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Asshole's Last Stand: Sheriff Joe can't keep his big trap shut

Do You Participate In Historical Reenactments Or Cosplay Of Any Kind?

Anne Frank has channel on YouTube

China News - "Iran summons Pakistani charge d'affairs over deadly bomb attack"

Hypothetical hyperbole: If President Obama really is a sell-out*, will you

Hypothetical hyperbole: If President Obama really is a sell-out*, will you

Obama is not worth re-electing

self delete. nt

Group pushing for Guantanamo closure, prisoner transfers, to launch ad campaign

ALERT: Nelnet Fraud Allegation

A little math

Paul Krugman:The Banks Are Not Alright

Bombings in Iran

Republican senator in Democratic congress to write defining legislation for Democratic president.

Republican senator in Democratic congress to write defining legislation for Democratic president.

viruses have a history...

American credit cards lack a special chip

Numb with horror: the train just hit my baby

"probation officers also were entitled to take action to protect the fetus from Lovill's drug use"

Centrists in US Senate to play key role in health reform

My kid, the ratings bonanza: beyond the 'balloon boy' saga

My kid, the ratings bonanza: beyond the 'balloon boy' saga

Student's Research: Energy Drinks are Bunk

BioPort used to be the Michigan Dept. Of Public Health?? Is this true??

'Octomom' doctor expelled from fertility group

Quote of the day: Emanuel hints it's "not important" for Obama to weigh in on public option yet

Ex-Wis. Rep. Johnson, longtime TV journalist, dies

Drafting the Senate HCR bill are Dodd, Baucus, Reid and the WH. Who else fears that Dodd

Juan Williams defends Limbaugh by bringing on two other right-wing bigots

California bans British 'libel tourism'

The Life of Brian or The Holy Grail?

White House officials to appear on Fox News

Harvard’s Bet on Interest Rate Rise Cost $500 Million to Exit

Candy Bar Or Healthful Snack? Free Choice Not As Free As We Think

Elizabeth Clare Prophet dies at 70; former leader of religious sect

Obama Won't Seek to Arrest Medical Pot Users

Re-enactor on probation for shooting another with powder

Re-enactor on probation for shooting another with powder

Will the American people ever forgive us?

Castration: Justice, or Nazi Revival?

READY TO REVOLT: Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States

Small Group Now Leads CLOSED Negotiations on Health Care Bill

I Wazz Governor at State of Alaska - Canz I have Job?

Houston Chronicle: Perry keeps Willingham memo a secret

Health care bill makes Sen. Roland Burris relevant

Cool BBC site on US vs UK financial industry bailout.

Need some help on Obama's pledge to lower taxes/

Zelaya's `Resistance' losing steam as vote nears

Jinda, Vitter, JP Keith Bardwell & the Marriage Mess

a little economics primer and dow 10k

Starting the day with humor, re: talk radio...

Helen Thomas is on JoeScum now n/t

Rush, Glenn, FOX and the GOP, a simple explaination...

U.S. Said to Consider Further Insider-Trading Charges

Sarah Palin posts resume online

"Balloon boy" responders dealt with roller coaster of emotions

An air bridge to Afghanistan is growing more important

'Deadlock" as Karzai Rejects UN Fraud Verdict

Guns given to Somali quiz winners

District of Corruption

Big insurance getting what it wants

Misinformation Nation.....

Wealthy U.S. Shoppers Boost Spending 29%, Survey Says (Update2)

Backyard fare is making a comeback... chickens/eggs/veggies..This is what BUSH GAVE US

Boehner-Living High on the Hog

IAEA Chief Says Iran Nuclear Threat Over-Stated

The US two class system has transformed us into Monty Python's Medieval Britain.

Sea Shepherd Unveils The Ady Gil-a world-record holding speedboat

How to Stop the Mega Bonuses


JoeScum's discussion on Fux v Obama is

Symantec: Fake security software in millions of computers

I love how stories on immigration bring out the morons... look at these comments

Obama Gets Afghanistan Advice From Mothers of Fallen Soldiers

4 states in Southeast form coastal alliance

Fox: Giving Props to Propaganda

Is Goldman Sachs an Enemy of the People?

BAIC says man accused of trade theft on leave in U.S.

Feds to Issue New Medical Marijuana Policy

Al Qaeda recruiting from Europe, US

So F***ing true

Did our government assume all those "Toxic Assets" the bankers were complaining about?

Thank you Eliot Spitzer

I sure wish we could just have a national referendum on HC/PO

Was this guy a "freeper"?

Today? A month of Mondays! Geez. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

I Helped Plan Balloon Hoax!

I think it is time to make a list and check it twice.

Have you ever noticed.........

Stellar idea, Watson!

scott walker (A-Wi) wants to cut off service to disabled transit riders

Peak Oil comes to ExxonMobil

Fact: Bud Light is one of the best selling beers in the US. Fiction: Bud light is a great beer.

our pathetic media

Halloween Costumes: Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck top political costume choices

change - Medical Marijuana Arrest Guidelines Eased

Immigrant allowed to stay because of pet cat

The Rude Pundit: Fuckin' Balloon Boy, Motherfuckers

Palin posts resume on LinkedIn, interests include "Job inquiries, expertise requests, business deal"

In Oregon, an eight-year antiwar protest

In Oregon, an eight-year antiwar protest

U.K. Airport Bans Nude X-ray Photos of Kids over Child Porn Fears

Karzai Vote Cut to 48%: US Monitor

Did the anti-war movement sell out to consumerism?

Is this just my observation, or has Joe Scab's voice changed?

Gov Sanford admits he was never in the helium balloon. Was again in Argentina the whole time.

Imports dive at ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

They keep saying "Wait for the CBO figures on the Health Reform Plans". . NOW..

Small update on my addiction issue:

Kansas has backlog of 12,000 Medicaid applications

But "Ardi" seems to have had more in common with the hippie-like bonobo.

Airlines Offshoring Repair work

Robert Parry: The Politics of the Public Option

Buy Sarah Palin's book and get Catastrophe for less!

Memo For Selected US Attorneys - Authorizing the Medical Use of Marijuana

Geithner's Aides Have Wall Street Ties. So What?

Update on domestic violence funding crisis in California...

Sarah Palin: One Lady/Two Resumes

Republicans have something new to celebrate! We're #3! We're #3... when it comes to rich-poor gap

Microsoft: Stop opposing clean energy (from MoveOn)

Shedlock Rant: Where's the Outrage? (Banking Excesses)

Report: Iran Incapable Of Producing Nuke Within Six To Eight Years

Good piece in USA Today about Justice Stevens

Is George H.W. Bush A War Criminal?

Japan has a nuke plant event

a crooked politician congratulates a crooked politician

a crooked politician congratulates a crooked politician

Health Care Reform and Wal-Mart Employees

What a memorial sign on the new Minneapolis I-35 bridge should read...

Since GWB got BOTH of his tax measures through the senate

Developers' bust proves a boon for land trusts

Inspiring Bible Passages

Spelunker: A Person Who Caves Whenever They Can.

Japan first lady awarded for looking good in jeans

KS Lawmaker Redneck Rap Video

Cenk Uygur says Obama Is Right To Call Fox News on the B.S.

Combat’s positive effects examined

Expensive Afghanistan: Million Dollar Soldiers and $400 for a Gallon of Gas

2 Tough Biker Sisters Take On the US Army - In 1916

For those who know Alan Grayson...

Audit Pushes Karzai Below 50 Percent in Afghan Vote

Where the hell are the modern day Pecora Hearings?

49-year-old female chimp dies at Toledo Zoo

New website offers college students a chance to win $100 for reporting instances of "leftist abuse"

Interesting! Mika defends Glenn Beck

Former Bush official is sentenced to one year in prison

HIV activists angered by no-consent testing legislation

finally some good...., no great news!

Every minute the Obama administration spends discussing Fox is a minute lost to the debates

Coach says 2 teammates with victim during stabbing

Alan Grayson, is that you?

U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets

In praise of the administration

They were whining about the deficit again on the radio today

African elephants could be extinct in 15 years

Does diaper Senator Vitter support Keith Bardwell's illegal

Detroiters fear rash of arsons is sign of worse Angels' Night

Detroiters fear rash of arsons is sign of worse Angels' Night

Estes Park fire

Racist Louisiana JP: Gov. Jindal - "Fire him"; Sen Landrieu - "Fire him"; Sen Vitter (crickets).

Where do you get the balls...

Where do you get the balls...

Comedy must be fact-checked. CNN piece on SNL was necessary, progressive media critic says

I've made a connection. Rove manufacture reality/teabagger/militia movements

If I could kick Yahoo!'s front page in the nuts, I would

Comedy Gold! John Ziegler vs. David Keene at Western CPAC

15 Minutes Of Fame? Try 15 Months In Prison Instead!

What is more dangerous, Libertarianism or Dominionism

Michelle Obama to go on Leno show Friday

Unemployment extension still waiting for Senate action

Want to help Michigan? Let women lead

The average American doesn't devote over 2 minutes a year being concerned about national deficits

Homeless at 97, Begging in LA Area

Was wild goose-chase balloon-boy hoax worse than WMD hoax in Iraq?

I have my own little Free Republic here at work.

Menendez auto-responder: Full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

This is an excellent historical primer on Afghanistan/Pakistan/Colonial influences

Where is the stimulus money going to?

No joke: My wife needs to get insurance after not having any for the last couple of years.

He's in the Army now - man enlists for healthcare for his wife

DOJ spikes Ga. voter citizenship checks again

Today Borowitz is very funny "iPhone App Detects Balloon Hoaxes"

Iran Says U.S., Britain Behind Attack

Democrats: Stop Kissing Elephant Trunk and Reform Health Insurance Right

Un-muddy a Monday . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

WATCH Eliot Spitzer On Breaking Up Big Banks: White House Just Doesn't Get it

Okay, so let's say Thom Hartmann is right this morning and we are

Impeach Obama Effort Is Too ‘Ridiculous’ Even For Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

pat buchanan is worried that the Obama administration is 'elevating' faux nooze

My little loan/credit tale to tell...

Jeremy Scahill: Hillary Clinton Gives 'Shameless Pitch' for Crooked Corporation in Russia

Sen. Nelson sent me an email asking for my opinion about health care reform

Palin apparently looking for a job

Judge Refers to Convicted Rapist’s Actions as “Rough Play”

New iPhone App Detects Balloon Hoaxes

Right wing hate e-mail

Great moments in American journalistic/media history...

BREAKING!! Young boy missing in sailboat!!

Are Democrats cowards? Why, for example, is Olympia Snowe's support considered vital

Colours of Autumn : 23 images from home and abroad

Sarah Palin And The Chateau Of Mystery – Exclusive News and Photos From Wasilla

Sarah Palin And The Chateau Of Mystery – Exclusive News and Photos From Wasilla

" you’re a jerk.… You’re a scumbag...You’re an asshole"... Right wing freaks going after each other

" you’re a jerk.… You’re a scumbag...You’re an asshole"... Right wing freaks going after each other

" you’re a jerk.… You’re a scumbag...You’re an asshole"... Right wing freaks going after each other

" you’re a jerk.… You’re a scumbag...You’re an asshole"... Right wing freaks going after each other

For every conservative who is "concerned" about Obama's czars, I'd like to offer this olive branch

It's more important to be outraged about some dumb hoax than the planned escalation in Afghanistan!

Pedestrian nearly drops briefcase

Dodd Introduces Legislation to Curtail Overdraft Fees

Are you SURE the US offers the best health care on the planet?!

Are you SURE the US offers the best health care on the planet?!

Toles: How was that performance?

U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets

U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets

Health care as good as postal service

From the "did he/she really say that" files: "[T]here is no such thing as society." No cheating -

The price of gas jumped up this past weekend. Looks like the oil speculators are at it again.

LOL !!! - VIDEO: Spine Flu Epidemic Hitting Democrats HARD!

Repost for the weekday folks.

Female cop told that women 'are natural waitresses and food servers' by male cop

The Christian Runaway

Huffington Post: Upcoming HBO Documentary Views Economic Crisis Through a New Lens

What/why are all the Republican & Right Wing ads forever

(hoax)Chamber of Commerce backs climate change bill

Chinese Car Crash Test Disasters

I tapped someone's car this morning, backed into it while pulling out of a space.

Boycotting Choice Hotels

Foreclosure nightmare

Militia madness: Online game based on American civil war in 2011 after 'Obama's coup fails'

Who has the Palin resume that she posted

Poll: majorities support public option, health insurance mandate

Isnt this important enought to make it to DU?

Here's a Link to the Finance Committee's Health Care Reform Bill

First topic on "Our" public forum: "Succeding from the union"

Empire State Building to Get Tie-Dye Lighting (tonight)

Very serious questions about the H1N1 flu vaccine.

Poll: majorities support public option, health insurance mandate

Hawai'i takes Furlough Fridays to the extreme: closing *schools*!!

The Yes Men Punk the Chamber

The Yes Men Punk the Chamber

Okay... so... what was their story going to be when the kid showed up? How was the hoax to end?

Start calling the Banksters Terrorist

Millions tricked by 'scareware'

A Reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Help Nancy and Ann Wilson

Credit Card Reform: Let's hope health care bill is better because all it got me was..

So whats the deal, did they find water on the moon or not?

Video Link to Interview of Man Who Successfully Sued to End E-voting and Counting in Germany

These will become the Good Old Days for Our Children.... The Way We Were...Glady's Knight...Lovely..

Pittsburgh weatherman says: No global warming!

"Miss Homeless" Contest

End of Life 'Councelling' ~ Does that involve a cell phone?

Homeless people find shelter, friendship in West Michigan shantytown - Kzoo Gazette

Big financial firms losing power on Capitol Hill

Big financial firms losing power on Capitol Hill

WTF I'm allergic to calamari?

He's in the Army now *Wife's cancer prompts man to enlist*

Helen Thomas warns Obama on Fox: ‘You can’t kill the messenger’

Bwaahahaha. "The Next Sarah Palin"

"Choose what's best for your family." I want to barf when Obama or anyone else says that.

John Stossel's first day @ Fox: "finally, the freedom to talk about a few things I know about."

Should Fox be reporting on whether Secret Service is stretched too thin?

Look On The Bright Side of the Attic (Balloon) Boy Story

Pro-Privatization Bush Aide Nominated to Social Security Board

People who use the word "Leftist" should...

Balloon Boy, Brothers Rap Antigay Slurs

1st it was by the August recess. Now they're sayiing Xmas.

Helen Thomas is Jumping the Shark

What happens when your mortgage holder goes bankrupt?

Supreme Court's Stevens keeps cards close to robe: Long-serving justice, a force behind the scenes

Notice Anything Different?

Pre-Election Diebold Failure in Florida...

What is, or should be, the "breaking point" of the chain of command?

Monday TOONS, part 1: Anger is building

Monday Toons, Part 2 - Afghanistan

Monday Toons, Part 3: Right Wing footballs and Politics

Monday Toons, Part 5- Balloon Boy!

State Department Officials Challenge Administration Policy on Honduras, Signal Moves Towards Recogni

35th Anniversary showing of Young Frankenstein with Cloris Leachman (photo)

Can anyone point to an actual definition of "public option"? Or better, a "robust public option"?

Beck's stated goal: Get administration officials fired, "take down this administration"

Helen Thomas warns Obama on Fox: ‘You can’t kill the messenger’

Pennsylvania, First in the Nation for Single Payer?

Who the $*&% chooses their health insurance?

The Baucus Plan Will Kill People

Higher jobless rates could be new normal - AP

I Finally Got Me My LEG!!!

'I hope same-sex marriage changes marriage itself.'

Will Burris FILLIBUSTER a bill without the public option? That's the issue

I Obama leaning toward privatizing Social Security after all?:

Letterman didn't pay hush money. Neither should Obama-By Robert Reich

Justice who blocked interracial marriage: ‘Everybody hates me’

“Public option” bait-and-switch campaign fools pollsters

'It's like you sign a contract to be raped'

Ensign's parents contribute to Harry Reid????

Global Warming Accelerating While the U.S. Backpedals: Obama's fraudulent environmentalism

Why do so many get their panties twisted about "The Public Option"?

BLATANT headine lies by NYT pushing pro-war position. Compare CNN Kerry interview with NYT version.

Seymour Hersh: US Training Jundullah and MEK for Bombing Preparation

The banksters have their BIG convention in Chicago this weekend. Call to action from SEIU.

Last night, after the new film, I saw Daniel Ellsberg speak in Marin County CA

Hightower: Obama must get going on jobs. "Banker-first" is not a jobs stimulus.

Obama is fucked

Somali Women Whipped for Wearing Bras

DUers - Alan Grayson's November 2 Money Bomb has only received

i'm guessing the networks are lined up to sign the heenes to a reality show?

WTF? HuffPo Giving Homeopaths A Forum As If They're Legit

Families Living In Cars, Hundreds of Empty Homes... Hmmm .....

How to Get Screwed..... A Twelve Step Program

How to Get Screwed..... A Twelve Step Program

White House ‘Official’ Bad Mouths Labor Leader For Expecting Obama To Keep His Promises

Unexpected iPhone Charges

Happy Alaska Day, everyone!

Bikes and the bad-for-business rap

The Very Separate World of Conservative Republicans

I'm watching Glenn Beck, and he is certifiably insane.

Help debunking: Copenhagen climate change treaty will bring about one-world government

So the other day I pointed out why the National Strike set for October 29th will fail

Hospital Forces Lesbian to Die Alone; Judge Gives Stamp of Approval

Perhaps it is time to stop tax exemptions for religious organizations

Can you sit still for 2 hours?

BCCI: The Dirtiest Bank of All (Time article)

Florida readying to deny hospital care to terminal cancer patients in case of severe flu outbreak

Cirque du Soleil performer dies of head injuries

Cirque du Soleil performer dies of head injuries

The GOP is FUCKED...Lost is not the TERM....Hapless, Witless, and Clueless

Colours of Autumn : 23 images from home and abroad

Colours of Autumn : 23 images from home and abroad

He's in the Army now! Wife's cancer prompts man to enlist!

Photo: Chimpanzees in Cameroon gather to pay respects to an elder who has died

20 Year Old Buys Home With $183,000 FHA Loan And Just 3.5% Down (only make$2470 a month)

Increasing Severity Of Bicycle Injuries Leads To Concerns About Cycling Infrastructure

GOPers: DeMint "Like A Jew Watching Our Nation's Pennies" (yup, they went there)

Climate Spoof Forces Chamber To Decry ‘Public Relations Hoaxes’

Diversity Poll

Nobel winner slams Bible as ‘handbook of bad morals’

Mom to face felony charge in marijuana case

The Showdown in Chicago ..... The People vs. The Banksters

This thing where Randi likens MSNBC to Fox is pissing me off.

On 26 July 1948, President Harry S Truman signed Executive Order 9981

Wall Street's Naked Swindle

On Bill Maher's anti-vaccine bullshit

Singer death column sparks Twitter rage

Seymour Hersh: Army is “in a war against the White House — and they feel they have Obama boxed in.”

Run don't walk to see Michael Moore's new Movie

~*~*~* October Photo Contest Finals - Please vote! *~*~*~

Monday Toons, Part 4- Health debate

Overweight 'should be protected'

Dr Smith brought back the Robinson family, who were lost in space!!

check out this youtuber drummer

So I've been watching the remastered Star Trek episodes...

Python's on!

Fumblestealth by JG Thirlwell

Let's all sing along... HAIL TO THE REDSKINS....

I used to be in marketing and now I'm a teacher. So now, when I watch Mad Men...

Sunflower seeds , can't get enough of them

Just washed my hair and it looks like I lost about 1000 hairs in the tub

We had such a great day here for being outside, it was about 66 or so.

I think this commercial is sooo cute!

I just saw my first Christmas ad banner on the web

hey look! balloons!


Venture Brothers is starting

Who knew dark chocolate had so much dietary fiber!?

Limbaugh Misunderstood The FANTASY In Fantasy Football

I can't believe that thread will never die..

The sky turned blue, and this big shiny thing was up there, and no water

I'm looking for Mr. Kim.

So our Robyn66 put on a play Saturday night.

Good morning Lounge

The Life of Brian or The Holy Grail?

[RPG] Should I warn this guy about what he's probably getting into?

I saw MM's Capitalism yesterday

Lost in translation

I wonder what aerospace engineers thought about "balloon boy"?

the doctar says i gotta goo-goo-goo good brain

teabagger spotted in crowd at Superdome!

I have Schwann's marinated salmon in the oven and . . .

My foster dog is soooo adorable. I want to keep her but know I can't.

I like you when you give me cookies.

If you don't get the slogans, why get the products?

Hey!!!! LA Doggers!!!!!

More Mad Men spoilers

I saw the movie Legally Blond 2 this weekend, and I gotta say, the foley work SUCKED!

Legal corporate liability and Bank Fees Question

Bob Marley & the Wailers

So, about Star Trek and sexism...

my left hand found out what my right hand was doing

Is $7.94 shipping too much to pay for a $13.99 item?

"A Face in the Crowd" on tomorrow afternoon (10/20)

So what was up with this guy? IMPORTANT STAR TREK THREAD

Watch this autistic kid play basketball...incredible!

I don't usually care about celebrity endorsements. Particularly athletes.

One crapped out kitty.

Member of the McCain-Palin Universe-Slash-Entourage you LEAST want to see follow Levi into Playgirl

Phil Collins Forced To Quit Drumming

Mom says I'm too skinny

Whom do I have to know....

Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein?

Got sent home from work today, and feel discouraged....


how do you use the song "the eye of the tiger" for inspiration?

Its Raining in Northern California Again !

Why do babies ball up their fists and hold them next to their head on either side?

So about the new Star Trek timeline

Does your place of work have causal Friday?

True or False

Why would you swim with sharks???

Istanbul - The Photo/Video

Attention Honda owners. Tell me how you like your Honda.

I can has caption? kthanxbai

Halloween Candy Poll #2: Almond Joy or Mounds?

please don't talk about television like it is real

I tapped someone's car this morning, backed into it while pulling out of a space.

You better watch out... Santa o Clause is ready to GO! (pic)

Let's hear it for Butterfinger!

apart from being rude and insulting...does anyone know

what was the longest you've ever waited for date who was late?

Favorite Causal Dining chain Restaurant

One crapped out kitty.

Fact: Bud Light is one of the best selling beers in the US. Fiction: Bud light is a great beer.

Modern Art is grand.

Puzzled by Food Network

Well, I ended up in the hospital...

Post a picture of the scariest movie monster

oh shit, now the birthers have gotten to Big Bird!

What is the best way to make chicken?

Most Tense and Exciting Moments in Your Sports Watching Memory?

CONFESS!!!!! What is the weirdest request a date every asked of you??

What candy did you immediately throw away or try and barter away Halloween night?

Sign of progress: Just think

All The President's Emails

CBS: Retired General Says If Israel Attacks Iran, U.S. Should Join In

Monday, 4pm, President Obama meets with Senator Conrad in the Oval Office

Monday, 4pm, President Obama meets with Senator Conrad in the Oval Office

IA-Sen/IA-Gov: Grassley & Culver Are Both Vulnerable

Howard Dean: "The bill in Washington is about change"

Turning the Tables on Health Care Nazi Baiters

"Job No. 1 — stopping the train wreck — appears to have been done rather well."

So is this real or not?

White House plan: Neuter the Chamber

Update: Chamber of Commerce climate change story a hoax

Sink wins crossover support from GOP early in governor's race

Crist ads aim to strengthen conservative credentials

Do you think world bad faith in/ fear of the Bush regime was underreported in the US?

U.S. Leadership Gets Approval Boost in Parts of Europe

The price on PO has gone down to 18.5 on intrade.. It has nearly halved since the Finance committee

GOP Launches Strategy to Trip Up Health Bill

"President Obama has failed to live up to his promise of solving Crisis X ..."

"Real output grew significantly this quarter."

Public Opinion Snapshot: Public Wants Action on Health Care, Backs Public Option

Tucson Council member Rodney Glassman announces Senate Exploratory Committee

Rep. Lynch backs Capuano for Kennedy seat

McGowan enters US Senate race as DeMint challenger

PA Republican Party runs ad with "O" in Obama's name as hammer/sickle -- for a judicial candidate!


Rep. Danny Davis backs Jackson over Giannoulias

Must Read from Ezra Klein: Harry Reid and the Public Option

Podesta defending Reid .... the public option looks doubtful to me....

A Comprehensive Strategy for Sudan

I don't think we ever recovered from the recession of 2001

Out of 250,000, a Few Snapshots

Reuters - "Obama auto plan stopped global auto collapse: exec"

Sen. Burris sais he will vote against any bill that doesn't have strong public option

NY Times - "Comedy Aside, an Obama Report Card"

Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Jeff Cloud eyes race for Congress

Obama administration announces new Sudan policy

Health care gridlock make The Rock Obama angry.

President Obama makes surprise visit to Silver Spring school (PHOTOS Added)

I am unconvinced that A GOP fillibuster fo the Final HCR bill would be such a bad thing/

AP Newsbreak: New medical marijuana policy issued

You'd think Fox News wouldn't complain about being a GOP media arm with their obvious logo...

HOAXes?? If anyone fooled was W Bush...Unlike the baloon Boy..Bushies hoax cost us big

New Poll: ABC/Wa Po = Obama 57%

Nine Obama Nominees Being Held Up By GOP Lawmakers

Okay, if a conference bill in the senate requires cloture...

CT Dems: WWE Clips Suggest McMahon Condones Necrophilia

Cartoonist Gary Varvel Creates Worst Cartoon Ever RE: Limbaugh and NFL

This Media Matters video from April indicts Fox Noise (updated w/screenshots)

What Senator Kerry did in Afghanistan - including a shura (traditional meeting) with tribal elders!

Democrats Risk Electoral Disaster If They Drop the Public Option

Howard Dean: "Barack Obama is your generation’s JFK, Don’t blow it."

Wall Streeters Expected At Obama NYC Fund-Raiser

Honest question for Obama's staunch defenders here

I don't know if you're familiar with a book about a pirate captain, his name is Moby Dick?

HuffPo - Attacks President Obama For Talking Directly To Public Rather Than Through Media

Should Congress pass a law that requires every war waged by the United States should be paid for by

Should Congress pass a law that requires every war waged by the United States should be paid for by

Pres Obama's favorite books

WaPo Poll: majorities support public option, health insurance mandate

Obama administration launches new housing initiative

Caption It: The President and Leader Reid, 10/7/09

"Keep your powder dry"

thom hartmann discussing "the warning" on frontline.

The most cynical view of why he's going after fox..

Remember when President Obama said this:

"you're not mopping fast enough"

I don't believe LBJ had anything to do with JFK's death...

I Can't Believe We Still Have To Protest This Shit

Israel, U.S. to hold manoeuvres as Iran talks simmer

US leaders visit Pakistan as it wages offensive ( Petraeus and Kerry)

Sanford's Case Goes Before S.C. Supreme Court

NASA photos show moon strike created plume

NATO wants clarity in Afghanistan before troop move

In Honduras, OAS probes human rights violations

Detroiters fear rash of arsons is sign of worse Angels' Night

Feds to issue new medical marijuana policy

Terror attack mastermind not here, Pak tells furious Iran

Harkin rattles centrists using special budget rules (reconciliation) on education bill

Jordan King Warns Over US Mideast Policy

Helen Thomas warns Obama on Fox: ‘You can’t kill the messenger’

India offers Sri Lanka funding to speed Tamils' return home

Obama to offer incentives to Sudanese government

The Very Separate World of Conservative Republicans

Coach says 2 teammates with victim during stabbing

Nearly a third of Hamid Karzai's votes voided

Colombia Probes Vice President Over Militia Ties

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 19

Pranksters stage Chamber of Commerce climate change event

Singer death column sparks Twitter rage

The Christian Runaway

(hoax)Chamber of Commerce backs climate change bill

(hoax)Chamber of Commerce backs climate change bill

Chile joint exercise angers Peru

BP set for Iraqi oil licence as cabinet approves deal

Obama Gets Afghanistan Advice From Mothers of Fallen Soldiers

NYC: Jury Orders Exxon To Pay $105M In Contamination Case

Britain's PM warns of climate 'catastrophe'

Russia Ready To Help Iran Fight Terror: Medvedev

Army report: Fort Rucker MPs in Samson after shooting a violation

Pelosi Aims to Squeeze Skeptics on Public Option With Cheaper Bill Than Senate

GOP Launches Strategy to Trip Up Health Bill

Fed chairman calls for US to cut deficit

First case of H1N1 flu confirmed in U.S. hog (4 teenagers sick)

Diocese Facing Abuse Suits Files for Chapter 11

Karzai 'stripped of outright win'

Scientists announce planet bounty

Nevada is prosecuting ACORN itself, not just individuals in it

US Scientist Charged With Attempted Spying For Israel

Prosecutor Tallies 27, 000 Colombians 'Disappeared'

Government unveils new mortgage help

AP Newsbreak: New medical marijuana policy issued by Obama administration

Pakistan cuts deal with anti-American militants

Poll: majorities support public option, health insurance mandate

Republicans seek health bill change

[W.V. Gov.] Manchin to protesters: Balance ‘tough’ in ‘extractive state’

Ex-CIA (Valerie Plame Wilson) agent comes home

Build It With Tax Incentives, and Hollywood Will Come (Hollywood moving due to taxes)

British mining company faces damages claim after allegations of torture in Peru

Ex-governor White urges rethink of death penalty

Obama May Go to Copenhagen as Polluters Narrow Gaps

(Sen.) Burris: No complaints, but not going to vote for a health care bill without a public option

New York Times to cut 100 jobs (8% of its news staff)

India to ask US for more H-1B visas

7 Killed, 20 Injured In Puerto Rico Shooting

New report says black male Dropouts lead nation in incarceration

Race discrimination at Chicago bar during senior class trip

Doug DenyClaim speaking at the Billionaires Rally

Is Harry Reid Strong Enough? - Progressive tv Ad in Nevada

CNN's Fareed Zakaria & Author Tom Ricks Discuss Afghanistan & Pakistan

Fox News (Fair and Balanced ?)

TYT: Crazy Tracy Morgan Interview

TYT: Do Arranged Marriages Work?

TYT: Bill O'Reilly & Brit Hume on How Fair and Balanced Fox News Is

[The White House] - Take the GreenGov Challenge!

[The White House] - President Obama Holds Town Hall in New Orleans

[The White House] - President Obama at Points of Light Forum in Texas

[The White House] - President Obama's Diwali Message

[The White House] - President Obama on Highways and Recovery

Obama Government Controlled Radio

TYT: Does Fox News Care About Real Fraud in US Gov't?

[The White House] - The White House Under the Stars

TYT: Streaking Teens Get Arrested for Criminal Indecency

Contrasting US gov't attitudes to social networking sites. Iran vs G20 meeting

TYT: Zero Tolerance Policies in School Make Zero Sense

Capitol Hill Agenda: Oct. 19, 2009


Imagine - your health security

Why Do Liberals Want Conservatives to Have Healthcare

Juan Williams can't handle the truth

Political Illustrations 17 (Photoshop)

10/11/09 Washington D.C. - National Equality March

Banksters Are Just Like the Drug Cartel 10/19/09 - Dylan Ratigan, MSNBC

New TV ad from NO on 1 / Protect Maine Equality

Crash test: 1959 Chevy Bel Air

The Real Hoax Is Health Care

Actor Richard Belzer Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck 'Fascist Stooges'

Countdown - Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY09) - Democratic misinformation on health care

Trailer for 'Crude' the story of the Amazon Chernobyl case

The Week In Cartoons

[LiberalViewer] - Stephen Colbert PWNs Glenn Beck?

Dana Perino admits that the Bush White House essentially froze out MSNBC towards the end

Conspiracy Theories are True! Stop Laughing At Us!

TYT: Senator MC Awesome w/ Dylan Ratigan (Dems Show Spine!)

Send Proof of Bias to Fox News!

Glenn Beck Calls Jack Rice On Air America Radio's ''Red Phone''

HLN's Joy Behar Interviews Queen "Birther" Orly Taitz

The Yes Men Punk the US Chamber of Commerce

HBO Documentary Films: Schmatta: Rags To Riches To Rags Trailer (HBO)

NJ-Gov: The Video Chris Christie Doesn't Want Anyone to See

TYT: Reality TV Show to Convert Atheists

Sen. Franken on the constitutionality of his amendment

In health debate, those numbers are just numbers

My "Tea baggers" are racist LTTE in Joliet Herald

The right think Obama is an ideological Typhoid Mary

Playing God? Texas Jury Consulted Bible Before Sentencing Man to Death

Held by the Taliban

A smidgen of optimism (blog by Krugman)

Who's Next? Lessons from the Long War and a Blowback World

AlterNet: The Robber Barons Are Back -- Hide Your Money!

Curious line in AP story about Heene family, and 'news' outlet...

Chris Hedges: A Reality Check from the Brink of Extinction

8 Foods You Think Are Healthy ... But Aren't

A Most Oppressed Minority

Balloon Family Now Also in Trouble With PETA

Fix ‘Meet The Press’, Hire Rachel Maddow

Guardian UK: Our speechless outrage demands a new language of the common good

Shunned Illinois Senator Suddenly Relevant .

What Obama can do for Latin America

Our speechless outrage demands a new language of the common good

Medicare Premiums to Rise 15% as Costs Jump .

GOPers: DeMint is Like a Jew, "Watching Our Nations Money"

Paul Krugman: The Banks Are Not All Right

Pioneering hardhat who sued for $20M in sexual harassment case dies in fire

A fascinating article by Jonathon Rutherford in Guardian Comment today:

WH: Public Option Preferred, Not Required. "Mr. Obama, do you want to keep most of the country

Students should take stand against anti-Semitism, other horrible

"MKULTRA Legacy: The Stain of Dishonor and the Prerequisites for Redemption" by Gordon P. Erspamer

Why the White House is 100% Right to Challenge Fox News (#1 Rated Diary @ DailyKos Right Now)

Enlistment bonuses for 2010 range to $40,000

Apply for retro stop-loss payments on Oct. 21

How lean manning saps morale, puts sailors at risk

IG: Sailors in Afghanistan need yearlong tours

Mexico allows disputed GM corn tests

Claims police tortured Peruvian protesters outside British-owned mine

Peak Oil Review

Drumbeat: October 19, 2009

A few words on the definition of marriage.

Climate change dispute a 'fake debate,' expert says

Oct. 19, 1941:1st Wind Generator in the world to feed electric grid-USA

NOAA - Average Surface Temperature In September 2nd-Warmest For Month On Record

Dhaka Gridlocked By Traffic Jams For Average Of 7.5 Hours Per Day - AFP

Toxic Dumping, Assault Suspect Receives 20 Yrs For Environmental Crimes, Armed Attack On Feds

3rd Try No Charm For Leaking Timor Sea Well - Slick 7,000 Km2 At Biggest Extent So Far - SMH

2009 Marks 1st Time A Climatologist Will Speak To UT State Leg. On Likely Climate Impacts W/I Utah

Energy Star Appliances May Not All Be Efficient, Audit Finds

In Response To 1,000+ Child Lead Poisoning Cases, PRC To Move 15,000 Residents Away From Smelters

Solar Energy & Detroit: Renewable Companies See Advantages in Auto-Industry's Pain

WWF: Halt to forest loss a key to stabilising climate

Dhaka Already Bursting At Seams, Facing Likely Flood Of Climate Refugees In Near Future - AFP

So, what happened to that floating Norwegian wind turbine? It was deployed in June.

Utilities Take a Shine to Solar Power

Ethanol from almost anything? Coskata opens Lighthouse cellulosic ethanol plant

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 375

Externalize This: Report Reveals Hidden Costs of Coal


NFL trivia buffs - where does 59-0 rank on the all-time blowout list?

Memo to Rex Ryan: STFU

I was watching a commercial fest

It's nice to see the Los Angeles Thundersticks have made a return

Two interesting stats about the Redskins (and no I am not piliing on)

Bobby Abre-BOO-BOO

The Pat's scored 45 in the first half---14 in the second--and some say they ran up the score...

Anti-BCS fans form political action committee

Washington Redskins have Sherman Lewis calling plays

Irish Central: Top Irish hurling goalkeeper says he's gay

Which team has the best chance to beat the Saints?

St. Louis Rams' losing streak reaches 16 games

Sorry, dupe. Please delete.

El Salvador gets first Cuban ambassador since 1960s

Maria Rita Matamoros: "The poor people are putting their lives on the line to save this nation."

Day 113, HONDURAS COUP RESISTANCE – Report from the streets, “Smashing the Silence”

Mexico allows disputed GM corn tests

Privatization Behind Calderon's Attack on Electricians Union

Colombia: army officer detained in massacre of indigenous people

Ecuador president Correa to override drug patents in order to provide affordable medications

Honduras: Arrrest Warrant Prevents Delegate Attending World Women’s Conference

Zelaya Backers Vow More Protests After Union Leader’s Death

Venezuela: Land for Yukpa Indians, But No 'Territory'

Colombia Probes Vice President Over Militia Ties

State Department Officials Challenge Administration Policy on Honduras, Signal Moves Towards Recogni

Cops: Cuban-born suspects dominate Fla. pot rings

[es] Dictan medida privativa de libertad contra líder estudiantil Carlos Graffe

British mining company faces damages claim after allegations of torture in Peru

Prosecutor Tallies 27, 000 Colombians 'Disappeared'

What Obama can do for Latin America (Dorfman)

Venezuela's president Hugo Chávez accused of turning tyrant (Guardian)

7 Killed, 20 Injured In Puerto Rico Shooting thread opened in LBN

I want to buy an old military rifle on line. But what the heck is an FFL?

Does anybody here deal with the Missouri Bullet Co.? A friend sent me

Anyone here know anything about SB2099 and guns? Got an article

Economist (UK) discusses gun control in the US

I hate to embarrass the Brady Campaign with this, but...

Dangerous automatic SKS used in crime

Man accidentally shoots friend while cleaning gun

Family who lost 29 members in Gaza war: We envy the dead

Israeli ex-diplomat: We were wrong to boycott Goldstone Report

Israel worried Fatah may resume suicide attacks

Analysis: Iran has its own terrorism problem

Why Israel failed in the Gaza war

Israel may have planted spy gear in Lebanon: U.N.

Jurist: Ties to Israel obligated war crimes probe

Israel pulls textbook with chapter on Nakba

US scientist charged with attempted spying for Israel

Stuff and things in an alley

3 more from the graveyard

~*~*~* October Photo Contest Finals - Please vote! *~*~*~

Might there be hope for the East Coast ?

A couple of fall pics

question... which do you like better?

Happy guy surrounded by Wabi-Sabi in Key West

plywood nba dreamz

Today in Labor History Oct 19 “Black Monday” after the Dow Jones average plummeted 508 points

SEIU 73 In Illinois Works With Employers To Help Military Vets Get Jobs

President Obama Urges Every Member Of Congress To Stand Against Deceptive Insurance Lobby On Health

School board walks out on negotiations in Illinois high school teachers' strike.

21 year experiment- Time in a bottle watching evolution unfold

Barnacles' Sticky Secret Revealed

Astronomers discover 32 new 'exoplanets'

Interfaith Rally Held In Bangor Supporting Gay Marriage

Official Says ‘Down Low’ Men Not Responsible for High HIV Rates Among Black Women

Jupiter's Moon Europa May Have Enough Oxygen For Life

Judge Says Hospital Can Deny Lesbian Visitation

Balloon Boy Brothers "Kill The Faggot" music video

Waiting for second half of stimulus to kick in, Obama weighs options for creating more jobs

Stock Markets Face 'Meltup': Strategist

Marching Toward Zombieland

The Dollar Will Not Crash

Vibrational Upgrades & New Beginnings: 10:10, 11:11, 12:12 - Lauren C. Gorgo

*URGENT REQUEST* for my MIL has to undergo surgery

High Dose Folate And B Vitamin Supplements Increase Uterine Cancer Risk

Hospitals Up Restrictions on Visitors

Northern California grocery chain recalls cantaloupes -- salmonella found on routine testing


Flu Fears Curb Life’s Rituals

Is there any way to reduce coffee consumption WITHOUT suffering withdrawal headaches?

My kids are having a hell of a time getting a seasonal flu shot.

Catholic Nonprofit Loses Tax Claim Against IRS

The Not-So-Scary Origins of Halloween

The Christian Runaway

David Barton’s Vision of America (WallBuilder)

Good Without God

Will Teacher Contract Bring D.C. Reward?

I heard something really sad the other day

New Haven: agreement between a city and a teachers union to work together to reform schools

Quick question:

OK folks...electric cooktops?

Texas education panel deciding who's in and who's out for social studies textbooks

Aerospace giant Boeing is a recidivist corporate crook --

NIST is an agency of the US Dept of Commerce, who deny global warming