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Archives: October 8, 2009

Militarists and Media Close Off Alternatives to War

McConnell: CBO Score Is Much Ado About Nothing

Just an observation

Republican party is made up of Birthers, Deathers and Civil War reenactors

If You Want To Be An Entrepreneur, You Have To Be Willing To Take The Bagel

Paul Wellstone and Ted Kennedy dedicated their lives to helping those who needed help...

Whip It

Google Says Google’s Perks Are Overrated, and Belt-Tightening Is Underrated

Keith is now going on solutions

Frank Rich coming up on Rachel.

Another Medical care story without a happy ending

Are Republicans Conceding on Health Care?

Wow, that was Deep, Keith!! Bravo-Effing-Oh!!

The Health Insurance You Have Now Sucks

Keith Olbermann: "AN INSURANCE STRIKE!" Nice!!!

Holder Urges Senate to Move Dawn Johnsen’s Nomination

Antiwar Protesters Take to White House Facebook Page

Time to reframe the Health Crisis. Time for MEDICARE for ALL

Time to reframe the Health Crisis. Time for MEDICARE for ALL

Keith is on and his special comment

Bob Dole Backs Health Care Overhaul, Urges Republicans To Get On Board...

KO is hammering medicare-for-all as a necessity

Wyclef agrees...

If you're not watching Keith, turn it on. Now.

Second run of keith

Detroit Free Press Mike Thompson on Rush buying the St. Louis Rams.

Iraq veterans protest Afghan war

Health Care reform doesn't stop with insurance:

It looks like the democratic party might be getting their act together

Wal-Mart push begins anew

Most Americans see Afghan fight worth US bloodshed: poll

Tsunami Alert issued

It's a testament to the voters of Ohio CD-10 that they have someone like Kucinich reprsenting them

keep the righteous anger going...

Pastor Pleads Guilty To Making Obscene Calls To Baristas

Now you know why Keith isn't the anchor on the main NBC news.

Finally, a way to use the sick, dying, and uninsured to get rid of the repukes...

Former Sen. Max Cleland (HERO-VN), Richard Engel on w/Rose; Richard Belzer w/Tavis tonight

Woman's 7-Foot-Long Dog Could be Record-Holder

Did you remember to call your Senators and Representative today?

KO back on in five minutes.

45,000. 45,000.

McAllen, Texas and the high cost of health care : The New Yorker

Domestic Abuse Victims Struggle with Another Blow: Difficulty Getting Health Insurance

Because we need a bit of levity around here tonight:

How many watch Keith and Rachel for the full hour, and how many watch Sean and...

I AM A LIBERAL... scream it now... don't shy from it

Egypt's top cleric plans face veil ban in schools

From the American Family Foundation

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

This is going to sound paranoid, but . . .

So...which DINO senators are up for reelection next year?

KO: "Mention Medicare for everybody, and it sounds less threatening."

Too bad this isn't possible:

"you will never see a greater hive of scum and villany"--so said Obi Wan Kenobi

Andy Myer: Why Is the Government the Health Care Boogeyman?

I propose a new national monument

City of Atwater CA has paid $55K in legal fees due to Councilman Gary Frago's racist e-mails

Minister who held gun rally at church leaves to promote firearm rights

Horrible: this is what we have come to, this is the United States now

A fallen soldier returns home

I do, however, congratulate Dennis Kucinich for this: getting over his racially divisive tactics.

Somali pirates attack French military flagship

Talk to me like I've spent 8 years in total isolation. Why did we go to war with Afghanistan?

Symptoms and treatment of Swine Flu . . .

So . . . How do you think our insurance overlords will respond . . .


In Houston, bicycling is known as a killer sport.

Do you know what is the sad thing about tonight's hour long Special Comment by Keith Olbermann?

Do you know what is the sad thing about tonight's hour long Special Comment by Keith Olbermann?

Gods bless Keith Olbermann

Green tech execs descend on Washington to press for climate change bill

TRANSCRIPT: Keith Olbermann's Hour-Long 'Special Comment' On Health Care

Pot legalization gains momentum in California

A modest proposal for universal government health care.

Natonal Association of Free Clinics

Has there been any reaction from the press on Olbermann's special comment?

All I have to say about the PO's being considered is Michael Jackson was right!

Obese skunk put on vegetarian diet to battle bacon addiction

Just what we need...ANOTHER moon thread, butttttttt

Limbaugh is a pungent bowl of stark raving bigoted lunacy

Limbaugh is a pungent bowl of stark raving bigoted lunacy

And so the War on Christmas begins....

For $704 million, wouldn't you expect your thingie to work?

For $704 million, wouldn't you expect your thingie to work?

Berlusconi refuses to resign - this will be fun

National Association of Free Clinics has a Facebook... lots of fans joined since KO last night.

$244,672.75 a second.

Health Care Terrorism

Protesters urge Grassley to back public option health-care plan

Texas health care ranked 46th in the nation

US soldiers pay the price for extended tours of duty in Afghanistan

Yet another reason to wish Rick Scott would die of cancer: He owns clinics targeting the uninsured.

I don't know about you, but I like the term "Boll Weevil" more than "Blue Dog"

Max Blumenthal's interview with Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air

Roman. Dave. And now... Dr Phil

My daughter, Abigail was born on September 25th. It was a reminder to me of exactly WHY

Supreme Court Hears ACLU Case Involving Latin Cross War Memorial In Mojave Desert

I just donated 50 $ to the NYC DEM candidate for Mayor.

'Shockingly wide' health gaps among states (VT the best, MS, the worst)

Vermont the state w/ the public option is ranked # 1

Latest update on our mayoral sex scandal...

This will get the fundie freaks' underwear in a wad

WJ this morning - Is Health Care a moral issue for America

People living in the bluest states are considerably more arrogant and snobbish..

People living in the bluest states are considerably more arrogant and snobbish..

people living in the reddest states are considerably less educated and unhealthier

Seriously - why DON'T the Dems call reform "Medicare for all"?

Senator Byrd blasts mountaintop removal company for endangering children

Wasserman Schultz Links Chris Christie To "Shocking Sexism" Of The GOP

Pot Legalization Gains Momentum In California

Americans cutting back on health care to save money

Democrats Divided on Patriot Act

Never ever ever Park the Green Bus

Never ever ever Park the Green Bus

Congress Considers Breast Cancer Reform Bills

Is the moon bombing a warning shot to alien civilizations?

Bernie Sanders on CSpan1 now

The only cable News channel I have on my TV is MSNBC

Interesting web page I ran into: America's 3 political cultures

KO reframed "right to life" for us last night.

Herta Mueller wins 2009 Nobel literature prize

Dell to close plant, lay off 905

Playing to their base....



Weak teabags: Voters Back Obama Over Republicans on Health Care, Poll Finds

Former student sues A&M over grades She contends in federal court that she was advised to fail

Mark Sanford’s Car Busted For Speeding, Not Ticketed

The Nation: Time to Raise Pell!

Limbaugh to possibly buy the St. Louis Rams?!

John Nichols: The Republican 1 Percent Strategy

McConnell just finished his morning whine. Alexander whining now and if

Duncan Hunter says the US is in debt because of social spending

Coming soon: Cheney, Cheney, and Cheney?

Man, CNBC is really pushing this public-option-less Baucus bill, aren't they?

Imus New Faux Show...Off To A Roaring Thud...

Conrad says he voted and will vote against a public option because the House supports a strong one

Conrad says he voted and will vote against a public option because the House supports a strong one

State Sen. Thrasher (R-Jax) who admitted violating FL ethics laws...

Look at this way: car crashes vs health insurance

I've had it, please help me, Glenn Beck related uggghhhh

dupe, deleted

What event marked the end of the '60s?

A warning about Global Warming....... from1958!

This post keeps getting un-recommended. I wonder why.

This post keeps getting un-recommended. I wonder why.

From "Bold Progressives": Tell Harry Reid to put the pressure on the Blue Dogs... here...

Justice Dept to Orly: "Nuts!"

"All you need is a passion for science"

'Moonies' mull future without founder - Sun Myung-moon to turn church over to 30-year-old son

'Moonies' mull future without founder - Sun Myung-moon to turn church over to 30-year-old son

Fighting for Peace is like Fucking for Virginity.


OAS: Honduras Must Restore President Manuel Zelaya In 3 Days Or Risk Suspension

Anyone notice how "people who yell at town hall meetings" got replaced by the "indisputably tall" in

Amurkica is going to 'bomb the moon' on Friday......

1969: We came in peace for all mankind 2009: Where are you hiding your water Mr. Moon?

Drudge pretends to be anti-war now

Are You a Boomer?

The Smoking Gun May Come in the Form of an R-Rated Movie

These 30 men think it's ok that women are sexually assaulted and raped....

Scientists expect moon bomb to unleash plume of dihydrogen monoxide.

Note to East Coast DU early birds: Watch the "Moon Bomb" live!

USGS map for the last 30 days

Tell Big Business: Quit the Chamber of Commerce - Join the Planet! (CREDO action)

World's Leading Expert on Flu Vaccines Questions Efficacy of Flu Vaccine

Herta Mueller wins Nobel Price in Literature

Georgia's North Cobb HS Sees Gender Conformity As More Important Than Educating Students

What's your take on the Corzine ads attacking Christie's weight

Rep. Frank Says Banks Aren't Playing Nice

Tom Coburn wants to stop all NSF Political Science research funding

Outrage: ‘Walkaways’ Can Hurt Homeowners

LOL!!! - O’Reilly to Bachmann: You ‘drive the far-left crazy’ because you’re ‘good-looking.’

LOL!!! - O’Reilly to Bachmann: You ‘drive the far-left crazy’ because you’re ‘good-looking.’

Jonah Goldberg and his father think dictionaries are liberal

Help Consumers Union/Consumer Reports Get their Pro-Public Option Ad on the air

KO is making me cry

This federal spending pie chart shows clearly how military spending is making us broke.

China's electric car revolution

Have you checked out Joy Behar's new show on HLN?

Don't let Congress use subsidized health care for the poor as a substitute for universal reform

Re-up bonuses back, but act soon

Hey Doctors, Let's Make a Deal

One of my good friends comes back to work today

Chamber: Global Warming is Good for You

Notorious Floyd Brown wants to impeach President Obama.

Senate will vote on Heath Care bill on Tuesday

War with Iran if they trade oil in euros and not dollars

Safety Net Organizations---mental health, food, domestic violence---have to stop seeing people

Austin Statesman blog: Keller case moving closer to resolution (Texas)

If the FReepers' prayers come true and civil war erupts..

I am usually the first one to bash cops here but I need to thank them

Some facts that occurred to me during CSPAN this

GE: 10,000 applications for 90 factory jobs

Thunder's Green Wise Chicken and Rice (20 minutes to a great meal)

Have you Googled the word "standoff" recently? Holy shit!

Dancing With The Birthers? "DeLay: ‘I have no idea’ if Obama is US citizen"


House Extends Homebuyer’s Tax Credit for Deployed Troops

Olbermann: "The Public Option" is in broad essence "Medicare For Everybody."

The lastest rightie outrage about kids singing..

I have a question about the opt-out provision for the public option

Good afternoon You have got to see this, I'm not kidding

Oh noes! Say it isn't so Bill!

Meet The Senators Who Voted Against The Franken Amendment

Meet The Senators Who Voted Against The Franken Amendment

4 Presidents & 4 Prime Ministers Charged With War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide in Iraq

McNaughton's "One Nation Under God" -- reloaded

Airports To Screen For Swine Flu

To Combat Overseas Bribery, Authorities Make It Personal

Anyone notice there are no unbaised studies on guns?

Republicans unveil their own healthcare plan

Open a can of Human Spam . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Al-Qaida threatens to attack China!

NPR's "The Story" on Wed, UHC denied payment for twins

Lieberman Wants To Use His Gavel

Well folks, it looks like we have a real hit on our hands! Yippee!!!

Woman wounded accidentally when cop shoots at dog

Tina Fey ready to bring Sarah Palin impersonation out of retirement for Palin's book, 'Going Rogue'

Barney Frank: March is "Useless," Lobby Politicians at Home

State Senate approves legislation to avoid electricity shut-offs in response to Marvin Schur's death

Legislation would rid streets of 'obscene' billboards

The richest, whitest people we know...

There are only three real Democrats, and one of them isn't a Democrat.

Pelosi: "I'm in my place" as speaker, thanks

Pelosi to submit multiple public options for CBO scoring

Gun-toting soccer mom, husband found shot dead, "Daddy shot Mommy!"

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,348

Yesterday was a FIVE-STAR DAY!!

Harry Connick Jr SLAMS Australian Racist Skit, Host Apologizes

Need help with Word - page break problem.

Poll: Jerry Brown Has Big Lead In California Governor's Race

Who is the young girl in the picture?

Journalist Says Use of “Embeds in War Slants True Perspective"

Has anyone projected the decline in lawsuits as a benefit of health care reform?

Want good health care? It's location, location ...

Two Idaho counties hire Larry Craig's firm to woo federal prison

So, in the upcoming governor races (NJ, VA) looking like a split??

Anyone see Honda's motorised stool on colbert last night

Am I alone in thinking drugs stores now administering flu shots is a gift to insurance companies?

A torturing country doesn't care about health care for its citizens, it's incapable

Anti-Trust Exemption for Health Insurance Companies?

I OPPOSE the State-by-State Opt-Out Compromise on HCR

My state has a gubernatorial candidate who admits to having had sex with farm animals.. Series!

The governor that keeps on giving: Sanford stopped for speeding, but leaves officer behind

Scalia "clearly irritated" today when ACLU lawyer Peter Eliasberg thrashed his argument

Mayor Admits To Posing For Pictures In Drag

To Save Money, Irish School Asks Kids to Bring Their Own Toilet Paper

Bachmann: You Only Hear About Birtherism On The Left

Is North Carolina the first state to institutionally fuck fat people?

Sooo...How do you think the realtors will react in states that REJECT Public Option?

What to you all think of this

He LIED? Despite his denials, surveillance video shows Joe Francis beating crap out of Jayde Nicole

I wonder if Keith ever comes on to DU?

Instead of offering states to opt out -why not.......

Obama to scrap his Czar program and is now going to have Tartars. Pic.

Would the state opt-out help turn red states blue?

CNN: 500,000 helped by Obama mortgage rescue

Intervention in a family when the children are abused

One Nation, Under Moran

Out of the shithead spokespeople I have seen, I think I hate Bill O'Reilly the most.

Donate to the free clinics that Keith spoke about here...

Coburn Pulls The Plug On Grandma's Social Security

Salon: Olbermann's wasted moment

House Chairman Asks Tough Questions About Afghanistan Policy

"Mr. Darwin, your table is ready"


Please DU this poll on Limbaugh as potential new owner for Rams

"You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of Blue."

Top Tea Partier, Husband, Owed IRS Half A Million Dollars

A Very Effective Ad

Plumber with shattered arm left horrifically bent out of shape {disturbing pics}

Missing Nevada County Buffalo Still On the Lam After Four Days

About corporate personhood: is it fetal or post-fetal?

What time is the moon bombing tomorrow?

Ammiano to Schwarzenegger: "Kiss my gay ass"

Richard Widmark, Judgement at Nuremberg, 1961:

Oh Lord, is Ann Coulter clueless (Larry King Live)

Dr. Phil sued for 'brainwashing'

Arizona Mothers Storm Kyl's Senate Office, Denounce GOP as Sexist

Wanda Sykes on Leno discussing current events and whatnot.

Re: Keith's comment

What is DU for you?

Letter to Congress from the heart of Oklahoma. Another Einstein in the making!

Gay Pop Culture Question

Great Op-Ed About Rush Wanting To Buy Into The Rams Ownership

our troops in Afghanistan have no socks

Women More Likely to be Discharged Over Military's "Don't Ask"

Man disputes $11,857 bill from PG&E

I shouldn't have to state-hop to get the kind of medical coverage we should all have.

Senators Boxer-Kerry Climate Bill Greeenwashes Nuclear Power

In praise of ...... High-Speed Rail

Democratic assemblyman to Schwarzenegger: 'You lie!'

Senate Democrats reach deal on extending benefits

Did someone say "moon"?

Republican solution to the healthcare problem...

Ridiculous Rent Prices!

Question: When doing pharmeceutical testing, what percentage is considered "effective"?

Kucinich is a pathetic jerk who makes the Left look stupid.

Internet game that awards points for people spotting real crimes on CCTV

even those of us with "good" health insurance are being hit.

Parents Balk at Soaring School Bus Fee Increases (2 miles, $210/yr)

Bachmann: NASA “Jeopardizing National Security”

Yesterday I signed a petition to grow and tax pot in California

Man, NASA missed their chance!

Teen's arrest in high-school hallway sparks debate about police program

Conservatives Caught Recreating the Bible in Their Own Image

Jimmy Kimmel goes where Tweety feared to tread

BREAKING: Cruithne issues terse statement on Moon Bombing

Criminals may have been hired for census

Criminals may have been hired for census

Congress acts to extend hate crimes to cover gays

Chia Obama (i kid u not)

Randi Rhodes pissing all over Keith Olbermann's Hour Special Comment

Repeat after me, THERE WILL BE A PO

Screw the Cartels, buy American

Anarchist Arrested for Tweeting

To the batshit insane frothing about the moon: more shit to hyperventilate over in ignorance

BREAKING: Moon to receive no medical attention

DUers I need some recommends on this article to get it in the navigation...

The moon missle underscores the need to introduce a bill to protect outer space from weaponization.

BREAKING: Crack found in containment structure of Crystal River nuke plant in FL: no imminent danger

Letter to Obama From the Mad As Hell Doctors

An attorney made this mistake at today's SCOTUS orals:

Obama drops rule aimed at immigrants' bosses

Sink your teeth into SCOTUS oral arguments in Sotomayor's first establishment clause case:

The moon people are ALL terrorists & we should've bombed them years ago!

Weeee, a TV guy made a big speech! Meanwhile, war criminals walk free

Check Out How Much Our Pharmaceutical Companies Are Ripping Us Off For.......

ACORN holding up pretty well against right wing effort to destroy it

What the hell does Opt -Out mean?

So my Republican Congressman, Kevin McCarthy

Stop & Frisk: Police largely target Hispanic & African American citizens

"No Homo" Here's to Hoping it Doesn't Catch On!

Am I a bitter Black man? Michelle's family history isn't remarkable if you PAID ATTENTION in . . .

IBM CEO Palmisano on Single Payer

Ok not biased at all but my son just learned the Pledge...

My only grandson is very sick (2 trips to ER)

Het up over 'Bombing the Moon' threads? Chill out with this book.

Couple battle to make insurers liable for coverage decisions

Rep. Eric Cantor: public option – has been "resoundingly rejected by the American people."

When did 7 become the "New 6"??

When did 7 become the "New 6"??

The Public Option: Robust or Americano?

The Public Option: Robust or Americano?

Screw the state opt out idea!

So once the anger dies

So how many people have put Stephen Colbert in Conservapedia?

Anybody else catch what Rachel just said?

Colin Powell did get one thing right: if you're going to do something, don't hold back.

Bravo Keith Olbermann

I listened to Keith and Rachel; I've read the warm and enthusiastic responses on DU, but---

Why are most (all?) repubicans so vehemently in favor "buying insurance across state lines"?

BF's advice good for SBS PO: "We must all hang together or most assuredly we will hang separately"

Fuck you Pat Buchanan (Ed's Show) your bad knee kept you out of Vietnam ....

New strategy: kill suspected terrorists rather than imprison & interrogate them

Feingold votes against Patriot Act in committee; Franken gets thrown under a bus

If we're so sure voters will punish any Repub who opts out, why are there Red States to begin with?

WOW! Just on Rachel Maddow: Reid will REVOKE CHAIRMENSHIPS for any Dem that supports Filibuster

You'd Think After 8 Years of US "Involvement" Afghanistan Would Rank Higher Than 181 Out of 182

Victory: Shackling Pregnant Prisoners in Labor Found to be Cruel!

Your Idiot Media Hard At Work: HelpSaveTheMoon Twitter Feed!

Your Idiot Media Hard At Work: HelpSaveTheMoon Twitter Feed!

My Parody of the Crazy McNaughton/Jesus Painting!


It's soup weather.

Would you like to see Democrats wearing "MEDICARE FOR ALL" buttons-??

Moon impact, full schedule for final day (note last entry....)

Striped on the Gaza Strip: Donkeys turned into 'zebras' at zoo

120 hours to save Health care reform.

"I'm in my place. I'm the Speaker of the House."

CA man blows hand off while mixing explosives at home that doubled as a pot farm & child care center

Scalia displays his intellectual prowess on the bench...

Cleveland PD LTTE - "OMGZ! I'm going to catch Teh Geigh!"

Bill Ayers having a laugh at wingnuts

Meet The Press Wins Big Ratings Again with Rachel Maddow On

Senators Renew Patriot Act Spy Powers

Would you still have voted for Obama if you knew about his plan to bomb the moon?

Would you still have voted for Obama if you knew about his plan to bomb the moon?

The American right has a long history of advocating coups-d'etat

The American right has a long history of advocating coups-d'etat

DUers, let's not forget to call Senator Dodd and remind

Thinking about tethering your cell phone for internet service?

Thinking about tethering your cell phone for internet service?

Good Morning, Moon

Keith Olberman does not belong on TV

CNN: Liberals see health care hero in freshman Florida lawmaker (Alan Grayson)

Women more likely to be expelled under 'don't ask'

Levi Johnston: I know that I shouldn't

Olbermann's "Right to Life" "Fight Against Death" sent to

Code Pink, fearful of setbacks for women, rethinks call for U.S. troops to withdraw from Afghanistan

Jesus delivering the Constitution to the Founding Fathers and all of us, even you (but not liberals)

Nate Silver: 6 Reasons why Opt-Out is a good thing

Dennis John Kucinich - born October 8, 1946 - Happy Birthday!

FYI: Check out Will Pitt's thread in the Lounge!

Levi Johnston to pose for Playgirl

Can I strap various sized dildos to my body and wear them in public?

Oklahoma Abortion Law: Details To Be Publicly Posted Online

Oklahoma Abortion Law: Details To Be Publicly Posted Online

Man, 81, finishes race after borrowing a catheter

UCLA science lab students watched in horror as a male classmate slashed the throat of a female stude

Check One Two Check---Is this DU?

The rising meme of equivalency between Fox Noise and MSNBC

Have You Seen This Movie?

Man Gets Life Term for Beating Woman With Crucifix

Man Gets Life Term for Beating Woman With Crucifix

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Of Illinois Just Raised My Premium Again.......

IF YOU LIVE IN DETROIT, Please tell us what you are seeing take place there...

Predict how REALTORS will react in those (red)states who REJECT Public Option

Can you feel it? The corner has been turned.

HEADS UP: FL State Party Conference this wkend at Disney - BE SURE TO MAKE A SINGLE PAYER OR PO SIGN

BREAKING: Fed to Bail Moon Out After It Craters Tomorrow...Obama Determines: "Moon Too Big To Fail".

The moon rises a couple hours after sunset on Friday evening

I'm for Single-Payer, and I vote!

Do Elite Private Colleges Discriminate Against Asian Students?

Is the bomb being sent to the moon conventional or nuclear?

OH NOES! The are crashing into the moon TWICE

Pastor Pleads Guilty To Making Obscene Calls To Baristas

How come they can tell you exactly how many people are in the country illegally

REPORT: ‘We Will Overthrow The Government’ — Calls For Violence Repeatedly Stoked

Field Poll: Jerry Brown Has Big Lead in Governor's Race

I'm sick of this steady stream of Rs now whining about fiscal responsibility and big government.

John Cornyn will block anyone except his nominee for North Texas U. S. Attorney

Oklahoma Law Would Put Details of Every Abortion Online...

Kids got the h1n1 so I've been out of the loop - what's all the fuss with the moon about???

Freepville just pulled/deleted a "call to arms" thread, but not before I copied it--

Neo-Nazi Blows Hands Off Making Explosives in CA at Mom's Day Care

Female House GOPers Silent On NRCC’s Demand That Pelosi Be Put “In Her Place”

Calling 'Em Out: The White House Takes on the Press

Rush Limbaugh-NFL

I like this idea from Howard Dean "open up eligibility to Medicare (now) for people over 50" LINK

The state opt out for public option is wrong. Dean is dead wrong to support it.

Obama Caves in to Agribusiness :(

Ummm.... what the FUCK, Randi???

Three Cheers for President Obama!

Europe hit the Moon first

we can not bomb the moon !!!

Gay Student Beaten, Left For Dead on Wyo. Fence

Only in America...4 year old dies from Chicken Pox.

"Michael & Me: A Love Story" by Eileen Jones

serious questiong: any help for depression over long unemployment?

Keeping bees.

"Eyes Right!" Little Belgian Boy Saluting Canadian Troops

CIGNA Employee Flips Off Mother Of Dead Girl Denied Transplant

How many children could have Health Care for the price of those Moon Crashes?

What does it feel like when you are hungry?

Michael Jackson was right! They Don't Care About Us

Frank pushing quick movement on credit card bill

8 Shocking Ways the Billionaires Have Schemed to Rob Us of Every Last $

Is the Moon really sacred to some religions?

I just had an interesting conversations with one of my bosses about guns.

Credit card shock - miminum payments may rise abruptly

Wouldn't it be unconstitutional to deny coverage in one state while allowing

Poll: GOP Congressional Approval Falls to Record Low

I'd hit it.

Halloween Decorating We Can All Get Behind (pic warning)

Straight guys tell. Interviews with soldiers on DADT

Police stop more than 1 million people on street for no reason

Actual verses from the "Conservative Bible" worse than our satire

Is the Second Amendment a LIBERAL IDEA?

KO's call to action - Free Clinics in all 6 states where Dem Senators are not with us

Microsoft's New Operating System Is Good Enough to Erase Bad Memory of Vista

House Democrats looking at windfall profits tax on insurance industry

I am all for an "Opt-out" plan for health care reform.

Using "civil rights" to sell charter schools

Jon Corzine playing the Fat Card?

Free Republic to Mary Cheney: "Congratulations on your baster bastard"

In America, My Family Who Has Worked Their Entire Lives Just Hit Rock Bottom!!!

Pat Buchanan is one sick RW bastard

Cold hearted orb that rules the night

Virginia is regressing I'm afraid (McDonell widens lead in Governor's race)

Public Option Favored by ALL Demographic Groups – Including Republicans

If Medicaid Experience Is Any Indicator, Public Option Opt-Out Compromise May Be Good Idea

What will the Democrats do about NCLB's requirement of 100% proficiency by 2014?

Jeb Bush: Stop Blaming My Brother for Driving the Country Off a Cliff

Japanese Divorce Laws Leave Fathers Fighting to See Kids

Japanese Divorce Laws Leave Fathers Fighting to See Kids

Toys"R"Us scolded for gender discrimination

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

Dr. Dean: Dems need to open up Medicare to people over 50 before 2010 elections

GOING ROGUE: What does the title of Sarah Palin's book REALLY indicate?

Help with an historical legal question if you don't mind.

Watch Michael Moore lay waste to GOP sock puppet Sean Hannity

White House Adviser re "Fox News": 'It's Opinion Journalism Masquerading as News'

Say hello to the 30 Pro-Rape Republican Senators who voted

Pelosi To Submit Multiple Public Option Plans To The CBO For Scoring!

Want to understand how vulnerable state by state PO is? Look at the numbers:

I'm so glad the UK has cameras everywhere - drag queens strike back!

Ron Paul, Alan Grayson Ask Senate To Postpone Benanke Confirmation

BREAKING: Moon threatens to retaliate for moon bombing by blocking out the Sun on December 31st!

Schumer: Opt-Out Public Option Gaining Steam

If these moon bombing threads have shown us anything

The first rule of Squirrel Fight Club

Has the Yoiks guy gotten faster????

My latest peeve: "Last and final."

so let me get this straight about 2012 the movie

And so the War on Christmas begins....

Boy thinks he's a superhero. Unaware of his secret identity has brain cancer.

OK, how do I fix the fonts on DU?

Is there any kind of software that can tell a third party exactly what kind of files are opened on a

Shamwow parody on youtube.

I think you are all intoxicated. I can't understand any of these posts.

Recent movies that fizzled badly (ah, such high hopes for this lot)

astronomy question for homework: need help with Kirchoff's Laws

I am watching Dead Ringers on cable.

Did anyone like the new south park?

What's for dinner?

RIP Larry

Dodgers. Yeah.

Distance walkers, I've got a question.

Now THIS is some strange old TV

Cast your vote for best final shot in a movie. (It's down to two.)

I think this Febreze commercial is implying that the kid smokes pot.

Osprey web cam from Glacier National Park over the past few months ----->

Good friend of mine lives in Montana. It's going to be 5 degrees Friday night

I'm very satisfied and relieved.......!!!!!

Something happen on my street, had to call 911.

What do you splurge on? What are you frugal about?

I know some here hate christmas - who hates halloween? Why?

Image results for "sad puppy"

Bombing is not the answer. Stop the senseless mayhem!!!!

Master Baiters forced to change name for netball championship

Master Baiters forced to change name for netball championship

Man Who Pinned Twin While Parking Kills Self

This is why God does not exist and justice is truly dead...

My brain can no longer multi-task; it is blatantly obvious to me this morning.

Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds...

How they create beauty

And I don't just say this to everyone...

the two best living female singers together

'Whatever' voted the most annoying word

'Whatever' so totally tops poll about most annoying word

"AP: Anna Nicole Smith investigated in murder plot"

DADA's first album still sounds amazing

YAY!! 92lbs at the doctor's office! (I had cancer and I'm not five feet tall, this is not a brag)

I took two of the dogs riding today, we stopped at Sonic for hamburgers.

Good morning Lounge

Thank you my friends

The People of Wal-Mart

Thurs caption this picture

One Nation, Under Moran

I don't care what anyone else thinks....

Firefox vs Google Chrome...which is better?

Never made the connection...

Another GD classic -

Idiot posts a picture of Obama painting himself as Jesus...on a Classroom Discipline chat board!

So, "Vegetarian diets are often associated with a number of health advantages, including lower blood


Thanks for the thoughts, prayers, good wishes etc.

SHIT! I clicked on an ad in a British newspaper

i have to talk to my vet, but right now he is out looking at

That Charlie Manson is one whacked out loon.

Don't fuck around on the highway

The milk industry produces a video that crushes the anti-milk losers!

Right now, are you geniunely happy

FYI: Betty Crocker came out with Gluten-free cake/brownie/cookie mixes!

Republicans unveil their green car ( pic)

Just when you thought the insanity was over in GD...

Last night, I achieved fudge perfection

please tell me this wasn't one of youse doing this . . .

Some people tried to get into my house at about 3am last night. *still scared*

This one goes out to Ames Research Center

This Dane Puppy Had A Strange Dream That Someone Was Attacking His Tail

This Dane Puppy Had A Strange Dream That Someone Was Attacking His Tail

Tommy_Carcetti presents: Trivial Moral Dilemmas. Your opinion, please:

it smells like Chloraseptic throat spray in my house

Bad dreams and nightmares - how do you deal with them

Poll finds most annoying word — ‘whatever’Easily beats out strong contenders such as ‘you know’ and

I was editing just find in Windows Movie Maker but now the clips won't play in the program.

I was editing just find in Windows Movie Maker but now the clips won't play in the program.

Think anyone will notice if I fall asleep right here at my desk?

Watching "Woodstock" on the History Channel.

It's pizza tonight.

Rockport's own 'Knight Rider' - lofl!

uSA!!!!111 1#, ,, IN YOU"RE FACE!!!!!!!!1111

why in the fuck did flag all my kip winger and winger related photos?

Sometimes Google is NOT your friend!

On this day in 1871: The Peshtigo Fire

Oh look! It's the preview for Star Trek XII!

One of youse wanna run out an get me some unjuns?

What's all this about bombing the moon?

Thursday evening chuckle:

Important Women's Health Issue....

Help! Taking my 5-year-old to a Cub Scouts orientation/introduction tonight. Thoughts?

Do you remember the short story "Rogue Moon" by Algis Budrys?

My plan has succeeded. I have gained enough extra weight to stay warm for the winter!

I think NASA should blow up the middle of the moon.

Oh Noes ! I am Getting a Credit Card For the First Time! Need advice

"That's no Moon, That's a Space Station!"

Do you think the name "Rachel" is will be forever associated with the TV show FRIENDS?

Is this Britany Spears? So sad....

tell me how great i am

"Don't Mess With Me, I Know The Ancient Ways of Kung Fu"

Hey!!!! What the hell man!!!

It's the non-triumphal return of....Have a Hug thread!

Do we need a Constitutional Amendment for Dildos?

Living with dialectic materialists for three months

we're getting our first snow of the season

Annoying new trend in verbal communication, especially among academics: "Vis a vie."

What's a good crafty thing to do with small Coke bottles?

The invasion of the Bee Girls

My computer just did the weirdest (and most disgusting) thing!


Do you own a television?

I started the "Moon" riots on DU ... and I would do it again!

Help: Disposing of old inkjet printers?

In America, My Family Who Has Worked Their Entire Lives Just Hit Rock Bottom!!!

I'm watching Barrett-Jackson

Is it me or is TV starting to suck horribly?

So what intersteller body should be bomb next?

Creating a playlist for a trip to Old Orchard Beach on Sunday

Is Ernie/Ernest too closely associated with Sesame St to use as a baby name?

What was the finest film comedy of the last 20 years?

Good grief, GPS DVD update for Honda Pilot--$185.00.

I'm a Christian suburbanite. Ask me anything.

Can you help me find comedy on line

Yesterday in kindergarten...

Taking "bat shit crazy" to a new level

Star Trek

A friend of mine was killed in a car accident last night.

Guy Ritchie: Madonna Is Retarded

Is youtube lagging for anyone else?

Awww....Baby Bobcat and tiny Fawn Find Friendship After Fire

In honor of Will Pitt's wedding: Post your marriage advice to Will here

PuppyKnob presents Habit Patterns (video link)

Health care reform does have bipartisan support

President Obama picks openly gay lawyer for ambassadorship

President Obama picks openly gay lawyer for ambassadorship

How many Senate Democrats will join the republicans in filibuster of the health care legislation?

Leading article: The stakes in Afghanistan could not be greater

NY Times - "Health Care Bill Gets Green Light in Cost Analysis"

PHOTOS Star-gazers.

Olbermann's Special Comment (VIDEO)

Did Keith kick ass tonight or what?!

David Huebner: Obama's First Openly Gay Ambassador Nominated

Prescriptions Ready and Waiting, Waiting

Obama to Name Gay Ambassador

With President Obama's statement that with-drawl from Afghanistan

"GOP Faces Multiple Hurdles as It Aims for a 1994 Replay"

Finance Committee to vote Tuesday

Today's Required Viewing: Chuck Schumer on Morning Meeting

Bob Dole comes out in support of health care reform.


With President Obama's statement that with-drawl from Afgahanistan

Taliban "Statement appears aimed at influencing debate in US over war in Afghanistan"

Please ......stop comparing Obama to Hitler !!!!!

LA-Sen: Vitter Leads Melancon By 10

I remember 1981. 10% unemployment was treated like a national Disaster

So after all these years US policy toward the moon has reached Mr Show levels.

Pelosi Tells The NRCC Where Her Place Is

Rachel Maddow said any democrat who votes to filibuster with repukes

"U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Decrease to 10-Month Low of 521,000"

KO's Special Comment....I have a question on Donations

Media only reports on the Senate Finance Committee health care bill, ignoring

"Afghan War Debate Now Leans to Focus on Al Qaeda (in Pakistan)"

AP Interview: White House amps up push on climate

Yucca dump backer runs for Senate

Montana State Legislator Faces Felony Counts in Rehberg Accident

State senator eyes possible run for Congress

Burr looking better

Very Interesting NYT Article tracing a different branch of Michelle Obama's family tree.

Democratic ticket in Kansas still in flux as 2010 races loom

So do other think Democrats will be helping Republicans with health Care with no Public Option

So I'm getting married this weekend...

Mike Viqueria just said no public option in the final bill!

Keith Olbermann's special comment, bolstered now by Rachel Maddow: Health care reform will pass.

House Passes Expanded Hate Crimes Bill (Republicans complain)

Is Bill Ayers Now Playing Conservatives? Ayers states he wrote "Dreams of My Father"

I have seen the light....Glen Beck is a genius. Really.

Top 15 Reasons to Get Out of Vietghanistan

30 senators ask Reid to include a public option in the merged bill

How the Republicans could self-destruct in the Senate on health care legislation

Orly Taitz Has Email Sent to DOJ Attorneys Requesting Discovery Begin In Barnett v. Obama

A sex clinic sounds hot.

Poll: Republicans Fall to 25 Percent Approval, Most Americans Back Public Option

White House Photostream: Sneak Peak

Has President Obama's honeymoon ended?.....................CNN poll

Can anyone name Republican Senators who have publicly threatened to filibuster a healthcare bill?

Ed's criticism of Team Obama is spot on today.

Evil Obama to GOP:"Pass Health Reform or I Blow up the Moon!"

Pelosi to submit multiple public options for CBO scoring

Ezra Klein: A Public Option Compromise That Might Actually Work?

If you believe the Afghan War is right, will you just freaking sign up already?

Interesting sign that Kerry's and Lugar's Pakistan aid bill really does have more oversight than

We haven't done this in a while, add "in my pants" to the end of a thread title

Another thing Obama has NOT done: Obama loan relief plan hits goal early

Senate democrats have deal on jobless aid

"Thirty U.S. Senators signed a letter today urging the inclusion of a public option"

Did everyone here get what Kieth O was talking about in his special comment on health care?

Kerry going to Afghanistan to assess troop needs

I am so sick of pollsters finding out what % of WHITE people support a policy of Obama's.

Calling 'Em Out: The White House Takes on the Press

Obama's No. 1 -- most foreign travel by first year president

Did Gen. McChrystal authorize the Pat Tillman cover-up?

Is the GOP trying to box the Obama Administration into open ended Afghanistan commitment?

CA-Gov: Brown Crushing in New Field Poll

How many states would Opt-Out of a federal PO?

'Code Pink' rethinks its call for Afghanistan pullout

Randi Rhodes lost it on air today....

Republicans big FAIL: "Despite Calling CBO ‘God,’ GOP Rejects Politically Inconvenient CBO Score..."

Oklahoma: proud to be the most backward, RW extremist state in the nation

A state opt-out PO sounds too good to be true. What am I missing?

Dean: If I Were A Senator I'd Vote For Opt-Out Public Option

geez, randi going off on keith olbermann.

I think Sen. Russ Feingold deserves our thanks, not our condemnation for...............

"New plan might allow Dems to slip public option through Senate"

Paul Krugman: Opt-out public option

DNC Rips Politico Story Tying Polanski To Obama: “Silly,” “Amateur Hour”

Religion Largely Absent in Argument About Cross

Kerry Rebuttal to Latest Republican Policy Committee Scare-Mongering on Kerry-Boxer

Voters Back Obama Over Republicans on Health Care, Poll Finds Bloomberg

HuffPo - "Combating the Disease of Progressive Cynicism" - MUST READ!

Qaddafi Vexes US In Forcing UN To Take Up Gaza Report

Michael Vick lands own TV show on BET

OAS: Honduras Must Restore President Manuel Zelaya In 3 Days Or Risk Suspension

APF investor speaks

Escaped Fugitive Triggers Search Of DIA Concourse

Code Pink, fearful of setbacks for women, rethinks call for U.S. troops to withdraw from Afghanistan

4 Presidents & 4 Prime Ministers Charged With War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide in Iraq

Leader Ousted, Honduras Hires U.S. Lobbyists

A year later, public still waits for requested Palin e-mails

Dole: Health care reform coming late this year or next; "you lost" when Clinton-era reform failed

Tina Fey ready to bring Sarah Palin impersonation out of retirement for Palin's book, 'Going Rogue'

Retailers’ Sales for September Only Reach 2005 Levels

Gun-toting soccer mom found shot dead

Voters Back Obama Over Republicans on Health Care, Poll Finds

Frank's (Financial Regulation) Plan Criticized As Too Lax

Congress moving to block release of torture photos: ACLU

Japanese Divorce Laws Leave Fathers Fighting to See Kids

Japanese Divorce Laws Leave Fathers Fighting to See Kids

Calling 'Em Out: The White House Takes on the Press

Gates Gives Obama Afghan Troop Request

Jury finds Astor's son guilty of looting estate

Obey questions wisdom of sending more troops to Afghanistan, predicts scrutiny

Illinois man indicted for trying to blow up courthouse

Schwarzenegger seeks overhaul of state tax system

Religion Largely Absent in Argument About Cross

What the hell does Opt -Out mean?

‘Burn pits’ in Afghanistan caused illness, says Enterprise (Alabama) man

BREAKING NEWS: New jobless claims drop more than expected to 521,000, lowest since January

High Rates Of Childhood Exposure To Violence And Abuse In United States, New Study Finds

Bush 41 HHS Sec. weighs in (expresses hope that Obama admin will succeed in passing HC reform)

American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains

Most Americans see Afghan fight worth US bloodshed: poll

Senate Democrats reach deal on extending benefits

Was Rochester Hills woman convicted of selling tech to Saddam Hussein a victim of CIA plot?

US mulls import penalties on Chinese steel pipes

HMO stocks sink after report boosts reform bill

Afghan War Debate Now Leans to Focus on Al Qaeda

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 8

Americans cutting back on health care to save money

Afghan blast targets Indian embassy

McChrystal Wanted 50,000 Troops

House Votes to Expand Definition of Hate Crimes

Fla. appeals court chastises judge over compassion in foreclosure cases

Ammiano (D-Calif.) to Schwarzenegger: 'Kiss my gay ass'

Maddow: Democrats may revoke leadership of anyone who filibusters healthcare

Four major quakes strike South Pacific

Mitterrand faces calls to quit over 'boys' for sex claim(French culture minister)

Franken Gets His First Amendment Passed By Roll Call Vote

Czech president's new treaty snag

Justice Officials Won't Take Oath Before Briefing

Oklahoma Abortion Law: Details To Be Publicly Posted

Interim Honduran leader resists diplomats' pleas

Argentina allows IMF evaluation but with conditions

Joe Lieberman May Hold Hearings On Obama’s “Czar” Problem

Wider Health-Care Access Pays Off

Afghan Women Speak Out: Dr. Roshnak Wardak


Protect Marriage Washington posts an ad

Justice Sotomayor describes receiving "the call"

Candid Talk on Afghan War

India Ready To Work With Pakistan In Rebuilding Afghanistan

CSIRO (Australian scientists censored by gov't on global warming speak out)

Rachel Maddow: Sarah Vowell Says Watch Olbermann's Special Comment

Michele Bachmann to O'Reilly: I've Got ''Stalkers'' At MSNBC!

Dennis Kucinich on Hardball:' We Need To Get Our Troops Out Of Afghanistan As Fast As We Can'

Obama Invites Kids To White House To Star Gaze and supplies telescopes

Hey Hey Its Saturday (the Jackson Jive) American Insult

'Controversial' (Read: Stupid) Utah Artist Under Fire

Racist, Insensitive, or Cultural Misunderstanding?

Out of Vietghanistan Now

Fox: The Vetting of the Czars LOL

"Land of the Czars" Rachel Maddow on the History and Myths

Tea Parties Expose Religious Right's Racist Roots

Thom Hartmann - Is the dollar dying? with Robert Fisk

McCain laughs at Imus joke comparing President Obama to 9/11.

Pelosi: I'm In My Place. I'm Speaker Of The House.

Best God In Show

Little Soldier Girl Talks About Dad's Deployment

Dennis Miller Slams Beck, Hannity On O'Reilly's Show

An Old Person's Guide to No Homo

Rep. Michele Bachmann & Sex Clinics: The Sequel

Alan Grayson grills Fed vice chair Donald Kohn

Michelle Obama's Slavery Roots

Alan Grayson Systemic risk Tansfer of wealth from taxpayer

Kieth Olbermann - End of Special Comment

Thom Hartmann challenges Dan Gainor on the banks screwing everyone

Mark Sanford Confession set to Letterman's Soundtrack

Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Politics-- Official Trailer

1943 Bugs Bunny grimlims and the war

Rachel Maddow: Dick Durbin Comes To ACORN's Defense

Kids Sing For Health Care Reform

Canadians against the Flu Shot~ CBC

"I may be going to hell in a bucket babe. But at least I'm enjoying the ride"...

Children taught to sing rush limpballs praises.

Thom Hartmann - Is Osama bin Laden dead or alive? with David Ray Griffin

Rep. Gohmert - Compares Gays To Beastiality & Hitler

TYT: Republicans Oppose Al Franken's Law on Protecting Victims of Gang Rape

‘We Will Overthrow The Government’ — Calls For Violence Repeatedly Stoked By Conservative Voices

Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern on disinformation, Iran, "faith based intelligence" & Afghanistan

Wells Fargo raises credit card rates

The most disgusting burger EVER created

Keith Olbermann's Hour Long Special Comment On Health Care Reform: "The Fight Against Death"

Analysts: Potential New H-1B Visa Clauses a Nuisance, No Game Changer

Health care reform: Saving American lives - transcript of Olbermann's Special Comment

Lobbying Effort on Honduras Getting Results

Ed Show 'GOP Crazy Train is Off the Rails' - Blumenthal 'the crazies ARE the party'

Robert Fisk: Genocide forgotten: Armenians horrified by treaty with Turkey

GOP to Filibuster Health Care With Replay of Olbermann's Hour-Long Special Comment

Leading article: The stakes in Afghanistan could not be greater

Jack Welch:" GE Healthcare Plan Doesn’t Cover Clean Needles"

Meltdown After the Meltdown

Patrick Cockburn: To say this war must be won in a year is nonsense

Joe Conason: Why Obama Must Spend More

Santorum Starts “War on Christians” Early

Fired up? The grass-roots health care battle..We are winning because we are right

Gene Lyons believes there's a special place in hell for Roman Polanski

Nicholas Kristof: Let Congress Go Without Insurance

Human Terrain System 2009-2010: US Congress Rewards Failure, Puts Personnel in Harms Way

Why won’t this woman go away? (Ledger-Enquirer editorial)

Meet those Senators who voted Against the Franken Amendent :

A Historian's Account Of Democrats And Bush-era War Crimes

Jeff Huber (at-Largely): Just Say No to McChrystal

School Children banned from public parks (MD)

Has anyone seen this fascish bs?

Erwin Chemerinsky: The Constitutionality of Healthcare (LA Times 10-6-09)

The Beat Goes On

Health Care Reform Helps Every Generation

NFL Should Punt Rush Limbaugh's Ownership Bid

Saudis ask for aid if world cuts dependence on oil

Antonin Scalia: Cross is Symbol of All Religions

How Alan Grayson & Michael Moore Changed the Conversation (Cenk's Featured Diary @ DailyKos)

TYT: Transexuals Beat Down Thugs

Overfishing: Are there really plenty of fish in the sea?

Maldavies calls attention to global warming with an underwater cabinet meeting

Breaking: Norway breaks impasse at world climate talks

The US chamber of Commerce -Inside the Chamber of Carbon

Navy Secretary - Warming Means Next Gen Naval Cadets Will Live "In Different World"

Reuters: U.S. "stumbling block" in U.N. climate talks-Mexico

Green shoots (renewable energy) rise from brownfields

Drumbeat: October 8, 2009

The Metastasis of Money by John Michael Greer

Egypt Faces Massive Problem In Nile Delta - 50 cm Sea Level Rise Would Displace, Impoverish Millions

State Oil Regulator Wants PEMEX To Suspend Chincotepec Work After "Disappointing" Results

El Nino/Warming-Cholera Link In Focus By Science As PNG Announces First Case In 50 Years

Renault Electric Cars - 2008 link

In Somalia, Even Camels Are Dying Of Thirst In Fourth Year Of East African Drought - NYT

Guardian - Mix Of Cyanide And Sewages Pollutes 30 Miles Of River Trent

EV's and batteries: climate change

Wow!!!!!! GM met it's 2010 climate change gas goals I bet!!!!!!!

Meet The Selawik Slump & Other Thermokarsting Features - Some Regressing At 30+ Feet Per Year

White House gloats at chamber of commerce exodus over climate bill

Peak oil notes - Oct 8

I will give a live report on the Climate Change Conference in Kopenhagen

London Planning To Open Drinking Fountains, Prompting PR Counterattack From Bottled Water Industry

Last time carbon dioxide levels were this high: 15 million years ago, scientists report

The Hill: Environmentalists fear climate deal (offshore drilling part of the deal?)

Saudis ask for aid if world cuts dependence on oil

The 25 year dimmable 6w LED lightbulb comes to the US- $49

Apparently with her little tirade, LisaM has guaranteed another Skankee win.

They were showing Kate Hudson tonight more than A-Rod

Brit State Secret Revealed: QEII roots for West Ham!!!!

Lucic's tough play helps propel Bruins

One could field a pretty good playoff team with ex-Cleveland players alone...

Dodgers and Cardinals thread?

I canz post now? ROCKIES WIN!!!!!!!

A Salute to Sports Illustrated

As real as it gets >>

Young Fan Wins Lawsuit for Ryan Howard's 200th Career Home Run Ball

The Silverdome goes on the Auction Block..

Congrats to the Colorado Rockies

Boxing (10-10-09)

Puke alert! Miami Hairball: First lady Michelle Obama to host luncheon at Freedom Tower

Esdras Amado López Explains Increasing Lack of Chemistry between Channel 36 and Roberto Micheletti

Root cause of the golpe against Zelaya ?

Chávez asks US to hand over alleged terrorist Posada Carriles

[es] Gobierno anunciará hoy medidas para reactivar economía

So much for the lifting of the state of siege in Honduras

Leader Ousted, Honduras Hires U.S. Lobbyists

Sun-Sentinel: Congress Likely to End Travel Ban

Miami Hairball: Bacardi landmark gains historic designation

Bolivia: A Presidential Race with a Foregone Conclusion

Low-income Venezuelans hit harder by inflation rebound

Chávez terms "ridiculous" recommendations of the US Department of State

Get tough on Honduras coup perpetrators (New Democratic Party of Canada)

Zelaya followers sentenced to house arrest for sit-in in Honduras

Venezuela rules out devaluation; hints new bond issues

Colombian public universities as a laboratory for state repression

High-faluting diplomatic mission to Honduras fizzles out

Surveillance Camera Footage of Honduras Coup Invasion of Channel 36


Opposition to denounce Venezuelan government for denying justice

Anyone notice there are no unbaised studies on guns?

Gun-Toting Soccer Mom Found SHOT DEAD

Kenya: Ownership of a semi-automatic rifle could be punishable by death

Gun-toting soccer mom is shot dead

Since criminals don't obey the Constitution, let's do away with it

Minister who held gun rally at church leaves to promote firearm rights

Gun-toting soccer mom is shot dead

Let women carry firearms not men...

Israeli official: No peace deal for many years

Our exclusive right to self-defense

Israel, U.S. to hold manoeuvres as Iran talks simmer

Watch out for the Goldstoners

Wabi-Sabi poll - comments welcome

Before we get all caught up in submissions - a snapshot look at daily life in a small Italian town

UNITE-HERE's "Hope For Housekeepers" Campaign Targets, Hyatt, Hilton Hotels

Association of Flight Attendants Win Another Organizing Election

Steel Workers Work To Ensure Safe Texas Citgo Refinery Startup

NYT: Washington Farm Workers Push for Unionization

Hospital staffers vote yes on union

House Dems: Don't tax 'Cadillac' plans

Young people need unions

Today in Labor History Oct 8 In Poland, the union Solidarity and all other labor groups are banned

IAM Members Ratify Bombardier Learjet Contract With Pay Raises And Pension Sweetener

Could a Prophet Be Confirmed to the US Department of Labor?

UFCW Colorado Grocery Workers Reject Safeway & Kroger Proposals


Bird Cam Captures Albatross, Killer Whale Rendezvous

New aluminum-water rocket propellant promising for future space missions

Earthquakes weaken distant faults

LRO see Apollo 14 booster impact site

Scientists Measure Volcanic Magma's Rate Of Ascent

New Set of High-Resolution Mars Images Online

Oh, no people are killed for that in my hometown.

Best Maths/CS Cheatsheet EVER...

U of Maine Editorial: Opponents of same-sex marriage don’t have a leg to stand on

Obama picks openly gay lawyer for ambassadorship

Steve Hildebrand: Obama and the LGBT Community (Forty years, no progress. Impatient? Hell yes!)

"Why I'm Marching" (defend writer against bigots)

Hate walks amongst us without notice- that needs to stop. We need to be organized.

Evangelical Christian explains why he marched for gay rights

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/07/09

Geithner pays lip service to a strong dollar

Elizabeth Warren...Gotta love this lady!

The Nobel prize for economics may need its own bailout

Go Ahead, Walk Away

National Health care

Accupressure for dogs.

Don't forget about that private ASAH forum....

Thank-you so much for the birthday wishes! What an awesome

One small step for neurons, one giant leap for nerve cell repair

!oga syad 2 eniccav azneulfin eht tog I !namtaB baJ yloH

Eating Licorice In Pregnancy May Affect A Child's IQ And Behavior

Want to know if the flu is progressing in your area or school...

Do you use compact fluorescent lightbulbs in your home? Do you vaccinate your children or self?

A Hopkins flu researcher analyzes the H1N1 threat

Symptoms and treatment of Swine Flu . . .

Brain Waves Surge Moments Before Death

One Nation, Under Moran

Did you guys know Glenn Beck is a Morman (2 articles)

More Fundie Madness - Neo-Marxism in the Church?

Einstein on God and religion.

Wisconsin Couple Sentenced in Death of Their Sick Child

Using 'civil rights' to sell charter schools

Earning college credit in middle school ?

picalilli Thursday

I need easy CHEAP finger food recipe's

Reynolds Handi-Vac is being discontinued.

Distribution of Gideons Bibles in select Texas public schools - ACLU report

Congressman Gohmert Rambles On About Bestiality, Sex With Corpses...

Top Ten Rick Perry Failures


no "WE ARE BOMBING THE MOON" Conspiracy theories yet?