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Plenty Of Hours Ahead For Lawyers In Debt Cases

A girl at the McDonald's nametag was "NAZI"

If you buy the polls, you sell the election

Boehner is a real bonehead

U.S. mulls what do to with any Guantanamo convict

Don't crashed planes leave wreckage?

Greyhound bus passenger eats fellow passenger, a little.

In Senate, GOP Braces For Cold November

New Branch of Medicine -- er, sort of

Phoenix about to announce "potential for life" on Mars

Toyota reveals Segway-type scooter

It Will Be Like Trying To Live On A Yo-Yo

Karadzic protected by US until he broke 'deal': Belgrade report

No Love for the Greenback

Chimpanzees used for medical testing 'show signs of torture' (The Independent)

2011 Chevy Cruze Caught Testing in Germany

2011 Chevy Cruze Caught Testing in Germany

"Obama Nation".... Corsi's screed about Obama....

60's protest rant

Why CNN mocked the impeachment hearings.

I saw two cop cars run a stop sign the other day

Question: Do The Banks Have To Pay The Property Taxes on Foreclosed Homes?

Democrats competing in all 50 states--It's killing us.

Today I Became Purified........READ

Where do the several BushCo Atty Generals fit into the anthrax time sequence?

argh (IT question) - Does anyone here know PHP ?

Vets, GI Bill et al:

Why are all the scientists dying?

Just out of curiosity, is Ron Paul still running for president?

Cheney hosts Republican fundraiser at racist country club

Heads up. TCM is running Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" right now

You ever get totally schooled? Everyone up here believes in chemtrails

Congressional Recess....

Going Small: A Smart Experience

***** Just got back from NUL: Pics ****

Car Bomb Kills 12 in Baghdad, Injures 22 ... more car bombs, US soldier killed

The Real John McCain Shows Up

Forgive me for this but

Only black reporter kicked out of McCain event for no reason.

Thank God it's August! Then all we'll have to read is posts from

"I’m opposed of it" John McCain, illiterate circus clown GOP candidate for President.

Can you imagine what would happen if McCain won?

New HIV Infections In US Much Higher Than Government Reported

Who here is fluent in French? (Sibel Edmonds & Denny Hastert article)

A Case Study in the Difference Between Republican and Democratic Campaign Tactics

A Very Lefty Video: Pirates and Emperors

2004 weekly Rasmussen numbers and why Obama is still doing fine

Will someone please inform Dowd....

Went to the National Constitution Center today.

US HIV rate 'higher than thought'

Both John Sidney McCain III & Paris Hilton are charter members of the "Lucky Sperm Club"

Website Suggests Obama-Bayh Ticket

(Updated) McCain is a mean nasty liar. Proof:

McCain Urges Bush to Avoid Confrontations on China Trip

Mortgage crisis prompts Massachusetts agency to stop college loans

Grins (& some pauses)

The Danger of McCain and Why Obama Must Win

HuffPost: The Middle Class Has Become The CLASS OF PAIN

Sunday talk shows

This is by far the most classic video that has ever been posted on DU.

In the Debates, Remember the Eggs..those Damn Eggs!

Newport Yacht Owners Find $10,800 Buys Gas, or Two Chanel Bags

Ted Stevens - Out in the Cold - nice read

McCain's labels won't stick

House panel blasts DOD over response to sexual assault claims

RE: The article "The Untouchable: Why nothing the press throws at Obama sticks"

Saudi Arabia bans sale of dogs, cats in capital

In 2004, the media attacked Kerry for his wealth and "marrying for money."

Have Funny Feeling They'll Lower the Bar for McCain in Debates

You Know What's More Damaging than the Pics of Britney/Paris?

So now that the MSM thinks they have a dogfight on their hands,

Anthrax victims express mixed emotions

McCain IS a Ferragamo man! Pics

Jon Stewart celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war

Selection of a VP candidate can make or break a presidential campaign (Kans City Star)

Politico (and AP): McCain is vetting Cantor

William Greider: Economic Free Fall?

Obama Sics Rahmbo on McCain’s Debate Negotiators Time Zone

Obama's age, MLK Jr. and the movie Talk To Me....

If we eliminated, oh, 15% of the hardcore members of each party

My new nickname for John boy....

In response to those who think abstinence works

Church goers - Are the christian churches getting behind McCain?

FTN: Ruben outlines Obama's plans... Fiorini says "McCain has a plan"

How an Alaska house re-do became a federal case

Chile faces its dark history by tracking down torture centers

Graham: McCain would consider a tax increase on Social Security as ‘part of a comprehensive approach

Bugliosi: Parents of slain soldier to meet with prosecutor re GW Bush

Daschle-- No No No

carlin: jammin in new york

I can't STAND Lindsey Graham- SC Repuke!! ARGH!!!

You've gotta see this! What If the News Ran The John McCain "C*nt" Story?

"Obama Too Skinny" WSJ article copied McCain Campaign talking points

I think a candidate can get away with being old if they are sharp and spry

If anyone thinks Obama will be soft on McCain, think again..look who is on his team

TORTURE COVER-UP: "You couldn't read documents without wondering-"Why didn't someone say, 'Stop!'"

Karadzic protected by US until he broke 'deal': Belgrade report

McCain, Obama biographies solid but unspectacular ....

Only In BushAmerica-Detainess Can Be Held FOREVER-"Even If Found Innocent"

I Was Talking To A Friend Today And Was Surprised He Doesn't Like Obama.....

Sunday Morning Horseshit Parade! (CBS "quoting" milbank)

Tom Ridge is off his rocker..."McCain very popular, draws HUGE crowds"

A Song for McCain


Some Sunday morning wisdom with your coffee....Quotes on corporatism:

Some Sunday morning wisdom with your coffee....Quotes on corporatism:

Eight Years Ago Today: Bush’s Broken Promise

Sheldon Whitehouse for Attorney General!!

Is Livni advocating striking Iran right now?

Blackwater update - renting copters to UK

Religious-People-Bashing and Persecution of the Religious; How Big a Problem in America?

Dead Scientist's Brother Speaks

In Veep search, McCain asks Cantor for records (Who??)

Is there a way that Media outlets could be fined for repeating falsehoods

Short - Sweet - Grateful: My 1000th post

A short Karl Rove history...

John McCain better be careful minimizing Obama down to Brittany and Paris

I like it that we're discussing possible veep picks for the

GOP convention attracting array of demonstrators

NOVAK, CNN: We wish him a speedy recovery and many deadlines to come.

When I post a reply on a High Profile poster aka lala_rawraw

Lieberman On Attending RNC Convention: ‘I Will Do It’ And Speak Against ‘Partisan Mud-Slinging

Everything you always wanted to know about Evan Bayh - but were afraid to ask

Can you imagine if the fundie republicans ever actually got what they want?

Unanswered questions in the anthrax mailings

when the ONLY water is bottled water

US Hospital leased air ambulance for $30,000; "forcibly" sent seriously ill immigrant home

All right, move along folks, there's nothing to see here....

Media Hoes trolling the blogs looking for reactions to certain election issues.

McCain Campaign's Latest "Web Video": He Forgot Latin America!!!!!

Okay, this word "whine".

McCain's Mom calls Britney/Paris ad "Stupid"?

The only thing I really care about in a VP is the he/she helps us win a state

The only thing I really care about in a VP is the he/she helps us win a state

Is McCain a stalking horse? I'm really beginning to think so

An Obama-Bayh Ticket Wednesday?

I read in the paper this morning that 90% of 9-year-olds have been online.

Mittens oh mittens.

Just ordered my free "Obama '08" bumper sticker from

Here is why there might be something to the Obama/Bayh ticket...

What Is The BOTTOM LINE For You? (In A VP Candidate)

Claire McCaskill is terrific

This country needs an enema!

Having Senators as President and VP would be the wrong choice.

McCain's Battle With The New York Times....

Oh my! Lindsey Graham is going absolutely apoplectic on FauxNewsSunday.

Tom Brokov is a full advocate for the McCain Campaign

The media are a bunch of self-righteous scum whores. NT

McCain security ousts reporter


Lieberman lies, says ad compared Obama to Moses, not anti-Christ

So, why aren't we seeing any of McCain's SNL skits out there?

Madonna magic is in the air at Traverse City Film Festival

There is no guarantee that Obama would win Indiana with or without Senator Bayh as VP.

'Debt free' promises? Let the consumer beware

One of the saddest parts about Mccain's new sleaze strategy-John Aravosis

Afghanistan: Not a Good War

Are we witnessing a 'lone nut' 'legend' being constructed for Ivins?

I wonder if this is the same Jean Duley?

OK then. What if McCain wins after the manner of ...

Oh bliss: The media is trumpeting that ONLY 11 soldiers were killed in Iraq last month

University denies students funds for "Pro-Life Week"....Fundie panties in knots

This dumb ass "economic advisor" for McCain on Face the Nation has an interesting past.

Last Gallup: dead heat (plus more headlines)

2012 can't come soone enough for Joe Lieberman

How Shitty Was McCain? - The Daily Dish

What do DUers know about the "Patriot Majority" movement?

Well George Will, I'd give Fred Astaire nuclear weapons before John McCain

NEWSWEEK: Cover: The End of the South -- How Obama vs. McCain Is Unsettling the old Confederacy

Things the MSM won't talk about

Has Obama personally ever denigrated McGrumpy's service?

Obama Central: Peace, Harmony and Deep Secrecy

Debates: What Will be the Shit Question and Asked by Whom?

Why is the Dr's work w/ Ivans not covered by a doctor / patient ......

Yep. I see the gray hairs he's getting...(download warning - BIG Barack photos)

About Bayh...From a state with a Republican Governor.

Here's a little fact for you Canadians.You may have known this I sure as hell didn't

What would you expect authorities to do in this case:

Do we know anything about Rep. Eric Cantor? TPM suggests McCain camp is vetting

ABC Roundtable Discussing 'Race'

Citizen in action: an American grandmother in Iraq.

Cheney could not possibly allow the prosecution of "The anthrax killer,"

Sen. John Kerry on mtp!

Obama needs to take 'Clinton Country' by storm

if the tax cuts were proven to increase tax revenue, and at the same

General on CNN - Did I just hear that right?

Bill Clinton still not fully on board the Unity Express

Whhhaaaa! GOP energy protest to continue Monday

The OLD QUEEN Ms Lindsay Graham calls Obama a liar on Fixed News

So MTP just started AND...

Can't Joe Lieberman keep his mouth shut?

The 2008 Democratic National Convention Starts Three Weeks From Tomorrow

Immigrants Facing Deportation by U.S. Hospitals

re: "Where are the Democrats?"

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

"Are Kaine and Bayh the best Obama can do?"

Considering the idea that Obama won't pick those with names being floated around

Joe Lieberman, shameless right-wing Ho........

MSM is in full McCain spin mode today.

The RNC Convention is going to be half-full unless they get people to get in to fill seats, so...

Even Paris Hilton's Mom Agrees: "It Is A Complete Waste Of The Country's Time"

surge update - Car Bomb Kills 12 in Baghdad

Video for McCains "FAILED" John Rich Concert in Florida...

Opus on God

This explains an awful lot, really. A sweet love story?

How much of the oil drilled in the US is sold overseas?

Obama makes bid in 7 longtime Republican states

And yet ANOTHER pit bull makes the news. (Warning - tragic)

A Cry From the Grave

FBI planning to close anthrax investigation after suicide?

Word is McCain is vetting Congressman Eric Cantor as V.P.

Art for Obama

So what other loose ends have to be tied up

8 years ago today: Bush pledged to ‘uphold the honor and dignity of the office.’»

John Kerry just wiped the floor with Lieberman - Stayed on his ankle

Vincent Bugliosi ("The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder") on BOOK TV at 3pm ET

Liberals' Two Great Loves, F**king and Fish, on a Collision Course!


The Chinese say they can contain any disruption caused by typhoons at the Olympics

I haven't been able to stomach watching a State of the Union speech for nearly 8 years...

What if the Leahy / Daschle Anthrax HAD contained Bentonite...

Report: Obama’s Slim Build Could Turn Off America’s Portly Voters

Rasmussen, 8/2: Obama 44%, McCain 43% -- plus perceptions of McCain ad & Obama's dollar-bill remark

13 Y/O Busker Boy Makes 70 £ an Hour

NYT, pg1: Delicate Obama Path on Class and Race Preferences (affirmative action)

Does anyone really think that Obama lost 9 points in 6 days like Gallup showed?

When Barack Obama wins this election, it will be sweeter than any other win, ever.

Aug 2 Obama 316 McCain 209 Ties 13 currently Florida is leaning DEM

Democrats label Iraq 'strategic blunder' in 2008 Party Platform

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/3/08 - Obama 44, McCain 43 (unchanged)

Is there any chance Pelosi will be replaced as Speaker of the House?

Are We Making Some Unsound Assumptions?

A curious LTTE's by Ivins dated 1998 + from his local paper.


Shrill blondes for McCain!

Paris Hilton's Mom Talks About the McCain "Celebrity" Ad

My Comment on MSNBC/Countdown Website

"...wireless earpiece might remind voters of... gear he wore as a fighter pilot..."

More Greenwald: Journalists, their lying sources, and the anthrax investigation

Rasmussen: President Bush Job Approval: One Point Above All-Time Low

New angle on Anthrax story: Projects "Clear Vision" and "Jefferson."

Wish Kerry would say, "I'll say the surge worked . . . "

The impossibility of doing a spoof McCain ad like the one with Paris and Britney

Riverglass is watching us. (Sounds like the hobbits are doing intel now)

Scientist: DNA led agents to anthrax suspect

Wall St. Journal: S&P Email: 'We Should Not Be Rating It'

An Adjustable Rate Mortgage primer. Sorry if it's long, but it has to be.

Illegal immigrant arrested 5 times before feds told

Weird thing just happened on 6abc here in Philly:

Lieberman: "McCain Doesn’t Have A Racist Bone In His Body”, Well… Except When Hating 'Gooks'

I heard a brief George Carlin Riff this morning on Air America about politicians.

McCain: "I'm proud of fighting for the recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday in my state"

Watching Vincent Bugliosi on C-Span2 right now (rerun)

McCain brings in 'The Bullet' as White House race turns nasty - karl rove protege

On C-Span 2 Now: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Man beheads girlfriend, is caught after chase

Grab your codpieces and come . . . CAPTION!!!! (Women invited as well.)

Mike Murphy keeps calling McCain the "foreign policy adult"

Living in limbo: Tenants feeling the mortgage mess

Proof that McCain is more like Britney than Obama (editorial cartoon)

Pelosi is really pissing me off.

Quesetion? About speed of News Here..

Be Afraid, Obama - McCain is Making 'Scrappy Remarks'!!!

Museum: Civil War surrender document no photocopy

For the low information voter...

Aleksander Solzhenitsyn is dead.

Friend of Canadian Bus Killer ~ "He was definitely schizophrenic, probably paranoid schizophrenic."

Story of McCain putting Obama on money getting traction

Slashing Salaries, While Pimping for a $9.3 Billion Water Bond

How Much Tylenol #3 Does It Take To Kill Oneself?.......

Even before the FBI isolated Hatfill, there was an attempt to frame, from within Ft Detrick, Ayaad

Lieberman On Attending RNC Convention: ‘I Will Do It’ And Speak Against ‘Partisan Mud-Slinging’

Proof that McCain is More Like Britney Than Obama

Would a Prez McCain push to enact a military draft?

A little song in case Tim Pawlenty is the puker Veep

Offshore and ANWR drilling will make this guy's winter heating bills go down!

Is Obama preparing a 'powder keg' ?

So, this is how our political system *really* works.

The talking head Pundits are NUTS when it comes to Obama.....

Will pot dealers ever be romanticized the same way boot-leggers and rum-runners were?

"The largest field operation in the history of American politics", from Obama HQ

Wouldn't the drillinlg in ANWAR be like a "checkerboard"?!?!

Presidential vote could help Dems get 'magic' Senate majority

McCain Mocked Idea of Obama on U.S. JUNE

Iran ignores deadline to agree to talks on nuclear program

Media VP Short List - The DU Choice?

A must see video for everyone

ATT: Speaker PELOSI-- Here is a law BUSH HAS BROKEN

Anyone else watching Meet The Press right now?

Kathy Hilton on McCain's celebrity Ad: Frivolous, A Waste Of Money, A Waste Of Time

The Constitution, Rule of Law, 4th Amendment, & the Great American Democracy -killed simultaneously

Intersting (positive) article in Time

McCain joins Obama on offshore drilling

Savage Mules: The Democrats and Endless War (book)

Maybe it's really "the Rapture"

Obama: Give Michigan And Florida Delegations "Full Vote"

Republicans have already fixed Florida

Ivins Therapist Duley in Articles on Overdoses - One called "The Legal Killers"

Pelosi looked very shaky on off shore drilling on ABC today.

Damn..... you... Mark Warner

Did Kathy Hilton say something about that McCain ad?

Remember when GOP'er Bob Dole loved Britney Spears?

Wall Street and Bankers are Flocking to Psychotherapists' Couches

How does Obama's healthcare program deal with illegal immigrants? People claim they will get HC free

Toilet foils man who took bribes:

Going to the convention? Reuters will give you a video camera...

Reagan's NSA Head: Iraq "the greatest strategic disaster in U.S. history" - Bush History, 8/3

Lieberman delivers McCain's Obama message on MTP: "This is a good, young man. Is he ready to lead?"

Obama to unveil Energy Plan on Monday in Michigan

This is what I'm saying to my "undecided" friends...

Obama’s Response to HIV Report

Are we cooked frogs?

This is the issue that can take down McBearings - why isn't anyone talking about it?

Meet The Press - Lieberman and Kerry. Video link

Hey - Did Obama "reverse himself" re: town hall meetings with McCain?

Hey - Did Obama "reverse himself" re: town hall meetings with McCain?

Obama calls for full votes for Michigan, Florida delegates

Goddam it! It is NOT "American Oil" that they'll be drilling offshore!!!

And Carly knows what about business and economics?

The Five Key Issues On Which Democratic and GOP Leadership Always Agree

In veep search, McCain asks Cantor for records ( AP )

McCain's gaffes are very alarming coming from a would-be president!


If You Want Your $ to Stand For Something -- Put Obama On It!

Where are all the Obama surrogates?

Washington Post Scrubs Own Story Questioning Case Against 'Anthrax Killer'

Democrats Abroad gear up for November with dinners, debates

McCain's mom on the 'Celeb' ad: "I think it's kind of stupid"

I think the Republicans are bluffing about Cantor.

I think the Republicans are bluffing about Cantor.

Guess who wrote this! Don't give it away. Let people go to the website for themselves.

Leiberman is a whiney little boy who acts like he is in grade school on MTP

KO needs to replace one of his Countdown features

So, you say you're concerned about Barack Hussein Obama's campaign?

Should McCain be attacked for graduating near the bottom of his class?

Fire at Westboro Baptist Church

Fire at Westboro Baptist Church

I think I'm beginning to like Obama's position on drilling.

Another mysterious suicide. Remember Dr. David Kelly microbiologist

From Jake Tapper; which candidate is elitist?

If buying bottled water is bad and it probably is what are the options?

Face on the dollar

I think that the VP pick could still be the surprise...

Obama To Unveil Energy Plan In Lansing, Michigan Monday Morning

Translation of Lieberman's "Obama's a good young man" phrase.

Dispelling Office Presidential Bullshit

Curious about Obama's decision not to particpate in Townhall style debate forum...

Anthrax/ABC and Bentonite . . . Just figured this one out ---

Confession: I grew up in a right-wing household. But I'd like to give Dad some praise...

McCain Campaign Devoting One Third Of Its Total Ad Spending To Britney-Obama Spot

McCain McSucks!

McCain appoints energy adviser.

Kaine to Join Michelle Obama at Fundraiser

So this shoes deal! Been out of town and am just catching up

Does John McCain't owe Paris Hilton an apology?

Democrats can dump on progressives and they know they will still vote for them

Barack Obama to Open Ark. Office Soon

The "dollar" bill controversy

Polling And Cell-Phones (Anybody Have Updated Info???)

Get to know your GOP Media's Black Face Cable Corporate Mouthpieces

Toby Keith claims he "never supported" the Iraq War ??? WTF

Larisa Alexandrovna: A Suggestion to FBI Investigators, RE: Anthrax...

Obama: Give Fla., Mich. Delegates Full Vote

Why are Rasmussen & Gallup the DU Bible these days?

Have a piece of Obama's Birthday Cake

Will our VEEP be announced THIS WEEK??

Capitol Blue Article About McCain by a Former Chief of Staff

Health care: Democrats start writing Rx

MY DAD BLOWS ANOTHER GASKET- another great response to a neocon

Ferrin Cousins of just recommended DU as a good source


Media Matters: Media debunk McCain attacks as lies, then use the lies to drive news coverage

For Those Who Missed John Kerry Vs Joe Lieberman On MTP Can Watch It Here...

Don't worry about Obama. He'll take care of business but we need

Everyone else can mention race except Obama??

Bill Clinton's 'Lifetime Responsibility' to Rwanda

An interesting trip through Springfield MO

They should end the Olympics. It's pretentious, and an unnecessary waste of money and ...

It's not just your laptop they can seize.

Another Episode Of "What Digby Said": The Jackie Robinson Rules....

Who's Really Running Iraq?

Former Wingnut Reveals: How to Win the "Race Card" Debate

World's oldest joke traced back to 1900 BC

Hey, Maureen Dowd's best column in months on Sunday. She nails it.

HaHaHaHa - some LOL humor to brighten your day.

Is This House GOP Whine-A-Thon a Stunt Leading to Bush Ordering Congress Into Special Session?

Hilarious! Kathy Hilton (Paris' mom) pissed off--about donating to McCain!

Of the three names being speculated on for VP

The PERFECT strategy for Obama comes from Dilbert

Tropical depression may form in Gulf of Mexico

The Treasonous Corporate Media and why and how we should fight back while we still can

Just saw Bill Clinton on ABC News and he's definitely still bitter about the campaign

Kathy Hilton lashes out at McCain ad calling it a 'WASTE'

Demand the Steering Committee remove Joe Lieberman's position within the Democratic Caucus in 2009.

The Forgotten Forum - The Ground Game - Democratic Strength?

Bush and Cheney .... you ROTTEN motherfuckers.

McCain's campaign has lost its mind

"I really don't think he's the guy. I say to the FBI, 'Show me your evidence"

MORE from Dr. Nass on the Duley testimony regarding Ivins! This blog SMOKES!!!

Democrats Are Losing the Presidential Race: The Real Math

How many Frustrated Republicans are trapped? Cannot openly support Obama due to social pressures,

Obama to Unveil Energy Plan Monday -- energy rebates, green jobs, eliminate mid-east oil in 10 yrs

No more Mr Nice guy

This thing about McCain's $100 bill ad is not politically useful

Last night there was a severe thunderstorm. The Digital TV signal went out entirely.

I respect that Obama wants a classy race, but it is time to take off the gloves

Someone should tell Mrs. Hilton the best revenge against McBush would be to

If Obama defeats McCain, and I believe he will,

McCain: racist, bigot & homophobe - nasty jokes he told that I hadn't heard before.

Folks, the Debates aren't going to "save the day".

Do you believe that Obama/McCain are neck and neck?

I accidentally turned CNN on last night

Jeb's Plan B: Church-State Showdown In Florida on November's ballot.

OH MY GOD! It's Gonna Be Wes Clark!

There go the Sunday bells . . . calling us to . . . CAPTION!!!! (The angry old man.)

John Kerry Asks Where’s McCain’s Respectful Campaign; Lieberman Lies About Rove

Watch Rachel Maddow With Cenk Of TYT On Meet The Bloggers Free Right Now! Also... have GOT to see this ignorant white supremacist in action.

Dispelling a few myths here on DU.

There is no doubt in my mind McCain suffers from PTSD.

Pelosi now pushing for Rep Chet Edwards for Veep

McCain suggests military-style invasion modeled on the surge to control inner city crime

Gallup, 8/3: Obama 45%, McCain 44% (after two days of being tied at 44%)

My response to conservative E-mails

Robert Parry: McCain, Anthrax & the Afghan Blunder

What if... President Dukakis (Boston Globe Magazine)

Stop Waiting for Obama

Kerry made Lieberman look like a fool on MTP.

The Bravest soul you will meet today: CIA Whistleblower

Prosecuting Bush and Cheney

Can we all agree to use the term "neocon" correctly? Please.

We had to live through both Gore and Kerry to develop the ABILITY to ignore the MSM

Why Is It Most Of America Loves These Guys - But Not Barack Obama?......

What polls or opinions do you believe?

Please help me find a republican campaign that replaced a flag logo with its own logo...

Scientists Question FBI Probe On Anthrax

The McCain ad with Obama on the $100 bill is starting to get some traction.

'I'm 100% sure there is demonology & witchcraft running rampant in my town & I've been struck by it'

The Sky is Falling!

Mental Illness Quiz!

Scientists Question FBI Probe On Anthrax (WAPO)

Look at the viewer count on "McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became His Worst Nightmare"

Off-Chatter Dem Veep Poll

Spain cuts speed limit and turns out lights - plus wow!

The Los Angeles Times asks what could be a campaign ending question

Statement of Senator Obama on $15 Billion Losses by GM

Statement of Senator Obama on $15 Billion Losses by GM

Gergen: McCain Using Code Words To Attack Obama As "Uppity"

The case for Bill Richardson as VP

Blackwater used in DEA Raid on Marijuana Medical Clinic in California-Photo

UFO crashes near Las Vegas, Black Helicopters haul it away into the night.

Topless Women, Kid Rock, Bikers, And John McCain

Truth, Fiction, Yes/No, Maybe???? re: Green Energy

Suicide Spreads as One Solution to the Debt Crisis

Sole Black Reporter Booted from McCain Event

Best VP pick for Obama? Hillary Clinton

Need help here - Obama's plane and the flag

Hot Damn. Just watching Meet the Press. Daymn Kerry is good

Democratic National Convention

Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

I just signed up a 35 yr old black man who had never voted...

Chess vs. Checkers: Why Barack Obama May Pick Hillary Clinton as VP

I thought I'd remind you, Bill Clinton supports Obama--not McCain

So the guy threatening her is dead but now she's hiding out.

Hiker fatally shot by bear hunter

McCain Is A Nice Old Man But Is He Still Able To Lead? August 1st McCain Video That Must Go Viral

Is McCain At The Top Of His Game? If Not, Shouldn't Our President Be At Peak Peformance?

Please delete.

Pretty sure I will get flamed but I like John Mayer


Please delete.

Crockett and Evan

It's the Circle of Life!

I'm a little bit drunk and a whole lot bored. Ask me ANYTHING.

old fogies for barack

What The Deal With That Billy Mays Guy?

DUr's - lets see if we can't help this little dude get needed operation, ok?

I think this photo turned out well, do you?

Saffron, Artichoke Heart, and Leek Risotto - what do you think?

The Jazz Image is on right now

New drill song for Marines about McSame:

Am I sick for liking Woody Allen's movies?

Top Ten Reasons Cats and Tequila Don't Mix.

Computer Illiterate asks how to make a document searchable for words and tagged categories later on?

How Italians are different from Europeans. (Really funny animated vid)

Is this a cool outfit?


For the DU women..

Well, the fireworks show was a total bust due to fog, but I did get this

Do you know why blind people do not skydive?

I'm going to have mango margaritas tonight

So here is Jack! He is the puppy that I rescued two months ago.

476 (475 after this post )

Well can you all see this?

Men are 5X more likely to get hairy palms than women

Lawyer: Tags on Snoop Dogg pot-bust bus were good

NY girl falls 14 stories, saved by sooty landing

Saturday night insomniac thread

I'm so bored I just washed the dishes on a Saturday night--

Do you ever put off going to bed because you have to go to work the following day?

Saturday Night is Group Sex night.

6 minutes to Space-X launch, live streaming

Has anybody seen my gold-plated connector pins?

10 Facts and Myths about Mental illness

You all DO know that I slept with Walter Cronkite, right?

"That user does not wish to receive private messages"

Congratulations, Doug, on making the finals


You know how cats have to sit, stand, or lie on whatever book, magazine or newspaper

Saturday night picture thread!!!!!!

After the dream I just had, no going back to sleep for me tonite!!

From my "It's about time" department...

I'm considering ordering pizza.

Sorry. Apologies..

LALALALALALA! I can't hear you!!!

Chris Rock's "Head of State" and the thin line between parody and reality

NFL starts tomorrow! Yay!!

These Smart Cars don't seem all that smart.

How does one know when they have reached intoxication?

Men are 5X more likely to get hearing loss than women

Yikes!!! My computer won't print out tomorrow's communion service,


Advice on resuscitating Sculpey?

"Beware strangers bearing gifts"

Can you see her?

I *nailed* the bitch!

Has anybody seen Maddy?

I'm going to bed after I finish watching Harold and Kumar.

Are you a god?

"364 Days until next pretzel day..."


It's been a wild ride and I can't sleep

I'm beginning to think the nap and the coffee were a mistake

So there I was, minding my own business....

So much drama in the LBC.......

Post a prison movie here!

I am Smartacus

Twin moose in sprinkler - cute factor 10

It's a Mistake - Men At Work

I am Spartacus.

Wierdly fun day yesterday.

A song for your Sunday morning

My death

Are you...Talking...To Me?

Houston, we have a problem...

Ok, the retro Digital TV subchannel is airing an Operation Petticoat marathon...

My best desktop pic ever...

Andy at 80. Imagine that.

One of life's simplest pleasures...

we were down on our knees, praying at the bus stop

Obscure yet obnoxiously catchy songs thread

she walks the wind

I just made a music video with my hand held camera, would love your thoughts

2:35AM....Heat Index 90 degrees Fahrenheit...

Any experience with getting intermittent FMLA for chronic health issues?

Saw "Indiana Jones" today

What's your favorite Space Corps Directive??

"Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire,

Just Posted an Adjustable Rate Mortgage discussion in GD.

Just Posted an Adjustable Rate Mortgage discussion in GD.

Who will be considered the "big" bands of today in 30 years?

A piece of advice:

This is our Last Goodbye

I dedicate this thread to dick.

I admit it. I'm seeking legal advice.

By the way, this country needs an enema!

Next time I watch Showgirls, I want to see all the naughty bits

Baby twin moose at play!

"Try to walk away and I fall. Try to say good bye and I choke.

GDP is especially putrid today

LOL cat to send to your repub friends.

3 Aug 68, I was 6 going on 7, chilling in Michigan

Ever Created Your Own LOLCat/Cheezburger? Post 'em here!

Are you happy when get beaned by your vanilla ice cream?

Ok, Swiffer people

I admit it. I'm seeking veterinary advice.

Zelda has many yoga poses

No DUzy awards this week?

Post pictures of animals that visually prove that evolution is at play.

Are you happy when you find bits of vanilla bean in you vanilla ice cream?

The national news media is going to shit in their pants if the Yankees don't make the playoff

Sweet I can watch the gay pride parade AND post on DU from my room

Pet Thread: E-treme Jack Russell in Action:



Book signing in NYC on Wednesday

Chateau in Virginia Waters

I've been spending too much time in the lounge. I walked by a Fried Dough stand earlier

Advice needed if you please.......


This pride parade is like never ending

Aug 3 1996


Lest we forget: It's not easy being green. But it's OK when we're together.

is it unusual for people in their late 30s/early 40s

is "bug chasing" real?

Pick your pet:

Burn Down The Mission

Aug 3, 1986

It's About Time.

What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you on a Greyhound bus?

Damn, it's like they are TRYING to put shit that sucks on TV today.

Oh, it's a groovy situation (can ya dig it)

So, I've decided I need a good, stable relationship.....

Heat warning tomorrow. Damn. I like having the windows open.

Blackberry Appreciation Thread


Help! Inescapable karaoke...


Today is my Birthday!

Favre set to return to Packers on Monday: NFL Network

The Yearling on TCM. What a great film! nt

Kraft Shells and Cheese...the best food on the planet

What a world, you can email your lawyer

Any other tech-savvy people who can't stand texting?

This is a sad time of the year for me.

This is one of the things that drives me crazy about NASCAR

The cat who had kittens under my porch is in heat again.

Hell's bells! Illeana Douglas is the granddaughter of...

Hair whorl direction an indicator of homosexuality in men?

French speakers: could you please translate these Usenet posts for me?

anyone here know 'photoshop'...? need a favor !!

Anyone else ever watch the show, "Most Evil". I find it fascinating.

Apollo 13, Great movie or the Greatest Movie!

Have you ever gone to "Scared Straight"?

i dedicate this thread to booty

i can haz advise plz? On home energy efficiency?

Madonna magic is in the air at Traverse City Film Festival

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday August 3

Two very special DUers wished me happy birthday today!

Good Evening Lounge.

Today's rant about idiotic drivers. *^%[email protected]#%^**^%$#@@!!

Does anyone know much about, or use, Avast anti-virus?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/3/08

"Bob Dylan can't fix my broken heart..."

I just ate two warm, perfect hard-boiled eggs with mustard. Ask me anything.

Buckcherry Appreciation Thread

Dear Art Monk and Darrell Green...

Banana Oreos

If you were in charge of the world . . . what's the first thing you'd do to

Have you ever used one of those online translation features?

Would you sell your soul to save a family member's life?


1:37 CDT 101 F.... high expected 104F Humidity only 30%!!!!!

I'm gonna say it: Maker's Mark whiskey is better than Jameson.

Swiped from Astro, Spirituality and Alternative Healing: Fun personality test (not New Agey).

Bayh was an honorary co-chair of the neocon pro-war Committee for the Liberation of Iraq

Are CFL bulbs making a big difference in your electric bill?

When I post a reply on a High Profile poster aka lala_rawraw

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 8/3/2008)

Sexually deviant zuchinni

What was a top selling book the year you were born?

Christina Applegate is being treated for breast cancer...

Do women really just wanna have fun? Or do you think they want love and romance?

Do you sometimes find that your fellow liberals make you want to slam your head into a car door...

Why my Mother-in-Law likes Franzia

Space bags, anybody else use them.

Premier of Bill Maher's new movie Religulous

I think I may (sort of) understand the moms who breastfeed for far too long

Name three things that are WAY overrated.

Safe in momma's arms

Safe in momma's arms

Have we abused gratuitous exclamation points to the point that one no longer suffices?

**Happy B'day lionessprianka!!**

Fox Developing Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Feature Film!

I hate Chuck Norris and jokes about Chuck Norris.

I have been ignored! Ask me anything!

Which 10 albums would you have to have on a cross-country trip?

ok, time to fess up. what kids movies still make you cry?

Musicians whose success baffles you.....


Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Most of reporting uncritically based on Duley's restraining order hearing audio

Tell Your Tale of Parking Lot Bumper Sticker Arguments

What do you think of bike riders that don't follow road rules?

The Genesis of a Smear: Today's Edition- Obama is too Skinny

America's $53 trillion jumbo loan

NRA Sends Spy Into Anti-Gun Groups

US 'held suspects on British territory in 2006'

Tape excerpts of Ivins restraining order request

Colombia confronts its bloody past

Tug warned repeatedly before Miss. River collision

Medicare fraud rampant in South Florida

Woman's Ties to Anthrax Case Unclear

Cambodia, Thailand in standoff over second temple

Al-Qaida announces deaths of 4 commanders

Protest in national capital over Amarnath land row (India)

India temple stampede 'kills 140'

Soviet dissident writer dies at 89

No deal on election bill, bomb kills 12 in Baghdad

Border towns grieve together after river shootings

McCain brings in 'The Bullet' as White House race turns nasty

Official Union Set Up in China at Wal-Mart

Obama to urge Fla., Mich. delegates be allowed full votes at convention

Clinton Embraces Return to Ambassador Role

300 Tibetans detained in Nepal: police

Gruesome crime shocks Greek isle

Daschle criticizes anthrax investigation

Tropical Storm Edouard Forms Off Louisiana Coast

Anti-war protesters target Bush in Maine

Bin Laden driver could stay indefinitely at Gitmo (even if found innocent)

Investigators probe FARC global network

Defense contractor KBR bans personal cell phones

Paris Hilton's mom takes offense at McCain's humor

FBI seizes local Md. library computers

FBI investigates new attacks on Calif. scientists

Christina Applegate has breast cancer

Seymour Hersh: Cheney considered killing Americans in pretext to attack Iran

Morales' popularity up before Bolivia recall: poll

Venezuela drug flights up, U.S. says

Fire reported at Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church

Therapist: Anthrax suspect tried to poison people

Counselor: Anthrax Scientist Was 'Homicidal'

Salt shakers made with fewer holes 'to cut salt intake'

Aleksander Solzhenitsyn dies at 89.

Hundreds of banks will fail, Roubini tells Barron's (may cost taxpayers $2 trillion)

Gordon Brown 'dissed our record' accuses Tony Blair in memo

Oil Drop Brings No Relief To The Pump

Obama at the NUL: I will not raise taxes on families that earn $250,000 or less

From Michael Moore: Students run 1/4 mile for each person they register to vote

DNC Convention Invesco Tour | CNN Grill | DNCC Media Prep

Hip Hop Community Urges Young Fans to Vote

George W. Bush Sewage Plants!---The Young Turks

Colorado Office Openings

George "W" Bush movie - Jeanne Moos

Graham signals flip-flop on the flip-flop for McCain: Raising Social Security taxes is on the table

The End of Cheap Oil and The Rise of The Scythe

Obese Population Rises, More Candidates Courting The Fat Vote

Priceless :: Asshat Hannity cues up anti-McCain ad by accident

Obama at NUL: "We face serious issues in this election...I'm not gonna talk about Paris or Britney."

Britney and McCain in 2008

LIEberman: Obama is "A Good Young Man"

What happened? (Extended)

Jack Nicholsons Hydrogen Car (1978)

David Gergen Calls Out Racial "Signals" of McCain Ads

What If the News Ran The John McCain "C" Story

TYT: Cenk Breaks Down McCain's Latest Ad Against Obama

McCain Forgets what he's talking about on camera

McCain Flip Flops On Taxes

Honest Abe wouldn't recognize his own party

FEMA's Latest Scandal (Waterbury Republican-American via Hartford Courant)

Throwing it Back

Colombia confronts its bloody past

A Bad Electronic Voting Bill

Defrauding our nation’s lawyers

McCain Tries to Define Obama as Out of Touch

Why China Has the Olympic Torch

Obama's Secret Plan to Win the White Working Class: Light Up!

Col. Ann Wright: Sexual Assault in the Military: A DoD Cover-Up?

As always, the challenge is to begin where we are, not where we'd like to be.

DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN: Defeat Your Opponents. Then Hire Them

"At long last, the conservative juggernaut is cracking up."

For An Iraq War Memorial

Koreans seek late justice from Americans

Guardian UK: Credit crunch? Pffft! Pass the Dairy Milk

What Year Is This? Historical Analogies and the Election (From the Daily Kos)

Toronto Sun: US Vilifies Faithful Old Ally

Medicare fraud rampant in South Florida

McCain looks to be eight years too late-GARRISON KEILLOR

U.S. sub may have leaked trace amounts of radiation at Japan, Guam bases

House, Pentagon Disagree on F-35 Funds

Sierra warming: Climate change puts heat on high country

USDA to define ‘natural’ personal care products

Alaska State Senate OKs TransCanada Gas Line

For second year in a row, melt may open Northwest Passage

Big, South American Birds on the Loose in Northern Germany

The "our oil" myth

New technology uses less energy to desalinate water

Amory Lovins Stock Options Plans Left In Tatters By High Oil Prices.

Smoke is normal - for 1800s (California fire ecology)

E/E challenge: What countries have better environmental protections than the US?

Governor Hydrogen Hummer has a new car.

Green Energy

If you are like me and loved Heath Ledger in Brokeback, don't you feel so sad

Scammers target the financially troubled

Hovering Above Poverty, Grasping for Middle Class

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/03/08

Analysis: Another nail in the coffin for Fatah

Prodigal son

Officer suspected of shooting Naalin boy to death suspended

Biometric database to be formed in Israel

Jerusalem Up Against the Wall

PCHR Gravely Concerned over the Deterioration of the Human Rights Situation

Expelled detainee killed in Gaza

State Workers Prepare To Protest At Gov.'s Home (CA)

NYT: Verizon Unions Postpone Strike, Citing Progress

Deadly accidents in Las Vegas leave workers gambling on safety (no breathing apparatus)

First Wal-Mart union begins in China thanks to gov't

Unfair labor practice (Elaine Chao was eliminating paperwork H-2B visas)

As jobs grow harder to find, older workers are taking entry-level positions once filled by teens

Shelbyville’s Tyson Food plant shifts holidays; trades Labor Day for Ramadan

‘Desk Rage’ is Now a Potential Claim

So, what would you think about a Big Chain Restaurant telling someone

Goshen Township Sewer Worker Saves Kitten

Unions under fire: new ads underscore growing opposition to labor

Doscientos Mes - Contrary Investor - August 2008

Colombia confronts its bloody past

Judge says yes to drilling on uncontacted tribes' land

Suitcase-Plot Extradition Is Obstructed, Lawyer Says

Bank Tries to Allay Fears of Instability in Venezuela

Chiquita Board Members: Total Identification

Morales' popularity up before Bolivia recall: poll

Colombia: army colonel admits participation in Peace Community massacre

The Jack Rabbit Chees Report (August 2); Alekseev wins in Biel

Nadal loses...steroids wearing off again...

Goodell Just Reinstated Favre

Excerpt from: “The Mythology of Taros Volume I”

The Stars This Week: "Be Flexible" - August 4 - August 10, 2008

I know I haven't been around lately

This is a very strange question, but I figured that if anyone knows, you all would (:

free Cybershaman software

Maryland Cancer Statistics Altered- Cases Overstated--matter goes to Attorney General

Dental amalgam fillings are largest source of mercury in sewers and major environment source of Hg

Study identifies DNA changes in major depression, suicide

CBS News: "How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?"

I'm printing up a a fake press pass tomorrow

Reuters is looking for mobile journalists


***August Photo Contest Theme Poll***

Practice makes perfect....(dial up warning)

It's August in Bayern. Time for (dial-up warning!)

A shameless plug for clothing and gear for pro-RKBA Democrats

Gun Control advocate, moves in with a pro-gun family for 30 days "FULL VIDEO LINK HERE"

Mayor Fenty...Get ready, cause, here it comes....

Florida - Take your gun to work, UPDATE

Unique law lets police seize guns before a crime is committed (CT)

Signs of life found inside rock salt

Military's Social Science Grants Raise Alarm

Still another step toward Molecular Nanotechnology


Chimpanzee Beats Human Memory Genius in Memorization Competition

Does anyone do mini quiches? Muffin sized quiche. If so, please share.

Take a break, [email protected]@K at my Germany pix

Where's Joe today?

George Forman (or other indoor) grills.. the good, the bad, the ugly???

Orissa tribals come to UK to protest mining in their sacred hills (India)

Lambeth bishops air differing views on covenant

Do you benefit spiritually from religions that you do not believe in?

Religious-People-Bashing and Persecution of the Religious; How Big a Problem in America?

Past history of U.S. government aid to Islamist terrorists

You ever get totally schooled? Everyone up here believes in chemtrails

Why are all the scientists dying?

Heads up. Tropical depression formed in Gulf of MX, heading

Webmasters: hot tip time: all know the sitemeter problem?

Problem with my monitor.....

question about GNU 'sort'

some commentary on today's MTP.. .

Former GOP state representative asks Libertarians to drop out of races

crosspost-old fogies for barack

Anybody with a MYDD log in who watched MTP: Go give it to this idot:

in case anyone mistakenly harbors any good feelings about Pickens

Navajos Could Lose Net Access

Local media says we are considering a strike

'65 percent solution' school plan comes to Florida

Many 'failing' schools aren't failing

Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, August 3, 2008

Movie "Swing Vote" gives a nice kick in the a$$ to Americans who aren't paying attention.

Ok. Does anyone here watch Robin Hood on BBC America? *spoilers*

Brett Favre Reinstated, He'll Be In Green Bay At 5:30, "The Packers" Will Greet

Bearding the lions in their den

Don't crashed planes leave wreckage?