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Archives: October 18, 2009

Daddy Chihuahua leads his pack to safety

Lawmaker Reposts Revised Anti-Obama "RedNeck Rap" Video

Sunday TV News Shows

Both Sides in Honduras Criticize US


Annual What Was Your Crappiest Job Survey



How do you handle rockin' pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu?

Eight Metro Detroit mosques opening doors to everybody

Idaho Gets 4 Times More Stimulus Money in Contracts Than Louisiana

Code Pink Delivers Afghan Petition To President

Authorities: "Looks like" charges will be filed against balloon family

Did Mayumi Heene spill the beans on hubby?

Prosecutors: Smith was on 44 medications

Holy, blessed Mary! There IS a God! (from HuffPost) Frist news

Do you identify as a "moderate"? if so...

A Washington Redskins Cheerleader gets a seasonal Flu Shot

Rajaratnam Surfaced in U.S. Terrorism Probe

Do you identify as a "liberal"? If so...

The friggin' Hennes are on CNN. PUHleese!

Thank God Willa Cather was around to write a Levi Jeans commercial....

Thank God Willa Cather was around to write a Levi Jeans commercial....

THAT's the guy I voted for.

31 educators disciplined!

Do you identify as a "conservative"? If so...

finally, a good (so far) Obama skit on snl:

WHo else is spitting stuff on their keyboard. We have, on SNL, THE ROCK Obama taking

Orly fails to learn lesson

I know there's a baseball forum (go there and you'll see I'm pretty much the only fan posting)

I know there's a baseball forum (go there and you'll see I'm pretty much the only fan posting)

"what're YOU lookin' at?"

Canadian WaitLists - Need Help with Myth & Facts

Colorado gambling law garnishes $600,000 from winnings of deadbeat parents

Black bear wanders into grocery store (No, really)

Denali Park wolf biologist dies in plane crash.

Good-bye, poorly considered post.

Bedtime for me, my dears. Goodnight!

Clinton Focuses On Soft Power

The Latino performance at the White House is on now

Buju Banton redeclares his war against 'faggots'

CNN - "Justice stands by refusal to give interracial couple license to wed"

Endorsement: Creigh Deeds for Va. Gov. (WaPo)

When do Hitler & Stalin comparisons become appropriate?

BREAKING: Levi Johnston's Playgirl Prep: Gym and Moose Meat

BREAKING: Levi Johnston's Playgirl Prep: Gym and Moose Meat

TPM - "John Bolton: Israel Should Nuke Iran!"

TPM - "John Bolton: Israel Should Nuke Iran!"

TPM - "John Bolton: Israel Should Nuke Iran!"

Yankees Win, and NOT because of any bad calls.

Yankees Win, and NOT because of any bad calls.

The right-wing mentality, again.

Researcher Robert Thomas reveals how he & Richard Heene drew up a plan to generate media controversy

Domestic-abuse victim says she was evicted for reporting crime

Sotomayor performs Supreme wedding

Free Health Care Available To All In US.

BBC reveals plan by Royal Mail and Labour government to break postal strike

Any political animal photos/ videos?

Puerto Rico: General strike against mass layoffs

Harvard’s Bet on Interest Rate Rise Cost $500 Million to Exit

Dogbert has the HCR problem scoped out:

Dogbert has the HCR problem scoped out:

I have applied for dozens & dozens of jobs in the last several weeks

Frank Rich: Goldman Can Spare You a Dime

Bush Official Sentenced to Prison in Abramoff Probe

**ALERT** . . Major tort reform reframing push on CBS Sunday Morning..right now!

SNL may be HISTORICALLY bad tonight. Tune in NOW so you can say you were there!

Law & Order Special Victims is dealing

Those horrible parents! How could they do that to that boy?

Gates: GM foods conflict threatens Foundation’s efforts

New bases in Bulgaria, Romania cost U.S. over $100M

How Moody's sold its ratings -- and sold out investors

Former KBR worker pleads guilty to sex crime

DUers I need a few recommends on an MSM article to get it in the nav of every article

Robert Reich on the public option.

Atlantis Found?

Atlantis Found?

Budget cuts may leave social workers vulnerable to violence

GOP Jackassery gone wild: Boehner's spokesbot says being gay is a choice, religion is not

Where were YOU on 10/15/09???

Where were YOU on 10/15/09???

From the White House: "It's ironic that Congressman Boehner would be complaining...

Hey Scooter and Judy- Those Aspens, they are dying

"The Rock Obama" (spoiler warning)

was laid off from his job as a yacht builder earlier this year. The robberies started soon after

are we still in iraq?

Code Pink's more nuanced Afghanistan policy

Creators of the "Muslim interns are actually spies" story may have committed theft

A prayer

Penny Auctions

Just got back from seeing David Cross live here in Atlanta. He of course got a little political.

Repubs Have Contributed NOTHING To Health Care Reform, ... Forget Them...

Alaska ACLU concerned about seizure of homeless people's possessions

"I ain't OK," he said. "My nephew's dead."

Moscow Mayor Promises a Winter Without Snow

Revolutionary Guard Commanders Killed in Iran Bomb

Nicolas Cage broke! Liquidating assets. Claims business manager ruined him.

How do we win in Afghanistan? How do we we lose? Are we looking at the "Afghan Horizon?"

Michigan briefs: Bill would protect minors calling 911

Israel wants Kafka manuscript returned

For my future reference, what is the quickest, least damaging way

A terrible what IF

White House "Ordered" Lawmakers to Amend FOIA in Order to Conceal Torture Photos

Obama radio addresss praises Baucus bill: 25 mill uninsured & more profit$ for in$urance indu$try.

Emanuel: Bush never asked key questions on Afghanistan

Justice returns to city: Sotomayor is star at 30th reunion

BREAKING NEWS: Colorado sheriff says criminal charges will be filed in 'balloon boy' case

Military Children in Crisis

Federal Judge fines Birther 20k for lawsuit "disconnected from any legitimate legal cause of action"

Boehner Praises Rep. Jenkins’ Legislation to Ban “Phantom Amendments”

Someone please explain to me why you would CHOOSE to log onto an internet message board and ........

Neighbors thought dead man's body was part of Halloween display

U.S. hunters, anglers lobby for climate bill

Meet Judy the talking embryo

Just heard a health care horror story--that should NEVER happen.

Ex-Army master sergeant pleads guilty to bribery

The Problem with Profits; Case in Point

DU this poll on health care

Larimer County CO Sheriff: Baloon boy story was a hoax.

Kyl: 'I'm Not Sure It's A Fact' That Lack Of Health Insurance Causes People To Die

Why do news outlets legitmize Sarah Palin's Facebook writings by reporting them..

Maybe Willy Shakespere had it wrong, maybe he should hath wrote,

Shouldn't the media with its sensationalized road blocked coverage of unimportant news. . .

Obama EPA vetoes largest mountaintop removal mine in W.Va. history

Families who live with alcoholics and drug addicts face the constant

The 2010 Olympic medal design

US health care costs VS. Japan: One story.

Monsanto guilty in 'false ad' row: Roundup not biodegradable.

"TSA Agents took my son" blogger addresses TSA video in follow-up blog entry.

Ranking of US Circuit courts by number of vacancies

Ya Know, We Did Sweat Blood

Ya Know, We Did Sweat Blood

This justice of the peace in Louisiana made be the key to same sex marriage. Also the reason

San Francisco Chronicle: SoCal man, 19, dies after police use Taser on him

Roman Polanski out of Zurich prison, under medical care

Unfriendly Fire

Rev. Al Sharpton to sue Rush Limbaugh over Wall Street Journal op-ed

Business as usual is not on the menu folks.

Jobless flock to sign up for the military

Wilson, Miller campaign brings in money from across U.S.

Washington Redskins Cheerleader Has Psychogenic Disease after Flu shot

Iranian commanders assassinated

IF the week has a Friday in it, THEN another bank will be SHUT DOWN by Regulators... LINK

More than 2,000 stand in line for H1N1 vaccine

republicans for rape satire website

Large Hadron Collider gearing up for bizarre test

Religious missions

Did Bush/Cheney let Osama Bin Laden escape at Tora Bora in 2001 because they were afraid?

Radio Should Pay for Playing Music, Say Lawmakers

Ummm.. Pakistan is attacking South Waziristan (stronghold of bin Laden). .

Ummm.. Pakistan is attacking South Waziristan (stronghold of bin Laden). .

Running the Health Care Gauntlet

Emanuel: Blame Bush Administration For National Debt And State Of Afghan War

Reduced credit limits could affect credit scores

Bear Strolls Through Wisconsin Grocery Store

Q&A: Max Cleland discusses war, politics

Q&A: Max Cleland discusses war, politics

Doctor on Glenn Beck Show mailed racist image to fellow teabaggers!

Looters **ASKED** To Accept Regulation?

Need help in two issues. My SIL is strong Union but his brother works

Is capitalism just one more way to screw us?

There is an easy way for the President to stop the rumors on the Public Option

Dodd sees US Senate showdown on health care option

First Premier Bank and Their Rather Over-sized Sack.

'Doc fix' no longer up for cloture on Monday

ESQUIRE: Beck's boss Murdoch cooperates with Chinese Communists

Pentagon cancels deployment of 3,500 U.S. troops to Iraq

Must see video: Max Blumenthal discusses Republican Gomorrah

Put the Moonies in jail, save the balloonies! nt.

Put the Moonies in jail, save the balloonies! nt.

Asians may face tougher college admission process, study finds

What happens when churches outnumber schools, clinics, and banks put together?

Michael Jacksons' ghost is turning up everywhere!

Is it gun nut Sunday again already?

Tax cuts will save the world

"A NEW grassroots space Republicans can finally call home..."

State Revenue Falls Most Since 1963 on Incomes, Sales: Unprecedented in modern times

Not to beat a dead horse, but there's a reason TSA sticks you in a plastic booth

I have a headache.

Anyone needing courage, hear this!

Shouldn't the Donora deaths from smog back in 1948 have alerted

WH adviser David Axelrod needs to watch "The Untouchables," because that boy's wishin', not fishin'.

Somali Islamists publicly whip bra-wearing women

"...what motivates the Taliban" "Apparently, when we drop bombs on Muslim countries"

What exactly is President Obama getting from the republicans for not investigating

Why South Waziristan Offensive Won't Help US in Afghanistan

Your opinions

I think the Grayson has Guts Money Bomb November 2 is a great

Bailed out insurance giant AIG plans $198 million in new bonuses

Ecclestone: Senna's tragedy was good for F1 - the statement first denied, then proved true

Glenn Beck Apparently Hasn't Read Anything In His Adult Life

Glenn Beck Apparently Hasn't Read Anything In His Adult Life

Morehouse dress code bans cross-dressing: it's not 'expected in Morehouse men'

Fox News = El NINO of the Media.

Fuck The Balloon Boy

Fuck The Balloon Boy

Wis. Priest Auctions Family Silver For Homeless

Tax cuts will save the world

McClatchy: How Moody's sold its ratings -- and sold out investors

Iran Blames UK, US For Attack on Elite Security Force

Sheriff: Runaway Balloon Incident Was A Hoax

I just realized the benefits of a DU-Education:

Emanuel criticizes Fox News

Your degree of support for President Obama?

I just voted FOR Palin

3rd person dies in Ariz. sweat lodge incident

Okay, so, like, if it's determined that intellectuals are evil...

Beware The Reverse Brain Drain To India And China

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I don't take orders from anybody

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I don't take orders from anybody

Has anyone heard about GE selling MSNBC? If so who would the puppet masters be?

Has anyone heard about GE selling MSNBC? If so who would the puppet masters be?

I'm not sure I understand what Obama's doing

Winograd vs. Harman

Southern California's vast desolation indoors

Limbaugh and Beck defend Balloon Incident...Blame Obama!

Just A Reminder

Wall Street's Economic Globalization Agenda

Can We Have A Moment Of Silence For The Super-Rich Who Have Lost So Much? LINK

Grocery shenanigans: Smaller size, same price?

CNN: Newlywed won't tolerate La. official's 'overt racism'

Are You In Favor Of A Public Option for Health Insurance?

House liberals are the key to getting a public option

why should we assume they are not lying about the attic, re: balloon boy hoax

why should we assume they are not lying about the attic, re: balloon boy hoax

Public Option = Count The Votes

Westburough Baptist church hates everybody.

I much as I want to be a team player, fuck Paul Pelosi and his $12M football team

Toronto wins vote to host World Pride bash

If you have a Mac with Snow Leopard, logging into Guest account can cause loss of ALL personal data

If you have a Mac with Snow Leopard, logging into Guest account can cause loss of ALL personal data

Balloon 'not capable of lifting off' with the boy, Colorado police say ....

I'm sorry to type this, but I'm in the crowd of the Public Option was never propertly framed..

Do we call him Balloon Boy or Box Boy?

Do we call him Balloon Boy or Box Boy?

Keith Bardwell thinks he hasn't done anything wrong

Black Kettle Rove accuses current White House pot of keeping "enemies list"

what cost cutting measures have you seen in every day items...aside from smaller quantities for same

Are you responsible for deaths that result from America's interventions overseas?

Moscow Mayor Promises a Winter Without Snow (This may not end well)

U.S. Sees $4B From Bailed Out Banks: Report

Goldman Sachs must be killed and eaten.

Florida sees worst jobless rate since 1975

Florida sees worst jobless rate since 1975

The Democrats Have the Votes, That Has Never Been the Issue

Sheriff suspects a "media outlet" was in on the Balloon Boy hoax

Ultrahigh-end homes slow to sell in crowded market

Kristol: ‘Thank God Most Of The Workforce Isn’t Unionized’

Kristol: ‘Thank God Most Of The Workforce Isn’t Unionized’

How to deal with FUX News

Who's the boss?

Runaway Lexus story makes me wonder about electric cars..

Evicted for reporting domestic abuse.

WH takes another shot at Fox

ROTF! Michael Steele will walk on to your website!

Drinking and driving entrenched as a deadly Montana tradition

Liz Cheney Is Afraid Of Rachel Maddow

Exclusive: I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax

Catching these as they are being deleted--freeper responses to threats against Obama-(SS News Story)

Swine flu at the day care - my daughter's day care

If you are employed now, are you more busy, less busy, or the same?

Jon Kyl (R)said," War is a necessity, health care is not."

Jon Kyl (R)said," War is a necessity, health care is not."

Is there any way out for Obama on health reform?

NEWSWEEK: The O’Garbage Factor - Fox News isn't just bad. It's un-American.

NEWSWEEK: The O’Garbage Factor - Fox News isn't just bad. It's un-American.

NEWSWEEK: The O’Garbage Factor - Fox News isn't just bad. It's un-American.

NEWSWEEK: The O’Garbage Factor - Fox News isn't just bad. It's un-American.

Why the Balloon Boy Hoax Wasn't Funny:

I have to ask: Are we okay with ANYONE being financially successful?

The Bush Crime Family-and their crimes

Kerosene heaters: Is there a conspiracy to keep them out of US consumer hands?

Question: Can a naturalized citizen be stripped of his/her citizenship?

Geithner isn't a failure. He's been very loyal to Goldman Sachs

Obama sold us down the river on health care today

According To Rep. Louise Slaughter, the WH asked that the torture photos be kept hidden.

How many people joined DU to support Democrats and...

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - ' Can Anyone Think Of Anything Better To Spend $180 Million On Today?'

What Does Congress Get? Healthcare Benefits

US impact in Fallujah, Iraq: 1 in 4 babies die in first week

Threatening the President: It's become a sport. Time for maximum prosecution

Love to read but can't afford the price of books these days? PaperBackSwap to the rescue..

Here Comes the (Chinese) Sun: How Chinese innovation is going to revolutionize solar power...

I am at Whole Foods right now! (I am not going to boycott because of one guy.)

What The Hell Is This!? Obama Heaps PRAISE On WAR CRIMINAL GHW Bush!?

Toyota's runaway-car worries may not stop at floor mats

I want two things out of this democratic administration.

DUers, do you know how difficult it is to be the President?

Religious right demands government stay out of health care, demands it intrude into our bedrooms.

Abortion Bans Do Not Cut Abortions

To me, libertarianism is a bigger threat to democracy than fascism or communism

On a national strike...

New South American Currency (to reduce holdings of USD $)

No capital punishment in Alaska

'Balloon boy' incident 'hoax,' sheriff says

Highest Ever Bail Set for Raj Of Galleon?

Any DUers have success losing weight? What worked for you?

Sounds like Faux News is a co-conspirator in the balloon hoax

'Miller's sickness' incident was 'hoax,' MSNBC says

Tim Geithner is an asshole and a failure

Strong Public Option...There is NO strong public option in any of the legislation

JD Power: Toyota's Scion worse than any American car in long term reliability

She's 97....and Homeless

Chronically homeless will live in apartments

Hemp Farmers Arrested Planting Hemp at DEA Headquarters


what are you doing over there

So today I find out that I had dinner at this guy's house a while back:

When you hear someone order a Crown Royal, what do you think?

Oklahoma and UT fans who are disgusted by Tim Tebow


Do you identify as a dumbshit? If so . . .

This is for the H.P. Lovecraft fans here and new fans.

What happened to Billyskank?

Poll question: I can't decide...should I have a few peers?

Yak herd begins small near Berthoud

I can't decide...should I have a few beers?

Ok , I am finally heading out to see "Capitalsim : A love Story"

Week 2 of Italian Regional Cooking Menu.

Printing a google map - un-freakin'-believable.

Google Now Crowdsourcing Street View With A Trike

CU vs. Kansas... (spoilers)

Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth

Wicker Man on TV. Sweet!

Any good dream interpretors in the house? I got a doozy!......

Best Chocolate: Dark, Milk, or White?

When you hear somebody order a Remy Martin, what do you think?

evidence of life on Mars

I have a question about my DVD player: It seems a lot of the

Some new Lucy pics and a puppy (dialup warning)

Happy Halloween from the BABIES!!!

Now this is a cool pumpkin carving!

13th inning.

My local PBS station is playing Bon Jovi concert

"what're YOU lookin' at?"

A Moral Quandry re: dressing (ie humiliating ) my pup

What do you do with all your leftover trick or treat mini choclate bars?

Has anyone ever recovered from bad oral hygiene

Have you dreamed of THIS man?

Question about tipping the owner of a salon...

"Pianist" My newest poem...


Bizarro Catalog Gift Items: "I Love Lucy Santa Baby"

stop me before I read again

I might do another "They Might Be DUzy's" thread next week

It's GREAT when you're broke and you don't think you have anything

Quentin the hedgehog in the Bath

In California, a Fight Against Faux Disabilities and Fake Permits

Is it cheap of me to refuse to turn the heat on in my apartment until November?

I can't take it anymore.

Nostalgic music

Which one of these totally incomparable things do you like best?

Annual What Was Your Crappiest Job Survey

balloon boy game online.

Forget Balloon Boy. check this guy out.

Just made a sandwich and realized I was out of lettuce so I used fresh cabbage

Farting Beck

Black bear wanders into grocery store (No, really)

Do you believe in ghosts?

So What's Everybody Going to be for Halloween?

When you hear somebody order Martini & Rossi, what do you think?

Vibes and Good Wishes needed

Favorite member of Monty Python?

Woman's lottery hoax causes riot at Ohio Burlington Coat Factory store

HEED THIS WARNING: It is now Girl Scout Cookie season

Bedtime for me, my dears. Goodnight!

&&&&& MILLSTONES &&&&&

hints for modest hotel price in NYC?

Anatomy Of A Murder up next on TCM 1pm ET.

Lucky and Erin in their favorite spot.

What hapened, exactly, to newyawker99?

&&&&& MILLHOUSES &&&&&

Where the Wild Things Aren't

My stupid spellchecker thinks "Theatre" is a typo .....

I'm debating whether to call a crisis line.

Cat location update

Nicolas Cage broke! Liquidating assets. Claims business manager ruined him.

Some Ludwig V., just because it's so beautiful

I can't go for that


Truck Nutz - sign of an asshole, a moron, or both?

Ali Farka Touré - Goye Kur

Keene Pumpkin Festival Photos for Halloween Lovers

Any reliable NFL live streaming?

How Scooby Doo are YOU?

I can die with a smile now

What is your favorite kind of Oatmeal?

Congratulations seabeyond! 40,000 posts!

Congratulations greatauntoftriplets! 70,000 posts!

Would you rather own an Alp or a Rocky?

Some House Fans have too much time on their hands

half chicken, roasted. in the fridge. good for how long?

Woof! Woof!!! I won the 50-50 raffle at Browns Backers today!

Twitter down for anyone else...

Congratulations bridgit! 40,000 posts!

Bear Relaxing in Hammock (one minute)

Pinesol in the laundry? Any tips.

Also sprach Rushkie von Limburger (pic, Oy!)

So what music have you been listening to lately?

Congratulations SeattleGirl! 60,000 posts!

Good day to have Tom Brady as your fantasy QB!

Oh no! Poor, poor kitty!!!!!!

What about the voice of Geddy Lee?

Nobody said the Giants were going undefeated this year-

Survivor season 20 All Stars cast list

Tim Tebow needs a Bible lesson

I would like to get those five hours back, please. So, later in life I found out

Beethoven 5th Symphony (No. 5, graphical score animation, allegro) with instrument guide

The Doobie Brothers - It Keeps You Runnin'

Protocol for Un-rec

Tiny Dancer - Elton John

For someone allergic to cooking, I made a damn fine bean soup today.

1 hour till lost wax casting disaster..

Just made a sandwich and realized I was out of mayo so I used hummus

Something I didn't know until I started losing weight

Anybody have the new Hall & Oates box set yet? If so, how is it?

Help me figure out this movie...

Anyone have comedy movie recommendations...

I cant wait for BLACK DYNAMITE!

I love this time of the year!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Skweekah-Skweekah Edition

The Dunwich Horror (2009) on SyFy tonight, 7:00 to 9:00 ET!

End the stupid football game!

Candy Corn: Yeah or Nay?

Could someone do me a favor and go to

DUers in Houston: I need some advice.


Wooohooooo - Saints 48 to 20 with 7 minutes to go

Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron." Thoughts?

My cats are pretty stoned right now pics

I just spent an hour completely taping over the fireplace in my apartment.

Do You Participate In Historical Reenactments Or Cosplay Of Any Kind?

Do you prefer Hot weather or Cold weather?

Cooked my first sous vide tonight! I did mahi mahi. Quite excellent!

CAT PICTURE!! It's rare to see all of my cats in the same room. Here they are, on the same bed.

My little man's camera is dying, but he did take some pics this weekend. (WARNING: pic heavy)

Congratulations cali! 55,000 posts!

What is your favorite term for being elegantly wasted?

Every time the film "Independence Day" is on, I can't believe how bad it is

I have MOUSEGUESTS again!

What's a good instant coffee?

Fla. Rep. Brown won't run for Senate

Will Obama and Congress end health insurer's antitrust exemption?

Rebranding America, By BONO (NYT)

I see talk about campaign finance reform, often.

Why Does a Lower Than Expected Deficit Complicate Stimulus Plans? (MSM spin strikes again)

teabagger's anthem.

Dumezich Cites the Dow in Taking a Pass on Bayh

Is Jim Neal running for Senate again?

R.I. reports 1,703 stimulus-created jobs

CNN - "Pentagon cancels deployment of 3,500 U.S. troops to Iraq"

Reason to question the general's Afghaistan strategy - the Vietnam book he recommends

Misreporting of the economy

Palin's mumbo jumbo critic of bacus bill

Krugman: "AHIP study has turned out to be extremely helpful to the other side"

U.S. condemns British court's decision to publish torture evidence related to Binyam Mohammed

Teabaggers and Birthers Make Sharpton Look Miniscule in Comparison

40,000 Extra Troops Bound for Afghanistan, Says Kabul Envoy

All these administration spokes-people SPEAK FOR THE ADMINISTRATION

Like many of you, I get lots of e-mails to sign petitions, support

Fie, Fatal Flaw!

SOS Clinton to give major nonproliferation speech

Obama...take that Midnight Train to Georgia...."Superstar...but I'd rather live in HIS World...than

US to allow visit of NK official

Obama's Facebook Feed

I can't help but think of Glen Beck when I saw this

SNL doing "Rock" Obama

This cartoon is absolutely stupid.

The Problem with Profits; Katie Meacham's story

What Is Rush Limbaugh's Net Worth? $1 Billion?

Healthcare Reform and "Bipartisanship"

Uruguay has become the first country to provide a laptop for every child in state primary school.

Based on Ax comments today, Does that means PO is dead?

Hitler Never Shot His Friend In The Face

PO under the weather, but not dead. I can see a path to a modest PO

1968-2008: True Vote vs. Recorded Vote (TIA)

Valerie Jarrett on a public option, her actual point and reality

Anyone else catch Rahm brush back the Republicans and General McCrystal on Face the Nation?

F*ck David Gregory!

what foods do you consider "tools of the devil?"

AP Asks If Obama Is "Obnoxiously Articulate"

HERE is the reason why I WANT President Obama to WIN, and win BIG.

Job creation 101

Afghanistan (DU POLL): Stay There, Get Out, Increase troops, Status Quo: What Should Obama do

The Battle Between the White House and Fox News

Parents of 'balloon boy' face charges

How Moody's sold its ratings -- and sold out investors

Canada quietly asks EPA to weaken anti-pollution measures

Neighbors thought dead man's body was part of Halloween display

Postville blaze destroys bakery

US balloon parents 'face charges'

Big Wall Street bonuses "offensive": Obama aide

Rajaratnam Surfaced in U.S. Terrorism Probe

One killed, one wounded in Virginia Beach sports pub shooting

Justice stands by refusal to give interracial couple license to wed

Washington state project could charge up electric car corridors

Small Group Now Leads Closed Negotiations on Health-Care Bill

NYC Police: Mexican Immigrant Beaten in Apparent Bias Attack

Taliban resist Pakistan onslaught

Bolivia summit adopts new currency

Outrage after Berlusconi media shadow 'turquoise socks' judge

Hollywood producer Daniel Melnick dies

Obama Team Continues Effort to Isolate Fox News (by Fox News)

Obama administration, Democrats turn up heat on Karzai

White House to shift strategy on Sudan

White House to shift strategy on Sudan

UConn football player fatally stabbed

Leftist LatAm Bloc Rejects Honduras Election

U.S. hunters, anglers lobby for climate bill

FBI records: Late senator linked to Klan

Twelve dead and helicopter downed as Rio de Janeiro drug gangs go to war

RCMP seizes vessel carrying 76 off B.C. coast

Axelrod: Fox News Is 'Not Really A News Organization'

County sheriff in Colorado says "balloon boy" incident was a "hoax" and a "publicity stunt."

Freed US reporter says he underestimated Taliban

Secret Service strained as leaders face more threats

U.S., Mexico face shortage of H1N1 flu vaccine

Obama, Advisers Push Back on Bank Lobbying Against Regulation

Aides: Obama Not Demanding Government-Run Option

3 Detroit marathon runners die

Revolutionary Guard commanders killed in Iran bomb

GM CFO search complicated by US pay rules - WSJ (oh noes only $1 million a year in salary)

Explicit Book of Genesis upsets Christians (R . Crumb)

Frank Schaeffer - Fundamentalist Foot Soldiers

Dept. of Energy - Solar House Decathlon - JTMP

Farting Beck

Older MSNBC Correspondent getting his groove on

Deadline Live Special Edition: Etectronic [sic] Voting

NBC Today Show: Congressman Jeff Flake's Island Adventure - Congressman vs Wild

Geraldo Rivera: Rush Limbaugh Is A "Racial Provocateur"

Sen. Kerry on Afghanistan

SNL: The Rock Obama Returns

George H.W. Bush: Did You Get My "Ass Email?"

Rahm and Axelrod on Fox News

How To Get Rid Of Banks

Michael Wilbon: Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Care About Black People

Right-Wing Extremist Mouth-Breathers Invent a Game 2011: Obama Coup Fails

Senator Specter defends the public option on Fox News Sunday

The Cigna 7 Chicago-Jennifer's Story

Specter: GOP is party of obstruction, David Axelrod: Fox News "Not Really A News Station"

TYT Interviews: JC of The Nation Calls Obama a 'Whiner' (Cenk Disagrees)

TYT: Limbaugh's Crazy Obama Conspiracy Theory

Seniors Hold Tea Party Protest In Ft Myers, Florida

David Axelrod: Fox News Not Really A News Station

Lizz Winstead Spanks Ed Schultz

Balloon family owes this guy a big apology, the guy who runs like hell to catch the balloon

Rahm Emanuel On White House's War With Fox News: "It's Not A News Organization"

Somebody is making parodies of the militia movement! LOL

The Twisted Logic of Theologica37

Bill Maher on a year of ridiculous republicans

What Are They Waiting For?

2 Democratic Senators Terrified Of Gay Marriage Question

Sheriff Jim Alderden: Balloon Boy Incident A Hoax, 3 Felonies Are Being Considered

Alan Grayson on Bill Maher: GOP Health Care Reform Would Be Letting You Bring A Gun to the Doctor

Congressional Ethics Inquiries Drag on, Despite Vows to End Corruption

The Public Plan, Continued

Labor Leader McEntee Ruffles Feathers in White House

The Public Plan, Continued

Talking with Former Health Insurance Executive Wendell Potter

Zen and the Art of Hoaxes

On the Power of Peaceful Protests (Please Join One Against Banks in Chicago Oct. 25-27)

It all started 96 hours after 9/11

New Orleans mayor learns about disaster response in Cuba

Coup Government Blames United States for Honduran Economic Woes but Continues to Pay Lobbying Firms

FBI records: Late senator linked to Klan

U.S. Diplomatic Adviser's Troubling Role in Oil Politics

Speaking Truth To Fox ‘So-Called’ News

San Diego Students to Hate-Mongers: You’re not in Kansas any more

Balloon Boy: Is Mainstream Media Purposely Distracting Us?

Corporate Supremacy and the Rape of a Human Girl

Balloon Family Claims 'Hoax' Was Inspired By George W. Bush

The British base called Stalingrad

The Rich Have Stolen The Economy

Seniors stiffed as greedy fat cats roll in bailout dough

The ACORN Standard

Michael Moore slays capitalism

Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States

The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 - Great, well-sourced research paper by Molly Billings, June, 1997

Cash for the Real Clunkers

"The demotion of human rights by the common-ground presidency is absolutely incomprehensible.".....

Pain Doctors targeted by federal gov't

Ethanol burning stoves reduce deforestation & improve health - Gaia Assoc wins Sustain Energy award

"Hopeless?" by Cindy Sheehan

Spaceship Jesus Will Come Back and Whisk Us Away

African Children Denounced As "Witches" By Christian Pastors

Obama deserving of the 'hype' and the Nobel: Bono

Don Regan tells President Reagan (puppet with strings) to ''Speed it Up''

EPA to deny permit to infamous coal mine

A Novel Carbon Dioxide Absorbent: Lithium Orthosilicate.

Ethanol burning stoves reduce deforestation & improve health - Gaia Assoc wins Sustain Energy award

Land reform agency sanctions logging in Amazon rainforest park

Scientists demand Brazil suspend Amazon colonization project

The world's future is being decided this weekend

Question about kerosene heaters.

Oh hell! The Golden Buffalo Chips took down undefeated KU.

I know there's a baseball forum (go there and you'll see I'm pretty much the only fan posting)

God damn Angels!!

Too bad the Rockies didn't beat the Phils...

UConn Cornerback Jasper Howard Dies From Stabbing Incident

Sign at TCU yesterday:

Yankees Win, and NOT because of any bad calls.

any other teams make a safety this year?

Chiefs about to win first game of the season

N'awlins 48 GGGGMen 20

Giants game plan is all wrong

Guess who has five teams in the top 25?

Looks like the Pats are going to cover

Billicheat is just running up the score now

Arizona defeats Seattle

Kudo's to BOSSHOG's team this afternoon. They are the best team in the NFC

Wow billichick must have pretty good tape of Tennessee's defense

meanwhile in Oakland

Brady throws NFL record 5 touchdowns in ONE quarter

More snow is needed at New England Patriots!! I love it!!!

Will Jim Zorn be the coach of the DeadSkins next week?

Besides the Republican party is there a more disgusting organization in America

Saints - 7 touchdowns scored by 7 different Saints

Saints beat Giants, Arkansas Beat Florida

St. Andrews course 'Hole from Hell' about to get tougher

Arkansas Beats Florida 20-23

BCS Standings released

Border towns in Ecuador target of assassinations - two community leaders dead

Something that Roberto Micheletti should read...

Coup Government Blames United States for Honduran Economic Woes but Continues to Pay US Lobbying Fir

So I spent a day teaching a couple to shoot..

81-Year Old Man Kills Home Invader, Escambia County, AL

1 shot, 1 flees in robbery try

Naked 91yr Old Holds 26yr Old Intruder At Gunpoint Until Police Arrives.

Puerto Rico Bar Shooting, 7 killed 20 wounded, Despite Very Strict Gun Laws.

Source: Report won't halt peace talks

TPM - "John Bolton: Israel Should Nuke Iran!"

Three suspected Israeli spy devices blown up in Lebanon

Abbas's popularity dips over Gaza war report

911 Calls Reveal Details Of Break-In Suspect Shot By Homeowner

I have two photo blogs I am working on...

Pumpkin Festival Photos from last night

The 9 yo went on a photo excursion this weekend. Here are some of the results. (X-pst from lounge)


tebow should be the quarterback of the longhorns

My Fall Pic for 2009

Red mile barn

The Inadequate Costs of Labor Law Violations

AP: A walkout ends, and strikers find a changed world (long read)

Today in Labor History Oct 18 NYC agrees to pay women school teachers a rate equal to that of men

South Jersey Catholic School Teachers Plan to Strike

Union-buster Bing terminates contracts, dues check-off

Congress sets date to talk head injuries with NFL commissioner and union chief

Power Struggle Intensifies in Mexico, as Government, Union Clash

IRS won't lower maximum contribution limits for 401(k)

Red tape slows Nevada Test Site ailment claims

Obama Wins a Battle as a Teachers' Union Shows Flexibility

Labor’s New Leader

Senate panel to vote on labor board nominees

Alaska loses jobs for 5th straight month (Palin left a mess behind her)

Teamsters, Labor and Community Supporters Stage Rally for Baumann Bus Workers

Union criticizes LAPD for lax security in storing Union criticizes LAPD for lax secrecords [Updated]

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Unions help, hinder Democrats

Union Chief Takes On White House

Union: District Officials Blocked Emails to School Board Members

Stingless wasp species discovered in Kent

Universe Splitter iPhone App lets you have your cake and eat it too.

Could Colony Collapse Disorder be a prion disease?

Theban Mapping Project

Adam Lambert's single - Time For Miracles (from the film 2012)

Buju Banton redeclares his war against 'faggots'

Do you recall "revenue sharing" in America before(and after) Reagan?

Positive news expected in housing reports

Atlantis found? (thread in GD)

A Play on Words


How are you and your family holding up Kookaburra?

formal "apology" form from someone in DU

Anyone else having those symptoms

Self Delete.

Media Lies about Public Option (Brian Friel, National Journal)

MRSA vs Himalayan/Mediterranean Carvacol

Who Resists Vaccines Most?

Researchers Believe Cervical Cancer Vaccine Could Be Linked to Cases of Lou Gehrig's Disease ~ WEBMD


A prayer

Is it time for a nationwide teachers' strike?

It's QVC's annual day-long cooking extravaganza... KitchenAid, FoodSaver, Keurig Coffee Brewer, more

So, is there any such thing as standard sizes for pressure cooker gaskets?

Anyone know about anodized aluminum pots?

I've decided to make bread. Have not done so in years.


What is up with this letter from John Cornyn to editors of newspapers?