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Archives: October 3, 2009

Good article on the 2016 Olympic Bid

Filipinos Preparing for Worst, Praying for Best from Parma

AP: Obama begins to overhaul key US appeals court (4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals)

Republicans - no health plan and they cheer when we lose the Olympics.

How to Compromise with the Uncompromising (Toon)...

Haters With Money to Waste: NC group buys anti-Obama ads in SC to back Wilson

Toon for you, Rio


I'm actually glad that Rio got the Olympic bid.

Race to Find Quake Survivors(3000+ May Be Trapped Under Rubble)

Race to Find Quake Survivors(3000+ May Be Trapped Under Rubble)

Maddow: Pawlenty Hires Race-Baiting, Scandal-Ridden Team of Advisers

Poll: Majority prefers Dem-only bill with Public Option to bipartisan bill without one

Jon Gosselin To Feature Girlfriend On New Show

The right wing "legislators" (and I use that term loosely)

NPR commentators say the public option is dead. And none of the bills will bring costs down.

'Dead Peasants Insurance'/ Janitor Policies

CA GOV- Meg Whitman Endorsed Boxer in 2003

Excuse me, but have the Republicans submitted their health "plan" for CBO scoring?

Fox v. Fox Cage Match

Republican = Un-American

Arrest warrant for APF's 'Michael Hilton' in Wyoming

Bush told an audience. "The United States of America stands squarely behind Chicago's bid."

Stupid MSNBC running "Headliners & Legends" instead of Keith.

Need a new gift idea and a healthy one at that? Check this out...just sent it to the In-laws

I've Finally Found A Use for Repukes

This new "Top Ten" DU format thing is pretty good!

Huffpo highlights 30 young entrepreneurs .......I highlight two of them..

Tawddd former "first dude" resigns his will they live and pay off her huge debt?

What do you think - based on fact, research, or anecdote - is the country's political tilt these day

Interesting, philosophical Freeper debate on Lindsey Graham criticism of Glenn Beck

Oklahoma Sen. Coburn linked to Ensign’s troubles

Cat-poo chino anyone?

John Pilger: Iran’s nuclear threat is a lie

Hobbit species may not have been human

Hobbit species may not have been human

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

New Progressive Block Numbers on the Public Option Larger than 46

Is this the weekend when PETA detractors and supporters have a death match on DU?

Rachel will be on MTP on Sunday! I'm sure this has been posted

Ray LaHood is a member of the same "Family" as the C-Streeters???

Tiempo libre on Conan tonight.....

? for you all

review of "Going Rogue" on Amazon

It is a better world with some buffalo in it ......

Just got a Bill Maher Tweet

That creepy picture of Boner on the side bar reminds me of...

Conservative conference attendees erupt in cheers when the U.S. is eliminated as Olympics site.

Michael Moore on FORA TV

I just found out, that gonna ban...flavored dip.

Obama may have never changed a single mind because of factors having nothing to do with him.

Video: Conservatives Erupt in Applause Over Chicago's Olympic Bid Failure

What kind of idiot sets the prices at Goodwill? (on edit: IBTMTTL)

Michael Moore's next movie should be about the Tea Baggers

So flavoured tobacco is banned now ?

Texas DA tries to use illegally seized assets for own legal defense

The company they keep...

Not just a poll: Facebook is a hotbed of threats to kill the President.

In case you needed more proof that the New York Times is nothing but a corporate mouthpiece:

Why we need religion in schools. ;)

Capitalism is inherently undemocratic

History: What a Bitch

MIke Pence rallies the morons of the GOP, says we're "on the verge of a great American awakening."

Brave New Films' Robert Greenwald: I Heart Grayson is on Facebook

For those who wish to take action against discrimination...

Ad for Corzine for NJ Gov states his GOP opponent wants to end health insurance

Brazil builds walls around Rio de Janeiro slums

My concise definition of modern American conservatism

My concise definition of modern American conservatism

Happy Birthday TARP: I share my birthday with the bailouts!...

Dems need to beat the Repukes bloody with Olympic story.

US: Over a quarter million jobs lost in September

Social Democrats suffer historical defeat in Upper Austria

The Wizard of Beck (by David Brooks) THIS is good, real good!

Rio de Janeiro--New Yorker Article--Gangland

CIT debt proposal could hit US Treasury

How much longer do we have to look at John Boehner's face on DU?

Yesterday I asked a question

Is it true the White House serves only organic food?

Do you know who Kevin Jennings is?

Conservative men are jealous of Obama!

The world was ruled by religion, and they call(ed) it "The Dark Ages"

Did lingering resentment for Bush fuel the Chicago Olympics loss?

Radical Republicans stymie progress on all fronts.

Bin Laden's richest wife dies. Her estate plus life insurance to pay him an estimated $250 million

Missing from USA Media: HONDURAS: Anti-Coup Resistance Movement

So you think you had a bad week?

So you think you had a bad week?

Winning Lotto numbers not always the ticket to dreams, success

Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili blamed for starting Russian war

WTF Are Ads Proclaiming "STOP GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE" Seeking Petition Signers Doing On DU?

A way to make the health insurers stop buying Congress!

'Real Housewives of Atlanta" participant's fiance killed in strip club brawl

Here's an American Legion poll you can vote in --

People, Rep. Grayson made a hell of speech, is a good presence on the Cable

How Did Kerry Try To Thwart DeMint's Honduras Trip -- And How Did DeMint Foil Him?

Water Worries Threaten US Push for Natural Gas

Rachel is serving up more Ensign and Coburn

"Capitalism: A Love Story" Opening Day Photoblog

5 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan

US Chamber Of Commerce: "Global Warming is Good for You"

People who haven't paid their dues in terms of public service (Reagan and Schwarzenegger)

New DNC ad hits Kyl on women's health care

Anthony Weiner and Alan Grayson

President Obama's nominees to fill federal court vacancies

"For those of you ... who are upset that I sound gleeful, I am". Rush Limbaugh

Food Supply Hangs in the Balance

Georgia Supreme Court Rules Unauditable, Unverifiable Elections Are Just Fine

Shelter is even more tenuous (DC cuts $20M from homeless budget)

Shelter is even more tenuous (DC cuts $20M from homeless budget)

Ever Notice: Media is like the mother who stands and watches asfather abuses ki ds!

email from my Senator about public option

Should NC-17 be replaced with NV-RA (No Virgins,Regardless of Age)?

The health care sign we all should carry:

BANK....BUST....FRIDAY !!!!! (The "Sorry I Partied Yesterday So It's Late" Edition)

I'm really enjoying the new NatGeo series "Rescue Ink"

Vice president to appear with Dodd

73 cents: A mural of Her Husband's Death from Kidney Cancer, and the Public Option

Public Option would do more to stimulate the economy than anything

I'm relieved Chicago lost

Tea Baggers Needed for Highway and Bridge Repair, I-35 Texas

Freeper Cartoonists - they just CANNOT bring the "funny", can they?

Rep. Gutiérrez will introduce legislation to curb ‘dead peasants insurance.’

Ingraham, Rep. Pence Mock America’s Olympic Loss

Judge to Prop. 8 backers: Turn over your papers (opponents believe ban was motivated by prejudice)

The Conservatives cheered when the U.S. lost the Olympics. Just imagine what they would do if there

Jello Biafra: "Grow More Pot!"

Cartoon: Health Debate

APF spokesperson holds emotional press conference; lawyer quits project - Go and read the comments!!

Conservatives make fools of themselves as they cheer against America over the Olympics

On Tea Baggers, Birthers, and other lunatics.

New Weapons For Use Against Americans

Where Would Wal-Mart Be Without Socialism?

The new Forbes 400: Provocative wealth amidst social misery

White House Proposes Changes in Bill Protecting Reporters’ Confidentiality

The question we need to have the answer to about Iran...

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past

McKrystal and Pat Tillman

Right-wingers kept crowing about the gang murders in Chicago...

Christian Science Monitor: Republicans try to take back party from lunatics

My cousin will withdraw her kids from their "Christian" school next semester

How does the media cover losing the Olympics and not mention a wingnut bombed the last ones here?

MT living...PRO: no "real" traffic; CON: waiting for Michael Moore films on DVD

U.S. Wonders if Iran Is Playing for Time or Is Serious on Deal

I live in the 3rd largest city in PA and I have to travel 20 miles to see Capitalism

the stupidness of our House - cowardly stupidness

"Precisely" what the Nazis did?

Is anyone else having problems with youtube?

Jim Demint in Honduras. I guess there is no security issues when you buddies with the dictator

Hey kids, school doesn't have to be boring. Now you can learn Homeland Security

Brassed off about creationism

Iranian president revealed to have a Jewish past!

Time to take a stand. Vote for cloture or get out.

It is unacceptable that the Facebook poll creator will not be punished

The damage Olympia Snowe does to healthcare in America

We Hardly Knew Ya

Last 2 Weeks of Earthquakes

link to the Citibank PLUTONOMY memo referenced in Capitalism: A Love Story

Glenn Beck Attempts to Get UN to Circumvent US Constitution

Question 1 TV ad sparks charges of ‘blatant misinformation’

capitalism,patriarchy,eugenics ,forced birth ,it is all part of a bigger lie.

If I was an IOC member from a different country I would be scared shitless by the TeaBaggers

Walmart Tops State Assistance Rolls in Ohio

Turlock Teachers Face Jail in Student Sex Case

What Paul Krugman Wrote Last January

Germany is celebrating 19 years of unification

Baucus bill may be far from final word

I sent Senator DeMint an email about his Honduras jaunt.

uh oh....Reid's at the Reins in Health-Care Battle

On Craigslist: Bankrupt Mother of Two, Seeking Room @ Insurance CEO Mansion

2 U.S. Troops Killed by Afghan Policeman

When in the world....

One of our staff member's family lost everything in the Philippines storms

Curious Clusters of Cash:

IOKIYAR, Treason Edition

The new GOP --- a letter sent to me from the local Dem headquarters...Lets Show UP Democrats!

Palin Book Release Jokes

A troubling but well-written piece from the Dallas Observer: "Cruising With the Whore Cop"

my nut case Freeper brother just sent me this. i guess its the new talking point.. i don't usually

Profits over people is not the way to go, son.

Since it is kinda sacred cow day I am reluctantly going to call out our unions on some of their

Has anybody mentioned that with the Olympics in Rio...

Has anybody mentioned that with the Olympics in Rio...

Did Schwarzenegger video help Rio land the Olympics? (VIDEO)

Report: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was born a Jew

When first I came to DU

Authorities in Sumatra fear that over 4,000 people

Economy has lost 11,000 jobs PER DAY since December of 07

California to investigate ACORN videos

Want to know what went wrong with American capitalism? The "portfolio model".

David Brooks (of all people) eviscerates Beck, Limbaugh et al.

Former foster child in Chicago now a million-dollar scholar

Yes, Virginia. Republicans do hate America (With Apologies to Francis Pharcellus Church)

Investigate the Diebold Sale!

SOME say, "Bush and Romney used global pull to undermine Chicago bid after Obama's election."

SOME say, "Bush and Romney used global pull to undermine Chicago bid after Obama's election."

North Carolina - Insured Woman Works Two Jobs, Near Bankruptcy, To Pay Medical Bills

This is exactly why the Baucus corporate welfare bill must DIE IN COMMITTEE :

NY man accused of tweeting cop actions at protests

NY Dems-Bloomberg News financial pundits jumping for joy over state of the economy.

What is the opposite of "compromise?"

We have to fail - why the Repubs are so determined this time

Ex-pupil defends Obama aide over controversial advice in 1988

Call me crazy but I predict in 2012 after winning re-election, Obama will have Paul Krugman onboard

"Give War a Chance"

I'm getting really tired of people accusing the President of wanting this country to fail...

Former Exec saysTed Williams' Severed Head Abused In Cryonics Facility

Thread to draft Rep. Grayson to run as a primary challenger to Obama in2012!

What kind of government do you think we now have here in the US?.....

9.8% Unemployment - *Nobody* Predicted It! Nobody Could Have Forseen It!

Jindal turns down $300 million in stimulus funds for high-speed rail.

It's ironic . . .

Question for Chicagoans

Fox reports unemployment rate of 97%

Juan Cole: Top Things you Think You Know about Iran that are not True

Mom passes out drunk in car. 3 and 4 year old found walking 2 miles away

Catholics support healthcare reform, including coverage for abortion according to new poll

Rime ice and snow frosting this morning (a photo essay best accompanied by "Sweet Baby James")

31 Bush US Attorney holdovers still at DOJ (Out of 93)

Feingold challenger’s 16 businesses all registered in Delaware to avoid Wisconsin taxes

The Atlantic: "The Story Behind the Story" - About The Collapse Of Journalism In The Era of Fox News

Lone Llama Rescued After Month on Pikes Peak

Idiotic RW toon of the week

Attention Eeyore's: "Americans being ignored and played for chumps" Is OFF THE TABLE.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past

CPS left 3 kids with Arlington mother despite bleak review

I think some DU'ers owe Letterman an apology.

I think some DU'ers owe Letterman an apology.

Grumpy Obstinate Phonies....Thats a suggestion for Todays Pub Term

Afghanistan victory comes with the winter (just an observation from the couch)

Why is "capitalism" such a crappy word?

H.R. 3200 has a religious conscience exemption...

Grayson Regrets His Use Of The Word Holocaust In His Speech! So Just WHO's In Control?

The high cost of paranoia: Traveling to America "a rather harrowing experience" says IOC official

The high cost of paranoia: Traveling to America "a rather harrowing experience" says IOC official

"I'd rather be waterboarding."

Republicans are assholes.

Republicans are assholes.

Palin looking for lipstick endorsement?

Corporations Now Have a Right To "Personal Privacy"

Fox "News" is trying to start another war

Fox "News" is trying to start another war

For those who enjoy legal entertainment: Orly Taitz v. Judge Land

Charges Dropped Against Cop Caught Having Sex With Cows

Your Employer is Betting on Your Health and Life..CRAZY

Why do some people who hunt take pictures with the animal.

Does anyone here not give a flying fuck about the Olympics?

For The Wrestling Fans

Man charged in Letterman plot was deep in debt - salary was $214,000

Capitalism ate my Mother and other harrowing tales

Captalism: A Love Story

"...she never wanted to be homeless"

How Jim Demint managed to go to Honduras

Bible Banned From School Football Field

I like DU, and continue posting here, come what may

If the Russians Did This to Us, We'd Kill 'Em

Cornel West: Don't Appoint Larry Summers As An Economic Adviser & Tell Me You're Progressive (Vid)

Best Analysis Yet: The Status Quo Wins in Health-Care Reform

time for stanley to go...General McChrystal publicly campaigns for Afghanistan “surge

'House Party' Windows 7 to come in 'Steve Ballmer' edition.

Mississippi subsidizes low rated Right-wing talk show network

DeMint encouraged by Honduras trip

I rarely call a blog post "important." This one on Iran and U.S. intelligence is:

A march on Wall Street should be organized

Virginia Dog Found in Oklahoma 10 Years After Disappearing

Do more men have Type 2 diabetes than women - a must read article

".. 'Capitalism' is a Molotov cocktail thrown straight at the heart of the New York Stock Exchange."

Bush Administration’s Tourist Visa Policy May Have Cost America The 2016 Olympics

Richard Hofstadter on "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" (1963)

CT: Chicago's loss shows bitter rivalry between USOC and IOC

we start deer hunt at sunlight

What ever happened to Greggery Peccary?

hogs and Grassley and the Danes

Miami Herald: `Sicko' film at Doral school irks some parents

Been at 4 recs all day...

Fed threatens raised interest rates if they are audited

Holy Hell, Look what those evil PETA goons have done!

Ugly battle has librarians in Oak Brook turning to Teamsters (This ought to be interesting)

Unemployment rate is highest in 26 years

Call, write, and fax NOW. Tell the Democrats to KILL the Baucus bill in committee!

We're screwed

Do you think the sentiment to start a third party to the left of the Democrats is strong?

Do you think the sentiment to start a third party to the left of the Democrats is strong?

Bachmann Claims "Sex Clinics" in the Public Schools Will Whisk Girls Away to Have Abortions

Pre-politicized for your convenience

Rebranded Rogue Anti-Virus Strikes Again

Be careful about privatizing sidewalks. As Troxler might need one someday.

Bad leadership in the DNC.

If we had a Swiss system would mandates be acceptable?

Killing some sacred cows...

Elderly disabled FL woman being foreclosed for legal fees on HOA. Help!

One year since the US bank bailout

Why working retail is hell

Why working retail is hell

Why working retail is hell

Why working retail is hell

Well I'm going to go have an evaluation at a clinic that specialises in addiction...

People - Please, Don't let this story fade...Executed Texas man...

Who SHOULD Decide About War?

You have to see this, unbelievable:Family Says 911 Tape Caught Cops Planning Cover-Up After Shooting

You have to see this, unbelievable:Family Says 911 Tape Caught Cops Planning Cover-Up After Shooting

Break the Banks; By Eliot Spitzer

Who You Callin' Vegangelical?

Matrice Richardson,24,still missing 10 days after arrest in Malibu for defrauding innkeeper (video)

Saw Capitalism

no spoilers, but Michael Moore's "Capitalism" is awesome....

Michael Moore: "The days of the majority of Americans being ignored and played for chumps are over"

Pulp-Sorted for E's & Whizz

Dayum! I managed to strain something in my back today.

Ted Williams' frozen head used for batting practice

Welcome to the Sermon on the Lounge, a Collaborative Thread that Shall Die

Damn! I'm outta ice.

Any DUers play Nuclear War?

Peggy dropped the F bomb......again.

For the teachers on DU

We haven't had a story about a hot young female teacher shagging a student in a few months

Will the Gas Mask Bra Save Lives?

I am so excited to go back home for Canadian Thanksgiving!

I found a new old pic of my mom.


Going to the Stoney Hill corn maze tomorrow

Just got back from my four week vacation in Spain

I bought a new floor lamp today, a lot like my Grandmother's old floor lamp.

I haven't turned my TV on all day... What did I miss?

Ted Williams' frozen head is in the news again today

I love LOLcats BTW

HOLY SHIT! I just bought a new TV and it fucking rocks!!!

Pulp-This is Hardcore


The Hampptown hadies hing this hong

What would DU-TV look like?

TWINS WIN!!! Tiger lose!!!

I'm so tired of running from my own heat.

I've seen this band may times in my hometown

Some guy just beat the shit out of me. He kept calling me "dear" n/t

Voice Mail Villanelle

I'm on study overload!

Something unusual happened to me this morning.

Bring the 2018 Winter Games to the USA!! WASILLA 2018!!

Carve A Jack-O-Lantern

Go see Zombieland! It's Awesome!!!!

I'm gonna get really sloshed tonight.

Goodnight. n/t

So you'll look around to find someone who's kind, someone who is fearless like you.

I just wrote to HBO. I suggested a new series called "The DUpranos".

You know what I'm really tired of fucking?

Congratulations Ian David! 50,000 posts!

Chicago never had a chance at the IOC meeting

Can someone help me find a pair of jeans?

World's fastest game of Hide and Seek

Bosses that yell at you.

No. He's just asleep.

In honor of this evening's game...

Has Dick and Lynn Cheney barbecue their grandson yet?

I gotta get a new doctor.

Top mathematicians: Halderman proof in Letterman plot includes new proof of Heisenberg

Wolverines!!!!! vs. THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!

i have a fabulous outfit wear tonight and nowhere to go. gah!

Free night of theater -- coming soon!

Hey guys, I want to thank you for all your kind messages

Bruce Springsteen at Giants Stadium

In honor of this weekend's "harvest moon"

Congratulations madinmaryland! 30,000 posts!

Atlantic League Championship, Game Two: Blue Crabs 10, Patriots 4

Congratulations jenmito! 25,000 posts!

i have a fabulous party to go to tonight and nothing to wear. gah!

Gorgeous day in N. Texas


Gram Parsons. Hype or Legend?

Wolverines vs. Spartans...

What kind of idiot sets the prices at Goodwill? (on edit: IBTMTTL)

An interesting look at movie box office numbers: (adjusted for inflation)

Congratulations Taverner! 30,000 posts!

Congratulations smokey nj! 30,000 posts!

Whispering In The Library Is Still Talking In The Library

Suz's take on breast feeding!

A choose-your-own-adventure birthday for me.

Olive Garden is better than Jesus Christ !

Did you know the band "a-ha" released an album this year?

Spoiler alert: Jolene's motorcycle lessons were really about running away. Also, Trent's lying.

Congratulations Joanne98! 30,000 posts!

If I lived in Munich, Germany - I would miss Patsy Cline

later all.....

Cute child, annoying parent

Drugs are bad, alcohol is bad....

cool...just jammed with our local classic rock band

Chill out, people!!! I didn't mean it that way

I hope Moore's next documentary is "Raping Roddenberry's Dream: The Berman and Abrams Story"

So do you like the new Stargate or not?

There is no dignified way to say this: I'd like to hear from a friend.

Facebook is seriously messed up today.

I don't know exactly what it is yet, but something really really bad is happening.

So what is Oktoberfest in Munchen like?

If you want to see some really paranoid stuff

I've got a cat curled up next to me. Jealous?

30 lbs lost.....and hopefully never found.....hehe

Tattoo poll

You know who you are, oh missing duer

Just got in a fist-fight with a deer. Ask me anything. new neighbor is a stone fox!!

So I finally gave into the inevitable... I'm getting dentures.

Well, I'm sure this will get me TS'ed, but here it goes....

Favorite GEEK Diety

"Ordinary Man" from "Tapeheads" - cover by a country singer?


Are you an Eric Clapton fan?

I finished CNA training yesterday!

have you ever gotten drunk by yourselves when life threw too many things at once?

I got a dirty look at the library for having the speaker on during my cell phone conversation.


Does anyone have experience with a program that converts .flv (youtube) files into mpeg?

put vhs onto dvd

Disappearing English


Favorite Alan Rickman role.

Today's College Football Thread

Someone please tell me to stop worrying about my nephew maybe having leukemia.

Today, I am a man: Happy Birthday to Me!

I have washed two loads of laundry this morning. What have you accomplished

i have pms-name 10 of the best tearjerker movies to watch

Would you let your 13 y/o daughter hang out at the mall on Saturday night?

Congratulations GoddessOfGuinness! 45,000 posts!

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei proves that Rushdie's novel is actually an encrypted blueprint for WMDs

A Short History of PETA

Are you into NASCAR?

Great things the South Has Given us

Rio Rubs It In: YES WE CRÉU!

2010 state legislators will draw the new district lines for the next 10 yrs.

The Olympic Bids - Some Simple Truths

It was cloudy in Philly today.

Is Obama a Socialist? Reflections on the degradation of politics and the ecosystem

Rep who supports Obama's trip to Copenhagen - Joe Scarborough!

President Obama Says Small Businesses to Gain From Health-Care Overhaul

Look, the ONLY SHAME would be in NOT TRYING

Obama couldn't have been photographed crying like DA SILVA and I have problem with that

The vast Right Wing Echo Chamber....

Jay Rockefeller has been a giant hero through all of this.

My response to Darcy Burner about the shunning of single-payer advocates

Josh Marshall

Obama's Approval Rating Is 64 Percent, Among American Jews

Middle East expert debunks claim that Ahmadinejad vowed to "wipe Israel off the map"

US faces worsening military situation in Afghanistan

Obama, McCrystal's face to face

OMG, Thomas Friedman actually made a point...

Hysterical: Imus on Palin "She's a Dope, Write a Book? She's can't read a book"

Not Like 1994

Chicago Won't Be Hosting the 2016 Olympics. SO WHAT???

And Orly Taitz Cranks The Crazy Up Past 11 To 12

Application to host the 2016 Olympics in Chicago was made in 2007 during the Bush Administration.

I don't know about others hear but I'm looking forward on seeing Imus back on TV

Review of Michael Moore's “Capitalism – A Love Story”

"Great Moments in AP Journalism" (sarcasm) and "Outdumbing the stupid"

No Games Chicago citizen group statement

Teddy Kennedy must be turning in his grave.........this is awful. n/t

Administration eyes ways to help laid-off workers

Pres. Obama couldn't compete with US-Olympic Scandalous past

Arianna Huffington was just on Jay Leno's show & said she thinks Obama shouldn't have gone to Copen-

Times UK: Obama’s Olympic failure will only add to doubts about his presidency

Overheard in Copenhagen early this morning:

This is unsettling:

Band shirts hit wrong note with parents (The Flat Earth Caucus strikes in Sedalia, MO)

Remember how Apple allegedly denied the "Single Payer" iTunes App for being "politically charged"?

Reid presses Obama on Don't Ask Don't Tell

Time Marches On, - but not always forward-

Tampa Bay, Florida - "Cupcakes help pay for cancer treatment"

Incredibly moving Rockefeller speech from Thursday night

The Colbert Report: Send Your Medical Bills to Max Baucus

Do We Still live in a Democratic Society?

Republican leaders to Obama: Net neutrality regulations are harmful

Rolling Stone: "The Lie Machine" - GOP Operatives' Secret Campaign to Kill HCR - MUST READ!

So, in 1999, Mitt Romney was tapped to investigate the bribery scandal of the

Pres. Barack Obama: "The truth is, being successful is hard"

Why do Republicans hate America so much?

Why do Republicans hate America so much?

Will Obama Have Veto Courage?

So in all honesty, do you guys think Palin will run in 2012?

Has anyone put up an Obama "Life Story" truth website?

Kos Endorses a Republican

Who Is Ghost Writing Birther Orly Taitz's Court Papers? Karl Rove & Co.?

John Edwards, Sarah Palin - The portrait of a psychopath.

Historically, Presidents can and do write legislation

Obama Will Also Lose the Afghani Olympics

US Senate and the Filibuster -- a 'modern invention' that allows veto by 10%

Don't You Let Them Do It! This Is STILL George W B*sh & Dick Cheney's Mess!

Before Lucy came Ardi, new earliest hominid found

Landmark Decision: Massive Relief for Homeowners and Trouble for the Banks

Nike Denies Vick Deal

Gays to Help the Disadvantaged and Sick

Typhoon Parma slams into Philippines

G-7 Will Leave Exchange-Rate Stance Unchanged, Official Says

A 'Convincing Win' in Ireland for European Treaty

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past

(Justice Dept and Ethics) Inquiries on Senator Ensign Are Anticipated

Irish voters back EU reform treaty - officials

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past

Sheriff Arpaio may lose some immigrant authority

ESPN stalking suspect ordered held here -- Erin Andrews peephole nude video case

How Letterman could lose (or, is yellow journalism's 15 minutes up yet?)

As Colombian War Crimes Suspects Sit in U.S. Prisons, Victims Protest

UN Afghan neutrality questioned

‘Abusive Swaps’ Would Be Banned Under Frank’s Derivatives Plan

Hundreds more feared dead in Sumatra quake

Geithner: World not ready for end of stimulus

Israel names Russians helping Iran build nuclear bomb

WellPoint Cuts Workers Health Benefits

Iran's leader: Obama wrong to say nuke site hidden

Report Says Iran Has Data to Make a Nuclear Bomb

Police Departments Back Anti-Terror Citizens Watch

Discrimination by Insurers Likely Even With Reform, Experts Say

Nelson (D-Ne): Public option shelved

UN: 70 Percent of World Could Be in Drought by 2025

Daughter's boyfriend living with us...what a BUM!

Obama Aide Concedes Climate Law Must Wait

Toyota leader offers apology

'President' Blair waits on voters of Ireland

In NJ, Chris Christie opposes marriage equality

Rachel Maddow Goes After GOP Senators John Ensign & Tom Coburn

The Two Minutes Hate: Conservatives Celebrate America's Defeat

TYT: Bill Bennett Bashes Chicago On Olympics Bid

McCain's Strategist Schmidt: If Palin is 2012 Nominee, GOP Could Have "Catastrophic Election Result"

TYT: Beck & Limbaugh Celebrate Chicago Losing Bid For Olympics

President Obama's Weekly Address: Economic Recovery And Health Care Are Related

Chris Matthews: Olympic Loss-Obama-Rush Limbaugh-Right Wing

Chris Matthews: GOP Sen John Ensign's Affair - Criminal?

TYT: Head Of Bank Of America To Step Down w/ $125M Check

Greenland's Ice Melting Faster Than Expected

2AM - Senate Finance Wraps Up Health Care Bill

Rachel Maddow: America Lost Olympics! - Right Wing Celebrates!

Argentina's Economic Collapse - Part 4 of 12

Speaking for the Dead - Public Health Care NOW!

Ed Schultz: Rep. Broun's health care plan: The E.R.

CNN Reports On Health Care Horror - Battling Medical Bankruptcy

Honduras: Women Targeted for Resisting Coup

Helen Thomas wants Robert GIbbs's Conscience to Bother Him

President's Weekly Address: Health Reform Urgent for the Economy

Papantonio: The Bush Crazy Train Still Hurts America

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert -- Mum's the word on derivatives at G20

Rio's Olympic Presentation Video - For those that want to see the plans


Meet Your Insurance Company Executive - The Duplicitous Campaign

Meet Your Insurance Company Executive - Rescission

Meet Your Insurance Company Executive - Wall Street

Meet Your Insurance Company Executive - The End Goal

Merryjuana Christmas- alot like puffin

TYT: Bill Frist Supports Public Option

Max Baucus Gets Truthy About Health Care Reform

TYT: Schwarzenegger - Gov't Sucks At Everything

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Jockey Club Gold Cup Super Saturday!

This is the funniest thing I've read this week: "Ted Williams' Severed Head Abused"

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A Promise to Restore Civil Liberties Is Slow to Become Reality in Honduras

Zelaya's Supporters Protest Martial Law, Reject Dialogue Under Current

HONDURAS: Anti-Coup Resistance Movement

Head of US Interests Section meets w Artists in Havana & NY Phil can't go to Cuba as planned nt

As Colombian War Crimes Suspects Sit in U.S. Prisons, Victims Protest

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Venezuela predicts 0.5 percent growth in 2010

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“Real Time” lawmaker Ros-Lehtinen taking Honduran coup show on the road

Chavez Bodyguard Shot as Venezuela Presidential Security Increased

Question, who here carries at home?

Piece be with you: Detroit pastors packing heat

Crackdown on imitation firearms...

"Defense against the government" isn't the only reason for the second amendment.

Why do you think it can't happen here?

Hamas leader threatens to capture more Israelis

Israel complains to UN over Kassams

Is Ahmadinejad trying to hide his Jewish roots by bashing Israel?

Gaza Poverty Rate Triples

Wickee-Wackee-Wickee over Wabi-Sabi; need a shot of Cabo Wabo?

Some of my choices for Wabi-Sabi. 9 pics

There are some days it's just great to be alive.

Today in Labor History Oct 3 President T Roosevelt met with miners & operators, Woody Guthrie dies,

UFCW member runs Twin Cities Marathon for leukemia research

‘Soul of a People’ commemorates 75th anniversary of New Deal

Commentary: Trumka may give AFL-CIO the vitality it sorely needs

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Wabi-sabi on a grand scale.

Refractory materials: Magnesium/Calcium Oxide/Zirconate/Silicate Cement Kilns.

Consciousness Is The Brain's Wi-Fi, Resolving Competing Requests, Study Suggests

I'm gay and I protected your freedom - Billboard vandalized

Gays to Help the Disadvantaged and Sick

As Subprime Lending Crisis Unfolded, Watchdog Fed Didn't Bother Barking

Personal Bankruptcy Filings Highest Since Bankruptcy Overhaul in 2005

Max Keiser -- Mum's the word on derivatives from G20

Surrender and release

Any thoughts on FlashForward?

Any traditional drawing artists here?

Gonna Dance for the Gods Today... & you!

Saw something rather unique today

Over 65s Should Take High Dose Vitamin D To Prevent Falls

Inexpensive drug duo, lovastatin/cholesterol & lisinopril/blood pressure lowers heart attack risk

Weekly Report: Influenza Activity Remains Elevated

What if Being Fat Is Not Your Fault?

US begins rolling out swine flu vaccine

The role of heavy metal accumulation in neurological disease

Aspirin Misuse May Have Made 1918 Flu Pandemic Worse

Game Brain: concussions in football players linked to severe brain damage

Drinking too much water is bad for health. Limit fluid to under 6 cups unless doing

How Moses Shaped America

Religious Groups Weigh In on Health Care Reform

It's not a purple unicorn or FSM, but this is a lot more adorable!

New York=NannY State? NYC bans bake sales at public schools

Just pulled all the green tomatoes. Tomorrow's the day

Probably the wrong way to celebrate a1c values down to 6.6 from 7.3

Looking for ideas for butternut squash. I had a volunteer plant in

Texas poll

Famous Austinite Leslie Cochran critically injured?