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Headlines say McCain takes on GOP, Bush along with Obama like he is really actually

Volunteer Ideas Needed

If Repubs are so BIG on Patriotism why isn't AIP story out there??

Forget Palin and focus on -- 1) 8 is enough 2) McCain=Bush

Okay. I agree we should ignore Palin, but this was too much to pass up:

I bought the "free" Obama Biden magnet for $15

How will tommorrow's bailout of Fannie and Freddie effect the election?

The questions swirling around Palin are not going to go away

Remember LIZZ? Well she's back with Daily Show-ish videos.

What's Palin's Governorship actually worth?

Remember LIS?

I'm not from PA but I'm bitter as hell!

Front page: HuffPo

What's This About BabyGate?

Remember taking down that asshole in Virginia?

Stopped by local (St Louis City) Obama HQ

Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sarah Palin OMG SARAH PALIN!!!!11

what really happened in Iraq re: the Surge


**New Slogan RE: Palin's Refusal to Face the Press!!**

Drudge changed his language from "expose" to "detailed story"

McCain-Palin becoming Palin-McCain? Theft in The Works???

What probing question will Sarah Palin cry when asked by Charles Gibson in the interview?

Do you think Ron Paul supporters will come to our side?

What the folks back home (in NE) are saying about the election

McCain is part of the problem! He can't be part of the solution!

For those of us in solid states with little advertising...

Look...If Obama was up by 7 before the RNC....

I'm so sick of this Oprah Smear crap

Does anyone have a script or talking points to use for calling Spanish Speakers?


Piling on are so Bold as to unveil the UPPITY CARD

I Propose that Barack Obama Boycott the M$M

This race is about to really tighten up. Who's ready?

McCain's Misogyny & Fear Keep Palin On Tight Leash-All that's missing is her burka.

Guess What...

Polls, Schmolls. Why we needn't panic, but why we need to work our butt off...

FW: About Sarah Palin (from an Alaskan)

Sarah Palin Theme Song on "True Blood" tonight

Bill O'Reilly: "Chatting with Obama" (Interesting read)

Who's got the MSNBC Phone Number? I'm Calling today and tomorrow, and the day after that!

It's Coming- Team Obama's Offensive On McCain's Temperament. "He's Not A Maverick, He's Erratic"

For all tracking -poll addicts...

Are DUers really calling MSNBC based on a Drudge headline?

What can we do to get Obama/Biden elected.

Didn't MSNBC Boast Top Primary Nights Coverage?

Polls: Look at the internals, and chill out.

dupe. sorry

Deleted by poster as dupe:

Deleted by poster as dupe:

A new USA/Gallup poll different from the Gallup tracking Obama down 50-46

On C-SPAN now - Palin's Alaska gov Debate, nt

what's the difference between a likely voter and a registered voter?

We need to start putting pressure on Gibson and ABC to do a hard hitting interview



Colorado Dems: Palin will attract GOP base but repel moderates

I dont care what some of you thought about Russert.

A Modest Proposal...

Before we all freak out I think we need to wait for some new state polling

Aren't we forgetting about voter turnout?

McCain's accounts of his captivity make much of the poor medical

********Why I am NOT a PUMA*********

Bad News: McCain up 10, 54-44 (LV), 50-46 (RV) (Gallup/USA Today)

ABC News' Gibson lands first Palin interview

Obama retains lead in CNN poll

On C-SPAN now - Palin's Alaska gov Debate, nt

If those national polls were acurate, don't you think.........

This made me feel better

Will You Keep Watching Cable News?

You can download full audio of Barack's convention speech for free here:

Gallup's numbers for Saturday: September 6 Obama 47, McCain 48 (McCain +1)

I won't be watchin MSNBC election night....

Palin failing as mayor of Wassilla, Palin failing to keep the city in the black...

Palin's pastor urges flock to pray for the media

As I posted on a forum populated by GOPer nutballs

Reagan was behind Carter. Kennedy was behind Nixon...

Let McCain be in the Lead. Let the American people imagine their future up close!

OMG Palin on C-SPAN NOW doing a Debate for Alaskian GOV

I think it's dirty how they are using Palin

One thing I'd like to see the Obama campaign do.

Obama's response to Westmoreland! OUCH!

Sabato: "It is really surprising how quickly convention memories fade"

Notes from a bitch...

FW: About Sarah Palin (from an Alaskan)

Is the person who has the Cheney Palin morphed together face here right now?

I have a great question for palin by charlie gibson

I welcome Hillary Clinton to my homestate Florida!

Breaking on Drudge: MSNBC drops Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from election anchor chair

McCain to offer Lieberman a job?

Google search results re; Angry Sarah Palin

Want to have fun writing response to Repuke?

Tomgram: Michael Schwartz, Is American Success a Failure in Iraq?

CALL MSNBC NOW: 1 212 664 4444

Just ending: AK governor's debate on CSPAN repeats at 1230EST

CNN's Mark Preston seems to indicate of some upcoming dirt on Palin

CNN's Mark Preston seems to indicate of some upcoming dirt on Palin

Let's get to know MCCAIN'S Lobbyists - folks - THIS isn't "change"

I have a question for you all.

James Inhofe is a sad little man

James Inhofe is a sad little man

Obama might want to run a commercial showing Rick Davis saying issues don't matter and then show

interesting dailykos read for those who think DU should now be PU .....

List of candidates in the United States presidential election... and a poll

MSNBC should remember that Keith has walked before

Today's most searched topics on Yahoo

Need references: McCain's abortion flip-flops

Need references: McCain's abortion flip-flops

an irony on the GOP attack on community organizers: they say charities should do welfare work

I know your worried but remember that Bill Clinton won

What did the polls do when Geraldine Ferraro was picked as VP?

This just in: Mattel to be introducing the Sarah Palin doll

history lesson ...i give you...the keating 5

Which is the stupidest move by the Obama campaign so far?

*****Official DU Pissed as Hell Thread*******

"Use a condom or become a Republican!"

******************Official DU Panic Thread************************

A reality check from a small town resident

Here's the ultra-boring, Drudge-hyped NYT baby puff piece

How many times is CNN going to re-air the McCain biography

Palin = Perot?

I predict a 10 point drop for McCain/Palin after she is exposed and her star fades

There Is NO F&*king Way That More Of Our Fellow Americans Plan On Voting For McSame

The elephant in the room: choosing HRC as VP would have avoided Palinmania altogether.

Geraldine Ferraro on Palin

I get CRAZY pissed off too, but ask yourself:

BREAKING: Election hasn't happened yet!

10 Comments Overheard During Secret Palin Cram Sessions?

Biden "has to watch himself"

If You're Concerned About McCain's Lead In The Polls, Work Harder, Donate

After a solid year of politicing how can anybody

The Sarah Bush / George W. Palin Photoshopping fun continues...just found a new one.

Is Osama bin Palen just another BushCo psy-op?

Is this Deja Vu 2004 ?

Barack poll numbers go down, the hillary posts go up?

Politico: Doh!: Top eight gaffes of the campaign

They need to say "Republican" more

Did you really think this was going to be easy?

Kerry talked too much about Vietnam in 2004

Obama, 60 senators and the 2010 senate races

McCain Still Supports Privatizing Social Security

The most surprising thing about McCain pushing a woman in a wheelchair..

Fun with Republicans (As in Fun with audio from SNL shorts)

world first teen myspace page written by politicians?

Marty Moose! Marty Moose!

Guys - just thought you ought to be aware of this: GOP Voter Registration FRAUD in California

Obama needs back in the news....Let's talk Obama HERE

A word of advice on PANIC!!!!

Time for media flurry from the Obamas.....

Time for media flurry from the Obamas.....

I'm not sensing that this Lynn Westmoreland "uppity" remark is getting a lot of traction

I just realized why Obama is going to win this thing

Frank Rich: Frauds And Lies-How long before we learn she never shot a moose?

NYTimes: MSNBC Takes Incendiary Hosts From Anchor Seat

How much does Tom Brady's knee injury help McCain?

Steve "A**#[email protected]" Schmidt : Media is easy to manipulate

Here's your Letter writing Tool! Please use it!

McCain Is `Tied or Behind' in Swing States He Needs for Victory

Looks like Huffington Post has finaly caught up with Drudge

Barack Obama Gives Bill O'Reilly His Second Highest Ratings Ever

For the past 19 months, Obama (and the campaign) have done much better when they were "underdogs"

Should Axelrod be replaced?

CNN/USA TODAY/GALLUP POLL, September 5th, Bush: 52 Kerry: 45

How to protect your lawn signs

How to protect your lawn signs

She's not stupid. She intensely ambitious and intellectually incurious. Like Bush.

Defenders of Wildlife Launch Attack on Palin

Symbols > policy speeches

What's all this GD FUSS about? Huh???

Oh for fucks sake Why is Biden now saying Life Begins at Conception

FWIT: NY Times doing FRONT page story about Palin's baby

Palin is going back to alaska for an ABC interview, She went back to AK from TX to have her baby

some alaskan blogs to keep upto date on palin from their point of view:

Please, prepare yourself because Palin will not flub from script...

Fantastic news for gays and lesbians! We won't be blamed if we lose this time around

NYT Link (re MSNBC)

Fuck it.

8 houses, $14M. Lost primary because of bush lies, $30M. Being overshadowed by Veep... priceless.

Obama, Bill Clinton to sit down for a private lunch

Edie McClurg

Tell MSNBC you're PISSED OFF about them yanking Olberman

We need to understand our fellow Democrats and not vilify them.

Fusing motherhood and politics in a new way (NYT pg1)

McTheft's son robbed America blind!

Authors booted from MySpace for posting favorable about Obama

McCain's campaign strategy and how to beat it

After every Democrat praised McCain at the Democratic Convention ...

After every Democrat praised McCain at the Democratic Convention ...

Great WaPo: McCain's Convenient Untruth

Are we ready for the Monday-morning panic...?

JedReport: Here's what More of the Same Really Means

JedReport: Here's what More of the Same Really Means

The War-Monger and The Right Wing Extremist

Freak Out in 5...4...3...2...


Excuse me while I go shove my head in the Oven.

Critters in AK or opponents in the Lower 48-- Palin just loves ariel hunting

RE: Howard Fineman...wise words of caution

While the board is not real busy, let me ask this.

Go negative on Mooseburger like there is no tomorrow.

If someone can watch these two videos and still vote for McCain/Palin they deserve the same fate....

Won't Get Fooled Again?

Remember the Keating Five?

Congress is returning. The "Democrat" Congress.

St. Pete Times: Ex-Republican senator stumps for Obama now

A question I'd like to see Charlie Gibson ask Palin

Overseas Dems Doing Their Part

"There is No Honor in Lying."

If you want some good news, here ya go...

What is WRONG with this country? USA/Gallup 9/7: McCain 55 Obama 44

Moosing Sarah -- Time for the Dems to Leash the Pitbull

Mike Barnicle is kicking major ass on "Morning Joe." Anyone watching?

A very BITTER Democrat for betcha!

When will RICH Republicans "get it?"

Mika: I am so much better at my job because of my children.

No More Bashing McCain!

Palin outed her daughter

American Fascists

Where's Barack and Joe today?

Sarah Palin is an Anti-Life Extremist.

This is shaping up to be the ultimate Culture War election.

An honest question about the "suggestions" here

I know this is tangential, but you know about the Feds and Fannie Mae?

Here's where you can contact NBC about Keith and Chris.

Let's get one thing straight, David ("dances w rove") Gregory has shown BIAS:

Obama and McCain have big economic differences

Idea: Obama should become a "basketball star" to attract more positive heartland attention

MSNBC drops Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from anchor chair

Palin ABC interview is a joke...TPM says it will be unwatchable

Hate to say it, but other than Maddow, MSNBC has been in a clusterfuck since Russert died.

"They must think you are stupid" -Obama

Who lives in battleground states?

Who lives in battleground states?

McCain is more of the same - he even chose a female W as his running mate

CBS to McCain: GOP has become 'party of white people'

In a stunning development NY POST Endorses McCain Palin

Neighbor to Neighbor Print Up your Worksheets And Get Out There

Sen. Clinton will campaign for Obama today in Florida

RCP average has McCain up 1

Does anyone think McCain has PTSD?

Democrats need to make a historical case


Evildoers Quaking in Their Boots

McCain/Palin - The Apocalyptic Duo, Motto: Bring on the Apocalypse Now.

McCain's Convenient Untruth [on taxes]

Forget the kids, they are the distraction they want you to focus on.

Is Mika On Acid?

John McCain’s Energy Follies

New Native American Names for the Republicans

No More Bashing Palin!

FactCheck: John McCain & Bipartisanship


The Bank that McCain's Son Directed Just Collapsed Entirely

I've heard more than one in the mainstream media...

Question for John McCain: What would he do if his daughter was raped by a black man?

Please DU this poll..... DAMN LOCAL NEWS

3 of 4 of Sarah Palin's 'best friends' would not say they would vote for her.

Counting on your stupidity! McCain - Palin '08

Why drill baby drill is dumb baby dumb.

The Sarah Palin Gender Card

New York Post Endorses McCain

"It's not about you" Sarah Palin.

The Polls are BULLSHIT

MSNBC is now boycotted in my TV watching. Chris and Keith

Sarah Palin: 2008 Gay Bashing Initiative

Sarah Palin: The Agent Orange of Change

Do not...(repeat) DO Not go all "Chicken Little" over Gallup/USAToday Poll

A simple reminder for the polling obsessed...

John McCain gets Barack-Roll'd at Republican National Convention!!!

Has the MSNBC weather girl(person whatever) been pregnant and showing before this week

Good morning my friends and welcome to this week's GD: P

USA Today/Gallup poll: McCain 50, Obama 46

Will Palin get the questions ahead of time?

Repeat after me..McCain/Bush, McCain/Bush

Oh dear the press is already on to "Who will RESCUE the democrats?"

Hockey Moms for Obama/Biden!

I was feeling down about the election or who said money can't buy happiness?

Forget MSNBC: It's up to US.

Heard one on the radio, question validity - Palin's "Iraq-Bound" son

This will come as a shock, I know, but MORNING JOE leans RIGHT...just a little bit.

Who's Doing the VP Debate. Is it Charlie? That could explain a lot..

Obama's own small-town values

Debate: Which is the worst McCain-Bush policy?

what're we gonna do now man? game over, man, game over....

what're we gonna do now man? game over, man, game over....

Please no more talk about Palin's kids. They are a non-issue.

Good news on Intrade. Obama still at 49.6 (vs. McCain 50.5)

Ann Fisher commentary: This work is nothing to sneer at

Sorry If This Has Posted... But Caught The Tail End Of Statement About

Washington Post's Sebastian Mallaby: "McCain's Convenient Untruth"

Question about defining Palin

There is nothing sweeter than the Obama chuckle

Why did Palin try to 'abort' her DS child by delaying its birth? How hypocritical is she to now use

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 46, McCain 47 (+1). Could be worse.

Great Obama quote

I am not afraid of them.

Obama Plans Extended Meeting With Bill Clinton

I heard it on the radio, someone at the MTV VMA awards last night

Why Does Criticizing the Obama Campaign Mean You're Panicking?

The Story On Palin's Pipeline Lie?

Find the attacks that work--and ATTACK.

Voter registration deadlines coming up soon.....links to all states

About the polls.

In defense of David Gregory and to address DUers attacking him as a GOP hack. . .

Pictures of the animal victims of Sarah Palin

An adviser molds a tighter, more aggressive McCain campaign

Folks GET A DAMN GRIP re: Olbermann being bumped from election anchoring. . .

Can someone show me an article or evidence

A Warning from Willie Brown

Anna Quindlen: GOP "finds its inner feminist"

Sarah Palin Ready For Vice Presidency Says Dick Cheney

I was feeling down about the election or who said money can't buy happiness?

It was Keith Olbermann's idea

What am I missing about CM and KO?

Next Two-Three Weeks Critical.

Mika's bias really on display this morning.

Victory!!!! Kind of, In my house at least....

Is it a matter of hard wiring? Conservatives/Republicans hard wired to fight dirty,

Maverick = Reckless

The John Garfield Memorial Poll of Pre-Election Activity.

We need to stop whining and start winning!

Conference call last night for Neighborhood Team Leaders. Our main guy in KC led the

Repeat after me: McCain/BUSH. Again... McCain/BUSH

OK I am back is it safe to post yet????????

There is more than one “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ’s past.

Why did USA/Gallup wait until the peak of the RNC convention

Should we just fall in line with the media and concede that Palin is the strongest...

How to induce Panic

It occurs to me that McCain & Palin are being marketed as Cartoons. There might be an effective

If anyone had any doubts about the shallowness of the electorate...

gallop had obama ten ahead a week ago. why is ANYONE even talking about it.

McCain Campaign Lies About Palin’s Record In New Ad



Here's what I take away from the USA Today/Gallup Poll

GOP Voters are Satanic - that's my talking point.

My email to MSNBC re: Gregory/Olbermann

MSNBC: Chuck Todd: 228 O - 200 M

Just a reminder... currently, as of today, Obama is STILL winning.

What would Bullwinkel say? (Need help quickly!)

Gov. Palin and Mrs. Carton


Going by ads, I think NC might actually be in play after all

No more defending Palin!

Yahoo Homepage story on McCain Bounce has Picture of McCain Laughing at us.

It maybe time to take a "media free day"

That Russell Brand thing at the MTV Video Music Awards

McPOW Wants Palin to be Used as a Punching Bag. Make Sure Attacks Stick to mcPOW.

This shift to David Gregory may be better for Olbermann

Another Bush, another huge bailout (Fannie and Freddie)

"You know, she's governor of a state here in the United States." Condi Rice

The Fix Is In

So I'm supposed to start analyzing polling data for the O campaign

Jonah Goldberg on bounces

Here is what the MSM wants people to believe

Obama needs someone like this guy

Biden "neoconic philosophy". I like it!

What are your favorite news/political sites?

Will Someone Please PM me when the Frantic Hand-Wringing and Worry Worts Stop Spamming?

To DU: Obama Weathered MSM/Clinton Vicious Attacks; this is GOP's Alamo

History lesson from the 1980 election

"It pays to be obvious only if you have a reputation for subtlety."

LA Times: John McCain waves and the crowd chants "Sar-rah! Sar-rah!"

Compare The Candidates! Right Here!

Reminder: Obama going to be on Olbermann tonight

Republicans like Susan Eisenhower are leaving the Republican Party.

McCain doesn't want to campaign alone b/c he doesn't want the American Public

Give Palin credit: she is truly empowering


Woohoo!!, My Aunt just told my Mom that she will NEVER vote for a Republican again.

Take a breath folks

Strip away all of the talky stuff and you get to Electoral Votes. Let's take a look...

How many NYT articles...

Criticize Manipulated Poll Results - Focus on McCain/Bush - Ignore Palin - FIGHT!

THIS is a Maverick:

Need A Laugh? Palin Video Blog 7... So So So FUNNY!

In a head-to-head matchup, likely bigots chose Sen. McCain over Sen. Obama by a margin of 1,000 to 1

Palin requests talks with oil executives

Palin requests talks with oil executives

Sarah Palin's Church .... video..

Sarah Palin's Church .... video..

Sarah Palin's Church .... video..

Sarah Palin's Church .... video..

Palin's 'Troopergate' Investigation Facing Obstacles

Hey did you hear: According to Pipeline Palin , God wants you to pray for the pipeline.

Obama Campaign: New McCain Ad Is "Lie"

Reminder - Michele Obama on Ellen today!!

Reminder - Michele Obama on Ellen today!!

Reminder - Michele Obama on Ellen today!!

check out this cool interactive electoral map

check out this cool interactive electoral map

Denial of Pregnancy: A Case Study

Denial of Pregnancy: A Case Study

Polls: They interview Republicans, Democrats and Independents- Where is that Data?

Clinton/Gore gave us the "Bridge to the 21st Century." McCain/Palin will build

Hotline tracking poll: Obama: 44% McCain 44%

Dem Operative Eyes Hill State For McCain

CBS to McCain: GOP has become 'party of white people'

WTF??? Palin goes from goat to heroine???

Gee. I thought Palin was going back to Alaska to see her son off. I guess her family is the first..

Montanans organize Republicans for Obama

Montanans organize Republicans for Obama

People want Palin Glasses...OBAMA needs to GET a News Cycle

DU the CNN poll on Biden -- did his selection help the GOP?


***Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Green Bay, Wisconsin***

Jonathan Weisman's failure to understand history

Is it wrong of me to say I really don't like watching David Gregory?

Palin's Blank Sheet on Diversity and Civil Rights

Will Hillary Slap This Woman Palin Down

Spears Host of MTV VMA is intended as a Metaphor for the Rehab of the GOP

I hope never again we will have one convention right on top of the other

Where the candidates are on 9/8

Pithy comment I just saw elsewhere on the internet.

Pithy comment I just saw elsewhere on the internet.

Military Brass Opposed Surge - McCain aligned Bush didn't listen to the Generals

Did I see this right? McCain tv ad using "eye of Sauron" tower against Obama?

Come JOIN & PARTICIPATE in my Obama Group: Election Fraud Online Group Resource Center

I've Decided Who to Vote For...


Obama's biggest mistake IMO: not emphasizing wealth disparity enough ...

What is the opponents view on the morning after pill in cases of rape?

McCain Camp: "Elite opinion looks down with contempt at people who are not part of their world"

McCain is MIA; Believed Hidden Behind Palin’s Skirt

ABC News: Obama Personally Takes His Daughters Back to "Elite" School - Then Hits the Gym

McCain & Palin are shamelessly pandering to the special needs community- the FACTS

I'm surprised we can still walk

Gibson gets the only "interview" - Olbermann and Matthews replaced by Gregory...

Sarah Palin's Secret Emails (Mother Jones)

National Dem registration: 41.8 million National GOP registration: 30.6 million

McCain’s Abramoff investigation was ‘pure political playback’ for 2000 election.

If Obama can run the country, he can run his campaign. So don't fret a bit.

McCAIN WILL RAISE YOUR TAXES by $7000 a year!!

Palin: I'd Oppose Abortion Even If My Own Daughter Was Raped

Ms Umbridge "Reality vs perception" July 2, 2008

Hotline Poll- McCane-Falin 44% Obama-Biden 44%

Obama Campaign Finally Uses The L-Word In New Ad

Fuck these polls -- Obama and Biden are going to kick ass!!

Fuck these polls -- Obama and Biden are going to kick ass!!

McCain was bombing women in a lightbulb factory when shot down

Let's Call McCain's Economic Plan What It Really Is --"Trickle Down Economics" (Remember That?)

Who the hell did Gallup poll?

I propose a new nickname for Charles Gibson of ABC:

JUDGMENT: Obama Knew, how could a former p.o.w. NOT KNOW?

USATODAY POLL: McCain takes 10-point lead over Obama in likely voters...

The right is proud of what this man did. Yeah, I believe they want

The right is proud of what this man did. Yeah, I believe they want

I hate Sound Off Columns in Newspapers!

I called NBC and told them I won't watch their election coverage unless

I am not a political expert but....

Obama leads all year. McCain leads for 1 day and we all panic?

Time to review McCain's poor judgment on the economy

Time to review McCain's poor judgment on the economy

***Day 11*** Without A Palin Press Conference

Is The McCain Lead A Surprise? You Knew Big Media Was In The Tank. So, How Will Democrats Respond?

Character issues win modern presidential elections

Im sorry but if Obama doesnt win this election. Im done. I give up.

Here is link to Tax Policy Center comparison of Obama's and McBain's policies.

"She" is LIVE on MSNBC right now. I have her on MUTE. She's on CNN too

As an Obama Team Member, I will tell you

Nice Palin Summary video-

Just how f-ing stupid are these people they're polling???

We need to boycott David Gregory.

Cheney thinks Palin is 'superb'

McCain now ahead. If we want Obama, guess what should change about me, you, and the rest of DU.

McCain is now the secondary candidate

To those who fret..

Europe's view of Palin ---VIDEO

God knows I've always thought the satirical nicknames juvenile and unfunny, but

Her Frames (without lenses) $375., His Shoes $540...Yep, They're Just Average Americans

Sarah Palin=George Bush* In A Dress

Holy Shit! Biden ROCKED Wisconsin!

Huffington Post is right, time to go after Sarah

CNN at it again: "Did Obama's selection of Biden as a running mate help the GOP?"


Alaska gas project hailed by Palin still embryonic.

If anyone harps on the community organizing thing any more...

Good news on the ground in VA and why I don't believe these national polls!

Hillary in Tampa making swing voter targeted economic argument

Gov. Palin's Speech: Fact or Fiction?

****************** CLINTON ON CNN LIVE ********************

CNN Poll: Race dead even.

New CNN poll just out McCain 48 Obama 48

Make Palin Explain "Small Town Values"

South Dakota, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Montana, Virginia, New Hampshire, Colorado, Ohio,

WaPo's Howard Kurtz: New McCain Ad Contains "Whopper"

Palin Pays Off Sexual Harasser

Obama's opponent is McCain. Don't get distracted by Palin.

Obama's opponent is McCain. Don't get distracted by Palin.

Operation Endless Hypocrisy

This is what I have been asking my republican friends:

This is what I have been asking my republican friends:

On Palin: "Hardly an Earth Mother "

On Palin: "Hardly an Earth Mother "

New Meme- Sarah Palin Is Qualified To Be V. P. Because She Never Worked In Washington

Palin continues to tell lie about trans-Alaskan pipeline

Does McCain take a salary and does he use his government socialist medical insurance?

If you don't like how Obama is campaigning, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

Post convention poll bounce ~ a bit of historical context.

Chuck Todd and his Microsoft Map

New GOP 'Maverick' AD repeats Palin's Bridge to Nowhere LIE.

Why do Americans prefer dumb, mediocre presidents but demand intelligence in business?

Personally, I don't care what MSNBC does with their election coverage and I'll STILL watch then

Obama still apologizing for his abortion stand, not the fundy extremist on the other ticket

YES WE CAN! Watch it again!

Remind people that Palin is really running for president.

Warning: State-by-state polls may NOT be good

McCain, Culverhouse and the Iran/Contra Gang

Type CNN "Complaint Line" into Google. What do you get?

Type CNN "Complaint Line" into Google. What do you get?

Another reason McCain/Palin = bu$h

I blocked MSNBC on my cable.

Look Fuckwits - It's THE MEDIA

A couple of quick polling/media notes re: Palin, McHundred

Gov. Palin hiding husband's correspondence related to trooper union

These Sexist And Elitist Attacks On Sarah Palin Have To Stop

YODA: Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

A Message From Ted Kennedy

Diageo/Hotline Polls showing Dead Heat - BEWARE!! They're McCain CRONIES!

Bush on Palin: An ‘Inspired’ Pick

Funniest quote I've read about Palin

When McCain REALLY needed to stand up to his party, he stood down

McCain does it again. More lies, deception and half truths when speaking on nuclear energy.

Two questions: Was Palin in public office when she spoke to the AIP and is there a transcript?

CNN (polled all weekend) and it's 48 to 48!

Palin: Barack's Billion in earmarks?


How does a Governor (Palin) not know that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac are not taxpayer funded? (updated)

A view from Philly trenches

People are saying that Palin is for contraception if abstinence is not followed.

So we're supposed to vote McCain/Palin because Todd Palin

I think Obama screwed up when he talked about going after the criminals in the White House.

TPM: Primal Scream

Palin Subpoena on Trooper-Gate "would be disrespectful" of VP candidate.

Sarah Palin's story about firing the chef is misleading.

Why the fuck is ANYONE looking at any national Polls? Work your state!!!

McCain/Gramm's so-far unexposed hypocrisy on the Fannie/Freddie bailout and McCain's Keating 5 bailout scandal 20 yrs ago

Fox News just repeated the lie about the DNC flags, calling them trashed

The youth of America experience modern politics

Rasmussen Daily McCain 48, Obama 47

Have we thought about the downside of Hillary strongly going after Palin?

Gallup Tracking : M 49, O 44

Will People Force The MSM To Call Out Gov. Palin On Her Utter Contempt For The Truth!

Has Palin peaked?

Obama On With Keith Tonite.

DNC "Charge of the Light Brigade" That Could Turn this Around!

Palin's church: You can pray away the gay

Palin: The Real American Taliban

McCain is creating a FAKE REFORMER ticket. The Democrats have to expose it as a fraud,


Palin's HUGE bailout gaffe

Sick and tired of DUers complaining about Obama NOT fight back! HE IS!!!

The media is screwing us

Attack ad tries to link Obama, Kilpatrick

The Daily Widget – Mon 9/8 – O-328, M-210 – The Contrabounce

Race dead even.... EXACTLY where it was prior to the two conventions.... relax folks

Pepe Escobar nails Palin! Excellent article.

Losing the pundits, one by one

Democrats post big gains in voter registration

The Conservative Palinguage Guide

why is Palin talking about stuff she knows nothing about?

Palin used state funds for trip to speak at her former church

Palin: A Bush-like leadership style

Two polls (CNN/ORC and Gallup/USAToday) taken on same days (9/5-7/08), one tied, one 10-pt gap.

To Sane Republicans: For the sake of our country, PLEASE take back your party

To Sane Republicans: For the sake of our country, PLEASE take back your party

When is Hillary speaking in Florida today?

Where is that post from a Texas Conservative that was the # Greatest yesterday?

How about referring to it as the FAKE Talk Express?

Palin does talk to the press


Obama has said he considered joining the United States military

Did McCain stand up to his party when he put an unqualified, extreme fundamentalist on the ticket?

Palin is the shiny thing you wave around to distract people...

Let's win this election. IT'S THE WAR, STUPID!

Students registering in college towns told no longer dependents, could lose scholarships, insurance

Students registering in college towns told no longer dependents, could lose scholarships, insurance

Why is anyone watching MSNBC?

McCain leads? EVERYONE PANIC! *eyes roll*

"What's The Difference Between George W. Bush and Sarah Palin? Lipstick! "

"What's The Difference Between George W. Bush and Sarah Palin? Lipstick! "

We need a 527 to go after McCain / Palin

We need a 527 to go after McCain / Palin

Please stop posting garbage about Palin. You are wasting our time, thank-you nt

Please stop posting garbage about Palin. You are wasting our time, thank-you nt

100 reasons not to vote for McCain

100 reasons not to vote for McCain

Palin Divides Women Voters, Even Her Closest Friends

Great insight from Josh Marshall

Very interesting read from Mother Jones: Sarah Palin's Secret Emails

How exactly did the '9/11 Peace Pipe" rally happen?

Is this REALLY what Palin want's to claim she IS????

How did GHWB take down Ferraro? (and thus deplete Mondale's post-convention lead)

A little light on the subject of Gallup results...

**Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”** Must Read!

Do you think McCain is jealous of the attention Palin is getting? I DO, lol!

Do you all remember when Obama gave a major speech about the Rev Wright situation?

Uh oh. CNN's talking about the Moonbat's batshit religion.

Here's something to look forward to today: Obama is on Countdown followed by Rachel's Smackdown. nt

The bounces canceled each other out

The bounces canceled each other out

The media isn't going to stop talking about Palin just because WE do....

Stunner: McCain is winning as the CHANGE candidate!

Sarah's in the specially built Republican newby wading pool where she can thrash around for a week

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Monday Sept 08, 2008

Folks, we are going to have to win this one without the help of the MSM. As

I don't know you, but if I was McCain, I'd rather lose the election.

Even HER GLASSES aren't real!

Obama: What I would expect is that it's gonna take mid-October before...

Something to cheer everyone up (Obama's strategy)

Question for Sarahcuda: Should rapists get visitation rights to see their kid from their crime?

If she doesn't know how it works, how can she help fix it?

McCain-Palin campaign-rally photo of the day.

It's time to wage WAR on the MSM!!!

What we need is an ad.......

Fact Check: Palin and the "Bridge to Nowhere"

LAT: Palin appears to disagree with McCain on sex education

DEMOCRATS can disagree!

Last Fall, Sylvia Brown (psychic) predicted...

Okay, I think I have to buy one of these

FOX contributor says fundie extremist label won't stick to Palin like "Hussein" does to Obama

Palin is still LYING about the Bridge to Nowhere!

Barr is on the ballot in 41 states

The Republican Commandments

I had to take a break from my increasingly obsessive hatred of Sarah Palin..

Biden"SOMETIME she's going to have to actually talk to you and tell what she thinks"

She's just Geroge Bush in a skirt......

Don't believe the big Gallup Republican "bounce"--Other polls use a more accurate methodology unlikely

Was Palin's statement about Fannie/Freddie part of a speech, or was she

Where is Barney Smith?

Why oh Why is Obama not attacking now... ~sigh~ the answer is Thursday

I'm tired of comparisons between Palin and Obama

CNN poll on BIDEN could use a little DU nudge.

Gaffe #1: Palin doesn't know Fannie and Freddie are privately owned!

The gloves need to come off...

THIS is the song the Republicans should be playing.

New meme: re: Frannie and Freddie

Reason #546453247 Why I Hate The M$M

The Obamas Have a Rabbi in the Family

How to steal 101: Chuck Todd is... the one

How to steal 101: Chuck Todd is... the one

Scheunemann and Koppel on NPR TOTN 2pm EST on McCain foreign policy - Koppel ?ing Palin's expertise

I can always depend on depress me!?

Sarah Palin Dossier. Has this been properly vetted?

Guess who said: "Obama brings so much more to the table because of his race?"

Leave Palin alone! Why do we keep talking about her?

Seder and Maron live now on the Sammy Cam

Seder and Maron live now on the Sammy Cam

CNN just played the Palin video "Iraq war is part of god's plan"

CNN Poll: Obama, McCain

Obama "gaffe" reignites Muslim ((((rumor)))) goes Mainstream to feed the rabid wingnuts

Virginia politicians use lies to scare Democrat-leaning Virginia Tech students away from voting

Virginia politicians use lies to scare Democrat-leaning Virginia Tech students away from voting

Where can I write or call to complain to MSNBC?

Obama: "If John McCain thinks the economy is fundamentally sound, he needs to come to Flint (MI)"

CNN Website has video of Palin Church talk and AK will be last refuge

DIAGEO/HOTLINE POLL: Obama and McLame tied at 44.

Obama on Letterman this Wednesday!

Rasmussen Reports shows Obama leading with 193 Electoral College votes & McCain leads with 183 vote

I just can't WAIT for the debates to start! That's where we win this thing!

Could this be McCain's secret weapon for the troops in Iraq?

I think Obama needs a lesson in fighting back from Jim Webb.

People against the politicization of 9/11

Public Service Announcement

What are YOU doing on the ground this week?

If you want the MSM to focus on what's important...

Print this out at work, email to everyone, print and put everywhere

Just some anecdotal good news from a Hoosier...

I went to the hairdresser Saturday

Actually, on second thought there's really nothing wrong with Palin...

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Flint, Michigan.****

it's all about McCain

The demagoguing of Obama's earmarks...

Nevermind "change" Obama need to start pounding economic message, before McCain fakes that one too!

How Obama Won Iowa (or, the Strategy as I see It)

Why do Republicans like Palin?

It's Our Turn to Be SWIFTBOATERS - With Truth on Our Side!!!

A closer look at the polls, response bias?

Example of MSM fawning over Palin

McCain: Catering to the Left is "wrong for America"

Dear Fucking Geniuses,

We are focusing on the P* phenomenon and ignoring the issues people care about

Electoral Map Prediction - 9/8/08: Obama 273, McCain 265

Newsweek: So Who's Winning This Thing?

Boycott of MSNBC election coverage

Most humorous response ever to a "Hey, Liberal Idiots" post

In response to the post that says Obama lost 11 points with Women. CNN says he lost zero

Obama ties McCain to Bush on economy at Flint rally

Obama ties McCain to Bush on economy at Flint rally

Obama loses 11 points in a week among women.

How about Tall Tale Sarah and her sidekick Short Fuse?

"Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor"

Michelle on Ellen, Barack on MSNBC

Michelle Obama on ELLEN today 2pm EST NBC

Palin already making a fool of herself (on Fannie and Freddie) and ABC News takes notice.

Since USC Will Beat Ohio State, Should Obama Run Ads During This Game?

McCain forgot that Obama stood with him on earmarks...

Nice thought for today . . .

This feels a lot like the Obama international trip aftermath.

I'm beginning to think McCain and Palin lie more than Bush/Cheney.

Drudge has changed. CRAP. He supported Obama all through the Dem Primary, and now supports McCain.

Palin may lack a grasp of "key economic issues," but can Joe Biden field dress a moose? CAN HE?

Palin may lack a grasp of "key economic issues," but can Joe Biden field dress a moose? CAN HE?

It's all BULLSHIT.

Was on job earlier today in Ohio

Very revealing to watch the clip of "McCain and Sarah buying Salsa:

CNN poll: Convention bounces cancel each other out

Perils of Poll-watching: AZ election worker ARRESTED for raising questions about tampered ballots.

Perils of Poll-watching: AZ election worker ARRESTED for raising questions about tampered ballots.

Obama Needs Better Ads

Obama was here in Terre Haute Saturday!

Famous College issues statement regarding Palin

The Media

DU this poll folks, on MSNBC pulling CM and KO as anchors.

Pacific Northwesterners Do Not Take your Blue State Status For Granted

Somone's sig. line on other forum

Healthcare! Healthcare! The horse that can be ridden to victory

The Authoritative Trig Palin Conspiracy Time Line

Here's my official Obama ad idea--whattdya think?

Biden: Palin will have to defend climate views (AP)

Attacking Palin on her "pastor problem" is fair fighting, thanks to the GOP!

If you have a serious medical problem

MSNBC now- Biden live in IA

Why does John McCain have a $500,000 credit card bill?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA holds a town hall meeting today in Flint, Michigan

Wolfe busts Palin on Bridge lie. Again.

Don't fight back. That's the wrong tactic.

Sanchez on CNN just poked Guiliani about the "community organizer"

Palin in 2007: "I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq"

The sky is falling, the sky is falling... NOT

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve...or on your car and your lawn or on your jacket?

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve...or on your car and your lawn or on your jacket?

Has Obama's August fundraising totals come out yet?




Companion piece to "Barack Obama, do your job" (I didn't write this one)

Petition for women to say NO to Sarah Palin

CNN is covering the viral youtube of Palin at her pentacostal church

CNN is covering the viral youtube of Palin at her pentacostal church

McCain and Palin will be here tomorrow - and we made some signs. PICTURES!!

Why So Serious? Did You Expect This To Be Easy Taking On The GOP and Big Media?

Why So Serious? Did You Expect This To Be Easy Taking On The GOP and Big Media?

Repug efforts to oust Dem, RE: troopergate, fail

TOON: the REAL Palin pregnancy scandal (the Bush within)

For the doom and gloomers: poll numbers can and will change. A lot.

Does Anyone Know What in the Hell is Going On?


The list of books Palin wants to ban is a hoax.

This is for an eager new DU'er, redrobin as promised......

FACTCHECK on "The Bridge to Nowhere" Up Now

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Des Moines, IA****

SUSA Virginia Poll: McCain 49 Obama 47 (virtually unchanged)

Rick Sanchez now showing the Sarah Palin church tape...

Palin practicing her State of the Union speech

On November 1, 2008 the Palin talk nationwide will be minimal

Palin’s record for Alaskan Tribal issues is a failure.

Help fact checking banned books?

DU help please-Colleague is convinced that this is 1988 Bush-Dukasis all over again

DU help please-Colleague is convinced that this is 1988 Bush-Dukasis all over again

Palin on Obama -- from The New Yorker

Just heard something on the local news about McCain that really pissed me off

Palin Used State Funds for Travel to Wasilla Assembly of God Speaking Engagement

Why this election is so important - this needs to be spread far and wide

Ive decided to use the Tax Chart

Two things you can do right now for Obama!

Dems Need to Heed Lakoff Now...Here's what Lakoff Says"

Streisand Among Obama Hollywood Fundraiser Headliners

Pitbull Owners Blast Palin

Mike Malloy on CNN now (3:46 EDT)

The Media is trying to Swing the Election!

How is John McCain all that qualified to be President?

Video: Sen. Clinton Campaigns For Obama In Florida

McCain is lying when he promises to eliminate earmarks...


Sarah Palin's 9 Most Disturbing Beliefs

Obama Laces into McCain’s “No Change Express”

CBS News/New York Times national poll: McCain 46, Obama 44 (Error margin: 4 points.)

Don't forget--Obama is on Countdown with Keith tonight

The Media is trying to Swing the Election!

Streisand to Sing for Obama

Palin releases her official position on major issues

Palin releases her official position on major issues

Nothing Sarah Palin could say or do will change the believers' minds.

Who revealed Track Palin's SECRET deployment info?

Very revealing to watch the clip of "McCain and Sarah buying Salsa:

Amy Sullivan: 'Are Evangelicals Really Sold on Palin?' (by Jim Wallis)

McSame. They both lie, they both lie, they both lie..... McSame

Meanwhile, McCain is still nuts

Dems start own House floor campaign ~ "Republican Record of Failiure"

Hey, McCain voter...

I am NOT happy how the McSame campaign is manipulating the media

Make no mistake, Palin did try to get books banned...

ABC News/WashPost Poll: Obama 47, McCain 46

My email to Charles Gibson regarding Palin interview.

Arianna Huffington: "Sarah Palin: A Trojan Moose Concealing Four More Years of George Bush"

Legacy of the Bush years: Lies are perfectly OK. THE TRUTH is now on the endagered list.

MCCAIN accusing OBAMA of changing his positions to appease his base!

Democrat for John McCain

Mika: "She brings so much more to the table because of those children."

Obama to Deliver Major Address on Education Tuesday

Bush calls Palin an 'inspired pick'

google PNAC, that's who's really running and took us into iraq

Larry Flynt's Top Ten of why I support John McCain

We need to get Bill Clinton AND Al Gore, together,

Anyone else watching the "Palin Repeating Herself" spot on Wolf?

In Event of a (269)Tie at the Electoral College, the Dems in the House Have Majority

Time for the MSM to ask when McCain plans to crawl out from under Mommy Palin's skirt.

Must read this comment from "Linda" on the ABC News Charlie Gibson Palin Question site......

Premire tonight: The Rachel Maddow Show

Condi Rice: Palin Is a Governor of Some State in the United States

How Did the RNC Insult Troops and Veterans? Let me count the ways…

56 days left: What must Obama and Biden do to win this one?

Palin had "executive experience" in the PTA...FALSE!

Video: Michelle Obama on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Palin and her Neocon Svengalis study Gibson's Questions in Advance

Is MSM reporting that Palin thought Fannie & Freddie were taxpayer funded?

Newsweek guy made me think about Republican values. 4 years ago Cheney's daughter was not in the

Newsweek: McCain Camp compiling all of McCain's policies on large index cards for Plalin to study

Doesn't the National Enquirer article hit the newsstands tomorrow?

Joe Biden walks around talking to people at a Town Hall while Carribou

First Obama-McCain Debate Is What Date?

White Conservative Privilege

For the first time in 11 days, we're winning a news cycle

Brokaw falsely suggested Oprah hosted Obama as a presidential candidate

Stop complimenting the bastards!!

Time to get DIRRRTY

It's the propaganda, stupid.

When someone gets anxious about losing this. CHALLENGE THEM TO WORK HARDER. . .

This is nothing... wait until GOP attacks....

STOP YOUR WHINING PLEASE!!! What the polls are showing us this week:

"With All Due Respect, I'm Not Running Against Mrs. Palin"

Palin's Foreign Policy resume: Alaska is nearest state to Russia


Many of those aboard McCain's "Straight Talk Express" also support "English only" legislation.

Dear Saturday Night Live, please show a skit of Palin cramming off her flashcards.

"Asking a republican to clean up this mess, is like asking the iceberg to save the Titanic" Hillary

I have a suggestion for GD:P You may disagree with me, but I think it would focus us all

How could they cut the power, man? They're animals!...

Does anyone know if this is legit " Calculate My Obama Tax Cut"?

video of AIP meeting, talking about infiltrating political parties.Mentions Sarah Palin membership

Idea for hard hitting Obama Ad

Folks, we had key people in three swing states speaking today.

Palins' net worth?

Reminder: Wed 9/3 Message from Obama Campaign Warns Supporters Of McCain Massive Spending Burst

Barf Alert: sign up for MCSame Failin event in Virginia

Head Freeper Jim Robinson endorses McCain: "Why I'm reversing course on John McCain"

Where's the interview countdown clock? Don't stop - it's a winner

Two More Polls Show Dead Heat.

Finally heard an Obama ad

Chris Matthews Nailed It- The GOPU Is Back To Their Racial/Racist Appeals

Sarah Palin was Ted Stevens VP choice. Palin asserts "great respect" for Stevens - Video HERE

You fool! You poor, gullible, naive fool, you!

The key is to hold the GOP accountable, the media refuses to do it.

Eve Ensler: Drill, Drill, Drill

Lanny Davis makes love to McCain/Palin

Propaganda, Whores and what this shows yet AGAIN....

Check in here if you hear ANY news network mention Obama's counterattack on McCain ad 'lies'

All the Obama Halloween maskes were sold out at Walmart; plenty of McCains though.

We appear to have survived the GOP convention without too much damage

***Heads Up: Sen. Clinton Now Live Campaigns For Obama In Tampa, Florida***

MSNBC to demote Olbermann and Matthews

Obama ad: "Politicians lying about their records? You don't call that maverick. You call it...."

What if Palin were a black woman governor from, say, Illinois?

ewwwwwww. The Barracuda is Bush in lipstick.....

apology if this is a duplicate: this is a great concise list re: Palin's most disturbing beliefs

Hillary! We Love You!

Are the attacks any different on Obama now...

Survey USA - VA -McCane 49% -Obama 47%

Scumsucker Rich Lowry whining about how Obama and Biden are speaking truth about Palin.

Donna, the Republicans do have a ground game, drive out the religious extremists and purge voters.

I'm not worried about the polls--I'm worried about voter caging.

NPR highlights the 'Bridge to Nowhere' falsehood from Palin.

VERIFIED!!! List of Palin Banned Books

New Obama Ad. Some of you may not like this....

Are "the taxpayers" bailing out Freddie and Fannie or

Why the hell do they do state polls during the GOP convention?

Palin church: Alaska will be a 'refuge' for Armageddon

H.R. Clintons Iceberg Comment Today in Kissimmee

***Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Farmington Hills, Michigan***

Hidden RNC Credits

The "objective" anchor Gregory has been disgusting tonight!

PPP Michigan Poll - Obama 47, McLame 46

Tell Obama to use STEPHANIE CUTTER MORE! She Was Fantastic on CNN

Did CNN report that she wanted to ban library books or just that the list was false

Documenting McCain-Palin lies on bridge to nowhere

McCain Campaign Piles Up New Falsehoods On Bridge To Nowhere (TPM)

By keeping them from anchoring- MS/NBC has guaranteed

Talkingpointsmemo tpmtv: Palin, a Reformer? Simply laughable!

Cheer Up with some Barack Roll, baby!

Chris Matthews, Community Organizer = Al Sharpton

Hillary Clinton stumping for Obama, on CNN live now (6:14 pm edt)

It's official, I'm fired up (and ready to go) tonight...

Someone needs to tell Carville Obama didn't seek 1 billion in earmarks.

The Real Palin Pregnancy Scandal (toon)

The McCain-Palin Con Game

Survey USA: Washington: Obama (49) McCain (45)

Chris Mathews taking pundit to the woodshed on Palin and issues.

Liars. .........

Americans get it. There is no need to buy into the McCain hype

Ron Paul To Be On Montana Ballot As Constitution Party Candidate

Chris Matthews is killing the McCain surrogate on MSNBC

McCain's Convenient Untruth

Palin's Church Promotes Conversion Of Gays

When are they going to give Sarah Palin a new speech to read, this one is really

My idea for an attack ad on McCain/Palin

what the hell is tweety eating these days??!!!...

AP Doing Everything Except Actually Physically Handing Track Palin Over to Insurgents

Throw out the USA Today outlier and what do you get? A tied race.

Muckety McCain’s campaign for change is fueled by *same old* money machine.

I wanna remind McCain that he is part of the "do-nothing Warshington crowd"

"You can't just make stuff up."

Photo this caption!

McCain's parents dunked 2 year old John in cold water to "cure" his intense temper tantrums...

Is the Bridge to No Where Sarah Palin's sniper momement

Freddie and Fanny is only the beginning. Bring on the popcorn!

McCain Palin Anagram Fun - "Criminal Cash An Pa John"

I've told the TRUTH about Palin and gotten people to support Obama.

If the Democrats lose this election

Keeping America Smrat (plus photos needing captions)

A lesson in Florida political history which could help us win in November.

Andrea Mitchell raked McCain spokeswoman over the coals!


Straight Talk Express Takes a Detour When Asked Real Questions.

Just had a call from Victory08 (Carly Fiorina)

Cheney thinks Palin is 'superb'

09/09 New Rasmussen State polls (OH, FL, PA, VA, CO)

Sarah Palin Makes Shit Up and Gets Busted

Sarah Palin's whackadoodle Pastor: Alaska prophesized to serve as refuge during Tribulation

Can somebody explain the difference between a terrorist who believes they are doing God's will and

I, for one, refuse to praise mediocrity.

McCain is now the new "Change" candidate. Right?

Governor Palin hiding husband's correspondence related to trooper union; 1100 'secret' e-mails

When talking to non-fundie Palin supporters, might I suggest using a slippery slope?

Obama narrowly leads McCain in Washington Post/ABC poll

ABC News/WaPo Poll: Obama 47, McCain 46

McCain: Bush right to veto kids health insurance expansion

Legacies of pain (but, we're winning in Iraq, right?)

Do you know how Hillary lost to Obama? She failed to "go negative" against him early on.

McCain: I was against it... before I was for it (Juke Box Johnny McBush strikes again)

McCain hitches himself to the "Bridge to Nowhere" lie.

In Retrospect Should Obama Have Chosen Hillary for VP?...

So let me get this right; ABC's Gibson will give Palin the questions before

Sports Fans - Does Tiger Woods have a coach? (yes, this is GDP related)

We're Gonna Frickin' Lose this Thing (HuffPo)

When Obama is elected he must outlaw HFCS

I'll respect McCain more if he dropped Palin

Alaska has NOTHING to do with mainstream America...

McCain/Palin stump in Lebanon, Ohio tomorrow. What's going on here?

Youtube video - Palin praising Obama!!!

2006 Debate: Palin's Own Words on 'Bridge To Nowhere'

ABC/Tapper also picks up on Palin gaffe

Barack's New Ad "No Maverick"

The 92 Books Palin tried to remove from Wasilla library

Palin makes her first major gaffe (doesn't understand Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac)

If we were leading in the polls right now by 10 or 20 points, I would be a little worried

Let me ask direct: Would you be embarassed to be an American if McBush wins this election?

What More Of The Same Really Means

I know many people expect me to go easy on Sarah Palin because she's a woman

I know many people expect me to go easy on Sarah Palin because she's a woman

Chris Matthews asking the hard questions right now on Hardball,

Am I the only one here who used to respect McCain?

Palin's Demon Haunted Churches

Mad Magazine's New Political Poster

The hopelessness and negativity is deafening here at DU

Who stands with Obama?

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

Did anyone really believe that right-wingers WOULDN'T vote for McCain?

A bunch of back seat drivers here???

Chuck Todd (political analyst, MSNBC) predicting this election could go to Electoral College...

I have to give a shout-out to my local Obama Campaign office!

The latest McCain Commercial...He fought the republicans..She fought the republicans

Non-Black Duers please read

Non-Black Duers please read

Earmarks - Always Evil? Aren't They Often Used For Homeland Security?

Josh Marshall: "You have start the fight. Let the other guy fight back. "

I am waiting for Obama to ask McCain why he is LYING about raising "YOUR" taxes

CNN Exclusive on Palin's religion: On site in Alaska.

Michelle Obama on Ellen Right Now! Anyone watching

Maybe THIS will calm some of you down.

Obama needs to dominate some news cycles. Here are my ideas for doing so....

Obama going after Palin

Joe Biden, asked about a tripartite solution for Iraq, launches into a 13 min. 20 sec. response.

McCain/Palin campaign agree with ABC News on interview format with Palin and Gibson

CNN just showed detailed Clip of Hillary in FLA trashing McCain/Palin...

AP: Alaska (Democratic) Senator to Retain Oversight of Palin Probe

Trig and Downs Syndrome: Something doesn't smell right

Trig and Downs Syndrome: Something doesn't smell right

Palins preacher said all who voted for Kerry in 2004 will go to hell

Palins preacher said all who voted for Kerry in 2004 will go to hell

I was feeling a little depressed about the polls so I made 35 calls today!!

In Her Own Words(2006)-Re: Bridge To Nowhere: "I Wouldn't Cancel The Project"

Chuck Todd brings everyone down to earth with Electorial Map Obama ahead with 228

ACK! ____________ (*WARNING*)

Please DU this poll!!! Please?

Why We Aren't Going to the Movies this Weekend

VMA Awards-Russell Brand:-"On Behalf Of The World-Elect Barack Obama"

President Bush Attends Office of FaithBased and CommunityOrganizing Initiatives National Conference

Don't fall for the Palin fake, go after McCain.

Ad idea



CNN Reporter and Snopes DEBUNK Rumor Palin tried to Ban Books...

John McCain's Bridge to Nowhere

PHOTOSHOP: Palin & Bush: one & the same under the skin

NBC: Post-convention electorial map leaning towards Obama

NEW YORK TIMES: forget hillary...she ain't helping.........

NEW YORK TIMES: forget hillary...she ain't helping.........

It Is Likely That Four Out Of Ten People You Know Will Not Vote - Who Are They?

GREAT new ad that call McPALIN LIARS...FINALLY

I've been tricked...

MSNBC BREAKING: Palin nursed Trig during conference calls. Also, we're at war in Iraq & Afghanistan.

The Embrace of Stupidity.

Obama and Dean in Mets Stadium Tuesday...Biden in Missouri.

Sarah Palin's Secret Emails

Animal lovers and environmentalist, please check in here. No graphic photos please!

MSNBC: Jacob Weisberg, author of Newsweek cover story "Palintology" is ripping Palin

MSNBC: Jacob Weisberg, author of Newsweek cover story "Palintology" is ripping Palin

"Obama needs to dumb it down"

The excitement about Pit Bull Palin is fading as truth about her

The excitement about Pit Bull Palin is fading as truth about her

Reality check: DU's predictions for where the polls will be (handwringers were right)

As nasty as Palin was in her speech I think Biden should be brutal with her

As nasty as Palin was in her speech I think Biden should be brutal with her

I'm furious and emotional- and just fuck*ng beyond.

So Palin is a "real woman?" Post pictures of real women.

Palin really may be our Eagleton??

Feeling Blue? PM me with email addy to receive SW Ohio keyboard warriors email...

Palin doesn't like cats,is afraid of them.

Palin doesn't like cats,is afraid of them.

Nice..can Palin not even go clothes shopping for her OWN kids with her OWN money??

Wow... There is a post at my parenting board

warning: new "Marketside" stores are really stealth Wal-Marts

Obama offers Palin a game of hoops - "She looks like she's got some game"

Climate Change anyone - more floods in England

Just a thought: The more we talk about Palin, the less we talk about reality

GOP effort fails. Alaska senator to retain oversight of Palin probe (AP)

No You Can't: Republicans Offer Strong Alternatives to Democratic Policies

Wall Street cheers Fannie, Freddie bailout

Iran Announces War Games Plans

Building an Anti-Economy

RNC Convention Skits here - (Daily Show style)

Obama says he was too flip on abortion question

Subtle Propagandists Endorse Product of their Choice

Kennedy aims to return to Senate in January

"Lovely, Still" TORONTO '08 DISPATCH (I'm an extra in this film stars Ellen Burstyn and M Landau)

(TOONS) Obama v McCain: Who Will Defend The Constitution???

Away from public view, Myanmar has opened up to global-relief efforts(140,000 people dead or missin

An 'interview' with a candy ass sycophant lobbing softball questions is not the same as ..........

Obama doesn't have to bring up experience on Palin.

Let me tell you about pentecostals of the dominionist stripe.

There's an online way to opt out of credit card offers!

Warning...ABCTV is In War Mode

What do you think of this article on the NSA?

The wingnuts are taking over Oprah's blog

Quinn called NOW the "National Organization for Whores,"

Ted Kennedy to return in January

SO... right wing anti socialist propaganda.. when their founder said a gov 'of the people for the

SO... right wing anti socialist propaganda.. when their founder said a gov ".of the people

I Have No Doubt: Biden Will Make Her Palin Comparison (Biden My Time)

I Have No Doubt: Biden Will Make Her Palin Comparison (Biden My Time)

Vogue’s Fashion Photos Spark Debate in India

Sarah Palin-- list of books she wanted banned ***NO LINK*** NOT PROVABLE

Sarah Palin: George Bush In Lipstick? scarey

US outsourcing drug research to India

Drudge: NY Times Prepares To Front Expose on Palin's Baby...Developing.

The right wing is pushing this Obama clip on Youtube good retorts?

Does anyone believe Palin wanted only one book banned from the library?

Tom Toles nails McCain ... twice ... three times

Palin's Church

no such thing as a hilary democrat who would vote for mcsame

Sarah Palin's Voice has been driving me nuts...

Sarah Palin's Voice has been driving me nuts...

Is there any truth to this Track Palin story?

We have 58 days.

Are Democrats too intelligent to be elected president?

Bush Rules White House Tee Ball Game

Todd felt left out

Omnipotent -- The Slowly Dwindling Power of Religion


I missed 60 minutes! What did Bob Woodward put in his book that I

Sarah Palin really is a foreign policy expert!

How did ABC get the first national interview of the GOP's VP pick?

How did ABC get the first national interview of the GOP's VP pick?

Caption Miss Congeniality

Class To Keep Sept. 11 Memory Alive

Kim Jong-il died of Diabetes in '03? Replaced by body doubles?

hahahahaha joke contest

The 20th Amendment and a Palin presidency

On sunday? They announce the Freddie Mac bailout on Sunday??

Where's 60 Minutes?

Trig Paxson Van Palin?

So what kind of ads is Obama playing in the battleground states?

Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman Dec. 18, 1996- Original Library Newspaper Article

AOL users don't much like Obama/Biden

Does anyone remember "How do we beat the b*tch?"

So if palin/mccain are going to be interviewed by gibson, shouldn't Obama/Biden demand equal time?

Please, don't call MSNBC... don't write

Fannie and Freddie.....and Wall Street Tomorrow

Barack Obama, do your job...

MSNBC Takes Incendiary Hosts From Anchor Seat

Over $50,000.00 contributed!!!!!

Hellooooooo, Mr. NPR Guy!

Ms. Palin's Pipeline

Lawsuit to Ask That Cheney's Papers Re: Wars, Wiretapping, Energy-Be Made Public

If you're a tennis fan I hope you're watching Serena Williams

Who owns CNN? MSNBC? ABC? Look who their biggest donations went to...

One last post for the night

Must See, Hard Hitting Video ---- SARAH

McCain's convention bounce a fiction

Triumph The Insult Dog Does The RNC

Cheney Tells Peres Russia Supplying Arms to Hizbullah

Peter Werbe's on LIVE now and taking callers. Streaming at:

Trig Paxson Van Palin? Paxon Communications owns string of Fundie and RW TV Stations

Futures soar after U.S. takes over GSEs

If you think outsourcing / insourcing doesn't hurt Americans read this

The Conservative Palinguage Guide Vols. 1 and 2

The First Dude

Well are we still going to call the media sexist and blame Hillary's loss on her sex?

"in the space of ten days she's succeeded in distracting the entire country from the horrific ...

Should we call ABC and demand a Joe Biden Primetime Interview?

Could someone post a link to the Palin/Gun photo...I've tried google...

Olbermann as an "analyst" will be free to open a can of whoopass on McCain & Palin

Does anybody remember

Free Ride: John McCain and the Media

Free Ride: John McCain and the Media

Free Ride: John McCain and the Media

I just refused a sale to a couple of 'pukes.

We will never be able to out-do the Rove machine in hate and divisiveness.

H. L. Mencken said it best....

Prions Observed Jumping Species Barrier

Sarah Palin's church wants you to pray away the gay!!!1

Obama should use this use video

Pastor praised by Palin in her speech at Wasilla AoG crusades against "witchcraft" in Africa...

Pastor praised by Palin in her speech at Wasilla AoG crusades against "witchcraft" in Africa...

Rick Perry of Texas joked, “You're not going to give birth, are you?”

Recent Cheney photo: Whats that bulge?

Read Thomas Frank's ++The Wrecking Crew++

Palin Vs Obama

Alaska Officials Weigh Subpoenas

I just got Polled!

Will Al Capone and his cronies rule Chicago forever?

Wasilla AK - Pervert Paradise?

HA!! YouTube: John McCain Gets BarackRoll'd

With the GOP ticket getting so much free press, has Bob Barr been given such niceties?


MTV VMAs gone political

Georgian president vows to reclaim 2 provinces

Dear Rose, I will fight to Avenge Davids death, by Keeping McCain out of the White House.

Fuck it.

Never ever underestimate your opponent...thats (one reason) how we got stuck w/Shrub...

Afghan deaths: "Everyday life for civilians has become ever more difficult'

McCain in recent days looks like he's been spray painted a sort of light orange.

Please help me encourage Obama to quickly announce that he will appoint Hillary to a be

Alaska produces giant vegetables!

harold ford needs to STFU !

Another gift to DU ...

mccain & his female replacement visit Kansas City this morning, oboy

Comparing Palin to Jackie Kennedy

Anyone know how much the average taxpayer owes NOW?

"I'm a Democrat who supports mccain". Bullshit, you ain't no Democrat.

Fannie aned Freddie

Remember those floods in Iowa this summer?

CBS is ALL ABOUT McSame's "Palin Bounce" this morning

Obama faced O'Reilly so McCain should face Olberman!

U.S. Strikes Taliban Stronghold in Pakistan - another war in Pakistan??

Bush Extends 9/11 National Emergency Yet Again

Adventist Church welcomes ban on junk food ads


First Neil Bush and Silverado. McCain and the Keating Five. Now George...

CSPAN callers TODAY 9/8/08

Wolfson: "No Cat-Fights" (TNR Blog)

Spanish Government confirms CIA flight stop-over

Tell me something: Why do Republicans have talking points and Democrats don't?

So clear something up for me...

You and I bail out Freddy & Fannie and the market goes UP?

I don't ever again want to hear that we live in a free market society.

Rude Pundit on John McCain: A MUST READ

About the Palin family and their multiple pregnancies:

Battles for Control of Congress Heat Up After Conventions

Palin has created quite a stir ... with her designer glasses (apparently people want them.)

McCain would probably die in office

Why no pictures of the baby and the family right after birth in the hospital?

Bush Losing Support of GOP Lawmakers in Tight Races

A sad consequence of a weakening economy and softening housing market.

Pit bull owners gear up to fight breed ban

palin-mccain health insurance tax

Chevron, BP push Sarah Palin as Condoleezza Rice's successor

Pandering with Palin

Terra Terra Terra

Remember, Rachel Maddow's show premiers tonight

Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain

Breaking: McCain on crutches.

The singularly most dishonest rhetorical question in America today:

Fucking repub shirt

I fired my chef!

"Government run health care"

A little humor to lighten things up

Cambodia's dog-tired demining mission needs fresh recruits, cash

Bob Woodward last night on 60 min.

Am I the only one who missed this about Walter Reed? (West Wing Episode)

Am I the only one who missed this about Walter Reed? (West Wing Episode)

Im Leaving Now To See Hillary in Kissimmee

Sam Seder update?


Keep hearing.. are people really that stupid?

OMFG - is anyone watching Nancy Pfotenhauer on GEM$NBC

HATE TV: Media Matters debunks FAKE flag story!

Church's 'loving warning' to gay teens: 'I kissed a girl...then I went to hell'

Who is running this?..the media...and they need to be stopped..

Who is running this?..the media...and they need to be stopped..

Now king David was old and stricken in years Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin

Sarah Palin dolls go on sale as John McCain's running mate's popularity soars

Note to Mainstream Media. Sarah Palin is NOT a feminist!

Brokaw falsely suggested Oprah hosted Obama as a presidential candidate

Brokaw falsely suggested Oprah hosted Obama as a presidential candidate

Remember the "We know nothing about Obama" meme?

Obama/Biden should demand equal time from ABC for the palin/mccain interview by charlie gibson

Republicans Equals BIG Socialists when Convenient

That long unverifiable list of books Palin wanted banned was just read on the Stephanie Miller show

Do you think that Sarah Palin's tramp stamp depicts...

White House on wheels?

Salon: The right dictates MSNBC'S programming decisions.

Clinton: returning Republicans to the White House "is like asking the iceberg to save the Titanic."


Book attacks McCain's Abramoff inquiry

Wasilla woman’s e-mail offering firsthand critique of Palin becomes Internet sensation

What is Sarah Palin's Favorite Dinosaur?

AP: Sarah Palin is a liar

Obama will rue the day he didn't take me on as his campaign adviser

Note to DU: The MSM Is NOT Our Friend; Never Has Been, Never Will Be

Palin's pregnancy a well-kept secret

Charlie Gibson, Who Got Booed For Obama Questions, Won't Ask Palin About Secession & Family Planning

US Feds Close Bank Tied To McCain's Son - Bet you haven't heard that on cable news

The perfect bumper sticker

What if instead of Down syndrome, one of Palin's children had been born with "the gay"?

Ollie North Rides Again – To An Afghan Massacre

NBC Removes Olbermann From "Election" Anchor Seat

Gas is down, "Flight 93" is plaing on multiple channels, now Freddie Fanny bailout

I heard they are cutting Olberman and Matthews from MSNBC...

The Rude Pundit: Grappling with McCain

Rather than Vetting Palin, McCain Will Orchestrate a Cover-Up of Her Abuse of Power

Woodward: Bush Doesn’t Understand Why Iraqis ‘Are Not Appreciative’ Of ‘Liberation’

John McCain makes a case for his running mate's foreign policy expertise.

John McCain makes a case for his running mate's foreign policy expertise

HI!! Just Checking in between Hurricane Evacuations

Ugh.. I heard some radio jockie talking about Obama..

the maverick and the pitbull

During the 2000 campaign...

Palin-phobia! And the Adams/Obama Precident.

Norm Coleman's Campaign Conflicts?

Rome Mayor: Fascism Not Evil

Are Evangelicals Really Sold on Palin?

Amid McCain's new status, old scandals stir

McCain’s Abramoff investigation was ‘pure political playback’ for 2000 election

McCain’s Abramoff investigation was ‘pure political playback’ for 2000 election

(Total) Recall Schwarzenegger?

Palin Shows No Love for Baby Wolves

Palin Shows No Love for Baby Wolves

Beware the DU woods. There be trolls here.

Do we choose our 'leaders' or are they chosen for us?

Main Stream Media..anything to incite fear..ANYTHING..

Not 5 or 7 civilians-"90 civilians, the majority of them women and children, were killed"

Curtain Closes on "Rent"

Truthiness and Sarah Palinovski

Question: What's the size of the viewing audience of MTP...

Trading stopped on United Airlines...down to ONE CENT for a while

Trading stopped on United Airlines...down to ONE CENT for a while

I've got your "nice" right here. Fuck "nice"!

The Proper Time For Panic Is...

RCP Nat'l Avg: McCain +2.1% / RCP Electoral Map: Obama +43

Wonder Woman's Birth Announcement (It ain't just us, questioning the issue)

I know physiognomy is a false science, but....


"The Google" must think I am schizophrenic

A Liberal Pundit Soars To A Prominent Perch

Questions about "media bias"

Bush: "I don’t feel left out...but everything comes to an end"

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Whose the Biggest Corporate Suck-Up of Them All?

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Whose the Biggest Corporate Suck-Up of Them All?


a very interesting title to an article

The US needs a new TV station. We need someone truly impartial.

Thom Hartmann

Every time Palin moves her lips, she pisses off another group of voters...

Does anyone know what books Palin wanted to ban?

Rendell: If I Was Palin You'd Be Calling For My Impeachment

if you're not in the top 2% of the top 2%

opps.. wrong place

Massive Takedown of Anti-Scientology Videos on YouTube

Let's impeach e-voting - Computerworld

ArcXIX identified as Obama campaign worker?

Palin Suck-Up Watch, September 8, 2008

Congress, resist. Allow these to have their natural peaceful death.

From the People Who Brought You Misery...

Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails

Groups weigh in on fate of 14 crosses

Amusing term for McGigogo's picking Palin.. Palinnacht..

Who is this lying sack of shit fuckwit on Hartmann....


The Rude Pundit: Remembering John Edwards' Experience and How That Worked Out

The Gallup Poll was of "registered voters" not "likely voters"...

Inmates Tell of Sexual Abuse and Beatings in Iraq's Overcrowded Juvenile Prison System

Russell Brand: Please Elect Barak Obama - for the SAKE OF THE WORLD!!!

neo cons - Rice won't lift embargo so help can get to Cuba (Ike)

Windfall gouging profits-A okay. Financial trouble- We'll bail you out.

My wife and I just sent a e-mail to MSNBC at the Outrage of replacing Keith.

My wife and I just sent a e-mail to MSNBC at the Outrage of replacing Keith.

Ya know, at 65 years old, I feel like a real dimwit! I never heard

I was flipping channels and I can report that there is a program

Self Control ...

Anyone see that 60 mins gusher on Bush and the Surge?

British & European Political Cartoons - please add yours

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Glenn Greenwald: The Right Dictates MSNBC's Programming Decisions

Archbishop, Pelosi to talk about communion

McCain Barbie '08

Another Sept. 11 Casualty down?

Did ANYONE notice, that DU hit and exceeded $50K ??? n/t

Caption Mc*

Bush Pulls U.S.-Russia Nuclear Deal From Congressional Agenda

MarketWatch: World's unraveling — according to plan

Can I post some good news??

Do you trust Bob Woodward?

Bush regarding Bin Laden: "hopefully we do get him''

RNC Green Screen Challenge!

Watching these trained Seals aka Republicans......

The Librarian who said no to Sarah Palin

Questions Charles Gibson WILL ask Palin?

NEW Palin pregnancy spin..her kids and her parents didn't know she was

Historians: Stop Bush/Cheney From Destroying Presidential Records»

I dont like the sounds of the physics experiment!

Obama still leading

Video Shows US Carnage In Afghanistan

Rice Offers Less-Than-Hearty Palin Endorsement

Military Strategists lets hear from you Our Navy is at Straits Hormuz

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Alleged Abramoff Accomplice Kevin Ring Indicted


Poland Investigating Claims of CIA Secret Prison

Caption this one!

Historians: Stop Bush/Cheney From Destroying Presidential Records

Snarky Sarah: Palin's Petulant Personality Problem

Cool Bumper Sticker

Jittery? Maybe it IS the caffeine

Questions Charles Gibson SHOULD ask Palin:

Sarah Palin -- Fully Exposed

The worst kind of affirmative action

Obama and his campaign has got to expose how far from the mainstream palin is

This video on CNN is horrible.

Why did McCain's thugs pick ABCs Charles Gibson for the Palin interview?

What company, organization or group would be an effective target of a boycott?

AP Says Shame On GOP For Showing Palin's Kids At Convention?

McCain stopped, glared at her, raised his left arm ready to strike her

Government taking control of financial organization = Privatization?

Kathy Griffin impressed with Palin’s speaking ability (“She delivers like Domino’s!”)

US welcomes Zardari win in Pakistan

Sam Seder and Mark Maron Live now on SammyCam

BBC - F**k you Buddy-The Trap-or how we were all liberated. -

Outrageous Quote of the Week 9/06/08

US Is "More Communist than China": Jim Rogers

Bush and Cheney Responsible for Five Suspected Terrorists Going Free

VMA Host Called Dubya a Retarded Cowboy - and tells Americans to Vote Obama

Sometimes I think I'm fooling myself.

Bush PRAISES Mooselini's Selection on FOX "News"

It's Monday, so it must be time to register with 211 again

MSNBC Demotes Keith Olbermann

TONIGHT! TONIGHT: The Rachel Maddow Show premiere AND! Obama on Keith

My e-mail to wingnut who accused us of "going berserk" over Barracuda

'Nanny' star (Fran Drescher), pro-choice advocate named US public envoy


MSNBC and Olberman

On the campaign trail with Joe

Reminder: Michelle Obama is going to be on Ellen today!

On the campaign trail with Barack

“What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama?”

America: Yours, Mine, and Ours (Part 1)

Michelle Obama on Ellen today.

The First Families

If life begins at conception, do identical twins have half a soul?

White House blames mortgage bailout on Congress

Ike: Where do the people of Cuba

BusinessWeek: The Labor Market's Cruel Summer

What Obama must do right now:

Sarah Palin's record on environment is abysmal

A big thank you to Howard Dean and Barack Obama.

Lance Armstrong to race in Tour De France next year?!

STUNNING - Biden out, Isis In!

Pork Questions

State budget axe falls on illinois historic sites (Half will close)

The 9/11 Interview with Palin

McCain: Sarah Palin's Vagina Will Save the Planet

I Stood Around Bahgdad When I Saw It Was Time For A Change....

Republican Medicare Beneficiaries Slam ‘Government Care’

Fighting for the Right to Drink Beer on His Stoop

The Palin Pick Was Planned

Help debunking e-mail about tax proposals

Bill Clinton to join McCain, Obama at Ground Zero on 9/11

Should a woman be allowed to abort a gay fetus?

John Nichols: Cheney loves Palin

Coney Island rides may go to Middle East

Mike Malloy to be on CNN in 1/2 hour (3:45 PM ET)

AP/Yahoo: Fact Check: Palin and the Bridge to Nowhere (push this out, people)

So here I am, distributing literature in my home precinct...

GPS for a keg? It could keep a thief from illegally cashing in

*'s 9/11 agenda: Hole up in bunker and read my pet goat to palin's kids

Brad Friedman (on the radio) rocks! Love this substitution for Randi.


Palin Makes Her First Gaffe

You want to get bin Laden...

The Palin Pick should be described for exactly what it is, tokenism

Where do you see the U.S.A in 10 years?

Residency Question

Sarah Palin and 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' teacher Deborah Morse gay naked porno

Interesting analysis of the candidate's web pages.

CNN Christine Romans gives cover to Palin on Fannie and Fred

Condoleezza Rice thinks she should be the LAST PERSON to advise Mooselini on foreign policy

DU mods should have a rule, for every McCain/Palin post by a DUer

WFU Study Finds Prescription Samples Cost Patients More In The Long Run

********Why I am NOT a PUMA*********(repost)

********Why I am NOT a PUMA*********(repost)

we beat up each other every day in the United States Senate

Scholar: Cheney secrecy laying groundwork for possible 'history heist'

Ironically, last Dec. St. Paul police promised no protester pens, no armor-plated cops

The first words I would love to hear from Pres. Obama after his inauguration

Cartoon: McCain & his pain in our butt

Media Matters: Jerome Corsi corrects his FAKE book!

I don't think John McCain is really very smart at all.

Alaska, Land of Lies.

Prescription tracking: Too invasive?

Giuliani - Richard Widmark carrying out his role in the movie “Kiss of Death

So the Anti-Choice crowd is calling it "Late Term Abortion" Clinics?

You can sign up to download new Michael Moore movie for free.

Time to Revive McCain's Support for the Dubai Port Deal

Drop in tobacco use results in less tax income (21.5 percent dip)

Insipirational Obama Poster ;)

Congress, FBI to Continue Anthrax Probe

Best campaign ad ever!!!

How on earth can this election be SO CLOSE??


So what is wrong with "earmarks"?

How to nail Palin on her abortion stand: "Why, Governor, are you protecting rapists and molesters?"

Question: Where are people calling for Fox Noise to remove Hannity from election coverage?

Palin Power, McCain Riding the Wave, Obama's Lost the Spotlight

Reality Check on Taxes (reported on CNN) - The FACTS regarding Taxes!

The right dictates MSNBC's programming decisions

New blog site: "Librarians Against Palin!"

Obama takes daughters to first day of school

NYC Bids Farewell To Coney Island's Historic Theme Park

I Am Angrier Today Than Last Night About Olbermann Being Replaced by David Gregory!

More mushy timelines

She's "Tim McVeigh in a skirt"

Sebelius: I don’t know any mayor who hires a lobbyist / goes after earmarks the way Palin did.



Sen. Obama Live in MI

Rep. Vern Buchanan (Puke-FL13)'s campaign manager arrested for DUI AGAIN

Bartcop is no longer a liberal.

Dear Barack: The word is "LIAR!"

Biden calls Palin's views "fairly extreme' and "pretty far out there"

Theocracy Watch. Ammo.

Maddow - A Liberal Pundit Soars To A Prominent Perch

Sarah Palin: Pentecostal

I am getting a horrid feeling that NOTHING is going to stick to Palin...

The first ghost that ever scared me was the Holy Ghost.

With no interviews or info, we'll just have to make up wild shit about palin

Maybe the million Iraqis were murdered for palin's God.

I just figured out why killing 'brown people' in the name of jesus is acceptable to christians

Hurricane Ike Set To Bypass Keys, But Gulf Coast Worries

They always manage to do it, don't they?

The City of Los Angeles is proposing that lobbyists wear ID badges, but only ...

Say Congrats To Rachel Maddow

SOME PEOPLE SAY She's got post-partum psychosis...

US to establish naval base in Georgia

Situation Sad in Haiti

John McCain is only against American earmarks

Palin's Book Burning List... (OMG!!)

Rendell: If I Was Palin You'd Be Calling For My Impeachment

Monday TOON roundup- If the MSM won't tell the Truth, they will!

If i see one more clip on TV of POW McCain telling his wife "he loves her", I am going to vomit.

baggy pants law has led to 4 arrests for violations

I finally watched "Recount".

So basically we're paying for other people's fuck ups

Bush to announce 8,000 troops to return from Iraq

Palin's Fannie and Freddie gaffe

On reclaiming faith from the radical right

Kids truly are little germ factories, study proves

Fundies to test IRS ban on political endorsements from pulpit

Fundies to test IRS ban on political endorsements from pulpit

Does Palin channel Rosanne Barr?

No wonder they don't want Palin giving interviews.....

ATTENTION...Union Brothers......URGENT

Time to e-mail bomb Chris Matthews...

Obama Camp Deploys The "L" Word

Russia Demands U.S. Poultry Exporters Alter Production Methods

The Corporate Media is not the 4th Estate, nor does it favor Democrats

U.S. Military Relied On Oliver North To Dispute Afghanistan Civilian Deaths

So all of management had to watch an anti-union video today

MSNBC: Matthews & Todd Think It Was "Naive" Of Obama To Think That Comm. Organizing Was A Plus

Sarah, I'm watching you...

Ready to LOSE or not? It's time for the DU activist corps to GET MOVING!

Question for our postal service men and women on DU.

Ok, someone help me here...

Has anybody here started college in they're early 30's? (Political / Social Sciences)

David Gregory to fellate John John McCain on air.

Kids truly are little germ factories, study proves

I was on hold for two hours waiting for AT&T and then my cordless

"Kill the bastards! Kill the bastards! And you'll succeed." ' "

"Ordinary stockholders could be virtually wiped out" in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Bailout

Cheney's Whopper: I Know "with absolute certainty" that Saddam had Active WMD Program(Bush History)

horror story on st. paul street...protester soaked in mace, beaten to ground...

Caption this Mc* picture.

WELCOME Rachel Maddow to MSNBC!

Please DU this poll; Should churches be allowed to push a political agenda without losing their tax

oops. cell phone pictures show the U.S. military lied their butts off

Ban on Political Endorsements by Pastors Targeted

I wonder if my neighbors know I'm a Democrat...

I just went to my dr. and informed him about Palin and now he is SCARED to vote for McPalin

City of Wasilla - City Documents - Recently Requested - Former Mayor Palin

Private lawyer hired to represent Palin in Monegan inquiry

Anyone who thinks attacking Palin on her mothering is a good tactic, is a political moron

Today I experienced a prime example of what we're fighting against.

I hate gangs!!

Anyone trying to do a loan modification due to adj. interest rates?

Lawsuit to Ask That Cheney's Papers Be Made Public

CNN taking on the "Uppity" and anti-community organizer comments

Sarah Palin's Secret Emails *It's the banning of the Emails* with links!!

Palin is just so irritating

OK Obama Campaign - pay attention

Where has Obama voted against his party or his better interests?

Just Got Back From See H R Clinton in Kissimmee

Palin is trash

MSNBC is dropping Olberman and Matthews as news anchors

An interesting way of looking at the right wing that I haven't heard before..

Obama: "I actually knew that Alaska was right next to Russia . . . I saw it on a map."

A flight attendants life during the RNC...

HEY, what happened to the "US Deaths in Iraq since March 20th, 2003" site?

Bush Administration Chooses McCain National Finance Chairman To Take Over Fannie Mae

After DU - what's the best political blog/website - and why?

Help me understand this.......

Video shows dead Afghan children after US raid-- AP

4155 reasons to vote against mclame/palin

4155 reasons to vote against mclame/palin

U.S. Causing Wanton Bloodshed in Afghanistan

Set woman straight in Post Office about Palin's lie about selling plane on E-Bay!

Wow, Palin is truly nuts!

OMFG!! The sky is falling!!!


Delete....Not creditable source

Biden: Palin seems to have ‘extreme views’

If the GOP steals another election, what will your last public act be before getting arrested?

New polling page at DailyKos

Who is dressing Cindy McCain?!?!?

Neptune is dissolving Palin's sun, mars and saturn


Yup. The Poll Numbers Worry Me Too. Shouldn't Be This Close. Our Strategy Sucks.

Gallup and Other Neocon Propaganda Firms Calling Themselves Pollsters

Brad from BRAD BLOG Guest Hosting Randi Rhodes Show Today!

It's perfectly OKAY for republicans to "nationalize" banking/the market/mortgage loans

Palin church: Alaska will be a 'refuge' for Armageddon

What Was He Thinking? More evidence of incompetence by former attorney general Alberto Gonzales

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity

keeping Ameirca Smrat - pic

The President will be elected based on the ELECTORAL COLLEGE, so look here:

7 years & a million dead people later, & bin Laden is 'STILL OUT THERE'.

Mrs. palin, do you speak in tongues or pray for the Rapture?

What really happened in 2004 with Kerry and the decision not to fight?

I was just talking to a neocon outside work while I was having a cigarette

Trip no more; I'll be the Obama Campaign's prophetess, and here's my prophecy...

Kalama hamana bamana shpookta lakka hamma salla heyo?

We who personally know end timers are alarmed at palin, most don't see it though.

Palins extremist views concerning Choice are about be exposed nationwide

Um... I'm in the new Michael Moore film

Why is Obama not 20 POINTS AHEAD?

Follow-up on Anne Kilkenny - the "I know Sarah Palin" lady

Republicans *OWN* banking deregulation that led to the current credit crisis.

McCain Palin fires back over book ban rumor

Palin's Daughter Is Lucky

Should a company's health plan tell you ahead of time ...

Sarah Palin's Pastor of Wassilla Church to speak out ..Coming Up on CNN...

How to deal with rightwingers & fundies: Use their fears against them!

ENOUGH! One Independent DEVASTATING EXPOSE AD is needed to define Palin. And then MOVE ON.

Confusion and incompetence in Palm Beach County...who's got the ballots?

Al-Qaeda No. 2 May be Injured, Possibly Re-killed--But Still Cranking Out Videotapes

Charlie Gibson wants your questions for Palin!

Lawn Sign Theft

St. Paul in the Hot Seat over Journalist Arrests

I heard that Alaska has the most cases of rape and incest . Is this true?

Clinton stumping for Dems...

Where is Andrew Sullivan?

So the dipsticks at the RNC sent me an appeal for money. Prepaid return envelope.

My sister just told my mom "Well if you don't like it move back to Germany"

Did Bin Laden get away with attacking us on 9/11? invites all DUers to ask Governor Palin a question!


Palin and Gibson have now even agreed on the interview questions.

How can Obama win? By being completely honest about the economy.

Hilarious column from my local paper:

Glaciers Melt – Oceans Rise – Islands Flood – Inhabitants Evacuate – McCain and Palin Pander

Wasilla Police Billed Sexual Assault Victims for Rape Kits

Chris Hedges: Tyranny on Display at the Republican Convention - St. Paul is a window into our future

Troopergate: Repugs fail to unseat Democratic state senator overseeing probe

Palin? Dunno,...strikes me as a bit extreme

Obama Camp Sends Out Embarrassing Palin Pic

Obama Camp Sends Out Embarrassing Palin Pic

Weird Theology in Wasilla: A Look Inside Sarah Palin's Pentecostal Church

Skaters and their moms hate Democrats. How do I know?

Obama moves to attract gun-owners in key state PA, “If you are a law-abiding gun owner, you have

Have any NYT Subscribers in Swing States found free DVD of Anti-Muslim Movie inside your paper?

Have any NYT Subscribers in Swing States found free DVD of Anti-Muslim Movie inside your paper?

Where is that post from a Texas Conservative that was the # Greatest yesterday

Need help finding a photo of Barack that was on CNN's Obama Revealed special

Texas DUers! Are you Ready?

Lou Dobbs is a complete hypocrite - anyone watching his show?

Has anyone picked apart the GOP's "budget plan"?

[email protected] people, read this!

"I'm ready to be president if need be, and I'm available to reporters anytime"

"I'm ready to be president if need be, and I'm available to reporters anytime"

So, Ladies & Gentlemen, What Do We Do This Time When They Steal The Election Again?

Website friend just emailed me:

Obama: "You can't just make stuff up . . . The American people aren't stupid."

Russell Brand calls George Bush a 'retard' at MTV awards

Uh oh. I'm getting a serious sinking butterfly-stomach feeling over Fannie and Freddie bailout

From Palin's Wiki Bio...

What would you say when someone isn't going to vote because...

Any others around Clayton NC experience this today?

Pew Study = We Are Wrongly Assuming That People Know Bush and McCain Are Both Republicans!

Missouri getting much attention this week...Dean fires up St. Louis

CNN:Palin was Catholic UNTIL she got SAVED!

CNN:Palin was Catholic UNTIL she got SAVED!

Bradblog: Arizona Election Integrity Advocate Arrested While Observing Hand-Count

I am so pissed off I want to throw something! And I think the rest of you would want to also.

Gallup has Mccain 49 to Obama 44% - i'm very depressed

If you want to donate to STORM RELIEF IN HAITI, please consider the LAMBI FUND

List some of your trusted sources for information on the extreme RW

They're going to kill Troy Davis! Please take action.

I'm really glad that I'm not dead or grievously injured...

Is anyone watching "Hole in the Wall"?


LOUDEST 9000TH (@)*#&%)#@%^ POST EVER!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!

Screw it THIS is chocolaty goodness

Tom Brady out for the season....Unconfirmed

General Custer in Blue and Green.

True Blood - Spoilers

Attention Lounge Lizards: Keith O and Chris Matthews removed from anchor roles

Today's "thing I hate with the heat of a thousand burning suns" object.

I'm here to give some medical advice

OK DU, I am here, what did I miss?

When people say, "God bless you" does it seem a bit weird to you?

When people say, "God damn you" does it seem a bit weird to you?

'Happy Days' is on Retro Night

A bit more levity for The Lounge tonight...

what's your favorite imported candy....

Anyone seen RetroLounge around here lately?

todays lolcat!

Question about the Ignore feature

I watched the movie "Mr. Woodcock" (not porn) last night.


I found a moon rock in my nose.

I think sometimes you just have to laugh at life, or spit in its face.

Do you like films about gladiators?

There ain't nothin' like a little binge drinking to make the Max Weber go down.

Check out the bike that I found in the garbage today!!!

Kitten Update: We're driving home tonight

How much does Tom Brady's knee injury help McCain?

CaliforniaPeggy is the devil

DU this Extremely close Ohio Poll: Which candidate would you rather have a Drink With?

eBay has gone to shit

Color me stupid but where do I get Obama lawn signs?

Will Al Capone and his cronies rule Chicago forever?

You mess with the Peggy...

I feel much better

I love London in the rain

Pink Moon

Light as a feather

Fuck it.

Under-rated Sci-Fi movies!

Stephen Colbert's DNA to be shot into space

Two poems I wrote years ago, not sure why I'm posting them...

I've invented a new form of literature. It's called "High Moronism."

Alone in first place

somehow this seemed like a great LOL for us this week:

I just saved my boss from the big bad cockroach

2008 Piracy Reports

I want to tutch the but.

Assassination of Bullwinkle

Feral cat help, please

Yippee! It's Time For The Country Music Awards!!!!

Kitteh time!

Would someone just g'damn spank me?

DU; give me some good acoustic guitar vids.

Anyone else reading "Opus?"

Mitch Hedberg CD tomorrow, recorded 2 months before his death: "Do You Believe in Gosh?"

Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick together again!

REAL Alaskan beauty, much prettier than SP -- a photo

netdisaster website down, yahoo thought it's actually sabotaging people's sites

McCain Rickrolled! MUST SEE!

I'm calling it now: Pats beat the Jets

I don't understand people who prefer college radio to the MSM

We're back...Kitten is in ICU (Updated)

We're back...Kitten is in ICU (Updated)

I did my husband's iPod Shuffle in a load of laundry! Ask me anything!

Who's moving with me to Europe if McCain wins

Video: Audience member runs onstage during Oasis concert, knocks Noel Gallagher on his ass

Dupe. Dammit. Now I have to think of something clever to put here.

MSNBC is dropping Olberman and Matthews as news anchors

Spent some time in GD:P...

Help me out Lounge: iPhone: pick? or pan?

Permission to rant please?

opps.. wrong place

Yerba Mate

How big?

why does god mock us!!

I just realized I had 899 posts, so I wanted to celebrate my 900th

well friends I need some lounge vibes and a hug or 2......

Seeing as how Chicken Little is a topic on DU these days:

O.J. Simpson arrives for start of robbery trial

I need a hug...I'm torturing myself

I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky

Describe your life with a picture

We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.

So temeah's back....

I am a 'fashion don't' today

I saw a Peregrine falcon yesterday

Marking time. Thirty-seven hours left, not including commuting.

Just suppose someone invents a new drink..

Tonight's remastered Star Trek

Do you crave all things wiener?

ATTN flvegan and DS1 (and matcom, wherever you may be):

The calendar has to be one of the most evil torture devices ever created.

Bush stays the course to lead the Saints past the Bucs

w00t! They brought back Terminator: The SC Chronicles. And it starts tonight!

Who the hell is Jordan Sparks? Just because I had sex before marriage doesn't make me a slut

Found out you shouldn't wear shorts to the beach during a tropical storm

Things you don't say to your wife

So I am now trying to get in with JCPennies.

I vistited chris crockers youtube sight for the first time in over a year

Took my first practice gre test yesterday: 570 Math 690 Verbal

Brady done for season - surgery needed

zOMG! Annie's Father went berserk with a gun!

feeling good

I won $42,000 on Jeopardy!

Why is my monitor screen dark?

This is my 38,578th post.

You know what this place needs? More Lynyrd Skynyrd

so I guess I'm the ofical lounge asshole

See Sexy Photo Of TheSushiBandit HERE....

Did anyone else here find their avatars changed???

John McCain's Cabinet to Include Two African Americans, Dwarf, Ovary


I see Shit Storm '08 has returned to GD:P.


Ya know, if you practice piano everyday, you do play a lot better.

You know what this place needs? More cowbell

So my kid's school is offering free violin lessons.

Goodnight, you hoopy froods.

friend just got back from Yellowstone..said she didn't see any Bull Moose..Sarah shot them all

Moose Recipes - mmmmm, mmmmmm

dinner thread!!!

I need sponsors for a 5K walk for ovarian cancer

well.. it turns out i'm not completely stupid when it comes to math

I forgot my password for my internet connection. What do I do?

Since I am dying of cancer anyway...

MORE. Must have MORE.

So did Midlo get kicked out of any school caffeterias today?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel - I will be on high speed internet

Call me a sexist but

Just In Case You Missed The News

any of you ever have skin cancer?

Fuck it.

What else could GU stand for?

A poll for you DU men - what would you do

I'll try not to post any Led Zeppelin videos in the Lounge today

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/8/08


One Pill Makes You Larger.... (Not for "male enhancement")

Crazy Catholics! Turns out that she wanted me to annoint her with *chrism.*

I just got my Obama grocery bags!

Sandra Lee's "Sunset Clambake" makes me feel a little uneasy, and I think you know what I mean

My mind is going through Dem Changes

Someone tried to break into my house last night :(

This class is boring me to death, I tell you...

I don't understand people who prefer college football to the NFL

Have you seen "The Kite Runner" ?

Monday, September 8th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

North Texas Progressive - new web page / new newsletter format !

Has anyone ever commented on how the Empire State Building looks like a giant penis?


I am so sleepy.


Do you clean your own house?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 9/8/2008)

"The Shawshank Redemption" is a damn fine movie. That is a simple fact.

For my 15,000th post I have to say

Who here has never had "chicken Pox"

how happy are you?

So I've been drinking decaf all day

Help me pick a vanity plate

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday September 8

Trampolines are Dangerous in Canada!

So how much does this clip of a song I'm working on suck?

For my 10,000th post I have to say...


Last night I discovered why Boiling Oil made such a great weapon in medieval times

The kitten has died

Help! The engagement ring went on and now it will not come off!

It SNOWED today in Northern Minnesota...

Sigh! I am in SUCH a bad mood tonight...neighbor

Looks like I'm famous!!!!11eleventy

Sharia Plan

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish® Sandwich. 18 grams of fat, 660 MG sodium, and yet, strangely, I WANT ONE.

To the rest of the NFL:

Post photos you have taken of dogs, cats, or wildlife. Including insects.

Sources: Brady Out With ACL Tear

Sarah Palin learns to play the victim

Coaching legend Don Haskins has died

Asian Stocks Soar After Freddie, Fannie Bailouts

OPEC considers cutting oil production

Palin brings aboard two Bush veterans

WaMu ousts CEO Killinger: report

New CEOs Are Untainted by Credit Woes

Olmert to stay PM even if indicted

Boeing Machinists, on Third Day of Strike, May Be Out a Month (Outsourcing at Crux of Strike)

Lawsuit to Ask That Cheney's Papers Be Made Public

Prime Minister Chances Early Election in Canada

Washington takes over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Washington takes over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

Stephen Colbert's DNA to be shot into space

Russell Simmons, T.I. get political at MTV Awards

Palin's pregnancy a well-kept secret

MSNBC Drops Olbermann, Matthews as News Anchors

Poll: Convention lifts McCain over Obama

CHRONOLOGY-Messages attributed to al Qaeda's Zawahri

India to sell nuclear deal to world, soothe critics

Ukraine prime minister summoned by prosecutors

Car bomb that targeted Chalabi is state-owned – spokesman

Obama plans extended meeting with Bill Clinton

Cheney thinks Palin is 'superb'

Imagery prompts review of Afghan air strike: Pentagon

Three guilty of bomb conspiracy

U.S. says new evidence of civilian deaths in raid

Pulling sick-day proposal in Ohio helps Dems

Oil Prices Climb on Ike Fears

Oil Prices Climb on Ike Fears

O.J. Simpson arrives for start of robbery trial

Bush administration yanks Russia nuclear pact

McCain/Palin up by 10 points among likely voters, new poll says: GOP getting excited about November.

Obama takes daughters to first day of school

Ohio ministers challenge political pulpit plan

Hamid Karzai blames Britain for Taliban resurgence

Video shows dead Afghan children after US raid

New York Post endorses McCain, citing 'courage'

SEER Stat Fact Sheets: Melanoma

Virginia Adds 49K New Voters in August

Multiple hurricanes strain volunteer pool

Bush administration freezes Russia nuclear pact

Ban on Political Endorsements by Pastors Targeted

Sen. Obama Live in MI

McCain, Obama deadlocked in presidential race

House Judiciary Panel Asks FBI To Provide Answers Ahead Of Anthrax Hearing

Al Qaeda Member From O.C. May Be Dead

Republican red faces as regulators close bank

(Bob) Woodward: Military Brass Opposed Surge

Russia could sever NATO ties

Auto Industry Asks Congress for $50 Billion; Insists This Isn't a Bailout

Bush Administration Yanks Russia Nuclear Pact

U.S. drones kill 16 in missile attack in Pakistan

McCain, Obama deadlocked in presidential race

Biden says he looks forward to debate with Palin

Russia commits to Georgia pull-back

Poll: Convention lifts McCain over Obama

Cindy Sheehan receives prize, Norw. official in fear of holding speech

Panama leftist with anti-US past to run for president

FBI arrests former lobbyist in growing Abramoff case (former staffer for Rep. Doolittle)

Bush to keep troop levels in Iraq for '08

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 8

Obama clings to narrow Michigan lead, poll says

Palin's church promotes "ex-gay" conference

Prison guards move to recall Schwarzenegger (it's official now)

MSNBC Takes Incendiary Hosts (Olbermann, Matthews) From Anchor Seat

Khmer Rouge Trials Bare Sexual Abuse

Rice offers less-than-hearty Palin endorsement

Martinez cop died trying to save 6 captives

Gorbachev Says NATO Growth Aimed At Isolating Russia

Group dangles $50K for Jews who move to Ala. town

Sarah Palin fumbles on Fannie, Freddie

U.S. to Issue Unusual Warning Over Venezuela Airport Safety

Massive physics experiment on Wednesday

Facing Veto, Democrats Drop Plan for Vote on Child Bill

European Stocks Surge on Fannie, Freddie Takeover; Banks Climb

Russia to send naval squadron, planes to Venezuela

Book attacks McCain's Abramoff inquiry

Dancing With The New World Order

TYT: Gov. Pete Wilson Vs. Cenk On Immigration @ RNC

Insane in the McCain Brain

Student volunteers prepare to open the Campaign for Change Atlantic University Center in Atlanta

RNC Welcoming Committee Speaks Out

Mississippi Jobs?


Republicans have Surrendered to al Qaeda in Afghanistan

Sarah Palin And Republican Hypocrisy

Spellman College Barack the Vote Rally

Mamoud And The ObamaMobile in Berkeley

Governor Sarah Palin Vlog #7: ENTER THE DINA!

Jeff Tweedy & Friends with Barack

EXTREME (Sarah Palin)

Maverick McCain

[PRES] Brave New PAC: Phillip Butler on John McCain

July 2008: Palin & Ted Stevens: "we can help lead the rest of the U.S."

Juan Williams points out to the condescending Brit Hume that the rich should pay taxes

Palin on Earmark Reform, Obama, McCain "seeing the writing on the wall"

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Better Vetting Late Than Never

McCain backs off bashing community organizers, but blames it on Obama campaign - a lie, of course

CNBC's Deutsch praises Palin for ‘putting a skirt on’: ‘I want her laying next to me in bed.’

Analyst on MSNBC blames Fannie/Freddie failure on 'regulatory neglect' going back '2 or 3 presidents

Sen. Boxer on McCain's temper tantrums

Obama Slams McCain/Palin In Flint, Michigan!

Was McCain's spokesperson dishonest about Ted Stevens and Sarah Palins relationship on MSNBC?

Barack Obama at Flint Michigan Town Hall (4:04 min)

Small Town Values?

Mo Rocca on The Bushes and Clintons

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

TYT: Popular Rock Band Denies Music To The McCain Camp

Sarah Palin: Pentecostal

Sarah Palin says Yae for Bridge to Nowhere

Sarah Palin's Attack Ad On Community Organizers

Fox and Fiends analyze KO and Matthews pulled from MSNBC anchor spots

The Palin Phenomena

The Palin Phenomena

Target Women on Palin (funny!)

The Running Man

Bomb Iran

Sarah Palin: Obama dynamic, resonating, very favorable opinion-then

Sarah Palin On Ted Stevens And Earmark Reform

TYT: Small Things To Annoy You About Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin: Maverick to Nowhere


Andrea Mitchell interview with McCain droid

Tucker Bounds claims that Obama and Biden voted for the Bridge2Nowhere so they are really to blame

Russell Brand at the VMAs: Please elect Obama

Anyone with video editing software? Excerpt the Palin gaffe on Fannie and Freddie

Voter Registration: The Struggle in Mississippi

Joe Biden: Foreign Policy

Is Bush a clinical Sociopath?

My Sarah Palin to attack without being like a Republican (i.e. lying/personal attack)

TYT: LW On Tape/Record With Racist Comment On The Obamas

No Maverick

Obama May Delay Reversing Tax Cuts

Joe Biden in Kalispell, Montana

Andrea Mitchell Pushes McCain Aide On Palin Press Conference

Michelle Obama on Ellen. September 8, 2008 - Part 1 (includes part 2)

David Axelrod on Morning Joe goes down the Sarah Palin Check List!

Sarah Palin's Extremist Church: Alaska will be a "shelter at the end of the world."

"God is invading Alaska!"

Russia Gives Nato 21 Days To Leave Black Sea

Condi Rice's tepid endorsement of Palin's experience

CAUGHT ON TAPE!!! McCain boasts about Voting With Bush over 90% of the time !

French woman to sue Church of Scientology for 'organised fraud'

Palin and McCain shop for salsa

Noonan: 'A Servant's Heart'

Ray McGovern: Storm Troopers at the RNC

Arianna: Sarah Palin: A Trojan Moose Concealing Four More Years of George Bush

Indian BPO Staff Turnover Skyrockets

Salon: The Right dictates MSNBC's programming decisions

Joeseph Romm: Obama and Biden Go Back to a Losing Message

Agnewiana -

Agnewiana -

"Race Matters"

Silence from Democrats and Republicans alike on Fannie and Freddie

Sarah Palin May Have Women Flocking - To Barack Obama

Half a Million Displaced by Fighting in the Philippines

Half a Million Displaced by Fighting in the Philippines

McCain's Record on Killing Jobs in Michigan

Anne Kilkenny’s Newfound Celebrity After Palin Letter.

Anne Kilkenny’s Newfound Celebrity After Palin Letter.

Politics and the English language, GOP-style--Leonard Pitts

Word of the Week: Uppity

Palin’s Vendettas Ignored Reveal John McCain’s Dishonorable Lust

Republicans Drove The Country Off A Cliff

More on Sarah Palin's Church....

Hey, Snarling Pitbull... if you're going to lie, try not to leave evidence to the contrary

Organized Crime in the Pulpit

Blog Reader: My Encounter Yesterday with Sarah Palin

Mark Benjamin: Her deadly wolf program

ICE Descends on Rhode Island: Activists and advocates cope with a “climate of fear.”

IRAQ The War Within (The Progress Report)

The Vanishing Republican Voter.

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Doublespeak as Art Form

Palin Touts Her Experience as a 'Closet Organizer'

WaPo: McCain's Convenient Untruth (McCain vs. Obama on Taxes)

Idiotic Palin LTTE in today's Columbus Dispatch

US Is "More Communist than China": Jim Rogers

The GOP's Close Encounters with the Truth

The GOP's Close Encounters with the Truth

New CEOs Are Untainted by Credit Woes

WWSB What Would Sarah Ban?

Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave: New Video Documentary

Why Their Religion Matters (WaPo)

McCain stars in 'Back to the Future 08'

AlterNet: Lunatic Drug Warriors Still Ignore Powerful Pot Science

Seeking Details, Lawmakers Cite Anthrax Doubts

Delete, posting bug error

Obama Needs Better Ads (538)

Only in America Could a Two-Faced Creature Like McCain Attain Such Media Status

Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage By FRANK RICH

Palin releases Freddie Mac bailout & her understanding of its repercussions policy statement

Sarah Palin learns to play the victim

The Palin pipeline lie

Hollywood Plans Movie if Palin Elected: 'Four Shotgun Weddings and a Funeral'

A Real Pit Bull Wouldn't Send Emissaries to do her Dirty Work

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 351

USAREUR HQ to become deployable

Study: More sex assaults occur than reported

Hearing set in case of alleged detainee killing

New review ordered into Afghan civilian deaths

Carrier ‘Ouija boards’ finally going digital

High-Res satellite launched at Vandenberg AFB

Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1

Ban limits S. Korean reporter

Minn. Guard fighter wing headed to Iraq

Italy clarifies NATO position after making pledge to Libya

Income guidelines set for free, reduced meals

Charity auction to mark gift shop’s 40 years on Foster

Venezuela, Russia Plan Naval Exercises

World Court Hears Georgia vs Russia

US, Vietnam Hold Agent Orange Meeting

Who revealed Track Palin's SECRET deployment info?

Palin vetoed wind farm.. gave 1/2 billion to oil company

Chevron, BP push Sarah Palin as Condoleezza Rice's successor

Company (Algenal) uses algae to make ethanol more eco-friendly

Is it better to lease, hire or borrow than to buy?

Farm Bill Stands to Overhaul Retail Forex Industry

Young, childless, and snipped

Dutch Harvest Chicken Manure to power 90,000 Homes! reporter says more than half of traders in oil futures are speculators

A Few Speculators Dominate Vast Market for Oil Trading - Washington Post

AlterNet: Is California on the Brink of Environmental Collapse?

More Bicyclists Means Fewer Accidents

Toxins in fish flesh: nuclear radiation, arsenic, chromium, pcb's etc

August Satellite data is in

Damage Mapping For Current Ike Track Through Gulf Oil & Gas Fields - Oil Drum

Real wind power storage...Spain's Iberdrola Planning for 2012 Launch of Large Pumped-Storage Plant

Union Members for Marriage Equality (T shirts & bumper stickers for sale)

Seeking friends in the Atlanta area

New group to pressure US government on gay rights worldwide

You will not read it on my skin

Tutu claims "God is weeping" over gay arguments

Olmert to stay PM even if indicted

Akko: Arab woman running for local council

Attack victim returns to Jerusalem yeshiva

Probe Urged into whether Mofaz ordered 'War Crimes'

Replay of Lehman conference call Re Freddie and Fannie bailouts

Thinking inside the box

Fannie Preferred shares are downgraded to junk, bonds still AAA

Great complex article on the U.S. debt crisis

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 09/05/2008

Inequality isn't so bad after all

Fed Up USA

WaMu is under strict watch for bankruptcy by Feds

59 reasons to stop or reduce mowing

Today in labor history Sept 8 UFW union begins historic 5 year national grape boycott and strike

U.S. to Issue Unusual Warning Over Venezuela Airport Security

Brady OUT For The Entire Year

VIDEO of the Brady injury

Sources: Brady Out With ACL Tear

N.E. Patriot's OB Matt Cassel's Charmed Career Comes To An End

Bret Favre's nephew off to another excellent year

Hey Pat's fans, I'm sincerely sorry about Brady's injury.

Offical tennis congratulations to...SPOILER....thread!

Report: Armstrong to return, ride in '09 Tour


Early word: Chris Simms possible replacement for Brady

Red Sox to set MLB sellout record

The Stars This Week: "Time for a Change" - September 8 - September 14, 2008

The Angels on the Economy

This little girl needs our help.

Freaky,scary IChing reading

good morning

Do you believe that torture happens only to innocent victims?

Who Is Torturing John McCain Now?

US outsourcing drug research to India

Excess use of denture cream tied to nerve damage

Urine test may flag mad cow disease in live cattle

Drug makers seek shield from lawsuits

I just got the Anthrax

We had a sunny day last week!!! (A Kenai Peninsula Landscape)

Morning, Glory

First Soccer Game

one week


Do think Obama has ever fired a gun?

Obama to re-institute Assault Weapon Ban?

IMHO the AWB would be struck down by the 2nd Amendment

Obama's Stance on gun control

Presidential Candidate Science Policy Forum

Land Of Big Science

The certainty of chance

We're all gonna die!

Super-smasher targets massive mystery

Legal bid to stop CERN atom smasher from 'destroying the world'

Here They Are, Science's 10 Most Beautiful Experiments

Proslavery theology (A Lincoln, December 1858)

Scientology fights critics with 4,000 YouTube video takedown notices


Antiwar Jesuit says vegetarianism an ethical imperative

Jack T. Chick

An Incomprehensible Connection Between the Abstract and the Physical?

David Ray Griffin: Reported Cell Phone Calls from the 9/11 Planes

Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails

See you all after November 4th

Where is the wreckage of UA 93?

North Texas Progressive -new web page and new newsletter name !

SIGH, having to deal with the small minds here in Lubbock.

Dreams of Barack

Problems logging into Hotmail


The Overeducated Peacock

Palin put bounty on wolves when aerial shooting wasn't killing them fast enough

Tomorrow is Primary day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Kerry pics available on Flickr.

Wow. BG writer thinks Kerry befriending McCain "restored" Kerry's honor. Just disgusting!!!

SO, this coming saturday is the day

Really wonderful video of JK playing the guitar on his visit to Taunton

Very cool. Kerry bill on high speed rail is attracting attention in Atlanta.

Watchmen Trial Set For January

Whom should I vote for in local races?

Haircuts and potatoes fuel inflation, not wage rises – public-sector or otherwise

Dick Proenneke On PBS Now

Uncounted Screens at the American Film Institute on Tues 9/9 & Baltimore on 9/10

Action Alert for Sept. 9 in Sensenbrenner's district

Recommendations to Alleviate Expected Long Lines on Election Day 2008 in Ohio

New Dem candidate to vote for against Sensenbrenner

Voter Registration by Students Raises Cloud of Consequences

GOP, League of Women Voters ask for state election team to come to Palm Beach County