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Senate Democrats are modifying healthcare bill to limit impact on working poor

Should parking lots have painted lines?

bwahaha Love KO Mr Boehner needs to get out the tanning salon

Gov Corzine kicking butt - debate NOW

BofA CEO: $53 million retirement score

"Only in America can you make so much money by crying."

Deserted Hurricane Town Seeks Identity

Iran agrees to ship enriched uranium to Russia for refinement

Look out the damned communist who lit up the Empire State building to "honor" China

Bank of America's CEO's compensation is a perfect example on why Capitalism is failing

Cousin of Texas governor killed by deputies

Not only are far-reich Repugs mondo assholes, they're dumber than dry dirt: Witness Paul Broun of GA

Sen. Graham Calls Beck 'A Cynic' And Birthers 'Crazy' (Video)

Happy Birthday President Carter

Cesar, Scooby-Doo team up for competition

two quakes in rapid succession at Tonga, 6 and 6.3

Obama Nominates Justice Louis Butler to Serve on the District Court Bench

Mass sackings in Russia (Auto)

"Racism and priveledge (sic) are alive and well, but are no longer spoken out openly."

thank the fates that DU wasn't around during the OJ trial !

How Are Things in Minnesota

A Response from a Camel's Eye person - Re: Camel's Eye Treaty

General McChrystal speaking again

Drugs kill more people than auto accidents in Colo., 15 other states

Montana senator wants insurance deadbeats jailed, unknown company buys jail in Montana

Letterman says he was target of extortion

Grayson re-used two of his lines. Alms for a wordsmith!

EFF Liveblogging the Senate Judiciary PATRIOT Act Mark-Up Legislative Analysis by Kevin Bankston

Cantwell's alleged Public Option

Another Take On The Alan Grayson Dust-Up!

Lawyer sues judge; claims he was masturbating while hearing her case

The Senate Finance Committee is still in session

Most babies born this century will live to 100 (born in rich countries, that is)

Dems ease impact of health bill, big advance nears

Letterman faced extortion over sexual affairs

Letterman faced extortion over sexual affairs

Not All Chicagoans Back the Bid for 2016

I never thought I'd say this, but Chevy Chase is funny again.

Why is the symbol of the Republican Party an elephant?

Oprah is reeeeaaaaly putting her ass on the line here. What will happen to her credibility if Rio

Oh great now we get two weeks of Letterman Hand Wringing on DU.

How many years has campaign donor info been publically accessible (what u see @Newsmeat, HuffPo etc)

Newsmax explains decision to take down coup column.

Bachmann's Sanity Continues to Diminish

what Grayson got wrong

U.S. 5th-generation fighters shadow Russian bombers on patrol mission

What explains DeMint's support of the coup in Honduras?

If we won't kill the Baucus corporate welfare bill in committee, we do not deserve to be in power...

A bad weekend ahead--

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Senate confirms 3rd Obama Federal Judge, 99-0.

Useless, no-context push-poll: Americans split on Obama's handling of healthcare...

So Sen. Corburn helped in the bribe/hush money payment by Sen. Ensign ...

Senate Judiciary votes to send 4 Obama Judicial nominations to the full Senate

anyone watching Letterman? It's pretty weird.

GM Plans to Wind Down Saturn Quickly

And the tea party express rolls on . . .

Anyone Else Hear on The Late Show That Conan and Michael Moore Have The Same Manager-Rahms' Brother!

Has DU started a fund for flowers for Olbermann's dad?

So little Newtie is hiring prostitutes?

Wyden free choice coming up for a vote soon..

Tamiflu in Rivers Could Breed Drug-Resistant Flu Strains

APF spokeswoman Becky Shay gives her office phone number to the local paper

APF spokeswoman Becky Shay gives her office phone number to the local paper

Harkin Confirms a Public Option will come out of the Senate

Grayson needs to regrow his goatee.

AP Exclusive: Son sure Ky. census taker was slain

Jay Rockefellers health care amendment sucks

Roseburg vandal targets Obama cutout

One Of My Idiot Friends Posted This On Facebook

Max Baucus just got a round of applause from the Senate Finance Committee

Hopi, Navajo Tribes Say Environmentalists Not Welcome On Reservations

World Nut Daily heralds the start of this year's War On Christmas.

60th anniversary of People's Republic of China

Grayson for Senate 2010..

Judge Schall taking senior status, Obama's first vacancy on U. S. Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Keep fucking that chiken people.

Texas Governor shakes up Commission (wrongful execution)

Email I received from the Health Insurance Industry

Krugman - Mission Not Accomplished (NYT column)

Daisies are cute, roses are fancy

Book reveals chilling details of how cryonic lab thumped remains of baseball immortal Ted Williams

Idaho parachutist shot at wolves from sky

Hey... Grayson's a HOMEBOY. The Bronx rules!

Weak Public Option? No Public Option? Fuck It! Obama Can Use A Signing Statement

TX judge rules TX ban on same sex marriage violates the Constitution


National Association of Undertakers Backs GOP Health Plan

Wanted: 'Marijuana-Dispensary Reviewer' (Pot Critic)

Faux news pushing for Rio for the Olympics

John Boehner wants to hear from YOU! (513) 779-5400

10 hot news items you might've missed, Mark Morford

Everybody's shoes stayed on

Congress Gets Paid, Veterans Get Shafted

Sarah Palin Makes Statement on Her Facebook RE: Letterman Scandal

Teacher convicted of sex crime back in school

Funny how the Joe Scum posse are preoccupied with

General Motors to liquidate Saturn brand (13,000+ jobs)

Cities Too Poor To Bury Dead

Was watching Ken Burns' doc on National Parks and thinking how much America has lost...


City-wide drinking ban considered (Nottingham, UK) on every city street, park and open space

How can Obama or any Democrat be "radical" when it comes to abortion?

University of Pittsburgh students rally over G20 arrests.

David Letterman did the right thing by stinging the person who was trying to extort him.

A few questions re: Morning Joe Scum....

Mexico has withdrawn it's bid for world cup due to the economic conditions, why are we not doing the

Siegelman Prosecutors Used Threats Against Witnesses

working on a production, Looking for video of George will being a toady and a fraud

Montana attorney general probing 'American Police Force' deal

For Profit "Health" Care **IS** GENOCIDE, and I'll take that argument to my grave!

Come on Ensign and Sanford watchers

Come on Ensign and Sanford watchers

District Judge Strikes Down Texas Ban on Marriage Equality

Texas Story Makes It In New York

New RW meme is off and running! It's Letterman vs. Ensign!

Rachel Maddow will guest on Meet The Press Again Sunday

Where is the evidence that Lettermans extortionist had? Shouldn't it be in the wild?

PHOTOS of the MadAsHellDoctors' white ribbon rally, 9/30

Secret settlement in Papillion (future R for US Senate bites the dust)

Hope for Housekeepers - founded by Hyatt housekeepers

Late Night: “Wait, I Have to Pay That Money BACK?”

Cantwell's weak public option may turn out to be a very smart strategic move.

Do you know there's a consumer reporting agency for the personal health & life insurance market ?

More troops for Afghanistan might not be possible anytime soon

Mark Morford - 10 hot news items you might've missed

While We Were Celebrating the Dems New Found Spine, Something Good Happened

How the Olympic Vote Works

It is time to change the way Dems deal with the "Wingnuts"

Half of Babies 'Will Live to 100'

Half of Babies 'Will Live to 100'

Any info on FEMA and the latest Georgia flood? I have not heard anything

Its time to let Senator Baucus know how we feel about his

Newspaper to go free after 180 years (Circulation will double, ad costs to go up)

PZ Meyers responds to a Christianist

Police: Intruder Eats Ho-Hos, Falls Asleep-Man Tells Police He Thought It Was His Home

Indonesia Calls for Quake Help

Don't you love the news when there is a disaster overseas?

MEka on Morning Jerk wants Letterman's head

MEka on Morning Jerk wants Letterman's head

SEIU Warns Filibustering Dems

DHS authorized to hire up to 1,000 cybersecurity specialists

Waste in Medicare

Proposal to end federal health plan is off the table

Digging out the important numbers in the employment report

Speaking about earthquakes and tsunamis

Bank May Have Lost Grandma's (and others') Money

Bank May Have Lost Grandma's Money

Glenn Beck Is Even Wrong in the Future

Glenn Beck Is Even Wrong in the Future

This is what our friends in the Pacific have been dealing with

Vancouver Island dog has died and is lying in state until weekend cremation

Mom sells 5 year old for 7 dollars each time for alcohol and cigarettes

they keep re-running grayson but i see no one calling for an apology from bachmann

they keep re-running grayson but i see no one calling for an apology from bachmann

Just so we are clear on something on unemployment

Jobless?, Homeless? - See It For Free

Today's Buzz Word: Town Hall Moment

Philippines in "State of Calamity" as Typhoon Looms

Is Taxpayer Money Subsidizing the “Too Big to Fail” Banks?

The Right's BRAND NEW strategy to win in 2010 and 2012?

Report: Michael Jackson Was Healthy Before Death

End anti-gay prejudice. Uplifting local LTTE in today's paper.

End anti-gay prejudice. Uplifting local LTTE in today's paper.

Steve Schmidt: Palin Would Be "Catastrophic" Choice for 2012

Steve Schmidt: Palin Would Be "Catastrophic" Choice for 2012

Shit, three quakes in tonga... in

Give the Games to Rio

Give the Games to Rio

Has everyone called minority leader Boehner today?

Moran signs for Friday...

Tokyo out. n/t

Rahm responds to Olympic critics: "we'll make sure they get some good seats"

Free 'Capitalism' Screenings Tonight To Jobless, Homeless

Imagine that

Who's Going?

Breaking: Chicago is Out

Have the defenders of "too big to fail" capitalism made a decent rebuttal to Michael Moore yet?

Chicago eliminated n/t

Anyone watch the Chicago 2016 presentation?

Post office customers ordered to jury duty in California town

US employers cut far more jobs than expected in September

Businesses of all types roll out Cash for Clunkers-type trade-in deals

Chicago OUT for Olympics.

Mother Speaks Out on Insurance Giant CIGNA’s Denial of Healthcare to Cancer-Stricken Twin Daughters

Alex Witt, you know what you can do with your "hindsight"

Plane toxins 'brain damage link' (pilots)

People familiar with Rio, where would they build the Olympic stadiums?

David Brooks nails it: "Surrendering to armies that don't exist"

The Nation: Against Escalation. End the War in Afghanistan.

Disabled man in wheel chair tackles child molestation suspect

In these hard times, how are dentists doing? Many people cut back

Freepers are calling the tsunami on American Samoa "Obama's Katrina"

Drudge Headline right now (fairly predictably):

War on Christmas canard starts early this year

Congressional Dems, listen up. That sound you just heard...

Congratulations to Chicago, Illinois!!!

National unemployment reaches 9.8 percent in September

Doctors Say Congress Must Include Public Option In Health Care Reform

Coservative delighting in Chicago's elimination

David Letterman says he was victim of $2-million extortion attempt in sex case

The reason why Chicago didn't get the games

Hey Boehner... the reason you can't find "the first American who's in favor of the public option"

U.S. September Auto Sales Plunge; GM, Chrysler Hit Hard

Cool calculator! Find out how much each health plan would cost you!!

My only post on affair that ended in 2003

Great Op-Ed piece by Brooks about the illusion of the right wing scaremongers

Gandhi meets the Fairness Doctrine

Heard Employees Talking at Borders Glen Beck Will Be Here Signing His Book Tomorrow(NOT HAPPY)

and the winner is........

I wouldn't mind wrinkling up some sheets with David Letterman. n/t

The winner is: Rio

Just to let you know, when you criticize Obama, his bloggers will IM people on here to tell on you

Huffpost GameChanger contest

Senate Passes Jet Money (which Obama and team didn't want)

I've heard the women don't wear bras in Rio.

Ted Williams' frozen head for batting practice at cryogenics lab: book

Israel gets two more German submarines

'Prostitute tells all about Berlusconi on live TV' (UK Independent)

Austin Diagnostic Clinic to stop accepting Tricare military insurance

Health care reform: deny tax breaks for exec pay for certain insurers.

Health care reform: deny tax breaks for exec pay for certain insurers.

intrade puts it at 90%

Montana AG Probing American Police Force Deal

John Boehner wants to hear from YOU! (202) 225-6205

Don't think the IOC didn't consider the number of Eric Rudolph terrorist types in our midst

A Rant - Who appointed you leader...

Here is the message wherein I learned I was "told on" via IM by an Obama loyalist on DU

Americans, quick to go to war, shocked to hear the world isn't that crazy about us.

Post your best made up shit about all aspects of the Letterman thing here

What if someone working at your ISP sniffed all your Internet traffic?

Can we get back to working on healthcare reform, energy reform, and maybe

Hartmann has grayson on right now

Another reason why we need Universal Health Insurance (or at least a robust Public Option)

Another reason why we need Universal Health Insurance (or at least a robust Public Option)

Chicago not hosting the olympics - consider this a GOOD thing

So I imagine these right wing nuts would have criticized our troops for going to vietnam?

'Slave sale' concerns prompt changes to Underground Railroad reenactment

delight a right wingnut a day calendar

CLIMATE CHANGE: Food Supply Hangs in the Balance

Did you see the shot of Ipanema Beach? Those people are SO HAPPY!

Olympic bids: Chicago tied for last.

Little known fact: Glenn Beck wanted to be a refrigerator salesman.

30 Years after his Father Drowned in a Rescue Son Rescues Woman from Flood

Exhibit focuses on families of special needs kids - story with pics

Anyone have that photo of the Bush supporter with the glazed look in her eyes?

Anyone have that photo of the Bush supporter with the glazed look in her eyes?

New Orleans would have had a better chance to host the next Olympics

!!!, ...

!!!, ...

If you ever want to read some sorry ass shit, read here

I wonder if right-wingers would be less stoked if Chicago were part of America.

From Jay Bookman's blog (in reference to Chicago losing the bid):

Friday TOON Roundup part 3- Economy

Why police are keeping quiet on Census worker Sparkman death

Leaked video: Glenn Beck ‘uses Vicks to cry on cue’

Leaked video: Glenn Beck ‘uses Vicks to cry on cue’

Conservative Group Calls for Prayer Offensive Against Treasonous, Homosexual Leaders

The first weekly DainBramaged DU HEEL of the Week Award goes to....

Okay, A Little Political Perspective On The Olympic Bid Loss

My short thoughts on the olympics if Chicago had won the bid


McCain's campaign manager confirms GOP has no health care plan

"Even Johnny Cochran didn't have the nerve to go, 'Well did you see OJ play against New England?'"

Nancy Pelosi moves to the center!

Wait a minute. How can Rio host the Summer Games...won't it be

Boy steals book

If it could not be Chicago.. I am glad its Rio..and glad the President went!

The Rude Pundit: Regarding Polanski and the Rule of Law

Kick-ass anti-Baucus cartoon by Brian McFadden

2 real reasons Chicago did not get the Olympics

What is depression?

Rockefeller Salvages the CHIP Program

Conservatives Revel In Obama's Olympic Bid Failure

Mean well, do well...

Mean well, do well...

Poll: Majority Prefers Dem-Only Bill With Public Option To Bipartisan Bill Without One

Maybe the rest of the world was afraid they might get ill if they come here & not be treated

UC Davis Admits Inflating Campus Sex Crime Statistics

Members of Congress Have Top-Notch Hospital On Call For $503 A Year, But Don't Want 'Gov't Care'

Members of Congress Have Top-Notch Hospital On Call For $503 A Year, But Don't Want 'Gov't Care'

Tony Harris' mind is BLOWN about Chicago being eliminated...

someone at work just asked me if i want to come with them to this:

Caption this pic? - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

John Ensign: Front Page NYT. ...He is Toast.

We should assume that Brazil had a better bid.

I worked on Atlanta Olympics - it's very political and at least in the past bribes have been

NorCal Amusement Park Makes Scientific Discovery

Rick Sanchez just called out conservatives on bailing out corporations but not people

Rick Sanchez just called out conservatives on bailing out corporations but not people

Hearing Announced to Expedite Credit Card Reforms

Hearing Announced to Expedite Credit Card Reforms

Pay czar to approve $10.5M for AIG head

Is the "Free Polanski" petition available online?

How Cutting Payments for a Drug Could Cost Medicare More

Credit report help requested

Britain must charge for health care and raise retiring age to escape debt crisis, says IMF Read mor

Shocking video of Glen Beck faking his tears.

Damn damn damn damn damn

Why do "average" people continue to support the Republican Party?

A teachable moment for the Prez.

Here's a bumper sticker idea for when we win the health care debate...

From America to IOC: Fuck You!

Personally I'm glad the Olympics are not going to be in Chicago

If David Letterman Had An Affair BEFORE He Was Married, How Is He An Adulterer?

Any word from Ensign or the GOP leadership?

Norah O'Donnell just said there had been an arrest re: Facebook Poll

Does anyone know the conditions of Polanski's detention?

One good thing about the Olympics rejection.

change the meme

American Exceptionalism or American Egotism?

One good thing about the Olympics rejection.

The one good thing about Chicago not getting the Olympics...

And the repulicans are cheering that America lost its bid for the olympics

U.S. loses Olympics bid; Limbaugh gloats.

U.S. loses Olympics bid; Limbaugh gloats.

Chris Dodd's Extreme Makeover

Chris Dodd's Extreme Makeover

GOP aides say probes to decide Ensign fate

WaPo - Disappointed White House Struggles to Explain Chicago's Defeat...

Should schools abandon textbooks and instead have laptops for each student

BREAKING: Inside word.. Alan Grayson to be on MSNBC Hardball today at 5PM!

Could these fucking douche nozzles possibly be any more petty?

The reaction of the GOP to the Olympics announcement is telling

The reaction of the GOP to the Olympics announcement is telling

Vets Loving Socialized Medicine Show Government Offers Savings

Corporations have Personal Privacy Rights

I've heard the Senator McMint

Grayson, I believe, said a holocausts not The Holocaust

10 Americans have died from lack of insurance since Chicago lost....

What would you do if Michael Vick joined PETA, became a Vegan and turned a new leaf?

What would you do if Michael Vick joined PETA, became a Vegan and turned a new leaf?

Would you want the Olympics hosted in your city/community?

Calif. attorney general launches ACORN probe

Congrats to Rio De Janeiro

David Shuster keeps accurately calling them "for profit insurers"

I think I've just been insulted. (and I think I like it)

OK, EVERYONE!! It's time to flood Grayson with money, every cent you can afford.

The Olympics are used to upgrade police states!

The Modern-Day Definition of a Career

The Modern-Day Definition of a Career

McChrystal Must Testify

OxyRush outdid himself in scumbaggery today.

Suicide Bomber Kills 2 U.S. Troops In Afghanistan

Hey Remember all the US Stars from the 1980 Summer Olympics!

Does anyone here listene to XM radio 1970s station?

Garrison Keillor- Cut Health Care Off For GOP, Could Pay Off Deficit

Ethics panel to investigate anti-gay marriage group

Ethics panel to investigate anti-gay marriage group

Tweety last night: "the liberal media . . . ". This was in an interview with Bill Clinton's

Don't miss Tweety today...Grayson

Maddow: Pawlenty hires race-baiting, scandal-ridden team of advisers

Maddow: Pawlenty hires race-baiting, scandal-ridden team of advisers

This one goes out to Elizabeth Edwards

Subterfuge, ever so subtle, or just a mistake?

Harry Shearer: Obama to New Orleans: Hold On, I'm Coming

Internal House Whip Count Numbers Show Strong Support For Public Option

Lawyers: Lawmakers Can't Investigate Duvall

My thoughts on the Chicago loss, Olympic decision...

Bill Frist on Health Bill: I'd Vote For It

It would have been unsafe to have the Olympics in Chicago because so many people hate us

It would have been unsafe to have the Olympics in Chicago because so many people hate us

Is it just me--does anyone else smell a Rovelike stench around the Letterman extortion plot?

Our common ancestor

More from Roger Ebert: Chicago Olympics/violence/education:

Chicago shot down by the IOC is good

Obama Is a Snooze—John Edwards Is the Real Story

John Oliver was awesome tonight

About the "jobs numbers"...something worth adding.. (it is worse than we are often told)

Frist says he'd vote for bill if still in Senate

Are the female Congress as adulterous as the men?

Glen Beck endorses Muse, Muse asks for retraction

Michael Moore: 'Capitalism' Opens Today At A Theater Near You! ...An Invitation From Michael

Man charged with posing as doctor in LA (posed as a fertility dr so he could sexually molest people)

A Little Glenn Beck Doozy From 2002. Classic.

University of North Texas Votes Down Bill To Allow Same-Sex Couples to Run For Homecoming.

It's time to replace Sec of Defense Gates with General Wes Clark

Ig Nobel Prize Winners Announced

What do we make of an unjust world...

Who Stands Against Reform?

Cuts to basic skills classes hurt workforce (California)

Cuts to basic skills classes hurt workforce (California)

There will be no baseball in the 2016 Olympics.

What is MMoore's new movie rated?

"Since they lost, it was a mistake in going"

AP: Obama moving slowly on judges

George W. Bush: Chicago couldn't afford to host the 2012 Olympics anyways

Unemployment insurance extension stalls in Senate

It's a full moon today

Just WHY is the right so thirsty for Grayson's apology?

Arnie Asks Feds For $4.7 Billion For Speedy Trains - Bullet Train From San Diego To San Francisco

Washington Doesn't Get It: We Need More Jobs - Dan Froomkin\HuffPo

Top 10 Reasons Why I'm Moving On With My Life

How do you feel about this definition of 'hate group' I pulled from Wikipedia?

Why do Republicans hate America?

Top Ten Reasons David Letterman Should Keep It In His Pants

Judo champ jailed in train station beating

If anyone tells me that Obama "lost the Olympics" for Chicago and/or the US ......

Joe Scarborough thanks Obama for attempting to land Olympics

We need to correct people that we have a LIBERTARIAN media, not liberal

O’Reilly hopes to find ACORN fraud in Franken election

Grayson on tweety

I have only one thing to say:


Joe "The heckler" Wilson to stump for GOP candidates including Roy Blunt

Email about gay wedding creates controversy for Morehouse

Does anyone have an example in World History

Leaked video: Glenn Beck ‘uses Vicks to cry on cue’

McMurdo Station for 2020 Summer Olympics!

U.S. Unemployment Now Lasts Longer Than Benefits: Chart of Day

Bachmann Appointed to Task Force for Derivatives Solutions

Meltdown 101: Unemployment by the numbers

Did Sen. Rockefeller's amendment re loss ratios at 90% pass?

I just love this picture

Was Dance Routine Too Sexy for Sacramento School?

SO has everyone call John Boehner 2022256205 to introduce themselves & tell him you support the PO?

Former Bush adviser’s firm wins Afghanistan communications contract

Who is rooting against their country now?

"I've not had anyone come up to me and ask ..... I know I'm inviting it ..... nobody has ..... "

Religious Experience Linked to Brain’s Social Regions

Why I think Chicago didn't get the games.

Calif. attorney general launches ACORN probe

Grayson coming up on MSNBC. nt

Grayson coming up on MSNBC. nt

EXCLUSIVE: Statement from former student at center of Fox-fueled Jennings controversy

"Capitalism: A Love Story" is being downrated by Freeps on IMDB

President Obama and the Public Option: MAKE HIM DO IT! (CredoAction)

President Obama and the Public Option: MAKE HIM DO IT! (CredoAction)

High unemployment in Europe: Is the EURO about to be devalued?

Toyota chief admits company is in rough shape, "grasping for salvation"


I need to know... When did selecting the location for the Olympics become such a BIG F***ING DEAL?

Grassley blasted by Democratic challenger Tom Fiegen on jobs

conservatives cheer as US loses olympic bid

I Am Now In Love With Rep. Alan Grayson

Starbucks commercial slaps "people who yell at town hall meetings"

Glenn Beck's Secret for Crying on Cue: Vick's Vapo Rub Under the Eyes

Glenn Beck's Crying Game

Teachers: Michael Moore Hired Non-Union Workers for Union Jobs

Hospital policy pains expectant mom

Did the RWs cheer when New York lost the bid for the 2012

Birth Permits?

In non-Olympic news, a sitting US senator is going to Hondouras to support a miltary junta...

Liberal --from Webster's International Dictionary and also Anti

Decreased Jobs and Hours Push Economy Back to 1997 Hours Level

Always A Place To Stay In Texas

Gas mask bra secures Ig Nobel prize (pics)

W.H. didn’t make calls backing public option

Treason? Sen. Jim DeMint To Travel To Honduras To Support Coup Leaders In Defiance of U.S.

Happy Birthday Mohandas Gandhi

"Not the first person to tell me about Democratic Underground."

Sen. Jim DeMint: An act of Sedition?

Per Olbermann, the senator who says we should go to jail if we fail to buy insurance is .......

Why are folks opposed to heath care for illegal immigrants?

I Wish I Didn't Care

Alan Grayson: Could you explain what the Fed's doing as simply as you explained the GOP health plan?

WOW! Dylan Ratigan just described the American Enterprise system as:

More Women Hunt, Seeking Food And Togetherness

Media Matters confirms student at center of Fox fueled Jennings controversy was of legal age

Poll: Should America boycott the next olympics?

Women are bigger cheaters than men...

Many (including DU's "trof") think that Hemingway haunts my lookout tower.

In 1980 the USA boycotted the Olympic games in Moscow

Anyone seen Moore's "Capitalism"? Packed and fired up or sparse and apathetic?

Anyone seen Moore's "Capitalism"? Packed and fired up or sparse and apathetic?

Anyone have an opinion on 2012?

bush* so screwed the world, that is one major reason Rio got the bid.

It's official: Rio de Janeiro - (CNN live)

Some anecdotes from a timely broadcast about the Holocaust as relates to the health care debate

About Letterman: I don't care who you are, it takes guts to say what David Letterman said tonight

Nat'l Enq-Elizabeth To Divorce "Serial Cheater" Edwards."she will take him for everything he's got."

An amazing story; An amazing 14-year old

An amazing story; An amazing 14-year old

An amazing story; An amazing 14-year old

New Color, Same Great Fit!

New Color, Same Great Fit!

Bob Casey (D-PA) vows to "fight hard" for the public option.

Top Ten Reasons Why "48 Hours" Producer Tried To Blackmail Letterman

All Nippon airways is asking passengers to go potty before boarding to reduce aircraft weight

Employees Face Big Hike in Health-Care Costs

A Not So Modest Proposal

Texas Judge: Ban On Gay Marriage Unconstitutional

Iran is clearly building nuclear weapons and anyone who doesn't think so is an idiot

I'm already sick of the Boner's face on the left side of the page

Shot in the face but not in the heart

APF spokeswoman Becky Shay is 'running short on energy and smiles'

APF spokeswoman Becky Shay is 'running short on energy and smiles'

This is not a game. People's lives are at stake. Put down the damn pom-poms.

Support this organization: Guitars For Vets - link - they donate guitars to vets w/

FUCKING BRILLIANT Description of the Bi-Partisan Fiasco That Passes for HEALTH-CARE DEBATE In The US

This is the REAL reason that some parents didn't want their kids to listen to the President

E. Edwards is divorcing her husband of 32 years

Have you looked at Grayson's website?

When someone says the Public Option is "Socialized Medicine", here's your response

For those of you celebrating Chicago's loss.

Real Time with Bill Maher tonight

Still no CBO score for a single-payer bill, hope people are calling Congress. n/t

If I was on the Olympic Committee, I would have voted for Rio...

Just saw Capitalism. Interesting result. (No spoilers)

a fight over Batik as a heritage item

Judge Confirms That an Innocent Man Was Tortured to Make False Confessions

Medicaid being pushed back to the States???? Are we ending the

Former McCain Campaign Manager: Nominating Palin In 2012 Would Be 'Catastrophic'

How far are you from the nearest McDonalds?

Lost Dog Gathers Clues to Find its Family

A first: tears at the markup

Blockbuster Report on Ensign Affair May End His Career

The Olympics are a proven route to municipal bankruptcy.

Michael Moore: As far as I'm concerned, Tea Bag Nation ends today -- at noon to be precise

Sen Jim DeMint defies Sen Kerry, Obama admin.

The people of Madrid were in tears over their lost bid. America's lost bid? Cheering.

Just a little info tidbit I wanted to pass on...

What's the big deal about sex?

What's the big deal about sex?

Landmark Decision: Massive Relief for Homeowners and Trouble for the Banks

Do Little Kids *NOT* Still Run Around Playing Ouside Any More?

Did anyone see this earlier, it is astounding!

Letterman was blackmailed (for $2 Million)

Paid To Do Nothing- 11,000-Plus Postal Workers Idle At Any Given Time

I, for one, am not suprised that consenting adults have sex with each other

What has happened to Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

CBS employee charged with Letterman extortion plot

Grayson Apologizes To Anti-Defamation League

Letterman is my Hero!

The Truth About Jobs That No One Wants to Tell You

Flood insurance - the Public Option - coming up on KO

Todd Palin resigns from oil job

Interesting quote from Gore Vidal re. Obama

Do you really hate PETA? Really?

"The Wizard of Beck"-The electoral ineffectiveness of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al.

What's the big deal with life-long pairbonding?

State Of New Jersey Bans Exit Pollsters! A "Corporatist" State of Mind... Is The New NJ Slogan!

What do you think about the idea of having "professional" jurors?

The farthest you can get from a McDonald's in the US is 107 miles

Union teaches Michael Moore a lesson

Letterman is one of the very few who seems to have learned an old lesson.

"If propriety still has any meaning, John Ensign's career is finished."

Just got back from watching Michael Moore's: Capitalism: A Love Story

Vatican: sex abuse in Catholic Church was a homo problem, not pedophilia

GOP War Over Palin! Limbaugh Blasts McCain Team As “Losers” Over Criticism Of Sarah

Should it be a crime to write mean things on the internet?

3rd letter to the editor from a Florida Christian school student compares Obama to Hitler.

3rd letter to the editor from a Florida Christian school student compares Obama to Hitler.

Elizabeth Smart is an amazing young woman.

Anyone "reply all" and debunk those stupid conservative emails?

Elliott Abrams: Iranian People Wouldn’t Oppose A Military Attack On Their Country (Wha ?!?!)

Bumper sticker I saw today: Bring Assassinations Back with picture of rebel flag

Can someone please tell me what the difference is between a corporatist and a capitalist.

Grayson to GOP: Thank you!

VP Cheney Loses in Federal Court!

Abortion support falls sharply, new research finds

Abortion support falls sharply, new research finds

Funny, I use Glenn Beck to cry on cue.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I've been out for some time, but I have to post this.

Michael Moore: If There's No Revolution, I Quit

Wowzers, another 263,000 jobs lost. Another log on the bonfire of disaster corporatism.

Lance Armstrong email - I had a pre-existing condition

I'd like to know WHY all of the homes are being foreclosed, what's in it for the banks

OK, let's face it. There was no way we were going to be able to compete with this

OK, let's face it. There was no way we were going to be able to compete with this

Edward Angelino, Maziar Mafi cutting ties with American Police Force's leader.

I need a hero - for Alan Grayson

I got the seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccine yesterday and I was really hurting

Oliphant TOON: Sarah's real problem

What will end civilization as we know it?

What will end civilization as we know it?

To everybody who thinks they want Medicare for all, check this out.

I got to enlighten some pharmacy clerks about "Socialized" medicine today

Friday TOON Roundup part 2 - The Republican Healthcare Plan....

Friday TOON Roundup part 1- Palin and her readers

Friday TOON Roundup part 4- War and the rest

Friday TOON Roundup part 4- War and the rest

I feel dizzy.

We'll All Go Down Together

I found my thrill...

"...under PENELTY of trespass..."

Cake Wrecks

Fun with Photoshop

Lounge Death Match

Dominick The Italian Christmas Donkey

I never thought I'd say this, but Chevy Chase is funny again.

I can't find MST3K's Diabolik on Youtube...any suggestions...

A video for my 10,000th post.

Kanye West / Lady Gaga 34 city "Fame Kills" tour canceled - no reason given yet

3 months left in the decade and there's still no name for it!?

Pigs eating pork.

Since you insist- one more Lucy pic.

Cowboys To Girls


GUESS the song: Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh...Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh

The top ten things Republicans can not understand

Tomorrow is my daughter's twenty-fifth birthday. SonofPtah is working on a gift for her.

Always funny....

I lurve...

Old lady ROCKS!!!

I just got off the phone with my best friend, and I am coming to you for feedback.

This is both adorable and funny! For all lolcat lovers!

Grayson needs to regrow his goatee.

I have just come to the stunning realization that David Letterman has had sex.

Particle Man

One of the best scene's from a Movie both dramatically and


Glenn Beck fail

I did not know that chipmunks eat toads....pic...(not for the squeamish)

Atlantic League Championship, Game One: Patriots 8, Blue Crabs 2

Boy, old cartoons sure were weird.

Help! I can't think of a word and it's driving me nuts

In defense of "grandpa sex" --

Just started a new job.....and I'm pretty sure I hate it.

How many online forum members does it take to change a lightbulb?

Really weird spam message

Doctor Who - Trek Through Time Part 1 - The Motion Picture Parody

what's with the car dealer commercials that star the dealership owner's fat daughter?

The older I get the more I love nature.

Gandhi's Birthday. Post your favorite quote.

Any advice for a first time home buyer?

and this one is for Khashka (because I miss him)

i you don't agree with me

Are empires destroyed by vampires? nt

I saw Zombie Land in a sneak preview the other day

Why would someone create a holographic doctor that looks like Andy Dick?

One of the perks of aging – Senior discounts

Why the Rock & Roll HOF Sucks, volume LXXVIII

Going to see 'Capitalism' tomorrow:

Okay, Tommy. You suckered me.

If they holler my name one more time over the Loudpseaker

Razor Robot Vocoder Funk Pt.1

Chicago loses Olympic bid due to the efforts of Roman Polanski and David Letterman.

Rock Art and The X-ray Style

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Special Deleted Scene

Luciano Pavarotti & Aqua - Funiculi Funicula

how do you like my ufo?

Computer question: Help.

have you ever made a collect call on a pay-phone?

Zen question: If Gordon Ramsay developed Tourette's Syndrome

Oh Yeah, Eric Burdon Is still Rockin'!

Good morning Lounge

I hate the world...

Hip-hop sparking Expos resurgence (hats, jersey sales WAY up)

I need to get a document notorized tomorrow..

John Mellencamp had a nickname but it's escaping me.

Spock, John Cougar Mellencamp, and Roman Polanski walk into a bar...

Please help me stop arguing with a dining room table!

I need help identifying this type of wild cat.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/2/09

Symarip--did you see this?

Top thirteen states for longevity

Former President Bush just recieved a telephone call from Donald Rumsfeld.

You know what's awesome? Lactaid.

I got tickets for the best concert line-up in ages: Todd Rundgren, The Hooters and Hall & Oates

What's your favorite Japanese shrine?


Help me ID this SF Short Story...where the Nazis aren't anti semitic

Spock's Riv.

Oh lordie! I feel for those people in the Philipines - this next typhoon is MASSIVE

free music on

Hotel one November--won (H1N1)

I've never drank Wild Turkey...

The Clash on my iPod is not drowning out the Dave Matthews Band on the office radio

Now that Rio is getting the Olympics

Garota De Ipanema

Read Richard Dawkins's "The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution."

Cracked Magazine agrees... Jay Leno sucks!

What should I have for lunch?


Has Alan Grayson redeemed your image of florida???

dog pain treatment- your experience

I'm submiting a CNN Ireport right fucking now

Austin gets a little less weird today

Should I or shouldn't I lock in my propane costs this year?

Which is a stronger emotion: anger or love?

Green Bay Packer Fans, Please Share Your Feelings

Guitarists, I need your help.

I cannot believe what someone just said to me in GD...

Jon Gosselin wants to delay divorce?

left a good job in the city

left a good job in the city

I hate Starbucks

Horrible earworm experience - I remembered the Cyrcle - Red Rubber Ball.

you know, fuck you, Verizon!

OKAY! Now I'm mad.

Y'know, Ayn Rand is right - up until she talks about ethics and morals

Who HERE speaks Hebrew?

According to "Rolling Stone" magazine, what rock star...

I go to Rio....

Friday Celebrate Life song - Black Eyed Peas


Olympics: why don't they do it like the good ol' days? Have it in one city

We haven't had a Friday movie thread in a long time. let's have one now

How many times is it acceptable to call somebody in one day?

i need everybody to send me one dollar

Pulp-Something Changed

Any Garcia-Grisman fans? Know where to get guitar tab?

a fun band I found tonight

Why are there all these threads about John Mellencamp...

Friday Night Road Kill Sing Along

Creep, Creep, Creep, Creep, Creep, Creep, Creep, Creep

Gunman reported in ASU parking garage...

the word of the day is "odious." Use odious in a sentence

Car Bowling Fail

Rare black rhino born at Baton Rouge Zoo (16 1/2 month gestion period!)

Has anyone used Google today?

If Kevin Jennings goes, I'm going with him.

If Kevin Jennings goes, I'm going with him.

This new 2012 trailer all over TV looks like absolute crap.

I don't like Mondays...

I had this teacher in middle school with the name Koehn

Official Joke of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm going to Boston today!

What will destroy civilization first?

I need everybody to send me all the jewelry in your state or country.

Dedicate a song to the Republicans and right wing whackos.

Oktoberfest Pictures and videos

BREAKING: Shockwaves Reveberate...Letterman Not The Only Celebrity To Have Sex...THERE WERE OTHERS!

Can someone tell me what type of car this is?

Do any of you play card games on yahoo?

My Wife and Daughter have H1N1

On This Harvest Moon

I just saw a drug commercial for some shit that makes your eyelashes grow

Vancouver Island dog has died and is lying in state until weekend cremation


One week from today I head to the Sierra Nevadas for a 4-Day no food/water fast

What does the "E" stand for

My God. I have less than 24 hours left as a teenager...

If I hear the word logocentrism one more time

Just got back from running 5 miles while holding my lighter in the air...

You know what I'm really fucking tired of?

In what perverse world does Earlg have a better fantasy football team than me!!


Friday Pictures: Please post your own!

It's Groucho Marx's birthday!

So what did you think of this weeks Fringe episode?

I'm All for Baseball Promotions But This Goes Too Far

This goes out to In_The_ Wind (where ever she may be)

Do I say something, or not?

Regional grammatical peculiarities.

If I hear the word Cougar one more time.....

I've had an awful week and need funny, amazing or inspiring videos

Any DUer's D&D nerds?

My retired Uncle found his dream job

FlashForward (spoilers)

For The LOVE Of: The Lord of the Rings

DU Ladies: Why do women tell their boyfriends/husbands/men they are dating that other men are cute?

I've heard that one more Polanski thread will end civilization as we know it

I'll be visiting Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia in mid-November.

DU Lounge: Please provide me an extensive list of famous Lounge topics.

Your favorite Greek deity

Sunday's LOLcat thread - An idea inspired by Miss Honeychurch

Why do Republicans want to kill you by not overhauling healthcare?

Revealed: millions spent by lobby firms fighting Obama health reforms (UK Guardian)

Let me be one of the first to send a hearty howdy & Fuck You! to the Liberty Counsel!

White House blogger highlighting "Fox lies"--New aggressiveness on the part of the White House

Oh, I'm sure our Congresspeople have vertebrae.

Reid Says Final Bill Will Have Public Option

Who here actually believes that congressional Democrats are 'spineless?'

Palin "Co-Author" described Democratic Party as "pro-gangster"... "party of treason and subversion"

What's the big deal about sex?

The Liberal Media is at it again. '60 Minutes' exclusive: McChrystal and the president

Been watchin' the live Senate Health Care thingy..

Been watchin' the live Senate Health Care thingy..

Local media report on the anti Obama billboard in KC

Sen Finance Committee finished this morning at 2:20 am - recess until Tuesday w/ review of CBO score

CREW and Obama Administration Reach Historic Deal - White House to Post Visitor Records Online

Bill O’Reilly admits Fox News is propaganda with his statement last night

Obama-backed health bill gains ground


Bernie Sanders Video: What's Wrong with Capitalism? What can fix it?

Proof that President Obama is a Borg

Chicago Olympics 2016 logo suggestion

"Socialism" and Sham in the Senate _ Ignorance rules in the US Senate.

Salon: Republicans know whom to blame for the world's problems -- no matter when they started

Photos: When Beau Came Marching Home

He went to Copenhagen to have an opportunity to talk to McChrystal

Marine avoids murder charge, despite killing unarmed Iraqi. Where's Pres. Obama?

Former US President Carter Cautions Against Threatening Iran

Dr. Strange/MadinMaryland--you'll never guess what I happened to find....

I won't post it, but Drudge has done it again re: Obama/Olympics

The President has demonstrated that he does what he chooses is the right thing

Whats Obama's Plan to Deal with Inflation?

here we go, Anti-American Drudge: "WORLD REJECTS OBAMA"

congressman grayson live on thom hartmann.

Has anyone else seen the video of Glenn Beck applying Vicks to his eyes in order

The media has a chew-toy for three days, Obama avoids a headache for the next seven years

DE-Sen: Castle Leads Beau by 5

Oh Shit, Why Did I Channel Surf Past morning *oe?

Power of the Presidency

International Olympics Commission releases reasons why Chicago was not chosen

Pres Obama meets Gen McChrystral in Copenhagen. Discussing Afghan strategy.

Maybe I'm a heretic but...

Bloomberg - "Health Plan Advances as Millions Spared From Fines"

Health care opinions locked in

Well you can all stop hyperventilating, Chicago won't get the games.

At some point you have to understand what we are fighting against... Treason

PHOTOS Other stuff on today's agenda

The GOP's New Foreign Policy: Undermine American Diplomacy

Bad day for USA. Good day for GOP? (Politico) - Conservatives Rooting against America (MediaMatters)

Obama touches base with American Samoan delegate on disaster aid

Thank you, Mr President, for putting yourself on the line for Chicago.

Indictment of Florida fund-raiser reads like a thriller

Chris Matthews: The media is liberal. Why did Bill Clinton think we were against him?

DeVore Raises $700,000 Plus for California Senate Bid

The three most popular books in Guantanamo Bay

Forget the Olympics.... Here we go again..McCain manager predicts Palin could prove 'catastrophic'

Every instance of RW ugly is another nail in the GOP coffin: Chicago under siege

This PROVES that is you are not 100% sure something will work, you SHOULD NOT try it!!!!!!!!

Finance Committee to vote Monday

Did the SFRC or State Department approve Senator DeMint's Honduras trip?

BREAKING: Rio paid Brazillion dollars to get the Olympics


Obama disappointed, but he can multi-task, and he wins some and loses some

Outside bakery, Martin kicks off run for Congress

If McCain were President, would he declare war on Brazil for "stealing" the Olympics?

Herseth Sandlin gets GOP challenger

Hanabusa enters race for Congress

One thing that I learned from Moore's new movie. Our friend Kent Conrad is an FOA.

Explaining the vote: It was South America's time. (ABC)

Big Ed is talking like Rush and the repugs caused Rio to be picked

Taking turns! PBS newshour - Shields whacking Obama, Brooks standing up for him.

Mosley drops bid to be challenger to U.S. Rep. John Barrow

So what would have happened if the President had not gone to the IOC?

I like President Obama. I worry that ultimately he'll be a weak president

Obama: "No litmus test of perfection on every bill that comes out of every committee"

Obama's Olympic defeat (AP's "analysis")

SEIU puts conservative Democrats on notice about healthcare bill

"This is the kind of mind-numbingly stupid wankery that we get when people have nothing to say"

Give Beck's new book some reviews

Does anybody think this Grayson thing is an effective strategy to redirect oncoming liberal rage

Romney likely to back Giuliani rival for N.Y. governor

Ed Schultz kicked the Hell out of the RW. They are "UNAMERICAN" for their campaign against Chicago.

Five Ring Circus

When is Glen Beck gonna demand an apology from Grayson?

This guy is an ASS!!! and Obama needs to let him go

Barack Obama says hosting Olympics in 2016 could repair America's image

Name the last good Republican politician on the national stage.

Former Senator Bill Frist pours cold water on Party of No arguments against reform, public plan

PHOTOS Copenhagen (Oct 2)

Conservative conference attendees erupt in cheers when the U.S. is eliminated as Olympics site.

It's Rio!!!!

Just so everyone knows, Brazil is not some kind of paradise either

Did Obama go about this the right way?

As long as I live, I will never be shocked or surprised about the balls of America

Mike Ditka backs Hughes in Ill. Senate race

Question: Why was Chicago in the running for the Olympics?

Sarah Palin book titles that didn't make it to the final Rogue book



Bush Admin. Tourist Visa Policy May Have Cost America the 2016 Olympics

FARK!!! Will someone please step forward and say these simple words?

NJ-Gov: Two More Pollsters Show a Tightening Race

Turning Point? Lindsey Graham Slams Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly (VIDEO)

WH Calls Out Michele "Batshit" Bachmann for "Sex Clinc" Remark

Virginia Rep. Wolf Draws Democratic Challenger

Virginia Rep. Wolf Draws Democratic Challenger

PHOTOS "I confess to you if I die right now my life would have been worth it "

Obama's Approval Rating Is 64 Percent, Among American Jews

Everyone, We Lost The Olympics. SO WHAT!

Helen Thomas to Gibbs: "Has the president given up on the PO?"

Grayson's got the new frame - people are dying and what are you doing about it?

Chicago knocked out in the first round

The Hill: W.H. didn’t make calls backing public option

Current stats on ActBlue fundraising for Grayson

Matt Drudge darkens photo of Obama at Copenhagen because he is an asshole

Senator’s Aid After Affair Raises Flags Over Ethics(Ensign)

Cousin of Texas governor killed by deputies

Report: Michael Jackson Was Healthy Before Death

Hundreds leave pioneering Fla. megachurch

Vets Loving Socialized Medicine Show Government Offers Savings

Woman claims she was abused at Pleasant Hill Adventish Academy in mid 1990s

Burma Rejects Appeal from Aung San Suu Kyi

Barack Obama says hosting Olympics in 2016 could repair America's image

CBS News Producer Accused of Trying to Extort $2M From David Letterman

Rio wins Olympics

Voting underway as Ireland decides Europe's fate

Factory Orders Fall Unexpectedly In August

Factory Orders Fall Unexpectedly In August

Conservatives Revel In Obama's Olympic Bid Failure

Dallas judge paves way for gay couple to get divorce (ban on gay marriage violates US Constition)

Former McCain Campaign Manager: Nominating Palin In 2012 Would Be 'Catastrophic'

Half of babies 'will live to 100'

Tape shows Shalit 'safe and well'

Chris Dodd's Extreme Makeover


Letterman was blackmailed (for $2 Million)

CBS employee charged with Letterman extortion plot

Dems ease impact of health bill, big advance nears

(American Police Force) Legal affairs director resigns

GOP Leader (McConnell) Tight-Lipped on Ensign

(Rep. Mike) Honda delivering garlic to (Rep. John) Boehner after 'milkshake' joke

DeMint Honduras Trip Planned In Defiance Of U.S. Policy

No lifting of emergency decree for Honduras

Judge: Prop 8 Campaign Must Release Campaign Data

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 2

House Votes Against Bringing Gitmo Detainees to U.S.

(U.S. Army Gen.) Odierno: May not be possible to declare victory in Iraq

Dallas judge paves way for gay couple to get divorce

Harkin Says No Republicans at the Table

Montana attorney general to investigate (American Police Force)

Trustee Sues Four Madoff Relatives, Seeking $199 Million

Obama meets with Afghanistan commander in Denmark

Dems taunt GOP: Where's your health care plan?

Honduran De Facto President Says He’d Go If Told To

US lawmakers to meet interim Honduras leader

Tajikistan's president appoints daughter as foreign minister

G.E. Expects India to Help U.S. Cut Health Care Costs

"Super typhoon" bears down on flood-ravaged Philippines

Chicago shocked early, then Rio wins '16 Games

(Schwarzenneger - R-California) State asks feds for $4.7 billion for speedy trains (stimulus funds)

Mexico makes record drugs seizure

Hackers cash in on tragedy by setting up rogue sites

Grayson apologizes to Anti-Defamation League

Honduran coup leaders, Manuel Zelaya agree to talk next week: OAS

Revealed: millions spent by lobby firms fighting Obama health reforms

Unions: No tax on 'Cadillac' health plans

Chicago eliminated from 2016 Olympics bid.

EXCLUSIVE: Obama agrees to keep Israel's nukes secret

Jobless rate reaches 9.8 percent in September

Senate ethics panel opens probe of Nevada Republican

US, British troops killed in Afghanistan attacks

US paid reward to Lockerbie witness, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi papers claim

U.S. Job Losses May Be Even Larger, Model Breaks Down

Todd Palin resigns from oil job

Paramilitary link could sink Colombia's Uribe

Karl Denninger on the Economic Crisis

The Daily Show's Samantha Bee on High Frequency Trading

Rick Rowley's Exclusive Interview on Afghanistan

Army Picks 1st Woman to Lead Drill Sergeants

Rick Sanchez Apologizes To Whoopi Goldberg Over Roman Polanski Story

Carter Clarifies Talk Of Race And Obama For Candy Crowley

A Discussion With Michael Moore and The Daily Beast's Tina Brown

CBSNewsOnline: Iran Makes Agreement With U.S.

Keith Olbermann: GOP Sen Lindsey Graham Slams Glenn Beck

Bernie Sanders Answers Michael Moore: 'What's Wrong With Capitalism Today?'

Video Shows The Moment Sumatra Earthquake Hit

America Is Sick Of You Republican Party! You Are A Lie Factory! Congressman Grayson

MSNBC on Alan Grayson's Fight Against Government Paying Legal Costs of ex-Fannie Mae Executives

Conservative Media Raise ACORN Bogeyman To Baselessly Cast Doubt On Franken's Campaign Victory

Journalists speak out about G20 Summit

Keith Olbermann And Craig Crawford Talk About Sen. Lindsay Graham's Criticism of Glenn Beck

On cue, 5 Senate Democrats fold on Public Option vote, amendment fails

Hidden 'Bundles' of Lobbyist Giving

Glenn Beck and guest discuss Black "animosity" towards those who achieve

From the 2008 Grace Hopper Celebration: "I Am a Technical Woman"

Letterman´s Complete Confession (sex scandal) on his Show

Michael Moore: Americans Made It Very Clear they Want Universal Health Care

TYT: Rep. Grayson - GOP Are A Bunch Of Neanderthals

For $503 A Year, Members of Congress Have A Top-Notch Hospital On Call In The Capitol

$5 to end HIV -

Chris Matthews: I Think Rep Alan Grayson Is Right!

Rep. Alan Grayson Discussed on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Rachael Maddow: Breaking News On GOP Sen Ensign Scandal

Sesame Street: Mrs. Obama Plants Garden

Smart Remarks: The Enemy Within

Christian Bale IS Bill O'Reilly's Stage Manager - Strong Language

Obama: "...the city of Chicago and the United States of America will make the world proud."

Melanie Sloan Discusses CREW's Bar Complaint against Vitter

Max Baucus Gets BJ's From Lobbyists

SNL Review: What Happened to the Politics?

Police Brutality: Legless in Wheelchair Tasered and Exposed

Sarah Palin vs. Dan Brown in Bestseller Book Feud!

Conan Vs Colbert Vs Stewart

Crooked Contractors

BOEHNER: Get Off Private Golf Course, Get on Public Option

Grayson: Congress Bogged Down GOP No-Mongers, GOP Playing Rub a Dub

Is This A Good Talking Point? Carper Won't Read Health Care Bill Because It's Too Confusing

TYT: Rep. Grayson - Finally A Strong Dem To Slam Republicans

Invite John Boehner to meet you

TYT: What are the GOP Proposals for Healthcare Reform?

Why don't we see MORE of this??

Media Matters' Eric Burns: Fox Is "No Longer A News Organization. This Is A Political Organization"

CNN's Jessica Yellin & Media Matters Debunk Fox & Co.'s Lies About Obama Aide Kevin Jennings

Conservatives Against The Olympics

GAYFACE: Mainstream Media's Portrayal Of The LGBT Community

Sen Al Franken: The Drugging And Gang Rape Of A KBR Employee!

Rep Alan Grayson On Hardball: "We Can't Run This Country Based On Republican Hissy Fits"

TheRealNews: Resistance Silenced in Honduras by Dictator

People Whining About How 'Embarrassing' It Is To Lose The Olympics Need To Harden The Fuck Up!

Alan Grayson on GOP on the Olympics: 'Someone should remind them what team they're really on'

TYT: KBR Rape Victim Wins Some Justice

PSA: Queer Youth Homelessness

Glenn Beck EXPOSED - Crying On Cue Using Vicks under His Eyes.

Joe The Plumber's Comedy MegaFail.

David Letterman Blackmailed

Communists slam Iranian repression

Afghanistan: The proud march home from hell

Tests show Iran's missiles unable to reach U.S. - Russia's NATO envoy

Top Ten Things You Need to Know About the Letterman Sex Extortion Scandal

Rick Scott Is Making a Killing off the Uninsured

A chance for big media to show their worth

New York Times: The Wizard of Beck

Tea Party Movement Returns Christian Right to Its Racist Past

Michael Moore's 'Capitalism' is gift to working America

Dumpty Humpty

Reviewing Project Censored's Latest Top 25 Censored Stories

Another Shocker: Extortionist Threatened to Reveal Letterman's 'Stupid Pet Tricks'

Joe Conason: ‘Socialism’ and Sham in the Senate

Mission Not Accomplished (article by Krugman)

Adopting the World | Josephine Baker's Rainbow Tribe

OMFG! Ted Williams head used for batting practice at cryo lab!

New poll reveals interesting data about Catholics and choice.

New Website to Collect Health Insurance Horror Stories

Are Americans ready to elect a third party?

GOP is a "Lie factory" -Fla. rep. Grayson. One "tell it like it is Democrat"

WTimes, Bushes Hail Rev. Moon

Obama pwns Bush-Cheney on Iran


Senator's Aid After Affair Raises Flags Over Ethics- New York Times.

Unity ‘09 Tells Veal Pen to Clap for Baucus Bill--Jane Hamsher

What "Capitalism" Is Not

C Street Scandal, the Media, the Future of the Family: An Interview with Jeff Sharlet

Insurers Get $465B in Subsidies. Uninsured Could Get Fined.

The recession is over but the depression has just begun

Capitalism, we're through

Robert Reich: The truth about jobs that no one wants to tell

The War on Language

The anti-choice deception

Rolling Stone Reports that Naked Short Selling Killed Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers

David Sirota: Who’s in Charge: Obama, Congress or the Military?

Warsaw ghetto uprising head dies

Vanity Fair: Rupert to Internet: It’s War!

Weekend Economists' Atonement: October 2-4, 2009

Report: climate change threatens national parks

ODAC Newsletter - Oct 2 India challenges US over 'measly' climate change efforts (UK) Emissions reductions are misleading, says government's new science adviser

Reuters: New technologies may grab carbon right out of air

Nature Video: The two-degree target

Christian Aid stages mass visual trespass at Parliament (projecting climate messages onto Palace)

Mediterranean Fires' Extent So Far In 2009 66% Bigger Than For All Of 2008 - AFP

NATO Sec. Gen. Addresses "Potentially Huge Security Implications" Of Climate Breakdown In UK Speech

UK Will Have To Import Half Its Gas In Winter

Water worries threaten U.S. push for natural gas

Joule Biotechnologies Selected by AlwaysOn as a GoingGreen Top 100 Winner

MIT: A new day dawned fast—Recovery from marine mass extinction happened much faster than thought, …

Oh Great - Scientists Confirm Tamiflu From Wastewater Exposing Birds To Drug, Though @ Low Levels

The National Parks: Americas Best Idea

The national parks are my cathedrals, and I have just heard my sermon Leading climate scientist: "The US in a sense is climate illiterate."

MIT: How to limit risk of climate catastrophe:…significant benefits from early actions

Today on NPR's Science Friday—Lester Brown: Plan B 4.0

Another nail in the coffin of CO2 sequestration (and "clean coal")

WVU v. Colorado now; 7-7 in 2nd.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, October 1)

The Rox are going to be too hung over to beat the Dodgers >>

Welcome To Zombie Nation(College football bottom 10)

Are the Red Sox winning just to get my hopes up...

Joke for Steeler fans:

Rio de Janeiro wins 2016 Olympic Games in landslide over Madrid

Blackhawks lose shoot out with Panthers.

Why Chicago didn't get the Olympics? It's the Cubs' fault!

Nike Denies Vick Deal

MLB Attendance:

Bookies odds favoring Chicago for the 2016 Summer Olympics

Your team sucks.

Oh crap. I just moved to a city whose MLS side sports the logo of the destructive RW cult Amway.

This is the sickest thing I've read this week: "Ted Williams' Severed Head Abused"

So Who's Gonna Win? Favre Or Rodgers?

NFL Week 4 picks (with point spreads)

Ecuador's Shuar gird for conflict after protest

Jim DeMint: The Crybaby of the US Senate

Paramilitary link could sink Colombia's Uribe

A qualitative step forward for the organized struggle in Honduras

VERY insightful comments from Anne Louise Bardach - her new book Without Fidel

Venezuela's militia of peasants operational as of December

No lifting of emergency decree for Honduras

Murder in Colombia and a U.S. multinational

Clinton welcomes potential Haiti investors

Members of U.S. Congress Warn Hondurans New Elections Won't Be Recognized Unless Conflict is Resolve

Rio to stage 2016 Olympic Games

Report: Hard to ease Cuba embargo

Lula: It is a victory for Latin America

Video: Mother of slain student speaks out (Juan Carlos Rivera's mother)

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update – 10/2

Republicans visit Honduras despite US coup policy

`Sicko' film at Doral school irks some parents

"Racism and priveledge are alive and well, but are no longer spoken out openly."

Man with gun threatens to shoot iPhone at Apple Store.

An AK 47

Why must the people have access to arms?

UN puts off action on Gaza report

Video of kidnapped soldier handed over to Israel

Israel gets two more German submarines

Hamas chief: Shalit video deal a 'triumph' of armed struggle

Middle East expert debunks claim that Ahmadinejad vowed to "wipe Israel off the map"

Tape shows Shalit 'safe and well'

A shot from the Beach. I call it "Women"

Police: Armed Men Stop Carjacking Attempted Robber Shot Multiple Times

Today in Labor History Oct 2 Starbucks Workers Union baristas win their grievances at NLRB, FDR more

8000 AT&T Workers In Illinois And Indiana Reach Contract Agreement

UNITE-HERE: Hotel Bel-Air Using Renovations To Bust Union

Workers Fighting Back

EPI Says 4 Million U.S. Jobs Could Be At Risk In Climate Change Legislation

U.S. Labor Department issues reports on international child labor and forced labor

Exclusive: New Poll Shows Clear Majorities Distrust Big Corporations, Favor Unions


Capitalism, we're through

Treemometers: A new scientific scandal

850 Mostly Blind, Pale Creatures Discovered Underground {not wingnut bloggers}

Anyone have any insight into changing a birth certificate in Colorado?

Barney Frank Blasts Libyan Diplomat's Anti-Gay Remarks (9/30)

Pentagon airs criticism of ‘don’t ask’ (Boston Globe 9/30)

Reid Presses White House on DADT (Advocate)

More and more LGBT African Americans are getting married

Texas Judge clears way for Gay divorce

I am sometimes AMAZED at some straight people and their complete lack of knowledge about LGBT people

Before Lucy came Ardi, new earliest hominid found

The Higher Lifetime Costs of Being a Gay Couple (NYT)

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/01/09

Teachers and nurses join the ranks of the wage scabbed professions. And they are Shocked!!

Public School Administrators hear the sirens song of the indentured servant.

Does no one care that Saturn is being

US secretly tried to make deal with Goldman Sachs in wake of financial crisis

International Bankers Strike Back At Sovereign Nations

Would u buy this silver?

MOre news from The Republican Dystopia. Unemployment hits 9.8%

Some here may find this interesting (latest fossil find moves common human anc. back over 2mil. yrs)

Great resource for entrepreneurs, practitioners....

Yeast problems in dogs?

Worst case scenario!

Healthcare Question: As Congress scrambles to get everyone covered...

Sherrod Brown-public option for sure on table,will pass by end of year,

Keyboards And Mice Can Harbor Hospital Infections

Why You Need a Routine Mammogram

House of Numbers

EU agency rejects 180 probiotic health claims

Rethinking Cancer Documentary

any actual evidence for glucosamimine chondritine?

Students using brain-performance enhancing drugs designed for Alzheimer's and ADHD

Groundbreaking Primate Study Links Mercury Vaccine Preservative to Brain Injury

Half of babies 'will live to 100'

Rick DiClemente's October Starself Astrology Newsletter

Total Abortion Ban: Or, What Happens When The Catholic Church Is Allowed To Run Amok

Hundreds leave pioneering Fla. megachurch

Does everybody understand Boojatta?

Why we need religion in schools. ;)

On the old canard of Stalin, Mao, and the rest

Quinoa: Its what's for breakfast!

The first norther. Time for the hot cereals.

Has anyone seen the good Ms Labamba?

Dallas judge paves way for gay couple to get divorce

"The Best of You", 9/11 scam edition

"They say that some people won't give you even the time of day...

Police officer on 9/11: 'The building is about to blow up'

Michael Moore on Pentagon cameras . . .