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A case In support of watchdog groups like the FCC....

Keith is back!

Upton Sinclair's Race for Governor of California and the Birth of Media Politics

KOs about to give Grayson well earned kudos

Former Guantanamo detainees begin Irish integration

Letter from Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Washington) re: health care reform. He says "thank

Grayson coming up on Rachel Maddow

Ousted: the US diplomat who wanted inquiry into Afghan vote

Grayson's by-line and resume: Repubs read it and weep!

Population Control?- Stop Blaming The Poor, It's The Rich Who Are Burning The Planet

I think Keith just made a mistake.

Garrido Says Dugard's Rights Violated -Phillip Garrido Writes Jailhouse Letter To KCRA in Sacramento

Banking on Speculation

Grayson has just shifted the debate

All those in favor of making Alan Grayson Speaker of The House say AYE!

Bank of America’s Chief Executive Ken Lewis to Retire Dec. 31 (updated)

Psychiatrist: Prohibition makes pot more harmful

Is the Pope considered, by his followers, to be infallible?

watching Grayson on the situation room made me sick. The MSM is in full Faux Outrage mode.

coulter is on joy behar now

How to Kill Progressive Legislation

Help raise some money for Alan Grayson!

i just got a call for $$ from the

The ABSOLUTE Difference Between Democrats And Republicans

Anybody going to Austin City Limits this weekend?

We need a Rep Alan Grayson avatar

George Bush hearts Chicago for the Olympics

Papers: Stain in Casey Anthony's Trunk Looks Like Child Outline

Great Sibel Edmonds discussion

Hey Marxists, question (a real one, for a reason).

Wonderful slide show of the return of the 261st National Guards (which includes Beau Biden)

Rep. Grayson: Obstruction or Catalyst?

Anybody Interested In A Grayson Avatar, Feel Free To Use This One....

Lollapolanski Festival 2009 is now over.

Trent Franks official website will not permit emails from non-constituents.

Lou "where are my teeth?" Dobbs. KO is killing me. I think I love his Dobbs

If you admire Grayson, the way I do....

sumatra just got two strong aftershocks

Hotel Bel-Air closes for renovations, laying off 250 union workers, refusing to commit to rehire

repost by popular demand: $20.10 for Congressman Alan Grayson

Rupert Murdoch was appalled that a politician watched 'Brokeback Mountain'

Greyson for Prez!

An email saying our star is about to run out would be nice.

Does Ken Burns have it in for Douglas Brinkley?

everybody likes a circus (but it stinks real bad behind the tent!) re: fox news

Daily Kos' Verdun: Coup Talk

Judge orders condo owner: Pay Comcast bill

Congress and the Pending Comprehensive Judgeships Legislation (63 additional federal judgeships)

Senate Blue Dogs

It's getting embarrassing to be a democrat with the way things went in the Finance

Send Your Medical Bills to Max Baucus!

A five yr. old shoots and kills the alligator?

Rep. Grayson: Whose Side Are You On?

Is Alan Grayson this generation's Joseph N. Welch? ("Have you no sense of decency?")

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here's a picture of Grayson I took a few months ago back at the FDP J/J Dinner

Grayson was not out of line in using the word "holocaust"

Happy October, everyone

Anybody seeing an increased amount of health insurance ads where you are?

Wow, maybe some RW family/friends are finally getting the Snopes message

DIEBOLD: Return Our Money! -- CA Campaign launched by Velvet Revolution (X-post)

lounge post , delete

Help me out, who was that crazed Right-wing Congressman from California

Joy Behar v. Ann Coulter- Celebrity Deathmatch over Death Panels

Dear K.O.: George W. Bush actually was doing less harm as a fan at the Olympics than he would have

Will somebody please kindly ask Darth Cheney to sit down and STFU already?

Snowe's Constituents Want a Public Option (Poll)

Feces splattered on Douglas County (Oregon) Democratic headquarters

Feces splattered on Douglas County (Oregon) Democratic headquarters

Annoy your conservative friends w/your NEW Wallpaper: Pic of Alan Grayson from last year's campaign:

My Congressman, Alan Grayson for US Senate! He'd beat down mealy mouthed Charlie Crist

Grayson, right on!!

A remarkable story...

Need to drive home the rate of death

Local News here in Billings leading with "Criminal Background of Hardin's 'American Police Force"

SenatorTom Harkin says he has the votes to pass public option

Get ready - here is the new target of attack by the RW smear machine...

It's about standing for something. Conviction. Not Compromise.

Elizabeth Smart to Face Alleged Abductor in Court

Why do people complain when there is some celebrity scandal, that others are talking about it here?

Disabled man tackles suspected child molester at Westminster Wal-Mart

Now What....

Collapse of deal for Saturn stuns GM

Class ring makers join boycott against Alaska mine!

Much as Alan Grayson seems to be our new hero...

Wow! The Rs are going gunning for Grayson today...

Just because a majority in Congress call themselves Dems doesn't mean the GOP isn't the majority.

Hotel Bel-Air closes for renovations, laying off 250 union workers (hotel won't commit to rehiring)

He Who Must Not Be Named Because Everyone Is Sick Of Reading About Him' tries blocking report

Irony - A Rockefeller saved the Tetons so Dick Cheney could live there today....

Baucus bill would let private group write rules

Health Care Protesters Are Sitting In At Insurance Offices. Join Them!

The next chapter of the Rep. Grayson affair will be

Whack A Wingnut

Gay penguins book is most banned

Tom Brokaw is a senile, inane ass.

Alan Grayson has given the MSM and Rethugs the vapors!

We're doomed... Globe Magazine publishes "Obama's enemy list"

First the candy, then the bullets

Dallas Morning News: Newt Gingrich's conservative group rescinds invite for Dallas topless club

Stimulus funds to give scientific research a big boost in N.C.

Clay Bennett Appreciation Thread

US relaxes grip on the internet

Marijuana In America: More Mainstream Than Ever, More Arrests Than Ever

Adios Ken Lewis - you fugging crook

BBC site comparing stimulus spending and deficits in G20 countries, 2007 to 2010 (projected).

Tom Brokaw is a senile, inane ass.

Judge Confirms an Innocent Man Was Tortured to Make False Confessions

To everyone calling their fellow DU'ers rapist apologists and child

For Sh&ts & Giggles: The Top 30 Signs from GOP Teabagger Rallies

So I turned on BBC for my first news and

Great Grayson line: "We should care about people even AFTER they are born"

proposal to adopt a resolution to require Congress members use the proper grammar

Colbert just had a great idea.... Send our medical bills to the five democrats

so when a democrat offends republicans the media piles on

Bumper sticker idea

The week thus far through the eyes of Tom Toles

The Crumbling of America (Upcoming History Channel episode)

Good article from Raw Story about Gore Vidal

Good Morning DU

Re Grayson and the Republics - Bullies just HATE being bullied, don't they!

Free Screenings Tonight of "Capitalism"

I'm half-expecting Stephanopoulos to have Andy Williams on this Sunday.

Smearing census worker as pedophile

Fired US embassador to UN calls the Afghan election the most fraudulent he's ever seen

Fired US embassador to UN calls the Afghan election the most fraudulent he's ever seen

Fired US embassador to UN calls the Afghan election the most fraudulent he's ever seen

Fired US embassador to UN calls the Afghan election the most fraudulent he's ever seen

CNN -47% will pay no federal income tax (not the whole story - surprise)

John Stossel Joins WND

Los Angeles Times: FBI confirms civil rights probe of Burbank police

A Remix Manifesto for Our New Copyright Czar

Live Hearings Bernanke at House Financial Services Committee

Socialized Medicine is Good Enough for Congress

Tulsa World editorial: New abortion bill challenged

More corporate welfare for MaoMart

O'Donnell is making heads asplode on Morning Blow

Jindal Urges Republicans to Change Course

Bachmann to raise funds for controversial Christian punk ministry

"I got mine" A veteran's story about health care

Hidden ‘Bundles’ of Lobbyist Giving Show Full Court Press by Health Care Donors

Poor Pitiful Republicans! ...Alan Grayson isn't giving them hell..he's just telling the truth

Grayson Whose Side Are You On? [UPDATE - Over $70,000]

Newsmax gets even more skanky!

Thousands Feared Dead in Indonesia Quake

Feds: Call centers employed kids as young as 13

After Grayson who will be the next Dem to tell the truth?

Healthcare reform is the barometer of the health of our nation.

LOL Lawrence O'Donnel

I'm confused! Is today Grayson or are we still on Polanski?

Strong Typhoon Heads Toward Flood-Battered Philippines

60th China military parade: Goose-stepping female militia in pink miniskirts and white jackboots

60th China military parade: Goose-stepping female militia in pink miniskirts and white jackboots

Possibility of a Nuclear-Armed Iran Alarms Arabs

Empire State Building lit for China, drawing ire

Grayson for President!

Key Dems confident card-check will pass

Key Dems confident card-check will pass

"Naddering nabobs of negativism"? Will they get the irony or not?

"Naddering nabobs of negativism"? Will they get the irony or not?


Special Health Care for Congress: Lawmakers' Health Care Perks

IAEA in the News - October 1, 2009

DU it pre-emptively! Please watch Orlando area media for online polls about Grayson and help Alan!

Manufacturing in U.S. Expands Less Than Forecast

"Death from above!": Mom rains billiard balls from rooftop on burglars' heads

Honduras Heads Toward Dialogue

Democratic or Third Party?

Delete: dupe

MLB? Say it ain't so.

Decision on Afghanistan Strategy Weeks Away as Obama Meets With Advisers

Why are we bowing to the corporatist MYTH that healthcare reform must involve Baucus's Finance Comm?

Gov. Perry dismisses 3 people on the board investigating (alleged) arsonist execution

Indians. vs. Environmentalists

"Grassley F-1 Modified Amendment." Assley just keeps on.

Walking Away From Affordable Mortgage May Become Winning Gambit

78% of people in Orlando Sentinel online readers poll agreed that Alan Grayson deserves credit for h

Anyone old enough to remember the "do nothing Congress" that

McCain awaiting Palin's memoir, hopes to learn WTF she was thinking

C'mon, people. Grayson deserves better. targets Democrats on public option (

Come join live chat: Get FISA Right

Dumb-as-a-Fox News.

Obama is wining some right wing harts and minds

The Obamas inside the eye of a needle

Grayson should tone it down for a couple of days.

Obsessive loyalty?

Judge orders release of Cheney interview with FBI

Grayson on Maddow Show: "These Are Foot-Dragging, Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals"!!!

The Best Flowchart Describing the Healthcare Reform Process

Cats always know when something is amiss.

Comcast considering purchase of NBC from GE

Contact Rep. Alan Grayson and tell him how much he is appreciated

Rep. Alan Grayson: "Let's remember we should care about people even after they're born."

Bernie Madoff inspired art "What You see Might Not Be Real"

Borowitz: "National Association of Undertakers Backs GOP Health Plan"

Thank you Democrats for going on the OFFENSE.

"I'm writing a $100 check to this guy right now"

Nukes Agency Pushes New Bomb

(Sen.) Panel votes to restore abstinence education money

"Obama Radio" is the temporary stunt format at WPUP-FM, Athens, GA

Hidden ‘Bundles’ of Lobbyist Giving Show Full Court Press by Health Care Donors

Robert Parry: US Press Corps Fails Again on Iran

re: Polanski - I apologize if this has been said before...

Reid cancels October recess to focus lawmakers on healthcare

Controversy, Sensationalism, Theatrics, Whatever it takes......

Autopsy: Jackson was in good overall health

Happy Birthday Former President Jimmy Carter - pics

Wall Street's New Halloween Trick by Jim Hightower


Bachmann warns of abortions at school.

Rachel Maddow was right to press the Congressman thrice.

Max Cleland's new book

Quick question for DU parliamentarians...(Rep. Grayson v. Rep. Wilson)

Marijuana in America: More Mainstream Than Ever, More Arrests Than Ever

Judge orders release of Cheney interview with FBI, government might appeal

D'oh for the GOP: While they attack Grayson, Bachmann says that HC reform means abortion field trips

Corker: Canada, France have 'parasitic relationship' with US {on health care} (

Can We Take a Minute To Thank John McCain For Putting Sarah Palin on the National Stage?

Shirin Sadeghi: The Iran and Obama Dance

Thom Hartmann is way too nice to these Repuke assholes

Dear Orlando Sentinel: Like Harry Truman, Alan Grayson isn't giving the Republicans hell - he's just

Free Screenings Tonight of "Capitalism: A Love Story" for the Jobless and Homeless

What if I were to become a Liberal pundit and just make shit up?

Here it is, folks! This year's hottest Halloween costume: "Health-Care C.E.O."

So Carper wants an amendment that allows states to set up their own public option????

Sarah Palin headed for the bargain bin

IF Chicago wins tomorrow, I think the torchbearer for the Opening Ceremonies is obvious

Do you "inherit" the ethics of the job you do?

Sand Animation of WWII from Ukraine

United HealthCare's Death Panels; An Appeals Letter

Detroit: Too broke to bury their dead

Rolling Stone's "Lie Machine" - the wingnut vast conspiracy names, extracted from it

WATCH: Stewart Destroys Dems For Not Getting Public Option Passed

Unemployed, Unisured, Foreclose and standing in line behind 130,000 H1-B imports for my next job

Tom Price: We’ll Scrap Grayson Resolution If He Apologizes

Do you have a student (.edu) email address or a student ID? You can get windows 7 for $29!

Another auto brand down: SATURN ("A different kind of car company"...remember that?)

Jesus is their healthcare provider

From the Nancy Pelosi daily presser: w.r.t. censuring Alan Grayson - jump up my Democratic ass..

United Healthcare "I think we can have both a public and private system."

Man, I hate Boehner. He makes me want to engage in physical violence. nt

How bout a sitin, at all republican offices, by the ill and screwed.

Recession Rising Like Phoenix With Property Delinquencies Surging Fivefold

Grayson raised $70K, GOP raised "a couple hundred dollars"

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Two high school klansmen arrested, wanted to blow up school

Finally a happy phone call!

The main difference between Liberals and Conservatives (Sorry if this has been seen before)

The spokesperson for the American Police Force Becky Shays (formerly of Billings Gazette)

Silly ass reporter talkin to Alex Witt...

Now Fox News Is Sponsoring Protests Against The Media

Insurance Industry Execs Privately Admit Public Option Will Not Bankrupt Them - Not Even Close

Is there really any chance that a Comcast purchase of NBC would pass antitrust laws? Yikes!

The End of My Rope (Dawn Smith - fromMoveOn)

Bill Clinton to receive honorary degree from Montreal's McGill University.

Grayson found something most Dems wish they had.......

Rockefeller Attempts to Force Insurance Companies to Dedicate More Cash to Care

A 'Medicare for All' demonstrator leaves the Senate Finance Committee health care markup - pic


We are the Borg of Microsoft. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Progressives Prepare to Pressure Reid to Include Public Option in Senate Health Care Bill

Just a reminder before you give any money to help the tsunami victims...

Just got a CNN breaking news email that 1,100 people have died in Indonesia (quake).

(old article) Boehner Rents Apartment Owned by (insurance) Lobbyist in D.C.

CA AG and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown to investigate ACORN

I just found something totally scary...just in time for Holloween....

"If anybody's going to apologize, everybody should apologize,'" -- Pelosi regarding harsh rhetoric

Ever notice how the three wise men of the Republican party: Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity?

Schwarzenegger asked to close prostitute Website

The Hyatt: Target of a Union President who kicks ass and she's from Southie

GA school banned from cheerleader-created Christian banners at games

Gov. Rick Perry's (Asshat R), cousin killed by sheriff's deputies

Selling lottery tickets to pay for health care: an American tradition.

McChrystal Rejects Scaling Down Afghan Military Aims...ok, i say get the fuck out

CNN: Texas' Gov. Perry's shakeup of execution investigation panel draws criticism

Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman explains spotty voting record: "I focused on family"

Holocaust or an Apocalypse its still 45,000 unnecessary dead Americans

Polanski rape apologists check in!

Immigration Crackdown; NYT Opinion Piece - "Broken in the USA"

Immigration Crackdown; NYT Opinion Piece - "Broken in the USA"

Michael Moore on Steph Miller,"They have to be removed from the Senate"....

S.C. Gov. Sanford doesn't want ethics report released

Doctors deny lesbian moms insemination based on 'moral grounds'

Christian group urges supporters to "Adopt a Liberal" to pray for.

Check in HERE if you know of someone who has died because he/she could not afford health care.

Does President Obama think the Iranians forgot what Saddam got after he allowed inspections?

Right uses 'ACORN' as mantra in bid to restrict voting - suggest tea partiers sign up as poll worker

Roman Polanski’s attorneys may have helped provoke his arrest

Lindsey Graham takes jab at Glenn Beck: ‘Only in America can you make that much money crying.’

OMFG Bachmann says that reformed healthcare will mean "sex clinics" offering abortions in schools--

Are Freepers, Teabaggers, Birtherers, Fundie going to add "The Book Of Sarah" to the New Testament?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Ha ha disregard that I smoke rocks.

The McChrystal Problem

U.N. fires diplomat Galbraith- for being too outspoken about fraud in Afghanistan's recent elections

AM radio is completely hosed in my house, static across the dial

The latest right wing meme re Grayson.

Kind of a tasteless question to ask right now: How Young Is Too Young?

Judge orders release of Cheney interview with FBI

Here's my insurance dirge

Sen. Graham Calls Beck 'A Cynic' And Birthers 'Crazy'

It will be Afghanistan, not healthcare that will determine whether Obama is a 1 term President /nt

Revealed: millions spent by lobby firms fighting Obama health reforms

Death probabilities (men):

Before Lucy came Ardi, new earliest hominid found

Is there usually American opposition to a US city hosting the Olympic games?

GM, Toyota, Ford Say U.S. Sales Fell After ‘Clunkers’ Aid Ended

The Powell Memo and the Teaching Machines of Right-Wing Extremists

Why is the time on DU posts 4 hours ahead of my computer?

LA Times Polanski article: DA states Polanski would go directly to sentencing -

So in my class this afternoon, only ONE person out of over 100 supports private healthcare...

Jesus is their healthcare provider

Sen Finance Cmte. Grassley Snowe amdmt???

What time will the Olympics announcement come tomorrow?

All this Grayson needs apologize shit is he touched me first politics

Grayson Campaign: We've Raised Between $125k-$150k Since Yesterday

Harkin: No GOP input on merged bill

Rick Perry Cousin Killed: Larry Don Wheeler Shot By Sheriff's Deputies

Navy seeks to Lift Ban on Women on Submarines

GOP tried to recruit hero pilot 'Sully' Sullenberger for 2010 bid

Call center in Utah in violation of child labor laws: 1,479 children cheated out of wages

There Should Be A Website Where One Could Go & Post How Health Insurance Companies Screw People ....

The Healthcare Holocaust Of The United States of America

Does anyone have any clue what single payer would cost as opposed to public option?

Who let Alex tWitt on msnbc during the 12-2pm slot?

Teen's Experiment Blasts Hole In Neighbor's Home

In this New York congressional race the most liberal candidate is the Republican

Exclusive: The First Excerpt from "Going Rogue"

I really, REALLY like the new Top Tens Interface.

The Ultimate Media Marriage: Comcast and NBC? The Stuff of Nightmares.

Iran to cooperate with nuclear watchdog, says Solana

Iran to cooperate with nuclear watchdog, says Solana

Daliy Kos' annetteboardman: Padang in Better Days

Rep. Grayson: ‘Limbaugh actually was more lucid when he was a drug addict.’..

Pelosi rules out healthcare co-ops

Please forgive me, wrong information

Please read this thread and watch what the Republicans are doing now!

Alan Grayson on Ed right now!

Support for abortion slips … because Obama is pro-choice?

This will make your day: BofA CEO: $53 million retirement score

NYT: Senator’s Aid to Mistress’s Husband Raises Ethics Flags

china today, a dictatorship on parade.

Dems question GOP doctors' opposition to health reform

Political Turmoil in Honduras May Cause Hondurans to Flee to New Orleans

Baucus got $1.5 mill from the health sector *and* a past VP of Wellpoint helped him draft "reform"

Senator Bill "Go Slow" Nelson has taken 1.5 million dollars

The science of life and death in Texas

It was only a rumor ...

White (D-Ne) wants $1M for campaign

Regarding Michelle Bachmann. Do you have to be sane to be in congress?

Gotta love Big Ed

Senate Defeats Bid to Force General's Testimony

Are we looking for converts or heretics?

Gas prices are dropping again, $2.01-$2.09 in South Jersey, $2.23 here

I say; Dems should put their feet on the gas pedal and accelerate...

GOP leader rips Hyatt boycott resolution, which stalls in Mass. senate

A Democrat with Guts!

Latest GOP Stunt on McChrystal Testimony Fails, and the GOP Is Lucky It Did

Sometimes things just creep me out.

Senior Official In Bush Domestic Propaganda Program Remains Obama’s Pentagon Spokesman

They're getting a little testy at the finance committee debate.

Could a New Orleans Flood Be Coming to a City Near You?

Garlic Aficianados Slam John Boehner For Insulting “Garlic Milkshake”

Boehner hasn't met "anyone" who backs public option

Email Nancy Grace and ask her WHY she's ignoring the census worker murder.

Let's just finance Universal coverage by taxing the PROFIT of the Insurers

Study: Religion-less is a new religion

Sen. Harkin Does NOT Want GOP at the table when Senate merges healthcare bills

Perdue bans gifts for all employees

Frat Boys at GW Rush to Undo Homophobic Stereotypes

Where Were Michael Steele and John Boehner In 2003?

Breaking on MSNBC

I didn't feel well... then all of a sudden...

We immediately released 300,000 dollars to Indonesia quake victims? I'm underwhelmed!

Starting Another Year of the War in Afghanistan; When in Doubt, Keep Killing.

Who are the big targets in 2010

Oh, I am sooo excited - Hannity says we can expect another Contract on America soon!

CHP not liable for killing of man left behind

John Pilger: The Lying Game (psy-ops against Iran)

Who do you identify with more: Your Paternal or Maternal side of the family? Both? Neither?

Huge wave came 'like a monster' Samoans assess destruction as aid from Hawaii arrives

What is the word for this type of personality????????

Bizarro World: Karl Rove Blasts Obama for 'Outsourcing Afghanistan'

State by State Public Option is a fig leaf to provide a non option option.

Caption Sen. Kyl

My doctor prescribed 30 more days of Physical Therapy . . . but

Prove John Boehner Wrong

Want to see the message that I sent to Boehner?

Kirstie Alley on Roman Polanski: Don't Celebrate or Defend Him, Hollywood!

Empire State Building lit Red/Yellow for 60th anniversary of Communist China...

they approved the anesthesiology but not the procedure or the facility

Fox News on a witch hunt for "czars" ~ Targeting Kevin Jennings

Erick Erickson (Red State) would rather abolish police force than see it unionize

Bet you didn't know this about Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Woody Allen speaks out on Roman Polanski

Poll: Vast Majority of Pakistanis Oppose US Partnership- "The US Is Seen as an Occupying Force"

Let's talk about helmets...

Call Boner's office and tell them to pass on that WE favor the Public Option!! **(202) 225-6205**

Keith Olbermann:Richard Wolffe Returns

Obama Bans Federal Employees From Texting While Driving

Glenn Beck's idol and guru Skousen on 'greasiest Negro slaves' and slave owners as victims

Is there a bigger waste of tax money than abstinence education?

If there is any truth to a JRE sex tape: How do we know that Rielle didn't make it?

excellent, yet ironically titled David Carradine movie tonight on TMC.

The House and Senate Continue Voting to Fund War but NO HEALTHCARE

network solutions outage or hack

Do Republicans want you to die?

Tourism Group's Acronym Backfires

Watch the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China on your computer!

Anyone know offhand when they announce the Olympic city?

Senator’s Aid After Affair Raises Flags Over Ethics.....the end of mr. ensign

Jay Rockefeller amendment to buy into Medicare at age 55?

We're entering a State of Grayson !

'First they came for ACORN.'.... SEIU is next! Prof. Dreier warns Dems about not fighting back!

U.S. troops call Afghan region 'Vietnam without napalm'

MSNBC - what the hell happened here? They have a spine.

Hey "BONER" I support the PUBLIC option

More Comedy from the American Police Force website

Big Quakes Weaken Faults on Other Side of Earth

UK vaccine progam in chaos after 14yr old vaccine death, US defers decison on using Cervarix

A GOOD Argument In Favor Of Comcast Acquiring NBC Universal

'American Police Force' founder a felon with at least 17 aliases

The entire MSNBC-Morning Joe-GOP panel is shitting in their pants right now

WH Economics adviser Austan Goolsbee takes home the top prize...

A couple of really good movie to get from Net Flix if they have them....

Are you bored about ACORN? Call Sen David Vitters office. ASK WHY HE LOVES PROSTITUTES

Are you bored about ACORN? Call Sen David Vitters office. ASK WHY HE LOVES PROSTITUTES

Hint to Dems in Congress. Stand up like Grayson and you won't need lobbyist money!

Dave Vitter's back in the sh!tter...

Obama/Joker Action Figure.

You thoughts on tasers:

How Is Alan Grayson Wrong?

Bachmann warns of 'sex clinics' and abortions in schools

Guardian UK: How healthcare industry sabotages the real healthcare reform

Baby cannot even crawl at 12 months old

DU's Rank and File Should File a Class-Action Lawsuit Against Fox.

'Malawi windmill boy with big fans' (BBC) - Fantastic story

How much payola is Congress getting from the Health Care Industry?

An amazing protest ---

Earthquake swarm in California this morning. 30 tiny quakes

Painting nails while driving? Distracted driving

castration and maybe a lobotomy needs to be considered in this case????

What is the primary purpose of prison?

Kudos (and much love & respect) to the *good men of the world*

Does anyone on DU know about or understand the Camel's Eye Treaty?

Tell your Senator: don't let the Baucus giveaway bill hit the floor.

Jon Krakauer is on TDS tonight! My favorite author...

Fossils may turn 'evolution on its head'

The first DainBramaged DU HERO of the week award goes to.........

Mika bresinki

I think Grayson was justified to use "holocaust".

China: 60 years in facts and figures

Elizabeth Smart says abductor raped her daily

I'm sick of the words of Thomas Jefferson being hijacked context-free to incite violence on BO

Get Windows 7 for free by hosting a launch party.

Dear Keith Olbermann and Ariana Huffington - re: "holocaust" Alan Grayson is Jewish.

Breaking - Democrats don't apologize and Earth remains on axis!

US Generals denounce a Dick named Cheney and his spoiled brat daughter

Grayson on Rush: "I’m sorry that Limbaugh is one sorry excuse for a human being"

U.S. troops call Afghan region 'Vietnam without napalm'

Why are fools and cowards...

75 Percent of Oklahoma High School Students Can't Name the First President of the U.S.

John Edwards Sex Tape?????

grayson poll in sentinel

grayson poll in sentinel

Kate Harding, Salon: Reminder: Roman Polanski raped a child

Bachmann to raise funds for controversial Christian punk ministry

"Holocaust" + "Let's remember we should care about people even after they're born." =

Petraeus: We Won't Repeat Russia's Mistakes In Afghanistan

Secret Service IDs kid for Facebook 'assassination poll' -- no charges

Boehner: "I'm still trying to find the first American who's in favor of the public option"

Baucus writes himself a note: 'Do Not Take The Bait' - pic

So I twisted my knee when the dogs tripped me on Monday. Not wanting to be

The Olympics have never been held in South America.

HEll yea I want the public option I have good insurance and am still getting screwed...

Reid Backs Down on Public Option While Pelosi Caves to Making Grayson Apologize

Reid Backs Down on Public Option While Pelosi Caves to Making Grayson Apologize

Reid Backs Down on Public Option While Pelosi Caves to Making Grayson Apologize

GOP REALLY in the shitter, I am not kidding, no sweat for Dems in 2010

Stacie Ritter lost everything. CIGNA CEO Ed Hanway bought another house

Ezra Klein: What If They Passed Single-Payer and Didn't Tell Anyone?

Ezra Klein: What If They Passed Single-Payer and Didn't Tell Anyone?

Ezra Klein: What If They Passed Single-Payer and Didn't Tell Anyone?

Frontline's Season Opener: "Obama's War"

Frontline's Season Opener: "Obama's War"

An Open Letter from Alan Grayson’s Mother

On the CNN grilling of Grayson - I have just one thing to say.

Portable pain weapon may end up in police hands


Can Alan Grayson pass some of his gray matter around?

I know I'm in the minority here but I think Alan Grayson should apologize

Dead Peasant Insurance

Is it time, to do an excommunication of far right religious freaks?

Media Matters ~ Breitbart burns R/W media with false claim "Community Organizers Pray TO Obama"

The mysterious police organization in Montana is not likely Blackwater -- it's more likely a scam

How do you rate America's news media in regards to reporting on Political Power in America?

Dear Democratic Governors: Declare a state of emergency in your state and use NG medical units

If Grayson runs for President he has got my vote! Finally some spine from a Democrat.

Thank you Ken Burns ..... The National Parks America's Best Idea

Thank you Ken Burns ..... The National Parks America's Best Idea

Roger Ebert: The anger of the festering fringe

The petition for Polanski and individuals/orgs that have signed it:

bwahahah. Senator Kerry blocks DeMinty's trip to Honduras

Where is the 9 billion that went missing in Iraq?

Grassley to rob poor to protect private health insurance profits

My sincere wish that there are many more birthdays for Jimmy Carter

DLC vice prez compares Rachel Maddow to Limbaugh, calls us "superfans"

Yet Another Sex Scandal Rocks Famous Film Director

GOP minority leader Boehner's constituent dies without health insurance

We really did evolve from monkeys!

The Rude Pundit: Rep. Alan Grayson May Just Fuck Your Shit Up

Hey John! Could you possibly make me feel any stupider for supporting your sorry ass?

Do you have a computer and a pulse? If so you can have a free operating system that

Why is our President making phone calls supporting Baucus's corporate welfare bill?

National Equality March - October 10th - 11th Washington, DC

UPDATE: The 'Mysterious' Firm Policing Montana & hired to fill its empty jail is BLACKWATER

Eat your garnish!

Suicide woman allowed to die because doctors feared saving her would be assault

"Guns, Fuck Young Girls, Die Quickly, Vagina Exposed, Sick Fuck Dies, Woman's Body Found Burning"

talkative cop on power trip while the cameras roll. This one is kind a of funny

China maps an end to the Afghan war - Asia Times

Ex-prosecutor admits he lied about Polanski case

Man who posted school video has second thoughts

update on one of the water wars: Dam disputes strain Turkey-Iraq ties

Natalie Morton died from large chest tumour, NOT hpv vaccine

Cenk Uygur: Howard Dean Vs. Rahm Emanuel


Tomorrow I become a foliage freak, a leafer

If this is real, this dude needs some serious help!

All-Time box office top 30 movies (out of 589)

Cross promotion....

"get that fuck`n stick in his side"....yes it`s-

Is it wrong that I LOVE the gay couple in Modern Family?

If History's Greatest Minds Lived in the Modern World

Do I have to look?

Three Games UP!

If anyone has interest

So I'm watching probably the worst sit com in the last decade...

My dog STINKS.

Funky Town

Richard Dawkins on Colbert Report tonight

When I watch TV shows and movies I notice the people who've had parts in Star Trek episodes

If I were the president of the US, I'd be very tempted to abuse my power to solve three problems:

Rescue Ink

What do you do about a dog owner that won't use a leash?


Passed the CUA exam!

self delete

And it's fuel is the years

Happy October, everyone

I feel dirty. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, but I went to IMDB to look at reviews

So , I was saying , what is it about the main theme from the movie "missing" ...

Hey Philadelphia Phillies


You MUST choose between these two bands.

How to get your kids to go to bed on time

How to get your kids to go to bed on time

Lucky man

The word "you" is sometimes highly inflamatory

You MUST pick one of these bands.

Live one

Derrion Albert. RIP

Historical tidbit of the day!

Under Pressure

You fill up my senses...

Pick a death metal band to play at your wedding

First no "So You Think You Can Dance" and now no "Glee." *disappointed*

Best Star Trek Second In Command?

Holy fuck...This music video is going to give me nightmares...

Good morning Lounge

Incident while waiting for a car repair at the dealer.

Anyone else here mightily inconvenienced right now by "America's Most Convenient Bank"?

Steven Colbert stumped Richard Dawkins last night

Because your life isn't a big enough hell: Literal Version of Air Supply Video

You MUST pick one of these two glands. ONE!!!!

N.Va. woman finds U.S. Capitol Police officer in her bed

Father, daughter charged with gang recruiting

1,700 animals found crammed in car boot

It Started in Scranton, It's Now Number One

Adobe GoLive question

Any Excel experts here?

Man calls 911 to confess to robbery

Miss Singapore stole credit cards to buy lingerie

hiccup! oops

Listening to John Phillips' "Wolfking of LA" - takes on a whole new meaning now

There is no "I" in team...

Ya don't tug on Superman's cape

Bangladesh awards farmer who killed 83,000 rats

I highly recommend the movie "Off The Map."

Give Bards a Break. Lock Up the Copycats!

All of a sudden I have this urge to watch "Major Dad"

Does anyone need any good vibes? I got 'em right here!

This is my oldest bookmarked page.

From Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac today:

Stupid video guaranteed to make you smile: corgi puppy with a floppy left ear

Fancy Feast Appetizers - cat people weigh in


Field trip to the farm (NSFW Language, but just one printed word)

Does anyone know how to use one of those radio scanner thingies? I'm completely stumped by mine.

I guess I have what you call "eclectic" taste in music....

I'm not sure what's sitting on this computer monitor but it ain't right!

Any good comedians from your neck of the woods? (Believe it or not, Maine

Merced cops use stun gun twice on unarmed amputee

God dammit. I was fucking suckered, # 2

*Wyatt Burp*

Just got back from a vacation in NV

Chef Morimoto Critiques U.S. Open Food

Would kratom be an opiate that is also a stimulant?

I hate Michigan Republicans

Tell me about a pivotal event that took place in your life that changed your

“Wow.” “New Camaro.” “Holy friggin neo-retrogasm, I want one.”

sugar shock alert

I love Kristin Chenoweth

Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas ...

i finally have some wedding photos


Name a movie either filmed or set in a town you lived in, while you lived there.

Have you ever had one of those problems that people say they wish they had?

Why is it when a guy wears a toupee he's considered vain?

Why is it when a guy wears a teepee he's considered maize(y)?

Tomorrow will be better, right?

I'm sitting here thinking how times have changed regarding children at school...

Mariska Hargitay

In 2001 we should have had a space station, commuter space ships and a Moon Base

Only 90 degrees for the next week. Fall has arrived in Phoenix!

Nude, poo-covered man jumps in pool


Should parking lots have painted lines?

50 things that are being killed by the internet

New Lucy and Tippy pics

A thread of inchoate rage

A "friend" on myspace has started with the anti-obama rantings

Friends indeed: Orangutan and dog

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/1/09

Poll question: You MUST choose between these two mans

I am really happy tonight My baby girl came home for the night


Anyone have a working PDA or Palm they aren't using??

Followers of LOST

Post a pic of a part of your state that seceded from the rest of the state!

Remember going to the arcade at the mall with a fistfull of quarters

OK Ladies -- What do you think? Mustache or no mustache?

2 years of the Cheezburger Network, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

Sex inspires females to do chores (in fruit flies, at least)

Guerrilla signs: 15 funny road and rail notices

How 20 popular websites looked when they launched

I demand that add a AH Lounge forum.

Something's on my mind (and it doesn't involve french fries)...

Non-dog owning DUers, I have a question for you:

As a fan of the new show "Modern Family", and allowing myself to be totally shallow for a moment...

Fairy Houses

Worcester, MA natives

2 awesome movies you (probably) never heard of

Top Ten Reasons Why Your Son Chose To Attend Arizona State University

I call this drink the "Wilfredo Lam" - in honor of the Cuban Artist

What's your view of animal research solely for human benefit?

What music have you listened to lately?

You ever have times when someone proudly shows you something - and you can't say it sucks balls?

Non Polanski / Grayson / Vitter post

Give us your car history. What have you had and how long?

Still hurting over a friend's suicide

Rescued another Kitten last night

Winter is coming!! Post your tips to keeping your heating bill down in costs!!

Popsicle Man!

I sang tonight. And playd the guitar (although sloppily). Gol dang, 15+years of

Which of the Ten Largest American Cities are you the least interested in visiting?

bradblog in for malloy... just gave a shout-out to du!

HEADS UP-Alan Grayson will be on Rachel Maddow's show tonight

Michael Steele's RNC tied to web site that promoted military coup against the President

It's time to turn the tide.

Finance Committee to vote on healthcare next week - after CBO scores bill.

E.P.A. Moves to Curtail Greenhouse Gas Emissions

I'm Such A Shitty Senator by Max Baucus

Health care may hit House, Senate floor mid-month

Coultergist lying again

New Player in Health Care Reform Fight

Contribute to Alan Grayson here.

Nike resigns from the US Chamber of Commerce over climate change denial

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FLA)

Franken has been more laid back than I hoped, maybe just getting his feet wet!

Joe Madison: Grayson should APOLOGIZE!!!

Cute PHOTO of POTUS and Maria Hinojosa from "Now" on PBS. (fixed link)

"U.S. Opens Door To Bilateral Talks With Iranians"

If you aren't already doing so, you need to give Joy Behar on HLN some ratings!

OMG check out this billboard some wingnuts put up in Kansas City!!

A speech Obama should make.

Are the Gitmo POW's headed to Montana?

A Quick reminder of who was hurt when the US last teetered on the brink...

Kerry On Iran: Diplomacy, Backed By Pressure, Remains The Best Course

White House Wants Fewer Reporter Protections in Shield Law

Thank you Rep. Alan Grayson for taking a stand.

More bullshit alternatives to a public option from Senators

NY-23: Scozzafava Narrowly Leads 3-Way Race

Lowden unveils Senate bid

North Carolina: HonorAir Founder Mulls Shuler Challenge

OR-5: Scott Bruun to run against Kurt Schrader

McCain just tried to pass an amendment that would force McChrystal to testify before Congress

White House Highlights Grim Scenarios

wingnut Politico poll needs some love

***POTUS will speak at 3:05 (ET) per MSNBC*** - will discuss Iran and

POTUS Remarks on the P5+1 talks with Iran

Rockefeller has a good idea for a new amendment to the Finance bill

KO's Lou Dobs impression,

Pelosi: No Grayson apology necessary

Al Gore's statement on the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act

PA-Sen, PA-Gov: Tight Senate Race, Corbett Leads for Governor

Obama Approval Hits 1-Month High in Gallup Poll

Seaver wants to be the GOP standard bearer against Democrat Barrow

Holocaust: Is the word only allowed to be used for one subject?

Question about healthcare...

Jonathan Altier is a whimp...

Senator Ensign Makes Great Argument for a Public Option… Oops

Dubie to run for governor in 2010

PHOTO Anesthetize yourself, you ****.

Reid sends a letter to WH: Time to move on DADT

Judge orders release of Cheney interview with FBI...alrighty now

Cantwell’s “Basic Health Plan”: A Better Exchange, But Not A Public Option

PHOTOS: FLOTUS meets the Queen of Denmark

If someone ever gives me one of those fake "winning" lottery tickets

Secret Service has closed investigation into the Facebook poll - no charges

Orrin Hatch must win reelection by 70 percent

FYI - Per MSNBC, If Chicago does not get the Olympics, Obama's star power will be diminished!

Sr. Obama NSC Aide Quits for Military

I know it's petty but I HATE the term FLOTUS. It's even worse than POTUS

Jeremy Scahill: Bizarro World: Karl Rove Blasts Obama for 'Outsourcing Afghanistan'

"Republicans, you are a Lie Factory!" Grayson on Big Ed now! nt

After obstructing, supporting teabaggers, Repubs are now whining about being left out

Who do you want to win the Olympic bid?

Orly Taitz is a fraud!

PHOTO Caption it?

why talking about the meaning of "holocaust" is productive

Publisher of Consumer Reports jumps into fight over health care - launches ad supporting Obama plan.

Capitol Hill Personalities Play A Key Role In How Health Bills Are Taking Shape

Perdue, Obama yakkin' 'bout Yadkin

Two ironies occurred to me today: A "Rockefeller" decedent of the robber barons

randi just said grayson's raised over $150,000!

So Why Exactly Do These WingNuts Always Think That the Military Will Be on Their Side?

PHOTO Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, friendly old girl of a town...Michelle!

Joan Walsh: Reading "The Clinton Tapes," thinking about Obama (Very interesting read)

Finally, a detailed list of contributions by health industry companies' PACs, employees, family

Finance Committee passes Cantwell's state-based plan

Hagan: Women need reform

Poll needs some DU love


You would prefer THIS, Mr. Steele? (A Photo Essay.)

(Obama Economic Advisor) "Austan Goolsbee takes the prize" FUNNY stuff!

Kerry on health care: Obama's approach prevents repeat of '93 - '94, co-ops don't work

Ok, so WHEN is McCain going to tell us how to get Bin Ladin?

Bloomberg - "Iran Agrees to Nuclear Plant Inspections, Enrichment"

Kerry on Afghanistan and Iran

Obama rings Finance Dems

I wish the Dems. in Congress would call on Repubs. not to use "Democrat" as an adjective

Dr Steffie Woolhander of Harvard: Mandate "a total victory for the health insurance industry"

Sen. Cornyn "Most insurance companies are honorable."

What Is Your Education Level In Terms Of School?

Any James McMurtry fans here?

PHOTOS Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter - 85 today.

Foot-dragging, Knuckle-dragging, Neandrethals... Rep. Grayson on Rachel Maddow

US relinquishes control of the internet

E.P.A. Moves to Curtail Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Without Bush, media lose interest in war caskets

Deadly attack in Philippines sparks alarm

Gates Doubts U.S.'s Afghan Strategy

BofA CEO Lewis out by year's end, search on for successor

Iraqi PM ditches old Shia allies

Iraqi PM ditches old Shia allies

Chávez and Gaddafi urge redefining of ‘terrorism’

Ken Lewis Retiring: Bank Of America CEO To Step Down By End Of 2009

UK fraud office aims to prosecute BAE Systems

Peru: Fujimori is sentenced

Obama threat costs CPA his license

BAE Systems faces bribery charges

EPA moves to regulate smokestack greenhouse gases

Ecuador: 1 dead, at least 49 wounded in protest

Show of force for China anniversary

Special Health Care for Congress: Lawmakers' Health Care Perks

Galbraith Ally Resigns From U.N. Mission in Afghanistan

Unity Is Rallying Cry Ahead of Iraq Elections

Texas governor shakes up panel probing 2004 execution {Willingham "arson" case}

Owosso gunman ruled incompetent to stand trial (killer of anti-abortion activist)

(American Police Force) head Hilton has criminal past

LA Times, Washington Post breaking up news service

In 16 states, drug deaths overtake traffic fatals

Jobless claims rise; Americans' spending jumps

In tight times, Congress boosts its budget

Romanian Government Collapses


Honduras' Micheletti backs off Brazil deadline

Envoy says his firing will hurt U.N. mission in Afghanistan

US, Iran Hold Rare Bilateral Meeting

SNAP ANALYSIS: Limited Geneva deal wins Iran sanctions respite

Shakeup in Texas execution probe draws criticism, questions

Oldest "Human" Skeleton Found--Disproves "Missing Link"

Bush & Gore to visit Korea this month

House Votes To Block Guantanamo Transfers To U.S.


General Stanley McChrystal: we must give the Taleban jobs

Empire State Building to honor China in lights ("to go red for China")

Council split complicates Obama's Afghan decision

Facebook Sued By Anti-Video-Gamer Jack Thompson, Citing "Kill Obama" Facebook Poll As Precedence

UN rights council condemns abuses in Honduras coup, supports restoration of overthrown gov't

Budget deal reached after 2-hour state shutdown (Michigan)

U.S. Consumer Spending Jumps the Most Since '01 in Sign Economy Rebounding

New quake hits stricken Sumatra

Reid: Final health bill will have a 'public option'

KPMG and PwC Reykjavik offices are raided by Icelandic police

Ousted president set to return

McChrystal Rejects Lower Afghan Aims

Former DEA Agent Reaches Tentative Settlement in CIA Case

Kevin Jennings: Obama Aide Under Attack From Fox News, Conservatives

Perry removes panel appointees before hearing on flawed arson inquiry; new chair delays session

Magnitude 6.6 - Southern Sumatra, Indonesia

Bankrupt Cayman Islands to get £38m bail-out

Officials: U.S. to demand access to Iran's nuke facility

Sumatran Doctors Struggle as Quake Death Toll Rises to 1,100

McCollum's 'ACORN' bill targets corporations that run afoul of law

Judge orders release of Cheney interview with FBI

UK Supreme Court judges sworn in

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 1

Obama bans gov't workers from texting while driving

Cousin of Texas governor killed by deputies

Argentina's Menem charged with obstructing bomb probe (Jewish building)

Osama is in Pakistan, claims US envoy

NY judge: CIA can keep 9/11 videotape info secret

BofA CEO: $53 Million Retirement Score

BREAKING: State(Michigan) officially shut down

Grayson: The GOP is a "lie factory"

Child was behind Facebook poll on killing Obama

Iran agrees to ship enriched uranium to Russia for refinement

An Obama Phone Call, But Senator Rockefeller Makes No Commitments

Schwarzenegger asked to close prostitute Website

Reid calls on Obama to show leadership in helping repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

GOP opts against new Grayson resolution Tuesday

White House Calls Out Fox By Name For Lying

Toomey takes narrow lead over Specter, poll shows (US Senate PA)

Alan Grayson's Apology is the best one since Capt. Sheridan's

Rush On Alan Grayson & Nobody Dying From Lack Of Health Insurance

Rep. Weiner To Ed Schultz: The GOP "Are A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of The Insurance Industry!"

Countdown: Sen. Rockefeller Discusses Offering Sen. Franken's Fairness Bill As An Amendment

Pedal Power and the Sun power a concert stage

Children Singing Praises To President Nixon In 1972

U2 pays tribute to Senator Kennedy at D.C. show (9/29/09)

TYT: David Vitter Fights Against Fake Prostitution Rings

Bill O'Reilly: Will The "Far" Left Bring Obama Down?

CNN's Anderson Cooper: Is President Obama At Risk?

Hope for Health Care Reform

Anderson Cooper: Health Insurance Confusion To Make Profits?

Michael Moore: Greed Killed the Newspapers

When & Why Did Journalists Sell Out?

Rep Alan Grayson: Republicans Are "Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals"

The Reason Why Conserva-Dems Sold Out Their Constituents

Mad doctors push single-payer health care

HLN: Joy Behar & Bill Maher Discuss Rep Alan Grayson, Health Care, Obama, Glenn BecKKK & Polanski

Countdown: Rockefeller on Health Insurance Cos. - 'They've Been Ripping Off American Consumers.'

Community Appear to Pray to President Obama !!!

Saving Healthcare Reform from the Jaws of Corporate Greed!

Marcy Wheeler: Progressives and the Fight for Healthcare

TYT: Clown At Take Back America Conf. - Obama First Muslim President

Keith Olbermann & Arianna Huffington: Rep Grayson's Anatomy

Mad As Hell Doctors Rally At The White House

Glenn Beck blames godlessness for America's problems

Revelation updated to fit into the NWO conspiracy theory

Manufacturing holds votes for Climate bill

Rachel Maddow: GOP Senator Vitter's 'Prostitute Hypocrisy'

Republicans Are Knuckle Dragging Neanderthals! Congressman Grayson

TPMtv Highlight Reel: Grayson On Health Care And Republicans

Hey......Blue Dog.......

Fox News shows murder and blames it on the godless

Pelosi: No Grayson apology needed

THE ONION Poll: Happy, Healthy Obamas Out Of Touch With Miserable Americans

Richard Dawkins has a new book out on the evidence for evolution by natural selection

Emotionality of GOP Hijacked Issues

Operation Coffee Cup: Ronald Reagan's Early War In 1961 Against "Socialized Medicine" - AKA Medicare

Angry doctors storm Washington D.C.

Tim Dickinson Discusses GOP Orchestrated Town Hall Protests (from Morning Joe)

Rachel Maddow profiles Rick Berman, the king of corporate-sponsored lies

Time-lapse glimpse of DU: Sesame Street's take on "Mad Men".

Stacie Ritter sets out to confront CIGNA's Ed

Dennis Kucinich & The Mad As Hell Doctors!

Some cops are despicable.

The Most Popular User on YouTube tells the Truth about our Economy

ABC News: The First Lady & Oprah Make Olympic Bid

Lindsey Graham Speaks Out Against Glenn Beck & Birthers

Headzup: Obama Asked About Sound Cannons Being Used On G-20 Protestors

Paul Broun Tells A Man With Major Depressive Disorder To Go To The Emergency Room

Rep Kucinich At The Mad As Hell Doctors' Rally In DC: "Healthcare is a Civil and Human Right!"

Beck Attacks Obama's Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, The White House Fights Back Against "Fox Lies"

TYT: Conservative Magazine Calls For Military Coup Of Obama

Alan Grayson Smacks Down Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke; laughs in his face

Rep. Bachmann Warns of Abortion Field Trips - She's baaack!

Neil Cavuto and Congressman Grayson

Rep. Cummings on Morning Joe - 'Die Slowly'

Comcast in deal talks with NBC Universal

BBC now admits Al Qaeda * NEVER * existed.

Rachel Maddow Interviews Rep Alan "Straightshooter" Grayson

Remember me? Because, I am sure the media has done its best to ignore us

Rep. Alan Grayson on the Ed Schultz Show: Response Has Been 'Overwhelmingly Positive' (10/01/09)

Glenn Beck Divining the Future

Chris Floyd: Obama Fires Diplomat for Urging Fraud Probe in Afghan Vote

GOP Attacks Rep. Grayson with Cult - Blue Oyster Cult

Living with PTSD: A former sergeant’s personal hell

Chicago's Olympic bid: An expensive proposition

The Centrist Public Option

Health Care is a Civil Rights was Slavery!

Vote of No Confidence in E-Voting Merger: Talking with Democracy Warrior Nancy Tobi

As U.S. Plots Iran Strategy, Envoy’s Visit Hints at a Thaw.

The Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran Crowd Is Heating Up Again

Ismail Khan Warns against US Troop Surge (Maybe bloodthirsty warlords are the ticket!)

Obama, don't cave in to bullies

GOP Demotes Sonia Sotomayor

Chávez and Gaddafi urge redefining of ‘terrorism’

Is Obama Man or Mouse asks Gene Lyons

Without Bush, media lose interest in war caskets

Swiss Health Care Thrives Without Public Option.

India trade leader: Visa limits a 'business killer'

IT jobs may get left behind in recovery

Trial by Fire Did Texas execute an innocent man?

FPIF: Casino Capitalism as Usual

Ladd: Nationalized legal service, healthcare, and campaign finance reform

The Powell Memo and the Teaching Machines of Right-Wing Extremists

'creating the same kind of climate here that existed in Israel on the eve of the Rabin assassination

GOP Supports Public Option for Fetuses, to Expire at Birth

SNAP ANALYSIS: Limited Geneva deal wins Iran sanctions respite

Afghanistan's people have advice for Obama and the U.S. military

Polanski's Lost Alibi by Marcia Clark

Any way you slice it, that's a lot of malarkey

Tough Progressive Congressman - putting fear in the Repubs

Judge rules FBI can't keep Cheney interview buried

Revealed: millions spent by lobby firms fighting Obama health reforms

For Alan Grayson, a liberal rebel, ‘die quickly’ was tame - joked cheney invited Biden waterboarding

APF Founder Has Criminal Background (LULR8 re: Hardin & American Police Force)

Polanski's Victim and Me

"Exposing How the Government Lied about National Security Letters and the Patriot Act"

A New Economy from Old Roots?

The power, and threat, of Iran

Stewart Destroys Dems For Not Getting Public Option Passed (Vid)

Saratoga Springs board to consider modifying ban on riding bikes to schools

Tough Progressive Congressman Alan Grayson Is Putting the Fear in Republicans

Twilight of Pax Americana

Why the new Dan Brown book is a love letter to the Freemasons.

EXCLUSIVE: Cantor: Obama's not met with GOP leaders since May

The media's vast rightwing idiocy

Pelosi: Grayson Shouldn't Apologize

State to Mom: Stop babysitting neighbors' kids

(545 Recs @ DailyKos) Howard Dean vs. Rahm Emanuel by Cenk Uygur

Bicycle-powered concert stage

Peak oil notes - Oct 1

A Stunning Review Of Carolyn Baker's Sacred Demise (Keith Farnish)

Gas shortage could leave Anchorage in the dark

Drumbeat: October 1, 2009

Coral bleaching increases chances of coral disease

By 2050, 25m more children will go hungry as climate change leads to food crisis

(2005-2007) 'Killer' Southeast Drought Low on Scale, Says Study

NSW's Iconic Red Gum Trees In Serious Trouble - 90% In Surveyed Forest Stressed, Near-Dead Or Dead

New Typhoon - Parma - Heading For Philippines In Wake Of Flooding Disaster - Nation On Alert - AFP

How to Make Biodiesel With a Commercial Kit

Massive Texas wind farm operating

(New Scientist) Post-human Earth: How the planet will recover from us

Tokyo Governor: Global warming may make 2016 Olympics the last

E.P.A. Moves to Curtail Greenhouse Gas Emissions

PV Module Production Doubles in 2008 (to 7.3 GW per year)

Loss of top predators causing surge in smaller predators, ecosystem collapse

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Solar Panel Tariff May Further Strain U.S.-China Trade

Pickup Truck Sales In US Hit 25-Year Low - NYT

Living with PTSD: A former sergeant’s personal hell

I Love Fish!

Tigers-Twins: SPOILER

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, September 30)

Bankruptcy court judge rejects both bids for Coyotes

Angels in 4....

Oklahoma's Bradford won’t return vs. Miami

Congratulations, Rockies

Tigers lose in a wild, wild game, marred by bad officiating

Jerry Jones: "I did not buy the Cowboys to make money. ... I wanted to coach."

It's official...... The Rockies Clinch!!!

Sam Bradford will not start for Oklahoma against Miami Hurricanes

You know what time of year it is?

Pick the World Series Champion

Giants exceeded expectations on '09

Eric Wedge is fired as Cleveland manager

If the Rockies win the NL West, they only deserve partial credit...


Third year in a row the Marlins have played spoiler for a potential playoff team

Stompin Tom Connors - The Hockey Song

Vick, Nike sign new deal

Tonight the fun finally starts!

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update – 9/30

Resistance "bullaranga" coming up in Honduras.

Photos of repression from San Pedro Sula in Honduras


Magbana: Honduran Resistance Update – 10/1


Argentina's Menem charged with obstructing bomb probe

Gustavo Dudamel arrives to L.A.

Dutch vice-consul in Honduras reprimanded for coup support

IMF: Venezuela will post the highest inflation in the hemisphere

Brazilian delegates visit embassy in Honduras

Ros-Lehtinen to Visit Honduras for Meetings with Top Officials

Honduras: censored Radio Globo quadruples listeners by going online

“Proceed with the November Election” Says Moonlighting Mediator, Part Time Costa Rican Prez and Some

Mercedes Sosa in critical condition, near death, in Buenos Aires hospital

Chavez and Kadhafi to sign agreements boosting ties

Chavez declares the state of emergency for the health system in Venezuela

Ecuador: 1 dead, at least 49 wounded in protest

Senator suggests Brazilian Congress to veto Venezuela's entry into Mercosur

Interesting Chicago Gun Poll

Try Explaining THAT When You Get Pulled Over

Gun rights lawyer predicts Chicago gun ban will fall, crime will fall. Do you agree?

Just renewed my PA State License To Carry A Firearm yesterday.

Israel prepares for battle over war crimes claims

Netanyahu nixes call for Israeli inquiry into Gaza war

Gaza al-Quds hospital to be rebuilt

Goldstone's Gaza probe did Israel a favor

Israel warns UN body against Gaza report

PA envoy to Geneva: We'll withdraw support for Goldstone report

Cape Girardeau woman shoots, kills would-be rapist at her home

wee bit of wabi sabi

Fire Escape Series

A little wabi, a little sabi, and a bunch of whatever (dial-up warning)

Today in Labor History Oct 1, 21 die when the L.A. Times building is dynamited & The Trail of Tears

Cement company to lay off 87

Tiger Woods is first athlete to reach $1 billion in earnings

Deere & Co. and UAW ...tentative contract agreement

This is what a lockout looks like

Wal-Mart & McDonalds Both Using A Public Option To Cover Their Ohio Workers’ Healthcare

More Hubble beauties...

MESSENGER's Third Gravity Assist Successful- next stop, Mercury Orbit!

370-million-pixel starscape of the Lagoon Nebula

Want to lose weight? Get more sleep. (SciAm)

Fossils may turn 'evolution on its head'

Wow... Scientists image religious belief inside the brain

Happy 3rd Mars year, Opportunity rover!

Oldest "Human" Skeleton Found--Disproves "Missing Link"

Genetic studies show that India’s caste system descended from two tribes ‘not colonialism’

Space radiation hits record high

Study suggests we don't understand Dark Matter and Gravity...

"Suicide – the soldiers left behind", by veteran Michael Duffy

Gay Marriage & The National Football League

Maine will scrutinize anti-gay groups

Drag Queen sings America's National Anthem at Giants baseball game (1st time ever)

Perhaps this is petty and resentful...

Ken Lewis: Grizzled, Frazzled And Soon Gone

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/29/09

Rep. Dennis Kucinich asks Obama to create new federal jobs program

Shiny new AAA securities! Hooray!

You Have No Clue How Bad Bank Balance Sheets Really Are

BofA, Wells Fargo, JPM, Citigroup FDIC Fees May Top $10 Billion

The Touchstone

An action item for one kitty, one family; I'm keeping Atreyu .....

Atlantis Rising?

May all our dreams come true

Need some positive energy...

Astro folx, please explain: WHAT'S HAPPENIN'!

a close incounter...of the furry kind ;)

A view from the inside, former health insurance cos senior exec.

C'mon, people. Grayson deserves better.

C'mon, people. Grayson deserves better.

UK schoolgirl who died after HPV vaccine actually died from a large malignant tumor.

Smoking during pregnancy increases psychosis rates up to 84%

44,000 deaths a year (Grayson's #)=121 deaths today, tomorrow,etc

October - Visionary, Dreaming and Intuition Thread!

October 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

What intolerant person is buried in Grant's Tomb?

PZ Myers vs. The Ten Commandments

U.S. Christianity--the broader picture

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