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Archives: October 21, 2009

matt taibbi on with campbell brown now

Judge rules FBI can continue to gag recipient of National Security Letter

Anyone else watching Barack on the webcast?

A Limited, Modified Pullout From Afghanistan- Et Tu, CodePink?

Richard Burr's Stimulus Hypocrisy

Remember Credit Card Holders... You Might Be A "Deadbeat" !!!

A Rumsfeld-era reminder about what causes Terrorism

Sun Microsystems about to add to California's high unemployment rate

Sun Microsystems about to add to California's high unemployment rate

Only 20% Of Americans Want to Be Called Republicans

why do they call it a party?

Moon is visible in the western sky

AOL Poll: More favorable opinion of Oprah or The Quitter?

Anderson Cooper has Joe Johns

Anderson Cooper has Joe Johns

Well taking my 23 Y\O tiel to the vet tomorrow

Pre-existing condition, LOL

Will charges be pressed against those who stole the Afghan elections?

Damn!! with parents like John Ensign's, who needs enemies

What's Up With Petraeus Disrespecting a Foreign Head of Government?*

Congress wants to put hate-group ban into law (Navy Times)

3 reasons why I'm fighting (Every AFSCME member with email got this today!)

The Ten Most Egregious Fox News Distortions (VIDEO)

AP source: House Dems trim health bill to $871B

A Person Paper on Purity in Language

Man Arrested After Baby was Reportedly High on Marijuana

57 percent support public option, 76 percent support it if limited to those without insurance

Kuwaiti women win passport right

So I just watched a Paul Wellstone tribute on YouTube...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Watching Frontline on Derivatives

If Harry Reid gave a damn about the American People

Yet again, a Freeper advocates overthrowing the government

A friend of mine posted this zinger to a RepubliCON on a local public blog.

problems with new Derivatives regulation;

Odierno: Violence may alter Iraq pullout

"We're Leaning Toward TALKING About The Public Option" ??? - Harry Reid, Today (10\20)

I guess we can't make an observation on DU anymore without

Obama Song Stirs Controversy

Meet the new Boss...

The Recovery Myth: Companies Aren't Hiring

Credit Card Companies Are Sending Out Early Holiday Gifts

Rock salt blizzard slams Snowe after health vote

The rich boy's life is a hard one

Win An Internet Flame War

I am actually eating popcorn right now.

Georgia puts convicted killer to death

Germans Unhappy with Alternative Swine Flu Vaccine for Politicians

Is there a roundup available online of crazy-ass town hall quotes?

So I just finished reading Genesis for one of my classes...

Mont city moves to mothball empty, 464-bed jail

Would someone please explain to me what "Medicare + 5%" means? I mean, politically.

Even-More-Gigantic Giant Orb Spider Discovered

S.C. GOP Chairman's spin cycle: Says reference to "Jews who are wealthy" was "truly in admiration"

Congress passes Guantanamo bill

WTF? Politician Does Something Excellent, Shows Guts, But DU Hardly Care!!!

Robust, my ass. Health care is not a coffee. Single-payer now.

Spain: Calendar features transgender models posing as the Virgin, controversy follows

The geography of jobs

Deeds tied, 57% of Virginians oppose Public Option Gas Costs $400 a Gallon in Afghanistan

Skidmore to Jake Tapper--do you think we are stupid out here?

As of 5 P.M. Central Time, 200,000 union members called Congress demanding a PUBLIC OPTION

75 gather to discuss health care

'Will Economic Inequality Lead to Terrorism? A Chilling Moment on NPR' (Bruce Judson)

Gov. Joe Manchin (D-Massey Energy) seeks Obama's ear on coal, cap-and-trade

House moves closer to healthcare public option

Meteor shower. Anyone looking?

Sen. Roland Burris will be on Washington Journal (C-Span) at 9:am today.

Holocaust denier sues Pembroke Pines survivor and author, 80

Fulton students to get shorter school year but longer days

HPV Vaccine: Women Now Have a Choice Between Cervarix and Gardasil

Schools and the Pedagogy of Punishment

Senator Burris on Washington Journal.C-Span NOW.

TYT, Cenk, and Cenk-isms, appreciation thread: Of Cooooourse!

NJ Gun Spree Killer Dies After 60 Year Incarceration

interesting exchange between

Just now on NPR

Rep. Metcalfe(R)calls vets on climate change tour 'traitors'

A really bad idea, Oprah.

what happened to Argentina?

The secret Paulson-Goldman meeting

Neil Barofsky: Bailout Helped But At A Great Cost

Walgreens sells "illegal alien" costume

Breaking on BBC - draft agreement reached - Tehran agrees

South Carolina Edges Oklahoma to Top BCS Standings

Should human rights groups ignore violations of human rights by democracies?

LOL! - W's New Career="Motivational Speaker"

College Cost Increases Exceed Inflation as Endowments Drop, Spending Slows

Bottles, pacifiers, Thumbsucking ups speech disorder risk

Some suggestions for the Public Option

i don't care if you make a Buck -- make many Bucks --

Question for the Single Payer Crowd

Senator Urges Obama: Don't Start Enemies List

Anyone read buzzflash???

Karzai needed convincing twice on new election (Kerry's role detailed)

'Ma'am, I don't want to do this either.' He said, 'Times are bad, times are really hard'."

Ruben, Greenspan and Summers were sexist bastards who

Question: If the Robust Plan REDUCES the Deficit as the CBO Reports

Ford plant to be developed into alternative energy park

Trickle-Down, eh? Well, I have something very simple to say about that!

How Skype Is Changing the Job Interview

Industrialised nations' CO2 emissions rose in 2007: UN

Golfers, do you know that Pebble Beach is a public course?

The Rude Pundit: Pat Buchanan Hearts the Oath Keepers, Does Not Heart Black People

Britain's cash for clunkers program has been extended into next year

Enrollment soars for Pasco's new eSchool (Vouchers may be last year's issue)

The Warning

two back to back storms have ruined Philippine food crops

India to have most diabetics in world

My definition of healthcare reform...

Steele 'not really' concerned about declining GOP support

Yahoo "Sorry" For Offering Lap Dances at Developers Event

German High Court Outlaws Electronic Voting

Talent and Grahm get big bucks to meet once a month on scare tactics

Wow! Dylan Ratigan just had the most amazing exchange with the TARP Inspector General!

Kerchner v Obama – Case dismissed

Sarah Palin Goes Down Cheap on Amazon: Just $9 for "Going Rogue," A $29.00 Book

Presidential election outcome changed voters' testosterone

CIA assassinations-- now on Fresh Air...

Key Senators, White House Officials, To Discuss Public Option Tonight

Anchor apologizes for calling Kerik ‘top cock’ on air

Both of my banks have a one star rating on bankrate.

Which propaganda agency is paying for the movie

Analysts: New Housing Crash Looms

Have you ever been in an accident?

So The Real Unemployment Rate Hovers Around 20%

If Bernard Kerik were a Dem would he have received at least as much cable news coverage as ACORN?

what David Goldman said about Pampers

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3- Them, health and Pot

Cool school assignment - 11th grade daughter sat in with a DJ Sunday night!

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 4 -More hot air

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 4 -More hot air

Which is more dangerous?

AP: Investigators Thought Scientist Was Working For A Foreign Government

Magic Pants:Violate Bar's Dress Code on African American Studnt But Not When Worn by White Student

When will the government STOP

The Soda Industry is crying a river about getting a taxed.

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1- Us and Them

Here's the truth about public education from people who ...

Proposed Army Program Will Encourage Soldiers to Look On The Bright Side of Combat

"You might want to tone down the rhetoric, comrade."

No Money For The Rich.

RW Tactic? Agreeing to Disagree

Burr applauds money from stimulus bill he opposed.

Pelosi throws down the gauntlet for public option

I think we should have and Opt-out Option for the PO, and

Obama to Democrats: "Keep Eye On The Prize-we are this close, and we have to be unified"

Why do the right-wing Republicans distrust Obama so greatly?

Doomsday in reverse?

is there any info on these guys? Physicians for a National Health Program

Zero Percent Corporate Tax. Is It a good idea?

Citibank Closing Hundreds Of Credit Accounts, Unannounced

What is your opinion of bill mahar?

FOX "News" ??

Torture, Rape and Treason Don't Bother Me But, Banks...Now I'm Really Perturbed

Louise Slaughter:Setting the Record Straight: Single Payer Amendments to H.R. 3200

What world doesn Lamar Alexander live in?

The Truth-O-Meter Says: Britches on Fire

Farrakhan: H1N1 vaccine developed to kill people

Michelle Obama hoops it up for health with hula hoop, pushes good eating and 'no whining'

Great explanation of McCaren/Ferguson Act that gave Ins Co anti- trust protection

Freepers thought process

I nominate Brooksley Born to be Federal Reserve Chairwoman - And FIRE! Geithner & Summers!

Former Morgue Worker Pleads Guilty To Sex Charges (man had sex with corpses)

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik Sent to Jail

Single Payer: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Zahler.

Single Payer: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Zahler.

Say hello to the newest motivational speaker...

White House Rampage - Obama WH plays hardball

What's Vitter Waiting For?

Oh, the Feminism topic ...

For those insiting on Medicare for all, please take a look at the following:

Video of the Wall in Berlin

Rosie O'Donnell, partner may be heading toward split

Is there a way to defeat the right wing strategy on news?

'U.S. To Stand By Israel In The Fight Against Goldstone Report'

"Do you see Senators demanding investigations..."

"Do you see Senators demanding investigations..."

Well we did take our tuky to the vet hoping it wasn't that bad

I just heard the BEST 'This American Life' about Health Care. Ask Me Anything!!

Why taking on Fox Noise is a good idea (Michael Wolff)

Can we get Oprah Winfrey to ask Sarah Palin how old she believes the Earth is?

61% Favor Public Option (New CNN Poll)

David Vitter Ducks Question on Interracial Couple (video link)

Kuwaiti women win passport rights

God Introduces New Bird

It's amazing the stupid things some people here say about folk health remedies and other cheap kinds

Ten million bloody plastic eyeballs, by Mark Morford

Foreclosures Are More Profitable Than Loan Modifications, According To New Report

David Horsey of Seattle P-I with more cartooning brilliance

The prophets have it all wrong.........

NY Post Page 6: Glenn Beck is now "traveling with an armed guard."

Are there any good lenders remaining? Where do progressives go for loans?

Ken Rudin on NPR.

GOP Candidate switches DISTRICT so he can run against Grayson

Volcker Fails to Sell a Bank Strategy

OMG, I watched Glenn Beck for the first time last night...


Dollars & Sense: Homeownership Not All It's Cracked Up to Be?

need an Obama emblem....

George W. Bush is here now

The Next Financial Crisis Hits Wall Street, as Judges Start Nixing Foreclosures

Man admits to posing as a woman on Facebook, soliciting nude photos of boys

Man admits to posing as a woman on Facebook, soliciting nude photos of boys

Elizabeth Warren coming up on CNBC n/t

CBS News Exclusive: Study Of State Results Finds H1N1 Not As Prevalent As Feared

In Book-Pricing Battle, How Low Can They Go?

Congress "Getting Completely Crushed" With Over 100,000 Calls For Obama's Healthcare Reform

Congress "Getting Completely Crushed" With Over 100,000 Calls For Obama's Healthcare Reform

Turkish song help

Turkish song help

CNN's The Buzz: Wall St. celebrates profits while national unemployment worsens

I just saw Senator Al Franken....

At rescued banks, perks keep rolling

Cashing in the War Dividend- The Joys of Perpetual War

Seen the new MoveOn ad for the Public Option, starring Heather Graham?


Why are some woman Gold Digger's?

Germans Unhappy with Alternative Swine Flu Vaccine for Politicians

Harry Reid: AMA Misled Me.......

Harry Reid: AMA Misled Me.......

Question about P.O.

Kuwaiti women win passport rights

Even a bear likes a cold one sometimes

Can I ask why some men and women are Gold Diggers without

Can I ask why some men and women are Gold Diggers without

Real Healthcare Reform in 2 Sentences (vs 1502 pages). . . . . .

Australian School Bans "Inappropriate" Hugging

Seems Obama and the crew have a favorite in the NYC mayoral race.

Activists 'trick or treat' for climate change

Do we need Medicare-for-Everyone OR Baucus-care for corporations?

Fix ALL of Healthcare.

How Net Neutrality Relates to Current Media

Obama strategy: Marginalize most powerful critics

The Film that will put BUSH Behind BARS! Arrives at all major retailers! Thanks for the support DU!

I need to vent.....

This is the bust in the boomtown that banks built

Afghan opium 'funding terrorism'

Banks uneasy about overdraft-fee legislation

Paths around Washington Monument form infinity.

Paths around Washington Monument form infinity.

Goldman Sachspeak: Income Inequality will lead to Prosperity and Opportunity for All

Civil Rights Movement for the Middle Class

LA Times: South Carolina's richness of embarrassments

Nation's Morons March on Washington State

I am losing faith in all parts of our government.

Father of toddler who was refused insurance for being too skinny does not support universal

Know your Bush crooks; 1 arrested and 2 sent to jail this week ....

My Facebook Fundie Smackdown....

"Get Motivated!"

The problem with "across state lines" coverage

Healthcare in a nutshell. Warning, may offend the easily offended

Madoff shares jail with mob boss and ex-spy

What the h*ll is the matter with Jake Tapper?

Fossils Of World's Smallest Dinosaur Discovered Outside Fruita, Colorado

help me understand...

New Satire "Sarah Palin's Secret Diary" Makes Outrageous Claims

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: Us vs. Them

Dick Cheney Returns Fire! Faux Gnus Warning! LOL!

In other news: Twitter started to shut down a 34th account of a CT Republican pretending to be a Dem

Tweety said Mohammed instead of Obama before going to break at the 1/2 hour.

WHOOPS! Correction to the statement "sex cures everything"

Boom Times for Pot Growers

Obama urged to investigate the BCS

Newark Airport security guard John Brek arrested for making threats against President Obama

Steve Rosen: CIA, FBI paranoid about Mossad

Gotta love Ed. His question today : Should the Dems kick Lieberman out

"Inequality Must Be Tolerated"

Political Graphics - cool site

Bardwell: A White Woman Would Have to be Drunk to Want to Marry a Black Man

I think we'll get 2/3 in this years elections

I started prophylactic Tamiflu today

Hey DU! Re: Goldman Sachs says we need to "learn to tolerate inequality of bonuses" - here ya go:

Monday's Reverse Repo Test?

According to our Media - Bush who was here today

Nation's Morons March On Washington State

Study: Men who voted for McCain saw testosterone levels drop significantly

Health Secy. Sebelius

A message to America from insurance company CEOs

So I called Senator David 'Diapers' Vitter's office today ( (202) 224-4623 )

Japan catches 59 whales off Kushiro

Generals vs Obama, of is it PNAC vs Obama?

Generals vs Obama, of is it PNAC vs Obama?

Does anyone have any info about "EST," or "Landmark"

Health insurance question regarding employment law

Issued seat belt violation ticket tonight, 6th one this year. Gave the officer the same answer when

Man gets cancer then gets fired

George W is touring in Canada.

Good Morning fellow DU'ers

Rape Victim's Choice: Risk AIDS or forgoe insurance

Your Town Can Demand Justice More Powerfully Than You Can

can you stomach this? the birds couldn't

Twitter shuts down 33 fake accounts created by state Republicans in an attempt to lambast Dems

Yes... I am watching Oprah.

Is the state of Kansas refusing to dispense Tamiflu?

Senate confirms Obama District court nominee Roberto Lange 100-0

The History and State of Health Care in America.

Census Bureau Statistics: Male Led Households substantially more wealthy than Female Led Ones


Too Small to Matter - Too Big to Fail.. oldy of mine from last yr reminded by Frontline last night

I feel like we are under seige.

If you were President, which musicians would you have play at The White House?

For victims of domestic violence, a call for help can lead to eviction

For victims of domestic violence, a call for help can lead to eviction

True Stories of False Confessions

Rush Limbaugh tells environmental reporter to kill himself "and help the planet by dying"

WTF? - Buchanan: White Americans Are Losing "THEIR" (???) Nation

Did anyone else see the scare tactic (and inaccurate) show on "surviving" a nuclear attack on Spike

Bernie Kerik MUGSHOT!!! -Inmate # 210-717

Wily Coyote Survives Wild Ride-Animal Struck By Car, Gets Trapped Behind Grill

Wily Coyote Survives Wild Ride-Animal Struck By Car, Gets Trapped Behind Grill

Four Of the Year's Most Important Environment Stories That You Probably Haven't Read

Not friended on Facebook because I don't like Bush

Grandma's greener than you


Crist: Body Found Is Probably Somer - 7-Year-Old Vanished On Walk Home From School

The Kindest Cut: New Surgery Restores Function for Victims of FGM

Florida Woman's Rape Called A "Pre-Existing Condition" By Insurance Companies

Did Sears Just Whoop Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Target in the Book-Price War

Ava Lowery of Peace Takes Courage ADOLESCENT ACTIVISTS: 7 Young People Making A Difference

Senators to strip health insurers of antitrust exemption

Snake Andrew Ross Sorkin slithering back on to my TV like he is some kind of financial expert

Anyone know how Limbaugh's # of listeners is calculated?

Are you Born again?

How the newly named Medicare Pt. E differs from "old" Medicare and Single-payer

Tell the FCC to support Net Neutrality

If this isn't the most laughable logic I've ever seen then it's close....

The horrors of life in a high-tax country with S....S....S.....Socialistic Tendencies......

DU has Become Meaner

Public must learn to 'tolerate the inequality' of bonuses, says Goldman Sachs

Public must learn to 'tolerate the inequality' of bonuses, says Goldman Sachs

First Lady Michelle Obama Exercises With A Hula Hoop During A Healthy Kids Fair - (updated) pics

Rush Limbaugh tells environmental reporter to kill himself

someone at CNN doesn't like Rick Sanchez

Obama to slash (some) senior bank execs’ compensation by 90 percent

Instead of "Medicare for Everyone" how about

Thomas Friedman: The New Untouchables ("You're just not that GREAT! You have to be SUPERworkers!")

Universal Health Care Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts

Bernie's not such a tough cop now.

Bernie's not such a tough cop now.

Pentagon used psychological operation on US public, documents show

Must read - Glenn Close: Mental Illness: The Stigma of Silence

Maddow & Olbermann Invited to White House Chat with Obama

Zooming In on the Year's Biggest Hoax

Hey Vets - This guy has something to say to you.

Hey Vets - This guy has something to say to you.

Aries 1-X rocket rolled out ot the pad at KSC. Scheduled to launch at end of the month*

If you could trade one elected official in your state for another (Same position) who would you pick

Michigan governor slashes $54 million more from school funding

Taser: Don't shoot stun gun at chest

I heard that Obama can rescind DADT without Congress or the Senate

Magpies Grieve for their Dead: article:

Congressman Grayson and Congressman Weiner ........

Why Do Men Catcall? - (Alternet)

Windows 7 set to break retail records

Jon Stewart on the Swine Flu Vaccine hysteria. Just in case you missed it.

UC to deny spots to 600 Californians, take out-of-state and international students instead

In Praise of ....... Amsterdam (pic heavy)

Her damn book isn't even out yet and already it's discounted 69% on Amazon

Retirement Community Fights To Evict 6-Year-Old Girl

Is there one tiny speck of moral good in studying medicine?

And Now for Something Completely Different...

I would like to apologies to all those I have offended,

Perle, Feith Offer (Ironic) 'Denials' to Sibel Edmonds Allegations in Military News Outlet

NC: Reidsville officials give Matt 'Hillbilly' Boswell the boot after homobigoted performance

We need to bring back that 90% tax on the highest incomes


Media Enabled Poppy's Attacks on Maddow, Olbermann, Yet Continue to Ignore Bush Family's Sordid Past

The Guardian has Linked to our "Going Rouge: Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book"

Maurice Sendak tells parents who think Wild Things is too scary for children they can 'go to hell'

Some Swine Flu info from my Doctor today.

Group wonders how new marijuana stance might affect Florida

Atheist ads to adorn New York subway stations

Nation's Morons March On Washington State

"the very voice that could save us by bringing balance to our world is not welcome at the table"

Do women in Afghanistan spend a lot of money on books, but never bother to read them?

Why hasn't there been a "revolution?"

I saw Suzanne Somers on TV today. All that silicone has gone to her brain.

Medical Bankruptcy Fairness Act: Human Beings Mean NOTHING in this Corporate Fascist State

Bag Check

Sad but effective - death due to "LOC" (lack of coverage) in your local obituaries

NY public school students get limited use of school library so 3 charter schools can use it.

'Die quickly' congressman creates; GOP cries foul

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 5 -the rest

no not again

Help- question about cow tipping!

Help - question about tipping!

it's 6:45 and completely dark. wtf?

October videos

Am I getting brady?

Who ate the pizza rolls?

What is wrong with women?

Well taking my 23 Y\O tiel to the vet tomorrow

Man breaks 15 laws in 11 minutes

"LicketyFingerPop" That is our new nickname for our cat!

Your favorite moth puzzle

This scenario

Your favorite month puzzle.

OMFG. Teh STUPID.. "Strictest Parents" on CMT.

People are crazy

People are Hazy.

People are lazy

People are queazy

Your favorite goth puzzle

Your favorite meth puzzle

That 2012 movie looks shit gobblingly horrible.


My Halloween Costume:

People are sleazy

I am NOT asking for medical advice...

Psst. Want to See Some Clever Caricatures?

Win An Internet Flame War

Halloween Classic Monster Poll

Tonight, on my way back from the library...random weirdness, in which I am considered nobility?

I found a fortune cookie in the street! Should I open it and read it?

Remember kids, seatbelts are for fascists!

So what sites did you get banned at?

The taxi cab of the future

Did anyone catch the Orionids meteor shower last night?

Tampa killed the devil and barbecued him , scary place.

D&D should be played on a table with real dice and with zero electronic equipment

Halloween Candy Poll #4: BabyRuth or Butterfinger?

Name changes

Keef, Brian Jones, Mick Taylor or Ron Wood?

How do you stop cyber harassment?

Washington DC Animal Rescue league is calling for your help

Suddenly, I have a craving for chocolate

Today's aural earworm: "Richard Heene, Psyience Detective!"

See y'all around the Hour of Scampering.

strong coffee and a warm honey-dipped donut

Why does think I need to buy powertools?

Harry Reid wud like his balls back on health care

Mitch McConn-job-McChinless wastes the peoples' $$$

Anyone here play Mafia Wars on Facebook?

Is there a place where I can find a list of donor functions?

Good morning Lounge

OK, who is old enough to remember the Madras plaid shirt

have you ever sat there and thought,

Fuckin' Today show - doing a segment on women and religion, and it's all charlatans: Osteen, Dollar

would you buy a Level A Hazmat suit from Craigslist?

Lord help me.....I just made a request for a conference call.

"Shit my dad says"

Its very late. I'm up late. Why am I up so late? I'm never up this late.

ok what happened to the quarter in the toilet

oops! wrong forum

I just got new windows installed!

Passive aggressive bosses fucking SUCK.

ad says i can get ripped off in 4 weeks

I really feel left out. Like an outsider here in the lounge. I'm pretty much used to it, I guess.

Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day

Kitty fix in stereo this morning!!!

I watched all the extended Lord of the Rings again the last few days, and, well... I'm disappointed.

Okay, I just got screwed on my fortune cookie.

Rice. We have rice.

There's no hold

I'm home, lost my job, and incurably ill

Has anyone been on Effexor?

Ohh CallMeWesleyyyy...

Cooking with Cormac McCarthy

It's disheartening when your computer blatantly cheats at Hearts....


Sysguard 2009 Malware....

i think i might go into GD and post "I smell a DUZY!" to each and every post


I would so let my kids go around this van.

What is it about high pressure situations that make me crave caffeine?

I'm looking for some good blogs.

Ind. robber takes $20, prays with cashier

Can / or does your dog do this at bedtime?

Married...With Children then and now...

I think I am actually going to turn down the first job offer I have had in 12 months

Where is this tatoo located?

i would like to dedicate this song to theNotoriousP.I.G.

Well, I finally went and joined Facebook

Which "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" cast member are you most like?

I think I have the flu

Happy Birthday, Miz t. ... Happy Birthday, Miz t. ...

The telephone of the future (big picture warning - 116kb)

y'know, i'd kinda like to get into the 'sons of anarchy', but watching a drama about outlaw bikers

Billy Joel nailed back in 1982. re:Allentown

YEAH, baby...signed a new client today. Drinks are on me.

What is the best Symphony ever written ?

Police: Man bites neighbor's mouth over football

Halloween Candy Poll #5: Kit-Kat or Nestle Crunch?

OK you 50-something people. Beat this if you can.

If you could name the OFFICIAL HOUSE BAND of The Lounge, would it be...

If it were possible to mate with a space alien would you do it?

Another episode of "My cat can sleep anywhere and ....."

I am actually eating popcorn right now.

I'm dangerous again

Please send good vibes my way

Does it seem right that The Beatles digitally remastered cds

Mice. We have mice.

ad says i can get ripped in 4 weeks

Adopting out a pet (petfinder)

Bought my first Blu-Ray Player

I am still sick and a very nice person.

Website now up for Grateful Dead game. Deadopoly

Well we did take our tuky to the vet hoping it wasn't that bad

Which web browser(s) do you use?

Cliff Notes Version of "The Terminator" Help Needed?

I've heard of juvenile deliquency

i need one of you guys to put me up for an indefinite period of time

Charlize Theron to play the lead in Mad Max 4?

"Shit my cat says"

Why isn't "football" or "baseball" capitalized? Aren't these proper nouns?

my house was broken into today

Ok, Where should I live?

I'm thinking about starting a side business making wind turbine generators. Good idea?

Two dogs, one stick

I could really do without taking a piss every god damn couple of hours

A rare sight people..... RP REALLY ticked off!

Dexter's dark passengers, what did you think of last episode?

Anybody know how to get dust/spiderwebs off a blown ceiling?

Ever wonder if then-Vice-President GHWB tried to take out Reagan?

Bored? Play this Tic-tac-toe game!

Hill Aides: More Senators Would Back Public Plan If Obama Pushed Harder

Not good news: ‘Doc Fix’ Continues to Vex Senate Leaders

Deval Patrick is coming to my son's elementary school tomorrow. What should I ask him?

I Love This Guy!

Poll needs our attention

The anti-Obama ass holes are out in full force on DU, I see.

AP : White House praises Kerry role in Afghanistan - describes the efforts of many

Behind the Scenes: John Kerry & the Karzai Deal

Pretzel Warrior, what can I say, you tried your best. Keep on trying

Pelosi To Bring Robust Public Option To Floor

On message: Obama urges GOP to ‘get a mop’ and clean up Bush administration mess

Nelson(NE): Public Option May Be Popular, But Opt-Outs Are Really Popular

Democratic Senators that have stated they don't have the votes are either:

So it sure looks as if the banks waited until they squeezed enough

Public Option: "A preliminary analysis from CBO may have sealed the deal. "

AP: House Dems Trim Health Bill to $871B, with robust public option,96% insured and reduces deficit!

NYT piece criticizes Obama for spending the summer "banging his presidential drum" for reform

Obama, must we 'keep our eyes on the prize' by settling for Baucus' Healthcare bill?

Senator Reid started today's Senate with a wonderful tribute to Senator Kerry

"President" Snowe and Nelson met Reid today on Health care bill

Lamar Alexander tells Obama: to "back up" and not "start an enemies list"

Lamar Alexander tells Obama: to "back up" and not "start an enemies list"

Did Betsy McCaughey warn Lamar Alexander the Health Care Bill will contain an Official Enemas List?

Video: President Obama Was FIRED UP Last Night!

Scary: Article says Secret Service Strained to Protect President Obama;

WSJ: Kerry emerges as broker for the Obama administration

Joe Conason Must Read: An Obscene Protest

Anyone know what Obama (or Biden) was doing in midtown NYC last night?

VP Biden in Poland (Photos)

FL-Sen, FL-Gov: Rubio Gains Ground on Crist

I really hated Obama for an hour or so....

Landrieu - No Filibuster : "I'm not going to be joining people that don't want progress."

Congressman Grijalva: "robust Medicare plus five public option" already has 210 votes

Weiner: Obama admin. 'half-pregnant' with health industries

Eight Ways Richard Burr Displayed Poor Judgment, a Lack of Integrity, and Utter Contempt for Others

DC on fire over anonymous writer's ramblings-Gibbs to respond possibly

Obama: Afghan Troop Decision Possible Before Vote Result

Post one thing that really pisses you off. Just one thing.

Reid meant yesterday: The negotiations are leaning about a public option

Lobbying needs to be banned, because most lobbyist are anti-american!

Senate Shoots Down Permanent Doc-Fix Bill

Isn't it time to target...

Mark Sanford ouster not on tap

Another day, another lost birther lawsuit

Birther Soldier Makes Good (Washington Indy)

I am so excited, I am doing cartwheels!

Wow. Just wow. NJ Gov Cand. Christie coopts Obama audio for his campaign ad

Drudge's RED headline right now. WHITE HOUSE MASTER TO SLASH EXEC PAY (racist much?)

Watch Frontline The Warning here:

Iran agrees on nuclear deal, big news on BBC, US media does not care

Urgent Amendments Pending: Single Payer Lives

Congratulations, Strong Atheist on 11,942 posts!

Hew Wall Street.. You take bail out Funds. you get to feel our pain!

CNN Poll Support for PO = 61% up 6 from last month

Please post in this thread if you can remember being offended by Boojatta!

****Heads Up: POTUS Announces Initiatives for Small Businesses, Live! ****

What will be the political repercussions/changes of long-term, 10%+ national unemployment?

HOT DAMN! Ya'll see this speech President Obama is giving right now????

Heads up... the next wave of angst from the GOP is starting.. the Obama enemies list

U.S. troops in Iraq have time on hands

Brooksley Born gave "The Warning" about the impending financial crisis

Why is the media shielding fox...

House Dems to rebrand the Public Option as Medicare Part E

I am teaching a unit on the 3 branches of Government

Emerging US Recovery based on Housing and Manufacturing

Kerry to meet one to one in oval office today with Obama

OR-GOV: Is Jason Atkinson abandoning the race?

Krugman: The facts have a liberal health-care bias

House committee votes to repeal health insurance industry antitrust exemption

Eric Boehlert smacks down Jake Tapper for trying to defend Fox Noise

On second thought, President Obama, please don't waste time campaigning for VA Gov cand. Deeds

Kerchner v. Obama Dismissed

Rep. Anthony Weiner thinks House has 218 votes for Pelosi's robust Public Option

Sen. Burris Won't Rule Out Filibuster Over Public Option

Evidently, the media is unaware that Kerry is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Grayson on the Ed Show insulted the National Enquirer. He said

PHOTO: President Obama and Sen. Kerry

Jerry Brown lets CNBC have it

Name a good horror movie that probably no one else has watched but you.

Obama to Send TARP Funds to MAIN STREET

Very classy: Kerry smacks down "de facto Sec. of State" question as "inappropriate" in presser

With all due respect to those who are worried about defending Obama from progressive angst

So what's the problem?

I got my flu shot this morning. Did you get yours yet?

Political Convergence: Bank Bail Out Profits and the Public Option

Match Game Story: "Glenda Goodwife spent her inheritance on ______ and some blood-soaked squirrels"

Colorado Newspaper Hiring Marijuana Critic

The Return Of Oil Price Shock

Steele 'not really' concerned about declining GOP support

RSF: Venezuela among the worst press freedom offenders in the region

With New Afghan Vote, Path Forward Is Unclear

Judge rules FBI can continue to gag recipient of National Security Letter

AP source: House Dems trim health bill to $871B

Wash Post poll: Clear majority now backs public option

Lifetime pulls balloon boy's 'Wife Swap' episode from schedule

Six hostages in Paris suburb hold-up

Pakistan Hits Taliban, Urges NATO to Seal Border.

Sack Afghan poll officials - UN

MoneyGram to pay $18M fraud settlement for helping defraud consumers

Fed's Plosser: Moral hazard genie is out of bottle

Book alleges China cut deal to host 2008 Olympics

Giant new Asian trade deal on agenda

Lithuanian President Announces Investigation into CIA Secret Prison

US Rep Barton (R-Texas) Asks FCC To Stop Vote On Open Internet Rules (net neutrality)

Iran Agrees to Draft of Deal on Exporting Nuclear Fuel

Health care protest targets giant insurer CIGNA

Interior Dept. to investigate Bush administration's oil shale deals

Former U.S. president George W. Bush garners noisy protest in Edmonton

Rising Debt a Threat to Japanese Economy

Pelosi's 'Public Option' Bill Gets Boost From Report Pegging Cost Below Obama's $900B

Lithuanian President Announces Investigation into CIA Secret Prison

Tony Blair Heckled in Middle East Visit: 'You Are a Terrorist'

Breaking news from The Associated Press: the Iranians may in fact accept a crucial nuclear deal

Terror charges filed in Boston

Rush Limbaugh tells environmental reporter to kill himself

Terror suspect arrested in Boston

NATO to meet on Afghanistan, missile defense

U.S. Fed: Economy perked up from depressed levels

Canada approves H1N1 vaccine

Tanker Collision Spills Oil into Gulf Of Mexico...

Fate of White House Counsel Is in Doubt After Bruising Fights

House panel says states can protect consumers

Second House Panel Votes For Swaps Regulation

Court papers claim Bernie Madoff's Securities offices were fueled by cocaine, topless women

U.S. won't reopen NAFTA for now: ambassador

Former LA Times journalist Jack Nelson dies at 80

CBS News Exclusive: Study Of State Results Finds H1N1 Not As Prevalent As Feared

Swine Flu Cases Overestimated?

Question about P.O.

John Brek Arrested: Newark Security Guard Accused Of Making Terrorist Threats Against Obama

U.S. to announce arrest in terror probe in Boston

Draft agreement on Iran uranium deal on table: IAEA chief

Almost 8,000 Michigan residents apply for medical marijuana program in first six months

Black Woman Retracts White Torture Claim

U.S. to Order Steep Pay (90%) Cuts at Firms That Got Most Aid

Feds: Mass. man planned terror attacks on US malls

NFL Owners Belie Limbaugh `Not Wanted’ by Giving to Republicans

Bernanke Airs Concern on Speeding Up Credit-Card Law

American Airlines parent reports $359 million 3Q loss

Morgan Stanley Returns to a Profit

Afghan election officials fired ahead of run-off

Kerry: “Common Sense” that Obama Should Wait on New Afghan Strategy Until Run-off Complete

In Shift, Cancer Society Has Concerns on Screenings

Pelosi Prepares To Move Ahead With Robust Public Option

Gates says U.S. won't accept nuclear North Korea

Congress passes green-card bill for spouses of deceased U.S. citizens

U.S. to Order Steep Pay Cuts at Firms That Got Most Aid

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 21

Oil Surges to One-Year High of More Than $81 on US Gasoline Supply Drop

Obama: Afghan troop decision possible before vote result

CBO finds Dem bill with public option reduces deficit

(Tom) Ridge asks for leniency for man who assaulted toddler

Property of Nuclear Critic Is Seized by Federal Agents

Senator urges Obama: Don't start enemies list

Sweat lodge survivor: Guru pushed too far

Obama launches plan to help small businesses get loans

Dems go after antitrust exemption for insurers

US revokes more visas to pressure Honduran solution

Man charged in plot to attack U.S. shopping mall

Wells Fargo reports record profits

Kerik’s Mug Shot Is Released

Hawaii schools to move to four-day week in state cost-cutting measure

Former U.S. president George W. Bush garners noisy protest in Edmonton

'Honour killing' mother challenges husband in court

Man ran down 'too Westernized' daughter

Birther Taitz Decries 'Political Lynching' In New Filing Against Judge's $20K Fine

California accuses bank of raiding pension funds ($57 million by inflating fees it charged)

Iraq veteran kicked off bus over service dog

Pickens says U.S. firms 'entitled' to Iraqi oil

Cold War Remnant: Cancer for Baby Boomers

House Dems want Medicare for everyone

UK's Sky News reports Lockerbie bomber has died

Woman in W.Va. torture case now says she lied

NJ Airport Worker Arrested for Obama Threat

Hispanic Immigrants’ Children Fall Behind Peers Early, Study Finds

Pentagon used psychological operation on US public, documents show

AP: G20 Student Arrest Video Sparks Probe

Hard Hitting Music Video Against Torture - Op-Critical and JTMP

President Obama Bestows Presidential Unit Citation on the Blackhorse Regiment

TYT Hour 10/19 (Fox News Bias, Jonathon Alter, COC on Climate Change & More)

Clean Comedy from Tim Clue - Debt

FRONTLINE | "The Warning" | PBS

Keith Olbermann: The White House Is Trying To Save Journalism From Faux News

Countdown: Rep. Weiner - 'Why Would We WANT to Leave Public Option Out?'

Keith Olbermann/Countdown - Worst Person in the Wooorld - Glenn BecKKK 10/20/09

Democrats Have Been Fooled By This Fantasy Of Bipartisanship! Congressman Grayson

Pulled vid, please delete

Tax Day Tea Party Wrap Up

Hundreds Rally for Single Payer Health Care in Harrisburg, PA Capitol Rotunda

CNN Details The Astronomical Perks 3 CEOs Were Given While Their Companies Were Being Bailed Out

Lobbyists Influence Health Care Reform

Civil Disobedience For Health Care

MOC: The Scary Truth Behind Balloon Boy

FRONTLINE | The Warning | Sneak Peak 2

FRONTLINE | The Warning | Sneak Peak 1

Durbin: "It's Time to Pass These Benefits Now" (Extended Unemployment Benefits)

Track Meet:'s new Public Option Ad features Heather Graham

Brian Dunning's inFact - The 2012 Apocalypse

Countdown: Sen. Whitehouse on Medical Bankruptcy - 'The Human Cost vs. the Propaganda'

"I'm Sheila Johnson, Democrat Business Leader" (for McDonnell)

Papantonio: US Chamber Hates Buy America Slogan

Creigh Deeds President Obama Ad

Barofsky: Why US Taxpayer Subsidizing Bank's Gambling Habits - REGULATION REFORM

Glenn Beck Smears Progressives: ''They Used To Be Called Slave Owners''

TYT: Republicans For Rape, The Jamie Leigh Jones Case

Dean says if Democrats want to survive the midterms...they must expand Medicare

Why No Hearings Paulson, Geithner, Bernanke Gave Away OUR $$ With No Strings Attached?? - Ratigan

Health Care Denied Because Of Rape, C Sections, Fat Babies

Sick by Stranahan

Anti-gay song that got Matt Boswell booted! YEE-HAW YA'LL!

Senator Cornyn Physically Assaults Reporter When Asked About Vote on Franken Admendment

Young Turks: Republicans Brag About Being Cheap 'Like Jews'

Alan GRAYSON Launches Website To Honor, Name Those Dead From Lack Of HealthCare -

Jamie Leigh Jones - KBR Gang Rape ABC 20/20 Report

Raw Video: Heene Neighbor Fights With Media

Sen. Sanders' Inspirational Speech @ Climate Change Conference 2009: We Cannot Afford To Compromise!

Flu Shot Disabled Beautiful Cheerleader (shocking)

Barofsky 1/2 : Public distrust is biggest cost of TARP - Dylan Ratigan

Unemployment Benefit Extension Stalls in U.S. Senate

CNN Reports: "How Powerful Are Talk Radio Hosts?"

Sen. Al Franken Schools Hudson Institute Dilettante Over Health Care Bankruptcies & Cherry Picking

Ex-FBI Translator (Sibel Edmonds) Claims Spying at DoD

Young Turks: Could This Be The Drunkest Guy Ever??

Rethinking Marriage. The World Has Changed. It's Time!

The MOST Egregious Distortion of FOX News

Billionaires Thank Senator Klobuchar

President Obama in pictures October 15 - 19, 2009

Jim Hightower: A Corporate Monster v. 'The Vermonster'

Repubs Left Limp After Voting for McCain

Volcker’s Voice Fails to Sell a Bank Strategy.

Schwarzenegger Replaces Most of State Nursing Board. Timing is during summer public health debate.

U.S. to Order Steep Pay Cuts at Firms That Got Most Aid

Crush of cancer, medical bills snares family

Hypocrisy Alert: 67 House Republicans Take Credit for the Economic Bills They Opposed

The Return Of Oil Price Shock

Military Children in Crisis

The GOP's New York Fiasco

Stop building safety nets for the rich

GAO rips plan to privatize West Point jobs

Court to weigh plea of Uighurs held at Gitmo

19,000 gallons of wastewater leaked at Lejeune

Gates: Airfield should stay on Okinawa

82nd Airborne takes up training mission in Farah province

Japan mulls defense forces' role in Afghanistan

Japan high court hears arguments in Futenma noise pollution lawsuit

Obama cites higher hope for Afghanistan democracy

DoD Convenes Sudanese War-Crime Cases

Ospreys will head to Afghanistan in coming weeks

“Acid Test” for the Osprey in Afghanistan

Five Facts About Afghanistan

Biomass Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle for heat & power at ethanol plants triples energy yld

19,000 gallons of wastewater leaked at Lejeune

Drumbeat: October 21, 2009

Gazprom to Sell as Much as 90% of Shtokman LNG in North America

Parking lots to double as power plants

Huffington: Climate Cover-Up: Blockbuster New Book Exposes Anatomy of Denial

Australian PM Urges Awareness, Preparation For What Could Be Worst Fire Season On Record - AFP

US Loggerhead Turtle Nesting #s Down 15% In 2009 Alone - Off 40% In FL Over Past 10 Years

NCAR - Scientists Suspect Beetle-Killed Forests Provide Further Boost To Warming Surface Temperature

In Victoria, Australia, "Unprecedented" Survey Finds 2/3rds Of Woodland Birds In Serious Decline

With UK North Sea Oil Production Off 44% From Peak, Aberdeen Preparing For The Inevitable

Increasingly Unpredictable Rainfall, Weather Patterns Hurting E. Timor Food Production

Chamber of Commerce: A Long History of Killing Clean Energy Policy

AGU Study Projects Diverting Lower Mississippi Could Substantially Rebuild Vanishing Delta

USGS/UAA Study - Arctic Now Traps 25% Of Atmospheric Carbon, But This, Too, Could Change Rapidly

Shell oil gets conditional permission to drill in the Beaufort Sea

Too Little, Too Late Dept. - China Founds Group To Protect Yellow River From Pollution, Overuse

Alberta's Premier Threatening Anti-Terror Laws' Use Against Tar Sands Civil Disobedience Protesters

The Spooky World Of Quantum Biology

South China Drought Cuts Crop Yields Nearly In Half, Strands Ships - Shanghai Daily

OBAMA: Time To Deliver

Coal demand soars as Asia economies rebound-Peabody

"Burgundy & old pain" - Cooke recalls sting of fumbling away Redskins to Snyder

Former Seattle Seahawk and Georgia Bulldog arrested for Murder

Hold the fucking phone...(Yanks v. Angels, game 4)

Calling any and all haters of the New England Patriots, their coach, quarterback and their fans...

White powder found in Redskins park

Mark Cuban advocates the use of Steroids

The best and worst baseball players for the money

Spurrier accuses Alabama of Cheating...

Rachel Maddow just call the Bankees cheaters!

ESPN Baseball Analyst Steve Phillips visited the wrong dugout

Another snow out in Denver!

Manny was in the shower during Phillies comeback

Bruins lose Savard for 4-6 weeks to broken foot (and Lucic for 4-6 with a broken finger).

SEC suspends Florida-Arkansas crew

Packers sign Ahman Green, place Wynn on IR


Honduras: A time of no time


Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/20

Zelaya Negotiating Committee Statement 10/19/09

Opposition broadcasters return to Honduras airwaves

Brazil promotes deepwater port in Espírito Santo

Brazil, at Organization of American States, Accuses Honduran Coup Regime of "Torture"


500-year-old statues found in Peru

US revokes more visas to pressure Honduran solution

Poll: Majority of Cuban-Americans support lifting the ban on travel by all Americans to Cuba

the Tascon List

Morgan Stanley: Venezuela will generate 1.3% econ growth this year; no growth prediction wrong

So you live in Washington D.C.and you want to own a much will it cost?

Are adolescents who drink and carry guns more likely to get shot?

Should we have a national concealed carry law...

The problem with facts, evidence, and open mindedness...

Cafferty Files: Why are so many Americans worried Obama will try to ban gun sales?

Abbas: Arab League should denounce Hamas

U.S. Officer: If Israel Strikes Iran, U.S. Will Likely Join

Why We Report on 'Open' Societies (HRW)

Israel may press charges against Hamas

No wonder Hamas isn’t scared

State won't prosecute officers filmed beating Palestinians

do you think there will ever be another legitimate rival football league?

U2 360º Tour

summer pleasures past

Eric Lee: Iraqi unions under threat of state control - they need our support

Here's blowing you all a Kiss.......


New Documentary Film "Labor Day" Tells The Story Of SEIU's Effort In The 2008 Presidential Election

Anti-lifting legislation picks up support from nurses and unions

Three states may sue FedEx for labor violations

Today in Labor History Oct 21 Won Recognition of the United Mine Workers

big house goose

First Student Bus Drivers To Strike In Hinds County (Teamsters Local 891)

Do farmers ever perform anything resembling the hard work of urban laborers?

Duck Migration at Dusk

"Gramps" vows to hold up labor board nominee

more fall light, at the horse barn

* * * * * OCTOBER CONTEST WINNERS * * * * *

Blue Heron Camouflaged in Fall Colors

Cutting-edge science restoring American chestnut tree

'Giant' orb web spider discovered in Africa and Madagascar

Anti-gay song that got Matt Boswell booted! YEE-HAW YA'LL!

Sen. Gillibrand: "I expect the DADT hearing to take place next month"

Ares I-X on the pad

New York governor Paterson pushing to bring the marriage equality bill up in special session.

Wake Up Washington! China Is Already Dumping the Dollar

Monday's Reverse Repo Test?

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/20/09

As a kid, what were the "future" gadgets you couldn't wait to come true and did?

Volker Failing to Convince Admin To Enact New Glass Steagall

How do we create the new wealth?

am I too naive?

Police officer sees aliens at crop circle

My first connection happened

Too Much Salt Hurting Majority (70%) of Americans

Fish Oil Flops as Adjuvant Therapy for Depression

Light All Night Not Alright

Massive Gene Database Planned in California

Swine Flu Cases Overestimated?

High Protein Diet May Shrink Brain Say Alzheimer's -- Researchers

Priest arrested in Italy over Rwandan genocide

Bob McDonnell's Thesis: Christian Reconstruction and the Virginia Governor's Race

Oops. Just a minor translation error: God is not the Creator, claims academic

Is there a moral obligation to study at least one moral issue at least once in your life?

deleted by Boojatta

Humanist Billboard Vandalized in Moscow, Idaho

Original Sin

Pain in the ass Anglicans to become Catholics

Would you send your daughter or son to burn in hell for millions of years...

If my 139 students all 8th graders each wrote a letter to President Obama, would he read them and

If 22.125% of public school students formed a student union and openly refused to do homework...

WOW! More teachers telling the truth at

Scandanavian sushi?

Oven fried pork chops, mixed veggies and corn bread tonight

Fun to read "back-to-the-land" food blogger

Question for atheists

Perry, Hutchison camps have it out over earmarks

Cronkite legacy enters UT archives