk's Thoughts On George Bush's Last Press Confrence

Obama preparing order to close Gitmo

1 dead, 4 hurt in Black Hawk crash at college

Army may stop notifying COs of counseling

WTU soldier found dead at Stewart ID’d

Lawsuit: Guardsman fired over military service

Suicides rise as time spent in combat increases

Dix case convict proclaims innocence in note

Guard tops recruiting goal by 43 percent

Top Army recruiter weighs fat camp for recruits

Reservist dies after PT

Trial set in for deserters accused in slaying

(Army Times) Editorial: Time to get creative

(Army Times) Backtalk: Ammunition alternatives

(Army Times) Backtalk: Suggested reading (for PE Obama)

(Army Times) Opinion: Give the right award

Electronic warfare career field to be formed

Army makes deployment hearing test mandatory

SecNav to stay after Obama takes office

Swift becoming fixture in SouthCom diplomacy

Another veterans-only court established

Senators press Gates to buy more Super Hornets

Refurbished Stennis leaves Bremerton Tuesday

(Navy Times) Backtalk: Dispersal is a priority

22nd MEU doing pre-deployment urban training

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: Defending the Defense dollar

Some Army surplus unlikely to be used

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: Answers are few, but treatment is available for PTSD

DoD: Poor job market help services reach goals

Donley will stay, but won’t say how long

Robots could refuel JSFs on the flight line

Biden visits Iraq, bombs go off in Baghdad

(Air Force Times) Editorial: Air Force fails PT test

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Wary, but willing

The ups and downs of energy drinks

British activists protest, call for closure of Gitmo

Okinawa official tours U.S. in bid for SOFA changes

17th Air Force to airlift equipment to Darfur region C-17s to carry U.N. vehicles

AFRICOM counters piracy with training

Navy Testing the Telecommuting Waters

Afghan Insurgency Drawing New Fighters

Combat Moves to Gaza City Neighborhood

Booted Confession Gets Court Hearing

Museum Dilemma -- Depicting OEF, OIF

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Vets Demand KBR Come Clean

Israel Bans Arab Parties From Election

Special Session of Parliament: MPs unite to condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza

Who will save Israel from itself?

Commentary: It's time for the U.N. to impose tough sanctions on Israel

Olmert seeks push in Cairo talks before Gaza op enters third stage

Gaza: Canadian Union of Postal Workers calls for boycott

Israeli cabinet divided over fresh Gaza surge

Israel losing PR war - January 12, 2009

The 10 resolutions on Gaza

why can't i recommend threads from this forum??

al-Jazeera English has restored their live TV feed...

Gaza and the End of Days

Red Cross: 28,000 People Displaced in Gaza

Israel seeks airwave supremacy

Aljazeera English...

What "Waltz With Bashir" can teach us about Gaza

Is Tom Clancy an anti-Semite?

Horrific Hospital Scenes Of Casualties in Gaza

Gaza clinics destroyed by raids

Gaza comparable to Sabra and Shatila massacre

Speak up on Gaza, Obama told

Israeli Leader Warns Hamas of 'Iron Fist'

In case you were wondering who is really in charge of the US.

Video - Palestinian men shot by Hamas for singing at a wedding. Plus more video clips.

Gaza is Sinking in a River of Blood: A Message from a Gazan to the World

Israel faces calls for Gaza war crimes investigation

Egypt to Hamas: Sign truce or risk collapse of Gaza regime

Things one sees from The Hague (Gideon Levy)

Israeli troops move into suburbs of Gaza City (Baltimore Sun)

Amnesty International: Firm action urged to ensure accountability in Gaza conflict

Gunmen shoot at Border Police patrol along Israel-Jordan border

Perhaps Israel should quit Gaza op while it's still ahead

Israel in No Mood to Brook Dissent

Report From Rafah: Doctors Stopped at Borders

(Livni): 'No Negotiations' With Hamas

The fog of war: Root causes and resolution

Hamas raids aid trucks, sells supplies

Rice shame-faced by Bush over UN Gaza vote

A Damn Foolish Thing: Why Israel Loses Asymmetric Wars

Hill of Shame where Gaza bombing is spectator sport

Help plug leakers of army secrets, Israelis urged

Children Heavily Represented Among 917 Dead, Say Officials

Anti-Apartheid Poet, Activist, Breyten Breytenbach warns against comparing Israel, Apartheid

The IDF put up webcams at the crossings!

The lessons of Gaza By Andrew J. Bacevich

700 Israelis Arrested For Protesting Against War

US cancels Israel arms shipment over Greek objections

Gaza is Sinking in a River of Blood: A Message from a Gazan to the World

Minnesota's iconic moose are dying off (global warming)

Mining foes dominate hearing

Testimony from Gaza: Will take decades to rebuild

Selling heat – by the pellet (Maine)

Japanese Harpooner Feels the Heat in East Java

Ignore the media hype and keep Googling - The energy impact of web searches is very LOW

About the TVA coal waste spill. Please watch this video.

Coal Pollution: Hiding in Plain Sight

Hamas forces are damaged but intact, Israel says

List of rocket and mortar attacks on Israel in 2008 - 3,000 as of Dec 27

Israel PM Appoints Min To Coordinate Gaza Humanitarian Aid

At least 10 Gaza rockets strike Negev, one near Ashkelon school

Israeli politician calls for nuclear strike on Gaza

China announces plan to single-handedly finish off the climate

President Oil Pig lays claim on Arctic

Keeping home life-support up when power goes out (Maine)

Obama doubles renewable energy tax credit in stimulus plan (now $20B)

IDF To Appeal Human Shield Ban

Climate Hackers dump iron into ocean, tests global warming solution (Antarctica)

Bill targets controversial Utah nuclear power plant plan (Utah)

Greek Govt Under Fire Over U.S. Arms to Israel

Pitiful amount of aid reaching Gaza

Double blow to ESBWR (new nuclear reactors) from Entergy and Dominion

NRC, nuclear industry mull personnel lack

Binyamin Netanyahu demands 'crippling' of Hamas

Future cloudy for California solar farm (credit crunch)

Global warming denier site set to be crowned the "best science blog."

New Prius gets 50 mpg -- and the solar roof rumors are true (for air ventilation)

NASA Modis Imagery Captures Progress Of 12/08, 1/09 Wilkins Shelf Breakdown

Niels Bohr Institute Study - Sea Level Rise Of 1 Meter By 2100 Possible - 3X IPCC Projections

Arne Naess - Deep Ecology Philosopher - Dead At Age 96 - AFP

FL State Officials Checking Chinese Drywall As Complaints Of Metal Corrosion, Stench Continue

2nd TVA Fly Ash Spill Smaller Than TN Disaster, But Ash May Hold Far More Toxic Metals

Maybe for camping...???

Victory Garden on the White House lawn? Visit

All-in-One Solar Panels and Solar Thermal

Kentucky Division of Forestry seeks input on forest issues

Prices for rooftop solar systems fall as supply grows

Iran tones down its vocal support for Hamas

Black Light Power signs second commercial deal with

Honda Insight tops 60 mpg in test drive

Chu's confirmation hearing Tuesday, 10 am EST - c-span3, webcast, and live blogging

Sea Shepherd news - Indonesian animal activists protest Japan Whaling Ship docked for repairs

Truthdig: There’s No Delicate Way to Put This ...

The Ceasefire: Finding Bodies in Gaza

Super-predator humans reshape our prey

More than 100 media sign Reporters Without Borders petition for international journalists

and now, another point of view

Modern Israeli/Palestinian literature?

Israel testing ‘extremely nasty’ weapon: Norwegian doctors

Israel testing nasty weapons in Gaza, claims Mads Gilbert

Legal expert: Rising Gaza death toll doesn't mean IDF acts are disproportionate

"Transition Towns" - a new life......without oil.

Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big-Time NY Dems

Palestinians Suicide Bombing Attack Kills Several Israeli Soldiers

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Obama to Add 20+ GW of Wind Power (and 4 GW of solar and geothermal power) in 3 Years

Iran says Israel stops its aid ship to Gaza

Oil from Algae looks promising - and it can absorb excess CO2

Oil supply run-up in 08 was due to speculation - 60 Minutes report

Israel Trying To 'Wipe Out' Palestinians In Gaza: Abbas

Jewish women speak out against Israel's war on Gaza

AlterNet: Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big NY Dems Descends into Calls for 'Wiping Out' Palestinians

Why We Should Oppose Both the Israeli Army and Hamas

State Department: Olmert never told U.S. to abstain from UN vote on Gaza

Gaza: Israel under fire for alleged white phosphorus use

Clinton: No negotiations with Hamas

Global warming denial site wins Best Science Blog 2008

Red Cross: Israel's use of white phosphorus not illegal

Hamas Exploitation of Civilians as Human Shields

Turkey's PM stands by criticism of Israeli offensive

I'm refinancing my mortgage with an interest rate of 4.250%

Germany agrees 50bn euro stimulus (BBC)

So now Chase is raising the min payment to 5% of balance

Oil Price run-up in 08 caused by speculation - 60 Minutes and they actually mentioned "deregulation"

Balad to petition High Court over disqualification - NO!

Dr. Evil is BAAAACK!’s new anti-union campaign repeats “Secret Ballot” myth

Today in labor history Jan 13 Mounted police charged into the crowd, beating men, women and children

DSA Urges Action on Trade Issues

Starbucks: A Mixed Blend for Workers

DU this poll

As China's Jobless Numbers Mount, Protests Grow Bolder

Gay Rights Ordinance Repealed in Kalamazoo

I thought of a great way to show your face at the Inauguration in DC or your town!

Warren: “ I’ve been on Gene Robinson's attack list for my position on gay marriage.”

Al Sharpton: Churches should focus on social woes, not gay marriage

HI--I am a volunteer adviser in my daughter's Gay-Straight Alliance and have a question:

Maine: Gay marriage bill being introduced

thank you Skinner and mods for taking homophobia seriously

Obama Once Backed Full Gay Marriage

Ok then

Official tally: 2,165 people were killed in Caracas in 2008

Academics Respond to HRW Director's Defense of Venezuela Report

Zapatista statement on the massacre in Gaza

Venezuelan Opposition Attacks Chavistas at Governor's Swearing In

COLOMBIA: Most vulnerable fall through gaps in health system

Internet use booming in Latin America

Well the PAC-10 & Big Ten get what they deseve if this article is correct.

Does Rooting Against Jesus' Favorite QB, Kurt Warner, Make Me Evil?

Clear something up for me, Sports Forumites.

It's official: Nolan is Broncos' defensive coordinator

Who Is The Most Pathetic Sports Fan On This Forum - I Humbly Submit That I Am

If I were to be reborn as a sports fan, I admit I'd root for

If you, or a loved one is over 50, please arragne for a colonoscopy!

More on Vitamin D

Krugman: Ditch The Tax Cuts, Fund Universal Health Care

Gun laws in New York State: actual gun, or parts?

111th Congress proposed firearms legislation (so far)

interesting read on the Heller Decision

Anti-Gunners started early this year.

The Republicans in the Brady Campaign have declared war on us!!

Purging negativity.

I could use some good job and other vibes here

Let's step it up for Lizziegrace, who is still having a heck of a time.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? EVERYONE

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts & vibes!

'You are a bridge of energy for the union of Heaven and Earth'

Blue_In_AK always talks good sense, so here's a few pics from January 1

Fun w/Street Scenes Last Weekend... (Pic Heavy)

Anybody want to circulate a petition against HR45?

Experimental turkey breast in crockpot was a big success

Dreaming of New Kitchen Wares...which color would YOU pick?

I'm watching Bourdain in Venice on the Travel Channel

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

feeding vegetarians and carnivores at the same time. ugh

Some suggestions please

I was amazed to find the complete Cosmos Carl Sagen series on Youtube

The mind of the whale

Oh, Metal Gear?

Scientists may have created life in the lab

Catholics ordered to keep quiet over Virgin visions

Does anyone have an Ikea kitchen?

I recently made a 'coq au vin' recipe in a slow-cooker, and I left out the bacon entirely.

Does myth, consciously separated from reason, have intrinsic value?

Is there such a thing as an emotional truth, which is distinct from a logical truth?

Where was the U.S. military on 9/11; who was in charge; and

Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist (2 & 3)

Helicopter that crashed at Texas A&M based in Austin

David Van Os: As Inauguration Approaches ( Crosspost)

Court won't hear Texas voting machine case

The Texas Legislature is now in session

State legislator seeks to outlaw sale of novelty lighters

Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 Starts Friday!!

Canada's shameful security legacy

need the help of a canadian

RCMP follow up on NDP complaint over tapes

New directions for foreign relations - John Kerry

NYT: Kerry Aims to Make Mark as Senate Chairman

HRC hearing thread

Heathrow protesters buy runway land

Iranian protesters burn Barack Obama pictures

Evil Tory Bastards To Abolish Safe Labour Seats