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Guardian UK: Obama Plots Route To Victory In Repub Heartland (Red States Within Dem Grasp)

Will: Lieberman’s Office Says He Was ‘Wrong’ To Vote Against Alito In ‘06

It seems a lot of people here are getting bored.....

Why Radio Silence in VEEP Selection can be Good!

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/19/08 - Obama 45, McCain 42 (O up 1, M down 1)

Elitist Shoes!

Joe Knows

Is Keith about to announce that Rachel Maddow will have her own show?

Obama and His VP Secrecy.....Brilliance. McWho?

Some things never change.....

Which scenario helps more to win a state?


Daughtry and Everclear vs. the dude who wrote "Jesus Take the Wheel"

My husband texted me today and I Jumped 6 ft

SurveyUSA Indiana: McCain up 6 (50-44)

How to get tickets to Obama event?

Abrams & Fineman saying it's Biden.

Is CNN actually going to report on McCain & his infidelity tomorrow night?

Holy Shit. You Will Not Believe This. Seriously, Toby Keith for Obama?

Barack Obama is a Freaking Genius

Credit so bad, you can't rent an apartment

Biden backs away from "I am not the guy" comment.

I would relish a VP debate between Biden and Lieberman (or Pawlenty)

Kaine, Biden, Byah? All are distractions I think...

I just saw a McCain TV ad and he was complaining about his own party's failures


Anyone know when Obama and his VP show at the rally on Saturday?

"I know some of you have been complaining that Barack's been Biden his time..."

Keith just called Harvey Kushner "McCain's lap sitter" in Worst Persons

Obama's choice: Gordon Lightfoot.

A thought on McCain's McLies ...

ExxonMcCain08 website

DNC targets McCain on energy with oil drum stress balls: Tire gauge payback

Is Zell Miller alive? If so he's the perfect VP pick for McCain

I just got robo-polled by John McCain

Obama Tells Allies He Is Ready to Hit Back (Nice photo!)

Don't say anything bad about McCain.

Cool ESPN story about Obama's personal aide Reggie Love

I have only one concern about Biden.

I Think mcmummy Picks Gov. Palin (Alaska)

Why the hell did Lincoln pick Hannibal Hamlin?

Team Obama needs to plan an event during McSame's VP announcement

Since people are posting Biden videos - here's my favorite -

How ya feelin' .........

Another good Biden video.

Who here thinks McCain's hints at having a pro-choice VP is just

PA POLL: Obama 46, McCurmudgeon 41. Lead expands to 44/38 with Nader and Barr included.

Why do we have our convention first?

VP "Lesser of Negatives" poll

I Still Hate Harry and Louise - The spoiled brats who killed Hillary-care return.

Kaine and Virginia Officials Met in Kaine's Office for an Emergency Line-of-Succession Meeting

Dud anyone else catch the undercomment by Andrea Mitchell?

Change + Experience = Wesley Clark

Al Gore for VP

Is participating on DU more important and serious than voting for Obama?

One thing to consider about polls this far out.

The "You Ain't It, Bub" call ............

Light A Candle For The VP You Want Obama To Pick

What if McSame picks Condi?

SHOCKING: Obama will auction VEEP Position on E Bay as of 0600 Wed Morning

If Biden is V.P. and he runs for his senate seat at the same time and wins, can he choose his

Election History - Sept. 2006 - Path To 9/11 - Disney (ABC) Docudrama Blames Clinton For 9/11

McCain does have more foreign policy experience than Obama

Obama & his cold flaked out in Orlando ...but came CHARGING back On Message & Target in NC Today!

Obama’s vice president a ‘he?’

WP, E.J. Dionne: The New Evangelical Politics

Crazy McCain T-shirts & song

Major clue from ad agency that the VP choice is Sebelius?

VP Poll #2,452- Edited: Biden is still in.

CBS: Obama to announce his choice on Friday afternoon

Poor RW Hate Media Industry - What Do They Do With Anti-Hillary Materials?

Biden says he is not the VP pick?

Sydney Schanberg In 2000: The War Secrets Sen. McCain Hides; Former POW Fights For Public Access

Should GD-P Be Renamed GD-VPPolls?

Who Do You Choose?

McCain: "It Had Become My Ambition To Become President"

Just how transformative could Senator Obama's text message be?

Final poll: who do you think the VP choice will be?

Heavens! I do believe Barack is in a quandary...

Here's what I'm thinking about poor Cindy's hand...

Here's what I'm thinking about poor Cindy's hand...

Here's what I'm thinking about poor Cindy's hand...

Obama can't lose Minnesota or Wisconsin, they are far too Garrison Keillor

The Case for Joe Biden - Guardian

hillary clinton

Do you all notice that the media seems to have dropped the "who do want to have a beer with?" meme?

CNN giving refuge to McCain's negative campaigning and likens it to Hillary Clinton's playbook

Give your essential reads for progressives:

which news channel is the most objective?


I'm trying to find the latest local ads from Obama against McSame from the NYT link below

In your face, Scarborough! Rachel's in PRIME TIME!

Who Is Lilly Ledbetter?

KO: Attack ads on Obama working (video)

Is there a potential VP candidate left that Democrats haven't picked apart?

Barack Obama and Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg for Veep:

Tim Kaine's eyebrow

Right now, my main qualification for VP...

Is Obama Spending His Money?

IA POLL: Obama 50, McCrypt 43

It appears that it's the 8th round and Obama is coming off the ropes.

Ex-President Carter added to convention program

Speculation on why it COULD potentially have a 0.99% of being Sebelius

Weather Question

I can safely say this about who the VP will be

Will history repeat once again?

Question: If Hillary openly and enthusiastically supported the selection of Sebelius, would her

In case you forgot the debates: Joe Biden at the Philadelphia

Biden's two brain surgeries in 1988

News From The Peach State: McCain Down 2 from Previous Poll, Martin within 6

I'm still smilling and chuckling with delight this morning.

I can kinda of see the Obama/Biden thing.

They are going to steal another election people

Patriotism a pitfall for Democratic candidates - Can't believe the people are so dumb

Today's Polls, 8/19

Sorry, self-delete.

Willie Brown says McCain was LIKE REAGAN during his Sunday interview. WTF?

Willie Brown says McCain was LIKE REAGAN during his Sunday interview. WTF?

Obama’s Ads in Key States Go on Attack

Why is the corporate media and talking heads pushing Obama to pick a Washington Insider?

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 45, McCaint 42 (No Change)

My trip through northern pink states, West to East

Take it for what it's worth but Howard Stern is reporting. . . .(READ THE EDITS)

David Corn: What's with McCain's John Lewis Fetish?

I guess he would work with anyone-maybe even his Vietnamese torturers to get elected.

Corsi's failed investment scam from the 90's

Modo sowing discord? Two against one. (HRC and Mc are the two)

If I were NBC, MSNBC I would be doing a complete turnaround

Plane carrying McCain security forced to land

Tom Daschle and Evan Bayh were called and told they will not be 'it' according to several sources.

10 reasons Biden would be a terrible choice for VP

Classic Joe: Biden Rips into the Chimpy-McCain War Plans (or lack thereof) (VIDEO)

A VP related question, not regarding who the VP pick is this time

Text messaging could help Obama's turnout

The MSM is doing EVERYTHING they can to influence the VP Choice

Am So Wishing He Would Jump Off The Cliff & Pick Lieberman

McGaffe - Lies About Wiseman John Lewis - "McCain Does Not Consult Me" - Name Dropping Habit?

Lieberman to speak at Republican convention - c-span

New Obama Ad: "Three Times" (VIDEO)

Obama campaign e-mail teases the media - subject line "Vice Presidential ..."

Biden walks it back - "I promise, I don't know anything, have no idea, have spoken to no one.”

Sebelius, stumping in Mich., mum on VP spot

Reuters bulletin: McCain 46, Obama 41 - Reuters/Zogby poll (no article yet)

Rasmussen, 8/20: Obama 45%, McCain 42% (with leaners, Obama 47%, McCain 46%)

Oh, Mr. Colbert! You too funny!

Reuters/Zogby Poll: McCain-46%, Obama-41% (likely voters)

So Hillary's CRIMINAL brother meets with McCone campaign in Penn....HOW NICE

Nader predicts Obama to pick Clinton

Sen. Obama on cover of MIT Technology Review

I can't believe I am saying this: HIllary is my top choice for VP

"OBAMA-KENNEDY-Pull a Cheney!" An Open Letter to Caroline Kennedy-from Michael Moore

How NOT to answer the Moslem meme

Barack Obama's contact info. Send him a message.

Why is Hillary's brother meeting with Carly Fiorina?

Biden gives reporters bagels, coffee

DU Convention meet up

In 2000 it was Florida. In 2004 it was Ohio.

I Predict a Announcement Around 3-4 p.m.

Kathleen Sebelius, Tim Kaine, Bill Richardson, Ted Strickland, Brian Schweitzer, Ed Rendell, Janet

Today, Barack.... not Friday..... Today.

I heard LIEberman all over this AM.

Joe Lieberman to Speak at GOP Convention

Penny Pritzker Shows Why She Convinced Buffett to Support Obama

Wikipedia says Biden!

Wikipedia says Biden!

Which Vice-Presidential candidate do you think helped the ticket most?

Which Vice-Presidential candidate do you think helped the ticket most?

Why is Obama going to announce his VP pick in the dead zone of Friday afternoon?

DNC To Legally Challenge FEC on McCain Loans

DNC To Legally Challenge FEC on McCain Loans

LIeberman will not be the McCain's Veep Choice if he is speaking

BTW - it's official. Beau Biden heads over to Iraq next month.

Surprise! Gas prices plummet as Election Day nears!

Kristol: Colin Powell Will Endorse Obama

I'll tell you why Obama can't have Clinton as his running mate

Zogby (McCain leading): "Obama loses ground among Dems, women, Catholics & even younger voters" LINK

I don't want to sound like some conspiracy nut...

It is close b/c the media is a 24/7 infomercial for McCain, building up McCain, tearing down Obama.

Zogby is the MOST CONSISTENT Pollster Out There

Election Markets: Obama trading at 58, McCain trading at 39

Rasmussen: Obama closing gap in Ohio

PUMA raises its divisive head and threatens to demoralize Obama supporters at DU.

Current location and trajectory of the sky.

The best part of all of this is

Time to ramp up the "Phantom Four Veterans for Truth".....

Is this election lacking in the "Good Vs. Evil" excitement factor?

McCain All Wet on Water Issue in Colorado

Whatever, McLame. "McCain says it's judgment ,not patriotism he's questioning"

"In case of emergency break glass and install Clinton VP"

Is there a firefox addon that can replace the words VEEP and VEEPSTAKES with DERR and DERRRRRRRR?

CNN: Clinton strategy working for McCain

CNN: Clinton strategy working for McCain

What foreign policy, national security experience does Romney or Pawlenty have?

So now Hillary's brother is helping McCain along with her backers

I support _________ as the VP nominee

So one Zogby outlier has got all the pumas freaking out?

Will every blip in the polls decide who wins in November?

Memo to the Panickers

It's obvious why McCain doesn’t want to talk about the Republican Party.

Been offline since yesterday. Did Obama announce his Veep choice yet?

Why Does the Media and the American Public Allow McCain to Ignore the Facts with No Consequences?

Which of two narratives is most damaging to Obama?

The wife US Republican John McCain callously left behind - UK Daily Mail - quotes from Sampley

Talk to me about polls after The Repug Convention....


It pains me to say it but we must be willing to lie about McCain if they lie about us.

!!! 62262 !!!!

Who needs the Right-Wing, some of YOU turn on Obama faster than McCain Lies

TOON: What happens if we elect an incompetent president?

Obama! Just keep doin' what you do!

Obama! Just keep doin' what you do!

Let's take a look at the battleground polls (Hint: That Obama fella is doing alright)

The great quadrennial American IQ test is now in full swing.

John "I don't know much about the economy" McCain leads 49-40 on the issue of economic stewardship?

Miss Cindy is getting a nice little ride on the swiftboat..

I checked the weather for Obama's big speech Thursday - scattered thunderstorms

Obama Slams McSame On Taxes In new Ad - Watch it here!

Obama is going to select Ralph Nader for VP.

We need more ads like the one where the young mother said "McCain, you can't have my Alex

The most important thing is the ENTHUSIASM level, which Obama is winning by a huge margin

I just saw something "odd."

"F***ing Republicans!"

IF McCain picks Traitor Joe, then Dems should praise Joe's long history as a Dem

Obama is still a favorite to win, BTW

Do you think Obama is hesitating to hit McLame hard is

Repugs are STILL fighting *AGAINST* renewable energy!

I'm so disappointed in Obama

Hey DU! See that post stuck at the top! Want to show DU is a powerful voice?

Imagine, if you would, the mind of the Freeper if the GOP ticket is McCain-Lieberman....

Obama Creates Latino Advisory Group

Rasmussen: "Obama attracting 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 42%"

Get those shot glasses handy. Ghouliani to give keynote at Repug convention.

TOON: Cheney & McCain's relationship:

Holy Shit! Latest poll reveals unknown candidate Obama is tied with longtime celeb Senator McCain!!!

Zogby poll puts McCain at +5%

Tin Foil Thread of the Day: Polls are being manipulated in the runup to the Dem Convention

New Ohio, Arizona, Missouri, Iowa polls

John McCain’s foreign policy judgment is questionable

It's Official - Obama is NOT! the Anti-Christ

"OBAMA-KENNEDY" An Open Letter by Michael Moore

I'm not worried about the polls. Concern duly noted, Obama will win no matter what.

McCain is going to pick Holy Joe as his running mate

"Do you want to vote for an Angry Black Man"?

Archaeologists uncover McCain's lost half brother.

Gather the evidence...Make the case -Crossgate needs to go Viral!

Pic - young girl gives Obama a large sunflower

A McCain Presidency Is A Threat To National Security -- Blackmail.


You Do Realize That McCain MUST spend His Money Before His Convention, Right?

So I'm sitting here in the middle of a flood (thanks Fay!) pondering leadership.

Just say no to just say no

I Am Taking The Afternoon Off

I Am Taking The Afternoon Off

Mexicans are wary of both U.S. candidates

Tonight's CNN's John McCain Revealed could get interesting. CNN just showed a segment in which King

McCAin expands lead in Missouri to 10% New PPP Poll McCain 50% to Obama 40%

Obama-Hillary 2008. Two attack dogs for the price of one: The Cerberus Principle

FOX recalling Cold War era to help McCain

OMG, have you seen the polls since the weekend?

Help the RNC pick a theme for Thursday (see this thread

The question was asked earlier: "What is Obama doing wrong?"

How likely is Obama to finish his first term if Hillary is VP?

Obama: Public Thinks of McCain as POW -- I Need to Remind Them of his Policies

Do people forget to listen to the registered vs likely voter qualifier?

Overheard while having breakfast regarding the Presidential Race

When I was in college my good friend use to argue with me about abortion

When I was in college my good friend use to argue with me about abortion

Give up? I gave up on Obama's campaign TWICE in the primaries.

McCain can't do better than 40% in new poll of his home state

I know this was posted a few days ago, but look at this ticket!

A Cross in the Sand!!!!! (If I were Karl Rove...)

It's Bayh - Obama's Staff Converge on Indiana Saturday

Obama's lost half brother found in Kenya

Bush, Cheney, Giuliani, Lieberman to speak at GOP convention

I'm not joking, these are the themes of the GOP convention for each day:

I'm not joking, these are the themes of the GOP convention for each day:

Clinton partisans taking aim at Obama

Clinton partisans taking aim at Obama

Could Joementum be the first person in history to bring TWO different parties a demoralizing defeat

Could Joementum be the first person in history to bring TWO different parties a demoralizing defeat

Who else is not panicing?

Hillary :'I am beginning to wonder about John's state of mind'.

Lieberman to speak at GOP Convention!

I think Obama should come out swinging.

Why haven't Obama's ads tied McCainus to the Chimp

Attn VA DU'ers: Would it be fair to say that Mark Warner's coat tails would help

Oh noes Mr McCain please don't pick Joe Lieberman as your running mate.

Cindy McCain Has Another Forgotten Half-Sister (so much for her only child story)


VP Poll of Polls!!

Would Obama campaign do that text message stunt for a lackluster VP choice?

Obama and VP pick to appear in Springfield on Saturday

Should we get Toby Keith to perform in Denver?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA campaigns with Mark Warner today in Martinsville, Virginia

Obama's Vice President a 'He?'

Obama's Vice President a 'He?'

Let the next few weeks play out before you get dismayed.

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/20/08 - Obama 45, McCain 42 (unchanged)

To all those who called us "concern trolls"...

The GOP keynote speaker - will Giuliani wear the red dress and heels?

Stephanie Tubbs Jones is not dead

An Open Letter to Caroline Kennedy (head of the Obama VP search team) from Michael Moore

so...lemme get this straight

GALLUP TRACKING: Obama 45 (No Change), McCaint 43 (-1)

"Country First" will be theme of Republican Convention

I suspect a lot of people are going to have egg on their faces come the VP announcement.

McCane: "Did I say that? I forgot to take my ginko this morning"

McCain will pick Lieberman because if he wants his VP to be shorter

Remember the final season of The West Wing?

Polls: McCain leads in Colorado, ties in Ohio

Republican hate monger Limbaugh begs Obama to pick Biden

If the wingnuts hate Ridge & Lieberman, then Mittey will look tolerable & that's the plan

1995 interview with Barack Obama

Obama Camp To Propose Minimized Role For Superdelegates

whatever happened to "Cross-gate"?

John Zogby; Obama lost support because he talked about Russia v Georgia ....

Lieberman and the Jets

Thread to clear up misconceptions on today's LOCKED THREADS

Here's The Question: What Are The Internet Polls Saying?

Here's The Question: What Are The Internal Polls Saying?

Obama team to hold 'major' event Saturday in Bayh's Indiana

HuffPo front page screen shot: Lieberman to speak at GOP Convention

Do you think Obama knew that holding out on issuing attack ads would bring down poll numbers?

How many concerned VP pushers does it take to change a light bulb?

Maybe Joe Biden is a little distracted today

Postin' threads in the hot sun,

Obama out-raising McCain in Utah

VEEPSTAKES: One Last Clinton Scenario

Lieberman to speak at Republican convention.

I hate to break it to some of you here at DU, but...

Outside Groups need to push back on the Country First Theme

Let me say this about Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Hillary had no better or loyal backer. . .

I am very sorry but Hillary Can Not be the VP...Why you ask

Wow.... 16 pro-Hillary-for-VP threads on the first page....

Maybe this is the reason Obama isn't doing better

New Poll Suggets Public is Hungry for New Vision of Patriotism - Obama's.

another day, another VP obsession

Obama-Biden campaign items will be posted on Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008.

Obama-Biden campaign items will be posted on Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008.

Obama Team: Report of a planned Indiana trip is untrue.

McCain’s pet peeve: his wife’s ‘obsession’ with technology

MSNBC: Obama echoes Clinton 'fighter' message

A poll a month before the 1992 Democratic convention showed...

Zogby on Zogby

There is NO other choice for VP except Hillary Clinton, none.

Barack's new anti-McCain ad.... with a nice subtle twist at the end

What Obama should give to people to get people to like gov't

FAUX NOISE broadcast hours before civil forum that MCCAIN WOULD ARRIVE 30 MINUTES LATE-here's video

McCain lead, unfortunately makes sense...

ONE thing I wish Obama and his surrogates would say but haven't yet. It's about McCain's judgment.

The CNN piece airing tonight looks like it will be a hit piece

New Georgia Obama TV Ad Links McCain-Ralph Reed

There is a large segment of society that will not vote if you don't volunteer to help.

Just got a text that said Hillary Clinton (nevermind, not real)

Enough with the Hillary already

Many people wanted John Edwards as John Kerry's Veep Choice in 2004. How did that work out?

Personally I find these polls "Bullshit". This ISN'T a countrywide popularity contest

"God Damn it Johnnie! No wonder you're flunking" said

Has anyone seen the "biographies" on Obama and McCain on Faux? It was just as I expected...

Does Obama Need a Co-President?

New Georgia Obama TV Ad Links McCain-Ralph Reed

Battleground Poll Out Today: McCain 47%/Obama 46%

The easy-cheesy, super-unifying DU VP Poll...

Is Push Polling Annoying???

Hillary Backers In Pennsylvania Meet Privately With Top McCain Adviser

Bottom line is that I don't believe these polls now. Period.

McCain doesn't think Obama's not a patriot, he just wants America to lose!

The Bush Administration: McCain Was NOT Tortured (Per Andrew Sullivan)--UPDATE with DIGG

Did anyone see the McCain interview over Georgia where he was really nervous?

selfdelete wrong forum

Back to the real world..Stop McCain

I Just Got The Email.....Just now!!!!!!!!!!!

Its fucking August.

People who earn more should pay more for the greater good...

McCain takes lead over Obama

McSame to Announce VP Pick on Anniversary of Katrina Cake Photo-Op

So what area does Hillary shore up for Obama?

Does THIS worry you?

I was never in favor of Hillary as the VP choice, but I have changed my mind

There is a large segment of society that will not vote for McCain under any circumstances at all.

Obama Uses "He" Pronoun When Discussing His VP

Rasmussen Daily: Obama 45 McCain 42

What kind of shit are the Corporate Cable Pundits peddling today? I'm not watching

Bob Barr on Ballot in 38 states now, will be on ballot in 48 states

Bob Barr Calls John McCain a Dictator

Obama is Down Five Points

Coulter: Obama Wants Doctors Chasing A Baby Through Delivery Room To Make Sure It Gets Killed

This is where demanding loyalty oaths gets you

CNN: Caffetry wants to know if Obama should "go negative" on Grampy McBush

CNN: Caffetry wants to know if Obama should "go negative" on Grampy McBush

My most-excellent Obama t-shirt just delivered, has this graphic:

An Obama Presidency: A Call to Public Service....

McCain's evocation of John Lewis is invasion of body snatchers

McCain's evocation of John Lewis is invasion of body snatchers

Obama: "I Don't Intend to Lose this Election"... WOW's Crowd of over 2,0000 in Raleigh, NC!

Here are a few modest suggestions for the Obama campaign/convention

the Repug sleeper agents are out in full-force today

Obama don't need a Bulldog Veep. He can do that job himself

Swing States

Cindy McCain Mother Teresa Story Fabricated

HOLD THE PRESSES on Stephanie Tubbs-Jones...

I am shocked: My hardcore republican Dad is voting for Obama

New poll of Maryland: Obama up by 10/ New Poll of New Hampshire Obama up by 1

Chris Matthews won't do it, so I will: Let's start calling McCain 'Capt. Queeg'.

If there are any Obama surrogates that browse this forum, I have a question.

John McCains Character on display Again

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Checking your sources

How can we let Obama lose against this guy?

I'v read some really informative threads today and I've changed my mind too

These national polls are meaningless. Look at the States to see the true picture

These national polls are meaningless. Look at the States to see the true picture

Obama ad links McCain to Abramoff power broker

GOP Unveils Its Convention Starts (Its A Trifecta of SUCK)

CNN: Clinton strategy working for McCain

CNN: Clinton strategy working for McCain

CNN investigates McCain's 'greatest moral failure', Mccain Video: "I Lied...(chuckle)

Poll: McCain Seen As Running Negative Campaign

The Strongest National Platform on Gay, Lesbian Transgender rights of any party ever.

Official GOP TALKING POINTS to debunk!

What if you gave a convention and nobody came?

Are you a "single issue" voter?

Obama’s Ads in Key States Go on Attack (NYT)

Obama’s Ads in Key States Go on Attack (NYT)

Isn't it discouraging that there are more negative posts on DU about Obama than McCain?

I do get it that Obama and the Democrats are at the stage in the election

Live stream of Obama, Webb in Lynchburg on now (6:20pm)

Truth About McCain - He Always Second Guesses The Military For Political Points - Who's Unpatriotic?

Truth About McCain - He Always Second Guesses The Military For Political Points - Who's Unpatriotic?

Frankly, I am frightened. Zogby has McCain leading and I can't believe the ignorance in this blue

here we go again

TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK, or casting his pearls before SWINE??

Yes We Can!

Feingold/Daschle: "They'd be happy to work with McCain, and he'd make a pretty good president."

Feingold/Daschle: "They'd be happy to work with McCain, and he'd make a pretty good president."

McCain campaign chief: Bush, Cheney, Giuliani and Lieberman "Showcase Diversity Of Republican Party"

Oooh, look...puppies!

Hillary Clinton tackles Florida for Obama (tomorrow)

New CBS/NYTIMES Poll Obama 45 McCain 42. McCain up from 39% two weeks ago

Please Obama choose your VP today!

Obama and Co.....Attack McCain...Not Hillary!

When McCain and/or Kissinger turned down the North Vietnamese gallery of photos from Martinsville earlier today

Jim Webb appearing with Barack Obama in VA - Live Now!

So Far, Obama's Campaign Has Been Dukakis-esque

Chillax (from DailyKos)

Rassmussen - New Hampshire: Obama's Big Lead Now Down To 1%


What is up with the Acura commercial? TOWNHALL LIVE NOW

FOX mock Congress' lack of productivity but don't mention Republican obstructionism

McCain wants a VP that shares his "principles and values."

New myth from Hillary supporters: Hillary polls better against McCain.

List Of Speakers Will Showcase The "Diversity" Of The Republican Party

New pictures of Sen. Biden

SLATE: What Barack Obama learned on his summer vacation

Obama's Live Upstream

An Obama loss would mean a defeat for civil rights

OBAMA LIVE in LYNCHBURG! Streaming Video Link

Rudy Giuliani keynote address leaked

Newsweek’s Alter: ‘McCain should stop lying about his opponent’

What txt sound will you hear when Obama announces his VP?

Jack Reed as Veep?

Ferraro: Biden has what Obama lacks

August 28, 1963: "I have a dream"

August 28, 1963: "I have a dream"

For the night-shift, re: my Stephanie Tubbs Jones thread

Obama now taking off the gloves. Airs new TV ad linking McCain to Ralph Reed

What if Lieberman and McCain had a baby together! (image)

the prospective Democratic presidential candidate, has managed to turn a 5-8 point lead over

Obama’s Rice Drills McCain Over and Over

Obama’s Rice Drills McCain Over and Over

What if McSame picks a women as VP

Hillary spent her childhood in Park Ridge, Illinois; perhaps she'll be the VP.

Poll: Voters See McCain As The Negative Campaigner By Six To One

I think a shakeup is needed in Obama's camp

So, tomorrow Obama will announce his running mate.

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Presidency

Candidates Can't Play Fall Classic In August

We ARE Going To Win North Carolina... I GIVE YOU MY WORD

Everyone take one of these right now.

the vice presidency is not worth a bucket of warm piss

What has been the biggest stumbling block to the Obama campaign so far?

What IF... Hypothetical question here. What IF Obama chose Clinton and the next set of polls...

How do you get on Obama's email/text message list????

So, what does Obama have planned for tomorrow?

What if Obama Picked Colin Powell? -- Wouldn't that put the GOP's feet to the fire?

***Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now Holds A Town Hall Meeting In Lynchburg, VA***

Biden is Democratic favorite for Obama's No. 2

Mathews, "If she (Hillary) doesn't do it, Barack loses"

Remember how McCain said he would rely on John Lewis

WORLD NEWS TRUST: The Purpose Driven Cheat (Mary Lyon)

Friggin' headline on "Poll - McCain takes lead over Obama"

Bush-appointed judge who once worked for Ken Starr delays Rezko sentencing till Oct. 28

Crooks & Liars: McClellan begs Obama: Don’t investigate will taint you and damage your image

Wolf Blitzer: Hillary Clinton is the Only One That Can Help Obama

Did anyone watch Chuck Todd's analysis of the WSJ/NBC poll on Hardball?


Cindy gets caught telling another whopper!

Cindy gets caught telling another whopper!

to the next President of the United States, here's looking at you Kid!!

Why Clinton would Make an Awful VP.

Serious question: why does anyone pay attention to polls right now?

Jack Cafferty Is My New Hero!

AWESOME! Woman who coined the "Fired Up! Ready to Go!" chant will be in Denver!

Maybe Hillary isn't such a bad idea

Rep. Tubbs has died- 6:12 PM

Rush Limbaugh, filthy racist pig-beast

Obama sings 'Never gonna give you up'

I think Obama has it wrong on the tax increase for people making 250k and more

Where can I find all of Obama's ads in one place?

Would Caroline Kennedy be a good VP?

Neil Cavuto just now: "Obama's Desperate VP pick?"

I'm not charismatic and not a good speaker. So am I useless?

Worried we are going to lose the election? Check out these links:

Do you think McCain will announce his VP selection via email & text?

McCain's Health is an issue(Do we want another 2nd term Reagan?)

Who would be the most stunning and electrifying choice for Veep?

Guess What!? a POSITIVE POLL for Obama and Dems from North Carolina (take a look)

Here are all the latest polls

Where's the headlines? OBAMA IS LEADING McCAIN (Gallup)

Unity Call: "Stephanie Tubbs Jones removed from life support at 12:19 p.m"

AP: Obama out-raising McCain in Utah

What Obama Must Do to Win: Waking Thoughts (long)

What Obama Must Do to Win: Waking Thoughts (long)

There is a large segment of society that will not vote for obama under any circumstances at all.


U.S. Military Code Of Conduct

Let's say Biden is the VP pick....what is his biggest problem?

7 Pictures....Who looks best?


New Obama Campaign Strategy: "both parties are on the take & have made mistakes...."

To Obama camp: *Wake Up*

Debunking anti-Obama e-mails

Why no push for an old, old man to pick a VP with foreign policy or national security experience?

In close contests, poor Democratic morale was enough to swing the election

McCain's answer to adultery and abandonment of 1st wife..."that was 30 years ago" ....

DC Media Firm Says Hillary Is VP

Local Dem. Party leaders not working for Obama...

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama 45, McSame 42

I really think pollsters are manufacturing these close poll numbers to revive Hillary VP talk

The Christian Science Monitor reports-Cindy McCain Was Caught LYING About Meeting Mother Theresa

To borrow a Douglas Adams line, ‘Don’t panic’

Utahns Giving -- to Obama (!)

Obama expands lead in Maryland, 53% to 41%

PHOTO: BARACK OBAMA holds a baby at the Greensboro Farmer's Market in N.C.

Ohio: No 'sleepovers' for voting machines

Why did I watch CNN, What Fool I am

Does anyone else feel like I do?

Isn't it Mighty funny that all of a sudden the MSM wants Hillary to be Obama's VP???

NBC news Wall street Journal poll OBAMA LEADING 45 (McCain only 42!)

The so-called DU "Chicken Littles" WERE correct in 2004

The Times Tribune: Hillary's brother, other advisers, meeting with Cathy Fiorina?

Obama volunteers, please tell your stories here.

Past Vice Presidents, regarding Obama's VP choice

Ok, simple- Dear DU: Hillary for VP, Yes or No?

Ok, simple- Dear DU: Hillary for VP, Yes or No?

Obama needs Bill Clinton to stop campaigning for McCain. It's more & more obvious...

I am enjoying the media (including bloggers) being strung out over Obama's VP pick.

In case you were wondering what is going on today....

New Obama ad: "Let Them Eat Cake' - McCain's 69th Birthday Party- Aug 29, 2005

John Nichols (The Nation): "Barack Obama might just NEED Hillary Clinton."

Watching Tweety and Chuck Todd, Obama would be doing better if...

OMFG!!!!!111 THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!111 THEY'RE GONNA STEAL IT!!!!!11111

I would like to hear Hillary out there really denouncing McCain

For me, this photo captures just how much of a grasping, belly-crawling sellout McCain truly is.

Hillary and Bill lost me yesterday. I say kick them both under the bus.

What would the overarching message of the Obama/Biden ticket be?

If one of the prospective Veep candidates was against interracial marriage

Comparing anyone to Cheney is offensive, yet

Obama / Kaine

Right-Wing Vets For Freedom Attacks Hagel’s Military Service: ‘Show Me What Battle He Fought In Iraq

St Pete Times has credentialed as a convention blogger the Dem who is suing the DNC

Cindy McCain Lies About Meeting Mother Teresa

Bill Maher, on Larry King Live last night: "At this point I think they need Hillary Clinton."

NO Hillary!!!

what we need to do to win- the view from the walk sheet.

Positive VP thread - name your top choice and give your top reason for that choice

The GOPs private internal polls must not look anything like M$M polls. If they did then...

NBC poll - 13% undecided. Half support Hillary for president

Why is Obama playing this PR-Media cat-mouse game regarding his VP selection?

If Obama was married to a white woman, would that have utterly destroyed his chances?

I support the Democratic Nominee

Clinton backers and her own brother meet with McCain top adviser

White House October Surprise

White House October Surprise

Obama doesn't need Hillary's expertise

Media meme.."McCain using Hillary's playbook"

Media meme.."McCain using Hillary's playbook"

Media meme.."McCain using Hillary's playbook"

Media meme.."McCain using Hillary's playbook"

Media meme.."McCain using Hillary's playbook"

Media meme.."McCain using Hillary's playbook"

A Noun, A Verb & P.O.W.

What is Obama doing wrong?

McCain Campaign - Early Warning Signs of Facism - Disturbing Coincidence?

Quick Explanation Re The MSM's Economic Motive For Opposing Democrats - Why We Are Underdogs

Buzzflash publishes a tough nut to swallow: Obama channels Kerry & Gore: Loserville

Obama camp blasts McCain's judgment (Yoohoo, Jenmito!)

Kudos To Sen.Clinton!!!!

McCain agrees with bring back the DRAFT..could be a game changer?

McCain appears to agree with woman at town hall meeting favoring bringing back the draft

****If Obama Doesn`t Pick Hillary As His VP It`s Over!!!!!!!!!!****

You're all fucking nuts.

How many of you have signed up to receive a text or email regarding Obama's VP pick?

I'm now advocating that Hillary Clinton be veep

Obama needs Hillary. It's getting more and more obvious...

Barack Obama: A meteoric rise

Meeting called for Saturday to change the primary procedures.

Dupe. Please delete.


Breaking Orlando Casey Anthony out at 0830 Wendsday

The revolution continues in Latin America!

Breaking Rachel Maddow News? Coming Up On Countdown

KO is about to announce Rachel. Turn on yur teveee.

Poll: 57% of Americans say God can revive the dying

need some ideas from you creative people. I have been put in charge of starting a new school newspa

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! McCain busted

Corpse kept standing upright for 3-day wake in Puerto Rico

Joseph Stiglitz, Jared Bernstein and Naomi Klein at the Y

Give it up for ...... Rachel Maddow

Political strategists, it turns out, intuitively understand how to bias the brain in their favor.

I'm going with

Uncle Ted's favorite Democrat = Sen. Dan Inouye

Major Constitutional Showdown (Scotus Blog)

State Voting Machine Problems Won't Be Fixed Before November

Guardian UK: Economic slowdown: World markets fall sharply amid fears about the credit crunch

Are You Ready For Nuclear War? By Paul Craig Roberts

Bush administration air pollution rule is illegal, court decides.

OK All You Freaks... Before This Party Starts... Tell Me This Still Don't Apply...

Poll: Majority support gay marriage in N.J.

I wonder if it's Biden putting forth all the Biden rumors

Wow, Text Message VP Announcement from Obama!

Anyone Have Video of Tonights World Worst on Olbermann

Violence follows Musharraf's exit

I'm drunk and I wanna fight inchworm

I'm drunk and I wanna fight

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bush Ties Prove Radioactive For Asian Leaders

China's Georgia War Lesson: Today's Breakaway Bites Back Later

DU or Text Message? Which source would you most likely get the VP news first?

I'm a liiiiittle bit tipsy, but *I* don't want to fight anyone...

Fuck you Chinese authorities!

I'm not drunk yet and I wish Inchworm & Writer would get along.

Republican mayor to speak at Democratic convention

go barack!!!! Obama’s Ads in Key States Go on Attack

Great Read While You Wait.... "Blind and Dumb Criticism" by Roland Barthe

Why is MSNBC obsessed with prison?

George Bush Owes Us a Fucking Explanation

Musings of a country mouse...

COMING UP at 8:00pm: HIstory Detectives (Repeat)

We've come a long way, baby

All Together.... "Bush Republican" ..."Another George Bush" ...

I highly recommend this film

Obama: 'I will let no one question my love of this country'

Give your essential reads for progressives:

Any other NovaM Founding members here? Issues...

CNN..Obama/McCain Revealed (tomorrow night)..ugh!

Olympics: The Girl Who Beat Lolo (Possible Spoiler)

I wonder how the military people are feeling these days (re: Russia/Georgia)

From BBC in Pictures: Burmese children draw cyclone woes

Any chance Obama is going to pick Hillary for VP?

Smug Eastern sportswriters already hand-wringing over a possible Yankee-free October

In this disaster flick, what's running red is federal budget (starts Thursday)

Short but worthwile article about offshore drilling from USA Today

More about our leader's great failure.

Texas recommends to abolish Swiftboater Bob Perry's Builder Commission

Russia vs Georgia dot com. VOTE Russia winning 80%

St George, the Bear and the Eagle

Citizens' U.S. Border Crossings Tracked by Feds for 15 years

TSA Snafu Damages Nine Planes at O'Hare Field

Burning Man: puts other festivals in the shade in Blackrock, NV

My LTTE Made It Into The Plain Feeler!!!

NY Times: How bad are the new housing start numbers? Horrid.

(Nuclear)Plant helps Louisa bloom

On Charlie Rose tonite, Bob Lutz, idiot head of General Motors...

Weird question at Denver when checking in for our return flight to the UK

I am tired of all these negative posts saying Obama is doing bad in the polls

Obama's "Health Plan" is lacking

KKKarl is shocked-SHOCKED at the demise of church-State separation!1

Shawn Johnson

A VP story about LBJ and Kennedy, just to fill the time.

Poland and U.S. Sign Shield Deal Irking Moscow

Obama needs to announce his VP today, no more fucking around!


Breaking: SpanAir Plane skids off Madrid runway

Bigfoot fraud. A cop and a former prison officer.

States throw out costly electronic voting machines

Offshore Drilling Ad Campaign Alert

The RealClearPolitics polls scare me

Tubbs Jones Taken To Hospital

Iraq to Sign $1.2B Oil Service Deal with China

Weather Experts - how come Tropical Storm Fay strengethed

FEC Decides that the First Amendment Actually Applies to Bloggers

What's The Best Way To Buy Gold?

Bush Covered up Musharraf Ties with Al Qaeda, Khan?

Ann Coulter, Vote Fraud Criminal

3fer: Bayh's wife a P6 target (=VP?). T-Boone wrong on GHOULiani. Bubba's new DNA-dad.

Firstfruits Journalist Surveillance System

Bush Administration Rule on Pollution Struck Down

The world is falling apart and all MoDo can do is offer more wild-eyed Hillary conspiracy theories?

New Documentary: a Testimony to Washington Prodigality

Vietnam Veterans Against McCain: McCain Lost Five U.S. Navy Aircraft

Email from Michael Moore

Eight killed in Spanish plane crash

Man dies after waiting 22 hours at N.C. hospital

Mortgage Applications in U.S. Drop to the Lowest Level Since December 2000

Reuters: Five Americans held as China steps up scrutiny

The Battered American Consumer: Even the Upper-Middle Class Is Feeling Economic Pain

Hey-John: If Pakistan can impeach a sitting president & force his resignation-why can't you?

The Congressional Democrats MUST remove lieberman from all committees

Al Franken not given speaking role at Denver.

Bush to go to the land of Katrina today .... I really hate that man

To support any Republican, one must embrace: pre-emptive wars of aggression; torture;

China's Olympic ceremony features sacrifices

Enough work to go around?(with statistics)

Any word re Teddy Kennedy

Are we creating our own natural disasters?

Human Rights Watch: US: End Beating of Children in Public Schools

Please help me start a rumor

Medical Bills Burden 72 Million Americans, a 34 Percent Rise in Two Years

The Next Credit Crunch; Our easy access to plastic is about to dry up...

It's a Maddow Maddow Maddow Maddow world!

Afghan Deaths Unsettle France

Rise in suicide rate shadows turbulent times

We sure like to paddle those black kids!

NYTimes: Gardasil researcher criticizes the aggressive marketing of the vaccine

CIA Evidence not Supporting Iraq Attack, so Bushies Create Their Own Intel Agency-Bush History, 8/20

The Democratic National Convention or Revival?

Court: Passengers can challenge no-fly list

Sorry to interrupt the Olympics and the election coverage. Are we at war or something?

Elaine's still giving it all for DADT

McCain takes lead over Obama: poll (Zogby)

Study suggests low-level arsenic exposure may be linked with Type 2 diabetes

Solace scarce after soldier's suicide

Housing Crisis, or long-overdue Correction?

The Rude Pundit: These People May Be Enticed to Vote for Barack Obama

I'm calling Lieberman a prick on purpose!

bush on c-span now at VFW meeting

the Polish people went through hell during WWII, then

In Memory of Bill Gwatney .. Democratic Party of Arkansas

In a thesis McCain wrote in 1974 he recommended 'brainwashing' our soldiers with lies

Watermelons, baseballs, and Congressional priorities.

Obama and the Vets: "Let me be clear - I will let no one question my love of this country."

Note bearing Gwatney's name, unknown phone number found in Tim Johnson's house (Murderer of Gwatney)

Dupe delete

A question McCain needs to be asked

Israeli Intelligence: Russia massing fleet in front of Batumi, going to take Ajaria from Georgia,

Presidential poll now, equals a horse race they turn into back stretch

Cops: Horrified woman watched webcam suicide of ex-boyfriend

Wrestler, son of Mexican immigrants, gives U.S. rare freestyle gold

Recently found video of the Chimp as a child...

You know you're a conservative when...

Just heard on C-Span that Washington Times thinks Lieberman should be McCain's VP.

Perhaps this ADHD kid needed his mom to yell at him and call him a brat!

Name your favorite Neopro (new progressive):

The Nation: The 2008 Student Loan Blues

ALERT: They are busy trying to take Ted Sampley down.

Officials to update U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones' condition at noon

Sen. Stevens loses bid to move trial to Alaska

The profound stupidity of GWB amazes me. It's August in my "Out of Office Countdown Calendar"

Let's say Obama wins, how many Democratic Senators will he put in his Administration?

RNC schedule...

Antiwar Activists Win $2 Million Settlement from NYC in Major Victory for Free Speech Rights

OH-11: Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones in Grave Condition

Cleveland Congresswoman has aneurysm; on life support (Tubbs Jones)

Crap, I should have thought of this two years ago

BREAKING NEWS: Bigfoot Found

Abandoned baby whale might be put to death

TS Fay Maybe Heading Back To the West....AGAIN

Draft Asher????? :rofl:

BusinessWeek: Health Care: The Real Fiscal Nightmare

News Corp stock and Rupert Murdoch in the toilet?

Another good argument for health care reform NOW.

Explosions in Sochi.

Condoleeza Rice and the insult to international diplomacy - Pravda

Rachel on with Thom Hartman Right Now

Rachel coming up next on Thom Hartman

Army Official Who Revealed Deplorable Conditions At Veterans Treatment Facility Is Forced To Resign

Reuters: Airlines predict passenger decline over Labor Day

John McCain, military draft advocate?

Lieberman to speak at the Republican convention

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones on the "Surge" last year:

Is Condi trying to start a war? WTF?

Please don't post Olympic spoilers in the thread title

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones is in ICU in critical condition. Has not passed. Just on CNN

Since Rachel Maddow is getting her own tv show, will XM 167 still simulcast MSNBC?

Mitt Romney wins gold in the "I Don't Know What the F**k I'm Talking About" competition.....

Transgender woman denied job at Library of Congress

War is absolutely the last card any national leader should play-Hal Moore & Joe Galloway

Cellmate Describes Pain of Detainee Who Died

Do you forgive Mary Lou Retton for letting the Republicans use her?

Caption *

Pa pilot says he's on watch list, sues to save job

Globalization death watch, part III

Bush Looking Drunk at the Olympics (pics)

Did anybody/everybody else receive a bunch of DU PM notifications in their

Please join me in acknowledging DU/GD Mods. You're doing a...

MSNBC releases the name of Maddow's new show...

MSNBC releases the name of Maddow's new show...

Abkhazia officially appeals to Russia for independence

Bush is helping McCain a lot with all this warmongering. - Today’s Headlines 8/20/08

Should Rachel Maddow take callers on her new TV show?

This Stephanie Tubbs-Jones matter is the latest

So which bank is it

McCain's military records. WTF is the deal?

Tubbs(D OH) Has Not Left Us YET..

I heard about this listening to Al Sharpton: Beijing bars told to ban black people during Olympics

This week in cheap Chinese crap: Fly Swatters.

I will tell you something about Americans.

Obama's foreign policy adviser mentioned in Der Spiegel article

Big Surprise! "Bigfoot Body" Hollow Rubber Costume. HOAX!

Syria looks for Russian arms deal

Moscow, Minsk to build air def in response to US missiles in EU

Federal Judge tells Stevens the trial will be in Washington

Bush to say "hopeful signs of progress" 7 times in speech in New Orleans today

Has anyone here gotten a barrage of msg notifications from DU?

WARS - * pic

Norway: Russia to cut all military ties with NATO

Olbermann: DoJ sticking next president with police state

Musharraf rumoured to be mulling move to New Mexico

Breaking: Obama Picks FSM As Vice-Presidential Candidate!!

EXCELLENT Four Part interview with Eric Margolis on the Russian Crisis (TheRealNews)...

140 dead in the Madrid crash

To the American People; Remember when you voted for George Bush

Smirk's visit to NOLA and the Gulf Coast, why did he bother?

CBC (Canadian) Broadcasting of the Olympics

Ney: Abuses will continue despite new ethics la

Rachel Maddow promises to stir things up with her new MSNBC show

Caption this * pic

I'm making a list for a project on issues where

Randi Rhodes complains that the McCain Campaign

Whats this BullCrap about BO's half-brother

Harry Reid "reconsidering" GOP Convention Speaker Lieberman's position in Democratic Party

White House taking bids on e-mail recovery project (?)

Immigration agents focusing on Fremont (Ne. that rejected a law on those who rented-hired illegals)

War on Terror - the board game!

Virtual fence construction in AZ put on hold - They forgot one screw.

Would someone please tell me what's wrong with this picture?

Corporal punishment rife in US schools, report says

where is everyone getting the idea that Russia is out to invade half of Europe???

Barack Should Choose Cabinet Before Election: Let's Play Fantasy Cabinet

HAHAHA - Ted Stevens trial venue won't be changed!

NH-Sen: Shaheen Inches Back Up in New Poll

Every voter should be required to answer this question before voting on November 2nd:

Only for really idle DUers - can you beat Bolt

Secret Service investigates mock missile with political references near the White House - pics

Democracy Now: The Limits of Power: Andrew Bacevich on the End of American Exceptionalism

Two (elderly) Women Sentenced to ‘Re-education’ in China

UGH-OH......ET Is Leading With "Obama's Long, Lost Brother"

Farmer donates produce to protest war

WARNING: Phishing ads on DU

McCain: A pro-choice veep might be OK, but pro-gay rights?..Oh hell no!

Georgian war leaves 1492 Ossetians dead - local authorities

Aaaaaaaahhhh. Excuse me.

I am now a Democratic Candidate for Commissioner in Collin County Texas

NICARAGUA: US Fourth Fleet Treads Fine Line

Lately I've Been Getting "Dangerous Site" Warnings When I'm On DU From My Security Program......

"The Russians Moved Because They Know You Are Weak"

Tubbs Jones Likely Had No Warning of Aneurysm, Doctor Says

Woo-hoo! My fellow Catholics, there's been a break in the long red line:

GM's Bob Lutz--"Educated people on the coasts won't buy our cars"

Ban All Biowarfare Agendas!

Nice work DU: The ongoing demise of electronic voting machines!

How in the hell is this election close?


Poke Poke Poke the Bear - How to start WWIII.

White House missing hundreds of days of e-mail

Seriously Condi Rice is discussing 'bad reputations' re another

Jeremiah Wright look alike....Can anyone guess who this look alike is?

Thoughts from a friend in Russia

Does this kid look like John Edwards?

More Obstructionist Crap From Bushco-225 days of missing e-mails - NO Intention of complying-None

NY Times: No End in Sight (to the financial crisis)

As usual, Star Trek explains everything, this time the BushCo war plans....

Caption this Wormtongue/McCain pic

Mr. Elena's new anti-McCain ad: "It's 3 P.M.and the phone is ringing..."

German company to build mirror factory in Findlay

Oooohweee.....Repugs unveil their Convention speakers' list:

Channel 5 in Cleveland reports Stephanie Tubbs-Jones passed away at

I bet Ted Stevens wishes he could disappear into the infamous 'series of tubes' right now......

Wrong fucking state and city to try and grandstand Preznit.....

CNN has jumped off the deep end with today's quick poll

chinese to make/assemble photovoltaic solar panels in rockford il

"Sloppy Seconds Lieberman" to speak at Reep Convention!

bush is trying to kill every living thing before he leaves office

Theme song for the Bush-Cheney years:

Cell Phones and the 2008 Vote: An Update

CNN has the Tubbs Jones had died breaking news alert back up

Bush History,8/20-CIA Evidence not Supporting Iraq Attack, so Bushies Create Own Intel Agency

What Really Happened in Georgia/Ossetia

This is who they are.......posted on Fri Mar-16-07... by BobcatJH.,,outstanding post

Very very interesting article re: Cindy McCain/John McCain and mob ties

What Should The "White House" Be Renamed? A POLL

Chrysler is really hurting.

Self Delete - Dupe. nt

Albright Notes Putin/Bush Pre-Georgia Invasion Meeting at Olympics: 'Very Peculiar'

"You can not certify what you can verify" .... S. T. Jones Jan. 2005

Universal Health care should be #1 issue

Is the Bush malAdministration creating a "Cuban Missile Crisis" in Poland?

Toby Keith endorses Obama

The "God, do I F*cking hate Joe Lieberman" thread

Contingency plans

Suggest a Show Name for Rachel Maddow!

People, you HAVE to read this email I got from an acquantance.. Obama, modern day Hitler?

McCain On Reinstituting A Military Draft: ‘I Don’t Disagree’»

Limbaugh at top of list of hypocrites and Why Edwards is not one

White House missing as many as 225 days of e-mail

Will there be someone good to step up and run in Tubbs Jones district?

Independent UK: War zone security has arrived in the US

Stephanie Tubbs Jones has died, sources say

What is behind NBC's World Record Suckage coverage of the Olympics?

Lieberman to speak at repubican convention.

obama won't go negative and the media can't stand it

Do Native Americans Have First Amendment Rights?

OMFG Fay is still 50mph and the pressure is dropping

Reuters: California mulls probing senator (Schumer) over IndyMac crash

Has a Columbine-type campus attack ever been stopped before someone got hurt?

If DU had an emergency preparedness forum...

McCain on his cheating on his wife, "It's 30 years ago." - - Fine. Wasn't VietNam 45 years ago??

FBI Sweeps Anthrax Under the Rug

Ray McGovern needs some diggs! His article compares impeachment in PAKISTAN

The War Within Bob Woodward

Caption * in New Orleans

Etone wins women's triple jump - wearing a skirt

Rice: Russian Reaction To U.S.-Polish Missile Shield Agreement Bizarre

McCain Campaign Takes a +3 Vorpal Blade to D and D players

Hayes R-NC: Stability in Iraq depends on "spreading the message of Jesus Christ"

Don't ever try to draw on The Magistrate.

NBC has dug its own grave

Poland may get nuked over MI-Complex's pet missile shield.

Rachael Maddow needs a name for her new program.

Phelps signs with Frosted Flakes cereal

Olympic Spoiler Men' s 200m

Cindy McCain's Half Sister

How to change the narrative on abortion – NOW

Phishing Warnings on DU website

149 dead in plane crash at Madrid airport

two nuke events - Fl (be sure to read the last sentence) and Calif.

Defying gravity - Olympic gymnastics

CODEPINK Platform for Peace and Security

"I, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a representative from Ohio"

Why I'm Angry

My evangelical, born again christian, drug addicted, crazy friend left today

Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones Rushed To Hospital

Does anyone have information about emancipation?

McClellan says: "Don't investigate us."

Proud Iowan loving Shawn Johnson

US Accused of War Crimes Over Torture Methods

What's the best way to travel short distances in decent weather?

Hacker exposes alleged Olympics age fraud

TYT: What Does 'Change' Really Mean? (RANT)

Mukasey Morphs Into J. Edgar Hoover Sitting on the World's Biggest Blackmail Ops

Vitter cannot use campaign funds to pay for legal fees

Bush Covered up Musharraf Ties with Qaeda, Khan

Police state rulemaking by DoJ, a bit more is needed, DU!

Greenpeace list of top 10 re opposition to offshore drilling

"Kill the APNewsAlert saying U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones has died.

National DU Meetup (in Denver during the DNC Convention) - Wednesday August 27th, 7pm at Racine's

Eric Alterman: Strange things are happening these past few days in the world of television news.

Edwards: The Love Child and… Shocking NEW Allegations!

Theories I Consider Bullshit #461: The Helter Skelter Theory of the Manson Murders (long post)

New York Times: 52 Arrests, A $2 Million Payout, And Many Questions

Sibel Edmonds Case: Richard Perle continues criminal enterprise, MSM still silent

PETA does it again

McCain On Reinstituting A Military Draft: ‘I Don’t Disagree’»

Repost:: How to make the olympics more interesting (Dial up warning)

Pic: Me and a well known DUer, 2 years ago, in a blinding NY State blizzard

Seeing all the people driving w/no headlights in a tropical storm makes me realize

KO just announced that Biden is our VP....

Brian Wilson Feeling Sunny About New Album

Heads up, for you dinosaur buffs: "Mystery of the Jurassic" on PBS now.

Bread or tortilla?

Should I help a collection agency?

Where do y'all get your internet TV fix?

Talk to me, so you can see

Baby update...

Florida county must cut off 16,000 of the 19,000 on their indigent health care rolls.

Saw "The Clone Wars" today. It sucked big-time; but I knew that going in...

Paraguayan javeling thrower Leryn Franco. She makes me believe there is a God.

Who is that guy ? Joe Torre ??

Should 18-year olds be allowed to drink?

Thanks to everyone who recommended Open Office.

Is it wrong of me to do this?

Is it wrong of me to do this?

Troy Dumais


Obama's choice: Gordon Lightfoot.

Picture of Steam Locomotive

Anyone want some cookies?

Wikipedia ... pfff

We just lost Imhotep

Has anybody heard from Robyn66? She got biopsy results today.

Uh oh, I'm the most senior reporter for my organization in all of Western Canada right now

pfft, some people are no fun

Olympic assholery

What's your personal playlist tonight, DU?

Bigfoot for VP!

Corpse left standing for his wake...

Do you believe in Reincarnation?

Adolf Hitler Liked Gangsta Rap!

Saw this today, it's a hoot. The cast is great, I grinned all through. 'Mamma Mia' trailer:

Bummer - sax player for Dave Matthews Band has died

This is COMPLETELY inappropriate!

I just spent two hours at the crappiest playground ever.

Women like looking at Ken?

Got $2K to waste this Xmas? Like Star Trek?

I'm drunk and I wanna fight inchworm

Just when did we lose our ability to create technology?

Just when did we lose our ability to create technology?

Got 2k to waste this Xmas? Like The Green Mile?

John McCain, Luddite

Does anyone know how to read Chinese? (symbols)

I know beers are good things, butt

You know what's fun?


This day in baseball — Aug. 19, 1951

This day in baseball — Aug. 19, 1951

Leroi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band dies

You've just been framed for murder! Which TV super-lawyer do you want defending you?

school starts tomorrow! YAY... happy times


I'm not drunk yet and I wish Inchworm & Writer would get along.

I'm stupidly in love.

I'm drunk and I wanna fight

I'm a liiiiittle bit tipsy, but *I* don't want to fight anyone...

"Life Is Sweet"- Maria McKee

Will Jamie Lynn's fairy tale end in tears?

I double-dog dare you...


What's your ear worm right now?

Prayers for the family of LeRoi Moore

When did the Olympics have BMX bike racing.

When did the Olympics have BMX bike racing.

Damn, but I'm good!

Mary Jane, Mary Jane I... I...


Cat has two pairs of ears.

Did I pick a bad time to join Netflix?

The road goes on forever

anyone else think they could make a hell of a movie about the USS Indianapolis?

What the hell can one do with PMS tits?

DU WWI vets... what was it like?

George Takei bachelor party on Howard Stern now

Two cutest olympians (possible spoilers if you live in a cave)

A beer came to visit last night

I'm not clicking on the tape worm thread

How is it that we have, like, 80 channels

how do you make a video for YouTube using a still pic and music?


What are you NOT going to do during the convention?

A question...

American 'Bigfoot' is monkey suit


Am I broken?

Wal-Mart Cake

Ouch. Just...ouch.

Are you Uday's cousin? Wanna be?

What anti-war songs are on your playlist today?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HaHa Ha Ha !

So what's wrong with Biden? He's clean and articulate.

Last night, about 10 PM...

On such a busy GD-P day, wanted to post something a dear friend posted years ago.

Post your events for a Seniors Olympics

Favorite old school Charlie's Angel?

Gee Forty NINE?????? Forty NINE??????

i ran into a friend. he shared something with me. it changed everything.

Parche walks into a bar

Which state has more U.S. history cachet?

What the hell can one do for PMS zits?

BREAKING NEWS.... school has started....

When did "challenge" become a euphemism for pain in the ass?

Are the Geico Ad reps schizophrenic or brilliant?

My prom ride, circa 1960.

Insulting TV commercials

Poverty IS NOT an adventure

You've just been murdered. Which radio super sleuth would you want to find your killer?

Ever had a near death experience?

My garage is on fire!

I was on the Net, during a quiet spell at work, and a co-worker

My cat has a death wish

Match Game Story: "After talking about health matters on Oprah, Dr. Oz should have __ clip-on tie."

a rickroll makes the greatest page!

Please help me start a rumor

Red Fridays?

Problems with Lovecraftian horrors? Try new Eldritch-Off, available in spray!

Typical cat behavior #4:

So my new dog is recovering from his operation.

This Is NOT A Parche Thread

video of Alicia Sacramone knocking some dude out...

Tonight's Tulsa Craigslist

If the California gold rush had been just a year later...

Woohoo! I got two breasts of chicken for a buck ninety eight!

Kitten Picture of the Day For Wednesday August 20

Best spam subject line of the day:

This Is NOT A Madinmaryland Thread

So we decided to go to Boston this weekend. Any ideas on what we should do/see?

NJ residents: do they normally do turnpike construction on the weekends?

Not Rickroll, it's Barack Roll !

Saw the Darjeeling limited last night.....

Walmart and my health care plan

My encounter with a Helicopter Parent

Late night loungers: do you feel like we're the 2nd stringers?

What's the first forum you check when you login to DU?

ain`t that peculiar.............

Woohoo! I'm almost done! Ten years of collecting quarters,

I had french fries and a coke for lunch. Nothing else.

So, a grasshopper walks into a bar

Is Shawn Johnson wearing Peace earrings?

This is NOT a Turtleandsue Thread

Can someone help me out here?

Green Kittens

Any Brian Jonestown Massacre fans here?

Pick Thread

This is your father posting - asking me anything

Sushi Pr0n!

"I am un chien!"

Attn: Milwaukee DUers

Correction: Press Conf. Rep. Tubbs Jones is still with us

Bigfoot’s body a hoax, California site reveals

Man, I could go some sauteed scallops.

A bartender walks onto an airplane.

What would it take for me to sell out like Senator Joe?

Officer with a bullet proof vest

I miss matcom.

Sho 'Nuff Snuffed


I have a meeting of the city's Green Committee tonight.

Is there a farmers market in your area?

How many concerned VP pushers does it take to change a light bulb?

Why is it "filet mignon" but "grouper fillet"?

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

I Still Challenge Someone To A Game Of RISK

I never knew. What an idiot! The heels alone should have given it away.

Ellen & Portia - they both look like angels!!

Cat, stop trying to nurse!

G'N'R Drummer Steven Adler breaks down in court after pleading "not guilty" to drug charges

The Way I Feel Today

You've just been murdered - which fictional avenger do you want to avenge your death?

Come AWWWWWN: Livin' La Vida Gestational Surrogacy: Ricky Martin has twins

Dear Shell Beau,

WOW! Someone got a thread locked by Skinner himself

4 Eared Catwoman, 2Headed Turtleandsue Found

Did the Banana Splits inspire Bob Marley?

Am I the only one who does this?

Am I the only one who does this?

CONFESS!! Who are you really??

What things do you do that you know you shouldn't be doing, yet you do them anyway?

Mamma Mia, the Movie to be re-released over Labor Day as a sing-a-long

Create a double feature

All right, I admit it ... I drew the cross in the dirt for John McCain ...

I'm back from Cedar Point!

A conclusion has been reached. A decision has been made.


I'm not in the hospital. Surprisingly good news.

THE MAN of outlaw country

The Entertaining Primate1 Thread

Just how many diet foods does Oprah endorse?

*beep* ----- *beep* ----- *beep beep* ------*beep*

I just killed Norton. I've had enough.

Just Out Of Curiosity

A Gallery of Photobombing (HILARIOUS)

Gee who could have expected this? Bigfoot corpse = rubber gorilla suit.

Who Else Works With An Idiot Co-Worker?

When I run away to a deserted island, who will be my cabana boy?

Gah, I'm stuck here for another hour and a half.

This is your mother posting - asking me anything

Does Wikipedia's front page load really slowly for anyone else?

What digital camera should I buy?

What digital camera should I buy?

The Great DU Migration to Canada

If you could bring a dead rock star back to life

what is your zombie attack survival plan???

If You Could Bring A Tombstoned DU'r Back From The Dead

OK to drink orange juice past the expiration date?

Anyone watch Eureka tonight on SciFi? (SPOILER INSIDE)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 8/20/2008)

Early Warning


Dear DU HDTV experts: Thought on these three models at Costco?

Hey...DU'ers who remember! What was your FireFly (Lightening Bug) Count this Summer....???

What is Apple *thinking*?

Locking Insert Reason Here

While the Midlo's are gone to Pennsylvania, lets have a party in her McMansion

I've had it with my laptop!

I finally have a sig line

"The standard [of living] of the average American has to decline." Paul Volcker, Trilateralist; 1992

Oh NO Oh NO oh DEAR GOD NO: 82 year old Hugh Hefner loses one of his 23 year old "girlfriends."

Bwahahaha! Watch out World, billyskank got his new passport

Anyone know anything about bamboo plants

RIP: LeRoi Moore (DMB Sax player)

Speaking of food, I encountered Manhattan clam "chowder" for the first time the other day.

the two talking cats

Out of Africa (don't try this if you're over 30, don't even READ it if you're over 60!)

Okay, that's it, I am starting FRENCH class

Oh My God! And I thought I was in hell before....

Saw a bumpersticker this morning

Free Hugs......

RuPaul is on tonight's Project Runway, who else is excited?

so, i got laid off today.

Bank of America is a fuckin' racket

Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop? I can only afford one.

What are your favorite smells?


They're fighting my unemployment claim

Nighthawks #72

My son's latest surgery

My son's latest surgery

Pop vs. Soda map of the United States

What the hell does it take to get a decent burrito around here?

Baltimore, Elkton, Newark, Wilmington area DUers: come see me play in MD on Friday night (Aug. 22)!

Hit the jackpot folks! A different cancer in both breasts

Post Here And DuStrange Will Start A Rumor About You

If I Was President Of DU

The Official Billyskank Come To The States Thread

I'm depressed. I think McCain is going to be the next president and I don't know wtf is wrong

My Friend Frank is in Intensive Care - I Don't Know If He's Going to Make It...

A bear came to visit last night

Protester Sheehan and Public Enemy coming to Denver for DNC

Russia: Nato aids 'criminal regime'

Afghan War Escalates with Worst Taliban Raid in 6 Years

Nader predicts Obama to pick Clinton

Obama and Veep Choice to Campaign on Saturday (Obama Strategist: "We Could Pick the VP Any Time")

Bigfoot’s body a hoax, California site reveals

Rep. Feeney makes robo-calls for Curtis

(Washington) Primary results set stage for rematches

S.I. Rampage Raises Issue of Bias Crime

LA County to hold taggers' parents liable for graffiti

Rep. Tubbs Jones hospitalized near Cleveland

Court Says (Bush Administration) EPA Air Pollution Rule is Illegal

Twin car bombings hit Algerian hotel, barracks

Democratic Convention to Highlight "Real People"

Obama's Vice President a 'He?'

Australian plea for 'ugly' women

Red Cross says staff heading to S. Ossetia capital

No Americans affected by Telekom theft

BREAKING: Reports: At least 40 killed in Madrid plane crash

Daughtry, Everclear to Rock Democratic Convention

DELAWARE: AG (son of Sen. Joe) Biden going to Iraq with National Guard

United Airlines to drop free snacks this fall

US Rep. Tubbs Jones hospitalized near Cleveland

UN to offer 'options' to solve Iraqi territorial disputes

At least 45 killed as plane skids off runway in Madrid

Sen. Joe Lieberman to speak at GOP convention

States push laws to require paid sick days

Barack Obama chooses Kathleen Sebelius for Vice President

Rep Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) has passed

NIST to Release Report and Recommendations from Investigation of World Trade Center Building 7

Stephanie Tubbs Jones has died, sources say

Flung in cell for photo of copper

POLITICS: Bush Covered up Musharraf Ties with Qaeda, Khan

Abkhazia to ask Russia to recognise independence: parliament

Police: Store video catches 11-year-old boy, 4 teens stealing guns in shop near Philadelphia

Close ally of Colombia's president released from prison after prosecutor cites skimpy evidence

Local Clinton backers, McCain adviser meet

Russia warns NATO against re-equipping Georgia's military

Russia builds Ossetia 'buffer zone'

UPDATE 2-US says warned Georgia against Russia fight

McCain ADMITS on National TV this and other Wars are for OIL

(National Security Archive Release) 1998 Missile Strikes on Bin Laden May Have Backfired

In Georgia, Russia digs in as pullback date nears

2 women sentenced to labor for wanting to protest

Pilot Sues Gov't Over Terrorist Watch List

Rep. Tubbs Jones Unconscious in Cleveland Hospital

God hates Orphans/ And You just thought Your Life sucked.

Countdown: Best Persons August 19, 2008

ALERT: Cleveland Clinic: Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones has died

McCain, Obama to silence critical ads on Sept. 11

Cnn Tubbs Jones conflicting reports - critical condition

Obama & Biden 08 (Change meets experience)

Kathleen Sebelius: Respect (For Our Troops)

U.S. and Poland sign missile defense deal

Fort Sill liaison forced to quit amid mold problem (told USA TODAY about poor conditions)

Kathleen Sebelius: Standing Against Coal-Fired Power Plants, Kansans Support Her

Pentagon Plans to Send More Than 12,000 Additional Troops to Afghanistan

Lack of Insurance, High Medical Costs Put More in a Bind(2/3's of workers uninsured, underinsured)

Kathleen Sebelius: Work

Kathleen Sebelius: Kansas

Kathleen Sebelius: See It

Kathleen Sebelius: Goals

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 20

Kathleen Sebelius: Keep Moving

Kathleen Sebelius: Forward

Obama’s Ads in Key States Go on Attack

Kathleen Sebelius: Education (creative ad)

Kathleen Sebelius: Driver's Seat (another clever ad)

(Rupert) Murdoch's pay falls to $27.5 million in 2008

US Contractors Eye Gains From Polish Shield Deal

Forces align against Republicans in Senate races

No timetable in draft deal on U.S. troops: Iraq

Pentagon, White House at odds over aid to Georgia

A conversation with Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and fmr Gov. John Gilligan of Ohio (her father)

Citizens' U.S. Border Crossings Tracked

Goodyear Closing 92 Stores

Barack Obama: Kansas Connections (interview with Terry Moran)

Kathleen Sebelius: Paper Clips

Obama: McCain 'Doesn't Know What He's Up Against'

Russia Introduces Draft Resolution on Georgia at UN Security Council

One reason Sebelius might not work...Don't Drop The Soap game

Aviation Community In Uproar Over TSA's Botched Security Check

Change Happens from the Bottom Up

Tropical Storm Fay Floods Hundreds of Fla. Homes

Countdown: Bushed! August 19, 2008

Why Obama should pick Sebelius: O'Falafel hates on her in his Factor Investigation

Peru moves to end Amazon protests

Any Sebilius videos out there?

US food prices to post biggest rise since '90:USDA

Barack Challenges McCain's Foreign Policy Judgment

COUNTDOWN: Welcome, Rachel! Olbermann congratulates Maddow on her new show.

Countdown: McWar President

Barack Obama addressing special needs kids

Plane slips off runway in Madrid

Syria Says Ready To Consider Russian Air Defense Deal

Bush says breakaway provinces are part of Georgia

Sen. Joe Lieberman to speak at GOP convention

Freddie Mac shares fall nearly 10 percent to lowest level since 1991

Barack Obama - "It Shouldn't Matter If You Look Different"

Kathleen Sebelius in Michigan (8/19/08): Voters plead for her to be VP; Sebelius calls out McCain

Terrorist Watch List Complete Joke!

A Black Box

N.A.T.O. Demands A Complete Russian PULLOUT!

Senators: FBI rules could target innocent people

Obama sings

Georgia Office Openings

Harry & Louise Return

McCain takes 5-point lead over Obama-Reuters poll

Latinos for Obama Meeting

The Evidence Gap: Drug Makers’ Push Leads to Cancer Vaccines’ Fast Rise

What are YOU Waiting For?

McCain's Own Words Bite Him in the Ass

Barack Obama with Connie Martinson Talks Books Part 2

Obama asks Biden THE Question

Barack Obama with Connie Martinson Talks Books Part 3

On 06/06/06, Bush announced the Mark of the Beast

Saakashvili eats his own tie

Barack Obama on the 40th Anniversary of the Prauge Spring

Bill Maher on Pastor Warren, John Edwards & VP Choices

Obama lays the economic disaster on McCain and Bush

TYT: Should Joe Biden Be Obama's VP?

Russia freezes NATO cooperation


Bill Maher on 'Larry King Live' (Aug '08) - On The Election

Countdown: Worst Person August 19, 2008

Stephanie Tubbs Jones - Objection!

Ex-Border Patrol agent pleads guilty to civil rights violations

Russia scales down Georgia toll

More Mold For Our Wounded Troops

Barack Obama with Connie Martinson Talks Books Part 1

McCain on Reinstating a Military Draft to Chase Bin Laden to the Gates of Hell (clean copy/edited)

Man dies after waiting 22 hours at hospital

Keeping the pressure on Kimberly-Clark

Iraq official: US, Iraq finish draft security deal (all troops removed from Iraqi cities by June 30)

Pirates seize Malaysian tanker off Somalia's coast

Dave Matthews Band saxophonist dies

Countdown: Rachel Maddow Gets Her Own Show on MSNBC

TYT: Huge Discrepancy WRT McCain's Release From POW Camp

Barack Obama's new Ad: Never

TYT: Why Rachel Maddow & Keith Olbermann Are Awesome(!)

Henry Cejudo, son of undocumented Mexican immigrants, wins wrestling gold medal

Obama team to hold 'major' event Saturday in Bayh's Indiana

John McCain: Town Hall 08/20/08 (reinstate the draft)

Judge won't move Sen. Stevens' case to Alaska

US Rep. Tubbs Jones of Ohio dies after hemorrhage

Russia warns of response to US missile shield

Biden at his best!

John McCain & His Moral Failure

McCain On Reinstituting A Military Draft: ‘I Don’t Disagree'

No reports air support resulted in French casualties: Pentagon

Guardian UK: US economic crisis: Freddie and Fannie shares fall further on bailout fears

Guardian UK: Distracted and weakened, Nato is lost

Truthdig: The Second Insurgency

NY Times: Higher Costs Taking a Toll on Business

Marie Cocco: Same Old White Guys Run the Debates

Why Obama Lost and McCain Won Saturday Night's Forum

Cindy McCain's half sister emerges to put down 'only child' claim

REALITY BITES AGAIN (Russia-Georgia-USA) by James Howard Kunstler

Independent UK: Russia the bad guys? Who are the West trying to kid?

The Obama 15: A guide to the fifteen political operatives who run Obama's world

John McCain Campaign Takes a +3 Vorpal Blade to Dungeons & Dragons Players

Pastor Rick's Test - The Candidates Submit, and a Principle Suffers

Swift Boat Economics

Jim Hightower, Raising Hell

Obama vs. the Fiscal Fear Mongers

Will the internet kill thinktanks?

Some ‘Cone of Silence’

Hey Caroline we need you to pull a Cheney

msn's "Hypocrisy Hall of Shame"

No JROTC Left Behind: Are military schools recruitment pools?

Ray McGovern: Musharraf Out, Like Nixon; Bush Still In, Like Flynn

Russia Never Wanted a War By MIKHAIL GORBACHEV

Joe Lieberman Lobbies to Become Vice Pope

Taking On The System: The Must-Read Political Book of the Year

POLITICS: Bush Covered up Musharraf Ties with Qaeda, Khan

Keith Olbermann: McCain: Senator, Grow Up!

McCain's Ties to Neocon Hard Lines

Not the good guys vs. the bad guys

Barack Obama's 'lost' brother found in Kenya

Let Russia join NATO

Law and Order: Curfew America

Courts Begin to Reconsider Whether Torture Victims May Seek Legal Redress

Is Georgia 2008 a Repeat of Hungary 1956, With John McCain as Agent Provocateur?

Journalists and Their Good Friends in the White House

Forget 'Text Messaging,' McCain to Announce Veep Pick by Telegraph

Robert Scheer: McCain’s Warped Worldview

Democratic convention schedules about as much faithstuff as a revival meeting

Should Obama, If Elected, Make a Clean Break With Bush's Latin America Policy?

The Angry Professors, College Debate: Dr. Shanara Reid Brinkley versus Dr. William (Bill) Shanahan

Russian soldiers commandeer U.S. Humvees

Fort Riley brigade gets Iraq orders

Vets’ group launches new GI Bill Web site

Drunk driving simulator part of 82nd stand down

Mileage reimbursement raised to 58.5 cents

Md. may sue Army over Meade pollution issue

Campbell unit to receive first UH-60M

(Army Times) Editorial: Keep SSNs private

Army IDs 2 101st soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Commander: Sill mold was not ignored

Coast Guard to return 2 patrol boats to Navy

Bombers fail in attempt to storm Afghan base

Lawmaker: Third DDG 1000 far from done deal

Two sailors charged in San Diego area killing

Panjshir left to develop from the ground up

Military: Fliers producing results in Afghanistan

What Hurricane?

Jury seated in Fallujah trial of former Marine

(Navy Times) Editorial: PT gear comes up short

Award of CSAR-X contract expected this fall

Army makes it official: Class A’s done

Mutated fish caught in lake downstream of oil sands

Chinese Government Raises Rates For Coal-Fired Electricity By 5% - Market Watch

For 17/18 Months To January 2007, US Domestic Production Exceeded By OPEC Imports - Dow Jones

Petrobras Considering Redeploying Drills From Planned GOM Exploration To Tupi Field - BBerg

Russian Oil Exports Jan-June 2008 Down 5.2% YOY - Production Down 0.8% - RIA Novosti

Sometimes a basic overview is a good thing

18 killed in latest Chinese mine accident

SkySails 5X More Efficient Traditional Sails

Jewel Starts Project Clean Water After Homeless Experience

Structures so green they give back to the environment

N. European Bird Species Shifting Northward, But Not Quickly Enough To Match Pace Of Warming

20 Years Of Canadian Observational Data Show Steady Movement Of Boreal Forest To The North - CBC

In Vemont, LIHEAP Apps Up 20%, Propane Prices Up 36%, Heating Oil Nearly Double YOY

Libya's National Oil Chair - "If A(n OPEC Production) Cut Helps Bring It To Balance, Then Why Not?"

McCain Enjoys Energy Photo-Op On Gulf Of Mexico Platform That Produces 238 Barrels Per Day - NYT

Alaskan Average Temperatures Up 5F Since 1960s; Up 8F In Interior During Winter Months - Reuters

Sweet Potato Out-Yields Corn in Ethanol Production Study

Iraq invites Russian oil major (Lukoil) back

Goodbye Future, Give Us Right Now - RedOrbit

Norway to survey seabed for planned CO2 pipelines - Reuters

Pirates seize Malaysian (palm oil) tanker off Somalia's coast

China's plans for wind - better than normal article

DOE Wants Zero-Net Energy Commercial Buildings Available by 2025

Petrobras Will `Need a Miracle' to Hit Output Target, Itau Says

World Geothermal Power Generation Nearing Eruption

Florida must be feeling pretty moist at this point.

Job Seeker Who Changed Her Gender Goes to Court

Interesting article about Obama in the current Advocate.

Is anyone else excited for The Cho Show?

Jordanian artist wants to build statue in Sderot

Bashir's Willing Accomplices

War-scarred children begin to heal at Gaza summer camps

Russia weighs increasing military aid to Arab world

Government Policy Rewards CEO Lying, So we get more of it

Fannie, Freddie $223 Billion Debt Rollover Problem

The stock market is NOT going to have a meltdown

Storm on the Horizon - Dallas Fed Prez warns of entitlement crisis

FedEx Loses Shareholders as Courts Upend Smith's Business Model

Ex-Mossad chief: Ahmadinejad is Israel's greatest gift

Consuming your capital as though there will be no tomorrow

A California Bill Would Make It Easier For Farm Workers To Organize Unions

UAW President Says For Auto Workers Obama Is A Much Better Deal Than McCain

Obama Tilt Toward Rubinomics Stirs Warning From Organized Labor

Today in labor history August 20 Gun battle between strikers and guards leaves six dead

States push laws to require paid sick days

FAA owes overtime to half of all air traffic controllers

The Deciding Vote '08: America's Workers

GM-Navistar truck pact expires without final deal

Goodyear to close 92 U.S. stores, cut jobs

Fewer workers killed on job in 2007

Friends and families rally for Anheuser-Busch workers in St. Louis

Interbake Workers’ Struggle Shows Need for Employee Free Choice

Violence mars Bolivian protests

Close ally of Colombia's president freed from jail

Colombia: Indigenous Groups in Danger of Disappearing

Cancun under Cuban-American and Russian Mafia Control

Multi-national forces practice PANAMAX exercise

Usain Bolt claims 200m gold with record

Any clue as to which channel will be carrying the 200 m final?

I still can't believe Lolo clipped that hurdle.

Olympic boxing scoring sucks

An experiment for those who use Reiki

Recommendation for good general internal cleansing?

Georgia Man Says Vitamin Supplement Caused Hair, Nails to Fall Out

Assumptions made by US Gardasil advocates.

NYTimes: Gardasil researcher criticizes the aggressive marketing of the vaccine

Turmeric Health Benefits Are Many

Health Quiz

New York Times 5 Page Article on fast rise of Gardasil

What is Citation?

Virtually all US cervical cancer deaths are preventable. True or false?

Gardasil, vaccines, VAERS and adverse reactions.

Opinions needed . . . would you keep this lens?


The Burden of Proof:

Honestly, do waiting periods really do anything?

She should have used martial arts

The Genius of Charles Darwin: Presented by Richard Dawkins

Scientists Create Blood From Stem Cells

The Struggle to Measure Cosmic Expansion

Scientists: Large amount of blood can be "grown"

Bigfoot hoax revealed

Freakonomics: Is Beer Bad for Science?

Garage fusion makes WSJ front page

Such a deal from America's Test Kitchen

Happy birthday Hippywife!

If You Use the Web, You May Have Already Been Enlisted as a Human Scanner

Poll: 57% of Americans say God can revive the dying

Mexico church assailed for maligning miniskirt

Did you guys hear this? Know anything about it?

countdown video link

Biden ad from 1988

What do you think.....

The Secret Service

Out in the Street, you don't survive by being weak...

OMG! I just heard on MSN that we'll know maybe tomorrow or Thursday!!

A couple of cool stories about VP selection and power plays in DC.

now we know who the man in the blue shirt at Joe's is

It's my judgment that, on balance,

I wonder where Kad7777 is these days


Omg - the plot thickens

Interesting snips from an LAT article:

Biden brings bagels but no VP news

Well, what do you think?

My biggest disappointment

delete - dupe :)

Now we know why he needs the truck!

Oh - Murbley----

Stephanie Jones Tubbs

Oh I think DU has hiccups!

MSNBC firstread - the scene from Biden Land


Oh FFS!!!

Find The Airplane -- PSA Flight 1771

Critique of Steven Jones' latest paper

9/11 Was an Inside Job...

Where Have All the Core Columns Gone?

Who has a reliable/effective spyware program they use?

You can watch Obama televised acceptance speech with Al Franken in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis RNC

Any info on protests for RNC is appreciated!

B.C. doctor calls Clement's Insite comments 'repugnant'

McGuinty vows to be vocal in next federal vote

Just a few legislative accomplishments of Kerry's in 2008 alone.

welcome negative coverage on Corsi : )-Boston Globe

UPI: Canada to slash $42M in arts funding

OT Update: Stephanie Tubbs Jones in critical condition

A very OT question - Is there a reason why Marty Peretz hates Kerry so much?

Oh,, this is nice. From Huffington Post.

A couple articles in the local media and AP

Turmeric Health Benefits Are Many

Would someone record Dobbs on Wednesday please?

Free Press Election Protection Conference Sept 26-28 (Fitrakis, Wasserman, MCM and others)

"SPECIAL REPORT: The Myth of Widespread Non-Citizen Voting; A Response to the Heritage Foundation"

Weird question at Denver when checking in for our return flight to the UK

Flung in cell for photo of copper

Downing Street 'wastes money' on anti-Jeremy Clarkson video

A windfall for social & environmental justice

LA County to hold taggers' parents liable for graffiti

Ask Amy: Boyfriend's parents don't respect her atheism