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Tropical Storm Henri forms, but likely not for long - Miami Herald

Windows Mobile 6.5 Arrives, Mostly Disappoints

Windows Mobile 6.5 Arrives, Mostly Disappoints

The Yes Men Fix the World-Trailer

CBS top executive will have difficulty calling the kettle black

Fox News's Shepard Smith Goes After Sen. John Barrasso On Public Option(Video)

Can we talk?

For the last eight years, the Republicans were farting and the Democrats were saying .......

Don't need a townhall to speak your mind.

Is it just me or is Paul having moments where he laughs like

Did anyone watch OUTRAGE on HBO last night?

How to Sneeze (Funny and important!)

Dem Mid-Term Report Card

Dem Mid-Term Report Card

Rick Berman coming up on Rachel

Duke Energy, UNC reach wind deal

Duke Energy, UNC reach wind deal

Boll weevil Democrats: precursors to the Blue Dogs?

Limbaugh Confirms Rams Bid

The New Debate

My representative sent me a health care reform survey, today.

Two more die from pig flu in Dallas county, Denton county school shuts down

Playing online poker, the following was in the "chat" area of the table I was playing

Here's what Jesus would think of today's Repugs.

Are things hapenning too fast to keep up and pin them down?

On Rachel now: Rick Berman - the real-life Irwin Mainway...

Mary Cheney Expecting Second Child

Wake County (Raleigh and suburbs) voted for resegregated schools tonight


Lara Logan on Colbert tonight

Marching orders....

Why doesn't Obama just take control of the Pakistani nukes and let

Hidden away in a small-town newspaper....

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

On Floor of House Right Now - Patrick Murphy on Repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell

Rachel maddow had Rick Berman on...

Media Matters - "Fox News attack machine smears Chicago as a violent city unsuitable for Olympics"

Media Matters - "Fox News attack machine smears Chicago as a violent city unsuitable for Olympics"

Beck's newest gimmick: Stoke fears about flu vaccine

Re-Name the Messiah Poll

I used to support the war in Afghanistan...

Looks like HCR may be the Blue Dogs' Waterloo

So what Dems will fuck us us?

Larry King to Bachmann: "Congresswoman ... the question was simple: Do you believe the birthers?"

Tune in to Olbermann tomorrow... Full hour Special Comment on health care!

What is the solution to the Afghan/World issue of de facto state terrorists?

Did NOBODY go to ACL?

3 LAPD officers charged with perjury, conspiracy after videotape contradicts their account

Interesting: one would think that the Secretary of the Navy,

Andrea Clarke should be the poster child for Universal Health Care.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) supports alternative energy sources

Come play with it before the cleanup crew gets there

CNN tracks down Ensign

Canada's largest media empire (right-wing CanWest) is declared insolvent

Tweety just let Andy Card get away with saying Bush inherited a rescission in 2001

Boing Boing And Ralph Lauren Clash Over Image Of Emaciated Model

Guardian: Democrats With Guts

NPR (Nina Totenberg): High Court Weighs Legality Of Memorial Cross

A sign the economy is improving for FOX viewers...

Democrats Ponder Health-Care Suicide

CNN ambush of John Ensign (video up at link)

Astronomers Discover Massive Saturn Ring-Telescope Spots More Than 4 Million Mile Ring

It is an honor to now be able to see them return, but I NEVER want to see this again.

It is an honor to now be able to see them return, but I NEVER want to see this again.

"House Dems: Don't tax 'cadillac' plans"

They are trying to kill Jesus.

Rewriting the Bible & Other books

You want another reason I'm against the Baucus bill?

Mark Sanford is in the Bible:

US soldier returns looted books

Is this in the "Conservative Bible"?

New LCS prices to be revealed

New LCS prices to be revealed

EPA Publishes Voluntary Guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup

AFSCME: Over Time The Baucus Health Plan Would Tax Half Of All Family Healthcare Benefit Plans

Debunking Canadian health care myths

John Ensign is up S creek without a paddle

Historical revisionism is rampant. We need to stop it.

Historical revisionism is rampant. We need to stop it.

Elderly Texas Woman Tasered by Cop Accepts $40G Settlement ("I Dare You " Granny)

If the media gave as much "News" to the Health Care Story as they did to David Letterman..

Feingold elevating debate on the "Czars" to a more civil discourse?

Iran, its' nuclear program and the people who want another war.

Ammunition Bill Awaits Governor's Decision

Damn, if you thought "white flight" from the cities was bad in the 60's....

Anybody have a barcode scanner?

I hate congressional staffers

Arlington unveils a new unknown soldier

Revealed: MN Gun-Toter's at Obama Rally Grocery Store Parking Lot Pepper Spray Case Records

Berlusconi's Lawyers Press Leader's Need for Immunity

LOL- "Is this thing on?"

LOL- "Is this thing on?"

1) Grayson Stood Up To republicans; 2) republicans Gnashed Their Scary-Sharp Teeth; 3)....

ann coulter as a baby?

ann coulter as a baby?

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) states that the Matthew Shepard Act holds soldiers' well being hostage

Mom-and-pop pot growers cut cartels’ profits

Hey God, if you're really out there, it's time to prove it

Ex-judge Herman Thomas on trial, accused of spanking inmates in underwear, sodomy and more

The Republican health care plan, I've finally found it...

When we win Afghanistan, I call dibs on 5 acres of poppies.

Poll: Carnahan Leads Blunt (MO 2010 Senate race)

Harriet Tubman's Legacy Lives On

Coalition Of The Willing Enablers.

For students in Bible Belt schools

What more evidence do you need?

Is Karl Rove a Necropedophiliac? You know, a person who masturbates over pictures of dead children?

Is Karl Rove a Necropedophiliac? You know, a person who masturbates over pictures of dead children?

"Well he's no Larry Mathay that's for damn sure!".

Aggressive dogs(as pets) get the boot from Marine Corps

I'm one of these people who attack your "solid progressives" on this site.

Latest Internal Whip Count: Nearly Three-Fourths Of House Dems Support Robust Public Option

Bold politician's tough talk won't `die quickly' (Rep. Alan Grayson)

Administration explains Afghanistan policy.

Administration explains Afghanistan policy.

What I learned this a.m.

Utah's Hansen Brothers Get a Year for Punching, Peeing on Grandma

Obama's Secret Jobs Plan

Depression Is a Dilemma for Women in Pregnancy

Sanford feels sympathy for Letterman

How do you intend to spend Christmas this year?

Injured Tom DeLay hangs up his 'Dancing' shoes

Some possible economic good news?

Interesting music video about the spread of fascism.

So the President is now supposed to be Mayor of Chicago now?

The Communist Connection Glenn Beck Doesn't Want to Talk About

Dennis Kucinich: OCTOBER 2002 - IRAQ WAR RESOLUTION REVISITED, (& petition}

House: Working hard or hardly working?

Hamid Karzai is the man! Gets 113,000 out of 38,000 votes cast, Washington Post says

Good news for women: Rape rates tumble.

"There have always been people who lived beyond their means,

Officials release body of hanged Kentucky census worker

Wanted: Volunteer Editors for “Holier-Than-Thou Bible”

Iran, its' nuclear program and the people who want another war.

Excellent report Dylan Ratigan on Chicago Youth Violence - Cliff Kelley comments.

Do you think the Blue Dogs truly believe what they are saying or are they

How many PFDGs do you think we need?

Video: Rachel Maddow vs Rick Bermann (Master Astroturfer)

Does anyone remember the US media reporting on the corrupt 2004 Afghan elections?

How about this idea ........ ?

I. Was. Wrong.

Abused and denied health care...This is allowed in 8 states.

EU expansion into poorer countries has been good for them as well as for original richer EU members

I Recall In February 2009 Republicans Opposing The Stimulus Saying Economy Will Improve By Itself

Canada: Throw out 'bizarre' prostitution laws, court told

Congressman McGovern urges US to quit Afghanistan war

Insurance Industries access Medicare via Advantage plans to provide competition......

Health Care Reform is going to pass... and now everyone is climbing on board.

How did the Taliban manage to "sneak up" on the outpost

WTF! Defense-related activities were exempted from pay-as-you-go budgetary constraints

2M Babies, Mothers Die At Birth, Study Says

Baucus bill is a TWOFER for GOP: (1) Corporate Welfare (2) Who will middle class BLAME when they...

About Obama,

Senate Dems To Obama: Please Tell Us What To Do On Public Option

Humor Skills — What People Find Offensive

Mary Cheney pregnant with second child

Asia Floor Wage: What's it all about?

Exhibit B

Houston Chronicle: More detained immigrants may be released

KTUL-TV (Tulsa): Edmondson Works To Eliminate Domestic Violence As A 'Pre-Existing Condition'

And the morans go marching along.......

Le Parc Jurassique

St. Louis sports columnist goes after Limbaugh

Hey Freepturds, IF you EVER get unrestricted 50 State carry AND stop abortions

Job email received: "NOT expecting US persons, since wage level is to low."

One of the most disturbingly cool toys for kids I've ever seen

So who's gonna be with us on the Mall in DC this Sunday?

True or false? We shouldn't have laws because people don't obey them?

No money for healthcare. Here's a clue:

Veterans' Healthcare Threatened - per IAVA

The cell phone video of that poor kid getting - literally - beaten to death is sickening

I really don't drink much soda but I'll make it a point to use Pepsi Products!

New Study shows US Children exposed to more violence

Don't turn around uh oh!

Amazon Offensive: Kindle Gets Cheaper ($259), Goes Global, Nabs AT&T

The kind of guy Max Cleland is

EXCELLENT discussion about Afghanistan

Sources: Limbaugh not front-runner for Rams

Robert Fisk on the Air with Hartmann right now

What are the odds that the Republican Party will rise above their despicable behavior

How Health Care Reform Won

N.C. to penalize overweight, smoking state workers

America is experiencing a PR revolution that promotes outraged denial over fact-based persuasion

Guide to Viewing Friday's Lunar Impact

"Extremism in danger of acceptance", feedback please

Marriage Equality a fait accompli in DC?

Win One for a Wednesday . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

My list of the Top 10 Worst GOP Senators

What actually constitutes a Promise

Florida dramatically increased Driving license and registration fees

My list of the Top 10 worst Democratic Senators

Business Week: Institute of Medicine Report on Health Care Waste

Indicted Serial Rapist Receives Overwhelming Support - The Mudflats

Poll finally shows Corzine ahead of Christie!

Latest plan for Welfare for Billionaires: job tax credits for employers.

Faux and Friends on at my Military Government Run Health Clinic

Blackstone to buy Sea World and Busch Gardens

Blackstone to buy Sea World and Busch Gardens

Feds probe Ford F-150 (airbags)...

Digby: "I Can't Stand Those People!"

Tom DeLay QUITS Dancing With The Stars (VIDEO)

Prepare to explain this shit after a healthcare bill passes

Burke: I'll Be Back On Air Soon-Radio Personality Fired After Allegedly Shooting Wife, Dog

The Rude Pundit: Scenes from the Landscape of a Long War, as Viewed from a Distance

Thomas Frank: Health Care and the 'Predator State'

REPORT: Consumers increasingly shying away from small cars; owners unhappy

Gotta love those Somali pirates!

America's 10 Brainiest States are all Blue States - One

New York Mayor Bloomberg to spend more than $100 million to secure third term

Do they place too much trust in the CBO? Every time I hear

Reaganomics gave us the gangs!

The House has a 2 1/2 day workweek. Wtf?

Why is NBC spending so much time on Letterman??

Jobless Rate Is Key to Fate of Democrats in 2010

Glenn "McCarthy" Beck's next target: Deepak Bhargava

Do you know when we will leave Afghanistan and be fully out of Iraq

"Government Orders Columbia to Tell Patients "True Nature" of Drug Study"

Abortion foes fail in bid for 'Choose Life' plate

"Unlimited Clean Energy" from EF9 (atmospheric pressure).I'm not science literate. Is this possible

Q&A: Sen. Warner Discusses Financial Regulatory Overhaul

"Nobel prizes remind us why immigration matters" - 4 of 6 American Nobel Prize winners born outside

How Fox News Rigs Polls

Our Lady of the Underpass: Year Four

Rush Limbaugh Funnier Without Audio. Letterman Mocks The Drugster!

U.S. Chamber of Commerce criticizes Apple for departure

Court Documents Reveal Existence of New Torture Tapes

Republicans on floor of House right now, trying to remove Charlie Rangle

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- Recession's Over!

Chuck Grassley Expresses Frustration With "Centrist" Dems Refusal To Commit To Filibuster

If we have no overriding security interest keeping us in Afghanistan,

A response to Timothy Cavanaugh's "Just Doing My Job"

Senator Jack Reed introduces Preserving Homes and Communities Act of 2009

Democrats vow to ban domestic violence as 'pre-existing condition'

Andrew Sullivan claims no responsibility for Betsy McCaughey's 1994 hit piece on HRC's HCR in TNR

Egyptian lawmakers want to ban fake hymen

Generals Clark and Keane on GMA today, re: Afganistan, VIDEO

Orly Actually Filed This in Federal Court

Limbaugh Has A Fantastic Idea

Max Baucus vs. Dennis Kucinich

Max Baucus vs. Dennis Kucinich

You know you're spending too much time with your grandchildren

I just found out that it will cost me $480 per month to heal my arm

Former U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson re: Afghanistan "It's probably best to make a calculated withdrawl"

Former U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson re: Afghanistan "It's probably best to make a calculated withdrawl"

Frankly, I can't think of a more useless motherfucker than a republican

Little Soldier Girl "Didn't Want to Let Go"

Tony Perkins and White Supremacy

Chamber to Apple: You don’t understand our ’21st century approach to climate change.’

Hypocricy: Glenn Beck appeals to international body to shut down satirical site

Hearing on mountaintop removal mining set for Pittsburgh!

Before everyone dismisses threats posted on web site as an empty threat...

HIP "health insurance" new trick

O'Reilly and General Clark, video and transcript, Afghanistan

Naperville bans sleeping, camping on downtown streets

Just kidding, says Glenn Beck about feud with Muse

Hotel foreclosures soar. Now, hotels would make good places for the homeless

FTC wants book reviewers to return books -- while actual corporate ethics abuses remain ignored:

Taliban Statement on the 8th Anniversary of the US Invasion

Recession in U.S. May Erase Previous Expansion's Jobs, Goldman Sachs Says

Most Americans see Afghan fight worth US bloodshed: poll

Texas Lawmakers Who Voted Against The Recovery Act Now Beg For Stimulus Funds For NASA

Texas Lawmakers Who Voted Against The Recovery Act Now Beg For Stimulus Funds For NASA

Sarah Palin supporter: "Cap and Trade is essentially a bloodless Communist Coup upon American soil"

NASA LCROSS Viewer's Guide.

A very short video about the NHS

We need a "Greater Depression"....

Submitted for your consideration:

Dell to close NC desktop plant, cutting 900 jobs

Gun show dealers caught on video selling to people who tell them they'd fail a background check

Rep. Ryan admits GOP was negligent on health care for 12 years: ‘We should have fixed this under our

Hey, Lefties... Rep. Bachmann thinks that YOU created the whole birther movement

1,725-pound pumpkin takes the prize in Ohio (America is still number 1)

Dr. Deb Richter: Lack of universal health care is a mass killer

Dr. Deb Richter: Lack of universal health care is a mass killer

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3

Can anyone be considered a visionary if they are clueless about the economic set up?

Chamber Of Commerce Gets What It Wants On Tax Dodger Ban From Senate Committee

Michael Moore is destroying Sean Hannity right now

Snarky version of the bizarre, creepy and disturbed McNaughton painting.. Hilarious..

Jesus as a Hedge Fund Manager? Moses as a Payday Lender?

Texas execution probe: Perry ignored advice on forensics chair

In Private Meeting, Pelosi Floats Watered-Down Public Option, Frustrating Liberals

Beck dishes it out but can't take it!!!

"I don't want my tax money to pay for some pill-popper to fake some injury and go to the hospital"

House cuts workweek to 2 1/2 days

Idiotic Conservative Quote of the Evening:

In Private Meeting, Pelosi Floats Watered-Down Public Option, Frustrating Liberals

Pelosi, Reid and body language

Should the United States engage in Nation Building?

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

Stupid Fundie Tricks: 'Science' experiment that 'proves' we are in the end of days

House-Senate Panel Offers Plan for Gitmo Detainees

House-Senate Panel Offers Plan for Gitmo Detainees

As I recall the US had a pretty clear cut decisive victory over the Taliban

Rockefeller, Brown, Boxer to Push Reid on Including Public Option in Senate Bill Today

U.S. Consumer Credit Fell by $12 Billion in August on Job Losses, Fed Says

Worlds largest wind farm opens in Texas

Kill all cops...and their families?

Did you know Kent Conrad has occupied Both of North Dakota's Senate seats?

Did you know Kent Conrad has occupied Both of North Dakota's Senate seats?

Eight Years in Afghanistan: Interview with Gordon Goldstein

Eight Years in Afghanistan: Interview with Gordon Goldstein

Police Chief+Drunk +Open container in squad car = "No sufficient evidence to pursue any charges"

The Bible was clearly written by Bill Ayers

Obama faces a TOUGH decision on Afghanistan.

Yes, I know that HCR won't be perfect. But it's a start... and start we must

Congressman wants Obama to set timeline to end 'Don't ask, don't tell'

Are Republicans Conceding on Health Care?

Laptop theft gives 850,000 doctors the blues

Maine (Senator Snowe's Home State) Sued By Health Insurer For Denying 18% Rate Hike

CBO: Co-ops ‘Unlikely’ to Be Effective

Keep an eye on John Thune....

German magazine swaps thin models for real women

Man Spam! Come CAPTION the ambulating meat product.

Dell to shut North Carolina plant, cut 905 workers

CBO says health care bill costs $829B over decade

Toyota Floor-Mat Problem Was Known Two Years Ago

Hamas bans women on motorbikes

Morris Dees fights hate and teaches tolerance.

Alan Grayson is on Ed's show now

McCain the "moderate." What bullshit.

Matthews just said Max Cleland will be his guest today

Inspirational Civil Disobedience......

Waiter fired for tweeting about star who didn't tip

Grassley: If CBO Analysis Looks Bad, It's 'Back To The Drawing Board' On Health Reform

Joe the Wingnut Welfare Queen is a Teabagger (Quelle Surprise!!!)

'Facility Fees' Are Taking Many Patients by Surprise

Did anybody hear Howard Dean on Randi Rhodes tonight?

They can dish it out......

What the fuck is this that I'm hearing on the Ed Schultz show right now?

Was Charlie Rangel one of the congressman who, with Waxman, were left out of the Social Security

I believe that we should get out of Afghanistan but I don't delude myself

The Republican party is now made up of

Netherlands health care examined on NewsHour this week.

I hope the autopilot was working........

I was looking at a list of average physician salaries that I came across on the net as well as....

Keith Olbermann has posted a brief intro to tonight's show-long Special Comment on health care

Keith Olbermann's entire show tonight will be a "special comment".

+++ +++ 5,218 +++ +++

Oops! Waitrose dumps Fox News in protest over remarks about Obama

Bob Cesca: The Health Insurance You Have Now Sucks

Frontline documentary on Afghanistan/war next week..

Last night on Rachel Maddow, Rick Berman claimed

Great programming today - DK on Tweety

Don't let the RW frame the argument: "Cadillac" Health Plan REALLY means UNION fought for REAL plan

God damn the military industrial complex

With all the things going on in the world right now,

I Just Lost A Conservative Clients BIZ....

Greenwald to those who support the Afghanistan war...have you enlisted or sent your kids to fight?

Two more strong quakes in the ring of fire in the Western Pacific

Have you noticed that the words "Afghanistan" and "oil" are never mentioned in the same sentence?

The Story: I Thought I had Insurance

Spending billion$, but our troops in Aghanistan have no socks

Doctors finally succeed in freeing bacteria cruelly imprisoned in Jack Welch's body after 92 days!


I had to laugh today after hearing that a reporter in the UK asked PM Gordon Brown if he was on meds

United Healthcare? United in PREVENTING healthcare! FUCK YOU!!!

Bob Dole supports health care reform, outs naysayer Mitch McConnell

Rockefeller, Brown, Boxer to Push Reid on Including Public Option in Senate Bill Today

If Limbaugh buys the St Louis Rams, pledge to not watch when your team plays them. . .

Holy CRAP. You thought blackface minstrel shows were dead?

Pumpkin cannon could be ultimate big-boy toy, Farmer, buddy must be out of their gourds

Consumer Reports NRC did a national poll - Result: Americans paying more for less health care

Alan Grayson just asked Maria Bartiromo if she is a Republican

Oh no, people are killed in my hometown (Clovis, CA) for that

I can't believe it's come to this, but I want HCR to fail.

Congrats to Josh Marshall and all the Folks at TPM!

Disappointed with Obama, gays set to march

Charlie Cook Question

NFL's Scott Fujita Speaks Out for Gay Rights

500,000 to boycott Pepsi over its ‘homosexual advocacy’

The American flag belongs to all Americans..

Don't tell me Obama is doing what he promised in Afghanistan

Go Directly to Jail. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. Here's some Federal laws for the militia

WellPoint Cuts its Own Health Benefits as Recession Trims Sales

Insurance company denying a new prescription for a drug I have been taking

Senate Passes (68-30) Franken-Proposed Amendment to Prevent KBR/Halliburton from....

If we pull out of Afghanistan what will happen there?

Whatever It Is, They're Against It

Our media left out some details about those naked "contractors" guarding the US Embassy in Kabul

Keith was trying to get at something last night that hasn't yet been picked up by many.

The aproximate income of a minimum wage worker is 50K \ year,

Former Big Wig CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch--92 Days in Hospital for Staph Infection!

Thus GOD Established and Defined Marriage...

I don't why we should stay in Afghanistan if we've lost the moral high ground

Feds probe Toyota Tundras (frame corrosion)

The Cost of Corporate Communism ~ Dylan Ratigan

In First Lady’s Roots, a Complex Path From Slavery

Democrats sink Republican effort to take away Rangel's chairmanship

Argument with an idiot repub...

Fox News: "Senate Health Bill Imposes $29B More in Taxes"

Tennis Balls.


Birthgasm over Bachmann's double negative: "I have no reason to doubt that he wasn't born in the US"

Amy Goodman's mother passed on Monday,

SPREAD THE WORD: State by State Public Option is a fig leaf to provide a non option option.

Are you goig to get the flu vaccine & the N1 one?

Did you know that before the CIA destabilized Afghanistan, tourism was growing and educating girls

AP - "Even as layoffs persist, some good jobs go begging"

30 Senators think Gang Rape is A-OK

This week's DainBramaged HEEL OF THE WEEK award goes to....

Is anyone else completely insulted by Democrats' attempts to redefine the public option?

Thugs attack Transvestite Cage Fighters - guess who wins!

Brad Pitt Unveils Flood-Surviving Floating House

The most dramatic weather of this fire season and I survived! (PIC HEAVY)

Are you open minded?

Please, let's stop using mental illness as a perjorative.

(video)Arrest of 61 Peace Activists Outside White House Kicks Off Week of Protest Against Afghan War

Hey, all you wingnuts, teabaggers, birthers, dittoheads, knuckledraggers, and 912ers

Who should be the Senate Majority Leader?

"There's no crying in dancing!" Shuster said that about Delay crying

Homegrown marijuana threatens Mexican cartels

Flag! Coaches Brawl Over Girl Playing Youth Football-Parent's Religious Beliefs

Dean Kucinich 2012

Why we Are Plagued by Heartless and “Spineless” Leaders

Worst Cars Of The Decade

Dem Rep. Accuses GOP of Sexism over Pelosi Jab

Got called by a stock broker today - felt like I was trying to brush off an unwelcome advance

Since When Have Dur's Trusted The Man So Much?

"National Militia" says Obama Administration has 8 days to step down... or else

American's have no idea how to protest in style. Check this out

Haliburton Can Now Be Sued - Thanks to Al Franken

Why are you so mad at Republicans?

If we were told we're going to war in Afghanistan to liberate women from Sharia Law...

If we were told we're going to war in Afghanistan to liberate women from Sharia Law...

Show your solidarity with NASA!!!! Change your avatar now!

The end of human existence was ordained long before humans realized they existed.

Cell phones....

So can any of the troop increase supporters answer my questions?

Does anyone know the current definition of a "Cadillac Health Plan"?

Terry (R-Ne) still among GOP vulnerable

Ouch! Kerry schools McCain on Constitutional War Powers

Obama can't be a progressive President, it seems

AFT wants cut in adjunct abuse in higher ed bill

Bush had Seven Years to Fuck Up Afghanistan. Obama deserves more than Nine Months to fix it.

For people who saw Rachel vs Rick Berman, who won the interchange?

10 years after getting her face shot off, she's getting a new one... no thanks to her insurer

Karl Rove has written a bullshit article on Healthcare for the WSJ

If Mitt Romney is the nominee in '12, Will he have to "own" Mormonism? Should he?

I have a Republican friend that just had surgery and no Insurance and yet has no complaints

Caterpillar layoffs will affect 106

There have been a lot of discussions lately about how college kids should work

Looks like a state by state opt-out public option is the compromise.

I'm (We're) not leaving, yet

this has got to be the craziest and stupidest post in the history of freeperville

Should Osama Bin Laden and the leaders of Al Qaeda be brought to justice for 9/11

Gross: Michael Vick to produce and star in reality TV show

note to health insurance thieves (companies) and their toadies in congress:

Saudi sex braggart gets 5 years, 1,000 lashes

Fact Sheet: Quick Facts About U.S. Military Operations in Afghanistan

Fact Sheet: Quick Facts About U.S. Military Operations in Afghanistan

Health care facts: Women pay more for health insurance

Who the hell are these people attacking a Democratic President (like BO) on this site?????

Code Pink rethinks call for U.S. troops to withdraw from Afghanistan

In Which a Webcomic Perfectly Describes GD ....

Kucinich Urges Treasury to Strengthen Re-remic Oversight

This bizarre painting depicts the fantasy world the repubs live in

Simple question: Why is the fact that we're in Afghanistan and Iraq

Devout Mormon teen butchers woman, cuts throat of child

Obama Wedding Slideshow Brings the Change We Need*

Up to 250 public schools to be turned over to outside bidders? Called a hostile takeover.

Debunking Canadian Health Care Myths

California woman denied health insurance for condition she doesn't have

Having your car impounded for not having a Driver's License

Blogger: "Eight is Enough: There is no Winning in Afghanistan". Has not heard from son in a week.

Michael Moore's Grapes of Wrath

Clearly, Kucinich is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.

Whatever happened to the CBO scoring of a single payer health insurance option?

They are lying us into war, again. Iran nuke 'evidence' likely faked by BFEE.

Thank You, John Stewart, For Calling Out Obama On His Cowardly Inaction on DADT

Thank You, John Stewart, For Calling Out Obama On His Cowardly Inaction on DADT

TX H.S. Students School Spirit Tee Shirt = sick & misogynistic? Whatcha think?

How many countries should the U.S. invade to get Bin Laden?

Year Nine of the Lost War, and Obama is Going to Escalate.

Corporate Communism

Year Nine/Day One

WH staffer known for strong support of trigger is to run point on final draft. Rahm to be at table.

Behold! Canada's most disgusting export, by Mark Morford

Ready to Learn: Ohio assessment shows charters, magnets get head start

Dean says open up Medicare to show tangible results by 2010...otherwise Dems will suffer.

Top 15 Reasons to Get Out of Vietghanistan

"The Man Who Would Not Be Saved"

"Bring me the head of a pig... and a goblet of something cool and refreshing"

Oh, Jeez

Michael Vick Fails To Inspire Team With 'Great' Dogfighting Story

Has anybody here read any "Doc Ford" novels?

4 weeks? I got ripped in about 40 minutes.

Rabrrrrr has inspired me. Let's all come clean to embarrassing fetishes you secretly enjoy

Congrats to the Minnesota Twins

Michael Moore film festival at my place in 15 minutes.

I love this song and am not afraid to admit it...

Give Lafayette Health Insurance now! (True Blood)

I bought a cup holder for my '79 Chevy pick-up today.

New Paramore album.... yea or nay?

i will give my inner child something to cry about

If I were cloned... I'd be beside myself

Do you think future Spock will tell Scotty to lay off the haggiss when he gets older?

I have to admit, the Twins had me hooked! At a restaurant during class break tonight...

Good game, Twins

Watching "Roger and Me."

John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats is on Colbert

BREAKING: Kip Winger still an oily cockroach with Don Johnson beard stubble. Film at 11.

Deja Q is on TV right now!

Are you going to watch the new south park tonight?

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari

More wit and wisdom from the Internts...

Off to Taco Bell!

Meet the 1,500-calorie 'Craz-E Burger': beef patty, bacon and cheese on Krispy Kreme donut

When technology permits, should we terraform Mars?

Planet of the Dogs!

I've got these lyrics on my mind...

My water bed sprung a leak today.

What if NFL team helmet logos depicted their "on-the-field" performance?

What do you watch on TV? Anything good on these days?

the wrong hole

I'm at high risk of getting swine flu.

Blocking TXT's?

Yes! One of the best South Park episodes ever is on.

Hard or soft?

Neath the cover of October Skies

Re: Coldplay & every faker, phony, lameo wannabe that has taken the place of deserving, hardworking,

Fresh trout for dinner tonight...

Blocking TXTs

Rush Limbaugh should buy the Rams

Avatar movie preview

I'm Watching the Great Movie, "The Sting", Right Now

Kiss Drummer Peter Criss Battled Breast Cancer paranoid should I be?

Why do we argue about music?

Wed caption this picture

I found myself reading post titles in the Lounge, but thought I was in GD

Your Commute!

KISS - new CD, tour, on Letterman tongiht, & ROFL @ a drunk Ace & pissed Gene w/ Tom Snyder from '79

We've got a terrorist here in Sheboygan!


va va vooooom


Aaargh! Why the fuck do they keep letting Vince Vaughn make movies?

Separated at birth? John McCain and the guy who plays Betty's dad on Mad Men...

Du. Du hast. Du hast nicht.

It's my sweetie's b-day

I am so happy Mika's new album is out.

I need a favor from the lounge

The boss is going to try to get me tix

Everyon knows that Tom Delay

Incessant dizziness and sporadic bouts of fatigue - are those piggy flu symptoms?

Which X-MEN character would last longest in a zombie attack?

Pineapple Express: Love it or leave it?

which movie badass would survive the longest in a Zombie attack?

My latest vote for theme song for the whole miserable lot.. Yours?

Do people actually wear Snuggies in PUBLIC?

The lastest summer blockbuster hit from DU Lounge Pictures. Don't miss it!

Who's your favorite Irish punk band, not actually from Ireland?

Getting sick: I did not see that left hook...

"What makes a man, Mister it being prepared to do the right thing?

Wow wow Wubbzy, Wubbzy Wubbzy wow wow!

LOL! Total FAIL!

Gah! We still have to wait a month for deep-frying/brining turkey jokes and shenanigans!!

How Can People Say That Baseball Is Boring?

Can you see these pics my 9 yo took? (I mean actually see them on the

In Which a Webcomic Perfectly Describes GD ....

Question about long-lost friends and reunions...

What is an appropriate age for parents to stop looking at their children's bank statements?

ND woman's 7-foot-long dog could be record holder

Waiter fired for tweeting about star who didn't tip

Which historical warrior would last longest in a zombie attack?

The Holiday season has begun!

Which bald Canadian celebrity would last longest in a zombie attack?

Which bald Canadian celebrity would last longest in a zombie attack?

You know, I love it when tha T-Mobile commercial with the Cat Stevens song comes on:

You know, I love it when tha T-Mobile commercial with the Cat Stevens song comes on:

Is anyone else already bored to tears with the zombie stuff?

Jigsaw almost done

Which is more soul-searingly boring?

Zombieland Rules

Which SuperDUer would last longest in a zombie attack?


When do you have the "Where is this going?" talk with a date?

I am old and slow, but I have just discovered Cowboy Junkies - WOW!!!

Top Gear in America's redneck country

Anyone seen the movie "Butterfly"?

Deep Purple appreciation thread

As a general rule

Grrrrr!! I am boycotting Grandpa until he gets a hearing aid...

Breaking: Brook Shields survives horrific plane crash

My so totally favorite thread in GD today!!!


Married DU women: Did you take your husband's name? Why/why not?

Whoopi Goldberg Moving to My Town

Do you ever search old posts and see how different things used to be

What was the last thing you regret buying?

Welcome to the Thirteenth Annual DU Lounge Lie-In - Tell your best whoppers!

Did you have a late night horror show host as a kid?

When you're coming down with a cold or flu, how do you feel in the beginning?

Whats the point of a contraction?

Post Songs About the MOON Here!

Post some favorite Thanksgiving day recipes.

I finally found ONE thing the new Yankee Stadium is good for (semi-nsfw):

What's For Dinner?

Nebraska Dems Officially Endorse the Public Option (putting Ben Nelson on the spot)

outrageous ny post cartoon: time to boycott its advertisers, at minimum

TONIGHT: 1-hr House Floor Speech from Rep. Murphy on DADT

Rep. Louie Gohmert is a horses ass!!!

Movement Toward Moran in Kansas GOP Primary for Brownback's Open US Senate Seat:

Washington faces deepening debacle in Afghanistan

AP - "Analysis: US leery of direct talks with NKorea"

So I had 21 extractions and immediate dentures placed yesterday....

White House Presses Congress on Financial Regulations

US troop build-up in Afghanistan may be gaining favor

So Mrs. bamacrat and I moved to Dallas Sunday ask me anything...

Wisconsin - 'Joe the Plumber' to speak at Oshkosh TEA Party on October 10th

Most 'remain against Afghan war'

Behind Afghan War Debate, a Battle of Two Books Rages

AP POLL: Opposition to health care reform has dropped dramatically. Now 40/40. Was 34/49 in Sept.

Teabaggers and company in tears: AP Poll: Health care overhaul has a pulse

Flashback: whatever happened to this prediction:

New York Times: Obama rooting for Bloomberg, shuns Democratic opponent in race for NYC mayor

edit self delete as this duped.

Repeal bankrupcty reforms...

IA-Gov: Branstad's Back; SSP Moves to Tossup

McCain and Dorgan Pushing Drug Reimportation Amendment

RECIPE FOR DISASTER: Afghanistan Will Undo the Democrats Who Take Obama w/ Them

SINCE the world as we as Americans know it is going to end as soon as the dollar stops being the

Horn to announce bid for Hodes's seat

Hurt announces run for Congress

US Navy Doctor To Challenge Leahy -- From The Left


The Election Forecasting Game (X)

Being the anti-war candidate isn't easy

GOP is introducing a Resolution to remove Rep. Rangel from

After an African-American president, an African pope?

Breaking News: CBO Says Senate Health-Care Bill Would Reduce Deficit

Charlie Cook sounds like an idiot right now...

Rep. Alcee Hastings wants Obama to set timeline to end 'Don't ask, don't tell'

If Obama wanted to turn economy around, he'd push for capping credit card interest rates

DOD Casualty Report for 07-OCT-09

Obama's escalating disaster

opposition to counter-insurgency strategy in Afghanistan - Jim McGovern and John Kerry

Harkin taps Dodd to represent HELP bill at Senate bargaining table

CBO says health care bill costs $829B over decade

Obama crashes wedding slideshow...

Intriguing cross-post re: HCR final Senate bill

Jon Stewart- October 6, 2009: The Gay After Tomorrow

What does it say about us as a country that healthcare has to be deficit neutral, but not wars?

Harkin says Obama will sign bill with public option by Christmas

I'm sorry, but I have no problems with taxing "Cadillac" plans

Maureen Dowd rips Bill Clinton today for his affair with Monica Lewinsky

What Obama should say vis a vie The Dali Lama.

Kos - Rahm to Negotiate for WH in Conference. If you wann kill the PO you gotta do it yourself

In First Lady’s Roots, a Complex Path From Slavery (NYT)

Senator Franken's amendment to rein in Halliburton/KBR passes 68 to 30



Kerry smacks down McCain on the President's war powers

Obama Rejects 'Biden Option' on Afghanistan

Alan Keyes: My Birther Lawsuit Will Proceed

My God. A Fox News Guy sums up the case for public option better than anyone

A robust public option allowing states to opt out? Are the Dems testing every stupid idea?

We need to call the Iraq and Afghan wars what they are: IMPERIALISM

Oh dear, Bobama has taken a Limbaugh on Air Force One (NBC eve news)

If Obama wanted to do ANYTHING right, he'd do EVERYTHING different.

Wow lots of unrec. OP's

If Bush had 35 "czars" and Obama has 32 "czars".. where will I find

Did guys see the segment on hardball; which stated

Is half a loaf better than none? Maybe. BUT CRUMBS WITH RAT POISON ARE NOT

White House to Host Star Party (Astronomy)

Isn't any PO supposed to be self sustaining? (So why would a state opt out?)

White House snubs Sen. Feingold

Anyone advocating that a bill with a public option should fail is an idiot. Michael Moore,

Bob Dole says pass healthcare reform

Full List of Pro-Rape Senators

A counterblow for all the grinning bastards that SNL recently spawned:

Max Blumenthal just ate Morning Joe for Breakfast

First Frank Rich, now Richard Cohen: Does Obama Have the Backbone?

Suggestion for a national event on January 20th:a DEFEND THE VICTORY rally!

Barbara Boxer: Creating Jobs and Putting America Back in Control of our Energy Future

Is it just me or is John Mccain an EXTREMELY bitter and angry old man?

Slate - "How Health Reform Will Cost Millionaires But Save The Middle Class Money"

Sack the general; stop the war

Sack the general; stop the war

Right Wing Gillibrand Continues to Destroy Democratic Party

Mary Cheney Expecting Second Child

For the Cartels: An Economic Battle

RCMP lied, Polish lawyer tells Taser inquiry

Majority Of House Dems Sign Letter Denouncing Tax On 'Cadillac' Health Plans

Americans Expecting No Resolution In Afghanistan

Police clash with protesters outside (IMF/World Bank) finance meeting in Turkey

Bold politician's tough talk won't `die quickly' (Rep. Alan Grayson)

(USA) Jail terms for faith healing pair

Same-sex marriage bill in DC appears unstoppable

Senate Dems To Obama: Please Tell Us What To Do On Public Option

HSBC boss says banks owe apology

AP Poll: Health care overhaul has a pulse

Turkish protesters, police clash at IMF meeting

House: Working hard or hardly working?

Heavy security around al-Aqsa

SEC Probing Biggest Hospital Company

Eye Opener: Banks Hold Up Some Veterans Funds

Wealthy investors demand easy exit in rush to simplicity

2 Americans, Israeli win Nobel chemistry prize

Latest Internal Whip Count: Nearly Three-Fourths Of House Dems Support Robust Public Option

Arlington (National Cemetery) unveils a new unknown soldier

Palin urges troop buildup in Afghanistan

Jobless Rate Is Key to Fate of Democrats in 2010

Honduras awaits new crisis talks

AP Poll: Obama's Job Approval Rises Amid Concerns

Senate passes Pentagon budget, war funding

Admiral: Last Guantánamo death was suicide

Would-be Hardin jail operator (ex-Secret Service) has theft conviction

US lawmakers agree to Guantanamo prisoner transfer

Saudi sex braggart gets 5 years, 1,000 lashes

Study: 2 million babies and mothers die at birth

Dem Rep. Accuses GOP of Sexism over Pelosi Jab

x-posted everywhere: NH Chocolate Lab/Golden mix looking for a forever home

Laptop theft gives 850,000 doctors the blues

Obama, advisers weigh Afghanistan shift, Pakistan

Former Ravens tight end, Army veteran Fein dies at 27

Most 'remain against Afghan war'

French gay soccer team snubbed by Muslim team

Panel finds no fault with Obama system of policy 'czars'

SEC Investigates London Records of HCA

U.S. "stumbling block" in U.N. climate talks - Mexico

FBI arrests dozens for 'phishing' ID scheme (Operation Phish Phry)

Afghan Taliban say they pose no threat to the West

Agency predicts health care bill will cost $829 billion

Pirates hit navy ship 'in error'

US threatens to derail climate talks by refusing to include Kyoto targets

Tiny chip can measure estrogen in breast tissue

Senate approves apology to American Indians

US Slams Honduran Radioman's anti-Semitic Remarks

Big dino prints found in Jurassic park in France

Sugar the new oil as prices soar

'Consumer Reports' Chief Backs Health Overhaul (video of CR's first ever TV ad)

Car Full of Explosives Stopped in New Haven (CT); Area Cordoned Off

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 7

NY Post Fires Editor Critical of Racist Obama-Stimulus Cartoon

Berlusconi immunity 'overturned'

Pakistan's army objects publicly to conditions on U.S. aid

Major breast cancer breakthrough announced at BC Cancer Agency

CIA files show agency trusted Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles

CBO Says Senate Health Bill Would Reduce Federal Deficit

Colombia says rebels camped in neighboring Ecuador

Chaos at Cobo: Detroiters demanding federal help

Support Builds for Tax Credit to Encourage Hiring

Tsunami warning in south Pacific

House Refers Rangel Resolution to Ethics Committee

Dell to close US plant, lay off 905

Tories want 'best' migrants in UK

Bear Attack! (DIAL UP WARNING!) (Graphic)

Economic balance shifting to India, China

Economic balance shifting to India, China

Feds probe Toyota Tundras

Judge David O. Carter Follows Federal Procedures, Orly Taitz And Alan Keyes Declare Victory

ROCKY HORROR (in Philadelphia area)! Why not come see a live stage production in West Chester, PA?

2009 Pittsburgh G20 Summit in a Nutshell

Caution: You might be labelled a terrorist just for watching this - ACLU Reports

Did this guy predict the Recesssion, when the media was ridiculing him?

Sadly, the rest of the world already knows what America blindly denies.

Charlie cutting through the Bull

Film with Films

ACLU's Liberal Viewer Presents Big Brother coming to California's Capital

Glenn Beck finally tells the Truth

Rep Duncan Hunter On Islamofascists: They Have Camels And Will Throw Stones At Us

Who Decides About War?

Who Decides About War? 2

Rick Perry On Executing The Innocent

Keith Olbermann: Insurance Industry Profits Over People

What happens when you start fearing the people that are meant to protect you!

Controversial Crop

Big Pharmas Pay $1.4 Million Per Day To Lobbyists

Wendell Potter On Countdown: No Public Option Will Mean Disaster For All Of Us!

CNN Anderson Cooper's Heated Debate: "Gays In Military"

Gibbs on Who AIG Answers To: I'll Get Back to You

Are the Republicans still relevant?

BBC: It Is Said you Can Judge A Civilization By It's Prisons

Water Cannons & Tear Gas Used On IMF Protesters In Istanbul Turkey

Legislating Misinformation: Conservative Media Making Up Details Of Health Reform Bill

Sean Hannity & Michael Moore Debate Bushco's Roles in Financial Crisis/Cause of Mortgage Meltdown

Levi Johnston promotes "safe snacking" in a new pistachios commercial

Carville & Fleischer Debate Obama & The Economy - Carville Gives Him A Lesson In Basic Math

The Police

Jeremy Scahill: If Richard Holbrooke Could Have Sex With War...

Students protest, support Glenn Beck's appearance at Michigan State

The Pap Attack: Psychopathic Corporations Love Our Supreme Court

Hannity Blames the Poor - Michael Moore

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Hate Crimes Act holds soldiers hostage

Kill The Sick To Fix Health Care by RSU

Michele Bachmann Dodges Birther Question On Birthers

Rachel Maddow: CREW head discusses GOP Sen John Ensign 'To Catch A Senator'

New Climate-Change Denial Disinformation Campaign

Thom Hartmann - Afghanistan: Thom debates Frank Gaffney

Dr Oz's Children Will NOT be Receiving H1N1 Vaccine

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Not Happy Being Touched By Sen Harry Reid

Vendeta On Wall Street - Second Housing Crash

IMF Protest Porn

LRAD: The Movie Trailer

Corporate Communism Claiming America - Dylan Ratigan, MSNBC

Thom Hartmann - Is hate speech from the pulpit the same as hate speech from any where else?

Freemason's In Congress

Thom Hartmann confronts conservative John Derbyshire about why he thinks women shouldn't vote

Gold Medalist America Haters

Rachel Maddow: Some Good News for Health Care Reform!

Rachel Maddow Takes On Controversial P.R. Man Rick Berman

Richard Dawkins lectures in Atherton, CA on October 5, 2009

James Carville Gets Another Chance To Slam Rep Michele Bachmann, This Time Over A "Birther" Question

TYT: Glenn Beck & Jay Severin Conspiracy Theory Proven Wrong

Rep. Gohmert gives another ignorant rant, attacks DADT, Hate Crimes bill

Ben Stiller Show - Drugs Are Bad

Tarantulous Malfoy gives a poem about destroying America with conservative values

Michael Moore vs Sean Hannity Part1

another great pot song- 'plant it up'- christmas parody

What's Changed in Washington?

Bob Kincaid comments on John Derbyshire's view of suffrage.

Top GOP Rep Ryan- Republicans Should Have Fixed Healthcare But Didn't

How to Get Hot Chicks: Target Women

Five Arrested in Philadelphia Protesting CIGNA Practices - Who’s the Real Criminal?

Gun Show: Undercover

Debtors Revolt - Stick It To Wall Street

Alan Grayson on CNBC: Bipartisan Call to Postpone Confirmation of Ben Bernanke

Oh shit! Militia group gives Obama 10/15 deadline mispells patience (patients)

Michele Bachmann: I'm Certainly Not Going To Fear The Likes Of Keith Olbermann

Michael Moore Presses Hannity on Jesus & Church Attendance


Deconstructing Sarah Palin: What's the Appeal? & Eisenhower's Ignored Warning - Max Blumenthal

Barbara Lee Introduces A Bill To End The War In Afghanistan

If the FBI doesn't start picking these people up they're going to get the blame

Senators want 72 hours to read a bill

TYT: Ratigan/Weiner Crush Right Winger BM, Wes Clark Jr & Cenk Love It!

Democracy 101: A course in fascism @ Pitt University

Official DU Lounge MLB Postseason predicition thread right here.

A New Low: Rightwingers Cheer U.S. Loss of Wheelchair Olympics to Europe

How Socialism and Capitalism are being misused

Your debt dies with you, but not for long

'I questioned things at Guantánamo from day one'

Carving up the spoils of war

The Republican reaction was even more sternly worded.

Jeff Huber (at-Largely): McChrystal’s Ultimatum

14 health care groups and their lobbyists gave more than $500,000 to McConnell

Organizing to Stop Far Right Violence by Frank Schaeffer

The Americans are Coming, The Americans are Coming!

Murdoch's Wall Street Journal Pumps Beck Czar Meme in Top Front Page Headline

Kicking Some Serious Ass in our Nation's Capital

Milloy -- Yes, You Can -- If You Can Without Obama

Revolutionary Anti-Semitism

Comcast v. FCC: A Brief Overview, and Why You Should Care

Matt Taibbi: Michael Moore Wants Us to Go Kick Ass

The Healthcare Issue Impacts Philadelphia Eagles Fans, Too

Hey Moderate Democrats, Stop Making Excuses for Blocking Health Care Reform!

14 health care groups and their lobbyists gave more than $500,000 to McConnell

Paul Ryan: GOP should rally around one health care alternative

Senate: ‘socialism' and ‘sham' - Conason

Editing the Bible

Obama's escalating disaster

Taibbi: Michael Moore wants us to go kick ass

" America Experiencing a PR Revolution that Promotes Outraged Denial Over Fact-Based Persuasion"

U.S.: Fears of Blame for Defeat Shadow Afghan War Meetings

How Health Care Reform Won

Dear Senator Bill Nelson

A World Without Republicanism

AlterNet: The Economic Revolution Is Already Happening -- It's Just Not on Wall St

GOP Delegation Violates the Logan Act : Are Republicans Breaking US Law in Honduras?

Robert Scheer: A War of Absurdity

Garrison Keillor: I was so wrong

Marie Cocco: A Slippery Slope on Guns

Racially Exclusive Suburbs Across U.S. Dubbed the New 'Whitopia'

Bobby Jindal's Terribly Bizarre (But Not Terrible) Healthcare Op-Ed

Special Needs Student Beaten by Illinois police over dress code

Technology Unemployment Rises in Q3

NOW: "calls on CBS to recognize that Letterman's behavior creates a toxic environment "

Washington faces deepening debacle in Afghanistan

Just Doing My Job: Addressing perversions in the new corporate state

Drumbeat: October 7, 2009

‘Cleantech’ could be economy’s next boom

EPA releases meth lab cleanup guidelines

NASA's mission to bomb the Moon

Energy, Security Wes Clark video

Alberta researchers study rock snot

Shell Accused Otter "Oil Spill Victim" of Laying It On Thick.

Dow Says Out With Solar Panels, In With Solar Shingles

7.8-magnitude quake rocks South Pacific

German Firm Says Inductive Road Charging Of Vehicles Only 2-3 Years Away

Taken from a book called "Geordie, Fighting legend of the SAS"

Welcome to Cool Energy (applying Sterling engine technology)

Sorry Detroit. FAIL.


MC Hammer enters Crabtree negotiations

Browns Trade Edwards to Jets(Browns get Stuckey, Trusnik, 2 draft picks)

Ich bin ein Minnesota Twins fan!

Danny Boy's last ditch effort to salvage Jim Zorn??


Should just having clothing hit not count as a "hit by pitch"?

Sources: 49ers and Crabtree agree to deal

Post Season in Denver? Ha ha ha

Belated Rox Phils thread


I can't decide if I want the Twins to lose slowly and painfully

WORST calls over - MadinMaryland gets to go first!

Who will win the 2009 World Series? (updated)

A Tiger choke job

[es] Gobierno alerta sobre “bases de paz” venezolanas

Journalists in Honduras: "They know who we are"

Murder spree has Caracas morgue overflowing

[es] Colombia confirma que son dos los campamentos de las FARC en Ecuador

[es] Ortega: CIDH no vendrá a Venezuela hasta que salga Santiago Cantón

Colombia: The devil wears military boots

Ousted Zelaya demands release of political prisoners (Xinhua)


12 members of indigenous organization COPINH ask for political asylum at Guatemalan embassy

The Struggle Against the Coup in Honduras by Shaun Joseph and Paul Lynch

Where is Honduras Headed? by Shaun Joseph

Indigenous Hondurans demand asylum in Guatemala embassy


[es] Lula en la cúspide y Chávez frito

Cuba Recalls Terrorist Action, Demands Justice

Poll: Wide Majority of Hondurans Oppose Coup d’Etat, Want Zelaya Back

For DU Latin America veterans, here's a whole page of images from the Juanes concert

Venezuela thinks 'Family Guy' and 'The Simpsons' are unsuitable, but 'Baywatch' is OK

Venezuela's inflation at 27.3 percent in September

GOP Delegation Violates the Logan Act : Are Republicans Breaking US Law in Honduras?

Latest from Honduras

The trend to the left (communism) is destroying the Latin Americas and Caribbean.

legal pot grower arrested for ...

Traded for a gun safe

Open letter to a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns

AK possesion could be punishable by hanging (even semi-auto)

Suggestion for a study on gun effectiveness for self-defense.

The mindset of a permit holder

Mental Illness & Guns Question

Gun show dealers caught on video selling to people who tell them they'd fail a background check

A 13 year old is tragicly shot, causes cries for more gun control

All-night Gaza culture fete: We miss this kind of freedom

UN Security Council to meet on Goldstone report

New Israeli settlement construction underway

Netanyahu's UN speech was that of a Jew, not an Israeli

Ada Yonath: first Israeli woman to win a Nobel

Hamas 'asks to delay reconciliation deal'

Israeli Ambassador Explodes: Gaza War Critics Are Calling Us Nazis

Palestinian U-turn on Gaza report

Qaddafi Vexes US In Forcing UN To Take Up Gaza Report

Israel's democracy and its Arab population

Great B/W photography from the past--The Mike Disfarmer Project

Get out your 3D glasses. My first Anaglyph

DU photographers, how do you feel about a non-DUer (my 9 yo son) participating

This is not just another

Fired hotel employee testifies at hearing into Blackstone action

OSHA hits Chicago Heights firm with $111,100 in proposed fines

Teamsters In Eighth Week Of SK Hand Tools Strike Defending Healthcare, Pensions And Wages

Today in Labor History Oct 7 Joe Hill Born later shot by firring squad & the "Battle of the Mirrors"

Suttle Reports Little Progress On Budget Shortfall (OS's shop)

Dick Gephardt's Spectacular Sellout

Wabi Sabi starts Oct 8...

I can't decide which of these looks best - wanna help? POLL

more WS RGB or B&W?

Unions campaign for nuclear disarmament

NASA telescope discovers giant ring around Saturn

Dino Footprints Set New Record

Volcanoes Wiped Out All Forests 250 Million Years Ago

The Making of a Mind-Blowing Space Photo

Anyone else reading Dawkins' "Greatest Show on Earth"?

"Nobody's free until everybody's free." - Fannie Lou Hamer (born 92 years ago today)

A Day In Hand - same sex hand holding around the world

Right Wing Gillibrand Continues to Destroy Democratic Party

Do gay rights = pony?

Same Sex Partners Don't Get COBRA Health Insurance Benefits

Microsoft donates $100 k for gay partners effort - Check out the money raised!

A repeal of DADT will get done despite Obama

Roger Penrose Says Physics Is Wrong

Thugs attack two transvestites... who turn out to be cage fighters

Georgia school kicks out boy who dresses like a girl

According to Rick Berman, the minimum wage earner is actually making

Krugman: World Trade Has Collapsed Faster Than In The Great Depression

China calls time on dollar hegemony

Marx and Lenin Revisited

I just want to say, bless all of you.

I can haz 2012 blog?

Joint Psychic Exercise to redirect moon shot

Here' an intro to KiKi, our Halloween Kitteh!

Study Shows Prenatal Exposure to Plastic Bisphenol A May Make Girls More Aggressive

Young Adults May Outgrow Bipolar Disorder

From the Diana Rehm Show: H1N1 Vaccine Plans...

Seasonal Flu Shot May Boost Defenses Against H1N1, Study Finds

H1N1 Vaccine...Are You going to get it?

Demand "outstripping" supply for swine flu vaccine

Vaccines with the MF59 Adjuvant Do Not Stimulate Antibody Responses against Squalene

For Chris Hedges and everyone else

Cross post in GD to a study


'Race to Top' Said to Lack Key Science

A school garden to teach children + article

School attendance and parent's rights...

cross-posted --- Sugar shortage ahead

The exploitation of nationalism

WTC Rubble - No Angled Cuts