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A carrier pigeon just handed me a note telling me to watch the RNC!

A carrier pigeon just handed me a note telling me to watch the RNC!

Mark Udell Speaking right now

God bless the Udalls. The West has had few family friends as true as they.


Do you guys realize that every time the media has set the bar ever higher for Obama he has leaped


I'm Thoroughly Enjoying the Marijuana Plant on MSNBC's Screen

oh SNAP! "McCain spends $500 for his shoes, but we're the ones who pay for his flipflops"

"John McCain may pay hundreds of $ for shoes, but we will pay for his flip-flops..."

John McCain pays hundreds of dollars for his shoes,

Richardson DUzy: John McCain may pay hundreds of dollars for his shoes

Oh snap! Bill Richardson!

Oh snap! Bill Richardson!

"Not where we imagine them to be, but where we KNOW them to be..."

Red Meat Richardson, beard and all

Red Meat Richardson, beard and all

Tim Pawlenty's Bridge To The Future!

Tim Pawlenty's Bridge To The Future!

Bill Richardson - Sec. of State.

On Intrade's VP betting, Romney sinks, Pawlenty surges

McCain's camp is sending out signals on his veep choice

Kaine and Richardson did very well

**Tim Kaine Speaks Next**

Official Tim Pawlenty campaign photo, and t-shirt thread.

The M$M (aka the Censorship Networks) have been saying

The M$M (aka the Censorship Networks) have been saying

did Jennifer Hudson sing yet?

Richardson!!!!! nt

Thank You Governor Richardson - I can NOW Believe

At what time is Barack's Speech

I believe in the content of Barack Obama's character!

I have a great idea!! What does everyone think?

Bless You TIM KAINE!!! Oh my bloody God. He brought in Spanish.

Romney Family Gets Security Sweep

Looks like McCain is picking POW-lenty

Do we know how to throw a party or what?

Woah! Bill Richardson is giving it to them right between the fucking eyes!

Hey....where's the rain? Is it gonna get there soon?

Hey....where's the rain? Is it gonna get there soon?

John McCain May Pay Hundreds Of Dollars For His Shoes But...



The Bar Is Open, Folks! I'm Having A Tropical Drink For Now...

Is CNN retarded??? Richardson comes on.... cut to commercial...




Stevie Wonder on stage now

Wow! Way to go Stevie Wonder!

Tim Kaine just gave a lesson

I think Al Gore is about to throw a jab, then a right cross, and an uppercut at McCain and Repukes.

If the tables were turned would Rove and company have any problem labeling McCain as a poor pilot...

STEVIE. EFFIN'.WONDER! Oh, hell yeah! nt

Freeps claim FOX reports PAWLENTY?

Just Got Home. What's the Schedule Tonight?

You know, this party was a wonderful idea!

A Small Quibble about a phrase in Obama's acceptance speech

"We would NOT have been bogged down in Iraq..."


No way will the republicans be able to top this week. n/t

Regarding McCains same policies as Bush "I believe in recycling but that goes too far"


Signed, sealed, delivered! I love Stevie Wonder!!!!!! nt

Signed, sealed, delivered! I love Stevie Wonder!!!!!! nt

Thank you, Al, for speaking like yourself.

Is this DNC Convention larger than Kerry's was?

I want surprises tonight... I don't want no early releasing of speech

The MAN!!!!

Of course new Executive order is release today.

oK so I'm a little overly excited!

Mischievous Democrats to Celebrate McCain's 72nd Birthday!


Rachel Dancing and Pat in Shades

VP AL GORE taking the stage right now!

Gore- We're borrowing from China to buy fuel from the M.E. to burn

Gore- We're borrowing from China to buy fuel from the M.E. to burn

NYT: Obama Speech to Cite Failures of Bush on the Economy

I beseech all of you!

Just got a text message from Obama campaign.

Is it me, or is Al talking really fast?

I LOVE the musical pun...

fucking A Al

Buchanan trying to look cool in his shades....FAIL!...n/t

Nothing against Durbin, but I would have liked to have seen Gore right before Obama.

Damn. I didn't cry until the end.

Line is reportedly 2 miles long to get into Invesco.

I don't know, I really have mixed feelings......Really, very mixed feelings!!!

I don't know, I really have mixed feelings......Really, very mixed feelings!!!

I don't know, I really have mixed feelings......Really, very mixed feelings!!!

Did you see the shot from the light stands looking into the all that stood in line THANKS

*GASP* OH, NOES! There are EMPTY SEATS in the Mile High Stadium!

President Gore is knocking it outta there!!!!


HAYSTAK ft. OKTAINE Turn This Boat Around...

I've seen every Dem convention starting in 1960. This is like no other. I can't stop crying.

Si Se Puede!

Si Se Puede!

Intrade confirms it is likely Tim Pawlenty for McCain

If I Hear Ya Mo Be There One More Time...

Obama in an hour? What's in between?

How can Faux be controlling the cameras and yet be at a commercial?

Keep your eye on Hutchison.

Keep your eye on Hutchison.

Watching The Crowd -- a mass gathering of ordinary people.

Punch it, Al...

A speech of a life time. Unbelievable I am overwhelmed. A fabulous fabulous speech.

Most Voters Agree - The Democrats Have United Behind Obama!!!

You go, Susan!

OK< i'm finally gonna tell you my Obama story from the night he clinched in St. Paul

President Eisenhower's grand-kid up!

President Eisenhower's grand-kid up!

"I believe in recycling, but this is ridiculous" - Gore on McCain!!

Schedule so everyone can follow along.

Schedule so everyone can follow along.

Want the audio to music or speeches from the Convention???? AWESOME SITE!!!

Tim "Potatoe" Pawlenty?

Tim "Potatoe" Pawlenty?

Look at all of the patriotic Dems! Generally speaking - we are awesome!

Look at all of the patriotic Dems! Generally speaking - we are awesome!

YAY! Signed, Sealed, Delivered!!!!!!

Miracles happen: CNN's actually showing the Susan Eisenhower speech

Michael McDonald is channeling Ray Charles right now..

Brokaw over and under

Brokaw over and under

Pass the Rumor Fox and CNN are Un-Patriotic


VP Joe Biden on STAGE

Bill Clinton's Speech

President Obama's Cabinet

Biden shows up!!!!

Biden speaking again!


This is historical and we are making it happen. You and I!!!

I'm just about done with MSNBC for good

Partial Obama Speech

Biden bidding for the Common Man Tonight

BREAKING NEWS! McCain Announces A New Platform

Roy Gross, Truck Driver/Teamster is a great speaker! He should run for office

Freepers Underwhelmed At Rumors of Pawlenty Veep Pick

Why the fuck did I change the channel from C-SPAN to MSNBC?

"Working-class families were doing well in Detroit, until the Bush administration took office...

RedState: McCain picks Pawlenty

Has Al Gore lost a lot of weight?

This Is An Awakening

Mile High Stadium chanting Yes We Can! YEs We Can!

Overheard Today... (And Why This Might Just Be Working)

The Dem Backdrop/stage/platform doesn't look Grecian to me

The Dem Backdrop/stage/platform doesn't look Grecian to me

MSNBC loves to spoil everything.


General Fig Newton? Seriously?

"Not ascribing it to you Tom"

Wow, I really like this Joe Biden guy.

Biden Seems Even More Buttoned Up Tonight

Holy shit there's enough Brass to Start Our Own Army

The Union man speaking (ROY GROSS) was VERY well spoken

I LOVE earth Wind and fire

Hey mods, in the spirit of the evening, un-tombstone the PUMAs.....

I know you don't want to know what they're saying on FNC, but this is just hilarious.

Where online can I watch Obama's speech? What time is it?

Tom Brokaw is a fucking ass

Spoiler: Text of Obama's Acceptance Speech

Al Gore for EPA Administrator?

Not clicking on any speech threads.

THANK YOU, C-SPAN for not censoring the Democratic convention

What happened to the columns? I don't even see them?

I love Janet Lynne Monaco.

These citizen speeches ARE the red meat.

Our Pamela just kicked their Debra's butt!

Welcome to the Party, Pamela Cash-Roper!

"We need a president that puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney!" Sweet!! n/t

"Barney Smith before Smith Barney" -- AWESOME n/t

"I can't afford 4 more years of this...I can't do it...I can't do it"

Best line yet! Put Barney Smith in front of Smith Barney~

"You need a President who puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney"

Barney! Barney! Barney!

Barney! Barney! Barney!

Why the hell is KO reading Obama's speech before he even gave it?

So cool: Barney Smith before Smith Barney (by Barny Smith)


Barney Smith before Smith Barney

Barney Smith, before Smith-Barney!!! I love it!

Barney Smith is my God

Jimmy: McCain "Milking every possible drop of advantage [ of being a POW]"

These Citizens Testifying For Obama Are OUTSTANDING!

These Citizens Testifying For Obama Are OUTSTANDING!

You guys see that Man in section 538 with the HUGE FLAG!

GO SKINNER! Has ANYONE Noticed That We ARE NOT at DEFCON Levels! The Servers ROCK!

You need a President that puts Barney Smith

Brilliant - the condemnations come from American workers telling their stories!


"We need a President who puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney!"

Americans Are Taking Their Country Back


Born In the USA!

Up now at Mile High: Regular Americans speak out for Obama


Yahoo has a uninterupted convention link, if you can't access c-span

Oh Zing Barney Smith!

I am FINALLY proud to be an American again....

Wish I could get high.

Talking to kids about this historic moment.....

Michael McDonald--he's a dem, who knew?

"Hello...I'm Pam from Pittsboro, NC"

Anyone know a place just with audio for the demo convention?

Shoutout for Ms. Cash-Roper. Fellow North Carolinian (from the great

They're channeling 1968

The ex-Republican nurse just won us this election


What a great succession of speakers, regular people who all did awesome

What a great succession of speakers, regular people who all did awesome

Everytime the C-SPAN camera pans over the stadium I'm floored

WP: McCain campaign having trouble filling seats for VP announcement rally tomorrow

What did Brokaw say on MSBNC please?

You won't see David Brooks dissing the 'politicians'

Bill Richardson for something!

Obama's acceptance speech word cloud

The moran snuck into Mile High "Wisconson Badgers." n/t

I refuse to shed a tear for Al Gore and what might have been...

I refuse to shed a tear for Al Gore and what might have been...

McCain Ad: letters "H - A - N - G" shown over Obama's Head

Just Out Of Curiosity I Just Visited Drudge And He's Already Posted Barack's Complete Speech......nt

They are parsing a speech that has not been given yet!! Talk about stealing the wind

Lennon....... shit...... John Lennon Power to the people.

Susan Eisenhower is an excellent speaker!

Susan Eisenhower is an excellent speaker!

How can the republican convention possibly compete with this?



MSNBC open thread•••••••••••••

This is just amazing - REAL people, REAL problems -- this is America! nt

DemConvention people: If you read DU, I have a request -

Pics of Shawn Johnson and Al Gore


Barney Smith before Smith-Barney!

Barney Smith before Smith-Barney!

I love these everyday people speaking. It takes guts to speak to a crowd like that!

Over 90,000 will be in Mile High to hear Obama per CNN. Thousands still outside waiting to

This is the best Dem convention I've ever seen.

Power to the People!

Power to the People!

WOW. That's a lot of people

Where are the limousine liberals? Anyone?

If nothing else our music sure kicks the shit out of the pukes

Wonder what Karl ROve is thinking right now?

Ok, when Pat Buchanan says Obama has a great speech lined up...

Wow - they just showed a wide shot of the stadium - all those people

Pawlenty is given a 75% chance of being the VP on intrade right now

Si se puede! Si se puede!

Barney Smith before Smith Barney!

I'll admit it--I had to look up who or what Smith Barney was...

Glen Beck on wearing "Typical White Person that Clings to Guns and Religion" T-Shirt!

Folks, there are MORE than 75,000 people there.....

Michelle is STUNNING!

15 minute tissue/bathroom warning....

Pamela for Something!!!!

Thank you Sen Durbin

caption joe

He literally FILLED the ENTIRE stadium.

LOL! Huckabee Says He’s Not Going To Ohio For VP Announcement

The Repubs will try to SCARE their base. Listen to the FEAR-mongering

This is the anti-1968

Here we go!!!

Obama is not a celebrity - the movement is because we the people want our country back!

DOWN! with McCan't !!!!

Just look at how happy and enthusiastic Dick Durbin is

I have to believe that people are good. And good people will elect a good man.

They DemoncRATS are a' chantin in MEXICAN!!

Excellent Choice for a Narrarator

Hundreds in Times Square watching Obama!!

My stepdaughter is chanting "yes we can/si se puede" and blowing kisses to pictures of Obama.

can somebody start a thread

OK Done Blogging for the next 45 minutes! Time to concentrate! See ya on the flip!


** 15 MINUTES TO HISTORY ** .... Is this beautiful to watch, or what?

I wish the people pulling the MST3K in front of the big screen

I'm feeling a bond with all of you that I've never felt before...

I'm feeling a bond with all of you that I've never felt before...

Mile High Music > Pepsi Center Music, big time.


I think I will be sick tomorrow...I am staying up and blogging with you all all night tonight

I think I will be sick tomorrow...I am staying up and blogging with you all all night tonight

Voice sounds familiar...who is narrating this great Obama film? NT

If Sean Hannity were to get a haircut and an enema, would there be anyting left?

Gen Wes CLark is up!

There has never been that many people at a political convention.

MSNBC quote just now:

Are the major networks going to cover it?

Did anyone see Susan Eisenhower speak - she's is absolutely stunning!

Biden schmoozing with the "ordinary American" speakers.

Do you think there will be fireworks after Obama's speech?

Pass the tissue, please.

Barack is one of US, yes he is. He makes me proud, very proud.

Pillars of Democracy

Pillars of Democracy

Sad story on just now.

Sad story on just now.

Here we go!!!!!!!!!

The Man of the Hour has come out and the EARTH STOOD STILL...

Wow...Barack's mother was a real looker... n/t

Freepers heads are exploding. "He has a white mother?" Ha, ha, ha.

Congrats to Obama campaign - this event is spectacular

Just talked to my Repuke friend

Thank you, Barack Obama

Is the narrator the Ketchup guy?



My God this MAN is amazing.........Thank you for giving him to us.


Is Jill wearing the Michelle Gap dress? I think she is--how cool is that?! nt

CNN, MSNBC disrespectful to military

the girls are beautiful

preemptive tissues, get them now.

Shit! He hasn't spoken a word and I'm crying!

Okay everyone Jangle Your Keys at 3... 2.... 1

you can't fake that smile


"Next week the party that brought you two terms of Bush & Cheney will ask you for a third"

Haha! Why didn't I think of that?

I'm not ready to take a 10 percent chance on change!

Obama Is America

I don't know about you but I'm not ready to take a 10% chance for change

eight is enough!

They are not whiners, They work hard,they give back,and they don't complain.

Sits on its hands!!! You know he wanted say with its thumb up its ass.

savor every moment, folks, we are privileged to bear witness to history.

Watching Obama's Profile, I can only keep thinking: Barack Obama Is a Beautiful Human Being

Thank you Phil Gramm and John McSame for your dumb statements.

Most Voters Say the Democratic Party is United Behind Obama

Most Voters Say the Democratic Party is United Behind Obama

"To Chairman Dean"... I like the start of that...

How can you not freaking love this ticket??? nt

"What does it say about your judgment if you think Bush has been right 90% of the time?

The gloves are coming off.

Awesome video. Just perfect. nt

Time for them to OWN their FAILURE!!!!!!

"It's time for them to OWN their failure!"

"It's time for them to OWN their failure!"

"It's time for them to own their failure!"

Trickle Down / Ownership Society means "You're on your own"

Ownership Society means you're on your own. Great line!!!!!

Gee no Columns in Barackolopolis?

Gee no Columns in Barackolopolis?

8 is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

"John McCain doesn't get it!"

Crazy're they going to do the balloon drop?

Crazy're they going to do the balloon drop?

This is the part where Barack kicks McCondo in the nutsack.

This is the part where Barack kicks McCondo in the nutsack.

God LOVES Obama. He denied the "prayers for rain" from the Molock Xtians. Ha. Take that!!! n/t

Contrast tonight against what the RNC will look like next week.


Barrack knows.

CUT TAXES! Yeah! Put those LIES to rest!

Michelle's dress is BEAUTIFUL!

YOYO: "You're On Your Own" Barack just said it and I've believed for years

I like my steak bloody rare.....

WE'RE GOING TO THE MOON! He's going to get us OFF OIL!!!!

"It's time for them to own their failure."


Who's house is this?

It's official. 2008 DNC kicked ass.

Obama just made McCain look like a petty, insignificant weasel with one line

"I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons"

Here's how we're gonna pay for this

Barack just nailed this game!

"I will cut taxes for 95% of all working families"



McLame and the politics of greed are toast!!!!

McLame and the politics of greed are toast!!!!

Remember this moment..

My friends.....

McCain must be pooping his Underjamz right about now.

Touchdown Obama!

"The Temperament to be Commander in Chief!"

Temperment!!!! Go get him, Barack!!!

To paraphrase an idiot, John McCain, bring it on!

He won't even follow him to the cave where he lives.

Trash talk about Osama...Fuck you, McCain!

Our Candidate sure IS one heck of a lot better looking than their's!!!

Are people around the world seeing this???

OH SHIT "McCain says he'll follow Osama to the gates of hell"

McCain won't even follow OBL to the cave where he lives!

This is a beautiful speech from an amazing man.

A debate he is ready to have.. Look out republicans

That's the magic: genuine Emphathy not just Sympathy!

Wheeling down the Page and checking out the Subject Lines (you people are beautiful)

Wheeling down the Page and checking out the Subject Lines (you people are beautiful)

He won't even follow him to the cave he lives in...Bush=McSame.

Only the word STATESMAN describes BO

"John McCain stands alone in his stubborn refusal to end a misguided war"

LOL! My dog just got on the couch and started watching the TV

Is it just me...or do the Faux News talking heads...


I can't wait to see John McCain try to give a speech like this...


I'll be surprised to even see John McCain show up in the morning.

I can't wait to see John McCain try to give a speech like this...

"I've got news for you, John McCain..."

"I've got news for you, John McCain..."

Patriotism has no party! Brilliant!

Patriotism has no party! Brilliant!

red meat being served ...

I got honks and waves and a big "Go Obama!" from an older white woman in a Lexus today!

"If you don't have fresh ideas you use stale tactics to scare the voters..."

"If you don't have fresh ideas you use stale tactics to scare the voters..."

I see Lily Ledbetter sitting behind the Biden family...

They have not served a Red America or a Blue America...


Out of the Ballpark

Barack Obama has won the election tonight.

Uh.. he's good. nt


Obama Republicans

"Change to Washington not from Washington".....

He's hitting the guns,gays and abortion hammer of the pukes!

He's hitting the guns,gays and abortion hammer of the pukes!


I'm sad.

I'm sad.


Best place to watch streaming video of this?

WOW! Every line in this speech is a KNOCKOUT!

Nobody does it better...

This my brothers and sisters is such a totally historic moment in time. Obama's kicking McCain's

McSame won't go into a cave

Here Lies the Old Boy Network Politics.

"This election has never been about me. It's about you."

Wow. nt

There is NO traffic at all in my neighborhood



I just made my very first Barack Obama donation for 20.08



This is Obama's best speech ever, and that's saying a lot

Is this really as good as I think it is?

I feel like I need to smoke a cigarette after that...

Obama is absolutely brilliant-he has spoken flawlessly for 30 min

Obama is absolutely brilliant-he has spoken flawlessly for 30 min


Taking on the fear mongering and slimy elections tactics. Sweet

WOWOWOWOWOWOW! He just nailed the whole Patriotism thing

And that's one for the ages

This man is fearless.

The next First Family of the United States of America!!! n/t

Hate Mailbag

I just love'em nt


Let's skip the darn election....

Who is singing this song?

Will you be able to listen to B*sh "speak" ever again?! I DON'T THINK SO!!

EVERY Frustration of the LAST EIGHT YEARS Has Just Been Poured Out By Obama!

That. Ladies and Gentlemen is our next President

That. Ladies and Gentlemen is our next President

Damn, now we're taking country music back from them too.

******************OFFICIAL THREAD FOR OBAMA/BIDEN #1*********

Did you see Jill Biden put her arm around the Barack Girls

My 3-yr-old daughter's a PUMA!

My 3-yr-old daughter's a PUMA!

I am humbled !

How is Barrack's Universal Health Care plan going to work

I like the unity theme of the blue and red in Michelle dress and blue and red

Please tell me someone will have that speech on MP3!!!!

He knows we are gouing to win this! nt

I know you don't want to know what they're saying on FNC, but this is just hilarious.

If Obama brings tonight's fight and sustained intensity to the debates, he'll eviscerate Grampy

Ok folks. Let's go win this thing.

I'm fired up and ready to go!!!

WOW!!!!! Fireworks!

I wasn't crying until right now

How did I never notice how gorgeous his daughters are?

NICE Fireworks NOW!

My almost 88 year Nana just called, "He'll make an excellent president Honey"

McCain is crapping in his depends

And.... Exhale.

Suck on that McBush!!



Sweet holy hell


I'm all in

Can you feel history in the air!

Uh oh he said Temperament. They are going to attack it

This so poignant..the kids are playing on the porch while the parents talk

Brooks and Dunn are gonna be PISSED that the Dems used their song.

Brooks and Dunn are gonna be PISSED that the Dems used their song.

There can be no doubt...

I really wasn't sold

After KKKarl Rove cleans the poop out of his pants, he'll

Someone asked earlier if there were going to be Fireworks...

Corky got it right...

Chris Mathews is crying!

Okay, I just lost it

FNC HAS YET TO TALK!!! They must be in full head explosion mode!!

I can't stop smiling and crying !!!!!!!

Mathews just said on MSNBC

Tweety yells, "YOU OWN YOUR FAILURE!"


Closing music is pure country. SMART, SMART, SMART!

Republicans: YOU'RE ON NOTICE!

I'm struck by how humbled Obama looks. Just now, and when he took the stage.

President Obama:You Rock!

Chris Matthew

If This Were a Fight, They'd Have To Stop It

He really kicked McCain's ass.

I have never been prouder to be an American than right now.

IMO: The Best Part Of All Of This Is That There's A Generation Of Children Watching This....

Much better than balloons

Much better than balloons

Chris Matthews sounds like he's choking up

How many demographics did Obama reach out to tonight? List them here!

I may have to vote for this gentleman. His name is Barack Obama.

Obama's political presence = JFK + MLK

****FULL TEXT of tonight's acceptance speech by Barack Obama****

Tweety: "he inspires me and the hell with my critics"

Tweety: "he inspires me and the hell with my critics"



my only criticism is they need rock and roll music now n/t

Guys this is HISTORY happening RIGHT NOW

Can I have four terms of this man?

And let's close with a COUNTRY tune!!! ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!

I don't think they're going to call him

Let us go forward

Tried to logon and donate and the site says they are having issues!! LOL!

McSame. You've just been served.

We Americans don't deserve him....... but we NEED him

I think we've go the Tweety Bird on our side this year




After the speech, who was the old man on stage talking to Obama? NT

Donations at Obama website are processing very slowly, but still working

After that, is there anyone out there who thinks we can lose? eom

What was the song they were playing at the end?

What song is playing?

With any luck, Presidents of the future will not just LOOK different than they have in the past...

With any luck, Presidents of the future will not just LOOK different than they have in the past...

With any luck, Presidents of the future will not just LOOK different than they have in the past...

Landslide. Tsunami. Volcano. Locusts.

Have you noticed how so many of us are tearing up or openly crying during this convention?

Guys; The Daily Show is kicking republican ass. I know it's hard to turn away,

To the skinny kid with a funny name...

Gergen: "He's growing into the job of being president...

Gergen: "He's growing into the job of being president...

Oh, the Obama Girls and the Biden Granddaughters...




Secret service reported a crowd of 84,000 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NT

Is it even possible that we could go from GEORGE W FUCKING BUSH to Barack H. Obama?

For all the world to hear! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!!!

Fucking Nader

Jill and Michelle are holding hands...

lol what a mom mom

Did anyone hear the lady interviewed on NPR, right after the speech ...?

Did anyone hear the lady interviewed on NPR, right after the speech ...?

And I thought Bill and Hillary's speeches were great....

So, how are they going to drop balloons in a building with no roof?

So, how are they going to drop balloons in a building with no roof?

I checked DirectTV's viewers list

I'm so proud right now I just wanted to tell someone ..

I'm so proud right now I just wanted to tell someone ..

tons of great lines. What was you favorite?

McCain's acceptance speech...

McCain's acceptance speech...

I am sad.


I'm drunk

amen reverend

Why hasn't the MSM cut Obama's feed yet??? GOOD GOD

Well, until the last minute I thought it was a great speech....

It looked great on tv Andrea nt

David Gergen: "It was a symphony.... a masterpiece"

Sometimes politics is deceit and moral squalor and destitution and betrayal of

Sometimes politics is deceit and moral squalor and destitution and betrayal of

Sometimes politics is deceit and moral squalor and destitution and betrayal of

I kept thinking of the speech at the end of The American President

I thought it was really weird that there were virtually no posts about the speech on the main


Deleted dupe nt

I'm sitting here by myself...

How many does that stadium hold and how many are there?

Gergen: "Less A Speech than a SYMPHONY" ----- A M E N !!!!!!

He's DAVE!!! He's going to go through the budget line by line ...

You suppose Bush is getting the message we're sending?

Miracle drug

Gergen loved it! Ha! CNN pundits are all falling over themselves.

Rate Obama's Speech

Holy cow, he's going to take McCain apart in the debates.


I'm all alone tonight - and I just did the wave.!



Andrea useless Mitchell had difficulty expressing her opinion.

Bill Kristol says...Obama met and exceeded expectations.

I love that the Obamas and the Bidens really do seem to genuinely like each other.


Limpballs show tomorrow.

Limpballs show tomorrow.

K&R the people who set the DNC up.

"Are they even planning on having a republican convention?" My 11 year old son;

JFK + Dr. King = Barack Obama. n/t

JFK + Dr. King = Barack Obama. n/t

Brian Williams hit a good note: Tim Russert would have loved this night

After tonight Lumpy McSame has only 3 votes left! bushitler's, dickless's and

Obama can attract 84k while McSame can't give away tickets for 10K?!!!

I'm struck by how humbled Obama looks. Just now, and when he took the stage.

Andrea Mitchell---- Please SHUT UP!!!

Obama online donation website down...

Is it ok if I start a thread for those of us who've just decided to work on Obama's campaign

David Brooks was not wowed.

Two things - Beschloss on PBS thought it was better than Kennedy's speech.


That speech really blew

That speech deserved a $50 donation to his campaign from me. I challenge everyone here to match it

Brokaw just read the Repuke's response and said it was lame

Best speech of DNC Convention 2008 is:

This kind of person comes along once in a lifetime.

What'st the music?

84,000 at MILE HIGH

Obama = JFK, MLK, and Lincoln

Time to Walk the Walk.

Future President Obama accomplished the impossible...

I have one question to ask.....

"(John McCain) won't even follow (Bin Laden) to the cave where he lives.." F*&^g GOLDEN!!!

Tom B. is getting his hat from Todd and Keith

Tom B. is getting his hat from Todd and Keith



Getting It

Wow you should see all the people who came to our watch party - pictures!

Awwwww...David Gregory looked positively ill immediately

KO in response to McCain's response: For their sake, I hope so

No rebuttal from the McCain campaign or the RNC?

Hahaha, KO just said to Chucky, "Analyze this!"...n/t


Did he say "occupy" Iraq?

Admit that it sucked......

I believe it was architected - like the movie 'And Justice for All'

McCain went to bed at 7:30 and missed speech! Damn! (nt)

MSNBC TWEETY is crying!

Did I hear Wolfy Boy Right?

Did I Hear Blitzer Right?

Self Delete....nt

Interesting--the Republicans are still clinging to this whole "Greek Temple" thing...

I just talked to my nephews who are volunteers at the convention

Poor McCain.

What Obama just did to McCain

Top that, RNC. Top that convention. Top that speech.

McCain's response


" can safely say this is unlike any political convention we have ever seen." Gwen and Judy

You know Mrs. Obama, today I am proud of my country, again.

A "symphony" - David Gergen

"I know I've been criticized for saying I'm inspired. To hell with my critics!"

Do me a favor?

How big will the post convention bump be?

I was waiting so long for "ENOUGH!" and " he doesn't know". Perfection.

Holy Carp, even the republican on CNN is giving Obama big, no huge props.

MSNBC Brian Williams is even applauding the speech AND the calling

Anyone Not Moved By Barack's Tonight And His Speech Is Unamerican......nt

Rove accusing Obama of using dirty politics because of his "thin" record.

Panic in the living rooms...

"If you see somebody who you don't know getting into a crop duster

I think Obama gave the best speech he ever has

Anyone watching Fox?

I'm looking for the Barack Speech thread, that occurred as Barack Spoke. Help?

So. Did you think it was a good speech? Go show exactly how much you did.

Obama Nomination Bump: 270++++ EVs.

So did McCain actually run negative ads in some states tonight?

We have just seen a speech from someone who has the HUNGER to be President

Wow! Incandescent rhetoric, rock-solid logic, and starkly-lit contrasts.

Wow! Incandescent rhetoric, rock-solid logic, and starkly-lit contrasts.

Keith is going after AP and Fournier...

McCain Unveils New Energy Plan

KO is redeeming himself by dissing that wire copy that dissed Barack's speech.

KO is flogging AP hit piece. Edited to include link to AP piece...

Poor McCain. Isn't anyone excited to hear his speech?

Tonight is America's night

"If you want to move foward you put your car in (D)emocrat. If you want to go backwards ..."

"If you want to move foward you put your car in (D)emocrat. If you want to go backwards ..."

CHarles Babington, FIND NEW WORK!

Fox is still silent. SPEECHLESS?

Some insight from CSpan callers - very revealing, I think.



GOP dude on CNN: "Whoever was not picked as McCain's VP today...

GOP dude on CNN: "Whoever was not picked as McCain's VP today...


Blasphemer on the C-SPAN phone. Proceeds to tell us what God thinks about Gays.

If I was McCain right now, I'd wish I was Wilford Brimley instead.

Wilfred Brimley will be McCain's VP

A Noun, A Verb, P.O.W.

How did McCain respond? All I read was... My Friends... and

Going down?

A sensible gun policy............OMG what will the NRA say.

Ahhh! Cognitive Dissonance!!

McCain speaks his only shot...

"Its not about me, its about you!"

McCain might want to consider simply conceding

McCain might want to consider simply conceding

Some guy holding a WORLDS WORST PERSONS

My independent father in MI just called me and thanked me for volunteering for Barack...

From Gramps on Faux "news": "Congratulations, Senator Obama."

Not to be funny...but I wonder how the online Freepers are handling

Not to be funny...but I wonder how the online Freepers are handling

The buzz in So. Ohio about McSame's vp is that it's Portman

Proof it was great...I can't list it all

I'll never forget this DNC as long as I live

Rachel gonna be on MSNBC for a bit? Sounds like it

"McCain says he'll follow Osama to the gates of hell...

Pat Buchanan said the speech was MAGNIFICENT.

OMG, Buchanan said that it was an outstanding speech

OMG, Buchanan said that it was an outstanding speech

"It was a generally fantastic speech. It was magnificent. The Greatest Acceptence Speech" Pat Buc

McCain already planning trip to Gulf

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

Wow... I expected dozens of threads started by trolls tonight...

Will the PUMAs... Ever... STFU?

84,000 people outdoors - and our Man is Okay

84,000 people outdoors - and our Man is Okay

The official "Juan Williams is a P.O.S." thread

MSNBC Pat Buchanon just said

I Cannot Wait For Morning Blow Tomorrow to hear Joe Gushing over the Speech


didn't McCain oppose a holiday for MLK?

DESPERATE! McCain Campaign Responds. You'll have to go read it yourself.

McCondo can't make a speech this long without stopping to take a nap first

Fox News reporting no "authorized" VP leak tonight..."in deference to Senator Obama"

Turn to CSPAN to hear the Repuke callers whining!

KO slapped the AP silly!

KO slapped the AP silly!

Obama’s speech being replayed on C-SPAN now

Even Pat Buchanan Loved the Speech!

KO: "We had to stop Pat Buchanan gushing over Obama's speech because of time"

McCain campaign livid over photo just released of McCain watching Obama's historic speech.

McCain campaign livid over photo just released of McCain watching Obama's historic speech.

Michelle Bernard on MSNBC just said this is the "most amazing evening" of her entire life.

Pat Buchanan: "Genuinely outstanding. Magnificent...

Jump! Roll over! Get the ball. Good Democrat. Fetch!

Pat Buchanan: "This is the greatest convention speech, the most important..."

Freeps chime in: 'Rate the Speech': "I'll give it an F- also. I didn't watch it."

Freeps chime in: 'Rate the Speech': "I'll give it an F- also. I didn't watch it."

Just heard on CNN...

McCain is Bob Rumson

Obama said "nuclear proliferation" and he actually said it correctly!

Obama said "nuclear proliferation" and he actually said it correctly!

Did you just see the "I am Obama" commercial - it was

Ambinder - Source: Romney will be in Dayton tomorrow

I think it's safe to say that Colorado is now in our column

Wow! A gracious ad from McCain.

Barack hit a homer, but the game's not over

Jay Leno's monologue : I'm not funny, love McCain and hate Democrats

In all my time I've never heard Chris Matthews on such a high!

Not to be out done and in answer to Obama's "Washington" backdrop, McCain

Faux "McCain isn't authorizing any leaks, but we got a leak and it's gonna be Mitt Romney"

OMFG! MSNBC's Graphics show GREEK COLUMNS. I shit you not

There has never been a political event like this.

Tonight, America Makes History

Tonight, America Makes History

What a fucking patronizing fuck wad

It's ironic that the only way McSame can win is by employing the same strategy.....

"People already have enough opportunity if theyd just try"

Kids will be memorizing parts of Obama's speech tonight.

KPOJ News just said "Better than 84,000 people jammed into Invesco

MSNBC Link to Obama speech It's not Pawlenty

Ok, there may be a God

Hey McCain, there's a new sheriff in town!

Ooops, it was a mistake... he meant he would follow

Tweety said he was a speech writer at one time but he

The "Divided We Fail" ads are annoying me.

can I haz teh obama as president!!!!!

November 4th! We haven't done shit, yet!

I am looking forward to the debates


Teehee.. Tweety said people hate the politics of Karl Rove

Buchanan was a speechwriter, I give him credit for playing it straight

Nice Statement from Hillary re Barack's Speech

McCain to use zombies to fill venues. "They are cheap and don't eat much."

Lieberman or Mittens

Lieberman or Mittens

68 days until election day, DU. Are you ready? I can't wait! nt

“If John McCain wants to have a debate about who has the temperament . . ."

now McCain is going to have to do what he has thus far been loath to do....

Who the fuck is this dweeb on Larry King....

Keith: "We had to stop Pat Buchanan gushing over Obama's speech for the sake of time"

Breaking News: McCain's VP selection calls him back and declines


Our Beautiful First Family

Music for Republican Convention!

Music for Republican Convention!


holy crap who is this McCain dude on Larry King Live

Here's the real Charles Babington...

was bill richardson on fire or what?

I think the real problem for Repubs is this (ranty)

John McCain's... Response.

I Got Chills (Obama's acceptance speech)

I Got Chills (Obama's acceptance speech)

83% of those who saw Hillary speech rate it as excellent/good (Gallup)

On the Obama address from Denver tonight --

Somewhere that @sshole Scarborough is trying to make up some shit

Freeps chime in: 'Rate the Speech': "I'll give it an F- also. I didn't watch it."

I was FUCKING WRONG about "keys"

BREAKING NEWS: John McCain Shits His Diaper

BREAKING NEWS: John McCain Shits His Diaper

Holy Shit, is the whole stadium going to lift off!!!

If I were McCain I would just "give" right now and save the time and money

Great Denver website with quotes from tonight and a few videos.

I have a confession: I've been enjoying Tweety even more than Keith this week

P.O.Dubya P.O. Dubya P.O. Dubya

I'm loving Jesse Jackson on MSNBC. n/t

I'm loving Jesse Jackson on MSNBC. n/t

Highest Frequency Word of Obama's Speech...and link to Full Text.

Hume, Krauthammer and Rove--They looked like they swallowed cyanide.....

August is swiftboat month, they threw their punches and Barack has hit back hard

None of us should have any illusions, the swift boating will start next week

All I can say about that speech is......

Sort of wish Tim Russert was alive to witness this

Sort of wish Tim Russert was alive to witness this

Bill, Hill, Gore, Kerry, Biden, Obama, so many great speeches. Rethugs can top that.

My friends...


My dad said it was the best speech he's ever heard

And didn't our Al Gore look trim, fit and give a grand speech?

I know people dislike Buchanan, Kristol and Scarborough, but.....

The Democratic Alpha Males and Alpha Females


Freep defends McCain against Obama's "Osama cave" remark by saying..sit down kids...MCCAIN WAS A POW

Lowered expectaions. Why are the likes of Billy Kristol and Diva Pat Buchana singing

Just In...Pic Of McCain After Obama's Speech...


Rec this thread if you think tonight is O' Brilliant

I just knelt in front of my teevee....

I just knelt in front of my teevee....


Gergen on CNN thinks there is still a lot of racism

McCain and the repukes starting their convention on Labor day?

Keith!! Why are you spoiling the speech????

Bernstein: "Greatest convention speech since Kennedy."

Is JJ drunk or does he have marbles in his mouth?

Which Republican would you like for VP? (aka who weakens McCain the most)

Which Republican would you like for VP? (aka who weakens McCain the most)

BREAKING: John McCain ON THE PHONE With Obama!

Tomorrow we do battle. But tonight...

Tomorrow we do battle. But tonight...

Our Party is much more impressive than theirs these days

Our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters!

No Such Thing as Clean Coal, Barack... and Nuclear?

David Gergen basically said after the democrats convention the republicans are fucked

David Gergen basically said after the democrats convention the republicans are fucked


Own the national security issue

How do you get a word cloud of Obama's speech?


I can't think of another person that could have accomplished what Obama did tonight in that speech.

Rachel back on after the break

Any guy that give a speech like that HAS more than enuf' experience for me.

Time to get to work!

I hope we can have an even bigger party on election night at Soldier Field in Chicago

Next week all you'll hear is hate and division, we bring way more than that

I hope a lot of repubics were watching tonight

Keith exposing AP bias. Go get them Keith

Keith exposing AP bias. Go get them Keith

Was Hillary Supporter (not PUMA) wasn't excited 'bout Barack

I need a link to Obama's speech!

Some expert want to explain this to me....can McLame accept any money after 9/1? And...

[email protected]

Gore Speech Word Cloud - Change, Hope, Barack, Experience....

haha, Tweety brought up McCain's "prickly" interview with Time Magazine

Floyd Little

Obama's speech has me ON FIRE!!!

Pat Buchanan on the speech: "Magnificent"

Is this comparison of Obama/McCain tax increases/decreases accurate?

If you have C-SPAN, use it!

Bon soir mes DU amis,

Have you heard some of of those calls on C-span?


Republican Convention to use "artificial intelligence" crowd generation software

I have never been prouder to have been born in America

LOL. Obama's Donation site seems to be down

No stupid flip flops, no stupid band aides. This is how ADULTS and respected people act


What is going on? Sharpton "Live" on both MSNBC and TV One

Can anyone log on to Obama's site to log on to donate?

PHOTOS! A Night We'll Never Forget


Pat Buchanan LOVED the speech!!

I'm looking out my hotel room window at Invesco...

The RNC will put on the Prisoner of War Convention, bet on it....

Prepare for the slap in the face tomorrow. The RW media machine

And, so, my fellow DUers...plans for next week? Are you going to watch,

"Hello? Hello, John? Something has come up, I can't make Dayton tomorrow."

What was the symphonic musical theme after the speech?

Barack Obama just gave one of the best speeches I've ever seen and I am DAMN PROUD of him


What is going on with these C-Span callers.

A few questions about campaign finance and a delayed Republican convention.

Was It Me Or Did Anybody Else Think The Reverend That Gave Tonights Benediction Looked Like.......

Forget McCain, I can't wait til the half-wit has to speak on Monday.

Tim "my wife won't have sex with me" Pawlenty

Hell is freezing over. mark Halperin on PBS said the speech was a slam dunk.

This was one hell of a good night to be a Democrat.

I see Ben's Stein's face, and I wonder if it's possible to reach inside a TV and smack someone

So... when's this prayed-for deluge supposed to hit?

REPORT: McCain to travel to "undisclosed location" to re-work RNC speech following Obama's speech...

McCain camp: GOP convention might be delayed if Gustav hits

Know thy Enemy!!!

oh you guys must be kidding me?

Predict the Bounce

Dear Repugs,

Babington wrote piece before Obama's speech was finished

McCain's acceptance speech Word-Cloud!!!

McCain's acceptance speech Word-Cloud!!!

I hate that I missed the speech was it and where can I find it? n/t

My mother is 88, and says this is the best political speech

Watching it again right now on MSNBC. Durbin intro.

Who knows anything about Rep. Portman from Ohio?

Fineman "RNC to be low key" frankly 'cause they can't beat DNC

Anyone else's heart breaking wide open

Does anyone even CARE who McCain picks for VP? Not a SINGLE comment on it on the cable news

Mathews and KO are both absolutely GIDDY tonight...

A shout-out to CSPAN coverage.

Halperin grades Obama: A+

Republicans May POSTPONE Convention !! (this is not a joke post ! )

What happened to the voter registration part of the speech?

What happened to the voter registration part of the speech?

My first pro-Obama post

MSNBC Chuck Todd just said

Fineman: GOPNC will feature short speeches and lots of video narrated by Robert Duval

I am fighting a monster of a headache, but I can't tear myself away from DU or the TV

I had a thread the other day that said, "Guys.... the Obama people are smart"

MSNBC: CM - Could their secret weapon be Tim Pawlenty?

MSNBC: CM - Could their secret weapon be Tim Pawlenty?

Keith just ripped the AP writeup of the speech

Get FREE "Vote Obama" Sticker from HRC

KO just read Charles Babbington review of Barack's speech

Side note - did anyone else feel like listening to Al Gore raised our IQs

Don't you feel high from hearing so much intelligence

The key word at Fox tonight was spectacle as in Johnny, stop



Mark Halperin ranks Obama's speech as an A+. Says: "Worlds better than revelatory 04 convention".

I just read Babbington's piece expecting the worst but it was not that much

Sharpton made a good point. People need to Make SURE they are registered

Obama needs our donations, even if $10 or $20.

KO says the Repubs are thinking of delaying their Convention.

Dear Barack's mama, you done good.

CNN poll: "Will You Vote for Barack Obama?" Larry King just said to go vote online. nt

Tomorrow is payday! Can we still contribute to HRC?

Tomorrow is payday! Can we still contribute to HRC?

Howard Dean, I love you

Am I the only one who noticed that the backdrop of the speech

Rock the Vote: Register to vote online here

Rock the Vote: Register to vote online here

McCain can't fill 10K seats, and he's Neck and Neck with Obama? How can they keep the farce going?

I heard there was some kind of speech tonight?

It's one hour later. What is McCain doing?

Dean Cain on Larry King sounds like an idiot

What about our Fireworks Y'all? Aren't we just Awesome!

I have never seen Joe Biden happier...

Any idea of what it costs to delay an entire convention for a day? 2? 4?

Would it be too rude of Obama to campaign in Minnesota during the Republican convention?

Recent, excellent picture of Tim Pawlenty here.

If its Mittens. Thanks for NC and VA

If its Mittens. Thanks for NC and VA

The AP already has an article written for McCain's speech too!!!

Taegen Goddard: Best Political Speech Ever- "an honor to witness it"

Dammit, DU...

News Flash to America - This is the real thing.

Please DU right here: Will you vote for Barack Obama?

OK. Donate to Obama. He needs our money.

Howard Dean deserves some of the credit for tonight's success.

Mark my words: "Temperament" is the gauntlet thrown down.

Obama's one of my peeps.

McCain campaign cites articles debunking their lies as refuting Obama!

Nevermind; don't recommend this one, lol.

Anyone have the picture of the RNC stage at their convention?


Sullivan : 'I am "deeply ashamed of my own misjudgments"

As a young American I offer my own reflection of tonights event

Is that Dean Cain on LKL?

Is that Dean Cain on LKL?

Would McSame be smarter not to announce tomorrow and, instead

McCain to give acceptance speech from one of those bamboo POW cages....

Attack me... but his 2004 keynote is still untouchable as his finest

My one big disappointment with this convention.

As someone in another post mentioned, WE SAW HISTORY tonight - let that sink in...


cnn just now starting repeat of obama's speech. n/t

Onion: "Obama Modifies 'Yes We Can' Message To Exclude Area Loser"

Priceless video of Pat Buchanan raving in praise of Obama's speech

Prediction: Starting tomorrow conservatives will follow Pat Buchanan or move to Barr

What a time to be this country...

The numbers missed something: there were 85,001 people in that crowd tonight.

K, I'm gonna try to get some sleep now. But remember--if you think THIS feels good...

Pundits and Haters Have to Eat Shit as Dem Convention Goes Off PERFECTLY


I think Pat Buchanan has a slight man crush on Barack Obama.

WTF Fox played the Obama film just now and they are now replaying the Obama speech.

Tropical storm may rain on GOP convention

Ann Dunham, wherever you are, THANK YOU

Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator and Obama's speech tonight.

Ok, I was on call tonight and busy, I missed the entire thing, what happened?

Obama should just go on campaigning like nothing happened...

MSM asks: Can McCain do what he needs to do? Can he convince the voters?

BOOKMARK THIS! I don't care what anyone else says. I know who will be McCain's Running Mate

Has McCain picked Pawlenty? Or ...

That was the best speech I've ever heard

I just wrote a $200 check to Obama for America

OK, thinking about it and watching replays...


Was this the best convention you can remember?

why is there so little mention of Cheney in this campaign?

"Daddy, is he the first black-skinned President?"

Roger Simon: "Obama's speech soared, then came back to earth. . back to earth on John McCain's head"

Replay on MSNBC - NOW!

Yo!...Freepers and trolls..

What was your favorite part of Obama's speech tonight?

Wouldn't it be funny if Barack had walked up to the podium and repeated ...

Thanks to the gentleman who gave away two tickets to me and my friend

After tonight, this picture is even funnier.

footage of john mccain (LEFT) and his pal responding to the tough questions

Is Jesse Jackson drunk? His speech is slurred and he doesn't sound right

The Transcript

Joel Surnow, How do You Feel Now?

I wrote the best DU post that anyone has ever written -- TRIBUTE

Pawlenty Promises CEOs ‘Contact With Influential Gov’t Officials (Cabinet, President, Next President

"A nation of whiners..."

Obama supporter knifed on Market Street

McCain's campaign is so hapless.... Example inside

More beautiful the second time

Rate the Democratic Convention.

Chuck Todd: McCain Camp Speechless

Can you imagine how the Bidens are feeling about now?

Obama's team is sending me duplicate emails.

Two best lines at the DNC tonight:

Have they been able to give out those 10,000 seats for tomorrow yet?....

So McMaverick wants to delay the GOP convention...

"I've got news for you John McCain..."

Over a thousand people tonight at the showbox theater in Seattle for the speech.

Over a thousand people tonight at the showbox theater in Seattle for the speech.

I just emailed Focus on the Family and thanked them for their prayers of rain.

The moment before a historical event.

Obama has vision. The pundits, McCain and them.....

Obama has vision. The pundits, McCain and them.....


"Change Does Not Come From Washington, Change Must Come To Washington"

Oops! Dupe

Converting the inconvertible?

Fucking BRAVO Al Gore! Bravo!

Fucking BRAVO Al Gore! Bravo!

WOW....Fox news says it's Romney at the Rally Tomorrow!!!!!

Experience versus Judgment: All Dems should arm themselves for a fierce ARGUMENT

Sarah Palin?

What would be the practical impact of rescheduling a convention?

Why Obama is > than McCain

Part of your duty in electing Obama should include complaining to the Associated Press RIGHT NOW!

And BTW, I'd vote for any of my pets assholes, or a dog catcher, before bush-shit or McSame.

Mark Halperin gives Barack Obama an A+

Have y'all seen the front page with Mitt?

Senator Obama

I love Joe Biden...

Senator Barack Obama, I believe in you.

McCane should be looking for a Dark Mare VP....Gov Linda Lingle Hawaii

It's finally great to see an acceptance speech with some piss n' vinegar.

No complacency, please

I want inaugural tickets now........please remember me

Special Delivery for America: One Great Man, One Great President

Michelle Bernard watched it in the green room and wept alone

Report from Denver, final day of the convention, part 1

One For The Ages

Reality check: 84,000 attend Obama speech/ Population of South Ossetia 70,000


Alright people - Obama and Dean and Clinton and Biden and Kerry did their parts

I know people who could and would love to pick fruits and veggies for $50 an hour!!!!

Look at this poll.

Blogging from Denver - Final Convention Day

Did I hear this right? McSame has an auditorium for 18K people, but can only fill 10K?

Joey the Scab is falling all over himself

that shit Wee-willie Geist on Joey

But but but he didn't mention 9/11 in his speech

Wow! Great Obama Speech Comments on Fox!?!

The Democratic ticket gives me hope that these past few

I watched Obama's speech with 60 other people at an inn on top of a mountain

Palin as McCaint's

MSNBC "gets it"

"I think someone may have put some Obama-koolaid into my water here. I thought it was great."

MSNBC: Tiny Tim will NOT be the VP choice...

Did mcpow run his "response ad" last night?

Did mcpow run his "response ad" last night?

I have to say this. I am VERY concerned

Funny, I don't hear the loud chatter that was expected about the VP announcement.

MSNBC reporting not Pawlenty

Report from Denver, final convention night, part 2

I think the 1st minute of this video would make a KILLER ad for Obama.. KILLER

BREAKING MSNBC: Now Saying It's NOT Pawlenty. Calling it a deception of the McCain Campaign.

MSNBC ALSO saying it's not Palin

MSNBC ALSO saying it's not Palin

Amazing photos of Mile High Stadium!

Please DU this poll! It is a Hampton Roads, VA poll about the speech

Keith reading an unkind commentary by Charles Babbington of the AP

Kay Bailey Hutchison must have turned McCain down for VP offer

So now all of the sudden the economy is in a rebound YEAH RIGHT!!!!

AM McClown Veep Speculation

OMG Keith just mentioned that there was a clip in the WaPo bout RNC being delayed

OMG Keith just mentioned that there was a clip in the WaPo bout RNC being delayed

MSNBC: Romney with 'star power' and ability to succeed? International experience?!

Remember when Jimi Hendrix opened for The Monkees?

Does Anybody Know The Title Of The Music Played After Barack's Speech When The Families Took The ...

Axelrod: He's(mccain) Been Living Off the Fumes of 2000

Fox says not Romney

It ain't POWlenty. He won't be in Dayton..."was honored to be considered."

Finally. We've nominated a candidate who'll fight for it!!!! I dedicate this song to Obama.

Surrounded by columns vs. Standing on our flag



I am a link in the chain tonight

plugged in my crystal ball, and....... it's BUFFY! (I mean, Mittens)

Joe Scar: She's only been a governor for 1 1/2 years?

FYI: Wes Clark coming up next on MSNBC.

Isn't Sarah Palin under investigation?

MSNBC- can not believe it would be Palin


OMG!! McCain picked TINA FEY as his VP

Meet the REAL Sarah Palin

Hooo boy. Joe S. "It sounds like a Harriet Miers selection...."

Suddenly, Joe Scar is a believer. Not buyin' it, Joe.

OMG...We are within $400.00 of meeting the fundraising goal by conventions end

Who Is Going To Watch The republika Convention?

Has LIEberman been eliminated yet?

Gallup poll shows a 6 point bounce

McCains suprise VP...ROBIN MEADE......its his only hope

MSNBC- now thinking it has to be Ridge

Reptilian convention may be postponed if Gustav hits Gulfcoast

Pawlenty out, per AP

Palin Is Being Investigated

Barney! Barney! Barney!

Who was the dumbass that though "Let's hold the RNC convention right after the DNC"

can we win without Michigan?

Happy Birthday McGhoul

It's the reckless adventurism of the last 8 years that has breed the world's current crisis mode...

Another 1 to 2 percent for Obama..if we can get them....

Another 1 to 2 percent for Obama..if we can get them....

I'm so happy for Joe Biden

If it's Ridge, Biden was an even smarter choice than we thought

Can you imagine * saying "inextricably?"

DU9598 emailed this message: Republican Podium

So Who Has The Secret Service Been Dispatched To Protect?.....

So Who Has The Secret Service Been Dispatched To Protect?.....

lol. MSNBC background music-

World recovering from Bush hangover with Obama remedy

WOW! David Brooks just wrote a piece about last night that proves the Repubs are in full panic.

WOW! David Brooks just wrote a piece about last night that proves the Repubs are in full panic.

So will McCain trade one blank stare for another?

How can the Palin selection be viewed as anything but cynical and manipulative?

Anyone hear that Republican on MSNBC who said Pat Buchanan's 1992 speech killed Bush's chances?

THE Speech By Which ALL SPEECHES Will Now Be Measured!

It's amazing how many VP candidates are dropping out after last night's speech

MSNBC- now saying 'not Ridge'

Whoever wrinkly McHouses picks it doesn't matter

The Zeitgeist Cometh and All the Old Metaphors Will Fail.

Scarborough & Buchanan are busy this morning

McCain to Mystery VP Candidate: Come join me on the Titanic!

What about CRIST???

So, what is the new language of political discourse we are seeing

Joe Biden in 007

Palin unveiling US Quarter in Alaska today and she is confirmed in Alaska NOW.

You know, at some point, he's simply not going to be able to keep topping himself.


Peggy Noonan is so stupid!

Peggy Noonan is so stupid!

McCunt's next wifey?

Wait a minute....... I thought McCain already chose his VP

Noonan, "everyone is sick in their world'

Andrea Mitchell said they are having a "GOP Talent Show"

US election: Billboards of US soldiers cancelled in host city of Republican convention

The R ticket will be Flip and Flop....

Kay Bailey Hutchinson then?

BEST LINE: "It is time for them to own their failure!"

It's Palin. Here is some background on what she is being investigated on

PLEASE let it be Palin

How sure are we that is Palin?

Bush-Cheney know its over at this point. The shredding machines will be on 24/7 for next 4mths

PHOTOS: THE OBAMAS on the stage last night in Denver. A beautiful family.

Is John McCain now taking applications to be veep?

John McCain, on our security, in this nation

John McCain, on our security, in this nation

Own the national security issue

Own the national security issue

Andrea Mitchell: "I thought the rhetoric was beautiful"... (Obama speech)

peggy noonan, Obama speech a 'floppolini'

Is McSame throwing the election?

could it be... 9-11, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11....

The ship is sinking the rats are leaving, RNC Day one cancelled, Arnold staying in Cali, Pawlenty NO

Great photo, re: Fox News

Rove on FOX selling Palin, McCain about to take Kamikaze flight with Big Oil VP Choice

This will happen, the GOP convention will be delayed. Last thing McCain wants is a split screen of

Look at the list of Monday's scheduled speakers at the Lipstick on a Pig Convention:

Lynne Cheney surprise pick for VP

Rate the 2008 Democratic Convention!

Peggy Noonan = Joke

If it were Palin, McCain would have to drop the inexperience thing against Obama

Great speech, great crowd, great candidate

Why it won't be Palin

We should swamp McCain with applications for the $50/hr. lettuce picking jobs

Caption Joebama

I know, it's GUSTAV!!

Anybody think Bloomberg is a possibility?

Morning Joe Now Is Really Sounding Like A Psycho.....

Guy on Morning Joe says Repug Tom Tom's saying Lieberman

MSNBC: Romney and Pawlenty out of the mix

Are we sure it's not Tom Ridge?

If it's not Mittsy, I predict the GOOP is giving up the ghost...

It's Chet Edwards!

Picture from GD of McCain and Palin ...

Did Last Night REALLY Happen?

If it is LIEberman there WILL be a riot at the reTHUG convention

John McCain will announce his Vice-Presidential pick TODAY!!!

ABC confirms Palin in AK.... Joe S " "Lieberman is the LAST MAN STANDING"

McCain's communications chief on CBS: "McCain Will Choose from the Heart"

It's Cheney!! Show me where there is a term limit for VICE president.

Jill Biden

Andrea Mitchell "Condi Rice is tight and brittle" :) eom

If McCain is going with his heart, then his VP choice will be...

Bloomberg- Obama's Speech Lures Some Fence-Sitters as Others Await McCain

Bloomberg- Obama's Speech Lures Some Fence-Sitters as Others Await McCain

Who here has plans to watch the Republican Convention?

The "Vogue Palin" is a photoshop, per its creator! Link:

It's Ridge.

McCain campaign succeeding in keeping the news cycle ON them this morning.

Congratulations, McCain

OMG - James Dobson prayed for rain today to wash out Obama's speech?

OK you Democrats. Ante up!!!!

OK you Democrats. Ante up!!!!

Drudge Is A F-Ing Joke

Every cable news show is being played . . .

IMO, Cheney has pulled the plug on McSame.

ALERT: Hell hath frozen over.

McCain's ONLY chance of winning is to steal Pennsylvania from the Dems.

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 46 (+1), McCaint 43 (-1). Obama's biggest lead since July. Favorables up.

And what about Barney Smith?!

That's it. It's Lindsey Graham.

And McCain's Veep Choice DEFINITELY is........

Response to complaint about Ayers Ad

Palin selling off on intrade - Ridge moving up

I think we might be in trouble.

Happy birthday, John McCain! I think we Dems can continue our unity and steely resolve

Harwood on CNBC: It's Palin

McCain's event is in Dayton and I feel bad not having

Say it Ain't So, Joe...

*Breaking* McCain advisor wearing hula hoops in her ears

Dobson prayed rain God responded HURRICANE

Mika calling out McCain campaign.

We should start a message for the media...

Next time, the Republicans are going to nominate an evangelical

I think he may still not know

Joe Scarborough's reaction tomorrow morning to the speech - repaired

I Just Got The Call - But I Turned Him Down.....

Synopsis of last night's operations (Denver Post)

Its Mittens.

Breaking McCain campaign staffers working through the night

FUCK McCain's VEEP. Let's talk about OBAMA's speech last night!!

haha... people with "McCain hearts NAFTA" signs behind Kelly o Donnell

God's Wrath Scuttles GOP Convention

Meet McCain's VP choice: PEGGY NOONAN

Meet McCain's VP choice: PEGGY NOONAN

Jeb B*sh? (muses Joe)

This just in Quayle is on his way to Dayton

Now Morning Joe Is Gushing Over - Who? - Jeb Bush......nt

Now Morning Joe Is Gushing Over - Who? - Jeb Bush......nt

Does anyone ever think to call the Printers in the AREA to find out Who's NAME is next to McCain's?

Does the Veep have to be alive?

One Crook went to Jail, McCains's running for prez

The first thing McTaint mentioned in his reply to Obama last night was drilling.

It's John McCain's birthday (flashback)

I know . . . a TV poll, but how about a little love for this one?

cspan sucks too!!!

cspan sucks too!!!

It's Palin. It's Mitt. It's Ridge. It's Lieberman. Who gives a shit?


CSPAN replaying Obama acceptance speech right now. (10 AM Eastern) n/t

NPR/BBC this morning had some Repig living in the UK trashing Obama..

Post here if you've been Vetted to be McCain's VP choice

Peggy Noonan saying Barack's speech was a flop, on Morn Joe now. unfrigging

It's all about the always is with the Republicans.

C-Span replaying Obama's speech now.

I'm ready for Biden's money line at the debate with Gov. Palin..

I'm ready for Biden's money line at the debate with Gov. Palin..

Anybody have a link to that flight tracking web site?

John McCain picks Alaska Gov., source says

Palin enroute?

Are the cable news channels showing clips of Obama attacking mcstupid in the speech?

This picture needs to be plastered all over today

No riots in Denver

"Dan Quayle in a pantsuit"

I dont know if you should be laughing at a Palin VP bid-

"doors open at 9AM" for McCain Rally ... where's the camera? the live shot?

Another source also hearing Palin

The repukes just blunted their only attack weapon- experience

Speech Appealed to Swing Voters

Speech Appealed to Swing Voters

3 hours is not worth 85 days of being characterized as liars. MSNBC

Q. What's harder to find tonight than a republican with Veep credentials?

Q. What's harder to find tonight than a republican with Veep credentials?

What about Jeb Bush? Nobody has been talking about him.

MSNBC says it is not Romney, per Chuck Todd, he is not going to Dayton. nt

CNBC Reported that McCain Chose AK Gov. Sarah Palin

Biden vs Palin in a debate


Best Moniker For John McCain

With Palin, is McCreepy looking to trade in Cindy for a younger model?

Want to know that I think? (McCain VP)

So It's Working - The Media Vultures Are Salivating Over McCain's VP Selection And.....

Wanna get Skinner off your back? Get that damned banner off the top of this page?


McCain - Palin. Old and Cold.

DNC Convention was like Ravel's Bolero

Bill Kristol Compliments Obama Speech, Suffers Possible Career-Threatening Injury

Its Toonces..... He just landed

Its Toonces..... He just landed

Happy Birthday, John McCain thread.

Epic FAILin.

They are so sly.... those McSame people

Allright DUers dissect this, airport arrivals into Dayton

With Palin, McSame negates his central argument and grasps for straws.

With Palin, McSame negates his central argument and grasps for straws.

Is there anyone from Alaska who is familiar with Palin?

Why the Palin pick could be the gift that keeps on giving to the Democrats

do we really think the Republican base can deal with a woman in Oval Office?

do we really think the Republican base can deal with a woman in Oval Office?

Must Read from Time's Joe Klein: Obama's Speech 'Very Tough'

McCain Veep Rally at "The NUTTER Center"??!!!

Glad to see the panic has started up again


Paging Nurse Palin. Paging Nurse Palin.

Hey GOP - you want to make it Palin? As Bush would say "Bring it on"

Stars over the moon about Obama's speech

Do you realize that if it's McCain/Lieberman that it'll be the first

ON THE ISSUES--Gov. Sarah Palin


Attempting a real question about Palin! Any info/experience with how she speaks?


If it is Palin doesn't that bring 2 issues to the fore?

Isn't Palin under investigation?

Can you imagine if Obama picked someone under investigation?

Predicting John McCain Is Like Predicting The Weather .....

Digby Offers Some Concise Post-Speech Analysis....

Peggy Noonan's Editorial today - WSJ

Let's see if I got this: An elderly man with a memory disorder and recurring

This is the owner of the aircraft from Alaska:

Stay out of motor vehicles, Cindy. If you were to be disfigured in a car crash ...

Will the VP BS today cause a media backlash against McCain?

Could Palin be a cover?

So the GOP's big VP publicity stunt is a disinformation campaign?

darkhorse... Fred Thompson - up to 16% on intrade

Looks like Cindy will be using that prenup a little sooner than she planned.

If she's pro-choice, repukes will stay home. If she's anti-choice, she won't get dem. women.

Thanks For The Buzzkill AGAIN. Rove Wanted Focus OFF Obama & DU'ers Oblige

Thanks For The Buzzkill AGAIN. Rove Wanted Focus OFF Obama & DU'ers Oblige

Hey, Obama had a speech last

OMG -- Joe Scarborough:

The Roman Column Thing Blew Up in Obama's Face

What about Jeb Bush?Nobody has been talking about him.

Gov. Sarah Palin ? - Investigation dogs Alaska governor

Polls indicate that 87% of Rs already back Mccain

Polls indicate that 87% of Rs already back Mccain

Palin is a snotty faced heap of parrot droppings.

Predicting John McCain Is Like Predicting The Weather .....

So with Palin, McCain is saying that if he croaks 30 days in, that she's the most qualified...

McCain picking Palin is saying "please don't attack us!"

to Cokie Roberts: can Palin take her vacations in Alaska?

Sarah Palin: Ready on Day 2,428

Rob Portman of Ohio will be McCain's VP.

ABC News: Palin in Alaska, Not Ohio

Oh, NOES!!!!!!!!!!! Vice President Barbie!!!!!!!!!

Oh, NOES!!!!!!!!!!! Vice President Barbie!!!!!!!!!

Post here your favorite DNC movement

McOnTheVergeOfCroaking has now made his age a MASSIVE issue


I think it's going to be Rob Portman

Faux is saying it's a "Done Deal" for Palin...

Fixed News announced it is OFFICIALLY Palin from McCondo Campaign senior

Palin advantgage: She only has ONE house (pic):

Have you Forgiven Jesse Jackson?

Fox News confirms Palin is the pick nt

FixedNews reports that is Sarah Palin, former high school basketball player.

This was the McCain pick that scared me the most.

McCain's VP pick proves that he is 100% on board for Change!

Take this quick vote

McCain chooses Palin, an ex-Beauty Queen, as VP?

McCain chooses Palin, an ex-Beauty Queen, as VP?

McCain chooses Palin, an ex-Beauty Queen, as VP?

Does Palin have the ability to lead this country .... should old man Mccain kick the bucket?

CBS Confirms: Palin in VP Choice




Do you know anyone who is EXCITED to vote for McSame?

Palin takes away the GOP's "not ready" argument

Breaking News McCain just announced It's Palin for his vp

He likes 'em younger

Carl Cameron is borderline orgasmic on Faux

FREE McCain poster

Ummm... does McCain not WANT to be President? Because this choice tells me he isn't even trying!!

Jeebus, it really doesn't matter who mcpow chooses to co-pilot his 6th plane crash.

My ultra-republican classmate lashes out on my Facebook page!

NBC is confirming it's Palin

MCCAIN Campaign Materials LEAKED!!!

Caption this picture of McCain (LOL!)

Positive talk from Morning Joe

I think the entire MSM is about to have a collective orgasm...

Live Palin coverage on all nets


Biden vs Palin -- she better not play the "girl" card!

BREAKING:Fox News confirms Palin as McCain VP choice

With Palin as his VP candidate, what happens to McCain's" EXPERIENCE" selling point against Obama/Biden?

Jesus Christ

CNN saying it IS PALIN.

CNN poll

Isn't McCain about 5 days too late fto pick a woman?

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Dem Convention -- Day 4: The Mile-High Milestone (Mary Lyon)

Palin Pick = GOP will focus on Abortion and Traditional Values

It's pretty simple, really. McCain is trying to prove that he's a maverick.

Why are some people so uptight about Palin?...I wasn't expecting a sort of Spanish Inquisition.

This Pick Will Be Compared To Dan Quayle

Remember the Quayle-Bensten debate in 1988?

Remember the Quayle-Bensten debate in 1988?

Doesn't this news neutralize PUMAs?

McCain now cannot attack Obama for his 'lack of experience'.

"whoever didn't get picked for Republican VP today may be a lucky Republican."

Barracuda vs. Barack O-Balla

Is McCain going to be blackmailed with the propaganda he made?

Wikipedia on Palin investigation:

VP Debate: Biden vs Palin

We Picked The Right Guy. Give It Up For Obama!

So if McCain neutralizes his lone issue against Obama by picking Palin, what does he have left?



Could Sarah Palin be a worthy Miss Buffalo Chip?

Here's the question the GOP has been dealing with:

Not qualified. No gravitas.

CNBC Talking About palin Being Investigated

Don't underestimate this choice. They are going to bill her as a soccer ball mom

Cindy McCain does not like this pick....

It's Official: Joe & Pat now have a man crush on Obama.

If it is Palin, watch for news -

Doesn't this make the "he's not ready to be President" point moot?

Hey McCain, In Alaska you don't lose your girlfriend, you just lose your place in line..

Dan Quayle in heels. n/t

So... McCain wasn't REALLY concerned with "experience" and being "ready to lead"?

CNN Breaking: Alaska Gov. Palin is McCain's VP pick

Look at all those Protesters in Dayton.

LOL - ABC News Headline: McCain Taps Alaska Gov. Palin...

I've just figured out the McCain campaign strategy

Someone who has the ability please photoshop

Consider this - Republicans are use to keeping their VPs hidden away out of site

If it is Palin. This is one hypothetical we need to ask: "How would you feel if

Palin has been gov of one of the least populous state for 2 years and she is ready to be President?

Up Next...Lieberman files sexual discrimination lawsuit agnist John McCain

Auditing FOX for kicks.

It IS palin

FLASHBACK: Palin praises...Obama?

MCCAIN MAKES HISTORY! America's First Stepford VP!

NBC: confirms it's PALIN.

WTF is John McCain thinking?! He just lost the election!

WTF is John McCain thinking?! He just lost the election!

It isn't about women and it isn't about middle of the road voters.

McCain picked Palin for one reason (and it's a stupid one at that):

McCondo and His Grand-daughter on the Same Ticket! It's HISTORY!!

"I really don't know that mych about her"

I think Palin is scary. Don't underestimate her.

You will never forget this night for the rest of your lives.....

The POW and WOW ticket... so much for the "experience" meme

“I can’t believe a guy that handsome wouldn’t have some impact.”

Widipedia - Palin's pre-governor political experience (it's a hoot).

McCain & Palin - The Rookie Ticket




Beauty (Queen) and the Beast

Julius Caesar on TMC....

The election is now focused on experience and compentence /nt

McCain is seriously after the Buffalo Chip crown(d)

Bwhahahaha... "SARAH Palin" - One heartbeat away from the presidency.

Has any noticed that the clapping smilie shouts O BA MA? Read it's lips:

There is NOTHING "from the heart" about choosing Palin,

Are the republicans ready for a Female VP?

Ted "Criminal" Stevens Endorses Palin for Governor (VIDEO)

Mark my words, we need to be careful with Palin.

Time to tie the Beauty Contestant in with this

Irresponsible and selfish for McCain to pick Palin

Since Rove was pushing for Palin I'm putting my tinfoil hat on

Would you vote for Palin for President? Or would you pick someone else?

ha...MSNBC keeps showing caption "Palin under state investigation", but haven't mentioned it yet

Call Uhaul and reserve a truck for a one way trip from Chicago to DC

GI John and Miss Congeniality (Yes, she really did win Miss Congeniality)

So let me understand this,...

If it is Palin

Palin was Mayor of a town of 3000 just 2 years ago

Oh no!! McCondo just won Alaska!! We're DOOMED!!

So willl someone break out the photos of the Miss Alaska Swimsuit Competition?

Embarrassing Sarah Palin beauty contest photo!

I like the fact that Obama had it at Mile High because there is no doubt on crowd size

McCondo is SOOOO Screwed if it's Palin!!!!!

CNN: The McCain VP Promotion team ...

With selection of Palin McCain has now forfeitted the "inexperience" line

How many picks said "no"?

Picking Palin is insulting to women

Freepers having orgasms!

BREAKING; McCain-Palin Official Campaign poster just out

The two staunch republicans in my office on the Palin pick

My personal reaction to McCain's selection of Palin as VP (in smiley form)

I feared a Kay baily pick Palin just makes me giggle.

Will the media go soft on Palin....

Thank you, Senator McClueless!

So I guess resumes don't matter all of a sudden. n/t

Still Nursing Mother? Big Difference Between Corporate Executive & Vice President of USA

Great Palin talking point for Fundies

It's the Tits and Ass ticket!

I don't think it's Palin. Here's why: If it is:

McCain/Palin, Republican Convention = Spinal Tap and Puppet Show nt.

what about economic creds?

The WORST part of the Palin pick is it marks the first time that Bill Kristol is right...


McCain Failin' 08 nt

McCain did what Obama wisely did not.

Self Delete (dupe)

BREAKING: Kay Bailey Hutchison to file age discrimination lawsuit against John McCain.

To be honest....I really don't give a fuck who McAsshole picks. I'm pretty damn happy today.

The Fiscal Conservative Cartoon

I think that what this says is that Obama's pick of Joe Biden made the

Palin is a decoy. McCain picks Paris Hilton. "I like her energy policy!"

I wonder what history's FIRST Female VP nominee thinks about this.

Skinner's got it right... "Dan Quayle in a dress!"


Kaye B Hutcherson, just compared Palin to Obama Calling her a change AGENT WTF

Palin is an idiotic pick

Listening to the Lionel radio show...he just said

1968: Spiro Who? 2008: Sarah Who?

So what does this choice mean to the election in Virginia? /nt

i don't know if i'll make it thru the rnc convention

Looking forward to Hillary's reaction to this

They're obviously planning to steal the election.

Don't any Republicans know how to behave around open microphones?

How pissed are white male republicans right now?? HAHAHA!!

Hit this poll now!

Sarah Palin is now under an ethics probe investigation

We need to throw McCain a 72nd birthday party NOW to stress how important this young VP is!

Ya gotta love this picture of McCain's pick.. she looks a little nutso... is she under investigation

Thank you puma!

"DESPERATE" - that's the frame for the Palin pick

Palin??? I just checked my calendar, and to my surprise, it is NOT April 1

Pot Smoking, Journalism Degree Holding, Beauty Queen Runner Up

How long until McSame dumps CIndy to bang Sarah?

CNN Poll -- (boy, that was quick)

BREAKING: McCain gets off on beauty pageant queens

How do you think the Clintons feel about the Palin pick?

Where Does Palin Stand On The Issues?

Hutchison says she's sure McCain asked Palin if she's up to the job.

How much do you wanna bet they have Palin cut her hair shorter, to look more like Hillary

Senile old men are supposed to pinch cute nursing home nurses on the butt

John McCain picked Sarah Palin for the same reasons he picked Cindy McCain.

Can we all agree that in his first major decision as commander in chief McCain blew it?

Where the hell is Mitch McConnell today?

If he wanted a female, why didn't he choose Kay Bailey Hutchinson?

I still haven't found my glasses from last night, but CNN seems to have Mary Lou Retton on its page

So, apparently Palin is under investigation. Is there a Republican who isn't?

this feminist thinks it is DISGUSTING that he chose Palin!

Would anyone be even remotely concerned about Palin as a pick had she been a man?

McCain just picked Andy of Mayberry for VP.

Palin Could Be Britney Spears

Can we tamp down the sexism a little?

Obama Spokesman: All she did was raise taxes as a part time mayor of 3000

Isn't Palin taller than McCain? That should be a funny picture

The Beauty Queens in McCain's life

Please, let's not mock civic minded beauty queens, shall we?

Most of the freeps seem to be happy, BUT there's at least one truth-teller in their midst

McSame: Hawaii vs. Alaska

McSame: Hawaii vs. Alaska

Now that McCain has picked a woman, all Obama needs to do is this:

Now that McCain has picked a woman, all Obama needs to do is this:

You know the MSM is going to try and drive the wedge with Clinton supporters

With Palin as McCain's pick, Democrats get to focus on (updated)

Palin: "Just what exactly does the VP do on a day to day basis? I'm used to being very productive" is the RNC going to be delayed ???

They are going to try to sell McCain/Palin as the reform ticket.

Congratulations, McPageant, you grabbed the headlines today.

Congratulations, McPageant, you grabbed the headlines today.

Palin's going to make McCain look ancient side-by-side. (pic)

Quick History of Palin from Wikipedia

Biden vs. Palin debates = Varsity vs. JV scrimmage

Palin circles the wagons: Transparency a casualty

A War-Time Vice-President? --- On Foreign Policy -- "No issue stance yet reported"

they cannot claim this is historic

Obama showed the fundamental difference between the parties tonight...

Sarah Palin = Harriet Meyers ?

Check out this OP from Alaska last month: "Palin owes public an explanation"

Folks..The 2008 Election Is Over

I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers...what is it exactly that the V.P. does

Sarah Palin, ready on day one..

Sarah Palin, ready on day one..

Andrea Mitchell is full of shit

McCain's pick is about winning... Obama's pick is about GOVERNING

Has McCain suggested that Palin go to Iraq?

Makes Dan Quayle look like a qualified and stellar pick, doesn't it?

Gee, I dunno--I think the Palin pick is okay

The happiest man in America today is...

Karl Rove on Faux News right now talking about the pick - "I think it's brilliant!"

Hillary set the bar really high for women who aspire to President or VP. Does anyone really think

Has the cable news media turned into an "adult" version of Gossip Girl?

Has the cable news media turned into an "adult" version of Gossip Girl?

So how does Biden handle Palin in their debate?

Andrew Sullivan: Obama "the most lethal and remarkable Democratic figure since John F Kennedy."

Here is the distressing thing about Palin

Let's Look At the Facts

That's it...PALIN is IT!

Something I noticed in the Palin bio...

Something I noticed in the Palin bio...

lol..Chuck Todd said that Palin's "ethics charge" will be given a pass

Harriet Miers for VP!!!

So the 72 year old man with a history of cancer picks a VP with no experience.

"Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton"

Biden question for Palin in the Debates

Did McHundred clear the Palin pick with his wife and his mistress?

McSame really thinks women are that stupid, doesnt he?

OK, Who want's to have a beer with Sarah Palin

Alaska: The "Welfare Queen" Republicans don't want to admit...

GAME OVER!!! Palin??????????

"I know Hillary Clinton, and Sara Palin is no Hillary Clinton"

Some insight from McCain's comments in 1988 on the Quayle VP pick:

I think we may be underestimating the Palin pick...

Meet McCain's Alter-ovaries.....Up close & personal

Obama needs a response out NOW.

never mind.

Attention Sarah: The right to choose is the protection for your or any woman's choice

Picking Palin is a Bold Move

Picking Palin is a Bold Move

So I guess I can retire all my bookmarked threads on the following two subjects:

CNN Spins HARD "People vote for the President, NOT the Veep, Dukakis is PROOF of that"!!

Be Honest....Did You Really Know Anything About Palin....

I Think We Just Won The Election

"I know Hillary Clinton, and Sarah palin is NO Hillary Clinton!"

Would you abandon your infant son, with Down Syndrome, to run for VP?

McCain rally on CSpan....***I see white people***


So...they pick a 44-year-old first-termer to be one heartbeat away?

Most republicans in my office don't know squat about Palin

Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

So, I wonder what Gerry Ferraro has to say?

So, I wonder what Gerry Ferraro has to say?

In honor of McCain's choice for VP, here's an EPIC FAIL thread.

Standoff with Police as Iraq Vets Demand to Meet with Obama Campaign

Marianne Williamson: I'm not gonna vote with my vagina

Why does the RNC and John McCain want to destroy Sarah Palin's political future?

Why does the RNC and John McCain want to destroy Sarah Palin's political future?

Why Not Carly?

My take: Palin pick shows GOP knows this is Dole 1996 all over again

He selected an UNQUALIFIED woman simply because she's a Republican.

Just had an interesting conversation with a rethug

Wasserman-Schultz: "Sarah Palin is inexperienced, unethical, and wrong on all the issues."

Five kids: Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, Trigg. Guess Barack is an ordinary name now.

Palin= The Mayor of Alaska

Freeps celebrate Palin selection by posting photo of her holding a fish and proclaiming "IT'S HER!"

Have to agree with Chuck T on Kay Bailey Hutcheson's strained support for McCain's VP pick.

Regarding Palin, a poll just for DUers who have smoked pot:

Clyburn Equates Palin With Quayle as VP Pick

Xpost. Obama equivocates on Second Amendment while Biden aggressively anti-2nd

Mcbush is taking huge gamble with Palin...

Mcbush is taking huge gamble with Palin...

I'd rather have a man who supports

the one person who benefits from Palin being on the ticket? Ted Stevens

It's Tom Ridge: Read the Tea LEAVES!!

Hmm...How will the Democrats frame the Palin choice without offending Hillary voters?

Those people in Dayton are for the band. Thats the only way McCain could get he supporters

DU this poll re: palin

I guess Katherine Harris wasn't interested in the job. n/t

Am looking forward to a Hillary Clinton statement on McCain VP pick.

Wasserman-Schultz: Palin is no Hillary; blasts Palin as colossally bad judgment by McCain

I think PUMAs wanted a *WOMAN* In the WH, not a girl...

Am looking forward to a Hillary Clinton statement on McCain's VP pick.

Breaking....McSame Has Forgot Who He Has Picked 4

I Would Imagine That The Republican Notion That Just ANY-OLD Woman Will Work....

Chuck Todd -- McCain love craps...and this is the roll of the dice.

The Pilsbury Dough Boy and the Beauty Queen

Come, on let's say it now: SHE'S NOT TESTED AND SHE'S NOT READY

On Palin, for women

This is the time for Hillary to make a very significant impact on history

If McCain disagrees with his V-P will he call her a "trollup" or a "c--?"

Hey Swamp Rat!!!!!!! Can you break out a Northen Exposure/McCain thing?

Hey Swamp Rat!!!!!!! Can you break out a Northen Exposure/McCain thing?

Delawareans talk about the time they met Joe - we all have met Joe in Delaware

Hillary's role has now grown exponentially

What will Geraldine Ferraro say?

I'm a lumberjack...

Hillary's marching orders should be: attack, attack, attack Palin

Wasserman-Schultz-"...I know Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton."

"Governor, you're no Hillary Clinton!"

Obama thought about who could step in to be president. McCain is playing games.

Obama thought about who could step in to be president. McCain is playing games.

Andrea Mitchell: Biden vs. Palin reminds me of Lazio vs. Hillary in NYS Senate debate

For all the nervous handwringers on Palin:

Was Palin the only Republican left after last night willing to run with McCain? (seriously)

Was Palin the only Republican left after last night willing to run with McCain? (seriously)

The bottom BOTTOM line on Palin: McSame KNEW that he has NO chance whatsoever, so

Kos: Palin's a creationist

Background on Sarah Palin's "Troopergate" scandal, from the WSJ 7/31/08

No "L"'s allowed in the GOP: Its McCain / PAIN n/t

Has Condi Rice been completely ruled out?

Make no mistake: Palin is dangerous...

Frame: How Biden could treat the Palin choice


McTaint's pick is the equivalent of the ol' "Hey look I got a black friend so there" mentality.

is that KISS playing on the live feed of the McCain veep rally?

McCain/Palin sounds like

Larry Kudlow: Obama didn't connect with the working class

National Journal On Sarah Palin

What do you know? We now have Bush/Quayle '08

Uh, editorial coward of the Washington Compost....

It comes down to this, mccain voted on bush policies over 95% of the time

Another good thing about Palin: She keeps Hillary in the limelight

Not a novel observation, but Palin is a worse pick than Quayle

The concern trolls are quickly filling up the headlines in GDP.

Why all these threads about Michael Palin?

Give me your best Obama vs. McCain comparison sheets

reTHUG HACK BArtiromo shilling for Palin

So is this why McCain keeps on focusing on Drilling?

"aye agree with everything Palin has done,i just of heard of her a few minutes ago" caller on Cspan.

They're parading high school cheerleaders on the stage? ROFL

Jim Clyburn: VP pick could be as embarrassing as Dan Quayle

Why not Kay Bailey Hutchinson or even ... Condi?!

I think one of the real questions is"will women see themselves in Palin?"

Minnesota Dems welcome RNC delegates with McCain embracing Bush ad

Palin to be honored by Phyllis Schlafly, Michele Bachmann, Gary Bauer, Tony Perkins at RNC reception

McCain/Palin - The Ticket to Nowhere!

We need Hillary. Now.

Someone on the Steph show opined "McCain & Palin is like ..

Fox: "Sarah Palin Seen as GOP Rising Star"

Has Sarah Palin been to Iraq?

Now I'm Convinced - The Repugs Are Throwing This Election......

Sarah Palin made the choice to have a child she knew would have Down's Syndrome

VPILF website!

What's with the pentagram pendent?

ALERT, ALERT, ALERT. The talking points were EXACTLY the same last week concerning Palin.

(House Majority Whip) Clyburn says Palin is 'risky,' could be a disaster

Take Palin Seriously! Don't panic, but there we have to fight her like any other VP pick....

I can't wait to hear what Rachel Maddow has to say about this.

Rob Portman...

Palin must be a POW too? I mean why else?

Obama picked the most qualified person for the job in Biden. McCain did not.

As an Alaska resident.. my thoughts on Sarah Palin..

Sarah Palin Named America’s Hottest Lego Governor

Classic Hail Mary Pass...

WWVS? -- What Would Vicki (Iseman) Say?

It's the "Please Don't Hurt Me!" Victim Ticket, the POW, and the Lady.. better be NICE, folks!

Another Ted Stevens!

Just remember that for 4 years Joe Biden was a mother AND a father to his 2 boys

Palin Praised Obama's Energy Plan in April

Will McCain/ Palin be as effective a ticket as Mondale/Ferraro?

So PALIN is supposed to be ready to be Commander in Chief?!?

I guess McCain had no other choice

Break out the old A Heartbeat Away graphic

McCain's VP pick is a huge insult to the intelligence of women

McCain's VP pick is a huge insult to the intelligence of women

"smoked marijuana when it was legal in Alaska, but didn't like it..."

Would McBush have picked Palin if she was a man?

Does anyone else think that Tina Fey would make a good Sarah Palin on SNL?

Best I can do on short notice

Washington Post's Cilliza: McCain's pick will refinforce his image as a "reformer"

Do you think ANYONE will buy John Friggin' McCain as a feminist trailblazer?

What will Hillary say about Palin?

Breaking: Romney & Huckabee Respond To McCain's VP Pick

guys, relax. mccains banking on a diversion. this isnt going to help him.

How are the fundies going to feel about Palin? How are the paleocons going to feel?

Need help: Photos of Sandra Bullock from Miss Congeniality vs. Palin

The Palin pick just shows the difference between Dem & Republican voters.

Palin makes McCain's AGE a LEGITIMATE issue in November

Mental Patient...I mean Freeper calling into CSpan...

I don't think we should write Alaska off just yet

Stop the AP bias - contact them to cover McCain too!

Bridge to Nowhere - Candidacy to nowhere.

I'm going to quote Arrested Development on this one...

Mods - losts of posts from Freeperville & Fox "News" today. Can we get "ignore" back?

Rove has stolen the news cycle with the announcement


Welcome McBush's potential VP pick: Sarah Palin

I just woke up 20 minutes ago to learn of McCain's VP pick

I don't understand the critiques. A rugged individualist! From Alaska! I LIKE Palin!

What Palin had to say about the VP job

Rove planned this so Hillary won't run in 2016

McCain Voted No To Violence Against Women Act-Which Biden Wrote. Palin's Wife-Beating Brother in Law

Guess McSame meant it when he said recently at townhall meeting, role of VP was to 'attend funerals'

How dare anyone question Sarah Palin's executive experience?

Howard Wolfson uses Palin to smack Obama over Hillary

I guess this should now read "Experience?"

Faux News Spin: By Obama dissing Palin, he is actually dissing all small town values...

Palin has no experience

Interesting Palin post from FreeRepublic.

1 year as a mayor of a small town. 2 years as Governor of tiny (population) state. That's it

Do you think Rush Dumbaugh will ever admit that "Operation Chaos" was a total failure?

Nice photo slide show from Der Spiegel of Obama's speech nt (sehr gut!)

Governor Sarah Palin Has What It Takes To Be The Next Dick Cheney

Strike a pose!

Josh Marshall on Palin


Like everything the pukes have touched, the very exercise of democracy, i.e. the election itself, is

Palin at a glance. For Democrats. Please add new findings!

This Is Not A Sarah Palin Thread

McCain: "Sarah Palin is not a trollop"

Sarah Palin: "Protecting polar bears gets in way of drilling for oil"

As McCain's Birthday Gift to us he gives us...

Sarah Palin has no idea what the vice president does, needs someone to explain it to her

Wow, I'm just speechless. Palin? Even the pundits are speechless.

Palin 2008 = Agnew 1968

A War-Time Vice President?

My wet dream about Palin...

Not that it matters, but what is her position on ANWR?

Not that it matters, but what is her position on ANWR?

They're parading high school cheerleaders on the stage? ROFL

Remember that "nice guy" ad that McCain put out yesterday...

Please don't underestimate McCain/Palin...

Palin is a lot like Cheney, really, in that

Obama Campaign Reactions: Inexperience A "Heartbeat Away"

Clinton is going to Eviserate Palin!!

Sarah Palin = MSM's new bone to chew!

Timing how long it takes for the "my friends.."

"I can't answer that until someone answers for me: What is it, exactly, the VP does every day?"

Dayton Rally ..... a must see! .... Oh stop it Where is Dr. Joel?

She's like an attractive female Huckabee minus experience

Palin pick shows McCain needed to shore up his base . . .

Sarah Palin topless?

What makes Sarah Palin qualified to be President if McCain doesn't make it?

Can Palin fill Dick Cheney's shoes?

Does this pick remind anybody else of the rationale for choosing Dan Quayle??

They keep saying "she's a reformer." What has she reformed?

"Thanks for reminding me" LOL WTF is he talking about?

Here's an old photo of Palin!

McCain imitates Obama to throw off VP selection guesses

To Skinner and DU: Let's get this board's attention back on Obama

FANTASTIC quote from FiveThirtyEight

McCain's pick is an INSULT to women all over the country

The Rude Pundit's take on last night....(breakout the broadswords)

I Have An Article From Feb. 2008, Alaska magazine,

Sooo, it's not only Repug men who can be anti-choice, gun nut, whack jobs. Who knew?

Sooo, it's not only Repug men who can be anti-choice, gun nut, whack jobs. Who knew?

Someone who's stopped the Gov't from wasting taxpayers money? Really?

McCain HAD to pick Palin...

Aren't there a lot of repubs who won't vote for a female VP?

OMG: He is running for office with his GRAND-DAUGHTER!!!

McCain READING his speech... remind you of anyone?

This pick reminds me of Fred Thompson

OMG! It's another Admiral Stockdale moment....

OMG i've been picked to go see Barack on Sunday...

Mccain, look at us, not your speech.


John McCake

Who the Hell is Sarah Palin?

PALIN: Not even finished with first gubernatorial term and already under investigation.

"not Value Privlidges over responsibilities"....

Is this election already decided?

Did you find yourself smiling when you woke up this morning?

Obama wants to be surrounded by the smartest people in the room.

did the PUMA myth wind up fooling McCondo???

I want Obama's 2012 convention held in Kansas

McCondo is looking alot like W.Bush* as he introduces her...

McCondo is looking alot like W.Bush* as he introduces her...

Reactions to Obama's acceptance speech. (Pic heavy)

Look at all those empty seats!

My father, from Arkansas, called me laughing to tell me that McCain has cheerleaders on stage..

Ummm, John. You were supposed to pick a VP, not your next trophy wife. VP, not first lady...

McCain just picked a TROPHY VP

Rudy Rudy Rudy

Isn't McCain worried that Palin might cull him from the pack, kill him, eat him, wear his fur?

Palin needs to go on a hunt with Cheney to find out about VP duties.

Wow this is the lamest Introduction to a VP candidate in History!!!!!!!!

A 3 AM - is she going to be able to tell

See you guys, Mccains not sexist

So there's John and his blonde wife, and blond daughter...

Obama and Joe on palin

McCain just DESTROYED a key point of Obama's acceptance speech

New Poll: Michelle Obama viewed more favourably than Cindy McCain

New Poll: Michelle Obama viewed more favourably than Cindy McCain

Palin in July: "What it is exactly that the Vice President does everyday?"

Jerry Goldsmith is rolling over in his grave ...

Our superb qualified women should be our first responders

Creationist? Rapidly Anti Choice? A Foreign Policy Zero? "Guv'nor, you're no Hillary Clinton"

McCain will pass average male life expectancy in 19 months

LOL What a fifth rate campaign rally!

LOL What a fifth rate campaign rally!

Will they try to make Joe Biden a sexist?

The pudits say Obama's speech was a master piece

she makes Quayle sound like Winston Churchill!

OOOh... he is a world champion snow machine racer!

ROFL "Mrs. McCain"

ROFL "Mrs. McCain"

I THINK McCain just BLEW that line!!!!

Why Is McCain Blinking "SOS" While She's Speaking?

john mccain - the feminist

McCain campaign announces "meet and greet" to show off Sarah Palin's major qualification:

Snow Machine Racer? ......

Snow Machine Racer? ......

Short Bio from Wiki about Palin. She has LOW education level

The temper argument against McCain is a winning one? Anyone who saw Hutchison

Palin: "We're sending our kid to die in Iraq, and we're so proud!"


Since She's So Attractive, Wonder When The "rumors" Will Start?

RW view of women is expressed at its best in choice of Palin

The choice of Biden looks so much better today. Experience and judgement /nt

Bounce, bounce, bounce!!!!! Obama's super convention lead over McBush

What does Sarah Palin stand for?

15,000 people? I call bullshit

Mccain just listed "high school point guard" as one of her qualifications

What kind of judgment leads you to pick a VP choice who is under INVESTIGATION for a scandal at home

Point guard and the PTA. She spent 5 days in a water dunking cage during Alaska days...

wow look at that giant flag pin!

LOL Rush is trying to claim she's more qualified than Obama

What Does Palin Think About McCain's Voting No To Biden's Violence Against Women Act?

Obama shocked and awed...

Sarah Palin, attack dog... Bring it ON.

Man arrested in slashing of Obama campaigner

Secret Transcript: Overheard From The Bush, Sr. and McCain Golfcart Ride

Secret Transcript: Overheard From The Bush, Sr. and McCain Golfcart Ride

They did this so we won't be able to tell how much of Obama's

she wears glasses to detract from her looks...

Is it just me...or is McCain's Palin VP choice INCREDIBLY transparent...?

Geraldine Quayle

"Women's Suffrage"? Yes McCain just said that.

So her big experience on judgment is she thought the Bridge to Nowhere was a bad idea?

McCain finally found his $50 an hour American lettuce picker.

McCain finally found his $50 an hour American lettuce picker.

Her oldest son is in the Army...they're trying their damndest to

Looking forward to the polls and electoral maps over the next few days. Could

I want to know about how she protected the Moose from Al Queda!!!

I want to know about how she protected the Moose from Al Queda!!!

Andrea Mitchell: "She (Palin) can hit him (Biden) with her family values".

Andrea Mitchell: "She (Palin) can hit him (Biden) with her family values".

She stood up to the oil companies?

Just what is Sarah Palin's connection to Olive Garden?

Palin's burden is a unique one.

"My husband is environmentally destructive, both professionally and recreationally"

Rush and Hannity might love her...but Dr. Laura will not. Working moms = HUGE NONO!

I'm betting this LOWERS McPOW in the Polls - You?

Palin Hilton?

Meet Miss Wasilla - (Miss Alaska Photo from 1984)

When the camera zooms out, you see a LOT of empty seats.

Four Brief Points

Did she only introduce her husband and sons and skip over her daughters?

If you were in charge of media for the Obama campaign what kind of ad would you produce re: Palin?

Someone please tell Palin to quit clapping into the damn microphone!

I bet Palin bakes cookies too.

The Obama/Biden campaign is in VERY good hands.

She does have relevant experience

Did she just say "nukular" ???

Does anyone think she may have been picked

McCain has a trophy wife, and now a trophy VP.

"Sarah Barracuda"

Who narrated the Obama video?

Skipper McCain now has his MaryAnne

McGaffe - Failing '08, the greatest gaffe machine n political history

"there is only one Candidate who has REALLY fought for America, and that man is John McCain"

Obama is a genius

Pic of VP Candidate Palin modeling UNDERWARE....LMAO


Where is Ashton Kutcher?

PHOTOS: OBAMAS/BIDENS board plane in Denver to begin swing state bus tour

Okay, McCain wants a VP lingerie model? (Photo)

Palin looks ready

hahahahaha. Look at that UGLY hairdo

Wonder how long it will take before he turns his temper on her and calls her

"toughness and strength of heart" WTF???

Down Syndrome? What a perfect segway to discuss Health Care.

Who leaves there 4 month old baby with Down Syndrome for a campaign?


Both VP candidates' kids are in Iraq

Palin supported windfall taxes on Big Oil.

I wonder how Romney feels about getting passed over for Palin

How does Palin feel about McCain voting against her child?


Of Course!! McCain is putting together the cast for a Three's Company movie!

who wrote this fucking speech for her?

contrast this with Biden's acceptance speech

Do you think she's ever actually been to Washington, D.C.?

Looks like only someone very small could wriggle through those cracks in the glass ceiling

Palin brings Hillary back into the forefront - Hillary needs to squash her now

Palin: "I got nuthin' to hide"

Coming Soom to a TV near You

she was HORRIBLE... didn't lay a GLOVE on Obama-Biden

Palin: "I got nuthin' to hide"

This woman doesn't qualify as a 3rd rate surrogate, let alone CiC.

I clipped these pictures from the newspapers that I posted here.

Check out McNervous!

She fuckin says NU-KU-LAR


Sarah Palin? Experience you can count on?

Is is just me or does she sound like the church lady?

Is is just me or does she sound like the church lady?

she was HORRIBLE... didn't lay a GLOVE on Obama-Biden

Let's not forget Obama's fantastic speech last night and buy into McCain's headline stealing.

Pens Go On Sale At McCain's Online Store. Find The Error

Pens Go On Sale At McCain's Online Store. Find The Error

she was HORRIBLE... didn't lay a GLOVE on Obama-Biden

They have NO body chemistry....

She thanks Democratic Women as inspiration.

"President Palin, you have a call from Vladimir Putin, he sounds pretty pissed."

I do like the McCain campaign's new slogan

WTF does "Country First" mean?..I HATE Republican "more patriotic than thou" shit.

The dems HAVE to hold her feet to the fire in the debates. NO slacking cuz she's a gal w/o exp.

"The ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not why the ship was built"

Her name is apt. "Palin" comparison to Hillary.

Northern Lights redux, one of my earier picks, be warned she is a front for big oil and will make .

Palin shamelessly going after Hillary voters

Did anyone note the irony of Sarah Palin trumpeting McCain's foreign policy skills?

Oh my God she just insulted Hillary Clinton with that Glass Ceiling remark..

she was HORRIBLE... didn't lay a GLOVE on Obama-Biden

she was HORRIBLE... didn't lay a GLOVE on Obama-Biden

Did you just hear Palin invoke Hillary's accomplishment?

Did anyone tell Sarah she'll have to hold hands with the geezer? Cindy won't.

Ok folks, time to bust out those old Northern Exposure tapes

RING RING....Hillary Needs To Smack Her DOWN NOW!!

Most insulting pick ive ever seen

Damn! There's goes Alaska's Electoral votes. LOL LOL LOL!!! n/t

she was HORRIBLE... didn't lay a GLOVE on Obama-Biden



I don't think McCain will have to worry about debating Obama, he has to get by Palin, first.

she was HORRIBLE... didn't lay a GLOVE on Obama-Biden

Obama Camp: The question of experience is now "off the table."

Do you think she's ever actually been to Washington, D.C.?

She doesn't seem presidential at ALL in her speech ...

"I KNOW Hillary Clinton, I've WORKED WITH Hillary Clinton"

Look at how they crammed their tiny audience into a pie sliver around the tiny stage so it looks big

Palin Just Screwed Up Comparing Herself to Hillary? Game, Set, Match....

Palin "risky," but Ferraro "a disaster," says Clyburn

Sad as it is, this ticket is the BEST the republicans could do. Period.

So what if she has 5 kids?

McCain just made his first presidential decision ...

Sarah Palin, you're no Hillary Clinton

She's an anti-choice, anti-gay CREATIONIST Christian with 2 yrs. executive experience. This is SNL

she had the nerve to steal hillary's words

McCain's Answer To Biden

Wish John McSame a HAPPY SEVENTY SECOND birthday today

Wish John McSame a HAPPY SEVENTY SECOND birthday today

Roll the clips of Scarborough and Buchanan for an Obama ad

We interrupt this speech for a word from our sponsor...

We interrupt this speech for a word from our sponsor...

Palin giving props to Ferraro and Clinton

Palin "risky," but Ferraro "a disaster," says Clyburn

The shaky, squeaky voice is not helping her speech.

"Yes we can!" Chant McShame supporters. WTF? NO originality!

She played the Clinton card.

Is Andrea Mitchell drunk?

she had a lot of nerve to steal hillary's words


Where did Palin go to college? What is her degree in, journalism?

Tina Fey is going to be PERFECT playing Palin on SNL

Palin: 911 twice and POW for 5 minutes

Wow, so Palin's Intro pretty much shored up her experience issue AND attacked Biden/Obama!

Very first thought when I heard....and what many will think too-

Palin praised Obama earlier this month

Did anyone note the irony of Sarah Palin trumpeting McCain's foreign policy skills?

Bullet Dodged... clear sailing ahead

McCain Flip-Flops on "Experience" - Obama's vs Palin's Resume

Independent office worker's reaction to Palin

Anyone else feel like were watching a SNL skit??

Palin was right "The Women of Ameria aren't Finished Yet"

Where can we find video of McCain's introduction of Palin just now??

I'm guessing that if he were to win (ha ha), McSame

Evidence that Rush Limbaugh is McBush's chief strategist

Palin is no Hillary Clinton

Her son is going ot Iraq so that's her foreign policy experience? My nephew is on his 3rd tour

Why TF is NPR interviewing F'in' Ralph Reed about his pick?

We interrupt our program for a word from our sponsor...


Out good ole boying the good ole boy club does not make you either a

McSame's New Campaign Theme


I could see Hillary Clinton staring down the Russians in a crisis. I see this woman as PTA president

delete/quadrupe (WTH?)

She didnt abort her child, so she's a hero?

Former Hillary supporters AGAINST PALIN.

"I know Hillary Clilnton. Hillary Clinton is my friend. You're no Hillary Clinton."

Fox says Palin HAS foreign policy experience because Alaska is right next to Russia.

This is insane...hundreds of wasted threads.

Why was McCain standing alongside her for her entire speech, with his big yellow-toothed grin?

Inexperienced. Ignorant. Extremist

Remember this is all about making it plausible enough to poll close and steal.

Does John McCain still opose drilling in ANWR?

I can't believe JM just totally threw his own campaign mantle out the window!

she had a lot of nerve to steal hillary's wordss

This is insane...hundreds of wasted threads.

caption this McCain and Palin pic...

McBush's pick could not have done more to unite the Democratic party.

Barack Obama just won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, and Colorado

This is insane...hundreds of wasted threads.

OK... Hurricane Gustav will bring us all down to earth

I have often wondered about McCain.

She's no Dan Quayle, but she may be a Thomas Eagleton

Why do I viscerally dislike this woman?

Why do I viscerally dislike this woman?

Palin Just Screwed Up Comparing Herself to Hillary? Game, Set, Match....

Sarah Palin...McCain's "Harriet Miers" moment?

Say what you will about the BFEE, they were educated. McLame and Failin' are SO undereducated

Least. Experienced. VP pick. Ever.

The Palin pick is worth celebrating. It's soooo over for McSame.

Palin doesn't qualify as a 3rd rate surrogate, let alone CiC.

Obama Response to Palin

Weekend lineup for Sunday talk shows

Apologies to Joe Biden, but can we somehow get Hillary to debate Palin???

The timing is -- KlassiK Karl Rove

Marcy D'Arcy for VP!

The Palin pick cheapens the achievements of Hillary Clinton.

Anyone who thought Obama wasn't qualified enough couldn't POSSIBLY be enticed by Palin unless

Does the media actually believe that Hillary Clinton voters were:

Well at least i will be able to enjoy watching the mcsame ticket

OMG Palin has a Canadian Accent- will America Accept that?

Palin just pissed off EVERY Hillary supporter on the planet ...

The Ultimate Pander to America's women

I have never seen a Presidential candidate look so uncomfortable with...

What kind of a name is Tucker Bounds? Sounds like the name of a porn star

Mika dissing Palin.. "it's obviosly her first time on the national stage..."

Palin is not pro-life, folks. She is pro-fetus.

Palin's Experience for running the country far superior to Biden

The bottom line is: the Palin pick is a good thing for Team Obama

Some PHOTOS from Obama's Speech

Biden is going to shred her with kindness

Stop talking about Hillary you fucking PHONY

Obama Regains Support of Conservative Democrats

This has me very worried. It does not bode well for this country

My holy GOD but that was bad.

Gallup 8/29/08 - Obama 49 (+1), McCain 41 (-1)

Tina Fey For VP

Some people around here seem to think the majority of us are incredulous cuz we're panicking.

Wow, is this a f*cking Joke? This woman may be president. Unbelievable.

Historic speech last night...Did we forget ?

As a woman, I am deeply offended...

What kind of a name is Tucker Bounds? Sounds like the name of a porn star


I'm Starting To Feel McCain Had Nothing To Do With This

Anybody else notice how white that audience (for Palin) was?

McCain is "rolling the dice..absolutely gambling" says Chuck Todd

GALLUP TRACKING: Obama 49 (+1), McCreepy 41 (-1)

Palin's husband is a 'commercial fisherman?' Heard he worked for BP in the 'oil bidness."

Pic of VP Candidate Palin modeling UNDERWARE....LMAO

Whoah... I just realized something.

National Review Nails it!!! Tokenism

This morning I watched Obama's speech make sure I was not dreaming. This is why.

Good grief...this just makes McCain look like a dirty old man...

No chemistry

Mika is just gushing over Palin on MSNBC

Oh my God she just insulted Hillary Clinton with that Glass Ceiling remark..

Aug 29 Gallup: Obama up 8 points!!! (49-O 41-M)

Already a POLL about PALIN up on CNN.COM .. DU IT!

"Well it's time for them to own their failure."

Mika Brzezinski: "As a mother, I am completely in awe of this woman."

Palin brags about her ethics reforms in Alaska!

The argument to make is not so much that disscusion on Palin's inexperience

McCain just panicked. This was a panic pick

Um, has anyone noticed what names the Palins have given their children:

Soo.... what are you thinking? Are you worried about this pick?

Thinking to capture Hillery's voters - the GOP doesn't understand the Hillary voter AT ALL!!!!

"I KNOW Hillary Clinton, I've WORKED WITH Hillary Clinton"

Good grief...this just makes McCain look like a dirty old man...

what do the VP picks tell us about Obama's judgement and stablility vs. McCain's?

Miss Wasilla 1984

Notice when McPOW kissed her she couldn't get away quick enough?

I can't wait for the Biden/Palin debate!

"Country First" my Ass!

It looks like McCain is regretting this decision already

I know who she reminds me of: Paula Loco Abdul! Flame away. nt

What's with the beehive hairdo? Palin?

Senator McCain why is Gov. Palin ready to be C.I.C. but not Sen. Obama?

McCain is having CHEERLEADERS introduce him and the first female GOP VP pick.

Palin is a creationist

I wonder how Dick Cheney feels about Palin being the VP choice

McCain usually goes for blondes. This one's a brunette. Damn, what a maverick choice!

Great idea....Wrong woman.


Alaska's Palin Faces Probe

Why hasn't Palin called for Ted Steven's resignation?

I'm nervous about this Palin pick.

CNN Poll: Will Sen. McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate snag Sen. Clinton's supporters?

McCain can't look like he likes her too much or he looks like a dirty old man.

Did McCain just lose the election?

The Obama-Biden campaign absolutely, positively must issue

Okay, it's time to go donate more money! Click on the banner at the top of the page!

MSNBC Poll: What do you think of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate?

Wolfson is telling Fox a portion of Hillary's voters will take a second look at John McCain

Attack Palin because she is a republican...attack her

Does Governor Palin have a passport?


Thoughts of the movie Pillow Talk Comes to my mind

** AGE MATTERS ** Does McCain realize how old he now looks next to her?

Happy Seventy Third Birthday To John Sidney McCain III. 73, 73, 73 !!

Thank god! It wasn't Pawlenty!

Has Geraldine Ferraro commented yet?

Fox: Alaska is Next to Russia! - Doozy Doocy

Sarah Palin supports "Creation Science" (not even ID)

To all of you that have supported Barack Obama from the beginning - I have one thing to say to you--

FreeRep is crashing

Dems say Palin is 'risky,' could be a disaster

McCain has shown how DESPERATE AND SCARED Obama's speech last night has made him.

THAT is NO Hillary Rodham Clinton. And it's INSULTING to suggest women are interchangeable.

If you thought the last six weeks was dirty, get ready for it to be exponentially worse

Idea: Hillary should attend the VP debate and be seen as approving or cheering on Biden.

I heard on the local radio this morning the Repugs

McCain just cemented that he has no judgment whatsoever....

has Hillary commented yet?

Audience members standing with arms cross tell the story

"She's a very pretty lady..."

Time To Roll Up our sleeves and Get To Work

Pat Buchanan: "Riskiest Pick In Political History." -nt

If Andrea Mitchell says "She's a hockey mom" one more time I'm going to vomit.

I thought the Republicans were against Affirmative Action!

McSame/Appalling - Four. More. Years.

Palin is less than a heart beat from being prez, mclame is 72 today with one

Obviously the wingnuts realize McCain's screwed up with his VP pick

I Think They Had Decided On Palin Before The "Hillary" Ads Were Put Out...

Missed America and Mr. Grumpy 2008

Anna Nicole McCain 2008

Obama Campaign response to Palin pick

Happy Bday McLettuce, your gift is 2 pole dancers riding around on a bus with you.

Attacks on Palin's lack of education could backfire

Palin: "[W]hat is it exactly that the VP does every day?"

I'm 31, but I have a Masters in journalism - am I more qualified than Palin?

Obama just delivered an honest assessment of the country

Time to start digging the dirt on Palin

Old and Cold 2008

Anybody else notice how white that audience (for Palin) was?

Nuclear bomb explodes on "experience" issue. Palin gets 66 days to figure out America.

Gallup UP +8 Rasmussen UP +4

She didn't come across as a bumbling idiot - so SHE'S GREAT!

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll-The bounce GROWS!

WOW she won a beauty pageant in Alaska

This VP choice is an EPIC FAIL: Palin faces possible IMPEACHMENT!

Missed America and Mr. Grumpy 2008

Sorry For The TIVO Delay....Wow! I want to run out and register a bunch of voters!

They Hit All The Right Buttons.....

Gallup UP +8 Rasmussen UP +4

Is David Brooks a ten-year-old? Or lush?

So it looks like McCraps gambling habit has spread from Vegas to the campaign...

Has Obama's campaign yet responded to this?

Miss Runner-Up and Mr. Grumpy 2008

I have a series!! question.....

Because of Palin, Hillary will work even HARDER for Obama. Who is PALIN to be president before HER?!

Palin Pagent Pic

Checking in from Dublin, Ireland -

FUCK YOU, Andrea Mitchell! McCain didn't take Barack Obama off the front page, you did.

PALIN is an Inside Job!! (Preparations Now Underway For Jeb Bush in 2012)...

Hillary's stock just went through the roof in value.

She's Palin In Comparison To Hillary.......nt

Could Palin's choice have anything to do with drilling ANWR?

Check out this email from a Republican just forwarded to me - you'll love it!!

Say what you want but this is a smart pick.

is this pick made because


Say what you want, Palin is playing well...VERY well so far

What more qualified Republican women were passed over with this choice?

MCCAIN-PALIN campaign buttons!!!!

Best speech Gore has ever given.

Obama 49 McCain 41, Obama up EIGHT Gallup Daily Tracking

For McCain, does "POW" = "Politician of War"? Should he be pressed to sign Standard Form 180

Anbody watching the Dayton, Ohio McCain event?

One of two things is happening here

What a freakin insult to any woman with a brain between their ears.

She's the wife of an Oil Guy -- In Bed With Big Oil

One Heartbeat Away From the Presidency

I will be the next ambassador to France

Good God but that was bad. Really. Just terrible.

"Beauty" and the Beast 2008

It's the "Random Crimefighters" ticket!

Why I think he chose Palin

LITERALLY, Married to Big Oil

Obama Regains Support of Conservative Democrats (jumps 14 points!)`

Sarah's 16 year-old unmarried daughter pregnant.

Tina Fey (SNL) is gonna OWN Sarah Palin!

VIDEO of Palin wondering aloud "What is it exactly that the VP does every day?"

Anti-choice, anti-gay, and teaching creationism in school fanatic

I just sent a LTTE to the Daily News:

WTF? Obama's response: All compliments?!

Concern troll, my ass

Rec this if you think McCain/Ridge sounds like a housing development

Many Qualified Women in GOP Snubbed by Choice of Lightweight

She's no Dan Quayle.

Something about Alaska

Now she is done... Bob Shrum just gave her His Big Seal of Approval!

Palin: "I don't have 30 years of political experience under my belt but that's a good thing"

As a certified wingnut, this pseudo-girl power pick is the one they'll send to court Rush

"One bathing suit competition away from the presidency..."

The pick of Palin has unified the Dem party more than any Bill or Hill speech ever could. To

why mccain picked palin..... possible answer inside

Let's play 'word association': PRESIDENT PALIN

Some of the posts over at the Washington Post are priceless

Anyone who is stupid enough to accept Palin

One thing the Obama campaign should NOT do: Make the charge that she was picked b/c she was a woman.

....In Alaska

These Repukin' breeders


I'll attack Palin and drag her through the mud every chance I get.

I'll attack Palin and drag her through the mud every chance I get.

I think McCain just conceded the election.

Big Oil bought the best ticket they could find.

UNBELIEVABLE!!1!! The GooP has found a candidate that makes George W. Bush look overqualified!

Good News! Bob Schrum thinks Palin is a great pick!!!!

Wow Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is taking John McCain and Sarah

McCain has decided to fight the campaign on the change meme

Why NOT Bill Clinton for Secretary of State?

McCain is not yet dead. (yeah right...)

This is historic! America's very first VPILF!

Did McLame just throw a dart at the board or did they actually vet Palen? Walt Monegan anyone?

What's with the negative coverage of last nights speech?

I'm sniffing a lot of fear here at DU.

This is a great editorial cartoon. Can someone actually post it instead of the link?

Sarah Palin? Nobody even knew her before this morning.

Ok, so what states does she bring?

Is Palin the new Dan Quayle?

McCain said Palin has more experience because of being mayor of a town with the pop. of 5000

Palin: Clever strategem or "Hail Mary" play

Peggy Noonan is just a HORRIBLE BITCH

The more I read about Palin's record the scarier I find her

Dan Quayle in a dress.

Dan Quayle in a dress.

Dan Quayle in a dress.

List of US Cities with a larger population than Alaska (pop. 670,053)

38,379,000 Watched Obama Speech

38,379,000 Watched Obama Speech

The Palin pick comes across with the stench of desperation

Harriett Miers II

Chuck Todd: Kay Bailey Hutchison was "furious" about Palin

Sarah Palin: Unknown Nationally, Popular in Alaska

McCain played the woman card, stop buying into it.

Check out the picture McSame is using on his website!

...on other news, Gallup: Obama 49%(+1) - McCain 41%(-1), Ras: Obama 49%(+2) - McCain 45%(-2)

Remember, according to the polls, Obama is currently WINNING the female vote.

Video of Palin from July Asking What the Vice PResident does

Palin Praised Obama's Energy Plan OVER McCains!

So...maybe I'm misreading things here. Is the consensus that it's all over now?

I think McCain's camp was fooled by Rush's "Operation Chaos"

Republicans Endorse Affirmative Action

A sensible Freeper (yes) criticizes Palin choice, gets it right.

MSNBC Poll on Palin VP Pick: DU this poll please

It's like a movie script from the late 70's:

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that once again

What the deal with Palin and Old Guys...check out this picture, OK?

Borowitz Report - McCain: Obama Lacks Experience ....(satire)

Borowitz Report - McCain: Obama Lacks Experience ....(satire)

My question to "feminists" who may be tempted by the Palin pick...

Palin's professional experience

OMG , he picked Elaine

Affirmative Action doesn't mean hiring people unqualified for the job.

My Biggest Fear Didn't Happen: McCain Passed Over Kay Bailey Hutchison.

You know what? This isn't about Palin. It's about McCain.

"Governor Palin, I AM Hillary Clinton. You're no Hillary Clinton"

McCain Camp responds: Palin has more experience than Obama

I want to watch Al Gore's speech again...

Worst VP pick EVER.

Quit allowing the MSM to Determine The News DU, Obama Biden

Sarah Palin: The creationist who wants to drill in ANWR becomes first VPILF hopeful

Forget Tokenism...This VP pick an insult to Biden

Note to self:

Palin sues to keep polar bears off the threatened species list

CNN pundit with inside GOP info on "why Palin?" GOP turnout will be low.

I cannot wait to hear what Bill Maher has to say tonight.

47% Now Say Biden Was Good Veep Choice for Democrats

Palin's 17yr old unmarried daughter is pregnant?

John McCain voted against the Violence Against Women Act

Obama and Biden Respond to Palin Pick. Pure Class.

John McCain on the ROLE OF THE VP

How long does the GOP think they can delay the convention? Another Storm is brewing.

Don't expect Hillary to viciously attack Palin in this.

Palin's Cutting property taxes is the dumbest idea ever!! They tried to do it in VA

Cindy McCain not pleased.

The Alaska Permanent Fund. The highest payout was in the year 2000

Palin decided to outsource a 26 billion dollar pipeline project to the Canadians

Time to come up with a distraction to roll out Friday AM

Amid RNC ‘paranoia,’ CBS Outdoor pulls ‘Soldiers’ billboards

Alaska Gov. Palin says Polar Bears should be removed from Endangerd list, in the way of oil drilling

Say what you want, but Wolf Shitzer is impressed...

So McCain's biggest claim is for experience.

My first thought on Palin: The future PETA ads

Thank you Bill Richardson for using the T word at my convention.

Seems like we've got an infestation of low-post concern trolls this afternoon, but beware...

America does not have an "Alaska Permanent Fund"

McCain obviously likes his women pretty, young and not heavy on prior experience!

ED SCHULTZ just said Palin's nickname in Alaska is the 'barracuda'--goes after those who cross her.

Republican's spent 7 years damning Hillary and planning their attacks.

I don't think McCain will have to worry about debating Obama, he has to get by Palin, first.

PUMA and company may have just won the election for Obama... McCain overreacted to female dissent

McCain campaign issues a correction on Palin

I knew he should have taken Hillary for VP

Palin complained about Hillary Clinton "whining." That should win her supporters over, huh?

Who is Sarah Palin?

Define "hypocrite" John, I bet all of US can.

How should we frame the debate on women's issues?

GOP to Democratic women: You're stupid.

Wait til the Tabloids Are Finished With Her.... Repubs are going to be outraged at McCain

McCain's own words on his future Vice President:

Does Palin have ties to Ted Stevens scandal?

This campaign is over if a certain Jr. Sen. NY comes out strong against Palin.


I made a thread about Obama should pick Hillary ( it was a joke )

Palin poll

How much you wanna bet Larry Flynt has something on her?

Geraldine Ferraro on Palin - still bitter

Geraldine Ferraro on Palin - still bitter

Why is Andrea Mitchell talking as if Palin is the first woman ever to be nominated for VP?

So Palin's husband works for BP. Is there anyone in the GOP that doesn't have


I'm afraid I think McCain just made himself the definite favourite.

So, is Palin the Presidential nominee or the Vice-Presidential nominee?

Since Palin was not a POW does that mean we are allowed to criticize her?

Alaska Sen.

Alaska Sen.

Congratulations to both Pawlenty and Romney...

He picked a younger woman, who's surprised given his track record? nt

For all those people here claiming sexism and all those people making sexist comments

McCain has developed a smirk as bad as Bush's

Do you know people who might change their vote because McCain picked Palin?

CNN's showing that she's under investigation while she's talking.

Widescreen Wallpaper! Enjoy!

If he was going to go there, McCain would have been better off with Condi Rice!

Ambinder: Dems: McCain's Age Is "Fair Game" (Don't forget - M is 72 today)

Ambinder: Dems: McCain's Age Is "Fair Game" (Don't forget - M is 72 today)

palin is an insult to women

She has more experience catching fish than dealing with foreign policy or national affairs

Hey, whaddya know. It's like the worst of primaries all over again in here.

Son (daughter) of Piehole?

Where is Mike Gravel?


Bob Shrum: Palin is out of touch with America, she supports Bush's policies"

AKC voters pick Obama a dog, his daughter's disagree.

Folks, McCain's Camp just conceded that we're winning this election handily

I had heard stories of McCain being a big time gambler.

Dan Quayle with breasts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Somebody with YouTube skills

Looky what I found!

So Sarah Palin chose not to have an abortion.

I have some great news from Ohio

Alaska? Is that even a state?

About Babington ~ More than one brand

I wonder how Bob Barr's numbers are doing?

Palin on Glenn Beck: "Tap Alaska's Reserves/NO to VP Position"


A lot of the posts here today reflect how little a lot of us know about the RW world

bay buchannan on cnn gushing....hey pat, take off the wig

Are you considering voting for McCain now that he chose Palin?

Palin: What's Up With This??

Gov. Palin, John McCain has laughed in approval at Hillary Clinton being called a "bitch"



in light of deadly Gustav's approach, Prez, Palin a SCARY prospect

The choice of Palin is an insult to every American.

MSNBC: 38 Million people watched Obama's speech last night!!!

Memo to Joe Biden: Just think of her as Romney wearing 4 inch heels.

OK, let's be realistic here. Just who does Palin deliver to McAss?

Pelosi just said with two wars, and energy crisis, and all the other problems, mccain's choice of VP

Pelosi just said with two wars, and energy crisis, and all the other problems, mccain's choice of VP

Shooting Wolves and Bears from airplanes is not sport - its unconscionable- she supports it

RNC: Journalists get confiscated property back

How do we attack Palin? It's really very simple.

Palin clearly insulted all Hillary supporters -- will this energize them for Obama? n/t

DU This AOL poll

DU This poll - MSNBC

The "C" word. ... How long until McSame unloads it on Sarah Palin?


Hey! Lay off Palin ...

"Our government should work for us, not against us. It should help us, not hurt us." 8/28/08. eom.

For the first time today, I feel like 60 is possible

McCain has lost all ability for rationality

John McCain has just declared war on ANWR

Conservative blogger reaction to Palin pick

What I know about Governor Palin

Seems Palin's A Good Pick For Them. Not Sure What To Bash Her With To People So I'm Gonna Say This:

Could Karl Rove be "The One" ?

Was Palin's former brother-in-law fired?

Bay Buchanan just now on MSNBC: "We're exciting too!" "We're making history too!"

Just back from Mile High

McCain: "Do we have our own nice Negro we can nominate? How about some broad?"

Palin reminds me of Lorraine Swanson...

The last vice presidential nominee from a major party with less than two years' experience...

Why didn't McCain pick Mike Huckabee? NT

Palin Is A Smart Pick - She Almost Makes McCain Look Liberal

The nanny is hauling the baby around behind her.

Over 38 MILLION ppl watched Obama's amazing speech last night

Heard that Ferarro will vote McCain because of Palin's Gender

While Palin may appeal to the fundies she may very well turn off moderate Republicans

McCain's choosing Palin shows he's really a Democrat

The choice of Palin is an insult to the American electorate.

Women Must Look at Palin and Ask Themselves: Do I Want FIVE Children?

This Palin pick is the best thing that possibly could happen.

Palin will make it easier to beat McCain

Musical score at the end of his speech

I'm having a involves Tina Fey on SNL

We need for the bloggers on our side to pursue this troopergate matter

We need for the bloggers on our side to pursue this troopergate matter

Let me say this, if Hillary supporters switch due to this, then there is literally no hope; here is

The Experience Argument is not Dead! We will still have to fight that battle!

Important! Is there an Imix on Itunes That Has The DNC Convention Soundtrack?

I wonder what the freepers are saying about the reaction at DU. That is all.

DU this Poll-What do you think of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate?

Folks, forget this news-cycle. By Monday, the only thing that will matter is the Hurricane...

Linda Bergthold: "Sarah Palin, you are NO Hillary Clinton!"

So, let me get this straight, Gov. Palin . . .

Rush is spinning Palin as

Check out Palin's issues/opinions. She doesn't have many,

Conservatives React to Palin

From my local paper folks

From my local paper folks

Gas-Oil-Petroleum's pal in the 2008 race?

Palin would never have gotten picked if she were a man.

McCain and Palin are irrelevant. They could be anyone.

I have 4 nights of DNC videos up on my blog

with all of these to chose from

Was McCain looking at Palins arse when she was speaking today?

I kid you not.

Damn! I was THIS close before Obama's speech...

John McCain is playing hardball... and winning big-time.

Hey...she's a pistol-packing mamma who makes her own moose burgers!

McCain Taps Socialist Governor Sarah Palin as VP

It's fun watching the RW surrogates explain how SARAH PALIN is ready to stand up to world leaders!

Send a condom to a Republican delegate!

Here's Palin discussing education and Iraq policies


ALTERNATE UNIVERSE NEWS: Romney Taps J.C. Watts for Veep

MSNBC: Your bullet point says Palin is 'under state investigation' yet you haven't mentioned it.

I finally figured out why the Palin pick brought joy to Freeper land

Even "low information voters"

How to answer the upcoming Anti-Choice Palin argument?

Killer Con Kate O’Beirne on why Palin will be ready for that 3 a.m. phone call:

Killer Con Kate O’Beirne on why Palin will be ready for that 3 a.m. phone call:

Somebody had a great idea last night

Who here thinks McCain would have made a better choice for V.P....

Sarah Palin: Advocate for Aerial Wolf Hunting

Sarah Palin is so warm and fuzzy...

Ferraro's coming up on FAUX!

Once AGAIN, the GOP proves

Three Strikes and you are out McCain/Palin

Say what you will and flame away, but I think Palin is a brilliant choice for VP. Brilliant!

self delete

self delete

McCain Pain '08, I mean Palin...

The Palin choice stinks of a Rovian trap

palin, I know Hillary Clinton, and you're no Hillary Clinton /nt

both biden and palin are from states with only 3 electoral votes

Aren't there other Republican women who deserved to be asked first?

Vogue Pictures of Palin

Palin goes for the Ghoulini award!

K&R If you are as excited as I am about McCain's VP pick!!!

Side note: This is the Anniversary of Katrina and there's Gustav headed to NO

Some facts abut Wasilla Alaska

Let us all be honest.

Palin's educational goals: Fully fund K through 12

Sarah Palin = Phyllis Schlafly??? EWWWWWWW

Weirdest VP pick since Spiro Agnew. Does McCain even know her?

President Sarah Palin

Palin will fit in fine with Team McCain. She lies about fighting the "bridge to nowhere."

The entire GOP convention will be devoted to trying to legitamize this choice of Palin

Just got home from work and all I can say is...

MSNBC POLL: What do you think of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate?


TWO ESSENTIAL LINKS for your email list - these need to GO VIRAL ASAP!

Karen Walker

this needs out there (gop vp)

You know the Republicans are in trouble, when every single columnist in the NY Post...

Here's what Hillary should say: Palin pick is insulting and patronizing to women.

NBC Wins Again, Other Nets Rise as Obama Speaks

2 of the Palins kids are named Piper and Willow

Say what you will about Dan Quayle, but remember

Say what you will about Dan Quayle, but remember

What does the Palin pick mean for how McCain's team sees the race?

Absolutely no doubt McCain/Palin are trying to court Hillary supporters....

The funniest thing just jumped up and hit me in the head...

We need to stop this "Palin's experience equals Obama's.."

Bush: Palin choice 'exciting'

I wonder what Ridge, Lieberman, Huckabee, Pawlenty and Romnee are thinking

Mondale-Ferraro managed to lose the "women's vote" to Reagan-Bush by 12 points

For Barack to have made the equivalent pick, he would've had to choose.....


Sarah Palin. Simply unqualified.

An anagram or two...

McCain's First Victory - at least here on DU

Anyone notice there is absolutely NO chemistry between

Anyone notice there is absolutely NO chemistry between

Let's face it, anyone McCain picked would scare most of us

If She Can't Handle Biden In A Debate, How Can She Handle Putin?

Gallup O 49 M 41

Gallup O 49 M 41

ASSOCIATED PRESS HEADLINE: "Analysis: Palin's age, inexperience rival Obama's"

Palin called HIllary a "whiner"

My mother always told me

DU This CNBC poll

So. . . . merely being from Alaska makes you an energy expert?

She seems like a nice lady and a good mother.

In The Last Two Hours I Have Received No Less Than 10 Phone Calls

Why are we talking about Palin and not Obama's speech? I'll tell you why...

Biden must be careful not to appear condescending to Palin in the debate... but quite frankly...

Upside to Palin pick: Demoralizes McCain surrogates

Let's be serious about Palin

McCain/Palin first campaign photo

Let's settle this on the basketball court!

The meme we need to push: "McCain / Token"

**You know Obama is running a great campaign when...*

In an alternate universe: Ken picks Barbie as running mate. NT

What does the choice of Palin say about Mccain's judgement?

How Can Palin Understand "Fossil Fuel" When She Doesn't Believe In Fossils

freeper hilarity re: palin

want the dirt on Palin? go to and check the archives

My aunt said it best. Palin is the token woman candidate.

Mittens Romney and Tim Pawlenty ENRAGED by McCain's VP pick

After all this time who knew that Repubes were pro affirmative action.

Bottom Line: As old as McCain is and considering his health.

Bottom Line: As old as McCain is and considering his health.

Record 38 million viewers watched Obama's speech

Record 38 million viewers watched Obama's speech

The older women like me who were Hillary's mainstay

2008 Democratic Convention DVD Box Set

My guess is Condi said "fuck no, I don't want it."

Cindy's half-sister & nephew are voting for Obama

The Front Page Of Our Local Evening Paper...

Is this Sarah Palin (warning! naked pic)

Voters must demand an answer: Why not Mittens? Why not Holy Joe?!?!?!

Overheard 2 ladies while waiting to get a mammogram today.........

Viguerie on Ed Schultz says Phyllis Schlafly loves the Palin pick.

Stop farting around on DU and start commenting on news blogs.

The pick is about TURNOUT of the GOP base

McCain's Choice Inspires Evangelicals ( WaPo blog title )

Here's the meme to repeat re: Palin

One thing you can say about old Sarah to anyone you know who

The MAVERICK strikes again.

Governor Palin, I served with Hillary Clinton

Palin`s Resume

mccain't gives up qualified veep to win presidency

Paul Begala: Is McCain Out of His Mind?

Can anyone say with a straight face that Palin would have gotten picked if she were a man?

Self-delete...MODS, please lock.

Why did McCain go up 4 points on Intrade after the convention and Palin?

I love that we are knocking around Palin but let's not forget Obama's EPIC speech last night

I'm seeing a definite consensus here on DU: Palin was the only one stupid enough to join McCain?

A Historic Night (and Week) In Denver

What a great day for Bill Maher to return to televison!

Check out this email from a Republican just forwarded to me - you'll love it!!

FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin Supports Obama Energy Plan

Senator Boxer: Palin will not win Clinton supporters


How will it go if she drops out?

My friends, Joe Biden GAVE US the answer in his acceptance speech: "George McCain."

My friends, Joe Biden GAVE US the answer in his acceptance speech: "George McCain."

Which female is more qualified to be Vice President... Sarah Palin, or......

"I can't claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled."

Really... what's the difference between Palin and Elizabeth Hasslebeck?

2 Senior staff close to Romney and Pawlenty now feel "rudely strung along" and "manipulated."

Can someone please tell Governor Palin "what is it exactly that the V.P. does every day?"

Gov. Pain strikes a few poses for fashion magazine

Did Edwards supporters switch to McCain because he's a man?

John MCain has picked a real solid women for the contest.

The Palin pick makes as much sense as Harriet Myers for SCOTUS

Show your thanks to Howard Dean with a donation to the DNC

For those of you that bought the first run Obama/Biden shirt on Saturday has it arrived yet?

If Sarah Palin reminds people of Geraldine Ferraro, that'll remind them of other things, too

Seriously. Aren't the two of them just sacrificial lambs?

McCain's VP pick: From beauty queen to ethics reformer


The view from my seat at Mile High last night

Love for Biden to call for 3 V.P. DEBATES out of his deep respect for Gov. PALIN

Guesses as to what Obama and Biden said to each other about Palin today?

Chris Matthew's "To hell with my critics" moment video up now

Rec this thread to wish John McCain a happy ***72nd*** Birthday!

McCain with a much younger attractive woman...

What happened to terra terra terra and the world is a dangerous place???

The Palin choice is simple: McCain wants to attract disenchanted Clinton supporters.

Did John McCain just throw the election today?

The topless VP...good job McAncient

Experience VS Qualifications

Well in other news...daughter Bristol got a speeding ticket. And another for "failing to exercise

Biden won't NEED to pull any punches in the debate.

the choice of palin raises one burning question: "just how many people turn mccain down first?"

HOW WE WIN: Obama/Biden Is NOW The SAFE BET.

Cnn grade poll on palin

john mccain's choice insults ALL americans

That's not a ticket, that's a ticket stub!

McCain show's his inner Nixon

Sarah Palin used to be a Buchanan for President supporter.

VP Choice Makes it Clear: Grand Oil Party.

Convention Fight?

Great response on the Palin pick from a republican

Great response on the Palin pick from a republican

Population of Alaska - 670,000

Is McSame sure Palin measures up? She only has three houses.

I'm probably going to catch hell for this, but when I think about a Biden/Palin debate...

On Sarah Palin's watch, 400 German tourists landed undetected and unannounced in Barrow, Alaska

Check out these Stats...State of AK, City of Chicago

She aren't

Operational Security Here are the rules that

If a picture's worth a thousand words, what's this worth? (Last night)

This screen shot of the current HuffPo Home Page is a keeper (Dialup Warning: 341K)

Mormons are gonna be PISSED at the Palin pick!

You think Romney is having

Sarah Palin, Buchananite

CNN praising Palin as a "reformer"

Whither the PUMA's?

When do the next polls come out (non Daily Tracking Polls, that is)?

I just heard Palin's 18 million cracks statement.

Conservatives will love this arranged marriage between McCain and what's her name

From WIRED magazine - "McCain's VP Wants Creationism Taught in School"

Has Hillary Clinton reacted yet?

It's December 2008.

Palin has all ready pissed off Texas

The Palin Ethics Scandal Is A Trap

The Morning Joe crew was NOT happy this morning when Palin's

Palin on creationism and science: 'Teach both!"

So now that Joementum LIEbermann has been cast adrift by even McCane....

Once again, McCain throws over experience for a younger woman--

Maybe McCain didn't want to have to pay the VP full salary-

welp I'll say this about republican pundits

I want one thing, and one thing only, from John McCain......

University of Idaho professors remember little of Palin

McCain lost his evangelicals with that VP pick, IMHO.

Are we allowing McCain's poor VP choice overshadow Obama's great speech?

Palin family all dressed up

Palin family all dressed up

We don't need Hillary to trash Palin

Out of all the women in the GOP--Palin, in Gramp's opinion, is most ready to be president

Palin Pleased with Obama's Energy Plan

Palin: "Chosen by God to raise 'an absolutely perfect' son

David Gregory: McCain has COMPLETELY stolen the spotlight.

Being unmarried and pregnant doesn't make someone a slut.

Sarah "Hail Mary" Palin

Any one else watch Obama's speech last night?


McPalin = McBlah

Everyone post all the dirt we have on Sarah Palin, with links, here in this thread please

Everyone post all the dirt we have on Sarah Palin, with links, here in this thread please

Everyone post all the dirt we have on Sarah Palin, with links, here in this thread please

photo shop 101: fill in the blank

It the Palin choice the real reason for the Repubs wanting to delay the convention?

It the Palin choice the real reason for the Repubs wanting to delay the convention?

What Hillary Clinton said regard Sarah Palin-

Overheard: "Oh, NOW he picks her, AFTER Sturgis!"

Email from a female friend.........

The overriding theme in all the negative posts about Palin is...

Follow the money and prove there are VERY FEW PUMAs.......

Obama distances himself from "hair-trigger" campaign criticism

What did you think of the convention?

Obama stays classy: "I congratulate her and look forward to a vigorous debate."

Ok. This is fucked up. Palin said she had met McLame only once or twice.

Give my Delegate some Love, visit her Blog with Pics from the Convention.


Has anyone noticed...

Joint Obama Biden statement on Palin

OMFG: Guy on MSNBC...just said...-gasp-

Sarah Palin is a safe conservative choice

McCain-Palin sounds to me like an affliction.

Question: If they had waved the keys at the Democratic Convention (on Monday or during breaks)

Thought: Palin just made the Clintons angry today. The GOP can't handle Clintons when...

McCain's pick scares me.


Just Got Back To My Hotel From Invesco Field. It was Awesome

Source: McCain, GOP Significantly Expanding Advertising Map Into New States

i woner the addition of Palin to McSame's ticket will change Pam's mind?

We're underestimating simply because we're underestimating her....

What will Joe Biden find in the basement of the VP residence?

Tina Fey is Going to be One Busy Woman this Fall on SNL !!

ABC News: McCain wanted Lieberman - went with Palin because she would "shake up the system"

Gov. Sarah Palin Has What It Takes to be the Next Dick Cheney

Hillary Statement on Palin Selection

Latest Gustav tracking map

Latest Gustav tracking map

Palin says "nuCYUlar" like the Moron

No, Senator McCain, I Am Not An Idiot

James Dobson will now vote McCain: "If flip-flopping is a sin, then I am a sinner"

What a scary ticket.

So when do we start running "passed over" ads in Miinnesota and Michigan

McCain's choice reminds me of 1992

She PLAYS Flute, People.

Example of what one Alaskan thinks of Palin, 3/2/08

Sorry, but this woman is not presidential AT ALL

Ted Stevens ad WIPED from Sarah Palin website...

P.O.Dubya Wanted LIEberman. He Was Shut Down, Reacted With Palin(For Headlines)

Next ad should show the White House personally endorsing Paleolithic

Oh wow ... Randi just mentioned me on the air.

Who is Jack Kelly?

CNN: It appears McCain and Palin met only ONCE (in Feb)

The question for repubican's should be


DU This poll, if you haven't already..

PHOTOS: OBAMAS/BIDENS arrive in Pittsburgh, PA, to begin weekend bus tour!

I'm afraid we have a new player on the national field

If they've only met 2-3 times, that is a national story!

Anyone have any feedback from the wingnuts on Palin?

Anyone have any feedback from the wingnuts on Palin?

who thinks the Repubs are consciously throwing this election?

Between Obama's speech and the announcement from the Nutter center

Ferraro: still feeding the sickness

Harriet Meyers, - Bush - More Of The Same, That is All

I hear that Obama/Biden are in Pittsburgh, any word on how there bus tour is going and


His first executive decision, and he failed. Massively.

How can Hillary best help Obama? Tell Howard Wolfson to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Rove On Veeps And Experience

I wonder if she even has a passport and if she has even traveled abroad.

When I asked what the odds of who McCain's "running nurse" would be..

In the meantime, Gustav is a hurricane again. :^(

In the meantime, Gustav is a hurricane again. :^(

The News Today Is Pale In Comparison To Last Saturday Morning

Ronny K Marshall!!!


But Why Did Palin Even Accept The VP Nomination?

It's 4:47 - Watching MSNBC

8/29/08 Photo: "McCain reacts as supporter grasps his hand a bit aggressively."

To REALLY undermine Palin, flip the REFORMER narrative, tie to Bush

Group Hug ...

I hope all female Clinton supporters feel insulted

Palin does represent a change...

Just how many puma-types plan to vote for McCain? 18 million? 18 thousand?

After than speech last night, I can't believe that McSame has nomin.

My Guess: BP Exxon et al, put their candidate in last night

She's peppy.

Randi Rhodes is kicking Palin's butt right now!

Waiting for a commercial of Palin praising Obama's energy plan.

Repuke Pundit on MSNBC just said..

She likely was not fully vetted before McCain's choice, but it will begin now and won't be pretty...

She likely was not fully vetted before McCain's choice, but it will begin now and won't be pretty...

Psst. Andrew Sullivan is like a cat with catnip right now. He's having a time getting dirt on Palin

"Jack Cafferty "not ready" - Let's go to Glen Beck" - (wolfie)

Another reason why McCain picked Palin

Drop the ethics thing RIGHT NOW! It's a trap

Is Palin ready to be Commander in Cheif? Is she ready to be President?

One thing I have not seen in this Palin broughaha. that Obama/Biden is the ticket with the most experience

Is it true or a rumor that Palin's young teen daughter was pregnant out of wedlock?

Contact this man to help expose Palin's corruption

Palin Picked - Gas Pipeline Blog Swarmed

Q Not Asked: WHICH Repubs In Selection Process Recommended Her?

RNC theme song

The mayors of these cities are more qualified to be VP than Palin

McCain on Rudy (mayoral experience)

Finding reason. Is Rove trying to prove his system of winning elections

I want to watch Barack Obama's speech again...

Caption Miz Palin

Palin reminds me of a younger Katherine Harris of Florida.

I love it Palin's Wasilla is right out of Northern Exposure

Who here believes that this selection just cost McCain any chance to win?

TODAY is the day to fight people! We need everyone to do something

She needs to be grilled on Corruption Within the Republican Party & Bush Administration...

I am seriously DEPRESSED

"Barack Obama's Ten Point Plan to 'Change' the Second Amendment"

Mittens would of been such a better choice

Gov. Palin is qualified to be Vice President....

I understand the extremist Palin pick! ... I think

I have to say. This is the most bizarre VP choice I've seen in my 35 years

Palin's Positives?

Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty are not happy

Bill Maher


Great Cafferty File Question, Does John McCain undercut his own message.....

Good line: McCain has be running for President in this election for longer than Palin has been Gov

Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC earlier-Dem response to Palin chaotic/disorganized-n/t

Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC earlier-Dem response to Palin chaotic/disorganized-n/t

Why Palin's gender matters...

A Friday news dump doesn't equal 38 million viewers watching last night.....

Look who I found on

Gonna vote for McCain because he picked a woman... look at this...

Gonna vote for McCain because he picked a woman... look at this...

Watching the replay of today's announcement - impressions: (yes, they will be snarky!)

Gov. Sarah Palin - just another dirty Alaskan politician

The Republicans SURE know how to pick 'em!

An Astonishingly Arrogant V.P. Selection

Palin the Dinosaur Rider!

I Thought The Democratic Convention Was Outstanding and Transformational!

Now take a walk with me on this one...Its all about Judgement

If Hillary really didn't want Obama to win before - she DOES NOW!

Palin - Vetoes Alaska Beach Cleanup Funds

New McSame Slogan: Fart/Tart 08

New McSame Slogan: Fart/Tart 08

We're taking a "Happy 72nd Gramps McCain" cake to a party tonight!

Are you listening to Randi right now???

Sexism in action! Local college political professor on Raleigh TV news commenting on Palin -

a.mitchell called palin pick "strategic" and then...

Sarah Palin: a cross between Shania Twain and John Wayne.

Wow, all of a sudden, Obama-Biden is the safe pick! LOL

McCain's choice for VP really shows what he think if his voters

To Hell and Back: My afternoon at the John McCain HQ

Palin won't make former Hillary supporters vote for McCain.

palin admitted she 'hasn't thought much about iraq'

Young Turks Show will be Palin Special at 6 P.M. Eastern Time tonight

Defenders of Wildlife statement on Sarah Palin:

McSame catches his running mate

Could Palin Pick Spotlight “Alaska Dividend” Solution to Climate Crisis?

Was this a last minute pick?

Choice of Palin Promises Failed Energy Policies of the Past

Choice of Palin Promises Failed Energy Policies of the Past

Chris Matthew GOT THE MEMO!!

Obama/Biden Are SO! Gonna kick their asses!

So any noise for the PUMA types? How do they feel about Palin?

Another story about my staunchly conservative boss and the Palin pick

I pledge not to use sexist/misogynistic language against Gov. Palin

I need to get an GOBAMA! Going. GIVE IT A K&R!

Palin - Approves of Aerial Killing of Wolves at Taxpayer Expense

Does mcsame want to lose?

What was Palin doing during the Ruedrich investigation?

DU MEMBERS: If PALIN was a MAN what would you be saying........

CNN: Grade Obama's Speech (DU this poll!)

please don't crucify me for this...but Palin has a newborn baby

After a couple of days, and the "new" wears off, people will be horrified

Sun Women in Democratic bastion of Tamarac react to McCain pick

Sun Women in Democratic bastion of Tamarac react to McCain pick


Oh my. MSNBC: "Obama Tops With White Supremacists" (video)

Does this story match the headine?

Prepare to be sick. Here come the SERIOUS racists...

Prepare to be sick. Here come the SERIOUS racists...

! Important ! Palin is NOT "Pro-Gay"

This is the most gimmicky, bizarre VP pick ever.

Tweety says "Sarah Dear" would OUTLAW ABORTION ALL TOGETHER

Biden's gonna destroy Sarah Quayle Palin.

Intrade still has Obama winning...

If Palin Is So Smart Why Did She Get Pregnant So Late In Life

Bwaahaahaa! Come on. McCain is pulling a fast one. When is Romney coming out from behind the stage?

Michelle's Favorable Rating Reaches Highest Level - People like her more than they like Cindy

So Who IS Todd Palin? Professionally.

anyone hearing this puma lady on tweety's show?

Picking Palin shows that Republicans know that they will not win -

(PIC) Downtown Wasilla LOL!, -Palin's Mayoral Home.

McCain picks Palin solely because she is a women

The Vice-Presidential Debate: A Preview

Palin is the dumbest choice for VP since Dan Quayle

I will not go, but what does the Freeps thing of this tragic pick of McShames?

CNN BREAKING--plane from Alaska lading in Ohio -Sarah Palin

You know, I am only second generation American coming from Italy

The Stupid Filter takes on the Freepers.

Chris Matthews just said he would have somebody that represents PUMA on after the commercial break

I think right now we need to keep the attacks on McCain primarily

Are you ready for the RNC??

Palin calls Hillary a "whiner"

david gregory's headline.....palin choice=game changing

Alaskans speak out against Palin:

Riddle Me This, Batman

"Feminist for life" courtesy of Pat Buchanan

Oh, so she's an "Energy expert" now, eh MSM?

This is a stupid reason I can't stand Palin but the voice sent


Anyone who votes for McCain-Palin because they're upset about Hillary

And this one time, at band camp...

Hillary threw Democrats under the bus today.

GOP VP Poster

Do you think McCain chose Palin because

10 second video soundbite that will haunt Sarah Palin and McCain

McCain reaching out for the Eskimo vote ?

LOL....GOP friend said "Even Hillary Clinton is 1000% more qualified than this woman!!"

Hillary Supporters My Ass

McCain Running Mate Supports Teaching Creationism in Schools

We've been had, the consensus around here is everyone would like to have beer with the Gov.

Defenders of Wildlife on Anti-Environmental Palin - She's Worse than bu$h!!

Defenders of Wildlife on Anti-Environmental Palin - She's Worse than bu$h!!

McCain just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Prediction: When it is all said and done Sarah Palin won't be the gop veep nominee

Re: Palin. Please, DU, her lack of experience is an issue. Her lack of a penis is not.

Obama's Speech Lures Some Fence-Sitters

McCain's VP pick is 'rolling the dice.' McCain's been known to play craps for 14 hours in Vegas.

Happy Birthday, Johnny! Love, 2005

Well, hannity has stopped calling Barack buy his full name, Barack Hussein Obama

I just saw the "hug" commercial

So, Puma's take is that they will support McCain/ Palin..

One really annoying thing about the Palin pick...

mccain's pick shows he knows he's already lost

mccain's pick shows he knows he's already lost

McCain's SHORT-TERM mission has been accomplished-but he will lose the "war."

Was it Sexist When the Media Questioned John Edwards About Elizabeth and her Cancer?

Don't Republicans believe that a new mother should stay home with

Now that Obama / Biden is the only credible ticket for Iraq, Afghanistan, keeping the world safe etc

Initial reaction to Palin

Sarah Palin on Iraq (or Joe Biden is going to have the easiest debate in history)

McCain-Palin: as anti-choice as they come

Hillary Supporters - What Say YOU??

NEW number 95,000 at Mile High yesterday!!!!!

DU Check In...Where Are You At?

Sampling of U.S. front pages...

SURE SIGNS THAT PALIN IS A PLAN "C" (or maybe "D", "E" or "F")

Go WEXLER! Tearing up McCain for desperate Palin pick

How long will it take for the M$M to turn on Sarah Palin?

MSNBC Just Now..... Alaska is close to Russia

MSNBC Poll - Was Palin the correct choice? - DU it!

If Sarah Palin were your mother, what would she name you?

Running for veep with a 4-month old disabled baby?

GOP Genius-Big Media Will Make Sarah Palin A Diversion - Obscure Actual Issues - Look at DU

Palin called Hillary a 'whiner'

Sarah Palin on Foreign Policy: No issue stance yet recorded

Palin is a member of Anti-Choice group "Feminists for Life" Here's some info on them:

My prediction of the Republican convention. Tell me if you agree

The 18 state campaign - If you live in one and have not been to your local Obama office yet...

Help the McCain-Palin ticket.

She's not afraid to lie, the People all call her Alaska

Palin is Big Oil's working class response to the oil crisis.

Interesting observation from a colleague on McCain's VP pick:

OK, I had to check it out: The PUMAs are ecstatic over the Palin pick.

She is a smart woman who has been very successful in a short period of time.....

McCain-Token 2008: Ego Above Country, Looks Above Qualifications

Palin's first photo op with McCain, before he made his choice

He won millions of votes - but isn't on his ticket

I would like to suggest the formation of PIRANHA,

Meta-post; You know what I love about DU?

Please let Keith be on tonight! We need someone to tell the damn

There is a lot of sexist bullshit being throw on these threads because of mccain's VP

Todd Palin, Used Wife's Office For Revenge. Second Scandal Involving Abuse Of Power

38 Million watched Obama's speech last night

Freeper on FR has it right on Palin as choice

McCain needs Palin! Here's why!


Do they both have children in Iraq?

Palin's extreme position on abortion is actually easier to implement than McCain's

Yet another meme: Palin equals Harriet Miers.

Palin's favorite meal


Palin is a female Dick Cheney. America will learn that soon.

McCain-Token 2008: Ego Above Country, Looks Above Qualifications

Palin supported Buchanan for prez in 1999. What's Pat saying today? n/t

I think we've got to be careful when discussing big families.

Does Sarah Palin have any accomplishments as Governor?

Does Sarah Palin have any accomplishments as Governor?

Andrea was talking about Palin's pros and cons.

Will Mitt still kiss McNasty's ass?

Will Mitt still kiss McNasty's ass?

DU this poll please

Repeat after me: The media is the enemy. We will recieve no aid from them

GOOD news and an inspiration to those who want to do something to help Obama...

I'm at work so can't see, how are Tweety and the other pundits reacting to Palin?

Rachel called her "Daniel Quayle"....LOL!

McCain's message to women: You're interchangable.

Anyone else expect McCain to get a negative bump for naming this VP?

They all look alike in the dark

Wasserman-Shulz took apart Palin on Race To the White House

Poll on Hispanic Voters in Inner Mountain West - Good News Obama

Thomas Eagleton

Look, We all know John McCain didn't make this choice.......

Don't be fooled by a Saturday Palin poll move. (America loves itself some Hillary...)

Couldn't we have gotten the WINNER of the Miss Alaska 1984 pageant?

How many hours until Palin is "replaced" a la Harriet Myers?

The Palin pick sucks, and oh by the way -- Gallup: Obama 49-41

I want to see 50 threads on the $100,000 abuse of power investigation of Sara Paulin.....

McCain met with Palin ONCE, in Feb of this year, before he picked her.

Freeper Alert! RNC Alert!

So what do you think of Howard Dean and the DNC now?

Barack Obama : The End of Reaganism

I get it NOW!!!!!!!!

The Palin choice has moved McCain's age front and center

Geraldine Ferraro: Almost endorses McCain...attacks Dean and Obama on Fox.

McCain VP selection memo leaked- why he chose Palin:

Told You So! Predicted That McCain Would Pick Female Dan Quayle - Sarah Palin ...

I saw a clip of Palin's speech. McCain did not look happy!

Caption Palin's interior decorating style

Discussion at my house on abortion and Downs Syndrome:

Palin - which is it - 4 or 5 children?

Would someone please do a vid of the Palin presser using Biz Markie in the background?

Female DU'er responses only: How do you feel about McCain's pick for Vice President...

OBAMA campaign should send DVDs of speech to swing voters

[Noun] [verb] Down's syndrome.


So Palin had maybe four five reporters to deal with on what is probably

One way in which the Palin pick HAS benefited McInsane...

Governor Crook, uhhhhh guns, uhhhhh snowmobile, uhhhhhhhh

How many houses does Sarah Palin own?

5 things you didn't know about Todd Palin

DUers, please leave Palin alone. It's all a distraction. Don't fall for it!

call me elitist....

Palin on ticket to attract disaffected female Hillary voters?

Pick of Palen demands more questions of McCain's age and health

No shit: Sarah Palin was voted "Miss Congeniality"

The local Conservative talk radio host here in Albuquerque is livid about the Palin pick!

Judgement Beyond His Years: A Short Piece by My Father

McCain Voted NO To Violence Against Women Act-Which Biden Wrote. Palin's Scandal

Here's the rejoinder when someone compares Barack to Palin.

Evidence that Palin has money -->

Did anyone answer this? When was the last time Palin went to Iraq?

Insane PUMA lady on Tweety sez, McCain made a brilliant, bold move!

John McCain's Judgment & Temperment - NPR Reports He Only Recently Made (Changed) His VP Decision

Palin is from the Midwest. Obama wants to win the Midwest

Palin complains about Hillary's "whining..." in Newsweek!

Sarah Palin has Alaskan Corrupt Bastards Club written all over her.

Remember what Rove said about possibility of Kaine? Worth a laugh today.

Corporate Media Singing Praises to Palin

Sarah Palin has Corrupt Bastards Club written all over her.

"This gal" ? - Oh please....... Pat Buchanan displays clearly the Republican male view. nt

pat buchanan is wetting himself on hardball

Well, She Is Hot - Insane - But Hot


Andrea says mooseburgers will make Palin an "interesting story".

Todd Palin, BP Oil, Burson-Marsteller, and McCain's lobbyists

If Amy Poehler is Hillary Clinton....then sure as shit...

TPM is going to take down McCain via Palin

The Palin Pick is such a BAD Attempt to be Modern

Obama's the celebrity? Really?

Some unpolitically correct levity- pretty funny though

Palin no friend of the environment

Time for DNC to add a clock to the website...

Time for DNC to add a clock to the website...

Pics of a would-be Vice President of the United States of America

Will McCain's VP pick Palin comparison to Obama's?

Our watch party last night was PHENOMENAL!!

Why are the Buchanan's all over the news???

Dan Quayle Should Be Offended! Hilarious - a great short read

The Daily Widget – Fri 8/29 – O-325, M-213 – Colorado Rocks; California Weakens

Who would have guessed - MICHAEL SAVAGE leading the anti-Palin charge

The Republican Ticket (pic)

Here's a new Brian Schweitzer interview! Says John McCain and Joe Lieberman are dating!LOL

Anyone else live in an area with zero Obama events this weekend?

Can someone tell me how the Governor of an Oil rich state

Can someone tell me how the Governor of an Oil rich state

Palin's Strength: "REFORM." Attack it

Rolling Stone: Palin Scandal Primer

It's commendable that McCain picked a woman VP. But let's list the more qualified candidates.

It's 3 AM and McCain in the hospital, out cold from his last medical procedure

****** Heads Up!! O'Biden rally now on cnn ******

RELAX everyone about all comes down to 270....

Thank God Obama didn't pick Kaine over Biden

McCain Jumps the Shark

Connecticut delegates want to make Leiberman pay

The Paling choice will force the focus on Abortion- Rove has succeeded

Palin Is A Perfect Fit! Like Bush Justice Department Hiring Process

What if Obama was for revoking civil rights for African Americans?

Is the 7:30pm Obama/Biden event in PA being streamed anywhere?

What is it with McCain and "beauty pageant contestants" anyway?

Who's your daddy? (Palin campaign piece.)

Look what I just got....

50,000 expected to protest RNC

GOP: "Palin has more executive experience than Biden and Obama combined"

Well, it's pretty obvious who is actually the mother of Palin's grandchild...

He'd Met Her Once!

It's about judgment

Short sighted people think one day at a time....

The Obama campaign has to avoid saying "small town"

Strong Conservative Women McSame COULD have picked:

Meghan McCain disses her mother on live TV during today's VP announcement.

Palin - Not Ready To Lead

John McCain: Bad VP pick and convention which may be overshadowed by hurricane

PHOTOS: OBAMA and BIDEN share laugh with Steeler's coach Mike Tomlin, tour biodiesel plant

Hillary should be a surrogate for Obama against Palin

Is this maybe why McCain waited until Friday?

Republican adulterer picks attatractive younger woman - CURRENT wife better WATCH OUT!!

republicans/mccain insult america

Palin's judgment is lacking.

Palin's judgment is lacking.

So...Its finally 1984 on the republican calandar?

If Obama and Biden are the "Men in Black"

a heartbeat away and NO EXPERIENCE....

Pundent on MSNBC just gave it away "Wolfowitz and Feith can educate her:

Soccer Mom and Hockey Mom

Palin was a TACTICAL decision, not Strategic

Unfortunately the Obama campaign has dropped the ball

Palin says she will be the one to shatter the glass ceiling that Hillary merely cracked.

Pat Buchanan called Palin "She'a bright girl."

Anyone recieve follow-up from the Obama text msg service?

Q. How many times has VP candidate Sarah Palin been to Iraq, Iran, Israel, Georgia, or Russia?

"I know Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.'

Palin giving the date of her son's deployment is a breach

Don't even think of comparing Sarah Palin's qualifications to Barack Obama's.

a democratic woman

*******PUMA'S Coming up on Hardball!!!!*****

(CNN) David Gergen said that women are insulted by Palin

RNC: What's with all the Goddamned RED?

Jack Cafferty: "This could be ballgame over"

Todd Palin: Shadow Governor.

IMNSHO: What will make women Dems & Independents vote McCain is our sexist responses to Palin as VP

Look, I already know two people voting for McCain after today

Palin is a female George Bush.

Palin--where had I heard that voice before? Oh, yes (oh, no!)

Her voice is grating.

OMG could we be setup for another Contract for America year in 2010?

Barack Obama isn't the only one who can fill a stadium. Republicans can fill a stadium, too!

Use Palin to spotlight Senator McCain vs. Candidate McCain

Palin on Iraq (or Joe Biden won't even have to debate)

So can we go after THIS politician's spouse; the one who is an executive in a FOREIGN OIL COMPANY?

Looks like McCain's pick was a "panic pick" made after Obama's speech

If there is one demographic that isn't stupid it's women...

SAT Prep: Thurgood Marshall is to Clarence Thomas as Hillary Clinton is to ____________

Palin: I'll go there...

McCains webpage has a new graphic

HELLO People--Just a refesher on what we are dealing with here

Question: Was Marijuana legal in 1964?

Palin: "opposed to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest."

Is Sarah Palin Really American?

Rove picked Palin weeks ago. She feeds bogus narrative to excuse election theft

There is plenty to criticize in Palin without even MENTIONING her gender

Palin: Hillary Clinton's "Whining" Turned Me Off

AP: Investigation dogs Alaska governor

I'm irritated as hell by the selection of this woman, and I can't quite figure out why.

Would you say that about Dan Quayle?

Palin Selection Surprised Her Staff, Too

Barack and Hillary react !!!

08.28.08 Palin Caught Out: Lying about state scientific review.

The big winners with the Palin pick are Crist who can cancel

Obama & Biden live in Beaver PA 8:00pm EST - CNN stream

Kos on Obama's speech.

Vapid Fucking Narcissist

Rachel finds the pick very exciting

Seriously. Sarah Palin is the MOST qualified person they could find for the job...

What is McCain Thinking? One Alaskan’s Perspective.

First, to suggest that Biden should pull debate punches because Palin's a woman

Why does McCain hide his adopted Bangladeshi daughter, Bridget?

Let us not forget during our discussion of Gov. Palin

McCain picked WHO as his running mate?!

After having a full day to contemplate Palin...

Will Palin pick help McCain?

Obama campaign should ram Rove's quote down McCain's throat


I was at Mile High last night with my 2 boys. OMG.

Is it just me, or is the whole flag waving, "USA" chanting just a wee bit disturbing?

Google mistake: photo of a model as "Sarah Palin"

I have finally realized that Hillary is awesome. Palin sucks.

I donated $25 to Obama/Biden today. Did you donate today?

38 million Americans watched last night!! Hoooaaaaah!!!

Prediction on Palin: Gone

Watch McCain's wandering eyes:

Stop Laughing and GET BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So.. I heard there was this incredibly awe-inspiring speech on TV last night..from Denver. Anyone


How did we get so lucky.. I mean honestly , GOD must love Democrats

Kids are named Piper, Willow and Twig

Game Over

Obama Is Still Going To Kick The Shit Out Of McCain

BREAKING: Forward thinking McCain Hires Private Nurse

Obama, Biden visit Beaver County(PA) biodiesel plant (statement on Palin)

How about just one Palin thread? We need to get back to Obama v McCain. Sorry.


Barack is amazing. The Speech last night was signed Barack Obama

What Obama did last night was MAKE history. What McSame has done today is REPEAT history.

Senator Obama delivers highest-rated convention&acceptance speech in HISTORY

Best link I've found yet with Info on Palin.

I can't keep this in anymore...I have tried, but my cattiness is bigger than my feminism this am.

Want to regain the front page? Donate to Obama

Former speechwriter Amy Holmes for former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist: Obama hits right notes

Every 20 years we get a gift from the GOP (an email I just received)

CSPAN NOW: Replay of Barack Obama at Denver. Better than this Palin crap!

Michelle Obama Favorable Rating Reaches Highest Level Ever

Obama and his Team Proved to Me Last Night We Will Win Our Country Back

John McCain's new Trophy Wife

As a Former Hillary Supporter, McCain's Choice of Palin Cements my Support for Obama

Hey, I hear Obama made a heck of a speech last night...

Please Donate to Du Obama -Biden if you have not already

A word of thanks to the magnificent bastard that made all this possible.....

Gallup Daily tracking poll-Obama in control with 49-41 lead over Mccain

Palin candidacy raises eyebrows in Alaska

I just donated $100 to Obama - WHO'S WITH ME???

The hits keep coming: The Shadow Governor

Did anyone else see Joe S. flip out earlier today, saying Palin would be a huge mistake?

Palin Named Two Kids After Television Witches & Wears A Pentagram

38 Million people watched Barack's acceptance speech last night!

TNR: An astonishingly arrogant VP selection

Why Palin doesn't scare me (x-posted from another thread)

***Cafferty on Palin Youtube Video*** Watch this. You won't be disappointed. Fucking hilarious!

Gender, sexism, power politics and Palin---I'm utterly disgusted.

The Quota Party's Affirmative Action Hypocrisy

What would Sarah Palin suggest if someone's daughter was raped by her uncle?

Palin in several video interview segments with Newsweek

"Trig"? What the hell kind of a name is that??!?

"Trig"? What the hell kind of a name is that??!?

Proof..National Security was just a freaking Talking Point

CNN poll: Who is the stronger VP pick? (HA!)

Pictures of Palin that piss me off:

The Mayor of Albuquerque governs over more people than the Gov. of Alaska

Folks Palin is the enemy and the gloves must be off

I think Bay Buchanan's head is exploding as I type.

In leaders, age is a cultural touchstone

Who heard what Limbaugh said about McCain's choice?

My guess at the Republican strategy.

they new Biden would clobber anyone

they new Biden would clobber anyone

Incredible Photos of Last Night's Historic Convention

Sad, but Obama Team has only a few hours to NEGATIVELY DEFINE Palin -- or else our Women Vote

Judgment?! Palin replaced Monegan with Kopp - and DIDN'T VET HIM is back in Action! "McCain's Matanuska Milk Maid" Orders Gag on farmers!

Video of Obama and Biden in PA today - KDKA website

The RNC's Plan Worked

Anyone who thinks Palin is a "bimbo" check in here

NPR: Palin's Wikipedia entry heavily edited 24 hours before VP announcement.

What happens if McCain doesn't make it to Election Day?

Quick Impulse Thought Regarding Everyday Americans Who Say They're Scared To Vote Dem Cause Of Taxes

Danielle Quayle.

Hey! What about Obama's SENSATIONAL speech last night?

Did Palin Break Campaign Laws in her 2002 failed LT. Gov race?

Palin outsourced a $26 billion dollar pipeline construction contract

Palin outsourced a $26 billion dollar pipeline construction contract

As a mother who shares something in common with Palin -- a special needs child -

Michael Moore will be on Countdown tomorrow-Friday.

'The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule' (book review)

THE SACRIFICIAL Rare, if ever, That a Major party uses up Candidates

Bill Richardson is tearing it up right now!

McCain has to make a sudden change in his VP pick. His 1st choice had a problem!

Just want to say: Three cheers for the DU people in Denver

Sorry to tell that ass who prayed for rain in Denver...the weather there tonight could not be more

a question about video resolution (pixels high by pixels wide)

IMPORTANT! The Matanuska Milk Maid can't even run a DAIRY FARM.. Spread this!!!

Al Gore up now

Ok I'm 50, white, raised in suburbia


It Was Clinton ('92), Clinton ('96), Gore ('00) and...?

Line is reportedly two miles long to get in and it already looks full!

Al Gore!

What is up with McCain surrounding himself with "trophy women"?

The President is about to speak...

From the Telegraph: Ferraro: A salutary tale for Republicans

Watch the convention here.. avoid the MSM bullshit! Wonderful online picture.. full screen too...

E coli outbreak in Tulsa: 1 dead, 40 sick

Al Gore's about to knock your balls off!

HUA TV (Looking for Love)

Al is an inspiration and I am proud to have him speak for me, and for the Democratic Party

Who are you going to believe about Commander-in-Chief qualities? Eisenhower or McCain?

Calculate Your Tax Cuts Under Obama's and McCain's Economic Plans

Was that the dude from Lost in the crowd? The one who played the Korean?

BREAKING! Body of Bin Laden Found in Remote Northern Area

Bumper stick spotted on a Prius in an upscale Seattle suburb:

I saw my Dr. today

So how much of the blame for neglect can we blame on Pawlenty for the bridge disaster

the problem with the talk of "ending divisions"

Mrs. Dan Senor - Campbell Brown smirks just like Bush.

Mile High Stadium is full. It looks great! eom.

What's The Schedule For Tonight? When Is Al Gore On?

we have a General Fig Newton? that is SO cool...

Cheney and Rove apologize for the lack of war with Russia.

On the "imperial setting" - the appropriate response.

I would like to thank the rude pundit for his way of describing what's coming down at the DNC

Is anyone watching the DNC live on

Tribute to the Generals who retired rather than Petraeus the U.S. military! n/t

Wexler Statement on Palin: "Today, John McCain proved he is a complete and utter hypocrite."

Who was the black woman general who was skipped in the introductions?

What my liberal, Feminist Virginian BFF thinks about Palin as VP choice

Jesus Christ. No one wants to hear the speech from YOUR lips Keith.

WATCH C-SPAN! -you don't need no stinkin' talking heads

Pam from Pittsboro sounds like Molly Ivins.

Gore accuses McCain of policies too close to Bush

Gore accuses McCain of policies too close to Bush

"Ah cain't do it."

McCain to accept nomination at stadium in Minneapolis....

Sen. Boxer: The only similarity between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton is that they are both women

I just switched over to PBS and Brooks looks like he wants

Don't mean to cause trouble but I have to ask: How likely is it that McCain announces his VP as

Any jazz fans here?

I know its a cliche, but I just LOVE watching the ..........

The Beau Biden Question

Did anyone already post about that guy shouting "9/11 Was an Inside Job" that disrupted Tweety's

It's so good, so refreshing, so renewing to hear democratic voices after eight years of silence.

Al Gore just gave the best political speech I've ever heard

I Think the Stage Looks Great! And Al Gore?

Place that voice: Who is narrating the Obama bio short?

Barney Smith

dumb question time!

Letters to court claim Abramoff is a "humbled, changed man" who should have reduced prison sentence

I'm BLASTING my speakers-C-span live feed to all my neighbors

Michael MacDonald

I just turned off Keith Olberman

You know who I wish was here to see this? Andy Stephenson.

Eight is ENOUGH!!! Hell yeah!

Brooks & Dunn on having their song used at last night's Obama speech.

I'm BLASTING my speakers-C-span live feed to all my neighbors

"Thanks Hillary for cracking that ceiling! I'll take it from here!"

It's time for them to OWN their failure!

Holy OWNage Barack!!!

I have loved the speeches.

Did I miss Sheryl Crowe?

Why do we even have to talk about this stuff?

Red. Meat.

I just visited the American Ex-POWs website

Is Obama's mom and grandparents all dead? I never see them n.t

Headless bodies found in Mexico

All those Generals making a statement the Pentagon

Happy Talk!!!! Gimme more happy talk, baby. nt

Sarah Palin's late announcement of a pregancy

Susan Eisenhower looks a lot like her grandfather

UBS CEO for Obama?

Where are the teleprompters? I've been trying to see them

You da man!!!! You da man!!!! OMG, what a speech!!!

Underwater pyramids in Japan

Can someone make a pic of Palin morphing into Harriett Myers pic (or vice versa)?

who needs balloons when

FINALLY gloves are off

There may be an awful lot of things wrong with this country.......

Have they shown Muhammad Ali?

What no crazy wrestlemania-type battlecry?

DONATE NOW!!!!! let's make headlines!!!

Wow, 84,000 at the convention tonight! So says Secret Service.

Obama's so smart ....



Opinion: Obama nailed it.

At this precise point McWar has asked James Dobson

What I've learned today on DU..

Is this worldwide?

Barack, you are 1000 times classier than John McCain.

Seeking good vibes

Tomorrow is the first day after the end of The Era Of Stupd

What was great about this convention was listening to intelligent and

Palin not ready to call for resignation

Now onto CSPAN to hear the callers

Bad News and some good news about Tropical Storm Hanna

McCain's Folly! Seward's folly strikes again.

President Al Gore's speech ...


AP does it again

McCain ignites frenzy over his VP choice ( that's NOT my headline)

Biden vs Palin on a narrow tactical question shows Obama's brilliance and McCain's incompetence

Gore quoted TA Edison in his speech. Great quote here:


Sarah is my governor up here and I did want to see Hillary in the White House

self-delete--moving to presidential forum

That was the perfect speech for this time and this place

CNN Blitzer spin

Wow, There Sure Are A Lot Of "DU'ers" Trying To Convince Us That Palin

Olbermann calls out some guy named Babington and his employers, AP

Bush's response broke the spine of the Republican party.

Unembargoed Excerpts Barack Obama's Speech Tonight

KBR lawsuit alleges ’slavery.’

McCain/Palin: Rove's baby or Rove's nightmare?

After Obama's speech, which speech was the most inspirational?

Obama/McSame Poll

Right on time: "Obama sounded angry..."

Jimmy Carter Called Obama A "Black Boy" The Other Night

David Brooks (pbs) and Elizabeht H (the view) are both need to be deprogrammed

Anyone else think a McCain frenzy = yelling fire in a nursing home?

OK, I can't top that....I've seen the best speech in recent political history on C-

Van Halen mad at McCain for using thier song! LOL!

Hey Pugs! Gustavo and Hanna are come'n. You prayed for rain didn't you?

Damnit, there is no way in hell this race is as close as the polls suggest... I have long term Repub

Joseph A. Palermo: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered!

I didn't see Biden's mom in the audience.

John McCain was a POW

Want to know how much Obama will cut your taxes?

ok does anybody know the music behind the ad that ran

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

OMG! Buchanan says it is the best convention speech ever! n/t

Man/Woman on the Street Update

I thought Gustav was on her way past Kingston

McCain adviser has solution to health care crisis...

The media are shocked - SHOCKED - that a Democrat went after the temperment .......

Obama's 18 state campaign - Plouffe "McCain has to win Colorado" "Daily Tracking Polls are terrible"

Own the national security issue

PALIN: I have NO IDEA what the VP even does

KO quoted Bill Hicks!

The chemistry between Obama and Biden seems downright electric!

In case you were wondering about Democrats and the American Indians this election:

So who was the narrator of Obama's video at the convention?

David Sirota: Obama Speech.....Makes Economic Populism Central Thrust of Election 2008

Mothra? Jesus? You Decide

"Maybe after seeing this thing here tonight they've just decided to pack it in altogether."

All the Dems hit it outta the park, then Obama ...

If anyone is praying for rain...KNOCK IT OFF!!!

Tuesday is Soylent Green day

Ha ha. Republicans are chicken shit....may postpone their

What is with this redneck dumbshit music?

How many women LIKE that younger, prettier women are hired before QUALIFIED women?

Poor, poor Freepers. It's a sad night in basement bedrooms across America.

Giving credit where credit is do, Which DU'er called the Palin pick back in March?

Temper, temper, John McCain! "Tonight, Americans witnessed a MISLEADING SPEECH...."

That's why I'm a Democrat

We watched history.... and this was the best political speech

Whenever a Rwing Pundit appears on my TV I switch channels.

Who else is in tears

"How can you trust a man's judgment when he sided with George Bush

Brokaw keeps harping on the columns, just called them 'imperious'

Maybe it's not Pawlenty after all...

McCain / Romney = dozen homes between them. McCain / Pawlenty = "Biden - Pawleny debate unthinkable"

My sister works at the hotel where McCain is staying tonight.

The Invesco Field idea was POOR PLANNING!!!1

this has to be my favorite headline ever

Its official: cows point north

You have to force change, you have to tell the stories. Image Heavy

Shadow Governor... Palin's creepy husband:

Tomorrow, McCain will name his VP at the Nutter Center

try to remember a time before September, when the enemies of America were clear cut...

Police chase out 'Bushville' protest camp

A piece of crap I found on the web.

Local Democrats to Host More of the Same McCain Birthday Parties In Key Battleground States

Did ya hear Tweety? "I'd be criticized by my bosses if I said I was inspired"

Palin: the environment's worst nightmare!

American Man in Section 538 with HUGE American Flag...

Before the next american city drowns before our eyes....

Coming to a theatre near you..

today we are all running for president

I Have A Righteous View Of History Here, Folks

Anyone have a thermometer? I think I've caught the fever.

So how did Palin get to be governor?

OMG.. John.. Look out!! What's that behind you??

The Convention via YouTube

FEMA Says Weaknesses Remain

Toles' sketch is better than his toon today!

CNN is reporting that New Orleans levees may not withstand a storm WEAKER than Katrina.

your thoughts regarding GOPer convention - Obama-Biden campaign

I didn't realize that Minneapolis/St. Paul was in Gustav's path

Pentagon OKs missile sale to Taiwan

principal in sons middle school announced on speaker this morning. historical time in history

Young protester shares arrest experience, describes night of detention

Who gave? Federal Election Commission

Hope. Feels GOOD don't it?

McCain's solution for people lacking health care insurance?

From which faction will McCain's VP come?

Check your effing baggage! I'd sell this house in a NY minute!!

The speech was nice, but McCain still has the edge in policy

Can we have a little discussion about Palin's religious beliefs?

Did we witness the birth of a mini David Duke in West Palm Beach Tuesday night?

Need suggestion: Since Buy Blue is down....

Other than age, what're the differences between Cindy McCain and Paris Hilton?

The GOP convention may never be held, and

How would you like to be a Rethug this morning?

Tropical Storm Floods Jamaica as Louisiana Prepares

There are 74 COUNTIES that have higher populations than Alaska:

Senator Clinton's statement regarding Sarah Palin??? Really???

John Nichols: "Economics. Economics. Economics."

California prison officials draft same-sex marriage guidelines for gay inmates behind bars

KBR lawsuit alleges ’slavery.’

So how many will show up for McGrumpy's acceptance speech? won't be romney, breaking news

Plane landing here. Plane landing there. Who's driving in under the radar? nt

"...there will be no turning back. Thank God."

BREAKING NEWS: NBC News Confirms NNN0LHI Will Not Be McCain's VP Pick

KO just read news from WP. GOP considering postponing convention!

Connecticut Dems demand punishment for Lieberman

Larry Craig has been offered GOP VP for GE.

OH Secretary of State Issues Letter Warning Against Voter Caging

I've noticed a trend to republican C-Span callers....

Federal grand jury indicts US District Judge in Texas on sexual abuse charges

John McCain would like you to know who he picked to be VP...

I would bet that that dried prune of a person, Peggy Noonan, sleeps with ......

Breaking News: Larry Craig was spotted in the Dayton Airport

Talking point: When discussing Sarah Palin's husband, do not say he works for BP.

Talking point: When discussing Sarah Palin's husband, do not say he works for BP.

MUST know and see information on Palin w/photo that should become viral.

Larry King has on 4 Republicans, 0 Democrats

Michael Moore on with Keith tonight.....

CNN's Dana Bash just reported

Michael Moore: A Note I Sent to You -- Three Years Ago

blatherheads: pawlenty out - palin in?

What time is McCain supposed to have his event

July incomes drop by largest amount in 3 years

Chalabi aide arrested on suspicion of Baghdad bombings (McClatchy News)

Post Obama speech poll: Guess McCain's VP!

Dobson's Group Praying for Rain

U.S. Labor Day Travel Likely to Drop, Continuing Summer Slide

John McCain is dependable in a hurricane...

Bill Hummer on FAUX? I never watch that channel

repub cspan caller: 'I don't trust Obama cause he's never had to deal with failure'

MSM is looking at the new shiny thing. Make sure everyone you know has seen this:

Dick Morris: "Joe Biden only ran for president this time because of a menopausal midlife crisis."

I suppose there are Democratic women who'd switch tickets to vote for mccain/palin

Clinton Impeachment Prosecutor Named to Florida High Court

Fresh Produce Anyone?

CNN: "Line to get in was SIX MILES LONG!!!!"

First peek at GOP stage

All this talk about Palin for McNuts. What about THIS?

IM messages from McCain's VP prospects!

Carter: McCain 'Milking' POW Time

A Greyhound bus from Palookaville has just pulled into the Dayton depot!

Who's Stuart Stevens?

Delusional GOP Delegates declare Bush "never disappointed us. He's never embarrassed us,"

IMO Obama's best line of the night, "Change doesn't come From Washington, Change comes To Washington

stevie rocked! remember when the chimp waved at him?

OK..critique my 153rd ltte re:McCain's health plan,before I send...

A whole bunch of this morning's headlines reviewing Obama's speech

Pickens has the audacity to try and shake John Kerry's hand..

Wha't worse about "Mooseburger" Palin

Palin would drive away women in droves.

Did David Brooks plagiarize Woody Allen in his current piece at the NYT? You decide.

If it is palin, Hillary is going to destroy her when she starts campaining with Obama /nt

Post your favorite examples of media boobery this week..

So, who is going to be McCain's Gimping Mate?

A Note I Sent to You -- Three Years Ago ...from Michael Moore

We are entering a week of "I want that face off" feelings. Who is on YOUR list?

Wasn't there a report that terrorism is a law enforcement issue?

Obama Inspiration: Denver Civic Center : The Greek Theater (pix)

Its evidence of something.... but not sure what

We all need to keep our Gulf Coast friends in our thoughts - this from NOAA...

lol.."Kay bHutchison re: Palin..."uh,I don't know too much about her...maybe that's good?"

Current Info On Contraflow in Southeast LA, Southwest MS

"I have to be a Republican. I believe in personal responsibility"...?

NBC Confirms Palin

Is it me?

How Badly Will the GOP Convention Suck?

(John) Edwards is returning to public eye -- for a price

Fox News aired two minutes of Democratic keynote address, discussed Ayers instead

What should we expect from a mccain presidency?

Can the Palin choice undercut Ted Stevens corruption case?

Alaska's Palin Faces Probe - troopergate... (great headline)

Momma is reading KzooDem's post on-air

3fer: CHEENEE shrinking. sL-IMUS back. Luke "lordling" RUSSERT golf-carts it while "reporting"

Republican GOP V.P. Nominee Gov. Sarah Palin now facing ethics-related probe

If God forbid McBush wins....and were to croak....

Pray for NOLA


Beauty and the Beast. This is a gift.... Check this out...

What must Dick Cheney think about his prospective replacement? n/t

Palin comes out against Alaska's Clean Water initiative.

Hail Mary?

It's fascinating (and funny) to watch the media's knowledge

Dateline 2010: President Palin taps Dick Cheney as VP to help guide her...

WSJ: Gustav Threatens Profits Of Insurance Companies

It just became even easier to say Obama has better judgement than McCain.

I have a close relative who retired from GM. Recently they cut his pension

Okay, bring on the info about the ethics charges about Palin!

Watching the Today Show

"John McCain didn't have such an easy upbringing. He was a 'sows his oats' kind of guy"

New Bumpersticker spotted this morning

I would not vote for mcCain no matter who he picked

When did Obama vote for increasing taxes " on those making just $42,000 per year."?

Palin a strong strategic choice for McCain

Do you think Pat Buchanan realizes how often Rachel effin OWNS him? On live TV? (nt)

lol...dana bash just said"we were scratching our heads .. saying'are you sure?'"

Note: whoever wins this election...

Here's the spoiler on McCain's "Prick" for VP today...

McCain's VP pick Palin echoes Obama in support of windfall profits tax for Alaska oil companies

SHAHAHAHA! She's only been governor for a 1 1/2 years! Going up against Joe Biden!

Should Obama congratulate McCain on his V.P. choice?

Biden will DESTROY Palin in the debates

NO WAY! McCain/Palin '08...

I bet right now Romney is somewhere crying his eyes out

And some reactions to Palin from our friends at FR:

Palin has a 4 month old

So Obama's "too inexperienced" but not Palin?? LOL!!

So Obama's "too inexperienced" but not Palin?? LOL!!

Does it look like there are still a lot of empty seats at the McNut event?

Kyl alleges Clinton's false stats, BradBlog presses for proof, is ignored.

"US Decision Has Been Taken To Attack Iran Within A Few Weeks"

Let them eat cake

Comcast to limit customers' broadband usage

Fundies: Taxpayers funding Planned Parenthood's "toxic propaganda"

Bush responds to crisis in Georgia- sends 50,000 troops

An anti-abortion pro-lifer woman is not gonna get many votes from the disaffected

Time For The AP To Look In The Mirror

We're finally up to DEFCON1.

Once Respected for Homeland Security, Even Here Bush Proves to be a Screw-Up(Bush History, 8/29)

The only reason I can come up with is that EVERYONE else turned him down

McCain has CHEERLEADERS at his announcement? Isn't that a tad mysoginistic?

mccain is 72....palin, who theoretically could become president has NO EXPERIENCE

How is she supposed to debate about Iraq? She does not even know what VPS do!

Am I the first to call it the "McCain/Bush" ticket?

It's AUGUST...cheerleaders wearing longsleeved brown turtlenecks

The Republican Convention Sponsored By

If McCain wanted to pander...

ROFLMAO...."Twice is enough." Yes, John, it certainly is!

Teen son of Klansman wins vote for GOP post - W. Palm Beach

John & Sarah.. The M&M team

The Mayor of Salt Lake County, Howard Dean's cousin, governs over more people than Palin.

she was the mayor of shlelalelh AK 3 years ago. ok. good luck w that.

John McCain has died, and it's three am....

must give props to Patrick Ottenhoff of c-span's HUB

Republican office visitor on Pallin

I apologize to all in DU

McCain: "Who Wants To Drill In Alaska, When You Can Drill Palin Instead

PHOTOS: Barack Obama Fireworks!

Jeeeez, watching Gramps speak is wrist-slitting.

OMG....Tina Fey is going to get SO MUCH mileage out of Palin on SNL this year!

Weather Channel update on Gustav......Potential to threaten Gulf oil rigs and raise gas prices......


Last pics and highlights from the last evening of the Denver Convention

So sue me. She looks like Bambi. The hair ... it was either this or Pawlenty's mullet?

Wow, she managed to get that Sept. 11th refernce in early!

The puppet masters behind Georgia President Saakashvili (neo cons)

McCain thinking with his willie. Again. At least she's got a kid in the military.

McCain just said the "U" word: Unions.

I'm at work is the media slobbering over this McCain selection of Palin?

Why would any woman vote Republican?

What kind of cachet is involved with being a former Presidential or VP nominee?

You gotta hand it to them. They knocked us off the front page

There is no such thing as clean coal technology. /nt

its over

Cornell West on Obama's speech.............

Palin ...She Aint No Mackenzie Allen

First question the media must ask McCain: What makes her qualified to be commander in chief?

McInsane is @ The Nutter Center, announcing his choice of an unknown whose favorite food is ...

McSame / FAILin

Yea, ok - this clinches it......

OMG what has America become ???

Palin says she is determined to beat the POW drum for McSame

Another White House in the pocket of the goddamn oil industry

Sarah Palin just said "Noo Ku Ler." Uh oh.

Yea, Sarah !!1!!111!!!

Wahhh. I wish I had tv access here. It's not fair!!!!

Could you imagine this woman trying to negotiate with leaders?!

I used to live in Alaska. It's easy to govern there's nobody there.

she is for teaching intelligent design in the classroom! Oh Dear God....

Hey at least some Alaskans will be proud

Evidence of Extremist Infiltration of Military Grows - seriously

McCain is announcing his veep pick AND HE'S NOT WEARING A FLAG LAPEL PIN.

Palin wanted answers on "what is it exactly that the VP does every day"

The Guardian's response to the selection of Palin; or; why I think celebration is premature.

McCrap Picks Dora For VP--Now We Can Drill More In Alaska! Hooray!

Here we go the Hillary card is being played

Sarah was asked on MSNBC what kind of VP she thought she would be

Chris Kelly: Governor Sarah Palin Has What It Takes To Be The Next Dick Cheney

This is all a satirical teevee sketch, right?

Van Halen to McCain: No You Can't

Van Halen to McCain: No You Can't

Interesting. Palin is 44, that means niether of the major party tickets have Boomers on them.

Interesting. Palin is 44, that means niether of the major party tickets have Boomers on them.

Palin: A Scandal We Can Believe In!

HAVE YOU PEOPLE LOST YOUR MINDS? we are not the mommy police.

Palin's Foreign Policy Experience According to Fox

McSame's New Campaign Song

question...palin still has to be officially nominated,right?

If McCain/Palin beats Obama/Biden then there is absolutely no hope for this country

Word Cloud and full text of speech tonight...

Re: It . Is . All . A . Fucking . Sham

I thought Palin looked awfully familiar:

I thought Palin looked awfully familiar:

RNC growing Ron Paul Convention problem

Some thoughts on the selection of Sarah Palin as McCain's VP.

Some thoughts on Sarah Palin

When is Cokie Roberts, going to say Palin is from "some sort of foreign, exotic place"?

Born and edjumicated in Idaho. No experience. Says "nukular"

Children’s Treasury Of Wonkette Posts About Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin

Palin Praised Obama's Energy Plan

Epic Failure...

say what you want..I hate the way Palin is using 2 of her sons

You just haven't earned it yet, baby.

OMG - confirmation please on this PALIN statement

Palin is a good choice for us!

Oh dear god she is awful

Sarah Palin: Dubya in drag....

I Honestly Feel Empathy For Hillary Right Now!

Oklahoma, please keep this constipated prick to yourself.

"She certainly seems more comfortable than Dan Quayle did"

meanwhile The Ranks of the Ultrawealthy Grow

Which couple does the McCain/Nurse Nancy ticket match up to?

Palin has the highest approval rating of any governor in America

Palin's son being deployed to Iraq on September 11? Wonder who engineered that one for the optics?

Anyone listening to Thom Hartman

I think I heard either an exaggeration or maybe a lie on the Palin

Who was the narrator in the Obama intro film? Sounds familiar...**nm

There was only one thing he left out...

Alaska's population is about 700 000. If your state has a city that size, you've got a soundbite:

Palin gave no rationale as to why SHE is qualified to be president ..

Move along. Just McPalin with his "Trophy" VP

The White House dismissed the accusations as "patently false".

Five Reasons Not to Sweat Sarah Palin

Palin did her job; she took the headlines away from Obama. Now I

The mayor of Ft. Worth (pop 700K) is more qualified to be veep.

Congratulations Michael Palin!

Sarah, do I smell a shotgun wedding?

MP3: Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech in Denver - August 28, 2008

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin under investigation for abuse of power!

Palin is a former Beauty Queen? Wasn't McSame's 1st wife

Doesn't McCain also have a daughter they adopted from Bangladesh?

Under heavy pressure, Crist names right wing ideologue to FL Supreme Court.

Why is Obama against debating....

Anyone here from Alaska that can answer a question?

"Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard"??? Are you kidding???

Who will donate to the Buy Tom Brokaw .......

My 14 y/o's comments on Palin's rollout just now --

Educate Me! Todd Palin, Professional Fisherman. Todd Palin, Union Oilman???

If it's true, I'm surprised it didn't screen her out in the vetting.

Too bad Tina Fey left the cast of Saturday Night Live a couple of years ago!



John McCain and Sarah Paling In Comparison '08

Is this a campaign or a new sitcom?

Comments from Alaska Daily News..people who know her best..(not everyone loves her)

Big Oil says get ready for $5 gas next week, 'thanks to Gustav'

W's going on vacation next week

I don't know...Palin may energize the McCain campaign

Memes if it is Palin ......

CNN headline - McCain Taps Palin

I could use some good thoughts tonight.

Does anybody think the Palin pick has anything to do with drilling ANWR?

Texas schools don't have to offer Bible class, attorney general says

Non stop talk about Palin's looks. Her looks took her a long way...

Real Americans from last night's DNC

Separated at birth?

Opinion from an Alaskan

Quick! Someone with photoshop skills!

So did McCains release opf his VP pick steal any of Obama's thunder

Thank you Gov Siegelman

Palin is a Clarence Thomas pick.

Gustav kicked Jamaica's butt last night. ain't just a movie: You can fool a lot of the people all of the time.....

Rasmussen daily tracking poll Good for Obama and Michelle.

Why NOT Bill Clinton for Secretary of State?

Q. What do Coulter, Limbaugh, War, and the NRA have in common?

Comcast to restrict broadband use to 250 GB of data a month

Does anyone else see Biden eating her alive in a debate about foreign policy?

Sarah Palin will be chewed up and spit out......

For every female vote McCain gains with a female VP he will lose a rethug male vote

Don't underestimate the power of stupid.

Is It Possible McSame Thinks Palin's Scandal is Off Limits?

LMAO - Freeper on Palin choice - "My mom said it best -

Is there any indication that Palin is intelligent?

McCain's VP -- Miss Alaska Loser

"I told them I didn't want the bridge to nowhere. "

Wait, you're telling me her water broke and she got on a plane and flew from TX to Alaska

Biggest Newspaper In Holland Says Dutch Intelligence

Does this mean Northern Exposure is coming back...

For what it's worth economic predictions by Matt Hudgins National Real Estate

This pick will make it harder for MSM to obscure McCain's pro-life-ness

I am angry

Gulf Coast Hurricanes and Garden Gnomes

where are the palin 'vogue' photos????

Just two things interest me re Palin...

Richard Land endorsed Palin for McCain's VP earlier this month

Oprah so moved by Obama speech she cries her eyelashes off

Gustav on it's way to Texas

I have $200 to donate to campaigns

Please DU this Story and Video!

I dont know about you.....

Caption the Dream Team...


So now that McSame has folded ah ha ha ha ha ha bwwwwwwwaaaaa ROFLMFAO

Hastings, Reichert to skip convention

I just heard a Republican talking head say that Palin has more experience than Obama.....

OMG!!! What a speech!!!!! n/t

Three Years After Hurricane Katrina, Homelessness Looms

John McCain should be thanked for providing some comic relief to the campaign.

is John McCain having his Harriet Meirs moment early...?


Sarah Palin on the issues.....

Ads pushing Iran strike show Denver under missile attack from Boulder

NOONAN calls him "Beric" -- as in, "Eric" with a "B" in front!1 This means she has

38,000,000 viewers watched Obama speech

Is anything about any kind of pregnancy in the Palin household an acceptable topic for debate?

Russia Could Destroy NATO Ships In 20 Mins: Admiral

What does the McCain / Palin ticket offer to people of color? Gov. of Alaska?

New show for the fall?

A sistah whupped Sarah and a brotha is gonna whup John

McCain: Obama Lacks Experience Running 5,000-Person Town in Alaska

If you haven't donated to the Obama campaign yet here are some links

Just got a call. Little Lord Pissypants is in my hometown!!!

rumor? Palen has a pregnant 17 year old daughter.

Limbaugh is back to carrying water, oceans of it.

Does anybody else get the definite impression that they are throwing this election?

Palin denies global warming is man-made

Who the hell am I? What the hell am I doing here?

Gustav on the Brink of Explosive Development

What nickname would GWB give to Sarah Palin? I'm thinking something like "Tundra Trash"

Palin has her own "Troopergate"

Ok people this is historic

Can I ask you one small favor John-Boy?

Satirical website The Spoof predicted Palin Veeping for McCain in May this year:

A&E Cold Case Files: "Finding Bin Laden"

'Christian Coalition of America Applauds John McCain's Choice of Pro-life Conservative Gov. Palin"

Sarah Palin is John McCain's Harriet Miers.

What is wrong with Andrea Mitchell?

PHOTO: Oh, Sarah I knew you would be good for me. Hey what's in that IV anyhow?

Dana Perino: Bush will not attack Obama @ RNC because "he's got class"

Katherine Heerbrandt: If not Ivins ...

Russian Navy Planning Greater Presence In Syria

How can they go from Dick Cheney to Sarah Palin? And not blink an eye!

Palin Appointed A Sexual Harasser

If Palin was picked solely to steal the Dem's thunder, was she a good choice?

Christian Newswire: McCain Chooses Palin, a TRUE CHRISTIAN for VP (and gun 'totting'!)

Meanwhile, today is the third anniversary of Katrina and the "Federal Flood"

Caption this Sarah Palin pic

Oh, jeez, the RW pundit spin on how great Palin is . . .

Is Edwards distasteful....

WOW! The Rude Pundit weighs in with some interesting comments about Obama's speech, et. al (NSFW)

seriously, what does Palin bring to the ticket? or more to the point - to the country?

Palin inauguration ceremony

How damn small is Alaska's population anyway?

McCain: Country First!

Boxer's statement on Palin - Thanks Barbara

Happy Birthday John McCain! (pssst.... he's ****72****!)

Spelling. Just thought I'd add a little levity to this place.

Ferraro has become some kind of monster.

Isn't Palin the governor of a socialist state?

Experience Issue: Obama went face to face with the best opponents

Subject: Can someone please help me find a Ben Franklin quote? I think I read it on DU ...

Would "Gramps and Cramps" be fair payback for "Fritz and

And now for something completely different: Purging the Stupid

please make a "SUPREME SACRIFICE" for our troops

Did everybody notice McCain...

View of Barack Obama’s Speech at Invesco Field in Denver


Today, I am ashamed to be a DU member

This broad has only be his VP selection for a few hours, already 2 scandals!

"More valuable than pearls is a woman who likes to fish and hunt."

38 million Americans watched Obama, and that's not including C-SPAN or PBS viewers!!!!

Hate talk radio Rush:" A Babe on the Ticket!"

OMG!!1!! I just heard a couple of people in the office talking about Palin

Caption Mc* and Mrs. Mc*

Obama/Biden joint statement on Palin more conciliatory

IMO, Cheney handed McCain an envelope this morning with his VP pick.

Details emerge regarding the vetting of Palin

Obama camp: Palin 'just more of the same'

A crisis in Georgia then hurricane "Gustav"

Thanks Randi.....

'They used deceptive propaganda + authority of Alaska gov't to defeat ballot initiative.'

If McCain wanted a woman VP why not Condi?

Alabama poll that needs some DU/Obama luv

Polar Bears That Should Be Taken Off The Threatened List Per Palin

NC man indicted for threatening to buy gun, kill Barack Obama; no proof he tried to do so

Friday TOONS: Potpourri

Palin ... the 'Jesus Camp' Veep Choice!

Geezer & Gidget 2008!

Did McCain just choose Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly?

Funny Captions (Help Please)

OK, for the record, how do you pronounce 'Palin'?

Can I just say "thank you" to everybody here?

Gallup Daily: Obama Stretches Lead to 8 Points - Lead one of largest in campaign

Repugs to do balloon drop.

Walter Cronkite for VP? No, not this...

Van Halen to McCain: No You Can't

If you think we're past "the race thing"...

Don't bother Googling "Sarah Palin Nude."

Another Mc* caption needed!

Shame on me - my first thought was "Gidget Goes to Washington"

Oh, for cry-eye--Palin is "the Princess of the Right?"

I think the Palin pick is a set up.

Please pay close attention to

Wanna know why they chose Palin?

Ticket for Failure - More of the Same!

All will be well. Palin was a terrible pick. Everyone quit acting so kookoo.

The Daily Show will have a special Friday Show tonight from Denver

sarah has an uncle who has a " long term room mate"

Rocky Mt. News (of all papers) Columnist says Obama's stage was good

Am I the only one having trouble loading pages on DU?

Michael Palin would have been a better pick. Or even John Cleese.

Sorry if this was reported before: BUT man ejected from yankee game because he used the bathroom.

Elected to office; will it ever change?

OK, I've been reading about Palin. It seems that McCain may have a winner

Palin was an incredibly good choice . . . .

The MILF vote?

FOX News' Mort Kondracke hates the Palin pick

Paul Begalia is correct: McCain's age and health now become central issue in campaign

Lets check some anagrams for mccainpalin...

Lets check some anagrams for mccainpalin...

Vatican warns of growing "Christianophobia"

Riveting satellite image: double-whammy storms approach USA

Time for some more Obamatoons!

*** Is it against the law for Palin to give out her son's deployment date? ***

One FRAGILE Heartbeat Away From the Presidency

Sarah Palin and tall

Sarah Palin and tall

Journalist charged with "Felony Child Abandonment" for telling his 11 year old son to walk home

"Pro-Life" Sarah Palin = Wolf Killing for Money (Cheney would applaud)

This Pick by McCain, Confirms to Most Americans that he is Slime...

Careful, Miss Buffalo Chips . . . here comes Miss Deadliest Catch!

Sarah Palin: The softer, gentler side of compasionate conservatism

Sarah Palin: The softer, gentler side of compasionate conservatism

Palin is yet another republican bid to dumb us down, like dubya

Who is Sarah Palin? (a closer look)

Awwwww. I think Pat Buchanan's got a crush on Palin.

The GOP Just Lost the Moose Vote

Campaign contributions: Who gave how much to which side?

Can a woman with five children (one with Down's) be a full-time VP?

Well, the cable channels love the Palin pick.

Time to Start Preparing the McCain Debate Bingo Cards

Obama Camp Surpirsed by McCain Pick?

They shouldn't talk about Palin's inexperience directly

Palin dissed veep job

I need at least 10 comments on my recent ltte to push hit piece about obama out of 1st place

From another board I frequent, Palin and Cindy McCain

A peek insided Johnny's Man Cave

"She seems like a compelling person . . . with a terrific personal story."

Happy birthday john mccain (72) & Michael Jackson (50)! Here's your horoscope!

Palin's three month old baby with Down's Syndrome is dragged through crowds of thousands....

Has anyone else seen the email going around saying sarah palin is a Muslim?

Remember what George Carlin said:

Palin: A Scandal We Can Believe In

How is it that the "press" camps out to ID Obama's mate but no interest in McCain's?

Why did the GOP select Anna Nicole Palin for their next President?


STOP IT......

A moment of silence please, for Katrina victims.

What about McCain's "threshold" test . . . someone "ready to step in on a moment's notice?"

Tweety IN LOVE with Palin

Other prominate Sandpoint, Id citizens

Palin sounds like one of her kids when she talks about Iraq

Governor Palin, I sincerely thank you.

It is Eugene McCarthy! Not Joe

Shower for Trig Palin to Benefit Soldiers

Bank Failure Friday Night: this week, it's Integrity Bank of Alpharetta, Georgia

Governor Palin Releases Statement to Alaskans

McCain responds back to his "unexperienced" pick

Happy Birthday, POW!

This stay at home Mom is not impressed. Her baby was born in April.

In order for Anna Nicole Palin to beat Joe Biden in a debate ...

NBC N/N - "her husband, a commercial fisherman"

Guess what just landed at Hook Field outside Dayton at 10:18 EDT....

Caption Mc*

NEW Obama ad just ran. Sam Cooke tune with lyrics based on the economy and McCain's ignorance

The 'Conservatives' up here are trying to Impeach Sarah Palin

Imagine What Biden Will Do to That Woman During The VP Debate

Cafferty just called Faux "The 'F' word network".

Sarah's 16 year-old unmarried daughter pregnant.


Ind. dad gets 18 months for killing family cat after forcing 7-year-old daughter to stab it

Putin: U.S. Military Advisers In Georgia Conflict

Putin: U.S. Military Advisers In Georgia Conflict

Why Palin?

Fundies in Alaska don't believe in "fossil fuels"

Honorary Hot Chick with Douchebag of the Month: McCain/Palin

LTTE in my paper rebutting a freeper's letter...the citizens are awakening!

Sarah Heath Palin heiress to Hershey fortune.

Is Sarah Palin over-qualified?

I know you're still digesting Troopergate and Babygate

John McCain is 23 years older than...the state of Alaska.

Sea Surface Temperatures from GOES-8 (Gulf of Mexico)

Bill Mahr tonight

The PUMA woman on MSNBC looks like a deranged tramp

McCain is very short sighted....

If we had any doubts where THIS was going:

Alaska's Palin misrepresented state's polar bear findings, feared it would threaten Arctic oil drill

Watched Obama's speech with an elderly African American woman dying of cancer tonight.

Take a few minutes to read the emails sent to Cafferty about Palain.

Palin has smoked pot..

Seriously? Nookular?

Palin: "Unclear On What The VP Actually Does"

And now for some more toons about the other guy...

Palin's husband's job?? BP Oil..

ER Doctors call McCain advisor on his "there are no uninsured people" bullsh*t.....


Avail yourselves to Andrew Sullivan's website. It will make you feel better re: that woman.

Can you imagine a two-year governor and former mayor of Wasilia debating Joe Biden.....

Cspan caller: 'Democrats aren't Americans', 'repubs are gonna lose', starts weeping.

Religion/faith may inform a legislatures argument but it may not form the basis of the law

The Rude Pundit - Obama to the GOP: "Go Fuck Yourselves"

Cafferty: "After today's pick by McCain you could ask...

Maybe my tinfoil is too tight, but are they trying to lose?

2008 Voter Registration: Democrats Dwarfing Republican Gains so Far

Sarah 'The Wolf Killer' Palin. She Makes Me Want To Vomit......

Sarah Palin and Ted Stevens Join Forces on GOP Energy Plan

Palin issue: Why defend thug state trooper?

Rumor: The baby is not edwards', it is Obama's and edwards took the hit for it

Palin sued to keep polar bears from being listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act

I flew over 250 combat missions and I was never shot down.

McCain and Palin? Am I the only one getting a Woody Allen vibe from this rumor?

Most important news story of the week (ending August 29, 2008)

Best put-down of old McCrabby in the entire 4 days in Denver

Best put-down of old McCrabby in the entire 4 days in Denver

McCain's VP will be Sarah Palin of Alaska

On the 3rd anniversary of Katrina, the busses are lined up waiting for the evacuation order

She "simply doesn't look pregnant," a reporter wrote in the Alaska Daily News. Feb 2008

I'm not underestimating the stupidity of the American people

Double barrel shotgun (120 hour wind speed forecast)

How come nobody's comparing Palin to Ohio's darling, Mean Jean Schmidt?


Chief Fired by Palin Speaks Out

Shocking Choice by John McCain, Says Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

The big danger I see leading up to the election is not McCain nor Palin, but

Palin smoked pot!

Lines into Invesco about 6 miles or more. Pictures.

I want to send my condolences to Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Why the Palin "baby" story matters.. It's INSURANCE FRAUD

Feb 25, 2008.. 7 months pregnant?? you decide

Black Helicopters over your city?

Three Years Ago...

Right Wing Watch: Joel's Army, The Call, Todd Bentley are "Arming for Armageddon"

Right Wing Watch: Joel's Army, The Call, Todd Bentley are "Arming for Armageddon"

Your thoughts on Sarah Palin . . .

Blackwater Alert: Security for Hurricane Gustav

Palin claiming 'executive privilege' over emails just like Bush!

Florida cutting services to the bone...even closing city parks for Labor Day picnics.

Meet the new Florida Supreme Court justice. Used to be a Democrat

* * * The enemy has outposts in your head. A rant. * * *

" Wait till you get a load of what Michael Moore said this week... He...really went after McCain..."

Kristof Still Doesn’t Get the Anthrax Story: The Justice Department, Bush Science & Our Sorry Press

Palin on the issues

Palin on the issues

Parche's favorite Hotel Chain...

Jesus, this convention is making me all goose bumply like. n/t

The only thing that can ruin this night is...

Finding Homes from Movies and TV Shows

He taught that the duty of lovers is to tarnish the golden rule

Shades of Sniffa!

I suppose that he froze when the wind took your cloth

I lit a thin green candle

La La LALALA la la lala , LA LA LA LA lalala .

While my internet was crapped out for an hour

He's on right now.


Make me stop obsessively checking DU

Parche's not here now.

Some dragons these days...

For you Yankee-haters: Fan ejected from Stadium for trying to go potty during "Gawd Bless Amurka"!

Did ABC just go black for anyone watching its coverage of the Barack speech ?

Pardon my vent...

Well, my doc's office just called to tell me I have a fracture in my elbow.

Anything going on tonight?

It may be the time zone that NBC forgot

Plans already in place to possibly have Gustav Evacuees

Damned Internet!

n00b/non-American question - Why is Matthews called Tweety?

Dragons in videogames

Anybody else too excited now to go to sleep?

Am I a happy camper?


Soylent Green will be on TCM @ 1:30 am East Coast time...

Political deaths that hit you hard

Stick a fork in me. See you all tomorrow, and sweet dreams!

its not about the lounge, its about you.

Put your headphones on, minimize the video, and listen for 10 minutes...

Okay, nitpick that probably belongs more in the Lounge...

Who wants pizza?

Now that I am back in Ohio - any folks here want to have a meet up?

So I have received word that my mom's side of the family is out or on its way out...

Orange cream frappuccino!

There's a damn cricket outside.

"Every time Obama speaks an angel has an orgasm."

what the hell just happened outside my window?

my buddy, Jet.

"Get there early, cause hope don't park your motherfucking car!"

Loungers, you're badly needed here:

At the risk of destroying the lounge, I will quote from "The Best Chicken Recipes"...

Pardon my vent.....

I found some mojo while I was out walking the dogs

Have you seen "Babies Eating Lemons" ?.. enjoy

So it took me 2 years to finally get 1000 posts

I was trying to have a little satire, and typed in "Michael Palin in drag" to make a joke about

Anybody having a good dinner?

The world is busy with itself, as am I , and that is the greatest tragedy of all

Is Sarah Palin really

I've lost my mojo

KG computer qestion of the week - is there a way to send a fax from my location

Big Plans This Weekend?

what should i watch, Morning Joe or Marcia gets hit with a football?

McCain will pick Dick Cheney as his VP

In honor of tonight's assault on DU by FR, everybody......TALK LIKE A FREEPER! I'll start:

McCain chose Quayle.

Thursday night pic thread? Anybody?

Paging lizziegrace!

Is it me?

The VERY FIRST mention of Obama by Colbert and Stewart

Freecycle posts that make you go 'hmmm... '

McCain/Cougar '08...

Breaking News - Michael Palin is the VP candidate.

Looking for a new job: to tell, or not to tell? Pros & Cons?

Regarding Palin, a poll just for DUers who have smoked pot:

Who Is Sniffa?


It's not Sarah Palin, that was just a shipment of Klondike bars

So I'm walking into the local Walgreens and I'm reading some mail or something

I know who it is! It's...

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday August 29

Breaking News - Sarah Palin is the VP candidate

ROFL! Oh, this is PERfect!

My 2-Year Old Granddaughter Declares Victory and Goes to Bed

Are We At Defcon 69?

Need some good, descriptive lines for a pirate refuge

Anybody got the Obama phone wallpaper?

Are We At Defcon 69?

How much should I charge for this web site design?

Trust me...

How the hell will the Obama camp ever top that...

Does anyone think Skinner, et al, have the pizza ovens all fired up today?

I want a walrus!!!

DAMN! car insurance company called to see if we were alright!!

I am going to tutch the but!

D-List endorsements

Look what was in that series of tubes!

Oh No, Palin Drives A Minivan, Plays Bunco, And Drinks Boxed Wine

Celebrities separated at birth

Palin has some unusual pets, if you ask me.

Okay, I just lost my job, and I am now I

Thursday kitteh!

The Biden vs. Palin Debate: Sneak Preview

The Biden vs. Palin Debate: Sneak Preview

Gustav back to hurricane strength

I have theory that Lynnesin lobbied the Obama campiagn to pick Biden so we'd stop making fun of

So how long before McSame grabs Sarah Palin on the ass?

You Know What I Am Having Massive Beverages Tonight

Fucking Trajan Langdon


Lounge EXCLUSIVE: Top-Secret GOP video of Rove vetting Sarah Palin

McLame and Miss Congeniality are playing Van Halen for their theme song

Obama and Biden are doing Beaver today!

Alright, here's what did it for me.

One reason I'm glad It's Palin...

Van Halen just gave McSame/Failin' the SMACKDOWN!

Don't tutch the but, McCain!

Ava Gushee's brief life carries on in many ways

Okay, I'll admit it.

"Not Just the Levess Broke" ...A book about one woman's experience w/ Katrina.

Tonight - Chicken/sausage/shrimp gumbo.

Parche is having a nekkid rant!!1!!


Tiger Woods on Conan last night

Tiger Woods on Conan last night

I was just called a Yellow Dog Democrat for the first time

Fukin Dupes!

Hey turtleandsue, about your four skins...

I can do without the sexist language in GD-p

Sniffa appreciation thread

DU is so broken for me today. How could it run so smoothly last night and

God help me, My wonderful Fiancee has figured out how to send

Are there any massage parlors that are known to actually give massages?

Hangover. Nausea. Vomiting. Help?

I live outside of DC

Best Sequel Ever

I read Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" today.

(whats left of the) Grateful Dead to tour for Obama!

I got a worm/virus/trojan for the very first time yesterday...

So, anything new today?

Holy Shit!

Zero. Point. Zero.

As pets, which are more disgusting?

Friday, August 29th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

When did a football field become a standard of measurement?

A positive note to Hurricane Evacuation

DU Women. Would you date a hairless man?

Marry you?

What bullshit have you learned today on DU?

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...

DU women, please don't shoot me, but I have to ask: Is Governor Palin's

My sister wanted to tell me about something "hilarious" that happened during my son's funeral...

Post Here And DUStrange Will Run Naked Through DU

Its friday before the first college football saturday, sign up now for the DU pick'em league

Stupid Poll of the Day

Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden/Audioslave) has sold out bad

Ok, I'm officially frigging old

I got my schedule for school this year!

I wanted to post something intense, deep, interesting, and compelling.

Heads up Phoenix. There is a storm coming in from the east and it's big.

Sarah Palin was Mary Ann Sommers

The fuck?

They want a woman. Alright. Fine.

Are AVG daily updates failing for anybody else?

Youngest Obama voter..(well maybe the cutest anyway)

You know what's fun? Listening to repukes trying to explain why Palin is

I'm kind of digging Insane & Failin' as the Republican slogan

Post here and Parche will tell you to stop posting here.

Kitten Pictures will be suspended until

Well let me tell you about local Colorado cops...

Jesus Christ. I just watched Palin speak, with McCain standing next to her.

What if you knew your mgr called his wife to bring in her prescription drugs

143 Days, 4 Hours, 40 Minutes: Bye, George. Bye, Laura. Bye, Dick. Bye, Lynne. Bye, Condi.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/29/08

"David Duchovny enters rehab for sex addiction"

There are two kinds of Republicans:

The mysterious spaghetti cat

My Hat is in!

Was that David Strathairn narrating the Obama intro piece last night?

How much to replace circuit box with one with higher amount of amps?

Microsoft warns of IE8 lock-in with XP SP3, also notes crashing Windows Live Mail

29 lines to make you smile (stupid email thing)

Wasn't Palin in "A Fish Called Wanda"?

DNC responds to Palin Pick!

What do Hawaii and Alaska think they're trying to pull?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 8/29/2008)

Q. Why did John McCain select Alaska Governor Palin to be his running mate?

Welcome to my dAMN bar

Uh-oh. Comcast just told me our service would be back "in 24 business hours"

BREAKING! Body of Bin Laden Found in Remote Northern Area

Sigh, I was just in Japanese girl heaven

Why can't hurricanes be named after lousy politicians?

What Are The Things That Really PISS You Off

I went to the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library today.

So I'm leaving for college in the morning.

I am absolutely repulsed and appalled at DU today

First lounge OP - seeking attention for my new puppy.

If you could bring back one TV show either with the same or new cast

I AM PISSED!!!! I was just told that I should be getting

I just crushed the ends of two fingers and ripped one fingernail completely off - ask me anything!

Jury acquits former Marine in killing of Iraqis

Russia And Georgia Still Deadlocked On UN Draft Resolutions

Putin accuses US of starting Georgia crisis as election ploy

Most Voters Say the Democratic Party is United Behind Obama

Obama promises to restore U.S. legacy

A Georgia School System Loses Its Accreditation

Abramoff lobbies for early release

Arctic sea ice drops to 2nd lowest level on record

WSJ: Gustav Threatens Profits Of Insurance Companies

Three to face PM (Gordon Brown) death plot charges

Putin suggests U.S. pushed Georgia to war

CNN BREAKING--plane from Alaska lading in Ohio -Sarah Palin

Possible McCain VP candidate reportedly lands in Middletown

Georgia to Cut Diplomatic Ties With Russia

Fox News confirms Palin is the pick

(Washington Supreme Court:) AT&T can't force customer arbitration

LPGA’s English policy draws PGA criticism

U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent indicted in sex case

Gore Rallies Convention Delegates With Call for Change

Russia, U.S trade barbs over Iraq, Kosovo at UN

Sarah Palin: McCain's Vice President

AP: McCain chooses Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for V.P.

College president to resign, collect $400,000

Bennett says McCain will select Romney

Governor (Schwarzenegger) to Republicans: Stop hiding

Dalai Lama in Indian hospital for tests for abdominal discomfort, says his spokesman

Gauge of yearly US economic growth at fresh 28-yr low-ECRI

July incomes drop by largest amount in 3 years

U.S. Consumer Spending Slows, Inflation Accelerates

Georgetown professor accused of being Cuban spy

Republican Molnau ‘kneecaps’ free speech in vote against display of anti-war billboards

Court bars meatpacker tests for mad cow

Man arrested in slashing of Obama campaigner

'Spokesman-Review' Challenges Two-Year AP Cancellation Rule

Bush 'energized and excited' by McCain VP choice

Poor access to justice in Colombia, says lawyers group

GOP axes delegate guide over gay listings

Palin dissed veep job

50,000 expected to protest RNC

Paraguay's Fernando Lugo apologizes to dictatorship victims

Obama's speech seen by 38 million viewers

BREAKING NEWS: Explosions Rock Bayer CropScience Plant in Institute

Voluntary evacuations in New Orleans ahead of Gustav

Protesters come to court (Judge being excesively harsh)

Newly discovered oil reserves to benefit all Brazilians

Ex-generals convicted of killing Argentine senator

(80) Katrina Victims Are Buried, 3 Years After

Georgia regulators close Integrity Bank, 10th bank failure

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 29

Obama (Camp) Response to Palin

Court: US Can Block Meat Packer From Testing Its Cattle For Mad Cow Disease

GOP Considers Delaying Convention

MSNBC Host (Olbermann) Rips AP Reporter's Analysis of Obama Speech

McCain's VP Pick Palin Facing Ethics Investigation

Palin Selection Surprised Her Staff, Too

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Is McCain's Pick for VP

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Is McCain's Pick for VP and John Legend LIVE at DNC: "Yes We Can!"


Sheryl Crow Performs at the DNC 2008

2008 DNC: Al Gore - Why Election Is Close


2008 DNC: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute (no graphics)

2008 DNC: Al Gore 'We Must Seize This Opportunity'

2008 DNC: Al Gore - Another New Beginning

2008 DNC: Al Gore 'It Is Time For A Change'

2008 DNC: Bernice King & Martin Luther King III (Full Speech)

2008 DNC: Tim Kaine (Full Speech)

2008 DNC: Barack Obama 'McCain Doesn't Care'

2008 DNC: Barack Obama 'We Are Better'

Bill Richardson's Speech at DNC

2008 DNC: Barack Obama 'Our Work Will Not Be Easy'

Marianne Faithfull - Portland Town (1965)

McCain Arrives For The RNC in Minneapolis (Workplace-Friendly Version)

2008 DNC: Joe Biden 'Open Convention' (Full Speech)

McCain's ad tonight: Well done to Obama

Keith Olbermann's Comments - Obama's DNC Acceptance Speech

2008 DNC: Barack Obama 'I Accept Your Nomination'

Stevie Wonder Performs "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" at DNC

Hurricane Set to Ruin RNC Coverage

Barack Obama and Joe Biden Add Their Names to the Ballots

The Obamas Played By The Rules

2008 DNC: Barack Obama Tribute

An inspired Chris Matthews. "To hell with my critics." (6 minutes)

Michelle Obama's Last Day of the DNC

Chris and Keith V. Republican Scum Mike Murphy

Biff Henderson's One-On-One Interview with Howard Dean

Ted Stevens Endorses Sarah Palin for Governor

Repube Castellanos: Obama's Speech

Matthews gets emotional after Obama's wonderful speech

Letterman: George W. Bush - Strategic Thinker

Gov. Sarah Palin on the Wooten scandal and VP

Chuck Todd: McCain Camp Speechless

Barack Obamas Acceptance speech

Palin Knows How To Play White House - McCain Opts For Dice Roll


Duck everyone!!!! A vast herd of flying pigs just launched from Denver ....

KTVA, Local CBS Affiliate, Reports On Palin Trooper-Gate Sca

Democratic National Convention- Barney Smith

Doocy: Alaska is Next to Russia

RNC 2008

Palin & Aerial Wolf Hunting in Alaska (graphic)

This is what Sarah Palin looks like when she lies through her teeth.

Obama Newspaper Headline Video

Dennis Kucinich addresses impeachment at PDA event

SEIU: Guess How Much - Minimum Wage vs. CEO Wage

Palin: Hillary shouldn't whine. She should work harder.

What Does A Vice President Do?

Sarah Palin: 'What is it exactly that the VP does every day?'

Get to know Sarah Palin

Gov Sarah Palin, taking polar bear off threatened list to drill for oil

President Al Gore speaks to the DNC

John McCain arrives in "Minneapolis"

The Daily Show: Obama is the Lion King

Obama's Ad Response to the Palin Announcement!

GOVENOR Sarah Palin From Alaska under investigation

Glenn Beck on Gov Palin

John Roberts on CNN: How much time will Palin have to dedicate to her newborn child?



McCain & Palin Get A Suprise Guest

Karl Rove Trashes (Sarah Palin) on Gubernatorial and Mayoral Experience

Barack Obama spoke to an audience of 84,000 at Mile High Stadium

Chris Matthews on Barack Obama's acceptance speech

Patrick Joseph Buchanan on Obama's acceptance speech

Rep. John Lewis at the Democratic National Convention 2008

In Memory of Bobby Sands & his Friends

ABC News Producer Arrested in Denver

2008 DNC: Fireworks

2008 DNC: Barack Obama 'Eight Is Enough'

Cafferty At His Finest: Palin as McSame's VP

Sarah Palin- Qualified to Be VP

CNN Self-Masturbation

DNC Police State After Rage Against Machine Played

Judge strikes down Cuba travel ban for professors

Beau Biden - Democratic Ticket & Going to Iraq

Barack Obama surprises Illinois Women's Delegation

TYT React to Bill Clinton's Speech at DNC

The MSNBC Dance Club -- Groovin' to Stevie Wonder, 8-28-08

Palin Ad Starring Ted Stevens Already Scrubbed From Palin's Campaign Website

Protesters denied access to attorneys, forced to march in leg

Guardian UK: Warning that two million Britons may be out of work by Christmas as economy slows down

Obama DNC Speech Reactons

GOP considers delaying convention - Tropical Storm Gustav is forecast to hit U.S. next week

Eugene Robinson: So Many Miles From Selma

Obama Explains Why McCain is More Like Bush Than Cheney

America has lost its way in the world

David Sirota on Obama's speech - Economic Populism

Are they Republicans trying to have a convention that no one notices?

Episode 20: On the Ground in Denver

Lies my DNC told me

Purging The Stupid (Free Republic mentioned)

A Perfect Fit: Dinosaur McCain Picks Palin-ontologist

John Nichols: Obama's Tough New Populism

Truthdig: The End of an Institution (Political Media)

“Terrorist and Other Criminals Seeking to Cross Our Borders”

BREAKING CNN--Plane from ALASKA landing in Ohio

My Convention Memory - McGovern, Hart, Kerry, Ferraro, et al.

Driftglass - The Negrological Constant

Professor studies DNC delegates, protesters

Bank of NY Mellon data breach now affects 12.5 mln

Video: Detained Glass Bead videographer on policing in the age of YouTube

The Hope We Confess - Andrew Sullivan

Michele Bachmann’s secretive RNC congressional reception may be a cruise on the St. Croix

This political convention brought to you by AT&T:

A quick Palin sampler

Palin staff pushed to have trooper fired

Engineering firms chase opportunity in Alaska: HIGH OIL PRICES: Fluor, other heavyweights expand ..

Cindy McCain: Painful secrets

Rumors circulating of possible police sweeps in Minneapolis this weekend

Republican Jews: Picking Palin as VP demonstrates McCain's good judgment

CNBC's "Money Honey" Interviews Palin...before "Selection" about Environment and Drilling...

(Fairbanks) Daily News-Miner: Palin has Much to Prove

McCain's VP Choice: 'Sarah Barracuda'

McCain's Sexist VP Pick

10 Reasons Americans Should care About Russia...

Paul Krugman: Feeling No Pain (the GOP)

The Worst Vice Presidential Nominee in History

Palin is toast in one word: Headship

A lot of people here are underestimating Sarah Palin.

US to close 15 facilities in Germany

Riley brigade anticipating improved Iraq

Army Experience Center courts mall visitors

Oregon soldier killed in Afghanistan

Sources: US says civilian deaths overstated

Fort Dix prosecutors: Delay needed in trial

NATO denies Black Sea naval buildup

Iraqi official detained at Baghdad airport

LPD 17 underway after mechanical problems

Mullen stresses rules on political activity

Earnhardt motivates recruits at Great Lakes

New sub being turned over to Navy

Sexual harassment still concerns Corps

Federal jury acquits Nazario in Iraqi deaths

Campaign ad with military service ruled OK

Marine recruiter pleads guilty in sex case

US soldier dies in Baghdad

Iraq war vet beaten to death in bar brawl

Reorganizing maintenance groups won’t happen

400 Idaho airmen to deploy to Middle East

Hashing out their differences

Army hearing on deaths of 4 Iraqis ends

Report: Spending peaks for contractors in Iraq

Putin Says US Behind Georgia Conflict

Afghans Say US Raid Based on Bad Tip

Report says U.S. secretly handing over detainees

Marines, Sailors From 3/7 Deploy

Global Hawks could be used for hurricanes

AF Investigates Missing Launch Devices

Sailor charged with 3 counts of child rape

Article 15s for nuke handlers who fell asleep

Disabled American Veterans rankings of our representatives...

California Moves on Bill to Curb Sprawl and Emissions

Peak Oil Notes - August 28

ScottishPower says 'sorry' for 34% gas bill rise

Australia Approves Uranium Mine Expansion Plan

Climate fight hit by global slowdown

Iran agrees Nigeria nuclear deal

Bush's weak dollar policy is what's been driving all commodity prices upward. good article:

Grandparents help with back-to-school bill

AlterNet: Are Organic Foods Getting Too Pricey for the Middle Class?

Obama said it - 'clean' coal, nuclear power.

Palin denies climate change realities on first day as McCain's running mate

Of Whales and Off-Shore Drilling

Defenders: Gov. Sarah Palin endorses harrying wild wolves & shooting them from helicopters

Don Henley to do benefit concert at Cains for Inhofe opponent

Manufacturers pinched as materials costs outrun product prices

Alaska Chooses Largest Gold Mine Over Clean Water

Insightful analysis from Andrew Bacevich on energy and consumption

Palin = Time to sharpen our oil drilling and ANWR arguements!

Manchester executive is troubled by boycott (gave money to the Yes on 8 campaign)

I'm an old hetro woman but I am proud of my Democratic leaders

Important!: Palin is NOT Pro-Gay

Biden a 'proven advocate' for gay rights

Israeli peace pioneer Abie Nathan dies at 81

Paralyzed Gaza girl celebrates birthday in Jaffa

Putting a Face on Iran

Hezbollah downs Lebanese chopper, thinking it Israeli

Poisoned Food, New Israeli Warfare

Report: Iran supplied Hizbullah with advanced missiles

Prime Foreclosures greater than subprime

How the Chicago Boys Wrecked the Economy

F***ing ATM fees!

Social Security Gets Clean Bill of Health from CBO

AFSCME printing OBAMA-BIDEN shirts around the clock as I type

AFT's Randi Weingarten: Dems Are United And Energized Around Economic Values, Change

Assaulted youth center aide dies

Union leader's concern: Vote won't be colorblind

DNC: Even Celebs Talk Up the Employee Free Choice Act

Today in labor history August 29

Ex-generals convicted of killing Argentine senator

Bolivia's Morales sets date for constitution vote

Paraguay's Lugo apologizes to dictatorship victims

SAINTS to evacuate to Indianapolis due to Gustav

Red Sox Vs. White Sox

Chad Johnson changes surname to 'Ocho Cinco'

Psychology & self-help book recs please

Two exercises. One to heal ancestral issues, one to cleanse oneself of those issues

does anone have astrological influences for the tim of Obama' speech?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Join Prayers on 30 August 2008

Heads up: our sister, SeattleGirl, needs healing energy ASAP.

"Something Wonderful Is About to Happen" - Karen Bishop - August 28, 2008 New Moon Report, August 30, 2008

anybody have astrological info on Governor Palin?

Treatment For Cachexia

Bacteria Strain Linked To Stomach Ulcers Can Induce Cancer

Where does capitalism fit in to health care?

NYT Review of Nikon D90 - - New Nikon Holds A Secret

Friday picture dump!

Guns in Obama's Nomination Acceptance Speech.

In Texas School, Teachers Carry Books and Guns

Do you think they really believe that?

Biden says “I’m the guy who originally wrote the assault weapons ban.”

UK lets LEO issue on-the-spot fines for some crimes and gives authority to private firms.

I'd expect an NRA life member and a hunter to have better trigger discipline

'Lost towns' discovered in Amazon

Immigrants From India, Pakistan Face U.S. Prostate, Breast Cancer Risks

Ramen! More Proof of the existence of the FSM!

Underwater pyramids in Japan

I know there's someone here

anyone have a simple sangria recipe that doesn't have too many ingredients?

I can't wait for this weekend! 4 chefs @ my house!

What is church’s teaching on immigration?

Question about how Young Earthists dismiss dating science

Alleged Communion Stealing UCF Senator Webster Cook .. booted from SGA Senate

Palin's religion

Free: Camp Obama Training in Houston this weekend

OK everyone, turn on your fans and point them EAST... (Gustav)

Please help, strange send email problem

Government backs off claim inspectors spend half their time on site

Ottawa Wanted US To Accept More Lenient Meat Inspections

Mixing Eugene McCarthy with Joseph McCarthy

McCain Arrives For The RNC in Minne... er Saint Paul

The pundits on MSNBC were dropping broad hints that Timmy

Pawlenty says he's going to State Fair, not McCain rally


Cruise the St. Croix with Michele Bachmann September 2!

Anyone listening to Mid Morning on MPR this am?

McCain will advertise next week in Minnesota (Minneapolis, Duluth).

Wow! The Palin pick is a slap in the face to Pawlenty.

Wow _ NYT Kerry hits it home

More good (and interesting) feedback on The Speech

Palin? Ah, isn't she under a cloud of suspicion for favoritism?

Kerry on This Week


CNN exclusive: ‘W.’ shows when George met Laura

David Duchovny enters rehab for sex addiction

Wisconsin: Voter registration information doesn’t match driver records... 22% mismatch rate

So what did we Brits think of Obama's big speech, then?

gard raised three times as much as Kagen this last term