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Obama Biden speech starting on CSpan RIGHT NOW!

Delawarians, Delawarites.....Congrats on our new VP! NE wrapped up I think.

TEXT of Biden's Speech (lots of good talking points!)

Majikthise - Ron Fournier: If Obama were confident, he would have picked a ficus tree:

Meanwhile at one of the McCain manses, Mother McCain, "Don't you pick that Romney!"

I have released all my Ignorees.

The DNC should put up a clock on their website until McCain can count his houses since they have the

How can we expect the media to stop talking about the Clintons & "pumas" when we won't? Is Giving Away Free Obama-Biden Bumper Stickers (even free shipping) Is Giving Away Free Obama-Biden Bumper Stickers (even free shipping)

I'm glad there's not a post limit's another one from me.

Sen. O'Biden.


Fournier is at it again...

Photoshop expert needs to put Biden's head on Sean Connery

Ok, so a lot of people are pissed off at Biden about the bankruptcy thing.

It looks like Sebelius pulled out of the vetting process?

"Barack Americans"

Has anyone posted about our nice shiny "Family Values" ticket?

Family Values - Biden

So, I just contributed to Obama's campaign.

I feel so incredibly hopeful and that's an odd feeling for me.

Lets break down McShames VP choices- please real analysis only

Tell me what exactly ..

So, when do the debates start, and how much popcorn will we need?

Wow, who just watched Matthews' opening remarks for the 2nd hour of Hardball?

Good Weather On Tap For Thursday!

so is Obama Biden's boss now?

ANALYSIS / Obama played it safe, but is Biden good for Israel?

Joe Biden (IS 65, right) and Drill McSenile is72 right?

McCain is putting out an ad tonight at 3AM (although they are premiering it on Hannity next) about

RW talking point re: Biden as VP: "It's a REVEALING choice."

Biden could give Obama a lift in Florida (Miami Herald)

If you don't like Hillary Underground 24/7 stop kicking the damn threads!!!

Who could have ever predicted that PAT BUCHANAN would be Hillary's biggest fan??

Can't Obama put together an ad of his own with all the lovely things the repukes said about InSane?

*** What if McCain picks Hillary for VP?! ***

Biden speech at National Press Club 9/10/01

I was away from the internet and TV for a week About McCain's 'Original Maverick' ad...

I was away from the internet and TV for a week About McCain's 'Original Maverick' ad...

McCaint: Biden A “Very Wise Selection”

Has there ever been a major party ticket where neither candidate was a white protestant male?

Already jonesin' for more of Big Joe Biden!!

Inside look at Obama's "very personal" VP decision

Video: Father Roy Bourgeois Calls on John McCain to Stop Torture

tax & spend or party of the people

tax & spend or party of the people

So Hillary is the meme of the McCain campaign rolled out today

"John McCain doesn't know which of the 7 tables to sit at..."

Anyone else think Ron Christie's voice is the most annoying on TV?

Screen capture from MSNBC home page is a keeper: "Biden Jumps Straight Into The Fight"

London Times reports: Barack Obama opts for ‘bare-knuckle fighter’ Joe Biden

Sooooo, what brand of alcohol do you think Rush is drowning himself in tonight?

Sooooo, what brand of alcohol do you think Rush is drowning himself in tonight?

Neil Kinnock Endorses Biden Pick

I thought there would be a special edition of Countdown tonight w/ Keith after Hardball???

Dick Morris Rewrites History: Claims Iraqi Government Invited US In

joe biden: hit McCorpse right now...shoot down his lame talking points about you being selected...

Susan Estrich on Faux trashing Obama

Biden, You Complete Me - By Edward Espinoza

Too Much of a Bad Thing - - MoDo scoffs at McCain's POWitis.

Too Much of a Bad Thing - - MoDo scoffs at McCain's POWitis.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the reckoning is now."

Last Call for Change We Can Believe In, by Frank Rich

New Poll: Obama expands lead in California

FYI-MSNBC supposedly has two shows on each candidate-McCain at 2pm ET & Obama at 3pm ET

FYI-MSNBC supposedly has two shows on each candidate-McCain at 2pm ET & Obama at 3pm ET

OnCSPAN today I saw Ann Richards 1988 keynote address

OnCSPAN today I saw Ann Richards 1988 keynote address

Unbelievable Repug tactic

Let me say this again: A pro-choice GOP VP candidate = 50 state Obama landslide

"In his first truly presidential decision, Barack Obama acted like a president"

VP night fun with names!

VP night fun with names!

VP night fun with names!

VP night fun with names!

NYT: Biden's Foreign Policy: A Philosophy of Diplomacy First, Force Last

It's official. We've got the:

Biden: McCain has failed the character test

What does the Deleware Destroyer do for an ecnore?

In 2000, We Faced The Proverbial Fork In The Road

Do you have the impression that the M$M is sort of pissed off at Biden right now?

Chuck Todd on Biden pick - Accomplishing three things

John McCain is Bob Dole with less message discipline.

Let's hear from pre-primary Biden supporters

The so called Freudian slip that chills me to the bone. When Barack...

The Shape of the Race (IMHO)

Last night LynneSin posted that she was going to drive by our future VP's house

As a Primary Hillary voter, can I just say that Biden was an awesome choice?

here's a CNN poll.

Will just ONE Democratic spokesperson PLEASE answer the right wing talking point

Will just ONE Democratic spokesperson PLEASE answer the right wing talking point

As a long-time Biden supporter, may I just say,

Here's a great video on why it's important to vote

Who would you like to see McCain pick as his V.P?

My new Obama-Biden pin! (pic)

Anybody know anything about these two links? I can't get them to work

Democratic Convention Keynote Address:Who Then Will Speak for the Common Good?

Democratic Convention Keynote Address:Who Then Will Speak for the Common Good?

Just in case there's a God, I'm praying it's Lieberman

Will McCain try to match Biden with Opus Dei Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

I never thought that I would despise a POS politician more than I do Bush/Cheney,

The ties....Red State, Blue State Symbolism?

CNN now back to claiming Obama has problems in the Hispanic community

Ok, to those who think Joe lied about "not being the guy"...

Is "original maverick" redundant?

The first time I thought there might be an Obama biden ticket was.

Proof that the pharma-funded kittycult is rooted in RACISM

What a day!

Howard Dean's statement on Joe Biden as VP

Freep Veep Anxiety: "Romney couldn’t even win the nomination despote outspending everybody"

What's the track record for tickets where the nominee and VP candidate are both Senators and both

Will the "I don't know how many homes I own" thing be included in ads?

Hillary Clinton is smart...she knows if she was vetted for VP, she would

Mods where are you, there are trolls here again.

Here's another great thing Biden brings to the campaign:

Mystified over Obama's treatment of Clinton

Overheard at work today:

Overheard at work today:

Richardson says he was vetted for VP and under consideration

Geraldo Rivera is a real asshole

Hope and History

Hope and History

"The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine"

Now that it's Biden, two things are clear: First, McCain will have to pick

Blast from the past: Who has the best working class credentials?

McCain: Please pick Ted Baxter (Romney)!!

More Polling: Biden does EXCELLENT with undecideds and independents

I feel relieved to tell you the truth

Barbara Jordan about to speak on C-Span - 1976 Dem Convention, NYC

Barbara Jordan about to speak on C-Span - 1976 Dem Convention, NYC

He hasn't even broken a sweat, yet.

McCain Email Quotes Biden: "Obama Not Ready to Lead"

I'm thinking Biden was one of Obama's better choices

New McCain Ad Uses Clinton Attacks

Went canvassing in NH today

Barack's 2004 Convention Speech coming on CSPAN now...

Was McCain's tax bill sent to one of the houses he lost?

Was McCain's tax bill sent to one of the houses he lost?

Was McCain's tax bill sent to one of the houses he lost?

Yes We Can vs. No You Can't.

HAHAHAHA-Watch CNN go crazy before VP announcement-Heads almost spin like Linda Blair's

What do you like most about Biden?

If There is a REAL John McCain - Will You Please Stand UP?

Biden really wanted to be Obama's VP.

CNN -Still having an anti-Obama festival at 4:00 AM!

Oooh oooh ooh!! "Convention Watch Parties" mmm sounds SO FUN

The Obama campaign should do the same thing

My issue with Biden is that he is a LIAR!!!!!

My fear is that the Repukes will try to suppress the black vote in OH, PA, GA, MO, MI, VA, NC

Who all donated $30 for the Obama-Biden shirt?

"Too Much of a Bad Thing "

The only way the Republicans can win is if they successfully divide us....

Just released Pre-Biden ABC News Poll: Obama leads 49-43.

McCain Tries to Rile Up Clinton Voters Against Obama

What is it with all the left handed presidential

Obama/Biden Now!

Help pick McCain's VP

Convention Schedule and Link to DNC Videos

How 'bout that "picking Biden means Obama is admitting he isn't qualified" spin?

How 'bout that "picking Biden means Obama is admitting he isn't qualified" spin?

There are some very specific ways I want this campaign to hammer on a few points.

Politco is reporting that Colin Powell is being considered for VP by McCain

I think that a McCain/Powell ticket is very dangerous....

Meanwhile, over in Freeperville.....

Is anyone else saddened by how vile John McCain has become?

Is anyone else saddened by how vile John McCain has become?

Is anyone else saddened by how vile John McCain has become?

Johnny "Seven Houses" McCain

The smartest move McCain could make right now is to go for Tom Ridge.

KEATING 5 (Rezko is in last 2 McCain ads... time to for Dems to go THERE)

In His Home State, Biden is a Regular Joe

Talkingpoint- Whomever McCain Picks For VP Means He Admits To Being Old, Bumbling, Out of Touch

Talkingpoint- Whomever McCain Picks For VP Means He Admits To Being Old, Bumbling, Out of Touch

Nicknames for Joe Biden: I propose "The Reckoner"

Wow.....Obama and Biden both teach constitutional law.....

Can someone provide a link to the video where Barabara Bush worries about her...

McCain Tries to Rile Up Clinton Voters Against Obama with New Ad: "Passed Over"

McCain Tries to Rile Up Clinton Voters Against Obama with New Ad: "Passed Over"

Biden: as long as there's 1 soldier on the ground, we have to give them everything they need.

The repugs FUCKED us for 8 years, nearly destoying the USA, so why are we even having an election?

McCain is the slimey scumbucket trying to pick up heartbroken Clinton voters.

McCain is the slimey scumbucket trying to pick up heartbroken Clinton voters.

Some sly choreography: Biden jogging onto the stage to make his first VP speech.

MTP today. Caroline Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi discuss Biden being chosen as VP

They want gaffes?? Let's GIVE'em GAFFES! Articles citing McCAIN'S GAFFES:

McCain Not As Knowledgeable About Foreign Affairs As They Want Us to Believe!

Free Obama/Biden Stickers here:

Free Obama/Biden Stickers here:

Obama Spokesman: "RNC staffers shouldn't throw stones from their 7 glass houses."

David Corn: Obama Picks Biden: A Conventional But Effective Choice?

McCain Owes Back Taxes on One of His "Seven Homes"

Politifact Update: Eight houses for John & Cindy McCain

Choice of Biden is a demographic calculation too

Florida--Robert Wexler praises Obama pick of Biden

The counter argument for the "Biden said Obama isn't qualified"

January 5, 1973

i say we encourage use of the term PUMA

i say we encourage use of the term PUMA

The Wild Card Questions for Dennis Kucinich

How to use Romney quotes to return fire on McCondo's "Biden ad"

How to use Romney quotes to return fire on McCondo's "Biden ad"

I wish Candy Crowley would wear a McCain T-shirt

"You" For President...

MSM; Biden prone to gaffs.

McCain doesn't know what kind of car he drives either (National Review)

Bob Herbert: For the Next 10 Weeks, Obama Should Hammer McCain on the Economy

Brokaw asking Pelosi about the Surge on MTP ... Yawn....n/t

DAMN!!! I woke up in a GOOD mood today! Anyone else??

DAMN!!! I woke up in a GOOD mood today! Anyone else??

I was watching Mr. Sanchez on CNN, got bored, and so I ......

Just Got Home From Springfield, IL Where Obama and Biden First Appeared Together As A Team

Does anyone here think the McCain camp had a couple attack ads banked

The Democratic Ticket-An old pro adds world experience

The McCain Strategy: Divide and Conquer

Dems tap Granholm for alternative energy session

Gov. Sibelius Doing A Great Job On Face The Nation

just saw mcschrub's response to biden on cbs


"Republicans will be sorry"

Thank you Nancy!

R.I.P.-“Change We Can Believe In”-DEMAND-"Change Before It's Too Late"(Frank Rich)

If you want peerless, 24-carat, political humour, you have to read the

Who votes for Obama-Biden that wasn't already going to vote for Obama no matter who he chose?

Caroline Kennedy

Biden's own suffering can be an equaliser for the POW issue.

As A POW, McCain's In The Unique Position To Advocate Mental Health Issues For Vets

WEATHER.COM for Denver, Thursday, August 28th: Mostly Sunny, High 83, Low 57. Chance of rain, 10%.

Where the hell is Bob Barr?

Painting Senator Barack Obama as "THAT GUY" Nobody Knows

Newsweek: On his own (about Obama's childhood)

CNN, MSM idiots with two knuckleheads: Leslie Sanchez and James Carville

Mitt's Campaign theme song? - Adam and the Ants circa 1982

Keep repeating it Obama and Biden, "We can't afford four more years of Bush-McCain"

Keep repeating it Obama and Biden, "We can't afford four more years of Bush-McCain"

The Homes McCain doesn't want us to see!

I think Family Guy summed up this "Noun, verb, POW" argument best:

Is Obama Bashing ‘American Dream’ By Bashing McCain’s 7 Homes? (not kidding-Fox News)

NeoCon central is worried about Obama-Biden's middle-class populist message

Anyone Listening to ABC trying to make more Clinton drama?

NO CANDIDATE Drill McSame can pick is Joe Biden's equal, period

NO CANDIDATE Drill McSame can pick is Joe Biden's equal, period

"Passed Over" - racial subtext?

Behind the scenes- Joe Biden and the Iraq War Resolution

The Arctic Monkeys weren't thinking of McCain when they wrote. . .

Nice photo of Biden

McCain, Obama In Dead Heat In Colorado: McCain 47%(+1), Obama 46%(+2)

Robin Leach jumps to McCain's defense

Please tell me I'm seeing things and that Politico doesn't have an article about Biden's hair on pg1

Please tell me I'm seeing things and that Politico doesn't have an article about Biden's hair on pg1

Rasmussen, 8/24: Obama 46%, McCain 43% (with leaners, Obama 48%, McCain 45%)

This "obama should be nice and maybe mccain won't hit so hard" crap is just that...crap.

Big O with punk kid

Joe Biden revisited: The Future of the American Idea

I don't believe we've ever had a Joe as Pres or Veep

There is nothing to Rezco & Ayers. For McCain to threaten retaliation using LIES

Link to email CNN.Com to complain about biased coverage -


How Obama has been boxing McCain in is amazing

Obama/Biden grace the front page of all major newspapers:

Obama should run an ad with Hillary Clinton and him together

Brad Blakeman on MSNBC looks TERRIBLE

Noooooooo pelosi nooooo


It will not be long before McSame appears in his Hanoi Hilton uniform ...

Media Matters: Media report Biden plagiarism allegations, but not previous Kinnock credits

Obama's Minnesota Office Vandalized Early Sunday Morning

Obama/Biden gear!!

Who Will McCain's VP Candidate Be? An Analysis...

A fix for Obama/Biden's latest "flaw" in the repubs eyes


CSM: Joe Biden and his Catholic faith

From BarackObamadotcom: Joe Biden Introduces Himself

McCain Slurping on Starbucks

George Steph leads with "freudian slip" and actually

Delaware gets front position at convention

Going to Invesco on Thurs?

Dowd: McCain "Cheapening" POW Experience

What's the story on Pawlenty

Do any of you know if the Obama/Biden rally in Springfield

John McCain McMansion Jokes

Ashley Biden is a Social Worker....

I don't think David Petraeus would accept the veep nom

More Pro-Obama Mail From The AFL-CIO

Don't Listen to the Nay Sayers Listen to the Now Sayers

McCAIN’S HEALTH CARE: Increase Costs and Reduce Benefits

Oped news: RNC election fraud command and control located in Enterprise, Alabama

Wait... did Bob Schieffer just say that he knocked up his wife at the '68 Dem convention?

Wait... did Bob Schieffer just say that he knocked up his wife at the '68 Dem convention?

From DU video archive: Sen Joe Biden CNN's American Morning July 16, 2008

If McHomes is such a great leader

Obama needs to address Rezko and Ayers himself now and get it over with -

Mister (Senator ) McGoo is going to lose

Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger are CLUELESS!!!

my welcome to joe

Rough morning for Obama's Minnesota office

Obama Sued in Philadelphia Court on Grounds he is Constitutionally Ineligible for the Preside

Joe's mom...

News Flash! McCain To Select Hillary Clinton As His Vice President!

If you care about Democratic values, deciding whom to vote for is not a hard decision

Allegations of sexual misconduct surface against McCain

Obama in Eau Claire, WI today!

DU this poll

Republican Monopoly Cards

Feingold at BBQ in Eau Claire with Obama LIVE NOW !!!!

Cspan 2 NOW

McCain:"I’ve never believed that lack of military service disqualifies one...political leadership"

The secret link between Obama and Osama!

Best VP pick for McCain would be Tom Tancredo

Mormons Dismissed by McCain and the GOP - PsyOps 101

WTF? Gallup Tracking Poll has the race tied at 45%.

Tucker Bounds being a typical douche on MSNBC right now.

Joe Biden Bio on Council on Foreign Relations web site

Anyone watching MTP? Tom Brokaw is an asshole

McCain quotes on the importance of military service for commander in chief

Bill Kristol = Feminist

Pawlenty on CNN: McCain's VP can handle Biden

New Mississippi Poll: Obama getting 13% of the white vote, 97% of AA's

Does Rush's Operation Chaos have a part in the polls about Hillary voters.

Is the PUMA BS a Boomer thing?

Like mother, like son

Couldn't Hillary sue McCain for using her image and voice in his ads...

Suddenly John McCain is talking about 'respectful debate' again.

Biden "Mr President your leading us off a cliff" - Must See

The biggest phone bank ever. 75,000 at Invesco will be asked to call / text others.

Anybody else just get whiplash?

Powell Being Considered For McCain VP Slot

Matching donations

"Oops, I started WW III . . .

The lessons John McCain did and didn't learn in 2000

Rules committee meeting in Denver today....some still declaring unfairness in primaries.

The importance of Bill and Hillary Clinton in this campaign can't be overestimated

i just heard the new swift-boat of obama

Question: what's the deadline for "primary season" donations?

NYT: In the beginning, Obama was "not sold" on Biden, while Biden was "pessimistic of his chances"

Time's Mark Halperin: McCain's inability to remember that he owns seven homes hurts his Obama

New VA PPP: Obama 47, McCain 45

Obama = bombing of the Capital, the Pentagon, and the shooting of cops

Just a guess: But Ted Kennedy will introduce Obama.

Hartford Courant on the "Porky and LaToya McCain Worm-Baiter LLC"

What time is Obama supposed to speak Thursday?

Have you received Biden's video from Obama campaign?

The Dreaded Septuagenarian Issue...

Virginia PPP Poll (D): Obama (D) 47%, McCain (R) 45%

We have met the enemy, and she is...

Why isn’t Hillary responding to that Ad or doing the morning shows for Barack?

Joseph R. Biden Jr.: A Senate Stalwart Who Bounced Back

McCain supporter I know(Republican, not PUMA) says if McCain picks Romney, he's through with him!

McCain: We have barely begun to POW!

"How do we beat the bitch?" and how McCain laughed off an attack on Hillary:

Fox news trying to incite riot right now on view screen.

Washington Post now has Obama extending his lead 49% to 45%

BREAKING: Man Carrying Rifles and Illegal Handguns arrested at Nancy Pelosi's hotel

McCain's military service and POW status....

I'll be blogging from the Democratic National Convention in Denver

MSNBC LIVE: MICHELLE OBAMA arrives at Denver International Airport


repeat after me..."Barack America" "Barack America".

Obama is building the base

Camp Caine going into HyperTrash Talk...they are using the Locker-room

McCain (2005) “The fact is that I have agreed with President Bush far more than I have disagreed"

Mark Halperin thinks McCain forgetting his houses is a big blow to.... Obama?

Biden's coming up on CSpan2 at noon et

If people were truly 'HIllary Supporters" they wouldn't be looking to derail Obama's campaign

Joe is already rubbing off on Barack. He says "H-E-double hockey sticks" at Wisconsin rally!!

Well, I Forgot How Many Toasters I Have

Biden's National Security with Justice Act -

I hope McCain picks George Allen for VP.

Is PUMA a real group or just a label like RINO....

We're not the only ones who think "Barack America" is a great slogan:

Anyone personally know a PUMA? My sister is one

Joe Biden wasn't picked to in order to get Obama elected

In response to Obama article, MoveOn moves against AP, Ron Fournier

How much ya wanna bet they had that Hillary ad ready to go if Obama DID pick her?

Let's Save Divisions and Call the Sub-Group puma By the Larger Heading That They Are:

what ever happened to this old coot? "god damn the democrats"

Biden was picked more for his working man cred than his foreign affairs portfolio

Fastfood registers have little picture of fries, malts, burgers for yrs. Because the reading ability

Obama Sued in Philadelphia Federal Court

Obama: The first time I got my first choice

Why McCain won't choose Romney (a pic worth 1000 words)

Full Votes Restored to Florida and Michigan Delegations

Halperin Pictured Obama As A Dirty Rat

These polls being discussed by Matthews are wrong.

Just out of curiosity - is there going to a ban on right wing-styled attacks on Biden at DU?

Will there be a bounce?

Dems might counter-program GOP rally

Clinton Response To McCain "Passed Over" Ad

What McWarbucks doesn't get is that it isn't that he is rich, it's that he doesn't know shit!!!!

***Breaking: Watch DNC Interfaith mtg***

Tweety: Denver Post has Obama ahead 46% to 43% in Colorado!

Howard Dean on C-Span today with Q & A..."Road to the WH leads through the West"

Nice video - Walk a day in my shoes: Joe Biden/Marshall Clemmons


Rec if you think Obama should...

What percentage of talking heads mocking "Barack America" have

"Got wood?" (McCain's seven houses)

The fierce urgency of Buckeyes: Obama's Ohio trump card?

Manifest Hope Gallery in Denver

Does anyone know if Joe Biden had to take out student loans for


Black men for McCain

My absolute favorite Biden video

The good & bad with Romney, Huckabee and Pawlenty.

Tweety: If McCain loves Hillary so much, why doesn't HE pick her as his running mate?

Tweety: If McCain loves Hillary so much, why doesn't HE pick her as his running mate?

McCain '08: Noun, Verb, POW

McCain may be getting some backlash (Andrea Mitchell)

Nancy Pfotenhauer is a blight upon humanity.

I think McCain will choose a woman as his VP nominee

My response to the McCain Hillary VP add: Why not Anne Coulter for McCain's VP?

Let me make one thing straight about my own voting position

A bit about Joe from the Univ of DE news.

"The John McCain of 2000 wouldn't vote for the John McCain of 2008." -

How many houses do you own = competency test.

I think McCain has no real option other than Crist,

I knew Bob Barker couldn't stay retired!!

Halperin wins the McPenis award for meritorious service to McCain's scrotum.

If I was McCain I would pick a house to go hide in

Any DUer talented with Photshopping interested in a small challenge?

Breaking News: Full voting rights restored to Florida and Michigan

The alternative.... "A senile old man with his finger on the button"

My theory...

Proof that the PUMAs are Republicans or just simply don't like Obama. They aren't HRC Supporters.

So What Are Our Buddies Ron Paul & Bob Barr Up To?

Vote for the candidate's policies, not their supporters.

New Obama smear - and the TRUTH.

Apparently, John McCain doesn't have to pay for air time for his ads....

Do you think the term "Obama lovers" used as a slur is racist?

Will McCain be able to air as many ads once he is the nominee?

ABC News/ Washington Post National Poll: Obama: 49% InSane: 43%

Mason Dixon Poll: McCain: 47% Obama 41% IN ARIZONA!

McCain better be careful picking Romney. Check out the reaction of this lady to Mormons

Public Policy Poll: Virginia Obama 47% McCain 45%

McCain did poorly at Annapolis because he was a future P.O.W.

McCain camp gives WH a "heads up" on when he is about to "disagree" with them

McCain camp gives WH a "heads up" on when he is about to "disagree" with them

Well, Barack stopped by for lunch today. We had barbecue.

We're going to need to call McCain out on using the "POW" Card

If what Biden and Hillary said about Obama in the primaries is pertinent

OMG, I am shocked at how dumb the electorate is...

i am tired of bitter Clinton voters!

Corzine: Biden is very best choice - "if you weren't going to pick Hillary."

The GOP's 2008 nominee is...Eldon McSmith

The winguts' weakass attacks on Obama's picking of Biden validates Biden's strength on the ticket

They're "Hillary Republicans", not "Hillary Democrats"

Guess what, Cindy didn't pay for all those houses, YOU did!

What is the best way to combat the right-wing talking point about Biden

I got tired of the embarassing primary media Obama coverage Too!

Did Cindy family make the Booze that driver who Killed Biden's family

Partly cloudy, 10% chance of rain in Denver, CO on Thursday...

'Underusing' the P.O.W. Story...ugh.

Here we go again ...

Obama/ Biden Tee Shirts

Uh oh, Zogby Flash poll: Biden helps Obama

my jeep:):)

For Hillary's supporters

Inherit the Wind...

anyone know how to make myspace layouts? I want

Send this to every Hillary or Bust person you know (Biden wrote the 1994 VAWA)

Have McCain's twin 'What Biden Said'/'Passed Over' ads blunted a Biden bounce?

Meet Joe Biden

SO.....which channel will you use to watch the Conventions next week

It's stunning to me that McCain polls better than Obama on National Security

It's stunning to me that McCain polls better than Obama on National Security

Is there a link to a live convention web cam?

A developer, his deals and his McCain ties - cozier than a Rezko

Michelle Obama Rings a Welcome to Biden's Wife -- Jill Biden: "We have chemistry"

Ted Kennedy may visit convention

PUMA is a GOP Astroturf organisation, as credible as Ralph Nader

FAVORITE PHOTO of BARACK OBAMA and JOE BIDEN yesterday in Springfield

McCain shillette on CNN right now saying Obama has been disrespectful to Hillary

Biden issue positions most of us like--and that distinguish him from real corporatists

Pawlenty: Obama should have picked Petraeus for VP.»

Braking News:

LTG Robert Gard (Ret.): McCain's POW Defense: Devaluing Our Service and His Own

Its all in play.. the whole country

McClatchy's Election 2008 page

Moved to GD

McPOW: "I spent some years without a kitchen table, without a chair..."

Hillary Clinton supports Barack Obama. Period.

One place Biden's likely to help Obama is Florida

Biden being sworn in as a senator back in 1973 - check out the sideburns.

Hey folks Joe is right. Clip--->

Was the Saddleback Church event a total waste?

If Senator John McCain were boxing against Obama, then would McCain deliberately hit below the belt?

Was the timing of the Biden announcement a flip-off of the print media?

Is Hunter Biden going to be a problem?

Politico is becoming an "Instant" Web Source-But Who are They, and whom do They Serve?

Here's a couple of questions....

Biden Calls Fire Fighters "Horse's Asses"

Rank and File Democrats losing patience with PUMA.

McCain was questioned today...

Email from Joe Biden:

CNN just reported that Hillary released all of her delegates? Is that true? nt

Tweety: Dems think conventions are fun! Hardball live now!

PHOTOS: Biden at Church Today

The Secret of the One-Two Punch

I have decided to watch Convention Coverage on TV One and C-Span, not MSNBC or CNN!

Don't get me wrrong I am a huge Springsteen fan....but The Rsing is a vey odd choice for a campaign

McCain believes everyone else lost the war in Viet Nam except for he and his father

Dedicated to Joe Biden - Post a toast to what you like best about Joe

Buzzards and Snakes

Best Biden quote yet.

Gallup: Biden Does No Harm, but May Not Help Much

It's really nice to see the old DU coming back--the one in which we all kick GOP ass

Did MSNBC can Dan Abrams?

Hillary will release her delegates on Wed.

You know what I find really revolting in McCain's TV ads? That "stately, manly-man" picture

Son of McCain Narrowly Skirts Banking Scandal

Son of McCain Narrowly Skirts Banking Scandal

Obama Biden and Blarch in Springfield ...lots of *PICS*

Diebold Actually Admits Its Machines Are Faulty! And That It Lied About Antivirus Software...

Woman Who Put JFK Outdoors Sees History Repeat

Fox reporting that the A.M. demonstartion went from the Capitol "all the way to downtown"

Q: Did Obama pick Biden to please Hillary?

Is it ok to still be amused by Dave Barry here? Today's column on the DNC

One is happenstance, twice is coincidence

Dr. Jill Jacob Biden - someone who can really put a voice out there for Education

Official schedule for the 2008 Democratic National Convention

Great bumper sticker pun I saw today

McCain reported on his taxes that he paid $273,000 for household help last year

I just LOVE McCain's defense of his multiple houses!

We don't need to mention his age or his POW status - McCain is simply CRAZY...

Any chance that General Petraeus retires and takes the Republican VP slot?

Any chance that General Petraeus retires and takes the Republican VP slot?

If McCain picks Rudy, will they argue over whether to say POW or 9/11 all the time?

Corporate News Pushes us towards Facism one Candidate at a time!

This poll needs a little DUing -


The Corp. Media (MSM)'s obsession with a so-called Clinton-Obama rift

Road to 270: Wyoming

Howard Dean's 40 minute Q & A today replays at 10:08 Eastern tonight on C-Span 1

Don't forget the Denver (National) DU meetup this Wednesday, 7pm at Racine's!

McCain, husband to addict wife who forged prescriptions to obtain drugs, on medical marijuana

Typical Repig Tactic: Try to turn their opponent's positives into negatives in the voters eyes...

If FDR descended from heaven in a Chariot of fire...

If Mark Halperin farts or Politico Burps, do you post that here too?

The McCain family and Cindy's family achieved the American dream

GOP saying Obama/Biden is first ticket in 68 yrs without military experience- Can we debunk this?

Observer (UK): "Why has Obama stalled? No one mentions race"

McCain's NFL problem

To those DU'ers who supported Biden for President, I'd just like to say...

TPM: Halperin warns Obama to "not go there"!

Biden As VP: Getcha Popcorn

The gopers are calling "Barack America" Biden's first gaffe - I say

Politico says criticisms of McCain's "how many homes" gaffe is an attack on his age.

Hey, does this picture make my signature look big?


THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, August 24 – Obama 314, McCain 224 ... (Link)

Ed Rendell: "The coverage of Barack Obama was embarrasing"

My Fundie Mom Watched Obama & Biden Speak...

Evolution of DU and the conventions:

IOKIYAR- It’s OK if you’re a Republican

The Seven Houses Bounce: Obama Opens Up 3 Point Lead in Rasmussen Poll - O: 48 Mc: 45

New ABC poll (RV) Obama 49 McCain 43

How many houses would Jesus own?

Ooooh Oooh Ooooh. I just figured out McCain's Best option for VP

Victory in 2008 Looks Like This

The Democratic Party had the best field of candidates EVER during any primary

POLL: 70% of Hillary supporters now back Obama, the highest level ever

UGH McCain has a DISGUSTING new ad- Hillary responds

UGH McCain has a DISGUSTING new ad- Hillary responds

AP: Jim Leach (R) to speak at DNC

Cyndi Lauper: We Are Not Voting For The American Idol-We Are Voting For The American President

Fox reporter humiliated at Denver march

If I were a male in minneapolis

Have you or any of your friends or relatives ever been Polled?

First Cleveland-Dispatch Poll for Ohio. Damnit Clinton Supporters

AP: Clinton Expected to Release Delegates Wednesday

This is too much, "Biden weak on manufacturing, group says".

Matthews just said if McCain loves Hillary so much he should pick her for HIS VP-or stop running

The Next Smear: Obama Misspeaks, Calls Biden 'The Next President'; Biden Calls Obama 'Barack America

When did College Game Day move to MSNBC

I just don’t know about this Obama fellow

A generation rises with Obama

Location location location....seating chart for the states.

Maureed Dowd goes there!

How many of you think this election will follow the 1980 analogy?

The Anti-Pumas

Names I'm surprised I haven't heard mentioned in the McSame veepstakes

you want serious terrorists? here's your answer to Bill Ayres:

At the Quicky Mart

In a state of near-panic over Obama's choice of Joe Biden,

The GOP's 2008 nominee is...Eldon Smith? (McCain used an alias)

Admin/Mods. Is there any way to add an option to rec when you reply to a post?

Does Captain Combover need to have ID tags tied on to him when he goes out?

On This Date in VP History: Obama Picks Biden, & Cheney's Bizarre Assertion

McCain is in favor of taxing the rich, NOT the poor.

What's really behind the GOP's criticism of the Biden pick?

Rachel on Tweety now

Without impeachment, there must be a truth commission

McCain chooses his running mate

NATO Sends More Ships Into Black Sea

Totally off topic - whatever happened to Thomas Druce

Anyone know anything about Mitt Romney's dealings with Latin America?

surge update - Five killed in Iraq suicide attack, nine wounded

Men's Basketball Gold final: what time will this be on television?

Olympic Mens Marathon Spoiler

Independent UK: Wall Street fears the worst as US housing sales continue to fall

caption this photo

Where the hell is Keith Olberman?

Okay what happened to Keith Olbermann?

Susan Estrich has become the Joe Lieberman of Republican propaganda.....

wow....cnn's rick "dirty" sanchez thinks freeper comments about obama on twitter.....

Tampons: the root of all evil

NY Times: U.S. and Global Economies Slipping in Unison

PR Push for Iraq War Preceded Intelligence Finding

Boyle possible perps Pentagon CIA, or private sector scientists acting covert contract with GOV

I heard John McCain is a mormon and has 7 houses for his 7 wives

NY Times: Some Fear Commercial Property Loans Will Be Next Stage in Downturn

CNN's odd "staging".... CNN Grill?? Rooftop?? Guy with "something in his hand" ..on a roof"

No emails from the Obama campaign today

Yeah, bodily functions.....does that include childbirth? n/t

Yeah, bodily functions.....does that include childbirth? n/t

Republicans never cease to amaze me..

i'm confused......

Naomi Klein: Friedman and "VIPs" on MSM / TV and Radio

"They" have control of the "Apparatus"

My Son, The Lobbyist: Biden's Son a Well-Paid DC Insider

WHAT THE HELL? my venue in Denver...I will have the following people...

just watched larry king on, the crusty old repub whores he has on the show.......

On Friday I was driving home and flipped to SAVAGE RADIO EAT SMALL CHILDREN RADIO!!!!

I've been away....need a number.

ok....who's the wonderful, generous DUer that just gave me a star?

Make corporations once again subordinate to We the People.....the Democracy Insurgency Campaign

Barry/Joe. aka Barack/Joseph

Young Holocaust-Denier Republican Evangelical Backs Out of Giving Democratic Convention Opening

If you can't find anything right with the Democratic ticket, you're probably ignorant.

Cheney linked to corruption case against Sen. Ted Stevens

Working for next to nothing (left over)

Ah people are shocked I tell you (Draft)

My favorite Joe Biden story, for those who wonder about him as a "fighter"

Ron Christie on Hardball

Tammy Bruce


Majikthise - Ron Fournier: If Obama were confident, he would have picked a ficus tree:

Once again, terrorism evolves and we use ineffective traps.

I Pray to God That Obama/Biden Wins This Race...

Brazil v. USA in Men's (Indoor) Volleyball - Gold Medal Match, Live, Just Begun

WJ this morning: Obama-Biden

Simple hopes

Never before have there been so many squalid, dilapidated homes on the market: 3 out of 10

Anyone else watching Lt. Col. John Nagl (Ret.) defend the surge on C-Span?

Some are dead, some should be dead,

Check this out

I love it when repubs call Biden a liar, have they ever heard of g.w. bush?

I can't wait to see the V.P. debates.

NY Times: That Student Loan, So Hard to Shake

NY Times: In Central Valley (CA), the Ruins of the Housing Bust

Independent UK: Wall Street fears the worst as US housing sales continue to fall

US warship reaches Georgian port

After 7 years of chasing bin Laden France to reconsider Afghan mission

Is schadenfreude always inappropriate?

Looking around, this occurred to me

Brazil hands 'drug baron' to US; flown out of the country on a US government plane.

MoDo on the overuse of the POW excuse

NBC "journalist" Tiki Barber calls Jenna Wolfe a "medal c***" live on MSNBC

Sunday brunch coffee and quotes......Workers of the World Unite!

CNN does it again...

Thank you to whoever gave me a star! I really, really needed that..

Any chance of having a Positive discussion about how HRC's quotes are being used by the repugs?

US demands Russia return seized Humvees

A tip of the hat to Sonya Richards and all the ladies on the track

Call me am old geezer, but I definitely feel that

McCain wants veterans to eat shit and die. Biden needs to pound on this!

Is the $100 bill the new ......

Website Exposes Story On WV Governor As He Goes To Denver Convention

Biofuels, food crops straining world water reserves: experts

Biofuels, food crops straining world water reserves: experts

There seems to be some confusion regarding the legality of the war in Iraq.

What do you like most about Joe Biden?

Is the Olympic Closing Ceremony being shown live

Excellent read Frank Rich

Scumbag heretic Rod Parsley is on teevee telling his drama queen followers

Hey GD, Can you help make this go VIRAL? = Biden's Speech VIDEO

A Teacher on the Front Line as Faith and Science Clash

Mr. Diamond and John McCain. An interesting read from April.

Dick Morris: “We’re in Iraq as a result of a democracy asking for us to come in there.”

Gitmo Guards' Lapses Cited in Detainee Suicides'

Where's Keith???

NY Times: U.S. and Global Economies Slipping in Unison

Iraqis desperate for water

This week I want to hear as little Republican bullshit as possible

Well, isn't that special? Saudi detainees in Gitmo are allowed to call home

Have any of the media pollsters done polls

Jungle fever

US Navy warship arrives with aid for Georgia

HOW did Bob Riley know that he 'won' from a 'glitch' before Don Siegelman was even told about it?

Just want to clarify something about my "Don't Give a Shit" Post...

MoDo: Too Much of a Bad Thing

Iran Building Second Nuclear Plant, Says Top Iranian Official

Openly gay diver wins gold

California churches launch massive effort to destroy rights of GLBT people


McCains website says institution of marriage is a union between 1 man and 1 woman. Is this a joke?

Who here has ever been called for a "polling" survey??!!

BREAKING: The Economy Sucks

2 year Old Letter Written By CHENEY-Proves He Was Pushing Sen Ted Steven's Alaska Pipeline

Poor Bill Schneider..

Michelle, what were you thinking

Nancy P on Meet the Press now n/t

Rachel Maddow

"Could a land swap solve the ANWR standoff?" No thank you.

US Regrets Afghan Deaths In Air Strikes - Spokesman

Japanese govt considers antipiracy legislation

Tribute to John McCain....

Tire pressure gauges? LOL! We'll shake these at Cindy in MN:

DUers! Help up enact SINGLE PAYER in California!

Cindy McCain claimed she met Mother Teresa - She never did

So all my BofA purchases are at 1.9% before the election

MarketWatch: Financial crisis enters new, uncertain stage

The " delusionals" neverending bloodsucking of Bill and Hillary

If Obama and Biden win the presidency, they're such ordinary type people .......

That didn't take long. Bloomberg: Biden's son a lobbyist. for Amtrak, Biden uses Amtrak.

Oil rises on falling U.S. gasoline supplies - US Gasoline Exports Hit 60-Year Highs

John McCain's home count up: Eight

Russia says they have 'liberated' Georgia - Russians are fast learners

MarketWatch: GDP can't hide the gloom

Danny Glover: Troubling the Water

Petraeus ends his tenure in Iraq this month. I think Mccain may name him VP candidate. Too foily?

Barack Obama is being interviewed by Fareed Zakaria

On Underground Abortions, Anti-Choice & Pro-Life

The Secret Room: EFF Designer's Cartoon on Illegal Spying = VIDEO

Can we have at least ONE day on this board

Republican U.S. Senator Busted Using Hookers. Wants To Pay Legal Bills With Campaign Money.

I am tabling at a festival this weekend next door to the 911 truth people

Jon Meacham's column and interview with Barack Obama

Clyburn Says Lame Duck Session Looks More Likely

A fine line between lousy approval numbers and walking the walk?

Nashua Telegraph says "The Associated Press adopting an edgier tone"

One House, One Spouse, Obama 2008 Stickers and T-Shirts!

Did I goof! Okay guys, I'm not right wing.


Two suicide bombings in Iraq today

Tweety is on LIVE in Denver in front of Union Station

Three judges nominated to succeed Limbaugh on MO Supreme Court

i KNEW payday-loan places sucked...but this is beyond the pale

i KNEW payday-loan places sucked...but this is beyond the pale

Guy strolls into hotel where Pelosi is staying at with rifles and handguns

TOON: Sunday's Opus - Is Nothing Untouched By Naked Political Rancor?

Who I saw this morning: Katie Couric, Ann Curry, Andrea Mitchell, James Carville,

Pelosi does not know that natural gas is a Fossil Fuel, she said it 4-5 times on MTP just now

Manifest Hope Gallery Contest by members and other grassroots artists

VIDEO: Sen. Joe Biden's 'Thank You For The Welcome' Video at

So, I was kind of happy about Biden being chosen and feeling all up about being a Democrat..

OMFG Luke Russert talks more than his father

Sorry POS Drudge is running a headline "UNIFIED"

Who Said This?

Will it be McCain/Clinton 08?

Best. Slogan. Ever.

Using God Politically

Proper punishment for Joseph Duncan?

"Operation Squelch Congressional Investigation"

hehe-the band is warming up --my tv link doesn't have audio tho

More Good Economic News..."2009 Consumer Crash UNDERSTATED"

Dems’ Success Drawing Members’ Money A Growing GOP Sore Spot

US destroyer arrives in Georgia on "humanitarian" mission.

Somebody gave Joe Biden my email address

We really have hit rock bottom: Criminals dumping weak US dollar for euro

A little technical help here - have webcam, want to livestream from Racine's this Wednesday

Praise the Lord! I've been saved. A preacher that finally makes sense!

If you have eyeballs, you MUST READ THIS!!! "The Crash Course"

A generation rises with Obama

Help Me Get This Vid to a Half Million Views

Watching Thomas Frank on C-Span "Booknotes" I want to hear from DU'ers over 55 who are Angry?

Hi. Would you guys, like, be nice to each other, and stuff?

Anyone watching 60 Minutes?

The Mountain People from One Tin Soldier

So While Rudy/911 Is In St. Paul...Guess Where Grover Norquist Will Be...

Cheney linked to Stevens corruption trial.

Annals of the Bush Legacy: Manned American spaceflight grounded.

Why is the New York Times employing David Brooks?

Project X. - Minn.

Hey Dobson, that tornado just completely avoided Denver and the storm is headed your way.

The Brainwashing of America, a case study:

Texas truant students to be tracked by GPS anklets

Very interesting phone call I just received about Obama...

Charlie Cook: Biden Pick Shows Obama Means Business

Clinton Supporters Need A Wake Up Call

Need my DU friends advice

Love him or hate him, I think Tweets is on our side this time.

It's not just AP's Fournier who editorializes and inserts personal opinion into news.

The Nation: FBI Seeks Sweeping New Powers

McCain /Romney = Daddy Warbucks/ Richie Rich

An Abortion Sets Major Milestone in Her Life

How can Obama and the Democrats avoid being blamed for Bush's mess?

Ya never know, ya know?

A 6-hour "documentary" on the Paris Commune is now running on FSTV

I will tell those supposed "clinton supporters" that won't vote Obama now ...what you voting for McC

In Central Valley, the Ruins of the Housing Bust

How on earth do you get an image file to 3 KBytes and it even be visable?

MUST-SEE TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Trudeau, Who Hounded Nixon, Leaves No Question...

Flowers for Stephanie Tubbs Jones funeral

No one would know or care about the McCain ads if MSNBC 'news' wasn't playing them every ten minutes

Are you bored? Looking for something to do?

Why the McCain house gaffe matters

Biden comes out swinging.

The LADIES of The White House

U.S. says airstrike killed 30 Taliban militants - Bush's puppet says they killed 76 civilians

Would It Be Possible To Pin The DNC Denver 2008 Journal At The Top Of The Page ???

Faux Moran Cavuto guest - Why should I be responsible for paying for Joe Biden's brain Aneurysms?

No Woman Should Consider Voting for John McCain

How about a US-Russia Superpower confrontation timed for the Democratic Convention?


McCain has never had a "real job" in the "real world"..He's always been a kept man.

Prelude to GOP convention: Obama's St. Paul HQ trashed.

A Man of Integrity Holds His Ground Against Bush Appointees-Bush History, 8/24

Some interesting statistics and our priorities

How did this happen?

Rightwingers are called Obama/Biden 'first non-military service' ticket in xx years

McCain would be the first U.S. president to have signed a prenuptial agreement

This very moving photo says volumes about Biden.


Mc Lame campaign Logos

Timing of the conventions will play into our hands. By the time the

74 McCain Flip/Flops - The 'Official List' (Steve Benan)

Black Eagle Wines Served at Democratic National Convention

Lou Dobbs says that the liberal media is in the tank for Obama?

Iraqis are desperate for clean water....after 5 years of the US occupying them.

I don't think these guys are throwing flowers at Condi

Obama: Please suggest you'd offer the Cabinet job heading Veterans Affairs to McCain

Dinosaurs helped build the pyramids, school director says

Hey small business owners, if you can't pay your workers 7 pd sl days per annum,

Why do people hide their profiles?

PHOTOS from DNC protests in Denver

These Recreate68 fools are a joke

GOPs worst nightmare::: Unintended Consequences....Kill Joe in the primaries

I do NOT support troops protesting the war by deserting!!!

POLL ~~~ AUGUST Photography Contest - FINALS ~~~

Comparing Sen. Obama's voting record with Sen. Biden and Sen. McCain

Openly gay man wins gold in Beijing (NBC ignores his partner in the stands)

TOON: Obama v McCain (E Pluribus Unum v E Pluribush McCainum) ====>

Didn't Joe Biden sponsor or vote for the last bankruptcy bill?

Should there be National Chess Scholarships to train girls and boys to become US Chess Champions?

McCain refused to believe that Americans would accept a job picking lettuce for $50 per hour

Friggin GDPrez. I wrote a fun satire and they give me no love.

So how many people had to have a nap or slept in from last nights early morning surprise?

holy shit

So, did anything major happen today?

Lets see if any other DUer uses this lazy shortcut.

Oooh, I'm so excited to cook tomorrow!!

A request for those of y'all that don't come in GD

Pearls before swine" is awesome today

I've had Wendy O Williams stuck in my head today

Is that an eggplant in your pocket...

DUPE - delete

Fuck n A, when I have sugar AND caffeine I think I'm God!

Figured out why museums don't allow photography.

Can we get five on this?

Who will Biden picks as his Presidential running mate?

I was having a problem a few weeks back with the new kitty

Something is happening to the Mama cat and her 5 kittens that came to live in my yard.

Revolting bodily functions

here's a stupid and irrelevant question. movie: "dan in real life" *spoiler. don't look!*

Okay, who was the culprit last night that made me so hungry for hot wings tonight?

what a ruckus!

shameless plug after a long day.

List of clichéd photographs.

What happened to the DUzy awards?

Two questions about Silence of the Lambs

Whatever you do... do NOT listen to this Mp3 !11!11!!1

Enchanted, what an adorable movie...

I just kicked the asses of 2 punks!

Why I hate NBC

Only click this link if you are willing to see Obama ridiculed.

You know what will be the best part about the upcoming presidential debates?

I'm ready to go to sleep.

OMFG, This is HUGH! McCain just text messaged me with his VP pick! I'm SERIES!!!

Anyone staying up to watch the redeem team?

Tough guys and puppies.

Awwwww. I'm watching the closing ceremony of the Puppy Olympics,

Why do loud people complain about old music?

I have the Cape on my back. Ask me anything

Saturday night picture thread

Well, I learned something from a tow-truck guy.

I like penii.

HI!!! Back from the Outer Limits!!!! Did I miss anything????

I got laid!!

Do they really want to go toe to toe on gaffes?

I hate being organic.

The Emotions of Chuck Norris tee shirt

Fay? What Fay?

My sister was complaining about how sore her wrist gets from her computer mouse...

Got a cold? I recommend Tom Yum soup!

I think if girls don't have at least D cups by the age of 14 they should be

Someone tutched the but!

To DU men: I'm curious...

Please caption this:

We've honored one Joe today...I want to honor another one...Joe Walsh

WoooHooo for Arlo Guthrie

To DU men: I'm curious...

Caption This Photograph

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a jar of peanut butter?

Post your memory and cache benchmarks!!

Has anyone else seen the "Trailer Park Boys" movie

Vaccination brawl!

How did you sleep? How do you normally sleep?

How's mcctatas' head this morning?

Do not come near me. I just did a trail run.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

What is up with the damn cops?

I have 2 big changes in my life happening in the next 2 weeks and I'm nervous

Does anyone have experience with the new generation of LED grow lamps?

For all you cop haters out there- Let me tell you about one of my friends

Ok, who is going to be McCain's VP?

Closing ceremonies: fill in the blanks

Just saying hi! I'm at the Cape with two sisters and their families

Thought I would go out for a "girls day out" today...

I've been reading about Marx all day... can I please have a friendly conversation?

Anyone Here Use MonaVie

HI!!! Back from the Outer Banks!!!! Did I miss anything????

Woohoo! I'm a dick!

I had the weirdest dream.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition with tin collectors box and Crow figurine!

We watched the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie today

Anybody else watching the water polo game ( not a spoiler)

I'm watching that History of Rock and Roll on VH1, and Springsteen keeps yappin'

For all you cop defenders.

Who doesnt want to be Dead To Me?

Speaking as a Scots-Irish American, it depresses me

Dog protected abandoned newborn, doctors say

Christian rock appreciation thread!! Sing your praises to the LORD!!

I hate earworms. Even earworms of good songs.

Environmentalism you can believe in

The Wilds, putting old strip mines too good use!

Body of Christ Tasered By Hillary in Olive Garden

Is there anything that women find as physically appealing as men find boobs and butts?

Hey guys, I don't know if you heard this...

For all you taxi haters out there

I hate getting serious, but if McCain picks this guy for a running mate, we are screwed.

Post a poem about where you are right now.

Know what? David Bowie is a damn fine musician

Do You Use A

funny Olympic Quotes

Never stick your tongue out when reaching into the freezer

What energy drinks do you all like?

Guess what? "Get Smart" the TV show is nowhere near as funny as I remember it...

I'm a little bit honked off at someone right now, though also grateful.

I have two checking accounts (you know this can't be good...)

Post here if you are taking your kids to see Jonas Brothers

I need a hangover prevention method.... is COOL.

I'm going to Italy and I'm going to miss the authenticity of Olive Garden

what brand cat food do you feed your cats

Post pics you've taken of warship engine rooms

If I want to livestream from my laptop for a live event - what's the best way to do it?

It's NOT a photograph...

Pick a cartoon running mate for McCain

So I just caught Death Race last night

Who else here is willing to admit that Michael Bublé isa talentless piece of crap?

Whew! I thought for a moment, that my 2nd Sunday in a row was going to be ruined.

Glucosamine - useful to rebuild cartilage or is it just useless snake oil in pill form?

Why do women go out with men who hate dogs?

Okay y'all. I've got a good feeling about the Carolina Panthers this season.

Sadly, my toys were never quite as amusing as this when I was a kid.

For all you pop haters out there

Live TV on an iPhone

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday August 24

Michelle, what were you thinking

I caught the boquet!

Do you consider yourself naughty or nice?

WaPo: Diebold Admits Voting Machines Had "Critical Programming Errors" that dropped votes!

How many zillion times have you seen Jaws

Post pics you've taken of starship engine rooms

Who else didn't get a text message?

"I dont want to hear you, you slimy piece of sh*t!"

Ladies; what's your ideal girth for a man?

For all you poop haters out there

I'm sorry....I've been on a 36 hour drunk. Who did Obama pick?

I want to buy an album on iTunes. Any suggestions?

What was the name of that Kurosawa film?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 8/24/2008)

Don't feel like paying your library fine? Fine-go to jail.

I have to go to work now, and I fucking nicked my mole while shaving

Work Mouse Infestation....

I'm very CONCERNED about Skinner's sexism!

I'm back from Cape Cod. Ask me anything.

My best analysis gets ignored in GD

It'll be havoc here today. Rabies shots!. (photos - dial-up warning)

Things you did as a Kid that were either wierd or ...ah..not in your best interest.

Circumcision should be mandatory, for all men and newborn males.

DU Ladies: What's your ideal height for a man?

I never got my text message

Make up a thread title that is guaranteed to get at least 50 replies.

Obama Fonts Discussion

a "shallow" thread: what do you find attractive?

I loved Tropic Thunder. Should I be ashamed?

Off to transport 4 rescued Border Collies

Why do old people complain about loud music?

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Little League World Series.

Four out of Five Dentists Agree!!! Dinner with JerseyDem - Good Times for all!!

Orphaned kitten--advice on foster Mom cats?

For all you pop haters out there

Happy Fishie!!

Watching Star Trek Nemesis for the first time on AMC

Confederate flag - my 18 yo niece has one in her room.

Discuss: Do iPods cheapen music?

If the DU Lounge is like high school, who are the prom king and queen?

Generation Kill - Who watches it?

This morning I ask you to ponder whimsical but high momentum patterns of history

This morning I ask you to ponder whimsical but high momentum patterns of history

Why not? Some incomplete original music tidbits.

U.S. Forces Free AP Cameraman in Iraq

Tropical Storm Fay Not Done Yet, Threatens Gulf Cities

Two Russian officers killed in Chechnya attack

Lawsuit Filed Against Obama Claims He's Not Eligible for the Presidency

Biden Got Obama Call During Root Canal (Clinton Never Seriously Considered)

Biofuels, food crops straining world water reserves: experts

More than 90 killed in coalition strikes: investigation (Afghanistan)

Medical team among 10 killed in plane crash

MoveOn attacks AP writer for biased analysis of Biden pick

Passenger plane crashes in Kyrgyzstan: agencies

UN envoy fails to meet Suu Kyi

US warship docks in Georgia port

Dog protected abandoned newborn, doctors say

Laundering indictments against DeLay aides upheld

Baby on the run worries doctors (Hep B positive parent refuses to vaccinate)

Afghanistan: Hamid Karzai Accuses America Over Civilian Deaths

Iraq PM Demanding Changes To US Military Deal

8 million victims in the world's biggest cyber heist (Best Western hotels in Europe)

Morales sends troops to Bolivia's oil, gas installations

Clinton Expected to Release Delegates Wednesday

New McCain Ad Uses Clinton Attacks(Passed Over)

Poll shows Obama slightly ahead of McCain

Clinton supporters split over Biden as VP Targets AP's Fournier for Alleged Pro-McCain Bias

Pakistan's Ruling Coalition On Verge Of Collapse

Emperor McCain Colbert Challenge

Saudi child 'files for divorce'

German military attache found Russians acted appropriately - Summary

Canvassing in Aurora, CO

John McCain's Respectful Campaign

Gov. Rendell: Hillary Clinton may run again

TYT: New FBI Regulations - Just Ignore The 4th Amendment

Bush and McSame; A Love Story

Senator Biden questions Clarance Thomas about his tendency to sexually harass women

Saturday DNC Street Action

New McCain Ad Uses Clinton to Slam Obama

When Obama Wins, the Republithugs will claim the _Dems; cheated

John McCain, Feminist?

The Limits of Power - Bill Moyers Journal - Five Parts

For comedic relief, Conrad Burns' Secret Plan

Biden interviewed by Shalom TV

Mark Halperin: McCain Gaffe Excellent News for McCain!!!

John McCain Sleepy Candidate

DNC Convention - Zennie62's Trip - Arrival In Denver

Governor Howard Dean in Denver, Co 8/22/08

FrankenForSenate: "Fishing Buddies"

Fox News Reporter Tries to Start a Fight at DNC

McCain's All-Time Greatest Dodge?

Barack Obama BBQ in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Russia thanks Jordan for relief aid to separatists in Georgia

Fox News Reporter Jenkins - Round 2

Cheney's Link to Sen. Ted Stevens Corruption Trial

Couric Asks McCan'tRemember About His Seven Kitchen Tables...and he rambles on and on...

A speech that should be watched again - Barack Obama's keynote address to 2004 DNC

Flip Floppin McCain

Vandals Attack Obama MN HQ

Bad News for Nancy Pelosi

From BarackObamadotcom: Joe Biden Introduces Himself

Madonna kicks off 'Sticky and Sweet' tour in UK (Mixes images of McCain, Hitler)

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

Biden slams Chimpy-McLame foreign policy - - This Week w/ StuffinEnvelopes

Andy Griffrith Vs. Patriot Act

"Concentration Camp" For DNC Protestors Found

How The Bill Stole the Convention

France calls for European summit over Georgia

Fox Reporter Makes Ass of Himself with Protestors at Convention

Abraham Lincoln reelection ad (1864)

Man arrested bringing guns into Nancy Pelosi's Denver hotel

Clinton Releases Delegates

Fearless prediction; A brighter future

After Musharraf, U.S. Struggles to Find New Pakistan Ally Against Taliban

Independent UK: Job losses, homelessness, bankruptcy ... grim, but just be glad we're not Italian

The Conquest by Presidentialism By David Sirota

Georgia was tricked, but by Russia or US?

What the RAND Corporation thinks are : "Eleven Emerging Challenges"

Independent UK: London 2012 faces dash for cash as top Olympic sponsors bow out

NY Times: In Central Valley (CA), the Ruins of the Housing Bust

For Senator, Another Comeback

Frank Rich: Last Call for Change We Can Believe In

MSM got leap frogged by Obama's 3am text

Speaking of vetting-who vetted McCain?

Jon Meacham: On His Own

A Really Bad Couple of Weeks for Pax Americana

Making Money on a New Cold War

FBI Seeks Sweeping New Powers

McCains, a Public Path but Private Wealth

Georgia's crucial 'energy corridor'

Caroline Kennedy Discusses Biden, Being Part of the VP Search Team (Video)

We tilt at windmills as world war looms

After 5 years of war, Iraqis desperate for water

"Your door is open" great read on what we probably already knew about the Olympics

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: The world's first climate change "refugees"

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, August 24 – Obama 314, McCain 224

Biden's memoir now a best - seller

Toronto Star: 'We felt like the whole world was collapsing' (Democratic Convention '68)

On the Amtrak to Wilmington with Joe Biden

Have we gotten to stage 3 with the Hillary crowd yet?

Somerset firm touts new rifle's accuracy ,it is accurate for up to 1.6 miles,

NYT's Brooks had recommended Biden - listed many good reasons on Friday

A Futuristic Energy Plan, 100 Years in the Making (tidal power from the East River)

From GD: In Central Valley, the Ruins of the Housing Bust

California utilities look to Oregon to meet renewable energy needs

Pilot plan combats gull 'menace' in Scotland

Shell Canada Chairman: Consider Tar Sand Environmental Problems "In A Broader Context"

Andhra Pradesh Power Managing Director Admits "Serious Shortage" Of Coal For Power Plants

Times Of India - Diesel Consumption In Chennai, Neighboring Cities Up 35% In Past 3 Months

Total Global Environment Facility Financing For Africa In Past 17 Years - $378 Million - AFP

Guardian UK: Beauty spots to be devoured by sea

Bush may seek protection for island chains

North Korea Invents Noodle that Delays Hunger

Four Of Five Great Lakes Befouled With Cladaphora Algae, Cyanobacteria Outbreaks Increasing

Science haters in LBN

With "Green" World Bank Help, India's Tata Power Plant Online In 2012, Joining Top 50 GHG Sources

Oregon's horse population outpaces ability to care for them

Home Canning Booming As Americans End-Run High Food Prices - NYT

Wyoming's Dead And Dying Lodgepole Forests, Killed By Bark Beetle, Waiting For A Spark

Biofuels, food crops straining world water reserves: experts

Massive Load-Shedding In Karachi - Grid Faces 600MW Shortfall

Who here is coming to Southern Decadence?

An openly gay treasury secretary?

*Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes* now available at online bookstores...

Finding Joy... again :)

National Geographic: Ten Biofuels Plants to Produce $10/barrel Oil.

John Russell Congress District 5, Fl., Addresses Sumter Cty Cattlemen's Assn. 8/23/08

Palestinian envoys head to Egypt for reconciliation talks

Nasrallah: Hezbollah's Next Victory Over Israel Will Be Indisputable

ANALYSIS / Obama played it safe, but is Biden good for Israel?

Morales sends troops to Bolivia's oil, gas installations

Unlikely golfers at world's highest course

VIDEO of Chavez and Lugo singing "Todo Cambia" -check it out...

Fool’s gold consoles unloved America

Giants DE Osi Umenyiora Likely Out For Season

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (August 24): Moro leads the Tal

Openly gay diver wins gold medal...

Way to go USA!!! 110 medals. Outstanding showing and one to be proud of.

IOC: Chinese gymnasts eligible

A flight of fancy that I'm too chicken to post in GDP

Please send positive energy toward the zoo in Portland, OR (newborn elephant calf/Mom need light.)

What's your dosha? Quiz and info on Ayurvedic medicine and type.

The Stars This Week: "Reach Out" - August 25 - August 31, 2008

Fr. Richard Rohr comments on Eckhart Tolle

What I've Learned About Alien Abductions and How it Ties to Spirituality

Question about unions

Drive safe ya'll!! Labor Day weekend next week!

DES (diethylstilbestrol) & the History of Lobbyists influencing the FDA

Richard C Clark, Chairman of the Board, Merck

Ah...nostalgia for the days before the FDA.

Medical Debt

Does anyone remember DES? Another drug disaster for women?

100% safe

~~~AUGUST Contest Finals~~~

Some Democrats and some fireworks

Oh no, there goes Tokyo! GO GO GODZILLA!!!!

WoooHooo for Arlo Guthrie (cross posted from the Lounge)

Went to the DeYoung Museum in The City today...

Can anyone tell me about Ganesha? I met him last night in a way

A Teacher on the Front Line as Faith and Science Clash

Quantum Weirdness: Two Times Zero Doesn't Always Equal Zero

My friend Chuck

My friend Chick

Does God react to prayers the way we react to spam?

what's the best website about making pizza?

I made homemade mayonnaise this afternoon.

Dr. Shyam Sunder Live Interview at 4:30 pm eastern time today....

From the "Eeeeeeeew" department - DeLay selected as keynote speaker

Professor worries TAKS test breeds ignorant voters

Report Camp Obama: Rick Noriega Makes Special Appearance

So then... Mac OSx 10.5 Server

AVG Anti-Virus and AVG Anti-Spy-ware question. A month ago,

Oil, gas firms step up lobbying effort aimed at Tory government

Anyone going to the convention?

Hey Minnesotans! ...Looks like Norm goes fishing with our corrupt bastards in Alaska..

MIA Congresswoman Michele Bachmann at the State Fair Wednesday


The Mess in 61B

I'm sorry to see that Manny Farber died, a great film critic.

Wag the Dog

Anyone willing to do the ER thread tomorrow (Sunday)?

"The problem with Premier machines pales next to the debacle with punch-card voting in 2000-WTF!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Sunday 8/24/08 (Combined Sunday/Monday edition)

Actually I feel sympathy for her

Go Figure -- following a link posted to a light pole

A Hypothetical Democratic Apology