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Heads up-Olbermann giving a Special Comment tonight named "McCain Unhinged"

Heads up-Olbermann giving a Special Comment tonight named "McCain Unhinged"

Even in A “Christian” Debate, McCain Has To Cheat


McCain's "mistakes were made" answer to the moral failure


Fair and Balanced Alert

McCain pulls ahead of Obama in battleground states

McCain pulls ahead of Obama in battleground states

If I ever get my Obama T-shirt (8 weeks now), I promise to

The Real McCain: McCain's Mansions.

If Obama wants someone who is going to be effective on the campaign trail

Huh? One-hour smear special of Obama on Faux News tonight? Legal?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/17/08 - Obama 44, McCain 43 (McCain up 1)

Even if nothing comes of Saddlegate, it's so great!

Sludge's Dem VP poll- 'Wildcard" choice winning

DUers & Bloggers v. Big Media = We're Still Underdogs, But We Keep Coming Back

self delete.

What is up with Cindy McCain's arm in a cast?

McCain to name his VP on August 29 - the day after Obama's historic nomination, on his 72nd B'day.

Cavuto Implies that McCain Is Trying to Protect Us From the Next Hitler

That was my favorite "Special Comment" ever

Jerome R. Corsi on McCain: MOB TIES!

It's gonna be Alf

Breaking: Obama to pick as early as Wednesday morning - McDummy on 8/29

What do you think KO thought of Feinman's analysis of the forum

It's going to be Pedro


Need some help with an observation at Saddleback

The questions Warren didn't get to.

The Top Two VP Poll.

I first used the word Swiftboating today and it wasn't in reference to lying.

It's not going to be McCain or Cheney

How do VP choices look next to Obama?

Computer Illiteracy

Heads up! Rick Warren getting ready to appear on Larry King Live 9:25 p.m.

McBush just LOST COLORADO!!!! - He suggests raiding Colorado's water! GOBAMA08!

AWwww McCone teared up...the McBush rehabilitation continues with his surrogate Warren

Rachael Maddow has moved back to frosted make-up

McCain: What a pandering piece of crap!

Confirmation: Obama ready to announce running mate this week

Bush, McCain supported 1999 coup and embraced Musharraf to the "bitter end."

How Will You Handle It If "Your" Candidate Is Not Obama's VP?

Forget about the VP polls--who pisses you off more these days?

It's going to be Al Gore...

Cindy McMeany's Forgotten and Ignored Sister

Which is better and more likely to be featured on MTV Cribs?

Delete.. the event has ended


McPOW wears dunce cap of silence, cheats and still fucks it up!LOL!

It's going to be Bernie Sanders

As expected, UAW endorses Obama for president

"Only Child" Cindy McCain's creepy family values

DU, please help out your local Democratic party, as well, in this run up to the elections.

Senior Advisor to John McCain Oversaw Gun Lobby Office That Hired Spy

Andrew Sullivan Isn't Letting CROSSGATE Go


McCain Plans VP Birthday Bash in Ohio

McCain's "Cross" Story Vs. Al Gore "Inventing The Internet"

Handy printout/email graphic to send to McConeDroids

Obama ahead in the betting.

McCain Family Values


McP.O.W. photoshop I'd like to see....

McP.O.W. photoshop I'd like to see....

I have a feeling McNuts is going to pick Kasich....

I think Ridge and Romney are out for McCain

Image of Hanoi Hilton in 73...sand or concrete?

McCain really is an idiot.

This is pretty scary given McCain's comments on Georgia:

Seriously who should Obama *NOT* pick?

Did the Saddleback confab reassure anyone you know about Obama?

McCain has already lost on this issue.

McCheater will NOT announce his Veep on the Friday after the DNC Convention.....

Here's hoping that McCain picks Condi as his VP Choice ....

Well THAT cleared it right up!

Joe Biden

PM me if you think Joe Biden won't get attacked...

Trampoline? Really?

I like all of the possible Veep Choices.......

Growing up with Grandma

Guess the Talking Head. (VP pick edition)

Obama should NOT announce the VP this week...

McCain - Ralph Reed: Trying hard to have it both ways.

Cindy McCain's Daddy dumped his first wife just like McCain dumped his.

The real tough questions missing from SaddleBack....was too hard for McCrash

The real tough questions missing from SaddleBack....was too hard for McCrash

Kerry Statement on Musharraf's Resignation

McCain will choose an anti-choice woman as his running mate...

Which GOP VP nominee would be difficult for Obama's VP pick (whoever that might be) to counter?

This from outside of saddleback church...

Atlanta says NO to Mcsame

Have you noticed McCain's Celebrity Ads are no longer on the Olympics?

A Lifetime Pass on ALL Present and Future Misconduct - POW

Would anyone else like the DU Admins to give a VP support policy?

New VP poll

Obama/Yet To Be Named '08!!

I think Sibelius would make a TERRIBLE Vice President!

Why do the GOP's fake fits of outrage get to influence the process of choosing the DEM VP?!?

Obama/Amabo 2008!

Obama needs to RESPOND to the McSame attacks twice as hard NOW

Sebelius to Iowa Thursday: Is she out of the veepstakes?

The bump in Gallup today was significant

The last couple Madison Obama grassroots table photos for your enjoyment (Bandwidth phat)

LOL, CHRIST-A-POOLZA tickets sold for $2000 a piece

You know, Obama should give McCain a big hug before each debate

I believe I was the first to post Sebelius early in the primary season except it was for

How Has McCain Avoided Answering the Abandonment of 1st Spouse/Adultery Question?

Has anyone noticed that McCain blinks like a dog in the wind after he makes a slam on Obama?

JeffR clicks on a thread and it gets locked

Is Obama Tiger or MJ?

Is Obama Tiger or MJ?

Michigan religious conservatives: "We are totally done with McCain at this point, unless..."

Here comes McCoathanger....should he prevail...the Roe/Wade thing is gonna die

Yeah, let McCane pick TOM "potholes for PA" Ridge

I knew it! Obama fighting a cold...

McCain VP pick

I am obsessing over Saddleback,,, but Warren is asking me to believe

Why wouldn't McCain announce his VP choice on his 72nd birthday?

Bed sounds good. Sleep sounds better. And Obama, whomever he picks, will be

Is Biden Racially insensitive?

The United Auto Workers Union Endorses Obama

Quinnipiac University Poll: Obama 47%, McCain 42%

McCain Outspending Obama By Hundreds Of Thousands In Many Core Battleground States

Another reason NOT to pick Evan Bayh: Dan Quayle

When did McCrank undergo psychological therapy in the past 8 yeaers?

Ralph Reed was a no-show at a fund-raiser for John McCain

For The Last Freaking Time, Mark Warner is Going to Win a Seat in the Senate

Just curious. Why is the RNC Convention always after the DNC Convention?

Obama now only 2 ahead in Minnesota

Have you noticed that McSame is now acting president?

If the NYT Got it Right, West Coasters Could Get an Early Morning(4AM) VP Text

"I'm not giving up on implausible dreams"

Obama redefines looking "presidential" (Photo)

"the measure of a man`s sole"

Clues points to Kaine?

"We Have Safely Placed Senator McCain in a Cone of Silence"

No destiny wind propels McCain.

I propose a new nickname for McCain: Hanoi John

OK, now I'm 100% on the Biden bandwagon

Sebelius? Is there anyone here who honestly thinks she'd be a good pick?

Caption this mug shot or hey those are some big tracks on your arm sir what size needle you using?

CCN is showing long clips of Obama Speech live in Orlando...

Bayh's Running-Mate Chances May Be Hurt by Wife's Board Seats

John McCain, 1973: 'A Lot of My Captors Were Homosexuals'

McCain supporting the surge WAS a political move b/c it was the only shot

"Some" Democrats Fear Winning

***Heads Up: Obama to speak to the Veterans of Foreign Wars annual convention in Orlando, FL***

Reich-wing message board scrubs excellent post critical of McCain

I don't care if both candidates were given the questions ahead of time

Cone of silence

John Lewis: John McCain's Wise Man? - "He does not consult me. And I do not consult him."

McCain campaign trademarks "former POW" moniker.

McCain's Fellow POW & Eyewitness To "Cross In The Dirt" = Swiftboater & More

Did Obama do poorly at Saddleback?

WTF Coleman: "If the convention wasn't in St. Paul, I wouldn't be at the convention,"

Stick or Sandal...did I miss something?


Presidential election map

"McCain says he plans to consult with Dem Rep. John Lewis when he's president-That's news to Lewis"

So CNN is running puff-pieces on McCain now?

John McCain, we are not "your friends".

72 next Friday August 29! McCain is 72. Get off his lawn, he's 72

Eric Boehlert: Fox News and Former Swiftboat author Corsi Living in the Past

Say It Is So, Joe -- Halperin is pumping up Biden as the pick.

Cindy McCain's half sister ignored, cut out of the family

Obama, Webb to campaign in Lynchburg Wednesday

John McCain's 'Good' Energy Program

Mega-dupe, pls. delete. nt

"McCain has the best record of any Republican running for president on the energy issue"

I think that Lieberman was the worst Dem veep choice in my lifetime

Obama Sharpens the Message

Anyone find irony that all those Repuke Conventioneers are flying into MSP International Airport

Possible VP Sebelius in Iowa Aug. 21

A Look Back at Vice Presidential Rumors (2004)

A Problem With An Obama/Clark Ticket:

Jack Cafferty nails it. Is McCain another Bush?

Warren claims he received a personal phone call from Georgian President Saakashvili.

Andrew Sullivan: McCain Condones The Torture That Was Done To Him

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next President and Vice President of the United States

Question for McCain: He broke the agreement by arriving late. Why? What's his excuse?

"Former President George HW Bush Praises Obama's Energy Plan"

Which likely VP pick would piss off the LEAST number of DU'ers?

I think Pawlenty will be InSane's running mate because InSane thinks he may carry MN

McCain To Visit Oil Platform Owned By Chevron; McCain’s National Finance Co-Chairman Lobbies For...

McLame....PLEASE Pick Joe Lieberman for your VP...I promise I'll vote for you!!!

WAPO: Veep Tea Leaves: As Veep Choice Nears, Obama Hires Speechwriter

WAPO: Veep Tea Leaves: As Veep Choice Nears, Obama Hires Speechwriter

How about that Obama fellow, eh?

Bipartisan Praise From Bill Clinton

Looking ahead a few moves: convention strategy

Gore to speak at the convention on final night

Gore to speak at the convention on final night

Do Voters Like Joe Biden?

Which is more upsetting: McCain's a liar, or McCain's mentally broken?

LA Times: Russ Feingold Praises McCain on... everything!

Before VFW, Obama hits back at McCain - "I will let no one question my love of this country,"

Mark Halperin is all excited that the new LAtimes poll out tonight will be bad for Obama apparently

What will be this year's RNC "purple heart band-aid"?

Jack Cafferty's column deserves more recognition

Andrew Sullivan: Friend, POW Comrade Made 1999 Ad On McCain, Faith - No Mention Of Cross-In-Dirt

Obama Will Win the Popular Vote in November By Between 1-2 Million Votes.

Who will win what.

Cake-lovin' Grampy McBush's BAD timing: VP announcement will be on the 3rd anniversary of Katrina

Video: "Bio" Joe Biden 1988 4President TV Ad

MoveOn Sinking $500,000 Into New Ad Linking Elizabeth Dole To McCain And Big Oil

Gore to speak on Democratic convention's final night

Find an event near you. Go to and find event listings!!

For all you clinton bashers pissed he said something nice about McCain - better bash Feingold too

The next Vice President?

This deserves its own thread. The GOPUSA site has the AP story calling Lieberman a "prick"

Politico takes a big swipe at at Bayh

HuffPo: Bill Clinton Praises McCain on Energy

HuffPo: Bill Clinton Praises McCain on Energy

Right ward turn of this message board?

Why Saddleback needs to lose it's Tax Exempt status from the IRS

Al Gore to INVESCO FIELD! Will speak on Thursday!

McCain Campaign "Clarifies" His Colorado Water Grab Statement

An I-71 candidate for VP

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Vice President Kathleen Sebelius


Obama Calls 2 Millionth Contributor

FACE IT: Obama's VP Selection will not gain us or lose us any votes!!!

Rasmussen, 8/19: Obama 45%, McCain 42% (with leaners, Obama 47%, McCain 45%)

My LTTE to the New York Daily News...

TPM: McCain Outspending Obama in Battleground States

I'm sorry, but if I disliked Bush, I hate McOdious

Gay voters support McCain less than they did Bush

Obama backs Biden's call for Georgia aid

Ky, Clinton delegate openly flirting with supporting McCain, promising floor fight

On the larger issue of McCain's Vietcong Guardian Angel - would McCain Loosen Ropes for Anyone? NO.

McCain camp goes after Andrew Sullivan - say Col. Bud Day confirms "cross in the sand" story

Newsweek - Fineman: Sources point to Biden as VP pick

I was wrong about Hillary-----Hillary would be a better pick for VP than Biden...

Wash Post Story On Cross-Gate - McCain's Lifting of the Story

Harry and Louise return...

SurveyUSA: Obama up 2 in Minnesota

How old was McCain's Father when he died?

Gallup, 8/19: Obama 45%, McCain 44%

I wonder how Warren's credibility is now viewed by Evangelicals since the "civil" forum?

It's a Three-Man Race: Obama vs The Two McCains

Illinois DUers: Obama to appear in Springfield this weekend!

"Context on Battleground Spending" (538 explains how Obama is spending $ on Ground Operation not TV)

Fred Thompson Is McCain's VP Pick

Biden, Bayh and Kaine top list as VP gossip mill whirs

Why is McCain suddenly downplaying 'Cross in the dirt'?

LA Times - Jonah Goldberg Repeats The Infanticide Smear Re Abortion

McCain surrogate lies about guard breaking his arm (it happened in crash).

McCain is visitng an oil rig to talk about energy. Last time his photo-op was ruined by an oil spill

Link to Obama's Twitter page, now he is #1 in followers.

Conegate? On Rachel Maddow''s Show Yesterday A Women Claimed To Have Video Of McCain's ......

Fellow POW (March 2008): Why I will never vote for McCain

Serious Question: Where are we going to get the $1B for Georgia?

This is the 2nd time McCain has trotted out swiftboater Col Bud Day to cover his ass

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next President and Vice President of the United States!!


AP calls Lieberman a prick.....

This is the thread where I panic and you give me sanctimonious comments about "concern duly noted"

New LA Times poll to be released today.

Who will be the next Vice President of the United States?

Media Bias In Pictures

Obama comes to my area the day I leave on vacation...

Bill Clinton praises McCain on energy.

Obama team reserving Old State Capitol in Springfield for Saturday to showcase running mate

I can't believe that no one's guessed the obvious choice for VP.

500 people are enough for a representative sampling of the WHOLE COUNTRY!?

Lumpy McSame is no Baptist; He's never been baptized. 15 years of hypocrisy.

Hilarious, more on "cross in the sand"

I just went to this site and guess who I saw ...

Vice President Joe Biden?

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder: VP Hints and Rumors

Obama team reserving Old State Capitol in Springifield for Saturday to showcase running mate

As I posted last week.

The Stuff of Nightmares!

Threat of McCain

Anyone else seen this "Obama's Not Exactly'e"?

Surprise: Evangelical Women May Have Gone For Obama At Saddleback

When the Freepers used to say that McCain was a Manchurian Candidate....

A slightly different Obama-VP poll.

Biden Seen as Frontrunner for VP Nomination

Springfield????? That can only mean......

Sen. Feinstein breaks ankle, will skip convention

McCain's Own Defense Against Cross-Gate Has Exposed His Lie.

****** Breaking: Its Gov Brian Schweitzer for VP *********

WOW! McCain's VP a woman Democrat? I'm Series!!

Yay, I got the text message!!!!!

AP Accidentally Calls Lieberman A Prick

*** BREAKING****!!! Obama to announce VP selection sometime this year...

Sorry about my earlier thread

LAT/Bloomberg national poll rumors

I want Biden as VP but I have one minor problem with him

National Black Republican Association Forum on C-Span Now!

Give your Electoral Vote predictions

Not only Rise and fall by Aug poll numbers for a Nov Election, there's now RUMORS of Polls

Pretty funny - Regarding "Cones of Silence"

Veep Straw Poll 8/19/08


Intellicast forecast for Denver for next week isn't as good as it was a few days ago

John McCain Is No "Hero POW"

CNN: Quinnipiac Poll tightens due to 3 AM moment...

Who would the most advantagous Republican Veep for US be?

6 NY Chefs and What They'd Prepare for the Presidential Candidates

6 NY Chefs and What They'd Prepare for the Presidential Candidates

"I'll embarass a Democrat any time I get the chance."

Dear Barack:

As of right now, as I post this, there are 19 guessing game threads on the first page of GDP.

Obama To Appear with VP in Springfield on Saturday

Biden Can Plug the Hole Where Obama is Clueless

**** giggles **** Anyone remembering back in 2004 when folks here wanted McCain as VP

**** giggles **** Anyone remembering back in 2004 when folks here wanted McCain as VP

Obama Touts Single-Payer System for Health Care

Tom Ridge is out of the McCain VP running

Separated at Birth?

All is lost! After months of Media McCain ass kissing, polls "May" reveal a tight race! Oh Noes!

Tim Kaine will speak Thursday according to Marc Ambinder

Does anyone have the link to the voter fraud thread

John McCain's sadistic North Vietnamese homosexual captors

John McCain's sadistic North Vietnamese homosexual captors

Here is the full lineup for the Convention. Kaine is the only name not listed among those

Reminder - October 20th Is The Key Date - Early Voting - Not Just November 4th

Latest Schedule for DNC Convention

Tom Ridge: I am disappointed McCain challenged Obama's Patriotism

This whole experience thing has gone off track

Obama on CSPAN now!

One thing I don't like about Obama/Biden ticket

Virginia Republicans offer Obama "friendly" advice; Don't pick Kaine.

TPM's Sargent: NYT's David Brooks says Media Forced McCain to Run a Negative Campaign

Fineman: Looks like a Thursday Announcement

NOFX To Rock The National Democratic Convention

And the Vice President Will Be..........

Early weather report for August 28th.

New National Quinnipiac Poll: Obama 47% McCain 42% (with stats)

John McCain just announced his VP: (Pic)

John McCain just announced his VP: (Pic)

What's up with Bloomberg not removing his name in Virginia?

McWhorter: How the Obama Generation Will Conceptualize Race

Hopefully the Obama campaign will remain the "Obama Campaign" and not hyphenate the VP's name on to

Press Rumors Run Wild on Obama Veep Pick -- But in 2004 An Airline Mechanic Got the Scoop

According to the Bush administration's definition of torture-McCain was not tortured.

The GOP nominee for VP will not be Jewish, female or pro-choice. He will be a male WASP

Anyone else fustrated with Obama's campaign?

Rick Warren: "If you can't keep your faith to your most sacred vow -- how can I trust you?"

LATimes/Bloomberg Poll Obama 45 McCain 43


Where did Randi just say the rebuttal to this Obama/abortion thing is?

Is There Some Scandle Around Tom Ridge?

Not sure who wrote about it but another good comment about 'Cross-Gate'

McCain picks Portman. Is it possible?

What Obama sorely needs: A consistent narrative against McCain

VP choice: It's all about the homophonics

VP choice: It's all about the homophonics

Governor Kaine: "Sorry, but I'm out..."

Governor Kaine: "Sorry, but I'm out..."

***Heads UP*** Is this the green light from Obama??


Jerome Corsi and Mary Matalin team up for an old-fashioned swift boating

Calming the herd

Would Biden help in Ohio?

Pope Benedict/John McCain - Free Father Ly!

Political conventions little more than TV shows now

****VP PICK POOL CONTEST GAME - Enter to win!! (Pick VP middle name)

who else hopes Mccain picks Lieberman?

Biden: 'I'm not the guy'

Do you think the VP pick knows yet? Afterall he or she has a pretty big speech to give next week. .

Virginian DUers. What can you tell me about Tim Kaine's wife? Is she a good speaker?

Remember the burning question from the first half of this year: Can Obama beat McCain

the difference between obama & mccain is that

For those planning to flameout after Obama picks his VP...

Obama needs to say: "As a practicing Christian I cannot go negative against


Fox News' hour long Obama documentary... In a Minute...CRINGE

*** BARACK LIVE now in Raleigh, NC (Townhall) ****

Obama to go on offensive at Democratic Convention

Obama On CNN Now, Talking About "Judgement" . . .

Halperin is reporting Biden is the pick

On CNN just now a panting, out of breath McCain hawking offshore drilling. Wolf chose not to notice.

Same Old White Guys Run the Debates

NYT Magazine to Feature Obama Economics on Cover

Mom, Can My Voting Machine Spend the Night?

Top ten proofs of McCain’s good judgment on Iraq

Sierra Club: "BIG OIL CAN'T GET ENOUGH" (Check out this map!)

I'm off to the gym with my "Biden '08" t-shirt...

CNN's Jack Cafferty: Is McCain another Bush?

NYT video hypes McCain's POW years: Politics Forged in a Prison Cell

VP Musical Chairs Fun

ExxonMcCain 08!

Lou Dobbs must have hired on with the republicans as it seems any more all

So McCain is throwing rallies in Denver during the Convention

The best line Obama DIDN'T deliver to the VFW:

ObamaKaine Pictures: Cureall for All Economic, Energy, and Security Ills.

The Clinton VP or hurt?

Cindy McCain Claims to be an only child, but why?

Once Obama's VP Is Announced, How Many K's & R's Will The TOP thread Get Here?

States throw out costly electronic voting machines

I am asking the administrators to tombstone all posters who post hoax VP posts

The Cross-gate Nonsense Makes the Left Look Like Kooks

***Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now Holds A Town Hall Meeting In Raleigh, NC ***

Iowa Poll: Obama (D) 44%, McCain (R) 38%

Someone stuck "Goodnight Bush" in front of the Live Obama Cam

What Would an Obama Loss Mean to You?

ABC: Gun Control Lobby Claims McCain Insider Had Ties to NRA Spy Op

Going to the Convention? Want to help turn OH Bluer? Consider blogging for Cinci Enq:

Is anybody else secretly hoping that the V.P. comes totally out of left field?

Its not Kaine. Its not Biden. Its not Sebelius.


Do Independents really support Lieberman?

Obama needs to stop "Staying Above It"

The website "" has been purchased by the Obama campaign

absolute, dead-certain, undeniable & rock-solid proof that Obama does not peruse DU...

Watch President Obama's Live Town Hall Meeting Online...Right Now in Raleigh, North Carolina

Obama and veep choice to campaign on Saturday

Tuesday TOONS: Part 1- McP.O.W

Cafferty: Is McCain Another George W. Bush?

Truth about drilling and gas prices slips out on FOX and Friends

He's baaaa-ack...the Tweetystein has been revived

Resellers, Democrats Working To Block Resale of Invesco Field Tickets

McCain/Leiberman VS Obama/Gore


Homeland Security Tap Catches McCain

If McCain Cheated, Wouldn't It Show Up in the Debates?

Jane Hamsher: Rush Limbaugh Fears A Vice President Lieberman — And So Do I

FOX News Examines Barack Obama's "Character and Conduct"

Had a strange premonition for the convention - Obama throws EVERYONE a curve ball..

Protester Sheehan and Public Enemy coming to Denver for DNC

CNN: Obama's Lead Narrows, Because Of:

John McCain and John Lewis are not friends

NYT says Obama's VP choice hasn't been informed yet

Rick Warren just proved he KNEW McCain WAS NOT THERE YET when he said he's in the "cone of silence"

Process of Elimination

Rachel will be on with Keith tonight and they'll be talking about her new MSNBC show! nt

Good election joke

OK. His lead has shrunk. We know! He went on vacation for a week and the numbers tightened

The freepers are going NUTS about Maddow's new show

"The Bush Administration: McCain Was NOT Tortured (Per Andrew Sullivan)"

FudgeReport has big Sebelius picture on front page with caption....

Nader says Obama will pick Hillary

John McCain's suicide attempt and his resulting PTSD

Network e-mails from Obama headquarters showing that Sebelius will get the nod?

LA Times/Bloomberg: Obama's lead down

Look one knows who the VP is... there have been NO leaks.

Feinstein announces she will not attend the Convention.

States throw out costly electronic voting machines

Rasmussen Florida: McCain up 2 (still in margin of error)

Good Article On Clark As Obama's VP

Speculation: Obama to be in Chester, VA on Thursday morning...

I JUST NOW got an e-mail from the Obama campaign....

Pittsburgh Post - On Cross-Gate - Notes Attempts to Justify Story

hadball -- have I gone crazy or is this an Obama fest?

AP calls out Joe Lieberman

Update on the "Cross in the dirt" story: basically, it's all an urban legend

First, Chuck Berry and Jackson Browne; now Rosanne Cash . . .

So Who Will Rove Pick For McCain's VP?........

Al Gore gets a coveted speaking role at Democratic convention

McCain's Campaign trying to Round up 10,000 supporters for McCain's Birthday

My Veep Choice, for those who want to know!

***CBS News: VP Announcement Will Happen Friday Afternoon***

Know Your McCain: His Electability Problem

Landrieu opens 16-point lead in LA (she's our only really vulnerable Senate Dem)

Why Does VP Pick Have To Be A Politician?

I just saw three of the ROTTEN anti-Obama bumper stickers out there.


Obama to announce VP choice Saturday?

I just voted in the WA primary and I noticed a couple of things

Wipe off the VP front runner slate. This is going to be a huge surprise!!!


Video and article: KY delegate says "Obama Nomination Not Official"

Solzhenitsyn Biographer: Cross-In-Dirt Gulag Story Never Happened

I Can't Bite My Tongue Anymore.


CBS/NYT poll of delegates: Clinton Is VP Favorite Among Delegates

Obama At VFW: Don't Even Think About Questioning My Patriotism

Obama Still Holds A STRONG Electoral Vote Lead (and compared to 2004, He's WAY Ahead)

Why isn't Anyone Supposing the Veep Could be Chris Dodd?

Washington Independent - Crossgate - Notes That McCain's POW Status Off Limits

Sebelius not supportive of Civil Unions?

"John McCain doesn't know what he's up against. I'm gonna WIN this election!"

My guess: Biden and Pawlenty

Intrade has Biden way way up now - at 50%. Bayh is sinking fast.

What scandal will bring down Pastor Rick Warren?

McCain Wants To Announce VP On Anniversary Of Katrina? (Slinkerwink's post on DKos)

McCain Wants To Announce VP On Anniversary Of Katrina? (Slinkerwink's post on DKos)

I'm watching Obama now, and geez Louise has he changed his tune.

Bayh's Running-Mate Chances May Be Hurt by Wife's Board Seats

Sent to me by a REPUBLICAN of all people. The tide is a changin...

Hillary Clinton as VP = Presidential Sandwich.

You know what's funny? DUers can find something wrong with each Veep that the GOP won't like!

Beware of Polls Based On Last Week - Not Typical

AP, 7/17: Gore Praises Obama AND MCCAIN as 'Way Ahead' on Global Climate Change

Rachel Maddow to Replace Dan Abrams on MSNBC

Dean and the bus head to Denver to hold voter registration drive on Friday.

Why won't you release your military records, John McCain?

What if it is Hillary?

Do You Care If the VP Nominee AT LEAST Supports Civil Unions???

How The Democrats Can Blow It ... In Six Easy Steps

Get your Obama/VP graphic now! See what your choice looks like...

Why We Love 'America's Outrageous War Economy!'

Obama camp intensifies push for new Ore. voters

Look at this paragraph about Cindy Mcain's dad

surge update - Suicide blast hits Iraqi police

"What Is It About August?" (A Capsule in Time, from '93 --a NYT Article)

KO just made a mistake in his Worst Person in the World segment...

My big fear is the Russia military are not taking orders from Moscow. Why else would they

KO: Billo gets the bronze for sending his ambush squad to a Newsday reporter.

cnn's michael ware is in georgia....are there any reporters in iraq? any news?

If McCain picks Lieberman for VP, he is doomed to a defeat of Mondalean proportions.

We Don't Need Rick Warren

KOs Special Comment on McWar up now n/t

Biden? Yeah, That Works.

Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to introduce the next VP of the United States, Kathleen Sebelius

Sen McCane? Your ass is over there.

John McCain hires a Hollywood agent in hunt for convention glamour

What Rick Warren Should Have Asked

FBI Had, Then Tossed Anthrax Type Used In Attacks

Senators say proposed rules could violate civil liberties in FBI national security cases

So here is where we are. It is broad daylight - the neighborhood is getting looted

In August my mind turns to Herman Wouk...and "Winds of War" the Book, the MiniSeries...

Guardian UK: Support for US policies can spell political ruin

Elderly Woman Grabs Gun, Holds Would-Be Burglar At Bay

Demetrius and the Gladiators (1954) & the Cross in the Dirt.

Handy printout/email graphic to send to McConeDroids

A trifecta of gates: "cone of silence" and "cross in the sand" and "bear in the woods"

Warren just LIED about coin flip

Independent UK: Outback mayor urges 'ugly' women to move

My Two Cents - For What It's Worth

Oh damn! The Penis Post got locked!

"In God We Trust" Poll to hit

Bush History,8/18-Do You Defend Our Constitution, or do You Defend George Bush?

Should atheists be included in DNC interfaith service?

I'd REALLY like to see Senator Obama pick General Clark for VP.

Trampoline? Really?

From Georgia to the Brink of a New Cold War A Pawn in Their Game

Jon Stewart on torture

Damn Do I Wish I Could Report a Right Wing Teacher

Fear, Procurement, Profit: Permanent War and the American Way

John McCain's resume inexplicably omits some of his credentials.

The Bush Administration: McCain Was NOT Tortured (Andrew Sullivan makes the case)

Michele Bachmann Watch, 8/18/08: Remember the Alamo!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back!

Ahh, our great for-profit health care system: 3 SoCal hospitals accused of using homeless for fraud

Colorado refusing to go red or blue this election season

16-year-old drops out of school to play Guitar Hero

Song Bird John McCain

Rick Warren was asked: "Could you vote for either of the two candidates?" He REFUSED to answer.

Thank You, Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White House

Discredited slimebally LARRY SINCLAIR invites fellow FREEPERS

Ossetians Jail Georgian Civilians

Bill Moyers journal for August 15, 2008

OMG I just found THE photo of the War Criminals invading Beijing!

Where have the simple hand shakes gone?

Regarding Keith Olberman's Special Comment

When is the science forum?

Glacier Park: The next century - Disappearing namesake ... symbol of climate change

Huh? Lawmakers Call for Russia to Forfeit Winter Games

Petropolitics at heart of Russia-Georgia clash

Well, it's a wee tad breezy outside and there is a fairly heavy dew tonight.

GOP to run 'war room' during DNC

Professor: 'The Colbert Report' aids candidates

Anybody know how to add page numbers to a PDF file?

If you read DU when indictments come out you will find this story simply amazing!

Search for 11 following flood; survivors recall drama

RW is RW. Let's face it: Rick Warren is a rank amateur in the political arena.

The VP. Who will we get and who do you want?

OH NO! du'ers turn off the nbc olympics coverage right now! women's pole vault...

Why was it easier for the GOP-controlled media to cover ...

Birch Evans Bayh III (the third) background info on wiki

Simon & Garfunkel reunited for a brand new song:

Who got to Claire McCaskill? She's defending the McCain/Warren lying duo.

This Modern World-I just don't know about this Obama fellow ..

"We are lucky the 'bear' didn't eat the 'rabbit' ".

Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?

editorial review on amazon ...corsi book ....puke alert....this is unbelievable

Six suicide bombers attack US base in Afghanistan

suggestion...instead of asking

Would corporate media refuse to air major speech from a Dem nominee, then claim it never happened?

Wouldn't it be great to have an opposition party against the repubs?

At this point, it's not whether we WANT Clinton, it's

Is there an official DU list of publications and websites that are not permitted

WJ this morning: Political Strategy what's fair, what works?

Algerian Bombing Kills 43

Wholesale inflation surged in July

Clear Channel to remove airport ad at airline's request

Mental Illness or Social Sickness?

Friends of Bush: He's a real kiss of death, isn't he?

Wake up America, the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back as prophesied!

Kicking some Russian butt - NOT

UAW endorses OBAMA: "McCain content to rely on failed policies of Bush."

Big U.S. Banks May Fail as Subprime Crisis Worsens, Harvard's Rogoff Says

The human side of the Iraq policy --- 6 tours to Iraq

3 Southern California hospitals accused of using homeless for fraud

Swingin' Dick Cheney delivers drive-by message to Georgians

McCain has an adverse reaction to sound of jangling keys... and his temper erupts disproportionate

daddy bush let Hussein get away, bush jr. let bin Laden get away.

Pope Warns Italy in Danger of Returning to Fascism

McCain exhorted U.S. into an illegal war based on false intelligence from a suspected Iranian agent

Things hotting up in the Crimea? Ukraine's entry into NATO will trigger another crisis.

Economy is doing fine, Kommissar Bush says.....but look at today's Bloomberg headlines:

'America's Outrageous War Economy!'

Gary Glitter has been sprung. Talk about one sick bastard.

Russia claims to retreat, but goes deeper into Georgia

"Let us win, just let us win" mccain says troops told him this. BULLSHIT mccain.

Court Will Not Release Minor (To See His Dying Wife)

Housing Starts in U.S. Fall to 17-Year Low; Building Permits Decline 18%

I have no respect for a nation that'd let itself get screwed over so bad by a few assholes.

It's "Let's make up a sentence time!"

Great news! You will soon be able to buy all your Carnivale supplies at Wal-Mart!

Who has the video of McCain telling Bush to apologize in 2000

Extreme anti-environment Cheney aide up for top Energy Department post.»

Republicans, your long, national nightmare is finally over...

Fay is one WEIRD storm..check the latest track

Tim Kaine's Children: Tim Kaine Could Be Vice President Of Lameness, Maybe

Eric Boehlert: Fox News and Jerome Corsi, living in the past

Why is the concept of "serving one's country" virtually restricted to military duty.

Will Dale do it?

The more I think about it, the more world politics seem like "The Godfather"

'Pray at the Pump' activist: 'We shall overcome' high gas prices

The Australian outback keeps it classy.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs bans voter registration...

War on Terror boardgame branded criminal by police

Oops! Republican State Senator caught investing in XXX businesses

What if huge oil reserves were discovered up dick cheney's ass?

South Ossetia: battlefield blog

Yes, Even At the Last Hour, I Still Believe In My Heart That It Will Be Hillary As VP.

Russia won't be lectured by NATO - Lavrov

Ambien? Seriously??

Saks Has Biggest Loss in Two Years on Designer Discounts, Lowers Forecast

Nursing a nuclear test hangover: cracks in the concrete dome in the Marshall Islands

Study: Aboriginal children count without having words for numbers

How many senators and reps will the Dems pick up in Nov. and where?

Russia needs no instructions on Black Sea Fleet - Medvedev

Dick Cheney delivers drive-by message to Georgians


Ukraine flood victims crying out for aid

Seriously folks, something needs to be done about the media in the US

Senators seek delay in FBI's expanded spy powers

DNC:McCain Refuses Two Chances to Reject Ralph Reed's Tainted Funds, Reaps $1.75 Million

(A) US Bank 'To Fail Within Months'

60,000 Ask FEC to Investigate Wal-Mart's Electioneering

ABC Nightline covering Rick Warren

Dean Baker: Swift Boat Economics

To weaken federal agencies, the Bush administration has expanded them to the point of collapse

Rice warns Moscow about its bomber runs off Alaska

caption * and condi...

Ten French soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Is there a place for Kucinich in Obama's Administration? Should there be?

CBS poll: Who is your pick for OBAMA's running mate? Scroll down at link

Military Judge Finds Political Manipulation in Gitmo, Again

Attention Faux "News": John Sidney McCain was not a fighter pilot.

Rick Warren: A christian voting pro-choice is like a Jew voting for a holocaust denier

Was bu$h* Involved in U.S. Attorney Scandal? Depends on Whom You Ask

Alittle sumpin' I learned about the car biz, Chrysler, and leasing ........

Campaign manager releases photo to prove McCain was in a “cone of silence”

Granny's got gun...

California Court Puts Gays' Care Over Doctors' Faith

Pastor Warren on Larry King does an Osama-Obama

Boneheads in the News Part 1: Doctors can't use bias to deny gays treatment

National City Bank on shaky ground?

Unemployment survival guide (veg. gardens- Can. too )

Dupe, mods pls delete

Check out the Wikipedia article on the National Endowment for Democracy

Sen. Stevens turns $5,000 real estate investment into $129,250

Woman once sold into servitude a Paraguay official


Boneheads in the News Part 2: Anti-Feminist Lawyer Sues Columbia Over Women’s Studies Courses

Kissinger, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Iran's Nuclear Program

Son of Undocumented Immigrants Wins Gold

NYT forced to run its fourth correction to a Kristol column.»

Greg Mitchell: Secret New Bob Woodward Book On Bush/Iraq Now Has Title

I say "Georgia 2008 = Mexico 1916"

the political/business suit being thrown aside

Oil's Washington juggernaut-oil industry is spending record amounts on influence in Washington.

Falling gas prices

Condi Rice is still demanding that Russia withdraw their forces - These people are sick

Russia, Belarus To Sign Unified Air Defense Pact This Fall

Russia Says Georgia Failing To Withdraw Troops From S.Ossetia

VP PICK CONTEST - Enter to win!! (Pick VP and Date/Time it's announced)

An apology and thanks

Would the neo con Nazis have invaded Iraq even if 9-11 hadn't happened?

TomDispatch: Six Questions about the Anthrax Case

Will GOP attempt restart Cold War accidentally remind public of reality?

I cannot support a politician that does not support the Employee Free Choice Act

State Democratic parties I donated to in 2008.

Might be Biden but everyone should be careful

Bankers Get Ready to Kiss 200,000 Investors Goodbye

Gay families provide homes and love to unwanted children....Fundies find it abhorrent

Looks like the conflict Georgia vs. Russia is about Europe's Gas Market

McCain On Iranians: "They Sure Don't Share Our Judeo-Christian Values"

"Russia Has Made No Threats Against America" Are You Ready For Nuclear War?

so why does McCain's time as a POW give him any credibility on foreign affairs and defense?

Wyo. Tribe Mourns 3 Teens, Loss Of Cultural Ties

Are You Ready for Nuclear War? The Mindlessness is Total

Capt'n Obv'yus says: It is not the bikinis on the women, it's the shirts and shorts on the men.

It's been so long, I need reminded, WHY exactly did bin Laden supposedly attack us?

john mccain is lying on cnn

The BIG Reason McCain Dreads a Clark VP Pick - HuffPo

The tapped-out American consumer......

The Revelations of Pastor Warren : The Politics of Evil in the US Elections

UN draft text demands Russia withdrawal from Georgia

Feinstein Hobbled, Won't Go to Convention

Oh my god! Asher Heimermann died!

lastest polls show big trouble for john.....

Obama got covered up again today

The U.S. Financial Tsunami explained in three parts

California Becomes First State to Condemn Use of Torture in ‘War on Terror’

China detains U.S. artist preparing Tibet protest

Ok, I got to say it: Rick Warren. What did you expect?

Harriet Miers, lookin' sharp with her brand new 'do.

Harriet Miers, lookin' sharp with her brand new 'do.

Ohhhhhh Canada......National Sex Day Up North?

Sometimes, it's just too easy!! (He should have been in a cone of silence!)

Pew Survey: Viewers of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Score High on News Knowledge

If it is Joe Biden, he will DESTROY any Repug veep candidate in a debate.....

France's Healthcare System

Russian soldiers take prisoners in Georgian oil port; commandeer American humvees

There is a voter-approved resolution in Brattleboro, Vermont calling for Bush's arrest

The "Anthrax" investigation of Dr. Shaikh

Toby Keith Endorses Obama (Huh?)

Michele Bachmann Watch, 8/19/08: Right-Wing Girls Gone Wild!

New Moran

Thom Hartmann is Talking about Nuclear Power

Anti-feminist dumb ass of the day: "Women's studies is sexist"

Residents: Plant worse than a Wal-Mart

Where The John Edwards Scandal Is Headed

Another UW arsonist sentenced to federal prison

Found this interesting DIY instructions on fixing broken governments.

Let's go back to a nude Olympics

Son of Undocumented Immigrants Wins Gold

Al From Is Wrong . . . Again

Truth About Wal-Mart Back to School Lists

Putin Orders ‘Nuclear Noose’ Put Around U.S. (who is sorcha faal?)

I think it's a riot that the GOP convention is beginning on Labor Day!

Come on and see Ed Schultz this Friday in Columbus, Ohio!

Sen. Feinstein breaks ankle, will skip convention

Funeral homes facing problem of abandoned ashes

Zogby Projection

Mark Crispin Miller on Thom Hartman right now

Highway Camaraderie

NATO Freezes Russian Ties Over Georgia

the effects of oppression

a bitter pill in election season

Mom, Can My Voting Machine Spend the Night?

Great description of Lieberman

Mark Crispin Miller talking about Republican whistleblower now

AP Accidentally Calls Lieberman A Prick

Excellant Pat Oliphant toon in regards to McSame...

Crooks & Liars: Make my DAY, PUNK: "Possible bad news for Lieberman"

OK, you have to take a test to drive a car, but not to vote?

"Bipartisanship" at Cape Canaveral and National Airport

I have a wonderful screen shot of the Lieberman @$#$% story if any one wants it

Barring a big surprise or last-minute change of heart, the choice is likely to be Sen. Joe Biden

The Speaker List by days for the Democratic National Convention

A little fun for all... Matt & Al's Rythmic Gymnastics Routine

Darwin Award for Florida man

A Friend Of Mine Invited Me To The Premiere Of "I.O.U.S.A." Thursday Night......


Matthew Rothschild: Bush Hustling the Bureaucracy to Advance Rightwing Agenda

Tom Shales of "WaPo" ...Hits Helen Thomas as "WAY OUT OF LINE!"

Why can't we generate the power to run our electric cars?

Take heart, DU Taliban ... Rakia al-Gassra dresses for YOU.

A Wet Nasty Day Here In Orlando....FAY UPDATE

Does anyone remember what BC's polling #'s in 1992 campaign?

Obama Tells Allies He Is Ready to Hit Back

Jacksonville prepares for Hurricane Fay landfall Thursday PM

Call in to AAR and tell Rachel what you'd like to see her cover on her new MSNBC show! nt

PERU: Native Groups Protest Laws Facilitating Sales of Land

Homeschooling: I think some of the RW like it because it takes women

Punishing Russia, the Cold War and the costs of Iraq and Afghanistan

Edit: DU'ers Not Worthy of Original Content

cnn has given up all pretense of fairness in this election

Rap group makes waves with O'Reilly 'death threats'

Israel’s secret missile test goes out live on air

If you really believe that Jesus was all knowing, wise beyond compare

I'm Not a Molester, You're a Jesus Hater

So, I can't be an atheist and have MLK for my avatar?

Report from a Moveon "clean energy" rally

Texas seeks custody of teen Jeffs allegedly wed

Edward's misstress is the daughter of lawyer who taught "The Sandman" how to electrocute horses

Edward's misstress is the daughter of lawyer who taught "The Sandman" how to electrocute horses

Russia Shuns Baltic Drills, Refuses To Receive U.S. Ship

Very interesting alternative energy information

NATO, Divided Over Russia Sanctions, "The mountain gave birth to a mouse..."

from the mouths of babes

Rights Group Fails To Prove Saakashvili Claims

The only Christian I will ever trust is my grandmother...

Bush: New Orleans still struggling to recover

Let him go you freaks!

Al Gore gets a coveted speaking role at Democratic convention

Something you're just dying to know - I just know you are....

How Many More Iraqis Can You Throw Behind Bars Without Trial?

Does anyone have any info on the PAC/organizations/people behind

IF Obama is a Muslim

The annual Beloit College Mindset List

I don't know what's going on in this picture. But one thing I do know....

TYT: Is McCain Lying About Some Of His POW Experience?

Rachel just confirmed that she's taking over for Abrams.

Great News: Rachel Maddow will have her own show on MSNBC

Long Time Acquaintance, Classmate & Fellow POW: "Why I Will Not Vote for John McCain"

Are there NeoCon Dr. Strangeloves who believe we can win a Nuclear War?

Alas, " Web Site: Bigfoot Finding A Fraud!" Who wasn't hopeful it was real?

"Leuren Moret, an environmental scientist, scares the crap out of me"


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Ralph. (warning: sad and sorry stuff here)

McCain fundraiser RALPH REED - The Man Who Wasn’t There

All this Olympic whining on the part of the US broadcasters is embarrassing. Spoiler Warning.

None of the victims required medical attention apart from the two who were beaten, she said.

Bush Speaks Authoritatively, and Ridiculously, about Security-Bush History, 8/19

SSI is dropping my 88 yr old mom's insurance, she cant get through to them, what's their Web Address

Do Texans really think that the chimp is a real Texan in the way that LBJ was

Florida GOP Congressman Vern Buchanan Facing Seven Legal Complaints, Accusations Of Wrongdoi

TEDTalk Tuesday: Origami Redux

McCain's oil rig speech

Breaking: Federal Judge May Hold CIA In Contempt For Destruction Of Evidence

It depresses me that I live in a country where a "faith forum" is of such importance......

Leaked memo from CNN president to news producers

Looks like the Hummer is History

Biden: "I'm Not The Guy"

I realize I'm in the Ol' Geezer section here on DU ...

Life sentence for homophobic Texan killer

Tuesday TOONS, Part 2- W the messmaker

Should "In God We Trust" be removed from U.S. currency? Poll

Happy Birthday, President Clinton

A 2,600-year-old clay seal uncovered intact in Jerusalem dig

Things aren't bad everywhere, not in West Texas anyway

Large U.S. bank collapse seen ahead

Michele Bachmann's blog lists Pelosi's home address and phone number

What we learned from the FBI's scientists today.

Reverend Warren: "Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining."

Russian troops take prisoners and grab American humvees!

My seven year old daughter shocked the people I was visiting by wishing that the mosquito's biting us

McCain's Cabal of Nation-Builders and Money Grubbers

John McCain Gets Testy With Vet Over GI Bill

‘AP’ article says Lieberman a 2000 VP “prick”

Cheney Aide To Be The New Head At Energy?

Things are getting more serious now

Does anyone here know any white racists who are voting for Obama?

Four articles, all from today: Talking out of both sides of your mouth, FBI-style

The 23/6 guide to playing the P.O.W. card!

Mini-Cows Of The Future

General William Boykin...still God's Warrior. Joins Scarborough's Crusade to Save America.

Fox News--- Peeeeeeyeew. "Corsi falsehoods 'relatively innocuous'. "

Has anyone else seen the video of the debate coaches arguing and one moons the other?

Police search house of Timothy Johnson (Man who murdered Bill Gwatney)

This sucks...longtime Liberal Talk Host Looses Her Job

Judge Lifts Gag Order, Allows Freedom Of Speech For MIT Students

You are awakened from a deep sleep by the violent shaking of your walls ...

A message for Dr. Maddow, if she is out slumming this afternoon:

Blowing the whistle on how the GOP has been stealing elections for years

(Al Franken) Not So Funny

Vet Calls in to Thom Hartmann's Show and Calls John McCain

God vs. doctor: 1 in 2 say prayer saves the dying (terminally ill/injured)

Tuesday TOONS, Part 3- The Economy, Olympics and other stuff

Communal living gaining popularity in U.S.

"Why a requiem for a pet canary?" Harper's Lewis Lapham on the canonization of St Timmy

Did you see this? Things NOT to do when a hurricane is approaching...

Jules is back. Dumbass is back on Amazon.

US Senate candidate Kleeb (D) unveils policy paper

Interview with Stephen Spoonamore (Voting Machine Fraud)

Jack Cafferty has nailed it !

If it is Biden, should we be concerned about that 1988 plagiarism thing?

For sfexpat 2000 and lonestarnot!!! WSCE goes ABBA!!

My House is Worth What?

TYT: Racist Guest + Cenk= Fireworks

'Cool Runnings' are heating up

If you have me on your ignore list - Kick this thread up

Wow, look at all this garbage:

ET, phone home

ET, phone home

Here we go we go.

For Lizzegrace

I just ate enough to feed Liechtenstein for a week. Ask me anything.

Impeachment - Kucinich needs 1 million signatures by Sept 10 - Please sign

ok DU web gurus, I swear this is my last question.

I belong to another community call Ravelry...

Monday night entertainment....Lounge song lyrics game!

Croquet anyone?

WTF was that about?

When did they add TRAMPOLINE competition to the Olympics?

What do you think are the chances

Why many women choose to stay single

Tucson moon

Robocop 2: Excellent sequel


Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball

So, do ya think that Obama and McCain would stop by my church and answer questions

Another tabby poofball!

Did anyone just see that audio of the a$$wipe coach of the Silver Medalist pole vaulter??

Genius comments on YouTube


Y'all have got to see this:

I'm fucking tired of this motherfucking robot on

I wash my face with sperm.

Damn! A guy I know just lost out at the Olympics.

WARNING: Do not take SuperShuttle (Blue Communter Van) EVER.

Dammit, Why does The Who have to play in DC on Nov 3d?

CNN just said Obama's VP pick hasn't been told yet.

Question for vivid dreamers

What are the most and least useful Olympic sports in everyday life?

Anyone esle think the Bob Saget roast was meh?

Frivolous question: What the heck is going on with Tori Spelling's chest?

I've got an hour left in me. Who else is sick of the Olympics.

Keith Olbermann:Rachel GETS HER OWN MSNBC Show

Keith Olbermann:Rachel GETS HER OWN MSNBC Show

Bill Maher on Larry King Tonight

Do your dogs bark in their sleep?

Positive Vibes Request

The Last of Sheila

...and the pantaloon duck, white goose neck quacked, "Webcor. Webcor."

You guys are missing the live one in GDP

I'm home.

Strangers really do look sexier when you drink booze, science confirms

Can I please send a big "Fuck You!!" letter to the last person that didn't hire me?

The real world and mental illness

It's "Let's make up a sentence time!"

Areas of self-improvement for The Mummy

Are you guys refering to cell phones as "Mobile's" too now?

I've made a HUGE mistake

Does anybody know how to add page numbers to a PDF file

Elderly Woman Grabs Gun, Holds Would-Be Burglar At Bay

A request

Happy Birthday Bill Clinton!

You really do feel different when you drink booze, science confirms

Anyone here have a cooter and want to recommend it?

I'm hurting today

Gary Glitter set free! Let us commemorate this by replacing the rickroll with the...

There is a fine line between__________ and ___________ (fill in the blanks)

250 am eastern. Anyone know what this movie is on the movieplex channel?

I am probably breaking a rule or two here, but I am going to unilaterally reveal a picture of Parche

we've had our second nationally rigged vote of 2008

caption this photo

I hate to bring this up

The Surrealist Compliment Generator (funny)

Catch a turd!!!!

Office Politics: Myths Debunked

Thank You, Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White House



McCain's VP Pick leaked to press:

Workplace rant- "Teamwork is":

Good idea: Post school lunch menu online. Bad idea: With pictures

Check out these shoes: Yea or Nay?

Chuggo Was Here

Do you lie awake in bed with racing thoughts??

Do you lie awake in bed with racing bots??

Cthulhu For President 2008

Good Pics Of Midlo's 2 Dogs

Ezra Pound: Traitor? Lunatic? Great poet? Chief catalyst for 20th century English lang literature?

[email protected]@@@

For Better or for Worse: Lynn Johnston NOT RETIRING! ! ! !

Unwise things to do #1746

Found a Boingo hack - got free Internet access while waiting to board the plane - ASK ME ANYTHING!

Geography Fail...

Do you lie awake in bed with racist bots?

Red Meat

You can't hide from the truth, because the truth is all there is

For Better or for Worse: LynneSin NOT RETIRING! ! ! !

I have just eaten the most epic gummy creation.

Kissing up to McCain (humor video)

Beware elshiva and Midlodemocrat, I'm right behind you...

My dryer is dead

"If you ever want a girl to take you back - tell her you're in therapy."

The Time is now. Let's make this moment last

I'm so glad to have you and it's getting worse

How nice, the cat brought breakfast

Rita or Lana?

I see hints here and there of Clark for VP!

I think this graph is a good illustration of Lounge humour...

Meet Yoda the cat with FOUR ears

College presidents seek drinking age debate

Dumbass fighter (video)

The quarterly "Shonen Knife appreciation thread"

Do you lie awake in bed with thoughts racing

Yaz is in the hospital

The quarterly Bobby Rayburn appreciation thread

Saaay Whaaat?

Damn, that could have been comedy gold.

Confused garden

British Naval Traditions

the tension / excitement is palpable in GDP

I've you are waiting for DuStrange to give you a nickname....

The Secret Life of Grovelbot

E-mail warning

Post a pic of yourself riding a zipline

Ahem. Parche only starts threads, he does not finish them.

Before I head to the doctor, a kind of chucklesome funeral story.

Post Here And I Will Finish It


I will be an aunt by dinner time

Tell me what I should hate

Best Star Trek theme music?

So who's going to post the Brazillion joke in GD:P under the auspices of a VP pick?

Florida DU'ers, how are you? FlDem, Heretic, others? nt

Parche went there

Searching for the Homo Monument

If your friend gets engaged, but doesn't tell anyone....

How to tell when you've settled into your 3rd floor condo


Why is it you can buy a VW turbodeisel that gets 60- 70 MPG anywhere in the world

Already Planning Halloween Party. Could use some help (theater fans check in)

He has not given even one nickname!

Have You Ever Peed Your Pants Laughing So Hard?

I am 8-bit (Old school gamers and art lovers, checkit!)

Other than DU, name some websites that don't suck

What the hell?

ATTN DU'rs You Have A Chance To Slap Me In DC 16-20January

I think this is a pretty cool video: MGMT Kids

Happy Birthday Gene Roddenberry Wherever You Are

HuffPo: Toby Keith Praises Obama.

I've got a grill, chicken, cut fruit, a greek salad and rice -- what should I do?

Annoying Hollywood Cliche #whatever: Plain young woman removes her glasses and

Check in if you love someone with autism

Guess the VP #2: McCain's

My 5 1/2 year old daughter wanted to wear shorts under her dress today

Must . . . Rip . . . To . . . Shreds . . .

Auntie Climax: CNN talking heads fight over John Mayer: nice guy or dick?

Where Is BNL?

Airplane Passenger Sits Next To BM On Plane

Lost a friend today-Murphy-our 1 1/2 year old cat

Some stuff I made, A painting and a sweater.

Guess the VP #1: Obama's

What would be a good language to learn if you had time?

Here's a pic of my package for all you hot DU women to check out

Request - suggestions for things to do and see in Washington DC

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday August 19

Happy Birthday Jill St John!

"Girls Gone Wild" SCUMBAG Joe Francis faces 10 years in prison and $500,000 in IRS fines

You know, I've never met a "Man-hating, vicious angry lesbian"

Some boy tried to pick up on me at the airport yesterday.

Mikhail Bakunin appreciation thread

Let's all tell 20th Century Fox to kiss our collective asses

Steven Seagal laying down some enlightenment...

I spent most of the day preparing for a hurricane to hit us sometime between

Blades of Glory is on HBO right now

Mikhail Bakhtin appreciation thread


Raaarrr!!! roommate got fired today


If I mix Cinnamon Altoids with Wintergreen Altoids will my head explode?

nanny nanny goo goo

Pics are coming in of the fundraiser I performed for this past weekend...

a tropical storm came through my state, and all i got was a cloudy day!

Children of the 80s, do you remember...

"Heyyy Hot stuff!"

that movie "run fatboy run" looks absolutely stupid

a thread wherein i chastise primate1 for using the F-word

Confused sea turtles march into Italian restaurant.

e. buzz miller's art classics

SNL's Chris "Mango" Kattan and wife separate after 8 weeks of marriage


This is......ARE-COUNTRY

Where in MA should I go this weekend?

Annoying Hollywood cliche # 5732984573982: Everyone in the Old West had a Southern accent.

Attack of the Yard Nazis!

Name a color that is a distinction without a difference

Help needed please...from anyone who understands medical terminology

you cannot make love

The quarterly "Schoeneweis appreciation thread"


This thread belongs in the Brazillian Joke Hall of Fame

"He Ain't Heavy...He's My Brother"

Corpse kept standing upright for 3-day wake in Puerto Rico

For those who enjoy music posts: Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim, 1967.

"Obama is going to tax our water."


Applegate calls double mastectomy a 'tough' choice

Has there been a recent death?

Will humanity survive its adolescence?


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 8/19/2008)

Don Young: Lipstick on a pig

First Line of a Really, Really Bad Novel

DU Truth Or Dare

I know that bees are a good thing BUT

Most effective DU bait and switch: RickRolling or Brazilian joke?

House we rented a week ago was rented out from underneath us...

I Received The Following E-Mail Today And Really Don't Know How To.....


Man says fish salad gave him 9-foot tapeworm

Edit, you're not Worthy

Ok all you DU prudes and reactionaries (womens beach volleyball)

You've just been murdered. Which TV super sleuth would you want to find your killer?

Olympics **SPOILER**

This Post is for Lovers

Women like looking at men?

Well I up and got one

Greg Louganis - No diver even comes close

I just got back from three hours of phonebanking. Ask me anything. nt

Biopsy results 4:00pm today please pray-send vibes anything you can

DU Boomers: What Was It Like?

awwww... cutest kitten picture EVER

Who the hell calls in for internet support while they're driving on the fucking freeway?

i think i'm going to give up on the male species

Happy Birthday Robert Plant!!

Funniest UNINTENTIONALLY funny book you've ever read?

I think I'm gonna get fired.

Third round...birds and something different

How, exactly, does one properly pronounce "Cthulhu?"

I have a minor computer glitch and need help

Play any song you like

I've got a nasty Allergy-Induced Headache. Using Alcohol to 'cure' it

Massachusetts parents in panic, children might have to ~walk~ to school due to gas prices

John Russell District 5, Fl. Interviews with Lakeland Ledger Editorial Board August 14, 2008

Progressive Democrats of America Give National Endorsement To John Russell Dem CD5

I just can't help myself.

If you had an audience with the Pope, which would be the most impolite thing to say?

Man at Center of Gun Lawsuit Registers Revolver

Bankrupt supplier Delphi cutting 600 salaried jobs

Obama Appears Ready to Announce His Running Mate

Police: Bomb blast in Pakistan hospital kills 23

Iraq moves against U.S.-backed Sunnis

Court Will Not Release Minor (To See His Dying Wife)

Suicide bombers attack U.S. base in Afghanstan

(A) US Bank 'To Fail Within Months'

Joker-Inspired Teens Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Terror

Vietnam, Cambodia brace for Mekong floods, crops safe

Despite pledge to withdraw, Russians seize more ground in Georgia

Lehman faces loss, $4 billion writeoff: report

Russia's Lavrov says NATO Georgia statement "biased"

US mil: US soldier killed in rocket attack

Russian military unit leaves Georgian town

Texas Teachers Can Carry Guns

Charges Reduced in Beating Death, Protestors Gather

Army disputes report on mold at Fort Sill

In west Georgia, few signs of damage by Russia

Oil jumps above $115 after dollar weakens vs euro

Sunni Iraqis Condemn Raids on Diyala Government Offices

Gun Control Lobby Claims McCain Insider Had Ties to NRA Spy Op

Large U.S. bank collapse seen ahead

U.S. Economy: Housing, Price Reports Raise Stagflation Danger

Mexican peppers posed problem before outbreak

Chicagoans to tell Obama's story at Democratic Convention

Exclusive: Obama team reserving Old State Capitol in Springfield for Saturday to showcase running ma

McCain Fundraiser Under Scrutiny for Ralph Reed Connection

Bayh's Running-Mate Chances May Be Hurt by Wife's Board Seats

AdWatch: McCain ad claims Obama bad for families

OSCE chief says Georgia gives OK for monitors

Yastrzemski Hospitalized in Boston with Chest Pains

Scientists: FBI destroyed Ivins' matching anthrax sample

Pew Survey Reveals Sadly Uninformed Readers/Viewers

Iraqi forces arrest Sunni Arab (leader) politician's son

Justice Weighs Bid To Delay Guidelines For Security Probes

Barack Obama Defends Patriotism to Vets

Letter: Who's telling the bigger lies? Not those 'nasty Democrats'

Biden: "I'm Not The Guy"

Plane carrying Secret Service agents makes emergency landing

"Doomsday for 'Watchmen?'" (Murdoch's Fox sues to block release of film)

Anti-Regulation Aide to Cheney Is Up for Energy Post

McCain backs off talk of being Kerry's VP

Watch President Obama's Live Town Hall Meeting Online...Right Now in Raleigh, North Carolina

University won't open Obama-related records now

U.N. council discusses new Georgia resolution

Obama VP Speculation Heats Up as Announcement Looms

Wholesale prices: Highest annual rate in 27 years

Carlyle (Group) Chairman Gerstner to retire

(Ten) French paratroopers killed in ambush near Kabul

U.S. Marine to be Tried for War Crimes

American Son Part I (Wesley Clark)

BUSHED America has become an Embryonic Police State ~Olbermann

Russia:May Pull Out In 3-4 Days If Georgia Complies With Deal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 19

Obama To Announce Running Mate on Saturday (Friday evening Obama camp will text supporters)

U.S. Extraditions Raise Concerns in Colombia

Countdown: Bushed! August 18, 2008

Barack Obama's image suffers under John McCain attacks, poll finds

Countdown: Worst Person August 18, 2008

(Bob) Woodward exposes Bush "secrets"

Russian Soldiers Take Hostages In Georgia

Red State Update at Saddleback Forum Pt. 1

Polish government approves missile deal

Jackson Browne Sings at Obama Fundraiser - SF 8/17

NBC John McCain cheated yesterday

Bush still dogged about attorneys scandal

Justice Department Asks Court To Delay Subpoena Ruling Again

McCain's "Cone Of Silence"

Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf Resigned.

Roger Wicker's $18 Billion in Tax Breaks for Big Oil.

Countdown: Special Comment August 18, 2008 Part 1

Rep. Shadegg Gas Prices are dropping because House Rs are Talking

Meet Big Oil Bob Schaffer (Loser-CO)

TheRealNews: The state of the empire w/ David Harvey

Dan Quayle On VP Frontrunners. Says people may not like McCain, but they know he's solid.

Countdown: Special Comment August 18, 2008 Part 2

Office Opening in Valdosta, Georgia

(9th Circuit) Court: Passengers can challenge no-fly list

Chain wrapped around 'old man's body' found in mosque (torture room discovered in Baghdad mosque)

Rachel Maddow on Countdown - McWar President

Save The Planet

Scag Coulter and Shannity insist with straight faces: Obama really is a monster!

Ohio: No "Sleepovers" For Voting Machines

Christopher Hitchens lays into Joe Dead Intern Scarborough re: Terry Schiavo

US consumer confidence rises, near all-time low - ABC

Michael Moore's New Book Election Guide 2008 (Submit Question to Meet The Bloggers)

New York City agrees to pay (Iraq war) protesters $2 million (lawsuit settlement )

Obama: "I will let No One Question my Love of this Country"

Getting INSIDE Diebold!

U.S. military hawks tanks to Iraqis in deal worth up to $2B

Gore to Speak on Democratic Convention's Final Night

2 NYPD officers accused of assaulting motorist

AP Accidentally Calls Lieberman A Prick

The Story of Bob Ney and HAVA (from FREE FOR ALL!)

Without Home

MoveOn Sinking $500,000 Into New Ad Linking Elizabeth Dole To McCain And Big Oil

Obama at VFW - Hits McCain on Iraq War

Joe Felice on the GOP's senate prospects in 2008

McCain Voted Twice to "Make the Bush Tax Cuts Permanent"

Joe Felice on the 'slippery slope' argument

Plane crashes in Park Slope, Brooklyn (1960)

Tim Kaine in Mannasas, VA

Max Blumenthal and Holocaust denier David Irving

Barack Obama Town Hall in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Obama at VFW National Convention (Orlando, FL)

A skit on swiftboating.

Pt. 2-Red State Update at Saddleback Forum

NBC News: Death squads in El Salvador (Dec. 1983)

DemRapidResponse: Five Million

Did Sen. John McCain Lie about his Vietnam experience?

NBC News: A Look at the Presidential debates (1984)

Olbermann: Special Comment on McCain charges against the press (August 18)

1964 LBJ Political ad - Daisy H-Bomb

Nato cools relations with Russia

Full Speech - Obama speaks at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Merck Vioxx study was for marketing: researchers

FauxNews spills the beans on McCain and the "cone of silence"

Vietnam frees Gary Glitter after jail term

TYT: New attack ads highlight Obama's fidelity, and, by omission, McCain's infidelity

Father, son charged in oil spill in 2 streams that empty into northwestern Pa. reservoir

Red State Update: Thank You John Edwards

The Onion: 430 Key Demographics in this Election.

TYT: 'Racial Realist' Comes On TYT, Claims Whites Are Superior, Cenk Blows Up

Experts: Pakistan Nukes Remain Secure

Vietnam Veterans Against John "Songbird" McCain

George Carlin on the Ruling Elite

EPA Buzz Kill: Is the Agency Hiding Colony Collapse Disorder Information?

Diebold Machines Easy to Hack

BBC: Some Residents 'Furious' Over NYC Terror Checks

Rachel Maddow to Replace Dan Abrams on MSNBC

Car buyers' satisfaction with US brands stumbles

Measuring the Candidates’ Qualifications An Inexact Science

Bush Hustling the Bureaucracy to Advance Rightwing Agenda

Voodoo Science Blames Climate Change on Immigrants

Petropolitics at heart of Russia-Georgia clash

Bob Herbert: A World of Difference

Eugene Robinson: Summer's Wake-Up Calls

"Only child" Cindy McCain has a half-sister!

'New Europe' urges West to rethink Russian ties

Reality Bites Again by Jim Kunstler 8/18/08

Could "Infanticide" Charge Against Obama Make a Difference?

Why US-Poland missile deal rouses Russian bear

Operation Musashi Heats Up Over Antarctic Whaling - Dualing Arrest Warrants, Sea Shepherd

"We are lucky that the "bear" did not eat the "rabbit" - The Georgia War & Century of "Real Power"

Washington's hypocrisy - Dmitry Rogozin Russia's ambassador to NATO

Obama vs. the Fiscal Fear Mongers

Journalist Says US Target was Al-Jazeera

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Torture’s Political Invisibility

McCain's Tech Policy: H1B Visas Good, Taxes Bad

The Business of Politics, the Politics of Business - Review of "The Wrecking Crew" by T. Frank

The decline and fall of John McCain's mind

Dave Lindorff: Huffing and Puffing at the Pentagon

Was Bush Involved in U.S. Attorney Scandal? Depends on Whom You Ask

John McCain is another George Bush .. Brilliant Analysis

Surprise: Evangelical Women May Have Gone For Obama At Saddleback

It's a Three-Man Race: Obama vs The Two McCains

Why We Love 'America's Outrageous War Economy!'

Mondale: The lessons of '84

Commentary: Is McCain another George W. Bush?

McCain Breaks Cone of Silence, Proving He’s a Man of the ’50s: The Quiz Show Scandals!

America's role in the Russo-Georgian war

Obama vs. the Fiscal Fear Mongers

Credit crunch may take out large US bank

Election Fraud is NOT the Real Problem !

Trust Us

New book on Mormon-led massacre opens old wounds

Letter: Who's telling the bigger lies? Not those 'nasty Democrats'

Guardian UK: US missile defence system is the magic pudding that will never run out

‘25% tech CVs fake'

Lies and Criminality in Justice Department and in Georgia -- "So?"

Writing With One Hand Tied Behind My Back

Vladimir Putin Takes on a Powerless West

BBC: US bank 'to fail within months'

Wacky LTTE: Socialist Obama will "raid" Social Security

Pravda: Is Condoleeza Rice stupid?

Soldiers: Sill barracks infested by mold

Bragg soldier on leave found dead

2 men accused in $244K Gordon gear theft

Stash of advanced RPGs found in Afghanistan

War reveals Russian military might, weakness

Commissaries pull (Del Monte) ketchup from store shelves

Army on the lookout for better flashlights

Iraq moves against U.S.-backed Sunnis

VFW wants combat medal for sailors, Marines

Navy to seek third DDG-1000

Supercomputer aids Navy oceanographers

Top enlisted Marines push corpsmen pay equity

7 airmen, 3 sailors arrested going 140 mph

Corps needs 1 more JSF test pilot

Navy recruit drowns in lake

U.S. drawdown in Iraq raises security fears

Marine dies in motorcycle mishap

Camp Lejeune Marine dies in Iraq

Fire at Travis AFB burns 230 vacant homes

Air Force recalls CFL player to duty

Father and son both to deploy to Iraq

More ISR intel analysts needed

Calling in faster airstrikes, digitally

General foresees no shift to Afghanistan

Got a duty that should be dropped? Speak up

Hearing on Iraq detainee death case postponed

Charges weighed against sailor in alleged rape of Navy spouse

US Trainers: Georgian Troops Weren't Ready

Costs up for NG Training Overhaul

QRMC: Younger retirees should pay more

Navy Wants New Laser Weapons

Army disputes report on mold at Fort Sill

E-1 is year’s 25th motorcycle death

Former Marine decries trial in civilian court

please critique my latest ltte before I send it

'War Stories' Have Some Facing Prison

Los Angeles River may get protection through the Clean Water Act

Tidal Power Comes to Market

Electric Car Looks Like Flying Saucer

Coal's toxic legacy to the Arctic

Peak Oil Review - August 18

Melt Rate Of Alaska's Bering Glacier 2X Rate Previously Thought - Exceeds Flow Of Colorado River

Scientists Scramble To Improve Baseline Data At Glacier NP; Staff Prepare Visitors For Ice-Free Park

Oz National University Climate Head Sees 4-Meter Sea Rise Potential - Tuvalu Underwater By 2050

Dead Zone Diet: Why Fertilizers Are Taking Fish off the Menu

Pembina, Other Green Groups, Resign From Tar Sands Forum - Consultations "A Farce" - G&M

"Corruption Is Everywhere" As Bangladesh Forests, Including Sundarbans, Fall At 4X 1980s Loss Rate

Dublin Airport Reports Equivalent Of 25% Of Annual Rainfall In 1st 17 Days Of August - Reuters

In Rural New York, Windmills Can Bring Whiff of Corruption

Dozens Of Newly Hatched Sea Turtles March En Masse Into Italian Restaurant - Reuters

Unraveling The Unraveling

Oman To Build First 1,000-Megawatt Coal-Fired Power Plant - Cheaper Than On-Site Natural Gas

Western GOM Oil, Gas Lease Sale Opens Wednesday

A Matter of Scale

Bees or Pesticide Makers: Which is EPA Protecting?

CommonDreams: G8 Clueless on Food Policy

Steel loads switch from road to canal

Poland seeks LNG port as fast as possible

Fay intensifies over land

Fifth warmest July on record. Climate forecast: Hot and then even hotter

May 2008 study on $$ of nuclear plant in TX

Catholic leader: Pull gay blog's convention credentials

My gaydar needs repair

John Russell Florida Democrat for Congress (CD5) Addresses Hawthorne Community Forum August 18 2008

Israel’s secret missile test goes out live on air

So, if I fuck up a major finacial institution I get bailed out by uncle Sam via

Mike Huckabee: A divided Jerusalem is 'unimaginable'

We are running out of time for a two-state solution

Unions Say: It's Time for Some Real Straight Talk About John McCain

Person critically injured at construction site in southwest Omaha

Change To Win Launches Nationwide Truth Campaign on John McCain

UPS Freight Workers Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract

Economic Report: Poll Shows Most Workers Not Worried About Jobs

Wal-Mart ordered to allow union contract in Canada

Today in labor history August 19 The first North American McDonald’s is unionized

Ohio Jobless Rate at 15-Year High; McCain Plan May Kill 8,000 More

The Reality Behind TV Reality Shows: Workers Treated Badly

Worst Boss of the Year: Owner of Life-Threatening Ambulance Equipment

Two Boston Sheet Metal Workers Risk Lives to Save Rail Passenger (video)

Union-bashing disguised as concern for workers

Minnesota Judge Sustains Coalition for a Democratic Workplace Television Ads

New electronic casino table games stir fears of job cuts, loss of tips

Woman once sold into servitude now Paraguay cabinet member

Senator Piedad Cordoba received money from Ven. State oil company

U.S. Extraditions Raise Concerns in Colombia

Peru suspends rights in jungle protest regions

Colombia’s Double Realities

Just A Couple Of Pics I Took At The Packer/Bengals Game Last Week:

Baseball Hall of Famer Yastrzemski is hospitalized


Was this a good bet........

It just hit me today....I can never pursue my beloved hobby

Working on relationship repair

I hope this is just a "me" thing

Obama, Aquarius and the Galactic Leap

Can anyone help me with some questions about Nuva-Ring contraceptives

Vitamin D's wild days: Who to test, what to take?

Thanks for the Nuva help, y'all

Respite for those who take care of someone with Alzheimer's

Does solar exposure, as indicated by the non-melanoma skin cancers, protect from solid cancers?

More evidence of a failed, lying FDA

Treatment of type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemia with the natural plant alkaloid berberine

Annals of Intl Med: Vioxx study was for marketing, Merck employees ghostwrote some experts papers


Tapping into the Source

A nice day at San Francisco bay....

More pics from my outings this summer

Pro-gun group to lobby U of Colorado regents

DNC TownHall, Bans "firearm talk", rates it with "hateful content" , "illegal drugs", and "racism"

"Gun Show Loophole" is "Partial-Birth Abortion" for the Left

Fender Bender Leads to Fatal Shooting

Pelosi promises the NRA's Wayne LaPierre a vote on legislation overturning DC semi auto ban.

Question for everyone in the Photo Group

Key Photosynthesis Step Replicated

Will the Higgs boson particle be found?

Wild dolphin 'is teaching others to tail-walk'

Midnight Coffee Ice Cream

What changed with Costco Granola

Anyone else catch Bourdain's new episode about Espana?

Would you be willing to have a chip implanted in your shoulder?

Evangelist Todd Bentley stepping down after "unhealthy relationship" with female staffer

Delete - wrong forum

If you really believe that Jesus was all knowing, wise beyond compare

Poll: 57% of Americans say God can revive the dying

God vs. doctor: 1 in 2 say prayer saves the dying

Study: Churchgoers have higher GPAs.

Many Think God's Intervention Can Revive The Dying

The only Christian I will ever trust is my grandmother...

I wonder what JFK would've thought of this Saddleback event?

Is God A Hermaphrodite?

What does "Life begins at conception" mean?

If God didn't want us to get drunk

Obama gives a shout out to his VP?

Joe's not doing all that well on CBS poll.

R U stressed out hoping Joe will get the nod?

Countdown video on VP including Biden

Obama backs Biden's call for Georgia aid

To Quote Douglas MacArthur

Biden as "change agent" for Obama.


You guys -- did you hear that Russia is threatening a NUCLEAR war with

TPM notes on Biden from someone who met him

Biden statement on Georgia - Time

For those who don't get Google Alerts, here's a REALLY nice piece

dupe - delete

BIDEN: I'm not the guy.

Oh for the love of God!

Hey guys, help needed in GDP

Where is Joe Right NOW?!?

Beau's number has come up - for Iraq that is:

Have a moment of peace in my local garden


story on Delaware Online too. with video

Memo to the our print press: Stop believing your faxes from the FBI about the anthrax case

The terrorists have won, federal courts now ruling they are all beyond the law.

Stephen Spoonamore Voting Machine Fraud

Would the FBI frame a man for murder?

NIST to Release Report and Recommendations from Investigation of World Trade Center Building 7

Window Updates is driving me crazy

Al Franken getting closer in polls by SurveyUSA.

Madia Campaign Call on Paulsen to Disavow Negative Campaign Tactics (push poll)

August 28 - Costco to open in Maplewood.

Michele Bachmann's blog posts Nancy Pelosi's home address and phone number

Michele Bachmann calls for nuke plant in Stillwater

When are the primaries?

Cute story from JK event today -- just gotta share

Wow. This is what the swiftboating has done to some on our side:

CP: Harper touts legislative gains just days after calling Parliament dysfunctional

Hi, Kerry peeps. Can anyone confirm or dispute this? Thanks!

Bay State leaders present new energy initiatives (with a video including Kerry)

Soldiering not compatible with family responsibilities

Bookmark this post. How "fundamentals" usually trump smear campaigns.

"Doomsday for 'Watchmen?'" (Murdoch's Fox sues to block release of film)

King County Elections Director attacks Dem candidate for Secretary of State

Lou Dobbs: Big Story on Our Favorite Subject 8/18

OK, so which is your favorite band that may not be on everyone's tongue.

Scientific Am: "Planning to E-Vote? Read This First"

Ohio elections chief: Poll workers can't take voting machines home for so-called 'sleepovers'

Just listened to Mark Crispin Miller on Thom Hartmann. Really

My letter to Harper's, not likely to be published, about fraudulent elections

Oh cripes! There goes another one.

Rove denies calling Kagen no. 1 target

John Gard wants to Nationalize the oil companies!

Where is the achilles tendon with election fraud? Is it possible to prevent it