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Archives: October 29, 2009

SC Deputy Assistant Attorney General (R) was fired after being caught in a cemetary with a stripper

Lawyer Claims Rapist “Misread the Situation”

I just heard a dandy line about Mitch McConnell on the radio.

The Nation: Dem Doldrums in Gotham

Scientologists convicted of fraud

When will the conflict media stop paying attention to this stain? (Caption please)

Yes, there is good television.. "The Botany of Desire" tonight on PBS

Yes, there is good television.. "The Botany of Desire" tonight on PBS

Senators agree to extend homebuyer tax credit

Last Chance? Last Dance? No Sweat.

Schwarzenegger to receive national park award

Swiss to tackle 'suicide tourism'

Karl Rove: "Tuesday's Elections and the Democratic Agenda"

Steve King is vile.....

California Marijuana Ban Gets Legislative Review After 96 Years

Ohio legislation would allow registered nurses to pronounce death

ABC Refusing To Air Al Gore Commercial?

President Signs Legislation Committing U.S. to Iraq Withdrawal (December 31, 2011)

L.A. officials express support for smoking ban in outdoor dining areas

Glen Greenwald is on Rachel

I have a "google alert" for Sibel Edmonds, and a weird thing just happened.

I have a "google alert" for Sibel Edmonds, and a weird thing just happened.

DOH! School shirts bear phone sex number

Leno SUCKS with his "Al GORE" slapdown on the car/racing thing

Rep Grayson reads from Names of the Dead - Parts 1 -3

Secretary of State Mrs Clinton

Question has been answered. Moderators, you may now delete this.

I posted yesterday lamenting the many instances in the past 8 years of failures to prosecute crimes

Thank you, Teddy

Help me compile a list of the worst you-tube limpball clips and some Olbermann clips too

Come on DUers time to guess

Miss. school calls singing ‘gang activity,’ expels student

Liberty Counsel comes to defense of countries that want to put people in prison for being gay

We are spending MILLIONS for a war

We are spending MILLIONS for a war

Oops! Blue Cross Simultaneously Mails Customers Rate Increase with Opposition to Public Option

Amazing & Touching Picture Of Chimpanzees Mourning One Of Their Own (Nov Issue National Geographic)

Beware Repuke and Repuke Lite --Health Insurance renewal time...

Somalis get first-ever debit card

China confirms Tibetan executions

China confirms Tibetan executions

The Media and Swine Flu - After Spreading RW Attacks On Swine Flu As Democratic Fear Mongering

The Acela Express World Series? ......

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Is there going to be a Filibuster?

question--what does it take to get a new senate majority leader--one with a real spine?

Darling accused of double-cross over collapse of Lehman Brothers

Darling accused of double-cross over collapse of Lehman Brothers

If somebody says a bad thing does it instantly cancel out all the good things they have said?


Galleon paid $100Ms to Wall Street for inside information

Magic Jack? Vonage? Other net based voice services?

Los ojos de la pastora

WTF! Geoge Soros. Is he going nuts?

Who bought a copy of V a while back?

Britain: Protests and political campaigning redefined as “domestic extremism”

Killer foam: Was it a freak event or a warning?

Tim Pawlenty no raise the gas tax or the income tax but he'll accept health care premiums

Afghanistan counts cost of deadliest assault on UN in fifty years

Black belt jonesing: American martial arts culture's roots in the black community

Whatever happened to goobergunch?

Man claims God told him to steal car

Catholic League to the rescue: Larry David pee's on Jesus

Five years after the “Orange Revolution: Ukrainian economy suffers sharp fall in 2009

Chicago: layoffs, cuts in services, privatization

Chicago: layoffs, cuts in services, privatization

Blue Cross Mails 11% Rate Increase With Flyer Opposing Public Option

Obama's Declaration Of Swine Flu Emergency Prompts Pro-Swine-Flu Republican Response

mother turns home where sons died into haunted house

In your opinion, will the U.S. win the war in Afghanistan?

US, Bolivia "close" to restoring relations

US, Bolivia "close" to restoring relations

For those getting the Blue Cross "oppose public option" pre-paid cards...

The list of the 35 pieces of shit (read: republicans) that voted against the defense bill.

'Everything about the U.S. policy toward the Afghan drug trade---now ought to be questioned.'

A K Street whore...

Levi Johnston poll

trailer to movie on pros. of Bush

Why I am glad Obama is POTUS,.....

Pelosi chooses healthcare bill with public option favored by centrists

Filibusters, silent filibusters, and holds -How they work. (Make Reid end the silent filibuster)

Bush the Motivator Meets Motivated Protesters - first hand report from motivational seminar!!

Sorry, that's a pre-existing condition. You're not covered.

Fox is NOT a news station!! Please DU this poll. So far, DEMS are ahead !!!

Answer to "Artistic Integrity"... (DU wouldn't let me respond...??)

Don't be surprised the media elite sided with Fox

Lieberman's 15-Year Record of Killing Health Care Reform

Bed rest not what the doctor ordered

I think that people made two grave strategic mistakes in the way they attacked Lieberman.

Lawyer: CIA kept detainees alive to keep torturing them

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

An open letter to Sarah Palin

What are US troops dying for in Afghanistan?

US to Pay Taliban to Switch Sides

Flip-flop: Lieberman promised ‘universal health care’ during his 2006 Senate run (Raw Story)

Senate Votes to Proceed with Unemployment Bill

US companies, governments continue to slash jobs and pay

After a rocky start, Chile's president leaves office with a 70% approval rating

Levi is an idiot and this whole he said she said is just a mess of

I want a filibuster.

If one invades and occupies another country, one takes the peace movement at home hostage.

Obama's Declaration Of Swine Flu Emergency Prompts Pro-Swine-Flu Republican Response

Obama's Declaration Of Swine Flu Emergency Prompts Pro-Swine-Flu Republican Response

Does Focus on the Family Fund Abortions? Yes...

Fuck you John Naisbitt, Faith Popcorn & the rest of the "trend"

Financial Regulatory Hearings on CSpan3

Clinton In Pakistan: Going To Obama From Bush "Like Daylight And Dark"

New Zealand Anglican parish responds to Pope's offer...

Robert E. Gordon: Stiletto Road

U.N. condemns Cuba embargo by U.S.

Hadassah Lieberman: In bed with Big Pharma

Facebook Attacks Again by Repukes

Facebook Attacks Again by Repukes

Just another Bought and Sold Senator

What Now, Icarus? Is Western Combat Aviation Falling Out of the Sky?

Happy 40th Birthday, Internet!

Lieberman is spreading disinformation just like any good Republican

Gloom Spreads on Economy- "Attitudes toward Washington are just jet black"

DEA crackdown hurts nursing home residents who need pain drugs

Will We Stand for the People or the Insurance Companies? - by DennisKucinich

Hey if you are going to comment on GDP today

Please Mr. President - Stop it Now!

Pelosi Presser just started on GEM$NBC

HCR make them understand

My LTTE on Health Care published in today's Daily News...

Mega-star explosion most distant object ever seen

Rock group Orleans' former guitarist is a Congressman! I can't believe it!

Someone close to me was raped and is now pregnant.

Swine flu: Eight myths that could endanger your life-New Scientist.


Joe Lieberman is afraid to debate Rachel Maddow on health reform.

Fla. man says Home Depot fired him over God button

My Father, the Terrorist (Vanity Fair)

There is a greek chorus of "No They Can't" coming in unison from the TV

LOL re: Twitter...just saw this response to a 20s-something friend's facebook post...

Greenwald: Evan Bayh's wife sits on the board of directors of WellsPoint, the largest health insurer

McGovern eyes running against Thune for Senate race next year in SD

McGovern eyes running against Thune for Senate race next year in SD

Dan Burton is OUTRAGED about execs pay being cut from 12 million to Two Million!

My response to Sen. Hagan NC regarding HRC

What happened to my star?

Where do you see humanity in 50 years?

OK, FUCK CNN and MSNBC for interrupting the Congressional Address. Is it online anywhere???

Health care with a public option is certain to pass - you can count on the Republicans to make sure

Health care with a public option is certain to pass - you can count on the Republicans to make sure

U.S.-Colombia base deal looks near.

Census worker died at tree / Still not homicide

House bill requires hospitals to be paid more than they're asking for.

PIC: Honor, responsibility...

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Remind You Why

Clinton, Pakistani students in intense exchange

Campaign finance reform---or everything we try to pass will suffer the way HCR has.

snow romp

snow romp

See, THIS Is What Happens When Your TIMING SUCKS (Or You Get Suckered)!

Joe LIEberman

Joe LIEberman

The Iraq Security force members we trained and are counting on to take over are doing the bombings

Who Dumped Goats At Industrial Park? Reward Offered For Information

Tuna ban 'justified' by science

The Golden Girls "Turned A Generation Of American Boys Into Homosexuals

Woman Accused Of Spitting On Deputy,Hurled Death Threats, Racial Slurs

Healthcare stocks taking off....

Judd Gregg

Dupe, sorry

As you try to explain to those of us strongly against these wars why we need to fight them .....

Question for the food stamp soda defenders

Democracy For America: Caucus Must Strip Any Filibustering Dem Of Chairmanships



John Stewart on Lieberman and the public option

Unused Tenn. bestiality law put to test in new cases

Someone should tell Joe Lieberman...

Reports that Bush's Pentagon's war propaganda program hasn't ended as promised

Sen. Lieberman is responsible for the largest Governemnt program ever

Does anyone use Safari for their internet browser?

Does anyone use Safari for their internet browser?

During the filibuster of health care reform, the Democrats should talk about those who have died

Independents moving rightward?

a response from my congressman

Oh My Dr Nancy is tearing Mike Pence a new one

Oh My Dr Nancy is tearing Mike Pence a new one

Sneaky credit card tactic, or am I just imagining it?

Brains of gay men show similarities to those of heterosexual women, study reports

Better than dead, but not by much. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Does Focus on the Family Fund Abortions? (It Does-If You Hold Them To Same Standard As HCR)

SHE'S GOT STYLE, SHE'S GOT GRACE. She's got Barack Obama in her face.

Walmart muscles in on funeral homes

House bill seems to stop insurance companies from charging more for pre-existing conditions.

Pentagon officials won’t confirm Bush propaganda program ended

Obama on judicial nominations: I got nothing

Our forces can't operate in Afghanistan without the (paid) assistance of warlords

Sac PD Changes Approach to Tasering

Probe of intelligence notification lapses includes Pelosi's briefings

Kenya to launch homosexual census

WTF? FAA Reacted Slowly to Errant Jet

Whatever happened to the investigation into the death of the census worker in Kentucky?

Balloon Boy Dad Action Figure Goes on Sale

So how many here have already had the Swine Flu?

The Diminishing Dollar

President Obama has made a trip to Dover Air Force Base to greet caskets of returning soldiers

Birds Use Light, Not Magnetic Field, to Migrate

Obama's Declaration Of Swine Flu Emergency Prompts Pro-Swine-Flu Republican Response

anyone else think this is a bit over complicated:

Tom Carper (D-DE), member of Homeland Security Cmte. has no chairmanship.

Nancy Pelosi

Korean War?

A debate so "healthy" it makes you sick's War Room: Orly Taitz goes to war against Bill O'Reilly

Ben Bernake Appreciation Thread

I need help with a REALLY GREAT anti-facist quote.

Living in a country full of war criminals is a delusional state of mind

Looks like the Chamber of Commerce is blowing their entire anti HCR ad budget today

Whatever happened to charges for Balloon Dad?

Tim Geithner Appreciation Thread

Price to PepsiCo for Not Being in Court: $1.26 Billion

HCR loophole - Will this one work for us?

Two U.S. Congressmen want to designate Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism

God Damn Dolphins and Whales!!!

Galleon paid banks millions for ‘edge’

Oh my Earthquake on the Pakistan Afghanistan border

Great explaination of what has gone wrong in California with the economy.

13 billion yrs. is a long time: most distant object ever seen

Swiss crack down on "Suicide Tourism"

Will Obama ever stop doing the dance of ABUSE?

Ways & Means House Bill Summary - What is in the bill and when it kicks in

Howard Dean to Speak at the 2009 Mid-Atlantic Bio Conference

The fierce urgency of

Wow...non-Mormons in Utah are one of America's most liberal demographics.

Can someone post an executive summary of the House's heatlh care bill?

U.N. Can’t Account for Millions Sent to Afghan Election Board

Here's an eleven-page summary of the House HCR Bill.

100,000 Italians sign "Women Offended by the Premier" petition after Berlusconi remarks

So with the administration cutting off federal funding of Abstinence-only sex ed

OK. It was announced this AM that the final House HCR Bill will not be posted until next week.

Why in the hell am I getting "Donate to Pat Toomey" ads on my DU threads?

The Mob That Wasn't Greets Arrival Of Pelosi Bill

Why do I feel that some of you would have been against SS and Medicare when they were passed?

Kansas Republicans Draft "Health Freedom" Bill To Deny Public Option To Their Citizens

Joe Rogan talks about Marijuana and DMT

Pres. Obama participates in the dignified transfer of U.S. Army Sgt. Dale R. Griffin Dover AFB-pics


Fuck the teabaggers

Reuters: Support broad in U.S. for public healthcare option

Is that a ferret in your britches or are you just.....

Exactly how much does Lieberman suck?

Lieberman sucks so much that

Book: The Roots of Contemporary Imperialism

Book: The Roots of Contemporary Imperialism


Union Busting Made Easy.. Boeing to Move 787 to South Carolina

Is it my imagination or is The Greatest Page longer than it used to be?

Erections and Sperm

Yes Man: Chamber Lawsuit Is "A Comedy And A Travesty"

House releases healthcare bill. Tax on millionaires, expanded Medicaid, etc.

Halloween candy compromised by demons!

Walmart Is Now Selling Caskets Online, EKK!!!!!

Another Judge does a SMACKDOWN on Orly Taitz: DENIED!!!



Reaching out to our injured Vets as they return home

A question for San Fran DU'ers.. Did raising your minimum wage to $9.79 kill small business in SF?

Can we get our facts straight about the public option?

Can we get our facts straight about the public option?

Kucinich yesterday

A $14 per hour minimum wage + Employee Free Choice Act could immediately rescue our economy.

Am I looking at the wrong House bill or are the Pubs lying again?

Things were different back then??

Anybody know why Grayson is crying?

I've tried, I've really really tried to like her

I've tried, I've really really tried to like her

CNBC is a steaming pile of shit

Inexplicable upturn in U.S. GDP (chart)

Afghan Girls Burn Themselves To Escape Marriage

My question is: what does "negotiated rates" mean?

Obama Cannot Accept Nobel Prize Without Congress' Consent, Three House Republicans Claim

Marijuana activist has lots of good information.

Marijuana activist has lots of good information.

Harvard 'ACT UP' show gets rise from right-wingers

SF Chronicle editorial on Schwarzenegger's f-you message

Highlights of the House Bill (Snips & Summary)

'I Was Denied a Bone Marrow Transplant and Risked Arrest for Health Care for All'

Foot #7 found on beach (BC) (edited to add map, after ft 5)

Mia Hamm Ambassador for Women's Championship in 2011 World Cup

Filibuster Joe Lieberman Event on Facebook

Boy, 5, tries to help ill girl

Rep. Alan Grayson Cries on House Floor Over the Uninsured

Gore Vidal's United States of fury

Gang rape suspects wear bullet proof vests to arraignment

"Monopoly post" latest annoying spam to hit the internet

Elie Wiesel's Shocking Stage Appearance with Mad Preacher and Anti-Semite John Hagee

For those of you following the HCR thru Congress, here's where we are.

U.S. military create live remote-controlled beetles~

Everything you always wanted to know about "cloture" but were afraid to ask

Attn: Lurking Freeps...My sister-in-law and her son (fellow Republicans) need your help.

OMG...People from my hometown are citing ALEX JONES in their anti-vaccine rhetoric...

Kucinich: Will we stand for the people or for the insurance companies?

Why does Lieberman's Staff still support him?

'Business Roundtable' rails against yet to be unveiled healthcare reform bill.

Curry spice 'kills cancer cells'

Curry spice 'kills cancer cells'

Health care: Most wouldn't have public option

AP, Raw Story Cover BlueCross B.S. Postcard OUTRAGE and DU, DKos Internet Protest

Boy, it's a good thing we compromised so much so the GOP wouldn't call our bill a "gov't takeover"

Orly Taitz CASE DISMISSED (Judge Carter - CA)

Their Lying Eyes Redux

2012: Eh, It's Not the End Of the World

DU this petition, please!

DU this petition, please!

Bullet strikes Lou Dobbs house.

The RW Crazies have some heavy lifting to do for Health Care...

The unions were wrong this time.

Somebody's shopping for a pizza

I love Al Gore, but I wonder what he thinks about his VP choice today.

Radio Station Found Liable in Water Intoxication Death Suit

U.S. Home Vacancies Rise to 18.8 Million on Defaults

Study: Pumpkin skin may repel germs (yeast infections)

Artistic integrity?

S.C.R.E.W. U. - A Credit Company Protection Plan. Credit Reform Flash by Mark Fiore

I see talk about Pelosi's HCR bill... does anyone have a link to the bill?

The economy is so bad, even criminals are cutting back

My two messages of very different tone (to Debbie Stabenow and Mike Rogers)

My two messages of very different tone (to Debbie Stabenow and Mike Rogers)

Abuse network ringleaders jailed

Lyle Lovett stops by RRBC to sign the Scooter!

The Pluto Paradox - Is that part of Obama's problem?

Fall Harvest of the White House Garden - Michelle Obama gets help from Elementary School Kids- Pics

Joe Lieberman supports universal health care for Israelis; used to support it for Americans.

Judge Testifies for Marijuana Legalization in California

Saudis drop WTI oil contract

Republicans: the party of spoiled little children

kucinich 2009 10 28 (Kucinich on The Ed Show - Ed & Dennis Discuss House Health Bill)

(There are stupid people in the world!) Man tried to rob bank with spoon

Financial crisis and health care crisis: BOTH caused by industries which produce NOTHING.

Pat Robertson's CBN Blog Warns Against 'Demonic' Halloween Candy, "prayed over by witches"

So ........ today's theme seems to be "something is better than nothing"

NAACP wants apology for RedNeck Rap

Judge: ‘Birther’ lawyer may have urged witnesses to lie on the stand

Can Government tax corporate campaign cash?

Indonesia 'might expel' refugees

Bill To Document Rape Kit Testing Reintroduced (CA)

Fuzzy Freeper Math: Failure to heed Pelosi "warning" motivation behind Lou Dobbs drive-by

Can someone explain to me how the GDP is measured ?

Who will be eligible and who won't be eligible for the Public Option?

Poll: How satisfied are you with the House health bill?

So a hawk was on a roof next to my office yesterday...

My letter to Congresswoman Eshoo re: the horrible Eshoo/Barton Amendment

Daily Show under fire for covering Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Falling through the hole in the safety net

Pregnant woman 'made race demand'

Are there any projections out there yet as to how much the "public option"

Are there any projections out there yet as to how much the "public option"


the people making these decisions for us are insulated from the problem

the people making these decisions for us are insulated from the problem

Pot Is More Mainstream Than Ever, So Why Is Legalization Still Taboo?

Caption this photo

Hey SARAH! I can see your guy HOFFMAN tanking from my front porch.

Hey SARAH! I can see your guy HOFFMAN tanking from my front porch.

Hey SARAH! I can see your guy HOFFMAN tanking from my front porch.

Gay marriage critics say ‘radical’ groups at work in Maine

When they started negotiating a health care bill they should have started with Single Payer.

Robert Crumb's new 'Book Of Genesis' is amazing.

Greenpeace Commercial

today a local radio announcer said that if a member of congress had a family member get really ill

Visual PROOF: What the BIG PHARMA Bastards are doing so people have to eat dogfood.

Grijalva: Progressives Will Push For Changes To House Bill

The Pink Mafia. from Andrew Sullivan's site

Caption this photo of Cheney

If Congress can't pass health care, Obama should simply call for a General Election!

Stock Photo Company: Another case of a large corporation crushing smaller ones

Cost of Website Redevelopment

Can you guess who this is?

U.S. Marshal says drug war, as he saw it, was like ethnic cleansing.

This should give you an idea as to why McCain moved to block net neutrality

Republican Twitter accounts hacked

The Ox vs The Rat (fun from Georgia)

Recession ends in US as GDP grows 3.5% in 3rd quarter

Digby: Jon Kyl Says Unemployment Benefits Haven't Run Out -- They Have

Sanders to Push for Single-Payer Vote in Senate- That bill will lose, how much support will it get?

Check out new site started by Nancy Skinner to hold the Blue Dogs accountable

Police: Two men shot at California synagogue

McConnell: The Public Option ‘May Cost You Your life

Pelosi's Not So Robust Public Option: A Victory for the Insurance Companies

Who else has had it with the obstructionists who are keeping meaningful healthcare reform from

Obama administration cuts off federal funding of Abstinence-only sex ed.

Another look at the psychedelic known as LSD (it's usefulness as a treatment)

BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA: HYPOCRITE SnowBilly Sarah Palin ATTACKS Levi Johnson For Selling His Body For Money

The LIE of passing on costs of insurers to the customer.

The LIE of passing on costs of insurers to the customer.

Schakowsky: GOPers Who Slammed Pelosi On CIA Lie Charge Should Apologize

stop electing corporate hacks people.

There is something HORRIBLE in the house bill brought to you courtesy of Rep Anna Eshoo

Are people here aware that in some parts of the country, doctors are turning

I don't usually talk about my kids, but...

Morning view from my living room -- brrrr!

Mercosur hopefully finalizes Venezuela's membership.

Pew Research Center Survey: Fox News is most conservative news net, CNN is most liberal

Matthew Hoh, on PBS Newshour, discussing Afghanistan - is my new hero.

Under Attack, Credit Raters Turn to the First Amendment

Why is the Dept of Commerce running ads telling me to tell congress no "gov't run healthcare"?

Halloween is Satan's Holy Day and Candy Is How Demons Steal Your Soul!

A call for a Constitutional Ammendment for National Ballot Measures

time to ask ourselves whether the two-party system is truly capable of representing the..people

Policeman points gun at Halloween 'zombie'

DINO Corruption: Lieberman and Bayh $$ Enriching Themselves

Lou Dobbs under fire for real!

112-year-old Somalian Marries 17 year-old-girl

DU this poll Fox vs Obama - Obama us losing

Randall Terry and other anti-choicers arrested after making threat to Nancy Pelosi

I will not vote for my Democratic congressperson-someone I USED to support-in 2010

Vince Bugliosi is making a documentary. Whatch the trailer.

If you can't wait for real health care and don't think Congress is doing enough,

Fundies: The Hate Crimes Law is UNGODLY

Bloomberg - "U.S. Economy: Consumers, Government Propel Return to Growth"

You know what makes me really sick? *This* makes me really sick.

A long's an awwwww....

Poppy Bush talked trash about a sitting U.S. President to a Soviet leader. Let's convict the fucker.

Photos from global warming rally in DC

There are only 2 types of people in the world.

Die Monsanto Die !!!!

Please Don't Use the Word "Preference" When Discussing Sexual Orientation

Assistant Attorney General Roland Corning (R) Caught With Stripper

Speaking of the recession ending

Thank you President Obama - I hate yours wars but

Cash for Clunkers Results Finally In: Taxpayers Paid $24,000 per Vehicle Sold, Reports

Gomorrah: That ol’ one-ring circus (Interview with Max Blumenthal on the GOP)

UNICEF -- the "silent emergency" in Honduras; 1,600 children have died

I got swine flu. Ask me any relevant questions.

What did I miss in Negotiating 101?

Who would you like to see rescue a Blue Dog?

If you have a conscience, this is going to hurt

Every vote counts, look at this!!!

So...under B*sh we had TRUTHINESS. Now we have...CHANGINESS!!

That clever Somali cab driver.

BMW Links Executive Pay to That of its Line Workers

Anyone else 'Call(ing) for Equality' in Maine?

Violence against women on TV surges

Orly Taitz Smacked Down: Birther Lawsuit Dismissed

Police: S.C. state attorney caught with stripper

Police: S.C. state attorney caught with stripper

Senator Evan Bayh may join Lieberman in filibuster...

Quick questions for long term unemployed

OK, so how does Joe Leiberman get tossed out of the Democratic party?

Spotted: Gates And Crowley Reportedly Partake In Beer Summit Part Deux (This time in Cambridge pub)

Please send hugs

"There Is A White Hot Rage That Has Burned Inside Me For Years" (PHOTOS DOVER AFB)

A DU memorial page will be created, Help needed from every DU'ers

Am I the only one here who likes Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan?

Bad driving may have genetic basis

I think we should have a national vote on healthcare.

I think we should have a national vote on healthcare.

The most incredible pictures of Redwood Rainforest..from National Geographic..

‘You made that up,’ Dean tells Rove in debate (re: Medicare facts)

Amazing column by Glen Greenwald....War Propaganda

Attention Everyone: A DUer needs some help. Please K&R

I present myself for flagellation and scourging, I bought a bag of candy with food stamps today..

Has anyone coined a term for Beck's followers yet?

The Day the Music Died

We Are Disposable.

Never Trust a Propagandist: More on Michael Moore

In or Out of Afghanistan

A very serious epidemic in Eastern Kentucky

Bombing the moon, denying the poor the right to drink soda, what's next for DU?

Do you know food stamps can be used for canned beans...

Rachel Maddow reported the progress of this petition:

Rachel Maddow reported the progress of this petition:

ED: The bill is nothing but a watered down piece of garbage written on GOP toilet paper.

Jesus H. Christ, Wisconsin's Supreme Court Says Elections To Court Can Be Bought

Link between the deadly Chicago youth violence and the school closings overseen by Arne Duncan?

Windows shot out in Congressman Peter DeFazio's office (D OR)

Why are fat people abused? (BBC)

Man Who Found Caylee's Remains Fired

This House "public option" collaborates with private insurance rather than competes with it.

John Wayne was a WW2 Draft Dodger

White House vs Fox News... NPR has poll ... you know what to do,,

Alas, poor Orly. Judge Carter smashes her in his Dismissal.

Independents moving rightward?

If competition lowers cost,

Rarely would I ask - but please K&R this one - 6-year-old girl’s notes to family live on after her

Bogus Or Not: Dobbs Claim Of Being Shot At?

The Moral Ferocity of Eating Animals

"Beef causes more warming than cars" - where's the evidence for this?

The Return of Howard Zinn, and Company- A packed house hears a left-wing critique of Obama

Iowa Republicans wince at Sarah Palin's $100K speaking fee

Uttered by one of the Right-wing loonies here at work moments ago

Gibbs, Eyes Glistening, Describes Dover AFB: "It's Hard Not To Be Overwhelmed"

A caller from Massachusetts on the Ed Schultz show made a great

PBS Frontline-Close to Home-The depression/recession hits the Upper East Side, NYC.

Blue Dogs Win Huge Victory For The Health Insurance Industry

The "Public Option" has been a red herring all along, to divert you from the real issue: MANDATES

The "Public Option" has been a red herring all along, to divert you from the real issue: MANDATES

9 years without health care. Tens of thousands in debt.

Parents Television Council study: TV has more depictions/plots about violence against women!

Jane Hamsher: House Health Care Bill: A Death Sentence For My Fellow Breast Cancer Survivors

Jane Hamsher: House Health Care Bill: A Death Sentence For My Fellow Breast Cancer Survivors

Public Option: RIP

Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network Warns Americans Of ‘Demonic’ Halloween Candy

Happy Halloween - lots of pics

What kind of wisdom tradition do you belong to?

Healthcare Hoax from Hell

The Full "fierce urgency of now" quote..

"Bright-Sided"...relentless "positive thinking" used as opiate by business leaders.

Jailhouse recipes?

Witnessed a near brawl over a handicapped spot tonight

America has a problem with Handicapped parking!

So I was in my Caddy tonight looking for a parking place . . .

Shoplifting Seagull

My cat is acting like a fucking lovesick teenager!

Any New Moon fans? Want to help me out? Without using the internet, answer the ? and then rate

Did anyone try and watch Poltergeist on TCM last night?

I am getting a full slab of ribs just because I survived two times two days

Now THIS guy really has The Touch.

I think the universe is out to get me.

Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride

Oriental Hobby

It's 1:00 AM here. Sign in if you're still up

Unintentionally funny FAQ

I confess, I'm a wuss.


Godwin's Law and the Lounge

Obama's Declaration Of Swine Flu Emergency Prompts Pro-Swine-Flu Republican Response

'The League' on FX - any chance it will be funny?

Is it rude to wish someone a Happy Birthday through text message?

OMG! South Park was just plain out of control tonight - all over the place!

My youngest saw West Side Story in Spanglish on Broadway yesterday!

Have you ever been told not to go there only you went there anyway because there is there to go to?

What is this musical instrument?

Darrell Scott - You'll Never Leave Harlan (Ky) Alive

Which of the following things is truly ironic?

OMG! - Y'all have to check out this really bizarre video from a kid's show!!!

Which Chick Tract should I give out this year at Halloween?

The way I see it...

Muphry's law and the Lounge

Would you go to the dentist if strong hail storms were predicted?

I'm not giving out candy this year for Halloween

Oh kick ass... snorkel with beluga whales in Manitoba.

Good morning Lounge

Great News From CNN: Eating Chocolate does NOT cause Acne! But some Bad News, too:

11 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time by Martin Scorsese

That youtube freeze frame on the front page isn't NSFW, but it's UWFW...

Ilya the Mantatee gets lost in New Jersey - finally getting a ride hom to Florida

What did we learn on the show tonight, Craig?

"Got to ~insert something~ or my wife will kill me "

Slumdog Millionaire Kids Could Lose Trust Fund

Now thats REALLY annoying

dear god we've been invaded by freeper motivators

HAHAHA I'll tell you what Jesus would do - he would grow Broccoli

Does it irritate you when teabaggers trick or treat?

So, over in GD Soda and Junk Food are being equated with access to legal aid and health care.

another day at home, let's see if i can be more productive today

Are you the spiritual type?

Frakk! Some big monster construction truck a block away is rattling windows and flexing the floor.

Is that a ferret in your britches or are you just.....

The lounge threads I bookmark are usually food or music related..

DAy 13 finds me still in bed, still typing on the computer and still

What is the acceptable amount of warning to give family for wedding attendance?

Joe Called Me Collect Today From County

Need help finding two songs!!! Please... :)

A farm kid writes home from recruit training:

I swear Power Naps could create world peace

Fan or not, gotta love two AMAZING catches from last night

I received no candy last year.

Found one of the vids was looking for!!!!!!!!!!

My cat is snoring

Ever do something stupid, and then...

The Present Day Composer REFUSES TO DIE..."Zoot Allures" & "Trouble Every Day" (YouTube)

Tonight ... Its Sushi and Sashimi to go!

YouTube, One of FZ's last interviews...Today Show, 1993

Name this bridge

whats the strangest "treat" you ever got on Halloween?

Are YOU a "Spiritual, Intellectual, Artistic, Confidant Man?" If so, Jessica Simpson WANTS YOU.

White House defends swine flu campaign

Three nitwits napping:

Bob Marley's song Buffalo Soldier or some sliced buffalo mozarella w/ tomatoes, basil & olive oil?

Joe Wilson To Appear At Unauthorized Rally For Chris Christie

Seriously, is this for real?

To my dear Amy Marie

I listened to Creed's new CD last night. Ask me anything.

I think I just found out where republicans came from.

got in my first fundy argument today ..woohoo

Mike Malloy just played a clip of Holy Joe from 2006

YouTube: Richard EFFING Thompson..."Shoot Out The Lights"

How much do you tip the delivery guy? (like pizza etc)

Du Cat lovers: Are you owned by a calico or tortoiseshell?

Lights and Shadows: Bern Cathedral

Well, it's going to be a few more days in the hospital....

Can this be true? Some places are now holding "casket-less wakes?"

Victory for Obama Over Military Lobby

The WH feud with Fox News was to pacify liberals in case the health care bill was too conservative

Religious jokes from Emo Philips

YAY! My daily Jackeens search is back on!...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/29/09

Off to the grocery store. Anybody need anything?

confession: my first make out session was to Baby Got Back

Do any people have any redeeming qualities whatsoever?

"Prepare to meet your God . . ."

Lieberman stabs Obama and the Democratic caucus in the back.

CHALLENGE: Pick a random DU thread title, run it through Babelfish, and re-post it here

Jim Hightower: Healthcare Hypocrites

AP: House Dems reach deal on key health care elements

Sorry, wrong forum

Obama Revives Military Trials at Guantanamo

E. J. Dionne: Hug Obama, Find the Moderates

FDL: BCBS NC Mails Customers about 11% Increase Along with Slick Flier Opposing Public Option

Which GD flame war made you most disappointed in your fellow DUers?

Why is the media defending Fox and attacking Obama?

Obama Marriage in NYT Magazine, Michelle Obama in Glamour

White House Pushback On AP Story On Stimulus

Step aside, Susan Boyle.

My negotiations with EarlG for me to become a moderator are going very very well!

Grateful Dead Live-Fillmore East-Not Fade Away...2.15.70

With the the revelations of the Bayh and Lieberman families being

There is an absolute scumban posting vile porno antiamerican antisemtic photos on flickr

should I get the wii fit plus with balance board

Let's talk about holding doors open for people, How long will you wait for them?

Maybe Bernie Sanders should do a Joe Lieberman

There is nothing negative about where the House bill stands right now

Deere to recall 452 workers at Iowa plant

This is how I taught myself how to draw

we found a special on full size candy bars 25 for 14 dollars so for Halloween, my trick or treaters

any good ideas for scary movies for Halloween night?

Where do you put your horseradish? poor dog.

Warning!!! Scariest carved pumpkin EVER!!!

DUer check in if you've completed your demonic prayers over your Halloween Candy....

Trick or Treat

Happy Birthday John Cleese!

It's Halloween - which Chick Track should I hand out this year???

****Officicial World Series Game II Thread*****

Overheard a conversation about avoiding the "birds & the bees" talks with children

What's your favorite Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horror" story?

Favorite fictional professor

Does it irritate you when teenagers trick or treat?

Rust removal?

When is Trick or Treat night in your area?

Is it wrong to have a meat-eating dog if you're a moral vegetarian/vegan?

I have made a huge mistake coming back here so soon.

Best Seinfeld subcharacter is...

Cat Injured By Gunfire Needs Surgery

Just got back from Verdi's Otello, and I couldn't get past the stupidity of the characters.

It's hell being a crazy cat lady.

Abbas warns of 'religious war' if Israel's J'lem policies continue

Levi: I'm Hiding "Huge" Things About Palin

Palin on Levi: "those would sell their body for money..."

Cuba's ex-leader Castro 'strong'

Boeing picks South Carolina for 787 line

No more U.S. aid needed, says GM chief

Iraq hearings 'must be in public'

House panel approves bill to punish Iran

US, Bolivia "close" to restoring relations

House Dems reach deal on key health care elements

Venezuela, Argentina hail UN condemnation of embargo against Cuba

Obama Considers Scaled-Down Afghan War Plan.

Trade bloc's unease over Chavez

Argentina insists on re-negotiating military agreements with U.S.

EU leaders brace for tough summit

Hagel (R-Ne) named to advisory post (President's Intelligence Advisory Board)

Anger at Zimbabwe UN envoy snub

FEC puts Obama in a bind

Police: SC state attorney caught with stripper

Obama's Declaration Of Swine Flu Emergency Prompts Pro-Swine-Flu Republican Response

Price to PepsiCo for Not Being in Court: $1.26 Billion

Does Focus on the Family Fund Abortions? (It Does-If You Hold Them To Same Standard As HCR)

Venezuela to conserve energy with daytime football

Police: S.C. state attorney caught with stripper

Iran to propose two amendments to IAEA deal: report

Ahmadinejad: Iran ready for nuclear cooperation

(Seventh) Foot found on Richmond beach (British Columbia)

Cash for Clunkers Results Finally In: Taxpayers Paid $24,000 per Vehicle Sold, Reports

Argentina Unveils Bill for Reform

Police: Two men shot at California synagogue

Exxon Mobil 3Q profit drops 68 pct

Loosening of F.B.I. Rules Stirs Privacy Concerns

Fisker Will Open Shuttered GM Factory for Hybrid Production

Pentagon officials won’t confirm Bush propaganda program ended

Economy finally back in gear (with pictures)

Ongoing crisis to damage textile trade – US textile groups

U.S. GDP rises 3.5% as stimulus kicks in

John Ensign mum on possible contact with feds

Bill Targeting Offshore Tax Evasion Is Introduced in Congress

Obama attends return of fallen troops from Afghanistan

U.S. to Protect Populous Afghan Areas, Officials Say

Spotted: Gates And Crowley Reportedly Partake In Beer Summit Part Deux (This time in Cambridge pub)

Two U.S. Congressmen want to designate Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism

U.N. Can’t Account for Millions Sent to Afghan Election Board

40% of Top Obama fundraisers get posts

Politicians Butt In at Bailed-Out GM

Orly Taitz Smacked Down: Birther Lawsuit Dismissed

Slump Sinks Visa Program (H-1B)

President Obama Approves Funding for Northern Border Panel

NY Senator (Schumer): Bank Officials Need to Oust Former Fugitive from Bank Manager Job

F.D.I.C. Chief Criticizes Financial Reform Plan

Firms accept Ecuador plan to break pharma patents

UN evacuates non-essential staff after deadly attack on Kabul guesthouse

Iran supreme leader: Questioning elections a crime

Police arrested over Iraq bombing

U.S. consumers optimistic ahead of holidays: survey

Honduras takes dispute with Brazil to U.N. court

Islamist dies in FBI Detroit raid

Obama makes overnight trip to Dover Air Force base to honor war dead

Stimulus helps fill coffers for states

Exxon’s Earnings Reflect Decline in Energy Prices

GDP report drives stocks higher after 4-day slide

Financial overhaul bill gets wary reception

DeMint accuses Dems of censorship on Honduras issue

Attorney O'Quinn Killed in Houston Wreck

GOP continues courting others to challenge Grayson

Cheney's 'cheap and easy lines' criticized by Sen. Levin

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 29

Medical marijuana group barred from civic center

Clinton Questions Pakistan's Willingness to Go After Bin Laden

Free Google Sat-Nav Shakes Market

Zelaya, de facto leaders resume talks in Honduras

Ga. Rep. Lewis and ex-segregationist to get award

Felon Involved in Clandestine Videos of Ecuador Judge in Chevron Case

Synagogues in L.A. on alert after shooting that police are investigating as a hate crime [Updated]

Poll finds U.S. anti-Semitic views at historic low

Pelosi Unveils House Health Care Bill

President Signs Law Giving Defense Dept Authority To Exempt Photos From Freedom Of Information Act

Bullet Hits Lou Dobbs' NJ Home With Wife Nearby

Christmas jeer: Kentucky governor's 'holiday tree' angers critics

Economy in U.S. Expands for First Time in More Than a Year

Congressman Alan Grayson Honors the Dead: Part Two

Congressman Alan Grayson Honors the Dead: Part Three

Red & The Pledge

Congressman Alan Grayson Honors the Dead: Part One

Young Turks: Limbaugh Calls Obama 'Little Boy, Little Manchild President'

Maddow invites Lieberman on her show (Bribes him with a shake & a cookie)

Faux recruits for the US military - Great Benefits! Wonder how many chickenhawks will bite?

As Wasilla Turns: Lawrence O'Donnell & blogger Shannyn Moore discuss the Levi-Palin feud

Fucktard Limbaugh plays ''The Afghanistan Plan'' - The Rubberband Man

Gutierrez: How Do We Know Next Treas Sec Won't Be Former CEO Goldman Sachs NO MORE BAILOUTS!

Nancy Pelosi Unveils House Health Care Reform Bill

Rachel Maddow & David Brancaccio discuss America's crumbling infrastructure

Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Health Care Ed Show - State single payer stripped from bill

Rachel Maddow & Tim Weiner on the CIA funding Afghani drug lords

Obama Salutes Fallen Soldiers

CNN: President Obama salutes fallen soldiers - Dover Air Force Base

Obama: Burden on Troops, Families 'Something that I Think About Each and Every Day'

Collapse (Documentary Trailer)

Unplugged: H1N1 Cases Overestimated?

Kucinich: Health Care or Insurance Care - Govt For the People or Govt by The Corporations

House has their healthcare bill

Ed Schultz: Is The Justice Dept Doing Enough To Hold The Bush Administration Accountable?

Dylan Ratigan: Where's the fraud investigation???

We Shall Overcharge! Billionaires for Wealthcare in SF - recorded 10/28/09

South Carolina Republican Caught With Sex Toys & Stripper In Cemetery - Rick Sanchez

TYT Interviews: Dean Baker, Center for Econ. & Policy Research (Banks Screwing Us & More)

No Public Option in the HOUSE version?? Ed & Dennis Kucinich say WTF??

Kansas Republicans Draft Bill To Deny Public Option To Their Citizens

Rachel Maddow on the death of the F-22 zombie spending suck! Hoorah for sanity

Hypocrisy Thy Name is Lieberman

Climate Denial Crock of the Week/ 2009 Sea Ice Update

Raw Video:Obama Honors Return of Fallen Soldiers

Bad News - Poll: Palin can't be president

Alan Grayson on the Ed Schultz Show - On Saving American Lives / HC Bill

Shot Fired Into Home of Lou Dobbs of CNN!

Dennis on the Ed Show Discussing House Health Care Bill: kucinich 2009 10 28

Levi Johnston: I have info on Palin; Palin joked about "retarded" son Trig

Inslee: SuperFreakonomics Is Guilty of 'Absolute Deception' On Climate Change

Congressman Grayson: Stories Of Those Who Died Because They Didn't Have Health Insurance (30mins)

Rachel Maddow & Glenn Greenwald ponder Dems servicing of Holy Joe

Reid Issues Call-to-Action on Health Care

Pelosi to Off-Camera Interruption: 'Thank You, Insurance Companies of America!'

If Cats Were Lobbyists

Boehner: Democrats Bill a Government Takeover

Obama declares martial law - haters freak out

Young Turks: Lieberman Explains Why He's Joining GOP Filibuster On Fox News

Alan GRAYSON STALKED & HARASSED By O'Reilly Producer Griff Jenk - Grayson WINS!!!

The film of the Decade. Coming this February......

"Who Lays Claim to the American Dream?" Protests in Chicago against Bankers...

No One Else Will Stop The Killing

Ben Stevens' consulting fees surface in Allen, Smith sentencings

The Peru Shoot Down: The CIA, DynCorp, and Why the Truth May Not Come Out

Leonard Pitts: Commentary: When party politics come before country

Even Lieberman's Ancestors Betrayed the Public Option

FEC puts Obama in a bind

Soros: China should lead ‘new world order’

AlterNet: Elie Wiesel's Shocking Stage Appearance with Mad Preacher and Anti-Semite John Hagee

Nothing to fear-yet (Gene Lyons column)

The Inhuman State of U.S. Health Care ... (Class Power is the reason)

Monty Python Reunion Show Spurs Renewed Search for The Holy Grail

How will the right wing punk AARP?

The Iron Cheer of Empire (Joe Bageant)

Big Oil’s Heart of Darkness (the seedy world of Dick Cheney and Halliburton)

Norman Lear on Lieberman. Perfect.

With the "Opt-Out" provision for states there is NO EXCUSE for any democrat to not support PO -

"High End NY Hairdresser on Upper West Side...Clients of Woe!" PBS/American Experience

TRICK OR TREAT! " Democracy NOW "exposes the Treats for Big Pharma!

North Lauderdale (Florida) seeking inmate work crews

Stephen Colbert on Lieberman: "Good for you Joe for voting on your principles. Let me know when

10 reasons abortion must be covered

Glock's Secret Path to Profits-behind its success lies a troubling tale of business intrigue

"Crash of '29"...Must watch of how more things change..More the Same/ PBS "American Experience"

New (vid) game lets players massacre civilians

The Myth of Too Big to Fail

PBS documentary captures anti-Semitism behind the Frank case

Rogue Nation

Smear Factor Episode 1: Anita Dunn

Renditions Case: Milan Trial Could Expose Italian Role in CIA Kidnapping

Sex Is Not the Problem: What David Letterman and Steve Phillips Demonstrate About Women in the Workp

Killer algae foam: Was it a freak event or a warning for the Pacific Northwest?

EU Demand for New CERs May Fall Post-Kyoto, Emission Group Says

Peak oil notes - Oct 29

Oklahoma: Transportation Officials Face (funding) Shortage

"It must be very lonely being the last flat-earther."

Yvo DeBoer - Finalizing Climate Deal In Copenhagen "Impossible" - AFP

"Thin Flow" Causing 50% Generating Shortfall At Lahore Dams - 8-15 Hour Blackouts In Punjab

From Plankton & Cod To Jellyfish & Crabs - North Sea "A Totally Different Ecosystem Now"

Firestone in Liberia 'pollution' (BBC)

Nuclear cost estimate rises by as much as $4 billion (CPS Energy)

German Energy Giant RWE Withdraws from Bulgarian Nuclear Power Plant

Diego Garcia Sinks. Drought Prompts Indo-Pakistani War. Enough For GOP To Support Climate Bill?

In Less Than A Lifetime, Nearly All HK Fish Gone - More In Restaurant Tanks Than In Oceans Near City

First Lady Blames Cabinet Member For 118 Deaths in Dangerous Oil Accident.

Pakistan: Electricity generation shrinks by 50%

Proceedings NAS Study - Lake Sediment Data Shows Mid-20th Century-Present Warming Highly Anomalous

Russia hopes nuclear ship will fly humans to Mars (AP)

A change that took place quietly -- LED traffic signals

Go Phills!

I guess joey and fork are busy watching their favorite team play the Phillies tonight.

Ironic, but David Letterman has as a guest tonight...

What happened to ESPN's Wheaties this morning?

Taco Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled

The Book The NBA Does Not Want You To Read - Tim Donaghy

Dan Snyder tells Redskins fans to STFU!

Phillies defeat Yankess in game 1, 6-1

Hialeah Horse track is on it's way back ---Fantastic.

Cleveland Sports. The Dark Cloud that Never Lifts.

Hey Auggie!

Sports Illustrated photo confirms Saints benefited from bogus TD vs. Dolphins

For those of you who have not been able to get enough of Brett Favre...

What city is in the worst condition, sports wise?

I hope Pedro gets shelled

Argentina insists on re-negotiating military agreements with U.S.

Honduran military communique

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/28

Ongoing crisis to damage textile trade – US textile groups

The Struggle Against Free Trade Continues (El Salvador)

US, Bolivia "close" to restoring relations

Bolivia to produce electric-car batteries

The Peru Shoot Down: The CIA, DynCorp, and Why the Truth May Not Come Out

Venezuela to conserve energy with daytime football

Argentina Unveils Bill for Reform (wild spinning alert)

Peru: ‘Free trade’, cocaine and terrorism

Venezuela to conserve energy with daytime football

Q&A: Peruvian Cardinal Does Not Want Rebel Priest as President

UNICEF -- the "silent emergency" in Honduras; 1,600 children have died

DeMint accuses Dems of censorship on Honduras issue

Firms accept Ecuador plan to break pharma patents

Trade bloc's unease over Chavez

Guatemala: Another Trade Union Leader Assassinated

Congress Members Urge Obama to "Break the Silence" on Honduran Rights Violation

Colombia's paramilitaries: Militias march again

[en] Juan Almendares: The Electoral Theater of the Military-Political Coup

As Honduran Elections Near, US Diplomats Seek End to Leadership Crisis

Honduras takes dispute with Brazil to U.N. court

Magbana: Honduras: AGENT MICHELETTI

Felon Involved in Clandestine Videos of Ecuador Judge in Chevron Case

I just heard UN Ambassador Susan Rice talking about Cuba.

Another Geezer (78 yr old) shoots a burglar.

N.J. Court: Americans Have No Right To Buy Handguns

85-Year-Old Pennsylvania Geezerette Pulls Gun on Burglar, Forces Him to Call 911

Vero Beach man accused of having an illegal weapon outside Fort Pierce gun show

ILLINOIS: Number Of Women Buying Handguns Increasing

Glock's Secret Path to Profits

Should a landlord be allowed to prohibit tenants...

Religious settler comes to aid of gay Palestinian

Israel marks 14 years since Rabin assassination

Which Way for Hamas?

US scientist faces death for plot to spy for Israel

Hamas to boycott Palestinian elections

Haredi teargases woman for using 'men only' sidewalk

Debating Israeli-Palestinian issues on ‘The Daily Show’

UN to debate Goldstone Gaza report next week

Coyotes kill woman on hike in Canadian park

550 Laid-Off Caterpillar Workers Are Recalled

California Nurses Association Talks May Avert One-Day Strike Over H1N1

Today in Labor History Oct 27 The National Negro Labor Council is formed in Cincinnati

Temp Workers Squeezed Most in Tightening Job Market

fall puddle

Moonscape, with glacier

Going downtown

Autumn Color in southwest Washington state...

HELP ME ! I think they've fallen.

coral on shell... anyone seen this before?

Rainy day question

Lights and Shadows: Bern Cathedral

A mottled sky and mostly B/W for a change--- 5 photos

Autumn in New York

*** November contest theme poll #1 ***

*** November contest theme poll #2 ***

*** November contest theme poll #3 ***

IG: Combat-zone tax rules lead to errors

Contractor to help VA with GI Bill claims

11 airmen survived 2006 confrontation in Sudan

Model Teabagger

Report: Military aware of C-5 wheel problems

Jury awards at least $750,000 to former soldier

More Alabama Guard going to Afghanistan

Brother of Afghan president denies CIA pay

Admiral: Complacency caused sub collision

T-34 with 2 aboard missing off Texas coast

Ex-Saipan begins journey to scrap yard

Obama honors fallen Americans at Dover

Remember Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford who refused Gay Pride permit in 2008? LOL!

Extreme Anti-LGBT Trio Hold Maine Press Conference That Even Yes on 1 Distances Itself From

Kenya to launch census of gay population

Blame genetics for bad driving, study finds

Obama considering scaled-down Afghan war plan

Weird, Rare Clouds and the Physics Behind Them

should I open the GayTM just a bit?

Inside the 2010 Defense Authorization Bill

Defense bill includes money to sway Taliban

Clinton, Pakistani students in lively exchange

Anyone else 'Call(ing) for Equality' in Maine?

NASA to start radiating monkeys (MSNBC)

UN re-evaluates Afghan mission after bloody attack

General: IED attacks in Afghanistan likely to rise if more troops are deployed

Northrop may sue over tanker price release

Senator sees painful weapons cuts ahead

DoD Buzz: US Must Plan for Nuke Wars

Mega-star explosion most distant object ever seen

Army Transfers More Land Back to Iraq

West Point employee admits $3M fraud scheme

Government Reform Key to Afghanistan

Misawa’s bright idea: Cut off runway lights at night

Guard Equipment to Return From Iraq

Shinseki Cites Support in Mental Care

Destroyer accidentally fires on Polish port

Obama Visits Returning War Dead

The ABCs of the Economic Crisis, Capitalism on the Ropes?

Slump Sinks Visa Program (H-1B)

as I understand it,Senate Repubs voted against HR 2647 because

Housing Rebound? Not So Fast By MIKE WHITNEY

Jeff Jawer & Rick Levine: October Astrology Forecast, Part 1 of 6

‘A History of Ghosts’ explores paranormal past The father of Dan Aykroyd

What are your plans/traditions for Samhain/Hallowmas...?

Is today one of those universally odd days?

My 2012 article is published

top medical journals under reporting pharma side effects

Culture Differences in the News: Swine Flu vaccination

Here is my hope, that more research is done on health issues

US maternal mortality 'still high'

People with asthma or other lung disorders.....beware.

The Green Pharmacy

circumventing law - business as usual rant

Corps IDs Marine found dead outside home

Our experience with H1N1 ~ anyone else have fun with this flu?

"Why H1N1 isn't just the seasonal flu". Very interesting information

Vitamin D and lung infection. I don't care to get into long argument about

Curry spice 'kills cancer cells'


Catholic League Angered By Larry David Peeing On Jesus

CSM: Islamic countries push a global 'blasphemy' law

why can't atheists force every nonreligious person to vote democrat?

proposed: rename this the atheist forum and be done with it.

Overloading God’s Servers - atheists to launch a coordinated prayer attack against God.

On Biblical literalism

In 2008, college enrollment set a record, while high school dropouts were fewer

Which type of R/T threads do you enjoy the most?

Daily Show under fire for covering Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Tater Tots for Two: It’s a Date!

HEY! You got mini-chocolate chips...

Making Chile Rellenos for Lunch\ Dinner

How about Easy and Tasty?

can you do NTY no knead bread in a pan? like an enameled or steel pan?


Speaking of French Cooking

Serious question for "truthers"...