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Archives: October 14, 2009

Vigilantes Patrol For Jewish Women Dating Arab Men

President Obama Nominates Rosanna M. Peterson to Serve on the District Court Bench

GRAYSON UPDATE: Top GOP Prospect Dan Webster NOT Running Against Alan Grayson

Comcast owns Versus, DirecTV pulls Versus off the air (as of 9/1) - Comcast being an asshole.

AIG sells off its Taiwan business

Wexler You're Going To Be Missed. Typing mere words ain't gonna do it.

Teabaggers Try To ‘Flush’ Graham Out Of GOP; Graham Responds: ‘If You Don’t Like’ Moderates,

Exit strategy? U.S. still has big problem to solve

Keith is on fire tonight!

Fiesta Latina live on white house lawn online

YAY, FOR US... according to Keitht

YAY, FOR US... according to Keitht

Gibbons says he won't appoint himself if Ensign resigns; lashes out at media

Alison is in for Rachel tonight n/t

NRA Portrays New Yorkers as Mobsters in Virginia Ad (supporting GOP and flowing guns in Gov's race)

FloridaDUers -Broward County in particular

Allegheny party chair calls for Buchanan's(R)resignation!

Seeing the war cost numbers, at some point we have to say that a certain number of terrorist attacks

I just heard a promo piece from the Michael Jackson movie

So how many more Republicant heads will explode when the President....

Cal study: Bully bosses feel inadequate

Sheltering L.A. County's homeless could save taxpayer money, study finds

Will Somebody Explain Sen. Shumer's Comments About The Public Option - Just Now On Rachel's ......

Scrubbed with new source of same story coming

EXTREMELY bullish on the PO - Some good news from Sen. Rockefeller

In New Orleans, Uneven Recovery Awaits Obama

Monkeys Fall Into ‘Uncanny Valley,’ Just Like Humans

Republican Nobel Prizes

Federal authorities investigating anti-Obama Nazi message on Massachusetts golf course.

I just got a robocall. It said press 1 for a message about capitalism.

Where I come from---

U.S. Navy must have changed their ad agency. New recruiting ads much better than previous ones.

well la-dee-da....we got one fucking republican vote....

Do you know what the secret is for being loved?

Do you know what the secret is for being loved?

Ever Get The Feeling, You Just Can't Win?

Anyone care to DU a Faux news poll?

ASSUMING that the economy recovers and America goes back to work---

I think I'd accept any of the health care plans being bandied about by the Democrats.

It's beginning to look allot

The Insurance Giants have no Anti-Trust restraints.

Artificial Virginity Device Sparks Backlash In Egypt

Standing room only at beer tax hearing


STUDY:Used car prices reached all time high in September

Retired GENERAL McCAFFREY Calls for Perpetual War On State-Run TV

Prisoners Say They Were Raped on Job Detail

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

E-Mail Mocking Obama Is ‘Exhibit A’ in Wrongful-Firing Suit

Snowe voted yes on the Baucus Bill to keep her & Repubs Visible ....

Politico uses one lousy Republican vote as excuse to bash progressives:

Ezra Klein on Charlie Rose talking about health care reform. FYI. nt

Rush's team logo:

NFL will see way to make Rush Limbaugh go away

Drone Attacks Rise Under Obama

Kos throws temper tantrum. And I really don't get why

All hail Queen Snowe

Believe it or not: Some here don't think fact checking is an important journalistic ethic:

Kerry Wary of Sending More U.S. Troops to Afghanistan

Tell Congress to Support President Obama's Plan for Health Reform

we are renting a room from someone on craigslist

The Arnold Schwarzenegger 3 rules of the road

*Facebookers* Anti-Choice group is beating Planned Parenthood in a $50,000 contest...

Murder suspect disapproved of his victims

On guns and the Liberals... city vs country

Aspen trees dying across the west:


"The lord didn't create very many things without a purpose, but mosquitoes and the EPA come close."

One In Five Students At Brooklyn School Homeless

it is time for some grayson avatars!

Afghan corruption could loom as surge factor

Bush Administration covered up global warming finding, then deliberately kept from Democrats

Forget Sarah Dumbass, the rising female rock star on the Republicant bench is....

Orly Taitz question...

The Pill makes you attracted to pansies

Go on over to

Workers expose GM payoff to Canadian auto union officials

O'Donnell (Countdown): Only a "triggered" public option to be considered...

Top Ten Reasons Why The GOP Website Relaunch Is Fizzlin'

Amphib New York set to leave for namesake city

How do I respond to this...

Jane Hamsher Shares How she Feels About Senate Health Bill

Who the hell cares whether Snowe doesn't vote for a Public Option

Note to the health insurance industry:

The MAFIA stealing from Medicare??

Memo to Holder: Order the FBI to investigate Gov Rick Perry.

Did Gov Perry ...MURDER.... an Innocent man..!!. he ignored the experts to execute an

Pull *this* trigger!

The Solar Decathalon is Underway

Captain Sully is on Joe Scum

Harold Meyerson: Who'll Rein in Wall Street?

Obama won the Nobel Prize and that is a GOOD thing

USMC finally gets off its ass: Corps to ban recruits with prior sex offenses

Citigroup spins off subsidiary to pay trader $100 million

wow! who is Dylan yelling at?!

According to Senator Schuemer it all rests on Senator Reid now.

Daisy Chain of Cheneys

Jane Harman breaks w/ Blue Dogs

Health Insurance Companies Want You to Stop Reproducing, or Pay the Price

President Obama, PLEASE issue a stay of execution for all Texas death row inmates.

Barbie's "Fat Ankles" Latest Flap in Racial, Body Image Controversies

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah -why are you Republican?

Dallas Bar Salutes Excellence in Legal Reporting (Texas Monthly honored for Sharon Keller reporting)

This has to be stopped. Why would Ebay allow this?

Online ‘Walmart survey' is a scam, BBB says

Anyone care to defend this?

Football team owner denied talk radio spot

Anyone else notice how the Senate Finance Commitee Health Bill...

Starsuckers celebrity hoax dupes tabloids

In Praise Of.......Big-City Diversity, Tolerance and Multiculturalism

Please review the process of getting a Health Reform Bill passed

Hilarious tweet from Stephen Colbert

No public option but an individual mandate: how I may oppose health care reform

Rep. Wexler leaving House to join Middle East think tank seeking peace

"Access" (Today's Dilbert)

Byron "Low-Tax" Looper (R-Obviously): Proof that Repukes were just as crazy a decade ago...

Stick a fork in Limbaugh's NFL dream, it's done

damn, you gonna keep guests, boy?

Failing to understand the opposition. (Tom Toles)

Cost of War Hits Home for the President

Epic Fail! A must look. The RNC's new Web Site, Mr. Jason Chassey

Do you twitter?

Frontline tonight - Obama's War - 9:00 ET

Frontline tonight - Obama's War - 9:00 ET

Frontline tonight - Obama's War - 9:00 ET

Health Insurers to Wage All-Out War Against Obama (WP)

RIP Johnny Fontaine

Germany's Merkel says economy pulling out of slump

Vote vets and a new vet group spreading national security/global warming message

Over 60% of voters support a PO. Ollie Snowe does not. Why, then did we let her run this issue?

Conservative whining in the south over Obama's visit to New Orleans

Repuke Kyl and his ilk are sadly mistaken if they think blocking the unemployment extension is going

Two Florida deputies reprimanded for rudeness and mocking the handicapped

The "Wheel of Max"

U.S. Business Inventories Fell 1.5% in August, Most This Year

Glenn Greenwald: How to avoid the GOP's mistakes during the Bush years?

It's Harry's Show Now

Jaycee Dugard Breaks Her Silence

This creep freeper is bidding on my eBay items grrrr

Stand Up and Take Action Against Poverty!

Insurance Companies Remind Us Why We Hate Them

Housing Could Take Double Dip Down In 2010

Texas red tide update #1

Venezuela's Chavez Looks At U.S. Economic Crisis.

Man says he crashed into Wal-Mart on purpose because he was mad he couldn't find parking space

Robert Wexler is resigning tomorrow! D from Fla!

VA Expands List of Conditions Caused by Agent Orange

Are "Liberal" and "Christian" close to synonymous?

GOP may try and punish Snowe for health care vote

Kids Under 10 May Need 2 Swine Flu Vaccine Doses

MSNBC reporting that Limbaugh will sue some media for 'making up quotes'

Just saw the AC360 rerun with Ari the Liar, seems like he still

RNC renames Steele's blog from "What Up?" to "Change the Game"

BHO is no TR...

BHO is no TR...

Stop Melissa Bean!

Frank Schaeffer interview on RawStory

Perry is following Bush/Gonzales in attitude toward Texas executions

Don't Forget Louisiana's Coast, Obama

The Democrats did not need the vote of Olympia Snowe.

Schwarzenegger to Shriver: Put down the cell phone

Apartment residents told to take down U.S. flags

2113 sq ft banked owned property with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths built in 2006? $79,000

Aspen Trees Die Across the West

Aspen Trees Die Across the West

Anna Nicole Smith is still dead.

I have a question for the legal minds here regarding the health insurance companies

The worst crime? A Fear That Can't Be Locked Away

License plate frame I saw on an SUV: "I'm embarrased about my SUV. Are embarrased about yours?"

JPMorgan Chase earns $3.6 billion, but loan losses remain high

Local TV site refers to Orly T as 'man' in headline: Georgia Judge Fines Man $20K ..."

The Deceit of Depleted Uranium use in Afghanistan

Only In The OC Will Find This BS

Congressman Wexler's email announcing his resignation

I hope these kids never see the light of day outside a prison again

Israeli real estate firm plans to expand in South Florida

Noam Chomsky Books Banned in Guantánamo

Noam Chomsky Books Banned in Guantánamo

Steve Nunn, Former GOP Lawmaker, Emerges As Slaying Suspect

Democrats should do no celebrating on the economy

Iraq Government says 85,000 Iraqis killed in 2004-08

College sends message: Beer Pong bad, can spread swine flu

WP Sports columnist Tracee Hamilton on being stalked

Woman calls the police after two men break in and demand the weed she is growing

I like this guy....Kicking ass and taking names...

50 Ways to Never Waste Food Again

The new GOP website. The political party for African Americans!

Why WWII Really Ended:

Why WWII Really Ended:

Schumer & Leahy Take on Insurance Antitrust Exemption

Survey of Evidence Regarding Mind Control Experiments

Video of something over Moscow

2 Headlines-Same Day: "Wall Street To Award Record Pay" & "Homeless Population Hits Record High"

What is wrong with these senators and representatives? Why should they trust the insurance

A moranic warning:

'Madoff of the '80s": J. David Dominelli, Notorious Local Scamster, Dead at 68

'Madoff of the '80s": J. David Dominelli, Notorious Local Scamster, Dead at 68

'Madoff of the '80s": J. David Dominelli, Notorious Local Scamster, Dead at 68

Our national debt illustrated... (Dial-Up Warning)

Chinese herbs show promise for diabetes prevention

Sen. Byrd speaking now (cspan2). Looks/sounds pretty good. Subj: Afghanistan

Where Does Brett Favre Stand on Rush Limbaugh?

Another GOP senator open to health overhaul

The Rude Pundit: Fun Facts About Great and Achieving Republicans ...

"Transfer of wealth:" Yes, right-wingers, that's what we want

This isn't intended as race baiting but...

This isn't intended as race baiting but...

A weary, hopeful New Orleans awaits Obama's visit

I don't watch the teevee much, so maybe you can help me. What does Liz Cheney want?

have you or anyone you known gotten swine flu?

Specter leads Sestak handily in poll; but there's bad news ...

Whale penis leather interior.

Senate Judiciary Committee Considers Lifting Antitrust Exemption for Health Insurers

* at World Knowledge Forum- coordinated int'l action helped save the world financial crisis - pics

So, what did you think of Reid and Baucus' happy talk session right

ADAPT occupying CNN Headquarters Atlanta

This will be my Christmas card this year:

Va. race: I'm a little pissed off at the lack of support that obama

Va. race: I'm a little pissed off at the lack of support that obama

Right-Wing Asshole Watch: Senators Want to Add 'Illegal Immigrant' Question to U.S. Census

Fucking dirtbag bigots: House Republicans accuse Muslim group of trying to plant spies

Temperatures in Afghanistan up to 135 F (If I heard right). FRONTLINE said that.

Stephen Colbert is in rare form in this "Word" segment:

Stephen Colbert is in rare form in this "Word" segment:

Democratic hopeful for Senate in Ky.(Dan Mongiardo) comes to defense of mountaintop removal

We have the votes. No excuses. Make it happen.

I promise to glom onto whatever greedy excuse comes next

DU prefers gun rights over Universal Single-Payer Healthcare?

Mom Fears DCF Will Take 400-Pound Son

7,500 tax dodgers apply for IRS amnesty program

Insurance Companies are becoming the "Tom" guy from the movie Office Space

- OH FOR A CLONE- Congressman Wexler to leave Congress in January - OH FOR A CLONE

85,000 Iraqis killed from 2004 - 2008 (Iraqi Government Report)

Lobbyists Targeted In Duvall Sex-Tape Scandal

Top 10 Reasons Why Republicans Say They Don't Want to Run Against Congressman Grayson

How Many of’s “Republican Heroes” Would Be Republicans Today?

Webb supports extension of unemployment benefits

A suggestion to our dear Republican friends: Why not celebrate Republican Earl Warren?

House Republicans accuse Muslim group of trying to plant spies

Obama Favors "Socialized" Military

Jon Stewart Takes On Fox News For Not Covering Gay Rights March

Call Toyota, right fucking now!

Another Urban Bear Incident

Florida Real Estate "Development" in a nutshell - why we need Florida Hometown Democracy passed:

Cupcakes out! West Babylon schools ban home-baked goodies

My Health Story

Another republican idiot on Facebook

Bloomberg News Svc: Renting Beats Home-Buying Remorse After Meltdown

Group Gathers to Talk Health Care with Franken:very important PO is missing

MoveOn.Org: Harry Reid, INCLUDE the Public Option in the bill...

What are the arguments against regulating Health Insurance companies as Utilities ....

I don't really care what anyone reads into the Dow going over 10K.

A weak public option...

Go Team, Rah Rah Rah! I just want my money, screw you people with morals!

Dear Senator Mary Landrieu STOP asking for money for the Gulf Coast!

Supporting corruption is criminal regardless of who's doing it

sen mary landrieu says people who want the public option thinks it's free healthcare

Brand new $25 million mansion now up for $6 mil. - Not your typical suburban home

Mary Landrieu (D-Health Ins.) just claimed that her voters are uninformed.

Reid: "He would rather say anything so it wasn't up to him."

Breaking: Alan Grayson to present petition to Harry Reid calling for Dems who block PO to lose their

Murder defendant: Killings helped victims' son (he thought his Sister & BIL were too liberal)

Cautiously optimistic

The Details of the Final Bill are NOT decided yet

Name one state that I can reach across to and buy good health insurance?

Something new to worry about -- giant snakes invading the US

Sit-In for Single Payer THURS OCT 15th

On JP Morgan's 3.6 billion dollar profit today

From the AFL/CIO: Health Care Can't Wait (Please DU)

Driver Charged For (deliberately) Splashing School Kids . She filmed it!

So I Find The Cross Disciplinary Discussion IRL And It Happens To Be With A Cross Dresser

I'm going to watch my corrupt local TV whores yap about the DOW

Schumer Says Anti-Trust Exemption for Insurance Revoked in Final Senate Health Care Reform Bill

How bout that market.

ESPN: Rush Limbaugh may be dropped from group trying to buy Rams

Sources: Limbaugh To Be Dropped from Bid For St. Louis Rams

The Rise and Fall of Krispy Kreme

For Firefox users: The World Wide Lexicon.. Automatic, transparent translation..

"Iraq says 85,000 violently killed" - bbc

Grayson: Top 10 Reasons…

The Fleeting Significance Of Wall Street Benchmarks

Judge to rule at 1pm PT on allowing challenge to Prop 8 to proceed

Rexburg, Idaho advertises for new mayor

Hate crime laws are wrong because you can go from gay to straight, but not from Christian to Muslim

It is the biggest toxic dumping scandal of the 21st century

Democrats hit back at a health insurance industry trade group.

UN: Record 1 billion go hungry

Unions Stand Up to Rahm: Oppose Baucus Bill

EXTREME RIGHT WATCH: Iowa NAACP leader endorses anti-gay Vander Plaats

The American way of debt: Turning a profit by preying on the poor

Police: Child forced to eat soap

Woo fucken Hoo. The Dow breaks 10k.

I would gladly pay another $500/year in taxes

Borowitz: GOP Claims Olympia Snowe Was Born in Kenya

Annals of Failed Metaphors

R. Buriss

JPMorgan Chase Reports Strong Profit of $3.6 Billion

Democrats threatening to revoke insurance co antitrust exemptions, break up companies.

Dow at 10,000 !! Can you say "JOBLESS RECOVERY"???

Wow! who is Dylan yelling at?!

The Republican Party is a clear and present danger to America

Venezuela takes over (steals) Hilton Hotel

Michael Steel says he's the cow on the tracks against health care reform.

GOP Senate Candidate Rob Simmons Teabagging the Constitution

It's Time to Bet on Health Insurance Reform

Honduran Teams Agree On Plan To Restore Ousted President Manuel Zelaya

Is this ethical? When the caregiver doesn't approve.

Sources: Checketts to drop Limbaugh

Princeton to add gender neutral campus housing option next year

If the GOP had one lick of sense they would rally behind Senator Snowe

Beck is bitching aboutObama at the latin american celebration last night

Congress must pass the Local Community Radio Act

Russia Officially Declares Right to Nuke Potential Aggressor

The DOW to hit 10,000 today? Looks like it

So JP Morgan is proposing Interest Only loans

"a study by the National Alliance to end Homelessness"

Should the Secret Service have investigated alleged local threat to Obama?

Financier Stanford, ill and in solitary (after being beaten up in jail), declines speedy trial

Ralph Lauren model Filippa Hamilton: I was fired because I was too fat!(weighs 120 pounds)

Senate Judiciary Committee to hold a hearing next week on Obama Judicial nominee Jane Stranch

Obama tops Bush in troop buildup

Proof that the world will end in 2010.

Wrangle Over Rangel Shows Signs of Strain

Letter from Robert Wexler

Has Congress checked on their approval ratings lately?

House Republicans accuse Muslim group of trying to plant spies

Big Ed just said that Rush has lost out on his chance to own the Rams

Blue Cross trade group blasts reform legislation

Was the photoshopped Ralph Lauren model fired for being overweight?


White House Shuts Down GOP Push On Census Amendment

An Inconvenient Truth Teller

Watch the Hardball replay to see two stupid tea party organizers.

After Previously Blaming Obama For Slumping Markets, Boehner Now Downplays Surging Dow

Darn it. Here we go again....

*Quote of the day* Health Care investment banker John Sullivan

Do homosexual men control the fashion industry?

LOL - Tweety is beating up on this tea bagger A Campaign

CNN: Rushbo dropped from buyers'group

Christie Vilsack Considering Run For Senate Against Grassley

One sign of a good congressperson: the US Chamber of Commerce gives them a low rating

One sign of a good congressperson: the US Chamber of Commerce gives them a low rating

I love Helen Thomas

"Outrage" starts on HBO2Eest at 8PM & HBO2West at 8PM PST.

"Outrage" starts on HBO2Eest at 8PM & HBO2West at 8PM PST.

14 minutes ago-Karl Rove decries that Obama hasn't already won (LOL)

Auschwitz launches Facebook site

major california agribusiness succesfully pressures Cal Poly to drop sustainable food lecture

The backlash against irrational criticism of Obama is building

Here's some ideas that would help Democrats become a lasting majority:

"If she can't have me, then she can't have the fish."

Who should NOT get the swine flu vaccine and risks (from the CDC)

3 Monty Python guys on Countdown with Keith Olbermann TONIGHT!!

These should be emailed to people when they f*** up.

Domestic workers vulnerable to exploitation

Being a mouth-breathing racist assclown comes with a price, Rush......

My friend's response to the right-wingers who drive by our peace vigil and give us the finger

What do you get when you cross Wall St., U. of Chicago and Rahm Emanuel?

Reid says Congress should repeal antitrust exemption for insurance industry

This D/U'er needs your input

Happy 99th birthday John Wooden!

Michael Steele has changed the name of his blog. "What Up" is gone.

Are companies legally obligated to maximize profits for the stockholders?

GM prepares for Cruze and Volt production

Iraq now of the world's most contaminated countries- Iraq war remnants cause cancer deaths

FoxNews 4:02 EST Neil Cavuto "Is this the Bush Recovery?"

BofA just cant help themselves

Three Minnesota troops died these past 2 weeks in Iraq and Afghanistan

‘Alan Grayson’s Mother’ Advises Lindsey Graham

Good lord, Jonah Goldberg is a MORAN!

Going Rouge - The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book

A typical Republican?

Let's measure the political "courage" of the last two Presidents

Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) to resign tomorrow morning

Racial killing at Dollar Tree leads to new law

John Boehner downplays Dow 10,000

Oh Senators Snowe and Collins! Your Constituents Are Calling...!

With apologies to Canada

As far as I know, age discrimination in rates is illegal for employer provided insurance

50 Years of Space Travel In One Beautiful Solar System Map

Nuclear Materials Stored In Siberian Parking Lots

FDR had a compliant Congress to work *with* him and not *against* him.

Jeopardy spoiler -Damn

The Film that will put BUSH Behind BARS! TONIGHT (WED OCT 14) on The YOUNG TURKS w/ Nichelle Nichols

Anyone ever get dental work in Mexico?

Bleak U.S. job market boosts military recruitment

Irony is dead: Limbaugh threatens legal action over false statements

The Civil War Redux

The Banks are stll insolvent

America can learn a lot from Texas.

Halo cloud over Moscow: UFO or natural beauty? Makes you wonder what it really is:)

Politico: Shumer to seek revoke of health industry antitrust exemption

Challenge to Prop 8 goes to court: KCBS Radio Reporter.

Bill would give tax breaks for pet owners

LBJ believed that JFK assassination was a conspiracy

Oh noes! Fweepers are boycotting football and sodas cuz of Rush....

Better Know a RW Operative (In case you bump into him in ANY venue)

Report: Limbaugh to be dropped from Rams ownership bid

Chavez orders Hilton hotel purchase in Venezuela

Bush: "Some of my decisions ran counter to my philosophy"

Ok. The airport security cameras have gone TOO FAR now.

North Carolina church to burn 'Satan’s books,' including works of Mother Teresa

Corporations & the Public Interest -How the original purpose behind corporate charters has been lost

Governor Crist calls for statewide grand jury investigation of South Florida corruption

The Stupidity of "Zero-Tolerance": 6-Year-Old Suspended For Bringing Food Utensil to School

Republicans attempting to stall healthcare debate - 2 months of debate

Joe LIEberman appreciation thread...

I'm moving up up in the party

Scott Horton (Harpers): Keep America Safe's Liz Cheney: “Please don’t prosecute my father!”

11th Hour Bombshell: How Private Health Insurers Just Blew Their Cover -by Robert Reich

Now That Wall St. Is Bouncing Back It's Time For The People To Get Shovel Ready

What war fascinates/interests you the most?

For all those who think that writing age discrimination into health care reform is just fine

Banksters holding up transit-friendly, pedestrian-oriented development

Kucinich: Military Presence in Afghanistan is Counterproductive

Markets up 32% since Obama signed the Economic Stimulus Package into Law

Military, Federal Police Bust Mexican Electrical Workers Union

Hey Rush, there ain't nothing more American than football

Just a reminder: President Obama is NOT the reason that 9.8% are unemployed

Drugmakers, Doctors Rake in Billions Battling H1N1 Flu

Truthout Interview With Ralph Nader: "Only the Rich Can Save Us"

Electric and hybrid cars at the largest auto show on the planet, Frankfurt..

Ninja Arrested For Trying To Beat Up Joe Lieberman

Do you care if the non-profit insurance companies are killed? Not so fast.....

Earth's Life Support Systems Failing

Krugman on the dollar

Obama to avoid the rabble on S.F visit

Help debunking something I have never heard of...

Obama "lacks courage" because he caters to Republicans

Why the incessant need to inform the DU community about what transpires in Freepville?

What do you consider a litmus test of a person's character?

Wall Street - S&P 500 at 1080, the 'Suckers' win big.

UN: 1 out of 6 people worldwide are not getting enough to eat

What will ever become of Rep. Alan Grayson?

What will ever become of Rep. Alan Grayson?

FINALLY! Bear Stearns ex-managers on trial

Another really good article on Biden/Afghanistan from NYT:

Arianna got it wrong: Joe Biden should NOT resign

why are some elected Democrats Blue Dogs?

Isn't the whole subprime, mortgage based derivatives scam worth a RICO RACKETEERING prosecution?

Tightie Rightie Melt Down over Prop 8 Ruling

Oh NO!---not Captain Lou Albano!!! 1933--2009

"They are unanimous in their hatred of me, and I welcome their hatred."

There are 2 types of H1N1 vaccine. LAIV and injected

A race/gender question that I really hope doesn't turn into a war...

U.K. to send more troops to Afghanistan


Do NOT Let Perry Kill Another Innocent Man!! ACTION ALERT!!!

Do you care if the for profit insurance industry is "killed?"

Disabled teen's converted van repo'd due to lawyer's screwup

What is the deal with wed night concerts in the whitehouse?

Deputies astounded by Pot Plant Discovery

Ralph Lauren is a World Class Jackass

A trip Down Memory Lane. When DU sent Helen Thomas roses!

I may be wrong, you may be right...

Europa, Jupiter's Moon, Could Support Complex Life

How to handle nuisance collection calls.

Former right-wing leader warns of religious right violence: ‘Anyone can be killed’

I'm just trying to get my goddamn asthma medication!

My cousin just died of swine flu

Shocking Video Released in Gay Beating

Shocking Video Released in Gay Beating

Do You Support Nation Building in Afghanistan?

I'm the cow on the tracks" Michael Steele video

Anyone looking for a new avatar???

The Andromeda Galaxy in ultraviolet light from the SWIFT satellite..

I find the DOW surge to 10,000...OFFENSIVE.

Report: U.S. plans 'substantial increase' in Afghanistan troops

I had a friend get fairly mad at me tonight for calling her mom homophobic...

Eight years on, his loss still hurts many of us who celebrate motor sports

Finland: Broadband Access Made Legal Right In Landmark Law

Air America Radio re-launches their new website.

Tell Congress to Support President Obama's Plan for Health Reform

Alan Grayson Launches:

The Bills Bills Bills Bills BILLS!!!

Who Helen Thomas is ( For those who term her irrelevant)

Non Sequitur - Are people more stupid today?

Naive me. Hot sauce in mouth acceptable punishment among some fundamentalists.

Where the Girls are, and are not...

Chimps: Not Human, But Are They People?

Chimps: Not Human, But Are They People?

How are the anorexic images of the fashion industry affecting

“Setting the Crown for a Corporate State”: The Monopolization of Democracy by Corporations

Advanced Cat Yodeling!

I slept to 3 PM today, I was tired.

HELP! Need Healthy Recipes that a cholesterol-ridden, corn-fed Ohian would eat!

ATTN Trekkies! Nichelle Nichols on the Mike Malloy show right now!

I got the job!

So whatever happened to New North Wales?

Not all football refs blow.

Nirvana- "All Apologies": I love this song so much it hurts...

I'm not supposed to be here...

What's wrong with me?

does anybody know about adoption law in Texas

Maybe I have a dirty mind, but "Orly Taitz" just sounds filthy

Have I ever told you

Home Movies Jason's candy addiction


Hello, Everyone. You are wonderful human beings.

I could use some DU good vibes....

Does anyone want a woodie? Seriesly...

Have to share a response to my LTTE in our local rag.

Do you know what the secret is for being loved?

Swine flu outbreak in my town! Run for my life?

My god - the awesomeness of this version of Harry Chapin's "Taxi"

How to play WoW on your iPod or iPhone

You've seen it happen in sports;almost any game.The pro, usually a veteran, makes a bonehead mistake

when you see this, bricks shall exit your body

Good morning Lounge

Is there a way to put Facebook friends on ignore?

More good vibes needed for my Mimic,

Great Net Web Site

Is there another Squirrelizer website?

If God Had Wanted Me To Be Accepting Of Gays, He Would Have Given Me The Warmth And Compassion To

In honor of the Bob Dylan Christmas album:

Voted Best Irish Joke Ever.....

Voted Best Irish Joke Ever.....

Has anybody else ever seen one of these?

A Great new Web Site.......

I went to bed at 6:30 last night

Share/Bookmark thingy--how can I just LOOK AT the link? nt

This creep freeper is bidding on my eBay items grrrr

If you were in the emergency room and your doctor

I hard a "Moran Moment" early this morning...

Beck: Obama should turn down the Nobel and give it ‘to the Tea Party goers and the 9-12 Project.’

What was the best era of presidents?

Can Congress introduce a resolution to dump John and Kate into a volcano?

Anybody buy a bottle of Old Spice lately?

best B movie ever

Republican idiot on facebook

I hate living next to a redhead.

Should one, or should one not, put a work-related certification in your email sig?

Hell's Kitchen - pleaase be Dave!

My goal for today....

The Trouble with Tribbles, in LOLCats-o-vision

I am Russian teenagr that hacked into Taterguys account. Anything! Aske me

The 2009-2010 AccuWeather Winter Forecast is out! (sorry, easterners)

Haslett teacher reveals ‘drunk shaming’ by fellow employees

NRBQ's "Captain Lou" video. (I think MST3K might have ripped them off.)

Mixed reviews for Bob Dylan's new Christmas album

I should get a god damn award for the unintentional shit-storm I have created...

.. ..-. / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .- -. / .-. . .- -.. / - .... .. ...

So I saw Marley and Me yesterday, and with full advance knowledge of the ending (semi-spoiler)

why would my dog pee on the couch?

Big Bucks! Big Bucks! DING DING DING!!!

I was just in the shower and found scratches all over my body...

Mr. froggy's dream

need some help from DUers

Hah! In advance of crim son's boudoir, I have received a 40% off coupon

Just downloaded the latest version of Netscape, and it kicks ass!

RIP Captain Lou Albano

Superfly Jimmy Snuka Vs. Captain Lou Albano - MSG - 11/22/82

My facebook friend has no concern that my ass itches or what I had for breakfast

Let's play the holey lyric game

I really regret eating all those delicious homemade beans.

Some career advice would be appreciated - and a few words of advice for others a well

Is $499 for a 32' Magnavox HDTV with DVD a good price?

Convince me why I should vote for you for Mayor of the Lounge.

Update on my doggie Mimic

Is it possible to price haggle at the Goodwill?

Any gentiles see "A Serious Man" and feel a little wierd when they referred to

i need to replace my washer/dryer. should i get an lg?

Computer connectivity problem: Between 6:30-9:30 PM every night I begin

Anna Nicole Smith is still dead.

Match Game story: "The Match Game Story late again, DUers' rage _______ only the bloody slippers."

Ricky Nelson - Poor Little Fool

Mac OS X users... what default program do you use to open "flv" files?

This gorgeous Prairie style building has been reduced to rubble.

Got my health insurance back!

I saw the new Lewis Black Movie: Stark Raving Black.

Swedish female soldiers complain their bras fall off and catch fire too easily.

Zombie Fans: Can you think of a movie where a person has sex with a zombie?

A guy I went to high school with passed away.

I've nothing in common with those who've not read Harry

This is why I don't own fricking dogs

Miranda Rat Face . . . oh, that crazy little girl . . .

Classic Rock band that would benefit THE LEAST from having Frank Sinatra as their frontman

OK, this Ralph Lauren photoshopped model story REFUSES to die

A cunning plan that cannot fail

i'm watching ESPN's special on the Colts marching band and developing a hatred towards Indianapolis

Today I'm 42 years old.

*BEG* need votes for my favorite charity *BEG*

Do you sleep sitting up?

What's with this Axe crap?

can a man with a micropenis condition ever find true love?

can a man with a micropenis condition ever find true love?

I'm in the mood for a guitar solo--post your favorite please

If you could take one food that is totally unhealthy for you and magically turn it into health food

Despite all my WAGE, I am still just a WAT in a one of your favorite songs, FUDD style.

One Nation Under a Moog- a pretty good read for music nerds

I went to the dentist about my shattered molar

Post a clip of a song you like that's not sung in English. :^)

Symbol carved into green at Lakeville golf course

The Public Option DOES need to pass!

Dick Cheney's Undisclosed Location Now For Sale

nichelle nichols (lt. uhura of star trek) coming up on malloy!

Talking Points Memo: Shephard Smith vs Michael Steele!

Handy, Dandy HCR Bill Progress Map Thingy

Russia, Central Asia Must Prepare For NATO Defeat In Afghanistan: Envoy

Perhaps an eccentric citizen has become convinced that the President is an Alien fom Mars...

Dingell praises Finance Committee vote

NY Times - "M.I.T. Economist Rebuts Insurance Industry Report"

Media Matters - "Fox News runs with faulty industry-funded "study" of Baucus bill"

Ever wonder why the public option critics aren't succeeding?

Jeremy Ring 'for sure' looking at Wexler seat

Kansas Democrat Goyle raises $400k in race for Congress

Colorado GOP strategery: Frazier runs at Perlmutter to defeat Markey

HAHA Someone please have video of Obama just dancing at the concert

Veterans gather to help relieve stress of battle

Perdue and Hagan on health care vote

Louisiana Young Dems: 'We Can Only Guess' Why Vitter Is Opposed To Anti-Rape Law

Utah: Joe the Plumber to Plug Eagar’s Senate Bid

Olympia Snowe Shitstorm Threads on Freeperland (For Entertainment Purposes Only)

Senator Snowe: She May Be on the Other Team, But She Called All the Plays


Question: What's the effective deficit gap between Finance and HELP?

"A big mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it"...

Public Option with Opt-Out Clause Not a Silver Bullet for Snowe (Trigger?)

Report: Congressman Wexler to resign

Another GOP senator open to health care overhaul

OH NO!!!!!! not Wexler

With record bonuses to be given out ( a travesty of moral justice in its own right)

Kerry wary of sending more troops to Afghanistan

Who Gives A FUCK What "politico" Says?

Changing the relationship between government and business...

Harry Reid can add the public option all by his onesies in the final Senate

Susan Collins climbing on board the HCR Train today

So it looks like the Dem's are going to screw up health care just to get one damn rethug

Message for Washington: Enough Talk, Now Fix Something

Dow Currently at 9.994.02, up 122.96

Who is threatening to filibuster against a health care bill? And if someone is, so what?

Dow about to crack 10,000.

Irsay Won't Vote For Limbaugh To Buy Rams (Colts owner)

So much for that talking point... PEW: Most Don't Think America Has the Best Health Care

I am leaving Congress....Congressman Robert Wexler

HuffPo - "The "Obama Bear Market" and Other Tales of Cable News Insanity"

Senator Snowe suggests scenario for government-run option: The "Trigger "Option

Rockefeller On Reid And The Public Option: It Comes Down To Who You Are

Matt Taibbi's version of the truth , RE: The Nobel Peace Prize

Graham: GOP 'not going to be the party of angry white guys'

Obama Must Get Going on Jobs by Jim Hightower

Obama Dances at WH Fiesta Latina Night!!

Dems ponder drop in black voter turnout

Gibbons: Sandoval wouldn't replace Ensign

Obama Picks MN Woman as 1st Openly Gay US marshal

Rep. Boccieri endorses Fisher in Ohio Senate primary

Senate Democrats watering down the public option: "It's not the public option you think"

Evan Bayh on Health Care Reform..

I think the time to pour the pressure on for health care reform is NOW.

Gallup (-4 today) to 52

Unions Spurn White House to Oppose Senate Health Bill (as well they and everyone should)

Politico is mad at Democrats for working to repeal health insur. industry's antitrust exemption

I remember last year around this time Rush was peddling the meme that economy was tanking in

Harman and Sanchez have broken with the Blue Dogs and are now for PO

Snowe suggests scenario for government-run option (AP)

The Michele Bachmann action figure is not selling well.

Rahm is back, but who has the President's ear?

Damaging report about cover up on AC360 for TX (Birther) Perry

GOP Senate Candidate Rob Simmons Boasts Of Adding A Tea Bag To The Constitution

Chuck Todd kept "reporting" false info. this morning.

The Republican Party have created a mess with their partisanship.

Who's the more legitimate "President?"

Let’s Make a Deal- Obama, Big Pharma, and you. (Minus you.)

Reid Dismisses Schumer's Insistence That Public Option Is In His Hand

Let us be clear. Arianna Huffington is about page views/ad $$. Just like Rush

Insurance Industry Emerges As White House Public Enemy Number One

caller on randi's show just mentioned that troops being attacked by taliban...

3:50 pm ET - President Obama signs Executive Order & observes Diwali “Festival of Lights”

The Baptist Board again.....The Making of a Fuehrer

Senator Vilsack?

PHOTO: Another Afghanistan Meeting Today

***Heads Up: President Obama speaks at Edward M. Kennedy Institute***

In anticipation of the next round of granny fear mongering, a senior bail-out?

Good Grief! Olympia "Lucy" Snowe has the football firmly in hand

Lancet Report: '655,000 Iraqis killed since invasion'

"Rockefeller: Obama 'Wants the Public Option'" (Still)

Bill White's blockbuster fundraising quarter

Chronology of Orly's Odessy in Judge Land's Court (and more) with links

Harry Reid was Elected Majority Leader

BBC Claims Obama To Send 45,000 Extra Troops To Afghanistan

85,000 Iraqis killed in almost 5 years of war!

Democrats Rising!: Open 13 point lead in generic congressional ballot per CBS 46-33

Poll: Obama Should Go as Superman for Halloween

We should tell any Dems. who are now against the PO that the media will do a documentary of their

Joe Lieberman is RW on foreign policy but socially liber... aw, fuck it.

Opening of Presidential Debate 1992!

So much juice by the teabaggers in August, and angst by the right.. that we have forgotten

Nobel Committee Head Asks "Who Did More?"

Dems really don't have 60 votes for a public option. Conrad and Lieberman are PUBLICLY against it.

Florida Senate: State Lawmakers Propose Bill Requiring Special Election for Vacancy

March 10: 6547.... October 14: 10000

PO does/doesn't pass senate; is/isn't in Conference bill

The NFL has rejected Rush! The ego has landed!!

US undertaking largest withdrawal of troops and materiel since Vietnam

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Diwali Festival of Lights in the White House

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto: “Is this now the ‘Bush Recovery’”?

Rush Limbaugh dropped from Investment group seeking to buy NFL Team

Michael Steele "Cow On The Tracks" Trying To Stop Reform Train (VIDEO)

Deal or No Deal?

Richard Trumka:The Chamber of Commerce's Jobs Deception Campaign

George Bush Sr. Invites Obama To Texas College, Asks Students To Please Not Be Insane

What overused phrases bug you?

Kerry Calls for the Protection of Older Americans from Discriminatory Higher Premiums

Arianna: "Why Joe Biden Should Resign" - What is she huffing?

Man Found Asleep With Corpse In Closet

Nurses to sue New York over [swine flu] vaccination mandate

Helder Camara - Brazil's archbishop of the poor (10th anniversary of his death)

Symbol carved into green at Lakeville golf course

Update: Senate GOP To Oppose Employer Surtax Tied To Jobless Benefits

AP sources: Afghan commander frets over corruption

Artificial Virginity Device Sparks Backlash In Egypt

Russia must prepare for NATO defeat in Afghanistan, ambassador says

Attorney general drops investigation of American Police Force after company leaves state

Irishman killed in Bolivia was linked to bomb attack, inquest told

Senate Passes Pentagon Budget, War Funding Bill As Tally For Afghanistan And Iraq Hits $1T

Pres Obama: "We Are Now Closer Than Ever Before to Passing Health Reform-But We're Not There Yet"

GM Expects Strong Growth in China in 2009

Nobel Jury Speaks Out in Defense of Obama Prize (Decision was Unanimous)

Apartment residents told to take down U.S. flags

LDS leader: religious freedom at risk

Atlanta to start giant 'mapathon'

JPMorgan profit soars

Federal Court Denies Government Attempt to Delay Release of Telecom Records. Again.

Irsay Won't Vote For Limbaugh To Buy Rams (Colts owner)

Cost of War Hits Home for the President

Al-Qaeda's guerrilla chief lays out strategy

Steve Nunn, Former GOP Lawmaker, Emerges As Slaying Suspect

BofA to charge annual fees on some credit cards

Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) to resign tomorrow morning

Iraqi Gunmen Kill 7 In Gold Heist - Police

Recruited by MI5: the name's Mussolini. Benito Mussolini

Retail Sales in U.S. Drop Less Than Forecast in Sign of Emerging Recovery

Macedonia 'is ready for EU talks'

Nobel jury speaks out in defense of Obama prize

Health bills would mandate children's dental coverage

New Republican Party site crashes hours after launch

Former Justice Official: Criminal Probe of Ensign 'Likely'

North Carolina church to burn 'Satan’s books,' including works of Mother Teresa

Dow Rallies, Now Within 20 Points of 10,000

Pelosi pledges again House will pass health care bill with public option

White House sees Lieberman as possible point man in lifting military gay ban

Gujarat gets India's first old age home for gay men

Rexburg, Idaho advertises for new mayor

Clinton urges Russia over rights

Chimps: Not Human, But Are They People?

UK sends 500 more to Afghanistan

Limbaugh to be dropped from bid for the St. Loius Rams

Russian MPs make election protest

Magnitude 6.0 quake hits off Samoa - USGS

Health Insurers Emerge as Obama's Top Foe in Reform Effort

Once Again, AIG Bonuses Cause a Clash

Sources: Checketts to drop Limbaugh

[British] PM 'to boost Afghanistan troops'

Report: Stimulus created about 8,300 jobs in state (WI)

White House celebrates Hispanic musical heritage

85, 000 Iraqis Killed in Almost 5 Years of War

Senior US Senator(Robert Byrd) Opposes Afghan Ramp-Up

Obama EPA releases Bush-era global warming finding

US scrambles to save $7.5bn aid package for Pakistan

(Rep. Harry) Reid rips LDS (Mormon) Church's Prop. 8 support

Judge refuses to toss suit challenging Prop. 8

Judge refuses to dismiss gay marriage ban lawsuit (challenge can proceed)

Bruce Wasserstein, Lazard Chief, Dies

Dow breaks 10,000

Police: Juveniles laughed after setting 15-year-old on fire

Schumer to make antitrust push against insurers

Bleak U.S. job market boosts military recruitment

Raucous pro-coal crowds pack mining hearings

DOJ Varney Questions Antitrust Exemption For Insur Cos

Obama holds new war cabinet talks on Afghanistan

Report: Stimulus adds jobs in Minnesota

7,500 offshore tax evaders come clean

Sources: Checketts to drop Limbaugh (from Rams bid)

Britain 'to deport Iraqi refugees'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 14

Ford Recalls 4.5 Million Vehicles Over Defective Cruise Control Switch

Geithner Aides Reaped Millions Working for Banks, Hedge Funds

Analysis of cellphone studies finds tumor risk

Rev. Moon marries off thousands of followers

President Obama Seeks $250 For Seniors To Make Up For Social Security Freeze

White House aide turns up heat on Fox News by saying many of its stories are just "not true"

Judge William Wayne Justice dies; rulings led to sweeping prison reforms

Paraguay unveils archives from Alfredo Stroessner dictatorship (US ally)

JPMorgan Chase Reports $3.6 Billion Profit

Honduran teams agree plan to restore ousted president

High School teacher accused of anti-gay remark

Florida Governor Crist calls for grand jury on public corruption

Max & 99 meet the Sacred Cows

No on 1 TV ad: Mom

Equality March Shows What Grassroots Can Do

Cheney 2.0 is dangerous! - Ed Shultz

Keith Olbermann Deconstructs Rush Limbaugh's Today Show Interview

Republican Party's Website Fail

Chia Obama?

Finance passes healthcare bill with GOP vote: Snowe

Liz Cheney - Psycho Talk!

The Ed Show - Sen. Jay Rockefeller and Public Option "Keep the faith"

What Young People Can Do: David Swanson at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg (4 videos)

Papantonio: The Republican Colicky Babies

Soldier Obama Met Killed in Afghanistan - Family Visit Weighs Heavy

Michael Steele Wants 'Rodney King Moment' Yet Boasts Delays In Healthcare Progress

US Troops in Iraq talk about Halliburton

Young Turks: Joe Scarborough vs. Rush Limbaugh!!!

The Real News: The Immigration Debate

The Ed Show - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) spares no Democrat

FOX NEWS: Richard Dawkins vs Bill O'Rielly [OCT 11, 2009] 5:20

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Announcement (for the Diplomatically Impaired)

Will Harry Reid Save Or Kill The Public Option?

Instant Runoff Voting - An Informative Visual Tutorial

One Kalamazoo Ad -

Report: Beating of Gay Man Caught on Tape (warning graphic)

TYT: Lieberman Continues To Screw Over Democrats

Michael Steele vs Shephard Smith! Shephard wins!

Dean on Rachel Maddow with Alison.....don't throw millions to insurance companies.

Orly Taitz gets Joy Behar very nervous about the Obama Eligibility case

Wendell Potter, Howard Dean on MSNBC....say Democrats must stick together.

FOUL BALL!: End the Health Insurance Antitrust Exemption

President Obama dancing at Fiesta Latina

J P Morgan's soaring profits: "largest theft" - Dylan Ratigan, MSNBC

Steph Miller on MSNBC's The Ed Show

Rush Limbaugh Is A Racist

Russia Declares Right to Nuke

Chris Matthews On Rush Limbaugh

Young Turks: Beck Compares Fox News To Jews In Holocaust

Another GOP senator open to health care overhaul

Support the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act! *chortle* The Hub For Progressive Media

Hitler Reacts to Obama Winning The Nobel Peace Prize

Top Ten Changes Rush Limbaugh Would Bring to the St. Louis Rams

"Obama Sides With Republicans;"

Eking Out a Life in New Orleans' Abandoned Homes

Biden No Longer a Lone Voice on Afghanistan

Wall Street Smarts

Pilots on Food Stamps

Panel ex-chairman says he was told arson probe a waste (Perry interfered in forensic investigation)

CNN 'Fact-Checks' The Daily Show on Calling CNN 'Goatf**kers'


Our Global Ponzi Economy

Venezuelan Poll: Chavez Enjoys 62.4% Approval Rating

Apocalypse Then, Afghanistan Now

Howard Dean a guest at Concord Festival of Authors

Robert Reich: Time to call health-care insurers' bluff

BlogTalk: Redoubling on a Public Option

A Coup is a Coup is a Coup

Will We Curb Wall Street's Casino?

James Gill: Obama Visit to New Orleans Stirs Up Strife

Government says 85,000 Iraqis killed in 2004-08

How the Servant Became a Predator: Finance’s Five Fatal Flaws

Obama Vs. Rupert Murdoch: Fox News' Blatant Transition into GOP TV

McChrystal's 40,000 Troop Hoax

The Nobel Prize, the Brand and the President By Gilad Atzmon

The Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking has...

A very important article, it seems to me, in NewScientist concerning

Who made China's revolution?

John Boehner Then And Now

U.S. envoy Jacobson to tour Alberta oil sands

U.S. envoy Jacobson to tour Alberta oil sands

Ocean Power Technologies and Lockheed Martin Developing Utility-Scale Wave Power System

Waxman's climate bill, one state gets to pollute more

September 2009 was second warmest September on record globally (NASA)

Giant, Mucus-Like Sea Blobs on the Rise, Pose Danger (Nat Geo) {yes, global warming is involved}

Drumbeat: October 14, 2009

UN “Blue Carbon” Report: Healthy Oceans New Key to Combating Climate Change

NY Times: EPA Releases Bush-Era Endangerment Document

Scientific American: Climate Change May Mean Slower Winds (bad news for wind turbines?)

100,000+ Flee Northern Iraq After Overpumping Causes Collapse Of Ancient But Effective Aqueducts

Alps' Glacial Melt Causing "Sharp Build-Up" Of POPs, Other Toxins Long Since Banned - AFP

At Least 2 Insurance Cos Dropping Florida Policyholders Who Filed Toxic Drywall Claims

2nd Attempt To Plug Timor Sea Oil Well Leak Fails - 100s Of Barrels/Day Flowing For Nearly 2 Months

Long-Term Drought & Rising Temperatures A One-Two Punch For Parched Arizona - FT

The Camaraderie of Fear

Uxbridge Conference - Marine Biologists Project Tropical Fish Catch Potential Down 40% By 2055.

Since 3/09 Coup, Gangs Leveling Madagascar Forests - @ Least 120 Ebony & Rosewood Trees Daily

Blahblah Brazil's President Vows To Cut Amazon Deforestation Blahblahblah - AFP

2005 - USFS Survey Of Colorado Finds 30K Acres Of Dying Aspens; In 2008, 540K Acres - WSJ

USA Today: Wood making comeback as power source

SE Asian Farmers Subject To "Pattern Of Disorientation" As Crop Weather Loses Predictability

Hybrid Cars May Include Fake Vroom for Safety

Arctic Land and Seas Account for up to 25 percent of World’s Carbon Sink…potential to alter…climate

Mmmm, minivan! The favorite vehicle of Yosemite's black bears

Are license plates recyclable?

EPA: Cap and Trade Program Lowers Smog Levels in Eastern United States/…cost-effective reductions…

Oxford Prof. - "Two Degrees C Is Already Gone As A Target . Four Degrees C Is Definitely Possible."

The Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America

Greenwire: Pipeline would carry Midwest CO2 to Gulf Coast's oil fields


Los argentinos critican a Messi porque no se atreven con Maradona,según un directivo

When is a White Guy gonna get a break?

Report: Seau returning to Pats

I think the Angels have a better chance of beating the Yankees than the Phils have over the Dodgers.

I hate this asshole, who's with me?


Cane Ethanol Energy output to fossil fuel used in process: 8:1, Corn based Ethanol: 10 - 13:1

Representatives of Communist Party of Israel Visit Cuba

Venezuela folk religion seen in secretive rituals

Venezuela, Cuba to start laying fiber optic cable

Venezuela seeks indictment of opposition politician

Sentence reduced for Cuban Fiver ...

Interview with Agustina Flores, Recently freed political prisoner

Irishman killed in Bolivia was linked to bomb attack, inquest told.

Anyone care to defend this?

Paraguay unveils archives from Alfredo Stroessner dictatorship

Miami Hairball: Convicted Cuban spy gets lighter sentence (Judge ignores prosecutor request)

BREAKING -- Accord reached on restitution of Zelaya

Venezuela is no tyranny

A poorly resurched Collegiate newspaper article about CCW, has deeply disturbing undertone.

Sportsmen and gun groups outraged at new California law...

Florida man shoots and kills fianceé after mistaking her for intruder

Choose one.

On guns and the Liberals... city vs country

Man robs gas station with small machine gun

UN rights body ready to debate Goldstone probe

Nobel for Obama rules out U.S. strike on Iran

Turkish paper: UAV delivery delay behind cancellation of military drill

After snubbing Israel, Turkey to hold defense drills with Syria

Another colorful NC Beta - Carotene Festival

Room for 1 more entry

It's been a while, so once more with feeling...

Some more what ifs

Unbelievable abuse in California's grape fields

Today in Labor History Oct 14 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., won the Nobel Peace Prize

Union leader arrested, charged with bribery

WSJ: The GOP vs. Labor Law

NYT: Still on the Job, but at Half the Pay

Karen Silkwood and more

The Speed Kills You: The Voice of Nebraska’s Meat Packing Workers

When you wish upon a Star, Supernova or Blackhole

Outrage online - must see

I continue to be impressed by Markos Moulitsas

Apparently I'm not allowed to say that someone is homophobic on DU...

Breaking: Prop 8 Challenge to Continue to Trial

Poll: 51.8% plan to vote no on question 1

First "black hole" for light created on Earth

Montana Supreme Court affirms lesbian parental rights - Must read judges decision!

In the meantime.... GET RIPPED!

Anti-mormon backlash like discrimination against blacks?

Goldman Sachs about to announce billions in year-end bonuses

Does anyone have historic data on the percentage of the US economy derived from various sectors?

Ignore Dow 10,000, The Economic Scoreboard Is Still Horrible

Geithner Aides Reaped Millions Working for Banks, Hedge Fund

Most Hated Bull Market in Stock Market History

Getting sold out on bank reform already.

Unless You've Walked A Mile In A Banker's Shoes, Please Don't Criticize Them

A Dollar Rout or More Bernanke Trickery?

The financial sector is killing off the real economy

Still on the Job, but at Half the Pay

Enjoy this awesome sight over Moscow.

I can't get over the feeling that I am wasting time...

Am I missing something here?

Loves me some Mark Morford

Premiums + out of pocket expenses to increase by 10% in 2010 for employees

I don't listen to reports that Olympia Snowe backs "some kind of public option," because she doesn't

Need a some confirmation or myth busting - re: Medicaid/Medicare

Medtronic's Passion Play - penile stents?

Study: 45 percent of adults hospitalized with H1N1 did not have underlying health issue

I was injected with both influenza vaccines approximately 41 hours between injections.

I wonder if there was a lot less plantar fasciitis in the past, before

The Jenny McCarthy Body Count website.

Faith-Based Discrimination

Bad Spirits made him brutally kill his wife and five children

Global poverty initiative reaches more than 250,000 US Catholics

Need help identifying a particular religion/denomination

A friends Facebook status reads "Note to self: Study less. Pray more."...

New Age Tragedy in Sedona: Non-Indians in the Sweat Lodge

My blood is boiling.

NYT: Sluggish Results Seen in Math Scores

what would the quickest way to serve up scallops?

An interesting wine blog

Anyone have some extra cash and counter space?

Let's talk Brownies!

What new things will pop out of Perry's mouth next?

Judge William Wayne Justice (1920-2009) RIP

NASA Engineer to speak on Destruction of WTC Buildings

NYCCANT: It's Over

Survey of Evidence Regarding Mind Control Experiments