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on Halloween Eve, the Republican Health Care Horror Show !!!!

Halloween Costumes were better this year

Weiner respondng to Dennis Kucinich on KOs

Investor Wilbur Ross Sees ‘Huge’ Commercial Real Estate Crash

For those too young to remember "The Dover Incident."

A lying Dick: "Cheney told FBI he had no idea who leaked Plame ID"

A little help with Gay Marriage in Maine (online poll)

4th Typhoon in Month Hits Philippines

Cat Injured By Gunfire Needs Surgery

Quick whip count. 257 democrats in the house. 82 in the progressive caucus.

" . . . . . and Alaska blogger Sarah Palin ....... "

Noticed a health care reform ad with lots of red balloons . . . Coalition for Responsible Reform....

I'm not sure what' s in the drinking water lately here at GD...

Gavin Newsom drops out of the gov's race

Banks and bombs

Would Dick Cheney's memory of Val Plame comeback if waterboarded?

Holy SHite Liz Cheney wants to know why Obama

Florida DUers: Jeb visits GA so we can make our schools like yours. Is this a good thing?

WTF? Miley Cyrus fan will eat her cat if she doesn't return to Twitter

WTF? Miley Cyrus fan will eat her cat if she doesn't return to Twitter

WTF? Miley Cyrus fan will eat her cat if she doesn't return to Twitter

Poor reporting, or evil tree getting revenge?

Missing Alligator - Officials looking for it near Olive Garden

Caption pic of lieberman and barney

Caption pic of lieberman and barney

Aged hospice dog who used wagon to visit elderly patients remembered fondly

Christian Right shows off it's pro-cancer side again

Jerry Brown: "I’ve been duck hunting with Chief Justice Warren, but not with Vice President Cheney."

Ecosmackdown: Pets Versus Solar Panels


Bill Moyers' Journal tonight......Economic Recovery Illusion?

Bill Moyers' Journal tonight......Economic Recovery Illusion?

Peanuts, Pumpkins and the Public Option

Peanuts, Pumpkins and the Public Option

FBOP fails, U.S. Bancorp the buyer

John McCain hosts a town hall meeting. Caption this pic.

Can someone help me reply to this? Hate Mail from Christian Fundie Relative....

Obama releases Visitors Logs on a Friday with a CRUCIAL caveat that makes it meaningless

Secrets hope as Hitler aide dies

there's a dead coyote in our back yard.

National Nurses Movement: What About an Opt-Out for PRIVATE Insurance?

National Nurses Movement: What About an Opt-Out for PRIVATE Insurance?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Halloween you all!!

WaPo - "White House trumpets reports on job creation"

WaPo - "White House trumpets reports on job creation"

Why can't we shut the door on all the 'anti choice' politicians?

Ex presidents ....... think about 'em .......

"Hallowe'en only trains kids to accept handouts"

Gale force winds on Puget Sound tonight

China hawks target US sign-off shuffle

Choice of Actress in Helen Keller role upsets deaf and blind advocates

You can't debate with someone who is starting a debate with an irrational argument

LA Times: California National Bank fails, is seized by FDIC


Truth in Labelling Politicians

Pick the best TV series ever (but please defend your answer)

Should guns be treated as smut?...

There are only about 3 psychiatric doctors in my area who take medicare

6 decomposing bodies found at the home of convicted rapist..rapist is still at large

Parks and Rec Halloween lynching display taken down after protests

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!!!! Scary Halloween Edition....

Bill Moyers' postscript to tonight's show: "If we escalate Afghanistan, let's bring back the draft"

Revealing Mississippi's dark secrets

USDA shuts down Vermont meat packing company for abuse of animals

Polar bear plus grizzly equals?

Dear President Obama:


McChrystal Method

(Afghanistan) U.S. combat injuries rise sharply

Scary Chart

Moore on CNN: ‘No middle ground’ on Afghanistan; ‘We need to leave’

Who assigned Cheenee to watch Poppy's ignoramus son as he ran for president?

Jamaican town celebrates "Gay Eradication Day"

DU (and yours truly) mentioned in Raw Story piece about that unreliable NPR poll about Fox

Another scary chart

Now I know why the Republicans only worked four days and did very little work

Now I know why the Republicans only worked four days and did very little work

No Pay, No Deployment, Iowa Reps say

Leaked House Ethics Doc: Less Than Meets The Eye?

It's always a good idea to recycle your garbage

Iraq: KBR burns recyclables, violating contract

The 3rd Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Republican Evil

The 3rd Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Republican Evil

Marcy Wheeler: Bush's July 7, 2003 Discussion About Wilson

Medicare dilemma.. any help would be appreciated.

KOMU-tv: Voters May Decide Charged Taser Issue (Columbia, Mo.)

KOMU-tv: Voters May Decide Charged Taser Issue (Columbia, Mo.)

Poor Jeb Bush....

A (DICK) Armey of one vs Medicare

A (DICK) Armey of one vs Medicare

I hope this heath care bill

FRIGHT NIGHT !!!! ....... Nine more banks go under

Bank Close Friday

Union Joins Fight To Save FSAs (Flexible Spending Account and link to info)

Pataki backs RW nutjob in NY's 23rd

Ha! Prominent Conservatives Pwned By White House

Father of Raped Teen Outraged at School, Justice System

My friend just proved me wrong that banks are back to sub-prime lending....

I assume everybody knows that disabled people can get on Medicare before age 65?

Just a catharsis. Nothing more.

Dr. King's anti-gay daughter to head civil rights organization he started

Alan Grayson: Fox News is stalking me

Robert Englund Robert Englund The Original Freddy Krueger: Five Things That Scare Me

The Future of Abstinence? Obama Administration ends Federal Funding.

Hillary speaks at US-Iraq Business Investment Conference: US econ/pol role will "broaden and deepen"

Mother Jones: 22 Things Dick Cheney Can't Recall About The Plame Case

self delete dupe...

Lawrence O'Donnell Is TRASHING Liz Cheney on Her Criticism of Obama at Dover AFB

It's Halloween and I can't find a Joe Lieberman mask

Check in if you have you ever attended or watched the Nobel peace prize concert

YOU LIE! Cheney Told FBI He Didn't Know Who Leaked Plame's Name

Study: Inheritance produces inequality

Fla. couple married 64 years dies a day apart

Amy Goodman: Breaking the Sound Barrier

Mad about the boy (Would she make a good president? "No.")

LA Times - "Gavin Newsom drops out of California governor's race"

Email from NOW

A small sampling of the work of Minnesota's most talented pumpkin carver and peace activist

Lawerence O'Donnell Special Comment = FAIL

Please don't forget Baby Jesus Hates Halloween!

Obama Nominates William Conley and Brian Jackson to Serve on the District Court Bench

My predictions for Tuesday's races.

Dr. Margaret Flowers: Why I Am Risking Arrest for Medicare for All

Fox reporting Scozzafava Suspends Campaign...

how about cooperative cities Rate The Health Care Video Challengers

TPM joins the pool and makes a splash

Pakistanis to Clinton: War on terror is not our war

Obama orders more options on Afghanistan

NY-23: Independence Party Chairman Endorses Bill Owens

"Live One" alert.

Funniest anti-Halloween rant I've seen so far.

+++ 5,264 +++

If you have never visited a fundie Halloween Haunted Hell House, here's a clip.

Why arn't democrats mentioning republicans never attempted healthcare reform from 1994-2006

Scozzafava's Supporters Like Obama, Dislike Hoffman and Owens

I saw a disturbing halloween costume in a grocery store today.

a LTTE: Vote No to Pelosi’s Inhumane Inquisition Against Our Children

I just e-mailed John Boehner.

So you got a traffic ticket. Know one way to get it dismissed?

PSA- breast exam news video: note- contains bare breasts

Liberals don't spend tax dollars they "invest" tax dollars, Republicans "Spend" tax dollars.

i luv halloween...

Toshiba and Hitachi join Sony in antitrust investigation (high cost of Blu-ray)

Toshiba and Hitachi join Sony in antitrust investigation (high cost of Blu-ray)

Toshiba and Hitachi join Sony in antitrust investigation (high cost of Blu-ray)

Email I sent my Senators & House Rep.

*Joe Lieberman must go* Petition

Vice President Biden is coming to my hometown Monday to campaign for Bill Owens.

Doom and Gloom we ain't out of the woods yet

For these women veterans, a home to call their own

NY-23: Independence Party Chairman Endorses Bill Owens

Why race shouldn't matter.

How Many Troops Should Be Added to AfPak?

Limbaugh falsely implies Bush visited Dover to honor soldiers

Why is it "I Don't Recall" is such great get out of jail free card?

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are dangerous

HuffPo: Lieberman In '94: The Filibuster "Ails Washington" And Should Be Eliminated

Pelosi's "public" "option" is a sham and a fraud

If women were 100% in charge of the justice system

Why does one of the great Democratic cities in America.........

22 Things Dick Cheney Can't Recall About the Plame Case

even sprinkled the wheels of their cars with holy water and cruised around town to ward off witches

Census can't be reviewed using Patriot Act

I think someone made Abdullah Abdullah "an offer he couldn't refuse"

I posted War the System of a Down video on my facebook page for my right wing relatives.

Caption this photo of Kyl, Bayh, and Lieberman

Caption this photo of Kyl, Bayh, and Lieberman

Who Funds The Chamber Of Commerce? HuffPost Readers Respond

New front in healthcare war: Procedure votes

While most here have a position staked out regarding "the health care bill", there isn't one.

Sestak Takes Aim At Specter For Blocking Key Obama Nominee (Dawn Johnsen)

get out of Afghanistan NOW.. it's much worse than they let's a BLACK HOLE >>links>>

Homelessness Rises, Redefining Living Conditions For Schoolchildren

The Nation: RE the health care bills: Where is contraception?

ACLU New Docs: "Bush Admin Authorized Methods That US Had Prosecuted As War Crimes"

Republicans rally as Virginians turn against Obama

here is a poll that could use some DU love...

I have been a critic of Dennis Kucinich for awhile now, but his amendment deserves a vote

I just saw some really, truly scary Halloween masks...graphic image warning!

Conservatives/Republicans Have "New Rules" for President Obama

DU may as well be FR.

'Liberation Lie' - Afghan Women, Truth on the Ground

Selfish lying perverted heretics line up for second round on healthcare

I Made A Terrible Mistake This Week & Any Legal Advice or Support Would Be Welcomed!!!!

Are you a fan of Radiolab? If you're not yet, take a listen to this show:

Owens compares Hoffman to former President Bush

With the clarity that comes from hindsight ..... what do you think .......

If a certain group of the left wing constantly complains about the Democrats, why listen to them?

Why keep Progressives in check?

Just got my credit card bill. LOL!

The Winner of the 3rd Annual The Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Republican Evil is...

According to #NY23 tweets the NRA is sending out a mailer on Monday supporting Hoffman

Local arrest takes six Police and 20 Taser stuns to subdue man.

Local arrest takes six Police and 20 Taser stuns to subdue man.

Fed up with TSA going through your checked luggage?

Halloween is door to door extortion??

A New Wrinkle in the JFK Assassination Story(LBJ Broke Down)

Pat Robertson on hate crimes law: 'The noose has tightened around the necks of Christians'

Pat Robertson on hate crimes law: 'The noose has tightened around the necks of Christians'

AFGHANISTAN: U.S., NATO Forces Rely on Warlords for Security

Predict the next three years of economic growth (GDP)

Conjoined Schwinns?

When Halloween Becomes April Fool's

Now this is scary!! Book Burning for Halloween at a church in Canton, GA

Cal Thomas.

Clinton: Afghan Runoff Not Affected by Abdullah(WTF?!!?)

Joe Lieberman Is a Douchebag.

9yr-old boy tortured, says former Guantanamo detainee

What does your bank provide that a credit union can't do for less?

Spammer ordered to pay Facebook $711 million

Transatlantic trip via ship

Clinton Tries To Spin Afghan Runoff Fiasco

Corzine campaign staffer arrested on drug charges (UPDATE: BOGUS CHARGES)

If someone else's child is causing a disturbance, should you address the child, or the parent?

Capitalism, Colonialism, and the Climate Crisis

My bill totaled $6.66

Bailout? This may sound like a stupid question.

Would you marry a person to whom you are not physically attracted?

Breckenridge, Colorado voters may legalize pot, paraphernalia

Is McDonalds food is the same everywhere? No.

Is McDonalds food is the same everywhere? No.

The Carnivore’s Dilemma

Oops! Dede Scozzafava, GOP's best hope, drops out 4 days before NY 23's election

Open brief letter to Liz Cheney. GO AWAY. PLEASE.

Any good costume ideas for tonight?

Creigh Deeds- What's up with this?

Scan Health Plan

My thought for a Halloween costume this evening

Mass Surveillance is great for reducing crime and doesn't scare me......

One Peaceful World is Michio Kushi's vision for creating peace through healthy lifestylesalthy l

James Manning: "Listen to me carefully, if Obama lives, then America dies"

U.S. Forcibly Deported Islanders And Gassed Their Dogs To Make Way For Diego Garcia Military Base

The DU bumper sticker arrived, the DU bumper sticker arrived

This story has LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Nude Photos Left On Camera Lead To Lawsuit

Oh my - the Afghanistan opposition man says

Oh my - the Afghanistan opposition man says

Countdown to the annual viewing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Bush Agrees With DU Hawks:'Brutal Tyranny' if Militants Retake Afghanistan

More (((PICS))) from the Big White Haunted Mansion!

National Mediation Board Could Soon Make It Easier For Airlines Workers To Join Unions

Iraqi vet claims PTSD re attempted murder of 71 yr old

Decorating the White House for Halloween - pics

How many timekeeping devices do you have to change?

Brent Budowsky of The Hill calls Obama to task

I absolutely love it when DU'er are corrected when they post the word "Moran"

Roy DeCarava has died - photographer, spent most of his life documenting Harlem

Welcome to China's 'Wild West' of Capitalism

Crowd watch as police 'beat man to death'

U.S. Puts Military Aid To Pakistan On Wartime Footing (1.5 Billion this year)

Bill Moyer's interview with James K. Galbraith

Do you wish the Clinton health care plan had passed in 1994?

Do you wish the Clinton health care plan had passed in 1994?

Why I give my kid pot, part III

Scozzafava (NY23d) dropping out is *big trouble* ...... for Republicans

The ANNUAL DU GHOST STORY Thread is up in the Lounge!

McConnell: 11 million Americans are eligible for Medicaid but haven't applied

Just watched an entire Glenn Beck show

So .... the Catholic Church is fundraising in Maine to stop gay marriage, huh?

Garrison Keillor: Let us start making our way on out of Afghanistan, Mr. President.

cheney was hazy on role in CIA leak...NO, he's a damned liar

Mikey STEELE selected ME to represent Rethugs in a fake "census"!1 Subversive suggestions, please!1

Election Robocalls make me feel special. VP Biden just talked to me! w00t!

Has anyone read "College is for Suckers"?

This Someone-Shot-at-Me Nonsense Is the Last Straw: CNN Should Fire Lou Dobbs

Hilarious Halloween (w/ audio)

Tea Party Movement Returns, This Time with Much More Dangerous and Explicit Rhetoric

The Bush Recession


Joe the Plumber Halloween costume

Happy Halloween! (2 pics)

Hannity And Bachmann Team Up To “Tell Nancy Pelosi What She Can Do With The Pelosi Health Care Plan”

NY-23: Scozzafava Drops Out, Saving Face for Petrified National Republicans

Hillary says US can find way out of Afghanistan

Is it better to have a weak democrat in congress than a real republican?

Halloween is now the second biggest retail holiday in America behind Christmas

Anyone watching MSNBC? Tell me again why Lawrence O'Donnell doesn't have his own show...

Ayn Rand’s Revenge - LOL

My house payment keeps going up and up...

Conyers: Obama “getting bad advice from… clowns” on Afghanistan

Conyers: Obama “getting bad advice from… clowns” on Afghanistan

Scozzafava didn't have enough money? Suddenly that is no problem for Hoffman (Fox News reports)

Why I Am Risking Arrest for Medicare for All

Rec to remind: Clocks go back an hour tonight

Tax Unhealthy food in restaurants and grocery stores to help pay for healthcare

Federal Judge Blocks California In-Home Service Cuts

I propose a bill which would require

Great Pumpkin check-in thread.

I Don’t Care What Your Delusion Is, I’m Not Obligated To Share It

I voted for Barack Obama and...

Mexican farm leader killed with 14 others on ranch

No McDonalds in Iceland - It's (even) better than you think.

No McDonalds in Iceland - It's (even) better than you think.

No McDonalds in Iceland - It's (even) better than you think.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Why I Give My 9-Year-Old Pot, Part II

Hospitalized Children Without Insurance Are More Likely to Die, a Study Finds

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover

Kucinich: Health reform legislation ‘a bailout for insurance companies’

Kucinich: Health reform legislation ‘a bailout for insurance companies’

On a flight with annoying children...

No trick: 2,000 kids knocking on White House door (Halloween at the White House) pics (Updated)

Orly Taitz Protest Against Bill O'Reilly, Fox News Planned

I'm so damn sick of Fox getting the baseball postseason EVERY year

After All the Fuss, Public Option to Cover Few

Sweet Potatoes Anyone?

Halloween Lynching Dummies forced to be taken down from trees..

Pelosi's plan leaves 18 million uninsured;public plan will charge higher premiums than avg private

Marcy Wheeler: Cheney hangs Libby out to dry.

any sociologists here pls?

The Final Hail Mary on the Kucinich Amendment

Boulder's Naked Halloween Streak May Be Coming to an End

Could Botched Heath Reform Resuscitate the Right?

ROFL!11!!1!!: I just got back my state and country matches from the dating site I'm registered on..

Total 10 Year Job Gains: Negative 203k

Total 10 Year Job Gains: Negative 203k

Yes, the health care bill should pass.

Mandatory insurance--legislatively enacting a permanent jobless recession/recovery

We've been tricked (again).

For those who eschew would you

For those who eschew would you

Molly Ivins would be very upset at how our party caters to the religious right.

As Goes Halloween, So Goes Childhood

CA to start withholding 10% more state income tax on Sunday - forced loan from taxpayers

How can the insurance exchange provide competition when health insurers are exempt from anti-trust ?

Chaz Bono: I love being a man

Ouch! Ouch! And Ouch! The Downside of current House HCR Bill

US Workers Starved Into [Military] Service

3,000 images combine for Milky Way portrait

How do I respond to a right-winger who complains about affirmative action and says:

Bill Moyers calls for reinstitution of the Draft

Orly Taitz responds {badly} to her case's dismissal (Salon)

Who is this spammer named "Wolfgangs Vault Dot Com?"

So, if breast feeding in public is okay, what about breast-pumping

"" does not exist - your bad John Boner

Moon Water And Sibel Edmonds

Moon Water And Sibel Edmonds

This photo of Limbaugh just begs a caption

This photo of Limbaugh just begs a caption

Single Payer! Rec to Vote~

My review and analysis of Microsoft's new anti-virus software Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

What's wrong with positive thinking?

Stupak and his 40 Dems want to stop even private insurance from paying for abortions.

ABC kills "V" skywriting stunt - Is this remake Anti-Obama?

Pick the best TV series ever (but please defend your answer)

an amazing bushism (even for him)

Didn't DU have, at one time, a share option for threads?

OK... hear me out on this one -

Derrick May - Strings of Life

Is there ANYthing more mind deadening than Joy BEHAR "interviewing" Sherri SHEPERD?!1

Ewoks run amok on Today Show

A Halloween Funny: My contest entry into the Miss HorrorFest 2008 contest

WTF? Miley Cyrus fan will eat her cat if she doesn't return to Twitter


Missing Alligator - Officials looking for it near Olive Garden

As a thank you to everyone for their positive vibes and prayers...

I just posted the 3rd Annual The Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Republican Evil

As promised, all the members of The Village (dialup warning}

I just watched "Panic Room". Note to self, always keep

Shocking video! Kitten attacked by giant spider!

I made a mother mad today

Good evening. I'm sitting in a sitz bath as I post this.


I smell like bandaids....

Obama's Facebook Feed & Health care

Law Enforcement Officials Searching for Missing Alligator - Near Olive Garden

The U3-X- I WANT one.

It's All Hallow's Eve Eve

I designed my first tee-shirt!

I have some California photos to share - Westfest in Golden Gate Park

One of SonofPtah's jack-o-lanterns

Is there any genre of movies that holds up worse than Horror movies?

Go to Google NOW and click the clickY

Crazy Eddie!

Crazy Eddie!

New Group proposal. Please add your comments and

OK, I give up. Rashomon IS indeed one of the greatest films ever made.

Saturday morning FAIL

Burden to society...

Boston: A review

Good Morning

"I pity the fool!" Yeah, I pity these fools!

What a perfectly Spooky Day it is here ...

Most bizarre (and disturbing) cat video I ever saw.

Halloween Yards (Dial-up warning)

Drunken men...

What, nobody's posted this yet for Halloween?

I just finished making my beads&blood necklace and am thinking

My dog can tell the difference in the type of phone rings.

Yesterday I went to the store to get some Halloween candy.

i luv halloween...

Saw the Michael Jackson movie. It was awesome

"Dumb & Dumber" and movies that are STILL funny, NOT AS funny, or were NEVER funny?

I noticed DU as less annoying, then I noticed this:

I feel I owe it to Blue-Jay, re: his Cal Thomas thread in GD, to post a pic of my Halloween costume.

HAPPY HALOWEEN, LOUNGE! Any special plans for the day?

Pick the best TV series ever (but please defend your answer)

Hey, I'm writing my essay on DU and I need a list of George Bush mis-words like

Why yes, I am eating the Halloween candy

My favorite Halloween photo of the year, so far

Does anyone make a decent, pocket sized digital camera for under $50

VIDEO: Paris Hilton drops F-bombs over security staff she hired for doing job they were paid to do

NOTICE: the annual DU Ghost Story Thread will be up by 5-6 PM EST.

Shame on you

Got a notice for US District Court Jury Duty.

(clears throat) Today's Official College Football thread

damn, the Halloween weather sucks here

What happened to the Staples Center?

The DU Top 100

Have candy, awaiting beggars in 6 minutes, 66 seconds...

BUMMER! I can't go trick-or-treating (with the kid)

An All Hollowed Eve's Tale

Who else is desperately hung over?

Any good costume ideas for tonight?

For Halloween -- early 70s Saturday morning cartoon "Groovie Goolies" (Archies/Sabrina spinoff)

Be honest, here. Anyone actually going to watch "V" ?

Is your dog/cat ready for Halloween? Mine is! (pic)

EEEEEEK! Giant caterpillar found

who else is going to spend a desperate, lonely evening at home while rest of

What's your favorite kind of horror movie? (Monster, Zombie, Blood-and-guts, Psychological, etc.)

I am never leaving the goddamn house again.

Adrianne Curry spels reel gud: "My pumped upper back. I may look skinner, but I'm cut, b**ches!"

Quoth the Raven, "Eat my shorts!"

Post a quotation from someone you know.

Post two disparate items that have similar poses

'Macbeth: Act IV, Scene 1' - William Shakespeare

Countdown to the annual viewing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

A video of me doing a polka at the church picnic about a month ago...

Proof positive we're in a recession: They remade "A Christmas Carol"

Agassi blew the 1990 French Open final because of his RUG!!!

I'm fifty miles away from my home, and I'm worried that my house is burning!

Favorite Google Halloween logo 2001-09

My bill totaled $6.66

For some reason i am craving a fast food burger

Would you marry a person to whom you are not physically attracted?

My ass is killing me!

Was I ripped off?

My 22 year run of NOT getting arrested on Halloween is going well, so far

It's Hallowe'en! What are you doing tonight?

Cappadocia, Turkey - The Photo/Video

I Made A Terrible Mistake This Week & Any Legal Advice or Support Would Be Welcomed!!!!

PHOTOS: "Reality Check"...Wendy's Bacon Deluxe in the ADS, and what it looks like when you BUY one.

Pumpkins 2009 (so far)

Halloween College Football Thread

Anyone watching the Addams Family marathon on WGN?

Amityville Horror playing on AMC now

Halloween is a cool birthday to have, but

(seen at Wally World an hour ago) 2 twenty something girls buying 20 dozen eggs

So LENO's mission in life is to salvage/harbor washed up, no-talent comedians (CALIENDO, D.MILLER)?!

'The Raven' - Edgar Allen Poe

Well, my 14 year old daughter hates me - had a lil tiff over the halloween costume

Greatest TV show of ALL TIME featuring an animal as the lead character

Official Halloweiner-Watch Thread


Halloween Music?

A friend of mine was just asked to perform in a Brazilian erotic film. Ask me anything.

For Halloween: Muppets - The Devil Went to Jamaica

Christopher Lee: Horror films today are 'obscene'

Grad school for neuroscience vs. psychology

Can you do a decent impersonation?

How many timekeeping devices do you have to change?

Bad week. I lost $40,000 in the stock market...IN ONE WEEK.

Newsom pulls out of governor's race

Putin in new Ukraine gas warning

In ’04 Interview, Cheney Denied Role in C.I.A. Leak

Honduras accord promises to end conflict

Obama Administration Invokes State Secrets Privilege…Again

CIT preparing to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as early as Sunday

Free from US LatAm Learns to Get Free from Own Blindness, Brazil's Lula Tells Chavez

9 more U.S. banks fail

Iran Lawmakers Reject UN-Drafted Uranium Plan

Clinton Continues Push for Mideast Peace

Afghan official: We had advance intel on UN attack

SkyWest accused of bias against gay couples

Corzine campaign staffer arrested on drug charges (UPDATE: BOGUS CHARGES)

Scozzafava quits NY-23

North Korea seen slowly warming to talks again

Scozzafava throws in the towel?

ACLU Obtains More Documents Related to Bush Administration Torture Program

Obama Restores Power To Intelligence Oversight Board

Clinton: 'We're not getting through' to Pakistanis

Pakistan road blast kills seven

Senators, White House Reach Deal On Media-Shield Bill

White House releases visitor logs

Vt. Dems rally for NY congressional race

FBI arrest Canadians tied to controversial U.S. mosque

Boehner: GOP offering the right health care ideas

Nicaragua police evacuate US ambassador to safety from protests

Source: Abdullah may pull out of Afghan runoff

Siena poll: NY-23 race too close to call

Sunday morning is time to fall back an hour

Facebook to share more user data with advertisers

Obama administration seeks to block wiretap suit

No trick: 2,000 kids knocking on White House door

BREAKING: Scozzafava suspends NY 23 campaign

Evangelical leader Dobson leaving radio show

Prosecutors won't charge cops in LA May Day melee

Kucinich Wants His Amendment Back

Six dead bodies at Anthony Sowell's house, police sources say(alleged serial killer on the loose)

San Jose Mom and Cranky 2-Yr-Old Kicked Off Southwest Flight

Clinic to Muslim doctor: Its policy bars headscarf

Documents Detail Conditions Found at Secret C.I.A. Jails (Found Prisoners "manacled to the ceiling")

Swiss banks lose European clients

Mexican activists place 5,100 crosses at border fence to mark migrant deaths

H-1B visa applications lowest since 2003

Bush favours UNSC seat for India

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan's as Thomas Jefferson Warns Against 'Gambling Casinos'

Thom Hartmann: Will human ingenuity save us? Stewart Brand, author, Whole Earth Discipline

Young Turks: Family Research Council -- Gays Die Young Anyway!


Countdown: Wendell Potter on Public Option - 'We Began With Compromise'

Media Matters: Hannity's Freudian slip: 'These are the critical weeks if you don't want health care'

Weekly Address: Milestones on the Economy and the Recovery Act

TYT: 66 Year Old Republican Busted For Having Sex In Cemetery!

How Much Is Palin Charging In Speaking Fees?

Bill Owens: What Matters

Is Upstate New York Glenn Beck/Palin the Taliban Country?

TYT: Why Are Some Christians Against Halloween Candy?

Trying to keep the public from seeing its war dead is just wrong

Lizard People Attack Tonight !

MSNBC #1 in Cable News!! Celebrate!!!

The Bad Doctor: The Truth About Ron Paul Part I

Rory Stewart Breaks Down Afghanistan on Bill Moyers Journal

FOX's Greta Van Susteren Show Reports: Death Panels Are Back

Jon Stewart Annihilates Fox News' Purported Division Between Opinion & News

Monster Parties--Fact or Fiction?

Rachel Maddow Takes Her Turn To Demolish Liz Cheney's Lies & Interviews Melanie Sloan From CREW

Max Keiser, 'CIA's narco-terrorism plan; dead US soldiers in Afghan helps bail out Wall St.'

Laura Ingraham Tries Bashing Obama on Dover - Backfires

Thom Hartmann: Has capitalism lost its soul? Thom confronts Alex Epstein of

Papantonio: Economics and Generational Warfare

Chris Matthews: Conservatives Say "Stop Blaming Bush" but Facts don't Lie!

GRITtv: The F Word: Palin's Pet Hoffman Has Taliban Ties

40th Anniversary of the Net - October 29, 1969

Another teenager notices that conservatives are pathological liars

John Stockwell: The Third World War

Mexico 'opens its arms' to legal and "illegal" immigrants

OMG!! It's 1,990 Pages!

Countdown: O'Donnell DESTROYS Liz Cheney Over Dover AFB Criticism

Rep. Weiner On Countdown: "If They Aren't Squealing Like a Pig, We Haven't Done This Bill Right!"


No Health Care? Tough. This is America. Die.

Scozzafava Halts Campaign

Judge Throws Out Five Years of Juvie Cases in Scandal from in 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

Rush Limbaugh, the NFL, and the death of the left wing

Jeb Bush tells country to put on its "big boy" pants, leave his brother alone.

This is a classic. Two kids argue about what a conservative is. LOL

Orly and Bill-O

Hamid Karzai: Afghanistan's Diem

Welcome to 2025

New moons are rising

ATTORNEYS! Since when has 'increased market share'

General Clark on Pakistan, Video

Newly released papers show FBI, CIA at odds over harsh terror interrogations

GOP's Official Halloween Costume – Ronald Reagan Mediscare Mask

The Limits of Western Power

An example of why Recession and Globalization are good for 'Union Busting.'

The Heart of India Is Under Attack

Free from US LatAm Learns to Get Free from Own Blindness, Brazil's Lula Tells Chavez

On Obama's Dover Visit, Lawrence O’Donnell Kicks 'Cheney Ass' — Like Leon from 'Curb'

Helicopter rumors refuse to die

Rep. Markey Warns About Right-Wing Misinformation: Net Neutrality May Be The Next ‘Death Panels’

22 Things Dick Cheney Can't Recall About the Plame Case

The Ethical Policies and Involvement in Enhanced Interrogations of US Psychologists After 9/11

The White Goat's Burden-New Age hippie idealism meets can-do army spirit ('s review)

Crafting health insurance reform for the benefit of insurance corporations

Block-a-thon---A few laps later, the world began to shift ever so slightly

The Public Option in Congress Is Now a Sham. Who Cares If Lieberman Kills It?

CIA Promotes Narcotics Trade

Schools Are Where Stimulus Saved Jobs, New Data Show.

Letter to Obama: be honest about oil & gas motive for wars in Iraq & Afghanistan

When women bosses discriminate against men

Health Reform: Where Obama Went Wrong

CBO: Pelosi's plan's premiums higher than private insurance!

Feingold Speaks on Potential Impact of Supreme Court Ruling in Citizens United

Ready for the Next Bubble? Roubini Says Carry Trades Fueling ‘Huge’ Asset Bubble

So Many Issues, So Much To Love With The US Chamber & The Amazing Mr. Donohue

New NPS Head Jonathan Jarvis Faces Daunting Repair List - And Large-Scale Climate Questions

Bridge Opens China's "Last Virgin Island" - But Don't Worry! Nothing Exploitative Will Happen!!

Thousands Of Fish, Whales, Turtles, Feeding In & Around Timor Sea Slick - Some Already Found Dead


NASA Earth Observatory Images Of Timor Sea Oil Spill From Leaking Platform

AlterNet: Chevron Employs Felon and Drug-Trafficker to Derail Trial to Escape Enviro Crimes


Irradiation of Henequen Natural Fibers for Micromorphilogical Improvements.

Lobbyist Bonner Takes "Full Responsibility" For Forged Anti-Climate Bill Letters - Then Blames Temp

Michigan State Univ wins award to develop Wave Disc engine technology

Keith Farnish's "Time's Up" - The Terminal Stages Of The Greatest Addiction Humanity Has Ever Seen

Though Coal-Bed Methane Pollutants Turn MT Farmland To Mayonnaise, Judge Rules EPA "Overstepped"

GM CEO: Electric vehicles will cost $40K; Fuel cell vehicles $400K

An acre of Douglas firs aborbs 11,000 lbs of CO2 a yr. Considering the miles of inter-states and

States Do A Fine Job Of Tracking Nat Gas Fracking, Say Producers - No Need For ANY Fed Oversight!!

Chinese react to Olympic tell-all book

Another rain out?

Giants resign Freddy Sanchez to 2 year contract

I have a request.......could someone please post pictures of

Wow, I gotta be impressed by Iowa

37 year-old Shaq is not Superman

Executive Summary of COFADEH report on Human Rights Abuses

National Resistance Front responds to an apparent agreement


Rep. Grijalva says, "I have more questions than praise ."

Magbana: HONDURAS: What Deal? The Fat Lady has Many Sisters

Confirmations for Valenzuela and Shannon Delayed (COHA via Scoop)

Honduran Coup Resolved--For Now (Grandin | The Nation)

For my dear friends in this forum, una cosita while we wait for Honduras.

Pastors for Peace: Not a Victory; It's a US State Dept. Manipulation

Nicaragua police evacuate US ambassador to safety from protests

Lulu tells Chavez 'we are living a very important moment'!

Does any one here have any experience with a company called LAnguage Corps? Should I pay them

Magbana: Wash Post Thinks the Past 4 Months in Honduras Have Been About Chavez

The Agreement negotiated by Shannon which was signed on Thursday

International Criminal Court warns Colombia on paramilitaries

UAE shows interest in Nicaraguan canal project

Honduras: Solution or Stall?

Michigan: Parking Lot Legislation Headed to the House Floor

Trophy buck- New Jersey style.

Follow-up to Seattle shooting with a mosin-nagant

Should guns be treated as smut?...

Obama yet to deliver on Middle East

Palestinians rebuff Clinton bid to relaunch peace talks

Clinton calls Israeli concessions "unprecedented"

BMW Links Executive Pay to That of its Line Workers

Today in Labor History Oct 31 Mt. Rushmore sculpture is completed, Endorsed Mondale for U.S. Senate

Good News for Former Republic Windows Workers (the sit in workers)

Senator Lieberman Was For A Healthcare Reform Public Option Before He Was Against It

Philly Transit Strike Possible This Weekend Over Piling More Health Costs Onto Workers, Lack Of Pay

New Book Says Wall Street Reform Will Only Come If Progressives Push The President

A Nation Transformed by Women

In Inland Empire, ‘Temp’ Workers Demand Living Wage (photo of the arrest too)

CWA Cautions Frontier Shareholders on Verizon Transaction

Check Out Online Resource Center for Wage Theft

Train to Martigny, to meet an old friend.

Shuttered Windows

I need some advice. (Dial up warning)

“One Life to Life”’s Gay Love Triangle is Truly Groundbreaking Television

Jamaican town imposes 'Gay Eradication Day'

DNC 2009 Survey: Do GLBT's even *exist*?

Wall Street's Naked Swindle

NINE more banks go down

IT services in sweet spot as M&A gathers steam

Will Your Pension Be Wall Street's Next Casualty?

I took on J P Morgan Chase

strictly anecdotal on 401Ks...and a question

Happy Samhain, everyone!

Rick DiClemente's November Starself Astrology Newsletter

2012 Show on SyFy - November 8, 2009

Statin drugs may lower deaths from flu: study

Misconceptions on Herbs and Cancer :

90 Carson soldiers headed for Afghanistan, Iraq

Switzerland restricts use of GlaxoSmithKline swine flu vaccine

9 remain missing after collision off Calif.

Requiem for a quack, part II: Hulda Clark, author of The Cure for All Cancers, died of cancer

Testimony starts in murder trial of Carson GI

Spc. reaches plea deal in death of soldier

Adm. concerned about China military buildup

November 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Reports: Cyber attacks traced to N. Korea

S. Korea to send troops to Afghanistan

Soldier on Iraq leave indicted in car wreck

3-star: Training Afghans key to success of war

3/10 Marines leave next week for Afghanistan

With an eye toward unity, South Korea unveils new bike trail near DMZ

Source: Abdullah may pull out of Afghan runoff

Fraud surrounds women voters in Afghan election

Wounded servicemembers get new Segways

3/4 Marine killed in Afghanistan

French military effort in Afghanistan earning respect of U.S. troops

No Pay, No Deployment, Iowa Reps say

5th Bomb Wing CO is the latest to be fired

Report: Pirates want $7m for British couple

Grafenwöhr rec center plans take shape

Reps Named in Leaked Ethics Report

DoD Buzz: Arm Afghan Tribes, Experts Say

Evangelical Leader Dobson Leaving Radio Show

The new morality plays

Why a War on Halloween?

Hallowe’en is the devil’s work, Catholic church warns parents

Satan, I mean seriously?

Ex-Christians, did Christianity ever nourish you?

Dangerous Idiot With Bogus Medical Advice

Dinner tonight was a bit unusual but tasty.

Post your favorite recipes for freshly

"The deep state does not respond to FOIA requests"