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If my 139 students all 8th graders each wrote a letter to President Obama, would he read them and

Please post in this thread if you can remember being offended by Boojatta!

THREE Free Clinics

High School Hand Holding as Punishment... with a Dash of Internalized Homophobia

Excise Tax Study to Reflect New Legislation - Still Finds One-Third of Plans Will Be Impacted

Amid Tough Climate, a Thoughtful Recruitment Process

Did Keith O coin the name "Medicare Part E" or did Thom Hartmann?

How a U.S. Marine Became a Warlord in Somalia

Bravo KO and the Free Health Care Clinic organizers

Shouldn't oil companies share some of their profits with the families of soldiers who died in Iraq?

Sacramento Bee: Jobless spike means health insurance drop

Guess we have to take the bad (weak) with the good (Rachel Maddow tonight)

Keith O just announced one of his first free clinics will be here for 2 days in December!


Alan Grayson: The Congressman With Guts Drops By for a Chat

Healthcare reform has reflected very poorly on the Senate overall

State Sen. from PA calls vets traiters if they support climate change legislation...

Does anyone know of a good source of tax advice for one time events?

Banksters Inc., Pt. II

Incentives draw more Latinos to military, Rand study finds

Robert Khuzami: SEC Prosecutor Is Wall Street's Latest Enforcer

Man charged after making coffee naked

Will this country have ANY "major parties" by 2012?

Orange f**king County

Obama has trouble w/ the military because military leaders are disproportionately conservative

So St Rudy of 9/11 will be speaking at the

Shandlin/Behar just said "theMexican channel" - Fine. n/t

Government Denies Stealing Baby, Provides Evidence ('TSA Agents Took My Son' debunked)

Court rejects CA plan to reduce state's prison population

HUD Opening Family Housing to Gays

Is the Daily Show on vacation?

Republicans for Rape

H.S. Coach Uses Hand Holding for Punishment

I was visiting a friend,she teased me,"I thought you'd want to hear Bush"

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act On Way To President

Grayson: 'Names of the Dead' Site A Memorial To Those We've Lost -- Republicans

Al Franken is Ted Kennedy's successor.

Is this the new America?

"Travelin' Soldier"

China expands cyber-spying in the U.S.: article

Taser tells police to avoid shooting at chest (to avoid lawsuits)

What did Obama promise? Yes, WE can!

Public Option now or we wait decades

Why do we welcome trolls here, Limbaugh followers, etc.

Kids with special needs facing abuse at school: a troubling trend

Narrative to follow so be ready especially you...yeah you, and you know who you are

Philip Spooner VIDEO: WWII Veteran Makes Case For Gay Marriage

A dingo ate your golf ball?

" X" should be protected, "Y" should be protected, "etc" should be protected

"Mr. President, Will You Lead Us to Greatness in Space?" (Buzz Aldrin @ HuffPo)

We're Progressives.. what does that make the opposition party?

Sun Microsystems to cut 10 percent of workforce

Software detects 911 call urgency

Welcome to the Psychosis Party! Bachmann endorses idea of King for President

Mr President: "Phone for you"

Real-life Harry Potter laments name

Hey Joe Scum - Cheney and his torture and kill machine

Hey Joe Scum - Cheney and his torture and kill machine

U.S. Officer: If Israel Strikes Iran, U.S. Will Likely Join


Something never mentioned by the MEdia: Psyops and the Embed program.

I think one should, in most cases, not mix the questions of morality and choice.

State Trooper makes traffic stop on Joslen Boulevard

Mitten's dog does remember his ride on top of the car:

COSTCO and Halloween

New Yorker: Jane Mayer on CIA Predator Drone Secret War

Defending a labor contract. Looks like I am gonna win.

Rick Perry's General Counsel on Day of Todd Willingham's Execution Later Cleared in Own Arson Case

Can someone explain the importance of the health insurance industry's anti-trust exemption

China's push for oil in Gulf of Mexico puts U.S. in awkward spot

Pendleton Marine dies in Afghanistan

Migraine-sufferers also get hangovers

Iraq snapshot

Did the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 incur losses in ensuring

In the city Al Capone called home, a showdown with the REAL gangsters

Update- Cops: Landfill body is missing 7-year-old girl

Analysis: Gates should not expect troop increases from allies

How Kevin Jennings Survived

Local small town politics and the meeting

Karzai Means Business!

Homeless man returns money found in East Lansing

Homeless man returns money found in East Lansing

Reagan, 3 ships return to San Diego

I caught a bit of Lush Limpball's show yesterday.

"GOP trembles at the angry tone of conservative activists"

About as frequent as Halley's Comet, but Barnicle said something insightful this morning

I keep hearing talk of a "robust public option"

US 'plans bail-out firm pay cut'

I hope somebody vids the Scab/ Lawrence O'Donnell fight this am

Glen Greenwald comng up on Dylan Ratigan to discuss

If I were these Gov candidates, I'd mostly run ads that show the massive B*SH economic scandles

cheney: Stop ‘dithering’ on Afghanistan troops

Jack Tapper of ABC News comes to the defense of Fox

Of COURSE we're a legitimate news organization!

Idaho nursery gives forests a start in South Dakota, other western states

The ability to buy insurance "across state lines"

Study: Citizenship check is costly -"Given the findings we have, it isn't worth it,"

Urgent Amendments Pending: Single Payer Lives, Speak Out!

"DU has become meaner''; OK: Name a Du'er you regret is missing or gone.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Nebraska Seeing Impact From Stimulus Dollars

A watered down public option not until 2013 plus mandated insurance

San Francisco Supervisors pass Sanctuary legislation

San Francisco Supervisors pass Sanctuary legislation

FOX news gives free TV's to offices, how's this affect their ratings?

Green Festival 2009 Recap

Nice to see that *Bush still has his base....CNN poll

Remarks by former Vice President Dick Cheney

Santeria and religious freedom in Euless, TX

George Bush thought he was Winston Churchill

LA Times: Cal State Fullerton ghost town is its own lesson

TARP: Proposed on Sept 19, 2008, enacted Oct 3, 2008

South Carolina embarrassed by politicians behaving badly

So I heard on Keith last night that house is going to craft PO as Medicare Part E

US college tuition skyrockets

Why is President Obama stumping for Deeds in Hampton,when much of the Dem support is in Northern VA

No standing in foreclosure may also mean no standing to release the deed, RIGHT?

Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent

Day Care May Oust Sex Offenders

NEJM: Lost in Transmission — FDA Drug Information That Never Reaches Clinicians

Godless advertise their goodness in Chicago

Right now:I'm listening to the Walden's West Wing Suite and

Cops: Teacher Threatened To Shoot Kids

Catholic Church looks to import Anglicans (NPR)

Need proof trickle-down is bullcrap? Here you go:

Don't be a Dick

"DU has become meaner''? +92 recs.

Why do people complain about terrorist training camps?

Anybody ever been to a curandero/a? Maybe they are an idea whose time has come.

C-SPIN: Breibart Melts Down

C-SPIN: Breibart Melts Down

I wonder if the guy I saw on the expressway with the giant "NObama Hussein" window decal...

GRIM REAPER: I'ma let you finish Kanye..but don't interrupt any more awards ceremonies:

Oh, No, It's NOT About Race

$13 an Hour? 500 Sign Up, 1 Wins a Job

Proof: Obama Is a Muslim!

Why is DU running a "Hands off my health care" ad on its home page?

Why is DU running a "Hands off my health care" ad on its home page?

South Waziristan fighting kills 25 militants

OOOPS! Please delete this post!

Duncan to call for change in teachers' education (CNN)

Bill That Would Block Release of Torture Photos Expected to Be Signed Into Law

How many of your saw the CNN feature on Latinos in USA last night?

Would someone explain to me what is considered a “centrist” here on DU?

I would appreciate it if you guys would DU this poll

a question for those who are willing to overlook my ignorance

Indiana's unemployment rate falls to 9.6 percent

Goldman Sachs Vice-Chair: People Must “Tolerate the Inequality”

Go here to defend Alan in the Orlando Sentinel's Political Pulse Blog:

Former KISS drummer: rockers get breast cancer too (Peter Criss)

How Dick Cheney dodged the Vietnam draft. - The timeline

Towns and Kucinich to Hold Fourth BofA – Merrill Lynch Hearing

ACLU asks Gates to not block release of detainee abuse photos

Getting a puppy from the Chinese butcher shop to raise for a while

The spy who lost his thumb drives

Reid: Cloture vote on unemployment insurance by day's end

Countdown to Nov 4th last yeat

The Rude Pundit: Why Ann Coulter Is a C***, Part 45,307 (with a Note on Fox "news" Biases)

Music Stars Demand Records On Bush Administration's Use Of Music For Torture

Do you believe Medicare for everyone from the cradle to the grave to be a mean or

How much would you be willing to spend to place advertisements in critical markets?

I have a question about how the PO opt-out would work

Why was Joe Scarborough so loud and obnoxious this morning? .

Chuck Todd To Shave Goatee Following Dodgers Loss, Bet With Jake Tapper

Committee Puts Toxic Mercury Polluters On Notice

Prepare to puke

45% of Americans want marijuana legalized. Do 45% of our politicians?

Poll reveals: 51% of Republicans believe birther conspiracies, 13% of Democrats still Dixiecrat scum

Cheney accuses Obama of 'libel' against CIA interrogators

Cute balloon toon

What to do when you just can't find the word...I Invent one!

Arguments Against Gay Marriage Literally Stop Making Sense

I saw a clip of Cheenee giving a speech. He couldn't even stand up.

Would you pay $4.95 to attend a motivational speech by President George W. Bush? (CNN poll!)

Pelosi blasts Cheney on Afghan swipe

Gitmo Detainees Inch Closer to United States-Amherst, MA wants to host some prisoners

I know only one great truth.

Orly appeals the sanctions ~~ one of the grounds: The media is having a field day!

Taser tells police to avoid shooting at chest

GOP Candidate Filing Ethics Complaint Against Grayson

Michigan Can't Afford School Bus Safety Inspections, May Stop Service

No to More Troops, Yes to Exit Strategy,

Has anybody ever been asked to serve as a juror in federal court? I got a

A Censored Headline and why it Matters: German High Court Outlaws Electronic Voting

Legislative sausage-making question.

I'm afraid I am about to lose my healthcare coverage!

Conservatives roar; GOP trembles

Governor Rick Perry and His Texas Death Machine Are In Big Trouble

Governor Rick Perry and His Texas Death Machine Are In Big Trouble

"Michael Moore's Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now"

Building a Better Air-Traffic-Control System

Jeb Bush: Government should focus on needy rather than creating a security blanket for all of us.

Man pleads guilty to DWI in motorized La-Z-Boy

A case of innocence executed

Yes! National Assoc. of Free Clinics set to have 2 day health fair in K.C.

CBO score for a single-payer amendment or bill ...

The miracle of corporate advertising...

Music Stars Demand Records On Bush Administration's Use Of Music For Torture

Swine Flu Parties? Send Your Regrets, Experts Say

WSJ: Worthless tripe... Look at this crap...

Do you want to do good?

Just returned to my building after bomb scare

Thank you, Mr. President!!!!!!!!!!!

State Department employee accused of taking bribes (Iraq reconstruction work)

Afghanistan War Claims Lockeford Soldier - 18th member of brigade to die since it deployed in July

Honduras Coup Attacking Brazilian Embassy with Loud Pig Grunts

Reconstruction team opens new girls' school in Afghanistan

Actor Joseph Wiseman, Who Played Dr. No Has Died

U.S. Army uncovers successful results for AIDS vaccine

Orange County Register: 'Illegal Alien' costume stokes anti-Latino fervor

Is the whole world getting meaner?

U.S. Paper Seeks Pot Correspondent

Waiting for the Next McMansion to Drop

Fore! Was Iffy Foundation A Vehicle To Support GOP Rep's Golf Habit?

Vatican plan to lure Anglicans accepts married priests

Black-headed python dies a 'happy snake' - belly full of food and had made love

So how come Eric Holder and the Obama administration

Mike Pence: ‘Nearly a Million’ People at 9/12 March

McCain voters experienced a drop in testosterone after election

MUST DU POLL: Would you pay $4.95 to see President Bush? CNN.COM

Keep Going, Republicans! You're Doing Great!

Glenn Beck 1990: legaltainment round 2

Hilarious Michelle Obama beats Usain Bolt

Caught red-handed by media, UnitedHealthcare suddenly insures thin toddler

My analogy on the state of our politics today with regards to:

House Has Votes for Robust Public Option

Now it's one two three what are we fighting for

The anti-Sarah Palin book: rave reviews for Martin Eisenstadt book

Michigan Can't Afford School Bus Safety Inspections, May Stop Service

White Cane Safety day, Proclamation by President:

Council bans smoking in Tacoma’s public parks-police do not plan to actively enforce

Just noticed that the "liberal media" is twisting everything again

"Upset" Intern Killer Joe to Lawrence O'Donnell: LEAVE, I mean CHENEY...ALONE!

Dallas Morning News: 2 men wrongly convicted in 1997 Dallas murder to be exonerated

Senator Murray stepping up for veterans and homeless kids

Senator Murray stepping up for veterans and homeless kids

Tell MoveOn Not To Support Dems Voting Against the Public Option

stupid joke told at lunch

"My Health Savings Plan" - A DEVASTATING Youtube video

Demographics of H1N1 hospitalization / fatalities vs. seasonal flu...

Demographics of H1N1 hospitalization / fatalities vs. seasonal flu...

Republicans, the party of NO and soon to be the party of nobody

All those who think that budget deficits and weaker dollar is good - please check in here.

So Rethugs want Cheney to STFU

Boehner says he hasn't spoken to the WH for "months and months" - except for earlier this month

Feinberg Rules On Compensation For Top 25 Of 7 Firms

Richard Land un-apologizes for Nazi remark against Democrats

Travis Childers (D-MS) & Walt Minnick (D-ID) vote against Consumer Financial Protection Act

Travis Childers (D-MS) & Walt Minnick (D-ID) vote against Consumer Financial Protection Act

Two Montana Teacher's Aides Charged With Abuse (Waterboarding)

Republican Leader Responds to Rep. Grayson's Searing Attacks

The Republican alternative plan for health care reform has been leaked

cutting their pay means nothing.

Public Strongly Supports Dem Effort To Open Insurance Industry To Competition

(oh no) US gives Shell green light for offshore oil drilling in the Arctic

Epilepsy drugs may cause schizophrenia

Be nice

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

MUST WATCH... Ron Reagan takes on NeoNut Gaffney....

Microsoft looks to save the economy with Windows 7

New House Bill Tackles Overdraft Fees

Jobless claims dent recovery hopes

Does Military Service Turn Young Men into Sexual Predators?

Prerequisite: Experience in War

Republican relative: "Everything Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity say is true"

For your consideration: Chart graphs differences between left versus right.

Charge filed as puppy is given vodka

Senior Senate Aide Denies Report Reid Has Votes For Public Option

Tweety just called Grayson Captain Cojones! nt

(Iowa Supreme Court’s chief )Justice's husband gets probation in drinking case

A ray of light in a city of blight: Detroit Adventure Pass

America's religion is not Christianity. It is money and material possessions.

Women's Health Not 'Special Interest'

Nelson, Conrad Say Dems, WH Leaning Toward Including Public Option In Senate Health Care Bill

Let's play a game called "The Hypothetical Bill"

Let's play a game called "The Hypothetical Bill"

2 NJ police officers get probation, lose jobs in DWI cover-up

A-Rod Can't Wait To Someday Tell Estranged Grandchildren About 2009 Postseason

Who was more mentally ill? Jesus or his mother?

Lawmakers eye new spending extension (extended UI mentioned)

Tweety should be a blast this evening

Helping Bring Textbooks to Life (Volunteers needed to record books for visually impaired)

Helping Bring Textbooks to Life (Volunteers needed to record books for visually impaired)

Media Enabled Bush 1's Savage Attacks on Maddow and Olbermann, Yet Continue to Ignore Bush Family's

What is the REAL reason for the "opt out" provision? Is it to defend the reform legislation against

"Your Father Would be Ashamed of You"

Have you encountered righties actually saying "Hitler was bad, but the communists were worse"?

If you could, which would you rather be a part of

Blame bad managers, not the banking system

Health Insurance Industry’s ‘Duplicitous’ Campaign to Kill Reform

Recovery? How, Given THIS?

Man pleads guilty to DWI in motorized La-Z-Boy

At the risk of sounding like a "socialist", our WTF moment du jour...

The charade is over: Insurance companies say they oppose reform

Chickenhawk freeps hammer their CHEETOS®-stained keyboards in support of chickenhawk Cheney

WH Press Sec'y Gibbs hits back at Low-Life Snake-Licking Dirt-Eating Inbred Chickenhawk Cheney

BREAKING ON BIG ED: Says Sen. Conrad and Sen. Nelson told him The White House is Pushing For a PO

Russian circus bear kills manager (ice skating bear)

Insurance for something that's definitely going to happen, is indiocy.

Mad Max Baucus: The Public Option causes him to blow a gasket

Sorry Ron, Frank Gaffney is probably right.

GOP House Candidate Would Co-Sponsor EFCA With Card Check

My home town fundy nuts are all in a tither about Olbermann and Lawrence-dumont stadium

If you know someone with no healthcare but military service

This week's DainBramaged heel of the week

This week's DainBramaged heel of the week

Anybody feel like counter protesitng the teabaggers

Tell me what you think . . . and please read carefully

Who was that RW goon on Ed that said the resurgence of the Taliban

AFP: Does Obama ease or worsen US race relations?

Stop blaming racism

Pentagon Used Psychological Operation on US Public, Documents Show

Flesh trade targets natives

Caption Rummy and Dick

45% of consumers have seen negative changes in their credit card this month (survey)

Caption Lynne and Dick Cheney

Delta flight lands on taxiway instead of runway (ATL)

Senate may pass a fake public option.

Court challenge to state tax credit stands (gov money for religious schools still unconstitutional)

Rape Victim's Choice: Risk AIDS or Health Insurance?

The Final Stages of a Genocide- Amazon Tribe Down to Five as Oldest Member Dies

Ron Regan should kick Frank Gafnney's ass!

Jerry Brown Interview on CNBC's BS Network ...Pure 100% Jerks

Trumka: Retirement Security Promise Must Be Kept

Can the Repubs do to us in 2010 what we did to them in 2006?

Catching Up With The Crazy

LA Times: Cal State Fullerton ghost town is its own lesson

Today's College Football Thread: Hourly workers at UNC screwed so the team can be on TV tonight

Rush forces KC car dealer who gave away AK-47s to boycott NFL

Senator Stuart Smalley eviscerates a health insurance industry flack.. Beautiful..

The brilliance of the public option opt-out clause

DU is SO Much Meaner! (Mad Lib)

The ultimate modern day pirate ship

Judge sides with reservist against Subway

Are the storm clouds building?

say it ain't so -- banning clotheslines?

Airport Worker Brek had made threats to dismember Obama’s body and feed the parts to animals

I just got a packet from AARP for Medicare Supplement Plans --

cutting their pay means nothing

Not sure if this has been discussed ...but......

Imagine lying a country into war leading to the deaths

Woman recants rape, torture claim

Boehner: what dems are doing is "really flat out despicable"

Weird: Woman makes fake 911 call, dies during real 911 call 6 minutes later

Eyewitness recounts what happened in the deadly sweat lodge

1345 days, 3.68 years, that's how long it took the US to win WWII..

Tiny, tiny, tiny houses

Obama, Grayson & Weiner

DNA Profiling: You May Be Next

Do you know anyone with the Swine Flu ?

So President can not single out those that are wrong but the repukes can?

I love KO's Cluster Fox and friends

'To Kill a Mockingbird' actress dies in NC

I am starting to feel very good about Jerry Brown.

Why I think “recommend” “unrecommend” sucks a lot

Mike Huckabee: Who needs FEMA when we have the Salvation Army?

Snowe: I Do Not Support Opt Out Compromise, Would Likely Filibuster Public Option Bill

Wait a second... Wendy Portillo (child abuser extradinare) is still teaching?

For Halloween: Audio of War of the Worlds (and others from Mercury Theatre) online:

Republican brother-in-law

Grayson is proof that the dems could have had spines all along

Sleeping with the Enemy: My weekend on K Street

Swine Flu Prevention Tips (not intended as replacement for flu shot but rather as an addendum)

Swine Flu Prevention Tips (not intended as replacement for flu shot but rather as an addendum)

New Documentary: "William Kunstler: Disturbing The Universe" By The Civil Rights Lawyer's Daughters

Historic vote sends Hate Crimes Bill to Obama’s desk

BAXTER: The World's OLDEST End Of Life Therapy Dog Dies

Names I've been Called On DU (re: The Meanness of DU)

Nothing But Praise for Pelosi Thread.

Are you meaner on DU? Does your DU persona match your personality in real life?

Mike Pence: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck speak for many Americans

We did a piece a few days ago about John Yoo--here is a delightful email we got in response

WH Basketball Court

Music Stars Demand Records On Bush Administration's Use Of Music For Torture

Okla. Abortion Publicity Law Blocked by Court

Bricks in the Chamber Pot of Commerce

You know that ridiculous pimp outfit O’Keefe was filmed wearing? Well...

Does Grayson annoy anyone else or is it only me?

Holy !*%@ (re: Republicans just on CNN and MSNBC)


CNN poll: Would you pay $4.95 to hear a motivitional speech from George W. Bush?

Who here thinks marijuana isn't legal because of "The Man?"

Meet Jasmine, the rescue dog who has become a surrogate mother for the 50th time

Excellent discussion on MJ this morning with Elizabeth Warren talking about executive compensation


Want to understand how vulnerable state by state PO is? Look at the numbers:

Want to understand how vulnerable state by state PO is? Look at the numbers:

Retired General Slams Cheney As "Incompetent War Fighter"

Investigator calls wilderness school reckless in teen’s death

Vatican thumbs up for Karl Marx after Galileo, Darwin and Oscar Wilde

Entrepeneur says he strikes oil with our garbage

Joe Scabwhore about came out of his chair when Lawrence O'Donnell mentioned Cheney's draft dodging

dear God, please shut this motherfucker up.

Frank Gaffney to Ron Reagan: "Your father would be ashamed of you."

For those who would rather have no bill than an "opt-out" public option

Someone please explain to me how evicting a 6-year-old from her grandparents house...

Looks like the Stimulus was a failure

Grayson on Hardball: "It's hard for me to watch Cheney due to the blood that drips from his teeth

I'm sorry but words fail me at this woman's stupidity

Just snorted my dose of H1N1 vaccine, woot! Check in here if you've had H1N1 immunization!

Hey! In this country, you can't talk about God like that!

Local Repubs and Dems agree ........

Should the BBC give the Neo-Nazi British National Party's leader Nick Griffin airtime today?

'Going Rouge' To Come Out Same Day As Palin's Book

OH NO! Kossak Digs Up Major Dirt On Grayson!

OH NO! Kossak Digs Up Major Dirt On Grayson!

Is everyone having their Vista 2 party tonight? Here's a preview --->

Big Ed, I'll tell you what the Rs are afraid of and why they are trying to prevent

Just got this email re: "Single Payer Lives" (with links/action pages)

Alan Grayson's November 2 Money Bomb pledges currently at $65,673!

For The Sake Of TRUTH, PLEASE Rec this Thread Up

How much do the Top Paid CEOs make? (Design Contest)

UPDATED: Because Politico is really just a GOP bulletin board

Rep. Alan Grayson - ''Fox News Is The Enemy Of America''

Police: Dad ran over ‘Westernized’ daughter

Fuck you Mary Landrieu

What do you consider bullying? How much bullying is ok with you?

What do you consider bullying? How much bullying is ok with you?

My healthcare horror story for today.

Question about two small attached airplanes that separated in flight over my house.

"Michael Moore's Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now"

WTF are you doing up at 3AM??????????

Everybody needs to stop denying reality. In Iraq today, a thousand flowers are blooming...

I have never ever campaigned "Against a Democrat " but if Reid does an "Opt out"


What would you do?

Dude, just look for the Metrodome......

I wonder if FOX is paying attention...British Protesters break into BBC headquarter

On UFOs, and the state of the science

Government Secrecy and the “Continuity of Government” Plan

Blocking Escalation of War Not Good Enough

I happen to be so lucky to have German citizenship beside my American one.

Maternity / Paternity leave for the childless?

Shopping while black: a social experience, white crowd walk out in defense of a black shopper

Fred Phelps is coming to my hood to protest a high school play

Fred Phelps is coming to my hood to protest a high school play

Franken's Anti-Rape Amendment May Be Stripped By Senior Dem, Sources Say

My son spotted something on tv today...while watching the House of Representatives..

Some Catholic schools in Florida converting to charter schools this fall.

some arnold corns for your ass

THE greatest performance of THE greatest Springsteen song, PERIOD.

k. west

Just watched Aretha sing at the inauguration again. I cry every time.

peacenikki broke the internet today

"When you ain't got no money to pay your house rent, you got the blues."

You know what would be strange?

Bust a move video. Which version is better?

'Balloon Boy' Halloween Costumes Selling On Internet

How to Explain to your Preschooler if it is Autumn or Fall

How to Explain to your Preschooler if it is Autumn or Fall

Earlier today some stupid cop gave me a ticket for not having seats in my car.

Do you ever check 'My DU' expecting to see all the brilliant posts you

Should this be in Late Breaking News?!

I'm thinking of starting a side business salting all the fields in the midwest.

I think I have the flue...

Day four of going to bed no later then 11 pm and getting up at 6 am, I don't like it.

Michelle Obama can Hula Hoop.


Nation's Morons March on Washington State

This great evil. Where does it come from? How'd it steal into the world?

Phils/Dodgers game, anyone watching?

For the dog lovers in the Lounge


Mood swings. Bad mood swings from sad to okay to sad again. Hurts my friendships at school.

Car Repair $$$ Question

A dingo ate your golf ball?

Man I hate sequels! Oedipus at Colonus was a bitter disappointment!

Parasitic Twin Child - Walmart's Idea of Halloween

italian man on house arrest asks to be sent back to jail to escape life with wife

Rufus ,Rufus , Rufus , you just broke my heart

My cats are learning and it's starting to frighten me

I wonder if the guy I saw on the expressway with the giant "NObama Hussein" window decal...

Pronounce "forehead"

Any other Cindy Sherman fans here?

It's official, I've got the Swine Flu.


Do you just read the TOP LINE of someone's post, and no more?

I want that!

Uh, what happened to armyowalgreens?

John Hiatt - Memphis In The Meantime


Dedicated to GD


Halloween Candy Poll #6: Junior Mints or Peppermint Patties?

Front page of my newspaper: What's wrong with this woman? That's no way to spell a protest sign!

Good morning Lounge

Ohio mom puts sign in yard to blast school after son deemed ineligible to play football

When you see the number 69, there is one thought that's hard to keep from coming to mind...


No one believes seniors . ..

For those of you who are supposed to be working right now:

Many Shuvs & Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you

Post things you associate with Halloween that you love.

So I'm in the hospital and am getting pumped full of saline just to keep me hydrated...

what would you watch?

Promise, NOT a threat: Boston - but not right now

Today, there's about 1,050 suckers born every minute...

Halloween & Thanksgiving are better than Christmas.

Any "Glee" fans in the lounge?

The Army of the 12 Monkeys are really the people responsible for H1N1

Top Chef time Restaurant Wars!

"Pa" endangered the very lives of Mary, Half pint and Carrie.

"Horny single ladies" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include horny single ladies.

My Sid seems to have a sour stomach. :(

COSTCO and Halloween

Am I being Crazy?

Ambulances to charge extra for obese patients

Feeling a bit better today. Claws are off. hehe

eating cheese at 3 am before passing out is bad

So does anyone here watch Flipping Out on Bravo? n/t

too many lost pets around here - maybe this will cheer you up

Real-life Harry Potter laments name

if you're horny and you know, it clap one hand

I'm tired of waiting on the government nt

Am I being Crazy Horse?

Ricardo Montalban for Cordoba

Welcome to Duluth, MN, where you can get a DWI from the comfort of your recliner.

Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It

"Welcome to the new Television game show, "That's Anathema!"

Arkansas college now says students can't play lottery

Black-headed python dies a 'happy snake' - belly full of food and had made love

Dog costumes!


Adam's solo Windows 7 Launch Party

"Just to let you know from the beginning, I'm going to be stoned in my trailer every morning........

I can buy anything I want in the color pink

re- write ( my history )

What do you call 'athletic shoes'?

artistic opinion

Going to see my kids tomorrow

My wife is away and my house has been crawling with horny single ladies all week

I'm going to see the Magna Carta November 8!

I'm going to see the Magna Carta November 8!

Movie Cliché: Manuscript pages in the wind/water (spoilers?)

Movie Cliché: Manuscript pages in the wind/water (spoilers?)

Halloween is my favorite holiday

Hulu to charge for content; cubicle dwellers everywhere cringe

Hurricane Neki - Pacific Cyclone near Hawaii

Hurricane Neki - Pacific Cyclone near Hawaii

What's a good instant oat meal?

looks like i have to be in Chicago December 1

Will you buy a nook?

I Could Use Your Help/Advice

Mario Kart Love Song

As I am feeling better, I need your vibes sent to a friend of mine

How do you tell someone that he is cheap?

Describe your commute - the transportation, the route, the traffic level, how long it takes . . .

Son of a fucking BITCH!

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY WCGREEN ** and get well soon!!!!

Does anyone here like the show, Bones?

I've been working very hard to lose weight. Went to the doc today and...

My wife left me today…

Man plays Grand Theft Auto IV for 40 hours, breaks record

which is more "Fun" dating or being married?

Just rewatched Threads, the most hellish and heavy movie ever made.

Rosanne Cash - Seven Year Ache

For your viewing pleasure! Rescued kittens!

What other discussion forums do you frequent? Me twitter.

My two beautiful boys crossed the rainbow bridge this afternoon.

Scat Singing. The hippest, most happenin' music on earth, or songs that would make Satan hurl?

How to tell someone to stop breathing through their mouth?

Processed Foods - Why exactly are they bad for you?

Two separate shooting deaths in Manchester, NH today.

Rather than a state-by-state opt out of the public option, why not a person-by-person opt in?

Gallup/CNN/Faux is running a major poll drop news

Gallup/CNN/Faux is running a major poll drop news

President Obama At Corzine Rally: Republicans 'Got A Lot of Nerve'

Politico, please define "exacerbating"

Narrative to follow so be ready especially you...yeah you, and you know who you are

What first thoughts came to mind with cable news directors when Kerry was with Karzai in Afghanistan

"Lock this clueless motherfucker away and throw away the key" almost seems SUPERFLUOUS.

11th Circuit Court of Appeals: frivolity and other fun rules

Newsweek Article: Obama more like Daddy Bush than Lesser Bush ever was.

Red Neck Rapper says he is making a new video praising Obama


TIME - "The Blink Presidency"

question for the lounge

President Obama to sign advance Veterans Administration funding bill

Dumb question alert: How many people do u think live in New Jersey?

"Pelosi says she 'definitely' has 218 votes for health bill"

MI-Gov: Cherry Lags Republican Opponents

modern tv sucks ****

Former V.P. Chickenhawk Cheney unleashes Dick-sized can of whup ass: "Do what it takes to win!"

Time - Republicans Vote Against Increase In Medicare Reimbursement - What About Defending Medicare?

"Dick" Cheney: We Gave Obama Administration Afghan Strategy

"Senator Leahy 'confident' today PO will be in Senate version." (????)


Look, I'm more than willing to pay an extra $100 a year in Medicare

Pennsylvania GOP Replaces "O" in Obama With Hammer and Sickle

Do you get a little feeling - heck: a tingle up and down your leg - that the President is:

"You have (lots of) mail!"

Will Pres Obama be judged weak, if PO is dropped from final health care bill?

About Effin Time! Gibbs goes after Darth Vader!!!!!!!!

House Has the Votes for Medicare +5% Public Option, "President Snowe" will not vote for opt out

House panel approves consumer protection agency

Growing list of Co-Sponsors of H.R. 1826, Caucus Chair John Larson's campaign finance bill.

Dick Cheney bragging that he gave Obama the Afghan War strategy is like bragging...

Why Wall Street Reform is Stuck in Reverse

President Snowe Nixes Idea of Public Option with Opt Out

Snowe's idle threat: will likely support filibuster.

Heads up, DU!

Who demands the Afghanistan Surge? Why?

ABC - "President Ensures that Veterans Medical Programs Get Timely Funding"

"Nelson, Conrad Say Dems, White House Leaning Toward Including Public Option..."

Remember When President Bush Attacked The "Liberal Media"? And All Media Outlets Ran With It?

NY Times "Media Bashing 101" On 2008 GOP Convention - GOP Hypocrisy At Its Best

It's time for your Constitutional Law Exam

Unions fighting expanding access to public option

White House Nixes Cheney's Charges on Afghanistan

CNN Poll on Stimulus Bill and Economy: Its working

Nine former U.S. assistant secretaries of state decry Senate's holds on State nominees

Blue Dogs must have exceedingly nuanced constituents!

Earth to G.O.P. regarding Medicare's "failure".

PHOTOS Cheerleaders of the world: Unite!

Innoye Becomes Third Longest Serving Senator

Grayson says opponent is an "Outsider"

Senator Vitter’s Office Finally Comments On Judge Who Denied Interracial Marriage

Richard Arrington backs Ron Sparks in governor's race

Obama to Meet With Senate Leaders After Lunching With Pelosi

Democratic Lawyer Joins Louisiana 3rd District Race

Blackburn: Net neutrality is 'fairness doctrine for the Internet'

Carper: Senate Bill Will Include A National Public Plan With An Opt Out

anybody heard from masuki bance lately?

NYT: Reid Leaning Toward ‘Public Option’ for Insurance ('Centrist' Dems Whine)

I am now divining that mops will be present at the 2012 DNC Convention.

TV Pug accidentally (?) explains opposition to Public Option

Ezra Klein Must Read: House health-care bill likely to cover more, cost families less

Obama to sign Akaka bill assuring timely funding for VA health care

Obama At Corzine Rally: Republicans 'Got A Lot of Nerve' To Complain About Their Own Mess

Blue dogs in HR theatening to bring down HCR

Rockefeller, Weiner open to public option with opt out clause

Days of Whine & No's - This is a President built for these times. Be glad.

Politics is boiling frogs.

What burdens on a state does the PO impose?

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Most don't think Obama deserved Nobel award

Reid: We can pass a bill with a public option

Analysts to Democrats: Aim pitch at women

"Fox News' War on the White House"

Pelosi to include amendment ending health insurers' antitrust exemption in House bill

Specter: Dems have 60 cloture votes for public option

FCC moves forward on net neutrality rule-making in unanimous vote

I'm sure most DUers will agree with me on this

If we can't save Kevin Jennings, we aren't worth a damn

Pelosi Blasts Cheney As “Not Dignified” For Hitting Obama On Afghanistan

Holy Crap, Iran May Take The Nuke Deal

Decorated US General Eaton plays Captain Obvious by declaring Cheney as "incompetent war fighter"

Photos: First Lady at Healthy Kids Fair

Associated Press - "Cheney: Stop the 'dithering' as troops face danger"

Obama Leads All 2012 Match Ups

Must Read from Rollcall: Reid Floats Public Option Compromise to Moderates

Kerry: A senior senator unleashed (Boston Globe editorial)

Feeling down? Watch the first fifteen minutes of Tweety on the repeat

K&R For The Middle Class - Who Made This All Possible!!!

Let me get this straight... So KBR contractors can rape their own and it's okay with GOP senators?

Here's a sad story about the increase in unclaimed dead bodies ... folks can't afford to bury them.

Crazy 'Bachmann' Says Dole And Frist Represent A ‘Non-Pro-Freedom Agenda’ Because They Want HCR

It would be better if the administration WAS socialist

Weird argument of the Healthcare debate...

PHOTOS: Pres. Obama signs Veterans Health Care Budget Reform & Transparency Act

PUBLIC OPTION! woot! woot! PUBLIC OPTION! woot! woot!

PHOTOS New Official Photos (Oct 22)

More public option confirmation: Politico reports White House to push for Opt-out plan

'Birthers' Lose Again as Federal Judge Nixes Challenge to Obama Presidency (NJ)

ABC:Reid-after a series of mtgs with Dem moderates–has concluded he can pass a bill with a PO"

OK...Are the American people brainwashed or just incredibly STUPID?

Why Do So Many DUers Love Wall Street Bonuses?

"Heroes" fans check in. Help me out.

What's the saddest song ever?

10 thoughts for the day

Cat hat

The Best Job in the World! Pic Heavy!

Windows 7 set to break retail records

GE Launches $250 Million Health Care Tech Fund

Administration Plans Big Pay Cuts at Bailout Firms

State Trooper makes traffic stop on Joslen Boulevard

US signals Afghan coalition government is possible

Prostitution and trafficking – the anatomy of a moral panic

Needle exchanges prevented 32,000 HIV cases: report

Washington to enforce executive pay cuts

Pickens says U.S. firms 'entitled' to Iraqi oil

Remarks by former Vice President Dick Cheney

U.S., Iran move closer to nuclear deal moves to subscriber model ($260/year)

Army Brigadier, Soldier Killed in Pakistan Capital

Rape Victim's Choice: Risk AIDS or Health Insurance

Judge Tosses Lawsuits Against Blackwater, Now Xe

Polls: Chavez's popularity slips in Venezuela

New jobless claims rise more than expected to 531K

Judge tosses lawsuits against Blackwater, now Xe (but will allow plaintiffs to refile their claims)

Former Los Alamos lab physicist says FBI searched his home as part of spy investigation

Uruguay former rebel chief seen to finish first in presidential polls

Mexico spied on top author

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose More Than Forecast (Update1)

Hatch urges Obama to investigate college's BCS

Bill That Would Block Release of Torture Photos Expected to Be Signed Into Law

Crews on scene of explosion near I-465 & I-69

Conservatives roar; GOP trembles

Cheney accuses Obama of 'libel' against CIA interrogators

Reducing deficit key to U.S. rating: Moody's

Doyle: Medical marijuana restrictions senseless

Russian circus bear kills manager (ice skating bear)

Lawmakers eye new spending extension

House panel OKs legislation to speed up date for credit card rule

McCain vows to hold up labor board nominee

Public Option: It's Back (ABC News: Dem sources say Reid will put in bill)

Romer: Impact of stimulus will level off

British nuclear expert dies in mysterious fall (UN building in Austria)

Militants kill Pakistan brigadier in Islamabad

Lawyer: Nurse Assistant Denied Care After Patient Attack Leaves Her in Vegetative State

Report: US needs ($132 million) rebate for Baghdad embassy work (from contractor)

Leaders Confident on Health Bill Vote

Fed proposes to police bank pay for 1st time

Obama signs bill to improve budgeting for veterans' health care

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 22

Target, CVS put plastic bags in the bull's-eye, pay for reusables

Afghan Opium's 'Devastating' Impact Outlined in U.N. Report

Goldstone dares US on Gaza report

AHIP Lobbyist To GOP: Don't Give "Comfort To The Enemy" On Health Care

Reid:Hopes Unemployment-Benefits Bill Passes Senate Thursday

Leading economic indicators rise again in Sept.

Clergyman linked to Rwandan genocide seized in Italy

Bands want to know if their music was used on Gitmo detainees

KFC unveils another free chicken offer

KFC unveils another free chicken offer

Utah's 4 day workweek brings some dividends

Music Stars Demand Records On Bush Administration's Use Of Music For Torture

New focus on Maine's other centrist Republican senator

BBC defends BNP (British National Party) move amid protest

Gibbs hits back at Cheney

US reports possible war crimes in Sri Lanka

Northern Michigan woman's death raises calls to restore adult Medicaid dental benefits

Retired General Slams Cheney As "Incompetent War Fighter"

Poll: Americans' belief in global warming "cools"

Administration Seeks Increased Oversight of Executive Pay

Child's body found in landfill, police looking for girl say

Obama suggests Fox News is like 'talk radio'

Taser tells police to avoid shooting at chest

Senate Approves Broadened Hate-Crime Measure

NWA flight overshot Mpls. by 150 miles

Craigslist Wins Fight Over Sex Ads

Navy Punishes NCO Responsible For Hazing Gay Sailor

Church of Sweden approves gay marriage law

Toddler Too Skinny For Health Insurance!!!

White House Vs Fox News

Economic Forum House

Obama's Bank Bonus Crackdown

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer Calls Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton - Jesse Not Happy

NPR makes copyright claim over anti-same-sex-marriage ad

John Lennon blows his top at Al Capp (Montreal, 1969)

Glenn Beck Tries to Say White House Criticism of Fox is a Diversion from Health Care

Rachel Maddow Interviews Jamie Leigh Jones

Michelle Obama Takes Hula Hoop for 142 Spins

Michelle Obama hula hoops for health

TYT: Former Republican Has to Show Harry Reid How to be Strong

Guys, you have got to understand that you can't party on like it's 2007 - Elizabeth Warren TARP COP

Obama talks 'boy's club' and basketball

Family Values? The 30 Pro-Rape Senate Republicans Named And Shamed

Vidal: Obama too smart for U.S.

The Joy Behar Show: Girl Power?

Countdown: Tea-Baggers Are Bringing Down The Republican Party!

Miller (D-NC) assails Republican claim that Americans are "losing their rights" with CFPA

Gibbs Slams Cheney Over 'Dithering' Comment & Highlights His 'Fuzzy Math' On Afghanistan

Pelosi Votes Public Option

Frank 'I'm A Member Of Dick Cheney's Fan Club' Gaffney

Glenn Beck And Dwight Schrute's Conspiracy About OnStar

Stacie Ritter takes on CEO Ed Hanway, CIGNA, and the health insurance companies

Papantonio: Wall Street's Millionaire Beggars

Young Turks: Yes Men - A Political Hoax That Worked (with no Balloons)

Where are the Fighting Dems?

Obama: ''Not Losing Sleep Over Fight with Fox News''

Goldstone Challenges US Criticisms Of His Gaza Report Findings

Rep. Alan Grayson: "Fox News And Their Republican Collaborators Are The Enemy Of America!"

Glenn Beck VS. Net Neutrality

Obama: Understand moms juggling act

Grayson: 'FoxNews & National Enquirer are basically interchangeable'

O'Donnell: 'Cheney was a proven liar!' - digs deep under Scarborough's skin

Ratigan Rants How Banks Reamed You Made Simple. Will You Rise Up?

Instant Runoff Voting - See Why it Takes Weeks to Count

TYT: Cenk reviews Franken kicking conservative ass. Hilarious.

Frank Gaffney Tells Ron Reagan: 'Your Father Would Be Ashamed Of You'

Powerful political ad - Vote for Rhine McLin for Mayor of Dayton, Ohio

White House E-Mails MSNBC During Live Broadcast to Correct Them

It Takes A Pillage

Gaffe-Prone Biden Embarrasses Nation Yet Again By Sneezing During Meeting

WWII Veteran Makes Impassioned Case For Gay Marriage In Maine

Weiner: Let's Not Be Hypocrites If You Believe Govt Should Be Out of the Way - Cancel Medicare

Grayson SCHOOLS Paul Broun on Constitution. He will NOT yield! EPIC WIN!!

MediaMatters: Fox News' War on the White House

Alan GRAYSON 10/22/09 on Hardball: Is Dick Cheney a VAMPIRE? .. turn into a bat and fly away?

Awesome: Cenk's Fiery Debate w/ G.M. on White House vs. Fox News!

Remembering The Words of Jeremiah Wright

Balls Beer for Health Care Reform, the Full Version

Howard Dean opens Concord author fest with health care talk


Let's tell Wall Street: We want our money back - Rochelle Riley, pissed off DFP columnist

FOX News Trades Glenn Beck for Major League Umpires

Guardian UK: Super freaking wrong

H-1B Visa Scam Investigation Digs Up Dirt

Robert Fisk: End of an era for Lebanon's free press

Western export of the ballot box elixir is pure hubris

South Carolina embarrassed by politicians behaving badly

Coleen Rowley: Wilkerson Gets Intel Integrity Award; IraqAfPakisNam? Déjà vu?

Medicare Part E: Everybody

Barack Obama Ain’t No Richard Nixon

From John Birchers to Birthers

Canada Embraces Net Neutrality

Learn from Cuba says New Orleans mayor

Go All Out: End Price-fixing by Insurers

Obama Confirms He Has a 'Frenemies List'

KKKarl Rove: Obama Goes Wobbly on Afghanistan

When Liars Tell the Truth

Frank Schaeffer: Obama v. Fox News

Gene Lyons on war without end

Bush Influence Lives on in U.S. Department of Justice

Prostitution and trafficking – the anatomy of a moral panic

One-Sided Reporting on Latin America: Small Oversights and Big Lies

Galleon Hedge Fund Scandal

Joe Conason: Playing Monopoly With America’s Health

ASQC_House: Americans for Stable Quality Care

Rape Victim's Choice: Risk AIDS or Health Insurance

A Simpleton Tries to Understand the Health Care Debate

Virginia and Gun Control: In-state poll shows support for ending gun show loophole

Pro-Israel Group's Money Trail Veers Hard Right

Lenny Ben-David: The Man Smearing J Street

Losing their Lifeline - 7,000 a day

This Year's Biggest Hoax Is Tim Geithner's 'Solution'

Our constitution is being watered down again. Dec. 31. Patriot Act provisions sunset, BUT

Fox among the pigeons (John McQuaid/Guardian)

Securing the Information Highway

CNN Most Trusted Name in News? Not for Latinos

Church of England: Imperial Rome

The War on J Street

Liberals Open Fire on Harry Reid

Matt Taibbi: Elizabeth Warren for President

Rep. Grayson starts "Names of Dead" website listing those who died by lack of insurance coverage

The Super Rich are Laughing -- The US as Failed State

86 year-old WWII vet supports gay marriage 'What do you think I fought at Omaha Beach for?'

The new V remake: More ABC/Disney right wing douchebag propaganda?

Senior chief to retire in hazing investigation

UN: Afghan drug flow wreaks global havoc

Repairs begin at Vietnam Memorial in D.C.

New Iraq realities bring much more down time

Official: No Futenma decision before Obama trip

Obama to sign advance VA funding bill Thursday

US signals Afghan coalition government is possible

Soldier accused in stress clinic slayings is back in U.S.

1,000 troops arrive in Israel for exercise

Troops Clamor For Precision Mortars

Hush Hush...The Ospreys Are Coming

Missile strike could complicate Pakistan battle

Aircraft Gets X-plane Designation

Senate to battle over defense policy bill

Battery market will be US $3.7 billion by 2014

Peak oil notes - Oct 22

Drumbeat: October 22, 2009

Water is the most valuable resource

(UK) DECC: 'Fuel poverty on the increase'

The Solar Bus Goes To Washington

Biting Commentary on Infinity and Beyond

As Corals Bleach, Fish Species Lose Camouflage, Pushing Predation Losses Higher - Nature

Der Spiegel - Pessimism Abounds As Copenhagen Talks Approach

Hydropower Industry Bracing For A World Without Glaciers - Reuters

Prairie Pioneer Seeks To Reinvent The Way We Farm (Breeding Perennial Crops)

As Hybrid Buses Get Cheaper, Cities Fill Their Fleet

US Companies "Entitled" To Some Of Iraq's Crude Oil Reserves, Sez Pickens - All That Expense, Y'know

10/15 NASA Satellite Image Showing Massive Fires Of Unknown Origin In North Korea

Food experts worry as 1 Billion go hungry

A new generation of LEDs may replace compact flourescent bulbs

Steep Decline In Americans' Belief In Global Warming

The word of the day in the sports forum is "billicheatectomy".

ESPN's Phillips on leave amid bizarre sex scandal


Interesting fact. The NL-East champion beat the TOP two teams in the NL-West.

The Phillies Win the Pennant!! The Phillies Win the Pennant!!

Any bets on total scores tonight, Phils/Dodgers?

Phillies 8, Dodgers 3 (Top of the 7th)

Congrats to the Dodgers for winnng the NL West and making it to the NL finals

Yankees-Angels Playoffs Attract 19 Percent More Viewers for Fox

The Sporting News names Lincecum NL pitcher of the year

Isiah blasts Magic over criticisms in new book. Heh!!

Now six damn days off!

Celebration time!! The hated Dodgers are done!!

The T.O. era may be drawing to a close

LeBron James wants to dunk on George W. Bush

L.A. stadium environmental bill signed -- your team could be stolen

A-Rod Can't Wait To Someday Tell Estranged Grandchildren About 2009 Postseason

50 Sexiest WAGs of World Football

Cleveland's Brady Quinn stands to lose millions this Sunday

Raiders coach Tom Cable won't face assault charges

Embassy occupants in Honduras: Army tunes torture

OAS Secretary General expresses concern over stall in Honduras negotiations

Return democracy to Honduras

[es] Entrevista a Dionisia Diaz, la abuela de la Resistencia

Colombian cocaine kingpin gets 45 years in US jail

Mexico spied on top author

Chavez Says U.S. Nuclear Probe Part of Anti-Venezuela Campaign

Learn from Cuba says New Orleans mayor

Was the presidential ouster illegal? (Forbes)

Detained Chiapan Peasant Leader Treated Worse Than a Drug Kingpin

"Chávez's case would be much stronger if he went after corruption within his own government."

One-Sided Reporting on Latin America: Small Oversights and Big Lies

Polls: Chavez's popularity slips in Venezuela

Uruguay former rebel chief seen to finish first in presidential polls

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/21

The Honduran resistance: a giant awakes, a new hope is born

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/22

Chavez urges 3-minute showers to conserve water

92 year old woman shot in NYC...

Mac OSX is a G19/17 or German P226. Appreciate stuff that works.

Newark airport guard that threatened Obama has 43 firearms.

13 year old shoots his father with a shotgun..

Should Private Citizens Be Allowed To Have Holographic Gunsights, or Lasers Mounted On Their Guns,

Goods Flood Gaza’s Tunnels, Turning Border Area Into a Shopping Mecca

'Now we realize what IDF had to counter'

Israel's attacks will lead to its isolation

Ahmadinejad, Netanyahu and the Holocaust: The ethics of memory

Nightmare on J Street: Why can't Arab Americans work for peace, too?

Tzipi Livni Shows Prime Ministerial Stuff on J Street Conference

No way home: The tragedy of the Palestinian diaspora

Believing in the nonviolent struggle

"International Women’s Media Foundation Honors Israeli Journalist Amira Hass with 2009 Lifetime

A war crime whitewash

Brandeis to host Gaza violence forum

Virginia and Gun Control: In-state poll shows support for ending gun show loophole

can't sleep? take pictures...

Seen on a quick run into rural NC today- a crafts(wo)man with wit and talent

Steven Rattner: Why we had to get rid of GM's CEO (financial crisis, oil prices, the yen-dollar, UAW

What does it mean to you to be a professional photographer?

Pre-USSR Russian color photos

Union Plus Medical Bill Negotiating Service by Health Advocate (union members only)

Stop Nespressure, Discrimination and Union-busting at Nestlé Indonesia!

I love Richard Trumka Fan Page on facebook

Worker safety appeals board rulings raise question (lost arm no fine)

Families USA Says As Many As Four Million People Lost Health Insurance Over Past Year

Referees Union Reaches Tentative Deal With The NBA

Today in Labor History Oct 22 John Reed was born in Portland, Oregon, the child of wealth

Squalid. Unsanitary. Dangerous.

Todays Labor Cartoon

AFL-CIO Applauds Pelosi For 'Leading The Fight' For Robust Public Option

Women and the Global Labor Movement: In Search of ‘Decent Work, Decent Life’

New Mine Safety Chief: The Change We Needed

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act On Way To President

Inadvertent dupe post.

Watch WWII Veteran Makes Case For Gay Marriage

Out and Alone: The Epidemic of Homeless LGBT Youth

High School Hand Holding as Punishment... with a Dash of Internalized Homophobia

The year's best wildlife photos

Straight Pride - available Nov 17 on iTunes and CD Baby

Organic Molecules Around Gas Planet (w/ Video)

Irish sportsman comes out - courage personified.

Congress extends hate crime protections to gays (AP)

Fossils Push Back Earliest Complex Animals 40 Million Years

Human Space Flight Review Committee press conference today (Thursday)

Farthest Galaxy Cluster Ever Detected

Missions To Mars - All Of Them (graphic)

Two Eyes, Two Views: Your Brain and Depth Perception

Boot 'don’t ask, don’t tell,’ honor all who want to serve (Ft Worth TX Star-Telegram)

I think Goldmine Sucks needs to take cuts in sympathy with fellow bankers.

Regions Bank to close 121 branches in cost-savings move; 3 in Alabama (AP/WHNT)

Recovery? How, Given THIS?

Daykeeper for remainder of week 10/22 & 10/23

Anyone else notice the updated forums list is working again?

I have to share this link to an artist's website.....

Baxter the End of Life Therapy Dog Crosses Over

Check out this essay on fundamentalists

New Matthew message

"The End of Separation...Connecting to the New Energies" - Karen Bishop - October 22, 2009

Thread about UFO disclosure in General Discussion:


I finally saw a good photo of Obamas hand...

'Holy Grail' Of Cancer Therapy: Researchers Find Way To Protect Healthy Cells From Radiation Damage

Dr. Wakefield Research Justified

Pastor Arrested With Miracle Machine

Defining the word 'Christian'

Kids with special needs facing abuse at school: a troubling trend

How old was Jesus when He died?

Author/Advocate Gerald W. Bracey Dies at 69

NYT: Theodore R. Sizer, Leading Education-Reform Advocate, Dies at 77

Wait a second... Wendy Portillo (child abuser extradinare) is still teaching?

Education chief calls for teacher prep overhaul

Lies and obfuscation.

Legal Center & CREW Urge DOJ to Investigate Allegations of Public Corruption - Dwayne Bohac

Just got a campaign letter from Bill White for Senator. Tell me

Saturday: 10th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty

Texas SBOE - "McCarthy was basically vindicated"

Here's a question for DUers in DFW, re Rational Radio 1360.