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The Year in Questions - matching game at NY Times website

Boston Globe - Overlooked issues of 2008: Jeff Jacoby...

Should the US support a one-state solution in Israel/Palestine?

New Lang Syne 2008 Video (Thank God It's Over) Got to see this! Rec it at this link..........

Holy miracle - they found this guy alive

Holy miracle - they found this guy alive

Bill Clinton A Possible N.Y. Senate 'Caretaker?'

I'm grateful for all the blessings of life - attended 2 funerals this holiday season



Happy New Year to my friends at DU. You have helped me through the past eight years

Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune all visible right after sunset tonight

The Bush Presidency - From 9/11 to Chapter 11

CNBC is saying: "It's a BRAND NEW WORLD!" I'm wondering how DU'ers Think this World will GO!

In 90’s, Burris’ Sought Death Penalty for Innocent Man

Now, here's a phrase you don't hear everyday: 'tase me in the face'.

Japan flights to Alaska back on after Palin intervenes (tourism over security)

Harvard Psychiatrist Biederman Stops Industry-Funded Work Amid Probe

in case i'm too drunk at 11:59...

Is the Hardball Decider documentary worth watching?

This is the post in which I tell all of you off.

2008: The Year America Jumped the Shark...

How Republicans Get Rid Of Their Trash -

Do you consider yourself compassionate and forgiving for the new year?

Goodbye, DU.

Am I aLONE?!1 Do *NOT*want to see "best-of"clips of PALIN and/or Mc5PLANEs?!1

In case anyone wants to watch, a couple of idiots are going to try to kill themselves on

My New Year's good wishes to all on DU!

Dig the wig - Gary Spivey.

East Coasters NO SPOILERS when New Years happens! West Coasters want to be surprised!

Highlarryus cartune about Youtube commenters.

Top Buzzword of 2008, According to NY Times

A RATED "G" POST...Happy New Year Democratic Underground

Any online New Years feeds?

Turn on CNN as Kathy Griffin watches Anderson Cooper's ball drop!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight

At midnite, I propose a toast to the new Obama admin and a hopefully better new year -2009.

True Blood Marathon on HBO Sweeeet. n/t

Drink, drank, drunk.

Happy 2009 ....

Ill governor senate appointment may be shrewd

Except for Obama - a big exception - good riddance 2008

To all Central time DUers (and all points east). Happy New Year!

I nominate this as the official DU feel good and love each other thread!`

What song do you think of

Happy New Year, DU, We ARE the ones we've been waiting for.

Well, The Clinton's fucked up 2009.

5 New Years Resolutions I vow to keep.

Greetings from the Future, to all of you in the Central & Pacific Time Zones ...

Happy New Year, DUers near and far. 2009 will be better. And

Happy New Year? 39 Firetrucks just passed my house - The Mont I live in is on fire! (fireworks)

Happy New Year to all in the Central Time Zone!!

Happy New Year poll

I think a guy I went to elementary school with is the sub host for Glenn Beck on the radio

I think a guy I went to elementary school with is the sub host for Glenn Beck on the radio

They're playing "Imagine" in Times Square right before the ball drops

Worst Companies in the World: US, Monsanto, Peabody and Barrick

Sometimes the neocons make you typeless and all you can do is...

King of Cayman Islands thanks Bush for Wall St. Bailout

God this Tweety special on the * legacy is vomit-inducing

Toshiba, Toshiba, Toshiba, Toshiba, Toshiba........

LTC Daniel Marvin: The Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy & Cover-up-"I Am Ready To Testify"

Worst Companies in the World: US, Monsanto, Peabody and Barrick

Figurative New Year's Toast to MIA DUers

The Ten AlterNet Stories From 2008 That Outraged Readers The Most

Time Warner is fighting Viacom over a 23 cent increase in monthly bills

Joel Pett, Lexington Herald

I was visiting with my dad, and Rush Limbough's name came up.

Happy New Year to all. And look at how my count down was spent.,

Happy new year guys to all of you who have seen the year

Viacom stations still on Time Warner

a week late, but ..enjoy

Deepak Chopra: 9 Steps To Peace For Obama In The New Year

Zadar's Sea Organ..sounds like an ideal place for Ted Stevens

Happy Leap Second!

A Happy New Year Salute to y'all..

My best freinds mom has died today.

I'm glad this holiday shit is almost over! I miss Stephen, Jon and Keith!

Murder rate in VT way up last year- 17 homicides.

Welcome to America's hall of shame

Glenn Greenwald: Another Brutal Year For Liberty

Naomi Klein on disaster capitalism in Lebanon

Does anyone here play in the molecular gastronomy playground?

"Labor, Barak enjoy popularity surge thanks to Gaza operation." Winning the body count poll.

Thieves return Madoff statue, with note attached

By 2009 I thought I'd either be on top of the world - or under it

Show me more money? USSCJ Roberts wants more

less than 3 weeks left

Mexico Denies Sen. Grassley’s Accusations About Meat Ban

We'l l probably only get one high-profile show trial.

Does anyone know where George W. Bush is?

Think of Rick Astley.............

I'm watching the Pre-Rose Parade Coverage on KTLA 5 LA; Cloris Leachman was bleeped

R.I.P. Helen Suzman

Goodbye 2008

Oh so weird ! And I have no idea how wide spread, But there are no fire works and it creeps me out.

Oh so weird ! And I have no idea how wide spread, But there are no fire works and it creeps me out.

Counterfeiting up 28%.

More twists and turns in '09: Five big trends to watch

New Years Eve: Do you REALLY wish you were in NYC or Chicago?

The year by the numbers: Wow

AIDS skeptic Christine Maggiore dies in LA at 52

What float should we look for at the Rose Bowl Parade in a few minutes

how many people have attended a tournament of roses parade...?

Web worldwide: UK housewives love it, Chinese use it most, Danes are least keen

New Sentencing Guidelines For Crack, New Challenges

how does one contact the admins to find out why a thread about a parade is moved to "sports"???

how does one contact the admins to find out why a thread about a parade is moved to "sports"???

Who IS staying at "Blair House" and why didn't they just offer to get out for

Oprah donates $365,000 to Atlanta school

Investigative reporter Mark Mitchell explains the Madoff dilemma at

What helped the rise of Hamas? U.S., Israel policies, turns out

What helped the rise of Hamas? U.S., Israel policies, turns out

Did anyone see that stealth bomber fly over the Rose Parade?

how many people have been to a PARADE in pasedena on january 1?

Suspect in Aspen bomb plot found dead - Relax, he wasn't a terrorist

I want an OSHA that does its job - they use to! pre neo con

Business week: Starbucks' Union Blues

Scary sight at First Night in Raleigh...

at midnight, US hands over green zone

at midnight, US hands over green zone

I'll just say it

Panel wants fuel taxes hiked to fund highways

NovaM Streams Still Down

Sarah Palin denies Levi and Bristol are HS Dropouts

Lender Continues to Buck Trend, Saves Home Through H4H

Was George Hamilton the favorite house guest of right wing despots?

The Rude Pundit: Nail the New Calendars to the Walls

The Rude Pundit: Nail the New Calendars to the Walls

Matt Dillon arrested for speeding in Vermont (clocked at 106 mph)

Happy New Year finally from Alaska. :)


Which topic will you miss most after the Chimp is gone?

New Years Prediction:

It's stunning how many mid to lower income folks still believe...

Kathy Griffen to Cooper: "I'm working here...blah...blah... Knock the dicks out of your mouth" OMG!

For unions, a softer N.C. (give organized labor two of its biggest victories in a year)

The DLC/Third Way's hilarious lashing out at criticism. Funniest blogging I've ever read

EPA: Rivers high in arsenic, heavy metals after sludge spill

EPA: Rivers high in arsenic, heavy metals after sludge spill

Crooks and Liars Golden Crookies Wingnut of the Year:

Happy New Year! It's the End of the World As We Know It!

A dark skinned person came to my door this morning

Australian, New Zealand Dollars Complete Worst Year on Record

The Obama citizenship doubters are now making disguised threats against his life

South Carolina Governor Relents on Jobless Funds

Will Bush's limo get egged as he's leaving the White House?

US readying south Afghan surge against Taliban

What happens when the Israeli & Palestinian honchos (for example) tell Hillary ...

W Post: The Harm Elaine Chao Did (ideological motivation and callousness toward the less fortunate)

How can George W. Bush constructively aspire to change and abandon his raging racism?

Rebels 'advancing towards CAR'

Somebody tell me why that shithead Joe Watkins

US fails to break Somali Islamists

Secret muslims, RFID chips, Heretic Pope...

Should, and can, the USA get a centralized federal voting bureau?

Sex offenders must hand over online passwords

Wow!!!!!!!......Death Defiying Wow....or Stupid

2008: Bush’s Last Year By The Numbers»

After almost decade of treating China....

Saving the Detroit Three, Finishing Off the UAW: Learning From the Auto Crisis

Marinating steak in beer or wine 'reduces cancer chemicals'

20 days

Rut Roh.....some more yellowstone volcano stuff from another forum

A new year gift for all you DU Mac users.

Your chance to autograph George Bush's pink slip: After all, you're the employer.

Palin, 15 min 59 seconds of fame & counting, on Bristol & Levi's BUTTS: "Working Their Butts Off"

What To Do With Burris

How many DUers have lost a job this year?

Teen Blogs about Homelessness...

Neighbors of Chicago firefighter accused of molesting children say he was a kind loner

Obama dismisses Bush Pentagon appointees

Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill on Book-TV today at 6pm ET

Happy 50th Anniversary Cuba

I wonder if you can?

2008: Bush’s Last Year By The Numbers»

Does anybody have an e-mail address to send Muntadhar al-Zaidi

Is owning a home a right or a privilege?

Definition of STUPIDITY (Documentary)

An Economic Stimulus That Might Have Good Effect

19 more days to go people...that is all.

Resurrecting my 1000th post...the crimes of the Bush administration...I

Wall St Closes Out Worst Year Since Great Depression

Four Felons Gained Special Access To Bush To Win Clemency

So SC Governor Mark Sanford is the new head of the RGA, but do ya'll remember this classic?

It's NOT a Fucking Leap Year!

Group seeks return of pot plants from police

Please come by

Drunk State Trooper arrested in Md

Hello darkness, my old friend,

Ahhh Luxembourg

Will we have a Coronation or an Inauguration?


Fed Court grants standing to atheist & lesbian family comparing discrimination to "Jim Crow South"

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

CBS News sounding kind of propagandish

Climate Change Policies Failing, NASA Scientist Warns Obama

So Long Cowboy

“Bushitler” (George W. Bush comparable to Adolf Hitler)

“Bushitler” (George W. Bush comparable to Adolf Hitler)

Baby born on flight to Boston

Any New Year Resolution?

Harry Reid on Ted Stevens' indictment on corruption and bribery charges: "He's presumed innocent."

Check these out

America this is our time,

Thank you senator Webb for calling for nationwide prison reform! Thanks NYT for the editorial!

Your Top Three Accomplishments of 2008

Viacom, Time Warner Cable settle contract dispute

anyone else experiencing a cell-phone outage?

Photos: The 18% club shows up at the Waco airport to soak up Bush's sunny nobility...

Are we headed for a depression?

Ms. Palin's Pro-contraception message: "Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with"

The Employee Free Choice Act - GREAT explanation. Save this post

Military Times Damages Credibility by Promoting Unscientific "Survey"

I am 42 and just had my first experience with a bail bondsman. Hubbys best friend pulled a stupid

Bush was a shoo-in to office (with the help of the Supremes). Wanna bet

Bush was a shoo-in to office (with the help of the Supremes). Wanna bet

"and the blood of children ran through the streets"

New California law: No texting while driving.


I just went back to verify the night I took my last drink...

To all you single DUers living alone.............

Hackers unlock iPhone 3G, free it from shackles of AT&T

Today: Best Ever rendition of Nation Anthem at Wrigley Field's Winter Classic NHL game.

Hunter S. Thompson Motivational Posters

FOUND! Our bailout money. It's gone offshore.


A question about the Constitution.

Award Winning Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits

S&P 500 Index Annual Growth Rates, Carter to Bush 43

Senator Claiborne Pell Dead at 90

In Memory of Claiborne Pell

Heads up, Obama!

Anyone know what the Iraqi said as he threw those shoes?

Since at this point in time we really don't know the depth of the damage

Oh, you adorable scamp!

Pic Of Tripp

Happy New Year !!! - All the best from the Democratic Underground moderators.

Thanks, Skinner, Elad, EarlG! You ran a great year!

Thanks, Skinner, Elad, EarlG! You ran a great year!

George and Laura Bush are poster children for the new American Aristocracy.

George and Laura Bush are poster children for the new American Aristocracy.

But seriously

WTF is it with the "Driving is a privilege, not a right" meme?

The Bushie that Obama is keeping in the Pentagon is a real doozy

Naked Short Selling! What it is and how it's killing our soldiers!

When companies go hiding offshore, how should they be punished?

What the hell really goes on in the halls of Congress?

What the hell really goes on in the halls of Congress?

Reid and the other Senators have no right to keep Burris out

Breaking: DUzy Academy announces schedule change & Special Sigline Award winners.

Is Carlyle Next to Go Bust?

Wow. GHWB was in the CIA form the mid-50's on?

During the heavy bombardment of the late 1960's the local population was reduced to living in caves

Kite me a sign..Indians are high

George W. Bush has “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” and is severely mentally ill

My plea to all for the New Year (and infinity...) Please don't drink and drive

George W. Bush is incurably mentally ill

Blago ....... Fitz ...... Reynolds Wrap

Builders dig up 17th-century galleon in Argentina

3 arrested and 1 sought in that gang rape of lesbian.

They don't get it yet...they still think we have all kinds of money to give them...

The world is so bizarre anymore, even Honey importing becomes 'nasty'


Fitzgerald's shoddy investigation deserves no extension.

Why people think they like their employer-paid health insurance

My nephew is turning into an ignorant freeper. :(

Watched part of Jesus Camp today. It made me angry and rather fearful.

disabled man 'left to die by paramedics because he wasn't worth saving'

Self Delete NT

Your move, Yellow...

Snuggie-- the blanket with sleeves!

Matt Dillon arrested for driving 106 mph. A nation weeps. Not really. But he WAS busted. BOO-YAH!

Midnight is...

Hootie and the Blowfish are AWESOME.

Happy New Year from the UK

Anybody have a favorite solution for a chapped face?

Kitties were told it was impolite to bite feas while they were inside.

We son and I are ringing in the New Year on Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii.

Does anyone else like reading Cultural Histories as much as I do? My favourite

Tomorrow it's the 23rd wedding anniversary for Mr. Yankee and me!

New Year's Eve DUzy announcements & sigline awards up in GD:

Guy walks into a bar with a duck on his head...

New Year's in Sydney Harbour, Australia. Pic Heavy!

Will I get a job in 2009?

Today is my son's 21st birthday

New Year's Confessions:

"Naples sex strike over fireworks"

"Let Me Out"

Do you want a Wunder Boner?

My husband is on a quest...

"Happy To Serve You At Any Hour. No Questions Asked." Jack

Dinner for One--a New Year's Eve Tradition

I just found out that the city of Altoona PA...

I just saw a chick who was staring at me because I was staring at her because she had

Happy New Year from my Hybrid house .......

May all acquaintences be forgotten, huh?

I almost don't want kids ever... just because

Chalres Barkley wins best arrest report of 2008.

If 2008 has taught me anything it's that...

Replay of Obama at the Al Smith dinner

I am back from the geek store.

Happy New Year DU Lounge!!!!!!!!

A friend of mine is at Universal Studios Florida

I know you Minnesotans and Wisconsians aren't going to be sympathetic, but

Happy New Year to everyone! Especially those that are most


Watched 3 movies - On Demand FIOS TV

It's 2009 here in Newfoundland!

Happy New Year, You Fools

Bye 2008!

How are you spending that extra second?

So here I am on DU for New Years! Pooh!

It just doesn't get any better than that.

I'm drinking some hot cocoa my mother sent over in a bag.

What was your best day of 2008?

Help me find the expiration date!

Forty New Years ago. Those were the days, my friend.

So how drunk is Rev-Acts already?

Happy New Year!!! From CST, USA

here's to "one too many" for 2009

happy new year to my fellow loungers on central time!

Little MB's Dad Just Gave Me The Biggest New Year's Hug EVAH!

I made my own fireworks. Happy New Year!

It's a cookbook!

Petitioning of Skinner to create a non-political videos forum

Still have 55 minutes to go until it is New Years here in Texas...

Don't hate me cause I'm a crazed human flesh-eating douchebag that hates all life...

Toast at the ready. 1159 pm

My New Year's resolution for 2009? Drink more.

Beef summer sausage, smoked cheddar and Swiss,

Happy new year from the mountain time zone!

So, do we set our clocks back or forward now?

I hate new years

I'm currently watching "A Day Without a Mexican."

An hour and a half later, and I'm finally home from work.

New Year's predictions?

How 'bout some Skid Row on this New Years?

Anyone for some 2009 sex?

Damn kids with their New Years fireworks

I love the sparkle in your eye! ...3!

Happy New Year East Coast!!!!

Hooray for meaningless milestones!! WOOHOO 2009!!!

Happy New Year fellow West Coasters!


I rubbed up against the light socket and afro'd my pubic hair.

I rubbed up against the light socket and afro'd my pubic hair.

Happy New Year message from The King.

Aly walk with me

New Barbarians for the New Year

All is quiet on New Year's Day.

Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire


The Church - Destination

Band of Horses

I still dream of Organon.

Kick and Rec if you think this next year is gonna be AWESOME!!

I would like to have a figurative toast to MIA DU'ers......

Cocain cowgirl

Stevie Nicks A blue lamp

Am I the only sober one here?

Fadeaway bodeans

Does anyone here play in the molecular gastronomy playground?


Let's be fair. At least the Palins don't name their kids

The Caylee Anthony case gets weirder by the minute.

When TV execs figure out that Carson Daly has no talent?

Holy crap, it's so cold outside if I could put only my computer's CPU out there

Wow, I was pretty excited to hear an AD for "the magic jack".....

Oh, mercy. There is a George W. Bush beagle now.

Anyone else watching this Canada/USA game? Holy shit

Man arrested for stealing $625 in lobster & beef tells investigators "times are tough"

Ever tried one of those "Kill A Watt" devices?

My Kiss tribute band is playing on Long Island tonight!

Ue wo muite arukou

RANT: The people playing GT5 Prologue online think it is Demolition Derby...

SPOILER: the sound engineer for the Rose Bowl Parade SUCKS.

What float should we look for at the Rose Bowl Parade in a few minutes

the Paradox of the Apes...

New year's Eve host combos

Oh, for Zombie Jesus's sake! It's snowing again!

I just schooled a GT-R, an M3, a Viper, a Ford GT, a Ferrari F430, and a Ferrari 599

So...I'm 51 years old

Peas on erf

Okay, my daughter and her boyfriend have been sitting in the car in the driveway

Blood pudding or white pudding?

Ever hear of that tradition that what you do on New Year's is how you'll spend the rest of the year?

Holiday weight gain. How much did you put on?

Parents of camera-shy kids...

You can tell it's a special moment here right now

how many people have been to a PARADE in pasedena on january 1?

This next year is going to be awesome--awesomely SMOOTH!

Your nominations for best pilot episode of a series?

Got any corned beef and cabbage recipes?

oh, man, I hurt

kitten picture of the day for thursday January 1

this ever happen to you?

"absolutely one of the last great barn discoveries!"...

I'd love to see Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" covered by a gay male singer

The main sections of Altoona

"Auld Lang Syne" is a fucked up song.


I was working on my radio show last night. What did I miss?

Here is an internet photo of a random guy who lives in Altoona, PA

How can men be snipers if they can't "aim"?

Terrorizing Dissent

I did not post this. I was never here.

Man, small-town living is WEIRD.

This summer: job or volunteering abroad?

The inaugaration day essay contest - is it really an essay contest, or just a random pick?

Lets play how cold is it at your house right now...

Yappy Hew Near!!!

Uploading to YouTube for the first time - how long does this take?

What was your favorite musical discovery of 2008?

i just got back from the piggly wiggly

Obscure Good Advice for the New Year

A picture of my daughter and me at the Giants game a few weeks ago

Ever fire a .357 round into a computer tower?

Fire walk with me

Some are born into greatness. Others have it thrust into them.

Invent a name

What do you think of the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

WTF is it with the Cowboys Haters Clique??

'Take Me Out to the Hockey Game'?

Kathy Griffin just now on CNN:

How was your New Years eve? Mine was great...Today 1/1/09 not so great up

I'm a Bad Southerner.

Remember Jack "Stargazer" Horkheimer?

Can someone answer some easy questions re settling a recent death in the family?

Is anyone streaming MSNBC online?

Happy New Year. Love you all so much.

Anybody blown off a resolution yet?

"You saved his life" the man said as I gave him back his dog


So how does 19 year old "Rock Star" Joe Jonas react to a bra being thrown at him? Now we know:

Randy bastard pinched me!


Happy New Year. God, I'm depressed.

I spent a load of money at the grocery store and now no one's coming over.

I need to run something by you needed

back in my day...

Worst movie of the year: The Happening

Did anyone see that stealth bomber fly over the Rose Parade?

I like Canada but DAMN..(in the Winter) Your weather pretty much Sucks! >>>

Question about church...

Imitrex is now "generic"! :woohoo:


What are your oldest family photos?

I wish the Killers would go away

Do you believe in karma?

Free to a good home: one gassy dog

Happy Mummer's Day

A Musical Tribute to New Year's, told entirely in Classic Rock Instrumentals.

Just had to give the dogs a stress pill. These fireworks are freaking them out!

You're so vain. I bet you think this thread is about you.

Post Videos That Take You Back To Your Childhood (free videos included in this post)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/1/09

The Dummy starting now on the Twilight Zone Marathon

Has anyone here tried absinthe before?

Gawd, I hate Clemson.

So what's your New Year's resolution?

Does anyone here make stained glass?Do you have any resources for it?

Folks, it's time again for the Twilight Zone Marathon!

My supervisor just drunk dialed me a little bit ago.

16 year old blogs about being homeless

Am I weird?

I think Madinmaryland drops the F-Bomb WAY too much.

Bernie Hamilton, " Captain Dobey" of Starsky & Hutch has died...


Bi-Baby let her license expire

Art Bell fucking rules

My Grandmother lost her hearing aid today

Besides Mario, name a videogame character 10 years old

what to know when buying your first guitar?

Old Band Geeks...Show Yourselves!

HELL YEAH! i just snagged a ticket to the sugar bowl!

What is the funniest word in the English Language?

Rose Bowl thread

Some are born into misery. Others have it thrust upon them.

Bob Mould sells a song to TIAA-CREF? Could I possibly be any more annoyed?

WannaBe and DayDreamin go to Dallas ***DialUp Warning****

What are your New Year's Day rituals/superstitions?

12:05 am I wake up not breathing with a horrible allergic reaction....

12:05 am I wake up not breathing with a horrible allergic reaction....

New years kitten!


Got into a mild scuffle with my sister over her kids.

I just saw a grown man call a 10 year old kid a fat piece of shit - I wanted to beat him senseless.

Barney Frank, Dennis Kucinich, Cindy Sheehan - ALL ECCENTRIC

My feelings exactly

Hey, who won the DU fantasy football league?

Here's to a bright new year!

Did you ever google to see which sites link to you or have used your "stuff"? Wutang Clan

Who the FUCK is Kathy Griffin? What a fucking LOSER! My god, she

What next for little Tripp?

Does Cartoon Network have any original shows with non-shitty animation?

So... I'm all alone ?

61.5 inches for December!

Carl's Jr.: Fuck you, I'm eating.

In case you forgot, The Watchmen is coming out this year

Holy shit. My cousin committed suicide early this morning.

Can there POSSIBLY be anything more fucking lame than a "tribute band?"

What's a good masculine scent for the Mens Room?

Let me get this straight...on a gas stove, the broiler is in the BOTTOM DRAWER?

Salam Alaykum, Democraticunderground!

At what age do people start thinking in words?

Does anyone here have that GREAT Youtube link of election night coverage?

Will Obama be a typical politician and defend Israel's bombing of Gaza?

** Last Post for 2008 **

Huffington Post: Obama and the Jewish Question by Adam Neiman

Hope and Change

Happy New Year everyone, but I'm not celebrating , yet .


2009. Merry New Gregorian Period In Time.

General Gayety - Rick Warren’s invocation options - Great read!

Open source coding and the Obama campaign

Obama Plays It Cool .. snl video skit ..very funny.

No wonder Obama has the ability to keep his head when the flat irons start flying..

Before Obama, DC welcomes leather fetishists

10/31/08: "Mike Ditka Hits the Campaign Trail with Palin"

TPM's Rosenberg; Israeli Professor in Washington Post: War is "Unnecessary, Cruel and Cynical"

A 'Strong and Decisive Leader'

Happy New Year!!

What purpose does the "Presidential Pardon" serve?

Prosecute Cheney or Legalize Marijuana?

An empty suit for an empty seat

Obama may reverse Bush policies on stem cells, drilling, abortion

Too bad the Democrats weren't as vehement about not seating the judges nominated by Bush as they

LAT's Rosa Brooks: Israel can't bomb its way to peace

A Wily Inside Player, Reid Is Key to Obama Agenda

What should Obama do from now on concerning Blag and Burris?

19 days left! In 2009, Happy Days are Here Again!

Way to go Charles you just BLEW!! your political career down the drain

How can George W. Bush constructively aspire to change and abandon his raging racism?

Blago presents us with three evils. Pick one.

Fashion icons behind Obama inauguration merchandise; link to Runway to Change Collectibles Store

An Obama inaugural ball will be only for military

uh oh Kathy Griffin just lost it on CNN: "I don't go to your job and knock the

NY phil live with Carmen.

Whatever else Blago has done, he's damaging dems and Obama

Burris Sought Death Penalty for an Innocent Man

'Unprecedented' 60,000 People Volunteer For Obama Inauguration

Bush History-The Three I's, 1/1

Paterson Opposes 'Caretaker' For New York

Why did Roland Burris and Bobby Rush fall for Blago's racecard trap?

If Bush is sent to prison, would his Secret Service detail have to live in adjacent cells?

This whole mess with Gov. Blagojevich really isn't funny, folks.

kathy griffin teaches anderson cooper some manners.

I have no attachment one way or the other regarding the fate of Blago. But,

find your role model

I just wonder if Reid and Obama’s reaction to Blago’s pick would have been the same if Blago

Is harold ford register in New York?

Bill Clinton, Mario Cuomo as "caretaker" of NY Senate seat possible scenario

Nine Steps to Peace for Obama in the New Year (Deepak Chopra)

Another reason to oppose Burris' appointment: Burris tried to execute an innocent man.

Burris goes to court to push appointment through

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper

How the Senate Can Stop Blagojevich

Should Jesse Jackson Jr. still be considered for the Senate?

Alright. President-elect Barack Obama can do no wrong.

Hey, Dem leaders... how it works is that when your bluff is called the hand is over.

Is George W. Bush absolutely above the law?

Who is more damaging to the Democratic Party ?

Some people will defend anything with a (D) in front of their name.

Obama Expected to Name Labor Economist to Advisory Council

I would be very against Bill Clinton as a caretaker senator for NY.

Justice Roberts says inflation outpacing his pay...

Do you generally trust your fellow Americans?

Home sweet hotel: Obama family moves into 5-star Hay-Adams for lead-up to inauguration

Senate Dems need to back off this and just seat Burris.

Cheers to all of you on DU who fought hard for Obama and those who fight now for the better

Israel accused of ramming Gaza aid ship

Obama dismisses Bush Pentagon appointees

Fire sweeps through Bangkok nightclub, killing 59

State oversite of TVA coal ash spill lacks resources

Sri Lanka: Military seizes key rebel crossroads

What helped the rise of Hamas? U.S., Israel policies, turns out

Clintons, Revelers Ring in 2009 in Times Square

Eichmann trial transcripts now available on Justice Ministry Web site

Gonzales Defends Role in Antiterror Policies (Mr. 'I Can't Recall' to Write Book)

Britain ready to take in Guantánamo prisoners; Deal will help Obama to close down terror jail

Australia pledges $3.5 million aid to Gaza victims

Russian gas supply to Ukraine halted over unpaid bills

Airstrikes rock Gaza as truce remains elusive

Lawsuit seeks to take 'so help me God' out of inaugural

Sudan flies new jets in show of military muscle

Obama is strong leader, three quarters of Americans say

As Clock Strikes 12, U.S. Hands Iraq Control of Green Zone

Russia cuts off gas to Ukraine

Former Head of Chinese Dairy Pleads Guilty

60,000 Volunteer for Inauguration; Most Won't Make Cut

Suspected U.S. Missile Strike Kills 3 in Pakistan

Rebels 'advancing towards CAR'

Gaza attack strengthens Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

U.S. troops under Iraq's authority for first time

Helen Suzman, Anti-Apartheid Activist, Dies At 91

Obama dismisses Bush Pentagon appointees

Man accused of leaving Colo. bombs kills himself

Judge rules dead miner's family entitled to benefits (killed in the Crandall Canyon Mine collapse)

Hawaii Respite Concludes for Obama

Treasury Has Pledged More Rescue Funds Than Authorized

Congress gets a New Year’s raise

Connecticut Bank Is Drawn Into Madoff Scandal

Citigroup Agrees To Limit Exec. Pay

Bank of America, Wells close mergers as banking transforms

Report: Toyota Developing Solar Powered Green Car

Minnesota Recount Almost Over -- But Coleman Could Keep A Franken Win Bottled Up For Weeks

Obama to host Commander-in-Chief's Ball

Chief Justice Roberts Says Congress Should Give Judges Same Inflation-Related Pay Hike It Is Getting

Obama, Pelosi to Discuss Scope of Economic Package

Former U.S. Sen. Claiborne Pell, 90, dies

Taliban gunmen ambush, kill 20 policemen

Israeli Aircraft Kill Senior Hamas Figure

Federal judges lose bid for pay raises

Caroline Kennedy clears political hurdle

Microsoft blames leap year for Zune freeze

Wall Street's Final '08 Toll: $6.9 Trillion Wiped Out

Madoff's assets to be kept secret

Baby Girl Born On US-Bound Flight

Microsoft planning big layoffs for January?

3 arrested in N. California lesbian gang rape case

Burris goes to court for Senate seat

150 Rally at Islamic Center of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Human Rights Activists Urged to Support Innocent Gazans

Gaza crisis: challenge and opportunity for Obama to turn the page toward peace

Australia: Thousands rally against Israeli Gaza attacks

Cuba condemns Israeli attack on Gaza

Gaza police back on the beat amid Israeli attacks

Green Party condemns Israel's massive air attack on Gaza, calls on US to rein in Israel

Protest in Dearborn, Michigan denounces Israeli attack on Gaza

What helped the rise of Hamas? U.S., Israel policies, turns out

How Hamas is altering Israeli politics

State okays Gaza 'pool' for reporters (Jerusalem Post)

"Humanitarian aid flow in our interest"

"Labor, Barak enjoy popularity surge thanks to Gaza operation." Winning the body count poll.

Gaza strike is not against Hamas, it's against all Palestinians

About Israel and "fair and balanced" news reports

Je Me Souviens / I remember (contains history of Gaza Strip for those who don't know much about it)

What helped the rise of Hamas? U.S., Israel policies, turns out

New Shas jingle features duet of party chairman and Obama

IDF recommends major, but short-term, ground offensive in Gaza

Israeli foreign minister repeats rejection of ceasefire - Summary

Abbas greets Gazans live on television; promises to exert all efforts to stop massacre

The truth about those Hamas rockets

Anti-war Israelis getting the same treatment we got.

Gaza rocket barrage hits Negev; direct strike on 8-floor Ashdod residence

Child Casualties Mount In Beseiged Gaza

Divisions Deep at Arab League Meeting

Hamas Insider Killed in Israeli Strike on Gaza

Israel Imposes General Closure on West Bank

Al-Jazeera's graphic Gaza images inspire anger, hostility

Israel Drafts YouTube, Netanyahu to Woo World Opinion on Gaza

Israel over-reaches

The deadly consequences of the games that Israel plays

Russia shuts off gas to Ukraine

Robert Fisk: The self delusion that plagues both sides in this bloody conflict

Gaza health services on brink of collapse

So What Have The Palestinians Got To Complain About?

Progressives Need to Renew Advocacy After Obama Election

Don’t Fall For Israeli Propaganda

The Big Bailout Lessons

Dear Mr. President

WP editorial: A Little Less Than 'Magic'; GOP makes common sense and goodwill disappear

Cornyn Indicates Senate GOP Will Resist Seating Al Franken

Cornyn Indicates Senate GOP Will Resist Seating Al Franken

Happy New Year 2009 From the Weekend Economists!

Barack Gets Even for the 'Magic Negro' Song

Bill Clinton A Possible N.Y. Senate 'Caretaker?'

The Bush Presidency in Four Words

Investigative reporter Mark Mitchell explains the Madoff dilemma at

Rosa Brooks: Israel can't bomb its way to peace

Operation Disrupt Democracy in El Salvador

Wall Street's Final '08 Toll: $6.9 Trillion Wiped Out

Latest GOP Whine? Chief Justice John Roberts, About His Pay

Insurance Hassles Killing Off Family Docs

"The Ten Young Progressive Intellectuals Who Make Me Hopeful"

Russia's S-400 Air Defense System May Be World's Best

Michael Kinsley: Eight Years Later

Glenn Greenwald: Another brutal year for liberty

Why I Am a Socialist By Chris Hedges

Robert Fisk: The rotten state of Egypt is too powerless and corrupt to act

Was whole economy a Ponzi scheme?

The Bush Presidency in Four Words

At 50, Cuba's revolution showing its age

Auld Lang Syne - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Abba - Happy New Year

'Imagine' Plays in Times Square New Year's Eve 2009; Clintons

After going 7 for 12 last year: My predictions for 2009.

My Dear Acquaintance (Happy New Year) - Regina Spektor

Young Turks: Politician Sexually Harasses His Mistress

All is quiet on New Year's Day. A world in white gets underway

Obama's First 100 Days & Return From Hawaii

Dymond Milburn - collateralnews



Obama's Stimulus Plan

In Memorium: 2008 Action Figures

Kathy Griffin Live on CNN 2009 (Kathy to heckler: "I don't go to your job and knock the dicks..."

Bush's Seven Minutes of Silence

O'Reilly: This song will offend some people, but to report on this, we have to play some of it

Fox News allows 'magic negro' New Year's message to be broadcast.

10 steps to democracy

Happy New Year From I Can Has Cheezburger?

Rachel Maddow: Banks Take Taxpayer Money, Refuse to Say What They've Done With It

TYT: Is Israel's Response To Hamas Correct?

West Wing Titles - Barack Obama (The Real West Wing), Year 1

151 U.S. troops die in Afghanistan in 2008

2 Pa. legislators will ship out for Iraq

Harvesting ties with Afghanistan

N.Y. National Guard soldiers return

Troops deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan at lowest

Marine legend Lt. Gen. Victor Krulak dies

Lance corporal dies in Iraq

3 years after losing leg, airman deploys

Cell phone drivers to lose privileges at D-M

Vet Killings Spark Miami Protest

NASA chief’s wife: Keep my spouse

Iraq Takes Over Green Zone Security

DOJ Files Suit for Reservist Over Job

Unhappycamper,hopefully you can make more sense from this than I can..I'm too pissed!

Military Times Damages Credibility with Obama "Survey"

Revealed: The cement that eats carbon dioxide (!!!)

Nuclear Winter T-Shirt

Slippery Ships That Float on Air: Air-carpet hulls could sail faster, save fuel and cut emissions

RealClimate: 2008 Year in review

Cholera Death Toll In Zimbabwe Rises Above 1,600 - UN/WHO

After Eight Years Of Lies, Job Cuts & Inertia, Bush Interior Dept. Congratulates Itself - WP

2009 Time For Action

Kew Gardens Removes Dozens Of 150+ Year-Old Oaks Killed By Pests - "Seasonality Disappearing"

2,500 Patagonian Penguins Wash Up - Dead And Alive - In Northern Brazl's Bahia State - IPS

Chief Of Dene Nation - Caribou Numbers Dropping Fast, River Levels Falling, Ice Too Thin To Hunt On

Maine offers wind-power rebates

China Claims Discovery Of World's Largest Dinosaur Site - Finds Include 20-Meter Hadrosaur - Reuters

Study Finds Number Of Undernourished Polar Bears Has Tripled In Past 20 Years - New Scientist

Climate change: 2008 year in review

EPA Orders Oregon Landowner and Contractor to restore wetlands (violations of the US Clean Water Act

Bush may be giving Obama breathing room to fight global warming

Start 2009 Off Right With The "Drill Baby, Drill!" Reality Check - Energy Bulletin/Oil Drum

Groundwater contamination no problem for Idaho miners

Right whales gather off coast of Maine (winter record)

Recycled homes find new foundation in Woodstown: "There is a niche in home moving and recycling, …"

Can aircraft trails affect climate?: Grounding planes after the 11 September attacks may not have …

Bush Interior Dept. Is Giving Itself A Pat on the Back: Environmentalists Take Issue With List …

Multiple tiny earthquakes rattle Yellowstone. Could the big one be far behind? (A: Yes)

How are projects selected for the stimulus package?

Get ready for the refrain of the nutters: " Cool 2008 warms climate debate"

Biogas plant that has raised hopes in Flint could be operating in 2009

Report: Toyota developing solar powered green car

Jim Hanson's letter to Obama

Government aid could save U.S. newspapers, spark debate

Bank of America, Wells close mergers as banking transforms

Government aid could save U.S. newspapers, spark debate

To stimulate our economy

Can we substitute a domestic tax for non existent international tariffs?

Gulf Countries will create a single monetary union

The Economy is Bad...but is there substance to the Self-Fulfilling Prophscy?

How can the economy be saved.

Today in labor history Jan 1 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) takes effect & much more

OSHA loses most of Monte Carlo fire case on appeal

LA Times: SAG moderates seek to oust negotiating committee

A year of triumphs and scandals for SEIU

Labor Pains Are Not Easily Shared (WIN for Teamsters & country's largest trucking Co. YRC)

After worker raids, Smithfield union OK'd

Ship to be unloaded after labor dispute settled

Card Check Is Not Unconstitutional

Companies force workers to take unpaid vacation (temporarily laid off workers hit a 17-year high)

News Coverage on Unemployment Rates, Job Cuts, Labor Markets, Employment Programs: EIN News Launches

Labor Law Changes Have Military Perks (take effect Jan. 16.)

Greater need snags AFL-CIO adoption (for the holidays) program

Help still available for 300 former Kraft workers

CVPS, IBEW agree to five-year contract

Pennsylvania manufacturer faces $140K in OSHA fines

OSHA cites CA carwashes

USW Urges U.S. to Reject Latest Doha Paper for WTO Rules

More Texas workers died on the job

Pittsburgh-area stainless steel plant lays off 200

ECONOMY-US: Carmaker Rescue Could Cost Workers

ECONOMY-US: Obama to Inherit Legacy of Free Market Free Fall

United Auto Workers Union Worth $1.5 Billion in 2007

Unemployment rolls hit 4.5 million

If Gays are not suited to adopt children

How do you know if you are gay?

a really cute absolute vodka ad

So what

Students For Equality

Birds Fly

Happy New Year to the GLBTIQ Community and Friends!

Obama should have the US sign UN statement endorsing universal decriminalization of homosexuality

Several pastors want to repeal Cleveland's domestic-partner registry

3 arrested in N. California lesbian gang rape case

GLBT' s its really past time for marches, sit ins, and the

So, booing Warren would be "tacky"

Brazil embraces spelling reforms

Operation Disrupt Democracy in El Salvador

John Tavares, amazing goal at World Juniors...

First really predictable headline of 2009: Favre needed benching, says Thomas Jones

Charles Barkley admitted he was looking for sex during DUI arrest

how many people have attended a tournament of roses parade...?

Good physicians know the bad ones in their midst. Why don't they point fingers?

frustrated by the number of republican breast cancer survivors- rant

Is there a link between coumadin and bad breath?

Too much thinking 'can make you fat'

Happy New Year to all of the wonderful, loving souls of ASAH

New Years Revelations - a 5-week makeover for your spiritual life

Let's have a virtual birthday party for Journalgrrl!

...A word from Baby New Year 2009...

Anyone else experiencing power surges of the metaphysical sort? This might be why.......

Baking & Spirit!

Odd dream - opinions please

A few from Anchorage's Fire & Ice New Year's Eve party

Happy New Year Photog Group.

My New Year's Resolution...

Happy New Year!

Nolle's ANNUAL 2009 Astro-forecast

a quiche that came out very tasty

Gotta post this almost catastrophe and the rescue.

Please give me some backup....My best friends are a young couple

Nepalese food


Does anyone play in the molecular gastromony playground?

Corned beef and cabbage

What did I do to screw this up and how do I fix it?

Now I remember why I don't eat this very often!

i have always believed that Abraham and Mohamed were Schizophrenic. here is an interesting >link>>

Get your venom flowing ....... what culinary tools/techniques ought to be outlawed?

Maine bishop threatens to punish vocal activist

Moods 'spread like ripples through friends'

Corpse flower's steamy film scenes revealing

The Status of "Spaceship Earth"

Richard Feynman on Boltzmann Brains

Atheists and anger

For Rocket Science Geeks: Orbiter Flight Simulator (Freeware)

Why should I be responsible for your child's "education?"

The conspiracy must be brought to light, the perpetrators punished, and justice meted out.

Did national/international elites engineer 9/11?

LTC Daniel Marvin: The Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy & Cover-up-"I Am Ready To Testify"

January is the time to switch electricity companies!

Am having problems loading videos using Firefox and IE.

Using a TV as a monitor?

Date for confirmation hearings for SoS not yet set.

Happy New Year!