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California to investigate ACORN videos

"Racial Profiling: It Works!"

If a Republipuke was in the White House and they were in Control of one other branch

"Because he's completely full of bullshit and fail..."

Devastating Indonesian Quake 'Still to Come'

Now let me get this straight about the TARP money

The next (probably) British PM, his nutjob Polish pal & Rahm's (probably) least favourite photo

Polanski Settlement Released--Skipped Out on His Agreement to Pay, Too.

Has the documentary come out yet?

Facilitating a Pashtun revolt against the Taliban -- A Strategy for Winning in Afghanistan

Sarah Palin to put out lipstick line? Say it isn't so!

WATCH: Bill Maher Auditions Sarah Palin's Writers (VIDEO)

Is this an Iranian "Onion" story?

2nd Storm Slams Philippines

Medical marijuana event at Wayne State spotlights MI state law - Patients outnumber MDs, JDs, & LEOs

Sunday TV News Shows

Things You Can Do To Be Involved In Government. (For those who have seen "Capitalism: A Love Story")

If anybody wants me to revolt, anybody wanting me to do so better do more than tell me what to do.

Daily Kos' samoashark: American Samoa Tsunami-A Personal Story

Would you let your 13 y/o daughter hang out at the mall on Saturday night?

Former Japan finance minister found dead

Out of all the songs in the moving songs thread... This one is different, it touches everyone...

Conspiracy or Truth?

Mental health break

What our government told Americans about consumerism ... in 1944

Millionaire crank bankrolls GOP candidates

"Capitalism" had a solid Friday.

Jailed Honduran Farmers on Hunger Strike for Zelaya

Capitalism: A Love Story

California's 2/3 Supermajority Rule - A Cautionary Tale On The GOP's Abuse Of The Filibuster

Regions {Bank} hires {Condaleezza} Rice as adviser (Huntsville Times)

What's the most hauntingly beautiful song you've ever heard?

Words Of Wisdom: If You're Drunk, And Want Bacon, Use The Broiler - It's Much Less Painful.

Calling all Grammar Police. This is important.

Calling all Grammar Police. This is important.

Birth Permits Two?

Should we be screaming for the resignation of Senator John Ensign?????

Gun Possession In An Assault Makes Being Shot 4.5 Times More Likely -- Not Much Protection

17 going on 18

Canadian men are average lovers: poll

The scourge of capitalism

Bill Clinton Promotes Tourism in Haiti

Journalists need to stop being so lazy and unimaginative. 22 suggestions for guidelines

Journalists need to stop being so lazy and unimaginative. 22 suggestions for guidelines

Marijuana Inc: Inside America’s Pot Industry

College Allows Student to Advocate for Concealed Carry on Campus, Abandons Repressive Policy

Our dying democracy is still run by Washington lobbyists

Do you consider yourself a member of the middle class?

Why are we in Afghanistan if there's sufficient intelligence to target individual al-Qaeda people?

"Darned good" Republican Whitman endorsed U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in 2003

McClatchy - "Secession movement goes beyond Texas" - What happened to America First?

Only peace protects freedoms in post-9/11 world

Wow, looks like the Atlantic hurricane season is over.

11 Things Wal-Mart Has Banned

Afghan policeman opened fire on the American soldiers with whom he was working

What Republicans have said about healthcare

India's use of water is affecting us all

If you thought we scared you with 9-11

Decisions made during this Supreme Court session will lead to the most anti social behavior since

Scott Ritter on C-SPAN 9:25 am EDT. on Iran.

"patriot Radio" in any given city

think an insurance tax credit will go to polcyholders only? then you don't understand markets.

To demonstrate that not all MT business ventures are naive: Yellowstone Brewery

Would you buy Sarah Palin's book?

NY Daily News(10/4): McChrystal's full-court press on Afghanistan is improper

Neocon Insanity: Abrams Says Iranians Would Be Fine with an Attack on Their Country

NYT at it again: "Report Says Iran Has Data to Make a Nuclear Bomb"

'I take exception' to McCain's remark, Jones says

'I take exception' to McCain's remark, Jones says

Here we go again....The war on Christmas again? Make it go away!

The great drought: Disaster looms in East Africa

Federally-funded company still trying to evict orphans.

MTP: Have you ever seen the panelists (besides Rachel) talk so fast?

Why in the wide, wide world of sports is ABC's This Week playing host to Alan Greenscam?

Are There European, Asian, Other Counterparts to DU?

Robert Dallek on CSpan 1

Want to know how we can really "win" in Afghanistan? Its simple as hell

Hey, Boehner, I support Public Option: If you do also, tell him so...

F-22 problems linked to rain in Guam

Dad’s Life or Yours? You Choose

video goes viral around world. hero citizen assists firefighters by carrying boy down stairs

Murfreesboro church sign calls Obama a nut?

Is "Politics" a dirty word ?

You know that bug flying in or around your house?

Glen Beck may have killed his mother

Kip Sullivan’s (Bait and Switch articles) letter to the Congressional Budget Office


Wingnut outrage over a bilingual candidate

Judge: State Must Offer Tribes More Slot Machines

School bus crashes into Wis. home, flees the scene WITH the bus

Ensign's Adultery and His Parents' Tax Planning

The most obfuscated 3 paragraphs you'll ever read: Art of future past

Al Qaeda is not winning the war the Neo Cons are.

"Let's have 'Iran Week' in the Senate and get something done,"

Senate Rethug #2 Refuses To Defend John Ensign In Midst Of Ethics Scandal

Kansas searching for Dem Gov candidate ...we are probably screwed...Gov Brownback anyone ugg

If only Fixed News and the RW..

Self Proclaimed WAR HERO Bill O'Reilly Gives Advice to Young Correspondents & as Usual is full of it

Poor, Ill and Minorities are bout to splode?

Health care reform: Privately, Barack Obama strongly backs public option

Is JeffR Still Doing the Friday Duzys?

Government-Paid Medical Care Pulled Seniors Up Out of Poverty: They Should Remember That

McClatchy - "Is Perry trying to cover up wrongful execution in Texas?"

Odierno: May not be possible to declare victory in Iraq

If you had the opportunity to get dual citizenship would you do it?

FDR's Forgotten Freedoms

Obama’s National Security Adviser won’t say when Obama will take on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Obama Sings For Healthcare

Eight U.S. Soldiers Dead in Bold Attack in Afghanistan

Yellow Journalism, the Right and Abortion

North Dakota: 4% unemployment, 11% uninsured.

CBO Messes Up Wyden’s Amendment

Video of Americans for Prosperity cheering when Chicago lost Olympics

Who's beating the war drums now? Where have all the PNACers gone?

Can Reid schedule the vote on HCR the day before they are set to adjourn for their winter/holiday

House and Senate chairmen split on Afghanistan surge

Propaganda outfit attacks Janeane Garofalo for calling racists ... gasp... racist

October 2nd 1968... that was a hell of a repression by

San Bernardino National Forest fire

Joel Pett on Fall, School, Football, and the war on drugs

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Obama

I say we all need to chill out and quit being so negative towards Republicans

Exit poll: Socialists to win Greek election

david gregory is quoting charles krauthammer to susan rice

Latin artist/activist Mercedes Sosa dies

Well - the Media Whores did it as we warned: Grayson is "looney" and "crazy"

I've been trying to understand the Zelaya issue

Rupert to Internet: It’s War!

Why does HuffPo censor comments critical of Joe Scarborough?

Joe(not his real name) the Plumber(not his real job) attempts stand up comedy.

San Francisco has its own 'public option'

San Francisco has its own 'public option'

Welfare Queens...

President Obama and the two narratives.

More on the Sparkman death in Clay County, KY...

I've heard that one more Polanski thread will end civilization as we know it

30 Resources to Find the Data You Need

LimbaughLand and ObamaNation - an Editorial by William Falk

I can't help but laugh at that "ACORN Special Report" on FOX News right now.

I can't help but laugh at that "ACORN Special Report" on FOX News right now.

GOP Senators: US, Not Israel, Should Attack Iran

Media Push False Equivalency Between Left and Right Rage

Limbaugh could be a partial owner of the Rams

Hey freepers, why didn't Rush Limbaugh get the punishment he wants everyone else to have?

The Rabbit Ragu Democrats By FRANK RICH

The smear campaign against Kevin Jennings-part of the Right's broader strategy to poison the well

"Billions in US aid never reached Pakistan army".....

Dead humpback whale found in Tampa Bay, being towed to Fort DeSoto

Homeless Woman Shot and Killed, Suspicion of "Hate Crime"

Love is in the air along S.F.'s Market Street

Tight Budgets Lead to 'Recession Hair'

Cops: Mass. couple beat man at KFC over slow order

'Will California become America's first failed state?' (UK Observer, Oct 4)

Something the United States Government apparently doesn't understand

vp biden marks anniversary of Violence Against Women Act

Michelle Bachman may be bat-shit crazy, but she got one thing right

Obama should re-hire Van Jones

100 Days of Sanford: The Saga Revisited (with comments)

Socialists win snap election in Greece

Frank Rich: The Rabbit Ragu Democrats

digby: Power Of The Pres

The Glenn Beck/Fox News Boycott Goes International

The Senate's overwhelming conservative bias

When We Get the Indicators Wrong

Limbaugh could be a partial owner of Rome

Leonard PITTS Jr: Faux propaganda network NOT "a credible news source"

The blogosphere is amazingly quiet on the winger front this morning

The coolness of 1969:

The Distance Between ‘We Must’ and ‘We Can’

Teabaggers a no show in Kansas!!

Letterman vs. Ensign

Hopefully an Indian company will buy it if nothing works out for Kraft

‘Treason’? Bloggers accuse GOP of sabotaging US foreign policy

The sunflower boy's smile

47% will pay no federal income tax (

You're worried about a nuclear development in Iran? You might want to look a little closer to home:

Michael Moore: Wall Street is Watching

Michael Moore: Wall Street is Watching

Greek Socialists Win in a Landslide

No WMD's? - - - Executed prisoner totally innocent? - - - - - Do Republicans ever give a shit?

"So Let Us Begin Again"


'60 Minutes' airing a report on Kingston, TN coal ash spill/flood tonight.

Girl raises money to buy a flagpole

We signed the "Ask Michael Moore to Document the Injustice System" petition!

Florida cop attempts drive-by Tasering, runs over suspect (Suspect ends up dead)

Please tell me that the President will be in DC next Sunday.

CIA on NGO tonight at 8,00pm

If you had unlimited funds how long would it take you to start an Insurance Company?

Greek Socialists Win in a Landslide

real estate loans/refinances are really scams/lies?

David Frum tells the truth about "the good old days" (before the New Deal)

Neo-Nazi losers pelted with tomatoes in Minneapolis!

100 volunteers + 400 apple trees = 12,000 pounds of apples

100 volunteers + 400 apple trees = 12,000 pounds of apples

Why do people think that politicians/famous people who speak dissent are killed by staged accidents?

Huge Downward Jobs Revisions Coming

Schumer: Senate Dems Will 'Come Together on a Public Option'

Looking For Commies In China

We are waiting for Obama to show the very wealthy they are citizens of America NOT the owners

EVIDENCE-US Bought Lockerbie Conviction For $2 Million +

EVIDENCE-US Bought Lockerbie Conviction For $2 Million +

Texas governor accused of covering up innocent man’s execution

Woman to never walk again. Cargill under multiple suits. Where's the beef?

Wingnut Predictions Of Michael Moore’s Boxoffice Death are Premature

SNL Vs. Obama: Sketch Details All The President's Failures Since Taking Office (VIDEO)

I live among barbarians.

How much do you plan to spend on the Holidays this year?

It is a fault of capitalism, not of the people, that there is unemployment, and homelessness.

Michigan's Traverse City Film Festival- Proof Michael Moore Isn't Just About Money

Who thinks we can ever get out of this recession while spending trillions on two misguided wars?

Pete Seeger Headlines Health Care For All Rally Today in NY *Update: Teabaggers En Route*

House liberals float bill to bar 'surge' of troops for Afghanistan

If you go to see "Capitalism" check your ticket to make sure they rang it up on the right key.

Rawstory - Conservatives rage over Starbucks ad mocking town hall screamers

Two Arguments for What to Do in Afghanistan

PROPOSAL: strip all congressmembers of ANY subsidized health insurance.

Eight More Have Died

Happy 17th Anniversary Barack and Michelle Obama!

I cried watching the Ken Burns National Parks series on PBS

If a "bank" is deemed to big to fail....

6 charged with burning Olympic banner (priceless mugshots)

National Security Adviser Chides McChrystal

Donkey killed after SC hunter mistakes it for deer

D.U. it is time for a happy Post

Should Senate Democrats simply end the fillibuster to pass heath care reform?

"The Relationship Era" (the latest marketing paradigm you'll eventually hear about,

Beekeepers tell pesticide firm to buzz off

Teabaggers Untie

We have seen some really moranic signage but this

Look folks: the way you use money expresses your values. DUers should spend on progressive things

Berkeley Breathed, drawn back to 'Bloom County' but looking forward

Dear Sen. Bauchus:

So Limbaugh wants to own a football team??? Well, let's try to put a kink in his dream.

Democrats Ponder Health-Care Suicide

That blog ad with BONER is really creeping me out.

Three reasons to read "Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman"

New mansions remain unsold across Southern California

Capitialism: Still crying

Whole Foods CEO: If You Didn’t Like My Brilliant Op-Ed on Health Care,

Whole Foods CEO: If You Didn’t Like My Brilliant Op-Ed on Health Care,

Anti-wi-fi paint offers security {maybe} (BBC)

The Poor, Ill and Minorities are bout to splode?

I posted a comment on Fox (Wingnut alert).

Holy Shite look at that mudslide in Sicily

The Democrats, Pres Obama and Supporters are losing it

Story of an idiotic republican from today

I've noticed an increasing amount of socialistic sentiment in GD lately.

Keeler, CA earthquakes

Anatomy of the RW negative proof tactic.

Is madfloridian Right?

Language suggestion: Say PIRATE-ization not "privatization"

Even as layoffs persist, some good jobs go begging

I saw "Capitalism, a Love Story" and don't feel so alone!

Why did Capitalism get an R rating?

Am I a socialist?

Baucus health care = family of 4 would pay $11,080 - $3,970 tax credit

Baucus health care = family of 4 would pay $11,080 - $3,970 tax credit

Baucus health care = family of 4 would pay $11,080 - $3,970 tax credit


The 'left' didn't ask for a 'war' in Afghanistan. It makes sense to expect that occupation to end.

Barack Obama is the best president we have had in a long time.

Does anyone know if Oprah or other celebs are doing anything for the Chicago youth crime issue?

Tasers, torture, euthanasia, the death penalty, free speech: the common theme is safety margins.

Anyone else think there's more to the David Letterman thing? i.e. the mother of his son?

True or False? If you won't buy a UAW built car, you're just a pretend progressive, a DINO

Citigroup's Shocking 'Plutonomy' Reports

Bullied to death...

As seen in Capitalism:A Love Story: "We are changing the way the world eats -- one slice at a time."

Some things you can do RIGHT NOW

Are most vegetarians liberals/progressives?

Lack Of Taser Killed A Good Friend

Limbaugh could be a partial owner of the Rams

I flipped the television to SNL, was laughing a skit and then realized

Subliminal advertising really does work, claim scientists

Sorry, but Michael Moore's argument just doesn't make sense.

Claiming Population Growth is the Big Environmental Issue is Shifting the Blame From Rich to Poor

Breitbart (of Anti-ACORN fame) covers his own backside before James O'Keefe?

Please click these sites to give food to the hungry:

Are the words "school choice" public code words for the movement to privatize public education?

Glenn Beck's murder/rape meme is getting to him....

Apparently Michael Moore Had To Magically Make Movies Without Spending Money

St. Petersburg - "After husband's stroke, a woman finds their health coverage isn't coverage at all"

St. Petersburg - "After husband's stroke, a woman finds their health coverage isn't coverage at all"

Michael Moore: "You can't regulate evil (capitalism). You have to remove it" n/t

More thoughts on Capitalism: A love story

Michael Moore: A Great Opening Night -- Do Not Put Off Seeing 'Capitalism A Love Story'

Calling all HAWAII DUers...Its time for another BYOS LUAU at OPIs Lounge.

A problem, Mr. President: Large numbers of voters think we have not done enough to help them.

A problem, Mr. President: Large numbers of voters think we have not done enough to help them.

Michael Moore: For Those of You on Your Way to Church This Morning...

"Recession Is Over; Depression Has Just Begun"

I guess,...I have been in denial. I do live in a nation filled with people who,...

Uninsured And Sick, Student Begged For His Life

The Burger That Shattered her Life

I never saw a purple cow;

I am not hung over.


Ah, yes. Saturday night cookin' dinner. Choppin' up a stalk of celery...

I love ....

Furnace Creek 508 is this weekend

I'm feeling dramatic tonight!


Overfed, long-haired leaping gnome: a question!

Chili and a Grilled Cheese sammich. Is there a more perfect combination?

Ineeda, are you there?

Working Class Hero

I've got a new program for my computer...

Joe Friday and Roman Polanski...

1 ADAM 12- Language Police! We have a comma down! Repeat ...

Because you need to chill...

I finished CYA training yesterday!

'Speak to Me' - Fad Gadget


I finished CIA training yesterday!

Salmon and black beans with a nice salad and fresh mini-tomatoes for supper.

147,752 registered users, and I have 147,748 on ignore.

On no, I accidently poured myself a big shot of tequilla rather than bourbon...

Nothing like a chilled Pinot Grigio

Blue Lamp - Stevie Nicks

Porn vs. Mainstrem Movie

I want to thank the south for Tennessee Ernie Ford

I've been watching LOST on Hulu. ALL DAY.



Long haired hippie-types! A question?

Clubber Lang: "I'm gonna crucify him real bad"

I am NOT a Polanski-agonist on either side

Where the hell has time flown, anyway?

Just watched 30 Days of Night.

Any 49ers fans in San Francisco on this board?

Obese skunk put on vegetarian diet to battle bacon addiction

The washing machine is fixed, it only took Sear 3 trys.

The only character on Star Trek Voyager I really liked was The Doctor


Rise and shine, sweet pea!

Atlantic League Championship, Game Three: Patriots 8, Blue Crabs 6

I ate some pizza earlier then it made me puke. Now i'm hungry and I want more pizza

I am happy.

Chicks: a question!

The best Kurt Russel diarrhea story ever


Who knew Spiderman could dance….

Thinking about going to see "Capitalism" today.

Belated happy anniversary of SRV's birthday

Will somebody please just get Hamden some fucking tomatoes?

2012 5-minute clip

Anxiety sucks.

Dwight Yoakam-Honky Tonk Man

WHITE TORNADO TODAY! What should I do first?

Ptah. Did you see this?

I turned 37 today

Caption this picture

Pregnancy question: Did you notice a difference carrying boys vs. girls?

Google wisdom:

Anyone ever use a duct tape cleaning service? Does it put redneck into the air?

Casinos are on the ballot in Ohio again.

These shoes were made for walking?

I don't like Country but I like Willie Nelson - Am I so wrong?

ZOMBIELAND wins the weekend box office ($25,000,000 and counting)

I hate that guy who parks his moped in the apts parking spaces

Funny Favre cartoon

My dad is in jail again after getting out like a week ago.

A question about dating. Help me out, please.

For Your Amusement, Ladies And Gentlemen: A Sort Of a Poetry Break....

I don't know what ya'll are doin' here but ya'll best git out and see Zombieland

Something new for me....concert photography

Bestt Tom Waits cover?

The State Fair (pics)

Can anybody watch this without laughing your ass off???

my kitty has been sneezing all weekend, do I need to get her to a vet hospital

Is "Under Pressure" Mostly Bowie, Mostyl Queen, Or Pretty Equal?

Touchdown Denver!!!!!

Fun in Costco......

Better DeNiro Action Sequence

3-1... I'm feeling faithful about my 49'ers! nt

I need some help with my crossword puzzle.

Atlantic League Champions: the Somerset Patriots. Blue Crabs lose game four.

Why am I such an idiot?

About to start cooking dinner. What do you think of my menu?

Paris does slashed prom dresses, puffy bum covers (w/slide show at link)

Interesting optical illusion

Words Of Wisdom: If You're Drunk, And Want Bacon, Use The Broiler - It's Much Less Painful.

Calling all Grammar Police. This is important.

No current raging Polanski or Letterman threads

I've surprised this thread was locked. I thought the lounge was for anything, even diarrhea

Question about recommends here

How can anybody be more comfortable than this?

Redskins - fans booing already

Seinfeld Anti Reunion Show

Why do parents let their children hang backwards on the front of a shopping cart anyway?

I still think this is damn near perfect comedy(Flight of the Conchords)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Special Anniversary Edition!!

Please do not try this at home.


Griffith Park Observatory: ((photos 56k beware))

Motorcycle enthusiasts: what is the point of a motorcycle with really tall handlebars?

Hey DU, what's for dinner?

Anyone ever use a duct cleaning service? Does it put dirt into the air?

I think my dog is not amused with her new Halloween costume.

I think my dog is not amused with her new Halloween costume.

Answer this hypothetical Star Trek question.

Albert Bierstadt (dialup warning)

What is it with Lady Gaga?

Anyone have updated best albums of 2009 lists?

Los Angeles Dodgers: 2009 NL West Division Champions

DUers who say they do not like beer - read this please

RNC Virginia Push-Poll Invents Ficticious 'Obama Agenda'

In bid blame game, point fingers here

Disappointment at bid rejection not shared by all

What is all this chatter about Obama pardoning Polanski? Anything to it?

If you want ‘change’, you’re going to have to fight for it.

Does anyone know if Oprah or other celebs are doing anything for the Chicago youth crime issue?

Get your party back!

St. Petersburg - "After husband's stroke, a woman finds their health coverage isn't coverage at all"

Orly Taitz Meets with Several People in South Dakota!

The Presidential Knuckle Sandwich!

Bush Administration’s Tourist Visa Policy May Have Cost America The 2016 Olympics

See which companies donate primarily to Republican and Democratic campaigns

Lefttake running a caption contest on Sarah Palin's book

Jim DeMint (R - Confederacy) was dog-whistling from Honduras last week

What, exactly, did Obama "lose" by pitching Chicago as an Olympic venue?

We didn't lose the Olympics, Rio won them

A generous side of Jesse Jackson - when he stood by Chelsea Clinton

It's so much fun to watch the freepers tear each other apart over Orly

I missed this 11 month old Onion Video Gem: "Voting machine wins Presidency"

National Security Adviser: Obama won't lift gay ban until Iraq and Afghan wars finished - and even t

PHOTO Crikey, 17 years.

An open PO might actually have happened if Obama had but a fraction of Grayson's spine


In Missouri, Joe Wilson admits outburst was out of line

Will Progressives Be Held Responsible, Too...

I think Sarah Palin will be the (R) nominee in 2012 because......

Liberals Kind Of Unfair To Obama

AMA issues warning on Palin's book.......

A new insult from the Obama haters: His smile!!??!!

President Obama Explains How Health Insurance Reform Will Strengthen America’s Small Businesses

Hello. I support a Socialist Uprising.

Have the wingnuts shot their wad with half a year worth of teabaggery and faux rage?

Why does the right wing have a fetish for ACORN?

Obama was told a trip to Olympics meeting may clinch Chicago win

Public Option WILL be in the FINAL bill, so chill out. Senate will go reconciliation of need be.

Privately, Barack Obama strongly backs public option

Roger Ebert column: The anger of the festering fringe

What's the most hauntingly beautiful song you've ever heard?

FDR'S Economic Bill of Rights (Thanks to Michael Moore for putting it in the film!)

PHOTO I know, things are shitty right now, but keep the faith, there's no shame in hoping.

Senator Sanders' statement pushes for public option in HELP bill

Do We Expect Too Much From The President?

SNL opening was surprisingly candid about Obama's record. Wow!

Eight more dead today. When do we call it quits on Afghanistan?

No White House Greeting for the Dalai Lama

Chavez says Obama "lost in space" on Latin America

Words Of Wisdom: If You're Drunk, And Want Bacon, Use The Broiler - It's Much Less Painful.

Two Arguments for What to Do in Afghanistan

Controversial former Japanese finance minister found dead

Health care reform: Privately, Barack Obama strongly backs public option

Suu Kyi in Burma government talks

The great drought: Disaster looms in East Africa

Maya Angelou Taken to the Hospital

DeMint encouraged by Honduras trip

Two million slum children die every year as India booms

Pete Seeger Headlines Health Care For All Rally Today in NY *Update: Teabaggers En Route*

Privately, Barack Obama strongly backs public option

UN: Iran nuclear dispute shifting to cooperation

Dead humpback whale found in Tampa Bay, being towed to Fort DeSoto

Administration eyes ways to help laid-off workers

Limbaugh could be a partial owner of the Rams

Boxer: Ethics committee doing preliminary Ensign investigation

Thousands Defend Role of Press in Italy

Chinese premier meets DPRK counterpart

Domestic violence as pre-existing condition? 8 states still allow it

Pakistan has forces,equipment for Taliban assault-US

Lawmakers vow swift action over Iran's alleged nuclear inroads

Eight U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Battle

Baby snatch victim loses kids to state custody

Obama adviser: Afghanistan in no immediate danger of falling

Air India pilots, crew slug it out at 30,000 ft

Waves Of New Fund Cuts Imperil US Nursing Homes

One in three votes for Karzai fraudulent, says US diplomat

Greek Socialists On Track To Secure 160 Seats In Parliament

Latin artist Mercedes Sosa dies

US economic power 'is declining'

Rights Groups Denounce Murder of Anti-Coup Protester in Honduras

Man Accused of Tweeting Cop Actions at Protests

Man Accused of Tweeting Cop Actions at Protests

Mind Games - John Lennon

On Rachel Maddow Show, Obama Flip-Flops On Military Commissions - 5/15/09

A Simple Twist Of Fate


Guy wants the kkk to kill African Americans and other things.

Glenn Beck - The Crying Game

Keith Olbermann: Finance Committee Passes Bill With No Public Option

Explaining Creationism To A 10 Year Old

The Week In Cartoons 10/03/09

T-Pain ... Obama on Health Care

BS Alert: Mike Huckabee Tells Young Adults they could be charged 25K for not having Insurance

John Lennon - Come Together

Media Smears Michael Moore, Disregards Substance Of His New Film

James Jones to John McCain: "I Don't Play Politics With Nat'l Security"

SNL: GaGa and WOW

Jesus Died For Your Donuts

Nightline: The Wrongful Execution of Cameron Todd Willingham

TYT Episode 10/01/09: Neo-Nazi Movers(?), Alan Grayson on CNN & Media Matters

Maddow On Obama's Olympics Pitch

Krugman: Fixing Long-Term Deficits Not Hard Economically, But Politically Impossible

SNL Mocks Obama For Doing Jack Squat

This is How the Media Will Come After Alan Grayson

Swine Flu Update, Oct 2009

Boots of Spanish Leather

James Carville: "I Think Glenn Beck Is Nuts, And A Blatant Hypocrit"

In bid blame game, point fingers here

After Olympic flop, Daley must face budget gaps, record low popularity

The GOP's 180 on Medicare

Rick Scott, a Blood Clot in the Republican Party

Discrimination by Insurers Likely Even With Reform, Experts Say

The Vast Right Wing Returns

Is Conservatism Brain-Dead?

America's High-Tech Sweatshops

H1N1 Just Isn't That Scary: Why There's No Reason to Go Overboard with Swine Flu Hysteria

Firing Up the Fear Factory (ddjango)

NY Daily News(10/4): McChrystal's full-court press on Afghanistan is improper

Congress Lets New Orleans Down

Corrupt Cowboys do not represent the people in their districts by opposing HC reform - David Sirota

Bush Administration’s Tourist Visa Policy May Have Cost America The 2016 Olympics

Michael Moore: For Those of You on Your Way to Church This Morning...

Bankers and Workers

The IMF Festivities in Istanbul

Rupert Cornwell: Hate the government? Love the national parks

Honduras: Terms Being Offered “Aren’t Sincere”


Read All About It! Michael Vick Hero of First Eagles Game

Blue Dog DemRepubs shatter contributions record. biggest contributor? Health Care industry.

St. Louis U. Cancels "Islamo-Fascism Awareness and Civil Rights" Speech(by activist David Horowitz)

Birther Circus Comes To Town Tomorrow

Majority think outsourcing threatens network security

Teabag terrorism: Why do conservatives hate America?

In the Long Run We Are All Dead, In the Short Run We Are All Screwed

Leonard Pitts: Reasons that I mistrust Fox

Get Real on Antiwar

Privately, Barack Obama strongly backs public option

Stuck on Stupid

30+ C Street Fascists in Gov. I'm naming Names. Biblical Capitalism IS ChristoFascism

Mr. Obama, being "for the Public Option" means more than giving speeches. You said you want

Anti-Census Sentiment

White House spurns Mad As Hell Docs, invites friendly docs

John Edwards – from golden boy to national disgrace

Where Did ‘We’ Go?

Hopi and Navajo environmentalists galvanized by politicians' ban

Two million slum children die every year as India booms

LA Times: 1,000 mayors agree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—(meet the Kyoto protocol targets)

Strict Global Carbon Budget needed to tackle Climate Change - WWF Report

Scientific Am.—Another Inconvenient Truth: The World's Growing Population Poses a Malthusian Dilemma

Northeast emissions (cap and trade) project plots course for national plan

Inverting the Economic Order

Eco-friendly comes home (Maine)

So how's construction on that $200M wind to hydrogen project in the IA, MN, ND, & SD going?

The world's fastest urban car... {not what it sounds like}

Jordan to go solo with Red Sea to Dead Sea pipeline

Reuters: Vanishing Arctic ice shows no sign of returning Most people in denial over climate change, according to psychologists

Arctic seas turn to acid, putting vital food chain at risk

"When Jerry Jones writes a check, the bank bounces"

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, October 3)

Bang cartoon takes on Ryan and Crabtree

17 going on 18



First time in 6 years I am not having people at my house or making my dip for Chiefs game day

The dream lives on! The Browns can still have a perfect season.

Are you ready for some...

How the hell can TCU, Boise State and Cincinnati be ranked in the top 10

The JR CHess Report (October 3): Magnus Magnificent in Nanjing

The NFL Police blotter so far this year

Isles vs Pens last night

DId Dallas play this week?

103-59 Final Regular season record


NY Philharmonic shelves Cuba trip

Venezuelan Electrical Workers Demand Participation and a Collective Contract

Bob Menendez behind OFAC denial of Visas for NY Phil trip to Havana

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/3

Zelaya: Coup Regime's Terms Being Offered "Aren't Sincere"

Anti-Jewish statements raise concern on Honduras

Speaking of sock puppets: Colombia to receive OAS Presidency

Latin artist Mercedes Sosa dies

Industrial output sinks by 10.25 percent in Venezuela

IAB warns about situation facing the media in Venezuela

Venezuela to outlaw violent video games, toys Parents praise bill, but critics say it's more crucial

College Allows Student to Advocate for Concealed Carry on Campus, Abandons Repressive Policy

Rough week: 80-year-old Ohio man beaten by intruders then shot by son during self-defense lesson

posted this in outdoor group--got no response so will try here.

Any Black Powder shooters? Check out this contemporary artistic craftsmanship (Dial-up warning)

College Allows Student to Advocate for Concealed Carry on Campus, Abandons Repressive Policy

UN delay on Gaza report condemned

NRA just phoned. Evidently the UN is about to impose worldwide gun control?

Can the Muppets Make Friends in Ramallah?

Fatah and Hamas eye truce deal, but hurdles remain

What South African Jews think of Richard Goldstone

Hamas children's TV program again calls for the 'slaughter of Jews'

A few more from the glacier hike

Saturday's wabi sabi

HDR and Topaz Adjust

Ah the irony


A Few Panoramas

A Wabi-Sabi Collector in LA?

Granddaughter at the park

Small d democracy. What Wabi-Sabi should I use?

Narrowing it down

Today in Labor History Oct 4 Truman orders the U.S. Navy to seize oil refineries, 37 blacks killed,

Miscellaneous shots

Concert photography...something new for me. 56K warning

Herschel scans hidden Milky Way (BBC)

Earth’s Hum helping to map its interior

Superheavy Element 114 Finally Re-created

Benefits of the Space Program: Work On the SOFC to Reduce CO2 Using Electricity

VIDEO: Fry Finds "Funniest Ever" Mating Ritual

I read Judy Shepard's book yesterday

America as Argentina?

Massive "Shadow Inventory" Overhang Will Keep Pressure On House Prices

Question on the Fed from any gurus in here

The American Gotterdammerung

Another interview with Clif High (of Half-Past Human):

Health Care LTTE with a bite.

Technique can pinpoint tinnitus (BBC)

Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation - good talking points re: merit pay

Do you have internet at your school? And is just about everything blocked?

I just put a cut up lemon and some herbs inside a chicken.

Asian Pasta Sauces---anyone have recipes?

Trail of E. Coli Shows Flaws in Inspection of Ground Beef

Today will be my first attempt at Indian Food.

Savory Bread Pudding.

Bread recipe for those of us with grain sensitivities

When a cake recipe calls for "heavy cream" does that mean whip cream?

Although Jesus is quoted in the gospels as saying "I want mercy, not sacrifice"...

politics, negligence, or both?

BCCI, The Dirtiest Bank of All (Time article)