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Archives: October 28, 2009

Bankruptcy Court Wipes Out Mortgage Debt When Servicer Fails to Document Claim

World Health Organization to warn of risks of cell phones, based on new research

Rep. Harman: More U.S. Troops Not Going To Fix Afghanistan

Dem moderates challenge Reid on health care plan

Barack Obama's tailor, the pink ribbon on the white house

Indian Affairs won't recognize Little Shell Tribe

The Senator from Aetna

Woman scares off burglar by acting like a dog

Interesting fact about White Alabamans and the last two elections...

From Landover Baptist: Halloween Tips for Holyweeners

There are MANY others ahead of Lieberman who are targets for *my* ire.

Jimmy McMillan Running for NY Mayor: The Rent Is Too Damn High Party

I would hope that if it is necessary, the Democrats will go for reconcilliation

Dr. Weil being attacked by the FDA for comments KNOWN TO BE TRUE.

I have just written to Senator Lieberman's office to indicate that

We SHOULD have impeached Bush the War Criminal, but we did not.

Joe Lieberman

Recommend if you support regime change in Uganda...

5,000 Protest Bank Power, Abuses, as ‘Showdown’ Culminates

Harry Reid on Joe Lieberman (2007)

Anti-health carers, I hope you are left destitute by a terrible disease

Now we know why right wingers like Zogby polls so much

Take the time to meet a hero: Google "Matthew Hoh"

No more wild tigers?

LAPD chief: Keep police out of immigration battle

Places that politicize...what are yours?

Say this for him, he's a Palin kind of guy (UK Guardian)

Scariest pumpkins

Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on C.I.A. Payroll


Time for Lieberman to more to the Republican party

Lotto: He won $50K, $100K, and $1 million twice inside 5 years. Now he's won $17 million

Remember what state Lieberscum comes from next time you buy insurance..

Sarah Palin's Ghostwriter pals around with White Supremacists and Wackos

France to launch national pride campaign in battle against Islamic fundamentalism

Wheelchair tax?! Seriously? A new low for me at least...

What Is Behind Walmart's Mask?

I hate to think what kind of VP Lieberman would have made. Hell, he could even have been president.

Let us not forget that the name of the party that Lieberman is ostensibly in,

Let us not forget that the name of the party that Lieberman is ostensibly in,

Just sent this to Lieberman, Landrieu and Bayh.

Pls Help. Need a link to the Mike Mccury press briefing that was Halloween themed? Puppet was used -

US Senate confirms 3rd Obama US District Judge (97-0)

Lieberman is holding the American people's health hostage to benefit his own ego

California State Parks to open.....rarely

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The hate that dare not speak its name.

safest cities in the U.S. (from yahoo)

so who runs the united states of america?

US to Pay Taliban to Switch Sides

Poll: Support for Afghanistan troop surge rises

FORMER AMA HEAD says "THANK YOU" to Liebershit for his "strong stand

FORMER AMA HEAD says "THANK YOU" to Liebershit for his "strong stand

Fall Change....

I'm hoping to start a vigorous debate about Statin's--Cholesterol Medicine.

Just got a phone call

Hey Harry, aren't you glad you fought to keep Lieberman in the caucus?


Colbert: Bush is a good motivational speaker: he motivated millions to

would someone please enlighten me about one thing in California

What can we do if LIEberman destroys any chance of a public option?

Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell (vaccines will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates)

Chrysler Expected To Kill Models, Bring Italian Vehicles Ashore

Chrysler Expected To Kill Models, Bring Italian Vehicles Ashore

PBS nighty news: anti-union, anti-EFCA report on AFL-CIO's Trumpka:

Six U.N. staffers among those killed in Kabul attack

a further eight American losses in Afghanistan

Killing innocents. It's the AmeriKKKan way, and that of far too many more murderous powers-that-be,

Group says heavy metals in face paint

Group says heavy metals in face paint

Earliest origins of the GOP

Grayson apologizes for 'whore' comment

Bartcop Nails It Again (LOL!)

Mitch McConnell: Face Lift or Not A Face Lift?

Digby explains the Grayson Whore flap perfectly....

Allied forces now outnumber Taliban 12-1

Child deaths from abuse and neglect rise in the US

Latest Gallup polls 25% approve of Rethugs

Scientology Fined $900K for Organized Fraud

CNN Money interviews 9 on health ins. What they pay, what they get, what they want in reform.

Here's a good Mother of the Year story---NOT!

Why the US military is surprised by disaster

Every Beatles song to be played on ukulele

Does a human s*** in the woods? .... In California State Parks, they might have to.

Robert Scheer: Is there a more hypocritical figure in American politics than Joe Lieberman?

Senate Advances Bill Extending Unemployment Benefits

The "Mission" in Afghanistan--Please Define

Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to Anglicize names

140,000 troops are not enough

Ford in talks to sell Volvo brand to Chinese company

Filibusters and phone books

Ford Confirms China's Geely As Volvo Preferred Bidder

Democrat Senator Likens Fox News' Glenn Beck to Voldemort, Villain of the Harry Potter Series

House Whip Count On Robust Public Option Breaks Into The Open

Chamber Suing Yes Men for "Commercial Identity Theft"

Will swine flu crash the Internet?

Can Lieberman be recalled?

United Health Group is trying to bribe Minnesota Public Radio this morning.

Do you know you may have already caught swine flu and didn't even know it?

Hey smart DU people can I get some help please?

Census: 'Brain gains' for high-tech cities

Frontline: Close To Home

U.S. to Protect Populous Afghan Areas, Officials Say.

Breaking on Rachel -Oops the brother of the Karzai has been on the CIAs

Support for Afghanistan troop surge rises.

Jane Hamsher daring Blanche Lincoln to vote against HCR was priceless.

Los Angeles Times: Housing slump hits California timber industry like a buzz saw

When did DU makes its sudden lurch to the right and start slamming people on food stamps?

Houston Chronicle: Chronicle sues Perry over clemency report

Houston Chronicle: Chronicle sues Perry over clemency report

Nate Silver compares Joe Lieberman to a "rogue, third-bit Middle Eastern dictator"

Juice drink/ soda mom= Child abuse/ Why food stamps?

Dodd Calls for Interim Freeze on Credit Card Fees and Rates

91 killed in blast at crowded Pakistan market.

Abstinence only education

If you think the government should further restrict what people can buy on food stamps, check in.

Snowe pessimistic about trigger option ... link

Snowe pessimistic about trigger option ... link

Obama to Sign Bill Adding Gays to Those Hate-Crime Law Covers

Republican leaders war against their own Republican supporters.

Analyzing Lieberman's Threat

U.S. consumer confidence up for first time since 2007

Revelations had it wrong. The anti-Christ isn't some huge, charismatic world leader.

"Thieves" and Abuse

Rape Victim Deemed Uninsurable For Seeking Treatment for Rape

Remember when Lieberman said, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

U.S. Continues Quagmire-Building Effort In Afghanistan

Andrew Sullivan: The Lethal Politics Of The Opt-Out Public Option

The average food stamp recipient is a lazy, shiftless, good-for-nothing welfare queen.

Andre Agassi: "I've Never Felt So Alive" After Snorting Crystal Meth

Will Harry Reid Stand UP to Joe Lieberman or is he " Harry's Fox in Hen House?" to Destroy the "PO?"

Will Harry Reid Stand UP to Joe Lieberman or is he " Harry's Fox in Hen House?" to Destroy the "PO?"

If GOP leaders were liberal Dems, would they still seem so personally annoying?

Healthcare For All (cartoon)

Car Bomb Kills 90 in Pakistan as Hillary Clinton Visits

"We don't have freedom of movement on the ground,"

If you are going to criminalize people who have not bought into the corporate health insurance

Help finding a video link?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Bush-Cheney Legacy Is Empowering Terrorists (Afghanistan)

Joe Lieberman got exactly what Joe Lieberman wanted...

Who wants to get them some trigger?

Backpfeifengesicht = Lieberman

My niece's SO is getting out of the hospital next week!!

Senator Gillibrand: "If the needed votes fall off, I will certainly support reconciliation."

Jim Hightower: Healthcare Hypocrites

If Public Healthcare dies thanks to Lieberman and GOP...

Sarah Palin reports getting $1.25 million retainer on her book

20 Powerful Health Care Reform Ads Made By Regular People (VIDEO

If you knew you were about to die just before the end of DST, would you feel cheated?

A poll To DU

LOL! The Rethugs sure isn't learning!

Reports that Karzai's brother was/is on the CIA payroll shouldn't come as a surprise

Did Bush need 60 votes to pass his destructive taxcuts for the wealthy?

Nordic Countries Top 'Gender Equality' List

Ares will launch in four minutes...

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has been closed

Clinton to Pakistan: ‘This is Our Struggle’ Too

CNN Poll: 7 in 10 say Palin not qualified to be president

Internet rules and laws: the top 10, from Godwin to Poe

Massachusetts Duers, Just in Case You Don't Already Know, Here's the Deal on Steve Pagliuca

When is the first vote to bring the bill to the floor for debate and amendments?

Jamie Dimon "Everyone Should Be Allowed to Fail" except.for me.... please read..

DNC "poll"

Lieberman on Health Care in 2004:

Matthew Hiltzik, Glenn Beck's PR Guru, Is Former Democratic Operative

City considers purchase of gunshot locator!

U.S. to Protect Populous Afghan Areas, Officials Say

The Rude Pundit: The "War" In Afghanistan Is Over

Please DU poll on public option...needs help

Please DU poll on public option...needs help

Just got ANOTHER call from the DCCC! You think they would have taken me off the list by now

Ever been to a fundie haunted house?

AUTOWEEK: Ford names China's Geely as preferred bidder for Volvo

Karzai's brother on CIA payroll and trafficking heroin. Nice combination there

Lieberman (& His Wife) Shills for the Healthcare Industry - By Scott Horton

maybe that freakanomics guy should have learned some science

Small Government: Not Necessarily Efficient

KY Police: Speculation About Sparkman Death Has Hampered Probe (Murdered Census Worker)

Does anyone remember "The Bible Guy"?

Media Matters: Fox News' rhetoric echoes Ailes' long history of race-baiting

Social Dilemma. I just got back from a party in my neighborhood

I for one think you should be able to offer a BJ for World Series tickets.

Death investigation of Census worker expected to be resolved within weeks

DUPE - self deleted

Abortion rights foe sponsors video contest: Burn Pelosi and Reid in effigy

Schwarzenegger says F**k You to California Legislature

It's time for Reid to get ready to do reconciliation

"If they say it's news, it's news!" - comic from the great Jen Sorensen

Surprise! Surprise! A little more sexism!

U.S. Sues for $562M over Bogus Tax Claims

Faux News style piece from the Onion: "How to Find a Masculine Halloween Costume

The Senate Dem Caucus created Lieberstein. They cosseted him

Harry Reid: There's no one I have worked harder with, respect more than my friend, Joe Lieberman

CNN Video: Joe The Plumber discusses homosexuality with Joy Behar: "I've served my country"

Low milk prices have dairy farmers killing cows (the way to raise dairy prices is to reduce supply)

Volcanoes played role in ancient ice age

Sarah Palin's Fond Farewell to Disclosure Reports - THE MUDFLATS

first it's olympia snowe, now it's joe lieberman

Friedman: "Don't Build Up [in Afghanistan]" (ny times):

Senator: forgo federal tax breaks to help private schools

In Afghanistan, A Woman Dies of Pregnancy-Related Causes Every 27 Minutes

Do You Support (Further) US Military Actions in Pakistan?

Wall Street's Naked Swindle

Hoh: "I'm not some peacenik, pot-smoking hippie who wants everyone to be in love,"

The CIA ‘misled Congress five times since 2001’ (Intel official concedes)

Was Joe LIEberman "for" national health insurance before he was against it? Go back to 2004.

WTF? "Six-Year-Old Sent to Principal's Office Gets Mouth Taped Shut"

Too Fat To Kill? Weight Used As Defense

Getting blown off with very nice words - Sen Kay Hagan responds in NC

I think I'm one of the most forgiving democrats out there but I have this to say about Reid

Should taxpayers give GMAC another $2.8 - $5.6 Billion?

Has Landrieu committed to not filibustering the public option?

China leads solar home revolution (really)

Methane leaks: cheap to fix and crucial; ny times;

Single payer, government run insurance, favored by every republican in congress

Call that fucking Liebershit and tell him he is out of his chair position

C-SPAN WJ: Daniel Ellsberg...

Conservatives dare Obama to prosecute them under hate crime law

Lower the filibuster to 55 votes ...

A Pox On Both Houses

Republican Introduces Resolution To Honor Anti-Government Teabaggers

Will Lieberman be on a major GOP ticket in 2012?

Congress Must Stop Torture

Palin's Pie Spy Business Revealed In New Financial Filing

More Ripples of American Wars: Global Rise in Makeshift Bombs Worries U.S.

The English language needs a new word. The Germans have the word

ACORN pleads not guilty in Nevada

Public Option Now More Popular Than Obama’s Overall Reform Plan

Scientology Spokesperson Denies Church’s Alleged Anti-Gay Stance

Do we gain anything by counting Lieberman as a "Dem"?

eBay refuses to allow auction for Roeder’s defense fund

Grayson's November 2 Money Bomb currently over $200,000 pledged --

Lieberman is basically spokesman for the corporations

Lieberman is basically spokesman for the corporations

Lieberman is basically spokesman for the corporations

Greg Mitchell @ E&P: Leaked... Previews Of Upcoming Film Based On Valerie Plame Case

New-Home Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Fall as End of First-Time Credit Nears

So, Democratic National Committee power-brokers...

Frank Schaeffer: Tea Party Movement Returns w/ Much More Dangerous, Explicit 'Judgment Day' Rhetoric

Hadassah Lieberman's Ties to the Insurance Industry

Here it is folks, B of A penalty for good customers

Has anyone in a state with a Republican US legislature written them ...

JOE LIEBERMAN = GEORGE WALLACE (when it comes to healthcare)

I wish I was good at photoshopping.Dallas Morning News" "Man About Town"

US Airways to Slash 1,000 Jobs, Cut Flights to Europe

Focus on The Family Funds Abortions

Cancerless rodent has genetic defense

Mom Allegedly Used Child's Info In Online Sex Ad

Lieberman: Take Public Option Off Table, Come Back To It In 3 or 4 Years

Lieberman: Take Public Option Off Table, Come Back To It In 3 or 4 Years

Should we send more soldiers to die so the ones who have already died didn't die in vain?

GOP Resolution To Honor ACORN Sting Falls Flat

Anyone send their SIGG bottles back for exchange?......

Dick Durbin's Public Option Poll:


Google Endorses Approve 71

Too fat to kill? Fla. man uses weight as a defense

Obama Signs Hate Crimes Bill Protecting Gays

The view from my office right now...

Okay, this letter made me laugh out (very) loud.

WTF was Al Gore thinking in Y2K?

The Duggers in need? A $500,000 Worth of Feminine Products Stolen

Lyndon Johnson wasn't a war monger at heart either. And he did a lot of good, too.

Interview with Michael Moore that every Duer should hear.

Question... Could Obama's declaring H1N1 national emergency

Tossin' out an idea for DU teachers, or anyone with an opinion:

Government to break up the banks

Dodd: Reprimanding Lieberman is “Ridiculous”

Now Baucus Wants to Mess With the Climate Bill

US, Israel and Palau vs. Cuba and the World

Rubber tree genome is sequenced

NJ GOV Poll: Corzine Takes Lead over Christie: 43-38

Breaking on MSNBC - Cheney backs Hutchinson for TX Gov.

Republicans talk about Health Care - pics

Did Ahh-nuld drop an F-bomb in a veto message?

"Ford Fusion beats Camry, Accord in reliability rating"

Gang rape raises questions about bystanders' role

FED Bungles AIG

Coral Gables, FL. Everyone dead. Every year.

The other face of the Healthcare coin : Obscene Doctor compensation

Merkley and Corker want to continue Fed secrecy

SO...Dan Senor has become Dick Cheney's errand boy. That's a good doggie. Who's a good doggie?

Sunday Express cancer jab story denied (anti-Gardisal story complete fiction)

Hate Crimes Prevention Act attached to defense bill,

Day care owner accused of driving kids while drunk

Busy secretary costs PepsiCo $1.26 billion

Levi: I'm Going To Leak Things On Palin, That's Just How It Is (she called Trig her "retarded baby")

Please DU this petition to help homeowners save their homes.

Study: Halloween face paint laced with lead

Pictures of unrestrained capitalism

Ron Paul, gearing up for 2012?

Church youth leader charged with soliciting child

Free groceries draw a crowd

Fundies: Obama signs hate crimes bill into law...Christian sacrifices to lions in Soldier Field next

Fundies: Obama signs hate crimes bill into law...Christian sacrifices to lions in Soldier Field next

A guy on Dancing with the stars when asked about flu shots "That stuff is fake"

What happened to actual filibusters?

So, people, are we supporting the protestors in Chicago for banking regulation or not?

I'm starting to think democrats should should just shelve health care reform until 2011.

Early reports: Job gains signal stimulus is working

Honest real Health care reform was doomed from the start and I place the responsibility for that

Not a verb

Congress is threatening to not fully fund Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces.

Sacramento Bee: A 'minimum wage' state workforce?

Joe I. Lieberman sucks! Time to protest the crap out of him and work for his defeat in 2012!

Ignorant Ranting Right Wing Marine Runs For Congress, Democrat Needs Our Help!

I guess this means that Focus on the Family funds abortions

Droopy Lieberman on FOX: Take the Public Option Off the Table If You Want My Vote

Droopy Lieberman on FOX: Take the Public Option Off the Table If You Want My Vote

How telling. Randall Terry says he doesn't care if people think that he is calling for violence

How Banks Will Fare in a Commerical Real Estate Crash

Share boxes are missing at the bottom of posts.

which emotion captures your reaction to Joe LIARman's position on healthcare reform

Angelo for Mayor Commercial - This is BRILLIANT - MUST SEE FOR CANDIDATES!

I I got spammed with Mail from Chris Christie Today

More troops for Afghanistan!?

Ebay blocks terrorist fundraising auction

Former SC legislator (R) caught with stripper and Viagra in cemetery

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) to NFL: Apologize to Rush!

Democrats should boycott Connecticut until Holy Joe resigns or loses re-election.

Michelle Malkin, unhinged....

Fox News and White House are calling a "truce"-FNC VP encourages staff to remain "fair and balanced"

Moonie Times paid circulation: 67,148 (down 17%)

Photo: Wonder Woman has REALLY let herself go. Tragic.

Gov't shouldn't send checks to seniors, or anyone. DEBIT cards instead.

A Message From Congressman Anthony Weiner

Make Harry Reid end the "Silent filibuster."

Kucinich on Ed now (anyone have DK's quote from today?)


40,000 die every year - 3000 died one day - how much have we put into

U2 free concert at Brandenburg Gate


New GOP Health Care Website Fails To Mention Seniors

The ethics of health care reform - just one sentence sums it up ...

The company Lieberman keeps...

The private sector strikes again: Unicare abandons business in Illinois and Texas.

MSNBC puts search for 10 p.m. show on back burner (because Countdown repeat is doing so well)

More on Home Depot Firing of Religionist. Good read....

If Harry Reid loses his re-election bid, who would replace him as Senate majority leader?

Support for ban on semi-automatic firearms drops below 50% (NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey)

Go Yarmuth!!

Go Yarmuth!!

Northwest pilots "were on a frolic" ??

So, has Agent Mike retired, or has he been reassigned? Anybody know?

Personally, I think Lieberman is bluffing

Do anyone use CREDO mobile? I was thinking of switching. It's a great

What's the story with Barney Frank allegedly sleeping with the head of Fannie Mae?

Hopefully one happy ending

Did Cavuto really say this?

Need help finding a post.

I dare say that threateners of the Democratic Party probably do not follow through.

The First Rule of Class War..

Pentagon adviser: Thirst for oil poses threat to US national security

Obama says Virginia governors race not over yet.

Birmingham mayor convicted of taking bribes

Transformers II movie has more scenes with military hardware than actual Transformers.

An Ironically, Iconically, American Story... The TVA

Washington State vs. S. Carolina For Boeing 787

Obma Illegitimate? From a gossip r.wing site

Conservative Dems Just Killed More Cost-Effective Version of Public Option

Did you get kissed?

What do you like best about South Carolina?

SC assistant state AG out of job in only two hours after getting caught with a stripper in a car..

They began lining up at 5:00 a.m.

Poll question: How Pregnant are you?

Lieberman Twists the Knife

Harry Reid, bring in a labeled cot for each Senator threatening to filibuster

Kyl in no real hurry to extend unemployment benefits

UNITED NATIONS- US Drone Strikes May Break International Law

College student shouts ‘You lie!’ to Alberto Gonzales during speech

"Eff" the Tea-Baggers. Let's get 500,000 people outside Joe's house!

Petition Harry Reid on public option

Petition Harry Reid on public option

An FDA decision of great interest to those who like Oysters


Elizabeth Edwards was just on our local nooz. Her cancder is growing "aggessively"

'Rise of the Tea Bags' - A Short Film by Brad Friedman...

Why do we need "representatives" anymore?

Selling The White House Is Bad Only if Democrats Do it

Asia Times: Persistent reports of foreign helicopters aiding Taliban in Afghanistan

Family Research Council: "Obama program to help gay elderly is wasted since gays die young"

Bill Requiring Signs At Pro-Life Centers Debated

George Junior Learns About Football

SF-Oakland Bay Bridge closed after rod snaps, cars hit

SF-Oakland Bay Bridge closed after rod snaps, cars hit

There will be no meaningful healthcare reform

Food Stamp Act of 1964

Jon Stewart Praises ‘SuperFreak’ Author: ‘I’m Sorry You’ve Taken So Much S**t’

Memo to Congress: We're not buying a Trigger to Nowhere

Schwarzenegger letter to lawmaker spells out "F---- You" in the left margin.

DUers in law enforcement-is it common to keep people in jail for traffic offenses?

House GOP turns to Oliver North on Afghanistan

I overheard the damnedest thing at work today

Up-Date on Richmond High Gang Rape: Police arrest five suspects

My post to Harry Reid's Facebook page

House GOP turns to Oliver North on Afghanistan (New Foreign Policy Adviser)

Should Congress have the health care offered to "average Joe"?

Levi: I'm Hiding "Huge" Things About Palin

please sign Harry Reid's petition for public option support

Bea Arthur leaves 300K to homeless LGBT youth

Wednesday toon roundup 5: Economy

Wednesday toon roundup 3: wrong way air

Wednesday toon roundup 4: war

Wednesday toon roundup 2: dwindling repubs

FDA to Ban Sale of Raw Oysters From Gulf of Mexico

An anniversary worth celebrating: Smallpox vaccination

Caption Howard Dean with Karl Rove - pics

Arrogant U.S. Misses the Message From Pakistan’s People

I can't stand that juice drinks and soda woman or those idiotic

BlueCrossBlueShield plea to customers about Health Care reform hits a raw nerve

Alan Grayson will break your heart

Making Public Option Less Robust Is A Double Slap In The Face To Working Class Americans

Making Public Option Less Robust Is A Double Slap In The Face To Working Class Americans

America is now the number one destination in the world for child sex trafficking

Wednesday toon roundup 1: Public Health

For Pro-Choicers: Please explain to DU why abortion rights are important.

Why is Scientology singled out?

jobs for all those teens that do not graduate from highschool

Amy Goodman:The War Condolences Obama Hasn’t Sent

Geithner’s Fed Made AIG Pay Banks to the Max

Offc of HOMELAND budget $52B.. Bush ordered it and *a year later* it was up & running.

Offc of HOMELAND budget $52B.. Bush ordered it and *a year later* it was up & running.

What If The Internet Ended Tomorrow?

The final Health Insurance bill should include reducing the min age for Medicare to 63 by next year,

Levi Johnston Holding Back 'Huge' Things On Palin

Time to go Nuclear. Anybody with me?

Is it OK to dance with the devil if the devil is a Democrat?

Why does corpmedia pretend shock CIA is involved in drugrunning when reports PROVED it in 90s?

President Obama plants a commemorative tree on WH lawn (the one * planted didn't take hold)pics

I'm on the phone with David Vitter (town hall phone conference)! What should I say?

Despite Its Woes, California's Dream Still Lives

Wow MObama ~~ we are talking GLAMOUR!

Wow MObama ~~ we are talking GLAMOUR!

I know George W. Bush has a lot of time on his hands these days, but this is ridiculous...

How many *actual* Democrats do we have in the Senate?

Ron Kovic (Born On the 4th of July) wonders if the president has any idea what he's getting us into

Ron Kovic (Born On the 4th of July) wonders if the president has any idea what he's getting us into

Shrimp's eye points way to better DVDs

Look, I know its a bad thing to hand out antibiotics like candy - but what about pain killers?

Female writer says Letterman show had 'hostile work environment'

Curry Spice 'Kills Cancer Cells'

How Vegetarian are you?

17 attend anti marriage equality rally in Maine

Action Alert: Lieberman Campaigned (see "Lied") on the Public Option

'Might as well go for soda, nobody hurts and nobody cries'

PA poll: Arlen Specter in a "world of trouble" in election next year

First Lady to Attend Game 1.

Note to Harry Reid: Holy Joe's New Senate Office:

Should people be allowed to buy soda with food stamps?

Coyotes kill Toronto singer in Cape Breton

Albertson's owes her $200K because her supervisor denied bathroom breaks until she peed herself

Swine flu is hitting in force. My friend just told me her son has it & 150 kids absent

Rod Serling's brave new world of TV

So this “public option” thing won’t kick in until 2013???

Nate Silver: Lieberman motivated by nothing but ego and a need for attention

Practicing random acts of vandalism?

This morning, a woman woke up, went to work, and died

Are you optimistic about the future?

California Peggy Appreciation Thread

Palin on Levi: "those would sell their body for money..."

help save No Sweat Apparel! buy a tee, get a share of stock!

Fla. man says Home Depot fired him over God button

What do you tell a friend who is about to get busted for prostitution?

You should hope the Republicans and Lieberman filibuster it to death

Why do we even have anti-choice Democrats?


What the internet will look like if Net Neutrality is defeated

So I sat my kids down last night and read them the story of the 15 yeard old Gangbang rape victim.

It's really simple: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE ABORTION....

Brave New Films Stands Alongside ACORN Against Extending the Defund ACORN Act

Vidal on Polanski's 13 y/o victim: "a young hooker feels as though she’s been taken advantage of"

Vidal on Polanski's 13 y/o victim: "a young hooker feels as though she’s been taken advantage of"

This Is Such An Example Of DU Nowadays.

This Is Such An Example Of DU Nowadays.

Costco to accept food stamps nationwide

10 amazing truths you already suspected, Mark Morford

Costco to accept food stamps nationwide

To all of you DU'ers who think we should have gone for single payer ... andit had a chance

Let's play: How many inches of snow will fall near Writer's house.

Babe is an awesome movie.

The History Channel really crapped out on this Seven Nights of Monsters programming.

Only 3 more days of working early voting, 3 more days of getting up at 5 am.


Photo shoot at client's house today...I've never seen so much dog crap on one lawn in my LIFE.

there's something sickeningly funny about Dahmer, Gacy, and Bundy as the 3 Stooges

Want to feel inadequate as a musician? Spend some time on youtube...

Courage comes in all sizes.

Happy Birthday Dylan Thomas

The true origin of Trick or Treating!

I'm baaaaAAAAAAck!

If I Could Give You 3 Wishes, What Would They Be?

three beers + chuck taylors + slushy snow = i just slipped and busted my knee

Why does the lounge argue so much about poetry?

Mrs Robeson is delivering another baby from a 14 year old girl tongiht....

I just watched "House of Games", tivo'ed it from IFC....

Coen Bros' latest "A Serious Man" is playing at *one* theater in the 4th largest city in the country

Just in time for Halloween, it's 'The Six Creepiest Places on Earth'!

Good morning Lounge

I decided to start a blog.

I tried to get a flu shot today

lovely trip to the er

Freedom of Choice or Freedom from Choice?

HALoween? Or HOLLOWeen?

What are the early signs of H1N1? I've heard it's not as severe if you get to the doc

i have a question about "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown."

Is there a cooler movie monster than the xenomorphs from Alien?

damn, now I think I'm coming down with the flu

431 is the magic number.

Tuesday Weld

If you need a smile...

a surreal twist on sleeping beauty (animation)

Too Much DU; #485: The 'Call Me Wesley' Syndrome

Too Much DU; #485: The 'Call Me Wesley' Syndrome

Have we heard much from Ava since she went off to college?

nice little halloween e-card for ya!

How do I subscribe to threads?

Match Game Story: "Full of piss and vinegar, Crybaby Phil rained bullets on the ____ bed salesman"

Oh thank goodness, Retro! You're here! I was gonna give your cowboy pajamas to someone else!

Ares is launching in five minutes

Oh for fucks sake, Ed Harris didn't have it this bad!

shame shame shame

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is a freakin' amazing movie

Can YOU explain it? I sure can't....

What is the best, most intelligent, most popular Internet Bull. Board for Canada?

Does your area have a McDonald's open 24 hours

Why does every adult in town give Charlie Brown a rock for Halloween?

Can anyone recommend a foot massaging machine? I believe it would

Im Hammered...ask me anything....

stay safe, my fellow colorado duers

Orange County elementary school recalls T-shirts with she-male sex chat number

I didn't think much of Terry Hall before this interview

I posted my latest blankie in the crafts group

The thing about Jon & Kate that really bugs me

I was going to get my cat declawed

Going in again....

Who knew 86 in a 65 was a bad thing?

Which three-named dead famous woman from Florida should sit in judgment of Symarip's Floridian bid?

Hey, I also need help identifying a song/artist....

Midlo can see Orrex's junk from her backyard

Thread in GD that has real potential....

I think it's sooooo coool when Obama reaches out to this constituency!!!

Keith Olbermann is starting on Holy Joe now (MSNBC)

WTF?? I went to Amazon and everything is in French!

The YSZ Crime Blotter: Sex for World Series Tickets

Which will comre first, 150,000 registrations or 50 million posts?

Uptick in support for public option

delete (dupe)

I just got an email from Bradley Whitford

I'm suddenly feeling the need to pull a George Costanza

You guys know me; I'm pretty friendly and usually patient with people.

Help identifying a song/artist please.

Miley Cyrus voted worst celebrity influence of 2009

YouTube: Jimmy Kimmel's Melissa Joan "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" Hart smackdown

The selective memory of Rihanna's attacker, Chris Brown: "I'm sorry for what I did, whatever it is"

A powerful argument for Creationism.

FYI - the Connecticut for Lieberman Party has an announced candidate for the Senate- John Mertens

John Kerry: Our inheritance in Afghanistan is eight years of mismanagement

Man has eaten only candy since age 6.

Pay taxes, born here, never in trouble.....but it's too expensive to cover you

Pay taxes, born here, never in trouble.....but it's too expensive to cover you

I finally turned on the heat!

"Ann Frank" The Musical ?????

Okay, so I saw "The Mist" on TV last night....(vague spoilers)

Hulk Hogan and suicide...something to think about..

Olberman leads with Lieberman, and Wyden makes the case that the bill is bad.

I'm ready to march to Washington for a strong public option

Nintendo DS game suggestions?

Trust me: Lieberman will vote for the health care bill


Hey, I also need help identifying a song/artist TOO....

A question for Nicholas Meyer fans

The sun is out, it stopped raining.... bring on GAME 1 !!!!11!!

Reconciliation would end this right now. nt

Cancer "didn't beat" Patrick Swayze, wife Lisa says

McConnell mentioned Kerry's 2004 campaign in an election threat to Dems. (updated)

A question about buying music as a gift:

Obama has faith in Joe Lieberman and that's good enough for me...

Step by Step Explanation of How Lieberman Can Screw the Whole Thing Up

I need some help finding a low-signal online music site

Senator Kent Conrad says co-ops are also in Senator Reid's healthcare bill!

Senator Kent Conrad says co-ops are also in Senator Reid's healthcare bill!

A question for Urban Meyer fans

So does President Obama really want the trigger over the opt out?

Now that a public option is on the verge of passing, Senator Kyl suddenly wants to compromise

people in college who whisper to each other while instructor speaks

Well watching chuck todd and pat buchanan talk, one thing is clear...

One simple question. Why are these goddamned "centrists" so secure in their opposition to PO?

One simple question. Why are these goddamned "centrists" so secure in their opposition to PO?

Until the US public shines an open eye on the anti-democratic tradistions

Who had the bright idea to keep Lieberman around anyway?


update on my *I think* video card issue

Waylon & Willie live

A question for Golda Meir fans

Remember that "Murder She Wrote" where Jessica kicked P.D.James' ass in a bowling alley?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Chances of Electoral Survival in 2010...

Things must be boring in the Land of Make Believe

Senate Dems Divided On Climate-Change Bill (here we go again)

Colorado Snow! (dial up warning!)

Man who claimed Miley Cyrus sends him "secret messages" through his TV won't face felony charges

Name that car quiz

Help! My recipe calls for self rising flour and all I have is regular flour.

Let's set some ground rules for movie monsters. (This is important, damn it!!)

Jones Signals White House Support for J-Street Cause

Jones Signals White House Support for J-Street Cause

My hypothesis: Lieberman and centrist Dems are playing "crowd out GOP theater"


A question for Dina Meyer fans

Updates please?

Hi! This Is Joe's Cousin, Pete

Paradox, puzzling question of the day: Why did WWII Japanese Kamikaze pilots ...

Inhofe's Second Senate GOP Primary Endorsement

Another Connecticut Senate Hopeful On The Air

I'm back, tired and hurting a bit but they have performed thier miracle and I

Attack of the killer bathrobe...

Lieberman came out against public option at the request of the WH

Health reform's Chevy tax--as well as "Cadillac" plans. Will unions

**** Heads Up: POTUS Remarks at the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony, Live! ****

Freepers chime in with their support for Joe Lieberman

One small upside of healthcare debate to me is the unmasking of the Blue Dogs

Two HCR questions....

Jarrett: 'Of Course' Fox News Is Biased

Can you believe it?

I'm going to lose some teeth because I'm a coward

Obama financial reforms advance in Congress

Blue Iris - I LOVE your poetry threads.

So if the PO is not in the Senate bill, it can still be put in it in conference.

The depth of Lieberman's hypocrisy on cloture: the Alito cloture vote

Cutting a sandwich: Straight or Diagonal?

"George Bush did not have a tyrant’s ego...he will be the last humble man to occupy the Oval Office"

Anyone have one of these indoor electric grills/cookers?

Attention Men of DU: Midlo is looking at your Package

I have not posted in 9 months but FUCK YOU JOE

Just Found Out I'm Going To Be A Grandma

A question for Russ Meyer fans

Kerry Honors Senator Edward Brooke at Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony

tep bInge yotlachvo mut

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/28/09 (warning: graphic subject)

How much money does LIEBERMAN receive from HEALTH INSURANCE companies?

A question for Oscar Meyer fans

November is National Novel Writing Month! Anyone gonna write one?

Here- 2 sources that say Lieberman agreed to vote w/ Dems on procedural matters to keep his status

It's new moderator time again.

Damn Sara Lee to hell....I broke down and bought one of the frozen pound cakes

SPT Buzz: Bill Nelson supports public option but wants stronger state opt-out rules

For Your Viewing Pleasure....trippin' old postcard pics of historical stuff...

Wanna tell Liberman off? Here's his email

Kerry and Berman ask the Library of Congress to retract the Honduras report DeMint and others cite

Brown-Waite says Obama needs permission to accept Nobel Peace Prize

Is it me, or is this the sickest mother ever?

Centrist Democrats = Corporate Sellouts

Official World Series Game 1 Thread

I just had my say on healthcare reform on right-wing talk radio

day 1 without decongestants

Ahmed Wali Karazai being exposed-Poking the biggest damn hornet nest EVAH

Is Rasmussen fast joining the ranks of discredited pollsters like ARG and Zogby?

Democracy Corp '10 Poll: Dems may lose 15-20 seats in House

What is all this "World Serious" stuff about? Why can't we just lighten up?

Retro!!!! Three published poems last week!!!!! Are you freakin' kidding?

Have you ever been a "Lounge fixture"?

Health Care Politics 101 for Media

LIEberman crazy Faux interview that would "infuriate" you,he is comparing HCR to Gas Price Reform

Historically employment is a lagging indicator... but new housing is not.

My Left Nutmeg - Lieberman's Fifteen Year Record of Killing Healthcare Reform

I am trying to decide which tattoo I should get

Crist supporters launch anti-Rubio site

No support for Joe Lieberman in the future. And 100% support to primary opponents.

Rep. Tsongas spurns fellow Rep. Capuano, backs Coakley

Video: President Obama signs the Hate Crime Bill

Public Option:Insurance Industry’s Trojan Horse

Patterson mulls return to politics

Cheney Takes Sides in Texas

Bysiewicz Way Ahead

CNN Poll: 7 in 10 say Palin not qualified to be president

GOP to Acorn AARP? Updated!

HELP!! I'm embarassed to say I have dandruff. What am I doing wrong?

When should we hear back from the CBO on the Senate HCR package w/opt out PO?

What if Joe was irrelevant, Could we focus on some other senator

California Would Lose Seats Under Census Change

***President Obama Speaks on Hate Crimes Prevention Act *** 6:05 pm ET

If a tree falls at the White House, does it make a sound?

Sen. Kerry to youth on climate bill: We’re gonna need your help

House Democrats prepare to unveil health bill

Pugs aren't gonna make big enough gains in either house

Talk about prescient! Here is a June 2008 diary by Kos - Obama's worst decision (hint- initials JL)

How are you celebrating National Cat Day tomorrow?

Confused. can someone explain this healthcare mess?

Hadassah Lieberman (Joe's wife)

Hadassah Lieberman (Joe's wife)

Obama's Declaration Of Swine Flu Emergency Prompts Pro-Swine-Flu Republican Response

I wish the teabaggers, libertarians, repukes, right wingers. and the blue dogs

Bayh: If 50 Senators Really Want A Public Option, They Can Get It With Reconciliation

What is "To defeat Obama and get someone in the White House who will nuke Iran"?

Can I still call myself a metalhead if I only like Iron Maiden's first two albums?

To help in the days ahead: Three different kinds of votes

Democratic Underground is looking for volunteers to serve as moderators

Could we raise money for a new Oval Office rug?

Drum Roll ... House Health Care Bill To Be Unveiled Tomorrow

Democratic Underground is looking for volunteers to serve as moderators

This idiot in Sacramento told my neighbor that Obama is socializing America,

BREAKING: "Truce" Between White House and Fox News?

I spilled a gallon of milk in my driveway.

Perfect....Just overheard some Canadian and Brits laughing at the USA.....

Ha! Student shouts ‘You lie!’ to Alberto Gonzales during speech

PHOTOS: Michelle and Jill at Bronx VA hospital

One of my professors said today

Become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Kerry-Boxer Climate Bill!

Forkboy, I'm going to shatter your world beyond belief (dial-up warning):

The Halloween Candy Poll of Polls (or Greatest Hits)

A couple of trailers for the HBO documentary, 'By the People: The Election of Barack Obama'

Michelle Obama cover/story on Dec. edition of Glamour magazine

I emailed George Voinovich

how about a weather thread?

If the RULES of Congress are stopping America from getting real healthcare, then

House Committee on Wednesday approved legislation to toughen regulation of credit rating agencies

Palin: Where's my retarded little baby?

this thread makes me sad

Catch Dexter this week? Were you as startled as I was? (spoilers)

Kronos: Ravager of Planets (1957)

A question for Stephenie Meyer fans

when I win the lottery and build my home, my kitties will get their own bathroom. Lookie here

Democratic Underground is looking for volunteers to serve as moderators

Here is how Brussels Sprouts grow. Pay attention:

Attention Sci Fi fans!!!.......(pic heavy)

Senate votes to take up jobless benefit extension

Rocket strikes northern Israel

Ohio peace museum angling for Obama's Nobel prize money

Obama redefines White House relationship with top field commander

U.S. electrical grid gets $3.4 billion jolt of stimulus funding

Militants Attack UN Guest House in Kabul, Killing Five

Kidnapping puts crisis-bound Honduras on edge

Public option would lead him to filibuster, key senator says

Fate of oil-rich Kirkuk stalls Iraq election law

Top Obama aide: U.S. commitment to Israel is not a slogan

Car bomb kills 43 in NW Pakistan (Peshawar)

Intense gunfire, explosion heard in central Kabul

House Whip Count On Robust Public Option Breaks Into The Open

Car dealers protected from new consumer protection agency

UN: Zimbabwe blocks visit of torture investigator

SF: U.S. Appeals Court Agrees To Rehear Rendition Lawsuit Against San Jose Aviation Firm

Hillary Clinton arrives on Pakistan visit

Ex-AMD head drawn into Galleon probe

Schwarzenegger says F**k You to California Legislature

Bomb in market kills 80 in northwestern Pakistan

U.S and Cuban scientists plan joint Gulf research

Iraq Oil Pipeline to Turkey Sabotaged - Engineer

S.C. Supreme Court Asks Sanford Case Lawyers for More Information

U.S. Durable-Goods Orders Rise Fourth Time in Six Months in Recovery Sign

Iraq wants to restart nuclear programme

Pay Czar Increased Base Pay at Firms

Death investigation of Census worker expected to be resolved within weeks

Dems say CIA may have misled Congress 5 times

Obama to sign military budget bill

Dem bill urges new US powers over financial firms

New home sales take surprise tumble

Obama backs extension of jobless benefits

Iraq goes nuclear with plans for new reactor programme

Push to Legalize Marijuana Gains Ground in California

US envoys to tackle crisis in Honduras

NASA launches Ares I-X rocket

Public Option Now More Popular Than Obama’s Overall Reform Plan

Lieberman: Take Public Option Off Table, Come Back To It In 3 or 4 Years

US contractor (trucker) says he fought off attack in Kabul

Former VECO CEO to serve 3-year prison term

House GOP turns to Oliver North on Afghanistan (New Foreign Policy Adviser)

Germany tries Nazi 'hit man' (for 2nd World War killings)

Council bans parents from play areas

Dems looking to adapt Hyde amendment for health bill

Female writer says Letterman show had 'hostile work environment'

Obama wins first financial reform victory in months

Phillie femme offered sex for tix: cops

(Former Sen.) Hagel to lead Obama's intelligence oversight panel

Curry Spice 'Kills Cancer Cells'

Ministers back 'anti-slavery law'

Cheney to campaign for Hutchison in Texas (2010 Gov)

The United States Announces the Pakistan Signature Energy Program

UN chief says Iran should accept uranium plan

Costco to accept food stamps nationwide

Elderly bank robber lugs oxygen tank

Birmingham mayor convicted of taking bribes

Gloom Spreads on Economy, but GOP Doesn't Gain

Boeing picks South Carolina for 787 line

Afghan police: 12 dead in attack on UN in Kabul

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 28

S.F. Bay Bridge closed after rod snaps, cars hit

Seniors squeezed as doctors shun Medicare

UniCare pulls the plug on Illinois

Obama signs defense bill, attacks waste

Torture of Loan Agents Charged in Calif. Foreclosure Crisis

Pay czar says reworking AIG bonuses a priority

Wal-Mart starts selling caskets, urns online

Nicaragua: Anti-Ortega groups roll out hit-and-run tactics

U.S. Defense Bill Would Pay Taliban to Switch Sides

“CIA prevented prisoner deaths to prolong torture”

Holly parent sues school district over religious flier ban

Authorities say Mexican cartel bought, stored guns in Texas

U.S. Sending Top Diplomats to Honduras

Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on C.I.A. Payroll

Shep Smith apologizes for ‘lack of balance’ in Fox News report

Rep. Grayson apologizes for 'whore' remark

Snohomish County police officer charged in killing

Obama Signs Hate Crimes Bill Protecting Gays

Democratic Underground is looking for volunteers to serve as moderators

Arrests Made in Homecoming Gang Rape

US warned on deadly drone attacks

Reacquaint yourself with Joe Lieberman

Health Care Reform Thought Bubble - John Green on the Public Option

Bozell the Clown on the Ed Show

Third party candidates & the GOP

Lieberman: Worry about uninsured after the recession is over

Obama & Corzine: One Voice

President Obama On Recovery Act Funding For Smart Grid Technology & The Challenges That Lie Ahead

MSNBC's Obama vs. Bush & The Media Debate

Alan Grayson's "whore" comment in context.

Good Food (preview)

Papantonio: Wall Street's Designer-Dressed Thieves

Rachel Maddow: Jane Hamsher - 'I Dare Blanche Lincoln to Filibuster the Public Option'

Obama Violates the Constitution...

Dark Pools, The Banksters Trying to Subvert Financial Reform - 10/28/09 - Ratigan

Candlelight vigil for gay murder victim held in Toronto

Steph Miller On MSNBC's The Ed Show Panel on 10/27/09

Book TV: Howard Dean discusses his book on health care.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights II

Rep. Issa On The Record Biggest Contributors to His Campaign

The Lieberman Logic: '...the Govt would have to bail out the Govt'

Paul & Jeanette (Maine Gay Marriage Testimony)

Rachel Maddow: Rachel Slams Sen. Joe Lieberman

We Do Have an Obligation to Afghanistan

TYT: Lou Dobbs And Geraldo Fight!

Zombie's iPhone

Zombie's iPhone

Feinberg Pay Czar Says Reworking AIG Bonuses A Priority

Fellow Lawmakers Slam Democrat Alan Grayson re: K Street Whore Comment (he has apologized)

TYT: Shep Smith is Going to be Fired for Being Fair on Fox News

Top honor for ex-senator - he also ask for an end to politics in the healthcare debate

CNBC: 'Showdown in Chicago' Feels Like a G20 Conference

Washington Unplugged: Congress Hits The Gridiron

Tea Party Express II: Rise Of The Tea Bags (Part 2 of 2)

Young Turks: Sean Hannity Goes After Atheist Signs On Subways

MONOPOLY: End Insurance's Antitrust Exemption

TYT: Racist Hotel Manager Fires Mexican Employees (Uncensored Language)

Tea Party Express II: Rise Of The Tea Bags (Part 1 of 2)

Michael Savage Attacks Glenn Beck

ACORN Philadelphia Prostitution Investigation Part I

Outrage on The View: Obama didn't invite Kathleen Sebelius to play basketball

Keith Olbermann Goes After Lieberman (with Senator Wyden talking about REAL public option)

Young Turks: Lieberman To Join GOP Filibuster Of Healthcare Bill - Why?

The Senator Wellstone Assassination (Hypothesis)

Keith Olbermann: Michele Bachmann Was Nanny For FOX News Host Gretchen Carlson - 10/27/09

OIL, FOREIGN POLICY & DEMOCRACY Larry Wilkerson: The Military Industrial Congressional Complex Pt3

AIPAC Rival "J Street" Holds Its First Conference In Washington DC

Best Of the McCain in the Membrane Part 1 Keith Olbermann reveals lies of Sarah Palin & John Mccain

Media Matters: Fox 'News' vs. Fox 'Opinion'

President Obama Signs Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill Into Law

Rush Limbaugh Calls Obama "This Little Boy, This Little Man-Child President"

Angelo for Mayor Commercial - This is BRILLIANT - MUST SEE FOR CANDIDATES!

Lieberman on Fox: Public option is unnecessary

60 for history: Dems strong on public option

Was Beck's "Anonymous Concerned Parent" Actually Just A Blacked-out Chris Wallace?

It's all about numbers - DFA Campaign Academy

Tea Party supporter Marco Rubio and Florida's upcoming ideological Senate battle with Crist.

Anyone watch the Daily show last night? Remember the Shake Weight? LMAO

TYT: Paul Haggis Leaves The Church Of Scientology

The Truth About Glenn Beck - The Truth About Glenn BecKKK

A birther finally tells the truth...

Shep Smith Apologizes For 'Lack Of Balance' In Fox News Report

CNN Poll: 7 in 10 say Palin not qualified to be president

Dem moderates challenge Reid on health care plan - "moderates" ?

Bush Truly Breaks the Mold As a Motivational Speaker

Constitutional Tinkering Opens Door To Ortega Re-Election

Media Matters: Fox News' rhetoric echoes Ailes' long history of race-baiting

TIME: Why Wali Karzai Is a Problem for Afghanistan — and the U.S.

Paul McGeough: Afghan insurgency given new life by their enemies

Experts call on Obama to put forth new National Security Strategy.

Murdoch's Wall Street Journal Agrees With Obama, WTF?: "Obama Is Right About Fox News"

Paul B. Farrell: 20 reasons America has lost its soul and collapse is inevitable

Yes, I Dared Blanche Lincoln to Filibuster on MSNBC…

Karzai's Brother Denies Opium Trading, Claims He Merely Likes Poppy Seed Bagels

Palin Wins Popularity Poll!

Liberman Twists the Knife.

Another Kill for the Dangerous Demagogues of Foxnews and right wing hate radio.

Old Trick Threatens the Newest Weapons.

AlterNet: Thousands March in 3-Day Showdown with Banking Industry

Those who quit to protest war

Doctors Risking Arrest for Healthcare for All, Challenging a System That Makes Doctors Complicit

David Sirota: A Party With No Punch

NASA and Nazis-Origins of the US Space Program (10-14-2000 Yorkshire CND)

Communal Responsibility for Health Care — The Example of Benefit Assessment in Germany (NEJM)

Give 'Em Hell Harry, Starting with Lieberman

Tea Party Movement Returns, This Time with Much More Dangerous and Explicit Rhetoric by Frank Schaef

Alaa Al-Aswany: When women are sinners in the eyes of extremists

Former Celtics Star Broke and In Debt.- Antoine Walker

Fox news is slamming Alan Grayson on the Hannity blogs....

Did the feds cover up sex allegations against Bill Allen? (VECO)

CNN: McCain: Why we can -- and must -- win the war in Afghanistan

Is Fox News Bias Different?

October the bloodiest month for US troops since Afghan war began

Republican Introduces Resolution To Honor Anti-Government Teabaggers

The War Condolences Obama Hasn’t Sent

First Evidence For A Second Breeding Season Among Migratory Songbirds

Carefully Cleaning Up the Garbage at Los Alamos

Drumbeat: October 28, 2009

Book Review: Time's Up, By Keith Farnish (Carolyn Baker)

Japanese team wins solar car challenge

European Energy Firms Fall Short in Gazprom Purchases

Chinese Scientists Use Weather Modeling To Aid In Predicting Dengue Fever Outbreaks - AFP

Bat Count Down 58% In Bergen County, NJ In One Year - Down 30-40% Across 9 NJ Counties

Survey - Levels Of Toxins In Water & Air Up To 5X Higher Downstream From Tar Sands Than Upstream

A Gift That Keeps On Giving - Baucus Has "Serious Reservations" On Climate Bill - NYT

Scottish Womens' Death Rate From Lung Cancer Up 11% For Decade Ending In 2008 - Telegraph

Tesla Roadster runs 313 miles on a charge (new record)

Scientific American: A Plan to Power 100 Percent of the Planet with Renewables

More problems for 49er OL..Tony Pashos out for the season

Overrated mythical plays in sports. Exhibit one: BO vs. Boz--That ain't getting run over,

Agassi admits use of crystal meth

N.Y. Jets' Mark Sanchez donates hot dogs to soup kitchen

Vanity Thread: Our Pop Warner Season

The Sports Forum Official Big "D" Thread!!!

You're a douche and your team stinks!

NFL 2009: You Better Have A Good QB

C.C. Sabathia and Cliff Lee

NBA Season begins today!!

Titan's owner Bud Adams wants QB Vince Young to start

Heh! Maybe I really will volunteer this quarter to moderate.


Now this is a dedicated Phillies fan. (Police: Woman Offered Sex for Tickets)

Day Three Report of La Voz de los de Abajo Delegation to Honduras

U.S and Cuban scientists plan joint Gulf research

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/27

Tachira, paracos, elenos and war with Colombia

ALBA creates a grand-national iron and steel company

Chavez Comments Spark Discontent Among Venezuelan Electrical Workers

U.S.-Colombia base deal looks near.

Cubans fear more gov't control of farmers markets

Errant shotgun blast wounds Palm Bay woman...

lawsuits being filed- unlawful seattle parks gun ban

Gun crime in Scotland hits ten-year high...

Toledo, WA geezer defends castle keep...intruder in repose.

Gazans prepare lawsuits against IDF

Hamas vows to bar elections in Gaza

Israel, the United States and international law

Palestinians in Ma'aleh Adumim employed by Israel but on Jordanian terms

Abbas warns of 'religious war' if Israel's J'lem policies continue

Stop boycotts of Israelis at international medical conferences, IMA demands

Rocket strikes northern Israel

New Deadliest Month in Afghan War

Navy's Reprimand of Leader Not Enough

DoD Buzz: Southern Guvs Start Tanker Group

McHugh: Army can handle lift of gay ban

Allied forces now outnumber Taliban 12-1

Analysis: Afghan war among challenges for Obama

Defense bill, pay raise to become law Wednesday

CG: Sept. 11 training event ‘ill-advised’

Union Votes Go Against Cuts at Ford

Today in Labor History Oct 28 The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York City harbor

More delays possible in GI Bill payments

Blue_in_CA has made an astoundingly good video of Aiman

It's too classic not to show you ...I am finally envious. Here's Notre Dame de Paris

Père Lachaise cemetery, Paris

Top Pentagon auditor reassigned

1-star: Manned, unmanned spy planes crucial

Lawmaker urges military breast cancer study

3 bodies found in plane wreckage in Afghanistan

Exhibitors and spectators at the horse show

Yesterday We The People ordered about half a billion dollars of Meal, Ready-to-Eat and Humanitarian

Tanker bidding concerns Ala. lawmakers


2-time Oscar Winner Director Paul Haggis quits Church of Scientology

Specter Calls for Repeal of Marriage Act (NYT / The Caucus)

Maine gov urges residents to vote for gay marriage

Scholastic backtracks on demand that author change book’s lesbian parents to a heterosexual couple.

Sharon Gless loves being Free

In the spirit of gender blurring entertainment....

Judge Rules Against Anti-Gay Marriage Group

Scholastic reverses decision to exclude gay friendly books

Google Endorses Approve 71

Stellar blast is record-breaker

One down 7 more to go!

IU researchers shed light on workplace gossip

High Res Video of Ares I-X Launch

Did Schwarzenegger drop 4-letter bomb in veto?

Bea Arthur leaves $300,000 to organization for homeless LGBT youths

Black Tuesday and How We Got Out of It

U.S. consumer confidence up for first time since 2007

Bond Weakling California Shows States’ Failure to Disclose Debt

Breaking News: First-Time Homeowners Can Only Own Their First Home Once

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/28/09

Early Reports: JOB gains signal stimulus impact - positive ..USA Today

The reason why 'dark pools' persist and 1989

40 States Ask FTC To Crack Down On Debt Relief Companies

Forecast jobs rebound for 2010 - interesting it's interactive with 14 sectors and all states.

Are You Ready for the Next Financial and Economic Crisis?

i'm covering part of my short here

Holy crap! Red alert! Calling all sage bundles!

Curry spice 'kills cancer cells' (new turmeric research)

A nice feeling of being guided.

Being the boss can take its toll on health: study

Psychiatric Meds Can Bring on Rapid Weight Gain in Kids

October 28th is National Comprehensive Sex Education Call In Day!

Dupe post

Sunday Express cancer jab story denied by expert

Anxious Crowds Meet Ad Hoc Swine Flu Police

HPV jab girls are 'sex cautious'

Can anyone recommend a foot massaging machine? I have

Sunday Express cancer jab story denied (anti-Gardisal story complete fiction)

A healthy brew to ward off Fall/Winter ailments

Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell (vaccines will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates)

Pastor Charged with 152 counts including sex torture and sodomy on a child under the age of 12.

Church of Scientology Convicted of Fraud In France

Settlement the right thing to do (otherwiae the church could drag this out for years)

Evangelists Target New England

Wanna make a bundle on the Iraqi War thanks to Saddam?

Does God take requests?

Sec. of State Clinton discourages laws against defaming religion (blasphemy)

Extremism Spreads Across Indonesian Penal Code

Snow Day!

Obama Coming To Wisconsin Next week (Nov. 4th) To Speak About American Education System

You know who I really miss a lot? Lucinda.

Substitute for hing?

A healthy brew to ward off fall/winter colds, flu, achey joints, etc.

A Foodie in France & his great blog.. enjoy

Have I got a cookie for YOU!

Bread and breadmachine help. It won't rise much

Ravioli and pumpkin sauce...

New Group? Thoughts please. I think it would be great if

Moroccan Savory Pumpkin and Lamb Stew

Houston Chronicle: Chronicle sues Perry over clemency report

Why don't Truthers conduct an independant investigation?

Texas has executed Reginald Blanton. Thank you, who called. n/t

Even a loser such as "Cheeeeeney" can recognize a bigger loser than himself...

Nova's cartoon model animation of WTC Tower pancaking