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TARP, Afghanistan, Iraq--NOT "budget-neutral"

TARP, Afghanistan, Iraq--NOT "budget-neutral"

Wendell Potter coming up on KO

Love A. Grayson

About tort reform - We need to start talking about the function of a

In California, May 22 becomes ‘Harvey Milk day’

Why I leave DU

Tennessee Woman Arrested for Facebook 'Poke'

Tennessee Woman Arrested for Facebook 'Poke'

In California, May 22 becomes ‘Harvey Milk day’

Idaho tops $500 million in unemployment payouts

Was Up?

Shuster discussing Gale Norton

Limbaugh is rude, crude, dismissive, pompous, and most of all

You are not allowed to read this

‘Dr. Joe’ treats uninsured patients with dignity

Against Self-Interest

Maine Farmers To Launch Own Organic Milk Brand

Maine Farmers To Launch Own Organic Milk Brand

Senator Rockefeller: Health Insurance Industry Report 'Misleading'

Bad Moon Rising

Virus ???? message from dhl about a missed delivery from july but the thing

If you missed LawrenceO'Donnell's destruction

Can someone point me to an authoritative source debunking the "interstate competition"

Stimulous aided teacher's and laborers... MSNBC and AP..- by the thousands.

Stimulous aided teacher's and laborers... MSNBC and AP..- by the thousands.

Pensioner 'left to die in hospice after doctors wrongly diagnosed him with cancer'

WaPo - Erza Klein Compares AHIP Report To Tobacco Companies Warning Against Tobacco Tax

Is Blue Cross/Blue Shield in California a non-profit?

(Human Rights Campaign) calls vandalism damage 'minimal'; ‘Quit leaving queers behind’ painted

NFL Union Chief opposes Rush Limbaugh's NFL bid

Is Anthony Weiner a guy to watch for in 2016?

Is Anthony Weiner a guy to watch for in 2016?

Crunch time for K Street on healthcare

Healthcare, financial regulation and unemployment benefits a priority for Congress this week

Facebook Users - Have you subscribed to I Heart Grayson? Got this link from the group.

Harvard Professor Michael Sandel discusses "Justice" with Charlie Rose tonight - for the hour

Al-Qaeda 'Faces Funding Crisis'

The Gay March: A New Generation of Protesters (200,000 people!!)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

In California, May 22 Becomes ‘Harvey Milk Day’

It was cold outside today. I guess global warming has been discredited.

Wendell Potter made it very clear tonight: Baucus bill does not meet WALL STREET expectations.

Hillary on Conan!

OK, we spend almost 5 decades on the Kennedy assassination . . .

Goodbye to Leila Abu-Saba ("Dove's Eye View")

Dear Health Insurance Assholes:

If you ever wanted to know who owns what media,:

"The H1N1 vaccine has not been tested."

Is there a list

Design Revolution- 100 Products that empower people

The only protection from the Ins. inc. blackmail plan is to have robust public option.

Jon Stewart is

Storm-Tracker Team Coverage, with Mega-Doppler 7000 HD radar

According to Fortune Magazine 3 of the top ten MOST PROFITABLE industries are medical related.

Our "Liberal Media"...we need to get our money back.

Lessons Las Vegas can learn from the Rust Belt

Rally at CSU San Diego tomorrow!

"Compensated dating" growing among Hong Kong teen girls

Rightwing columnist actually asks readers if they miss Bush yet

So, I was watching the documentary "Outrage" the other day and...

Analysts Predict $23 BILLION Bonus Pool At Goldman Sachs; May Give $1B To Charity To Soften Image

$4,000 x number of people with private health insurance =

John McCain needs to get over it and move on...

FSM funny...

32 Voices Louder Than Limbaugh’s

Embrace the insurance industry's own report since it declares them functionally obsolescent.

Was today a holiday for you? (expanded)

Missouri college students compete in Solar Decathlon

Back from the Death Panel: How a shrewdly silent W.H. brought Public Option back from the brink

Tomgram: William Astore, Apocalypse Then, Afghanistan Now

Interactive Proust.. Answer the questions, see which iconic people you are most like

Guns and Butter, part 2 of Guns will be delayed

Cyclists pushing Dallas to keep their needs in mind

A response to Obama's health care speech to Congress

Liz Cheney proves

Obese hit hard by swine flu in Mexico, Canada

Stimulus spurs work on Eads Bridge

Stimulus spurs work on Eads Bridge

My Country 'Tis of Thy People You're Dying - Buffy Sainte-Marie

It seems yesterday wasn't enough Limbaugh for NBC's "Today"

Study finds partner abuse leads to wide range of health problems

UAW reaches new concessions agreement with Ford

Tyson on his deceased daughter

Gail Norton Tongue Twisters


Depression linked to inflammatory protein

Repug party is Marxist.

I just read the headline "Job Losses Create Woes for Dems" and this idea popped into my head

British have covered up hundreds of Iraqi casualties, ex-officer says

Coming soon to a school near you: Anti-abortion protests with graphic pictures

Coming soon to a school near you: Anti-abortion protests with graphic pictures

Regarding this threat from insurers on rates....

"The dreaded Right can't dictate or stop anything.

The racist ouburst of German Federal Bank executiveThilo Sarrazin

What lies beneath the war in Afghanistan

Hey Joe Scum-two words

Grayson tones it down, but stands his ground in conservative Lake County

Two Dems Report Strong Fundraising Against Bachmann

CNN: New York Man Beaten for Being Gay

PSA: Watch your DU account. Might want to change your password.

PSA: Watch your DU account. Might want to change your password.

Is Tweety hosting Morning Meeting today?

Fox News and 1984.

Rush has to be back on drugs. He really thinks he's important.

Afghanistan...I guess I just don't "get it"

Monster-maker to Vt. brewer: No 'Vermonster' beer

Rush Limbaugh on Countdown: He Looks Like...

Bill Clinton never told Ken Starr about his secret Taylor Branch tapes (Ken Starr got PW3ED)

Free Clinics website to donate per Keith's suggestion...

Mancow sinks to all time new low re: Teddy Kennedy

Honduran abuses rampant after coup - rights groups

Police: DJ Kills Teen, Drives Body Around

Anyone Watching Washington Journal

If the US attacked Iran, don't yall think other powers would have something to say about it?

Grayson tones it down, but stands his ground in conservative Lake County

New Ad Blasts Insurance Companies, Renews Push For Public Option

Memo to the media: Fox News is now the Opposition Party

What time do they vote on that Baucus bill today?

What time do they vote on that Baucus bill today?

Happy Birthday Art Tatum 1909-1956

Where is Keith and Rachel?

Study Shows a Little Money Buys a Lot of Calories at City Corner Stores

Why Health Reform is vital for the neediest of the needy (tear ya up)

Fittingly enough, the reaction to Obama's Peace Prize was

Diabetes: A State-by-State Breakdown

Morning creative excercise. An Autumn poem. Write the next verses yourselves.

"I'm With the Taliban Against America" is not likely to be a winning slogan. (Eugene Robinson)

I'm irresponsible, reckless, and/or lazy, but I expect so much more from others

The reason the insurance lobby is fighting the BAUCUS bill: individual mandate not strong enough!

Scam report on HCR costs by industry feared as tool of reformers.

Summers Tells Boner: Bush Era To Blame For Our Problems

Truthiness about Peace-iness

Obama quietly deploying 13,000 more US troops to Afghanistan

Did one of the morning joe people just say something they shouldn't have?

Did one of the morning joe people just say something they shouldn't have?

Here's something scary- Murdock buying NBC?

Even Crapo knows the merge will put back everything the republicans worked so hard to remove

Joel Pett on unpatriotic Republicans - TOON

Shriek If You Know What I Did - Video Clip Needed........

Medicare "quality index" local paper idiot writer. need help debunking.

Just had a conversation with coworkers, and they disagree with me

Senate Finance Committee Hearing Regarding Health Care Reform Oct 13, 2009 - pics

What time is the vote on the Backus bill?

Supreme Court will hear appeal of Enron's Skilling

Hey Limbaugh, get a clue!

Hey Limbaugh, get a clue!

Sens: Snowe's healthcare vote puts her top Commerce perch at risk

ADAPTers in the building are singing "We Shall Overcome".

Reid Trailing Possible Opponents

South Padre Island has red tide

South Padre Island has red tide

Click on the oppositions ads...

In rememberance of the Arawak Indians...

How many here have answered the call to Olberman on the Free Clinic thing?

Computer security expert warns against using Microsoft Windows operating systems for online banking.

DUPE: Obama approves 13,000 more troops to Afghanistan

Thanx W bush for Gale ($ ) Norton & "Christie" (9/11 dirty air) Whitman

Need help deconstructing a poll. Re: Is Faux News out to get Obama?

Need help deconstructing a poll. Re: Is Faux News out to get Obama?

Did Anybody Else Notice There Were 4.5 Million Marchers At The National Equality March

Opium is the perfect solution.

Encouragement...pass it on!

Life is determined to be a preexisting condition

Life is determined to be a preexisting condition

How not to pass a class

Liz Cheney's New Group: "Keep America Safe" - blasts Obama for taking vacations

The Critics of the Peace Prize (cartoon)

Free Legalize Marijuana Sticker


Sens: Snowe may be risking a high perch on healthcare reform vote

The Rude Pundit: No, Really. Does Anyone Actually Understand the Health Care Debate?

The woman sitting behind Baucus to his right is a lobbyist (to whisper sweet $ in his ear)

Colorado Insurer Changes Course on Big Babies

Stupid headline: The White House is now fighting a three-front war: Iraq, Afghanistan and Fox News.

snowe commits to vote for healthcare bill in committee

Article in yesterday's paper on Health Care rationing

Fighting Words: Fox News Lashes Back At White House


Happy Birthday Mates

Men of peace counter armchair quarterbacks of peace on Obama's Nobel

DU this Limbaugh/NFL poll!

Tasered 72-Year-Old Texas Woman Says Next Time She'll 'Say Nothing'

How long before the repubes decide Orly is a librul plant?

Global homicide: murder rates around the world

Ahhhnuld's poll numbers in Dick Cheney territory

Senator Snowe says she will back the Bill

So, whatever happened with the CBO analysis of Single Payer HR 676?

High jobless rate adds billions to deficit

I think the biggest stunt the GOP ever pulled, was convincing the "average joe working american" ...

E-Mail to Senator Menendez

'Daily Show' Destroys CNN For Fact-Checking 'SNL' Instead Of Their Guests (VIDEO)

This is what happens when you break unions and destroy the social safety net

NJ Gov Poll: Christie 40 (-4), Corzine 39 (+4)

Whodunit? Sneak attack on U.S. dollar

New movie starring Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh

Can someone please post a link to CSpan 3 ?

I fucking can't stand it when Republicans vote with Democrats. Puke

Our healthcare system is a disgrace and is emblematic of the corruption in our system

They don't call it WorldNutDaily for nothin'! WND 'writers' feed each other the kool-aid

Michelle is running a banner ad on DU? HAHAHAHA!

Michelle is running a banner ad on DU? HAHAHAHA!

Rockefeller voting Yes.

Senate Finance Committee Passes Health Care Bill 14-9

Thank God that is over.

Worried Yet? Assault Rifle Auctioned Off At Anti-Obama Rally

Prediction: There will be no vote on a health care bill in at least one house of Congress

Swastika, Obama name carved on Mass. golf course

Senate Committee Passes Bill, Snowe voting YES, All Dems voting Yes, 14-9.

Freeper email "Obama worship now in Howard County School system" reaches MD.

Snowe's a Yes on Health Bill-for now

With the Senate Finance Committee passing its HCR Bill, there is one clear loser

If you missed Jon Stewart tonight, catch it later! He tears up CNN beautifully!

Salon: Obama Backs Off On Big Business

Organized Against Labor

I'm beginning to wonder if it's ever going to stop raining...

Doing very little in health care and pretending it's more... is a JOKE!

Striking Basic Concepts In Recent Events

I thought the Baucus bill was written by the insurance industry? Is that not the case?

With Snowe's support of the Baucus bill, have you moved closer to becoming an "insurance outlaw?"

Finance bill passes 14-9 (with Snowe)

Khamenei near death?

Breaking: Marge Simpson graces Playboy Cover

Does anyone know when, and on what teevee channel, the parfty will be televised?

Reality check on Snowe supporting the Baucus bill...

Sen. Health and Finance Committee bills now to be combined by Dem Sen leaders.

To bring peace in the world is not a one person affair.

The GOOP wants to hear from you! Tell them why you are a Repube!

The Importance of Snowe's Yes Vote on the Finance Committee Bill

The potential fate of millions now rests with Harry Reid, Max Baucus, Chris Dodd, and Rahm Emanuel

Happy Bill O'Reilly Loofah Day! O'Reilly Falafel Suit Turns Five.

"Why Do You Hate Amercia?" Got quotes, vids, links?

"Why Do You Hate Amercia?" Got quotes, vids, links?

The Baucus Bill Will Pass out of Committee (The Dems Kobayashi Maru Test)

Dear Rocky Mountain Health Plans...FUCK you, the media SHAMED you into helping "the fat baby."

It is time to stop negotiating with terrorists........

Between 2000~2007, price of health insurance for a family of 4 DOUBLED!!

NOTE TO LURKING FREEPERS: When you want to spread a lie about about a Dem please use "John Smith"

Accusing Fox News of being a tool of the Republican Party is missing the point

A Vietnam Syllabus for President Obama

Injury Added to Insult: Senators’ Insurance Claims Denied

Secret State Monitors Protest, Represses Dissent

I tried looking up the "parable of the good samaritan" on conservapedia

I giant step backwards for women in central Wisconsin

Rockefeller just announced he'll vote "Yea" on the Baucus Bill. Comments?

All you need to do now is just put a public option in the bill, and go for reconcillation /nt

Don't look to the good Senator Harkin to be there for you in Committee .......

A second Great Depression is still possible

Fallen Marine's father wants change in Afghanistan - Doesn't want to worry about killing civilians

Dear Olympia Snowe: You realize your Republican party has abandoned you ages ago.

Pentagon: Recruiting Last Year Was Best Since 1973

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Single Payer Health Insurance | PBS - A repost

Orly Taitz will be on Joy Behar's show tonight on CNN's HLN. Should be a hoot.

Question about stock options and executive compensation

I am really sick and tired of the media giving all this attention to liz cheney? /nt

Coming Home-Indiana- Three separate incidents with Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans in the past 2 weeks

Okay, we're out of committe. What do you want to see in the final bill?

And the Darwin award goes to.........

And the Darwin award goes to.........

GOP Tweets clip of Hitler praising Pelosi

This is a little thing, but I think a positive sign . . .

NeighborGoods: Why buy when you can borrow for free?

Judge: Rifqa Bary will go back to Ohio--the girl who ran away from her Muslim family.

The 20 Best Signs At The National Equality March (1 pic, more at link)

Liberal radio host Stephanie Miller will be on "Ed Show" MSNBC tonight (Oct 13, 2009)

Snowe Voted Yes Knowing the Trigger Won't Make It In The Final Bill

Nat'l Jewish Dem Council: Conservative Nazi rhetoric has reached 'epidemic proportions'

NFL Owners Will Not Allow Limbaugh to Join the Club

This is a little thing, but I think a positive sign . . .

Moranic cult sign

Russia May Revise Use Of Nuclear Weapons In New Military Doctrine

The droppings don't fall far from the asshole.......

Limbaugh facing even more opposition in Ram's bid

Should we all send green socks to Liz Cheney and her new "conservative answer to" group?


Why Health Care Reform Dies if the Baucus Bill is Killed in Committee

If Harry Reid Allows the Silent Filibuster, It’s All on Him

UK 'lied to' on Iraq, inquiry told

Limbaugh called “the foremost advocate for freedom and democracy in the world today

So am I alone or does anyone else not really care what Rush spends his money on??

ARCHIVES: After Nobel snub, Bush hopes to be judged by the Hague

Not Moderate Enough For Lieberman (major asshole)

Should employers be required to participate in the Bicycle Commuter Act?

Alan Grayson Explains The Best Policy For Afghanistan: Just Leave People Alone

School Sends Sick Child Home With Stranger

Obama Versus Faux News (from the New Zealand Media)

Show the HC Vote on the Three Major Networks !

Orly Taitz Slapped With $20,000 Sanction

Accounting Firm Admits Cost Savings Left Out Of Report Prepared For AHIP Report

Tweety onLiz Cheney - the new face of the neo-cons

Fellow Californians... Hold On To Your Hats...

Green shoots rise from brownfields

"Wexler to Resign Florida Congressional Seat. What Obama Job Will He Get?"

Senate Finance Committee Healthcare bill omits the public option

McConnell: Snowe’s Break With GOP No Big Deal Because This Bill Will Never Become Law

Who is dumber?

Senate Finance HRC Bill graphic- Olympian Snowe Job!

Jon Stewart calls CNN goat f*ckers... Rush Limbaugh wants to buy St. Louis Rams..coincidence?

Top Ten Racist Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

Federal Records: Christie Spent Big On Government-Funded Business Trips

Beck installs a "truth hotline" for the White House to call. has one for him to call.

Bloomberg Buys BusinessWeek

Tweety: "Rush sex with a travelling salesman."

Why Not More Talk About S&P 500?

The rat came out of its hole and is dancing on the table...

Member of Congress and Healthcare

E-Mail Mocking Obama Is ‘Exhibit A’ in Wrongful-Firing Suit

GOP: How long till the Teabaggers take over?

One NFL owner already coming out against Limbaugh owning the Rams.

Texas man found asleep with corpse inside closet Relaunch Fizzles

Olympia Snowe: And why one vote matters in the Senate

Am I the only one that feels like she's living in a nation of wimps?

HAA HAA HAA!!! You Just Can't Make This Shit Up. Rush: "Look at what I've SPAWNED (BecKKK)"

Please stop *picking on* me.

Baucus Bill Passes Committee - victory for reform, seriously.

Funny- Orly's website refers to "Rolling Stones Magazine"

Unmask the Fed-

Unmask the Fed-

Anthony Weiner's ""... please DU :)

Message to Sen. Snowe: Forget about defecting from the GOP


Symbol carved into green at Lakeville golf course

So little Billy Kristol thinks he's going to pawn Liz Cheney off on us as a candidate in 2012....

1-800 -432-1599

Obama approved 13,000 more troops to Afghanistan

UPDATE 1-Obama still wants corporation taxation reform

Mormon Leader: Prop 8 Backlash like Intimidation of Southern Blacks In 1960s

Robert Menendez, I will never vote for you again

If money were no longer an issue, which career/volunteer work would you go into?

LMAO! RNC’s New Website Reflecting Steele’s ‘Urban-Suburban Hip-Hop’ Riddled With Errors,

LMAO! RNC’s New Website Reflecting Steele’s ‘Urban-Suburban Hip-Hop’ Riddled With Errors,

Afghanistan From the Air (Interesting Slideshow)

BOSTON GLOBE: One nation, under illusion

BOSTON GLOBE: One nation, under illusion

(PICS) The Equality March: As Missed by the MSM

Karadzic immunity appeal rejected

The government interfering in our lives does more harm than good!!!!!!!!

New RNC Website Claims Jackie Robinson As “GOP Hero” — But He Was Indy Who Condemned GOP’s Racial Ta

Cornyn, you stupid #*$&@*&#..." the middle." Since when did

GOP Tweets clip of Hitler praising Pelosi

Dan Choi: In the face of injustice, patience is not a plan and silence is not a strategy

What If Everyone Just Drops Their Health Insurance And Goes To Emergeny Rooms For Treatment?.......

Judge Rules Christian Convert Teen Must Go Back Home

Is "Buy Blue" site down for good? Is there something similar? nt

Farmers, Hemp Industry Leaders Arrested for Planting Industrial Hemp at DEA Headquarters

Right Wing radio host arrested for Child Porn and illegal firearms.

Right Wing radio host arrested for Child Porn and illegal firearms.

This Modern World - There's the actual Obama and there's the idea of Obama - By Tom Tomorrow

Michigan Mom Found Long-Lost Son Online, Raped Him

No money, no problem: Miami doctor who treats poor, uninsured wins recognition

The Snowe "yes" vote makes me want to vomit

5 teens accused of setting teen on fire for argument over video game

Help Wanted Ads... 2010

Help Wanted Ads... 2010

Father-to-be gropes delivery nurse

Excerpts from "White Protestant Nation" by Allan Lichtman

An end to Tinfoil? - Wifi-proof paint

One in ten US high school dropouts incarcerated

Looking In The Republican Mirror.

If you had the power to make one change that would affect mankind, what would it be?

Since Glenn Beck has not phoned MediaMatters, MM must be right about him

"Columbus in Reverse: ‘Travel as a Political Act’ "

"Bipartisanship" means both parties are bribed--it should be called "bribepartisanship"

Health reform is a freaking joke and we are suckers

NPR does hatchet job on Rep. Grayson this morning on "Morning Edition"

Orly Taitz will be on the joy bahar show tonight.

Robert Wexler stepping down

Robert Wexler stepping down

#NameRushsTeam - from Twitter

A conservative family member's lie re: Civil Rights Act of 1964

CNNMoney: Top Ten Most Job Growth in America

Tragedy in the Amazon: the extinction of a people

Tragedy in the Amazon: the extinction of a people

Cuddle Parties sooth some, worry others

Be sure to watch "V", when it starts up.. It's an homage to republican politics

Memo to the media: Fox News is now the Opposition Party

Rush clearly seems "off the wagon." Thus, an interesting question . . .

I thought Sanders' Single Payer bill was related to HR676.

You are still not allowed to read this

Governor Ahnold's wife caught by TMZ

Lindsey Graham takes on the "Teabaggers". He let the loons have it.

You could be getting health care for $125/month/adult. How about it?

Kerry says the insurance study is a powerful argument for the need for a PO

If the Dem Leadership think they can.....

The latest NSA project is storage on a massive scale of everything.

Unsafe abortions kill 70,000 a year

Check in if you want the Baucus Bill killed in committee today

A Furious And Rapid Respond To The Insurance Industry's Face Flip

A Furious And Rapid Respond To The Insurance Industry's Face Flip

Do you think we're entering a new Progressive Era?

Tx Gov. Rick Perry continues to try and cover up his execution of an innocent man.

Milking the Poor: One Family's Fall Into Homelessness

Asteroid isn't just a dry heap of rubble

So is Howard Dean wrong?

Big-Box Breach: The Inside Story of Wal-Mart’s Hacker Attack

Introduction to the Peace Circle

Orly Tainz Smackdown: Judge now fines her $20,000. Will Orly try for more?

Reid protecting senators who join Republican filibuster

Allow me a little rant about the so-called scientific metric system:

Bwaaaa! Limbaugh Crying and Complaining All Day That He's Been Misquoted

I am at a loss.

Hutchison Puts Off Resignation to Fight Health Care

I know this doesn't matter to anyone but me BUT

It's Time Once Again For An Episode Of SUPER FREEPER FREAKOUT!

President Obama on the verge of history, and that some say is a bad thing

Orin shut your Hatch;

Maine - Insurance Company Sues State To Approve 18% Rate Hike - Senator Snowe?

It's now easier to let the people know where you are regarding the BUSH/CHENEY era criminals-no one

Well, the abominable bill is now out of committee.....So how do we kill Frankenstein's monster now?

At least one Democratic senator is blocking a public option - but we don't know who.

Have You Noticed That Libertarians Tend To Be People Who've Never Faced Real Hardships in Life?

The difference between conservative forums (which I lurk on) and this forum

GOP Congressman: Snowe Voted to ‘Turn America into France’

odd place for a license check

The "bloodless coup" has already happened in the USA

Murder suspect thought his victims were too liberal

I absolutely love it when Alan Grayson says 'That's Right'!

Dean says today's bill a procedural step forward, but is not reform. Will not help us in 2010.

More US Troops in War Now Than During Bush's Surge

Fascinating (Untold) Story of the US husband in Japanese jail for abducting own kids.

Blue Dog Jane Harman backs public option after son dropped from insurance coverage

Somethings just don't come back

The Film that will put BUSH Behind BARS! TONIGHT on Mike Malloy w/ Nichelle Nichols

If President Obama was born outside the USA ...

A person that deals with Medicare and Medicaid says that these

Helen Thomas: Obama lacks courage (In conversation with Helen Thomas at the Commonwealth Club)

Helen Thomas: Obama lacks courage (In conversation with Helen Thomas at the Commonwealth Club)

LDS leader: religious freedom at risk

Florida GOP senate candidate says what parents teach should not be undone by schools.

Florida GOP senate candidate says what parents teach should not be undone by schools.

The Daily Show Destroys CNN

The Oath of Alexander the Great

I just did my grades for this 9 weeks. I have more D's and F's than ever before

The very BEST Public Option on the table (HR 3200)...

The WH was "blindsided" by the In$urance Indu$try report!? Are you f*ing kidding?

Get a load of these quotes from Jane Russell!

Black bear hunts to begin Thursday in Oklahoma

Nurses to sue New York over [swine flu] vaccination mandate

Battle of Athens, Tennessee, 1946.

Dollar devaluation and the working class

Goldman Sachs bonus blowout; $23 billion: Enough to pay for healthcare for 1.7 mil families

Why is Rush Limbaugh Still on Armed Services Radio?

Where can I find a copy of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle,

Where can I find a copy of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle,

Larry Summers declares Recession over. Capitalism is dead. Welcome to pre WWII economy

DU IT!: NPR does hatchet job on Grayson, uses woman who claims to be Dem but is really Repub

Sedona sweat lodge update

Breaking News On Big Ed!

Breaking News On Big Ed!

Clinton: "reason to hope" Boeing to win Russia bid

"It's really easy to build a holocaust museum that condemns Germans. It's another issue to build....

Venezuela Seizes a Landmark Hilton Hotel

Eggs + Math = mass confusion (even with a cell phone in hand)

Going to see Al Green Thursday

Theories of the media and society within the public...

I have been watching Super Nanny all aftermoon on the Style Channel.

How to write an effective troll post

Might as well get this out of the way. Congratulations Phillies

Anyone heard Michael Jackson's "This Is It" yet?

This story has bothered me all day

Wow . . .


DUers over the age of 21 and not from China.. what is this?

Steak And Lobster Saturday 17Octobra To Celebrate!!!!! And Heineken

Job interview tomorrow.

4 More Fukin Days

Romper Room, I am sure I watched it but I don't remember it.

mexican americans, like to post on DU

I bet 10 individual DUers can't post in this thread before get back from getting a drink.

There are some episodes of "Dirty Jobs" better watched in non-HD...

My first photoshop!

Rain ... again. How come it never leaks over the bathtub?

"The Big Snit" Animated Short

My people...

The very last Nobel thread, ever.

For Male DUers, What Is This?

Marijuana fire

Craigslist ad: Free, world's dumbest Yellow Lab

I'm 12 and what is this?

I've been given a huge boner and I don't want it...

I just watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

hijole la chingas

Anyone seen the movie "Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont"?

Wouldn't it make more sense if people in cold states wore shoes with cleats

Hypothesis: There is a positive correlation between increasing age and the number of times

For aquatic DUers, what is this?

sleep or beer?

Good morning Lounge

October 13th, 2009 Daily Earworm Lounge: "Slow Ride" by Foghat

Enviable careers - I say Steven Van Zandt

I've been given a huge honor and I don't want it...

What's the best new unknown band you've heard lately?

OMG I almost knit a caboose!

The Mountain Goats: "The Mess Inside"

Does it harm your flash drive if you put it and your car door opener in the same pocket? nt

How damn expensive was that lady's dress on that Chase Saphire Card commercial?

Bye-Bye BuzzFlash?

How do you move to a new town for a short period of time

Jon Stewart on CNN fact checkers

What instrument should call Danny Boy if pipes are unavailable?

Paging flvegan or other doggie DUers. I need help/advice!


I need something really funny to cheer up a friend.

The last hair band power ballad

I reconnected with an old girl friend today...

So the Lesbian Kiss on Heroes : Genuine or Contrived?

I bought a dress which looked really cute on line

If you're a parent, you might read this book:

I hate living next to Grand Funk Railroad.

Some jerks are stealing tires off cars in my apt complex

Growing up in the olden days...

I didn't know that a giraffe could do this.

Out of the mouths of babes.

Sword-wielding woman is arrested in Jersey City

That's one hot birther chick :sarcasm:

V8 to make healthy beer!

Why the hell are teenagers in 80's horror movies so damn old?

Do You Know of Any Hate Group Websites/Message Boards?

I'm Just Curious. Is This Weird?

Would you say I'm a hypocrite? I am a Socialist at heart, making money as a Capitalist?

Finally California is getting rain ...

An earworm sent by Satan himself

Would a good MMA fighter be able to kick Wolfman's ass?

You Must Rent/See "Angels in America"

Penguins of Madagascar!!

Good Morning, Columbia MO!

Was your high school violent?

Parents, why not give your daughters a toy that could help develop a future career.....

Was mainstream music more political in the 80's?

Tonight on IFC, 8:30 Eastern, CSA: Confederate States of America

Obama has kept our country safe for one month longer than Shrubbie managed.

Has anyone seen GoddessofGuinness recently?

Am I justified in wishing for another real estate crash?

I colored my hair 'warm soft black' and it came out dark purple cherry

Wouldn't it be nice if we were older and we'd qualify for Medicare?

I hate living next to a railroad.

Help me choose a name for my new dog?

Have you ever seen these? Essentially Violins for dummies

I"m sick, very sick ( not asking for medical advice)

I Went to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, There Was No Line and I Was Out in 5 Min.

National Democratic Convention..Houston, Texas..1928

Monday Caption this picture

Anyone else remember these candies?

Marx Bros. or Three Stooges?

A big chunk of my molar just came off...

Horror movie cliches...

If your parent/in-law is on facebook, do they do this?

Will there finally be a Freeway Series this year? (Dodgers vs. Angels...

Welcome to Progressive Insurance! How can I help you?

Maurice Sendak to parents: "Go to Hell."

Hah! In advance of Palin's memoir, I have received a 40% off coupon

Phillies defeat a great Rockies team , now face Dodgers Thursday

Interactive Proust.. Answer the questions, see which iconic people you are most like

I ride the bus so much, I just KNOW I am going to catch flu..

So, I think I'm on a break...

LoZoccolo? Are you trying to be an hero?

Cities lag in preparations for high-stakes census

serious question. what is the health insurance industry's poll numbers?

Obama on ESPN

O'Donnell, my eyes are bleeding. Get Liz Cheney off your show!!!!

GOP uses ACORN to fight bank redlining law

will foreign exchange trading neophytes take the US$ even lower?

Is the Collapse of the American Dollar the Biggest Secret Right Now?

NY Times - Paul Krugman - "Misguided Monetary Mentalities" - Addresses Dollar Devaluation Fears

dupe. self delete

Republicans adding few new voters in Nevada

Fox News Myths releases closeup view of Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

REMINDER: Mark your calendars for Secret Liberal Meeting To Turn America Into a Communist Country

Involving Lieberman in DADT will sabotage DADT repeal

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi Must Show Leadership On DADT

Support Troops Swelling U.S. Force in Afghanistan- Additional Deployments Not Announced

White House Talks DADT Repeal With Lieberman

Has the CBO scored the various Afghanistan escalation plans?

For every (stormy) cloud there is a silver lining... Olympia Snowe

PWC: Um yeah, about that report...

delete, duplicate

Data to show stimulus aided teachers, laborers

look what David Goldman said about Obama's team

Why The AHIP Report Is Bulls$%t In Five Steps

Candidate Obama declared Healthcare to be a right and not a privilege

Will any Finance Committee pugs vote for Baucus Bill tonight?

How Deep Is D.C. Corruption? So Deep That When Obama Tries to Clean It Up, Lobbyists Publicly Spaz

Remember the infamous Bin Laden memo that Bush ignored while on vacation one month before 9-11?

NY Times: "Voices From Above Silence a Cable TV Feud" - Fox and NBC Coordinating Attacks On Dems?

You be the bookie!!

Hard Lefto HQ: check in if you think Obama may be damn good but not God

Rush Limbaugh is slurring like Jim Jones did in his last days...

The price on public option on Intrade is down

How will Rockefeller Vote? (On Baucus Bill)

Kerry: will fight for public option, calls on Repubs to step up for unisured, slams insur. industry

Trust Olympia Snowe like you would a jackal standing trapped in your hallway

OBITUARY: Health Care Reform, 1947-2009

The MSM Fawning Over Olympia Snowe: "She's Had a Hard Life"

Snowe voting for the Finance Bill

President Obama approves 13,000 more troops to Afghanistan !

Ask the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate a question!

Nurses march on Minnesota Capitol, demand governor restore general assistance medical care

Sens: Snowe's healthcare vote puts her top Commerce perch at risk

Baccus bill passes: 14 v. 9 nt.

I just want some clarity in regards to health care debate...

Obama comments on Finance Committee (video). Repubs on wrong side of history. Screw AHIP

Michelle Obama doll

New Orlean Saints linebacker and former California Golden Bear (U.C. Berkeley)

In your opinion, what would Kucinich have accomplished, or failed to do, by now?

Next time someone criticizes Obama's Nobel Prize, ask them who won in the other categories . . .

Right about now I wish Obama would come out and say something like

Finance Committee finally craps Baucus's steaming turd on the Senate Floor. Time to move forward!

URGENT!! Amendment to screw up the census coming up for vote!!

AP Newsbreak: Nobel jury defends Obama decision

Should Obama give his Nobel Peace Prize to George W. Bush in order to quell the anger?

Freeper meltdown; they assail, insult and attack Sen. Snowe calling her "Specter with a Skirt"

Par for the Course (moran alert)

Is KO's show the Rush and Liz Cheney Show now? WTF?????

Pentagon Denies Report of 'Unannounced' Troops in Afghanistan

Oh No! Health Insurance Stocks Are Falling Following Passage Of Baucus Bill!

Some festive Glenn Beck graphics for your enjoyment...

watch trailer: By the People (Obama documentary on HBO)

I did something the President can't do... neener!

South Carolina: Spratt gets a race

Steele says Obama isn't creating jobs, but didn't Obama create Steele's job?

Hendersonville mayor to challenge Rep. Shuler

Hutchison hints at pushing back Senate resignation

Will Olympia Snowe vote with Obama or with the knuckle dragging GOP Neanderthals?

FL-19: Wexler to Step Down

O’Reilly And Hume Claim Fox News Covered ‘All The Bad News That Came Out Of Iraq’

Big Stakes in a Little Tennessee House Election

NRCC removes tweet comparing Pelosi to Hilter

Sigh... It might be better if Snowe voted NO

Is reconciliation for health care off the table? (Updated)

Tonight: Fiesta Latina at the White House

CBS twit Nancy Cordes on CBS "News": " Only 4 of 5 bills provide for a public option". Only 4/5!

Obama's Approval Rating will Go Through the Roof if Public Option Passes

Nurses Blast Latest Price Gouging Threat by Insurance Giants, "Massive Public Bailout Not Enough"

Barack Obama=Cliff Huxtable Michael Steele=Huggy Bear. . .still continues to embarass

The Peace Prize - Eugene Robinson nails it

MSNBC: Rockefeller will vote YES on Baccus bill. That's all.


Rick Sanchez said: "The Public Option is a conservative idea."

Fuck Olympia Snowe and the horse she rode in on.

Georgia Judge Sanctions Orly Taitz $20 Grand For Misconduct

Turning Obama into a bogeyman

"Military meets recruiting goals...first time since the end of the draft more than 25 years ago"

FRAME: Fox "News" is, get this new word, mythtainment...

Obama will be the Democrats' own Anti-FDR if this health-care "reform" bill passes

HuffPo - Glenn Beck Compares WH Criticism Of Fox News To Genocide Of The Jews By Nazis

The Chessman strikes again.

Preview of Frontline's Obama's War

Escalating? What are you thinking?

On this historic day, remember President Obama has done what 7 prior presidents failed to do

"Club Velvet" ( a gentleman's club) hangs Obama-Joker banner....and....

OMFG!!! Alan Keyes And Gary Kreep Running A BIRTHER CRUISE!!!

Far Right and Far Left Team Up Against Swine Flu Vaccine

Four out of five, a public option is still alive

Four out of five, a public option is still alive

BooMan Vents...

UK has lowest quality of life in Europe

Fighting Words: Fox News Lashes Back At White House

(Human Rights Campaign) calls vandalism damage 'minimal'; ‘Quit leaving queers behind’ painted

US duo shares Nobel Prize for Economics (FIRST woman - find out why)

Guardian gagged from reporting parliament

Clinton visits Russia to discuss Iran, nuclear treaty

Emails hold key to trial of Bear Stearns' former fund managers

Global homicide: murder rates around the world

Bing may sell his auto-supply firm (He's having trouble borrowing money)

Psychologists: Ethics Transcend Politics (No Pre-, Post-9/11 Ethics; Can't Be Party to Torture))

Honduran abuses rampant after coup - rights groups

No money, no problem: Miami doctor who treats poor, uninsured wins recognition

EDF denies sending nuclear waste to Russia

High court delays reviewing release of detainee abuse photos

Gag on Guardian reporting MP's Trafigura question lifted

Support Troops Swelling U.S. Force in Afghanistan

Accounting Firm Admits Cost Savings Left Out Of Report Prepared For AHIP Report

N Korea 'readying more missiles'

[Far Right] Dutch MP overturns UK entry ban

Russia Resists U.S. Position on Sanctions for Iran

Foreclosures pose challenge, cost to census count

Russian stars urge gay acceptance

Orly Taitz Responds To Judge's $20k Fine: Shove It

It’s a Fork, It’s a Spoon, It’s a ... Weapon?

Snowe to vote YES on Baucus bill - breaking on MSNBC

Iraq rights ministry says 85,000 killed in 2004-08

(21 yr old Afghanistan war) Veteran identified in (Indiana) movie theater shooting

Bank of America Set to Reveal Merrill Advice

Boy, 12, charged with brother's fatal shooting

GOP Tweets clip of Hitler praising Pelosi

MPs approve cigarette vending ban

Magnitude 6.3 quake hits off Alaska

Clinton, Lavrov Agree To Delay Sanctions Against Iran

Supreme Court to hear appeal by Enron's Skilling

Obama quietly deploying 13,000 more US troops to Afghanistan

Limbaugh already down one vote

Bowling Green, Mo., man indicted for making threat to kill U.S. President

Unions will oppose Baucus bill unless it's changed

Tax Dodger Crackdown Shelved By Obama Administration

Top court to hear appeal by Enron's Skilling

American Police Force won't give up info sought by Montana AG

Baucus health bill passes Senate committee

Dems scramble after warning from health insurers

Ex-insider: Insurance industry report is bogus

US wants bunker-buster fast, denies Iran is reason

(CA) Voters disgusted with governor, Legislature

Dan Webster won’t run against “Die quickly” Congressman

Supreme Court Delay May Help Keep Detainee Abuse Pics Forever Sealed

Karzai says would welcome more American troops

AP sources: Afghan commander frets over corruption

Families of UK soldiers killed in Iraq attack (Tony) Blair

Business Fends Off Tax Hit (on overseas profits)

Nelson (D-Ne) makes 'most powerful' list

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 13

Democrats Call Insurance Industry Report Flawed

Police: New York man beaten for being gay

Colorado minimum wage to drop as living costs fall

Unions will oppose Baucus bill unless it's changed

Navy Moves To Put Women On Submarines

BBC: Bans 'do not cut abortion rate'

Senate Panel Clears Health Bill With One G.O.P. Vote

Nobel jury defends Obama decision

Orly Taitz Sanctioned for $20,000

Honduras rivals to discuss Zelaya return post-coup

Microsoft releases biggest patch on record

Olympia Snowe is one Senator, with one vote. That's all.

White House blasts insurance industry

Al Gore And Phelim McAleer Spar Over Global Warming: Climate Change Denier Challenges Gore (VIDEO)

Elders to End MTR March Finale

Steve Clemons On Countdown: Under Bush & Cheney America Was Like The BORG In Star Trek!

Mr. Deity and the Science Advisor

Rachel Maddow: Rep. Weiner on Health Insurance Companies' 'Spinsurance' (Baby Denied Coverage)

Fox News Nut Bernie Goldberg: Liberalism Is A Side Effect Of "White Men" Becoming A Minority

An Open Letter To President Obama On Health Care Reform

TYT Interviews: RJE Breaks Down The 'Opt-Out' Public Option. Could It Work?

HCR: Cornyn Community Rated Health Care Higher Premiums for Healthy People vs Sick People Lower

Glenn BecKKK: The White House Is At War With Faux News!!

Piano stairs - the Fun theory

HCR: Snowe Will Vote Yes Support Finance Committee Bill "Majority Has The Votes" - 1st Republican

What you do before you get your Doctorate in Astro Physics

HCR Senate: Rockefeller Bill Falls Short of What People Need & Expect From Us!

It's bad for you 2008 - part 6 of 7 : God Bless America

Outrage ~ Trailer

Obama Comments On Senate Finance Committee Passing Health Reform

Countdown: Media Matters' Eric Burns On Fox News' "Goal To Destroy Obama"

TYT: Guns in bars working out about as well as expected

Steele on New 'It's Not Even Really a Web Site'

FOX: “There was no cheerleading of President Bush on this network"

Rush Limbaugh Reveals His St. Louis Rams Uniform Design

Rush Limbaugh on Glenn BecKKK: ''Look what I have SPAWNED''

30 Republican senators who voted against the Franken Amendment

TYT: Fat Baby Gets Denied Healthcare

Beck Compares Fox to Jews During the Holocaust & Other Networks to Silent Bystanders

Michael Moore on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Michael Meets Hugo Chavez, Plus 'Stump The Canadian'

Limbaugh's NFL Bid Draws Fire

The Power of the Peace Circle, An Interview With Bob Koehler

It's bad for you 2008 - part 5 of 7 : No one questions things

Zero Tolerance Keeping Us Safe From 6 Year Olds

Bill O'Reilly Debates Against Science - and WINS!

Jeb Bush is delighted that Obama is taking on teachers' unions.

TYT: Limbaugh's Racist Depiction of Obama Supporters

Mixed Mantra: Consumers Urged to Save More -- and Shop More (WSJ)

Dean Baker: Take America back from the banks

Honduran abuses rampant after coup: rights groups

Health Insurers counter-attack HC reform:, saying they will raise rates dramatically if enacted.

Obama's prize could help peace

A Vigorous Push from Federal Regulators

Christopher Hitchens Tells Obama How to REALLY Earn the Nobel Prize

ASU's Innovative Program will integrate research in science, engineering, social sciences & computer

A Mooreish solution

Nobel winner presents updated way to study complex systems

A Real Winning Democratic Strategy for 2010

Perry stays secret on many things, including forensics files (Dallas Morning News)

Eugene Robinson: Why Do Conservatives Hate America?

Columbus attorneys disapprove of Taitz's actions

The Non-PC Path to Success in Afghanistan

America's Image Rebounds

How About Them Cowboys! Kiss, Kiss!

Jeff Huber (at-Largely): Long Wars and Peace Prizes

OOPs Dupe

AlterNet: Step Aside McDonald's, Why Subway Has the Most Fast Food Stores in the Country

Obama didn't choose himself for peace prize

From Drug wars: Big Pharma, Afghan, Mexican cartels

The Audacity of Greed: How Private Health Insurers Just Blew Their Cover

Despite Negative Ads, Chris Christie Insists He'll Still 'Chew the Fat' With Corzine

It’s the Balance of Power, Stupid! By Leon Hadar

The government's fuzzy small biz math (SBA $$ flows to corporate giants)

Bob Herbert: Conan O’Brien laughs of poverty-stricken, run down city

Whiner-in-Chief posted by John Nichols

Teabagging Alan Grayson

For Millions, Unemployment Crisis is a Life Crisis

Senator (de-facto president of health care) Snowe announces she'll vote for Baucus Bill

"Nuclear Noh Drama (Tokyo, Washington and the Case of the Missing Nuclear Agreements) 10-13-09

Really Sick: If Your Partner Beats You, Insurance Companies Don't Have to Give You Coverage

Good Day For Baucus, Bad Day For Real Reform

To Catch a Looter

The new health-care battle-lines, instead of dividing progressives, the passage of Max Baucus's

Conservatives claim the stimulus has already failed. But it has barely started.

FL-08: Keystone GOP Kops flounder in search of Grayson opponent

Taibbi: On the Nobel Prize for Occasional Peace

Refugees of Diversity

Diversity on the federal bench: Obama admin deserves credit for nominating diverse candidates

Another Take on Solving the Foreclosure Crisis: Loans to Jobless Homeowners

The Perils and Pitfalls of Being Painfully Honest

Insurers Make Case for Public Option

Helder Camara - Brazil's archbishop of the poor (10th anniversary of his death)

Editorial: Perry's actions increasingly suspect in Willingham case (Dallas Morning News)

Psychologists: Ethics Transcend Politics (No Pre-, Post-9/11 Ethics; Can't Be Party to Torture))

Why Republicans Are in the Grip of an Apocalyptic Rapture Cult

Memo to Financial Investigators: Dig Deep!--William Greider (The Nation

CNN: GOP needs power player to end 'warlord status,' expert says.

Show compassion for troubled person - LTTE

Top recruiter blasts recent misconduct

Production of 15-ton bunker buster sped up

From a book on the Foreign Legion, written by a Canadian, I thought these paragraphs

Drumbeat: October 13, 2009

Thinning Of Kashmir Glaciers "Alarming"; Flows Of Nearly All Indian Kashmir Rivers Off 2/3 In 40 Yrs

Ion Tiger fuel cell unmanned air vehicle completes 23-hour flight

The Cartesian Jones And The Chia Pet Moloch (Yours For Only $2.99 Plus Shipping!)

Freshwater Species At Greatest Extinction Risk: 4-6X Higher Than For Terrestrial Species

Warmer climate not the cause of oxygen deficiency in the Baltic Sea (nutrients and fertilisers)

Kashagan Costs To Rise Another $7 Billion To $38 Billion Per Kazakh Oil Ministry - Upstream Online

Himalayan sherpas bugged by the sight of house flies at 5,000m—another sign of climate change

Email your Ohio friends -- HSUS -- Six Reasons to Vote NO on Ohio’s Issue 2

NASA - Ice Satellite Shows Thinning At All Latitudes Of Greenland, Far Inland On Antarctic Sheets

Transforming Clean-Energy Industry Into a Local One—“Community Power”

Conservation targets too small to stop extinction

Protecting Wildlife and Tourism in East Africa

" . . . Because The Planet Is Unlikely To Suddenly Say 'Oh, Well, 450, Then.'"

Canada's "Cut'N'Paste" Climate Treaty Stance Prompted Mass Walkout During Thailand Talks

Chu says Carbon capture coal tech must be ready by 2019

Fraunhofer: Improved redox flow batteries for electric cars

Pick the World Series Champion *NL/ALCS edition*

Phillies- Dodgers. The mid-seventies revisited. Been a long time.

Braylon Edwards leaves Cleveland and becomes an instant star

How are the Frisco Giant Chokers doing this post season?

Every time I look up a Michigan man is making a big play on Monday Night Football

A Shawn Kemp sighting at a Wal-Mart in Illinois.

Oh FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

Seahawks' Schmitt splits forehead ... in warm-ups (with video!)

NFL parity a thing of the past?

Tigers rank 4th in MLB clubs in TV ratings

Heh! The Pirates and the Smallmen are in a virtual tie in TV Ratings..

Phillies advance to NLCS

Man! No sports to argue about tonight. I'm going to have to kick Jack Rabbits

Jets linebacker Calvin Pace wins "whiny bitch of the week" award.

Big Ten cuts deals to get 5 teams in New Year's Day bowl games (oh.the.excitement)

Will there finally be a Freeway Series this year? (Dodgers vs. Angels...


Drew Brees - Chase Utley, separated at birth

Limbaugh already down one vote

The Sharks may just have found a way to avoid the annual playoff choke job

A little Choketober for Street and the Rockies

Sabean and Bochy recieve 2 year extensions..

Okay we got to do this Poll (World Series)

I don't know much about the NFL but I have a question

Hey Dre Bly---ya gotta love YouTube.

Honduran abuses rampant after coup - rights groups

Honduran abuses rampant after coup: rights groups

Celeo Alvarez Casildo: The Moment Has Come for a New Constitution in Honduras

Informal sector increases to 44 percent in August (El Universal)

[es ] Ecuador: Se pueden normalizar relaciones con Colombia (Ultimas Noticias)

The Illegitimate Constitution

Xenophobia and Racism in the Honduran Crisis

[es] Países del ALBA eliminarán el dolar en sus transacciones

Global homicide: murder rates around the world

Venezuelan Ambassador Discusses Relations Between US and Region (UCLA Today)

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/13

Resistance abandons Honduras talks (Globo update)

[es] Rodrigo Cabezas: FMI desacertado (Ultimas Noticias)

Cuba sounds lovely in December and January.

U.S. being a dick, won't let Colombian human rights activist in U.S. to receive award

Chavez orders Hilton hotel purchase in Venezuela (Hilton)

Polk man shoots shotgun-wielding robber

Self Defense

50% Oppose Stricter Gun Control Laws

18 for Rifles, 21 for Handguns...

NRA Portrays New Yorkers as Mobsters in Virginia Ad (supporting GOP and flowing guns in Gov's race)

There is NO Constitutional right to ammunition

Livni accuses Netanyahu of 'humiliating Palestinians'

Israel sees court rulings on Palestinian land as mere 'recommendations'

Israel may be 1st developed state to exit recession-PM

Vigilantes Patrol For Jewish Women Dating Arab Men

'We have a right to go to school'

Room for 4 more photos for the October Contest

Joe Main and MSHA: What I would have asked him

Union files complaint against Frackville employer

Unions Displeasure with CSB, Tip of the Iceberg

Gov. Quinn Says SEIU Is A Strong Voice For Working People

Teamsters Now Represent Nearly All UPS Freight Drivers and Dockworkers Eligible to Join Union

Card Check Grows in Union Organizing

Today in Labor History Oct 13 Protest against Nazi antagonism to organized labor within Germany

California Nurses Association Condemns Health Insurance Lobby Attack On Healthcare Reform

October 27th Chicago Rally To Hold Big Banks Accountable

Democratic Congress May Reverse Supreme Court On Age Discrimination On The Job


HBO documentary Oct. 19th about the rise & fall of the NYC garment industry

The Paleo-Lakes of Mars

The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate (sigh)

National Equality March Turns on New Wave of Activists

My friends are home after the March....

National Equality March Turns on New Wave of Activists


In California, May 22 Becomes 'Harvey Milk Day'

GLBTers should just be patient because giving you guys rights isn't easy...

an open letter to my GLBT DUers.

Learn how the other sides works to help overturn Prop 8

Don't Let Them Take It Away from You

I helped a middle school kid win a bet on Sunday

If God Had Wanted Me To Be Accepting Of Gays, He Would Have Given Me The Warmth And Compassion To Do

A first step: anti-gay singer Buju Banton meets with LGBT activists in San Francisco


Did anyone see the update of the Laramie Project last night?

Hi - need guidance from WA GLBT experts on how to vote on 71.

Government Deficit Spending is America's Last Best Hope for Recovery (Richard Backus)

Invitation to Peace Circle

NYT: Current Health Care Legislation Will Not Control Medical Costs, Experts Warn

Bronchial Thermoplasty to Treat Asthma

A brief history of Medicine and Nutrition.

Is a Virus the Cause of Fatigue Syndrome?

Stem cells grow facial bone for 15 year old kid

Just had my seasonal flu vaccination, gonna get my H1N1 vaccination this evening.

Has anyone here had swine flu?

"The H1N1 vaccine has not been tested."

Fathima Rifqa Bary, teenage girl in religious/custody dispute, will return home to Ohio.

Why Republicans Are in the Grip of an Apocalyptic Rapture Cult

Rally at CSU San Diego tomorrow!

Just A Gut Feeling, But I Think Duncan's Time In This Administration will Be Short

Do you believe? Or do you believe in belief?

Flaxseed as a substitute for eggs

Did someone mention Persimmons the other day?

Man Found Asleep With Corpse In Closet

From Senator Royce West:

So I moved to Dallas last week. Anyone have any suggestions of where to find employment?

What are the etiquette rules for the September 11 forum?