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Israeli wiretappers, the NSA, Americans

Healing Cancer From Inside Out

The Sunday Paper (Virtual Daddy Edition)

Why the double standard when it comes to firearms?

"Don't put that in your mouth" ((audio)) about GMO food.

Lie of the Day: "Presidents Can Only Do A Few Big Things"

Consumer spending is 70% of our GDP.

re: cancer. people, please, *please*

How is it that there is such a small window of attention?

How is it that there is such a small window of attention?

The Difficulty of Being an Informed American

Latest BS efforts to distort Global Warming science ...

Watch: The 23/6 Ultimate George Bush Retrospective (Must see)

The little inauguration band that could

Madoff: Secrets of a Scandal - CNN special now 8pm ET

Another Ann Coulter voting fraud?

Another Ann Coulter voting fraud?

Consumer Activists Get Chance to `Play Offense' on Obama-Era Legislation

Anna Paquin

America Sure Has Changed in the Last Century…

It's time to get real. Let's update the Pledge of Allegiance

The prediction of Rose Cherami (JFK assasination as seen in JFK) UPDATED- CORRECTED

Glenn Greenwald: "Both parties cheerlead still more loudly for Israel's war."

Citigroup May Book $10 Billion Gain From Morgan Stanley Deal

HAHAHa Janeane Garafalo is apparently on the new "24" cast.

The, (so far) Complete List of Bush's failures- 128 documented cases

U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site

OMG! OMG OMG! Best. Weekend. EVER!

How will you celebrate Inauguration Day?

Heres to you Mr President...Jesus got some boots for you...wooo woo woooo

Say these words very slowly and think about them ..............

So Will We Fill The Three Senate Seats

Plumber Says He's 'Expert On Media Bias'

46 Die as Afghan Militants Pour Over Border Into Pakistan

Did I do something really, really dumb today?

This video was banned in Congress (link to entire video):

Might I suggest a DU Lexicon?

Christian Car Tag Controversy Heats Up

Christian Car Tag Controversy Heats Up

In desperate times, people turn to ..... The Lottery

Nevada bests Missouri for the title of Presidential "bellwether state"

Keep 'journalists' away from war,

Israel Wanted To Bomb Iran?

The United States needs to grow up and turn off the nitelight

Safe Canadian Prescription Drugs

for those of you who love Franken.

I Am An Addict!

Why Family Doctors Are Dying

Watching the Golden Globes

corollary: would private schools be better than public if required to admit all comers?


Human Rights Watch: IDF using White Phosphorus in Gaza.

Taser lawsuit settled for $1.95 million

Rights group: Israel uses incendiary bombs in Gaza - Phosphorus

What if the Matrix Ran on Windows?

"The Corporate Reactionary Revolution of the 1970s in Canada."

New Coultergeist Voter Fraud Investigation Reveals Danger To Domestic Abuse Victims

Oh my Gods!!! Barack Obama really izz a Mulim!

damn, what a funny transition!

Media coverage of Israel comapred to Iraq

More disaster capitalism in Afghanistan

who decides to divide America?

Feinstein’s Actions on Blagojevich Appointee Could Help Her Later

Jihadis try to make friends on Facebook

Flying Leathernecks.

K&R if you ...

Someone needs to ask Joe "Torture Them All" Scarborough how well torture worked in Chicago

Bush Legacy: 84 Percent More Unemployed

Waiter charged over Arabic chant at Jewish wedding

Bush will write memoir: "It's very hard for people to remember what life was like right after 9/11"

PE Obama - here's a word of advice to you from

Ossama's hair salon now Obama's hair salon

Can anyone name even one Bush worthy of some admiration for even one action in their pathetic ......

Of Bible codes, quatrains, casting bones, reading tea leaves, bring the goat entrails, four horses

You know what I can't wait to see on I-Day?

Video - Palestinian men shot by Hamas for singing at a wedding. Plus more video clips.

Video - Palestinian men shot by Hamas for singing at a wedding. Plus more video clips.

WJ this morning: Do we need to move forward or

WJ this morning: Do we need to move forward or

Perino: Bush "looking forward to discussing issues" @ news conference, 9:15 a.m. ET this morning

Smirk will have his last (LAST) news conference this am

At the very least, bush, cheney & the neo cons should be given a darn good scolding

Joe 'The Plumber': "I think media should be abolished from, uh, you know, reporting."

People, stop killing each other.

When is Al Franken going to be seated in the Senate?

Say Happy Birthday to Rush

Polishing The Turd-it's getting really shiny!

Thank God for small favors. Bush's LAST press conference.

Mike Duncan, current RNC chair up now on C-Span's Washington Journal

My Senator's milquetoast comments following the Senate resolution supporting Israel

Walter Pincus: GAO Calls for A New Priority On Public Diplomacy


Speedy trial issue lands before US Supreme Court

Bush's last presser on NOW

A Senate Rule change that makes sense to me

Mickey Rourke thanked his dogs tonight in accepting Golden Globe for best actor.

there's a smart-ass on my teevee

"It (our moral standing in the world) may be damaged among the elite"

The very last George W bush presser is this AM

8 More Days Is 8 Years Too Long.

Dear God, W. is showing his delusional paranoia!

are private schools superior to public? for any specific population?

What a small, stupid man.

What a small, stupid man.

He's drunk. No doubt about it. Slurring words, grand hand gestures.

"The burdens of the office is on me"

see folks, he fixed new orleans......stop asking silly questions

QUEEG'S GONNA BLOW! "Don't tell ME the Federal response to Katrina was SLOW!"

See ya! Driving to work in my helicopter...

FUCK YOU GEORGE! Every day was joyous even when you read about soldiers dying

WHY??? are we acting like the bailout, gas gouging, other wall street crimes are yesterdays news?

Bush is giving Jon Stewart and the late night shows an economic stimulus

Somebody please call into to C-span morning news...


"People say 'There you are, on vacation in Crawford' never escape the presidency"

Helicopter "DRIVERS"??? You ignorant moron!

There's a monkey waxing poetic on my teevee...

60 Minutes. Discussing the oil speculatoring game. Segment is done now.

Helicopter Drivers???? Coast Guard Drivers??? WTF???

He just said that he stopped drinking

the final snub to helen thomas...fuck off george and i hope the door hits you in the ass

Bush is delusional at the "Press Conference"

Are you people watching this? This man is a sociopath

Nothing he says matters

Bush Defers to Obama on Second $350 Billion in Bailout Fund

Sam Greenfield is subbing for Lionel on AAR right now.

George Fucking Bush Stands There And **Sneers** the Word "Elite"

David Gregory just finished catapulting *'s propaganda

Wyden: I'll Push To Declassify CIA Interrogation Files

Can it get any stoopider? I'm afraid so.

Is Bush COMPLETELY off his meds?

A Final Report Card on the Reagan Years?

I strongly disagree that America's moral standings

inodrwrds---smadrofat -- Mental Midget Pimpwalks thru Presser (last time for both of us)

Prosecutor: ex-Congo VP used rape as weapon

UN watchdog condemns war on Gaza

Sunrise over Gaza - Live streaming webcam...

He managed to ignore Helen.

He managed to ignore Helen.

It's a 'Bush Thank-A-Thon'!

It's a 'Bush Thank-A-Thon'!

Thanks, George, for destroying three countries, killing off a couple of million people, and

Anyone know of any group medical insurance available to psychologists, counselors, etc.

In modern US families with children, who has the upper-hand?

A New Day - From Andrew Sullivan


Openly gay bishop to deliver prayer for inauguration

Openly gay bishop to deliver prayer for inauguration

John Nichols: How to Push Obama

Bernie Sanders Sets The Smithsonian Straight

Someone in the press corps just yelled "YEAH!" as Junior slithered out of the room...

Someone in the press corps just yelled "YEAH!" as Junior slithered out of the room...

Sen. Sanders Slams Smithsonian Sign's Spin on Iraq and Sept.11

The Bush Legacy In Graphics

The Bush Legacy In Graphics

Congressman says atheism is damaging

"If you're not Christian, you're going to die" guman declares

Bush: It ‘may be fair’ to say that ‘Republicans don’t like immigrants.’

Quincy Jones Wants Ambassador For The Arts - YES!

the latest report on the water wars

Israel bans Arab parties from running in upcoming elections!

Why don't righties get their doctrine(s) limit personal freedoms far more than ours?

Why don't righties get their doctrine(s) limit personal freedoms far more than ours?

Why don't righties get their doctrine(s) limit personal freedoms far more than ours?

Once again Coulter intentionally violates election law ... LINK

Once again Coulter intentionally violates election law ... LINK

Once again Coulter intentionally violates election law ... LINK

Joe the plumber in Israel: "when someone hits me, I'm going to unload on the boy"

Bush: "every day has been joyous"

The Neocon view? "Hey, we got this huge ass army. Let's use it!"

Party of Fiscal Responsibility

When Makeup Attacks -

US Senate endorses Israel’s war on Gaza - I seem to have missed this news

Cartoonist Drew Friedman's view of Bush really resonates after this morning's press conference

U.S. National Safety Council Urges Total Cell Phone Ban While Driving.

All bridges into DC from Virginia will be closed Inauguration Day & day before.

Reuters bulletin: Judge rules for Madoff in bail hearing, accused swindler stays out of jail

Cell-Phone Ban is pushed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,

The Rude Pundit: Just Another Sunday in What Is Still Gitmo America

Next time SNL wants to parody Maddow - they need to call her for one liners

Firm behind huge Iraq embassy doesn't want to talk about it

Gay US bishop to offer prayer at inaugural event

Humane Society Doctor Charged With Felony at Gaza Protest Says Cops are Lying

Meet Joe the War Correspondent

Whoopi just told Coulter on the View "You can dish it out but you can't take it" ...

"Ah thought long an' hard about Katrina..."

Helicopter drivers?!!??

DU THIS POLL: Best Middle East or Africa Blog (Neocons leading)

Seagate to slash up to 10 per cent of its staff

gay episcopal bishop tapped for Obama inaguration

The truth has been kidnapped and taken to Texas.

How Free Republic viewed Bush's final Press Conference

Regarding Civil Unions...

Bush defends presidency in final news conference

More American Adults Read Literature According to New NEA Study

LOL McSame and Bile and a ruined state. I guess the best they can do is hire 45 workers.

The Bush Presidency Highlight reel...

I've often looked at PE Obama while he's looking at GWB. I now

Retired Auburn football coach involved in town's fight over Post Office cat.

Okay, now back to the Bush presser; didn't Bush say Obama's biggest challenge is...

Okay, now back to the Bush presser; didn't Bush say Obama's biggest challenge is...

DU members you own a gun for protection and what kind and caliber is it?

Democracy Now: Kucinich...Vote Against House Measure Supporting Israeli Offensive

Bush legacy

Hey guys can you provide me some links about universal health care

Bush Haters?: Thoughts on the Last Press Conference

Bush cartoon from blog

Oh, look! Coulter's on The View.


Anybody taking 1/20/09 off so you can watch history unfold live on TV?

Anybody taking 1/20/09 off so you can watch history unfold live on TV?

For those of us who love the show

How one Gaza drama played out in a Kansas home

The Yahoo News pics of Smirky McFuckhugh's final WH Briefing Room victory lap-slash-shark jump

Army Considering Opening Pre-Basic Training Fat Farms

Army Considering Opening Pre-Basic Training Fat Farms

Any tips on how to keep your car battery going with the upcoming deep freeze?

Wisconsin snowmobilers round up, kill five whitetail deer.

The history channel and control of a population

Norway: Progress party want curfew for kids in Oslo central

In your view, how much of today's deep shit is a direct result ............

Bush's List

Another person "doing God's work" by running into another car!

it's insulting that the criminals are now free to tell us just how great the last 8 years have been

Raising taxes = stronger economy

Jason's definition of "freedom".

oh man. another 5 people being laid off today from my job...

Here's the latest Fundy Undy Bundler from Wildman Wildmon

2005: Bush Buys $1.4 Billion of Rummie's Tamiflu When Influenza Was Already Showing Resistance

2005: Bush Buys $1.4 Billion of Rummie's Tamiflu When Influenza Was Already Showing Resistance

Toyota won't rule out layoffs of "permanent" employees

11 ... 10 ... 9 ...

$25 to put your name on a Congrats Obama newspaper page! WTF

Mark Zandi: "Lost Economic Decade"

I find the Rice woman to be completely lizardlike.

Columnist: Draft is needed because we may have to invade Pakistan

"Let's Roll - Spirit of 9/11" Freepathon at it again.

Noron O'Donnell and Jim Van De Hei (Politico) **lie** to the viweing public

So what was the shrub's missed true calling?

Tony Dungee out at Indianapolis

Kucinich addresses the 1976 Arms Export Control Act for the record

This is what medals are made for. This is what heros do.

Wyden: Stimulus Will Include Health IT, Insurance Aid For Unemployed

ROFL - Estonia's fake shoe ban (for journalists) catches out Russian media

I can't wait to hear KO dismantle todays bullshit press conference

As Orders Dry Up, Factory Workers Head Home

How optimistic are you .... ****overall****?

Karl Rove: Bush "has, and should have, the gratitude of all Americans" for keeping US safe

The Real Lesson Wall Street Learned From Enron - $4.00+ Gas Prices

Hey Matthews ...... I appreciate your outrage ........

Kentucky seeks ban on novelty lighters

Is total economic collapse keeping us safe?

There are two things I want to see done on Guantanamo; it looks like Obama is likely to do both.

Cow that escaped slaughter in 2002 dies

Joe The, War Correspondent Says Journalists Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Warzones

Did you just hear the pharmacist on Thom Hartmann?

Harold Ford vs. Michelle Bernard, Tweety?

Harold Ford vs. Michelle Bernard, Tweety?

Who's more full of shit? AP, Politico, Faux Noise or Matt Drudge?

Who's more full of shit? AP, Politico, Faux Noise or Matt Drudge?

Judge Rules Madoff Can Remain Free on Bail

We finally got to tell wingnut Sen. Tom Coburn to fuck off !

Husband deemed too fat to adopt

Report: 90% of African-Americans & Latinos Isolated in the Lowest 'Opportunity' Neighborhoods(MA)

RedState P.O.'d at the Holder

This is how a caring President responds to a hurricane:

RNC Statement on Minnesota Senate Race

Did i really hear this at the press conference?

The 107-year-old virgin who was afraid to marry starts her search for Mr Right

For An Industry In Dire $ Straits, There Sure Are Alot of Car Commercials On Nationwide TV

Krauthammer: Bush ‘took a shoe for the country'.

Ron Christie

Danish headmaster says that they will refuse to enrol Jewish students into their school

BO To Close Gitmo; bush Presser Ridiculed; Burris To Be Seated

Bill would ban fingerprinting for driver's license

Heath Care My Bad

Obama's big idea: Digital health records

There she goes again....

Why Bush Loves Violence- What do bad boys do when they grow up? They change. But Bush never stopped.

Bush To Deliver Farewell Address Thursday Night

Eight more long, miserable, frightening days with Bush's finger on the button

IMPORTANT - I want to write an economic stimulus recommendation to Obama/Cabinet/Cabinet Staff

Bill Press is kicking ass and taking names

"Crooks & Liars" founder John Amato calls out Junior for snubbing Helen Thomas this morning

Domain Registration and Creating a Website

DNA Testing May Unlock Secrets Of Medieval Manuscripts

What exactly did Dumbya do for Africa?

Good news, DUers! Ken Blackwell announced he can suppress any gay feelings he might have

Your favorite monkier for tthe "Terrarists"

Why is Joe "the plumber" in the Gaza Strip?

Do not lie to the guvmint!

Olmert: Rice shame-faced by Bush over UN Gaza vote

So if "God' created the world in seven days, what can Bush/Cheney do in eight days?

the REAL legacy......Katrina: How bu$h* Blew It

"Quick, someone find a gay religious dude to make up for that Warren crap."

Nooooooooooooooooo Mooooooooooooooooooooore!!!!!!

Three words sum up Fuckface's final presser:

Armenian cave yields ancient human brain

Financial scoundrels have little to fear from the law

Hesselbeck's kid head butts Chimpy in the Oval Office

School finds gun on 6 year old when they helped him adjust his sagging pants

Bush's Last Press Conference


Don't like The Lionel Show? Tune in from Tues.-Thurs. this week for a great sub!

Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson opening Inaugural festivities

The Last (LAST) pressor of the Chimperor (photos)

Once Scorned, Deer Hunters Find Welcome in Suburban Md.

bill press hits the nail on the head

actual qoute from bu$h* last press conference

Who is Dick Armey and why does he hate America?

Toyota hopes new, lighter Prius will jolt sales

You get Rickrolled and beaten??

The Afghan Scam: The Untold Story of Why the U.S. Is Bound to Fail in Afghanistan


Obama choice: Labradoodle or a Portuguese water dog

Do you hate President George W. Bush?

How to fucking get along!

A more in-depth, thoughtful and nuanced discussion of prosecuting past Bush crimes

Republican State Rep. switches party - one more Dem in KS statehouse.

Huckabee Vs. Coulter - Hot Loon-on-Loon action

To the fine feminists here at DU...

Super-Predators: Humans Force Rapid Evolution of Animals

What to Ask Eric Holder

Analog (Broadcast Television) Shutoff Shuffle Continues

A very special thanks to JeffR and all his hard work on the DUzy's!

Naomi Klein in The Nation: Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction


Please, please . . . read The Road by Cormac McCarthy . . .

School Board Removes Popular Math Teacher, Students Remove School Board

Don't throw away leftovers, warn 'food police'

“Difficult” To Close Guantanamo? - Headlines 1/12/09

Dear Prez-Elect Obama: You're there to fix what's wrong, not appease Republicans

Coleman is casting wider net for votes

Heads Up to all Embarq High-Speed Internet users!

This Presser is spiralling out of control!

34% of Americans are obese, 32% are overweight - 72 MILLION are obese

RNC Chair Candidate: "Homosexuality is a compulsion that can be contained, repressed or changed."

Bush's Magical History Tour -on Tweety

ThinkProgress: Bush Admits To Personally Authorising Torture Of KSM

Why isn't that #$$&*&%# Madoff in jail? nt

Thank you Jon Stewart ...!!!

Obama to issue order to close Gitmo in first week of office...

Mandatory Insurance Is Worse than Status Quo...(anything less than Single Payer is a step BACKWARDS)

Suggesting we "move forward" and ignore Bush crimes is insulting to us still facing consequences

Insurance denial can seem arbitrary

The most succinct explanation of the economic meltdown I have yet seen.

The Myth of Scarcity

Thank you JeffR for the DUzys!

Dumbass had his final press conference today.

I get some small satisfaction out of knowing that *asshole is visibly unhappy

A Soldier's Mother Fights for his Life

TOON: The Economy, Supply, Demand, & Bailouts (15 year old Calvin & Hobbes)

Fundies: Protecting gays and lesbians with hate crimes laws is "Constitutionally Dubious"

Gay City News: Obama's First Gift to Africa: Rick Warren

Against Truth, Reconciliation, and Commissions

It's back: The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2008

Bush Snubs Helen Thomas At Final Press Conference

Oil Futures Back Below $40 a Barrell

Can someone answer some questions re. the digital TV switchover?

Unnatural Causes: Is inequality Making us Sick?

Why can't we tax churches and religious organizations?

Hilda Solis Will Stand for Justice, Open Doors for Millions of Workers in America

Hilda Solis Will Stand for Justice, Open Doors for Millions of Workers in America

Pilot fakes distress call, jumps from plane, on the run: President of Heritage Wealth management

My tax money is sending 42,000 Florida students to private schools.

I am sick and tired of this Republican Victim Mentality!

Bishop Gene Robinson

*** The DUzy Awards are hereby discontinued ***

Check in if you are going to DC and what are your plans...

King Kone vs. Ben&Jerry

Would somebody PLEASE explain to me how exporting jobs out of this country helps US citizens?

Damn Pit Bulls. These dogs should be outlawed and put down.


Make no mistake, SCIENTOLOGY is a nasty-ass organization.

The roof rescues by Coast Guard helicopter pilots occurred DESPITE the lack of executive guidance

Can somebody explain Comcast "On Demand" to me?

Who is that future is now guy on the front page ad who looks a million years old?

Come celebrate my 25 days smoke free!

Bwa! Robert Downey Jr. Demonstrates How to Lose An Annoying Media Whore Question

Does anyone else here think that Urban Peasant is a spoof of a cooking show?

heh, you'll never guess who's starring 24 this season!

If wishes were horses...



Study: Americans' Mental Fitness Declined during Bush Administrations.

I Want To Create A Thread That Never Flies...

I'm dedicating this old punk tune to Joe the plumber

Oh Lord Won't You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz....

Screw this dying shit, I plan on living forever!

The Wrestler (and Bruce Springsteen) gets its first Golden Globe.

Super Bowl XLIII: Now 100% Manning-free!

Eagles fans: Lets discuss trading Donovan McNabb

Pick Your Superbowl Matchup

Ralph Fiennes Appreciation Thread.

I got a shiny new cell phone that's also an MP3 player.

The official GOLDEN GIRLS fashion thread (photo heavy!)

Can you please all keep LostinVa in your prayers. She'll need your support

Latest Hollywood rumor: Brad Pitt as WHO??!!??

Peep my ride

Cheating Wife..Sigh... I need Help.

Today's NYT crossword puzzle

caption .. beause my brain is wore out

Mickey!1 n/t

The Saints will battle the Cowboys for the NFC Championship!

I read the entire Wikipedia article on Cat STEVENS because

So I have started smoking again...

Just saw Grand Torino. What a great flic. I cried at the end, What a great

The official GOLDEN GLOBES fashion thread (photo heavy!)

Note to Arby's

HEMP for Victory!!!


Hey McTaTas...

The armadillo chewed up another pair of underwear while I was having a barbed wire enema.

Do you buy your whiskey in the bottle or the can?

If you see something, say something.

What TV characters would make up your Presidential Cabinet?


I think 'Wall-E' should seriously be considered for 'Best Picture' at the Academy Awards this year.

The Buffalo Beast has released its top 50 most loahtsome people of 2008!

I nominate av8rdave as official Commander of Air Force One


Top 10 Conservative Idiots is BACK, baybeez!!!!

Watching the Golden Globes

separated at birth?


Shut up.

Somtimes I wonder, "Why does that frisbee seem to be getting bigger"

A complete stranger wanted me to hug her today.


How to hallucinate with ping-pong balls and a radio.

Damn, the button popped on my pants

I have a confession to make. I'm a Giants fan who also likes the Eagles.

There's sixteen teams in the NFL and I hate fifteen of them

You say wanna relax-olution?

Poll-Funniest Euphemism for Cocaine?

Drug money. Literally.

I'm going to bare my soul in this post.

Is anyone else questioning whether they are a Democrat anymore?

Good morning Lounge

What's the next concert you'll be missing?

Rockford Files or Columbo?

I want a Tiddy Bear! Who else?

My Republican neighbor kicked her kid out and guess where he came?

DU Outrage of the Week

Tim Tebow & Kurt Warner - Please shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up

This was posted at Yahoo Answers.


For anyone looking for hotel rooms in the DC area for the inauguration...

Rule #15 about Ninjas...

Our new President's new ride. Cadillac One. Impressive!

Annoying phone calls

DAMN!!! Am I getting senile, or what?

Does anybody live near Laguardia Airport?

A possible Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl

DAMN!!! You won't believe this! Separated at birth!

So I Got A Second Job -- Has Anyone Here Ever Done This?

To any DU'er in town for the inauguration next Sunday.....

Rufus Sewell and the Guitar

Bullshit. There's no LOL syndrome going on

What's the next concert you'll be seeing?

I too just saw a beautiful bird. Three of them, actually.

But where is the rest of the deer?

Separated at birth?

Post here if you are filled with rage and righteous indignation! Aghgahagaaahhhh!!!!

Important Inauguration information

I need something to read in the bathroom at work

That's cleavage, isn't it?

Bullshit. There's no BNL syndrome going on

Official Golden Globes AWARDS Go To Thread (Spoilers)

What's the big deal about being a player in the NFL?

The lounge has two very distinct and separate types of douchebags.

People are so fucking uprighteous.

Why do they have Halls of Fame for industries based on fame?

The Pride of Delaware will lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl!

Hey Haruka - how are you doing today!!!

Ok who is your pick to win the Super Bowl - post em here

Seriously... NO!

I am in the midst of an overwhelming pepper fetish.

Couple Sues Animal Shelter to Save Dog

Mickey Rourke thanked his dogs tonight in accepting Golden Globe for best actor.

Tony Dungy retiring from Indy/football ... not a moment too soon.

Know of anything that would make a car battery die an early death?

Ok everybody line up it is medicine time.

A HUGE thank you to LaraMN

MrLaraMN's going to Orlando. What should I paint?


I am a mess. Constant nausea and a re-injured back


Anybody here with Maytag appliance experience?

When Makeup Attacks -

Why I'm not invited to many Christmas parties is very slow to load right now

He he he, I love trashing a product to a telemarketer who agrees.

Jay Bell got two Hall of Fame votes?

Is this a cheesy award or not?

I love how one throwaway complaint by hedges has started all this drama...

Epic Fail

Stripper didn't report $80,000

I wanna shoot the whole day down

In the song "Bang a gong/Get it on", what does this lyric mean? (if anything)

The full-body flip off.


Biggest Full Moon of '09 (pic heavy)

If someone (irl) called you a "stupid butt shit", could you NOT laugh at them?

My education is complete

what movie should I watch tonight?

trof gets a job.

I missed the Gold Globe pre-show with La Seacrest.

Today's pic challenge: boxdick.

question to duers with older teenage kids

Best Will Shatner cover ever.......


Lounge Utopia. Now taking requests.

The 28 people who didn't vote for Rickey Henderson are morons.

I wanna guanabana...

Need link to dog medical info

I haz Jobs!

Help answer a dumb question for me - how did the word "GAY" become associated with homosexuality

My brakes went out while driving down a hill.

I assume J. Depp did NOT go to GGlobes?

Why oh why do people impugn me so?

I've installed a jukebox in The Lounge. Everyone gets three free songs.

I just found out that "MNC" in college football means "Mythical National Championship"

Man, fuck snow.

post your favorite red dawn quotes

Post Only Earworm songs

Well, there went my good mood.

Pork knuckles are on sale for cheap. How do I cook them? I have no oven, only pots and pans.

Do cell phones exist that you can plug headphones (with a mouthpiece) into?

kitten picture of the day for monday january 12

24 season premiere is tonight!

coffee lovers: how do you brew your coffee?

Whats for supper?

The DUzys is, no more...

Bullshit. There's no SNL syndrome going on

Five sweetest words in the English language

Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer

You've just checked into a seaside hotel. What's the first thing you do?

Undisclosedlocation Reviews: The Snuggie

I went dumpster diving and found a bunch of your old dreams.

Who would win in a Death match? Perry Como or Dean Martin?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/12/2009)

question for NHL fans

Hey Retro:

I don't want leftovers. What should I cook for dinner tonite?

Bird Bowl, or Pennsylvania State Football War?

anyone know how to cook a turkey

Need Massive Vibes, Prayers etc....

On a Sunday, the Senate Votes Yes on a Lands Bill

Why was James A. Farley dissed? Did he have a going away party?

EFCA would make it easier for US workers to form unions. Can Barack Obama get it passed?

May I Present: Political KABUKI At It's FINEST!!!

Some friendly advice to Move On on how to be taken seriously by Congress:

Breaking News... George Voinovich Republican Senator from Ohio

PHOTOS One more time, Obama by Callie Shell (VERY, VERY, VERY pic heavy)

For those of you looking for hotel rooms in the DC area for the inauguration...

Relationship between GHW Bush and Bill Clinton?

Krugman (without the snark). An excellent op-ed

A prediction I feel comfortable making

Watched Vicky Christina Barcelona last night.

Big changes to Obama stimulus plan

According to MSNBC, * is holding a news conference at 9:15 am this morning

Obama will bring major change to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

At last - Bush has expertise

Dupe, sorry

According to Senate Democrats, Obama team making significant changes to package

Anyone watching 60mins ????

I'm No Conspiracy Nut, But...

it is not the same.

"America (has) elected it's first independent president."

Notable Achievements of GWB....

Is anyone watching Chimp's Farewell?

Land mines ahead for Hillary

************* 8 MORE DAYS! *************

"On Saturday, nearly 150 years later, another President-elect from Illinois..."

Bacon Cupcakes. Wait, what?

Voinovich, is the 4th GOP Senator all not running in 2010. Roe could be secured,

Obama 1 Will Be More Like *2

8 days left! Well, "Let's Dance."

8 days left! Well, "Let's Dance."

Why oh why do people impugn me so?

Ever had anyone say you look like a celebrity?

Bush History-Bush's Iraq Obsession and Your Tax Dollars to Iraqi Sheiks, 1/12

The media let Bush (and themselves) off the hook again.

If the Pervs get Lucky does that mean

If President Obama and Congress move toward full federal rights for civil unions

A modest proposal for GD:P.

Ann Coulter actually has ex-boyfriends? Could one of them please chime in.

For crying out loud! He cant have a computer either?

Did you see this? Apparently Bush convinced Israel not to attack Iran in 2008.

Best/worst case scenarios for Obama's first days !?

You may not like Huckabee...

Obama once said that a President has to be able to do two things at once

What is your vision of what the Lounge should be?

The 6 Most Sadistic Dishes From Around The World (not for the squemish)

What Bush's "advice" to Obama SHOULD have been...

Rev. V. Gene Robinson openly gay minister to give invocation

My car's dead

Best Picture of 2008

Is it worth it to Prosecute BushCo?

President Bush's legacy

In Bush's Press Conference, all of his "regrets" were PR related.

AP: Obama to Issue Order to Close Gitmo in First Week

So nobody at the Bush press conference thought to ask him why he wouldn't let Obama stay at Blair

The problem with "So you think you're smarter than Obama?"

Is It Me, Or Does It Seem Like The M$M Is Rather Quiet About Franken/coleman?


Anybody know where this came from?

CNBC's Jim Cramer: Obama is "not going to favor the banks over the struggling homeowners."

(poll) Inauguration Day - Who will have the biggest impact?

Dimson says he'll miss playing military dictator

"You won't have George Bush to kick around anymore..."

Why Obama Wants Republican Votes for His Economic Plan: Years of High Unemployment Coming

Why is a NYTimes reporter already dismissing Obama as a one-term president?

Bush - "I'm going to write a book,''

Republicans in About-Face On Special Prosecutor Law

Joe the Plumber: Obama Must Help Gaza

"George W is to Lincoln as ............ is to .............."

Couldn't sleep so I'm thinking about beginning a religion

Obamapollooza At The Lincoln Memorial

ABC News: Democratic Senate Officials Certify Roland Burris, Will Be Seated Later This Week

"Move forward" or prosecute the criminals leaving office?

STUPID NY Times Article on why Obama cannot keep his blackberry

We lost our little cockatiel this morning

Breaking Burris to be sworn in this week. Impasee broken

Breaking Burris to be sworn in this week. Impasee broken

Rice shame-faced by Bush over UN Gaza vote: Olmert

Must Read from NYT's Roger Cohen: Mideast Dream Team? Not quite

First Woman Chosen For Obama Inaugural Prayer Service

And that's that.

Blankfort: Why did Israel break truce on our Election Night?

New Obama ad urges Americans to 'Step Forward'

I for one am proud that I will have a President who listens instead of ignores!

Bush News Breaking! Just when we thought we were through with him,

War Crimes and Politics: The Nuremberg example

1/12/1971- 1st toilet flush on TV; 1/12/2009- last Bush TV news conference

Tamara Hall asks Ron Christie what thing he though bush blew it on

Apparently the real "W" is back....

What Is This? Bush, Obama Reps To Have Disaster Drill

What Is This? Bush, Obama Reps To Have Disaster Drill

Here we go, looks like ther going to ask questions.

Bruce, Bono and Beyonce to Perform at Lincoln Memorial

Obama Signals His Reluctance to Look Into Bush Policies

Can we now congratulate Senator Burris?

On the most recent Krugman-Obama semantic disagreement I'll take Obama's side by a nose

Things to do in DC during Inaguration that are not too expensive

Obama likely to hike money for low-income elderly

Blackwell: I Could Restrain Homosexual Urges -- If I Had Any, Which I Don't

Why is Obama supposed to come up with a stimulus plan?

Well, at least no one threw a shoe at him

Have they mentioned anything else about releasing more inaguration parade tickets?

re: Burris, can the republicans filibuster his being seated? Story says Democrats

Inaugurations Of The Past

Pro Football Hall Of Fame vs Hall of Stats

CNN: Dems who Rubber Stamped Bush Admin Will Not Rubber Stamp Obama Admin!

What's up with Pennsylvania pro sports teams this year?

Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America broadway show opens 1/20/09

Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America broadway show opens 1/20/09

It's Like McCain Choosing Palin... (Rev. Robinson)

what the hell are Crocs?

Whoo hoo!

Paying It Forward (Obama Data DVD Offer)

Caroline Kennedy is 'impressive' at Brooklyn pol confab (Looks like CKS is building up momentum)

Burris on acceptance to the Senate

Obama, Biden stand-ins practice for inauguration....The Obama stand in met him

Okay, folks in snowy cities, is anyone shoveling by you? A RANT.

fdr said MAKE ME DO IT, so let's MAKE OBAMA DO IT

The G in G. Gordon Liddy apparently stands for "Gold"....

The huge celebration for Terry McAuliffe when he stepped down as chair in 2005

So, some creep sexually harassed my daughter (great ending though).

Going to the Inauguration - know what you can and cannot take

Oh my goodness, we elected Ricky Bobby!

Oh my goodness, we elected Ricky Bobby!

Friends Offer a Glimpse of Caroline Kennedy

Al Franken is looking for last minute help: Stick it to Papa Bear with a donation!

I appears the SCOTUS just denied the Berg v. Obama case

K&R if you'd like to bound and gag the next poster who does another K&R if... thread!!

Culver riders prepare for big day (400 hooves in Inaugural parade)

Let's talk Juicing

Happy Birthday auntAgonist!!

"Reach Across the Aisle" Update #12,458

Hey DUers, can I get some of those famous Lounge vibes for my dad please?

Bush staff leaks new Bush book cover

I've never watched an Inauguration!

Bush's problem is that he is either incapable of relativistic thinking or he refuses to recognize

Obama to form Special Court to try people using information obtained by torture

Dr. Douglas W. Schell Calls For Military Coup D'etat To Remove Obama

How The Far Right Elected Al Franken

WTF? Historian Douglas Brinkley calls Reagan one of the Top 5 Greatest Presidents

WTF? Historian Douglas Brinkley calls Reagan one of the Top 5 Greatest Presidents

We have barn owls in our back yard.

What character from a sitcom do you think you most resemble?

Mine Eyes Have Been Assaulted By The Sweater Of Chartreuse

PHOTO: A Couple in Chicago

Dumbya's final press conference, pick your favorite image.

Why Aren't Democrats Supporting Obama?

NY Senate: it will not be Cuomo... Caroline has Inside Track on Senate Seat

Don't you wish you could get credit for all the things you DON'T do?

Does the Unemployment Number Reflect The Number of People Who Recieve Unemployment Benefits or....

OK. The NFL season is over now.

I have before me a list of jobs. Post here and I'll find one for you


VP-E Joe in Iraq (pic)

FREEPER: "I just wish there was some way to stop Obama before he destorys [sic] the country."


It's 2009. By now, we ought to be able to make a final determination: who were the Next Beatles?

With just 1 week left, I think it's time for DUers to post their heartfelt goodbyes to George W Bush

GOP rolls out welcome mat for Hillary Clinton

What is your favorite comfort invention. I have a back scratcher. Best invention ever!

AP Video: Inauguration preps hit emotional chord (you should watch this short video)



Why did Obama Wait to Announce the Robinson Prayer?

Rev. Robinson is a hero and Obama's choice of him is genius.

All-Star Lineup for Inaugural Opening Festivities-Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Garth Brooks, Springsteen

All-Star Lineup for Inaugural Opening Festivities-Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Garth Brooks, Springsteen

Child-free Restaurants

Child-free restaurants? How about a child-free country?!?!

Which Rock & Roll band should be in the Hall of Fame, but isn't?

I was going to post something happy and inspirational, but then I remembered who I am.

If you go to Al Anon, please check in here.

Scary Movies of Your Childhood

Pot Song Thread

Thai Prime Minister Abhisit and Democrat Party gains in by-elections

Leading British Jews call on Israel to halt 'horror' of Gaza

U.S. sending millions of pounds of munitions to Israel

Bush okayed covert US action on Iran N-plant

Gas Deal in Europe Is Undone and Redone

Obama choice: Labradoodle or a Portuguese water dog

Meet the Neighbors: Obama Sits Down With Calderon

U.N. rights council hits Israel over Gaza

Israeli troops battle Hamas amid Egyptian truce talks

Dodd Says Obama to ‘Re-Brand’ TARP If New Funds Are Released

Economy Made Few Gains in Bush Years, Eight-Year Period Is Weakest in Decades

Israel bans Arab parties from coming election

Bernard Madoff avoids jail

US slaps sanctions on 13 people tied to A.Q. Khan

Ann Coulter Faces New Voter Fraud Allegations

Canada, U.S. should leave Afghanistan: expert

Durbin says Burris' resolution may soon be at hand

Shanghai seller stops sales of suspect dog food (possible American made import)

Kennametal To Can 1,200 Workers

"Motorola laying off throngs"

Fox Sports Celebs Driven on Taxpayers' Dime

Israel disqualifies Arab parties

Cessna Announces 2,000 More Layoffs

Dell to pay $3.85M in settlement with states

Waste Spills From a Second TVA Coal-Fired Power Plant

Army helicopter crashes on Texas A&M campus

House Republicans Invite Obama to Address Them

US lets drugmakers advise doctors on unapproved uses

NKorea offers envoy for Obama inauguration: reports

Bush says U.S. moral standing not diminished under his watch

Former Saddam advisor says Iraq had WMDs

Advisers say Obama preparing to close Gitmo

Palestinian death toll tops 900: Gaza official

State gives nod to medical marijuana dealers

Seagate Executive Sees 10% Cut To U.S. Workforce

Wipro Barred From World Bank Contracts, Shares Slide

Two US soldiers die in Iraq

S.E.C. Choice Mary Schapiro Is Sued Over a Merger of Regulators

Pro-Palestinian rally in New York turns violent

Bush portrait label assailed

Obama Plans to Keep Estate Tax

500 Best Buy Workers, Or 12.5% At HQ, Take Layoff Package

Chavez: Castro unlikely to return to public stage

BREAKING: Helicopter crash on Texas A&M Campus

Adding to Recession’s Pain, Thousands to Lose Jobless Benefits This Week

Sen. Hatch to back Eric Holder for AG

Gaza War Is 'Gift To Arab And Israeli Extremists': Former UN Chief

GM To Open US Lithium-Ion Car Battery Pack Plant In Mich

Bush Comments On Katrina Sound Sour In New Orleans

Israeli missile falls in Egypt, fails to explode

Peru plants 512,820 trees per day

Howard flies into yet more American trouble

Howard flies into yet more American trouble

Few in U.S. See Jazeera’s Coverage of Gaza War.

Did Speculation Fuel Oil Price Swings?

Democratic leadership: Senate to seat Burris

Franken Requests Election Certificate; State Official Refuses

Cuba policy experts say US should engage Cuba

COLOMBIA: Secret Documents Show US Aware of Army Killings in 1990s

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday January 12

A 42-mpg VW Diesel Roadster As Sexy As It Is Efficient

Citigroup Bailout Contract Subject to Senate Subpoena

Bernard Madoff Will Remain Free on Bail, Judge Rules

Autism can be detected in womb

Ford's efforts gain fans at auto show

Radical cheap: $1,000 homes

France vows to punish assailants who hurled firebombs at Paris synagogue

Breaking: Gay Bishop to pray at inauguration-week kickoff

CBC reports on Israeli military killing of civilians with...footage that Israeli television leaked

Israel Has Chosen To Hoodwink The World, US Over This War

The Enigma in Chief

Finding Russia's place in Europe

Religions have the power to bring a passion for social justice to politics

Gaza slaughter is ennobling Hamas

The Specialist: Robert Gates and the Tortured World of American Intelligence (Part 1)

Economy Made Few Gains in Bush Years - Eight-Year Period Is Weakest in Decades

'Soon we'll have nowhere left to run. Nowhere in Gaza is safe'

Chris Hedges: The Language of Death

Here's One Way for Obama to 'Move On' From Bush's Illegal Policies

Paul Krugman: Ideas for Obama

Hendrik Hertzberg: Transitioning

Warner Bros. Plans Layoffs, Outsourcing To India

Little Rock Nine set foundation for Obama, students say

Hiring bleak? Here are jobs for Satyam employees (IBM, Microsoft, etc.)

10,000 Whack Jobs Leading GOP

Johnny Cash - San Quentin

Bush Correct, But Delusional

Johnny Cash-i walk the line at san quentin


Johnny cash - Personal jesus

More Gaza cities lose power

Ohio Sen. Voinovich To Retire. Could Joe The Plumber Run For Senate?

Men on Bicycles

Desmond Tutu: "I have come to clap you! ...You are one of the craziest countries I know!"

Schumer key in picking new federal prosecutors

Joe the (Plumber) Senator

Debunking Conservative Health Reform Myths

Frank Rich: Bush's presidency is being forgotten by the public already, even though he is still here

Chris Floyd : Sham, Shock and Awe: False Peace Process Bears Bitter Fruit in Gaza

We Poke Along

Oakland BART Police Shooting Update News


Leading economist fears decade of weakness in US

Bart shooting victim Oscar Grant's funeral service

I'd love to change the world

Anna Quindlen: Era Of Good Speaking

NYT, pg1: Obama Looks to History for Economic Message

Republicans’ Latest Talking Point: The New Deal Failed

Outsourcers On The Outs

Is Congress Wasting Their Time?

Next Bailout Going to Homebuilders?

Joe Plumber: Media Shouldn't Report War

Rent-a-friend in Japan

Obama National Service Ad

Bush's final press conference full text and video link

VIPERS and THIEVES : The Fed - Bankers vs. America - Free Markets

Ann Coulter talks with Mike Huckabee part 1

Israel criticised over alleged use of white phosphorus - 11 Jan 09

Ann Coulter talks with Mike Huckabee part 2

Bush Says Torture Still Necessary

Blagovich's New Poem

Dennis Kucinich votes against Israeli Offensive 1/12/09 from Democracy Now 1 of 2

Interview with a nuclear expert

CBS News: A look at social security (1985)

Specter Slams Leahy For Endorsing Holder Before Confirmation Hearing, -- He Did Same On Ashcroft

A Reaganomic's Come-Back

Gaza war tourism

Economic Stimulus plan...

S**T Sandwich: Brit Hume gets between Junior & Poppy in the Oval Office

Inauguration Preps Hit Emotional Chord

Obama Announces 600,000 New Government Jobs

Entertainment Tonight: Celebrities march against South Africa's apartheid (1985)

Indian IT Giants likely to miss targets

Bush Addresses Critics

Kathy Griffin on Sarah Palin

Dear Israeli Citizen: No Other Option?!

TYT: Guess Which States Teen Pregnancy Is On The Rise In?

TYT: Sarah Palin - Tina Fey Exploited Me

Spare us nationally from Massachussetts hell for lower income sick people

BUSH Re-Katrina: Don't Blame Me-Don't Tell Me Federal Response [To Katrina] Was Slow

The last Bush Press Conference Jan. 12, 2009 (5 parts)

Ann Coulter On The View

Dennis Kucinich votes against Israeli Offensive 1/12/09 from Democracy Now 2 of 2

TYT: O'Reilly/Rove Lay Out Blueprint On How To Attack Obama (Cenk Reacts)

Obama Evaluating Possible Prosecution Of George Bush

Army sets goals for ‘Year of the NCO’

Roadside bomb kills soldier in Baghdad

Ore. Guard deployment to be biggest since WWII

Biden promises more troops in Afghanistan visit

Clerical error delays pay for guardsmen in Iraq

Soldier found dead in WTU barracks at Stewart

Stryker soldier accused of kidnap, torture

Wis. Guard soldiers tie knot before deploying

N.D. Guard unit getting send-off

Army evaluating FCS for acceleration potential

Future of boarding teams in doubt

Tortuga CO, XO fired

Green Beret training course begins in N.C.

Somali pirates reportedly release Saudi tanker

13th MEU departs San Diego for deployment

Marine gets 2 years for shooting friend

Combatives program won’t reach new airmen

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 355

Man gets 15 years in deaths of Hurlburt airmen

Trial date set for O-3 in missile part case

Op tempo puts job-protection rights at risk

42 RI squadron members to depart

Planning team coming to Minot for squadron

Raptors from Va., Alaska deploy to Pacific

New units face evolving fight in Afghanistan

Space A flights require flexibility in passengers' plans

The future of shopping overseas

A general battles post-combat stress

AFRICOM counters piracy with training

Craddock: NATO-Russian ties appear to be on mend

Volunteers keep GIs fed

NAVEUR’s 2009 goal is to continue building partnerships within Africa

Israeli Reserves Sent in to Gaza

Murdered Afghan Leader's Remains Found

Skids Fly to San Antonio

UK Furor Over Harry's Racist Remarks

Body of Somali pirate washes ashore with $153K

Corps Deploys Cows for Iraq's Economy

Pearl Harbor will be sub hub

Presidential welcome for the George H.W. Bush

Joe Scarborough's 6-minute defense of torture.

Two Egyptian children injured by Israeli bombs with another 29 Palestinians killed in Gaza

Rights group: Israel uses incendiary bombs in Gaza

'Soon we'll have nowhere left to run. Nowhere in Gaza is safe'

Gaza's burn victims add to pressure on army over phosphorus

Rami G. Khouri: Moving Toward Gaza-Israel Diplomacy

MEP allowed to enter Gaza Strip

Most MKs oppose postponing elections over Gaza fighting

Blame the Likud party not Israel for Gaza!

Fierce battles as Israel claims it is close to 'achieving goals'

Reservists picnic before battle

Also responsible for Gaza incursion is...Rice

Say thank you, Jon! (RE: The Daily Show's January 5 "Strip Maul" segment)

Jonathan Cook: Offensive traumatises generation of children

Left-wing activists: IDF uses live ammo to break up West Bank protests

As Troops Enter Gaza City, Israel Sees an Opening

Why the Gaza calm crashed by Alastair Crooke

Olmert, Foreign Ministry officials support Livni over UN vote

A Gaza war full of traps and trickery

Hamas reportedly rejects Egypt bid for long-term Gaza truce

Analysis: Abbas weakened by Israel's Gaza war

Blair Says Mideast Cease-Fire Elements In Place

In praise of harsh response

The Double-Face of Arab Protest Over Gaza

Israel sets up mini-Guantamo for Gaza Palestinians

Joe the Plumber trades his wrench for a reporter's notepad in Sderot

For the sake of the children

For Arab Clan, Days of Agony in a Cross-Fire

'Pro-Israel' TV ads from group tied to Hagee, Abramoff

Meet Joe the War Correspondent

Israel Weighs Seizing Gaza (Egypt)Border Corridor-Diplomats

American Jews split over Israeli offensive

Rocket Count Is Rubbery, And So Is The Goal

Anthony H. Cordesman: The War in Gaza -- Tactical Gains, Strategic Defeat?

Israeli Soldier Kidnapped By Hamas Killed In Airstrike

Egypt President, Saudi King To Meet On Gaza Cease-Fire

Israeli General: Let The Israeli Army Win

U.S. sending millions of pounds of munitions to Israel

Arab parties disqualified from elections

Hamas raids aid trucks, sells supplies

ANALYSIS / Israel's victories in Gaza make up for its failures in Lebanon

Press TV: Fans thank Jon Stewart for Gaza stance

Does Israeli Intelligence Lie?

Norman H. Olsen and Matthew N. Olsen: An inside story of how the US magnified Palestinian suffering

Patrick Seale: Drawing the Lessons of Israel’s Gaza War

IDF reservist refuses to fight in Gaza over civilian deaths

‘Israeli Missile’ Hits Church-Backed Hospital in Gaza, Says Humanitarian Alliance

UN Rights Council Condemns Israeli Offensive In Gaza

'Soon we'll have nowhere left to run. Nowhere in Gaza is safe'

Palestinian Rrockets Still Firing As Israeli Offensive Intensifies

'Hamas a black and bloody militia'

A look at key provisions in Senate lands bill

India's Reliance to halt gasoline exports to Iran

Auto electrification needs government aid: Ford exec chair - Reuters

International Energy Agency 'blocking global switch to renewables'

Cape Wind, Barclays Ready Financing

Former Pentagon chief predicts Iran crisis soon

I just had a dream ...

Georgia, Russia in talks over hydropower plant

Alaska Dem. kicks off Congress with call for ANWR drilling

Gaza's burn victims add to pressure on army over phosphorus

Japanese whalers banned from refueling in Australia or New Zealand, go to Indonesia

InfoWorld: The inexact science of carbon neutrality

New England Residents Tracking Daytime Bat Flights - White Nose Disease Driving Bats From Caves

"They're wiping out entire families"

TransOcean Cancels $550K/Day Rig Conract After Customer Runs Out Of Cash - Bloomberg

GRL - Study Reveals "Collapse" In Carbon Uptake By Sea Of Japan - Guardian

Peak Oil Review - Jan 12

Israel bans Arab parties from coming election

EU warns Slovakia on nuclear plant restart

Hasbara spam alert

Testimony from Gaza: Will take decades to rebuild

Israeli jets destroy Gaza baby clinic

Gaza: Some Israelis cry out for peace

Israeli leader warns Hamas of 'iron fist'

Global warming or Ice Age?

The Cycle of Economic Deflation During 2009

The worst thing about right now...

17 page summary of the stimulus package

Brad Setser: This really doesn’t look good

Decline in Hospital Spending

I don't see continual deficit spending as a cure

It wasn't a "perfect storm"--It was a 20mph wind hitting a House of Cards.


A Plan to Jump-Start Economy With No Instruction Manual

Chris Hedges: The Language of Death

Several hundred miles of idle boxcars at various spots around nation.

BCTGM-Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert, 1/9/09

Obama Economic Plan: Create Made in America Jobs

Bloomberg: GM Chopping Costs to Boost Cash Until Demand Revives

Today's working family Carol Simpson cartoon: Vegas

Boeing plans to cut 4,500 jobs this year; mostly in Pacific Northwest

Labor quote for the week of January 5, 2009

Worker to experience a week working in all 50 states

George W. Bush: Labor Enemy #1

UFCW Weekender

Today in labor history Jan 12 President John F. Kennedy signs Executive Order 10988

Vietnam hit by 762 strikes last year, union official says

Corporate Greed Behind Opposition to Employee Free Choice Act


SEIU.ORG: Media Reports: Hilda Solis Headed Towards Confirmation, Has Bipartisan Support

Few in U.S. See Jazeera’s Coverage of Gaza War

Gene Robinson to Speak at Inauguration Festivities

Alerting has done no good, so I am calling out bob_weaver, who thinks rape is funny

Bishop Gene Robinson to speak at inauguration.

Gay bishop will open inaugural weekend

Poll on Bishop Robinson in GD

Warren offers help to anti-gay Episcopal congregations.

The Gay Demographics thread got me to thinking...

Second Gay Employee Fired From Tennessee Hotel

Wooohooo- It's all better now !

Neff: Thank Campbells for not giving in

Cuba ending nine-year ban on new private taxis

Venezuela sends humanitarian aid to Gaza

COLOMBIA: Secret Documents Show US Aware of Army Killings in 1990s

Oh well so much for the "Subway Super Bowl" huh?

Manning's choke

Dungy announces retirement from Colts

Congrats to Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson

Retired Auburn football coach involved in town's fight over Post Office cat.

Tebow to return for senior year

Who's the favorite to win the Super Bowl?

Josh McDaniels, 32 new head coach of the BRONCOS

Jim Rice makes baseball HoF. Andre "Hawk" Dawson doesn't

There's always one a-hole at every sports bar

What will be the Super Bowl matchup?

kind of unique autism blog

A Tactic to Cut I.C.U. Trauma: Get Patients Up

Thousands of years ago...

2005: Bush Buys $1.4 Billion of Rummie's Tamiflu When Influenza Was Already Showing Resistance

BATFE running out of Form 4473's...

Why the double standard when it comes to firearms?

The Stars This Week: for weeks of January 5,2009 & January 12, 2009

Pluto (transit) conjunct Ascendant, relationship woes

Obama Predictions

Strange Dream

PLUTO IN CAPRICORN -42 AD to 1777, and 2008 until 2023

CD and DVD printers?

I am having issues with my church and pastor

Ever had a dream so sweet, it made you depressed?

re: cancer. people, please, *please*

So, JeffR,

A personal shift seems to be at hand

DU members you own a gun for protection and what kind and caliber is it?

What do you call the things you cook French Onion soup in, and,

Who Would Jesus Smack Down?

Life As We Know It Nearly Created in Lab

Large Earthquakes Trigger A Surge In Volcanic Eruptions

Researchers finally observe the repulsive Casimir force

Not your body.

My Genome, My Self

Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson opening Inaugural festivities

Hubble mystery light puzzles astronomers

Fluffy rolls... help?

Teachers, will your students be watching the inauguration in class?

Steve R. Pieczenik

A glimpse into Simon Shack's upcoming release

One of Japan's Best Rock Bands ..gets back together!!

Gran Tarino is a really good movie.

The L Word Season 6 Preview (Spoiler Alert)

Problem with font size suddenly small...using Word 2007 and Vista

What is a good free download manager for xp?

eCommerce? You want to do eCommerce? Ok. I got suggestions.

R.I.P. Bob Wilkins, "Creature Features" host passes at 76.

Check out this thread. John Kerry as...

JK Swearing-in Reception Video