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What do George Soros - Rush Limpballs - And Prof Sports Ownership have in common

Many of us thought a really bad thing was happening. And it turned out okay.

Teen Arrested for Creating Website to Bully Other Teen

when you were in middle school ..6,7,8...would you have done this? Read on

Oh no, George Soros is responsible for Limbaugh's humiliation!

Al Jazeera on 4.4m yr old Ardipithicus fossil: "Ardi refutes Darwin's theory"

The kid in the ballon

Tina Fey.... 24 yr old virgin....

Insurance Industry's attempt at total war may actually boost chance of a public option.

KOs first free clinic will be in Little Rock

I now have used all available emoticons.....

omg...this "birther" woman is nuttier than a fruitcake!

The Real Story Of How The Berlin Wall Fell (Book Review)

45000 New Troops for Afghanistan?

45000 New Troops for Afghanistan?

Speaking of balloons

U.S. troop funds diverted to pet projects

Boy asks President Obama, 'why do people hate you'?

Boy disappears, thought to be skyward, turns out he is simply hiding

The American Adventure

Specter Urges Dem Unity on Cloture; Reid: Thanks for Doing My Job

'Jena Six' Teen Gets Second Chance, a New Start With SPLC Board Member

(Satire) Jimmy Carter Blames Obama Nobel Prize On Racism

is Venezuela a dictatorship like it's being portrayed on NBC's crappy comedy show right now?

Girl, 2, listed as vandalism suspect

I am sorry for the "P" word (Palin) but SHE IS NOT GOING AWAY!

Is the boy's name really Falcon? As in Millenium or Crest?

Teh stoopid and hurts bad! 53 House Repugs call for ‘safe schools czar’ resignation

"But Canadians don't have freedom"

Uganda: anti-gay bill calls for death penalty

Doc to Dock ( an organization you might not know about)

Billy Mays' Family: Cocaine Didn't Lead to Death (But Wait, there's more!)

Rachel Maddow I love you

Rachael Maddow and Dylan Ratigan...

Buffaloes return home 11 days after escape (Story update)

Psyience Detectives site is down - Couldn't Handle the Traffic

Interracial couple denied marriage license in Tangipahoa Parish

So, just who are the parasites that get fat on America's fear?

Wow, Rachel is on fire tonight. Not taking any crap, and fighting for us. Strongest ever.

If God had wanted me to be accepting of gays, he'd have given me the ability to do so.

Ahmed Rashid's June 2008 rundown of Afghanistan at the Press Club.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Dex Filkins is on Rachel's show tonight -- he's an ol' high school buddy.

Dex Filkins is on Rachel's show tonight -- he's an ol' high school buddy.

Sorry, Mr. President but there is no way I will ever believe you or Americans will ever care about

Well joy.. WaMu's outsourced collection agency is harassing me on a daily basis now

Rachel Maddow is SKEWERING Tim Phillips (head of Americans for Prosperity)

Fuck You Discover Card - last credit score was 782 & they lowered my available credit

Fundraiser will benefit 5-year-old leukemia patient

Burning bunnies for biofuel?

"That's not moops you jerk! It's MOORS!"

GOP seeks to strip more ACORN funds

Meghan McCain Twitpic: Blogger Threatens To Quit Twitter Over Tank Top Pic Drama

My 'Girls Only' Cleaning Trolley

Another Communique From Behind The Lines

Two AF F16's collide off coast of Myrtle Beach, SC.

Baucus: All Senate Dems Will Support Health Bill

Music: what do you think?

Rockefeller Says Democrats Can’t Tailor Health Care to Snowe

Louisiana’s Medicaid rolls grow, aggravate projected budget shortfall

Anoka: The windy city

Coalition for Vaccination CHOICE --

Sibel Edmonds BOMBSHELL : Bin Laden worked for US until 9/11.

If Reid puts only a token Public Option in the merged bill, should Reid be canned?

Strangest story I've heard in a while: supposedly some Italian troops bribed

The obvious reason that the GOP has become so much more conservative in recent decades....

Let's call them "The Halliburton/ KBR Thirty

Rachel Maddow Rocks.

Interracial couple denied marriage license in La.

back to school in earthquaked l'aquila, italy. where cold bites like winter already. how it feels.

Interesting site for Middle class folks

Oregon apartments lift flag ban

So how is Obama responsible for the mess that is NOLA

King Coal is shouting itself hoarse and deaf

Omaha Windmill Training Facility Opens

HANNITY EXCLUSIVE- Sean interviews the parents to get the bottom of this balloon story

Senate Judiciary Committee sends 4 Obama judicial US District court nominees to the floor

USS Freedom to Deploy Early (Early 2010 instead of 2012) to close urgent warfighting gaps

File this one under FAIL³

'Low-risk' Afghan option calls for troop levels U.S. may not have

WP: Obama Criticized as Too Cautious, Slow on Judicial Posts

Drum soldiers' Iraq duty canceled

Birth control pill may alter mate choice - from rugged types to more boyish men

VA officials extend 'Agent Orange' benefits to more veterans (number of presumed illnesses to 15)

Whether one "believes in evolution" or understands all the details of the theory is really secondary

Wellness Incentives Could Create Health-Care Loophole

The Onion: American Voices..What you think of the GOP website crash?

Army meets recruiting goals for quantity, quality

Welcome to Texas justice: You might beat the rap, but you won't beat the ride.

Afghanistan, Pakistan seek China's help in their anti-terrorism efforts

Where Men Win Glory, Jon Krakauer's Book on Pat Tillman

Fewer than 30% of people in Afghanistan are considered literate

Canadian cops recruiting at Seattle job fair

Has the balloon with SuBo in it landed in an

Finland makes fast broadband a legal right. Law entitles every person to a one megabit-per-second

Text this: Kidnapping foiled by stealthy thumb work

Supporting She Who Has Borne the Battle

The Revolution Will Be JAMMED...

The balloon backlash

Scott Horton: Bybee Avoids Judicial Complaint

I want to see Falcon Heene's parents on a reality show...

Oh BTW, none of today's military rags mentions $400 per gallon gas in Afghanistan

I would rather spend a couple of hours watching

Just a suggestion for parents like the Heenes

Post-traumatic stress disorder: 'It's real. It's going to get worse'

Global Warning: a scientific farce?

Ramstein pilot receives Cheney Award (no...not THAT cheney)

If aid for New Orleans hospital is being held up by congress, does anybody here

Texas Inmate Wrongly Convicted for Murder Freed After 15 Years

Schultz caller today lambasted Senators from border states (MT, ND, ME) who know Canadian sys works.

Which of These Headlines Can You Relate To?

Freepers going berserk over health care reform

I'm Wrong - That Balloon *Could* Have Lifted A 6 Year Old

eric cantor whining about the possibility of a nuclear option

WTF? "Chia Obama" ad on the "Stephanie Miller Show"

The teabaggers need to SHUT UP about giving seniors a cost of living raise!

The pocket spy: Will your smartphone rat you out?

Everybody in government should have this poster!

Nova Scotia Op/Ed: Canadian In U.S. For A While Says Health Care System Must Change Or Collapse

"Full of balloony"

Rant on Why Bohener Is An Homophobic Idiot

Omaha Eyes Minority Contract Incentives

Ya know, you miss ONE day of news and you're completely out of the loop... (B-Boy?)

This is why the fundies don't believe in global warming:

Anyone else having problems accessing the NYTimes...

What's on TV? Graphic Pie Diagram

Unfortunately, too true

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Falls More Than Forecast, Michigan Index Shows

Rape case to force US defence firms into the open (Thank you Sen Franken)

Another stupid question...When they say the Bill has to come in under nine hundred billion

Balloon Boys Family Name & Chris Matthews.......

Racist KS Republican's Kids Remove Video From Youtube

Racist KS Republican's Kids Remove Video From Youtube

The gang rape and the Republicans, by Mark Morford

Despite nearly 6 million barrels per day of spare capacity, crude oil is trading at

Despite nearly 6 million barrels per day of spare capacity, crude oil is trading at

Bomb kills 4 U.S. troops in Afghanistan

US Air Force sacks nuclear commander after blunders

New camera promises to capture your whole life

Helen Keller statue unveiled at U.S. Capitol

I've Got A Message For Balloon Boy's Father...

Balloon Boy tosses his cookies live on Today Show

Book price war between Walmart

Morning Schmo just showed video of balloon dad launching the balloon

Alaskan Village Shishmaref Sinking Into the Sea

Senate proposals put premium on healthy living

Was there any real news going on yesterday that we all missed?

Should General McChrystal be fired?

Has President Obama made a statement on Balloon Boy yet?

NFL shows America that Limbaugh's 15 Minutes of Fame are up!

Bad dream this morning.

MSNBC just had video of Balloon Boy's Dad Releasing the Balloon

Industrial Production in U.S. Increased More-Than-Forecast 0.7% Last Month

Over half of "all" Republican "heroes" are either African Americans or Puerto Ricans.

Obama "Palin' around with Terra-ists?"

Mockery of Justice: Taitz

Balloon panic, moon bombings, photo-shopped models

Hanged Man Is French Firm's 25th Suicide

Putin and Hillary

Help! What are the sites beside Vote Smart for Congresonial voting records?

"Mr. Rogers" Stokes The Flames Of Fear Over Healthcare Reform

Man found guilty of negligence in son's home circumcision

Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana

Berlin brothel offers discounts for 'green' customers who pedal to the door

Dollar to Hit 50 Yen, Lose Reserve Currency Status, Sumitomo Says

100,000 home owners getting scammed and sick (Chinese drywall)

100,000 home owners getting scammed and sick (Chinese drywall)

Republican Site Crashes

A Hatchet Job So Bad It’s Good - By PAUL KRUGMAN

The Dragon spews fire at the Elephant

4th grader asks Obama @ town hall: "why do people hate you and why"

Attitude Check...

Foreclosures: 'Worst three months of all time'

a shoe gets thrown at Clifford May

With Baucus bill, GOP has it both way: Corporate Welfare & they can blame the Democrats .......

Ken Lewis Should Get Paid

Four U.S. Service Members Have Been Killed in a Bomb Attack in Southern Afghanistan

Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal of Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling

Yanks Bench Tenor (Ronan Tynan) After Jewish "Joke"

Another honor for our president;

Judge: State must return funds to right-to-die group ($330,000 seized)

"The Men Who Stare at Goats"

The Limbaugh Affair and the Free market

Why is there an anit-healthcare reform advertisement on the front page of DU?

(cnn's) Castellanos’ Firm Also Has Contract With U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

Friday TOON Roundup part 1- Health

Friday TOON Roundup part 2- Economy

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

Democracy Corps: Republican Base Voters Living In Another World

I predict someone from DU will win this: 'Simpsons' To Allow Fan To Create Character

I predict someone from DU will win this: 'Simpsons' To Allow Fan To Create Character

U.S. Lacks Enough Troops for 'Low-Risk' Afghan Option

Papal History

Judge Blocks Mandatory Flu Shots, Temporarily

Help Pat Toomey Beat Arlen Specter Next November (Now playing on DU.)

Baby survives being run over by a Train! Wow, just wow!

Baby survives being run over by a Train! Wow, just wow!

So what happens next if Republican filibuster and a Democrat or two help uphold it?

On the stimulus

Giant Ribbon Discovered at the Edge of the Solar System

Giant Ribbon Discovered at the Edge of the Solar System

Here we go again. Still. Yet.

The Rude Pundit: Cal Thomas Say That Gays Will Redecorate the Military

$400 per gallon gas to drive debate over cost of war in Afghanistan

Mother who smothered 2 babies in her sleep gets probation

IRS Intensifies Global Hunt for Secret Offshore Bank Accounts

Killing the Innocents to Save ‘Our Troops’

Too Illegit to Quit: We Can't Make Afghans Accept Karzai Now

Just a bunch of crybaby anti smokers.....

DAMN--that's one GOOD LOOKIN' president!

Wingnut + Email + Threat to President = Arrest

Why Is L.A.'s District Attorney Aiding and Abetting Mexican Drug Cartels?

Why Is L.A.'s District Attorney Aiding and Abetting Mexican Drug Cartels?

NJ: Corzine Up by 10 (NYT poll), despite what Politicker says.

Ted Turner wants to run CNN again

President Obama got take out in New Orleans yesterday

When is $16 billion for 30,000 jobs worth it?

Video from LKLive with Balloon Boy & Family....sounds like THEY LIE!

Why, just the other day there were scores of people screaming about DOW 10,000

"Stop government-run healthcare" ad on DU?!?!?

If I have to choose between two bad alternatives, I'll take opt out over the trigger

Resourceful Colorado family provides valuable training exercise for emergency response teams

Huge Holes in the Earth: Open-Pit Mines Seen From Space

Just a reminder on the worst 3 months of Foreclosures in History

Don't look now: Bloomberg's lead is shrinking. 8 pts on Oct 6.

The Promise never kept - East German journalism 20 years ago. (DER SPIEGEL)

Why Are 1 Of 8 Girls Pregnant At Robeson High? (Chicago)

limbaugh and his conservative values

This is what is ruining the economy and this country

Legal Tactic Could Restrict Compensation for Chimp Attack Victim

Biologist finds way to slow death process

No COLA For Senior Citizens

the Swiss have some big troubles growing

36 years ago this evening

Dem officials set stage for corporate-backed health care campaign

Barney Frank: Public option doesn't need 60 votes

CAIR files criminal complaint against authors of Muslim Mafia-alleging that the memo used was stolen

For some reason the RNC has seen fit to send me the 2009 Obama Agenda Survey.

For some reason the RNC has seen fit to send me the 2009 Obama Agenda Survey.

I'm Not Getting Back Into Investing........

The Gospel of Consumption (companion piece to SoCalDem's excellent post)

Pennsylvania is at serious risk of executing an innocent person.

Cry baby beck weeps over old Coca Cola & Kodak t.v. ads

Cry baby beck weeps over old Coca Cola & Kodak t.v. ads

Boy, Keith sure missed that one

What is happening to America

White beauty queen at US black uni pens plea to Obama; later apologizes.

FOX news columnist claims liberal activists took over corporate America

Even if a complete fabrication, balloon dad will benefit from this episode.

Rush's family and background - I stand corrected, Rush.

No more governing from the "center" please

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Interracial friends harassed and shot by white supremacist

THIS Gives Me Hope

Baptist leader (Richard Land) apologizes for Nazi analogy

"unexpectedly high levels of plutonium"

Cooking Native Recipes:

Palin’s Popularity Sinks To A New Low

Just unfriended a wingnut on FB

If little Falcon had to spew chunks on national TV, why couldn't it have been all over Matt Lauer?

Bizarre Wing nut game site - Have we reached Peak Wingnut?

Moms Donate Breast Milk To Infant-Girl's Mother Died Shortly After Giving Birth

Balloon Dad's myspace says he's SINGLE....

Lest you think Obama is in charge:

Remains of the first Republican

"We don' need no Obamacare!" - "I ain't gots a job, can't pay for it!"

There's a lot of right-wing hate speech out there...

New Orleans Justice of the Peace refuses to grant marriage license to interracial couple.

The gang rape and the Republicans

Nicotine, why can't we have it if smoke/chew isn't involved?


Where is cheney?

Need advice: Employer doesn't want to pay me

The gang rape and the Republicans - Morford's latest

You thought texting while driving a car is dangerous?

Lehman Pays $417.4 Million to Bankruptcy Advisers

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Plush Toy - pics

Balloon Boy nonsense is why we need a "People's Veto" to veto certain news stories

A proposal to eviscerate the Republican Party / Rightists once and for all.

Feds say Illinois man who threatened V.A. arrested at hospital with gun

LeBron James wants to ‘dunk on’ President Bush’s ‘ass.’

Git yer copy of "Going Rogue" - only $9.00 on Amazon! Wow that dropped like a rock!

The truth has a liberal bias.

I think this guy should have got more than 20 years

A real bi-partisan conversation RE: KBR vs ACORN ethics (gang rape versus prostitution ring advice)

Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers

If you want more proof that the "Balloon Parents" are grifters, here:

Dozens Arrested Protesting for Health Care Reform. Add Your Voice!



The balloon metaphor and M$Greedia

D$CC Outraises NRSC in September

A horrific story about a wandering young poet who died in Billings. RIP Adam Davis

Who knew? There's a Tea Party Book Club!! And we all thought they couldn't read!

The simplicity of the simple union pension

Mayor Ray Nagin leaves for Cuba

Teen dies after pulling a knife on school resource officer.

Study from the University of Maryland (2003): Fox viewers are the most misinformed

Sen. Harkin: Three ways to public option

A Louisiana Justice of the Peace won't marry interracial couples

I Think We Went To The Moon To Remove Evidence

Rockefeller fires warning shot at Reid

Will the REAL Rush LimpDick Please stand up (Open Letter)

IS GE selling NBC to COMCAST?

Tying It Together: Massive, Pernicious Fraud

What's the difference between conservative and liberal propaganda ?

47 Years ago today was the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis - you know..when the President DIDN'T

Apparently October 25th is projected as one of those Doomsdays

A.G.: Payout was over sex (Another R bites the dust sex scandal)

Balloon Boy and Cable News Hot Air


Another way to remember 11/4/2008 - Our Agincourt...

"Fake" swine flu vaccine sold over the internet

Have there always been Republican ads on this site?

"I'm not a racist, I just don't believe in mixing the races..."

Sheriff Arpaio Claims He Can Arrest Illegal Immigrants Even Without Federal Authority

Pigs may have tested positive for H1N1

Martha Washington – A hot first lady?

What about this $250 billion unpaid for

Outrage Over Vogue Photographs

Bill Otto Just Doesn't Get It - KS state rep reposted his red neck rap on youtube

Balloon-Boy..UK style


Help needed in Protect Marriage Equality in Maine poll

Will we receive FICA score points for surviving the crisis

Limbaugh Defenders Ignoring Long Record of Racist Remarks (FAIR)

" In the Joe Jackson child pimp handbook, it says that if a boy barfs, keep on tapping!"

wtf can people do against the government

wtf can people do against the government

Time for our own 10/16 Project

Stop the insanity--top 10 reasons to defeat michele bachmann

Well, it looks like one industry is moving back to the "good ole days"

Why did Obama agree to visit Texas A&M with

I don't know why Dems select minority/majority Senate leaders from purple/red states

CNN caves in to OxyRush.

Democrats to Place Cake in Balloon, Hope Rush Limbaugh Floats Away

Are facebook polls a lost cause?

Study: Female-Name Chat Users Get 25 Times More Malicious Messages

What kind of family raises Kids LIKE THESE?

Woman Sues Toyota Over 'Terrifying' Prank

Let's Hear it for Finland! Would that the U.S. Senate were so bold and unbeholden to Big Coal.

It seems that our political process has a conservative bias

Former President George H.W. Bush introduces U.S. President Barack Obama at Texas A&M - pics

LA Times: California job losses accelerated in September

If General Butler was correct in saying war is a racket, could we conclude most war since 1950 has

SEC Said to Hire Goldman’s Storch for Enforcement Job

Fed up: Can't understand why my conservative friends and RW pundits

FBI raids home over use of Twitter at G20 summit

Local marriage rights poll needs help- being freeped!

*** They Might Be DUzy's: Week Ending October 15 ***

Millions to Rally Against Poverty This Weekend

Pelosi: Time to know where caucus stands on public healthcare option

Rush Limbaugh thinks he is a "Rugged Individualist".....on KO's show

Ad-supported Microsoft Office Starter 2010 coming to a PC near you

Wall Street billionaire arrested for insider trading

New Ad From Liz Cheney’s Group Bashes Olbermann, Matthews As “Afraid” To Debate Her

Alan Grayson & Rachel Maddow are paving a new territory

I HAD to post this piece that my son wrote last night!

About the people's distrust of "medicines" these days...

My brother in law is dying tonight.. He will be gone by morning

In Defense of Rush Limbaugh

Wanda Sykes special on HBO

Chutzpah defined

Patient Denied Care For Her Brain Tumor Says Insurers Want You To ‘Die Now, So We Can Save Money Lat

Just watched the repeat of the Teabagger on Hardball.

I just turned off big Ed ... I'm sick of balloon boy this is the only

Anita Dunn slams Faux news and Beck. This time over the Mao remarks.

Wingnut Radio Host (owner) Rearrested For More Alleged Sex Crimes

Bush 41 To Texas: "Attacks on the current president "crossed the line of civility."

Is the idea of "states" outdated?

Is the idea of "states" outdated?

Elder Bush sees 'ugliness' in attacks on Obama

Private Insurance will never be the right answer to our Health Care woes

Cops to Re-Question "Balloon Boy" Family

FBI raids home over use of Twitter at G20 summit

Pretty Much in a Nutshell

Bullies stopped this time

Bullies stopped this time

Bullies stopped this time

Bullies stopped this time

How the teabaggers were described 50 years ago: "The Pseudo-Conservative Revolt"

Lack of coverage over horrific black-on-white killings in America's Deep South

Rachel On Fire: In His Face "You Are A Parasite"

Semi-annual shout out to all our Red State DUers

Merced man sees Virgin Mary in found rock - pic

Randi was just talking to some guy who says he knows Heene from way back

Florida's Adam "Opie" Putnam calls public option "socialized medicine."

Judge Carter and Orly chat in the Central District of California, 5 October:

I know I will get ripped for this but a $250

OK. Listen up, Democrats !

CNN The MisTrusted Name In News

Power Company Switches Off Cancer Patient's Oxygen Machine

Dylan Ratigan fans, heads up. Dylan dons a magician's outfit to show how Goldman Sachs

Man murdered own sister and her spouse for being "too liberal" in 2006

We are still losing jobs, insur. cos are greedy and venal - QUIT TALKING ABOUT BALLOON BOY ON TV.

Luckovich Toon: Must it always be about you?

Luckovich Toon: Must it always be about you?

Is political correctness to blame for lack of coverage over horrific black-on-white killings in Amer

Interracial couple denied marriage license in Tangipahoa Parish

Balloon case referred to child-protection workers

Red state hell, this restaurant sign is in my county..

50 of the 376 best one-liners on the internet

Wowsa! The Air Force is gonna save up to $133 million dollars a year by flying

Tweety is tearing this teabagger leader a new one

all in favor of peace, please check in.

Q: Is having an abortion less moral than using contraception?

Report: Delay formal lessons until age 6 (Until age 5, children need a play-based curriculum)

Church to Host Book Burning

$19K In Tickets For Man With XXXXXXX Plate

Ruling Could Undo Thousands Of Foreclosures Dating As Far Back As 1989

"I can't let you into his appartment until you pay $2000 to pay for damage his dead body did"

My son enlisted in the Navy

Rod Blagojevich is going to be on "Celebrity Apprentice"....

Where do you think we are on health care?

Anyone else think the Baucus Bill was a clever ploy?

Make them filibuster.

Make them filibuster.

Is this common workplace practice?

CA Computer Scientists Say U.S. EAC Misused Security Findings for New Diebold E-Vote Certification

The "Ballon Boy" story, and why it should be a wake up call to all progressives

Why Eggs Could Be Getting Harder to Peel

This is the WORST example of media bias I have seen in years:

Sandals is advertising on the Glenn Beck show 1 800 SANDALS

I'm having trouble defending some of our leaders right now

C.I.A. Still Cagey About Oswald Mystery

Another Bush administration official heads to jail

Computer geeks -help please

Yahoo Sez $39k-49k Pay Is A "Good-Paying Job." Really?

Balloon dad was a misogynist a**hole on wife swap episode

Balloon boy's two brother's knew all along Falco was hiding in the attic.

Plants Know Their Relatives — And Like Them!

33,000 Pounds Of Beef Tongue Recalled

Bonuses Put Goldman in Public Relations Bind (700k each for 31,000 employees)

That Little Balloon Couldn't Lift A Poodle!

"Grassly is one fry short of a happy meal.."

I'm reminded of a Buddhist proverb at times like this

does shaming them work at all?

Finally some good news on the public option.

I'm a man and as a man, I feel strongly that I have no say in what a woman does with her body...

We need to create a new word to describe companies that can't survive without government welfare.

My best friend's son was just sent home from the hospital

How to Ripoff Medicare: Outrageous bills for mom's minor mishap

The latest from the pro-government-in-the-uterus crowd... a talking fetus

Good God! Limbaugh Is Now Saying That Obama Is Responsible for the NFL Dissing Him!

Texas man faces execution after jurors consult Bible to decide fate

A lament of one of the working poor:

WTF does it take?

President Barack Obama pets Texas A&M mascot 'Reveille' - (updated) pics

'TSA Agents Took My Son'

How are Harry Reid and a Christmas tree alike?

Obama Renews Bush's 9/11 State of Emergency

Alan Grayson Sticks a Pitchfork In Harry Reid's Ass

We have become a third world country thanks to Reaganomics.

City bows to Asian numeric superstition

Why can't a rich liberal just buy out Faux News?

CNN: Willingham juror no longer sure of his guilt in Texas case

CIA Blocking Access to Lee Harvey Oswald Files

L-Curve: Everyone needs to see this. Apparently some don't REALLY get it.

L-Curve: Everyone needs to see this. Apparently some don't REALLY get it.

"Balloon Boy" event. Hoax or real?

Tomorrow will be 20 years... ..Where were you on Oct. 17th, 5:04 pm?

38K people die each year from secondhand smoke. 36K die from the flu.

Afghanistan Wars and Women’s Rights

'The Fair and Balanced Doctrine'

Live MSNBC online - P2P video streaming

I propose the Memorial Garden forum

Landrieu: Bardwell Should be Dismissed for Denying Marriage License to Interracial Couple

"Why don't you smile more?" Here's why... (regarding perception, and white teeth)

"Why don't you smile more?" Here's why... (regarding perception, and white teeth)

Backyard Chickens Make a Comeback

Rachael Maddow Appreciation Thread

The Progressive Left has been proven correct....Maybe it's time for Democratic to listen

Peg Mullen, 92, Who Fanned Her Anger Over Son’s Death Into Antiwar Drive, Dies

Please quit mocking people for missing teeth

Thanks MoveOn! I am going by my Toyota dealership this afternoon and ask them to take a photo of me

This will be the final nail in the coffin for the economy...

"I was nicknamed Chain-gang Charlie". Crist says no one is more right wing than him...not even Rubio

Sacramento Atheist (Newdow) Takes On the IRS


I've been keeping my parents dog because they are ill...

Dupe nt

"Grumpy Grammar Gus"

Wow, "Crimes of Passion" is a terrible movie

Vancouver unveils the 2010 Olympic medal design

well, I see the Black Mallard thread got locked in GD

happy Halloween

It's as if I never existed.


In memory of the late great Captain Lou Albano...

Danny Devito on "Its Always Sunny" is the greatest thing ever

Little Fluffy Clouds

Little known George Washington biographical info....

What is all this talk about "Balloon boy"?

I Used to Love H.E.R.

"The voice of God is government. In God we trust, sinners repent!"

Showtime @ 11PM ET, BABY!

Why the hell is The Huffington Post obsessed with "slow sex"?

Manatees love fresh water.

Balloon Gets Revenge?

Viva Garth Vegas

I've decided not to post every time my dog looks at me, farts,

Sunset on the Ridge

My neighborhood is once again surrounded by police...

I don't know why we can't have midnight early voting hours.

Do your cats want to help clean out their litter box?

Dodgers: LOSE AGAIN! Just like last year, except the Phillies are

Just ate about 12 prunes. What can I expect tomorrow?

Okay, I was working my ass off all day. What the fuck is up with the fucking balloon boy?

Music: what do you think?

For those who hate Vista, why do you dislike it?

Have you ever met a Right-Libertarian who wasn't an asshole?

Forget the balloon boy.

I Saw It On T.V. - John Fogerty

Megan Fox lands 7 figure deal to model underwear

Eddie Izzard: Evolution, Creationism and FLIES

MSNBC Video: "Thief hides $1,000 bottle of wine in shorts"

Young adults text, check Facebook after sex

Underwear... Get your balloon boy Underwear here!

T-Shirt... Get your balloon boy T-Shirts here!

out of the whole balloon boy saga, there's a more important question that needs an answer

BBC tips on fat to muscle, crystal meth selling, coronary hearth disease and the Sainting of Thomas

Cheezburger lolcat site keeps getting blocked on my computer by my

Inmate fight over 'The Office' brings felony charge

Ice fishing houses--is there a state agency that tells you what date you can move them out on the

Friday caption this picture

PPM 1990 in Japan: Blowin' in the Wind

No matter how you word your message, SOMEBODY out there is going to

I'm happy for you, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Beyonce made the greatest earworm of all time

Do you think people should be able to vote on human rights?

Guinness and Pooka are working together to drive me mad

BalloonBoy's Punishment

Zombie calendar shoot a ghastly sight

Sheila Robertson, Weight Loss Counselor/Improv Actress/Comedian

Just watched "Zombie Strippers". It really wasn't that bad...

Pennsylvania is at serious risk of executing an innocent person.

The Pirate Party UK and a new frontier for filesharing

What happened to Strong Atheist and all his B-Day and Anniversary announcement

I think I'm lying

Please quit mocking people for getting jabbed in the ass with a pitchfork

Do you love your bike like Mike?

The only reason to listen to rightwing radio: The Phils are on!!!!!

My First Fail

i think i love you

Yikes. Winchester Mystery House from the air.

I think we can guess what he was aiming at

Cat Experts: A question.....

A big thank you and update on the problem dog

Maine marriage rights poll being freeped. Please help!


I think I'm dying.

before you do anything rash,

Keanu Reeves is 45 years old? Jesus i must be getting old too...

Good morning Lounge

What would you do if you found a "Guided Missle Launcher" with a nuclear warhead in your back yard?

How much outrage can DU handle before the servers...

Friday Afternoon Pictures: from the national equality march (others posted in GLBT forum)

Once again, it's time for The Merry Minuet:

I was fired for stealing

I object to calling Balloon Boy "Balloon Boy"

This is the greatest and best thread in the world

THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER...The New Beginning In Life Has Begun

Help Needed with good sport chants

"Underwear" is the word of the day. Modify a thread title to include "underwear".

Neutral non-fan wants to know who to pull for in the Yankees / Angels series

We are having a nice fall day, blue sky and it is about 75.

I was so proud of my daughter yesterday!!

OK, I've cleared my 'ignore list'.

Celebrity Jeopardy today: Soledad O'Brien versus two intelligent people (SPOILERS)

It's my birthday! Anybody want to join me for a drink?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cheesecake

Things your cat and / or dog does does that you would never do even if you became a dog or cat

When the shooting at Kent State happened, I was a freshman at Northwestern University.

FlashForward (wow)

Have you picked up the Beatles remasters yet?

Dodgers or Phillies?

Happy Birthday, Oscar Wilde! (Post your favorite Oscar Quote!)

Does your pet sleep with you?

Can anyone recommend a cheap and preferably quiet vacuum cleaner?

I just found out my dad has liver failure.

So Balloon boy threw up on live tv today -- you don't suppose.....

One of Chaplin's Best Films - Limelight (1952) - Unseen for First 20 Yrs. Because of McCarthyism

Has anybody seen Paranormal Activity yet? (Spoilers welcome)

Ptah's thread reminds me that when Australopithecus appeared, I began the homo sapiens program

I know next to nothing about body piercings, but

Free to Play MMO. Pretty good

Rocky Horror Picture Show tomorrow night go or not to go

I have a question/would like an opinion on wisdom teeth.

My newest poem: "Garden Rain"

Finished My Homework -- What do you think?

36 years ago this evening

Anyone here watch Father Ted?

Well, after three years of farting around, I defended my thesis today, now I have a Master's degree!

Poor, poor me - forced to eat leftover Chinese food for breakfast.....

god damn, I'm freezing -- how about you?

An elegantly hilarious Southern lady sends husband to store....cracked me up

Smart Men / Women, Foolish Choices: Percentage of your relationships that were downright mistakes

It's haircut time again

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More

The idiots on the local news are complaining that its getting cooler

Some DU vibes please, for my husband's family.

There is no one in Pablo Cruise named Pablo. YOUR favorite band named after person not in the band?

High School Band Trip Rules!

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY, MST3K! -- 11/19/1989!

DE-Sen, DE-AL: Castle Over Biden By Only 1; Carney Crushes

Freudenthal Remains Noncommittal About Third Term

Poll: Crist approval rating dips below 50

House Democratic leader: "I think the administration has put Senator Snowe in the driver's seat"

I could care less if Lieberman, Lincoln, Landririeu et al vote for HCR with a PO.

President Obama's Thoughts on Public Option Trigger

Reid Aide: Snowe Will Not Be At Negotiating Table

Reid Aide: Snowe Will Not Be At Negotiating Table

Associated Press - Republicans fail to block transfer of detainees

SuperFreakonomics Gets Climate Change Super Freaking Wrong

Cao will appear with Obama in New Orleans

"What Up?" Was this really the name of Steele's blog?

Minnick leads in fundraising

NY-23: Owens Pulls Into Lead

Trigger. No, not that one.

Big Money Flows in Connecticut Senate Race

Rockefeller: Don't Kow-Tow to Snowe - The White House Has Really Improved The Site

Boston Globe editorial: Don’t water down climate bill (Kerry-Boxer)

Obama does not like liberal san franciscans

Obama does not like liberal san franciscans

Political cartoonist Tony Auth nails AHIP!

Obama Wedding Slideshow Brings the Change We Need

Assassination "joke" in Sunday's Day by Day cartoon?

House Republicans may face a ‘civil war’ over Scozzafava bid

Obama heads to Texas to talk volunteerism

Should Social Security recipients get $250 (or more) in 2010 to make up for lack of COLA

Labor Unions defy White House request to not oppose Baucus/Snowe health care bill!

"Right. Their poor kids could grow up to be president someday."

"that's a socialist mop,'" Obama said (in New Orleans) Heh.

Worker at Kansas company claims he was fired for supporting Obama

HCR is looking a lot like the Clinton deficit reduction bill

Seniors scrimp while Goldman dines on shrimp

The DLC's Al From rears his ugly head, pens WSJ op-ed against public option

In 2001, Dems Won NJ and VA Governor Races

Blagojevich reportedly lands gig on Celebrity Apprentice!

How slick: Gallup makes Palin look good by comparing her favorability to that of John Edwards

VIDEO: President Obama speaks in San Francisco Fund Raiser

Harkin:Three Ways to a Public Option

"White House fills key slot on 'Don't Ask'"

Palin only third favorite choice to be presidential nominee in 2012 (Republicans surveyed)

The President goes fly fishing- The guide's touching interview

Obama praises Pelosi

PHOTOS: President Obama visits New Orleans

House Democrats paring cost of health care bill

DSCC Outraises NRSC in September - by $2.7 million.

White House Calls Pay Czar "Forceful Advocate"

Andy McKenna hires media consultant who created McCain Obama "biggest celebrity" spot

AR-Sen: DSCC Poll Finds Sizable Lincoln Lead

Deutch Officially Enters Race to Succeed Wexler

Obama doesn't like conservative Utahns.

***POTUS at Texas A&M*** Being introduced now on

Contested GOP Primary Emerges in N.Y. House Race

Burr would trade seat for better economy

Ensign pulls in less than $33K

The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism

My wifes fave angel told her GOD SENT OBAMA to America to clean House...

WashPost blames "liberal activists," but can't find any to quote

Rep Bill Otto, KS: Unfair to call me racist for making Obama rap video wearing "other dark meat" cap

I don't think A & M "Student" Protesters were at the Obama event

I found out where Bush has been hiding...

Obama Cancels Plans to Attend Berlin Wall Anniversary, Secretary Clinton to go instead. (Spiegel)

Who was the tea bagger just on Hardball that wanted Obama to tattoo his man tits?

DSCC raises nearly twice as much as NRSC in September.

Obama calls anti-gay ballot measures in Maine and Washington "divisive and discriminatory"

The Prince Of Birthers Wants The Throne

Lieberman might vote for cloture

Democracy Corps Study: Obama hate is off the charts, Beck is a hero, and race is irrelevant

Wingnuts invent online game to pretend-fight against Obama in a pretend-coup

Associated Press - "Teachers benefit from job-saving stimulus spending"

Priceless! Jon Meacham just called out Mika and Scarborough as hypocrites!

Ezra Klein: CBO Estimates House Bills--95%+ Covered, Cost $905 Billion, with Strongest Public Plan

W.H. laughs off Dunn critics, regarding Clown Beck and Mao (Politico)

This Morning Joe moron is pissed that Obama isn't doing anything for New Orleans

This Morning Joe moron is pissed that Obama isn't doing anything for New Orleans

So, the media goes off all half-cocked, totally overreacts and now that they look like idiots

Anyone Else See Dylan Ratigan This AM & His "Magic Trick" ABOUT

Hagel urges passage of health reform

Krugman: A smidgen of optimism

The focus should be on small businesses

PHOTO: Bo's birthday

Jack Balkin smacks down WaPo for op-ed challenging the Constituionality of Obama's Nobel Prize

Delaware Senate Poll: Castle and Beau Biden locked in tight race

Republicans dig in as the Party of No, decide to oppose everything

Nov GQ article on Obama the author: "Barack Obama's Work in Progress"

Joe Lieberman says he can't support Baucus bill

Tea-Party Activists Complicate Republican Comeback Strategy

Would you vote to allow Gitmo detainees to be held in a supermax prison in your state?

Obama visiting Texas A&M today; hundreds expected to demonstrate

Who is switching their bank to Bank of America?

DU this poll about Obama and the economy. It is being freeped, badly

Public Option Compromise?

Obama to GOP: "Grab a Mop." This is political gold (and we need to use it)

Obama doesn't like yellow mustard.

Rockefeller on WH engagement, Snowe, co-ops and Senate support for a public option

Republicans fear the fire of core supporters too much; the Democrats not enough

PHOTO: Caption Time - What's so funny?

LeBron sick, being treated as if he has swine flu

Rare disease turns 3-year-old’s muscles to bone

Does carrying a gun make you safer? Early research results suggest the opposite

Czar Blocks Bank Of America Chief's Pay

**Happy Birthday to LeftyFingerPop**

Men Found Guilty of Australian Terror Plot

Pilot Sought After 2 F-16s Collide Off S.C. Coast

Goldman Sachs breaks record with $16.7bn bonus pot

Bomb kills 11 in Pakistani city of Peshawar: police

SCENARIOS: Possible outcomes of Afghan election

Baucus: All Senate Dems will support health bill

Ways and Means (House Committee) approves reconciliation letter

CBO Estimates House Health Bill at $905B or Less

Pakistan aid bill has explosive impact (Kerry-Lugar-Berman)

Malaysia detains Iraqi lawmaker on fake passport

Straight interracial couple denied marriage license in La.

Rape case to force US defence firms into the open (Thank you Sen Franken)

Mercury Marine deal called taxpayer giveaway

Senate proposals put premium on healthy living

Ex-Ford engineer charged with stealing trade secrets

41 Charged With Widespread Mortgage Fraud

Hanged Man Is French Firm's 25th Suicide

U.S. Considers a New Assessment of Iran Threat

Figure in Abramoff scandal to be sentenced (David Saravian)

Figure in Abramoff scandal gets a year in prison

Suicide bomber kills 13 in northern Iraq mosque

BREAKING SCOOP: Khaled Mashal Will Go To Cairo

Bomb kills four US troops in Afghanistan: NATO

Runoff Expected In Afghan Election

Investigators find flaws in Army body armor tests (calls for review before gear goes to troops)

Google sees record $1.6bn profit

C.I.A. Still Cagey About Oswald Mystery

Bill Shields Most Banks From Review

Bank of America posts $2.2 billion loss

US tax amnesty nets thousands of cheats

US judge upholds censoring CIA prisoner testimony

Balloon Boy's Dad Called KUSA-TV

Obama aide fires back at Beck over Mao remarks

For Anne Frank’s Tree, 11 New Places to Bloom

Iraqi refugees sent back to Britain

U.S. to grant visa to North Korean official

Iraq inquiry: Soldier's father calls for "protection" to be lifted from Tony Blair

Afghan poll fraud inquiry will trigger run-off (election)

'Ho White and the Seven Dwarves' beer advert angers Disney

Honduras: Stop Blocking Human Rights Inquiries

Judges overrule attempt to suppress torture evidence-High court orders publication of US report

Philip Morris drops challenge to San Francisco tobacco ban (at pharmacies)

Obama: We will outlast opponents

Court allows release of domestic partner petitions

Rockefeller Says Democrats Can’t Tailor Health Care to Snowe

Public Option Gains Momentum

Arpaio cites non-existent law in his argument for crime sweeps

'Torture documents' can be seen

'I have to say, why do people hate you?'

Billionaire among 6 arrested in inside trade case

Confidential memo shows Amway could move hundreds of West Michigan jobs to Costa Rica

So far, stimulus contracts aren't big boost for Michigan jobs

Smoking bans cut down on heart attacks for everyone, study finds

White House readies phone-tap case concession

Russia seizes Stalin-era research

Abramoff Associate's Fraud Case Ends in Mistrial as Jury Deadlocks(Kevin Ring)

Balloon Boy says, "We did this for the show."

US seeks tougher protections for polar bear

Halliburton earnings down 61% in third quarter

Texas man faces execution after jurors consult Bible to decide fate

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 16

Wal-Mart Strafes Amazon in Book War

Indicted Man Threatened To Kill President And Scrawl "Fed ..." On His Chest

Murdoch: Fox News liberal pundit fired

Obama aide fires back at Beck over Mao remarks

Silvio Berlusconi to reform Italian courts to stop 'witch hunt'

Federal Deficit Hits All-Time High: $1.42 Trillion

SEC Said to Hire Goldman’s Storch for Enforcement Job

US military backs away from ban on photos of dead

Bringing their muscle to the table

Being Female Not Preexisting Condition

Media Needs to Refocus

Have Gay Rights Advanced in the 40 Years Since Stonewall?

Faultlines: 100 Days of Resistance 15 Oct 09 Part 2 (Honduras)

Balloon Boy, Falcon Henne: "We did this for the show"

Balloon Boy's crazy-ass family on Wife Swap

CNN: Drop the Hate, Drop Dobbs

TYT: GOP Claim Health Care Costs Will Rise w/ Reform

TYT: Politician Gets Set Up By Rival w/ Prostitute

TYT: Racist Rush Limbaugh Loses his Team

Boehner Admits That He’s Now Heard From Supporters Of The Public Option

Keith Olbermann's"Worst Person" - Guardian Life Insurance Co

Rachel Maddow Rachel Maddow confronts Tim Phillips Part 1

Todd Willingham's "Defense" Attorney Explains Why His Client Was Guilty

St. Pete Fla ban on free speech! Council revotes and brawl is caught on tape

Too Many Loopholes in Financial Reform 10/16/09 - Dylan Ratigan, MSNBC

Glenn Beck Compares Fox News To Jews Killed In Holocaust

Glenn BecKKK Fans Promote Indoctrinating Kids With His Book

Howard Dean on Dr. Nancy - Giant bug crawls in background!


Bill Maher, I'm Not: Ballon Boy, Rush and Steve Jobs


Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) says he doesn't support the Baucus bill

Police: "We Did It For The Show" Comment Requires A Re-Interview Of Henne Family

Glenn Beck Cries, 'Do I think you want to watch this show every night?!'

A Presidential First: Happy Diwali

Is another economic bubble ready to pop?

Balloon Boy Vomits During Live Interview on Today Show

Faultlines: 100 Days of Resistance 15 Oct 09 Part 1 (Honduras)

Actual 911 Call - Balloon Boy

911 Call Of Balloon Boy Falcon Henne's Family Calling Police

TYT: High School Teacher's Homophobic/Racist Comments (Ear-Muff The Kids)

TYT Interviews: BC Slams Health Insurance Industry for 'Exortion and Fraud'

Young Turks: GOP Gets A New Website -- FAIL

Auto-Tune the News #9: Nobel. health care. United Nations.

Smart Remarks: Obama goes all Nixon on Fox News

Bill-O Goes After Rush's "Racial Witch Hunters"; guest tells Juan Williams go back to the porch!

Rachel Maddow DESTROYS "Americans for Prosperity" President

Too Big for My Skin - The Campaign

CNN Labels Ed Schultz WINGNUT Of The Week

After 9/11, Why Afghanistan?

Ballon Boy's Crazy Parents

Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Return to the Gilded Age

Instant Runoff Voting - What they don't want you to know about IRV

Balloon Boy father: Is Hillary Clinton reptilian?

TYT: White House Picks A Fight w/ Fox News Must See Analysis by Cenk!

Forget the giant bug. Dean with Dr. Nancy complete interview. Says HHS isn't running this.

Michael Moore on Morning Joe: 'Withdraw Your Money from Bailed Out Banks'

Balloon Boy's Father To CNN: "I'm Appalled At You!"

Arne's "listening tour" with Gingrich and Sharpton. Mostly talking, not much listening?

maxkeiser France24; Goldman, JPMorgan and Dow 10,000

Michael Moore on The Today Show: 'Send Your Pennies to Goldman Sachs'

Dick Cheney Explains How He Would've Handled Runaway Balloon

Hemp Farmers Plant Hemp At DEA Headquarters

Stanley McChrystal’s Long War

Honduras, 100 Days of Resistance.

The Trafigura fiasco tears up the textbook

Boy not in balloon: Cable TV is making us crazy

Too Big to Fail: The Best Quotes fr Sorkin's book

Hiding proof that Binyam Mohamed was tortured is not in the public interest

No choice but right - by Marc Lamont Hill

Get Schooled Why the South looks stupid to the rest of America (AJC)

Science briefing: Heart repair kit takes shape

Companies As Buy-And-Sell Commodities - Workers, Customers and Country As Costs

Adam Storch: SEC Hires 29-Year-Old Ex-Goldman Sachs Exec For Key Role

Being Denied the Right to Life

UK defeated over 'torture documents'

Dave Lindorff: Agent Orange in Vietnam, Ignoring the Crimes Before Our Eyes

FBI raids home over use of Twitter at G20 summit

Calvin Trillin: Wall Street Smarts

An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The Origins of WWIII Part 1 (Andrew Gavin Marshall)

A nation of attention whores

Collapse of the Entire Front

World's Most Expensive Cruise Ship

C.I.A. Still Cagey About Agent Who Knew Oswald

GOP Base Driven By Bizarre Ideology, Not Racism, Report Finds

The gang rape and the Republicans, Behold, 30 U.S. sens who don't give a damn about battered women

David Sirota: Don’t get the Democrats

Aloha, Weekend Economists! October 16-18, 2009

Adrian Hamilton: Peace isn't what Obama is achieving

Huge Win for Vets! VA Health Care Now Free from Divisive Budget Politics

Investigators: Corps skirted rules with MRAP

Allow increased oil sands emissions, CEO urges

Banana marks seed bank milestone -- seeds of 10% of world's wild plants

Caltech Researchers Reveal Unexpected Sources of Nitrogen Fixation

U.N. calls for more sophisticated biofuels debate

Nuclear Renaissance Stalls: Problems Plague Launch of 'Safer' Next-Generation (Fission) Reactors

E.P.A. Vows Better Effort on Water

NOAA: Second hottest September on record (global temperature, not just US)

US seeks tougher protections for polar bear

Yellowstone plan sharply curtails snowmobiles

Drumbeat: October 16, 2009

The Extinction of the Human Race by 2030. It's already too late.

Sacred Activism

First half of Kibby wind project powers up today (Maine)

Mattel/Fisher Price Agrees to Settle Lead Contaminated Toy Claims for $50M.

Theoren Fleury admits he was sexually abused by coach

White and Poop on Monday night.

Documents in Fraud Case Made Public by Florida State

NBA To Allow Two Steps

Any interest in a fantasy basketball league?

Get ready!


A good horse race at the Meadowlands tonite

New York is too cheap to build a domed stadium

Don't Move The Texas OU Game!

Formula 1

An incredible performance by Pedro Martinez -- blown

a highschool kid to watch

The JR CHess Report (October 16): Anna Zatonskih Repeats as US Women's Champ

Frank Gifford, 1954 Giants lose quirky record as Redskins face 6th straight winless team

NFL Week Six Picks (with point spreads)


Cuba cracks down on unlicensed home improvements

U.S. Representatives ask President Obama to denounce human rights abuses in Honduras

World Cup bid unites Hondurans divided by coup

Honduras: Diálogo hasta el mediodía de hoy: El 15 de octubre fue un día de profunda tensión, donde l

US military bases in Colombia and the dispute over resources

Honduras: Stop Blocking Human Rights Inquiries


Why Latin America's left keeps winning, by Mark Weisbrot

Repsol shores up Venezuelan gas find

Mayor Ray Nagin leaves today for Cuba

Incredible video here re: Honduras

CA Republicans support Jerry Brown for Govenor

Still in the news " AWB should be reinstated "

Salad order prompts chef to pull gun on waitress

Does carrying a gun make you safer? Early research results suggest the opposite

The modern sporting rifle

An Ordinary Israel

UN vote sends Gaza war report to Security Council

Turkey TV series not meant to harm Israel ties-official

Guilty without a trial

(Avigdor) Lieberman: 'No fear' ahead of UN vote

UN vote sends Gaza war report to Security Council

SAINTS favored to win the rest of their games

I now have DSL!!!

photographic equipment on line auction

A little out of focus, but seems proud...

Windows at Château de Chillon.

Alpine Stump

Alpine Stump

Cathedral Window, Martigny.

Am I being obsessive?

For those of you missing Sebastian,

Rainy Day on the Trail Above Zermatt.


Medieval Metalworkers Guild Hall, Bern.

Swiss Wabi-Sabi

Fouls, blood pressure on the rise in NBA with replacement officials (the scabs suck)

Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA)

New Right Wing Video Game Pits Armed "Patriots" Against Armed International Service Union Empire

U.S. Chamber Steps Up Fight to Sink Labor Board Nominee

Like mother, like daughter.

Giant impact near India -- not Mexico -- may have doomed dinosaurs

3D structure of human genome deciphered

Testing, reviews continue for grounded climate satellite (DSCOVR/Triana/GoreSat)

The year's best pictures from the world of medicine

"Life's Chemistry Set" Found in Remote Reaches of Universe

Glimpses of Solar System's edge

Cool vid of Japan's new H-IIB Rocket blasting off to the ISS

Pterodactyl fossil fills gaps in evolutionary tale

Sen. Kay Hagan to Transgender People: I Will Have To "Carefully Consider" Your "Impacts"

CDC: “Down Low” Men Not Responsible For HIV Among Black Women

Harry Potter Alliance Asks Maine Muggles to Oppose Gay Marriage Repeal

Lesbian student in Miss. fights for tuxedo photo

Obama calls anti-gay ballot measures in Maine and Washington "divisive and discriminatory"

Straight Couple Sues Cruise Line for Being Put on Gay Cruise

Slang that is anti-gay

If We Live in a Multiverse, How Many Are There?

No 2009 pay for Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis

It's A Miss: Bank Of America Posts Huge $2.24 Billion Loss

Of Nuts And Grabbers

Check this thread out : Sacred Activism

Need some and hugs!

Political deal slows promise about purchasing imported drugs

Scientists Grow Mice Heart Muscle Strip That Beats

Here's what I sent my senator:

Huge Win for Vets! VA Health Care Now Free from Divisive Budget Politics

Placebo effect caught in the act in spinal nerves

The Great Swine Flu Vaccine Debates continue

Swine Flu Could Hit Minorities Hard

Rare disease turns 3-year-old’s muscles to bone

Saturn enters Libra October 29th

GSK antidepressant Paxil to blame for baby's heart defects, US jury rules

Nothing to Fear but the Flu Itself

Scientists remove amyloid plaques from brains of live animals with Alzheimer's disease

Coalition for Vaccination CHOICE --

Papal History

Burn the Bible!

Is it offensive when someone assumes you are a religious follower by saying phrases like

How do you interpret this quote from the New Testament?

Biological Clocks Discovery Overturns Long-held Theory

ahh it's good to be back in the kitchen

GD is discussing peeling hard boiled eggs ROFL

A gift of laughs!

I now use far more cans of broth than I used to. Some are better

Well that's it

Lone Star Iconoclast to End Hard Copy Distribution

Texas Man Plans To Camp On GOP Rep's Lawn for Unemployment bill

Obama, Bush to hold forum at Texas A&M University (Poppy - not GW)

Looking for a Hank Gilbert bumper sticker

Senator Shapleigh will not seek re-election

Sibel Edmonds BOMBSHELL : Bin Laden worked for US until 9/11.