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Archives: October 9, 2009

Anyone seen the method for "opting-out" yet?

The Moonites attacked Boston on January 30,2007. Now, we pay them back. Let's roll.

Obey: health care bill must be fully paid for; not adventure in Afghanistan

I started the "Moon" riots on DU ... and I would do it again!

Inconvenient Censorship Stanford U. Bans Climate Film from Airing

McConnell Comes Out Against Every Bill Ever Written

Thank god they're shooting the rocket during a full moon. If it was on a "crescent" night...

Keith O's special comment 10/7: must see viewing. Transcript and link here.

So I was wondering: Is the Moon "shovel ready"....

ABU Appeals Washington for Arbitration with NASA Officials

ABU Appeals Washington for Arbitration with NASA Officials

'We have the best health care in the world'.....rinse.....repeat

The Moonites attacked Boston on January 31,2007. Now, we pay them back. Let's roll.

Obey: health care bill must be fully paid for; not adventure in Afghanistan

The shitrag known as 'Politico" ties support of Roman Polanski to the Obama Administration

Olbermann was interrupted here

Moon stats: Target Crater: 2 miles deep. Rocket impact: 13 feet deep.

The Republican Health Care Horror Show (video)

Telephone Company is Arm of Government, Feds Admit in Spy Suit

State opt-out?!

"Ugly, human-based holes"

"Meet The Press" Wins Again With Maddow!

Gallup - "Opposition to Healthcare Legislation Drops Modestly"


Ontario driver hit with $305 fine for smoking in his truck because it's considered his place of work

Any DU link to donate to Free Clinics ? (KO's idea) n/t

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

If Reid refuses to put Public Option in merged bill, should Reid be sacked?

Conservative politics is tied to economic inequality

Limbaugh to judge Miss America?

NPR: The Telltale Wombs of Lewiston, Maine

We have awakened a sleeping giant

My dad's a doctor. He thinks a strong public option is vital.

Pelosi to GOP: "I'm in my place. I'm the Speaker of the House, ...

You know what? I'm in favor of government taking over healthcare.

Don't worry, you'll get a great job, health care and equality with war criminals

Prison magazine sues Va., alleges censorship

Joe Trippi is Jerry Brown's unofficial advisor. I've been thinking of sending this email:

Michelle Obama named Honorary National President of Girl Scouts USA

Why can't insurers be arrested for practicing medicine w/o a license?

Would insurance companies pee their collective pants, if...

Women, Most Renewable Resource: Oxfam's "Sisters on the Planet"

GM to cut 10,500 more jobs by year’s end

the only politicians I trust

LKL: Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell recovering from H1N1 (Swine) Flu.

Foreclosure ‘Rescue’ Scam is Booming Business - Beware Beware

Video footage of NASA L-CROSS Lunar Probe Impact..

Chime in if you can relate (re: unemployment/jobs)

CJOB-68 (Manitoba, Canada): Police changing taser use policy

Lesbians Bear Brunt of Military Discharges

State-by-state public option establishes Democrats as titans of strategy, and Dean as man-at-arms.

Holy Crap. David Gregory made Jon Stewart look like one of the munchkins when he walked onto the

Congress Misses the Boat . . . Wants Planes!

"centrist" is a right-wing propaganda term.

I know it's petty but it drives me crazy

US Conference of Catholic Bishops wish to test their irrelevancy

Sunday Talking heads preview

Gun-toting soccer mom is shot dead

Sanford's car pulled for speeding, but no ticket!

How do you stay sane, in these most insane of times?

Well Done President Obama

Opt-Out States Are “Where the Majority of the Black Population in This Country Lives”

Obama's schedule for Friday 10/9/09.

If God hath made it .. we will bomb it. Mars wipe that smirk buddy, your next.

A simulation of the synchronous exploding winger heads event can be viewed at

Amundsen-Scott Station Destroyed

Chuckling, joking in control tower before NY crash

Introducing The ACORN Act: Against Corporations Organizing to Rip-off the Nation Act


This is where freepers think the Nobel Prize comes from:

Heads will surely explode.

Ok, who else here thinks Ron Paul and his supporters are stuck in the 1780s?

LOL! The Brick Testament: The Bible Retold With Legos

The BrItish are having a massive church service now

Man gets 7 years in Calcasieu Parish prison for killing dog with a samurai sword

Man is going to bomb the moon at 7:30 AM (EST)

NASA shot dedicated to Walter Cronkite .. (just heard this on NASA-TV)

I'm watching the "moon bomb drop" here:

Top Tea Partier, Husband, Owed IRS Half A Million Dollars

So the "Reagan should have got a Nobel Peace Prize too" folks in the 'liberal' media are already out

Axelrod coming up on JoeScum to respond to

Moon Bomb: 7:30EDT. Link:

Moon Bomb: 7:30EDT. Link:

There is another sound being heard this morning.

Let's help the Republicans craft a response to the Nobel Prize announcement

Coburn introduces amendment to prevent study of political science; m$m does that

Why do normally non-religious people feel spiritually connected to the Moon?

Media, CBS, Faint Praise for Nobel Choice

O'Donnell just asked Joe who deserved the Nobel Prize more than Obama this year....

I sent this to Joe Scarborough

I sent this to Joe Scarborough

Nobel prize to Obama = repudiation of George W. Bush. Now let's make PEACE, Mr. President.

Why President Obama:

OMG Wikipedia on Obama's Nobel: "for doing absolutley nothing, lying about everything causing hope"

OMG Wikipedia on Obama's Nobel: "for doing absolutley nothing, lying about everything causing hope"

More than 50% of my class said that "Life, liberty...pursuit of happiness" is from the Constitution

OK, that's it! I'm done. I am leaving

Obama Should Just Say No

Obama wins Nobel Prize!

I have always said that President Obama's Diplomacy

I have always said that President Obama's Diplomacy

I just received my first hate mail

I had my tv on mute overnight.... thought I was still asleep when I saw the crawl this morning...

The reason GW wasn't nominated for the Nobel Prize

Congratulations to my President!

Congratulations to my President!

Insatiable rats blow up the moon, By Mark Morford

Help this CNN poll

FoxNews is talking about everything BUT except for the occasional snark to claim Obama can fix

Bush, and the Nobel?

Portland man arrested for mailing noose to NAACP leader

Cop who assaulted teen in jail on rape charge; shot ex-wife's new husband 24 times in 'self defense'

Hey, Joe Scar, Don't Hate The Player. Hate The Game.

I'm looking forward to a couple of good hours with Dylan Ratigan this morning.

Republicant Reaction -"Losing" Olympics is huge, winning the Nobel Peace Prize is nothing special.

How the hell did Obama win the Nobel prize after attacking the peaceful moon?

How the hell did Obama win the Nobel prize after attacking the peaceful moon?


Obama's Nobel: Consider This

Sept 12, 1959: Soviet probe Luna 2 impacts the Moon.... This is nothing new..

Finally! Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Explained!

Did The ONION buy DU?

Know Your Cabinet Level Departments: DOJ - Part One.

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize - Congratulations to him

An Election - A Reminder

That's no moon it's a space station!

Cancer-Causing Virus Linked to Chronic Fatigue

According to Alfred Nobel's Will:

Rachel Maddow's #1 story "Spintelligence"- Repubs believe their own propaganda (Push Polling)

Permission to kvell

Grayson's at it again...

Then & Now...

House extends hate crime law to cover gays, the measure is attached to a $680B defense policy bill

Let us take a moment to pause while the right wing recovers from their collective apoplexy.

Did I read that right? Somebody blew Sun Myung Moon?

Fostering open dialog, promoting peace

Please delete. Duplicate thread.

Seriously, what the hell is the Norwegian Nobel committee smoking?

The Contrast is Stunning.

DNC launches series of vids: highlight controversial Repubs & their statements

Rushbo's NFL Dream? Not If The Players Have Anything To Say About It...

But...but...I thought Obama was a LOSER...

Petition for a "Consumer Financial Protection Agency"

Right Wing Noise Machine talking points/plan for today:

Purely Hypothetical Question Time! Choose Between Strong And Weak Public Option!

Domestic terrorist leader issues a statement, calls gays an "axis of evil"

Hey, did the moon blow up? It's cloudy here, so I can't tell.

You see? Obama HAS done a good thing!!!! He's united the left and right

It was 90 years ago.

Obama wins peace prize - Yea!

Has anyone ever received the Peace Prize more than once or will Obama be the first to do so?

The world rejoices, except RW Republicans

Glenn Becks latest photo

They blew up the MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN!!!!11!!11

I can hear them now: "BBut, Hitler got the nobel peace prize too"

Immediate and Rapid Withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq Does Not Equate to Peace

Why was no one talking about President Obama and the Peace Prize yesterday?

i'm not a fan of mr obama -- but today i want to say

First moon 'bomb' launched by French in 1902.

Why can't conservatives and corporatists come clean?

More gay women than gay men dismissed from military

Self Delete

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is clearly a Rovian trap!

Why are threads I start NOT included on "Latest Discussion Page"

President's remarks at 11 a.m. MSNBC

after almost a decade of being a rogue state

Another Obama FAILURE!!

Feb 1 was the deadline for Nobel nominations

DU this poll on Was Barack Obama a good choice for Nobel Peace Prize?

Make your mind up already, conservatives.

Ready for a new conservative bible?

Just got the most amazing, unexpected phone call of my life.

Check Out The Options For AOL's Obama Nobel Prize Poll.......

The Bar was set SO low by Bush...

Republicans: A Party Dedicated to The Preservation of Prejudices

Congratulations President Obama

23.28% - Thanks Pres. Obama

New ideas should be given a hard time.

Do we need more DU polls concerning Obama's winning of the Nobel Peace Prize?


Portly radio clown continues to deny.......

The Nobel is Great, but the Press Release is Even Better

Ah the joys of nuclear waste: Radioactive rabbit scat cleaned up

Principal allegedly shows sex tape of students

George W Bush wins the

President Obama had the balls to go to Egypt and make amends

Dallas police seek pudgy naked backyard dancer

One thing I know

Does Barack Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

If DU had been around since the beginning of this country...

SC golfer loses arm in alligator attack

Obama's Nobel Prize: predict the leftwing response

Sadly, I think Obama's Nobel prize may well help the Republicans.

Republicans finally find a group that agrees with them: Taliban condemns Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Republicans are behaving like Kanye West - are they gonna send Joe Wilson to shout at ceremony?

This Obama Nobel Peace Prize Poll needs some love

Can you imagine Rush today!?

Teabaggers and their Hitler Signs.....

Not this. [photo stupid]


I have to wonder how much the unpatriotic teabagging lunatics influenced the decision

As expected, Freeper heads explode

I haven't even looked, but you know heads are exploding at FR.

It’s Not the Achievements. It’s the Journey Itself.

Isn't ending 8 years of Republican rule accomplishment enough to justify a Nobel peace prize?

DNC compares the RNC to the Taliban and Hamas

Douchebag Michael Steele asks, ‘What has President Obama actually accomplished?’

Poll Shows Public Wants Medicare for All

Questions About Hate Crimes

Who specifically do people believe should have won the Nobel Peace prize this year -

I thought I was reading the Onion....

"The exciting and important thing about this prize is that it's given to someone ... who has the

Obama's Outreach To Muslims Cited....for those who don't get it.

m$nbc...a week after saturday night live talked about how little he's accomplished

The award is more about influence than accomplishment

Want to know how to drive the Rethugs you know right over the edge?

Drudge Headline: 'FOR WHAT'?

Apparently the Nobel Committee didn't know about Obama's war against the moon

Japan nuke plant event

How Will Obama Recover From This Disaster?

Last Saturday, SNL had a skit about Obama's lack of accomplishments

Barbara Lee Introduces A Bill To End The War In Afghanistan

Does the Nobel Committee even award a "Peace" prize every year?

OK, the difference between a cross in a National Park and a cross on a grave.

The moon still orbits and the universe laughs at us.

Tutu congratulates Obama on Nobel Prize

FU to all Freepers and DUers alike who would dump on President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize n/t

Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for not being Bush*

Greenwald on the Nobel

BREAKING: Bush Wins Nobel War Prize

It was bombing the moon that put him over the top. Plus no troop buildup!

Probably discussed earlier....(unrec function)


Louisiana Young Dems: 'We Can Only Guess' Why Vitter Is Opposed To Anti-Rape Law

Whats getting lost in all these Nobel discussions

Hizbut Tahrir (a party)

This CNN article has a lot of great info about Obama and the Peace Prize

Blue Dogs - Fearsome Fiscal Watchdogs

Landmark Unionized Bakery Closing Imminent in the Bronx (Stella D'oro)

NASA LCROSS Moon Impact - Watch it Live.

I remember when Reagan won the Nobel...

In Fairness, Obama's Acceptance speech is quite good

President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

MSNBC online poll- DU it

MSNBC online poll- DU it

The reactions of Steele and Limbaugh and other Republicans make this award so much better

So "talk", "diplomacy" , things that should be done by default , give you the Peace prize now ?

Who Wants To Drink Moon Water?

Charlie Rangel's Cloud

Thousands of Homeowners Cite Drywall for Ills

2012: How Do You Not Re-elect A Nobel Peace Prize Recipient?

Mayo unit no longer to accept Medicare

Thanks to whoever gave me the star today

A contest to update/replace words like “wingnut.”

Alabama Honors A Socialist!

Pawlenty: "the appropriate response is to say 'Congratulations,'"

CHEER UP! Another in an occasional series of good news about the Obama Administration...

Henry Kissinger 1973

'Better than Bush' Obama deserves Nobel award: Iraqis

Obama's peace prize.. A thought.

Obama's peace prize.. A thought.

Obama's peace prize.. A thought.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama is having a meeting with his War Council later this morning

Chip Reid is an asshole

So how many US Presidents have won Nobel Peace Prizes?

Jimmy Carter: the Nobel is a "bold statement of international support":

Jimmy Carter: the Nobel is a "bold statement of international support":

Say, have their been any discussions about the moon crash?

Basically, I believe the Nobel committee was giving the award to the American People

From "Purists" to "Freepers" in one swell foop..

Nobel Committee: We Really Hate Republicans

Dear President Obama: About That $1.4 Million Prize you Won

Americans Still Don't Have A Friggin Clue

It isn't Obama's fault that he received the Nobel Prize, but the one thing this does show

Let's face it.. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize because..

Freepers' brains are exploding over the Peace Prize

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize because he's not Bush*

JUST IN -- Moon Ambassador with Interplanetary Space Federation Delivers Message: "This means war...

Limbaugh calls Obama winning Nobel Peace Prize a "greater embarrassment" than losing the Olympics

Limbaugh calls Obama winning Nobel Peace Prize a "greater embarrassment" than losing the Olympics

a letter I just wrote to a conservative associate

Rush Limbaugh: Joe Scarborough Acting Like "Neutered, Chickified Moderate"

Nobel Prize: it takes one to know one

Obama: Health Care Plan Would Give Seniors Right To Choose How They Are Killed

"Welcome back!"

Fall Dog Bombs the Moon

30+ Reasons Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

NASA's First Picture From the Lunar Surface of Impact Area

Common misconceptions about the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize is for all of you!

Maybe the Moon Bomb caused the Rapture.

Obama's biggest accomplishment and reason for winning the Prize

CBS--Media Response--Faint Praise for Novel Choice

"Obama-Nation, They are coming for you!" Missouri I-70 Billboard Proclaims

Is it true that Rush Limbaugh was nominated and considered it a great honor?

Obama Blocking Reggie Love's Basketball Shot Shown To Press Corp By Gibbs (VIDEO)

Obama's Energy Secretary, Greenpeace praise Apple for U.S. Chamber of Commerce departure

Abused, then denied care

Abused, then denied care

Which single event turned the tide on the Public Option?

Everybody's looking at the Nobel Peace Prize all wrong.

Peace Laureate Obama Faces Afghan War Decision

Peace Laureate Obama Faces Afghan War Decision

Fla. GOP Members Shoot Muslim Targets (and democratic rep targets)

I stand by my President.

I stand by my President.

8 Shocking Ways the Billionaires Have Schemed to Rob Us of Every Last Dollar

I'm generally no fan of this guy's foreign policy, but if the Nobel Peace Prize

I am a human being first, a progressive second and a Democrat third

I apologize to the mods

If Obama continues down Bush's path...

Upset by Obama's Nobel Prize? Join the freepers in contacting the Committe to voice your outrage--

Donation link to National Association of Free Clinics from Countdown w/Olbermann front page

I missed Brunch with Bernie (on hartmann). What does Sanders

For some real fun, watch a little Faux News today!

Beck, Limbaugh fomenting fear about H1N1 vaccine

Perv Pastor (and father of 4) harasses baristas with obscene phone calls, apparently unaware of *57

If President Obama cured cancer the Republicans would be against it

So the moon didn't blow up, crack, or even fart?

It's all my fault, and I apologize

FOR SHAME! First he bombs the moon, then he gets the Peace Prize...

This poll is being Freeped.

(NFL Players)Bart Scott and Kiwanuka said they will not play for Limbaugh.

Is it Acceptable for a DUer to believe that Obama hasn't earned the Nobel Peace Prize?

my conservative friends are freaking out

Martin Luther King should have NEVER won the Nobel Peace Prize

This wasn't about President Obama.

Missing the Forest for the Acorn

AP, News Corp bosses say pay up

AP, News Corp bosses say pay up

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love watching my asshole FB friends bitch about this!

What did he do to deserve it?

Borowitz: Nobel Insiders: Beer Summit Sealed it for Obama

i NEVER go to faux, but a freind called...they have a slow police chase on live

Understanding the Award.

Congratulations to President Obama for the Nobel Prize for global peace and reconciliation efforts

a call for civility on DU....

We all won the prize. We elected Obama and wanted change.

Nobel Peace prize awarded to Obama for beating the fascist Corporate Lobbyist Party

Just to drive this thing off the cliff without further delay, who was more deserving, Gore or Obama?

4 Teenage Skinheads Kill Mother and attacks 11 year old daughter

Huckabee warns Republicans on Nobel reaction--doesn't want "right-wing whining"

Mods: Can you please put a sticky on the following thread?

Cheney's Sudden Reticence

I could live with an opt-out plan, but only with a few stipulations.

To the people who think Obama is undeserving, maybe you should become an hero.

NAACP Press Release: "Obama inspires hope & transformed the way the USA is viewed across the globe"

What have you got when you have HOPE in one hand and an empty bag in the other?

President putting out his regulatory proposals. . Specifically

Bwahahaha...They eat their own.

NAACP omits MLK Jr as past recipient in their PR Congratulating President Obama

Stella D'oro factory closed yesterday (rally today (Friday 10-9) 3-7 PM)

Obama Won. Get Over It.

Then Nobel Committee is made up of politicians, not angels

The Democratic public option scam???.....

DNC: Steele And GOP Have Thrown In Their Lot With The Terrorists By Criticizing Obama’s Nobel

I do not envy him


More headlines should start out "GOP agrees with Taliban", "Republicans joined AlQuaida

Care to CAPTION?

President Obama should donate his 1.4 million dollar prize to....

Obama to give $1.4 million Nobel prize to charity

Tea Party Patriots Founder Forced Out Over Support Of GOP-Linked 'Astroturf' Group

Tea Party Patriots Founder Forced Out Over Support Of GOP-Linked 'Astroturf' Group

I'm shocked, SHOCKED that the last three Americans to win Nobel Prizes have all been Democrats.

From the NY Times on Obama's Nobel

Let go of bitter for a day. Deal with reality

Obama's bombing of the moon.... just a misguided attempt at dealing with the werewolf epidemic?

US still world's biggest manufacturer but China gains: study

Dell cuts North-Carolina plant despite $280m sweetener

Researcher who worked on cervical cancer vaccine warns about dangers

Driving down the street I have seen...

Fla. GOP members shoot target with DWS on it (for Debbie Wasserman Shultz) at gun range

US conservatives join Hamas and Taliban in condemning Obama on Peace Prize

DU Straw Poll: Like or Dislike Obama's award win?

Would insurance companies pee themselves, if...

"What has President Obama actually accomplished?" said Michael Steele

I don't like what you say so just shut up...

Obama, Lugar Secure Funding for Implementation of Nonproliferation Law

A 2007 Press Release..Obama working with...Senator Richard Lugar --Indiana--


Background on the President's meeting and event on Regulatory reform today

On the inspiration of one of DU's wisest women. I apologize if I've offended anyone today.

Newspaper front page shows a black dove in Peace Prize report.

Real message of the Nobel Committee: FU George Bush.

NASA footage of recent "moon bombing"

An Opt-Out Public Option is a Really, Really Bad Idea!!!

Michael Moore: Congratulations President Obama ... Now Please Earn it!

What will the "Patriots" do when President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize Next Year?

Playgrounds at Prisons: Should It Cost California $1.5 Million?

This Just In.....

In which single-payer healthcare trumps stale GOP talking points...

Mel Gibson's Drunken Driving Conviction Expunged

Rightwingers call on Obama to "turn down" Peace Prize...

"They don gived dat Soshulist a Nowbell Prize cuz' he blowed up da moon"

Regarding the Nobel Peace Prize it seems to me that the corporate media and right wing haters

"Kill Obama" Painted On Phoenix-Area Campaign Signs

Who are the judges of the Nobel committee?

A Woman's Place is in the House...

Doesn't Dick Morris have a well earned 1st name???..

Doesn't Dick Morris have a well earned 1st name???..

The Nobel Peace Prize has never been awarded according to a static set of rules.

Why Obama? Read the the rationale of the Nobel Committee:

Obama did not CAMPAIGN for the Nobel Prize.

Michael Steele doesn't know when to shut his fucking trap

GM sells Hummer to China's Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.

GM sells Hummer to China's Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.

The Obama Presidency Is Finished

The Obama Presidency Is Finished

DU is the only place I can go


GOP member shoots target with Fla. Dem's initials

Obama should donate the money to The Alzheimer's Association.

The gubernatorial race in Virginia is really making me nervous

The gubernatorial race in Virginia is really making me nervous

Low Power Radio Triumphs over Big Broadcasters in Washington

'We All Agree With The Taliban And Iran'.... ru$h limbaugh

Joe Trippi is TRIPPING!!

Appalachian coalfields home to most unsafe U.S. mine operations-(one bought by unionbusting corprat)

Bill Clinton you've got to pick up the pace Big Dawg...3 of the last 4 Democratic Presidents

I hope Obama justifies his receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize by not sending 40,000 more troops

I like the moniker "Hatriots" so much that I

Pentagon extends Army, Marine deployments in Iraq (up to 2.5 months)

Pentagon extends Army, Marine deployments in Iraq (up to 2.5 months)

I know I'm in a different dimension.

State to sex offenders: Skip Halloween fun (no decorations, porch light off, don't answer door)

Ike Skelton tells repub to "stick it up his ass" on House floor.

John McCain on the Obama winning Nobel Peace prize

Today's Rush Limbaugh prediction (10-9-09)

A little science re: moon

Whether or not you think Obama should get the Nobel Peace Prize - his speech on it was awesome

Tony Blair snubbed by father of dead soldier for having ‘blood on his hands’

"Beyotch should've won" - Pat Buchanan on Michael Steele's "Kanye West" moment re Nobel

Limbaugh to judge 2010 Miss America pageant

So why is it "IT'S ONLY BEEN NINE MONTHS" when there's criticism

Democratic Party: 3 GOP: 0

Olbermann Says His Call For Free Health Care Clinics Has Raised...

So Obama wins the PEACE PRIZE while he is planning possible further escalation in Afghanistan?

Larisa Alexandrovna On Obama Peace Prize: Republicanstan Is A Country Of Its Own

IS this how the US "Conservatives" reacted when Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Talking to someone who grew up dirt poor during the Depression is illuminating..

Has anybody seen the moon since they bombed it?

High end of troop request for Afghanistan: 60,000-plus

outrageous attacks - Obama winning the peace prize- Limbaugh is going nuts

What are other world leaders saying about Obama's Nobel Prize?

Nothing has EVER freaked freepwads out like Obama winning the Nobel

Finding Husbands for Iraq's Widows ( more than 1 million left widowed)

Iraq agrees terms with BP and CNPC on oil deal

Obama slams US Chamber of Commerce for anti-reform ad

The Nobel committee should add the following awards so a Rethug can finally win it.(mucho sarcasm)

Al Capone Wins Upstanding Citizen Award!

Whats WRONG with the "Public Option"?

Navy Names Ship After Civil Rights Activist Medgar Evers

UN Plane goes down in Haiti

Should We Allow Red (or Blue) States To Simply Opt-Out of the US?

Grayson! on Ed

Keith Olbermann and my Tuesday slavery post.

Does anyone want to take bets

Army Releases September Suicide Data

"Bash America" becoming the brand of the GOP?

I think individuals have the right to own a gun

Is Micheletti Mad?

Conservative: Murdoch killed my ‘Whores’ book because I criticize Fox

Pardon me while I predict the future:

24th MEU Commander Thanks Communities For Their Cooperation; Apologizes For Damages

"The Last Thing Obama Needs Is the Nobel Peace Prize" (All hail the "Liberal Media")

Rep. Obey Joins Us Idiot Liberals

For people who have donated to DU within the last year:

Moon threads are da bomb

In Defense of those who say Obama does not deserve this

Before I got online I was thinking about sending a message to Sean Hannity

4Q FReepathon happening now....

My next husband is on with Big Ed

Louisiana Young Dems: 'We Can Only Guess' Why Vitter Is Opposed To Anti-Rape Law

Anyone use CREDO mobile? What kind of range do they have?

Tornado warning for Chattanooga Tennessee

President Honors Soon-to-Be Saint


Cop who beat up special needs student now in jail on rape charges: may face murder charges

Limbaugh: "We all agree with the Taliban and Iran" that Obama does not deserve Nobel"

Regarding moon threads and/or posts; that you made.

What are the herion addiction statistics for US Soldiers in Afghanistan?

Was the Nobel pre-emptive?

Just remember this. We were as equally outraged when Dubya won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Calling 'Em Out: The White House Takes on the Press

WSJ: What I Heard in Honduras = by Jim DeMint (GOPista)

WSJ: What I Heard in Honduras = by Jim DeMint (GOPista)

Matthew 5:9 - Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Red Bluff Woman's "Debtors Revolt" Goes Viral

Fuck yeah Ed Schultz is raking OFA over the coals

Fleet Week in San Francisco. Blue Angels are screaming overhead.

my ltte on Obama's Peace Prize-I'll let you know when it's printed

Nevermind someone already posted this n/t

The Prospect of Change in US Relations With Russia, Iran and Afghanistan Alarms the Washington Post

Nobel Prize, and the conservative comments


Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and here's why

Obama Will Donate Nobel Money To Charity

He loves us - he really loves us. President Obama addressing us about his prize

Must-read report from the Progressive States Network on Health Reform

The Rude Pundit: The Necessity of Michael Moore, Part 3

Pop quiz: Who is the Nobel Prize Committee?

Telephone Company Is Arm of Government, Feds Admit in Spy Suit

Gay Marriage Licenses Now in N.H.

Right Wingers are rapidly becoming the American Taliban

Transgender speaker denied funding at Salina campus

Senate approves apology to Natives, part two

So far I've been ambivalent of Obama winning the NPP, but I haven't seen any MSM...

House Dems to twice call insurance execs to testify in final healthcare push

Favorite stupid news story of the past week

WTEN (Albany NY) Online Poll -- Did he "deserve" it?

The 'Hidden Agenda' of NC's anti-bullying policy - teh homosexualists!

Exciting Trade Deficit News

Why aren't our states spending the stimulus?

NY Times: Leaving Iraq Is a Feat That Requires an Army

It sounds like TPTB have gutted our nation and have put all their eggs in the Chinese basket

McClatchy: Obama's Nobel win is a reflection of hope

GM sells Hummer to Chinese company.

GM sells Hummer to Chinese company.

Health Insurers Threaten Rate Hikes-If "More Of Its Demands Are NOT Met"

Justice For Iraq. War Crimes Case Lodged in Spanish Court

I really think it sucks that Obama got an award and Bush didn't. Is there a Nobel War Prize?

DU this CNN Freeper'd Poll...

I am GLUED to Joe Scum this morning...

Statement on Nobel Peace Prize for President Obama (Sen. Bernie Sanders)

Will State (CA) Workers Stay Home on Columbus Day?

Pit bull breaks in home to play

Who are the Nobel committee members?

So I wonder how Dubya, Poppy and Cheney feel about Obama's NOBEL PEACE PRIZE

My Local Radio Station Ignored The President's Nobel Prize, So...

DU this poll: What would you do if Rush Limbaugh bought your favorite NFL team?

NASA Discovers Water On Moon - Bottlers To Open Plants By 2013:

Gun laws.

Broward Republicans go gunning

"No one is ever denied health care because of their inability to pay in this country."

Obama backs Thompson over Bloomberg in NYC.

Iran’s Supreme Council Declares Ahmadinejad Nobel Winner

Iran’s Supreme Council Declares Ahmadinejad Nobel Winner

Time for the semi-monthly employment status poll!

Another Virgin Mary sighting...

CAN'T MISS Bill Moyers' Journal tomorrow night - Wall St. Rescue Report w/Marcy Kaptur

boycott oklahoma

Dearest DUers - just a post to say "Thank You!"

World Reaction to Obama Winning the Nobel


Moon will release deadly cloud of dihydrogen monoxide crystals upon impact.

I may not agree with everything he's done, but right now, I'm really really proud of Pres. Obama!

Once AGAIN Reagan is WRONGLY given credit for ending the Cold War!

ALAN GRAYSON: If the President has a BLT tomorrow, Republicans will try to ban bacon

Republicans To Oppose Peace Because Obama Won Peace Prize

The Choice Myth

"I blew up the moon"

Obama's Nobel Prize: predict the rightwing response

Limbaugh to judge the 2010 Miss America Pageant

Happy what-would-have-been his 69th birthday to John Lennon today.

DOJ Attempting To Deny Unemployment Benefits Of Tamarah Grimes, Whistleblower In Siegelman Case

I finally saw the video of Nancy Pelosi and [email protected]#%$^%$ Harry Reid with his @#$%$# hand on her shoulder

How Alan Grayson and Michael Moore Changed the Conversation

When I look at the moon, I get angry.

Is Keith Olberman still doing football this year?

The TRUTH about Obama's DEATH PANELS!

Monsanto Being Investigated by Dept of Justice - Antitrust. . .

A Farewell tribute to my heavily bumper-stickered 2001 Toyota Prius (Dial-Up Warning)

DOD official: New bomb has 'important capability'

Dr. Krugman, you're right about education but you're missing something important.

Today's two minute hate by the DU right wing: Obama winning the Peace Prize.

pat buchanan is upset that ronnie reagan never got him no prize

I just told my best friend of 10 years and my son's dad's family off.

How'd all the Moon talk get started here?

Toon on the Peace Prize

Interview with GlennBeckRaped AndMurderedA lawyer

This. [photo heavy]

To those here who don't like the decision to give President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize

Dear Blue States,

For all the DUers who can't reconcile Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize with Afghanistan

Obama should decline the Nobel Peace Prize

Sentence for distracted cell phone driver: 30 days, 1000 word essay, pay funeral expenses, 10k fine

'Obama's plan for health care: N****r Rig it', sign on Georgia business

'You've got blood on your hands': Father of dead soldier refuses to shake Blair's hand at memorial

I don't give a damn about the peace prize or the moon, I want our stupid wars to finally end.

The Best States For Health Care

I think Rash Limpbum should have won the piece prize...

School Choice versus Single Payer Healthcare

American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains

If McCain had won the election, then Pres. McCain would have won the Nobel Prize...

Text of the Oklahoma abortion law

Krugman hits the nail right on the flipping head....(NY Times)

The same people who claim to hate the unrec feature...

Music for our times

Shingles prove to be gold mine for thieves

Alan Grayson to Republicans: "America doesn't care about your feelings"

DNC response, dayam...

DU this poll!

NYT on Iraq Withdrawal: "Leaving Iraq is a Feat That Requires an Army"

Teabaggers are feuding

A message from President Obama: A call to action.

I'm sorry, but I think that Obama winning the Peace Price seems very premature

I'm sorry, but I think that Obama winning the Peace Price seems very premature

Does Obama deserve the Peace Prize?

Nobel Peace Prize? FOR WHAT? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Escalating the War on Terror?

Dubai: Rich man's playground. The gilt peels, exposing the dark side underneath.

There was a posting here by someone who is feeling depressed after

Astronomer DUers - If the space junk around Earth is left to sit, will it eventually form a ring?

Sarah Palin's "best seller" status already looks a bit dubious.

It's bedlam in freeperville

Excuse me for getting choked up...Michael Moore's letter to Nobel Prize Recipient Obama

Don't sell your Pyrex Dishware.....

Muslim group calls for burka ban

Obama's Nobel May Drive Right Over the Edge

Cop caught on video beating special needs student now charged with rape

Happy birthday Bo!!! (many photos posted)

How is this not a violation of 501-C (3) provisions?

Get over here, I got someting to tell you about a caste system

Commander In Chief Of The Biggest WAR MACHINE On The Planet Gets Peace Prize?

ODS sufferers last week: "WORLD REJECTS OBAMA!"... this week: "WTF, WORLD?"


Man Gets Prison For Blowing Up Cat (16 months in state prison)

Why is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded?

12 year old, duped out of Phillies homerun baseball, sues to get it back

18 Yr Old Kid kicks mom in throat, head-butts brother after cell phone taken from him

We have completed the reorganization of the DU Groups

Southern Baptist leader says Obama trying to replicate Nazi policies.

NASA's got a present for the Moon Landing Denial crowd:

Dream #9

In Memory of the Moon

Prospective Pet Adopters Overlook Black Dogs and Cats, Shelters Say

I guess I'm not an Obama apologist cheerleader afterall

Congratulations, Mr President. All of us who voted for you

2 die, 19 overcome at Arizona retreat sweat lodge

"Don't make any more movies"


I've been on DU for far too long to stand idly by while DU'ers badmouth a Democratic president

OK law--women's abortion information to be made public (37 questions)

SNL can add Obama's Nobel Win to the accomplishments column

Jeb Bush compares education to milk. Flavored milk — chocolate, strawberry or vanilla

What are all these ads I keep hearing about a "Corn Maize"

Did something strange happen with the group listings?

Does this bother you?

Who else thinks soon the moon will become as verboten as fried chicken soon?

I gave swine flu to dozens of kids last night

I used to think that love was just a fairy tale

Living with dielectric materials for three months

Suck it, St Louis.

Obey Henry. nt

Poking fun of righties less relevant

Goldie-Inner City Life

Apparently this moon business is not confined to DU.

I got a Wii.

I'm tired, but I refuse to go to bed. Gonna go sit in my recliner and try not to sleep. I keep

Massive Attack-Karmacoma

SHOWTIME! Got my show on!


new tat and a new life.....big date this weekend....I'll keep you posted


I got some advice

I've been thinking....

From the caveman to Lady Gaga

I'm in terrible distress tonight. I hate to complain...

OCTOBER SUPRISE: Garth Brooks to hold two Press Conferences Oct 15th

Joke I made up about this weekend's FarmAid in St. Louis

looking for a song

I'm going to blow a fucking hole in my water heater with a bazooka...

Democratic Underground needs a nag page for Internet Explorer 6 users...

next to my sis, my best friend is my first lover

To the moon, Alice!

Does anyone else here watch Criminal Minds?

Vizio T.V.'s Suck

Dodgers up 2-0 the hard way. Whew!

Totally worth 8 minutes and 49 seconds...

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

Capricho Arabe, Tárrega

How long did it take you to commit to DU?

sexy song

Refreshment most likely to have been required in Bob Marley's backstage tour rider

"So why haven't you been married?"

Business: It truly is war (video)...

Don't you love it when people troll the shit out of your facebook posts?

WARNING: If you are within 15 miles of armyowalgreens please evacuate immediately...

WARNING: If you are within 15 miles of armyowalgreens please evacuate immediately...

where did the avatars go?

Been away all day, and I don't understand all this "Moon" stuff...

I fucking love Ben Folds...

Congrats Pres. Obama on your Nobel Peace Prize!

This was my cat tonight after coming in off the wet balcony...

Hah! FReepers have reported Obama's Nobel Peace Prize thusly:

The Moon lives..

You can't pay off debt with a drawing of a spider.

What Is Your Favorite Sweet Treat?

Do you own a computer?

Fuck it.

The Mooninites have been killed!


Denise Richards' Funbags

How long until they uncover the monolith?

President declares "Mission Accomplished" on the Moon.

One more big, huge reason why I'm proud to have voted for Barack Obama last November.

Well, it looks like our fever is about to break...

My decent into a three plus week hell is beginning now.

Did I read that right? Somebody blew Sun Myung Moon?


Why is beef jerky so expensive?

Good morning Lounge

Mom arooni is out of the hospital

hard to wake up to 15 degrees and snow before candy, costumes, turkey, and christmas cookies.

Good vibes to whoever needs them!

I just had half a glass of wine!!!!

Whoohoo! Just had a segmundoscopy.

BREAKING: President Obama Wins Lotto!!

How do you stay sane, in these most insane of times?

These will blow you away

Wrong-size fries lead to drama, 2 arrests

BREAKING: President Obama Wins VMA for best Female Pop Video of the year....

As moonbats, we should be deeply offended by NASA's attack on the Moon

Are we bringing democracy to the Moon? Or did it have weapons of mass destruction?

NASA's First Picture From the Lunar Surface of Impact Area

If you caught Josef Mengele - what would you do to him?

My cat can sleep anywhere in the house yet he chooses to sleep on my keyboard

"Schadenfreude" is a good word but hard to pronounce. Is there a Spanish equivelent?

I just had a BLT, and don't feel the least bit guilty.

Marge Simpson's Playboy cover...

The movie"Palookaville" was much better than I thought it would be.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Well,first blizzard of the year hit today.

Dallas police seek naked backyard dancer

Favorite Beatles Album

An All LA World Series...

Anybody read "The Lost Symbol"?

Liam Gallagher declares that Oasis are officially "no longer"

one of my best friend's sisters is in the icu

Dose any one remember "Mac And Me"......

Favorite Sonic Youth Album

inspirational video "in my pants"

Kid's Bracelet

Obama wins Nobel. Moon is bombed. Limbaugh still a douche.

My newest poem, from my workshop:

Do not inhale lentils.

wow. Someone just told me that people like me are the reason for the downfall of America

I saw my job listed today-Thank you!

Just got the most amazing, unexpected phone call of my life.

Puppy just ate most of an old sponge should I induce vomiting or go to vets?

I think it's ironic that Pres. Obama received the Peace Prize on the same day

Go me! 300 posts and it only took 5 years!

What childhood activites do you still enjoy today?

Anybody else going to watch the moom bombing in the moring.

Anybody else going to watch the moom bombing in the moring.

Cherry cokes made at the fountain, five cents--in a coke glass.

I demand that the US military restart this plan to nuke the moon

I have a cooler full of ice

I really miss drive-in movies. What do you miss?

I like you.

Why do they insist on calling Halloween candy "Fun Size" when it keeps getting smaller???

Uncle Zoid! You're looking young enough to be thrown back.

I want to create a thread that never dives.

What's the deal with the new Itunes? Help?!

Face on the moon!

Ralph Lauren apologises for digitally retouching slender model

I need a drink

Say, would anyone mind if I started a Marge Simpson Playboy thread?

damn nerves

Did anyone see The Batman Superman: Public Enemies DVD?

Anybody have off Monday for Columbus day ?

Night Of The Killer Lamp: 23 Ridiculous Horror-Movie Adversaries

No fasting for me this season.

Anyone see the black dove of peace?

PC gamers, there is a new King of the Hill in video cards for ONLY $259.99

Craig's Dolphin Facts

Let's blow up the moon: Life imitates art.

If I make it through this season without getting the flu

Can someone please explain VA categories for me?

I am a petty asshole.

Apple Smoked Bacon Pork Tenderloin

I watched "Parks and Recreation" for the first time last night

Unexpected guests. Really tacky. A small rant.

Anybody here still eat stick fish?

Is this odd?

Have you ever felt like giving up?

Which do you do? Wait in line and let cars merge in front of your car when lanes merge into one?

Marge Simpson To Pose Nude For Playboy

So we switched today from Tivo to DISH dvr. Still trying to get used to it and

you know when the moon people come to attack us with their fancier missile system

Playboy turning cover over to Marge Simpson

Anybody here still eat fish sticks?

DSL or Cable internet. What should I get?

Y'all remember the show Space 1999.

Wreck'd 'em? It damn near killed 'em!

please tell me Maryland isn't the only state that does this insanity

Whats up with our planet name?

David Bowie's "Low" is the most haunting album ever.

Well, to conclude the saga, so much for my big fucking "date" today

Awww shit! Grandma can climb the stairs!

All of this moon bombing stuff, and no official word from Gidney and Cloyd?

This is funny.

Advice please... my daughter has to write a report on a military leader

Boz Scaggs' "Silk Degrees," Steely Dan's "Katy Lied" an album you consider to be perfect

Paging Forkboy, re: Moon bombing. (dial-up warning)

Flash Forward, anyone?

American soldiers serving in Afghanistan are "depressed and deeply disillusioned"

Holder (AG), Mueller (FBI), and Sullivan(SS) need to do an infomercial 'spainin to the folks

Damn!!! Senators Vote to Renew Patriot Act Spy Powers

Pelosi criticizes Baucus health bill - “This is why we need a strong public option..."

Timmy's Telephone Travesty- Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and J.P. Morgan Chase

Poliitical Reality Check on the Public Option

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize!

self delete

It's no longer just President Barack Obama. It's Nobel laureate Obama.

"IF" the states can opt-out of the Public Option, can they opt-out of mandates?

American Reporters hitting their heads against the wall!

Has Bill Burton been on fox to talk about the teabaggers?

Cnn Poll on Obama Nobel Prize...

Another Peace Prize Poll to Unfreep

Full Text of Nobel Prize Citation

breaking news: george w. bush wins nobel anti-peace prize!

*self delete*

One more Peace Prize poll to unfreep - needs work

Blue Dogs Will Cause Defeat For The Democratic Party.

LOL! The Taliban and The GOP Agree! Our President doesn't deserve his Prize!

What A Difference A Week Makes!

Bombing of the Moon...

The Nobels reward work in progress: ML King ('64), Tutu ('84), Mandela and de Klerk ('93)

I think it is cool that he won the the Nobel, but would be cooler still if he turned it down

Say what you will about Obama winning the Peace Prize...

Media Collectively waiting for their talking points....meanwhile, they sound like they hate the Prez

The Guardian on the Nobel: Why now?

It might be fun to listen to Rushbeckhannity today to see if they self destruct...

Are you people seriously complaining about Obama winning the Nobel prize?

CNN Reporters are scary! Lamenting that Reagan never won the NOBEL! WHY, they ask?????

" the heck could this be!!!!..." Their heads are exploding, I'm gettin some popcorn

Our President, His Nobel Peace Prize, The Future..............

Global Climate Conference, Copenhagen, Dec. 7. Nobel Ceremony, Oslo, Dec. 10. POTUS will be there.

Think about it. If not Obama then who?

For those who have forgotten...

Nobel Tote Board - Democrats, 3 (well, 4 in truth), Republicans 1. (perhaps...)

Has anybody on Faux started freaking yet?

"for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy"

Committee(Financial Services) to Begin Consideration of Regulatory Reform Legislation

Carter: Obama's Nobel 'bold statement' of support

Any reaction from Kanye West?

I've coined a new word "leftbeckian"

This President deserves a fucking medal for what he has had to put with in this country.....

Freeper reaction to Obama Nobel Prize? Freep a freeking poll

Self Delete

Several federal agencies set to implement lobbyist ban

Mike Malloy: She(Randi) acted like a TOTAL JACK ASS!!!

So much for the downfall of President Obama's international stature...

The RNC statement on the Obama Nobel Peace Prize is a real doozy. . .

Why does the Reich Wing hate America?

We're Doomed!!1 They gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize!1!!


Yes, we can!

When the RW starts trashing Pres. Obama for winning the Nobel...

POTUS to address Nobel Peace Prize in Rose Garden at 10:30 AM (ET).

Honestly, when I got to the AOL home page, this AM, I thought it was

Al Gore LIVE on Madison TV NOW!

U.S. Blocks Oil Drilling at 60 Sites in Utah

Taliban...Michael Steele...Rush Limbaugh...Sean Hannity...

Unfreep this Peace Prize poll please

REMINDER: Bush fucked up America AND world peace, Obama is puttin both back together slowly & surely

Wait for it...Zombie Reagan is about to make a return.

Obama on TV NOW, re: Nobel

Obama is speaking later today about Nobel Peace Prize I think its 50/50 he'll reject it. . .

Need A Reason Why Obama Won?

"I will accept this award as a call to action"

Obama wins nobel peace prize

Forays Into Freeperville - Nobel Peace Prize Edition

My take on the Nobel Peace Prize

If Obama Should not have won the Nobel Prize - Who should have?

Chuck Todd, "....Nobel Peace Prize is a burden....", "....Obama's speech writers should share award"

President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize and heads explode at RNC and RW blogs

World Reaction to a Nobel Surprise

Dennis Prager reveals secret motive of Nobel committee

Could Grassley Lose? Yes. Is Frew a ‘savior?’ Yes.

Why I like being a progressive: had Bush won the Nobel Peace Prize in Oct 2001. . .

This Nobel Peace Prize is More About Europe Denouncing Bush era Policies

RW appeasement suggestion: Posthumously give the Bush admin the Nobel Prize for Fiction

DNC response to Republicans on Nobel Prize

Those 30 Repukes are ENCOURAGING RAPE, not just excusing it.


President Obama disappoints me again.


Punk ass Boss Limbaugh responds to the jerks over at Politico re: Nobel Peace prize

What does the Nobel do for the Healthcare Vote?

Did mSNBC just cut away from Gibbs tallking about the Nobel Prize to show

Face It -- Conservatives hate the IDEA of a Peace Prize

CONGRATULATIONS President Obama !!!!!!!

CNN attempting to downplay Nobel Peace Prize win. "Obama has done nothing''

Mark Krikorian NRO: Nobel Prize is "Obama's Carter whacking-the-bunny-rabbit moment."

Tenet gets the Medal of Freedom from Bush and it's okay? Unreal.

Twofer! OBama awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovery of "wee-wee'd up" syndrome (n/t)

Top 10 excuses that the Republicans will say about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Post Your Pets' Names, Ages and Personalities - photos if you got 'em

Josh Marshall explains PERFECTLY why some on the left & the right are minimizing Obama's Peace award

Will The Nobel Peace Price Have Any Impact On the Right Wing's Hitler/Stalin Comparisons?

Moments like this show you who the bitter people truly are.

Congrats President Obama! Let your haters be your motivators. n/t

This Obama "Peace Prize" means nothing

It's not an award, it's a straightjacket.

VIDEO: Obama on winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Freepers heads are exploding ..take a look

I thought the insane reaction to Obamas speech to school kids was as bad as it could get

I thought the insane reaction to Obamas speech to school kids was as bad as it could get

Pat Buchanan offers highly cogent analysis of Obama Peace Prize (for real)

1994 Nobel Peace Prize winners.

What more awards could Obama get that would truly make freepers' heads explode?

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize, Wingnuts Throw Collective Temper Tantrum

Heads Up: Obama to Speak on Financial Reform

Heads Up: Obama to Speak on Financial Reform

Re: Nobel Peace Prize Obama's body of work did not begin on 1/20/09

Chris Coleman is not running for governor.

Wyoming governor Dave Freudenthal to seek third term?

(IN-2) Jackie Walorski to challenge Rep. Joe Donnelly

State senator to challenge freshman Rep. Jenkins

Gibbs greeted Obama with the Nobel news when Obama woke up. I wonder...

Gibbs greeted Obama with the Nobel news when Obama woke up. I wonder...

Pelosi: Nobel prize vindicates Obama's effort to 'restore American leadership'

Obama won the Peace Prize based on one simple accomplishment



Nobel Prize winners are CHOSEN IN OCTOBER from nominations made in February

What do you think Obama will do with the Nobel prize money?

Have I woke up in LA LA land... The right and media are attacking

Have I woke up in LA LA land... The right and media are attacking

The last two sitting presidents to earn the Nobel Peace Prize were...

So the Republicans are in agreement with the Taliban, Hamas, and Iran re Nobel Peace Prize/Obama

From the "ain't gonna happen but would be nice" file. Obama donates Nobel Prize money to...

From the "ain't gonna happen but would be nice" file. Obama donates Nobel Prize money to...

Thank heaven for little girls... Dad won a prize and Happy Birthday Bo.

Huckabee warns GOP on Nobel reaction -- Pawlenty says "appropriate response" is "congratulatations"

Infighting over the Nobel PEACE Prize, I love it!

DNC: GOP sides with the terrorists.

Nobel Committee, Strategic as Ever, Taps Obama for Peace Prize

Leaving Iraq...

Obama's comment when he was told he'd won the Nobel Peace Price

Pew Same Sex Marriage Survey Results

randi apologizes to keith olbermann!

Nobel Prize Honors America, Not Just Our President

Chuck Todd is pathetic with his fake unnamed sources

America's media is so often turned INWARD, seldom looks at issues from a perspective of

OK waking up on the West Coast - does anybody think that there will be news today?

This Nobel Peace Prize reminds me of my conversation in London with a Muslim guy

Media pissed because President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize erases the BS meme they were about to milk:

The Repugs Are In Good Company Criticizing Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Win......

The Say "NO!" to Negative Ninnies and YES to Obama Post

Peace, over the Peace Prize

Which charity? The ones that provides free medical services

The American electorate are silent co-winners of the Nobel Prize

Opinion Poll on the Nobel Peace Prize to POTUS

Why now rather than later? A very simple reason...

Boy, Chip Reid is whining to Gibbs about no R presidents being awarded the NPP.

Tweety talk: Visializing, visializing. nt

'A Nobel prize for hope' (UK Guardian)

Tampa news station poll on Obama winning Nobel Prize

nobel peace prize - if you don't think obama deserved it, why aren't you trumpeting whoever does

Lynne Samuels of Sirius Left will be extremely angry today,

Obama won the Nobel for reversing Cheneyism: the policy that America runs the world by force

The Un-Obama Party

Obama's 'unclenched fist' won the prize

Michaelangelo Signorile is on Make it plain with Mark Thompson.

Obama to donate $1.4M prize money to charity (obvious move, verified by WH)

The Newest Nobel Peace Winner....

Cheney criticizes Obama for weak response against existential moon threat...

"We are losing all the cutting-edge industries to China..."

It is called the Nobel Peace Prize not the make unnecessary war

Nobel War Prize awarded to George W. Bush

The RW talking point: President Wins Nobel Peace Prize for his first 11 days in Office

To those wondering if President's Nobel undermines the "prestige" of the prize:

IOC rejection of US brings cheers, Nobel Prize for US president brings sneers

I thought Obama's appeal was diminished in the world after not getting the Olympics?

I will not turn on the TV tonight

I feel as if the U.S. has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

"They" are just jealous. But if there was a Nobel War Prize, or Hatred Prize, or Ignorance Prize,

In other news of presidential accomplishments today, G.W. Bush

How will the British Columbia breast cancer discovery hurt Canada?

Connecticut Democrats Say Rell Spent Taxpayer Money on Politics

In the history of the Nobel Prize awards, which recipients have been ridiculed by

Mohamed ElBaradei's role in Obama winning Nobel Peace Prize

On the concept of "peace"...

so how will saturday night live skewer obama's peace prize?

obama won the nobel peace prize. who wins the "ig nobel peace prize"?

What do Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Barack Obama have in common?

President Obama pushes for Consumer Financial Protection Agency, regulatory reform

Educator declares candidacy for House

President Obama sent this email to us today

Thank you Obama!

I've been searching the web all day for a statement from Bill Clinton on Pres Obama award?

Image of Republican Caucus's response to Obama winning the nobel peace price

The latest in women's heels?! EEEEEEKK!

Rep. Skelton To Rep. Akin: "Stick It Up Your Ass" (VIDEO)

perhaps, but only in passing at best. this doesn't happen in, say, physics.

I hate the way the media are saying 'THE LIBERALS' are complaining about Obama's Nobel Prize

"... nominated the day after inauguration ..."

Glenn Beck says the Nobel Prize should have gone to.......

You know it really isn't up to me or you or the GOP or the DNC to say

Has a sitting president ever won the Nobel Peace prize before?

From President Barack Obama (via email) on the Nobel..

“A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have” (Abraham Lincoln)

If I were the troops...

DNC: By Criticizing Obama’s Nobel, Steele And GOP Have Thrown In Their Lot With The Terrorists

Obama to Apologize for Peace Prize

If I Were Obama, I'd Wear That Nobel Award Around My Neck

NJ-Gov: Second Poll Has Corzine Nosing Ahead; SSP Moves to "Tossup"

You wanna know what President Obama did to "earn" the Peace Prize?

The Surprise Over The Nobel Peace Price - A Reflection Of The Right Wing Bias In The U.S. Media?

2 Democratic Presidents in a row have now won the Nobel Prize.


The FUCKED UP MEDIA makes me ashamed of my country......

Why No Kudos for Obama?

Statement from Senator Claire McCaskill on President Obama's Peace Prize win

Nobel Prize Committee Sees What Americans Do Not

Marge Simpson in Playboy: What toon do you want to see naked next?

Hey fucking conservatives. Obama just got more political capital.

You'd think Glenn Beck would give peas a chance with Obama's Peace Prize Award

Two different Fridays. What a difference a week makes

Why was Pres. Barack OBama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

Awww! PHOTO of Obama, Reggie Love and Obama's niece. CUTE!

McCain: As Americans, We’re Proud Of Our President

Obama: I don't view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments....

"Gives us a sense of momentum when the U.S. has accolades tossed its way rather than shoes."

Why Obama Should Reject Nobel Prize

Did the Nobel Peace prize folks just say a giant "FUCK YOU" to the Bush Regime?

I'm really sad right now

Hey, haters: a black man is president...He's smarter than most of us..he won a Nobel Prize...

Two Words for Repukes Attacking Obama on Nobel Prize...

PHOTOS New Official Photos (Oct 9)

The Nobel committee was trying to make up for the Olympics going to Rio.

*snort* hahahahahahahahahahaha!

I just don't believe this is happening here

Kerry statement on Nobel Prize


Michael Moore's message to the small-minded fucks

Nobel prize is also for the rest of us....

We're still in Iraq and we're still in Afghanistan

PHOTO Well, these folk are happy.

Obama's World View Deserves the Recognition...

Restaurant Sign: "Obama's Plan for Healthcare: Ni***r Rig It"

Gorbachev awarded Nobel six months after becoming President of the Soviet Union

Well the Exxon station up the road just lost a customer.

It's unlikely the troops stuck in Afghanistan give a rip about Obama winning the Peace Prize

PHOTOS The Nobel Prize Winner's Day

Between blowing the moon up and receiving the Peace Prize the Prez got tough on C of Commerce

CA-Sen: Comfortable Leads for Boxer

UPDATES: Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Obama (large photo added)

For the Media: "30+ Reasons Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize"

"He hasn't done anything to deserve the Nobel Prize" = "Who does this nig**r think he is?"

I'm so glad David Sirota is professional AND has a sense of humor.

Can I just point out that we're fighting about the president winning a PEACE PRIZE?

Whew- the venom on the Oregonian's comment threads is running thick

Limbaugh On Obama Nobel Prize: I Agree With Taliban In Bashing The President

"They got mad when he WOKE UP THIS MORNING!"

BREAKING, errr, same ol': 1500 dead civilians in Afghanistan in 09

Rush Limbaugh: "[S]crew you Miss Sebelius," I Won't Take The H1N1 Vaccine

Weeks before election, NYC mayor unveils $1.5 million gunshow sting

Senate Democrats Propose Unemployment Benefit Extension

Prop. 8 forces seek to hang on to blueprints

President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Official: Bomb kills 41, wounds 100 in NW Pakistan

Police stop more than 1 million people on street

AP Source: Obama Focusing on al-Qaida, Not Taliban.

Gun-toting soccer mom is shot dead

Burma's Suu Kyi in diplomat talks

U.S. Blocks Oil Drilling at 60 Sites in Utah

Schumer: Opt-Out Public Option Gaining Steam

Obama on TV NOW, re: Nobel

Fla. GOP members shoot Muslim targets at gun range

Obama gets reward for world view

UK: Gypsy and black Caribbean pupils more likely to be excluded

RFK's daughter backs Ecuadoreans in Chevron suit

Few Bush-era energy leases are valid, report finds

Gun-toting soccer mom, husband shot dead

Republicans Scoff at Nobel Prize Announcement

Abercrombie's proposals for Marine expansion in Guam rejected

Lawmakers play hoops with Obama at White House

VA chief to (Sen.) Jay (Rockefeller): Doctors to monitor W.Va. Guardsmen's health

No motive found in slashing of UCLA student's throat

No motive found in slashing of UCLA student's throat

World Divided on Obama the Nobel Peace Laureate

Nasa's Moon-bombing ends in anticlimax

'Al-Qaeda-link' Cern worker held

Black NFL players (won't play) crush prospect of playing for a Rush Limbaugh-owned St. Louis Rams

Two Guantanamo Bay Detainees Sent to Belgium, Kuwait

Limbaugh to judge 2010 Miss America Pageant

Top Troop Request Up to 60,000

DNC says Republican critics aligning with terrorists

Health Industry Concerned About Reform Measures-Warn That Dems Bills Would Leave Too Many Uncovered

Rep. Barney Frank warns credit card firms

Taliban Calls Obama Peace Prize 'Unjust'

Vandals spray-paint 'Kill Obama' on Cave Creek signs

US forces leave isolated Afghan base after attack

Jindal Fires State Employee Day After She Criticized Him

Dem-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee extends PATRIOT Act provisions

Free Surgery Attracts Uninsured In Colorado

Suicide car bomb kills 49, wounds 100 in Pakistan

Blair Snubbed for Having 'Blood on His Hands'

Company run by ex-con drops Montana jail plan

U.N. experts concerned Colombia fighters in Honduras

Obama: Nobel Peace Prize is 'call to action'

GOP Members Shoot Muslim Targets at Gun Range

I’m the most persecuted man in history, says Silvio Berlusconi

Official's body found hanging from Tijuana bridge

White House Faces Pressure on Jobs

Surveillance plane assigned to the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti crashed into a mountain Friday

New billion-dollar hole in California's budget

Al Gore's reaction to Obama's Nobel Prize

Church removes power from women bishops

After Nobel nod, Obama convenes Afghan war council

Obama to donate Nobel prize money to charity

Breaking News: Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Hacker Refused Extradition Appeal

State Dept. on Nobel: 'Better to be thrown acolades than shoes'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 9

GM Sells Hummer Unit To Chinese Firm And Investor

White House strips immigration policing powers from Arizona sheriff

Some black players won't play for Rush Limbaugh if he buys Rams

Obama 'Humbled' to Win Nobel Peace Prize: Official (Gibbs Wakes Up Obama w/ News)

Hilarious video mocking fake teabagger quotes - these get better and better

Rachel Maddow Goes After WorldNutDaily's Insane Cries To Impeach President Obama

Tens of thousands line up for housing assistance in Detroit

Glenn Beck: Astroturfing For Gold?

Countdown Keith Olbermann: 'Worst Person' in the World - Rush, McCain, Bachmann 10/08/09

Senator Boxer: Many women are already on the Don't Get Sick plan

Rejection! Gibbs Shows Photo Of Obama Blocking Reggie Love's Shot

Video Footage of NASA L-CROSS Probe Lunar Impact

TYT: Irresponsible Republicans Call For GOP Revolution

"Stark Raving Black" Sneak Preview #1

NASA bombs the MOON

Young Turks: Michael Moore w/ Hannity - Who's Responsible For Financial Crisis?

Big Bird calls bullcrap on Michelle Obama and her husband the president!

Sen. Franken Questions de Bernardo About Binding Arbitration

Stephanopoulos Defends Kevin Jennings On ''Hannity''

Rush Limbaugh: Joe Scarborough Acting Like "Neutered, Chickified Moderate"

Thorbjørn Jagland Announces That President Obama Has Won The Nobel Peace Prize & Explains Why

[ Nobel Peace Prize ] Obama's U.N. nuclear efforts

MSNBC - Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Feingold: we're not the prosecutor's committee, we're the judiciary committee

AP: President Barack Obama Wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Papantonio and Rep. Barney Frank on Healthcare Reform

Protesting Miami Herald's Support for Honduras Coup = Aug 2009

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize - Courtesy of CNN

CNN Rick Sanchez Takes On Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Profiling

CIGNA Employee Flips Off Mother Of Dead Girl Denied Transplant

Bill Maher I'm Not: Levi Johnston, Porn Star

Young Turks: Wes Clark Jr & Cenk mock Glenn Beck and Jay Severin!!!


Rep. Wasserman-Schultz: GOP has No Diversity, Sexism Wide & Deep

DNC video - Meet Steve King: Face of the GOP

Barack Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009

GOP Strategist Nicolle Wallace: Republicans Shouldn't Be 'Snarky' About Obama Nobel Win

Hartmann Takes on Caller Conservative Talking Points Obama Nobel Peace Prize

Rooting Against America: Nobel Peace Prize Edition

Women Democratic Senators Take On Reform, Show Their Male Colleagues What it Means to Have Cojones

Elizabeth Warren: "I Believe Middle Class is Under Terrific Assault"

Thanks NASA.

Mr. Show - America blows up the moon

"A Call To Action" - Al Jazeera English On President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

maxkeiser; ON THE EDGE 'Israel has my money. Obama peace prize?'


Conservatives: Hating the poor even more

Butthurt Level:Massive

Deval Patrick - The Black List Vol 2

McCain Reacts To Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize

NASA moon bombing high five fail (WARNING: brutal)

N-word Used To Blast Obama's Health Plan [CNN]

Senior Citizens March Against Mountain Top Removal

Pat Buchanan On Obama Nobel Prize Reaction: "I Don't Think President Obama Should Be Attacked"

TYT: Alan Grayson Strikes Again -- Must See "Bacon" Speech!

TYT: Alan Grayson Vs. CNBC's Maria Bartiromo

Exploding Heads On Faux: "Obama 3rd Person To Win Peace Prize For Not being George W Bush!"

President Obama Responds to Nobel Peace Prize - Class Act!

Obama Nobel Peace Prize Reaction

Tokyo Rush Joins the Taliban

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize (official announcement from the Nobel committee)

~*~ Happy Birthday John Lennon ~*~

Rachel Maddow: Oklahoma threatens women with shame, public exposure for abortions

John Lennon -- Working Class Hero

Faux news ghoulishly defends Cigna in case of girl who died - this will piss you off

Senator Sanders Unfiltered

Limbaugh sides with the Taliban

Commercial Real Estate Collapse - Midtown Manhattan

Obama Speaks on Winning Nobel Peace Prize (Full Video & Text)

Keith Olbermann Donates $50,000 to Free Health Care Clinics

Michael Moore on the Sean Hannity Show, Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 (Part I)

Young Turks: Cop Does Face Down Take Down on Kid

Honduran media used for pro-coup propaganda

CBS Chip Reid - Demands To Know WHY - Ronald Reagan Didn't Win A Nobel Prize

Alan Grayson: "If the President has a BLT tomorrow, the Republicans will try to ban bacon."

Morning Joe Scarborough: Limbaugh put 'testicles in a blind trust' for Bush 8 Yrs

Alan Grayson: Republicans ''probably wish there were a Nobel Prize for fear''

Young Turks: Outrageous Gun Show Loophole Allows Felons To Get Guns

Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton to colleague Todd Akin: stick it up your ass

Barbara Boxer: Michael Steele's Reaction To Obama's Nobel Prize As Harsh As The Taliban!

Carol Greider on winning the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine

BBC News 45minute Special On Obama's Nobel Prize: Expectations, Acceptance Speech & Global Responses

'Most people out here have been unemployed for months'

‘An inconvenient truth: Time to elect green president’

Joe Conason: Time for the Media to Fess Up

Grayson laughed in Bernanke's face.......

What is the socialist answer?

Sweet Revenge! Biblical Figures Return to Cleanse Conservapedia

Hannity's Gay Target

Obama gets reward for world view

Democratic Women in Senate Speak on Behalf of Health Legislation

Losing the Moral High Ground

FOX News Starts Its Own Weather Channel

President Obama's remarks on winning the Nobel Peace Prize (Video)

WHY AMERICA FIGHTS; Patriotism and War Propaganda From the Philippines to Iraq

If Men Had Ovaries

The GOP Will Whine About the Obama Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace prize awarded to Obama for beating the fascist Corporate Lobbyist Party

Exclusive: John Cleese Slams Ex-Wife, Terry Gilliam, Republicans, His Hotel ...

To vaccinate or not? Some wary on H1N1 choice (CNN)

tort law changes would save $11 billion - CBO. Remove worst 5% of Drs - save $21 Billion!

Where oppression comes from

Most Popular Part of Health Reform: Public Option » 61% to 34% : Quinnipiac University poll

WSJ: What I Heard in Honduras = By JIM DEMINT (GOPista)

Health Insurer Sues Maine for Guaranteed Profits

No Indian university among world's best 100, Harvard tops the list

Republicans Scoff at Nobel Prize Announcement

A Time of Shattering Realities

Maybe we should help the Republicans feel better. Start an award for the worst Fascist on earth.

H-1B visas: A mess that could get even worse

Weekend Economists" Leif Ericson Weekend (and What's His Name, Too!) Oct. 9-11, 2009

Police stop more than 1 million people on street

So how's that $22 billion dollars that Indonesia spent on promoting biofuels working out?

Cornelius nursery warms to the sun (solar thermal application)

PECO to Issue 6 Megawatt Solar RFP (PA)

FPL Prepares to Power up 25MW Solar PV System (FL)

Suniva to Invest $250M in (Solar) Manufacturing Facility (500 new jobs Lansing, MI)

ODAC Newsletter - Oct 9

Drumbeat: October 9, 2009

City Council OKs lease for (5-10 MW) solar plant (Las Cruces, NM)

Color-changing roof tiles absorb heat in winter, reflect it in summer

Virginia Offering Solar PV Rebate Program ($2000 per kW)

North Sea cable could bring Norway’s energy to UK

Indiana Could Be 'Center of a New Energy Economy for America,' Based on Abundant Renewable Energy

Pilot Project captures 90% of CO2 (from the flue stream of a coal-fueled power plant in Wisconsin)

Pulling CO2 from the Air: Promising Idea, Big Price Tag

Defiant (US) Chamber (of Commerce) Chief Says ‘Bring ’Em On’

Developed country emissions pledges fall short, analysis shows

Science: Both of the World's Ice Sheets May Be Shrinking Faster and Faster

Scientific American: Just How Sensitive Is Earth's Climate to Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide?

Self Delete

Supergrid for Renewables: Coloring the US Grid Green (800 MW of PV for Maine?)

Key new ingredient in climate model (nitrogen cycle) refines global predictions

E.U. Plan to Curb Carbon Dioxide Would Favor Solar Power

First (UK) Government public warning on climate change (> 50% don't think it will affect them)

Malawian boy uses wind to power hope, electrify village

Why the U.S. Should Not Make Emissions Pledge in Copenhagen

Pacific Ocean 'dead zone' in Northwest may be irreversible—probably caused by…climate change…

"Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons."

High Temperature Calcium Reactions That May Allow For Phosphorous Recovery From Incinerated Sewage.

U.S. May Not Make Emissions Pledge in Copenhagen, Pershing Says

Offshore Wind: Time for a Market Take-off?

National Poll Shows More Than Nine Out of 10 Americans (92%) Want Solar Now

Rising sea levels are increasing the risk of flooding along the south coast of England

Nuclear waste: how much is there & how long does it take to decay?-

Oof, I'd hate to be a Cards fan tonight...

Huskers late rally tops Mizzou 27-12

I am happy the Huskers beat MIZZOU

Am I the only one watching the UFL on versus?

Any word on whether the Rox will really play?

I love it. Bart Scott and Kiwanuka said they will not play for Limbaugh.

Welcome back!!1!!

Golfer loses arm in gator attack

What kind of horrific weather will Big Ten teams have to play in this week?

Yogi Berra talks about his Landing at D-Day

Matt Holliday lost game 2 for the Cardinals

The Twins have won the AL Central five times since 2002

Dany Heatley scores hat trick in home opener for Sharks

Twins scored!! Yankees scored

Whats getting lost in all these Nobel discussions

Golf & rugby sevens voted into Olympics

One thing about the playoffs... it brings new people into the sports forum.

Moran sign at Citizens Bank Park Today

Another October Saturday and all eyes are on the SEC

LSU fans smell like corndogs.....

NFL Week 5 Picks (with point spreads)

Weekend Horse Racing Analysis: A Grade I Bonanza

Venezuela reaffirms agreement with Britain to fight drug smuggling

Time: Mercedes Sosa

Bolivian leader joins in tribute to Che Guevara

Partial Legislative Victory! Congress Approves Release of SOA/ WHINSEC Names ....

The critical point of view from the Radical Party (Left, Causa R)

Venezuela: The murderers can not make justice. On the exhumations of the Caracazo

Honduran Army Raids Garifuna Hospital – The Repression Continues

Ecuador grants refugee visas to over 16,000 Colombians

Opportunities and Risks in Honduras

Honduran Coup Regime in Crisis

A gift from my family to the plural internationalist left we ought to become one day

U.N. experts concerned Colombia fighters in Honduras

Why "Castro" is Bad, Lesson One

RFK's daughter backs Ecuadoreans in Chevron suit

Latin America: The Empire Retreats

Bolivia Says Lithium Plant 70 Percent Done

Venezuela Behind the Smokescreen

Did you hear my call to Thom Hartmann a few minutes ago, on the travel restrictions on Americans?

Weeks before election, NYC mayor unveils $1.5 million gunshow sting

Headline:Gator Bites Off Man’s Arm (or why its a good idea to keep a .357 in your golf bag)

Gun-toting mom Meleanie Hain, husband had been separated before fatal shooting, lawyer says

I think individuals have the right to own a gun

Cops: Husband shot soccer mom as she chatted on webcam

Neighbors back store owner Chicago man killed in confrontation behind neighborhood market

No pizza for gunslingers...

Dye-job donkeys wow Gaza children

Peres to Obama: Peace became real agenda under your leadership

Jordan's King to Haaretz: Nuclear transparency applies to Israel as well

Iran to 'blow up heart of Israel' if attacked

Analysis: Closer to a Nobel minyan

Under Netanyahu, Abbas has gone from 'good Palestinian' to foe

Jury acquits man in 2006 shooting

Store owner shoots to protect life, livelihood again

The wonderful thing about a thought-provoking contest theme

Cynicism and American Politics

Tens of thousands line up for housing assistance in Detroit

Today in Labor History Oct 9 She became a muckraking labor journalist and wrote eyewitness accounts

Workers Struggles



PSN: Job Losses & State Fiscal Crises: Time for More Federal Stimulus Spending

Question for the pros. Photographing a bronze bust

Scientists decipher the 3-D structure of the human genome

A road of no return: Team implements the first '1-way roads' for light

Putting Earth & the Future of the Human Species at Risk for the Price of 40 City Buses

Leather columnist 'Mister Marcus' Hernandez dies

Logo 'Goes Dark' October 11th in Support of LGBT 'National Equality March 2009' in Washington, D.C.

House Votes to Expand Hate Crimes Definition

Why marching matters

Pew Research poll: Majority supports civil unions, same-sex marriage

Singer who incites murdering Gays comes to San Jose, CA

Dollar Hysteria

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/08/09

Corporate Communism

Please see my "Petition for a 'Consumer Financial Protection Agency'"

The Goldbug/ Right-wing/ US-will-meet-its-end hysteria

on angels..

Researcher who worked on cervical cancer vaccine warns about dangers

OMG check out this comic strip!!

Perhaps this dream will one day be here

D'oh! D'oh! D'oh!

Be patient and pleasant and you will receive more than you're asking for

Team reports major step forward in cell reprogramming

Has anyone used Edgar Cayce remedies?

Alberta hires cheaper nurses to tackle shortage

Chronic fatigue syndrome linked with virus similar to HIV

Researcher who worked on cervical cancer vaccine warns about dangers

No Scientific Link Between Childhood Vaccines And Autism, Review Shows

13 Moon Calendar

Hospital nightmare. What the fuck is going on with healthcare in this country?

People use their moral sense to define religion rather than religion to define what's moral.

The Uneducated American - Krugman

How can a teacher oppose health care reform??

Race to the Top Reform = Charter, Charter, Charter

Study Finds High Rate of Imprisonment Among Dropouts

I don't like broccoli

What do y'all think?

I need some advice on enameled, cast iron cookware.

No dishwasher? What do you use for dish soap?

Good day to cook. Grey and rainy here so I'm cooking and freezing.

Tarrant County Democratic Women meets this Saturday 11:00

Community Gardens in Dallas

A tweet from Hank Gilbert

Perry appoints first Latina to TX high court