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KO leading with Wellpoint diminishing their employee's health care

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:The Right Time To Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell Is Now

Paul Krugman: The Republican party is guided by spite

Health Care Reform Advocates Visited John Boehner's Office, Delivered Garlic Milkshake To

HELP PLEASE! We are having an unusual problem and we don't know what to do, any advise would be

Labor organizer focuses on social justice for women workers, immigrants

Court won't block release of sex abuse papers

Martin Luther King would have been ASHAMED of the Teabaggers

Sacramento Bee: Bill Clinton's endorsement of Gavin Newsom a slap at Jerry Brown?

Keith just announced a PROGRAM LENGTH Special Comment on Health Care Wednesday

Jonathan Tasini: I Try To Eat Less: The Story Of The Economy

Detroit Free Press Stephen Henderson: "What Time & time really demonstrate about Detroit."

You mean it wasn't minorities...

Front page of MSN "Good news: The splurge is back"

Anyone watching "Outrage" on HBO?

Well doing something....

The Demise of the Dollar: Robert Fisk, the Independent

It is starting to look like the status quo in regard to health care reform is the best we can get.

Who's Hiring the Top Engineering Students out of College?

This Week Marks Eight Years of War: Facebook vigil at the White House.

I pose an ethical question raised in House tonight

I pose an ethical question raised in House tonight

Louisiana AG: ACORN Embezzlement By Rathke $5Mil Not $1Mil, Board Knew

Stupidity from the right

Sen. Gillibrand: The Right Time To Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell Is Now

"Ring Ring" A conversation with the party

In Hannityville today his guest said the uninsured were about 5 million

Who is Father Jonathan Morris

Robert Greenwald: WellPoint sued an ENTIRE STATE (Maine) to increase profits

Jesus is not alright with Cons, I guess

Toronto Star: Canadian Governor General speaks to U.N. agency — in 5 languages

White Coats

Nebraska Dems Put Nelson On The Spot On Public Option

I just thought of a trigger option that was actually pulled in US history

Who was the better choice if winning was all that mattered: Deeds, McAuliffe, or Moran?

WP: Sotomayor Takes Active Role on Court's First Day

Interesting story from France that shows how privatization can lead to suicides

Anyone watching Rachel?

Two US accounting firms raided by Icelandic police

pssst....Glenn this:

pssst....Glenn this:

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Senate Judiciary Committee announces nomination hearing for VA Justice Keenan to the US 4th Circuit

Here's some "code words" that sum up the Republican stance

Mission Impossible - A Spy Story ! Is truth stranger than fiction?

Max Blumenthal (Republican Gommorrah) on w/Tavis; Nancy Pelosi only guest w/Rose tonight

Meet Congressman 0

Simple Question

Sh*tty Situation for Straphangers

US mercenaries are involved in human trafficking

The IMF to Play Role of Global Central Bank?

Speaker Pelosi on Charlie Rose, talking about public option. nt

Dishonest Republican Propaganda

Hat's off to the NFL for sponsoring Breast Cancer Awareness month

Angelenos heads up: on PBS: Inventing LA: The Chandlers & Their Times

Arctic Seas turning to Corrosive Acid from CO2 : Manchester Guardian

My friend Zs difficulty

OUTRAGEOUS: Outgoing Los Angeles DWP chief would keep full salary as consultant, $6300 per week

HSBC boss warns of second global economic downturn

HSBC boss warns of second global economic downturn

How good are you @ geography ? Check it out

Microsoft Donates $100,000 to Approve R-71

"A 50-year-old screwing bolts into a car panel is not going to become a health care admin overnight"


Jon cleaned out joint account

Jon cleaned out joint account

Oh No. This Is Just Awful. Absolutely Terrible (Sobs)...

Toronto city services line gets calls on cheesecake, chicken wings and ghosts

Can you guys get into this page?

"U.S. Losing Ground on Preventable Deaths" No shit Sherlock!

"U.S. Losing Ground on Preventable Deaths" No shit Sherlock!

I wish some group would find a way to make "Healthcare Around the World" commercials

Glenn Beck mask?

No jail for not treating dog

No wonder the RW nuts can't spell:

Prepare to explain this after a healthcare bill passes

About that liberal bias in the bible

World's best nations to live in (The so-called Richest, Bestest country didn't make the Top 10)

World's best nations to live in (The so-called Richest, Bestest country didn't make the Top 10)

In Goldman Sachs We Trust?

In U.S., Opposition to Healthcare Legislation Drops Modestly

Conservatives actively campaigning to create another Katrina disaster

could this MLK quote be applied to t-baggers?

could this MLK quote be applied to t-baggers?

U.S. Army Capt. Benjamin Sklaver killed in Afghanistan -director & founder of ClearWater Initiative

The Missing Health Care Debate - A Better Approach to Reform?

I Think Its Time Members of Congress Forgoer Their Health Insurance Until a Healthcare Plan Passes!

Looks like Apple changed its mind about the iPod single payer app

In These Times: Boston Workers March for an Economy That Works for Everyone

Teacher Matthew Knott groomed girl for sex over internet

Transport Workers Take Fight to Bloomberg

Tri-Uterine Knights of Texas ...

New site for ya:

Oh God, Liz "Puke" Cheney is in morning schmoe

Cherry-picking the healthy - Why successful methods ultimately failed.

I'm sad: Conservapedia is offline this morning..

Gallup: Noticeable Drop in Opposition to HCR

Gallup: Noticeable Drop in Opposition to HCR

Austin City Limits concertgoers party in "treated" sewage

This is a much superior recent translation of the Bible than the "Conservative" attempt.

Frist backtracks support for healthcare reform bill (but he still wants to sell his book!)

Apartment Vacancies in U.S. Hit 23-Year High as Unemployment Cuts Demand

Microsoft Donates $100,000 to Approve R-71

bill frists' HCA was fined 1.7 BILLION for fraudulent billing....the largest fine ever

Petraeus Prostate Cancer Treated With Radiation

Petraeus Prostate Cancer Treated With Radiation

Something I just realized about the "teabaggers":

Is anyone else enjoying the Propaganda Channel of the People's Republic of China channel on US Cable

I want to see more, hear more Alan Grayson

Wall Street Run Amok: Why Harvard's to Blame

Healthcare Reform: It's the morality, stupid.

Healthcare Reform: It's the morality, stupid.

Senator Jim Webb critical of General McChrystal

The Urgent War (Climate Change)

Japan Develops Anti-Flu Business Suit

Why do we still let people buy and sell exotic animals or keep them as pets?

Rush may be in talks to purchase the St. Louis Rams

Rush may be in talks to purchase the St. Louis Rams

The President and Gates: Looking for results in Afghanistan or 'sending a message' ?

The President and Gates: Looking for results in Afghanistan or 'sending a message' ?

Manhattan Office Vacancies Reach Five Year High

My "Plan for Full Employment"

Fox News Issues Rare Correction

The Rude Pundit: Does Anyone Actually Understand the Health Care Debate?

Sen. Franken on CSPAN2 being interviewed by REM's Mike something.

Sen. Franken on CSPAN2 being interviewed by REM's Mike something.

New York nuke event

Are teh gays crazy?

I have msnbc on because someone posted that Betsy dumbass was on

Moran signs. There must be a "book" that they use.

Anyone else getting IRS letters from tax year 2007 and 2006?

Study: Roy Blunt Provides Fmr. Aide Earmarks Through "Murtha Method"

New Torture Tapes Found; May Be Released!

McDonnell supporter makes fun of Deed's Stuttering. McDonnell's response:

Funktionide - a concept for an emotional robot that is a substitute for human contact.

Rep Mike Castle (DE) to announce his next move at noon today (this could be huge!)

Greenwald Film on Afghanistan Destroys the Logic of the War, Leading the New York Times to Whine


Anthony Weiner vs. Betsy McCaughey - Smackdown

Laughin my butt off about Nobel Prize

Payback time 'slut list'

"Prostitutes challenge Canada laws"

Worked to death: When going to work kills (CNN)

Letterman: "Right now, I would give anything to be hiking on the Appalachian Trail."

2 Burned CA Fire in Hot Tub - At least 1 is Hero not Idiot

Cong. Grayson coming on the Ed Schultz Radio Show today......

Family Suing After Phoenix Cop Shoots Homeowner Instead of Intruder

Family Suing After Phoenix Cop Shoots Homeowner Instead of Intruder

Florida woman attacked by 'gang' of raccoons

Florida woman attacked by 'gang' of raccoons

Lack of paid sick leave for almost half of all working Americans is a potential public health crisis

Dogs sniff out wrong suspect; scent lineups questioned

delete (dupe)

It's Against The Law For Children 12+ To Trick Or Treat In Va. Beach?

Aww Gee, Do I hafta ?! (use Quickbooks)

NYT MUST Read: Profits for Buyout Firms as Company Debt Soared

Senators Simmons, Ayotte and Toomey. All Repubs. All from the Northeast

Senators Simmons, Ayotte and Toomey. All Repubs. All from the Northeast

Fatboi Limbaugh to TRY to buy St. Louis Rams

NYT: Inquiry Looks at Treatment of Latinos by Suffolk Police (New York)

Pelosi gives human rights award to Dalai Lama - pics

Rush Limbaugh and St. Louis Blues Owner team up in Bid to Buy the St. Louis Rams

Adobe Max in LA online for those who could not attend

Fornicate with the leave of the king the vulture and predator classes

Teacher, charged with sexual offences, commits suicide

Teacher, charged with sexual offences, commits suicide

Weiner and Ratigan are demolishing Betsy McCaughey on Morning Meeting now.

I think 'supporting Honduras' is Reich-wing code for supporting a military coup here.

My AP government student/daughter asked me, "who is the most conservative senator?"

Survey: Feds beat private sector on vision, lag on management

"Something Is Going To Give Here": Did Baucus Screw Wyden And Lose His Vote?

Where are people living?

Crusader for Syntactic Disambiguation Exprobrates Banks' Labored Locutions

Crusader for Syntactic Disambiguation Exprobrates Banks' Labored Locutions

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2- Lifting all Yachts

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2- Lifting all Yachts

#conservativeBible - Where the twitters are rewritng the Bible for conservatives. LOL


Higher asthma rates linked to fast food

Obama: United States 'making real progress' fighting terror, enemies Still plotting

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4- The rest of the mess

mccain has NO problem with general mcchrystal 'speaking out' on policy

A Nobel prize for a Bush critic

Where is the Fourth Amendment when we need it?

Must See Colbert Segment - The Word

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1- Paperback Writer

Murder In Texas: Update

A Bad "Public Option" is Worse than No "Public Option"....

Let's get on the same page on these tea parties are nothing but laissez faire klan rallies

Man admits to killing his realtor

David Barton, right wing "historian" selected to be on Texas BOE, doesn't know history

Tuesday Thoughts on the Revolution

Does MSNBC have a link for live streaming of the

Staple Food Prices Trending Down From Year Ago

A Present for DU

Driving on Glass? Inventor Hopes to Lay Down Solar Roads

after eight years of supporting bu$hco wars, the media has finally had enough

Medical Malpractice Insurers’ Profits Higher Than Nearly All Fortune 500 Companies

How too much agricultural land leads to hunger in Africa (a critique of Malthusianism)

How do you test groundwater quality cheaply and accurately?

How do you test groundwater quality cheaply and accurately?

Activists Arrested: Ask Obama to Halt Wars, Close Overseas Prisons

We Need A Public Health Insurance Plan to Keep Us S.A.F.E. (By Monica Sanchez)

ACORN embezzlement was $5 million, La. attorney general says....

Ceci Connolly

The Yes Men: Our film's a riot. No - REALLY.

Abstinence-only instructor arrested for sexual indecency with a child.

Grassley numbers continue to fall

Who has health coverage ?

Democrats Move To Counter High Court on Age Discrimination

He must be doing something right: Evasive McCaughey calls Ratigan "a disgrace to journalism"

My grandkids music teacher was killed in a car crash yesterday..

Imprecatory prayer leader sued, said to be behind death threats and harassment

Vampires: FBI Data-Mining Programs Resurrect "Total Information Awareness"

Sen. Max Baucus' Vote For Public Option For Sale On eBay

'The Politically Correct Leftwing Liberal Handbook - A Guide for the Mass Mind'

'The Politically Correct Leftwing Liberal Handbook - A Guide for the Mass Mind'

War Crimes Prosecution Watch: Rwanda Queen-Killing Suspect Held

Great story on Helen Thomas: "Mentors and Inspirations," good insight on where she comes from

Is It My Imagination Or Are There More Anti-Health Care Reform Ads..........

MSNBC video (from Morning Joe) - Jim Cramer: "I cannot be critical of Bernanke. Bernanke saved us!"

Goodbye News......

They make grovelers bigger in Texas, too!

They make grovelers bigger in Texas, too!

Dear Gawd! Nancy Grace as the next Judge Judy? A show is being developed.

Dear Gawd! Nancy Grace as the next Judge Judy? A show is being developed.

Inhofe Falsely Claims Reconciliation Never Used For ‘A Major Tax Bill’

Costco has gone over to the dark side! Caution--Emesis basin may be required!

Costco has gone over to the dark side! Caution--Emesis basin may be required!

Any suggestions on how to handle this health care bill?

Nineteen more multinational advertisers dump Glenn Beck.

Tonight -- Cindy McCain on the Leno Dog n Pony show.

Gold at all-time high, dollar slumping.

Gold at all-time high, dollar slumping.

Help - I just got a RW smear e-mail that I want to counter. Subject Line: HB 1388 PASSED

Pelosi and Reid presser on Afghanistan on GEM$NBC now

Weiner And McCaughey Go Head-To-Head In Health Care Debate

Well how's this for a piece of crap to rival Kinkaid himself?

Judge Rubs Out Mad Mel's DUI Conviction (Mel Gibson)

Corzine Catches Up

Obama Nominates Judge Denny Chin for 2nd Circuit, Judge O. Rogeriee Thompson for 1st Circuit

Congressional Leaders Fight to keep bills off-line

Gee, yesterday AP had a story implying that Obama would escalate the Afghan war

WaPo sinks further into the mire. A front page article on Orly Taitz.

Sen. Franken's amendment up for vote now (the Haliburton arbitration issue).

Do you really have to believe Jesus is God to be a Christian?

Kansas teachers aren't anti-evolution

Our manufacturing sector has been literally shipped overseas...

Our manufacturing sector has been literally shipped overseas...

U.S. Olympic Committee fights The Olympian newspaper (Olympia, Wash.) in court

Do the "tea baggers" actually 'think' that the public option would be free?

IAEA Members Question Iran Nuclear Intel Authenticity ('Sensational Stories' by AP & NYT)

Rush Limbaugh acknowledges bid to buy St. Louis Rams

Movement Toward Moran in Kansas GOP Primary for Brownback's Open US Senate Seat:

Fox News Issues CORRECTION (In Safe School Director Kevin Jennings 'Case')

It's official: Mike Castle (R) will run for the open senate seat in Delaware

GOP Accuses Dems Of Playing “Age” Card, But Dems Slap Back

The Nation: No Escalation for Afghanistan:

Anti-Grayson Fundraising Going Slow For GOP?

Conservatives decide Bible is too liberal

Conservatives decide Bible is too liberal

Marco Rubio raises nearly $1 million

So Are The Repugs Getting On The Health Reform Bandwagon?.......

The campaign against Jennings just got a lot uglier.

Court Documents Reveal Existence of New Torture Tapes

'Horrorcore' singer suspected in Virginia killings

Rush wants to own an NFL team, and he said this:

Will Republicans crucify Obama, if OPEC moves away from the dollar,

Democrats vow tough challenger to Grassley for Senate

White House: Leaving Afghanistan Not An Option

Idiot gets bitten by alligator in Florida

Mel Gibson's 2006 drunk driving conviction expunged

Greatest headline (today anyway)

San Jose dentist charged with performing breast cancer exam on girl, 14

Dennis Kucinich: October 2002 - Iraq War Resolution Revisited

A Muslim solution for Afghanistan

US: Watchdog says Treasury misled public about cost of bank bailout

Police say intoxicated couple used boy as designated driver

Congressional GOP Fundraising Committee On Pelosi: It’s Time To ‘Put Her In Her Place’

Prisoners and Iraqis have free health insurance right?

CapitalOne just offered me a small business loan (credit card) at 14.99%, 17.99%...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Loses Some of His Immigration Enforcement Powers

Glenn Beck - No Low Is Too Low For This Weasel

Big Feather in Sen. Franken's Cap - his amendment just passed... 68-30

Glenn Beck fears "a Reichstag moment, God forbid another 9/11...and power will be seized"

Tom DeLay to Quit Dancing with the Stars

So who didn't see this coming?

Had Bush invited a group of docs and then given out white lab coats to them for a photo op .......

Had Bush invited a group of docs and then given out white lab coats to them for a photo op .......

Poll: Most in U.S. would back Iran strike

Poll: Most in U.S. would back Iran strike

I think I got banned....

The Right Wing & Blue Dogs, blocking health care, is a page out of the fascism handbook.

Did Bin Laden succeed in his goal of Screwing up United States

What about T. Boone Picken's plan for

i just love andy card telling tweety what Obama 'should do'

A stupid Right Wing Talking Point

A stupid Right Wing Talking Point


Caption this pic

Shouldn't Cons burn their SS cards?

Sex-trade workers to fight Canada's prostitution laws

Justice sotomayor asks more questions in one hour than Clarence Thomas has asked in YEARS.

WTF? The USDA won't mandate testing of raw hamburger before it is sold?

Is this hate speech?

David Letterman. Would you do him?

Carrying a gun increases risk of getting shot and killed

Tom DeLay Dropping Out Of Dancing With The Stars...and a nation weeps. Just like Iron Eyes Cody.

AP Poll: Obama's job approval rises amid concerns

Microsoft gives $100K in support of Ref. 71 Gay Rights

"Shooting at the mixed race President is funny and cool"..."Looks like return fire from a drive by"

Update on daughter's roommate controversy.....

Jail to sell advertising on Visitor VIdeo Screen...

Why aren't you a Republican?

DeLay's next gig OUGHT to be Dancing With The Bars

If the Dow Jones reaches 10,000 and there is no report of any job growth this week.

For fugg sake Duncan Hunter

Conservative publication talks of "fumigating" government over Jewish Obama nominee

Could a Prophet Be Confirmed to the US Department of Labor?

Looks like Inflation has started

"Everything's on the table"

Conservatives: Bush Isn't One of Us

Conservatives: Bush Isn't One of Us

Mom's designated driver: her 13-year-old son

Anyone watching DeeDee Myers and Andy Card on Hardball commiserating with Matthews

500,000 to boycott Pepsi over its ‘homosexual advocacy’

U.S. Rep. Bobby Bright of Alabama says he will remain a Democrat

Conservatives should be behind single payer universal health insurance

Bet you didn't know THIS happened at the Constitutional Convention:

A victim of high expectations ?

What kind of conservative do you dislike the most?

andrea mitchell can't help letting her bias show.

McChrystal Admits: We Don't Understand the Afghans

D.C. to Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill


McCain says the Taliban shouldn't be separated out from the U.S. grudge match against al-Qaeda

Hummer drivers lead in tickets

The demise of the dollar By Robert Fisk

Internet game awards points for people spotting real crimes on CCTV is branded 'snooper's paradise'.

In just one hour, Sotomayor asked more questions than Thomas has in years.

Baucus bill is a Republican wet dream: a CORPORATIST DISASTER that GOP can blame on "big govt" Dem..

Rupert Murdoch to Internet: It’s War!

TMZ making fun of Laura Bush. Says she looks like the Joker

Bachmann asks Pawlenty to expand probe of ACORN

Fox’s Shep Smith Takes Down Fox News Talking Point On Public Option: ‘It’s Not A Government Takeover

Pelosi says new tax is 'on the table' (VAT)

how long has rachel maddow had her show?

Besides letting 9/11 happen, wtf did * accomplish in his first 10 months in office?

Raiders cornerback thinks he was flagged because of his religion

Boo-effing-hoo! Betsy McCaughey :"one of the most browbeating interviews in television history."

America's Smartest Cities - From First to Worst - The Daily Beast

New Yes Men Movie: 'The Yes Men Fix The World' Is A Riot. No, Really.

Tom DeLay Expected to Quit "Dancing" - Reports

ANALYSIS-US troop build-up in Afghanistan may be gaining favor

WTF? Should Women Back Palin in 2012?

Well I just saw "Capitalism: A Love Story" and I have only one question

Biggest mystery in HCR is why American business isn't pushing to get rid of the healthcare monkey

Ratigan and Weiner Make Betsy Wetsy Cry!

Cupcake Shaped Electric Car for Kids??? - Neiman Marcus unveils luxury Christmas book gifts

Citizen patrols hit Italian streets

What in the name of GOD's ARSE - is the purpose of the Fucking senate ..

Notre Dame Pres. Emeritus Calls on Conyers & Holder to Meet with Embattled Legal Reform Activists

Betsy McCaughey is getting her ASS handed to her on Ratigan's show.

Here is a collective hug for Nebraska Democrats. You guys ROCK!!!!

Can one support gays in the military AND be a pacifist?

This Modern World: The Greatest Menace Facing Our Nation Today: ACORN

Question about polling-

Question about polling-

Senate Confirms Key Civil Rights Post: Thomas E. Perez

Right-wing "historian" places Rosa Parks at lunch counter instead of a bus seat

Would you welcome Shep Smith to MSNBC if he jumped the FAUX shark

The High Price of Being a Gay Couple

First time EVER: Consumer Reports producing a commercial RE: Health Care!

The Invention of Truth Telling...

Uninvited guest crashes president's party ...

Ok, so I watched Beck so you don't have to. Current Ads:

Meet Obama's New US Circuit Court Judicial Nominees: O. Rogeriee Thompson and Denny Chin

Why is Betsy McCaughey on MSNBC?

They found my car.........

Call today, Sen. AL FRANKEN will try to hold Halliburton & Defense Contractors responsible . . .

Inventing LA: The Chandlers and Their Times

Health Insurance Companies Want Severe Penalties For People Who Do Not Buy Coverage

Only when they are calling "Bring Out Your Dead" in the streets will the Repubs say we need reform

Suspended WITH pay

Suspended WITH pay

Orly: “My children are so excited that the Pres. of the US will have to appear in Mom's Office"

"lose advertisers, lose your job" --so WHY is beck still on the air?

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3 - Wars, 2 different ones

An early web era ends: Final notice: GeoCities is closing.

Went to CiCis today to find the buffet completely empty

What should Obama do with McChrystal

Michael Moore's Muse

Conservative group aims to delete ‘liberal bias’ from Bible

Sotomayor shows she's no Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court opens

if only david letterman were a republican politician

Quietly, while nobody was looking, Health Care Reform became a fait accompli

Americans Expecting No Resolution In Afghanistan

Tropical Storm Henri

Banks 1, America 0

Weiner's new site! Countdown to PO!

Pakistan goes for militants' jugular

Anna Politkovskaya’s murder - 3 years tomorrow - october 7

Sad daily ritual

free credit report?

Docs as Props

For eight long years (most of them within a few seats of senate control)

Tomorrow, it seems to me, is a one word day: WHY?

Who's your favorite ballsy Congresspeople?

Does Obama Get It?

My idea for an ad to shame the blue dogs and others who sell their support for health care.

Dead Monarch Insurance

Maybe I should skip that salad before the burger.

Bachmann: "I Don't Even Know Anything About MSNBC"

What qualifies as "rich" or "wealthy" in this country?

Top 10 reasons Limbaugh would be worst football owner in world

U.S. Not Seeking Disclosure of Israeli Nuclear Arsenal

Thank you Theresa from sunny Toledo.

Macy's is dead to me.

New technology to be used in the airport?

I got a first hand taste of libertarian Obama hating crazy on my way home today

Barack Obama cancels meeting with Dalai Lama 'to keep China happy'

Just say "No" to School Fundraisers

Report on Border Crossing Deaths Makes the Invisible Visible

Majority in U.S. Would Back Attack to Prevent Iran Nuclear Bomb

Redefining the public option--where we stand now.

Mikey Weinstein to former U.S. Navy chaplain: "Stop asking Jesus to kill me!"

Mikey Weinstein to former U.S. Navy chaplain: "Stop asking Jesus to kill me!"

Frank Schaeffer Endorses Our Stop Domestic Terror Campaign on HuffPo

All right, assume for a moment that President Obama announced a unilateral pullout from Afghanistan

Why must healthcare be "budget neutral" but war doesn't have to be?

Beck Is Falling APART. Loses NINETEEN MORE Advertisers

Afghanistan: Eight Years and Counting- END THE WAR

October 5, 2009: The Word - Learning Is Fundamental

Hi, Folks. Texas Just Told Me I Don't Get a Leg.

Are Fallen Soldiers Heroes?

GOP leaders to Michael Steele: "Sit down, BOY, and let us do the thinking"

GOP leaders to Michael Steele: "Sit down, BOY, and let us do the thinking"

Breaking: US $ being replaced as oil currency

We’re all slaves now

Folks, I Think It Has Passed The Point At Which It Can Reasonably Be Doubted That We're Gonna Win...

Capitalism and Social Policy (in this case ed reform policy)

In Praise Of......Mass Transit (pic-heavy)

You can thank businesses like where my wife works for the recession

Obama should stop aiding the billionaire Republican in New York

NASA to bomb the Moon

Should Law Reviews be Ended or Reformed?

Dogs sniff out wrong suspect; scent lineups questioned

Without warrants, police use trackers to follow suspects (Kentucky)

Energy company giving away free low-energy light bulbs

So .... who is NOT in favor of escalating our Afghanistan involvement?

Amy Suskind says women should consider backing Palin in 2012

Consumerism/materialism destroyed this country

Amy Goodman: Watch What You Tweet

Should the US immediately withdraw troops from Afghanistan?

I remember back in the 90's watching Norther Exposure

John Stossel: 'The Media Leans Left... FOX Clearly Leans Right'

My little zebra: The secrets of domestication

The GOP has messed up this country with their "code words" for every issue.

I am a member of Doctors for America. It wasn't just a photo-op.

When are the helicopters coming to Kabul?

Does Obama Get It? (Bob Herbert column on unemployment)

The morality of deliberate defaults - just saying NO to your lender

Who the hell are these people attacking solid progressives (like DK) on this site?????

Who the hell are these people attacking solid progressives (like DK) on this site?????

'Horrorcore' singer suspected in Virginia killings

The tide is turning against the war in Afghanistan. HR 3699

Rick Perry is an Abomination

WSJ: Gold price rising on dollar's potential demise

WSJ: Gold price rising on dollar's potential demise

ANALYSIS-US troop build-up in Afghanistan may be gaining favor

If someone is happy with their health insurance, they haven't had a major illness or asked employer

could you forgive some other corporate whoring if Dems put knife in health insurance?

The demise of the dollar

The American Left Does Not Exist - Or At Least Not In the Way It Seems - Dave Sirota

Al Franken's ....."Supply Side Jesus" ..... for the unaware.

OFEC: Organization of Food Exporting Countries

Was the "botched execution" in Ohio an example of torture?

Max Cleland: 'I Cried Uncontrollably for 2 1/2 Years'

Bubbles hair salon? Switching hairstylists again, and wondering

Bay Announces 'Transformers 3' Release Date

Jim Dandy!

I love Capitalism, a Love Story...

I need some putty that matches my skin tone EXACTLY.

I'm gonna make an Apple Crisp

Domino's Pizza puts WHAT on their chicken subs?

Rush LImbaugh Jokes

For people who play video games just for the music...

How to get more replies to your thread:

Overrated. Indecisive. Erratic.

Whaddya gonna do?

Beliefnet: Conservatizing the Bible (freepers taking the liberal bias out of scripture)

This has been a really rough couple of weeks for me...

deleted by Boojatta

How kood you get more replies to your thread?


Turn your cat photos into a Ken Burns documentary

For those who don't like top 40 radio: Radio Friendly Song

Tom Snyder

The old man can still play some ball.

It's getting to be that time of year, you know, Xmas....

This guy does this comedy routine in Jail.

Down City Streeets

Is this Bubblegum?

I love Buya Vowell...

To Save Money, Jim Got Rid of His Alarm Clock and Trained His Beagle, Oliver, To Wake Him Up

What was the last movie you rented, and what did you think of it?

oh hell, Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 trailer produced by MICHAEL BAY

Some really cool Halloween animated screensavers:

What the fuck happened to the fucking fonts?

Ugh...such obvious easily caught

Very live one in GD-P.

Caption this picture

I love Sarah Vowell....

This is a much superior recent translation of the Bible than the "Conservative" attempt.

ok, who ever it was....

We're a week into October and we're looking at a possible high of 95 today...

How 'bout them Vikes?

Pedicab Operator and Taxi Driver Brawl on Broadway (With Video)

Let's make a DU Lounge pantheon of gods.

Need help with definitions for the following two words:

It's beautiful outside...

Did everything get bigger?

5 years ago today Rodney Dangerfield passed away.

Vampires are as intelligent as humans. Maybe more so. Werewolves are

I'm having a bit of trouble - I turned to google ..


The network connections icon disappeared off my taskbar. WTF?

Good morning Lounge

What if Peanuts had been written by Charles Bukowski?

I just got an amazing invitation

OMG Pagans {Don't mess with the Pagans}

Your opinion - without pictures

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/6/09

Austin City Limits was F'n Awesome!

Brett Favre has won as many Super Bowls as Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer

The daughter is sick - after yakking like a public sprinkler


Umm.... WTF?????

San Jose dentist charged with performing breast cancer exam on girl, 14

Wow - even on a county by county basis, Nixon trounced McGovern in '72

Local lady wins $24 million.

Pilar Diaz is in my ear "Pinata" and punk cover of "Como la Flor"

don't you just hate it when

Love is real

Sci-Fi Channel Mad Libs Plot Construction Kit

so how did that horse help that girl get into college?

It's impossible to act tough after admitting that you volunteer at the local library.

So I Slow-Cooked Some Ribs, And Got Bones - Can't You Boil Them For Like A Month...

Seriously, if this happens - the St. Louis Rams will be more hated in the NFL than the Cowboys

Will ESPN quit with the Favre worship?

Thwarted some criminals again...

Free Outer Banks house available for the right person

Is it considered taunting to wear a t shirt....

shogun of harlem

a friend of mine took a big leap of faith and hope yesterday.

if you were pushing 40 and generally burned out on everything,

Does cold-FX actually work?

Best Law & Order (original series) detective pairing?

My cable company sent me a Hallmark card!


Here is something on DU you don't see too often...


Holy Shit! Go check out GD!

I like these larger fonts....I don't have to squint as much since I'm [email protected]!#

set_normal_fonts -----> link here:

If you were pushing 40, unemployed, in debt, kind of depressed, and prone to weirdness

Are These Costumes Skanky and/or Generic? Feedback Appreciated

Resistance is...

OK,well. I'm really, really pissed at my doctor.

For your viewing pleasure: A Swiss Alp...

Shouldn't the late night drunken meal have it's own name?

The Gimli Glider: A Tale for Pilots (and their passengers)

When you pick up your keyboard and shake it upside down how many crumbs fall out?

Saw the movie "Doubt" last night. I was a bit disappointed.

Tommy_Carcetti has inspired me - the next person who doesn't spell my name correctly ... dies.

Time again for "Which book(s) are you reading?"

What are you reading?

Just taking a little break... (Random Qs inside)

Sometimes people walk...or saunter...what's the verb for what zombies do? nt

Do you like push polling?


Share music that's just plain haunting - as in scary!

Idaho woman mistakes own hearing aid for a Milk Dud

So this summer I finally read me some Lovecraft.

BREAKING!! Just revealed that Rush Limbaugh has been writing the lyrics for the band RUSH!!

Update on daughter's roommate controversy.....

Do you like watermelons?

8 Years on DU

Dumbest Thing You've Ever Heard...

My first day volunteering at the animal shelter socializing kitties

Rabrrrrr has inspired me. Let's all come clean to embarassing bands/artists you secretly enjoy

Saw U2 the other night.

WooHoo! Go TWINS!

Huge spider outside my bedroom window!

why did DU get huge fonts all of a sudden??

Give yourself a "3-part" blues name, like "Blind Lemon Jefferson" or "Sonny Boy Williamson"...

Strange Goings-On

If you happen to see Plan 9 at the cinema tomorrow...

PM 'refused extra Afghan troops'

'Diageo ends link with US TV host but Tesco stays' (UK Independent, Oct 6)

'Diageo ends link with US TV host but Tesco stays' (UK Independent, Oct 6)

When I get sick and tired of all the bull, I look it this (photos)

The Nation: Against Escalation in Afghanistan: Slide Show:

The High Price of Snowe

Speaker Pelosi on Charlie Rose. She is great! Catch it if you can,

As Job Loss Rises, Obama Aides Act to Fix Safety Net

As Job Loss Rises, Obama Aides Act to Fix Safety Net

Why is it so hard to ask all Democrats and the people who caucus with them to vote for cloture?

The great phrase face-off: any suggestions?

Has the back-door draft ended yet?

Thanks to President Obama, USA is #1 again! GOP in bathroom, crying...

Thanks to President Obama, USA is #1 again! GOP in bathroom, crying...

When does the individual mandate kick in?

Official Whitehouse photostream on Flickr.

Running Scared: 6 Dem governors unwilling to endorse HCR, even in vague terms

Send UN troops to Afghanistan

Poll: Corzine catches Christie in NJ gov's race

We need the UN to stabilize Afghanistan...

[Republicans] Who Voted Against The Recovery Act Now Beg For Stimulus Funds For NASA

[Republicans] Who Voted Against The Recovery Act Now Beg For Stimulus Funds For NASA

The "Purity" test.. a sure fire road to defeat.

Orly Taitz Profile in WaPo

Gibbs: Decision to delay Dalai Lama meeting was 'mutual'

O_O-Don't look now but Jon Corzine is surging in New Jersey/Obama visits planned

Senate moderates echo GOP call for 72-hour disclosure

Did Gen. Mc Chrystal's Address on Afghanistan go over his Commander in Chiefs head?

Another push poll under way? I ve had two calls today frm phone banks asking for

Does this have an element of truth to it?

VA Goes Green

U.S. Rep. Bobby Bright of Alabama says he will remain a Democrat

My Congressman (Kagen-D WI) Is Refusing Health Care Insurance Until Every American

"Axelrod meets with Fox's Roger Ailes"

Is this another "latest meme" from the loons on the right?

The Wash Post's op-ed page today is a nightmare. Cohen and Will get petty about PrezO.

Should The Democrats Purge The Conservatives and Moderates from The Party?

Did the Senate just kill a crucial ingredient of health care reform?

I am just stunned...just back from a city council primary vote

Add Webb to a growing list of people that question McChrystal's speech in London

WH hands out White coats for Docs who forgot them for the photo-0p

Poll shows Tommy Thompson would lead Feingold

I watched Fox News this afternoon for about ten minutes because they were talking about medicare...

WTF is Orly Taitz on the top of the home page of WaPo?

My biggest problem with Mc Chrystal's London comments...

Anybody know what the Truth is to Obama wanting Kids to go to School longer?

Members of Congress Should Forgoer Their Health Insurance Until Healthcare Reform Is Passed!!!

Obama nominates RI judge for appeals court:O. Rogeriee Thompson

AP Poll: Obama's job approval rises amid concerns(Approval 56%(Sept 50%), Disapproval 39%(Sept 49%))

PHOTO Caption it (Oct 6)

"Is the tide turning for the public option?"

The right-wing media gay witch hunt continues with Obama EEOC nominee Chai Feldblum

How Obama Handles Terror Threats

Perform a DU search for "We're fighting them over there".

The world according to Tweety - PHUG HIM!

Is there a set time limit for how long Gates stays on?

White House Readout on Today's Meeting with Congressional Members re: Afghanistan

Countdown will have a ONE HOUR SPECIAL COMMENT on health care "reform' WEDNESDAY NIGHT.and...

Should the US stay in Afghanistan or not withdraw from Afghanistan?

A modern masterwork in subtlety...

House Republicans admit that they're outmatched by Nancy Pelosi; want to "put her in her place"

Shame on you, president Obama. Look what you did!!! (warning large photos)

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter: Ideologues like Sen. Jim DeMint are ‘nuts.’

Gov. Strickland halts executions until at least December

What to do in Afghanistan?

Union-Busting Hotel Ordered to Rehire Fired Workers, Return to Bargaining

The demise of the dollar-Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia & France to stop

PM 'refused extra Afghan troops'

A Nobel prize for a Bush critic

Italian scientist reproduces Shroud of Turin

Senator Ensign Under Intense Pressure as Investigation Looms

Uganda Arrests Most - Wanted Rwanda Genocide Suspect

Arab Officials Deny Plan to Replace Dollar

Dogs sniff out wrong suspect; scent lineups questioned

Without warrants, Kentucky police use trackers to follow suspects

Family Suing After Phoenix Cop Shoots Homeowner Instead of Intruder

France, Kazakhs ink military transit, energy deals

3 Americans win Nobel in physics

Google targeted in e-mail scam

Jail ruling for 'dirty war' pilot

Citizen patrols hit Italian streets

Gates Blames Past Lack Of Troops For Taliban Edge

Pay Czar Targets Salary Cuts

Iran closes leading newspapers

Supporters of coup: 3 Florida GOP members of Congress visit interim Honduras president

Jail ruling for 'dirty war' pilot

Rush Limbaugh, Dave Checketts joined in bid to buy St. Louis Rams

NATO Says Kills 100 Fighters In Huge Afghan Battle

DNA evidence clears man accused of attacking Santa Monica College student

Senior Iraq official urges respect of Saddam's army

Freed Texas inmate dies in crash - one month after leaving death row

Government admits filming torture of Gitmo inmate, alleged 9/11 plotter

Gen. Petraeus Battling Prostate Cancer

IAEA Members Question Iran Nuclear Intel Authenticity ('Sensational Stories' by AP & NYT)

'Horrorcore' singer suspected in Virginia killings

Pelosi Echoes Schakowsky, Says People Will Have Choice Of Public Option

Obama Puts Government On Greenhouse-Gas Diet

Tom DeLay Expected to Quit "Dancing" - Reports

U.S. lawmakers demand restoring aid to Honduras

Two Rivers board raises questions about Hardin (APF) prison contract

(Italy) Constitutional court reconsiders Berlusconi immunity

Detainee's Lawyers to Get Interrogation (Torture) Tapes

Ensign says he did not breach ethics rules

Rwanda queen-killing suspect held

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 6

Schwarzenegger Endorses Obama Health Care Effort

‘Mad Docs’ crash White House party

3 More Americans Win Nobels

Liberal Sen. Feingold Questions Use Of Policy "Czars" By Obama Administration

Labor, faith and community groups target giant insurer; six arrested in protest

Stocks and Gold Gain as Investors Shun the Dollar

Officials release body of hanged Ky. census worker

D.C. to Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Most Would Use Force to Stop Iranian Nukes

Swiss Deny Roman Polanski Release From Prison

Saudi central bank: report on replacing dollar is wrong

Court upholds $2M award to Wal-Mart pharmacist

US high court weighs dog fight video vs free speech

Honduran Government Ends State of Siege

Corzine takes the lead in Jersey

The demise of the dollar

500,000 to boycott Pepsi over its ‘homosexual advocacy’

Study: Bush Administration Blocked Efforts to Prevent Housing Crisis

Supreme Court Debates Crush Videos (can gov't outlaw "Human Sacrifice Channel"?)

Apartment Glut Expands

Parents in prayer death get probation, some jail

In U.S., Opposition to Healthcare Legislation Drops Modestly (Our Side is Back in the Lead)

Rethink Afghanistan

Levi Johnston Gets Crackin' with Wonderful Pistachios

RGE Monitor chairman Nouriel Roubini on CNBC: Unemployment Will Rise Through 2010

Rachel Maddow: Anti-Health Care Reform 'Americans For Prosperity' & Koch Industries


Preaching and Arresting for Health Care

glenn greenwald tells it like it is

MSNBC host: Baucus enabling corporate communism (Dylan Ratigan)

Hell's Angel: Mother Teresa by Christopher Hitchens (1 of 3)

John Ensign - Worried

Climate Denial Crock of the Week/ Birth of a Crock

Thom Hartmann - Is Mattels new $95 homeless doll proof of Michael Moores plutonomy?

Check Your Tits -- A Breast Cancer Awareness Video

Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders on the NEW ACORN act - you'll love this

AC360: Matalin & Krugman Debate Obama Losing His 'Mojo' (Matalin Says She "Reveres" Limbaugh)

Thom Hartmann - Are Europeans right on the Polanski case?

Weiner and McCaughey on Reading Health Care Legislation

Weiner: There Is No Free Market When It Comes to Health Care

Promising equal healthcare for Women

Jim Rogers-Abolish the Federal Reserve-Buy Silver

Conservatives Want To Remove Liberal Passages from Bible

Conservatives Want To Remove Liberal Passages from Bible

Surprise: Fox's Shep Smith Argues In Favor Of Public Option

Max Keiser-World is giving America The Middle Finger

I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas Chicago September 2009

TYT: Cenk Praises MSNBC's Ratigan For Bashing Corporatism

2 People Arrested For Texting G20 Protesters Police Locations

Tweety -- Obama's the fire brigade, Bush was the fire.

The demise of the American dollar?

2 Pics, 2 Kinds of Goodbyes - And, the Mission has been Accomplished

MSNBCs Dylan Ratigan: Conservatives Don't Care If Half the Country Dies in Order to Take Down Obama

Doctor admits Swine Flu vaccines needs further testing - Refuses to give it to his Kids

Countdown: 'Mad As Hell Doctor' - "This is the Civil Rights Issue of our Generation"

US Actor Daniel Sunjata clarifies his position on 9/11

Anderson Cooper: H1N1 [Swine Flu] Vaccine Facts & Fears by Dr. Oz

Speaker Pelosi DOESN'T like being touched by Sen Reid

Ensign Denies That He Violated Ethics Rules - must deal with saavy reporter

Rachel Maddow: The GOP Going Rogue - "World Edition"

Will Hannity Own Up To His Lie About Kevin Jennings?

A Response to Rep. John Boehner: I'm An American, And I support A Public Option.

MSNBC's Ratigan: Conservatives Don't Care 'If Half the Country Dies'

Newark's Mayor offers $1000 cash prize for reporting people with guns (no conviction needed)

Oil Dollar War. Fight or Lose?

Protesters Continue to Come Up Against Wall in DC

MSNBC Shows Footage of Right-Wing Traitors Cheering After Olmypics Announcement

maxkeiser, RussiaToday; 'China, Russia don't want to 'finance' American military adventures anymore

Anti-War Groups Target Obama!

Pro-Single Payer Doctors Protest At The White House 10/05/09

Glenn Delusional Beck: The Violent Far Left Is Turning On Obama

Glenn Delusional Beck: America Is Infested With Tiny Beetles

Anthony Weiner's tribute to Betsy McCaughey

Zelaya supporters 'jailed for demonstrating' - 05 Oct 09

Shepard Smith tells Barrasso that public option is not a gov't take over of health care

David Letterman Jokes About Affairs, Wife's Reaction In Monologue

Dylan Ratigans Morning Meeting - Betsy McCaughey Vs Anthony Weiner

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Debates Dr. Betsy McCaughey over Health Care Reform

Helen Thomas

Thom Hartmann - Should people with a gun in their house pay more for health insurance?

Fox on PATRIOT Act: A Video Fisking

TYT: Conservatives Plan To Re-write The Bible!

Get The H1N1 Vaccine Or Lose Your Job!

Dylan Ratigan & Rep. Weiner Spar With 'Death Panel' Myth Creator Over Health Care Reform (In full)

U.K. Reports Drug Treatment Success (October 2, 2009 )

A Message From Van Jones

Rich Vs. Poor At Root Of Honduran Political Crisis

The divisive Mojave cross... only serves to undermine the sacrifices of soldiers of other faiths

FCC Rule

Desperation and Loathing in the Republican party

Worked to death: When going to work kills

A Decade Later, Matthew Shepard Act Still Needed

‘Mad Docs’ crash White House party

The Slow Revolution is Growing... Fast

If Congress Attacks the Mighty Oak of Contractor Misconduct, It Shouldn't Just Settle for an ACORN

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel will address joint Congress in November

Loathing America by Republican pirates and the new old filibuster

Hey, SNL, Before You Throw Stones at Obama, Make Sure YOU Don’t Live in a Glass House

For U.S. combat soldiers, new role in Iraq is frustrating

Your Privacy Matters: Daniel Ellsberg, the USA PATRIOT Act & You

AlterNet: Has Berlusconi Created Titillating TV 'Fascism' in Italy?

Tell Obama: Stop the Democratic Senators kneecapping health care reform.

Betsy 'Death Panels' McCaughey Made to Look Ridiculous

"Go After Guns, Not Drugs" (Newark gun policy seen as effective)

The Athenians: Another warning from history?

Secret Plan to Ditch the U.S. Dollar's Dominance Uncovered

We Were Arrested for Speaking by David Swanson

Economics Trumps

Here We Go Again – Democrats Turning off Their Voting Base

19 more advertisers ditch Glenn Beck

Dust Storm was blooming marvellous for Sydney Harbour

William Kamkwamba, "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind," will be on the Daily Show Wednesday Night

Drumbeat: October 6, 2009 China leads accusation that rich nations are trying to sabotage climate treaty

Ontario: The Next Solar Hotbed? (More details on Ontario's feed-in tariff for solar) America makes first move to allow independent fund for poor countries

AP/ Barack Obama demands carbon targets from US government offices UN's forest protection scheme at risk from organised crime, experts warn

Australia - Banks Of Murray River Collapsing In Some Areas As Water Levels Keep Falling

Arctic Sea Ice Recovers Slightly in 2009, Remains on Downward Trend, Says CU Study

Multiple Caribou Collapses - Bathurst Herd 128K In 2006 @ 32K ; Beverly 276K In 1994 "Disappeared"

TheOregonian: New report (by 200 economists) urges quick, aggressive action to stem carbon emissions

The End Of the Oil Age is Near, Deutsche Bank Says

WSJ: (German) Locals Try Sinking Plan to Store CO2 Underground (fighting CCS)

Mozambique's sugar cane to be used in making ethanol

Steven Chu's Science Magazine Editorial: Carbon Capture and Sequestration

DR Congo debates its enormous biofuels potential.

Love it.

Oh man! We are going to be invaded by Birders in this forum

It's not a good sign when your QB doesn't know what down it is

What Are You Seeing In The Game Tonite?

More trouble for the Cleveland Browns: WR Edwards accused in nightclub assault

Bobby Bowden's stock sure has fallen..... shocking

No matter what you think of the guy, you gotta give him props on how good he is playing....

Extra ticket to Giants game

Tonight, the Stinkee Skankee Spankmes get to decide if it's a 7 or 8

Rush Limbaugh in talks to buy the St. Louis Rams!

Updated NFL team logos- based on performance this year

Chamber of commerce eyes Islanders move to Queens

Rush Limbaugh, Dave Checketts joined in bid to buy St. Louis Rams

Tell Chávez (HRF)

Short Film on Censorship by Human Rights Foundation

[es] Salvador Capote: Honduras y los cascos azules

Rich Vs. Poor At Root Of Honduran Political Crisis


[es] Diputado Wilmer Azuaje (ex-chavista) es atacado por grupo comando

Jail ruling for 'dirty war' pilot

U.S. lawmakers demand restoring aid to Honduras

Quixote Center Delegation details coup sponsored repression during the week following Zelaya's retur

Peasant political prisoners declare indefinite hunger strike

Ros-Lehtinen Discovers Antidote to Honduran Tourism Crisis in Visiting US Congress Members


US slams Honduran radioman's anti-Semitic remarks

Hand back power, Lula tells Honduras coup leaders

Honduras: maquila owners call for intervention (WW4 Report)

Micheletti accuses Chávez of promoting hatred in Honduras (El Universal)

Uruguayan circus about Chavez (es)... funny!

Something you may want to think about, LA forum veterans......

Parents arrested in gun death of daughter, 2

Dems plan free gun raffle at fair (Idaho)

Rape victims required to report rape within 48 hours or face charges.

Remington Firearms to start making Silencers!

BBC - Illegal gun trade/manufacture

First Circuit Upholds Federal Ban on Juvenile Handgun Possession

(MA) SJC to hear challenges to state gun laws brought by local defense attorney

Fifteen Years Of Gun-Rights Victories.

Should a person be forced to report a crime committed by a family member?

Wow, a gun actually shoots someone by itself...

Carrying a gun increases risk of getting shot and killed

West Bank's festivities soured by UN deferral of war crimes vote

Fatah-led security officers accused of torturing Hamas suspect to death

Working for peace is a form of prayer

What was the Obama administration thinking with the Goldstone report?

Israel scrambles warplanes over nuclear facility

Abbas may change his mind on Goldstone Report

Pressure mounts on Abbas to quit

Libya seeks UN Security Council meet on Goldstone report

Thousands of Christians march for Israel

Jordan to Israel: Don't let Jews onto Temple Mount

Hamas Digs In, Dimming Hopes for Mideast Peace Talks

Ron Jaworski and Favre Should Just Get A Room

Plainfield resident shoots dog, stops attack on animal control officer

camera pron

So...we are off to The Alps in 6 hours...

Moonrise over Anchorage

Would these be considered Wabi-Sabi?

A picture from last spring, from my trip to the Swiss Alps...

Photograph question :-)

Labor Ramps Up Lobbying On Healthcare Reform, National Call-In Day Wednesday

New York AFL-CIO President: Trade Policy Needs Strategic Re-Thinking

Today in Labor History Oct 6, 1,700 female flight attendants win 18-year, $37 million suit

The lessons of 1934

Workers Struggles: The Americas

(Unofficial) It is believed over the next 24 hours I'll get the furlough news

WSJ: Acorn Woes Hit Union, Democrats

AP: SC site of bloody labor strike (deadliest violence during a national labor strike) crumbles

Michael Moore Snubs Union Workers?

Looking for a job, and came across this little gem..

Fired while still in the hospital recovering from an operation.

The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey

3 win Nobel in physics for digital devices (CNN)

A High-Tech Hunt for Lost Art

I.B.M. Joins Pursuit of $1,000 Personal Genome

Antarctica's Blood Falls

White House Star Party

New Plasma Rocket Could Travel to Mars in 39 Days

Kevin Jennings: Obama Aide Under Attack From Fox News

"The Hunted" - New York Magazine 10/4/09


Watch Two Space Crafts Crash into the Moon...... Oct. 9th

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/04/09

Dead Man Walking

Gold at record high on dollar worries

my small victory ... negotiating a lower rent increase

Will a Basket of Currencies Replace the Dollar?

"Astounded" by Goldman's Upgrade: Banks "Heading Into the Storm," Whalen Says

The Demise of the Dollar

David Icke.. What is Money. Who Owns The Banks?

Does anybody have any impressions about my problem?

Please send gratitude and love to Dr. R

Yarghhh so frustrated (and grumpy) today

A Doctor in Full

Health Insurance Exchanges: Will They Work?


New finding on Alzheimer's disease, let's hope this goes somewhere

Lettuce and eggs top risky food list (Lead the Top Ten)

How Ice Can Save Your Life

Vaccine May Treat Cocaine Addiction

Here it is! MF59 in H1N1 Vaccines!

To Improve Access to H1N1/Swine-Flu Vaccine, Washington State Suspends Limits on Mercury!

Childhood Trauma May Shorten Life By 20 Years

How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect

Hijacking Science For God

Jesuits in Honduras receive death threats

Obama administration supports anti-blasphemy resolution

Do you really have to believe Jesus is God to be a Christian?

Shroud of Turin is Man-made, a Medieval fake. Really?

How do you view the Bible?

Which is worst, in your opinion?

I have been considering reading a "new atheist" book.

My friend Z's problems

Ready to take the bread plunge and need help/support/instructions.

Ok so I got my first ever bread in the oven right now

Oy! A Five Pound Can of Artichoke Hearts

A couple of alternative healing things that I've recently discovered.

Happy Birthday crispini!