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""Country First." Is that the name of a bank that's sponsoring their campaign?" (Wasilla visit)

Insider Advantage Ohio Poll: Obama 46, McCain 46

Dowd: Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet

wow. rating system!

When George Will slams the Republican candidate (twice now)... you've got a problem.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -- look at this tee shirt!!

The new owner(s) of my company were in attendance today

Bush administration has ‘no plans’ to declassify ‘grim’ Afghanistan NIE before the election.

Suddenly Michigan is looking good. RCP avg +5

How do you lurch from "The fundamentals of the economy are strong" to "Mainstreet is hurting!!11!!"

--If you missed Countdown, make sure to catch it late!! Obama on now!!----

Finally! A News Story That Calls Out McCain's Lie That Obama Is Following McCain's Lead

Why can't I find Palin's Alaska Nowhere shirt picture?

It's crunch time. Obama dramatically ramping up ad spending! Now outspending McCain!

You know what makes me happy? Not having to see Karen Hughes doing post-debate spin.

Has anyone here joined elephant-donkey?

Thanks for the Upgrades, Mods!!

VIDEO: Sarah Palin Vlog on YouTube?

passed by cnn and Ahmadinejad is talking to larry king, his interpreter is a woman

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due...

John and Cindy McCain: 13. Barack and Michelle Obama: one.

McCain could kill the bailout deal

priming the keg of dynamite, John McCain, to blow

What will a McCain Presidency look like?

Couric To Put Palin Under Microscope. Orly?

Halloween came early this year

Halloween came early this year

Suggestion for a new Obama ad, road to nowhere...

Insider Advantage: Ohio deadlocked at 46%.


Barack Obama: Greed and irresponsibility

Who dressed David Shuster tonight?

23/6 Consumer Guide to the McCain Car Fleet

23/6 Consumer Guide to the McCain Car Fleet

Eerie (and stinky) Connection - Today and Byrd 2002

Before Obama was Obama

Amtrak Joe vs. Mooseburger Palin

BREAKING: Insider Advantage/Poll position Ohio poll:Obama (46%)-Mccain(46%!)

Franken Didn't Write McCain SNL Sketch

When McCain is on the stump again instead of yelling at clouds how will he talk about "Budget cuts"

Lessig On Palin (VIDEO)

Bad Reporter! No Donut!

DU this PBS poll

So.... did Sarah Palin learn anything from McCain on "Take your VP to work day"?

Sirota: Obama's bailout statement: not a homerun but a solid double

Court denies Libertarian Bob Barr's effort to kick McCain, Obama off Texas ballot

Nostock options; no incentive pay; no golden parachutes...No Immunity

Palin Paparazzi Press

You just know how this 700 Billion dollars is going to be handled, like the Iraq war chest.

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/23/08 - McCain 48, Obama 48

John McCain tries to scare us into supporting the bailout.

Clinton's 1999 statement of repealing Glass-Steagall


This Bailout Scheme is Designed to Get McCain to Break from Bush

Man. I hit DU, and I find I'm on a gameshow.

Pew: Polls and Cell Phone Users

Skinner, can we add/change a button...

Advice for October: revise Keating Five

Fight the smears -- Obama campaign wants to hear from you if you receive a smear-mail. has been updatedL Obama 317 EV's 77% win chance.

Change We Can Believe In?

Seeking History Wonks! :)

keith o to do debate follow-up show on msnbc! n/t

Dear Mods, Love the ratings, ty, but I have one more suggestion

I just got an email asking me to make phone calls for McCain-Palin from home

Bailout = Democrats Should Definitely Not Clean Up After The GOP and McCain If They Don't Support It

Dear Senator Obama, do not concede this election when they steal it.

Pres. Clinton on Daily Show: Barack Obama is going to win!

Apathy. Cynicism. Ill-Informed Electorate. Why can't they hear our message?

So, this Bail Out is a GOP trick to distance McCain From Bush?

Can we get a thread with the SKIP IT or DISRUPTIVE label on it? I want to see some red and orange.

Call your Representatives- And tell them what you think about this Bail Out Business!

What Are The Chances Or Obama Or Biden Coming To My Place For A House Party?

Americans Oppose Bailouts, Favor Obama to Handle Market Crisis

Talking about a Cool Customer!

is that Rolling Stone smackdown of Palin online yet?

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson former CEO of GOLDMAN SACHS ...

"Greed and irresponsibility" - an email from Barack Obama regarding the bailout...

McCain UNFIT IMPULSIVE and DANGEROUS: more evidence

The Republicans want a vote on this bailout friday, don't let them have their way.

Economic Fears Give Obama Clear Lead Over McCain in Poll (WP)

Republicans to Cheney on $700-billion bailout: We're not buying it

McCain's Close Ties to Fannie and Freddie: majorly corrupt

That Palin Planned Parenthood Donation thing

What's wrong with being "professorial?" And who's elitist?

Please DU this poll!!!!!

Anyone use the 2008 election simulator on

Poll: Economic Discontent Boosts Barack Obama Over John McCain

Woops! Let sink. Meant to reply to a post not create one.

Remember folks, when it comes to the MSM it's all about the narrative

Democratic Congress looks to McCain for direction

Democratic Congress looks to McCain for direction

Blog article about Matt Taibbi's Sarah Palin article in Rolling Stone mentions DU

Economists? What would happen if . . .

If you thought Cheney was bad...

----Frenchiecat!!!!---You have to see this!!!!----


I love Obama and LOVE how he keeps his cool!

"Republicans Should Vote Against the Bailout" ~ The Next Right

McCain is going to vote NO on ANY Bail Out Bill Offered.....

Say anything you want about Bill Clinton

My Comments to Barack Obama on his website: **Greed and irresponsibility**

Paulson is pulling the same stunt that powell did in UN. This is a scam to screw everything

Please DU this "Is Palin Qualified...?" Poll at the PBS website!

The Next Attack: FBI investigates 26 companies and some suggest members of Congress

Cheney versus House GOP? McCain against Bush Request? THIS IS A FUCKING ROVIAN ACT!

anyone else witness a TSing as it happened?

Americans Oppose Bailouts, Favor Obama to Handle Market Crisis

MoDo, who predicted a convention meltdown, calls Bill Clinton a "fan of Palin"

I read where Biden is one of the poorest

How Obama's new big lead in a major poll (ABC-WaPo 52-43) will change debate "analysis"

Is everything a Rovian trick?

YES WE CAN - Music Video From Barack Obama (YouTube) link

McCain’s foes see hotheadedness; friends see spine

Is Warren Buffett, Obama Advisor, trying to tell us Something? Puts 5 Billion into Goldman Sacks!

"City of Blinding Lights" ringtone for Verizon?

Copycat McLame camp is sending links to their phone bank and asking Reps

Reid should announce that no bill will reach the Senate floor until both candidates sign as sponsors

House Votes to Pass Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights to Curb Abusive Lending Practices

Palin On Thin Ice (media is beginning to focus on her avoidance of the press)

WTF is up with Right Wing Radio pimping the idea that Hillary will take Biden's place?

Hey! Where's the McCain's black kid?!

Palin Popularity Goes Polar in Alaska

I'm saddened by some of the racism in our party.

Oct. surprise came early. What do you think?

BREAKING: North Korea To Start Up Nuclear Reactors Again!

A post-debate plan for Friday night

Bush's signing statements

Any Company Receiving Bail Out Money Should Be Nationalized

I do believe this is relevant. Judge at your own given speed.

Dear Congress: DON'T BUY A PIG IN A POKE!!!

Our three choices on the economy

Partisans go back and forth on Obama's 'present' votes

Another McBush staffer paid by Freddie Mac

McCain's Campaign Mgr. Davis' Firm STILL on Freddie Mac Payroll

Scarborough: "We can be Mock-a-vellian..

NBC Today Show: Sen. Schumer vs. Jim DeMint

McCain takes a hit over his family's cars

Republican Gilchrest Makes It Official: ‘I’m Voting For Obama’

I'm a visually-adaptive person...

Palin toon.

While Driving into DC Yesterday I Started to Tear Up

Va. fundraising-Obama $8.1 M -- McCain about $5M (TOTAL D $16M-- R $9.3M)

SUSA WA Poll: Obama 54 (+5), McLame 43 (-2)

Is there a bigger jerk than Matt Lauer?

So I was listening to NPR this morning...

So I was listening to NPR this morning...

39 days and 22 hours since Senator John McCain Last Held a News Conference

Palin is a Post Turtle?

Hell has frozen over:FOX NEWS: McCain Aide’s Firm Paid by Freddie Mac "despite " what Mccain said

Where is Todd Palin while his lady, Sarah, is meeting with foreign leaders?

Most Voters say Debate Moderators are Biased

Hell will freeze over before I watch Gregory's election coverage.

Troopergate -- it's now "confidential"

Has John McCain sold out to foreign interests and criminals?

***HEADS UP*** Obama takes a break from debate-prep for a rally in Dunedin, FL today at 1:00 ET.

***HEADS UP*** Obama takes a break from debate-prep for a rally in Dunedin, FL today at 1:00 ET.

Nat'l ABC-WAPO POLL-Obama -52% -McManiac 43%

Fight Back: give swing voters the facts about Sarah Palin

Pinpoint Attacks Focus on Obama (Buckle up. It is getting NASTY!!)

"Well they sure built up the suspense by hiding her away like that

The last hope of the lame, stupid elephant....

Campbell Brown: Free Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Campbell Brown: Free Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Campbell Brown: Free Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Should new Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson be forced to sell his $700 million stake in Goldman Sach

My report: "Boots on the Ground" in New Hampshire last weekend!

Palin's hairpiece:

Is John McCain trying to sell the nation a Pig in a poke?

"Obama is the Anti-Christ" email sent to my wife from one of her friends...

"Kamehameha Catching Spears"

Barack wants YOU to show your support for his Economic Recovery Plan.

Rick Davis Busted - Sully Nails It

Cumulative total to close to $800 billion on Iraq war...

Finally saw last night's Daily Show.... Bill Clinton was MUCH better

Just a simple question to John McCain regarding Caribou Barbie:

9/24 Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 48 , McCain 44

******Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll***** Obama up 49% to 47%

Rasmussen: Obama 49, McCain 47 (O+1, M-1)

fiscal conservative - i hope this is not a repeat . . . but it bears repeating

Karen Hughes on TeeVee: McCain will win

The right wing using women as a last resort ? Mommy to the rescue?

VIDEO - Time for a juvenile giggle?

A flash in the PAliN...

Obama needs to get back to DC to while BushCo fumbles on economy. Time is NOW

My 11 year old friend needs talking points on Sarah Palin for a speech at school


They should tell Paulsen to set an mortgage % cap for homeowners immediatly!!

Independents Lean To Obama On Economy By Nearly 14 Points!

McCain is going to regret that Franklin Raines commercial

Fox News on Palin's Cone of Silence

TOP TEN Posts in GD/P November 5, 2008

When A Campaign Resorts to Race-Baiting, you know they've already lost.

Chris Rock is on Howard Stern now, said the funniest line about Palin


Rasmussen (R) Poll: Obama 49%, McCain 47%

John McCain isn't having quite the week he'd hoped to have leading up to

Politico keeps the heat on McLame. McLame camp issues an "extended non-denial" that attacks Times

LA Times Writer Steve Lopez goes in search of Wasilla

Do NOT let them STEAL another Election. They've done it before. They'll do it again.

Sarah Palin believes she will see Jesus in her lifetime

Passed: Kerry Provisions Close Tax Loopholes for Hedge Funds, Freeze Giveaways for Big Oil

Another reason why Obama may not have been pushing the Keating story yet

Obama's Hidden Advantage :: "Cell-Phone Only" Voters

RFK jr-Palin's Big Oil Infatuation

Gut Check Time: Will Congress Bail Out Wall Street?

On Yahoo's home page right now: '18 percent of voters up for grabs' - HAH? & 'Most

NBC News Viginia Poll: McCain 47, Obama 44

Kan. governor (Sebelius) in Chesterfield (Richmond VA) for Obama

A CNN anchor attacks McCain's "sexist" treatment of his running mate ('Free Sarah Palin'!)

Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising"

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/24/08 - McCain 47, Obama 49 (M down 1, O up 1)


Treasury Secretary Paulson DOES NOT own Goldman stock

First Americans for Obama

Video Viewing at Grows 155 Percent in August!

CNN: "Latest round of polls could be a clear warning sign for McCain"

Warren Buffet is a HUGE asset.... we need to use him more...

Will John McInsane Have A "Howard Beale" Moment At Friday's Debate?

Awesome post I read on another forum

Woohoo! The media (CNN, Campbell Brown) FINALLY calls the McCain campaign onTHEIR sexism re Palin!

McCain has begun playing down debate expectations: of Obama he says "he's very very good."

Polls Give Obama Clear Lead Over McCain

Do you think this is a scam???

Need Obama stickers for the debate party or grassroots event and can't them online in time?

McCain contradicts Reid on bailout

Yo Congress! I want a BAILOUT for my credit card bills.


No or Yes to a Bail Out?

Grover Norquist - Another GOP Skeleton That Is Staying In The Closet ...For Now

Wow, the Obama event in Dunedin, FL today is slated for 1pm. The line

MySpace to connect users with US presidential debates

New DU color rating system causes seizures in Japan.

We've been given a shiny, fresh, and FAMILIAR gift in the form of Rick Davis.

Obama and a 10 on the London Underground?

I'll accept the bailout under THESE circumstances

sorry dupe. delete or let sink.

Racist Fliers Litter New Jersey Town

The reason behind the psyops operation that "Biden is leaving Oct 5th"

Is Palin qualified? Lawrence Lessig tells you why not in 12 minutes.

Best Explanation I've Seen Re: the Bridge to Nowhere

Help. When is Joe Biden giving his foreign policy speech today?

Campbell Brown: Free Sarah Palin - Calls Out McCain Campaign

Talk To Action: Sarah Palin's church is not a typical Assembly of God congregation.

The Diageo/Hotline tracking poll Obama has 6 point lead largest lead to date

Better Than 'Lipstick on a Pig'

Obama out to flip Indiana to Dems

Polls not looking good for McCain. Time to start scaring people again

Biden To Deliver Foreign Policy Speech Today In Ohio

Road to Nowhere boondoggle CNN picks this up.

Obama & McCain Coffee blends. Write your own joke.

Biden on Barack | National Security

ROFL! MSNBC Story, "Palin, in a bubble, meets her first world leaders"

If I were Joe Biden at the VP debate...

Obama Dramatically Ramping Up Overall Ad Spending; Now Outgunning McCain

Obama out to flip Indiana to Dems - AP

Freddie Mac paid McCain campaign chief's old firm until last month

Why McCain is in a box over the bailout

Tomasky: McCain, Rick Davis and the Freddie Mac Connection--'devastating' news for Republicans!

Breath a sigh of relief, McCain discusses Bailout plan with corporate Raider Mitt Romney.

NY Daily News gets "Sarah Palin" to meet & greet the unwashed masses.

McCain Camp responds:"Mr. Davis has never -- never -- been a lobbyist for either Fannie Mae.."

What Obama needs to be careful about in the debate:

Biden: McCain 'dangerously wrong' on foreign policy

I Signed Up At Intrade

Glowing Letters (& emails) In Support Of McCain Are Fakes

John McCain is a liar, and guess what: Americans know it

LOL...McCain volunteer spills the beans: asked to write glowing letters to editors

"I Thinc Im Gunna Vote Four Oboma Cuz Thems Hollywood Peoples Like Him."

Brilliant Idea from Paul O'Neil on the financial Crisis

Richard Gere stands and chants "Obama! Obama! Obama!" after his interview

Freeperville reeks of rank desperation -- "Bring Back Reverend Wright Immediately"

All Missouri DUers please go here... We are knocking on 100,000 doors this weekend!

Hard Times

deleted because of uptight chuckleheads

A little beef with Move On ...

538 caught something disturbing on intrade.... you should read this.

All this gets down to ONE DAY 40 days from today. What are you doing to help? Life-Sized Wall Graphic of Palin

New Rock the Vote poll. Young voters: Obama double digit lead. Palin little effect

HOTLINE TRACKING POLL: Obama 48 (+1), McLame 42 (-1)

For the gaming tables to be closed and the money paid out, the losers must be bailed out

For the gaming tables to be closed and the money paid out, the losers must be bailed out

Another Down Day On The Dow

Alaskans! Grab Your Torches & Pitchforks

OMFG - Go Take the "Barack Obama" Test

Marist Polls: New Hampshire: Obama 51, McLame 45....Iowa: Obama 51, McCain 41

Palin's approval rating takes a dive in Alaska

Team McCain conference call: Polling

McDaddy Dropping Faster Than The Dow On Intrade-Obama 53.7% McDaddy 45.2%

Poll finds 18 percent of voters undecided

How Does Obama Lose Friday's Debates? Worst Case Scenario.

Washington state Republican refuses to have "Republican" next to his name on ballot

McCain actually BLOCKED creation of the Blackberry

It's Judgment Day for McCain

Anyone have a copy of that Biden speech - I would love to see it

McCain camp RUNNING SCARED: Davis blows off scheduled event with the media

Biden and "Ladies and gentlemen."

My lifetime Republican work colleague confessed to me she won't vote McCain

We have the best ticket in generations.

McCain Camp reacts to ABC News/WashPost poll giving Obama +9 lead: Poll is "is an outlier"

NPR Poll: McCain 46, Obama 44

Freddie Mac Paid McCain Campaign Manager's Firm Through last Month-In Exchange For "Future"WH Access

McCain Sputter Pool....taking your predictions here.

Freddie Mac Paid $15 ,000 a month to McCain aid's firm

Wesley Clark to lead Obama rally Friday

NYT, pg1: "Swiftboating" in this campaign is "stealthy, narrowly aimed" against Obama

Wesley Clark to lead Obama rally Friday

TPM: Freddie Mac bought McCain/Davis on Layaway Plan

must read: U.S. needs Swedish Version of the Bailout, if any

Remember Bush's fake letters to the editor. Once again, the student learns from the master ...

McCain said over a month ago Obama opened the door for him to use Rev. Wright against him

I noticed something about Palin yesterday

HEADS UP-Biden about to give major speech in Cincinnati, OH:

Good thing Mittens wasn't McCain's veep choice

YES - We Can A wonderful inspiring collage of Obama clips

Carly Fiorina. Rick Davis--who's the McCain TV surrogate du jour (who will be disappeared)?

Washington -Obama -54 % McLovin 43%

" A Preview of the Debates "

OMG Campbell Brown calls out McCain over sexist treatment of Palin.

Hey DUers no matter what you say Bill Clinton is family. . .don't any of you have family members...


" Paulson Bailout Plan: Historic Swindle "

Sorry if this is a dupe: New Democracy For America Ad

Pew Study on Cell Phone Only users and Surveying (optimistic news)

Marist Swing States: IA = Obama +10, MI = Obama +9, NH = Obama +6, PA = Obama +5, OH = Obama +2

DU this PBS Poll: Is Sarah Palin qualified?

DU this PBS Poll: Is Sarah Palin qualified?

Alaskan voters say Biden better prepared to handle international crisis

The yield on the One Month Treasury bill dropped below zero this morning.

Five man bail-out executive board:

duplicate thread

HELP! I need Biden talking points!!! HELP!!!!

Dont we have that dude Biden is running with coming up soon too?

mccain's theme song--pop goes the weasel!

Freedom Defense Fund Running Jeremiah Wright Ad in Macomb County, Michigan

Video: Biden in Cincinnati (full speech) GET 'EM JOE!!!!!

Video: Biden in Cincinnati 9/24 (full speech) GET 'EM JOE!!!!!

NBC’s Mitchell likens McCain-Palin media restrictions to experiences in North Korea, Syria, & Sudan

NBC’s Mitchell likens McCain-Palin media restrictions to experiences in North Korea, Syria, & Sudan

My God, My God, all I can say is that Joe Biden kicked ass on that speech and what did

Gallup - Obama 47, McLame 44

Marist Poll: Iowa Obama leads by ten; New Hampsire Obama leads by six

Obama Road Blog: Joe Biden in Virginia and the NJDC

New NBC/WSJ Poll: 64% believe Biden qualified to be president - 40% for Palin

AP: Bush Admin. accepts Executive compensation limits in bill

24% blame Democrats for the economic mess,the same amount that still support Bush.

Palin's Hypocrisy with the Personnel Board

Palin's Hypocrisy with the Personnel Board

Palin's Hypocrisy with the Personnel Board

PROOF: The 111th Congress will Count the Votes of the Electoral College

Biden: McCain judgement 'divorced from reality'

I wish I had a crystal ball.

McCain $5,583.43 For Make-Up?

Gov. Rendell Of PA Just Did A Great Job Promoting Obama On M$NBC

McCain Campaign Disputes Post Poll (smell the desperation)

St. Pete Times: Obama Faithful Line up Early

CNN covering Silver State Bank now. (video link)

I signed Barack's Petition; " Bail Out Only w/t Strings Attached"

I haven't convinced by RW dad to vote for Obama yet.... but.....

Fmr. Merrill CEO Among McCain's Bailout Consultants

new nbc/wall street murdoch poll: is sarah qualified to be vp?

WA POST: Palin on thin ice

McCain WAS Involved In The Invention Of The Blackberry

McCain's Barbarians at the Gate

Bush to address the nation on the economy tonight at 9 p.m.

ooo...I like the low rating being shown already...goodbye PBS poll! nt

EXCLUSIVE: John McCain Uses Idol Makeup Artist!

What Happened to the Money for the Bridge to Nowhere? PALIN EXPOSED

ABC News responds to McCain Camp re: "outlier": "matches our average for this number all year"

CONGRESS SAY NO TO THE $700 Billon Bailout

Wow - Obama leads in 5 battlegrounds

Video of Palin praying with her witch doctor

" McCain and the POW Coverup "

" McCain and the POW Coverup "

Seriously, why are some people so annoyed by 1 extra column on the screen...

WOW! The columns moved...can we move on now please!

Stephanopoulos: No Candidate W/ More Than 50% Support in Sept. Has Lost Presidential Race Since '48

Thank you Skinner, and DU geeks one and all!

CNN - Bulls*&t Article Blaming Biden and Obama For The Bridge To Nowhere

Republican source: Lesbian rumors ruined Condoleezza Rice's VP chances

Gallup: Obama Maintains 3 point lead 47% McGrandpa 44%

A good reason why you should be excited, yet very, very cautious

Obama table in Madison: Sept. 20 Edition (eighteenth one in 2008) with bonus Willy Street Fair table

"Didn't you love the things that they stood for?"

I Just Watched Bill Clinton On 'The Daily Show' & I'm Puzzled

McCain uses model of bank deregulation for his health plans

R.I.P. Bullwinkle

NH Rasmussen (R) Poll: McCain 49%, Obama 47%

US election: Questioning the candidates

Obama Radio Ad: Ferris wheel in Baghdad

Palin tidbits from the Alaska News Reader

McCain using Wright in Michigan

McCain using Wright in Michigan

Believe it or not! FOX poll has Obama up nationally by 6-points.

Is the entire Republican party huffing nitrous oxide?

McCain Camp: NO Palin Medical Records Until AFTER The Election

Drew Griffin on CNN trying to make an issue of Biden's bridge projects vs. Palin's denials

HEADS UP-Obama in Dunedin, FL NOW(1:48pm ET)

Racial Incident Rattles George Fox University Campus (likeness of Obama found hanging)

Do you think McCain's going to get booed at the debates?

Check Out This Great Obama Vid I Found


Luke Russert's Experience With "Perils of Live Television": Says smart UVA kids are for Obama!

McCain is going to have all the pressure on him Friday.

Oh, joy! The Chimp to address nation about economy tonight, 9PM EST.

Media Matters: As debates loom, will media learn from past coverage shortfalls?

McCain's $5,583.43 makeover! (Seriously!)

Kneecapping The Next Administration That's all this fake bailout is about.

Ari Melber: Biden Links Future Terrorism to McCain’s Failures


McCain supporter Donald Trump just showed how OUT OF TOUCH those who support McCain are

McCain and Palin's meeting with Bono canceled

Shouldn't Palin be meeting with the guys from Wham?

The Lovely Jane Pauley Campaigns for Obama

Is GDP predominantly left, right or center?

Why we should not support any bailout: and what to do

NBC News Poll: 49% say Palin "unqualied to be president"

Sarah's World

NY Times Article On McCain's Amazing Debating Skill - Is McCain That Good Or Romney That Bad?

The Fox News poll is causing a worried frenzy on FreeRepublic

McLovin Wanted To Attack Syria And Iran On 9-12-01

So... Can Obama WIN it NOW???

So... Can Obama WIN it NOW???

To everyone at DU who has expressed appreciation for our Veterans....

Palin changes the model...

I like that negative thread ratings will show, but

I like that negative thread ratings will show, but

Now that we have a high school rating system, now lets get the numbers, so

Poor Sarah; Not able to take questions; embarrassed by McCain

Biden says McCain often wrong on national security

McCain's Embattled Campaign Manager Skips Lunch With Reporters

Letting Sarah Palin Answer Questions Is Very, Very Dangerous

AP: "Laura Bush: Palin lacks foreign policy experience"

SWITCH the bars back to the left or I'M VOTING REPUBLICAN!!!!

WTF!! You guys caved already?

MSNBC-McLovin Wants To Cancel Friday's Debate

New Obama AD: Democrats Poke McCain With Bermuda Ad

No-John McClown - We Want To See Friday's Debate

No-John McClown - We Want To See Friday's Debate

Will this (the financial clusterf*ck) be their excuse to cancel the election?

Ask a silly question...

What fate awaits Carly Fiorina and Rick Davis?

McBush wants to delay the debates to fix a REPUBLICAN caused problem?

McCain is dropping out of the race!

McCain is dropping out of the race!

Fuck That - We Can Do BOTH

So McCain wants to postpone the debate. Is this the first

The real reason McCain wants a delay

Hypocrite! McCain Should Cancel The Powder Puff Photo-Ops- Not The Debate

The next week is going to be hard. Now Obama is up in the polls

McCain is a sick meglomaniac. Just what does he think he can do that others can't?

If McCain can't multitask, then he needs to drop out!

BREAKING: MCCain wants Friday's Debate Postponed to Negotiate Bailout Bill

I agree with Rahm Emmanuel: The Candidates can do both: The Debates and Bailout Bill

Ha Ha! It's the September surprise!! McLame suspends his campaign!

Don't delay the debate, change the format to include economic issues.

I think it's over for McCain.

I saw this on

I saw this on

John McCain=Matt Millen

WTF? Shouldn't Presidents know how to Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time?

CALL HIM A CHICKENSHIT!!!! Contact McChicken

CALL HIM A CHICKENSHIT!!!! Contact McChicken

CALL HIM A CHICKENSHIT!!!! Contact McChicken

If McCain can't multi-task HIS ASS IS UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT!!!!!

Prediction: McCain thinks he can get away with this because Obama didn't do the town halls.


LOL! John McChicken

Reid is in Charge. Why not just say the Senate debate won't start until Monday?

McCain's tactic is the same as a basketball coach calling a timeout after a 15-0 run

No way! Andrea Mitchell said the Dems. agreed to a rather constrained format seemingly because of

I don't understand why McCain would need to go back to Washington to figure this out...

Okay, here's what Sarah Palin and Henry Kissinger spoke about

New Insider Advantage Colorado Poll: Obama+9 (50-41)

New Insider Advantage Colorado Poll: Obama+9 (50-41)

Economic crisis, my tush. McCain is going into hiding for several reasons and

So is McCain on the senate finance committee or something? Economics aren't his bag.

Brilliant. All I can say.

McCain Speaking on CNN NOW

Why doesn't someone offer McCain $20 million to star in a dystopian movie?

delete - dupe

So Obama and Biden should Suspend the Campaign, while Palin is free too?

Gamesmanship, Leadership or Bullshit???

I always leave fake Pro-McCain messages for my uncle...

Hmm Palin says we could face a great Depression and then McCain Suspends campaign

There should be no bailout bill. Period. There is nothing for Congress to do.

No more caving to these Repukes. The answer is NO. DEMAND a DEBATE Friday

Note on debate postponement - Dems control Congress, can set schedule

So McHoover grabs this news cycle for days to come....

Rahm Emanuel says they can do BOTH-work on the Bailout Bill AND have the debate

Self-delete - dupe

Biden's foreign policy critique of McCain evidently really hit home. McCain trying to delay debate.

Im glad McCain agrees

Im glad McCain agrees

i just signed up to rate the debates

McCain asks that debate on Friday be postponed to allow debate on bailout. (CNBC)

Obama will make a statement shortly!

Obama will make a statement shortly!

Obama will make a statement shortly!

Palin says country could face another Depression without bailout

The NFL put rules in place to stop the bullshit fake injury timeout...looks like

Freepers convinced debate cancelling is "great move"

Breaking: Palin says another Great Depression is possible

McCain, meet fork.

MEAN GIRL: Sarah Palin has a way of using "old boys" then dumping them when they become inconvenient


Lincoln Cancels Debate With Douglas- Must deal with Dred Scott Decision

What's Next? Cancel The Election???

McCain cancels trip to fridge to watch toast in toaster.

McCain left an easy response for Obama to win this story

A Drudge classic headline

So what's next? Clearly Obama should NOT capitulate to McCain

Poll: Is Sarah Palin qualified?

Dupe - sorry.

anybody watching the debate on friday?

If McCain becomes President, then nobody will be in a position to...

If McCain becomes President, then nobody will be in a position to...

What Obama's reply should be

Obama is in the drivers seat now - he needs to speak about this at say 6PM tonight.

It's called "multi-tasking", John. Sarah's the Queen of multi-tasking...

Let's put a little bit of DU love on Bill Frist's website.

Statement from Obama Campaign spokesman Bill Burton in response to McCain's grandstanding

How 'bout for each candidate who suspends his presidential campaign, we find a new candidate?

Video: Obama in Dunedin FL - full speech

Hmmm when are Biden and Palin scheduled to debate anyway?

well, we now know that McFuckhead is more dishonorable than bush and more of an

Idea: Change the debate to domestic/economic issues

Enough already! Did you see that crazy man posing as a president?!

Enough already! Did you see that crazy man posing as a president?!

Someone on here came up with a great response to McCain's stunt.

Someone on here came up with a great response to McCain's stunt.

If McC says it's so crucial to pass legislation, why hasn't he bothered showing

The 2nd debate is more like a town hall. McCain's people want him to be seen first in that format,

Obama Statement On Returning To Washington-"2 Campaigns Working Together" On Details"

Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again

"I can do both"--that should be Obama's message on McCain's desperation move


Obama needs to hit hard on McCain's lack of honorable behavior re this suspension

Call CNN- (404) 827-1500, and MSNBC and Write about this debate issue NOW!

McCain should cancel his candidacy for the Good of America!

Moms for Obama Rally Day

Why not have the Vice-Presidential nominees step up and fill in and have that Foreign policy debate?

Why not have the Vice-Presidential nominees step up and fill in and have that Foreign policy debate?

"Put me in Coach!"

"The Cracker Vote."

The admins and mods finally figured out a way to keep the whiners away:

Obama needs to be at debate site on Friday with a speech

McCain Spokesperson on MSNBC. What a change in her tone? This is too funny

Hey John , if you're busy - SEND SARAH!

Obama's response to suspending camapaign should be:

NV Poll: Obama 47, McCain 45

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: "Desperate McCain Reacts to Financial, er, "Polling" Crisis"

I count over 50 threads on McCain wanting to postpone the debate.

I've got to hand it to McFailin's campaign - they make Bush's

I just had an enormous money saving idea for you all


So, exactly what is McCain working on? And remind me why he can't debate?

Hey John Boy McHoover! A president HAS to be good at multi-tasking.

The real reason for McCain delaying the debate should be obvious

"I ghost-wrote letters to the editor for the McCain campaign"


Clyburn on MSNBC.........."No reason to cancel debate"

Only 41 days to the election...Debates are crucial to pick next leader. GOP want to hide McCain/Pali

So I assume McCain will be doing nothing from now on but "working on the economy."

"Senator McCain Can Run, But He Can't Hide!"

McCain cancels trip to fridge to watch toast in toaster.

McCain cancels trip to fridge to watch toast in toaster.

McCain proposes using *NEW* technology to alter debate format (due to crisis)

McCain proposes using *NEW* technology to alter debate format (due to crisis)

People----We need to keep one thing in mind---

10 days after the Wall Street crisis began, NOW McBush wants to work on it?

James Clyburn "This has been going since last week, it's good McCain is finally engaged"

This is a clear ploy to distract from McCain's sinking poll numbers

I'm glad on MSNBC's video player that the McCain presser clip is followed by Biden

The Democrats are keeping their dog in the fight

I thought the Fundamentals of the econmony were strong...I hope someone


Let Sarah Palin debate Obama in McCain's absence.

If McCain is suspending his campaign, then I expect to see his ads pulled from the air

Obama Campaign: Obama Made First Gesture Towards Joint Action On Crisis

This can`t be for real.

All that clamouring to get on stage with Obama, and now McCain is begging

So. Obama asks for a joint statement, and McCain flips out & cancels the debate?

McCain's gambit - From Politico

RFK Jr., Mike Papantonio, "Is Your Vote Safe?"

Obama Psy-Ops Works - McCain on the Run; Obama Last Man Standing

Commission on Presidential Debates: WE HAD AN AGREEMENT

Mea Culpa...Ck_John was right

McCain wants to postpone the debate? Astounding.

So would a McCain Administration halt all other duties for one specific crisis?

The Shift- A movie by everyone for everyone

The Shift- A movie by everyone for everyone

CNBC reporting that McCain is suspending campaign (temporarily) to head

McCain hasn't been to Washington since April but now he wants to go back to showboat?

Have the VP debate Friday instead

New Poll: Obama takes 9-point lead in COLORADO!!

When was the last time McBush returned to DC to vote on anything? Now,

Anyone want to try to put a dollar amount

Folks, all Obama has to do is show up anyway - and it is WIN/WIN!

Dad came up with Obama 'terrorist' slogan that got sixth-grader suspended

49% say Palin unqualified to be VP. 64% say Biden IS qualified. New WSJ/NBC poll at 6:30 pm.

Chimp speech/McChicken pullout

Chimp speech/McChicken pullout

WI voter disenfranchisement linked to McCain campaign

Obama Should Say We Can Move The Debate To DC

Obama Should Say We Can Move The Debate To DC

Bush History,9/23 - Bush OK with Betraying the US, as Long as it is his People Doing It

I say Obama calls McCain's bluff but says the debate should be on the financial situation

First they try to cancel the Repuke convention - Hurricane Ike

WTF is wrong with Cynthia Tucker from Atlanta?

War Hero. Political pantywaist.

If McCain can't handle the economy and the debate...I'm feeling sorry for him....

If McCain can't handle the economy and the debate...I'm feeling sorry for him....

McCain campaign whining about Obama's significant lead in the polls

No US military drone reported down: Pentagon

Please DON'T condemn or criticize Obama if he postpones the debate...

Josh Marshall summarizes perfectly what McCain just tried to pull:

McCain hasn't cast a Senate vote since April 8

Okay, I want to know, which Flunkie or acquaintance told McCain to Cancel the Debates?

This is a win-win for obama

Imagine a world,

Thank you president Bush: I wonder what politicians regret writing chapters in this book

He Will Do ANYTHING Not to Answer a Question

Poll shows bad news for GOP: Dems widen lead for congress - 56% to 42%

This is an easy one. Obama says: I can debate and legislate at the same time, no problem.

Question for the economists on DU

McCain should tag up and send Palin in the ring

Can regular people suspend their lives while this mess is straightened out?

Once again, McSame is trying to distract, seem like this was his idea, will reiterate the liar meme

WTF??? Why should they go to a closed door meeting in DC with bush??? Bullshit - Stay w/ THE PEOPLE

Guardian: Video of Palin raises questions about how well McCain team investigated her background.

Guardian: Video of Palin raises questions about how well McCain team investigated her background.

What we are witnessing is the cheap histrionics of a washed-up, desperate man

LOL - McCain stooge: We overestimate voters appetite for debates

"I know a lot less about economics...I still need to be educated."

Barack should counter with an open forum on the economy

Why would McCain want to call off the first debate?

Wasn't the US in economic crisis when Pearl Harbor was bombed?

This is how Obama should deal with McCain when he doesn't show on Friday

If Palin isn't competent enough to field a press conference,

These McCain people sure know how to shock. They've done it again.

Harry Reid will ensure that nothing important is going on Friday night in the Senate...

After losing ground in the Polls - McGrandpa is grumpy, needs sleep and a Time Out

I still haven't seen an Elected Repuke for the bailout.

OMG~ McCain says he wants to suspend campaign

On TDS Bill Clinton said "the only thing that really matters is that Barak Obama is going to win".

RATE the DEBATES!! - sign up to do it here...

Robert Reich: Will it even work?


Obama should note that JFK kept his schedule during the Cuban Missile Crisis

Bush kept reading My Pet Goat on 9/11

I am writing in Tom Tancredo for President this year.

So.....this is why McCain is doing this! What a bastard.

For All Of Those Who Haven't Seen This At GD...Sarah Palin Lover Revealed!!!!

The real reason for McCain delaying the debate should be obvious

This is THREE underhanded moves in one by McCain, and should reveal him for who he is.

Hillary coming to Michigan

Univ of MS just announced that the debate is still on - per

"Today, we are all Wall Street CEOs".

ABC News: Palin almost answers reporters question - decides to nod instead

Obama Camp: "The Debate Is On"

Better than Shumer's idea, $0Billion now then come back in January

McCain: Fiorina a 'Role Model' dude what?

McCain: Fiorina a 'Role Model' dude what?

Dear Obama - Don't take the bait

CNN just said Obama not giving in yet (eom)

They need an army

Wouldn't it be funny if congress votes on the bailout Friday morning... and Obama shows up at debate

Closing the 'Collapse Gap': the USSR was better prepared for collapse than the US

No need for tinfoil on McCain. (Losers say, "Deal the Cards!")

Unfortunately, Obama is in a lose-lose here.

Evangelist: 'Puberty' is age of sexual consent (CNN) {Tony Alamo}

John "Most Absent Member of Congress" wants to skip a debate to meet on the economy?

Just switch the 1st debate to Economic & Domestic issues.

Debate is ON- official statement from Univ. of Miss. ... link

McCondo is scared and running away just like AWOL Bush did on 9/11/01

Obama Camp: "Senator Obama is committed to debating on Friday"

McCain admitted earlier that the economy was his weak point

"I Ghost-Wrote Letters To The Editor For The McCain Campaign"

Um,. what happened to the Greatest page?

New Poll: Obama is slaughtering McCain in Hawaii 68-27

Let Bob Barr take McCain's place in the debate...(and McCain's voters)


McCain just lost the election, plain and simple.

solution for the financial crisis

What are some things conservatives need to learn about America?

Imagine if the debate is on and . . .

what is a liberal?

Have you ever been robbed? For more than just a few bucks? I have.

Isn't it a little early for McCain to be throwing the hail Mary pass?

CNN: Barack Obama 'inclined" to continue with the debate on Friday night

Could this whole thing be an act to lower expectations?

Dodd and Reid should declare that the candidates' presence in the Senate Friday night isn't needed.

how arrogant. as if he has the golden key that will unlock our economic crisis. just like he said

Note to McCain Camp: Don't mess with Chicago

Iraq's oil revenue was supposed to pay for the war.

We know Admiral McCombover votes with Dumbya 90+% of the time, but ...

Suspended Campaign: What's the difference between a weasel and the Republican ticket?...

Ed Rendell: "Palin doesn't have a clue"

Will McCain Fly to Arizona this Weekend like he always does?

U OF M, said DEBATE IS ON!!!

I Hate To Waste A Post- Don't Click Unless You Are Not Offended By Graphic Language

Sherrod Brown on MSNBC. McCain wanting to cancel the debate "Its a GIMMICK"

On election day...

This has GOT TO BE the WEIRDEST election year I have EVER seen!

So As Our Economy Is About To Go Into The Dumper - It's Politics As Usual .......

Dole 2008!

Dole 2008!

Why would anyone rate a thread "average"?

And one more thing: We sure as hell don't need the Congress

HuffPost: I Worked My Butt Off in School and All I Got Was This Crappy Economy

I'm hungry... Is anyone else hungry?

Thank God for Jack Cafferty

Thank you David Shuster for making our point.

Thank you David Shuster for making our point.

McManiac Crony, Joe Liarman Coming Up On MSNBC

McManiac Crony, Joe Liarman Coming Up On MSNBC

U.S. Supreme Court stays Georgia execution

Someone earlier in the week posted that a number of Palin's appearances had been canceled...hmmmm

U.S. Supreme Court stays Georgia execution

USA Today: Obama to make a statement with in the hour

"Gotta get to Washington to save America! Gotta get to Washington to save America!"

So if the economy is still in the crapper...

McCain Suspends Campaign to Help Ailing Economy

McBush compares financial crisis to 9/11, wants to prove Washington (aka "McCain") can lead country

McCain Suspending Campaign. This Is "Country First"?

McCain Camp: Obama did call @ 8:30 this morning - but never reached McCain

CO O 50 M 41 Insider Advantage & NV O 47 M45 NewWest

US finance rescue plan aims to help healthy companies

somebody should let McCain know that the 1864 election proceeded despite the Civil War

McCain Gambit:Its the longest hail mary pass in the history of either football or marys,Barney Frank

STFU Joe Lieberman!!

This provision of the bailout plan should be eliminated from consideration without hestiation

If Obama avoids a vote in the Senate on the bailout, it will cost him the election.

Call it what it is: Corporate Welfare

Lindsey Graham is "dumbfounded" that Reid doesn't want the prez campaign to disrupt bailoutpalooza

How do you spell: scumbag for power, even fascism if needed?

How do you spell: scumbag for power, even fascism if needed?

Iran's Amhadenijad apparently supports the Republican agenda -

If McCain Can't Multitask How Does He Expect to Be an Effective President?

And now for something completely different: Doonesbury continues to mock Sarah Palin!

'He's had nothing to do with it since, and I’ll be glad to have his record examined by anybody'

Wow...Maddow story about Maliki...

Why is DU on Code Brown? Did something major happen?

Hey Paulson and Bernanke

"Mc Cain can't multitask"

Shuster:The Obama Camp is saying The only thing that has changed is McCain's standing in the Polls

It's not at all unreasonable to wonder if there's just something wrong with John McCain

You all suck!

McCain wants to postpone debate: Obama should just say let's have a ECONOMIC debate NOW

CNN poll about delaying the debate


Free Sarah Palin

Did you know that there's now a science to calling Obama a muslim?

Why MT is fading.

Why can't a candidate participate in the Senate and run a campaign...

POW-ness: Implications for Viet Nam, Argentina's Dirty War, and, to a lesser degree, the Neo-Cons'

Exclusive photo: McCain working on the economy shows major movement toward Obama since McCain's debate-postponement gimmick

So how soon before Bush declares martial law and suspends the elections?

Google "Uptick Rule". How does/might this figure in to what has been

Google "Uptick Rule". How does/might this figure in to what has been

So the polls show he is sinking. Now he doesn't want to play anymore??

The best (Obama supporting) talking head on TV...

Could-have-been great debate correspondences, pt. 32:

Mickey Edwards former Repub congressman: "Oh, brother. What idiot came up with this stunt?"

STFU Joe Lieberman!!

My Dad's reaction to McCain: Interesting.

Feb 09: "President McCain has suspended the Constitution due to Soviet actions in Georgia."

New name: McShame. Apropos to the desperation cancellation move.

Wall St Analyst sees "little hope" from bailout...

Olberman replacing Mc Cain on Letterman tonight

Let the two candidates deal with this in their current roles in govt

I like the new rating system, but the ratings tags should be made smaller in forum listings

I just got back from the Obama rally in Dunedin. I opened a

McCain cancels Letterman! Olberman going on in his place!!!


This caps it: McCain runs the dopiest presidential campaign EVER

Real reasons why McCancelled wants to cancel the debate

Foundry wafer starts in 'free fall,' says analyst [electronics production falls]

The Bush Bail-Out -- We Have Been Here Before

Pulling Campaign Ads would mean TV and Radio Stations lose revenue


Alaskans for Truth are Hopping Mad (your daily Mudflats)

Key Alaskan Republican Cries Foul At Palin’s TrooperGate Conduct

Key Alaskan Republican Cries Foul At Palin’s TrooperGate Conduct

Dear Democratic Spokespersons, Please Kick McCain in the Nutts!

Joe LieberLIAR front and center on MSNBC talking about..

Seriously CNN, WHY do you think we care what Laura thinks about Sarah?

Obama should say "The Debate is on, but the subject should be changed to the Economy"

Quick straw poll

Ok, has even one person been canned in this misadministration for this $700B fuck up?

Guardian UK: Elephants, dancing girls and Wall Street

Maine anchor gets hate mail for Palin resemblance

Obama on CNN

If we get a chance to debate, Obama should say this is what happens when you lie a country into war

Political extortion is a Bush strategy.

Perhaps McCain needs to be in Washington because he doesn't know how to use e-mail.

Perhaps McCain needs to be in Washington because he doesn't know how to use e-mail.

This might have seriesly hugh implications for are-country!!1! We're screwn for sure!!

If This Was Really About "Not wanting to do politics right now"

If This Was Really About "Not wanting to do politics right now"

I just got my role of Alaska State Quarters today

Dunedin pic

When their asses are on the line, the American people just don't trust John McCain

Joe Lieberman is such a weasel.

Saving Fannie and Freddie was nationalisation pure and simple

McCain just surrendered!

McCain just surrendered!

Freepers Gung-Ho on McCain's chicken-shit, cowardly debate duck

Another thing with McCain suspending the ads, he knows that Obama has an

I haven't respected John McCain for a long time now, but I honestly had no idea he was such a coward

Analysis: Capitalism's raw edge on display

What are you postponing because of the "Crisis"?

Shep Smith on Faux News pretty much calling McCain's move into question...

DN: (1/17/08) Subprime Crisis Causing African Americans Greatest Loss of Wealth in History

Compromise: Move the Debates to DC!!!

McCain's debate fake is like Tonya Harding and her fake shoelace

Barnaey Frank just said that McCain saying he has to come back is the longest hail mary

This whole economic crisis IS WHAT THE CAMPAIGN IS ABOUT

QB McCain calls for another audible at the Line of Scrimmage...

Is the bailout bill just going to die?

Congratulations, Bush!

Question: Couldn't we obliterate the bailout + save the economy if we outlawed offshore tax evasion?

Seattle Times: Seattle Transit Seeks a Lift From Obama

Per Faux, McCain will suspend running his ads Man, they are desperate

Does any DUer have a link or video that is positive proof of

McCain is erratic and DANGEROUS!


Obama Biden baby in Dunedin:

Let Palin take McCain's place in Friday's debate

Someone should tell McChicken how much financial damage he'll be doing to the economy by canceling

This is not time for an election

WSJ: It's Judgment Day for McCain

"A great revolution is never the fault of the people, but of the government."

"He would rather lose an economy than an election"

What would be a better way to spend the $700 billion (that would also help ward off a depression)?

What does Phil Gramm, McCains econ advisor, have to do with the credit crisis?

Your Calls To Congress Do Matter!

Go Vote not to delay the debate!

Go Vote not to delay the debate!

Watch Bill Clinton Kiss Sarah Palin's Ass

The Color Code dots are out, all the other fear tactics they used for terrorism now this is their

FREE! McChicken cartoon for your uses

This McChicken has Lost His McNuggets

DU THIS AOL POLL about the debates and John McCain

DU THIS AOL POLL about the debates and John McCain

I applied to be trained as an "Obama Deputy Field Organizer"

McCain doesn't want to answer to his connection with this crisis so he pulled a Gustav

The American people deserve reassurance. So why the hell would we cancel the debate?

Meetings with Foreign Leaders? Biden's Been There, Done That (List)

Barack: STAY THE COURSE! Don't back off!!!!

Why Didn't McCain Cancel These Events When the Financial Crisis Was Apparent?

Treasure Secretary Paulson - Republican Talking Point?

In times of economic crisis, we come together and quit accusing opponent of teaching kids about sex

Obama Aide: Debates should go on - only thing that has changed today is McCain is down in the polls

Humane Society endorses Obama

Reid: "We need leadership, not a campaign photo-op"

Is McCain making any public appearances the next few days? Is this really a medical problem?

McCain campaign wants both camps to pull advertising too?! MSNBC:

Is Congress still adjourning on Friday? (cut to pic of McCain sitting in an empty room)

"Our Energy Expert" (Andrew Halcro re Palin)

Picture McCain as President right now. Picture how the American People would feel, thinking about

John McCain is a QUITTER!

McDonalds promotes the "gay agenda" at a 10% discount.....

I have a bad feeling about this McCain cancellation.

Obama: "Now more than ever, the American people should hear

Can the "Sky-is-falling" brigade just settle down for a few minutes?

the michael reagan show

The Republican Party - Good For Business?

McCain: "Time to cut and run."

Check out this CNN poll!

Mobile Phone Use May Damage Male Fertility

Bailout? Demand Bush's Signing Statement First!

Hooooray! Debates are "more important than ever" right now...Way to go, Barack

for those of us at work: is Obama going ahead with the debate. YES or NO?

Todd Palin was out collecting evidence to use against Wooten.

Obama: "Now more than ever, the American people should hear

Obama likely to keep debate as McCain seeks delay

The answer should be NO!

What Obama suurogates should say: Given John McCain's history of support for RECKLESS deregulation

McCain's Economic Plan: Blurt Out Random Crap

Putin’s package

**** Heads Up! Obama About to Give Statement re: McCains Call for Delay... *****

McCoward cancels his Debate because:

Woohoo! Obama said a president has to be able to do 2 things at once.

Obama is showing real leadership

Obama is showing real leadership

Go Get Him, Barack!! I think we can do more than one thing at a time...


FRIDAY NIGHT From 8 PM to 10 PM, Congress Will NOT Be In Session

Imagine if McCain were president - and running for re-election

Hey McCain I thought the fundamentals of our economy our sound?

So McCain is too old and confused to answer a reporters question

My Congresswoman responds to my email (No Bailout)

I'm not a super huge fan of the Clintons but what I saw of Bill on TDS was spot on...

President Obama needs a strong dem majority in the House and Senate

Who looks Presidential? A person who stands front and center to the

McCain - why don't you just withdraw your name from the election?

New CNN Battleground polling (9/24)...Now you see why McCain is trying to change the subject!

Anyone notice how much Paulson sounds like Greenspan?

Every single Democrat is saying no to McCain's bullshit

Why is Washington melting down about Wall Street while the DOW is at -29 points today?

McCain: "Look at me, look at me!"

so mcLiar agreed to a joint statement then fucked over obama

Obama: "Now more than ever, the American people should hear

** Biden event in Indiana live on Obama site 4:45 ET **

Tegenlicht: Energy war 2008

help me out here

Where are the Democrats!!!!!!!! Why are they letting them steal our votes??????

Obama speaking! Watch LIVE

Looking very Presidential! McCain took no questions!

Which was that debate that had the empty podium?

Obama took questions, McCain the coward didnt

Sen. Charles Schumer (D) (NY) kicking ass on CNN!

All week while the crisis was going on McCain and Palin were prancing around Manhattan.

Obama takes questions and McCain doesn't. Anyone surprised?

Obama upon ending the conference.."Im Havin' a Great Time!'

The Sopranos are in Capitol Hill

Terminal velocity

TPM: A political stunt dressed up as vainglorious self-sacrifice. IOW, typical John McCain.

Police: 3-Day-Old Baby Attacked, Killed By Family Dog

Bill Clinton offers advice to Todd Palin

Hamilton, Madison, and Jay spinning in their graves tonight!

Hamilton, Madison, and Jay spinning in their graves tonight!

Fox News Fires Producer Who Chyroned Michelle Obama Barack's "Baby Mama"

LOL Schumer: "What Senator McCain did was just weird."

BRAVO-- Obama started it as constructive idea, McCain made it crap!

What's the most important thing to do in light of this financial crisis?

I think this was the final nail in McCain's coffin. First the economy was

Obama, "We have really big Planes that can get us to Mississppi pretty quickly"

Democrats to debate kicking McCain fan Lieberman out of party

MSNBC Poll: ~75% Disagree (64% STRONGLY) that debate should be postponed.

Game Changing Event

Obama Campaign Statement on John McCain and Rick Davis - Did other special interests buy access?

A little silly but I thought I'd share anyways

Rate the new rating system

Is some McCain insider sabotaging the campaign?

New Rasmussen (a Rethug polllster) poll of Colorado: Obama 50, McStunt 47

How big of a crisis is it?

"Presidents need to be able to do more than one thing at a time"...Score this one for Obama folks

The new George W. Bush Theme Song (with apologies to Warren Zevon)

So, McCain has time to to show up at Bill's event.....

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama 48 (+1), McLame 46 (unchanged)

"We both got big planes, we painted slogans on the side of them, we can get to Washington..."

Obama said almost exactly what I would have said . . .

Debate Commission: The Debate is ON

So, they're just going to 'quietly' raise the federal deficit to more than $1-trillion.

This gas "shortage" situation is getting very scary

"...the last!!"

Russian Navy Squadron heads to Venezuela: Deployment to Western Hemisphere unprecedented since Cold

Ole Miss proceeding with debate prep

Yo McCain!

Fischer actually won before he refused to play challengers.

McCain sets 'follow the leader' trap, Obama doesn't fall for it.

I DARE Sarah Palin to debate Marcy Kaptur.

I was so excited. Now I'm all pi**ed off! I filled out my absentee

QUESTION for researchers: are there ANY polls SPECIFICALLY of those who voted HRC in the primaries?

Do you think a kid should be able to wear a shirt saying "Bush Is a Terrorist's Best Friend"

New FOX NEWS poll Obama 45 (+3) McCain 39 (-6)

John McCain just pulled a Crazy Ivan and crashed into the ocean floor

WANTED: Cambell Brown's CNN Rant about Sarah Palin

New ABC News poll - Obama leads 52-43 (likely voters)

McCain's Push to Privatize Social Security Meets His De-Regulatory Agenda, Americans Suffer the Cost

In 1864, During the Midst of a Civil War, WE STILL HAD AN ELECTION!

Chucky T just said..its the Repubs that are holding up the bail out resolution...

I thought McCain said his negative attacks were because Obama wouldn't participate . . .

***Official Obama Speech about the debate*** coming up soon

Republicans get their wish, as ban on Off Shore Drilling is lifted.

Brilliant non-partisan response

The way Reid should augment his comments about McCain

Miners plan work stoppage over anti-Obama film

A reminder, the bailout is not about the economy, its about the finance system

This Is Obama's Moment

Garrison Keillor: Where is the Outrage?

Stress of crisis upsets McCain's naps, says he will be unable to prepare for debate

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny

So McCain wants to postpone the debate.

The Bush Doctrine


Obama up 9 in Colorado now in latest InAdv/PollPosition


Fool me once, Fool me twice – Screw You Wall St.

Better debater

Please do not disparage Socialism by labeling this bailout as such

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Obama Dismisses McCain's Call For Suspension Of Debate; Says He Was Blindsided

Its just a way to continue to duck the media

Anyone else listen to Thom Hartman today?....I think he nailed it when....

McClown Debate Cancellation Attempt . . .

DU This CNN Poll On Whether Or Not McCain's Request To Cancel Is A Gimmick Or Not!

Obama to McSame, learn to multitask Gramps

"We do not support government bailouts of private institutions." ~ Republican Party Platform, 2008

The Debates Held Hostage: Day 1

So -- McCain blinked. That is all. nt

Obama likely to keep debate as McCain seeks delay. Hmmm, Get Out the Empty Chair.Senate Democratic

Colbert just skewered Paulson and Bush's plan on his "The Word"

Well it seems we have our October Surprise

Here's my Cheap and Easy Bailout Plan....

Barack Obama Email: Greed and Irresponsibility

Can McCain show up and save face? I don't think so.

The economy is collapsing, and ABC Nightline leads with ... "The Thighmaster"

Obama has played his hand masterfully by showing true leadership

Mr. "I want 10 town hall meetings" afraid to debate Obama?

Tweety says the Debate Commission is saying Debate is ON

Should Barr and Nader be added to the debates now???

Dunedin pic

Bill Clinton and Jon Stewart had a great meeting on the Daily Show

John McCain, the only person who can save Amurka, he actually believes his own hype.

So in summation, whether or not there's a debate is NOT the issue....

Palin still has training wheels.

The Financial Crisis and McCain's Response

Wait a minute.. Is he just trying to lower standards for debate?

David Corn: McCain Asks for a Time-Out; Obama Says, Play On

So the FBI is investigating the companies for ahem FRAUD....

Gee I wonder if the big vote will take place EXACTLY

Hurricane Kyle to Wipe Out Wall Street???

What if Obama just says NO?

Joe Klein: "it seems another Hail Mary "

Intrade: Obama 54,6 (+1,9) McCain 44.9 (-2,3)

Did anyone watch/download Slacker Uprising today

Republicans Oppose Democratic Plan to Aid Burdened Homeowners

Barack initiated the call! Grandpa agreed to a joint statement and then ...

Reid & Pelosi: Stay In Session Until 1 Nov 2008 - Hold Bush Accountable

McCain will now debate

There is really nothing you can make up that they won't actually try

How much like Silverado is the current financial sector trouble?

It's a disgusting pattern by McCain. First, Gustav during the RNC...

self-delete. dupe.


Iran's Ahmadinejad: US 'Empire' Nears Collapse

McCain needs to learn how to multi-task. Why hasn't Momma Palin explained

The Perfect Obama Response to McCain's Suspension

RAS Poll: Colorado Obama 50% (+4) McCain 47% (-1)

So is McCain already broke?

McCain isn't use to this kind of fight.

CAFFERY FILE: Should the Debates be POSTPONED?

BREAKING NEWS: John McCain closes the barn door

T. Boone Pickens loses $270 Million

Harry Reid, Growing a Pair, Calls McCain to tell him his return wouldnt be helpful.

"....and brave Sir Robin ran away."

Republicans look at political campaigns as "war" and Democrats don't get it.

Biden covering the Obama-McCain dynamic live right now:

RW Stooge Bill Sammon tells Fox that he thinks Obama is in the right here.

RW Stooge Bill Sammon tells Fox that he thinks Obama is in the right here.

*Breaking* Tweety: "Debate Commission said the debate is on"

When you register AFTER a primary, just register REPUBLICAN

*** Official McCain is a COWARD thread ****

McCain Holds Key to Administration's Bailout Passage

It's Judgment Day for McCain by Thomas Frank

Obama's gonna win. 14 pages of 'Obama Babies' on Catster

Just Say No!

Americans Respond to McCain Stunt



Why aren't fiscal conservatives Democrats?

Evidence: McCain campaign misled public

Our last stand-

Armchair analysis of the McCain campaign's cynical gambit.

John McCain should resign for health reasons.

If McCain had gone along with Obama on the joint thingy...


One Day, Obama Will Have To Face A Sane Republican Opponent

One Day, Obama Will Have To Face A Sane Republican Opponent

McCain Camp Talking Point: "This is the John McCain I know"

Obama up 60-37 in Maryland.... I smell a landslide

Ha Ha..Tweety just said McCain beens traveling and up at Clinton fest all week and now

McCain spokesman: "McCain was a POW. Doesn't need to debate."

Obama on CNN right now, taking q's from the press

Obama on CNN right now, taking q's from the press

Rachel Maddow. The most incisive newscaster in the MSM.

Proposed bailout plan's only oversight will be board to "ask" what is paid for each purchase

Obama should offer to have the Friday debate in DC!

Survey USA snap poll: Only 10% think debate should be postponed

Bill Clinton coming up on The Daily Show n/t

China Paper Urges Domestic Boost To Counter US Crisis

McClam. nt

Will Bush talk about the threat of a Mushroom cloud tonight?

***** Just a Reminder about how Obama will handle this debate quagmire *****

***** Just a Reminder about how Obama will handle this debate quagmire *****

The Myth of White Supremacy

Do not let your guard down, this election is very precarious

Republican strategist John Feehery in total meltdown now on Wolf Blitzer

Why Does John McDoucheBag Hate Mississippi?

A Republican "prayer" I saw on FSTDT and my take on it

Survey USA Snap Poll On DEBATE DELAY: EPIC FAIL!!!!!

Krugman: Balance sheet baloney - "Hold to Maturity" versus "Fire Sale" Prices

One excuse down.. FAIL. What's next?

Obama needs to cancel his campaign.

Should debate go on?

Should debate go on?

$25,000 for a cup of coffee - with Palin

Biden is live and kicking some serious ass right now

Is this for real!? Just watching Paulsen becoming all *exercised* cause someone had the audacity...

Motorola Introduces Mobile Biometric Identification for Handheld Computers

Motorola Introduces Mobile Biometric Identification for Handheld Computers

Hillary set to hit the trail hard for Obama

The Debate Commission just ruled: The debate is on for Friday as scheduled

The Debate Commission just ruled: The debate is on for Friday as scheduled

A heartfelt plea to the parents of DU

John Stewart is Brilliant!

Let's play Hardball....this...

Is it just me....But who thinks Obama pulled an "Okey-Doke" on McCain?!

Bill Clinton on The Daily Show: It's great to see a smart president

----OH GOD--Now the republicans are acting like McCain is a SAINT!!!-----

CAFFERTY FILE: Should debates be postponed???

McCain campaign can be pretty much seen as this at this point

FBI Seeks Fraud in Companies' Collapse

McCain Campaign: Depression By MONDAY If We Don't Crown King Paulson!!!!

Is everyone contacting Obamaland and telling him to keep with the debate?

AK state representative Les Gara suggests witness tampering

The Drama Queen's Big Gamble

checkmate! obama just called mccain's bluff.

Christian soldier ruled a conscientious objector

(And now for something totally different) Lehman Bros. "Blowback for Black Mesa"

Markey files complaint with district attorney against Musgrave (CO Independent re: CO-4)

If McCrap is a no-show, the Debate Commission should let Obama have the stage for 2 hours

Bill Clinton OWNED The Daily Show and I now understand what he's doing n/t

Strangest CNN poll ever.

This move by McCain is a political stunt............

Those WE commercials, you know the one that says We Demand you fix the energy...

What did Bush tell McCain before he pulled this campaign suspension stunt?

I love the new rating format....

CNN says Obama is still inclined to do debate on Friday,

New slogan: To err is human - to really f*** up requires a Republican! n/t

SUSA poll on America's First Reaction to delaying Friday's McCain-Obama Debate

McCancel's list of canceled events (feel free to contribute your own)

McCancel's list of canceled events (feel free to contribute your own)

***The new DU is going to give me a complex***

My letter to a billionaire...(re: new Windows ads)

TDS with Bill Clinton is GREAT! Bill is right, as usual!.

If Dollars Were Votes ... look at who's ahead and where.

Poll re: Debate Delay (DU it :)

Bush Picture: Send me 1 TRILLION dollars by Friday or the kitten buys it!

Obama rejects McCain call to delay debate

Graph: Public Debt As Percentage Of Gross Deomstic Product

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Jeffersonville, Indiana****

Here is an important question about the bailout that I haven't seen addressed anywhere

Laura Bush: Palin lacks foreign policy experience but "is a quick study."

In regards to the financial crisis that threatens....

Hell Freeze Over: NRO's Kathryn Lopez actually makes sense

Randi Rhodes says all McCain ads have been pulled

McCain has just given Leno and Letterman's writers something new to play with

MY Guess

Science unveils hidden drivers of stock bubbles and crashes

Great Obama/McCain picture on the front page of the Washington Post website

Should DUers rate every thread they click on?

Mission Accomplished! What else can you f*** up before you leave George?

Sarah Palin's Alaskan Armageddon (Clips)

A RW dittohead at work today

Need help. Need a concise chart outlining taxes Obama vs. McCain`

This really does stink!

This really does stink!

Honestly, I Really Don't Blame McCain For Doing All This Crazy Stuff

Americans say Hold the Debate as Scheduled - Snap Poll SurveyUSA

*ETrade Superbowl Ad: "Good morning I am your bank manager - this is a robbery - down on the floor!"

Huff Po: In '05 Video, Pastor Anoints Palin, Says Christians Should "Infiltrate" Government...

FACTS: McCain most absent-missed 412 out of 643 votes of current session, 109 of 110 since March

I think McCain should suspend his campaign -- now he can have a lengthy press conference

Fortuantely, John McCain's latest stunt has already backfired.

(Poll 3 of 3) How do you think your neighbors would vote in this election?

The Bailout

IA floods - IA Gov. tells candidates "don't come" Obama cancels, McCain goes anyway. Hurricane

Hate this time of year, I wish a merger could create House's Desperate Boston Anatomy

Judgement and Temperment.

(Poll 1 of 3) How do you think your family would vote in this election?

Firefox users - how to hide the ratings icons (GD cross post)

Conservative National Review Writer Calls Bull Shit On McInSane's Puerile Gambit


I wonder if McCain has successfully neutralized Obama's fundraising success?

The Day the Momentum Changed: And What Obama Needs to Do in the Debates to Keep It

If McCain does not show up to the Debates..

If McCain is a no show then what the heck - invite McKinney, Nader and Paul

Mccain thinks he is the president now.

Mccain thinks he is the president now.

Mccain thinks he is the president now.

I just have to say regarding Barack Obama's press conference:

McCain Debate Delay: Another Sign of Alzheimer's?

Question for Numbers Guys - Total Mortages Written since 2005/2006

People who rate a post "Skip It":

Iraq war extended to help McCain?

My guess is that McCain will end up agreeing to do the debate

Bottom Line- Will There Be A Debate Friday Evening?

Bottom Line- Will There Be A Debate Friday Evening?

If? Or When???

These breasts have a message for us (Environmental Graffiti)

Messed up on so many levels

(Poll 2 of 3) How do you think your voters at your job would vote in this election?

Latest Lines (Odds) on State Races

How does delaying the debates going to help the economy?

Can anyone else figure out the new rating system here?

Do you know WHY there was plastic in the baby formula?

They want to pull Obama into Washington - Foggy Bottom

Free(ak) Republic(an)s In Denial Over New Fox Poll

Fight Back Against High Gas Prices -- Support Public Transit

The fundamentals of the economy are strong!

Using the word leftist as a smear...

Contract law alternative to bailout: Unconscionability

Contract law alternative to bailout: Unconscionability

McCoward !

It isn't McCain who needs to get back to DC, its his staff, they are all lobbyists, get cut of 700B

McCain: "Barack, join me in some grandstanding, so I can avoid you handing me my ass in the debate"

Personally, I think this all about getting next week's Veep Debate pushed.....

Personally, I think this all about getting next week's Veep Debate pushed.....

Who's Your Change Daddy?!

Breaking on Rachel - Rick Davis was paid by Freddie Mac up to

McCain is the guy who graduated 5th from the bottom of his class

CNN's Electoral Map Calculator

Did you guys see McCain's surrogates on Television?

McCain admits he hasn't even read the bailout proposal.

McCain admits he hasn't even read the bailout proposal.

McCain admits he hasn't even read the bailout proposal.

Is John McCain Temperamentally Fit To Be President

George Bush singlehandedly kills Harvard MBA program.

New graphic: McChicken


Final Analysis. The RICH want the POOR to bail them out with $700B so they don't become POOR TOO!

LIEberman outrageous today. Dems need to kick him out. If Matt Millen can get canned, why not Joe?

cnn breaking:FBI probing bailout firms

Today's Non-Sequitur

Dickheads on Hardball just brought up the Bradley effect...

We might be in trouble...

We might be in trouble...

Obama: ‘It is going to be part of the president’s job to deal with more than one thing at once.’»

Olbermann to fill in for McCain tonight on Letterman!

Germany turns Paulson plea down...

The Today show pointed out something interesting.

Obama 'best placed to sort out economic mess', says Hillary

McScram - NoVote or NoShow?

"A Bullet You Only Fire Once."..............Title to Bush Speech...

How long before McCrazy has to take to the stage again to clean up the mess he just left there?

I think we're headed for a Democratic landslide

McLame has used one of his three timeouts!

McLame has used one of his three timeouts!

A moment's silence for the McCain campaign and their internal polling

John McCain needs a new yard sign: Let's help him out.

This is gonna go down as one of my fav. days of the entire campaign.

Barney Frank: McCain just threw the biggest "hail mary" pass I have ever seen, eom.

Barack Obama - The Smart Guy in the Room

McCain health concern.. could that be the cause of his attempt to postpone the debate?

McCain Jumped the Shark - here's proof

Fox News: McCain now wants to shift VP debate!

McSUCKERPUNCH sneaks one in.

This is a beautiful thing, just a damn beautiful thing

I bet they will move the debate to Saturday or Mon. nite.

Tutoring palin......

Survey USA Snap Poll: Only 14% of Republicans support McCain Debate retreat. (10% overall)

Another medical professional weighs in about melanoma

I have to attend a Camp Obama training Saturday from 9 to 5

Todays Schedule Obama/Biden hold 5 major rallies McCain/Palin none but meet Bono, deRothschild + 5

TPMmuckraker Exclusive: House Dems' Bailout Plan No one need McCain to help do the final 2%.

McCain-Palin/ TIME OUT!

== 700 billion fluffy nothings = By Mark Morford

McCain - a lying schmuck or an idiot?

McCain Publically announced his Campaign is suspended, which sets up a challenge to any votes cast

Blood, Sweat, and Bailouts

McCain canceling AFTER speaking for Clinton tomorrow

So McCain suspends campaign and suggests

Who the HELL is advising McCain?

Palin meets her first world leader: Right-Wing Leader Alvaro Uribe

Iraq's Sunni Anti-Qaeda Patrols Fear For Future

Tell Debate Commission to change topic to the Economy > (202) 872-1020

GOPs setting up some election fraud to entrap and blame Dems? Looks like it. Ohio news:

Has anyone heard one host of a M$Greedia show

Has anyone heard one host of a M$Greedia show

White House says to McCrazy "Thyank you byut nyo thyank you to your economic expertise"

Considering how everything is bad news for us, the fact we are winning is amazing.

So McLame is thinking about the solution 100% of his waking hours???

Just a personal note.

So McLame is thinking about the solution 100% of his waking hours???

So McLame is thinking about the solution 100% of his waking hours???

"Obama Said Knock You Out"

I just read this on talkingpointsmemo

What's next? Delaying the Elections?

What's next? Delaying the Elections?

WJ this morning - From the Bailout Hearings - what are you learning?

"Starving the Beast" The Conservative Treason.

McConiption: "The economy is in crisis mode! Hurry, call Lady Lynn de Rothschild!"

John Harwood on M$NBC said "Obama looks much better then McCain through this crisis"

John Harwood on M$NBC said "Obama looks much better then McCain through this crisis"

Have there been any updates to how Senator Kennedy is doing??

Mornin' Joey....

CNN Poll--It's a political gimmick!!

CNN Poll--It's a political gimmick!!

Lindsey Graham: McCain will not be at Friday's debate unless bailout deal is done

Drudge developing. (sorry) ...Letterman mocks McCain...

Why the hell would McCrap's campaign think backing out of the debate would benefit him?

"Suspended"--what are the legal ramifications?

So on Friday Obama gets 90 minutes to address the Nation. Cool.

Do you say "IF" or "WHEN"?

Did they panic and use the Cancel the debate tactic too early??

Poll: Nevada voters blame RePigs for bailouts

Bailout Bill: An Election Season ‘Stink Bomb?’

New poll has Obama ahead in Colorado

Of Course * Thinks It Would Be A Good Idea If McSame Goes To DC:McSame Has Been His Lackey 95%

At age 69, I know I'm too old to be president

Obama out to flip Indiana to Dems

Obama out to flip Indiana to Dems

Auto lenders push to add car loan debts to bailout

That was the politest "fuck you!" I ever did see. Well done. n/t

Isn't the correct phrase for this debate stunt -- "cut and run"??

I wanna have lunch with kissinger & be a foreign policy expert TOO!

The Debate Commission says the debate goes on and McCain

I new it

Senator Jim DeMint is an Idiot

Don't make a deal with Bush*; He'll use a signing statement to get

McCain's stunt has guaranteed very high ratings for the debate

John Ross McPerot.

And, representing Senator McCain in the debate,

A message from Barack at this tricky time

For anyone not sure if they're registered to vote

538: INTRADE Betting is Suspicious

Cynthia Lummis (R - Wyo) campaign going down in flames

Du this poll:

Fortuantely, John McCain's latest stunt has already backfired.

The Media and the First Lady of France

I wonder if Sister Sarah saw the speech that Joe Biden just delivered

2004 Flashback--George Bush's "Ownership Society"

Democrats: GOP clerk discouraging Colorado students from voting

Do Americans need to Rise Up?

Is McCain Pulling All His Media Ads To Get Back At The Media For Not......

How Long Can a "Suspended" Presidential Campaign Survive?

Columbia House seeks to have bad debts covered by bailout

Obama needs to pull all his ads

What Happened To That LA Times/Bloomberg Poll Due Yesterday?

Would you want McCain's finger on the button?

Asia Times on Bailout Dangers

Make no mistake..."Wall Street" is holding America hostage.

This is the worst political stunt ever.

Funny E-Mail making the rounds.....

OK! - Some Democrats are going to demand that McCain say ...

Even NeoCon Central (NRO) thinks Obama "sounds more reasonable and less gimmicky" than McLame.

So was the NY Times right on r.davies getting $15,000...

Let McCain have his way - as long as he agrees to have Palin debate Biden, instead, on Fri. night!

Cox to Congress: Regulate credit default swaps

Joe Biden puts me in a good mood...

Isn't choosing the next President more important than passing this bail out by Friday?

I've got a story on the Troy Davis stay of execution that I need to tell.

Mich. sugar beet growers unhappy with McCain

Let's face it folks, McCain has gone McNuts

The best economic plan

The best economic plan

McCain preempts Obama-McCain joint statement. What a sleazy rat.

McCain preempts Obama-McCain joint statement. What a sleazy rat.

The Headline...The Headline...The Headline...

McCain's Message to Congress



My 2 cents on McCain trying to get out of the debate

Didn't someone recently say, "You can't blink?"

Bailout manipulation question.

JOHN YOO called to Washington to advise on bailout?

Paulson, Bernanke, and, yeah, Greenspan sat at the top and presided over


Can someone help David Gregory get his lips off McCain's man parts.

It was one of the best lines at the convention and we need to apply it to everyone right now

If John McCain cannot make it, and if Sarah Palin cannot make it then invite Bob Barr


Michael Moore's new movie Slacker Uprising , link to all parts

Biden just wrote off WV and maybe PA

Proposing to include "Skip It" in the Ratings column in Forum View.

**Heads Up: Michelle Obama And Jill Biden Now Live Campaigns In Philadelphia, PA**

**Heads Up: Michelle Obama And Jill Biden Now Live Campaigns In Philadelphia, PA**

John McCain just admitted to the world

Democrats say McCain’s move a stunt

This is the reason he pulled this stunt:

'Little by little the look of the country changes

mccane seeks to suspend debate: " I was a POW!"

Whet portion of this current economic meltdown can be blamed on sub-prime mortgages?

Poor Corporate Media....trying hard to spin as well as they could for their guy!

What do you want to bet McCane sends Palin in his place for Friday's debate?

CNN Battleground Polls: CO: Obama +4, MI: Obama +5, PA: Obama +9, WV: McCain +4, MT: McCain + 11

CNN Battleground Polls: CO: Obama +4, MI: Obama +5, PA: Obama +9, WV: McCain +4, MT: McCain + 11

---HEY---wanna laugh your asses off, LOL--freeperville suggestion!!--

New rec system a metaphor for America?

If McSame is busy on Friday, let's have the VP debate instead!


Let the economy drop from now till Nov 4th

Relevant toon on Sarah Pornstat's "promise" to protect....

Instead of buying trash from Wall Street, lend them money and charge interest...

If you want to know what the economic crisis is about, watch this Marcy Kaptur speech..

Can't we just borrow the $$$ from China like bush has for 8 years?

Remember how, when whomping the other team in a neighborhood game of baseball,

Remember how, when whomping the other team in a neighborhood game of baseball,

McCain: We aren't interested in your opinion, just your uterus.


Is McCain's 'suspension' a ruse to contain Obama's fundraising advantage? McCain's cap on private

There is one thing that is kind of weird about politicians

I think it's official; John McCain jumped the shark today.

This time, the puppy dies.

I smell a rat and a major bait and switch

Everyone's Missing the Point about McLame's Big Announcement

WTF! AOL poll results - advertisement underneath:

Great move or chicken shit?

First time voters MUST SHOW ID - even if voting ABSENTEE...

It's a ploy to push back the VP debate...I knew McCain wants to postpone until nextThursday

Pfotenhauer pushing the Freeper Myth that Reid begged for McCain's help

Top 10 reasons John McCain is suspending his campaign and ducking the debate

--- I think John McCain has made this entire election the JOKE of the century!--

Remember Everyone, it IS **Palin/McCain!** nt

John McCain just canceled the World Series.

Alternative Solutions Diverge From Administration's Approach

What we're up against....

What we're up against....

Robert Scheer: A Fox to Protect the Henhouse?

A week ago McLame said the fundamentals of the economy were sound.

God I hate David Gregory...had to change my batteries in remote couldn't change channel..what

Simple question for McCain: If so urgent, why not fly back to DC immediately?

LA Times Bloomberg Poll: Obama 49 (+4), McCain 45 (+2)

Premature Evacuation

Forget the debates: Why DON'T they play "Stump The Candidate" for real!

The first step in canceling the elections is canceling the debates..

Freerepublic srubbed an "Obama to chicken to debate McCain" thread

Freerepublic srubbed an "Obama to chicken to debate McCain" thread

McChickenShit's Aricept must not be holding off the dementia.

Zing! Obama Camp plays the history card. Highlights of major news events on days of past debates.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Dealt With

Tonight Bush gives his "malaise" speech

Team Obama flies to the UK in pursuit of crucial votes

What will Bill O'Reilly do tonight

No wonder they want it NOW

EPIC FAIL-Intrade -Obama -56.3% McAssHat 44.8%

FOX News Poll: Obama Reclaims Lead Over McCain, 45% to 39%


McCain explains todays actions.

Will Alan Keyes substitute for McCain on Friday?

Has a Presidential candidate EVER *suspended* a campaign before?

Washington Monthly: TIME FOR RICK DAVIS TO GO

Whats wrong Johnny Boy! Michael Steele can't hold Obama's jock strap for you

Obama Offers McCain a life perserver, and McCain grabs the anvil

John McCain: What a fool.

Time to Bring Bush into these hearings....

Treasury official: “Pressure from foreign Central Banks is a permanent feature of decision-making".

Josh Marshall: Be Honest

Rasmussen: People HATE the bailout plan

This demonstrates the difference between Obama and McCain

Freepers want Palin to debate Obama friday

Savage the weiner nation just Disowned McCant!

Democratic Pushback on the $700 Billion Bailout Underway (Letter To Pelosi DEMANDING Changes)

Obama should offer to switch debate topic to the economy!

Obama/Biden can silence critics by voting for HR 6691, “To restore Second Amendment rights in the

Ezra Klein: The (Continent's) Worst Freeways

Dumb Dobbs: "Obama declined McCain's challenge."

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is trying to STEAL the Wisconsin Presidential Race

Did anyone other than Elizabeth Dole bring up the credit default swaps yesterday?

Obama leads in Michigan by 10%

Did McCain smartly just really lower his debate expectations so low that if he can even

Obama needs to show up Friday night all prepared to give a major, live, policy/campaign speech.

Clive Crook: The economy and the campaigns

New GOP E-Mail - Smear the media and attach photos of kids with McCain & Palin

Who's Responsible?

The Daily Widget – Wed 9/24 – O-325, M-213 – Wisconsin, Colorado Now Beyond MOE

The Daily Widget – Wed 9/24 – O-325, M-213 – Wisconsin, Colorado Now Beyond MOE

Chris M. just said the debate is on, according to those who are running it.

Attention DU hunters, sportsmen, fisherfolk!

I interrupt all of this excitement with a plea for help!

Are you afraid of our government?

Alaska Hockey Moms for Obama

" Connecticut Democrats are considering whether to ask Sen. Joe Lieberman to leave the party"

POLL: How long have Bush and his crony Paulson really known how bad things were?

Those who work hard, scrimp & save & invest wisely are apparently suckers.

McCain's Non-Denial Denial

Muslim 'Barbie and Ken' dolls created by Iranian government

Need help with something from last nights rachel maddow show

Anyone else think that McCain just had a medical emergency?

Did anyone hear any discussion about SPECULATORS in yesterdays

-9- points

Heads Up! MCain live with Couric right now

McBlackmail Is THREATENING Us: Democrats Don't Give Blank Check, Then No Debate!

This is all just an excuse to postpone the v.p. debate!

If McSame doesn't show up to the debate...

U.S. Ad Spending Falls 3.7%, Biggest Drop Since 2001

U.S. Ad Spending Falls 3.7%, Biggest Drop Since 2001

Does wearing my underwear on the outside make me a maverick too?

Is Rick Davis still an equity holder in his firm?

What are the Republican rules if McCain drops out of race? Does Palin automatically become the head?

Poll ... lou dobbs ... do you support or oppose the bailout?

Why doesn't McCain have himself videotaped while he solves the financial crisis?

McCain is staying in Washington if there is no deal by Friday!

Protesters unfurl 22 Foot Long 'Arrest Bush / Cheney! - War Criminals!' banner at Nat'l Archives

Protesters unfurl 22 Foot Long 'Arrest Bush / Cheney! - War Criminals!' banner at Nat'l Archives

Per Faux: McCain camp wants Palin debate to be the first...soo


TPM: $15k/mo to Davis's firm, apparently in exch for providing special access in future McCain WH?

Breaking News- Pelosi,Boehner-House Close To A Deal

Let The Debate Go On, But Have Palin Stand In For McCain

GOP Operative-How to set the Dems up on Bailout - Republicans Should Vote Against the Bailout

GOOD lil' Doggie: Lieberman says Friday debate "not as important as saving America"

my take on McCain's withdrawal

Intrade Betting is Suspicious - Someone betting something will happen to Obama?

Are we perhaps witnessing the greatest bait and switch of all time?

Let's STOP calling this the Trillion Dollar Bailout.

Should we do away with the Presidency?

Question: Why are the talking heads still insisting that McCain's fuck ups are "brilliant moves?"

Question: Why are the talking heads still insisting that McCain's fuck ups are "brilliant moves?"

So if congress reaches an agreement tomorrow is McCain going to start campaigning again and

OK what's going on here:

Ahmadinejad on Larry King Live Tonight

McCain cancels Letterman appearance must return to DC - NOT

Pakistan's president tells Palin she is 'gorgeous'

U.S. military wasn't involved in suspicious activity at Marriot Islamabad bombing.

What do the numbers, on the greatest page, under the title

Every day someone here posts "The Election Is Over" based on some news......

Greed and Irresponsibility - Make your voice heard NOW

The $700 Billion Question - action item from the AFL/CIO

Palin does not seem competent even to rank these items in order of importance, much less address any

I like the M Obama shirts advertised "Because ohio is never right"

Wall Street has doused itself with gasoline: "Give us $1 trillion or we'll light the match"...

WI AG Battles State Over Voter Registration = Caging

I'm Still Predicting a 60/40 election Landslide

How is Wall Street NOT guilty of extortion?

McCain admits Country has no current President

Two things McCain can't do at once

McClatchy: Health care premiums rise again, workers at smaller firms feel the pinch

A Repub' double-reverse on the bailout?

Just Another Wacky Day In Finance

The Rude Pundit: In Brief: Just Sayin'...


It is absolutely INSIDIOUS that the Repigs are using 9/11 with this current crisis...

I think McCain deserves a little slack on the debate thing. Lets not forget

A Credit Default Swap Explained

Breaking: Liberals Invading Canada

McCain camp trying to cancel VP debate

WOW what a day. McStain is toast

If they are willing to buy up forclosures at 50 cents on the dollar why can't they just let...

How to make the Mississippi debate a win-win-win on Friday

Jimmy Carter mad a big mistake not showing up for debate...McCain

MarketWatch: August existing home sales down 2%

So, It's Weds. Morning and what do we know:

Polls show Obama leading in five key states

deleted by OP

Brokaw comments make me think, "McCain thinks he's still in Viet Nam!"

Maryland: Obama 60% - McBush 37%

Naomi Klein coming up on Stephanie Miller within minutes!!...nt

Slain Iraq Army Sgt said he was afraid of his own men more then the "enemy"

Savage the weiner nation just Disowned McCant!

What effect would the bailout have on inflation? NT

So, my sister showed me this morning how she can watch her son at school

Reid to McCain: Just Stay Away

"No golden parachutes for you!"

In These Times: Our Picks for an Obama Cabinet: Part One

Discussion: FBI investigating firms involved in bailout

Mods: With the new rating system I can't find Stock Market Watch

Bernanke's voice sure makes you feel confident, doesn't it?

"Bank Lobbyists Laugh At Congressional Dems" ---Sirota reports

Reid needs to arrange it so McCain is the deciding vote for Bush's bailout plan for the wealthy

McCain Has Fled the Interview - Mudflats

Just an aside....

msnbc poll: Should debate be postponed?

I just watched Moore's Slacker Uprising....

Why is McFail pulling ads?

Why is McFail pulling ads?

CNN Poll: McCrud debate pull-out - Real or Gimmick - please vote

Naomi Klein is coming up on the Stephanie Miller show

Why are those who voted for HRC in primary assumed to be Clinton "loyalists"?

Why are those who voted for HRC in primary assumed to be Clinton "loyalists"?

Digby: "Bush & his rich friends looted the Treasury like a Baghdad museum for 8 long years"

McCain Won't Push Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal

McCain can participate in the debate

Tonight Bush will Declare McCain to be a National Disaster and send troops and funding to him..

Am I the only one confused by the new Rec system?

Daily Kos:We Just Got Asked To Leave Palin's DC Office

Today the McCain campaign, tomorrow the election.

So, if McLame is too busy to debate on Friday...

Has this been the best day of the campaign so far?

From the ashes we will build another day

Very Simple: Do You Like Ratings On The Left Or On The Right?

Oregon, NH, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, NC, NM, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia

- North Korea barred U.N. nuclear inspectors

McCain to cancel World Series, Christmas, Super Bowl, next summer,

McCain Suspends Campaign!!! Something Neither FDR Nor Lincoln Ever Did

Senate Aide's Bert & Ernie Boyz Joke, Not So Funny to All

George W. Bush has a 19% overall job approval. For 8 years, he wasn't interested in what we thought.

Naomi Klein on Steph Miller

In the 21st Century of Innovations, you don't always have to be there, to be there!

I want the taxpayers to get a pro-rata refund of the Federal

I know why I don't like the new Greatest Pages.

Pelosi and Reid need to demand every Repig in Congress has to vote yes on Bush's bailout or no deal

NBC still trying to keep the narrative going. Obama 48% McCain 46% in their new poll

Paulson's demands as written by the ubiquitous Nigerian scam artist

If I May Be Allowed a Little Pedantry.....

I really think this decision

Those wacky comedians at USN&WR

An interesting financial fact during these trying times

An interesting financial fact during these trying times

Earle asks judge to step down in DeLay case

This Is Huge-Intrade -Obama 56.3% McAwful 43.1%

Hey Dems, this IS about the election.

Bush on Home Ownership in 2002

Brilliant move by the Obama campaign. The ball is now in McCain's court and it is lose-lose for him.

What's the diff. between "normal appropriations process" and "ear marks"?

CNN "money-honey" accidentally speaks some truth

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents.

Josh Marshall: Be Honest

Poll: How do DUers want the financial crisis to be handled - bailout or no bailout?

What Are We Reading? Track America's Political Book Buying

Racist pig repuke legislator in Louisiana wants to sterilize poor women

Comparing the VP's: Biden's list of international leaders he's met with & worked with

Is McCain bluffing?

Pelosi and Reid: "We'll only screw the country if we get political coverage from the other party"

Release McCain's Psychiatric Records Now !

Just called Schumer's office and talked to an aide for about ten minutes

The Crisis - Which Do You Think Is The More Serious DU?

Max Blumenthal: The Witch Hunter Anoints Sarah Palin

Time/CNN poll: Obama up 9 in PA

Credit Default Swaps and the Shock Doctrine

Could someone from Atlanta, Georgia tell me if they are experiencing

McCain fan outnumbered:

Rarely is the question asked: is the candidates learning?

CNN has removed their on screen stock counter

Now I feel even more anxious and unsure.

Barney Frank On McCain's Debate Pullout

Protesters unfurl 'Arrest Bush & Cheney' banner at Nat'l Archives...

Here's a toll free number to call Congress from American Friends Service Committee and

If McCain's health is failing and he drops out, will the ticket be...

Lobbyists Are Actually Laughing At Dodd & Congressional Dems


Honest question: why can't this "$700 Billion bailout" wait until after Nov 4th?

Urban Dictionary needs a new entry: To Pull a McCain


McCain: 'suspending campaign'... 'pulling ads'... 'out of money???'

'I ghost-wrote letters to the editor for the McCain campaign'

But will the American people connect the dots?

Couric With Palin On McLiar's "I'm All For Regulation" Past!


"I ghost-wrote letters to the editor for the McCain campaign"

Six Questions for James Galbraith on the Financial Crisis and the Bailout

Last tree-sitters come down from Calif. redwoods-NO CUTTING! THEY WON!!!

What makes me think things are going to work out ok is....

This Economic Crisis is

A Few Quotes from Henry Paulson

Where can I find the house hearings with Paulson

"Broke people are going to bail out Rich People" -A howler - Wanda Sykes with Jay Leno

McCain camp attacks Times again, doesn't deny newest reports re: Davis

Posting a little late, but Bush & Cheney have obviously gotten to Dominici

McCain campaign manager paid by Freddie Mac until last month; undercutting a McCain statement

And we should listen to you ................ why, exactly?

Has John McCain had a stroke? Take a look....

Fart on a cop - get charged with battery

U.S. Government: The World's Largest Homeowner

Judd Gregg (R) up on the Senate floor for 1/2 hour to explain things to us

Sample letter on Bailout to Send to members of Congress

McCain Blinked. Cannot handle the crisis. Wants to cancel democracy


THESE men were serious Presidential candidates:

Bernanke is talking about buying assets & mortgage backed securities

This "FBI Investigating Fannie .... Freddie .... AIG ...... et .... and al" ...............

Get yer Obama/Biden yard signs here!:

cnn reporting bu$h* MAY give prime-time speech tonight to goad congress to sign bailout

Warren Buffett Fed Chairman, SEC Chairman?

ACLU: Congress Must Set Restrictions On Information

Slacker Uprising: Watch The Whole Movie Here

So a Senator just said to bernake that bush said that a 35 to 50 million program

What's a Liberal? A Conservative mugged by Wall Street.

McCain cancels appearances. Dozens disappointed.

Life-size Obama Cutout Hung in Effigy at George Fox U. in Oregon. -sigh-

Had to go to a remote area just got back -- anything interesting happen today?

Hello all.... just checking in... my computer is dead....

If you can't multi-task, you shouldn't be President.

If you can't multi-task, you shouldn't be President.

Mad props to Tom Ridge for the new DU format!

Petition to return the old rec system back to DU

The Rising Tide of Online Opposition to Paulson's

Please add your vote to this CNN poll

Americans Respond to McCain Stunt

Oktober Überraschung?

I figured out what to do with my RNC solicitation!

How would you describe your eating habits?

Some Sheryl Crow lyrics for Congress:

Hell hath frozen over...

Oh, That Scamp McCain! He's Such a Wild and Crazee Maverick Guy!!!!

Palin unable to name any examples of McCain ‘pushing for more regulation’ in the past 26 years.

The Bailout Rush: Time Is Money or Haste Makes Waste?

Should Obama win, how about we next turn our attention to the 2010 AK Gov. race?

It is a perfect logical decision by McLame and his camp!!!

Willie Nelson: It's About America

This is the 3:00 a.m. Call from Americans! We want to hear from our candidates! Hel-LO!

Take the Money and Run

Question: Should Obama agree to cancel the debate or not?

Brits: U.S. Passed a New Law Just to Nail Gary McKinnon

GOP Rep Marsha Blackburn: you don't need to study at an "elite institution" to understand the world

Warren Buffett predicts: Congress Will Do "Right Thing" By Approving Bailout

I reject the doom and gloom that says our nation is in decline because our best days are ahead of us

Bernake live on explaining the economic meltdown

Bakersfield students to ‘Be Hungry’ for children worldwide

" the world must consider building a financial order no longer dependent on the United States"

Biden's tearin' it up on CNN.

Is there ANY reason to believe that our "leadership"

Ha ha! Fabulous anti-fundamentalist t-shirt seen by a friend who was on a Sierra Club

OK, we're stocked up with underwear and socks...I can handle anything.

caption * TIME!

Awesome New Yorker Photo Layout "Service"

Wow, Look at Senator Kennedy!

Bernanke steps up the "Financial Terra" rhetoric....

Palin gets international "attention" (LOL)

President FDR on TV in 1929 speaking about the depression

Learn from history: The Financial "experts" will lie to you -- graphic example

Brad DeLong has charts: Democrats are better for the economy

The pigmen did not expect so much resistance. What Congress

Mother Jones: Davis Death Watch Begins... Now!

Does anyone know to find a transcript of the hearings so far? nt

Do we encourage people to take their ID information to the polls

Bush said 'considering' speech to nation on economy. Gee that's mighty big of him.

Before any representative votes on this $700 billion dollar Bailout.

Deer gets revenge

More LIES to try to pass the BS Bailout "Nat'l Debt as a percentage of the economy has been bigger"

Sen. Reid laying out Dems attempts at regulation and boosh/repugs'

Meanwhile, Under The Radar: Pentagon budget hits new record in spending bill (AP)

COMING UP ON CNN: What Laura Bush thinks about Sarah Palin's foreign-policy experience.

So, BushCo has had this bailout in the works for some time....Remind you of another rushed document?

Has A Presidential Election Ever Been Suspended? Would That Be Appropriate Here?

Where the fuck is bush? Highly suspicious behavior during a crisis if you ask me.

Why did they choose $700 billion ??

On CNBC Barney Frank will being giving his response to Bush @ 915EST

On CNBC Barney Frank will being giving his response to Bush @ 915EST

Thanks to the DUers who foresaw this financial mess and posted about it (with statistics) months ago

I have met more World Leaders than Sarah Palin. How about you?

No this isn't The Onion: Peta urges Ben & Jerry's to use breast milk

Krugman: No more taking this administration on faith!

Rush transcript of Larry King Interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"The Bailout will kill the Dollar"

bailout will make congressional Democrats ''rope a dope'' strategy blow up in their faces

If McCain drops out of the election...

If McCain drops out of the election...

Obama Camp Comments On Davis Story

If I'm incredibly reckless with my money, can I get a bailout?

BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions

BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions

Have any elected Democrats said they're against the bailout PERIOD...

It's Tinfoil hat time!!!

Juan Cole: A Nation of Masochists

Can the "skip it" , "disruptive" and the "average" threads get marked too?

Just listening to Biden giving a speech on teevee .... and mentally comparing him to Puckhead ......

Free Sarah, Day 27: If she can field dress a moose, she can handle reporters

Free Sarah, Day 27: If she can field dress a moose, she can handle reporters

NYT: McCain lied about campaign manager Rick Davis' ties to Fannie and Freddie

Woman: Group Forced Devil Worship

I'm not an economic wiz or anything... but here's what I understand...

Our government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.

Who here thinks that there is something genuinely wrong with John McCain

Palin's debate preparations...

Bush is threatening us again

$80M in cuts coming to Ohio agency for poor

I've decided I'm for a bailout to stimulate the economy

Do you think we'll know who won on 11/5?

Irony alert

Poll question: When Obama wins, which GOP explanation will be their talking point?

OMG! McCain's "I am suspending my Campaign" in that Footage subliminally does it!

4 Men Rush Into Burning Bus To Save Students

Who is henry paulson?

John McCain was 'good kisser' says former Brazilian lover

RNC Blog 2005: $200 million to fully fund the American Dream Downpayment Initiative (ADDI).

Oh, it's official now: Condi says "the fundamentals of the US economy are strong"

Iraqi Legislator Who Visited Israel Last Week Is Facing Prosecution

From what I can gather calls to Congress are running 99-1 against a "bail out"

Did anybody see Larry Kudlow on MSNBC last night?

Warren Buffett Reveals Bailout's Dirty Little Secret

The derivatives market is a pinball machine - useful metaphor

Looking for a safe place to put your money this week?

Read my LTTE and criticize it?

Bush to speak at 9 PM EST

Rude Pundit: Photos That Make Rude Pundit Want to Eat Caribou Eyeballs While Snorting Poppy Pollen

Bill O’Reilly’s web site hacked, attackers release personal details of users

"Only ONE GOP Member Of Banking Committee Can Be Counted On To Vote For Bailout

"I ghost-wrote letters to the editor for the McCain campaign"

Warren Buffet invested $5 billion in Goldman-Sachs today... there is NO crisis

MARK MORFORD: 700 billion fluffy nothings

Man farts in police station, charged with battery on a police officer. You can't make this shit up!

According to Paulson, Mentioned At Yesterday's Senate Hearing, He Has Had The Plan For Months.

Have you seen this photo of Paulson and Bernanke?

NAOMI KLEIN - 52 minute uninterrupted interview. Topic is "The Shock Doctrine" -- from 12/07

Idiot Bush** to "address nation". What a joke. He actually thinks people are listening.

If Martha and the Vandellas would sing about Freddie Mac, might it go like this?

More misspellings!! McPalin camp misspelled "Kissinger"


What is the most outrageous thing about the "GOP Bailout Plan"?

Real Estate Bigwig Zell Sees 2009 Recession

Should I be converting my money to Euros before they pass the 700 billion bail out? Is that

Mrs. Greenspan has been reigned in.

Just A Peek: Katie's Interview With Sarah Palin

As a single parent I'm really offended and insulted by this guy

some more photos i took at the democratic national convention (dial-up warning!)

Classic Republican self-loathing

funny "ad" for Bill Maher's new movie Religulous

John McCain: Viet Cong Collaborator

THANKS MODS!!! The ratings on the right is SO much better!!

Oh Hey! . . Cramer just said this bailout is ACTUALLY a tremendous

US Needs Russia For Iran, NKorea Nuke Deals

McCain aide is Freddie and Fannie Mac lobbiest

"This Modern World" blog's Jonathan Schwarz on the $700 billion:

McCain is channeling Mermaid Man from "Spongebob."

i wish we could force this fuckwad of a leader sit with a greiving family member

McCain discusses bailout with Romney

It's a budget issue: We can't AFFORD the insane War On Marijuana anymore

Kucinich Introducers ‘Voter Foreclosure’ Bill

Mercury Retrograde and the Election

Chimp Alert:!!!!

Ahhhh... much better. Thank you Skinner!

Who is buying Freddie Mac?

"We Deserve It" Dividend: Bail Out the Little Guy

This Friday On Real Time With Bill Maher

Working on that Legacy...


For $700 billion, we could have universal health care for 7 years

People everywhere are blowing me away with ignorance and fear.

A letter from an economist

It's Official: McSame's an even worse candidate than Bush

Tar and Feathers? Yes or No

Republican source: Lesbian rumors ruined Condoleezza Rice's VP chance

I love Obama, but am I the only one who thinks he's being "too measured"?

Help me write an anti-Palin email for my SIL who supports her

Did you all see the actual text of the bailout? Here it is-

* pics to caption

Do you have an online-and-off split personality?

To those harassing Cindy Michaels at WVII WFVX TV for looking like palin

What this bailout looks like to this working man.

Palin target of new online campaign...donate to Planned Parenthood in Palin's name!!

More layoffs at work today

AP: Stevens jury shows senator he's far from Alaska


The "VP for torture" Fights a Ban; The "military is appalled by Cheney's stand" - Bush History, 9/24

WTF? Bush gives customs agents unlimited powers

NEWS FLASH: Ron Paul is racist; blames government and minorities for capitalism's failure

us-troops in homeland crowd control patrols from october 1st

Fear, hope and the dream of a better world

Will Bush/McCain use this "crisis" to declare martial law + delay election? (see Army in US info)

Matt Millen FIRED!! There is hope for us Democrats after all

My conditions for a bailout. What are yours?

Thieves Fake Car Trouble, Steal Fuel

Fox News Fires Producer Who Chyroned Michelle Obama Barack's "Baby Mama"

Bailout overwhelmingly rejected by the American people. Sure to pass.

When a mod locks a thread because it is a uplicate, could you please point us to the original?

Anyone Listening to Randi??

McCain suspended his campaign over 40 days ago

Rachel Maddow has raised the bar ....

Free Republic: McCain providing strong leadership in Washington by skipping debate.

AP:McCain seeks to delay debate to focus on economy (says suspend in live news conf)

Obama vs. McCain... who called who first?... Reaching out to each other?

Breaking: McCain wants to postpone the debates so he can work on the bailout bill

Internet troubles?

Uh Oh....

OMG! OMG! OMG! Could It Be?

Is this what Palin believes? Forced conversion of Jews?

Is this "Crisis" the October Suprise we have all been waiting for??

Two Complete and Utter Bullshit Senate Polls from Rasmussen Today

Michael Moore's new movie: Slacker Uprising

Is it "Crash Flow" time on Wall Street?

Hanes to close U.S. & Central American plants, fire 8,100 workers, and move to Asia.

we need a video of as many Republicans endorsing deregulation as possible to show that

Carnegie Mellon Professor: No bailout needed

Congress should stay in session.

Aynd Rand=FAILED!!!

Aynd Rand=FAILED!!!


I attended an Obama meeting last night, We have ** REGISTERED 40,000 NEW VOTERS ** in Tarrant County

The President Who Wasn't There

Is McCain suspending Palin appearances as well?

Obama first contacted John and to discuss this matter. 8:30am call

in a queen palin administration.......

After taunting Obama to debate all summer, mccain CHICKENS OUT of debate

Next McCain and the Repigs will want to postpone the election because of the economy

Bush* tonight: We are certain that the financial crisis is a weapon of mass destruction...

What a coward!

Why I feel justified about not giving to panhandlers (but still don't feel good about it)

New non-AAR KLSD caught trying to "cook the books" to combat low Arbitron ratings...

McCain’s Hypocrisy Knows No Limits.

John McCain's Keating Five Problem In 97 Seconds

Obama and joe are coming here!!!!!

The Steven's Trial poses a very real question

Even Bush could play guitar while the Katrina crisis was going on

R.I.P. - The American DOLLAR Died last week.

So does Obama answer with "F*ck that sh*t?"

Dirty Dirty Dirty move by McCain - agreeing on joint statement, then called the media. DIRTY

If a picture is worth a thousand words.....

O.K., Here It Goes. I've Been Waiting Till I'm Ready To Post This:

FLASH! AP - McCain attempts to postpone debate- cites "Crush a Can Day", "Rosh Hashanah"


This is an RNC plan - repugs in Congress will treat McCain like king

REMINDER: Republican Family Values include Cheating on Your Spouse, Having Gay Sex in Public Rest

Heard some Rethug congressman say there wasn't 40 votes in the whole House for Bush's bailout

Welfare queen with their hand out......

Another Dumb GOP Idea: Pandering to Women

McCain's using the terror card again. Only this time it's the economy.

Impeach Paulson?

US Food Supply In Constant Danger Of Going "Bad"

***OBAMA*** initiated the idea. Then Grampa grabbed a TV cameraman & grandstanded it

Question for smarter people than I about the bail out.

McCain wants "Sarah" to continue giving speeches while he, Biden, and Obama go to D.C.

Rep. Rahm Emanuel: 'We're making good progress here in Washington and

Bumper Stickers

Isn't it great that DU is so positive? We almost only rate threads up :-) (rate me down ;-))

McCain Wants Debate Postponed - Three People Talk on Palin's Marital Affair - Coincidence?

The $700 Billion Bailout Plan's Fine Print - For Skeptical People

Just got telemarketed for a platinum credit card

Trends Research Institute predicted huge economic collapse in 2008

The "votes" Frank & Co. went away to cast:: $630 B. for Pentagon, lift ban on off shore drilling.

I think we need to listen VERY CAREFULLY to what Bush has to say tonight.

Can I ask a dumb question?

McCain's Left Eye is Very Droopy I just watched his speech again- photo

What Republicans Have Planned on the Bailout

First W is gong to speak and now McCain cancells - It's all bullshit to raise national goosebumps

"Gun-totin', book-banning cheerleader Palin is a gimmicky Trojan horse"

End of world will have to wait: Collider halted until next year

Lousiana lawmaker (R) advocates eugenics: Sterilize poor women, encourage rich to procreate.»

McCain to "suspend" his campaign to deal with econ. crisis.

Are they .... like .... uh ... sisters? Is there ..... uh .... like .... adresscode?

Barney Frank, Mickey Edwards, more on proposal to stop debates before McCain loses by a landslide

Letter to my congress critter

Speaking of unregulated "capitalism"- 53,000 CHILDREN sick from Chinese milk

Obama should tell McCain that he hasn't missed a meeting yet

Obama Camp: 'The Debate is On'

It's crisis time, while your waiting for the economy to fail

McCain wants to suspend his campaign because

Obama Hanged In Effigy; George Fox president denounces Obama display

Blog comment of the day

Obama initiated joint statement this morning

I thought all you guys asking to move the thread recommending to the right of the page were all nuts

State party to consider bid to oust Lieberman

They are going to try to give McCain CREDIT for the final bill.

They are going to try to give McCain CREDIT for the final bill.

Anchorage Daily News slamming Palin in two front page articles

Obama sticking to his guns, debate on! N/T

I just looked at the tee-vee listings for tonight. 9:00pm- Criminal Minds!

Survey USA ** 5 Charts on the McCain "Bail-Out" of Campaign and Debate **

bush would never lie to us about a national emergency or crisis would he?

I am getting older, my mind is not as quick as it once was, so I need some help:

You have until midnight tonight to sign up - class action settlement if you have credit card/loan

Joe Biden gives a great speech on Foreign Policy today and McCain has the media talking about

How is Congress really handling this bailout mess? I mean the process.

looking for a news item

Let the VPs debate friday - Just swap who goes when

I AM NOT KIDDING! It's BOTOX gone wrong Y'all! Why McCain Cancelled!

Reid Asked Him to Come!

McCain hasn't been to DC to cast a single vote since April 8th

Firefox users - you can hide the ratings icons if you want

Cafferty: "Why does McCain want to cancel debate? I would think it's time to hear their ideas!"

Obama says debate to continue

Let the VPs debate friday - Just swap who goes when

MarketWatch: No time to buy a house

This suspension of campaigning is possibly the most cynical political move in a while

Bush addresses the nation at 9pm ET. Bill Clinton is on live with Larry King at the same time?

Google gets political with quotation tool

Child actors portray "activists" for oil drilling

Mike Pence suggests "Cutting capital gains taxes" as one of the solutions to help the market.

Blankley baselessly claimed Franken helped write SNL parody of NY Times reporter suggesting Palin

A Freeper frames what should be Obama's response:

Would the Dem ticket be stronger if it was Biden/Obama?

I'm skeptical that limits on executive compenstaion will be real.

If You Want A Post To Appear On "Greatest" You Have To Click "Must Read"

The problem was years in the making, and NOW McCain's fucking hair is on fire?

Commentary: Sexist treatment of Palin must end.

Please turn this new system OFF...the colors and bars are driving me crazy...

PNBS's News Hour's Solman "explains" current credit crisis WITHOUT MENTIONING THE WORD DEREGULATION

Don't Call It A Bailout - Call It A Rescue Plan - If It Walks Like A Duck.....

Obama should turn this around on McHoover, and suggest moving the debate to DC...

Jack Cafferty wants to know "Why the McCain campaign won't let

Jack Cafferty wants to know "Why the McCain campaign won't let

This is Obama's 3:00 AM phone call

Doonesbury : The Sarah Palin Action Doll

Do you really believe there is a 'crisis'? It is becoming more and more apparent that the whole

McCain and the Republicans are using this to distance themselves from Bush

It's time for the TOONS

What Nobody's Saying: The Bailout Will Kill the Dollar

Martinez is on CSPAN 2 blaming Dems for failing to pass a bill in 2005

Presidential Daily Brief from August 2008...

New voting glitches in Florida

My sister-in-law in Houston just said she's still got no power in Houston after 13 days! Shit.

Project 10^100 - Ok DU'ers, here is a chance to help out others with ideas (and make a few million)

Thank you, Maxine Waters, for finally addressing the issues

Obama Adviser: We're Inclined To Go Ahead With Debate

"If you need me, you know where you can find me"

I stole $35.67 from a Republican yesterday.

BREAKING: John McCain asks for debate postponement!

Our big campaign planes can get us

Update on Jr Pubbie T-shirt

"Broke, busted, disgusted, agents can't be trusted..." - McCain and the Mamas and Papas

DU this poll. CNBC: Did Ben & Hank make their case?

I came up with the best analogy today when describing the Wall Street bailout today

ACK! My bank rating is SHIT. What should I do?


Ch, Ch, Ch,,..Changes...The(( place)) is strange, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

Diebold Keeps on Truckin' in Ohio for McCain

No, John, this IS the time for politics!!

DU THIS AOL POLL about the debates and John McCain

Army unit deployed to... the USA

LOL- Letterman mocks McCrap cancellation!

ABC/WaPo poll: Obama up 52-43

Will Rick Davis Do the Negotiating for McCain on Capitol Hill?

May I say how proud I am of my party

The $700 Billion Bailout Plan's Fine Print

What is the difference between a humanitarian and a veterinarian?

The "Fundamentals of the economy" are not sound enough to survive a debate?

"There is no need to panic."

*** Bernanke/Paulson testify before the House Finance committee**

Too-Big-To-Fail? I think McCain is facing election that may be Too-Big-to-Steal.

Maddow: Bush extending Iraq war for political reasons

Lie-berman Censure

CNN headline: Obama and Biden voted for "bridge to nowhere"

The candidates on 22 issues.

Looking At the Congressional Calendar Sept 26 Is Target Adjournment.......

This Just In--Jackpine to suspend work until economic crisis is resolved.

Thank You For Your Prayers & Thoughts! I Believe they Helped!

The debate is on

Should opposition to offshore drilling be accompanied by reduction in gasoline consumption?

Is McCain sick?

Breaking News!! McCain Halts Campaign Due to Economy

Interesting opinion/suggestion from "A Tiny Revolution"

They are changing the language. CNN just reported that they might

quick question- trouble with greatest page?

OMG - Did you all just see Campbell Brown's rant? "Free Sarah Palin"

Image - How Come He Gets Horsies?

"The Chicken Soup Bailout"

SPEAKING OF BAILOUT - here is a perfect place for McLeadership to be Presidential

Pelosi won’t jump alone

Don't Call It A Bailout - Call It A Rescue Plan - If It Walks Like A Duck.....

anyone else think Molly Ivins would have had a hell of a time w/ Palin?

Did Condi Rice Miss GOP VP Nomination Because She’s Gay?! Sarah Palin 2nd Runner-Up Again!?

CNN is reporting that Dems have decided to completely lift the ban on offshore drilling. W-T-F?


Sarah Palin Should Go On Rachel Maddow's Show

So...Are Palin and Biden still going to Debate....Or is Sarah critical to the Economy?

Did FDR ever suspend his campaign during the great depression or WWII?

MSNBC Live Streaming? CNN?

If the surge in Iraq worked as McCasket says it did why aren't our troops home already?

If the surge in Iraq worked as McCasket says it did why aren't our troops home already?

I bet Russert is laughing his buns off.

Obama rejects call by McCain to cancel debate

So, are you buying? Selling? What?

Kos on the bailout

Can someone answer a question for me.......

Daily Show: Bush 'won't be satisifed until American children are eating roadkill'

Help -- how do I upload a picture somewhere so I can post it here?

Eliot Spitzer's op-ed Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rovian Jujitsu - "Postpone the Debates"

So WSU is out 3 quarterbacks

I'm really going to do it. I'm running for County Clerk.

40,000,000 - yup, that's 40 MILLION posts on DU by 6:00pm tomorrow? (my time)

Train wreck investigation: Freepers are on the case

Barney Frank on McLame

Council OKs smoking pot in WAMM tent (temporarily lifted a smoking ban)

Who is George Bush and why should he get prime time television?

Hack on MSNBC: "McCain has made some progress in the last few weeks".

People were lined up a mile in Clearwater

Anybody else remember the kid who wasn't interested in playing any more when he couldn't win?

Fear, Fear, Fear? 9/11, 9/11, 9/11?

Supply problems

This NOW PBS poll needs some DU lovin'

Thank you, Skinner!

Barney Frank: "He's gunna airdrop himself in here tomorrow"

Kucinich Recovery Plan - Day Two Edition as he promised

who has been hurt more by the bush economy: the average freeper or the average DUer?

McClatchy: Original Treasury bailout plan is dead, but revised plan emerging

Please DU this poll: Should the debates be postponed?

Why the Gold Standard Can Not Return

LOL! Freepers want Sarah to stand in for scaredy cat McLame

The suspension as viewed from across the pond

McCain is "terrified" and "fundamentally unsuited for the presidency" (updated)

Will Bush Suspend Elections Tonight?

I LOVE Free Republic

Dems must not cave on allowing bankruptcy judges authority to modify mortages on primary residences.

And the October surprise is:

Are they fucking kidding?!?......(Shipping containers could be 'dream' homes for thousands)

We need to look at the important issues.

McCain had time to meet with Lady Lynn de Rothschild. Country first?

Chancellor: 'We expect debate to proceed as planned'

"I can see Russia from my house"

Palin Conclusively BUSTED on ROAD to Nowhere (forget the bridge, if you want)

McCain-Palin criticizes Hillary Clinton

Palin proposes suspending VP debate

Palin proposes suspending VP debate

Johnny, since you say you're dropping in, and since you haven't been there in a while .........

If These Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and Other Questionable Assets Have Value Then...

best TOON on bailout debate:

Allowing offshore ban to expire is shameful at best. WTF

Odd picture of McCain on the CNN frontpage...

There will be a deal, dang it. Did you see CSPAN2 today.

Economic Markets Minus Regulation Equals...

Bush, Bernanke, Paulson's Own Words on Subprime a Year Ago

Before anyone votes on this White Mastodon, why could we not have a panel discussion

Bush agrees to fly-over of McCain campaign

That McCain lady on MSNBC

Cancel the election and the dollar will be worth a penny or less.

CAn we start teh "BUSH is a Lying sack of Crap" Thread NOW, or do we have to wait till he's on TV?

WooHoo!!! We got a Disruptive Flag!!

Obama and Marvin Gaye...."What's Goin' On......What's Goin' On!

Am I the only one tired of reading "Doomsday if"

Answer to the question "Who are the leaders of the Republican Movement?"

CBO Chief Says Rescue Plan Could Worsen Economic Crisis

CBO Chief Says Rescue Plan Could Worsen Economic Crisis

Regarding the "It's over" threads--Please stop jinxing us

Why they wrote the bad mortgages in the first place

Suspending the debate ain't gonna sit well in Mississippi

Clay Aiken: I'm a Gay Dad

Please Rate This Disruptive.

BARNEY FRANK: "It’s the longest Hail Mary pass in the history of either football or Marys."

That commercial with the lady from the Oil and Gas lobby.

So is Obama now running unopposed?

Do you guys mind moving the ratings column to the right side?

Should Bob Barr volunteer to take McCain's place at the debates?

Photo: What would have happened if El Salvador's President grabbed BUSH's arm as he tried to leave?

Chuck Todd says "the Deal" is dead because the Rs can't get enough people to

So what time is Bushie supposed to grace us with his verbiage?

So what time is Bushie supposed to grace us with his verbiage?

"We're the American people, and we approve this message"...

How much does Miss Cindy stand to lose in this Republican money mess?

i just accidentally cursed at a repuke phone-banker, whoops!

Freddie Mac Paid McCain Campaign Manager's Firm Through last Month

A Church-State Aside On the Proposed Financial Bailout

A Church-State Aside On the Proposed Financial Bailout

McCain cancels radio ads nationwide.

Debate Commission says the debate will go on

Ralph Nader, cranky and California-bound

Debate commission says McCain-Obama faceoff still on

What we just witnesses is: mclame just blinked. It's so over. nt.

Emergency anti-bailout demos 9/25 tomorrow--find yours here

Didn't McCain say he doesn't know anything about economics?

For my 1000th post:

For my 1000th post:

a theory on McCain pullout and chimp speech tonight:

If McCain Wants To Cancel The FP Debate - Than Tough, No Do Over

Who's gonna get us out of this financial mess? Colbert has found the right guy

Caption this pic

The McC practice debates must have been so horrific that they realized the show must not go on

This Burger King and McCain have something in common

Please vote in this poll for Congress to pass ban on horse slaughter!!

How many times has Bush used crisis and or fear to force Congress to make concessions?

who is this blond bimbette on MSNBC for McCain's camp-lame?

I'm in Europe for a few weeks and just watched The Daily Show from last night.

McCain holds the worst attendance record in the 110th Congress

Carter Town Hall Meeting--Make your bets!

It's OCTOBER! America..Be Afraid, be very Afraid.

OH-07: Republicans Assail Neuhardt for Aiding Rwandan Genocide Survivor

Today was a well thought out scam by McCain and the GOP

Today was a well thought out scam by McCain and the GOP

Orrin Hatch looked like he was shitfaced

Thieves stealing children's identities

Thinking back to December of 2000..

I would hate to be a McCain staffer tonight. Imagine if the suspension was your

Who's he kidding? McCain is just taking his campaign to Washington. I'll bet he's not welcome.

Who has more to gain from debates at this stage: Obama or McCain?

Who has more to gain from debates at this stage: Obama or McCain?

Now they want to postpone the VP debates!! They have no shame!!

So now McCain is afraid to debate...

"I'm a fool, and I approve of this mess."

Does he want panic in the streets? A run on the banks?

No delays for the current US Health Care Crisis that kills over 100.000 Americans a year

Its Odd, for the first time I actually want to watch/hear Bush speak tonight

What Freepers are saying:

McPOW will not attend the debate unless there is a deal


You know what'd be fun? Palin and Cheney going on a hunting trip together!

McCain cancels Letterman for Couric

Can anyone explain the duties of the 'president' of the Independent Women's Forum?

Nancy Pfotenhauer makes me want to punch babies.

"Palin's hiding from the press. McCain's hiding from debates. Is this the leadership we need?"**nm

As of Tuesday, McCain hadn't read bailout proposal

TOON: The Bailout, Simplified


Do we even have a HINT of what they will vote on?

Palin and Couric....full transcript

We need a catchy name for the Wall Street meltdown

Michele Bachmann: Financial crisis is result of "too much government intervention"

Lou poll about the bailout: DU it to it

Even for FOX NOISE, this article is beyond belief. Homeland Security will read your mind.

McCain camp to propose postponing VP debate

What time does Bush speak tonight?

The looks on their pusses says it all....

OMG I LOVE This on HuffPost! ! !

Did Palin Really Say She Wouldn't Hire Blacks?

Wanda Sykes Tears Into GOP, Palin (video)

Vote on John McCain's request to delay campaigining and this week's debate is:

So do you guys think they have an alternate bailout proposal...

McCain unhealthy, out of campaign; devastating news coming...

Pic Thread time: I Served and I'm voting for OBAMA!

"They set it up, they saw this coming.....but I am convinced that they didn't expect this to.....

Time for Paulson to resign; Paulson's former firm to be among largest beneficiaries of bailout...

McCain Debate FLIP FLOP...

Broke, huh? Pentagon to get $630 billion.

Vets for Peace occupy the National Archives!!

BREAKING!: McCain Flying to Washington, Expects to Crash into Treasury Building before 8 PM

BREAKING!: McCain Flying to Washington, Expects to Crash into Treasury Building before 8 PM

***Official Congrats to DU for Passing 40 Million Posts***

Larry King Live: Clinton calls Palin 'gutsy...real'. 2 words KNOWN to gain a positive response

Channel Changer (Rachel Maddow is The American Prospect's Cover Girl!)

The Republican Guru of Deregulation:

The Republican Guru of Deregulation:

Remember how we said the road to fascism is a gradual process?

Has anyone seen or read any reviews of the new film "W"?

The latest fad sweeping the world...

Sinclair is at it again!!!

rachel maddow just reported bu$hco has had this economic plan written for months

"Obama Camp: 'The Debate is On'"

Now that they want to postpone the VP debate too...

just saw a clip of McCain from today - his left eye is drooping

If you were a faithful Republican low information voter ...

My Economic Stimulous package.....

Attn: Female DUers - Vote in this PBS/NOW poll regarding S.P.

Harry Reid makes official statement- McCain not needed ... link

Question about Credit Default Swaps and their relationship to Mortgages:

McCain spends $5,000 for makeup.

Letterman Rips McCain

The List of World Leaders VP Biden Has Met- eat this Palin

The List of World Leaders VP Biden Has Met- eat this Palin

The List of World Leaders VP Biden Has Met- eat this Palin

$5,583.43 for Make-up?!?!?!?!

My UBBER Republican friend just called

My UBBER Republican friend just called

We're going to make some changes to the new rating system.

It's either Tweety or "Dead Air."

**Ring! Ring!** .... "Senator McCain? Are you there?"

Image - When Fascism Comes To America

**NEW POLL has Obama over McCain 52-43 over economic fears**

Tina Fey: "I want to be done playing this lady Nov. 5"

McCain canceling appearance on Letterman tonight-OLBERMANN to be on Letterman instead!

McCain canceling appearance on Letterman tonight-OLBERMANN to be on Letterman instead!

Even Fox News has Obama Up by 6

I have a huge crush on Rachel Maddow..


Nominate Your Idea: Palin's "Bridge for the 21st Century" is the **ROAD** to NO-WHERE

Barney Frank says McCain's backout is "a stunt",

"Where's Sarah?" - - - Palin had a 15% Attendance Record As Governor of Alaska

Glitch? You already recommended this thread. No, I did not. Anyone else

Glitch? You already recommended this thread. No, I did not. Anyone else

Today, this former freeper cast his vote for the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama

What should Obama do about the debate?


Interesting This: "Corporate Socialism"

If you can stomach watching this....

What does it say about McCain that he wants to get out of the debate?

How should Obama respond to McCain's suggestion to suspend the debate?

FEMA says ice was no longer needed on Gulf Coast

Fireside chat and Bush... tweet must be kidding me

WaPo/ABC poll: "Among likely voters, Obama now leads McCain by 52 percent to 43 percent."

How do I reply to a New thread?

JUST IN CNN: Brand new battleground polls show McCain in trouble.

OK how stupid do they think we are? Some talking head on CNN

Executive Order 51 Text

Ole Miss President sees hosting first debate as way to supplant Civil Rights Era image

National Enquirer: Sarah Palin Lover revealed

Stop The Foreclosures First!

Transcipt of tonights Couric-Palin interview, omfg omfg omfg:

I'm tired of the GOP trying to pin this mortgage mess on African Americans

Move the *VP* debate up to friday

David Letterman blasts McCain’s Cancellation

This picture of Cheney says it all about the Bush Administration..

Colo. McCain Staffer Accidentally Leaks Talking Points To Reporters



COLORADO! Obama rocking the polls

LA Representative considering a "neutering" program for the poor

Google has introduced a kick-ass "Candidate Quotes" search engine. Check this out...

Muslim American interviews Howard Dean about Obama. Some blunt Q & A

9/22 ELECTION MODEL ( TIA ): Obama! 330 EV, 99% win probability

Obama effigy found hanging on campus

Does this surprise anyone?

National Enquirer on Palin affair: names & polygraphs & affadavits, oh my!

The Tale of the 2004 Exit Polls

Who Actually Owns My Mortgage? No One Seems To Know...


In the linked editorial, economist and author, Henry Liu...

I think the McCain campaign is in bigger trouble than anyone thinks.


Karen Webb of Okla has 7 voting tips

McCain wants a time out, but why?

Bye, Bye Rick Davis

The State of the Senate Races: It's (almost) all Good.


$ 85 Billion Bail Out Plan ... How would it look if this $$ was given to YOU?...Look here to see

from Naomi Klein's site: "No Bailout for Wall Street -- Protest on Wall Street this Thursday at 4pm"

Hill Staffer: "Bailout In Deep, Deep Trouble" (Contrary To What The Talking Head Are Saying)

What happens if something is flagged "Must Read"

Hey did you see that front page story in the NYT?

According to CNN, Bush's speech tonight is scheduled to last 15 minutes...

Solid, scary, economic reasons why we shouldn't bailout Wall St.

My take: No crisis, no bailout. The country needs a deep recession.

Do you support some kind of publicly funded bail-out?

SFGate: Feds give customs agents free hand to seize travelers' documents

It's over.

Rep. Waters Says Providing Additional Iraq War Funding in Time of Crisis is “Shameful”

Why we Need an Immediate Massive Transfer of Wealth from the Poor and Middle Class to the Wealthy

We're going to make some changes to the new rating system.

Paulson & Bush BUSTED: Buffett Investing $5 Billion in Goldman Sachs

I just read Naomi Klein's artcle about Palin

Rec this 1000th post if you want the Greatest threads from the past 24 hrs listed by time again.

Vote on the changes to DU.

Naomi Wolf: Has Sarah Palin Been Picked as the Titular Head of the Coming Police State?

Is this a case of here we go again?

Speak With Prez of Vets for Peace Who Occupied National Archives

Great Analogy Showing Why ChimpCo's Bailout Plan is Wrong- The Trophic Pyramid

"You Fool, You Idiot..."

I guess I'm out of the loop...What's going on with Charlie Rangel?

Bush *may* declare National Emergency tonight....

9/22 ELECTION MODEL ( TIA ): Obama! 330 EV, 99% win probability -- "on the Rise!" -x

Florida Dem Chair at 2000 DNC convention..."The DLC is the wind in our sails"

Would an Obama win help save the Christmas shopping season...?

Does anyone else miss the "greatest" being sorted by time and being able to tell

PHOTO: Gaaaaaaaaa!

Do I need to pull my money out of the bank? Stock pile provisions? Get protection?


Steny Hoyer: Bush should go on national TV and appeal to Americans to support the bailout


Survey: Anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim feelings growing across Europe, world


Waitress, another tray of drinks please.

Waitress, another tray of drinks please.

This is ILLEGAL: 1st Brigade Army Combat Team to begin US tour on Oct 1

This is ILLEGAL: 1st Brigade Army Combat Team to begin US tour on Oct 1

Hold on. Let's review the past few years. I think I sense a pattern.

Any dentists, dental hygienists, etc., can you riddle me this?

So - I asked for prayers/chants this morning regarding jury duty . . .

I see that I'm the only one who has had a lounge post reach the 10 votes and green stage.

I'm such a pushover, but this time I'm standing firm...

I give it a week.

Too bad we can't ressurrect old classic Lounge threads

Is the new rating system the new new ignore system before we went bac to th old ignore system?

So much gray...

What rating would the kudzu thread have achieved?

WTF is this 'must read' recommend stuff?

You loungies are killing me!

I think my votes count more than yours

Hey look, Free Republic, we have new toys!

Did you know you can now rec topics that are more than 24 hrs old?

I have the most amazing headache.

BREAKING: Fox News Finally labels propaganda evil for mirror people everywhere

I have it on good advisement that elad has me permanently set on...

Have loungers who lament the banning of sex threads ever considered having a group skype chat?

Have loungers who lament the banning of sex threads ever considered having a group skype chat?

How about changing "Must Read" to: "Could Ya Take A Look At This?"

BREAKING: Tom Ridge creates new DU rating system.

Duers, refresh my memory; what was the last system DU implemented? The one that failed?

Elrond Rants: The lowest rung on the internet subculture ladder.

Cut and paste this into your URL bar to see the current DU in the old format

How will I know to Skip It if threads rated that low only show the rating after I've opened it?

Clay Aiken: I'd hit that.

Bush has created a mess in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and threatens Iran so

Clay Aiken: Well, actually, he forgot Poland.

This doesn't bode well for my pathetic confessional threads.

This doesn't bode well for my pathetic confessional threads.

I say we go to the political video section and rate all the threads as "must read"

Thorny Head . . .

My daughter is teh awesome

What the.....

You know, I'm not sure about the new system, but kudos to Skinner for trying to improve things.

So this is what my son did on Sunday night

What degree of asshattery qualifies as "disruptive"?

has DU ever considered having group skype chats?

So I understand there is a Submarine

Scene from paternity court: Everybody has named their daughters Nevaeh.

So am I

What color should I paint my bedroom? (pics)

Every thread in GD:Pfffth is recommended or must read.

What if we rated Skinner's post as "Disruptive"?

when did the lounge become cynical??

Why isn't there an "IBTL" rating for threads?

You'll all get used to the new rating system so STFU!

Bands/Artists (and songs) that make Midlo sing along

So I'm riding in the car today and I hear an ad about this electronics store.

Sure, Skinner tells the grown ups GDP all about the new rating

Help! I can not use the rate the thread option.

Look at all the pretty colors!

Is it just me, or is there another column here cluttering up my screen?

I know what my invention does , I just don't know how to invent it

Better than sex

Wow Miss A Few Days Here At DU And Everything Looks Different

Just watched Fitzcarraldo, wow ,what an amazing movie , and amazing actor

HANG ON!! I just figured this out.

Does anyone else think this rating system is going to make a lot of people feel

Who else likes the new rating system?

OMG!! I discovered that the gas station near my house sells EXTRA-caffeinated coffee

This concept of 'rating' confuses and infuriates us!

What the hell?

Post a thread title that would be sure to wind up on the Must Read list

Favorite James Bond (film) recurring character?



freaking duplicate post!

It's official, I spend way too much time watching kids shows...

Went to a Nightwish concert on Sunday.

Mainly for guys, but I laughed too. And learned something.

John Oliver threw out on of the best digs ever tonight.....

yo loungers, i posted some more dnc photos i took


Sergeant, if I asked your honest opinion about something, would I get it?

Post a thread title that's most likely to end up on the Skip It list

I heard Oeditpus Rex really is a Love Machine.

If you hear any noise it's just me and the boys....

Great LOL cat


I am so proud of my 8 year old!

People in GDP are freaking out about the new rating system

A new rating system! So,I am working on an invention,but I will not tell you what it does.

Offense sputters

I think the lounge needs to take a cold shower.

Get up off of that thing...

Oh please, "Must Read" threads in the Lounge are few and far between.

Who else is starting their day rocking out to Superchunk?

Sooo, firing an employee


Ruh-roh....rain dilemma...Halp!

Okay. I don't like it. There I said it.

Some unusual commercials you've seen.

A good thing about forgetting to turn on your alarm for the morning:

Why are some songs so appealing? This one grabbed me the first time I heard it


How many people have you been with?

OMG Clay Aiken is gay !

Is there any such thing as bad sex?

self delete nt

Why even bother with the "Average" rating?

Movie recommendation: "Fail-Safe."

This new ratings system...

Simply incredible...

Millen is out!

Between 30 and 35

All these "Must Read" tags are making DU feel like homework

I quit!

I quit!

Rant: What is wrong with me?

How would you feel about replacing "Must Read" with "Better than Sex"?

When Obama wins, which GOP explanation will be their talking point?

SON -of-a bitch!!

I KNEW there was no paper jam in the printer! There was, however,

I rated this thead | DISRUPTIVE |

Are we sure we did it right?

Will rating system be stripped from Lounge?

Just ordered my Obama stuff. woot!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday September 24


Artistic interpretation time for the Lounge

What's the etiquette for making human breast milk ice cream in public?

Just got an email from the NRC asking why I think Palin is so great. My reply

Why Can't Dems Stop at One (1) Bumper Sticker?

People who use the expression "ASSume" in posts are...

Ellen DeGeneres is gay.

OK, I need to be quick.

Damnit if Ben & Jerry want to do this right use the milk of Pit Bulls who smoke

That was fun

Would it be not so ambiguously gay for two gay men to get a cocker?

Are you the type of person who is conservative in everything but your politics?

I wish I had gone to law school.

PETA urges Ben and Jerry's to use human milk

Well, this is just depressing.

So my wife volunteers all of her time and effort to design the school yearbook,

I thought Claude Akins was dead?

So I spend days fucking up some chick's yearbook page, and her mom doesn't even have the courtesy

Hamster muffins!

Never been to Maine - any suggestions for must-dos?

My freshly 18 -first-time-voting-daughter

I think Claymation is inherently gay.

Put me out of my misery!

"Don't Tutch the But!" is still alive!

Celebrate National Punctuation Day September 24

RATE ME by rating my thread


Skinner sez he may show low ratings in the ratings column!

Hi. I'm Burt. I'm a recommendation junkie.

It seems my Best Friend has lost his freedom and dignity

Everything looks all smashed up.

What is the proper purpose of breast milk?

Whoa!! The ratings just went to the right side of the page.

A social experiment

My new apartment

The "good" threads get a blue icon, the "bad" ones a red icon. Coincidence?

Live blogging sw updates - DU

Bwhahahah! The negatives show up! I'm off to GDP!

Re Zucker's movie: If you don't preview it to everybody, then we know it's bad.

"So you're telling me if they're hot, and we give them a provocative sounding name...."

More bad news on Wall Street. The latest casualty of the failing stock market.

Underused Smiley Thread

I know this isn't a lounge subject but, McCain is trying to get Friday's debate postponed.


Pressure Washing a House... I have a clapboard/wood house that is dirty...Anybody done this before?

PLEASE HELP! Need some advice....(nonpolitical)

So I watched Batman Begins last night

It's a work in progress....

My new drink fad!!! Unsweetened Ice tea with Sugar-Free Raspberry Syrup

What's for lunch?

Self Delete, wrong forum


Oh come on. This is just inappropriate!

Wow -first the print shrinks to 8 pt and now th e blue x's!

I D-DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU to rate Skinner a disruptive!!!

Is anyone here familiar with filing a motion for temporary relief (child custody) durng a divorce?

Is anyone here familiar with filing a motion for temporary relief (child custody) durng a divorce?

The rating system is looking way better now with the move right and all the colors

I'm starting to like this new rating system. It's very handy for GD:P.

Ok, what's the defcon for?

Do the *Yes * dance

When asked about the new DU ratings system, the Waterskiing Squirrel offered "No comment."


What other ratings should be available? Stun? Sickeningly cute? WTF?

What other ratings should be available? Stun? Sickeningly cute? WTF?

Interesting quirk of the new rating system:

Reply to my post and I'll rate your post via the Skinner System

If you're a gay person in a fundamentalist church

What is a suitable grieving period of a 3 year relationship before dating again?

Just how the hell am I suppposed to get any work done between now and Nov 4?

Some good memories for all you oldies out there (like me)

Rapturists must be loving this economic crisis - Rapture Index up +2 points

My reflections on returning to my old hometown.

Cat Litter Question

Match Game Story: Jackass Jim gave his girlfriend a ___ on the anniversary of her dad's death

Great songs from the 70s??? (besides "Afternoon Delight")

Post the cutest picture that's in your Photobucket/online photo account

Your Addiction?

So what would Ben & Jerry name human-milk ice cream?

I need some major vibes here...

Dogs as protection?

Forming a Queue

Anyone here ever have a bed bug problem?

So I hear back from the yearbook staff advisor

Lowered expectations for the lounge?

The World According to Sarah

"House of Filth" - this is the grossest one I've seen yet...

Fads from your childhood/high school years?

Recommend a book for a slacker.

I lie to my mom a lot.

My husband won't STFU!

The dog is watching "Seinfeld" -- seriesly

OMG!! It's a crisis! What will you be postponing?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/24/08

Since our new cat is named Milk, should we rename Kitteh, Gizmo?

What are you supposed to do when you find someones lost credit card?

Interesting experiment with the Feliway diffuser...Input?

frank miller fans


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 9/24/2008)

what color should I dye my hair next week?


Real poll on Would you eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream if it were made with human milk?


So I decided to become a vegan last week.

Please help with a song...I need a song that expresses desire

Is it possible to care about everyone?


Can you get a headache from taking too many vitamins?

People that love cats have severe emotional problems

Christmas decorations are not to be put out in the middle of fucking September!

DU This Poll - I'm Series!

Have you ever seen the movie "Being There"?

Have you ever seen the movie "Being There"?

My 1000th Post -- Making Love -- No, this is NOT a Sex Thread.

Clay Aiken rocks like no other!

Happy Jim Henson day!

Warner to "Reboot" Superman

John "Bernie" McCain just realized that he is incapable of debating a living person.

Am I the only one who hates the new graphics?

Freaking Ragweed is killing me around here

Neat Firefox tricks, part 2

Who's holding?

What is your favorite euphemism for 'the act'

Anybody have "Movie Magic Screenwriter" software, and if so, could you convert a file for me?

Skip It!

I am craving ham and broccoli casserole.

Palin accepts job as Vice President of Pakistan.

Why are we at Level 1?

actor / best role / movie

It's official, Lindsey Lohan takes a step out of the closet.

Sad. Confused. Just need to talk...n/t

So, I've was brushing up on my shorthand earlier this evening,

Claymates aka Clay Atkins fans react to the shocking news.

Would you like to rate some threads: "very definitely something but I don't know what"?

Would you like to rate some threads: "very definitely something but I don't know what"?

What the "CaliforniaPeggy" do I need to do to get this post flagged Disruptive?

Anyone know where i can chat in real time? need friends? nt

Just how big is 700 billion? toss in some ideas

Practice thread for a fellow DUer - please ignore

Anyone catch the Today Show this morning?

DU has almost reached a milestone: 40 million posts since January 2001.

Why would my value-pak of Prilosec contain a NASCAR DVD?

"Excuse me, Dai Uy Nguyen, my friend. Could we suspend my interrogations for a while?

Man farts in police station, charged with battery on a police officer. You can't make this shit up!

Du this poll:

In honor of our crumbling economy and current/potential looting, a song: Eat the rich

In honor of our crumbling economy and current/potential looting, a song: Eat the rich


Who is calling in sick tomorrow on account of the financial crisis?

Most Irrelevant Sidekick

Make this Disruptive!

delete antianxiety typos

I am thinking about joining a bunco group

in honor of mcctatas

Searching for DVR to buy - having Google trouble

I go have a baby and y'all change up the forums on me!!

Okay. Where can I watch Heroes online?

I found MrCoffee's credit card in the parking lot.

OK, fill me in

The next time McCain says the fundamentals of the economy are strong, Obama

A Polite Rant About The Video Section

McCain on Carly Fiorina: "I'm proud of her record."

Jack Cafferty - What Will Palin Say To Hamid Karzai? (hilarious responses)

An atheist meets God

John McCain Lies About Rick Davis Lobbying For Fannie Mae

Song For Sarah Palin

TPMtv: Blame Game

palin's original acceptance speech

McCain Advisor Rick Davis Accepting Bribes from Freddie Mac? (Maddow Show)

Red State Update: Bailout

Red State Update: Bailout

Ann Wright 4 of 4

Ben And Hank Dissemble on the Hill (9/23)

Ann Wright 3 of 4

Ann Wright 2 of 4

Ann Wright 1 of 4

Emma's Revolution's New Song

Emma's Revolution - Keep on Moving Forward

Emma's Revolution - Peace Salaam Shalom

Emma's Revolution - Has Anybody Seen the Choir?

Emma's Revolution - Why Can't They Count Our Votes?

Emma's Revolution - Women Say No to War

Barack Obama interview Sept 23, 2008, with Lauer

A musical rendition of Obama's campaign strategy, IMHO

CNN Palin's world tour

Currency's Dive Points to Further Pain

Conservative George Will: McCain Unsuitable to be President (Countdown)

Countdown: Jumping Bailout

Austen Goolsbee and Nancy Pfotenhauer Square Off

subMedia: Propaganda or Journalism?

Declaration of Independence by Morgan Freeman & others

The Crazy stuff

Google phone to cost $179, go on sale Oct. 22

Obama Vs McCain Net Neutrality

28 Sarah Palin Facts

Rachel Maddow: Bush keeping Iraq War going tor political reasons.

TYT: If You Bankrupt A Company, Do You Still Deserve A Bonus?

NYT: McCain aide's firm was paid by Freddie Mac

Emma's Revolution - Do What I Have to Do

Asia Reconsiders Enthusiasm For U.S. Bailout Plan

TheRealNews: McCain's straight mess express

Nader vs. Triumph

McCain in northeast Ohio: Undecided on Wall Street bailout package (exclusive interview)

Slacker Uprising Part One (Michael Moore) AND a link to all the parts

Democrats sue over how Gregoire's opponent is ID'd

(AZ-D-Gov)Napolitano may hit Colorado for Obama

U.S. Congress Approves Historic Protections for Great Lakes

Fifth-Grader Daxx Dalton Suspended For Shocking "Anti-Obama" Shirt

Obama Vs McCain Net Neutrality 2

One Thought Pushes Fence-Sitters To Left: Palin (Undecided Tampa Voters Polled)

Auto loans included in must-pass spending bill

Michelle and the 3 Simple Rules for Oregon

Burma frees dissident held for 19 years

GOP criticizes advisory of Ohio elections chief

Running Dry, narrated by Jane Seymour

Bush-McCain Republican Objects To America's Priorities

Paraguay President Lugo

Roger Wicker - better pay for him, nothing for the teachers

Roger Wicker - better pay for him, nothing for the our men and women in uniform...

WOW Kennedy Looks Good: Chilean president visits Sen. Ted Kennedy

Sarah Palin denies she acts like a dictator

Sarah Palin's Road To Nowhere

Raising The Banner - Arrest Bush And Cheney

Joe Biden at the Democratic National Jewish Convention

Judge orders Army to grant conscientious objector status to soldier with religious awakening

And They Call It Democracy

General Wes Clark advocates working with Pakistan on Morning Joe

CNN Cafferty: Hillary and Palin (more hilarious answers)

Naomi Klein Calls For Progressive Pressure On Obama

(Kentucky) cracks down on Net gambling (seizes 141 domain names)

S.I. Republican Leaders Want Fossella to Run (NY-13)

Susan Collins - Still the wrong direction form Maine

Spin: Hank Paulson Claims He Was For Oversight All Along

Obama advisor Austan Goolsbee shreds McCain up.


RhodesTube: The Shock Doctrine: Solution For Credit Crisis

FBI investigating companies at heart of meltdown Your Voice

McCain aide Salter tired of Obama chucking "spears" at McCain

Bernie Sanders zaps Das Kapitalist Kudlow on bailout

TYT: McCain And Palin Have Shut Out The Press

TheRealNews: Bailout plan not embraced

Remember When $500 Billion Was A Big Bailout? John McCain Hopes You Don’t

Senator Chris Dodd's wonderful remarks on the passing of the Emmett Till Bill

The Economy, And Voting For Annoying Smart Guys

Feeney (R-Swilltrough) apologizes for his role in Abramoff scandal (FL-24)

Wealthy Countries 'Allowing Corruption To Go Unchecked'

Ann Wright and David Swanson 3 of 3

Double Post

McCain’s foes see hotheadedness; friends see spine

Ann Wright and David Swanson 2 of 3

Ann Wright and David Swanson 1 of 3

Ann Wright in Staunton 2 of 2

Ann Wright in Staunton 1 of 2

Buffett's Berkshire betting $5 billion on Goldman

David Swanson in Staunton 2 of 2

Experts eye alternatives to bailout approach

Colbert, Stewart Plan Election Special


Republican Gilchrest Makes It Official: 'I'm Voting For Obama'

Ralph Nader, cranky and California-bound

Michelle Obama in Wisconsin

VIDEO: a golden shower for Wall St. bailout crooks

Americans Shouldn't Bailout Henry Paulson's Best Friends!

TPMtv: Dollars and Nonsense

Biden Slams McCain for being "Dangerously Wrong" on National Security

Local NM GOP Chair Sets New Standards for Racism and Stupidity

Another Dumb GOP Idea: Pandering to Women

Landlord Charged With Spying

Freddie Mac Paid McCain Campaign Manager's Firm Through last Month

Barack Obama: Press Avail in Clearwater, Florida

Kudlow on Morning Joe Blaming Crisis on Loans to Poor People

Trooper probe now 'confidential,' Palin aides say

Palin's preferred probe requires utmost secrecy

Partisans go back and forth on Obama's 'present' votes

WP Front Page: WP-ABC Polll shows Obama Ahead, 52 to 43

Palin Says Another Great Depression is Possible

Barack Obama: Press Avail in Clearwater, Florida

Volunteers in Florida

McCain Suspends Campaign to Focus on Economic Crisis: wants to postpone debate

McCain takes a hit over his family's cars

Joe Biden speaks on Foreign Policy in Cincinnati, OH

Iraqi parliament approves provincial elections law

In gaffe, Biden says FDR led when market crashed

Obama: The Debate Should Go On

Palin's Troopergate Moves Getting Bad Reviews in Alaska

Senator Russ Feingold Introduces Barack

Red State Update Live! Plus Who Won Jackie's Truck?

Bill O'Reilly Hacked: Website Information Breach

Hurricanes Shift Debate On Embargo Against Cuba

Aurora school defends censure of student's T-shirt

Fed plows (another) $30 billion in money markets overseas

Young voters, solidly behind Obama, registering in droves

This is a Financial Controlled Demolition

McCain Tries To Postpone Debate

Bernie Sanders SMACKS down Greenspan with righteous anger!

Michael Moore political movie released free on Web

These are the people behind that shirt....

Campbell Brown rips McCain campaign for sexism

Former president says bailout plant is faulty

Congress Approves Mental Health Bill

FREE SARAH PALIN! Sexist Treatment of Palin Must End

Obama Responds To Debate Suspension

Pentagon budget hits new record in spending bill

TYT - Cenk wants to know WHY there is always money for Wall Street but not for Healthcare

Miners plan work stoppage over anti-Obama film

Maryland Dems ad attacking McCain "Fundamentals"

Economic Fears Give Obama Clear Lead Over McCain in Poll

Jimmy Carter says bailout plan is faulty

Warner Leads Gilmore by 30 Points, Poll Finds (Va. Senate)

Probe: Medicare paid billions in suspect claims

Gunmen kill 20 people northeast of Baghdad - police

People Need To Hear From Us Now! Obama Press Conference pt.1

4,000 ballot applications sent to wrong voters

Democrats widen lead in battle for Congress; McCain/Palin bounce "not permanent change in race"

TYT: This Is How The Republicans Could Steal This Election

Report: More factory farming but oversight lags (GAO)

Obama Takes Commanding Lead in New Washington Post Poll

Bush's Golden Parachute

AIG signs $85 billion deal with New York Federal Reserve

Immigrant aid worker guilty of littering

Focks News claims that Todd Palin was NOT a supporter of the Alaskan Independence Party

David Swanson in Staunton 1 of 2

FAA suspends sleeping airline pilots

North Korea nuclear seals removed

Myanmar releases seven dissidents

BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions

Russia Won’t Meet With U.S. on Iranian Nuclear Program

Men can't be charged in rapes despite DNA links

War-hit nations head corrupt list-Iraq

Republican source: Lesbian rumors ruined Condoleezza Rice's VP chance

Republican Strategist Castellanos Calls Obama Win

Obama effigy found hanging on Ore. campus

Biden: McCain’s Iraq, Terrorism Stance ‘Dangerously Wrong’

Violence Up In Baghdad Over Past 2 Weeks - Iraqi Army

Exec pay limits gain support as bailout questioned

As China milk scandal grows, leadership escapes blame

Madonna for Obama

US soldiers accidentally kill Sunni leader in Iraq

Bailout: (Condi) Rice says 'fundamentals of the U.S. economy are strong'

Freed Afghan journalist reunited with family (after tortured & held by US for 11 months)...

Norristown tenants feel violated in video voyeur case

McCain wants the debates delayed to deal with finacial crisis

McCain wants to delay debate

McCain to suspend campaign

3 judges in DeLay case tainted by DeLay's PAC

Palin says another Great Depression is possible

AIG signs up for $85 billion Fed loan (effectively "nationalized")

White House: Bush mulling speech to nation (say US "could be facing financial calamity")

Military Families Join Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising Tour

Anxious Depositors Withdraw Cash From Asian Bank

Judge OKs depositions in Cheney records lawsuit

McCain Says Obama Is “Very, Very Good” at Debates

Indian govt backs workers who killed boss: police, reports

Obama weighs in on McCain's call for campaign suspension ("we should continue to have the debate")

Obama Rejects McCain's Call For Suspension Of Debate; Says He Was Blindsided

Biden, Obama helped keep 'Bridge to Nowhere' alive

Florida congressman points to Palin to rally Jews to Obama

Iran Leader Wants To Debate Obama(and McCain)

Ga. officer's family angered by execution delay

Fink Says U.S. Bailout Can Work, Won't Hurt Taxpayers

Florida congressman points to Palin to rally Jews to Obama

Letterman Rips McCain

BOLIVIA: Morales Cites "Evidence" of U.S. Meddling

Morales accuses US of not condemning 'terrorism'

$80M in cuts coming to Ohio agency for poor

$13 Billion in Iraq Aid Wasted Or Stolen, Ex-Investigator Says

TFF Privatize Profits and Socialize Failure - MONDORANTO!

Bush to speak to nation tonight about economy

TYT: A GREAT Story To Share About Obama

NM GOP LEADER SAYS 'HISPANICS ABOVE BLACKS': Fernando C' de Baca claims his comments were taken out

New study shows world's most, least corrupt nations

Florida Hispanics sticking with GOP

Laura Bush says Palin lacks foreign policy experience (CNN)

German-US Tensions Grow Over Baltic Pipeline

Studies Show Strain of Medical Bills

McCain's Bottom Line: No Deal = No Debate

Conn. Democrats to debate censuring Lieberman

Election official warns Congress to expect problems on election day

Former Russian lawmaker assassinated in Moscow

Israelis For Obama (A Moving Video)

China counts down to Thursday space launch

House takes up Senate - passed tax break package

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 24

Severe Climate Change Costs Forecast for Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, North Dakota

Harry Reid says no need for Obama and McCain to rush back to Senate

John McCain Cancels ‘Late Show’ Appearance

House votes to rein in credit-card fees, interest rates

House votes to rein in credit-card fees, interest rates

Kucinich introduces “voter foreclosure” bill


McCain suspends campaign, Obama plans to continue

Obama says debate should go ahead

Lawmakers likely to scale back bailout

Hundreds remain missing in the wake of Ike

McCain seeks to delay debate (to focus on financial crisis)

Upheaval on Wall St. Stirs Anger in the U.N.

Palin with Witch-hunter at church

Libertarians lose election legal battle(To get Obama AND McCain off the ballot in Texas)

America's First Reaction: Friday's McCain-Obama Debate Should Still Be Held On Friday, But Perhaps w

McCain camp to propose postponing VP debate

Confirmed: McCain pulls all ads.

Palin says another Great Depression is possible

Palin briefed by Director of National Intelligence

Congress must pass trade pacts [says Bush and 11 LatAm leaders]

Alleged Estonian Spy Sold NATO Secrets: Report

McCain and Palin's meeting with Bono canceled

Venezuela arrests 2 in alleged assassination plot

Venezuela arrests 2 in alleged assassination plot

Chevrolet Dealer Group Closes All 14 Dealerships (will affect about 2,700 employees)

Rachel Maddow: McCain Voted NO Minimum-Wage Increase 19 times!

Wanted: Public reassurance on Wall Street cure

Just What Did the "Surge" in Iraq Do?

Economy Overshadows Bush’s Agenda as His Term Winds Down

Freddie’s Friend: Freddie Mac continued checks to McCain campaign chief's firm.

Cheney Asserts Link Between Saddam and Mortgages of Mass Destruction

Guardian UK: Paying lip service to multilateralism

'NYT, ' After McCain Criticism, Hits Campaign Manager Again

Arab Americans Encouraging Community to Make Voice Heard

Saving the wealthy with socialism, conservative-style

A Secret Transcript From the Kissinger-Palin Meeting

Palin's preferred probe requires utmost secrecy (Ft Mills Times)

700 billion fluffy nothings

FCC Spreads Digital Disinformation on TV Transition

Correa exposes Ecuadorian oligarchy

At least international investors in American banks got stock.

Seinfeld is axed - even he can't make Bill Gates look cool

If Congress Agrees to This Rip-off, We'll Be Handing $$$ to the People Who Got Us in This Mess

More Leaks from the Kissinger-Palin Summit

FBI probes major firms at center of meltdown

McCain Actually Blocked Creation of Blackberry

Afghan Prez Karzai Educates This 'Heroin'

Gene Lyons: Financial wizards try to clean up own mess

The War We Won’t Talk About

Robert Scheer: A Fox to Protect the Henhouse?

Dennis Kucinich on the bailout

"One Million Weapons to Iraq: Many Go Missing" by Pratap Chatterjee (9-22-08 Corp Watch)

NYT: An Inadequate Case for the Bailout

Fixing A Hole

Man Charged With Bringing Gun To Obama's Home

Channel Changer

New Poll Shows Palin Equated With 'Apoca-Lipstick Now'

New Poll Shows Palin Equated With 'Apoca-Lipstick Now'

Children's Defense Fund Founder: McCain Will Leave Millions Of Children Uninsured

James K. Galbraith & William K. Black: Trust But Verify

Garrison Keillor: Where is the outrage?

Why Manufacturing Still Matters

Thomas Friedman: "Dear Iraqi Friends" (smarmy column and my response)

First look: Oliver Stone's 'W.' is not quite out of left field

The Mugging of America

L.A. Times, RFK, Jr.: Palin's Big Oil infatuation; Difference between Sarah and Cheney? Lipstick

H-1B foes try to prove student-visa extension hurts U.S. tech workers

Good cartoon: "I'm a fiscal conservative..."

How Rachel Maddow Changed Network News - Editorial

It's Judgment Day for McCain

The FundamentaList: This week in the religious right:

McCain Supports 'Golden Showers' for CEOs

Steven Pearlstein: The Words Left Unspoken in the Bailout Debate

McCain Campaign Manager Pulls a Sarah Palin

McCain Seeks to Delay Debates, Until After the Election

Palin on Thin Ice

The Pitcher's Gone to the Well Again...

McCain's Debatable Proposal

Palin defended bridge to 'spinmeisters'

McCain Proves 'Maverick Status' with Excuse for Debate Delay


Death Rattles of a Criminal Class

The Truth About Sarah Palin...Rolling Stone 10/2/08

Paulson cannot be allowed a blank cheque (George Soros, Financial Times)

Analysis: Bailout blues may help define Bush term Yeah, right. As though it wasn't already defined.

BARBARA EHRENREICH: The Power of Negative Thinking

Busheviks warn of vast race riots if Obama "loses"

CNN Poll on he Bail out go put your 2 cents in!

Study Finds Major Shift in Abortion Demographics

Palin's Political Payback To Her Black-Helicopter Buddies

When the Going Gets Tough, McCain Gets Going

A withering article about Greenspan in the FT, the last sentence, in particular:

Pay raise clears Capitol Hill roadblock

Spec ops soldier dies from gun accident

Army investigating possible chemical exposure

Man in PT uniform robs bank, hotel

Soldiers accidentally kill Sunni leader in Iraq

Soldier charged after dropping 11-day-old son

Soldier shot to death south of Baghdad

Richardson pfc. ruled conscientious objector

Gates: 3 more brigades in Afghanistan in spring

Gates acknowledges U.S. strikes in Pakistan

VA change to increase compensation for TBI

Veterans have suggestions for VA ad campaign

(Navy Times) Editorial: A better hot line option

Feds drop contempt charges against sergeants

Lejeune Marines begin heading to Iraq

Coast Guard keeps eye on Palin during visit

Gates: Pick cheapest tanker bid that meets regs

Report: UAV maker falls behind war needs

AF looks to foreigners to end priest shortage

Transitions aren’t easy for ‘Sons of Iraq’

U.S. travelers advised to avoid Alitalia flights

Organizers plan large protests for USS George Washington arrival

Dollar swings wildly against euro

Storage tank removal won’t delay barracks at Dal Molin

Dependents’ off-base care on Okinawa to be billed to Tricare

Afghan Troop Build-up Eyed for Spring

DoD Budget Set to Hit a Record

Army Fires 1st Round From Cannon on FCS

Pak Intel Says Forces Downed US Drone

Sailor killed after getting caught in rudder ram

Clay Aiken to reveal he is gay

Deactivating Radioactive Waste In Hundreds, Not Millions, Of Years

Oil Industry Hijacking Energy Debate

Exclusive: The methane time bomb

Foster care for storm orphans

Grim outlook for the oceans

Fuel-saving converter's results drive optimism

Environment chief lied to Congress: Sen. Boxer - Reuters

Rutgers University Breaks Ground on 1.4 MW PV System (NJ)

Applied Materials Activates (2.1 MW) PV System on Corporate Campus

BHP wants to sell uranium to China for decades

Arctic 'methane chimneys' raise fears of runaway climate change

For fun: A list of topics being funded by the DOE for R&D via SBIR grants (FY2009)

Senate oks extending energy tax credits

Metal-fungus hybrids make for more powerful catalysts

Solar Wind Loses Power, Hits 50-year Low

Only gay right is to die, says Ron Owen's sticker

Obama declares support for 'clean' coal -- Biden goes off the reservation

The truth about wind turbines: Size matters

Destroying History (Blair Mountain, West Virginia to harvest coal)

Michigan to pass Renewable Energy Bill--Finally!

Will the Chevy Volt save the world?

Scooter sales skyrocket 66%

McCain advisers: No to Syria talks, little interest in peace process

5 Palestinians killed after Egypt forces detonate smuggling tunnels

Netanyahu Calls for Elections in Israel, Rejects Livni Offer

The Free Gaza Movement

Separation fence fueling attacks by East Jerusalem Arabs

Paul McCartney arrives in Israel for controversial Tel Aviv gig

Congressman Grijalva (D AZ) on the Wall Street Takeover!

If Paulson can’t be honest about what he himself sent to Congress...

Falling Into Fall

Thoughts on the 'crisis'...

Question: Couldn't we obliterate the bailout + save the economy if we outlawed offshore tax evasion?

Henry Paulson and the New Yazoo Land Scandal

The Republican Party - Good For Business?

The Barter Opportunity

China Rethinks US Business Models

Paulson & Bernanke's version of Alice in Wonderland

When you walk away from a mortgage and return your keys to the bank - what do they do to you?

has there been any shareholder litigation

Securities transfer fee?

Warren Buffett shows again he looks out for Number One

If the average worker made gains over the last 8 years. . .

The Derivatives Beast Is Breaking Up The Banks

Investing in Euros ?

Bailing Out the Predators

How Russian consumer electronics manufacturers drove their Japanese competitors out of business

Today in labor history Sept 24

Federal Labor Law Violations Provoke Teamster Strike

Star-Ledger publisher reiterates threat of sale

I'd rather lose everything I got before I'd work like a slave."

Morales accuses US of not condemning 'terrorism'

Diamond Mining Resurges In Latin America

Bolivia Seeks Iran Investment as U.S. Ties Unravel

Venezuela arrests 2 in alleged assassination plot

Young Western Saharan refugees build for the future in Cuba

Nugget from Antonini's testimony (Maletinazo/Valijagate)

BOLIVIA: Morales Cites "Evidence" of U.S. Meddling

Just win the freakin' game already! Stop switching leads!

Get ready to feel sad, here's - Hank Steinbrenner!

Joey Harrington no longer a Saint

Fire Millen just became reality

Having trouble negotiating the transition.....

Hey folks. I got the job I applied for last week!

Head lice... a close friend of my daughter, age 6, (probably) has them

Predictions from a group endeavor.

Could this explain why Oswald tested positive in the paraffin test on his hands?

New Army unit to supersede posse comitatus/militia within U.S.?

Obama/Biden can silence critics by voting for HR 6691, “To restore Second Amendment rights in the

Damn, someone has added pro-AWB verbage to

dupe delete

It’s Twins!: Evolution and Climate Change Deniers

New ocean sparks questions about changing maps, textbooks

Japan funding space elevator

Saturn's Rings Might Be Ancient

Obama answers science questions for the journal Nature

Ruins of a lost Jewish city discovered near Moscow

Astronomy Picture of the Day - an Unusually Quiet Sun

Out of Africa - The Prequel

Ancient Yeast Reborn in Modern Beer

Mysterious New 'Dark Flow' Discovered in Space

Animal abuse on youtube

I find Richard Dawkins to be annoying.

How much confidence do you have in the correctness of a given allegation?

Moms for Obama Rally Day

Poor Rick Perry: He's stuck in a great big house with a swimming pool

For anyone trying to register new voters in Dallas County

Court rejects Barr's challenge to Texas Presidential ballot

Attention Dallas, San Antonio, Houston. I'm from Houston and will be going to Colorado...

How many new voters have been registered in YOUR county

Men can't be charged in rapes despite DNA links

Please Ask Rep. Kind (3rd District) NOT to Debate Kevin Barrett

Recommendations for do-it-yourself site update software?

FireFox and CSPAN

Business group calls for tax cuts, warmer U.S. relations

CP: Tories use RCMP to block media from talking to candidate Cadman

Dion rules out coalition

NDP-Liberal coalition an affront to democracy: Harper

Harper attacks true enemy: strategic voting.

OT: Moms for Obama Rally Day

Videographers note! JK speaking in Boston October 6 or 7

My husband got a letter in our local paper

"4 years later, Kerry adjusting to a narrower stage"

A question for the MN DUers...

Michele Bachmann: financial crisis result of "too much government intervention"

***OH MY GOD!!!! CLAY AIKEN IS GAY!!!! (As if I give a crap either way :^)

Well, at least there's one bit of good news from the NuLabFest ...

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet ... the Sarah Palin baby name generator ...

Catholic school bans girls from having cervical cancer jabs

How come they don't want to "spend more time with their family" in the first place?

House OKs plan for Great Lakes water to stay put...

Obama signs being delivered in Eau Claire right now!

Bay Area sailors. The Maltese Falcon is coming our way.

L.A. folks - my kid's making his Los Angeles club debut next month!