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Archives: September 15, 2008

Is it only a dream

Pittsburgh,Arizona governor stumps here for Obama today!


TIVO Delay - SNL Spoof of Palin and Hillary Was Hilarious!

George Bush and the Nation's financial brain trust better pull a rabbit

McCain - "I have agreed with President Bush far more than I have disagreed"

I'm going to see Obama on Wednesday!!!!!

I'm going to see Obama on Wednesday!!!!!

Yes, Mona, “Barack Obama: Baby Killer” Is A Right Wing Fantasy -Jane Hamsher

McCain Revealed: The Briefing Book

OregonLive - The GOP Protecting Palin From Interviews Is A Sign Of Chivalry!

McCain has rendered himself unfit to run a branch of Starbucks, let alone the White House.

My message to my stepdad (and anyone else who's concerned)

'SNL' has best premiere since 2001 Fey's Palin impression aid strong start

The American Nurses Association Endorses Senator Barack Obama

Biden Tightens Attacks, Paints McCain as Out Of Touch

Anyone here know what Obama did today? I know what McCain did

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Was it just me or did Palin say the word "Charlie" really annoying??

Let's take a deep breath and flash back to November 2007:

McCain Appeals to NASCAR Voters While Up In New Hampshire

Fired official has no grudge with Palin - says she is not fit to be VP - speaks out on dismissal

Senator Biden plans all-out assault on Mccain-Bush clone this week/Foreign policy next!!

Republicans Love Palin, [Cartoon!]

Republicans Love Palin, [Cartoon!]

----Follow-up to Palm Beach County Missing Votes!!--You're going to love this----

ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID!!! Sliding to a historic precipace,,,

The Scott-Heron prophecy

Heads up, Vegas! Obama to appear at 9000-seat outdoor Cashman field WEDNESDAY

Should there be a print ad campaign denouncing the e-mails still going around?

Over 1000 Protestors Against Pailin Greet her in Anchorage

You can put lipstick on John McCain's Ass but you still have an Ass

If Obama Wins, We will be Like France (warning, offensive picture)

Obama - Never In a Beauty Pageant! Can He Lead?

Suprised to find this on Dallas Craigslist: Artists Wanted..

16,287 days, and Sarah Palin still hasn’t visited Iraq.

As a layperson, I would like to see an avalanche of "issues" ads

As a layperson, I would like to see an avalanche of "issues" ads

When are the debates Scheduled?

The TSA guy whispered to me "I like your shirt"

There needs to be some "Phil Gramm is McCain's economic advisor" ads

Obama raises $66 Million in August

So McBush...Still Think You Can Do Pigs In Space On The Economy?

Another Repuke converts.....I was blown away.

McGamble: McCain Camp Defying Political Standards

Memo to far right: John McCain was brainwashed by COMMUNISTS for 5-1/2 years.

‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ rally draws record crowds

'I've never seen a campaign engage in such open, easily countered lying'

It's the economy, stupid...

"We have sort of become a nation of whiners." - McCain Economic advisor Phil Gramm.

Is Obama a fan of boxing?

And McCain wants to privatize our Social Security????

Honestly, is there a bigger gas bag than Dick Morris?

Clinton/Palin on Saturday Night Live (video link)

Some worthwhile (and some questionable) anti-McSame resources

Check out the current top 10 emailed stories on the New York Times

How strange, Wall Street collapses off camera, no ticker tape, nobody jumping out of offices.

Is McCain still running? Haven't heard a damn thing about him at all laltely Obama supporters ready for fight


Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain

When America wakes up tomorrow and hears about the financial crisis escalating......

FEMA Fucks Up Again

'SNL' skewers Palin, Clinton and receives huge ratings

Obama should do another fundraising goal for us

Well... we don't have to worry any more about getting the public to focus on the economy...

Obama pulls ahead in Diageo/Hotline tracking poll 45-43

Is Sarah Palin a Gothardite? Wasilla’s ex-mayor and “Character Cities”

McClatchy: AK GOP are biting their tongues on Palin: "the truth doesn't matter. It's about the team"

In "small towns" people are "always proud of America."

Ed Schultz goes North to Alaska

So Republican efforts to delay the Trooper-gate probe have been thwarted?

Iraq violence down "not because of the surge" according to paper:

Is something wrong with radio commentator Joe Madison (Black Avenger)?

I got a hilarious reply from "JohnMcKain" on youtube

***IMPORTANT*** WE MUST Prepare for the Crucial Debates Well ahead of Time. YES, We.

Biden to give strong anti-McCain speech tomorrow

Oh the irony! "The View picked our bones clean"

Asian shares fall sharply on US concerns -- 20 minutes ago


Rove and Guliani Think Both Campaign's Ads Are Too Negative?

**** DAILY General Election CONFIDENCE LEVEL POLL Sun. Sep 14 ****

Anyone have a video of right-wing sexist comments, from Primary or on Hillary?

"Wrong Woman, Wrong Message" (Alaska Palin Protest pictures)

Palin's practice of charging for a rape test is similar to the People's Republic of China's

Things you will never hear about Palin on MSM

Positive attracts positive. Every time.

Fed Widens Collateral, Banks Set Up $70 Billion Fund


VIRIGINIA Orders 200,000 Additional Voter Registration Forms

VIRIGINIA Orders 200,000 Additional Voter Registration Forms

The entire McCain platform in a few short sentences...

Gas is $4.29 here ... a little reminder

OK, once and for all: Does Palin need eyeglasses or are they a prop?

To heck with sound bite "More of the Same"

Cindy McCain: Tough interviewers 'picked our bones clean'

Tomorrow: All POW all the time...

SNL - Highest ratings since 2002 when Al Gore appeared

Must see: shocking case of liar's disease at Freeperland

McCANE still relying on the PITY VOTE for a chunk of his supporters

Rove says McCain ads "went too far" !!!!!

Wave "buh bye" to McLame's convention bounce, says Nate Silver

Today's Lesson: "Rope-a-Dope"

So why is Greenspan trying to help our side?

McCain 's negatives are rising!!!!

®ove is completely out of ©oncepts. Discuss.

Palin has a "blame the victim" attitude towards rape. Should this be a new meme?

Could you imagine McDumbFuck and PaleOShit running in 1960?

I think I know how we can use Bill Clinton in this campaign

How Did We Get Here?

And McCain wants to allow Wall St. to handle Social Security

Garrison Keillor: GOP runs against itself!

Shading -- or ignoring -- truth on the campaign trail

The pastor who clashed with Palin: "She scares me. She's Jerry Falwell with a pretty face."

Lehman Bros.... Merrill Lynch... holy shit...


John McCain: Chief of own VP search

Hee hee hee! I just made up a new acronym. H.O.P.E.

Obama says McCain is running dishonest campaign

Bank meltdown wallops campaigns - "Wall Street will visibly affect Main Street..."

So Palin has a tanning bed in her mansion is that as bad a s a $400 haircut???

Should have known the media would not play the new ad


I don't see how McCain can win Ohio with the Economy visibly collapsing like a house made of cards

It's up to us now....

MP3: Karl Rove says McCain can't use computers because of war injuries

Gibbs up next on MJ. Hope he's feeling full of piss and vinegar.

must read: Frank Rich in today's NY Times:

Obama: Financial Turmoil Because Washington And Wall Street "Weren't Minding The Store"

Can someone post the video of Democrats defending the Obama ads on morning news?

What is Karl Rove up to???

Help wanted! Blabber mouths needed! Have you got the gift of gab?

This is what "Fox News" is reduced to?

This is what "Fox News" is reduced to?

Acting President Biden? Acting President Pelosi?

Double-standards gets Idiot's Elected in America.

This is really sad; Green Party leader Peter Camejo dies

Seven and twenty years ago, a sleazy "B" actor brought upon this continent,

what exactly are McCain's war injuries?

All Politics ARE Local

Wait ... on the View, McCain wanted "strict Constitutionalists"?

Holy Cow!Over 246,150 Views On YouTube And More Than 12,000 Donors!

Question: Would the McClueless duo restore confidence in our financial markets?


The only way to guarantee an Obama win is to get up off of our asses and recruit more volunteers

choice, creationism, rapture

McLame Camp Channels Pappy and Junior from "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Obama takes 5 point lead in Ohio 49-44

Am I hallucinating?

Time: McCain's Outraged and Outrageous Campaign

26,000 calls in one day!!!!

WTF??? Get THIS, ya'll - a letter to the ed. I just read in the Austin paper

Is bad economic news the ONLY thing that will decide the election for Obama?

Stopping 2008 Voter Fraud -- Registered Voters Database/List Exist?

Rove that smarmy asshole smells defeat, distances himself from McShame...

Sarah Palin for president?

Sick and tired of what's been happening in Washington? Vote McCain/Palin...

Email I just received: "I'm a little confused...."

Video; Obama: Palin is Just Like McCain, Bush

How to talk about Obama's work as a "community organizer"

Rasmussen 9/15: McCain 49 (Down 1), Obama 47 (No Change)

Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps giving but you heard the talking heads...

It's the Economy, AGAIN, stupid. And the WARS.

8 years of Bush/McCain economic policy has led us here:

Does anyone know when Biden is giving his policy speech today?

Gulianni says in same breath ~ Obama has no record/the most liberal record in the Senate.

Why are only the Clintons campaigning for Obama? There are plenty

I'm going to see Obama today!!


Let's ask McCain to discuss the difference re bear DNA in Montana & seal DNA in Alaska.

We are going about this all wrong... I did something tonight and the response is awesome

Greenspan WORST Economy he has ever seen (video)

What would have happened if Obama's daughter was pregnant and unwed on stage?

What time is Biden's economic speech? Will it be on C-SPAN?

Watching McCain in Jacksonville FL; highlights:

So, has Oprah's show been taken off the air yet?

Game Over Folks: McCain vs. Greenspan...

I am afraid for the first time. I actually fear what is ahead.

McCain Economic Adviser in yesterday's WPost: We're "A Nation of Exaggerators"

Most idiotic reason to vote for Palin/McCain.

"McCain 47% McCain 45%"

Is Andrew Sullivan trying to tell us something?

LOL! McBushPOW new AD focuses on the economic "crisis" and how they can fix it.

The Name Recognition Factor and Mrs. P----

I wish someone would draw a cartoon of MCSHAME

Isn't it obvious why Rove says the ads have gone too far?

I bet a lot of people outside of DC don't know what lobbyists are, or do. In which case Obama's

McCain will lose more than the election in November

Salon: The pastor who clashed with Palin

SNL SKIT: Best campaign ad Obama never bought

Hypothetical: If McCain had changed parties...

Will there be a "Run" on WaMu?

I'm Frightened that Bush/Cheney/Rove will cause International incident if McCain's numbers slide.

Are you feeling trickled down on yet?

didn't they say Obama was short on fundraising

Obama blames Wall St. crisis on Republican policy

McLame keeps digging: "The fundamentals of our economy are strong." (VIDEO)

Rove: McCain can't use computer because he was POW

Enough of posts tearing the other guys down--let's boost Obama up!

In the research 2000 tracking Obama ahead 48-45

The media is making me SICK!!!!!

The Supreme Court of the United States.

Palin: Christian In Name Only

TPMCafe: "Republicans and the Credit Crisis" for Dummies

McCain This Morning: "The Fundamentals Of Our Economy Are Strong"

Republicans must really hate smart people, facts and reasoning...

Sickening sight a block away: "For Sale, For Rent, foreclosure."

Obama Camp: McCain's "Strong" Fundamentals An "Enormous" Mistake

Obama on the Crisis on the Stock Market: I wouldn't have let it happen the FIRST TIME

Well - now the world gets to see how it would have been if Hoover won instead of Roosevelt...

Oh my God, John McCain is at a camapaign event in Jacksonville.

This financial crisis should eat up at least a week of Palin's debate preparation time ...

"Who Are You? (VP MIX)" - a Sarah Palin musical parody

I don't think the "Mcain is Bush" theme is effective

Biden: McCain is ex-reformer turned Rove disciple

Cartoonist Tony Auth's take today on McCain/Palin


If Sarah Palin actually installed a tanning bed in the governor's mansion that should be the Focus

That was fast!; Obama Camp Response to McCain’s Florida Remarks

Look at these faces

Wow!!! I Feel Sooo Much Better Now That Bush Has Comforted Us On The Economy.......

Research 2000 Nat'l Poll-Obama-48% McWalkingCane 45%

Biden Goes on Anti-McCain Offensive

Has anyone else seen this?! It is utterly disgusting....

Michigan residents... do you know if Biden's rally will be televised on local stations?

CHEVY CHASE!!!! Destroying Palin and Blaming MSM on Morning Joe!

Update concerning redneck diva Palin's tanning bed

McCain-Palin Crowd-Size Estimates Not Backed by Officials


The most priceless gift of all : Obama/Biden have a lock on 'The Adults in the Room'

Letter to a Republican CEO relative: Why vote Republican?

McCain live on TV just before the markets opened: "I will never let this happen to the U.S. again."

Palin still spouting talking points

I have to share with you this delusional post

Are They Serious?

Survey USA...Presidential, US Senate Races Too Close To Call in Minnesota; Palin Pick Makes No Impac

Hotline Poll-Obama&Biden 45%- Gramps McLame &Granddaughter 43%

When does Biden start.?

Biden just called McCain***Bush #44**** LMAO

How to turn "Bush 44" into an ad....please, someone.

No daylight between George Bush and John McCain

Biden: "I could walk from here to Lansing and find no one who thinks the economy is sound...

Why I fear the VP debates

McCain's first campaign event without Palin: Draws 3,000 in a 16,000-seat arena

TODAY: On Ed Schultz: the Anchorage Alaska Town Hall Meeting & then on Larry King

"The bedrock of reform is honesty"

RAS TRACKING POLL: McLame 49 (-1), Obama 47

She actually just called him "The First dude" on live TV at a campaign event

Physicians demand the release of McCain's Health Records

So McCain won't increase taxes except for people who have health insurance.

REALITY is forcing this campaign to be about issues again.... sorry, McCain...

What is Tina Fey doing anyway?

Going to see Biden tonight in Flat Rock, MI

This is no 2004. Media/blogs did not McPain get away with the "sex ed in kindergarten" crap.

For those of you wondering what to do with your money...

Big Ed Schultz on right now: Alaska Town Hall - Link

Palin just said this in Colorado:

Liberal 527 ‘Cavalry’ Coming to Rescue Obama?

Holy shit!! Joe is smoking. I can't wait for 10/02 VP debate.

BIDEN: "We've seen this MOVIE before and the Sequel is always worse than the Original"

My friends, if you can do this....

Bering Straight Talk

In real numbers the average person can understand: The difference between Dem rule and GOP rule

What I Would Like To Hear In Every Campaign Speech

That Siena NY poll is a crock of shit. Look at the internals LOL ---->

Bridge to Somewhere: Tom Toles nails it again

I got a fever for Joe! Need that speech posted here!

I got a fever for Joe! Need that speech posted here!

Joe Biden is rocking and he's talking the issue - Palin recyles catch phrases written for her

Joe Biden is rocking and he's talking the issue - Palin recyles catch phrases written for her

Biden: "The same campaign that once called for a town hall a week is now launching a low blow a day"

McCain and Palin - Change you can cash in at Coinstar

Does this sound familiar? Is Palin getting her "talking points" from FOX?

BIDEN: ****"GET UP!!!! GET UP!!!! FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!"*********

You Can Put Lipstick on a Right Wing Extremist, But Sarah Palin is STILL Cotton Mather in a Skirt

The "bubba vote" meme is the latest attempt to suppress the vote.

Palin stinking up the joint: Platitudes about the economy and the collapse of Wall Street

After what I just got done watching on CNN, there is NO DOUBT that Biden was a great VP choice...

Biden saying on MI he offered to help McCain in 2000 when he was smeared

Biden saying on MI he offered to help McCain in 2000 when he was smeared

Market events are FORCING the media to be substantive - let's capitalize!

McCain/Palin: The Sexual Predator Protection Ticket:

Lots happening today

I keep wondering

I keep wondering

Dollar falls vs. yen on Wall Street turmoil - more of McBane's strong economic fundamentals

Is it me? Or is McCain/Palin get a lot more TV coverage today for their speeches? nt

So McCain/Palin win, St. John kicks off, and prez Sarah nukes Russia.

I've got a fever & the only cure is:

"The next time you run into one of your 'Democrat' friends!" Go to hell, John McCain!

Lay off McCain! For Americans who own 7 houses, the fundamentals of the economy ARE strong....

The (Phil)Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

McCain Barbs Stirring Outcry as Distortions

Those clowns on FAUX are hilarious..

Edit: nevermind. someone beat me to it

Top Facts About Sarah Palin (warning graphic)

I kinda feel sorry for Kay Bailey Hutchison....

Dumb question

ABC News: Fired Alaskan Official: Palin Did Not Tell the Truth to ABC

Did you ever think you'd see a day where Dubya would actually look appealing

I just watched the Biden speech...

Freepers Gone Wild

I just posted a video I created inspired by Barack's DNC Speech: McCain You Are On Your Own

Arrgh!! I actually wanted to hear McCain's plan but MSNBC wouldn't let me

Anyone got Biden's new speech from today yet?

John McSame live thread

Boffo turnaround poll in VA: Obama 50, McBridge 46.

Rovian Push Polling In Florida Links Obama To PLO

Dumbfucks views on Dumbfucks

Sinfest gets into politics...

George Lakoff :Don't Think of a Maverick! Could the Obama Campaign Be Improved?

"People are in a financial crisis today" McCain on MSNBC NOW

SARAH PALIN addressing crowd re: Wall St. Problems & the Economy. NOW!!!

The differences between Obama and Palin laid bare - From Hawaii? You're "exotic" From Alaska...

Has anyone on TV said that Sarah Palin's convention speech was nasty and dishonest...

WAPO Article: Familiar Ground May Be Election's Deciding Factor

Joe Biden no longer on MSNBC

OK apparently it's official John McBama is the candidate of change.

Joe Biden Coming Out Slugging While Palin Panned on Sunday

Palin has the cure for all our financial woes!

Democrat VS Democratic

Mr My Friends is on CNN right now..singing a different tune on the economy

John McCain - Sneaking Into The Presidency With The Help Of Big Media

Joe Biden video? Mp3? Anyone got it?

Harvey Mansfield: Vying for Most Ridiculous Public Intellectual of the Year

----SERIOUSLY, I SAY BOYCOTT MSNBC--OTHER Than Rachel & Keith!!---

So the economy only becomes a "crisis" when it hits the class of people who own stock?

About that McCain Photo

IA's Lt. Gov. Patty Judge on Sarah Palin.....

McCain - Palin - Bush

Can someone re-post obama's experience v/s Palin's

no-brainer Obama vs. Mcain tax comparison chart

This wolf ad is REALLY going to hurt Palin's popularity..

To McCain: The Banking system's the nerve center of the economy. Our economy is fundamentally broken

McBush claims the economy is strong, but Lehman bankruptcy another sign of crisis (updated)

On Thursday, we will know the full effect of "Black Monday" on tracking polls....

Virginia Switches to Obama

I just got a survey from the McCain campaign.

50 billion dollars Insures One Trillion?! Top Economist Sounds Warning To Americians

Were is Barack today?

Obama campaign event in CO live in

I find it amazing that republicans continue to run this country into the ground yet people continue

I've got a daughter looking for a role model. McCain chose Palin & I said "Thanks, but no thanks."

How will you celebrate on Nov. 4th when the election is called for Obama?

Gallup admits: it only releases likely voter results when they favor McCain!

Who the hell is this bimbo on MSNBC, saying that McSame

Sarah Palin: The Ralph Wiggum of politics.


Joe Biden, Go to Alaska!

Army Times catches McCain in another lie

So, you think John McCain is a liar ??

Info on Exit polls and Obama election fraud efforts.

McCain: Fire BAD, Bread GOOD, American Worker GOOD, Economy BAD because of Washington & Wall Street

Confession: I've come to really like Joe Biden.

Why are we stuck on stupid on this experience thing?

Obama has never stood up and fought against his party..


Why do we do so well in IA?

After being LIED into a war, do we want to put two more LIARS in the Whitehouse?

Time's Joe Klein: "Their Brand is Collapse" Republicans, that is.

I'll say it: we should start calling this a depression

I'll say it: we should start calling this a depression

Hotline Poll-Obama&Biden 44%- Gramps McLame &Granddaughter 43%

Humor break: How do you know when McCain and Palin are lying?

McCain Flip-Flops On Fundamentals Of The Economy!!!

The Perfect Obama Ad Right Now

Wish Obama could do this right now...

Well.... I've been discovered over at FreeRepublic.....

Obama ad: Honor

Fired 'Troopergate' figure accuses Palin of lying

McCain Lies Again..Obama stood against his party

Need help finding something Obama.

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In St. Clair Shores, MI****

"You voted for him"

Obama should accept the "town hall" challenge on these terms:

McCain - life with out Palin: First rally without Palin attracts 3k people in arena that holds 16k

HEADS UP-Obama about to speak in Grand Junction, CO

Lou Dobbs is a Republican con man used to lure unsuspecting Independents.

Good Andrea Mitchell Smiling: "Are you Glad Tad Davine that Obama/Biden are Hitting Back?"

What I learned this weekend

Research 2000 tracking poll: Obama 48% (+1) McSame 45% (no change)

Video: Biden on McCain’s Economic Remarks

Obama Waffles has somehow taken my business site down

McCain Would Privatize Social Security

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Grand Junction, Colorado****

Anti-Palin AK rally perhaps the largest in state's history

Palin seriously doesn't care for Black people

Why are the polls so close in NY, Minn, and Washington State?

Tracking poll internals: Palin's steep favorability dive

"I'm frightened." "I'm scared." "I'm afraid".

Didn't you know? You're a "fundamental"

11 days

USNews via Talkingpointsmemo: "John McCain's Journey from Maverick to Liar"

PALIN TOON!!! It's my first be gentle

Democracy for America: The next ad - You decide

Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Renewing the American Economy

Sarah Palin is a geek

I can't help but wonder: Is Todd Palin ready to be President?

John McCain "Lost in Space" video -- watch it, forward links to everyone you know

LOL- NBC Today just played a portion (first part) of new Obama ad!

DU Sunday Night Follies: "The War Song"...WAR is STUPID! is STUPID!...Yeah!

Cindy McCain: The Ladies At The View "Picked Our Bones Clean"

Neocon in a Skirt; Palin; They're Back!

New Rasmussen Reports Party Weighting Targets: 38.7% Democrat 33.6% Republican

Update: There are still 1930's reactionaries living in America

Sarah Palin= The pretty date that has no personality

Does Obama see Palin as insignificant?

Video on CNBC is of Lehman Bros. employees emptying their offices

The financial crisis is the main issue this political season

Scalia is a putz !! Argh!!!!

CNBC: AIG in trouble too. Quotes below.

The founders of the Republican party had to have been the most prescient individuals in history.

What happened to Obama's speech? McCain/Palin 3 times, 1 Biden, 0 Obama?!

Hurricane Ike uncovers Civil War ship in Ft. Morgan Beach sands (Alabama)

How will they put lipstick on *these* pigs?

Given where we find the economy this evening do you think we should see the place of .......

Lawyers battle over Sen. Ted Stevens documents, photos of house

"I truly fear for our economy and our system"

Anyone watching History Channel's ...

Sarah Palin is slowly repairing every one of those 18 million cracks Clinton made in the ultimate...

Injustice in North Carolina - as presented on "60 minutes"

Remember, they want to privatize your social security

Osama Bin Laden defeats Bush's America tonight!

Remember That Thanksgiving 2006? Brokers had best bonus year ever?

Time to get the keys back out

Should the Lefties be pissed at the WingNuts?

Dobson-affiliated church group encourages breaking the law, endorsing candidates from the pulpit

Is McCain saying that he can lie....

Um ... KEATING FIVE? When are we going to hear about it? It's very relevant, today!

Economic unraveling...can it be a GOOD thing?

ThinkProgress: Hurricane Ike destroys oil platforms in Gulf of Mexico

Anyone watching the Scalia interview on 60 minutes?

I'm clueless when it comes to the economy but I know Lehman is apparently going under so can someone

Comment on Obama ad

Runway to Change: Designer Obama-fashion benefits the campaign

Does Sarah Palin remind anyone else of a Cinemax Porno "Librarian" who wants to "Burn" your "books"?

Will there be a DU INAUGURAL PARTY?? I'm fired up and ready to go!

Good Morning America - Oy the Irony!!

Brokerage accounts are insured... sort of

Music for a Monday morning.

Bank of America, Merrill Talk Merger , Lehman Brothers will be left to Chapter 11.

Bank of America, Merrill Talk Merger , Lehman Brothers will be left to Chapter 11.

Needed: The experts at DU-Did Saddam bankroll terrorists?

Needed: The experts at DU-Did Saddam bankroll terrorists?

They would be charged as terrorists in America!

Streaming Video - Real Time With Bill Maher

Found this info on Sarah Palin's PTA days

So, everybody looking foward to tomorrow on Wall Street?

Phoenix Catholic churches are urging support for anti-gay marriage proposition DURING services

Economic Conservatism--Can Someone Explain...

WAKE UP, Democrats!!

OK, I'll say it another way. Somebody, please turn the Big Dog loose now

I don't understand why these polls numbers continue to be close. Who in the hell are they polling???

Prepare for a Raft of Spasmussen Polls in a Few Hours

Did anyone else listen to CNN just a few minutes ago? If so, did you

Thoughts on McCains invite to Obama for town hall meetings...

Rove: McCain's Ads Have Gone Too Far (video) (WTF?)

Looks like Lehman's not going to make it

new ad: McCain is a shameless LIAR from: The Nation

Here is what you can do to help the campaign:

I'm sure everyone still thinks Mitch is credible

32 people in hospitals in Texas for carbon monoxide

Hey, John H.H. McCain & Pretty Girl Palin, as so-called Christians you should know

Would that it were just the result of 8 years of the chimp

Would that it were just the result of 8 years of the chimp

Obama's Statement Commending Fed Regulators on Blocking Fannie and Freddie CEO Golden Parachutes

Biden in Michigan: "If you're ready for four more years of George Bush, McCain is your guy"

Obama beats McCain by five to one ... on social networking sites

Merrill Lynch just sold to Bank of America

McCain/Palin and hydrocarbon resources

What is your election day strategy?

To F'n funny - as Paulson talks market droped 30 pts!!

Call to action: visit (where 'xx' = your state code)

BREAKING: B of A buys Merrill Lynch for 44 billion.

EVERY damn cable news station I've hit today...

Maybe what happened here in Ohio yesterday was necessary.

NYT: Keep an eye on October 1 - Iraq government will take over the "Awakening"


Dog who remembers his Michigan training saves his owner

The Liar From Nowhere

Palin still lying about Bridge to Nowhere today in Colorado

"There's an old rule in politics: if you're explaining, you're losing"

A great place for an Obama sticker:

Lemme get this straight...


This Is Not A Fire Drill. We Are In Serious Trouble, All Of Us.

Gallup: McCain 47, Obama 45 (no change)

Biden labels McCain 'Bush 44'

I'm a little confused. Let me see if I have this straight.....

McWho is out and about Ranting /Raving how he gonna fix What He Created.

Palin’s Private Tanning Bed in the Alaska Governor’s Mansion

Wall Street Journal: The Mother of All Mondays

If we the taxpayers bail out every moron financial house that needs it,

Story re: Joe Biden's french cuffs & cuff links - tell this to anyone who claims the man is elitist

What do you think the real risks of Merill Lynch and AIG et al collapsing??

Torie Clarke - Did spin vs James Carville after Palin/Gibson Interview

Tucker Bounds just likes getting the shit beaten out of him by women on MSNBC and CNN...

McCain on FCS: Flip-flop or fib?

I think Obama has gotten on the wrong track

McCain campaign revises his "fundamentally sound" claim

Well, the neocons are drowning the democracy by saving the corporacrats.

I'm seeing excitement in the Black community

Oh OH OH..McCain is redefining "fundamentals".. YOU know the ones

The NERVE of this man is...

Dow closes down 467.76 points, biggest drop since 2002

This is what I want Barack to say in the next couple of days

Worst. Nat'l Guard commercial. Ever

Women for Obama (Some terrific women on this list)

Just like McPain Knows how to Win Wars & Catch Bin Laden, he knows How to fix the Economy... NOT!

It’s not just about jobs; it’s about dignity. It’s not just about a paycheck; it’s about pride BIDEN

The day's fundamentals. Strong? Or F*cked?

Spread This Meme: "The SECOND Republican Depression"

Whose pockets are being filled with this financial collapse?

I have to stop cursing...

Photos of Obama in Grand Junction, Colo. today

You want to wave something at Obama rallies? Wave pink slips.

Quit your damned whining, people. These economic problems are all in your heads.

With all these banks and firms collapsing

Help me out, folks. Exactly what ARE the fundamentals of the economy??

Barack Obama sonly candidate willing to WAR/Pakistan

The Fundamentals of the Economy are Strong?!?!??!

Dow Futures Down Over 300 points.

I can't help if I'm a patriot

Houdini Would Be Impressed - Watch Big Media Cover McCain's Ass

How does Obama fight if Television and radio wont cover him fairly?

Alaskan Talk Host exposes names of Alaska Women that rallied against Palin: Called them Maggots

Rove: McCain went 'too far' in ads

Question about "bundling"

McCain photos altered to look "devilish"?

Rush Is On to Prevent A.I.G. From Failing

Chuck Todd on MSNBC just now.............if some states do not "even out" before the debates

Judge says Feds violated 10th Amendment by subverting state marijuana laws

I Consider What Happened Today On Wall St. A Terrorist Attack On Their Watch.....

"The US economy *IS* strong.... compared with 5 1/2 years in a prison camp!"

Is Obama going to do an ad on republicans being the party that is killing the middle class?

I've made Google my friend, but I still need help re: McCain's healthcare plan.

Cheney's lawyer Addington: "when we leave office we're all going to be hauled up before congress..."

MSM - McCain campaign "criticizes," Obama campaign "attacks"

A Campaign of Whiners....

Palin economic policy... "Put Lehman Bros on Ebay".....

McCain tries to spin his idiotic assessment of the economy

No surprise: Obama has solid lead in Delaware according to poll

The Obama campaign needs to publically call out the Drudge Report ...

MSNBC's Puta Chuck Todd:McCain is gaining, Obama is "losing"

Economists for Obama: Here are McCain's Economic Advisors & Dirty Deeds - GO GET EM BLOGGERS

The media has totally turned on Obama...

Mary Fallin is an idiot

Pastor: Palin Was Part of Abortion Clinic Disruptions

Temper, temper, Rapture Ready-ite! (Admits to road rage emotions outside elementary school!)

Paul Krugman:Financial Russian Roulette

Does the Daily Show come back tonight? We sure could use it...

40 years ago today: Denny McLain wins his 30th game.

Remember during the republican debate how every candidate except ron paul said the economy was great

Government: Departing Fannie, Freddie CEOs Won't Get 'Golden Parachutes'

Local 11.00 Nooz: Seven platforms destroyed and several pieplines damaged.

Research 2000 tracking: Palin is still falling like a rock

Research 2000 tracking: Palin is still falling like a rock

TX: Evacuees Face Long Stays In Makeshift Shelters & Wally Mart warehouses!!

U.S News: "John McCain's Journey From Maverick to Liar"

AP catches Palin and McCain lying about Obama's tax plan

Fundraising phone call

La Puta Mas Grande del MSM (The Biggest MSM Whore)

Now That McCain Has Shot His Load And Has Nothing Else To Shoot At Obama

Now That McCain Has Shot His Load And Has Nothing Else To Shoot At Obama

CNN: for Palin Rally, Campaign distributed "Home Made Looking Signs"

"I truly fear for our economy and our system the next several days."

Latest Pet food recall

Emotive political discourse has DESTROYED pro-democracy objectives!!!

Financial Meltdowns: How Big a Blow to the Economy?

Cable Pundits remind me of a Bunch of Gossiping Giggling TeenAgers!

Why does the Corporate Media Hate America?

Palin Believes God and Witch Fighter Made Her Governor

Palin Believes God and Witch Fighter Made Her Governor

FAA refusing to let news copters further than a mile into Boliver

Filling Election Board positions (Poll Workers)

I just heard on CNN that it was the Dems in Congress that didn't allow for the bail-out of

GOP Senator Accuses Opponent Of Helping Child Rapist Get Released Onto Streets

Lady who accused Obama of political "gang rape" sent out a quite a doozy...

Obama attacks McCain: "instead of borrowing my lines he needs to borrow some of our ideas"

Look at the big picture today folks, only TWO pieces of information resonate from today's news cycle

Look at the big picture today folks, only TWO pieces of information resonate from today's news cycle

Watch Out Below--Stock Market Ready to Tumble

Road to 270 - 9/15/08 - Obama - 306, McCain 232

Tweety: John McCain is Herbert Hoover!!!

So is McCain going to have Palin attached to his hip so he can attract a crowd?

Can you tell me how the media is defending McCain's

Holy moly, Dow Futures now -360

The Daily Widget – Mon 9/15 – O-269, M-269 – Iowa, New Jersey, Washington: Safe States

Skip those bullshit countrywide popularity polls - here's the numbers that REALLY COUNT!!

OMG! ~ McCain speaking about his 'potential' running mate....

What time is the "Invisible Hand" scheduled to show up and save us?

Linda Douglass who used to work at ABC and now works for Obama/Biden is a real pro

Words matter OR "Did McCain inadvertently admit Swiftboaters lied for Bush"

Why Obama will do better than the polls...

PHOTOS: McCain's Crowd Numbers Plummet In Princess Yep Yep's Absence

What Barack Obama should do in light of the pending Swift Boat attacks: Support the troops!

Why? look we are all gonna hurt now

Obama:I've got a bridge to sell you up in Alaska"

"I told you this was going to happen." - Karl Marx

The Fall of a Chimperor

Am I the only person that won't care much about polls until after the debates?

NC-Pres: Despite Palin-fueled GOP surge, Dems still winning voter registration battle

The polls are a matter of 'Likely Voters' vs. 'Registered Voters'

Isikoff: Todd Palin isthe center of Troopergate

Isikoff: Todd Palin isthe center of Troopergate

CNN: McCain Convention Bounce is Gone


Biden Prepares For Bigger Role In Campaign

Theoretical moral quandary in time of evacuation

A few question about Reagan Democrats.

Southern Evangelicals And Torture: Who Would Jesus Torture

Now is the time for Obama and Biden to beat McCain without mercy

How is it that there are people who hold core Democratic beliefs yet are still undecided?

I move that his official moniker be made "McLiar" It is the most apt term for his behavior of

Taxes, it's "Responsible".

So Does A Financial Meltdown Help Us or Hurt Us?

CAFFERTY wants to know: Clinton v. Palin: Who has more credibility?

New Obama ad questions McCain honor (VIDEO)

Can any Indiana DUers tell us what is happening on the ground there?

The tide is turning - just received this from a Republican friend.

PHOTOS: McCain: 'I still need to be educated' on economic issues

Heres some repuke humor damned if I get the joke though

NBC:"Obama supporter" heckled Palin during event - called her a liar during "bridge to nowhere" line

NBC:"Obama supporter" heckled Palin during event - called her a liar during "bridge to nowhere" line

GOP: "it's not about the truth. It's about the team"

I would like your lists

Which polls are the most trustworthy?

"I'm betting Ike won't amount to anywhere near the hype..mark it down. No real damage"

Boeing Machinists Strike - So What Does Boeing Employees Credit Union Do?

Seriously, folks - why do you think the media is ignoring Biden?

MSNBC: "Biden wearing French cuffs and dressed to the nines"

At Least We Won't Be Talking About Moose Lady Tomorrow

question about Obama's economic team

What do these Presidents have in common?

For everyone that asks here for info to sway Undecideds. "Twovoters", bookmark this site!

RFK Makes A Powerful Statement

MSNBC clip on Lehman Brothers.

MSNBC clip on Lehman Brothers.

Tweety is kickin this Yellow-headed Misery's ass!!!

HP to cut 24,600 jobs and hire overseas

But what do all these bank failures mean?

Dick Cheney says "Go home, enjoy your family, enjoy your life."


Y'all quit your whining! This enonomy is strong!!

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Now that Palin has been skewered with an apple shoved in there...

Why is Bank of America paying $28/share for a $17 stock (Merrill)?

Why is Bank of America paying $28/share for a $17 stock (Merrill)?

John McCain, Sarah Palin, Nancy Ptotenhauer, Rudy Gullini, et al, would all be in prison for life

Palin is Cheney in Lipstick!

Gallup admits: it only releases likely voter results when they favor McCain!

Economist Mark Thoma is live-blogging the financial melt-down

Morgan Stanley on the block too?

NY's finest beat the crap out of another black man.

How McCain Makes Obama Conservative: Time Mag. Good read.

Luke (Tim's son)Russert becomes a reporter for NBC! Whoo-hoo!

McCain in retreat: Says Obama didn't call Palin a pig.

Picture of Shrub Walking Across th WH Lawn with his Head Down

McCain's 'old ink pen' can't solve our problems

Help wanted! Blabber mouths needed! Have you got the gift of gab?

McCain Adviser Carly Fiorina thinks the SNL sketch was sexist

Obama Raises $66 Million In August

Facinating Story In Atlantic.Com - Why Does McCain Lie? The Media Made Him?

NanceGreggs! Write this for me!


I've gotten this EMail a couple of times...

Just call me goofy, but I think that the PPT will have a lid on this...

Hubby's take on tonight's HuffPo's Headlines

Whats the matter with DU?

pfotenhauer.....does that mean shithead in some language?

Guess who is going to interview Alaska's "First Dude"?

Can't you see the lies...

Breaking: Palin put Lehman Bros on Ebay

If Nancy Pfotenhauer and Brad Blakeman had a child:

Friend who was going to vote McCain switched to Obama/Biden after Palin added to ticket.

One of Palin's first acts as governor: install a tanning bed in the official mansion

The Obama Conspiracies

The Rightie Talking Heads are having a tough time today

It's 6:00 pm. Where are my Rasmussen polls?

Greenspan: 'There’s no question that this is in the process of outstripping anything I’ve seen'

How Sad! My Fristian diagnosis - McCain suffers from echolalia

McCain admits he knows nothing about the economy, Palin admits she got a D in macroeconomics,

as goes ohio.

Look at where all of our financial disasters started and by whom:

11 days to the first debate.

11 days to the first debate.

STRAIGHT TALK TOON, needs a caption

Reagan Legacy

Nancy Pfotenhauer, McCain spokesmodel, showed up on Hardball to discuss economic policy

Voter registration question?

Attn Graphic Designers: I'd like a "drill baby drill" logo fit for signage

Voting machine hacking instructions available on Gizmodo!!

How Does a Free Market Uber-Ideologue Justify Interventionism?

McCain's mailer creates controversy

Let's see Chuck Todd you incompetent dingle berry!

PHOTO: Palin button on "a young supporter" made me throw up just a little bit

McCain: Out of touch

Does this financial meltdown prove that privatization doesn't work?


Reuters: Wall Street Shaken By Lehman Failure And Merrill Sale

HA!HA!HA! McCain Camp Calling Tina Fey's Palin "Sexist"!!

Barbara Bush is a Failure.

"I'm 57, I have never voted before in my life..."

It's fine with me if they continue to paint us as underdogs in the polls as that will GOTV!!!!!!

This Cagle cartoon says it all about the McCain strategy.

SARAH PALIN for VP ---- McCain is just the "baggage" that comes with that VOTE

Dow Jones Industrial Average Closing Price - 1/19/01 = $10,587.59 - 9/15/08 = $10,917.51

Did a DUer write this letter? If so? Bravo!!

They still won't let her take questions...

Do you want to see "how it's done"? Watch here:

Place your bets.....

Palin cut funding for Alaska Special Olympics

this economic boondoggle MAY have a good side

Just saw the "his adminstration" ad on tv, and all I can say is it's good he's fighting back

Oops, completely wrong place. Pls delete.

McCain asshole spokesman on MSNBC....McCain was a POW so he cannot use a computer.



I encourage all people in solidly red states to go to swing states to work for Obama.

Moose Mom tells Colorado "guys and gals" she'll fix economy with "shaking up and some fixin’."

Does anybody know what happened to that ship off Galveston...

Today's theme: McCain's 'old ink pen' won't save us

RFK Jr. Has A Few Choice Words for Gov. Palin

dayyyyummmm... Obama and Biden will be busy the next few days


Past the point of rerun

AP: 300 National Guardsmen out of food and water in Houston

Rasmussen Swing state numbers (combined)


The lie meme is quite effective.

The McCain Health Care Platform. Do you know


Take with a Grain of Salt: Fox News/ Ras Polls: CO - M +3, FL - M +5, VA - Tied, OH - M +3

Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Science Issues

McCain hobnobs with Jeb Bush, member of Lehman Brothers Board THIS Morning.


Razz-mussen-do-that Poll Numbers Out

Fannie, Freddie Takeover Ends Lobbying Effort Bigger Than GE's

Spike in jobless rate for women is worst in more than 33 years

Could Be A Blessing That The Palins Will Be Interviewed by Faux News

Great new red state Obama radio ad "Keep your guns - change your coach" Ray Schoenke

McSame said that he doesn't know much about the economy, that he would have to brush up on it

Sad post from an evacuee. Gave me pause.

did anyone see Tweety say something like "We don't talk about Greenspan here" ?

Biden's cute anecdote/story in Charlotte, NC today...

So by McCain's standards: Palin should be paid less than Chaney or Gore....

TIME: McCain Economic Brand is COLLAPSE

"I'd like to teach the world to fight with our weapons" - Bushco's theme song

PENNSYLVANIA: OBAMA 52 MCCAIN 41 - by FrenchieCatmussen, Biased all the way just like Rasmussen!

First U.S.-Mex Fence: Fewer Migrants, More Violence

A Question of Honor

It's The Favorability Rating Stupid

It's The Favorability Rating Stupid

LOL check out these t-shirts my friend had made

Can Obama Draw $9 Million in a Day?

On a rightwingnut blog.. re: banking crisis...

Gas goes back up ... banks tumble ... nothing could make the Republicans happier.

Wolfie and team are saying the news on the economy should be a game changer for the Dems.

----People, serious question, and conversation; re; Media----

Drilling and Clean Energy - Conservatives Resist Compromise

Would people PLEASE stop making a new post for every new Rasmussen state poll?

TPM: "Pretty damn urgent"

“There’s going to be substantial deaths, It looks pretty grim, to tell you the truth.”

Countries Bush is provoking in some way.

A simple example of misleading headlines...

I solemnly swear a mighty oath to DU, I will not go to again

I just heard on KPOJ radio that B of A is acquiring Merrill Lynch!

I just figured out why Bush REALLY wants McCain to win.

Former Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey's Draft Resignation, March 2004

Hot Damn x 2!! What I Saw Today: How The West Was Won!!

Just gotta say it again - Bravo Tina Fey

Foxy Megan Kelly Grills Tucker Bounds LOL

The rare golden plumed Pfotenhauer has been sited on Hardball rerun now

Payroll Debit Cards - Charging employees to get paid

Here's A Link To A Live Feed From Houston/Galveston On Ike....

"It's not 'Who are you for?' The right question is: 'Who is for you?' "

McCain, Republicans Have Twice as Much Cash as Obama, Democrats (article from Bloomberg)

My Prediction for the October Surprise: Israel Bombs Iran's Nuclear Plant, Kills Russian Techs

WJ - Ohio and Alabama Secs of State on voting

Unbelievable! "We thought if Anderson Cooper can do it........"

Two-and-a-half million people donated to Obama.

I sure wish my Social Security funds were in the Stock Market...

Who is Beretta Hockey Palin?

Please pardon my language, but what a goddamn fucking mess.

Who is that bobblehead with the slime on her lips, on with Tweety?


McCain Revives Immigration Debate -- in Spanish Only

McCain Revives Immigration Debate -- in Spanish Only

What would you do with $25,000? Meet Gov. Palin?

McCain = Bush. We need to repeat this, and frequently

McCain = Bush. We need to repeat this, and frequently

Lehman Bros., Merrill Lynch, AIG......

Rove: McCain can't use computer because he was POW (RawStory)

A letter from a father who has 2 boys serving in Iraq

MSNBC Doc Block Dropped For Prime Time Repeats

I just love it when the Bad news Bubbas and Bettys come running in to

(TPM) A Bridge Too Far: McCain Falsely Claimed Palin Vetoed Earmarks


Lou Dobbs' fake outrage makes me sick

I can't remember waking up and ever seeing European Stocks like this.....

Palin Is An "Anti-abortion Activist" Who Stands Out Side Of Clinics & Trys To Disrupt The Physicians

The Bush Years

Photo: Yet another mentally stable, rational, edu-ma-cated Palin supporter

The John McCain "Change" Challenge!

NY Times: 5 Days of Pressure, Fear and Ultimately, Failure

Mccain vs Greenspan (youtube video remix - enjoy)

oil and petrol drop heavily in wake of Ike

oil and petrol drop heavily in wake of Ike

Darn! We were polled and I was not here! It was on the answering machine! "If the

Them Hurricane Gods told us to sacrifice TOM DeLAY and we didn't do it.

Them Hurricane Gods told us to sacrifice TOM DeLAY and we didn't do it.

Latest LTTE, and an experiment in framing

OK, so how much responsibility does "Foreclosure Phil" Gramm bear?

Palin's Private Tanning Bed in the Alaska Governors Mansion


Alaskan taxpayers... YOU paid for Sarah Palin's Tanning Bed!

Shut Up! You exaggerating needy whiners. You're just depressed & need more time on your tanning beds

Paul Theroux: Thoreau on the moose

WHOA! Found the 527 I'm donating to!!

So do we have list of all the McCain/Palin lies?

McCain camp says Palin laughed at Tina Fey's portrayal of her..... AND...

Miles long gas lines Houston area. (KHOU TV live feed)

I wouldn't run into a single person who thought our economy was doing well, unless I ran into McCain

From the "STFU You Hypocritical POS" files: Rove says attack ads have gone too far

Suggestion :Watch the stock market tomorrow.

The AIP...What do we know?

Obama has a problem

Obama has a problem

THE BIG LIE: McCain to re-regulate the Repubs?????????

What is going to happen in what happened in the Superdome..

Bob Schieffer is towing the company line

BLOW UP SARAH'S OIL WELLS. New video game uses polar bears to blow them up

The Page: Obama calls John McCain out today in Colorado on the economy.

Iowa Dem on Palin's so called experience... LOL! You should read this

Obama live at Colorado State Fair Grounds, just mentioned Colorado's water rights. The crowd went...

What would be happening now if the FDIC didn't exist?

Where can I find 2004 State polls?

Does anyone know if Sarah Palin really needs corrective lenses?

McCain's promise: "We will never do this to you again."

Hey....let's DU this Palin video!!

RARE FIND! - SF Chon Article That Compares Obama and McCain's Economic Policies! Real Issues!

One of the macabre pleasures in watching last night's financial news unfold on CNBC.....

Wall Street Journal: Crash Highlights Risk on the Rails

A point of emphasis for everyone

Could you DU this Newsday (New York State) poll? It's looking good, but every bit counts!

NY Times: Stunning Fall for Main Street’s Brokerage Firm (Merrill)

Hey piglicons! Want the rest of America to look like aftermath of Ike & Wallstreet?

H. R. 6855, To extend the authority for the United States Supreme Court Police


White Privilege (for Sarah Palin at least)

Time To Wrap Current Wall St Meltdown, S&L Crisis, Keating 5 Into A Nice Big McCain Package

Time To Wrap Current Wall St Meltdown, S&L Crisis, Keating 5 Into A Nice Big McCain Package

Informed Voters: Obama 100%, McCain 0%

C'mon, man! Who's holding out on us?! Post the Chevy Chas/Scarborough video!

Not a Good Look for McGhoul

Less than a minute til the opening bell.

Industrial output plunges by largest amount in 3 years as auto production falls sharply

Just saw Obama's new ad, "Honor" calling out John McCain on CBS. Watch it!

We went to a fundraiser for injured soldiers Saturday

The DOW is falling! 300 points in the 1st 10 minutes of trading!

Credit-Default Swaps Surge Most Ever as Lehman Threatens to Unravel Market

Palin describes what her role will be in admin: Energy, Reform, Special Needs Care, And Disease Cure

need help debunking rabid conservative relative

need help debunking rabid conservative relative

Franken starting to look very competitive in Minnesota!!

Lynn Samuels: "Obama is worse than Bush."

Lynn Samuels: "Obama is worse than Bush."

For reference Monday: Current NYSE circuit-breaker levels

If the doom and gloom is set to really hit the fan today...

Rural Alabama, a little bit less crimson.

The national polls are tied, and 10% undecided. We are going to win

These Rasmussen polls are all good news for Obama.

My philosophy: What happens will happen. I'll cope with it as best

No Matter What...

In Sarah's state "more adult women have been raped than wear glasses or contacts."

"Hello and welcome to the FEMA hotline ... Press 1 for English, Press"

On Today Show, Al Roker just said that Tina Fey has scheduled 10 SNL appearances!!!!

Just our luck. God makes a direct hit on the Oil Industry and we're the ones who end up paying

YAY! I saw my first Democratic 527 ad this season, and it was great

Joe Biden was in Charlotte, NC tonight.

Watch This!

Greenspan Hates the McCain Tax-Cut Plan

Bad Timing for an Op Ed by a Financial Advisor of McCain Campaign

Bush to discuss financial market problems at 11:00 am

we are now basking in the glow of eight years of republican economic policies

'Gay men are not a protected class under the Constitution. '

CNN Poll of Polls: McCain's Convention Bounce Gone

Bob Schieffer is going to be on our local WPR station at 10:00cst

Has Sarah Palin told the truth about anything?

Now that Ike destroyed "white" Galveston and Houston, how will Rush Limbaugh blame the victims?

ok where are the repukes saying privatize SS into Wall street for

Question from a economic ignoramus? What are the implications of this banking crisis on us?

Please wake me when it's January. I can't bear to watch.

Awesome letter from GOP woman in today's paper

What I hear on the inside of the financial sector

"Richest Country in the World"

"Richest Country in the World"

Which administration do you think is more likely to open up Cheney's secretive energy task force?

GOOG411 (Google's new free 411 information service)

Aaaw..23-yr equity sales person "doesn't know what to do"

Democrats Launch a New 'Lie Counter' Site

NYSE Circuit Breaker Levels (when they halt trading)

Guardian UK: Wall Street's bloody Sunday

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Pueblo, CO****

You'd never know there was a dem running for VP

I need my Top 10 Conservative Idiots fix.

Poll shows Obama's lead in NY at 5 points

HEADLINE I WANT TO SEE after bush's 11:00 remarks

Is it only me, or does McCain's VOICE bug anyone else?

MP3: Joe Biden speech in Michigan 09/15/08

AT & T buries customer rights in 2,500-page 'guidebook'

You Know It's A Good Day On DU When You're Only Minutes From A DefCon Change!

Obama's coming to town (JAX), think he'll beat McSame's turnout?

What mood will the Chimperor be in at the Presser?

Does the economy officially implode today?

I heard last night that Greenspan has NO stock investments

I heard last night that Greenspan has NO stock investments

DU ACTION: CALL cnn & msnbc and demand EQUAL TIME!

Financial Turmoil takes its toll on New York City

Voodoo economics is dead

McCain's Potemkin Village Campaign: It ain't just the 'home-made' signs:

A sampling of "Free" Republic- If you need a laugh/headbang moment

prediction of BUSH 11am speech...

Andrew Sullivan: Southern Evangelical "Christianists" And Torture

When Black Monday comes

Off shore drilling- A picture is worth a thousand words

The Only Thing That Trickles Down

McCain Adviser on Economy: ‘Things Today Just Aren’t That Bad’

The Trojan Moose

DOW troubles......should we be panicking?

How much will the Dow drop tomorrow? Any predictions?

Ronald Reagan, thank you!

Fannie, Freddie CEOs denied exit bonuses: report

Help me write a "Priceless"-style ad

MN-Sen: Gap Closes Again in New Strib Poll

Video shows Obama Waffles makers trying to justify their product! Forecast:Major shitstorm by AM

CNN actually reporting that the economy's "fundamentals" are not looking strong

Baltimore Sun Article by woman voting for McCain

It's time to try Credo...

One of Palin's Favorite Authors Hoped for RFK Assassination!

MarketWatch: Industry fades

MarketWatch: Industry fades

Who spends what on what?

Trapped in a parallel universe!

Our strategy should be to remove Palin from the equation

David Gregory on MSNBC just had Carly Fiorino on for almost 20 minutes, explaining

CNN Video: "Oprah boycotted for Palin interview snub"

Talking point du jour -

For anyone who is vaguely interested...what I'm doing for the next

Fox News rabid, hate-spewing attack on Atlantic Monthly over McCain photo that was never published

Colin Powell: "I'm still undecided. Am waiting for the debates."

Palin 1.0 - not a 'version', that may be her cumulative average in college LOL!

Meet the latest wingnut jerk, John ZIEGLER, courtesy of MURDOCH's NY Post Page Six

He's shlurring a lillltle bith.

Why do respectable sites like and

Meanwhile...back in Iraq

Paul Krugman: Financial Russian Roulette

CNN reports Lehman CEO got 22 million bonus last year!

Schwarzenegger under the radar

Forgive me... But this is too funny!

Fear and hate at the Values Voters Summit

OMFG... NBC Nightly News commercial: "Both candidates are for change."

lose your house and you can't vote??!!

Naomi Klein & others are correct-we are in the midst of "disaster capitalism"

Shadow of Guantanamo Follows Freed Inmates Back to their Homes

NY Times: Shock and Anger From Lehman’s Employees

I had a weird thought...What if the thugs are only using Palinocchio until

Obama: "Has no speech coach ever taught him how to speak with conviction using forceful words?"

So which polls should we be paying serious attention to?

No way, no how, no Ron Paul.

What the hell happened to Carly Fiorina

Bush Said It!!!! "ADJUSTMENTS"!!!!

Al Gore and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

PHOTO: Curt Schilling & Richard Petty heart John McCain. Oh, & where's his flag pin?

Obama blames Wall St. crisis on Republican policy

CNN is about to show some of two different rallies, one Biden, one Palin. Same time

YouTube Removes Viral Video on Palin’s Churches For Inappropriate Content

Just checking...did anyone know McCain was a P.O.W?

Bush economy speech, 25 words or less: "An' Treasury, yer doin' a heck of a job."

Code Pink at the RNC - PICTURES!

LIVE. From Golden Colorado, It's Monday Morning!!!! Tina Fey speaking to a crowd of cheering morons.

NYT Major Breaking Issue--- Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch near collapse Wall Street in Real Fear

Pakistani troops shoot to stop incursion by US forces

So glad CNN is running these VP speeches back to back. One's a repeat, the other has actual content.

So glad CNN is running these VP speeches back to back. One's a repeat, the other has actual content.

BBC's NewsNight - - US troops' anger on Iraq duty

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Flat Rock, MI****

What does a nation sized Pyramid scheme look like when it comes tumbling down?

Biden is delivering a *NEW* speech in Michigan in a few minutes. LIVE streaming...

Okay, we REALLY need some good news this morning, so here is a lil' bit... Cmdr Sulu Tied the Knot

I Lost $500 Gambling in Vegas. Can I Get A Federal Bailout?

Hmmmpf ......... Biden is still in the race? Who knew? After all .......

I don't care too much for money, 'cuz money can't buy me love.

Lehman was trading at $60 in Jan, $16 beginning of September, and is at 18 cents now!

Westcoast DU: Stay away from your TeeVees for one hour.

I saw a "Bush/Cheney 2004" bumper sticker on an older-model van


Armageddon in our future? 'Yes, I think I will see Jesus come back to earth in my lifetime.'

Democrats eat into McCain's lead as Palin's halo starts to slip

Economic Pundits On CNBC Are Very Negative

Seth Jones of Rand Corp. lied on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Don't let Polls Manipulate Morale here at DU. We are better than that, so say NO, Not This Time!

Charlie Crist/ the Fanjuls (sugar BARON)/ the Everglades

Remarks by Senator Joe Biden--as prepared for delivery, 'The Case for Change' Saint Clair Shores, MI

***** Message to MSM and CABLE MEDIA *****

Is Chuck Todd a RW tool?

NY Gov Paterson oulining what NY will be doing to help both individuals and companies

Why isn't Obama highlighting Phil Gramm?

FYI: I heard Thom Hartmann promo Chalmers Johnson as a guest this morning.

Wow, scary - some folks in SF threw away the Xmas tree in August.

Sarah Palin's Second Interview Postponed Due To Hurricane

He's baaack.

Phil Graham: You can't raise taxes during a recession or it will destroy the economy

Is First Dude also running for VP? I mean, every fucking time

Brought my wife to the train this morning for her last trip to work

Super Duper Top Secret Republican Email Intercepted and Released

Rovian Push Polling In Florida Links Obama To PLO

TODAY: On Ed Schultz: the Anchorage Alaska Town Hall Meeting & then on Larry King

Is it just me or is CNN giving more coverage to mccain/palin than Obama/Biden? /nt

Gallup admits that it only includes "likely voters" in polls when it would benefit McCain

Chuck Todd: I admit that we could be substantially underpolling Dems in VA and OH

Wikileaks obtains 10 years of messages, interviews from Osama bin Laden translated by CIA

Downs Syndrome occurrence increase along with the age of the mother...correct?

So Venezuela and Bolivia have kicked out the U.S. ambassadors to their respective countries

Bartlett Unloads on Cheney: "Doesn't Do Touchy-Feely" or "Hug Babies" (Murray Waas)

Slogan du jour - "Mccain/Palin are selling you a bridge to nowhere"

The evolution of this housing disaster would make a great topic for a Michael Moore documentary.....

Hey, whiners: how close to home has this lovely republican economy hit you?

A word to the more gleeful economic doom-sayers...

E.J. Dionner Jr.: Tiptoeing Through the Mud

`Tectonic' Shift on Wall Street as Lehman Fails, Merrill Sold

So who's up to explaining what's the deal with AIG? nt.

Is Thom Hartmann a "best of" today?

The "IKE" finger pointing has begun...

The $70 Billion Spectrum Rip-Off (Digital TV)

Anyone wanna help me with audio for my Obama youtube "ad"?

Drugs affect more drinking water

WA-Gov, MO-Gov: Tale of Two Races

Listening to CNN, Bush came on and his Texas drawl was gone???

Saddam Hussein 'loved fishing with grenades'

This is why McCain keeps lying about Obama's tax plan.

Why is McSame still harping on ..

Lehman Brothers calls Employees in Sunday Night /PACK UP and GET OUT!! Shocking..

What illegal "things" was the government doing in 2001-2004? (Glenn Greenwald)

can the anti-christ be a woman?

Electoral Map: Obama's Quickest Paths to 270

Afternoon Toons...

If Sarah Palin owns & uses a tanning bed, SHAME ON HER, no matter who paid for it!

It doesn't matter if Sarah Palin knows the term "Bush Doctrine.":

Another fast response by the Obama Campaign regarding McCain`s Ad “Crisis”

Edison Film from 1900 what we are not seeing: rescues in progress

"I don't care if you were raped. That baby must be BORN!"

And where are those BS Filters? Model #257 Able to filter out Republican Spin and Buffalo Chips?

Hundreds Rally for Peace with Amy Goodman in Maine

Will there be a run on the banks in the next few days?

There's an Obama spokesperson talking to Mrs. Greenspan on MSNBC

WTF! McCain using "Enough is enough" in his speeches now?!

Dean Baker: Big Banks Go Bust: Time to Reform Wall Street

I live close to a nuclear power plant (well, three actually, with

I live close to a nuclear power plant (well, three actually, with

So, DU market whizzes....Is the stock market being resillient, or have the fat cats

L'etat c'est Moi

Why? Change ? Why Change?

Conservatism doesn't work because it replaces policy with ideology.

The repeal of the Glass Steagall Act set the stage for the financial implosion

OBAMA BLUE DAY!!! September 30, 2008

Inside jobs and the heartland

Kill Me now

CBS News: The Sarah Palin Phenomenon Is Doomed

Who have you donated to in this election and why?

Oh.....No Canada! Say it ain't so.......

Privatized Social Security

Reuters: Lehman and Merrill to pound already bloody job market

Reuters: Lehman and Merrill to pound already bloody job market

The 527s arent coming to save the day, they are coming in right on Obamas cue.

Paulson: "I'm not looking backward.. I'm looking forward"


Bush Extends 9/11 National Emergency Yet Again

Are smaller, local banks nurturing local economies such a bad thing?

If your cell-phone can cook-off popcorn, what is it doing to your brain?

Wow, now this is a tale of true evil

Why did Georgian army flee in disarray?

The Palin-Whatshisname Ticket

FLORIDA - Obama 50, McCain 42 - Poll by FrenchieCatmussen

Globalization for Dummies

"could only be compared to the Great Depression...or the railroad bankruptcies of the 1800's"

Dogs turning on each other on Wall Street

Out of Touch Moran in Chief:

Mother Jones: "Another Walter Reed-Type Scandal"

Economists Warn Anti-Bush Merchandise Market Close To Collapse (video)

Any Vietnam Era Navy Vets Here ??? - McCain: Johnny Wet-Start Gets A Pass from the Media - OpEdNews

Here's what I don't get. Why are US Investment Banks so inbred?

Disney does Palin Life Story..

Ok, I have to ask... Can you see the icons at the top of the page besides that Obama banner?


Lipstick - A $9.4 billion industry ... everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Gen. Smedley Butler, War Is A Racket, And The Business Plot.

Way too much bad news.. take a small break.. a smile break

LTTE Mad Libs!

Why The Palin Phenomenon Is Dead

VIRGINIA POLL - Obama 50 - McCain 46 (SUSA)

Bolivar information (by zipcode)and a link to a blog about Ike

Sen. Harkin gives us Dems the best theme and one-liner of this election

Is there a connection between Enron and the current bank failures?

WAKE UP, Democrats !!

Dow Jones leaders today: McDonalds and Coca Cola!

AIG wants 40 billion dollars in bridge loans from the Feds

"Unfit To Lead" ad is on CNN!!!!!

Predict the Fed (announcement, Tues 9/16, 11:15 a.m. Pacific Time)

Predict the Fed (announcement, Tues 9/16, 11:15 a.m. Pacific Time)

New book with many bombshells - on sale tomorrow: "Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency"

Google search finds seafaring solution

McCain: "The regulators have been asleep at the switch"

McCain, Palin defiant in 'lies' storm

Obama Pins Wall Street Chaos on McBush

The Bible supports abortion rights.

I Would Make a Run On My Bank, Except...

McCain, Palin defiant in 'lies' storm (AFP)

Democrats Unleash Website TODAY To Combat McCain Ads

Updated YouTube rules will help purge terrorist videos, says Sen. Lieberman

Firedoglake has some additional info re the Waffle Mix mess. (Link)

Final nunbers (updated)

Does anyone know

The Life of Pi, Part 2? Five shelter from Ike in church with a lion.

JH Kunstler: The Party That Wrecked America

Dow now down 410....

Another Palin Lie to pass around:

Repost from June: RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) issues global stock and credit crash alert

Hey, now we know how to reduce the price of oil!

Ouch. DJIA futures are down 341 last I looked.

Everything is Wonderful you Nervous Nellies!

How to set co-worker straight?

"Million Doors for Peace" Did anyone else get this?

A good book to give conservatives you know.

I made a GOP pollster laugh today

Hey...Didn't McCain admit he doesn't know anything about economics?

John McCain: change - from bad to worse.

Roger Waters for Obama

CPI not released yet?


Why do people tend to view the past through rose-colored glasses?

Sarah Palin's Ovation and Speech at the RNC Convention

Remember what Bill Clinton said about the current economy? This should be our message.

The Media Is Mocking Us.

Bush's legacy.

Goldman Sachs-Bush's cousin..... Lehman Brothers-goes down-Chief CEO Both?- Bush's cousin


Could someone please give me the address to go to to view Tina

for your consideration:

Has there been any discussion as to lack of National Guardsmen and equipment re: Ike?

ABC: What does Palin's faith mean for US?

"Sex" with your comatose wife = rape

Palin Throws The Gauntlet Down To Tina Fey

How the hell does Chertoff have any responsibilities greater than

I need to get information about the Obama Camps.

Death toll from Ike is....

Save your Auto in a Hurricane using Sophisticated Gadgetry

Hypocrisy Alert: Lynn Cheney wrote a book about the Framers of the Constitution.

I just gave again. Thanks to matching, add one more to the growing movement of 2.5M+

Saudi cleric wants death for TV "sorcerers"

Blaming the Clenis for the stock market mess today

Things I heard about Katrina but not about Ike re 900 body "rumor"

Time to Talk Keating

Dick Cheney when asked by a friend about American prison camps, said

Meanwhile, in outer space...

IMF to help U.S.? Did anyone just hear the discussion re IMF on NPR?

AIG... how many folks have AIG as their primary insurer in the Gulf

So did Charles Gibson actually spend more time questioning Palin than McCain did?

Anyone see Brave New PAC's ad with the POW?

A Managing Director of Lehman Brothers is

I reveived this message from The Motley Fool

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Beane

Tweety is killing McCain's spokeperson- calling her out on

Wilbur Ross: Possibly a Thousand Banks Will Close(Video)

Jack (McCafferty) is back!

Great cartoon drawing of Palin

So has the Dems blamed the 500 point drop on the Dems yet?

Lehman hired Jeb Bush as private equity advisor in '07

Why did the price of oil drop today?

The Army's Totally Serious Mind-Control Project

Seen the newest Gordon Smith (R- OR) commercials?

Truth be Damned

Hurricane Gustav: a volunteer's perspective

I told you so

"N-O-T-H-I-N-G, That's what FEMA did for me!" (T-shirt?)

Hurricane IKE just hit Ohio

Is mccain being held in captivity & tortured to tell blatant lies?

Out-going NATO commander in Afghanistan says 400,000 troops are needed.

Hewlett-Packard to slash nearly 25,000 jobs as part of EDS deal

Palin's rapid fade (and McCain's slightly slower one)

MarketWatch: More than Half of AIG's value is gone

A Bridge to Somewhere

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Part XVI

Maybe someone already thought of this

Mr. Bush, what do you mean by "the economy will be fine in the

Avoid using P----'s and Mc----'s names

Rep. Nick Lampson(D) on Ike relief: "I hope some heads will roll in this."

Funny "Off-color" Image

Hallelujah... no more lipstick talk!

Don't forget about Iraq.....

Fannie, Freddie CEOs denied exit bonuses: report

Are you down because there is no Top 10 CI this week? - maybe this will help

Are you down because there is no Top 10 CI this week? - maybe this will help

How about some "Trickle Up" Economics for a change?

Some Florida women's group thought they could boycott Oprah...Yeah, that'll work!

Feinstein opposes Calif. gay marriage ban

Want to see a what a worldwide economic meltdown looks like??

Obama: If you believe that, I've got a bridge in Alaska to sell you

Ike victims search streets for food, water, gas

I love Bush's claim that "the market is strong and will recover from this adjustment."

Just think about it for a second...

Photos of the 3000 McCain supporters at the empty 16,000 capacity stadium

Obama didn't call Palin a Pig, McCain did with his ad

Wouldn't Now be a Great Time to Privatize Social Security?

The Great Wall Street Meltdown of 2008: How'd that DEREGULATION work?

New Republic: "18 million cracks... and one crackpot"

Change you can believe in.

Note to M$M: McCain is not "negative campaigning"

Palin - who got a D in macroeconomics: "We're going to reform the way Wall Street does business"

Does anyone know

Does BushCo's line: "The economy is fundamentally sound" remind anyone of this...

Stocks are doing much better than you think

what are the strong fundementals of our economy?

I wrote a letter to the editor, some loser with a blogspot page quoted it and mocked me

The 527's are coming to the rescue!

Today Admiral McCombover said, "I promise you we will never put America in this position again" ...

Obama, McCain blame economic woes on greed, policy

Guess who expelled the US ambassador...

BBC: Iran 'sending weapons to Taleban'

Carly Fiorina is a braying ass.

Handy-dandy campaign tracker from WaPo here:

Have the choppers been allowed to fly over Bolivar and

Dupe n/t

Former Secretaries of State say first black president would send message to world this why Palin is doing a Texas tour?

How much does bush's Nazi occupation cost per month, & is it affecting the economy?

How Can Obama Lose His Lead More Than Once Without Ever Regaining It? What am I Missing?

'The US has not shut terror havens in Pakistan'

Defenders Of Wildlife Desperately Need Funds To Air Palin Wolf Aerial Slaughter Ad

Anyone else watching Tweety beat up on this loser

NY gov sees Wall St losing up to 40,000 jobs

Today, the Election Debate has Turned to Issues

Americans losing billions of dollars in the market.....

Who should be Speaker of the House when Obama is President?

Gallup admits: it only releases likely voter results when they favor McCain!

MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show News - Now will repeat at 11PM-Doc Block Dropped

Breaking News!New Ohio Poll:FrenchieCat 46%, Hope and Change 43%

Huff Post: You Tube CENSORS a video about Palin's church & end times!

FEMA is STILL messing things up, and you're seeing a COVER-UP.

Lightning did in DSL for 4 days. Need info: How badly was the petrochemical

Pfruity Pfotenhauer Pflinging Pfundymental Pfoolery

Why I'm feeling good this morning.

First-hand look at Bolivar Peninsula

Bush Official Fired after Giving High Cost Estimate for Invading Iraq-Bush History, 9/14

Good vibes needed here in Texas, Ohio and any other part of the region affected by Ike

Ron Paul finally speaks! (MSNBC)

DOW down 492.43! Thank you, Phil Gramm! (And Bush and McCain) n/t

What would happen to the US if China called in all our markers right now?

Why would the federal government prevent foreign aid after a disaster?

Ike affecting midwest--Louisville has 240,000 without power. Natl. Guard called in

Ike affecting midwest--Louisville has 240,000 without power. Natl. Guard called in

WaMu Is Cut to Junk by S&P on Mortgage Losses: Shares Decline

A Racist Sock?

WOW! The whole freaking economic system is coming apart at its seams

Florida, Heads Up! Let's Hear From Hurricane Andrew Victims Regarding This Phenomena

Folk Call Your Gov. Office Tomorrow If Gas is up More then...

My favorite republican meme: "We're the Party of Lincoln!"

WaMu goes under it could wipe out FDIC....

Okay, so I am new. Please give me the rules and tell me about the pizza reference, 'kay?

Just Saw The End Of "Bobby"

Toles TOON: Building a Bridge.....

Palin has "lied about basically every one of her major accomplishments to date"

Women Against Sarah Palin


Anyone out there volunteered?

According to official estimates, 1,836 people died in Hurricane Katrina

Joe Klein: McCain knows as much about the economy as Palin knows about the Bush doctrine

The residents of Galveston and other areas who were told to evacuate and didn't,

Who bears the most responsibility for the economy?

"Cousin John, where did you go?" St. Pete Times on McCain.

How many people who now live in the path of hurricanes

How many people who now live in the path of hurricanes

HOWTO: Talk to an Evolutionist Without Being Dismissed as Ignorant and Stupid

SLANTED Media - I'm SICK of it

The Law: How Much You Can Give

Palin proposes to be the first to post the U.S. "checkbook" online. Isn't that info online now?

Chuck Tobb on Matthews' show speaks about hidden racial hesitence among white working class voters

America 's Financial Apocalypse Heralds Decade Long Depression

Is the reason to not bail out Lehman Brothers political?

The Rude Pundit - A Brief Proposition: Attacking Sarah Palin Is Not a Sexist Act ...

Alaskans on Ed Shultz forum are shreading Palin on everything.

City of Lynn Ma apparently only allows people who have "no issues."

Wamu next? S&P downgrades WaMu ratings on financial turmoil

Can someone tell me what the shit is supposed to be on Obama's face?

Did Mika say anything about that Palin interview? Did she just love it?

How many people stayed on in Galveston and other evacuation

Lieberman says that Washington State will surprise the nation and send McCain to the White House

Obama: "If you believe that, I've got a bridge in Alaska to sell you"

Largest market drop since 9/11... Let that marinate in your brain a little bit...

Ike causes caskets to float - Orange Texas

The last straw for the Republcian "economic theory" has fallen...

Empty Seats Greet McCain at Florida Rally

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/15/08

Cool! For once, AP *corrects* Palin's lies IN ITS OWN STORY

The "free market" "deregulate" Republican self-serving, self-enriching policies have brought us:

Dry Pet Foods Recalled for Salmonella - Potential Contamination

"She scares me. She's Jerry Falwell with a pretty face. "


Freeper reaction to SNL Palin skit?

Obama: Senator – what economy are you talking about?”

Matt Damon, Wyclef Jean Visit Haiti City in Ruins - 120,000 in shelters after Hanna & Ike

The Sopranos, Bush, & collapse of Lehman Brothers

Just saying -

**The source of the bank meltdowns and mortagage crisis..McCain financial advisor, Phil Gramm**

"They wanted to privatize Social Security with Wall Street companies

Got my first Phone Call from the Obama Campaign today...

FEMA Hiding The Dropped Ball

"What they’re trying to do is to roll back the Enlightenment"

Here's How It Goes, Sweetie

I remember the first time I heard about Palin. I was excited about her too.

Video of Wayne Dolcefino confronting Perry about Ike media blackout

Revolt of the FOX NEWS bunnies: McCain Loses Fox News: Megyn Kelly Rips McCain Flack...

NY Stock exchange: ABC special report

Bob Schieffer: A BIG fan of the truthiness!

Pics from Palin's speech today

NBC was showing some real footage from Texas..

So Palin will torture us and spy on us and rip away our rights?

Joe Biden Rules. (Picture)

caption this * and Cheney pic..

Apropos time to re-read Ted K's- Ship Of Fools?

Women hold up lipstick @ Palin event

CNBC reporting everything is wonderful in the stock market

What caused the stock market crash in 1987?

I Won $40.00 today betting that the stock market would drop.

Gee, ya don't think the greedy fuckers actually WANT the economy to collapse, do ya'?

Aren't government bailouts of private corporations by definition Facism?

Pink Floyd Founder Richard Wright dies.....

What is TexPool?

John McCain wanted to put YOUR Social Security funds in Wall Street accounts

Wired-Why would any sane person put a Level 4 biodefense lab in Galveston?

"I’ve been in the business 35 years, and these are the most extraordinary events I’ve ever seen"

Can Bush Pardon Himself?

Five shelter from Ike in church with a lion

I'm not seeing exitement in the Black community

Say Buh-Bye To Washington Mutual....

Addington signed Gonzales’ name to re-authorize warrantless wiretapping program.»

Empty Seats Greet McCane at FL Rally. Bwwww ah ha ha ha ha ha ROFLMAO

Obama's first devastating ad against McCain

Gallup admits: it only releases likely voter results when they favor McCain! (Understanding polls)-x

Why Obama Isn’t Beating McCain by 20 Points: A Blizzard of Lies

I don't want a "living wage."

You know who you are. You are LYING to US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dirty, corrupt SOBs!

Crashed jet carrying cocaine linked to CIA

White House erects screen blocking view of front entrance

Going veggie can lead to brain shrinkage

As well versed as we all are on Obama's plans, policy, and positions - get on down to the HQ

Elliot Spitzer- and investment Brokerage Firms- What happened?

McCain says he'll bring "transparency"(!).He can start by releasing the suppressed Abramoff docs -

Tensions flare at crowded Houston convention center;

Off limits my butt.

What makes people vote Republican?

Palin has seen dinosaur fossils with human footprints in them

Is Bush Out To Kill Chavez?

This is what happens when government "gets out of the way" -Sarah Palin quote.

Houston Republican judge urged people to "hunker down", NOT evacuate

I'm beginning to have violent physical/mental reactions at

Palin Down the Toilet

Found this on the freepers...DU this PBS poll! Do you think SP is qualified to be VP?

FEMA HIDING THE BALL-TX Radio: "Fed Gov Trying To Control Media & Story"

Pssssst......Hey, Consumer.......lend me your ear.....

Blu-ray or Cinerama fans, I'm watching HTWWW in smilebox

After a hurricane, what happens to all the debris?

Deadline passes; horse in Hickman still grazing ( 7 lawyers to defend horse from annexation)

So my 7th grade daughters study hall teacher saw her Obama

'Cult of Character' Xtian Reconstructionist Bill Gothard, Character First! plus a possible Palin

Nazis, fascists, Republicans, bluedogs, DLC'ers, capitalists and Jesus freaks

Can someone tell me if this is a straw man argument?

What You Can Do to Put Bush and Cheney Behind Bars

What is wrong with the American people? The polls are quite disturbing

John McCain Lie Counter Web Page

My Repoblic brother sent me this blog...Comments? Debunks?

mccain: 'I promise you, WE will never put America in this position again'.

My Talk Point #2: Hey Rich People Why are you not Patriotic enough to pay 30% tax on income?

Did I just hear Steph Miller say that Crist broke his engagement?

It's ALL the Republicans fault, all of it.

It's ALL the Republicans fault, all of it.

Books - A - Million Response

Palin’s Private Tanning Bed in the Alaska Governor’s Mansion

Pakistani troops fire on US soldiers near Afghan border

I'm seeing so many new members - Is DU now really popular?

Does Sarah Palin tithe?

Are Humans's Really "Superior" to Animals?

Odd photo from Ike devastation

Odd photo from Ike devastation

Report from an friend in Galveston (insurance adjuster)

"An Apocalyptic Situation": Jim Comey's (Signed But Unsent) Resgination Letter

Swamp Rat

Know your BFEE: The Corrupt Bastards Club… with Lipstick

A plea to DU- Please let us save Troy Davis's life.

I'm thinkin' of buying Lehman Brothers.

My friend, my EX's brother just got kicked out of my Ex's place

I participated in a Bahai worship service this afternoon.

Wow! Crazy-windy here in western PA

early KISS incarnation "Wicked Lester" sounds much cooler than KISS

10 PM Alton Brown's "Feasting on Waves" -Carribean food

Pats vs. Jets: A Photographic Comparison

I want this basket...

You dont know what it is like

I want this biskit...

I give "Burn After Reading" 3.75 out of 5.

UGH! Photo posting help, please?

Lips like sugar. Sugar kisses.


Grammar Putz. Fail.

Rapper Mr. Lif sums up what will happen if McShameless is elected president

Carlos Zambrano just pitched a no hitter for the Cubs.

Wow. It's really time to batten down the hatches.


MMMmmmMM! Tasty corn!!

Okay. Nobody is going to like this song, but I'm posting it anyway

Hey, I just noticed. My old Westinghouse airconditioner goes to 11!

Just made this Obama/Biden bumpersticker...sure to piss somebody off. Thoughts?

I just realized that today--err, yesterday--was my ordination anniversary.

Okay, so I'm a doofus.

I'm exhausted -- movie marathon weekend at my house

Need to design my own currency - any numismatology experts aboard w/

Can someone give me the context of "In what respect, Charlie?"


Though I sang in my chains like the sea

Here is a shocker: Barry Switzer a Democrat?

A couple of shots from the Chihuly glass art exhibit at the de Young...

A couple of shots from the Chihuly glass art exhibit at the de Young...

Can y'all see this picture?

What is your DU post rate?

Attention NY Jets fans...

I've had my computer for over a year and I have no idea

fuck cats


LBN: Kid Rock Slain in Broad Daylight by Zombie Zevon

I lost something this weekend

iPod users: has your iPod ever just randomly rebooted itself?

CNN just showed "in what respect, Charlie?" again. I find it painful.

The new facebook layout is weird

Songs that make you cry for no reason?

job hunting using recruiters

Has anyone else ran into this kind of annoying asshole?

While listening to Bach's "Well Tempered Klavier"

Read this if you believe in prayer. If you don't -- No ridicule, please.

Is it sexual harassment to talk on the phone/IM while naked?

What is your DU prostate?

When asked, "do you support the Bush doctrine," Palin should have said

A few photos from Denali National Park

Who would you like to pee in their face?

Any of you mofos use that Pedi-paws thing to trim your pet's nails?

Post some cool wall art that I can buy for my apartment.

pssst.. if you want the old facebook back it is very simple

An error was encountered, please try again shortly An error occurred during processing.

Who would you like to pie in the face?

HOORAY!!! Late summer dog bathing day!!!

Lounge, I once again have a RAGING caffeine addiction going...

I. Want. This. Job.

I'm back in Idaho. I missed the MN meet up, and I missed Flaxbee here in Boise.

I sat on the mayor of London's tube yesterday.

If you were invited to Geoge Takei's wedding, would you have worn a Trek Lapel Pin?

Confession: In high school, I was WAY too cool (read insecure) to go to any

Not the best LOL cat...

My view out back has been destroyed

Just got great SPAM! "Your internet access is going to get suspended"

Someone post a cool clock I can buy for my apartment.

Ahh... Bez

How does one become a moderator here?

Senior moment, need help with a word.

Does anybody here remember that old Wendy's commercial

So the "classic" rock station here has recently resorted to playing crappy covers of classic rock.

Need Audible recommendations, and just general discussion.

Are there times when you wish you weren't so experienced?

You see, this is the type of crap that drives me crazy as a hypochondriac...

Dupe. nt

Anybody have recordings of the "Schickele Mix" radio show?

Turtlensue, MadinMaryland, Charlie and Algernon, Bertha Katzenengel: A question.

What I learned today: Seniors by and large do not program their voicemail.

"I've got more _______ than a mother fucker!". Why do mother fuckers always have so much stuff?

attention, late night lounge rats...

"It's my money, and I need it NOW!"

Bushco briefing on Ike

Woman Tries to Hit Deputy with Mini-Van, Runs Over Self Instead

Hugh Laurie is an amazing actor. Best Brit doing American I've ever seen.

Jay Leno leaving the tonight show...

DU writers: what's your favorite way to avoid actually, you know, writing?

flvegan - have you checked this out yet

Palin's Army

I love Susini's Anatomical Venus

DU technical problems from your end?

Fermat's Last Theorem

DAMN, why do bossess always have to fuck up something that works.

Wow!! I just Davey Jones in a commercial. That was weird!

Need tech help with a YouTube video

ahoy all former members of the Navy

Glenn Beck is an asshole.

Johnnie Come McLately seems to be a bit confused about the "fundamentals" of the economy.

there is a buttload of

Arguing Semantics

I sat next to the mayor of London on the tube yesterday.

ALERT: Navy recall of ex-sailors disguised as sideboy ceremony.

Man charged with pooper-scooper assault

Common theme in erectile dysfunction drug commercials, and I need it explained to me

Does anyone take Lyrica?

If you are invested in the stock market at all, here's what you should do this week.

Shit! I have to go pick Vader up from her new home.

I think I have a hole or something in my back tooth...

YouTube: Bristol's Baby Daddy

It's best I do this

The " " key on my keyboard has stopped working

How Chris Cooley's (of the Washington Redskins) private parts hit the internet

If I hadn't just seen "There Will Be Blood"...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 9/15/2008)

i thought i was a good liberal

awesome gif

well, my day started well...

Lounge vibes needed

Check in here if you will never open WannabeGrumpy's I'm Starving and my dog has diarrhea thread!

my birthday is Sept. 24 which means

I'm sick, and craving miso soup.

LOLdog impression of Sarah Palin

Why no Top 10 Conservative Idiots today? (for laughs, hopefully)

Woman mistakes skunk for a cat, gets sprayed

Roger Ebert is hilarious:

My daughter's boyfriend is deeply depressed and suicidal.

Columbus is in bad shape

If you had to pick an actor or actress to play you, in the story of your life

Looking through an old box, I found a prayer card for JFK.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday September 15

Fairy Ring

Hey loungers! When you lurk in GDP,

A favorite singer from my childhood has cancer (Dan Seals)

Does anyone know how I can upload an audiobook file from my hard drive to my iTunes library?

Freaky coincidence...

My official "I really don't understand fashion" thread.

What does "unconditional love" mean to you?

Thomcat Update

People who put regular garbage in the public paper-recycling bins:

My dad might be on a reality TV show.

Live one folks

Are jewish people screwed when it comes to combating vampires?

Sunday night earworm!

Hey guys, I was thinking of banning the 4th of July. It really sucks.

GRRR - I accidentally clicked on "Mark All" instead of "Search"

Favorite Stephen King book?

Depression sucks.

I'm seriously considering getting an M.A. in Counseling Psychology

Remember my subpoena?

I've been yelled at, cursed at, blamed for the weather and...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/15/08

Wow, scary - some folks in SF threw away the Xmas tree in August.


So.... distract me?

I want this kitty...

Monday, September 15th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

more hair-raising stories of NFL jackassery - this time from Charles Haley

Is there any way to fix a broken hard drive?

You know a classical DJ sucks when she tells you,

ThinkBlue1966 got a CD full of creepy movie/show theme songs

Looking through an old box,...

The lousiest segment in the current job saga has come to an end.

Pink Floyd founder Richard Wright dies......

Power's back!!

"Fluff" lit alert: Have you read Rita Mae Brown's mysteries?

Happy Anniversary LostinVA and Haruka

In Honor of Tonight's Eagles/Cowboys Game - A Word Association Thread!!!!

Free hugs

I'm having a glass of wine (or 3) in memory of that submarine....

Something funny your kitty does?

The Admins haven't published a new hate mail bag in three years.

who here has the picture of Palin shaking her finger pic?

So i'm starving and my dog as diarrhea...

Best Album Cover Of All Time?

My Uncle Max died on Saturday...


True Blood on HBO. Anyone else totally hooked?

Do I exist?

I took my new Digital SLR to the Fair. (PICS)

McCain Appeals to NASCAR Voters While Up In New Hampshire

Derivatives market trades on Sunday to cut Lehman risk

U.S. asset prices whipsaw as Lehman talks falter

Bush's Overseas Policies Begin Resembling Obama's

In Frantic Day, Wall Street Banks Teeter

Woodward: McCain cheered Iraq war in public, but privately feared it lost

McGamble: McCain Camp Defying Political Standards


Britain will plunge into recession this year, says CBI

U.S. in push for foreign arms deals: report

Bank of America agrees to buy Merrill, report says

A.I.G. Seeks $40 Billion in Fed Aid to Survive

Fannie, Freddie CEOs denied exit bonuses - report (thank you Obama)

Treasuries Show Paulson 'Bazooka' Misfire; Bonds Gain

Iran urges IAEA to be fair in forthcoming report

Cheney Shielded Bush From Crisis

Race, economy lead Mich. voters to waver on Obama

Lehman Files for Record Bankruptcy, Victim of Meltdown Firm Helped Create

Pakistan troop fire turns back U.S. helicopters

Iran criticised in new UN report

Wall Street awakes to 2 storied firms falling

NYSE Trader Updates Update on Lehman Brothers Trading and Specialist Unit

Biden speech to take hard hit at McCain

New aid on way as Ike's death toll in Texas climbs

India suggests Pakistani hand in New Delhi blasts

After Lehman, AIG looking at liquidating assets

Banks seen offering plan to restore confidence

Oil drops 5 percent on financial turmoil

Bush to discuss financial market problems

Wall Street Meltdown: Lehman Files for Record Bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch Is Sold, AIG Seeks Capital

Afghanistan Is in Its Worst Shape Since 2001, European Diplomat Says

Niger Delta Militants Attack Shell, Chevron Plants

Obama blames Wall St. crisis on Republican policy

One of Palin's first acts as governor: install a tanning bed in the official mansion

Brazil plans to build 50 more nuclear power plants

Nation’s Financial Industry Gripped by Fear

MALDEF Sues to Throw Out Anti Illegal Immigrant Ordinance

Biden: McCain is now simply a Rove puppet. McCain: Obama is too partisan

Biden: Ex-reformer McCain practicing 'Karl Rove' politics, would bring 4 more years of Bush

Nato calls EU-Russia pact 'not acceptable'

Bomb in Northern Iraq kills many - police

Poll of polls: Dead heat in Ohio battleground

Fate of remaining big independent brokers in focus(who's next..Goldman or MS or both)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 15

U.S. ups spending on 'bunker busters'

Dems hit McCain on tone of campaign: Release new TV ad, "Honor"

Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Science Issues

McCain: Economy still 'strong'

Dept. Of Vet Affairs Continues To Violate Law, Block Voter Registration Drives for Wounded Warriors

Ike destroys oil facilities, damages pipelines

Lehman's UK staff may not be paid

Politicians, FEMA blame each other for relief missteps

White House says no more bailouts on the way

GE Sinks Over GE Capital Worries

HP to cut 24,600 jobs in EDS integration

Financial havoc wallops US dollar and stocks

Crisis on Wall Street: Roubini Predicts Another 20 Percent Stock Drop, Sale of Goldman, Morgan

Lehman Brothers Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Palin's Project List Totals $453 Million

Five ex-secretaries of state urge talks with Iran

Another Swift Boat Vet Bows Out of Obama Attacks

Nicaraguan priest taking a top U.N. post

Greenspan: Economy in 'once-in-a-century' crisis

WaMu (Washington Mutual) Rating Lowered to Junk by S&P on Mortgage Losses

McCain Tells AP and Newspaper Editors: OK, Obama Did NOT Call Palin a 'Pig'

McCain camp accuses Obama camp of 'Swift Boat-style' attack (PAC ad featuring fellow POW)

Governor's 2 e-mail accounts questioned (Palin)

Governor's 2 e-mail accounts questioned (Palin)

Dem: Palin "Cliff-Noted" Her ABC Interview

Pink Floyd Founding Member Richard Wright has died, aged 65

Raleigh the most political U.S. city: [Men's Health] magazine

Bush: Ike put 'pinch' on consumers

U.S. stocks slammed; Dow industrials shed 504 points

Bush says economy strong enough to handle turmoil

Fired Official: Governor Did Not Tell the Truth to ABC

Iran 'sending weapons to Taleban'

Iran 'sending weapons to Taleban'

No charges for man with guns at Pelosi's DNC hotel

Senator Whitehouse Asks a Zinger. No Reply

Senator Whitehouse Asks a Zinger. No Reply

Fox news nails Tucker Bounds On McCain tax lies

Mashup--John McCain: LIAR (w/ Henry Rollins Soundtrack)

Full Speech - Joe Biden Campaigns In St. Clair Shores, Michigan

McCain Might Die. . .

Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin

Naomi Klein (The Shock Doctrine) on MSNBC discussing more government bailouts.

The Real McCain 2


Are you a puppet? Palin/Rove/O'Reilly get owned.

Mccain vs Greenspan (The Economy Facepalm Edition)

Ike Flattens Bolivar Peninsula

Another Reason to Love Janeane Garofalo

Officials Restricting Hurricane Coverage

Rep. Wasserman-Schulz Exposes Palin On Lies

Carolina Cookouts for Change

Biden Slams McCain for being Profoundly Out of Touch on Economy

Palin Repeats Bridge to Nowhere Lie Yet Again, Again.

Tweety Matthews just can not say enough nice things about Sarah Palin

John McCain On 9/15: Fundamentals Of Our Economy Are Strong

Peggy Nooners dares to comment on Gov. Failin' again, this time on the air.

Carolina Cookouts for Change

Obama Blasts McCain for Supporting Bush's Failed Economic Policies


McCain & Anti-regulatory Foreclosure Phill

McCain admits Obama takes on his party

Morning Joe: Chuck Todd and his new electoral map 09/15/08

New Ad: Shameless

Obama Hits McCain: I've got a bridge to sell you up in Alaska

Red State Update: Karl Rove & Pig Lipstick

The Democrats are Blocking Energy Independence: DRILL, DRILL

TYT: Take The McCain Challenge, Prove He's a Flip-Flopper!

Barack Obama on Change in Grand Junction, CO

Sarah Palin: Chicken Little and a GOP cover-up

Chevy Chase on Morning Joe: McCain has lost his mind

Cruella de Palin

John McCain, sarah palin, barack obama, economy is great!

Capital (It Fails Us Now)

Obama: Wallstreet Crisis Caused by McCain-GOP Policies

Jurnee Smollett Encourages PA to Vote

2004: McCain praising Bush in campaign commercial

McCain: An American Hero's Fall From Grace - Web Ad; Ready to Lie

Everyone Has Executive Privilege!!!

One Year Ago-Barack Obama on Wall Street

Claire McCaskill hammers John McCain's economic views

TYT: The View Bust McCain on Abortion & Cenk Weighs In After

Economics 101: McCain VS Obama

McCain: Fundamentals of Economy Are Strong = Longer clip

McCain's economic adviser Art Laffer debates Peter Schiff on the economy. Guess who was wrong?

Sarah Palin for CENSORSHIP

Community Organizers

Dennis Ross gives excellent speech for Obama in Montgomery County, PA

Senator Stevens (AK) - A threat to your health....

TYT: Why McCain is Lying About Sarah Palin's Earmarks

5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO

Washington Journal: Charen vs Hamsher

Alaska rallies against Sarah Palin

John McCain On 9/15: Fundamentals Of Our Economy Are Strong

Voter Registration at Warped Tour - Ohio

Elizabeth Dole - Representation Big Oil can count on!

The McCain/Palin Energy Plan, explained

McCain: You Are On Your OWN, video by MagickMuffin


Russell Brand gets political at the VMA's (racy)

Ballad of Sarah Palin

Hannity and Gingrich Discuss Smearing Clinton and Obama: Media should Vet Candidates

John McCain on The View 9-12-2008 part 1 of 3

John McCain Sheds Light OnThe Economy

Monkey Business Starring Sarah Palin and George Bush

McCain wants Greenspan dead or alive

Maverick... Moosehunter... Bookburner

John McCain on The View 9-12-2008 part 3

John McCain on The View 9-12-2008 part 2 of 3

NASA Eyes Nuclear Reactor for Moon Base

Warning sounded on web's future

Top Economist: Americans Should Worry About Bank Deposits if Congress Doesn't Act

Fitch Ratings downgrades AIG to 'A'

LGBT Rally in Support of Sanctuary City and ID Program

Obama: financial crisis a major threat to economy

"Star Trek" actor Takei marries boyfriend in L.A.

Ebay "deteriorating" - mass layoffs expected - Any offers?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 15 **THREAD #2**

Critics Question Palin's Record on "Epidemic" Rape, Domestic Violence in Alaska

McCain Blasts Wall Street Failure, Neglects To Mention His Adviser Helped Cause It

Environmentalists Criticize Palin For Support of Aerial Wolf Hunting (graphic content)

McCain on Economy: "not an expert on .. this stuff"

Even Turd Blossom Says McCain is 'Full of Shit'

Woodward: McCain cheered Iraq war in public, but privately feared it lost

Bush's Overseas Policies Begin Resembling Obama's

Pakistani tribal chiefs threaten to join Taliban

What Does Palin's Faith Mean for U.S.? (video)

"ETHICS: Criminal Penalties for Public Corruption/Violation of State Ethics Laws"

Wall St in turmoil as banks falter

The Categorical Lies of Sarah Palin, Categorically Arranged

Obsession: Not a cologne sample in your N&O

Lehman's woes heighten worries about other firms

Chicago Sun-Times: Palin lacks interest in foreign policy, telling the truth

Military Industrial Complex 2.0:Cubicle Mercenaries, Subcontracting Warriors, and Other Phenomena

Bushes' `New World Order' Is Yielding to `Post-American' Era

The West Begins to Doubt Georgian Leader

Sex, drugs, and oil money -Toledo Blade

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Krugman: Financial Russian Roulette

I heard that when the National Anthem is played, Barack Obama squats and takes a dump

Is It News When the President Makes Untrue Statements (i.e. lies)?

Sarah Palin Explains Why She's Qualified to Handle the Nation's Financial Crisis

Is the Bush Administration at War with its Own Weapons in Pakistan?

Will Palin Get the Same Scrutiny Hillary Got?

Republicans Have 3 Times More Nightmares Than Democrats

"Another Walter Reed-Type Scandal" by Niko Karvounis (Mother Jones 9-14-2008)

US Naval Academy Honor Code

Palin's track record marked by bitter clashes - The Toronto Star

With White House Push, U.S. Arms Sales Jump

In Digital Age, Federal Files Blip Into Oblivion


RFK: Governor Palin's Reading List

North American Future 2025 Project (North American Union)

Cindy McCain Admits Husband is Guilty of 'Dishonorable Discharge'

Glenn Greenwald: Bush Doctrine does exist Sarah

Put Palin on the Supreme Court (Dahlia Lithwick is the best!)

Who's to blame for market failure? Clue: not the bankers (Seabrook / Guardian)

Patrick Cockburn: Iraq: Violence is Down – but not Because of America's 'Surge'

Ebay may cut 1,500 jobs: Barron's

ABC: Critics Question Palin on Rape Epidemic, Domestic Violence

My first moment of racism (Boston Globe)

McCain admits Obama didn't call Palin a pig

Shin-ken sho-bu - Swords of Death - Operation Musashi, Sea Shepherd

CBS - Sarah Palin Phenomenon is doomed.

Fannie, Freddie CEOs denied exit bonuses

Sarah Palin--Pig in a Poke

Sex and Drugs Aside, Interior Dept. Scandal Is Story of Corruption

How McCain/Palin Are Duping Americans

Foreclosure Phil Gramm (McC's top econ advisor and architect of this fnancial meltdown)

The culture war: It's back!

Bluegrass Legend Ralph Stanley Endorses Obama !

The Case Of The Governor's Husband

McCain's Terminal Case of "Obama Envy"

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots is kaput this week (plus a heads-up)

"If we don't get ahead of this, we are going to face a run on the retail banks by election day,"

Sarah Palin: A Worthless Bag of Hair

A Crisis Highlights Divisions in Bolivia

`Tectonic' Market Shift as Lehman Fails, Merrill Sold

For Palin, It’s a (Christian) Man’s World

Chris Hedges: For Palin, It’s a (Christian) Man’s World

Former POW on how McCain is unfit to lead TV spot

"Crashed jet carrying cocaine linked to CIA" by Jeremy R. Hammond (Online Journal 9-15-2008)

Odierno taking the reins as Iraq chief

2 soldiers die of non-combat cause in Iraq

Analyst: DDGs without CIWS vulnerable

2 SEALs killed in Afghanistan fighting

Petraeus: More than force needed in Afghanistan

Marines share interrogation tactics with Nepal

Gates sees US role in Iraq continue to shrink

Review board is major step toward release

From Iraq to CENTCOM

U.S. offers job training to fight recidivism

Troops facing increasingly aggressive kids

War Business is Booming

Afghanistan blames vendetta for civilian deaths

Unmanned Drones Take Over Hunt for Bin Laden

Quest is on for UAVs that stay up for years

Will Iraq squander the gains of the surge?

AlterNet: The Corporate Control of Water Takes an Unexpected Twist

Wind-Power Politics

Heat And Drought Killing Cyprus' Forests - Even 100-Year-Old Trees Succumbing

Glacial Mass Loss In Southern Alps (NZ) Accelerating

The Connection Between Financial Markets and Energy

Ohio State Study - Bulk Of Greenland Ice Loss To Date May Come From Smaller Glaciers

White Spot Disease Emerges For 1st Time In Alaskan Wild Salmon - Flesh Stinks, Pimples Cover Organs

International Whaling Commission meet in secret to overturn ban on whaling - Sea Shepherd

RFK Jr.: Palin quoted fascist, racist writer in that acceptance speech

All Inhabitants Of Carterets Islands (PNG) To Be Resettled On Bougainville

The times. they are a-changing!

Australian Outback - 85% Of Country - Fits Criteria For "Failed State" Status - AFP

Gay Marriage Supporters March Across Brooklyn Bridge

Judge throws out plan to allow more than 500 snowmobiles a day in Yellowstone!

Chuck Todd "licks Russerts balls"

Brazil plans to build dozens of nuclear plants

With due regard to Cboy4, The top 50 gay movies.

What will Israel do after the bombing?

FOX NEWS: Palestinians pledge allegiance to bin Laden

Palestine post 9-11

IAEA: Teheran blocking weapons probe

Poll: Livni will beat Mofaz in a landslide to clinch Kadima leadership

Palestinian stabs soldier near Ma'aleh Adumim

Lehman files Chapter 11

Morgan Stanley, WAMU... the feds to accept equities as collateral

So the Bank of America buys Merrill Lynch, what does that mean to ML clients, if anything?

Quote from Stephen King's "Storm of the Century" a few years back ...

The Tumbrils Roll at Dawn

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/15/08

Trying to get smart on the economy

say you had a private college loan

Final DOW numbers (Updated)

As the Markets Plunge, Bernanke and Paulson Gamble Depositor’s Money


Okay, I haven't been paying attention since I followed Repubs' advice and put my retirement money

New Trends in Bank Consolidation - Cross Border Mergers.

401 K retirement tax question

America 's Financial Apocalypse Heralds Decade Long Depression

What safeguards from the 1929 crash have been undone?

Walmart = Republican

Today in labor history Sept 15 5,000 female cotton workers strike for a 10-hour day

China appeals against WTO auto parts ruling

Bolivian Defense Minister: No foreign intervention. That means you Hugo

Online sign on statement: Support Bolivian democracy!

Father Miguel d'Escoto is head of the UN General Assembly

BOLIVIA: "This is what a coward/murderer looks like" (30 - 70 May Be Dead in Massacre)

Stupendo material from BoRev: "Fun With Cognitive Dissonance"

Additional funds of 4.2 million reported on plane in suitcase scandal

Dieterich: Magisterial Counter-Attack of New Latin-American Political Class in Ven & Bol

Between Sarah Palin and The New England Patriots

Norv Turner loses games in such bizarre ways.

Carlos Zambrano throws a no hitter!

So I'm thinking the Eagles +7 tonight looks good.

Brewers Fire Yost

Frank Caliendo got it right today (14 Sep) the Pats won because they cheated

No Yankees in the playoffs!

Official Kerry Collins appreciation thread...

Anyone who wants to should blast this little guy with mega-healing light.

My 900th Post!!! I wanted to make it personal

The door handle broke at a most fortuitous moment

Weekly Healing Project #7 | September 14 - 20: Family Issues

The Bipolar Puzzle

Crosspost from Lounge


last chance to submit to the calendar

A portrait of Biden

A few from Denali

Even I Was Disgusted After Reading This.....

Wild Blackberry Breakfast

Stephen Hawking to unveil strange new way to tell the time

India’s Novel Use of Brain Scans in Courts Is Debated

First Picture of Likely Planet around Sun-like Star

Who are the British creationists?

Science positions of Obama, McCain

Hubble Finds a Mystery Object

Near-death experiences: What really happens?

Call for creationism in science

Religious comfort for bin Laden

I'm in Houston and am volunteering for Obama Ohio campaign. Anyone want to come?

I feel very, very lucky.

Is it true?

Bios Screen and auto mouse deletes everything!!!!

Dewar dies after serious fall

A few more endorsements.

Call to action: everyone visit

Video: "The Pacifist" RNC "I love you: protester

Watched Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) this weekend for the first time since childhood. It is such

What's going on in Green Bay - Is there something funny in the water

Ned Yost Fired....

Waukesha has been hit with an explosion of McCain signs

IMPORTANT: How to check your voter registration