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Cleveland DU'er Meetup pics!

McCain's Sniper Gate

McCain's Sniper Gate

What's all this "I looked into his eyes and saw x" BS

John McCain caught LYING in Church! Defeat Evil, JOHN? Yes We Will Defeat YOU!

John McCain holding court in the Lounge.

I think it's great the McCain did such a wonderful job last night!

Baptized!!! Plagiarized!!!!!!!

Obama had to do the stupid Faith Forum

Of course he cheated. That's what Republicans do. But who cares?

The shortie list for VP

If Obama picks ________ then McCain picks __________

Is Cindy Another Nancy?

My Always Republican Parents Are 99.9% Sure They Are For Obama After Last Night

John McCain is on C-Span giving his speech in 2004 at the convention

Why did Pastor Warren's audience cheer when Obama mentioned Clarence Thomas in the SCOTUS question?

Barack Roll....On the lighter side. Need a smile?

CNN- Preston on Politics now

The critical pick: secretary of state (John Hughes, Christian Science Monitor)

Ohio - the only state where 18% of African Americans polled prefer McCain

McCain says World War III would justify draft

For Convention, Obama’s Image Is All-American

For Convention, Obama’s Image Is All-American

Protest Groups Picket At 'Gitmo On The Platte'---Denver defends 'secret jail' built for DNC

Barack on C-Span - 2004 Speech at DNC convention

Where's McCain's article calling for the draft?

Ben Smith of Politico blames Warren for the Cone of Unsilence... What about McCain, Ben?

CNN NOW at 10:00 asking the question about the "cone of silence" re John McCain, Obama/Pickens mtg.

a prayer of thanks

Rick Warren is on CNN now

Sometime this week I think I'll be getting a text message

Hey John, Want to know the cheapest way to be baptized?

U of Wisconsin student takes semester off to get Obama elected....

Not sure if anyone has seen this Barack Obama ad?

Very interesting Solzhenitsyen quote- connected to McCain-

How about we start a 'National Wear Your Obama Shirt Day'

For Everyone Who Thinks Saddleback Was a Mistake...

So will McCain soon tell an anecdote about how he was forced to do a TV interview by the VietCong,

Does anyone think there's a snowball's chance in South Town

GOP, Inc. Makes Up For McCain's Lack of Fundraising - $96 Million Total

Andrew Sullivan picks up Cross-gate

Ohio PPP (D) McCain 45, Obama 45 Tie

My heart breaks as I am forced to consider

Gotta tell you that Tim Kaine did great on David Gregory (Dancing with Rove) show on MSNBC

Republicans come out for Obama

Ambinder on Biden's trip to Georgia vs. McCain

Does anyone else think the cone of silence issue is just a distraction from what really occurred?

Empty, grandstanding talk from McCain

No More Drama, Vote Obama!

McCain's Wealth from Organized Crime?

Caption this

I proudly just maxed out on my primary contributions to the Obama Campaign

LOL Check this out!

How to embarass McCain

Guessing grows over running mates; Veteran Dem operatives expect Obama choice Thursday

Did McCain Just Pop Off?

A cow kicked Nelly in the belly in the barn.

For those of you hoping that Biden gets the nod:

The Saddleback Setup (A Picture Is All you need)

McCain OK with aide's lobbying past

Does anybody know if Graham and Lieberman have left for Georgia? n/t

Pastor says McCain not full member of church, has never undergone adult baptism.

No Woman Will Have The Right To Choose - John


With all the media reporting who and who won't be Obama's VP, I ask you read this.

McCain protests NBC coverage

Biden's Senate Term Ends January 2009

'I will win' Obama Vows, as VP Rumors Swirl (Kaine says he's not in the frame)

'I will win' Obama Vows, as VP Rumors Swirl (Kaine says he's not in the frame)

Fan Broke Cindy McCain's Hand...How not to break it

Self-Delete (Dupe)

Obama seems completely calm...

McCain and His Mommy Sued His First Wife Carol After McCain Left Her For Cindy!

Mitchell's comment about McCain touched a nerve...

McCain claims to be God

If you really want to be disgusted by er, former POW prisoner McCain, read this article.

How DID McCain become the nominee, anyway?

Conehead of Silence: John McCain

McCain's Sex Life

Any fans of "Get Smart" on TV? The "Cone of Silence" never worked.

A New Era in Politics? It's Time to Give Generation X its Due

TV ads

An Independent's View of the Saddleback Forum

re: the cone of silence

Cone of Silence - the first real McCain campaign screwup

McCone's hard place...

McCane tied to al-Qaeda and the Mob

Hahahaha. McCone. Hahahahaha

Current VP odds

IMHO, the important point about the gun gaurd story is that its the OPPOSITE of McCain's Iraq policy

"League Of First Time Voters" - CNN teams up with Daughtry.

Rick Davis CRIMINAL Rove THUG operative intimidating press AGAIN

co-chair of Lawyers for Hillary: My journey to unity

Guess where Cokie was the weekend she mocked Obama going to Hawaii?

I am so excited.

Sorry Fellow Kossaks, But It Was Freepers Who First Spotted McCain's Plagiarism

Rasmussen, 8/18: Obama 44%, McCain 43% (with leaners, Obama 47%, McCain 46%)

McCain: Obama Wants To Lose In Iraq Because Of His "Ambition"

When is McCain going to get serious - Another gaff another He's just joking

CNN Video of interview Rev Warren on McCain Not Being In Cone of Silence

McCain's very own race card...

I know one thing: I can't hear Joe Corsi's name without hearing about his penchant for young boys.

Obama vs. McCain with Pastor Warren…”Cone of silence” myth and Pundit analysis

The post-9/11 McCain "saw opportunity to deter foes by punishing not only Al Qaeda but also Iraq"

McCain ready to impose Martial Law on NBC.

Please Stop FEAR-MONGERING Abortion doesn't bode well for the Politics of HOPE

I don't believe mccone heard the question being asked

McCain wants another 9/11 because of his ambition.

“The insinuation...that John McCain, a former prisoner of war, cheated is outrageous”

Backstage with Barack

"They're all the same anyway...."

The New York Sun's Obama Frame-Up

McCain again accusing Obama of treason, wanting to lose Iraq war for his own political ambition

Does anyone know what Church McCain and his Wife attend? I've not seen any affiliation

With evidence indicating that McCain plagiarized the Cross tale,

Obama Sets Fundraising Record At Bay Area Event

I think Obama was given plenty of ammunition

Screw the "honor system." Did McCain agree to the rules that he would be in the cone of silence?

Rick Warren said today during his church service

As a POW, McCain got special treatment, went on French TV to say he wasn't being mistreated, and

NOUN -- VERB -- P.O.W.

McCain a Solzhenitsyn fan, and obviously stole his story

Did Warren provide McCain with the questions ahead of time?

Did McCAIN STEAL Story from DEAD Russian?

If McCain is going to constantly lie, he deserves to be smacked down for it

Forget about Cone-gate, Cross-gate is a much bigger deal.

So he was in a cone of silence after all...

"Lush Rentballs" want to inciting a riot in Denver!

Are We Being Primed? Preposterous Polls and Corrupt Campaigns

McCain says he hasn’t ruled out changing his long-held position against drilling in ANWR

McCain didn't need a tv to see the forum all he needed was c-span radio

CQ Politics blogger Teagan Goddard picks up "Cross in the Dirt" story.

Homemade Web Ads Leap To TV

CNN reporting Obama campaign trying to get Gore to speak Thursday night

Do you realize how many books McCain has supposedly written?

McCain's radical statement at Saddleback

Freepers Were FIRST (2005) To Spot McCain's Plagiarism


Corporate Media in tank for McCain, but McCain protests that tank isn't deep enough!

Corporate Media in tank for McCain, but McCain protests that tank isn't deep enough!

This text message "VP watch" is beginning to remind me of D-Day...

Celebs: Dems got the party; The Republican convention "will be a snooze-fest..

Focus On McCain & Assign All Blame To HIM. Going After Warren Is Totally Counterproductive

Obama Bayh is like Clinton Gore

Does Biden need to swing by Pakistan on his way home from Georgia?

Does Biden need to swing by Pakistan on his way home from Georgia?

You do have to admit, he's the poster boy for slime...

Who will get your vote? McCain, Obama, Other

Praying for rain. Does it work?

McCain proclaimed Iraq was the "central front" in the war on terror at Saddleback..

New name: McPOW.

Silence! Silence, all of you!

Remember Judith Regan? Mary Matalin should suffer the same fate as should her imprint, Threshold.

Corsi May Face Libel Suit Over False Claims Made in Anti-Obama Book

OBAMA: "I will win, don't worry about that"

I am getting a little weary of Mudcat and his make believe hillbilly rhetoric.

Cat DNA.

TV Coverage Of Convention

I think McCain was in the "cone of silence"...

McCain Protests NBC Coverage

McCain's beef with Bears?---Pork

McCain sure WHINES A LOT as a guy whose claim to fame is being a tough-guy POW

Anyone Know The Odds A North Vietnamese Guard Would Be Christian (circa 1970)

No matter who is picked as VP choice...

8 GOP Senators are skipping their convention

Hartmann talking about Brokeback McSame Campaign event

Wasn't McCain a former POW when he cheated on his wife?

Obama Campaign: McCain Is Defying Iraqi Government's Desire For Withdrawal Timeline

I'm at the point now that

Is McCain letting Florida slip away?

Free Republic May Have Caught McCain/Solzhenitsyn Plagiarism First

Why does NOBODY point out McCain says knowing what he knows today he'd still invade Iraq?

The Mark of Kaine?

Obama LIVE in NM now!

GALLUP TRACKING shows more bad news for Obama! He only gained three points. Obama 46, McCone 43.

Exposing Candidate Fallacies

Obama VP buzz squarely on Biden

Michael Bloomberg could be on ballot in Virginia

Am I the only one who thinks McShames answer re: his toughest decision

'I will win,' Obama promises

Ed Schultz Talking About mccain Knowing Answers Early, & I'm Soon To Be On The Phone

*THIS* is what McCain is whining about?? (NBC MTP yesterday)

Do You Think Obama Reads DU?

McCain: Those Making Only $4 Million Per Year Aren't "Rich"

CFO Magazine: SSB on the Brink of Failure: Resignation meant to hush story: Stock Drops Further

McCain and Obama on taxes

A FISA explanation

FEC: GOP Raises More, but Growth Is on Democrats' Side

FEC: GOP Raises More, but Growth Is on Democrats' Side

Schultz listener bringing up McConehead plagiarist war story

A simple, easy to remember, talking point for our tell undecided voters

Crisis in Georgia Beginning to Turn Into a Big Political Liability for McCain

Above Obama’s ‘pay grade’-are conservatives being purposefully obtuse?

Who put the smackdown on the Republican Party Chairman?

Election History - October 2004 - RW Wackos Spread False Rumors That Kerry Had Been Excommunicated

McCain Says Musharraf Departure Will Spur Stability

Beware of VP Text Message Pranks.

A tale of two Joes: Biden was invited to Georgia by their govt. Lieberman went for McCain.

Someone Is On Ed Schultz Talking About "Crossgate" From

Obama Blasts McCone for Ralph Reed Fundraiser

Why weren't McCain&Co "outraged" that Rick Warren didn't trust McCain IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Sen. Obama's statement on President Musharraf's announcement of resignation

McCain should stop whining about media bias and brief his clueless surrogates about his record

I want you

Obama: By McCain's standard, $3 million is middle class

McCain not fit to be President

Unlike the GOP - The Democratic Candidate Cannot Win It By Himself

New Rocky Mountain News poll numbers in Colorado-Obama up 44-41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Democratic Convention Lineup (w/ PICS)

The Democratic Convention Lineup (w/ PICS)

McCain is a liar and flip-flopper and panderer and bully and whiner. And it seems to be working

Obama talks equal pay, launches vets group

Road to 270: Hawaii

I'm proud of my 13 year old liberal daughter but still had to reprimand her -lightly

Experts strongly disagree with McBush on Iraq, Iran, terrorism

In a post-partisan frame McCain does not equal Bush

I can't wait for Countdown tonight. I hope Keith is on and rips McCain

“The insinuation from the Obama campaign that John McCain, a former prisoner of war, cheated

Jan. 2, 2002: McCain, on aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, yells to sailors “Next up, Baghdad!”

don't get complacent

Bill Clinton's Chief Of Staff "Disturbed" By Some Hillary Backers

Next Debate? McCain has the debate questions... Already!

Ok, This is It America! JOHN MCCAIN IS A BIG GIANT FAKE! And You Have All the Proof You Need!

You want "Succinct?" How about a forum like this...

McSame compared to Bush

McCain's new moniker: "McCone"

I missed something--why is everyone sure Obama will announce his Veep TODAY?

I missed something--why is everyone sure Obama will announce his Veep TODAY?

I missed the Obama/Gramps debate Saturday, and I'm glad I did.

Lie, Cheat, Steal, Insult...Let's keep a list of what being a POW allows McCain to do...

McCain Should be Medicated, not President

So, do you think any Dem will have the spine to use the Biden/911 line on McBush?

Georgia Senate: Jim Martin within six-points of Chambliss

Town Hall Meeting with Barack Obama

Obama Tilt Toward Rubinomics Stirs Warning From Organized Labor

my jerk of a friend

1. John McCain, 2. The two George Bush's, 3. Satan

Leon Panetta worried convention is shaping up to be a Bill and Hillary psycho-drama.

Are you calling McCain, A FORMER POW, a liar?

Baltimore Jewish Times -- Area Politicos On Obama’s Jewish Problem

What's everyones reaction if Obama picks Gore?

Senator Norm "The Weasel" Coleman admits he'd skip RNC convention if it wasn't in St. Paul

As Running Mate, Biden Offers Foreign Policy Heft but an Insider Image

Obama camp taking tougher tack on lobbyists

Obama Camp Fires Back At McCain!

Will the text on my phone say the NAME Of the VP

Will the text on my phone say the NAME Of the VP

Pat Buchanan Let's it slip, AND THE NEXT 527 attack will be....

McCain: apply him to that old joke about clocks in heaven.

Report: Obama's Rural Outreach More Aggressive Than Past Dems

McSame and TS Fay

PLEASE comment this page...bombard them PLEASE

John McCain accused of plagiarising Wikipedia for speeches

McCain met Cindy Lou they began DATING & he urged his WIFE for a DIVPORCE

***Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now Holds A Town Hall Meeting In Albuquerque, NM***

Sebelius scratches nose in public, prompting more possible VP chatter

When is Obama going to announce his VP. He should do it soon !

When is Obama going to announce his VP. He should do it soon !

JUST GOT AN E-MAIL! Anyone else?

" I sent money to McCain in 2000, but now he scares me."

There is no such thing as "swiftboating" McCain. McCain deserves scrutiny

Here's what bothers me about McCain's "cross in the sand" story

MORE AP BIAS - Murdoch's Influence Shows - Story Refers To Obama's Ad Spending, But Not McCain's

Pastor Warren needs to apologize for misleading the American people.

If The MSM Covered CROSSGATE and McCain's other Plagiarisms...

Telegraph (UK) picks up McCain's penchant for plagiarism - links "CrossGate" to "WikiGate"

Tough Times In Rural Areas May Help Obama

McCain's Hurricane Photo-Op - Where was McCain During Katrina? Compare with Obama

McCain didn't create his own maverick persona. Mark Salter did. He's an empty suit made by another

Jack Cafferty: McCain is a whiner ("Kill McCain's audio in my ear please") LOL

McCain's lead in Georgia down to 7 (was 9 last month).


The big picture: McCain, what a jerk; but does being a jerk work?

Video: Obama Discusses Agriculture with Top Media Pundits

I would like to hear discussion about McCain's POW experience that focused on the following points:

McCain to announce VP the day after Obama has large speech at Mile High

Drinking habit survey: GOP vs. Democrats

NYT- Feb 2000 text excerpt of McCain speech, telling "cross" tale, NOT in first-person

Drove from Myrtle Beach, SC to Pittsburgh PA on Saturday... bumper sticker count

Anoka Arrestee Intimidated by Saint Paul Police in Connection with RNC

Obama Campaign Memo: Does McCain have a Woman Problem?

George Carlin got it right: If life begins at conception.....

Debates - John McCain Will Be Declared The Winner Because He Is A Walking Soundbite


I was upset with Hillary during the primaries, but she'd be the best VP

Christian Author and Beliefnet Editor-In-Chief DOUBTS MCCAIN'S CROSS-IN-THE-SAND Story

Politico: McCain cites questionable story on 'evil' at Saddleback

Hey InSane! Obama is running better in his homestate than you are in yours

McClatchy: Some wonder if McCain's too old and wrinkly to be president

What's a cone of silence?

The MSM Is Starting To Take Notice (McCain's Made-Up Cross-In-The-Dirt-Story)

Can't connect to Obama campaign website


I'm sorry I defended Warren as not that Partisan the other day

McCain just takes up space. Obama is talking up space.

Suggest a response to McCains latest absurdity ~ HERE.

The last thing this country needs is another LIAR-in-Chief. McCain is morphing into Bush

"Democratic strategist" Hank Scheinkopf - WTF??

Last chance VP predictions. Post em here.

Robert Parry: 'Cone of Silence' Caper reminiscent of 1980-Carter's debate book stolen

VP Announcement tomrrow? its Bill Clintons Birthday also! Is this a hint!

Concerns Over Vulnerability Of Electronic Machines Sending Many States Back To Paper Ballots

A Responsible End to the War in Iraq = ?

Troops Abroad Give 6:1 to Obama, be sure to post this graphic every where...

If it's true that McCain will catch bin Laden because he "knows how to do it," why didn't he share

If it's true that McCain will catch bin Laden because he "knows how to do it," why didn't he share


McCain Outspending Obama By Hundreds Of Thousands In Many Core Battleground States

Military service does not guarantee the White House

Rick Warren. Simply put. LIIIIIAAAARRRRR!!!!

I don't want a VP until this "cross" story has either played out, or died...

Some Obama Smearing O'Reilly Didn't Want "Folks" To Miss


I received this email from Bill Clinton today

Andrew Sullivan is unable to locate "cross in sand" passage from 'Gulag Archipelago"... anyone?

With respect, on the Swiftboating of McCain.

By coupling McCain's moral failure question with America's

How does Obama turn this around?

Obama Taps Jackson as VP!!!

Obama tickets on Craigslist

Move along, nothing to see here. McCain's top aid, Salter, confirms cross story.

self-delete: duplicate

Obama lashes McCain for the five-million dollar claim

When Pastor Warren said 'we' tossed a coin...

Discouraging Projection

In Dec. 2007, McCain Rejected Calls For Musharraf’s Resignation, Called Him A ‘Key Element’

I for one think that McCain should just make a simple statement, we could forgive him and move on

KO: Special Comment: McCain

Obama isn't going to make it obvious

NRO: "Fellow POW: I Remember McCain Telling the 'Cross in the Dirt' Story"

Punch vs Counterpunch

Could VP Sam Nunn carry Georgia?

According to Drudge....NYT says Obama ready to announce VP

According to Drudge....NYT says Obama ready to announce VP

Viewing the Saddleback thing thoughts. McCaine is a BULLY, Don't be fooled by CHARISMA

"If you elect someone like the last President who will lie, cheat, and steal to get into office,

Biden Just Went To Georgia, And Things Get Worse?

Maybe the guard was trying to engage McCain in a game of tic-tac-toe

Meet the 10 supporters who will join Barack Obama backstage at the Open Convention in Denver

I'm glad I didn't vote for him and I'm glad I never gave him one penny.

Wes Clark Dismissed by Obama Campaign

Starting to see McCain stickers in Virginia now.

The REAL McCain: McCain's Mansions (

McCone has definitely passed the Commander-in-Chief Threshhold Test

McCain in Florida today accuses Obama of trying to "legislate failure" in Iraq.

"McCain" "cross" and "POW" in one sentence---exactly how does that help the Obama campaign?

Poll: Obama Faring Poorly Among Racists

The MOST conclusive evidence McStain cheated: Education question

Gingrich Claims Tire Inflation Lines Big Oil’s Pockets»

The first POTUS to sleep-eat??

Cindy McCain's Half Sister 'Angry' She's Hidden

NYT says it's Bayh, Kaine and Biden--the final three

Is the MSM Really that Dumb?? (Obama-McCain Debates)

“The insinuation from the Obama campaign that McCain, a former POW, cheated is outrageous"

Cafferty says the "cone of silence" controversey is overshadowing the forum!

Olbermann to have Special Comment on McCain tonight on Countdown

Please stop the "IT'S GOING TO BE..." Threads. Unless you have 100% proof.....

OK it's Monday, time for all DUers to check in....

I just finished a 2 day training program to be a neighbor organizer for the Obama campaign here in

It's going to be Mike Gravel

Why isn't Lindsey Graham ever mentioned on a McCain short list?

For those of you who want Biden....

Steve Clemons/Washington Notes: Not Going to be Bayh, Daschle or Clark

Putting the pieces together.

i just got tickets to see obama

Wouldn't it be unfortunate if McCain

Sources Say Obama Has Picked His VP

Rick Warren updates his book on Amazon that address his cone of silence.

First time I ever had a yard sign in my LIFE: It's for Obama...

What do you bet that the Obama campaign announces how many folks are on their text list. . .

Warren responds to Obama supporters who claim McCain saw questions before: "That's just sour grapes"

Note from Nevada ..... TV ads

A theory of presidential campaign dynamics. (Hope and Fear in decision-making)

SSB: "Better than a Casino"" Now uncertain to continue""brink of failure" stock drops

I think it's Kerry.

Ok, here's a possible VP list ...note, no Senators......

BWAHAHA! Freepers Call B.S. on McCain's Cross Story... Then Get Pissed At DU/Kos for Exposing It!

The latest from Andrew Sullivan on the McCain lie.

“People who make under $80,000 are too stupid to understand taxes anyway.”

what is a cone of silence anyway?

Does anyone have a link on the McCain baptism story?

Should I spend election night with Dan Rather?

John McCain is not being swiftboated, he is being called out for lying

McCain Is Not Baptized--That Will Have Them Shitting in the Pews!

New Siena Poll: Obama's lead in New York slipping

Obama Calls 2 Millionth Donor (AUDIO)

WP: We are all Georgians- Not so Fast

It's going to be Dick Gephardt.

What time of day will the VP announcement arrive?

RNC Welcoming Committee orders tasers for every protestor

"I hated the g****. I will hate them as long as I live."

After a day

Obama SF event pulled in $7.8 million tonight. wow.

Nudists for Obama.. Who's With Me?

Full Saddleback transcripts: " Q YOU GOT ALL MY QUESTIONS, GOOD."

The time to EXPOSE McCain as a LIAR is....TODAY!

A Surprise Pick With Feingold?

The next person to joke about the VP is dead to me

Beliefnet Editor-In-Chief Says McCain is Finished if He Plagiarized the Cross-in-the-Dirt Story

Beliefnet Editor-In-Chief Says McCain is Finished if He Plagiarized the Cross-in-the-Dirt Story

Meet The Man Who Saved John McCain's Life (and who John McCain Betrayed)

List of VP's that would be better than Kaine or Bayh

Obama - Too smart for America?

Biden Trip to Georgia Stokes VP Chatter (WaPo)

Has anyone else here read Stephen Mansfield's, "The Faith of Barack Obama"?

Who came off better at the forum the other night?

FYI: Obama will be in Virginia on Wednesday AND Thursday...

Obama: "we are going to win this keep your stress to a minimum."

Willie Brown is a complete dufus and an unrepentant shill

GOP leader seeks to push Barr off Pa. ballot

Unlike many here, I think Biden would make a TERRIFIC Veep.

Obama more focused on building the Democratic Party than any other candidate in recent history.

A North Vietnamese Secret Catholic Guard with apparent Sadistic tendencies. Yeah right

Is all of John McCain's "war hero" story really true?

Who will it be? Not who you want it to be

How could someone want VP Biden when Biden wanted VP McCain in 2004?

Are Pollsters Giving Minority Groups Proper Weight This Year? Let's Look at Texas

I'm feeling pretty f-ing good about Obama's chances

Why not Rhonda Cornum or David Eberly for VP?

David Corn: McCain: Warmonger, Spinner, or Both?

Stay tuned: Text-message will come in the next 48 hours

Proof of the McCain Fraud - Worse than originally thought

Eyes on Biden as he returns from Georgia

Obama Appears Ready to Announce His Running Mate

Biden is chosen VP and your reaction is....

DAMN! This Story Gets Better By The Minute! A SMOKING GUN ("Cross-In-The-Dirt")

DAMN! This Story Gets Better By The Minute! A SMOKING GUN ("Cross-In-The-Dirt")

Why wasn't McCain's POWness worth shit to Repubs in 2000?

Is there going to be any progressive representation at the convention?

Is there going to be any progressive representation at the convention?

Just turned on MSNBC. David Shuster was saying 'Maybe Barack Obama should be happy

Rights at CONCEPTION? Hey McCain, that's NUTS

McCain voted for the Bear Study he blasted Saturday.

KABOOOM! Andrew Sullivan Figures Out the Plagiarism of CROSSGATE! WOOHOO!

Thumbs Up To McCain Cheated, Thumbs Down to McCain Made Up His POW Experiences

I just realized who McCain reminds me of.

Whoa! Caller on Rachel Maddow says McSame was at Saddleback

The political realities of “democratic” Georgia. Does this match what the media claims?

McCain sends out his blogger to responds to "CrossGate" - in full damage control mode.

Gulp! Good News For McCain

One way to think of the Georgian crisis

Oh My! David Gregory (MSNBC) Just LOVES TO DANCE...NO Matter WHERE..and

Hello, everybody! I've missed you all so much................

is this for real?

U.S., allies contemplating action against Russia

List one question that would stump McCain

The Cold War is Back, Is This Star Wars? Iran Rocket Launch 'Troubling'

Why isn't there a list of websites that moderators will lock? Why do I have to ask a mod?

the bastards aren't done with russia yet 'U.S. Sees New Missile Move From Russia in Georgian Fight'

The “Being Stupid” and “Sounding Strong” Policy Connection

VAlerie Plame is on 60 minutes and she is telling about

If you are from Missouri stop what you are doing and click here

Can someone post a link to the Zombie Reagan thread? I loved it - and want to BM it for the future..


Republicans uniformly revere Reagan, but Dems trash or ignore their own.

A Genital Reminder

Women's 200m - SPOILER ALERT

A lesbian couple granted family insurance benefits=America's moral rot, Fundies assert

I won't close my eyes to the sufferer's plight

Bacteria played role in 1918 viral flu deaths, scientists say

So, the Evangelical huckster opened the Presidential "Faith" discussion by lying.

'Stealing America: Vote by Vote' is in theatres now!!

'Stealing America: Vote by Vote' is in theatres now!!

Chinese Olympic Gold Diver: Guo Jingjing

What I don't get about CNN

McCain protests NBC coverage (Cone of Silence-gate)

'Germs, Viruses, and Secrets'

Smear campaign against MSNBC?

Guardian UK: The root of all evil?

So mccain is sending a delegation to Georgia. Gee, who is the president?

DU'ers need to spread out and 'seed' other boards.

McCain Cheated: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

NYTimes Incorrectly Lays The Blame For A Lack of New Voting System Improvements On Federal


Is it just me,

I'm watching the Olymic Mens Gymnatic Finals rigth now, and there is no one in the crowd....

Innocent Until Detained

A damn burst in the Grand Canyon at 1 am this morning.

Weird email about Iraqi oil in my spam filter

What to do about the New Zealand left

John Russell Democrat for Congress Florida 5 at The United Voices Candidate Forum August 17, 2008

The Afghan women jailed for being victims of rape

I laughed out loud in church Sunday - Got Hope

Warren will be on Larry King Monday at 9pm

Are there any independent reporters of the Georgian massacre of

Cone of slience?

The Many Failures of the Cone of Silence - wonder if Warren knew the background?

Democrats can raise money in Tuscaloosa, too.

This guy owns. He totally wipes the floor with Bill O'Reilly.

Rice to Sign Missile Shield Deal in Poland on Tuesday

Georgia 'Will Join NATO': Merkel

My word on Big Foot: You try to eat a tough ol' possum with Mary Lou Retton Teeth!

Excellent Interactive Brief History Of Georgia from The Guardian

ABC Making a Big Deal About Jennifer Lopez Training for Triathlon 6 months After Having Twins

McClatchy: Pakistan's Musharraf resigns

Rachel Maddow Show, Video Of McCain waiting outside for his turn

What fresh hell is this?

Obama Back up in Gallup Poll

No Woman Will Have The Right To Choose - John

Warren's Faith Forum was Meaningless

Anybody been through Tropical Storm Fay yet?

Learning from Animals: PBS Series "Nature," "Wisdom of the Wild"

When all else fails, repubs call Democrats 'baby killers'.

McWar say that the US won the war in Iraq

Outrageous Quote of the Week 816/08

Transgender View of DNC Platform on LGBT Issues

Soldiers: Mold infests Okla. barracks for wounded

Jerome Corsi is an absolute, total fucking asshole!

I am so sick and tired of magnanimous Democratic spokesmen

Row escalates over U.S. media bias

U.K. Home Prices Drop Most Since 2002 as Loan Squeeze Deepens London Slump

Another clue that McCain Knew!

Wikileaks: 1000 US Soldiers in Georgia from Jul 15 to Aug 8 2008

Truck discrimination

Obama McCain and Pastor Rick

Local newspaper here went up to 75 cents for daily, 1.50 for Sunday.

MarketWatch: Whoops, there goes our profit

Record Setting Photovoltaic Cell is 40.8 Percent Efficient

Hey Nancy: Musharraf resigns facing impeachment - AP

Do You Defend Our Constitution, or do You Defend George Bush?-Bush History, 8/18

Skinner and Earl, don't let that money burn a hole in your pocket.

Surely McConehead told his fellow POWs about the "cross in the dirt" episode

Found Objects - Katie Couric 2

Krugman: Obama's Economic Stupor

Neoconservativism and Trotskyism

Why the Cone of Silence fiasco is a good thing...

Why the Cone of Silence fiasco is a good thing...

Does Cold War II preclude Iranian sanctions? Does this make an attack on Iran more likely?

The real price of oil - ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID!

Larisa Alexandrovna: Serious Crisis In Pakistan, Crickets In D.C.

Did Georgian troops fight with smuggled German guns?

A little too late

Georgia renews ‘subversive’ mission in conflict zone – Russian military

Article Five: Process of amendments.... 38 states MUST approve

CSM: Cone of silence or no cone of silence?

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan Is Going To Take McCain OUT with CROSSGATE!

Pew Survey: Viewers of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Score High on News Knowledge

U.S. doesn't rush Russia = Bushies pledges consequences for war, but fuzzy on specifics

Caption the McCains

Who says the United States doesn't condone torture?

Condi had to take smaller jet for Georgia trip - AF2 was being used by Cheney for fundraising trip

"Cone of Silence" Remember the GET SMART teevee show?

McCain: Obama Wants To Lose In Iraq Because Of His "Ambition"

Watching the tail end of GOLDENEYE last night...

Barrons: The Endgame Nears For Fannie and Freddie

Bill Kristol, a libel lawsuit waiting to happen

Slowpoke TOON: Things get ugly!

Georgian minister: Israel has sold us out

Even The American Conservative thinks the FBI's "case" against Bruce Ivins is a joke.

Ariel Cohen said he wasn't a neo con and the audience fell out laughing

Dog dies after traffic cop apathetic to owner's pleas

Merciful heavens! GWB is fighting in the Russian army!

Ted Rall TOON on double standards

Politico's Simon still in a lather over Dems affairs. Makes no mention of McCains whoring around

Welcome to George Buxh's America

MarketWatch: Auction-rate settlements leave investors hanging

Bernanke Struggles to Define What Financial Institutions Fed Can Let Fail

Warrior John McCain: Far More Dangerous Than Bush

Heads up west coast of Florida - Fay scraping up the coast

Can you believe this? McCain wants Obama to admit he was wrong about surge!

Let's face it. Saddleback was a tough audience.

Gitmo on the Platte: Colorado building secret jail ahead of Dem Convention

Evacuations as rain bursts dam near Grand Canyon

Hartmann's 1st hour: McCain and his Saturday night performance at Warren's church

S A! ....S A! .... S A.... !

An Afghan Woman Who Stands Up to the Warlords: Interview With Malalai Joya

The Rude Pundit: Riding Rick Warren's Saddleback

Colbert, Stewart viewers more well-informed than those watching O’Reilly, Dobbs

My last word on Obama's VP pick, it will be Melinda Gates or Caroline Kennedy.

Drug-Addled Gasbag Rush Limbaugh and auto shop teacher agree- wind farms lower auto fuel economy

Probably the most realistic portrayal of total nuclear war ever filmed.

International Labor Conference Planned For February In Iraq!

Just too damned creepy to be president

Neocon PNACer Randy Scheunemann was McCain's top foreign policy adviser when McCain ran in 2000!

The Pill Makes Women Pick Bad Mates

I would like to share my favorite FDR video

When will the ACLU or announce their Q&A with McCain and Obama?

Jerome Corsi wrote that group tied to al-Qaeda supports McCain

Juan Cole: Fox News: Oops! 12 Year Old Girl Tells the Truth about Georgia

NPR TOTN - Ted Koppel and Strobe Talbot on international stuff

What is Lanny Davis Doing (defending Ted Stevens)?

I have to stop listening to Ed Schultz

Free Republic May Have Caught McCain/Solzhenitsyn Plagiarism First

VIDEO + PICS GITMO on the Platte is aptly named, shittin' thing looks like a concentration camp!

Seniors protest McCain

elec. went out for awhile (Key West) storm not too bad here

Did anyone see the commercials that young Christian group

Boston Globe: Property tax bills climb as values dip

Wow. Thom Hartmann's guest just said lobbying groups are spending $300 million to stop.....

What does inexperienced look like?

Reports: FBI Backpedals On Case Against Ivins-FBI Botched Lab Tests

AlterNet: We've Got to Rebuild America's Crumbling Infrastructure

Obama: "I will win"

Did McCain's Campaign Just Confirm Andrea Mitchell's Reporting?

Conversation with a McCain supporter in a restaurant

"One of the first images viewers will see of the DNC next week is that of Michelle Obama..."

Was Cindy in her seat during Obama??

To Skinner and DU: we can run our own TV ads

Master List of McCain Flip-Flops and Gaffes

USA Today: Mold infests Okla. barracks for wounded

Is Limbaugh still 'Dreaming' Of Riots In Denver???

VP Watch :Obama Picks Lieberman

America was asleep at the wheel. Again. - Today’s Headlines 8/18/08

We size up someone's trustworthiness within milliseconds of meeting them

Why would Kucinich make a bad Veep?

Sums it up nicely...

It's Embarrassing How Lame the Cover Stories Are Being Put Out by Bush Administration...

OMFG!!!one Is John Lovitz really McCane's love child?

Is Biden a DLCer?

RIght-wing freak just called Thom Hartmann a "serial exaggerator".....

Dan Bartlett Joins CBS News as Political Analyst

Only in California

I was just watching CNN and Rick Warren pretty much confirmed that McCain heard the questions

The Catholic League is trying to get blogs banned from the convention.

Gay-group founder slapped over John McCain

Is McCain war story plagiarism getting any coverage in MSM??

Crazy Bill Donahue strikes again!

Cafferty's 4pm question is all about McCain bitching over the media coverage

The Democratic Party Platform's Missing Plank

Rove in Yalta... "election consultant" to Richest man in Europe.. what suffering will this ..

Anyone reading Roseanne Barr's blog? F'ing hilarious.

"The Purpose Driven Lie" I got his "Cone of Silence" right here.

McCain likes ABBA. End of story. Pathetic schmaltz.

Tomgram: Six Questions about the Anthrax Case

Another AP BS alert


Where there isn't smoke . . .

Kagen campaign says Rove called him No. 1 target, but Rove denies it

Is Al Gore Obama's VP pick?

Okay. You know who you are. Fess up. Come clean. Show yourself.

Some afternoon toons...

HEADS UP - Obama Live in New Mexico:

Zombie Reagan Close To McCain Endorsement

<> Congratulations Physicians Assistant Bobbi (photo of my daughter in surgery) corrected

"Inside Edition" leads with the McCain "cone of silence"

Olympics are coming out party for McCommunism (N Klein)

'Did Fox News darken Barack Obama?'

Rescue efforts resume after Grand Canyon area flooding

REPORT: 69 percent of foreign policy experts favor redeployment from Iraq.»

From West Point to the Caucasus: 'Georgia On My Mind'

I don't want to appear stupid, but what's this about McCain and a cross?

HAHA: Corsi #1 on NYTimes Bestsellar list? Where did they stash all the bulk order books?

This could happen to you. (funny)

This could happen to you. (funny)

I come here to DU for the latest "Real" news but.........

Hoosiers Offended By Wedding Photo

Why did the neo cons totally abandon the search for bin Laden?

Katie Couric is now a Digg member

DNC McCain Watch: McCain Rhetoric Vs. McCain Record: Supporting Our Veterans

Genuine Risk, 1 of 3 fillies to win Derby, dies

What do MoveOn Members think about Healthcare? Who knows

The Democratic Anthem ?


Mike "Culture of Life" Huckabee cracks jokes about death.

Were there no DUzy Awards last week?

Regarding whether or not McCain was privy to Obama's section of the interview with Warren....

crazy NPR story on now about Cindy McCain not only child of her father as she has claimed.

Jim Hightower: For Republican Leader, Principal Trumps Principle

Female Military Nurses Held Captive for Three Years

Please do not ask me to be tolerant or accept Fundamentalists

John McCain accused of plagiarising Wikipedia for speeches (

Britain recruiting gay spies

Looking for a Newt Gingrich quote: He said something recently about the GOP rank and file

Tough economic times force school district to adopt a four-day week

If panhandling is illegal, why not proselytization?

Help! I need screen shots of Fox news identifying Republicans as

Well, I guess I'm not going to Denver

Revolutionary Electromagnetic automobile

Who started the Russian/Georgian war ??? I believe that this will clear all doubts.

GA-Sen: Martin Trails by Six in New Poll

Photo Shoppers Help Please .... The Purpose Driven Lie?

ABC World News carried a Zondervan ad pushing "A Purpose-Driven Life"

NYC police want to screen Manhattan-bound vehicles for radiation, other terrorism threats

Only a couple more hours till we find out if its real or

Pakistan's Musharraf steps down

John F. Kennedy's Citizens of the World speech

Pakistan Looks Ahead Without Musharraf

sales tax holidays

Speaking of crosses...

Once a cheater . . .

From the "Sweet Irony" Dept.: Global warming deniers cancel meeting due to Tropical Storm Fay

Reveille. A short film dedicated to our armed forces.

Last Month's Earthquake

Chinese gymnasts too young to compete, web documents show

what ever happened to the Iraq occupation?

Price Fixing and the Return of the Robber Barons

So, if we're succeeding in Iraq now, does that make the Republicans liars?

Newt, don't go away mad......Newt, just go away.

I came across a little comparison.

" ...... a professor vs a leader ........ "

Key West Webcam

Roberto Lovato: Welcome to America, Soon-to-Be Land of the White Minority

Come on KO lets have some heat on that

Is Ron Paul a Bad man?

Bail-out fears rattle US shares

Fanny and Freddie hit the skids

DU ROCKS! To whomever donated a star to my name- Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Reports: FBI Backpedals On Case Against Ivins

To whomever

Story about Georgian pipeline from April 2006.

TUrn on CNN! McNut MAY have seen or heard some or all of

Funner Impactful Blowiest Territorialis Multifunctionality Dialoguey Dancey Thrifting Chillaxing

Any Key West/South Florida DUers on line now?

What happened?

Why is the Gwatney shooting no longer in the headlines?

Reminder Helen Thomas On HBO at 9pm EST

Photo: "Y'know, Condi, that Georgia thing is some funny shit. Ah'm talkin' fun-NAY, Stretch."

Call Your Congressional REP and IRS NOW!!!!

Stephanie Miller gets another death threat

Video: Reporters Eat Penis In Beijing. OUTRAGEOUS

OK, let me get this straight

Why did McCain tell his 'cross in the sand' story about others in 2000?

Reactions in the Iraqi Press to the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Agreement (must read)

HBO Documentary honors Helen Thomas -- airs Monday 8/18 9pmEST

How long was McSame's membership @ North Phoenix Baptist Church?

Ocean Liner In The Sky - The Future of Air Travel

Tim Mooring: We need at least an autopsy in the death of Dr. Bruce Ivins

I don't have a problem with Christians till they become jerks.

NBC Nightly News leads with ... the "Cone of Silence"

creepy Army recruitment radio ad on Air America right now

John McCain is a former Navy pilot, former POW, and commonly accepted as a war hero and foreign ....

Why is NBC ignoring Usain Bolt?

So ...... how ya feelin' about ..........

Roseanne Blasts Angelina Jolie & Jon Voight Over Political Opinions

I am not religious but I have a simple question for those who are

Question for any attorneys here

Military wants to study mind reading

Is Brokeback Mountain a western.

question - bill nelson of florida - has he been good for florida? good for usa?n/t

Corsi's previous appearance on "pro-White" radio show was streamed live on "White Nationalist" Storm

T. Boone Pickens

Future Headlines ...

Thanks, Hillary!

Change for good: Gasoline price shock might have altered habits permanently

Are You Enjoying the Fake Olympics?

'Christians are praying for a deluge to drown out Barack Obama when he accepts the presidential nom'

I've never seen this before

Attention Geezers and Geezerettes ..............

A Frozen Katrina

Elizabeth Dole: Hopping Mad over "Is She 92 or 93?" Ad

Some people just ask for credit problems

Wiki - McCain had multiple affairs on his wife, 3 years before he even met Cindy.

Some 'official venues' for RNC not fully booked

Man Pleads Guilty In Shooting Over Stolen Straw Bale

"A man who can't be faithful to his wife can't be faithful to his country". Remember THAT one?

Will Larry King softball Rick Warren on his show tonight or push him on Conegate, eom?

This Is as Clear-Cut A Case Of A WAR CRIME As You Can Possibly Get.

For VP? Bayh or Kaine?

Breaking: Calif. high court rules doctors can't withhold care to gays based on religious beliefs.

Sibel Edmonds Case: FBI files "formal complaint" with Sunday Times

Seven Unions Launch Nationwide Truth Campaign on John McCain

brake drum manufacturer leaving china moving to rockford il

Pro-lifer for Obama, writes a letter.

War on Terror boardgame branded criminal by police...confiscated

CAFE debate irrelevant

Salon: Busting The Myths About Cheap, Unlimited Oil Broadcast By Limbaugh, Corsi & Other Ignoramuses

Bush junta (war) policy in South America takes two more blows! What will Obama do?

OMf'inG, THIS IS HUGH!!11!

NY Times proves McCain Cheated, Was Stuck In Traffic While Obama Questioned...

McCrude said HOMESCHOOLING works....My questions is: How WELL does it work??

Glenn Greenwald: Doubts over the anthrax case intensify -- except among much of the media

Not only didn't Ivins lie about his samples, he didn't hide the spill either.


Roseanne Attacks Brad And Angelina, Slams McCain

Corporate welfare update: Fannie, Freddie Fall on Likely Need for a Bailout

Democrats Energy Proposal

Whoa Rachel Killed O'Reilly with Countdown Ratings Friday

That Bolt 100M race was possibly the greatest athletic feat EVER

Mrs. Fields' Cookies Have crumbled.. bankruptcy

3rd Infantry Division and Arlington National Cemetery

It's Real Simple.. McCain LIED to a Religious Interviewer on National TV..

Y'all persnickety DU posters helped me get my doctorate. I thank you.

First, "An American in Paris"; now, "On the Town"

McCain voted for the Bear Study he blasted Saturday

Awww gosh darn

Ugh, I don't want to go home from work -

The laundry mat and new feelings

PUI poll

yeah so this is totally emo but... someone talk me out of getting back into local campaign staff

"long live the new flesh"

heads up, Obama's Keynote address from 2004 is on CSPAN now

This guy would make an ideal Lounger

one of the prerequisites for even coming within 500 yards of my clique

I am about to watch my first ever episode of Mad Men

Gene Kelly in tight sexy Navy whites alert--->

Do the admins have to pay taxes on the funds raised from the fund drive?

Has anyone read the newest book by Robin Cook

Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire a metaphor for VD?

I can't decide whether to laugh or cry

"Replay" SF novel by Ken Grimwood

C-Span caller finds evidence McCain listened to Obama's responses

Yes guitarist Steve Howe's The Clap a metaphor for Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire?

I betcha a million bucks I can make you say "Awwwww"

My son's gone to his first sleepover...

Robbie Williams -- Good Doctor

"Quiet, YOU!"

US Women's & Men's Gymnastics Individuals - Spoilers

Post Here And I Will Predict Your Future

Want a cool way to be 1 million dollar richer !

Hey Bible experts

every time someone in my household goes to the medical clinic...

Phew , for a while I thought another charlie is coming

What are some of America's most ridiculous myths?

Best obituary ever written.

Well, this is it

some traveling music for my big move:

Is it my imagination, or does Mike Ness use eye makeup, and lots of it?

Is DU going slow?

Saw this and had to share!

It must be time to go to bed. The beagle just made her nest.

Okay, I hope this works. It inspired the biggest laugh attack I've had in a LONG time.

What was #1 on the day you were born

Why are people in movies and TV shows so STUPID? (I know, I know, it's what

I went to my 40th high school reunion yesterday

Random questions for a Sunday night.

Anyone else heard Cocoa Tea's 'Barak Obahma?'

DU Laddies: Show your chest hair.

Happy Birthday

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 +.......= -1/12

caption this

Vampires can't become biological parents. In the Twilight series--- SPOILER

Screw it, I am starting my own Clinique...

Oscar Wilde has the *best* grave

OK, I give the fuck up on yet another Great Thing "the Internet" promised us.

My word on Big Foot: You try to eat a tough ol' possum with Mary Lou Retton Teeth!

So apparently, Jamaicans are now the fastest people on the planet...what's their secret?

Okay whomever posted the "LynneSin was here" sticky...

Shit you not. Saw this license plate downtown the other day.

I'm Scared We Are Having A Big Thunder/Lightning Storm

Anybody know a free online translation of english to mohawk?

The boss called to tell me not to buy lunch

This JOY


woot! Been invited on a train ride across India!!!

Saffron Rice with Apricots and Sliced Almonds Recipe

Olympic handball.. Basketball for short guys

Olympic handball.. Basketball for short guys

My BlackBerry is a piece of shit

Has anyone here ever fought a camera-enforced ticket?

John Mayer on his breakup with Jennifer Aniston: "I don't do the taper"

LynneSin was here!!! Remember this moment forever 8/18/2008

The Knob

Obama's ideal running mate

LynneSin!!!! Stop posting and check your PM!!!!!

If this is a 16 year old girl then I'm a 92 year old man

DU Ladies: What's you opinion of nose hair that is in pony tails?

I think JC Penney's sanitized redo of The Breakfast Club for their fall ad campaign sucks.

Happy Day Of Birth DS1????

Fox have been on my mind all day, please respond or let us know you are alright

MrCoffee Admits Liking Lemons

MidloDemocrat!!!! Stop posting and check your PMS!!!!!

DU Men: What's you opinion on female facial hair?

Italy to allow the sale of boxed wine.

Joyful Girl

Would someone please eradicate John Madden's voice from my memory?

What species of bird was Big Bird? I'm one generation before Sesame Street, and didn't have kids.nt

Hey Midlo - turtlensue says you rickrolled me

Umpires--why are some authors using them as "good" guys?

Lost baby whale thinks yacht is mom

I wanna see one of those illiterate American Idol talentless jackasses do something by SUNN

Post The Goofiest Thing You Have Ever Done

If you feel at all kind

the latest project--finally finished

Should I start a MySpace page?

I'm too nervous to even check my e-mail...

Most Overrated, Underrated Figures in History

Ruh Roh! Josh Marshall says of Delaware: "And it's barely a state at that."

Would life be easier for us left-handed people if Arabic were our native language?

Newlyweds Tasered at reception and then again 2 days later


What does this say about me - Monty Python vs 3 Stooges

You know what sucks? I'll tell you what sucks.

Drink Outside the Box

I Have 2 Extra Tickets To Jonas Brothers Tomorrow NIght, Who Needs Them?

Ceiling Cat is the patron saint of locked sex threads.

Scam Alert!!

Have you seen these "for Obama" buttons!? If only I had a few bux

Youtube makes ya wonder

I know in the grand scheme this is a big nothing, but my friend

Are you old enough to remember when restaurant menus didn't have adjectives in them?

Ceiling Cat Apocrypha?

Our Boss/Owner Is Buying Lunch For Us Again


made me giggle

Whoisalhedges is a Smoking popes fan....

Disabled turtle uses new wheels to find romance

Why is Hell always thought of as being hot? Why wasn't it thought of

Hey Parche...DuStrange is making you look bad...

Is anyone familiar with Ran Galor? I just watched "Wolf Lake"

I was in an automobile accident 3 days ago.

See you all in Heck, you pigeon puffing, pocket packers

Season #11 of America's Next Top Model includes 1 transgender model

LOL, just talked to an idiot who claims The Dark Knight is a No Country For Old Men ripoff

This has to be one of the mildest summers ever.

Isn't it DS1's birthday or something?

My niece or nephew is due today

With the world heating up, should I quit work and take early retirement?

Orange fuzzy!

DU Ladies: What's you opinion of chest hair?

Heidi Montag's new single, "Overdosin'," is about "overdosing off of love." Just in case you care.

Losing my will to keep slogging through

List something wrong on so many levels.

Disabled turtle finds romance after getting wheels

What Are Your Favorite Types Of Lounge Threads?

What if this was death?

Any of your pets had a bad reaction to Hartz flea products?

Windows equivalent software to the wonderful CssEdit...

Will drivers ignore new phone bans?

You have NEVER seen 'Married with Children' until you see it in the original German!

Okay, so who is hotter?


What would DU's reaction be if Glenn Danzig died?

I cannot stop listening to DeVotchKa

6 Months Until Broadcast TV Goes All Digital

Creamette pasta: WHY?!

CRIMMIE! Are You Here????

Went to my doc about the UTI. May be bad news.

Went to my doc about the UTI. May be bad news.

Drink Outside the Box

Weirdest, most disgusting corporate mascot ever:

Post here and I'll make you wish that you had never been born

The RetroLounge / miss_american_pie Daily Poem Thread (Mon 8/18/2008)

I spy with my little eye

Music Guru's-Help!

IKE TURNER joins the cast of CSI!!! (Well, if by "Ike Turner" you mean "Laurence Fishburne"...)

I have the solution to our energy shortage.

You will never be as cool as Mr. Rogers

Screw it, I am starting my own Clique...

Send Your Questions NOW For Michael Moore! (And Don't Worry About Global Warming)

Dogs and vaccine reactions

John McCain, 1973: 'A Lot of My Captors Were Homosexuals'

"It's your money!"

Screw it, I am starting my own Clinic...

GD. Quick.

which one do your prefer?

I'm back!

Do Things Get Better?

I need a new birthday suit. Any suggestions?

Post your cool .gifs! (DSL / 56k Warning)

Masters & Johnson Introduces 'Nothing But Sperm' Shampoo To Make Women Pregnant

Should "Married... With Children" be remade a a new motion picture event?

My co-worker thinks I'm insane :O


Anyone have any floss handy?

Appropriate punishment for two kids who terrorized their little brother

Yo Parche - can you answer this question?

Mammogram, part two

DuStrange Appreciation Thread

Shit. My computer may have just been infected with a virus.

Do you often think of past memories; or past memories returning to remind/haunt/whatever you?

Johnson & Johnson Introduces 'Nothing But Tears' Shampoo To Toughen Up Newborns

Can someone please explain this smilie to me...

Attention Fox Mulder fans:

I think it's time to buy a new suit. Any suggestions?

yet another HAPPY BIRTHDAY DS1 thread

Social Origins of the American Corporate Predator State

Hey, I found a 1953 Penny

Sometimes it doesn't work out.

Vibes for Imhotep please

Political humor - "Congressman in Training"

Are you a Cardinal?

Popcorn in GDP... Walt Starr lives!

So...what's for dinner?

Has anyone here heard of the group "Backdoor Slam?"

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday August 18


BREAKING NEWS: Jonas Brothers Concert Cancelled For Tomorrow

Anyone ever had a cortisone injection to the knee?

I Miss Chuggo

Accidental innuendoes on children's television...

The Case for a Guaranteed Minimum Income

If anybody calls...

CNN actually did a segment on....

Am I gross?

Favorite Mythbusters Myth

Anyone here have a scooter and want to recommend it?

any genealogy buffs in here? trying to document my mom's family.

Come ride the little train that is rolling down the track

Need A Head Count On DU'rs DC Meetup 16-21January 2009 Inauguration President Obama

These dog cookies they sell at Petco are pretty tasty

Hopefully the pathology reports for my mom will be good and

Pic Of Midlo's Pet Kitty Cat

What's the etiquette for FaceBook groups?

Welcome to my world! A funny thing happened today.

Cop Fail

If I PROMISE to stfu about the anthrax case until Wednesday

Pictures of my apartment...(and the beagle)

Large Cat Named Moose

Would You Go Out With Someone Who Is Married?

Napoleon Bonaparte.....

A righteous rant in the Alaska forum.

Which healh care plan do you support?

this time next week i'll be in denver

Confederate widow, 93, dies in Ark. (Believed to be the last Civil War widow)

The new Moran guy...

the word of the day is "fucknozzle"

need some ideas from you creative people. I have been put in charge of starting a new school newspa

With whom do you share your birthday?

The most annoying English accents.

When you see it -- redux (pic heavy)

Pic thread

YES!!! I RULE!! I got the only (apparently) tickets for the Jonas Brothers

Best sideman in a comedy movie.

DU Women Lovers: Leg and underarm hair on a woman (full on)??

Captain Kangaroo appreciation thread...

Georgians start to pick up the pieces despite Russia presence

Georgia conciliatory as Russia due to withdraw

Nato attack kills Afghan civilians

Medvedev supports European watchdog role

Abkhazia Wrests Gorge From Preoccupied Georgia

Title firm fined $600,000 for missteps on liens

In Banks, Big May Not Be Better

Mixed Signals Still Cloud U.S. Role in Georgia

TV remains top source of news even as online grows

What do MoveOn Members think about Healthcare? Who knows

Taliban suicide bomber kills 10 Afghan civilians

South Ossetia's president sacks government, declares emergency

Iraq election employees slain in drive-by shooting

NATO chief seeks consensus ahead of talks on Georgia-Russia

California plan could be major boon to subprime lenders

Iraq seen abandoning most short-term oil contracts

CNN Breaking: Musharraf says he will resign Pakistan presidency

War Casts Doubts On Pipeline

US to take over Afghan mission

BP says Azeri oil exports by rail to Georgia halted

Turkey Negotiates Nuclear Ties With Iran

McCain on Iraq war: 'I intend to win it'

Key West Webcam

Corporations Use $20 Billion Legal Tax Loophole

Russia's NLMK Set to Buy U.S. Steel Giant JMC for $3.5 Billion

Disabled turtle finds romance after getting wheels

McCain vows to back former Soviet 'captive' states

West Nile virus confirmed in Michigan man

Chinese gymnasts too young to compete, web documents show

Iraq may put six Blackwater guards on trial

Warren: McCain did not violate 'cone of silence'

Soldiers: Mold infests Okla. barracks for wounded

White House mum on Russian missiles into Georgia

US trainers say Georgian troops weren't ready

No More Hugs as Obama Tears into McCain

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Get Married

Pa. Teen Accuses Friends In Immigrant Slay

Russia Promises To "Crush" Future Aggressors

Russia Promises To "Crush" Future Aggressors

McCain gets briefing on Tropical Storm Fay

Saddleback Spokesman on Code-of-Silence-Gate

(California) State Supreme Court says doctors must treat gays and lesbians

Ukraine PM accused of "betrayal" over Georgia

Obama Para Bailar Obama

Barack Obama - The Change Workers Need - SEIU Video Compilation

PSA: FDA reports new deaths with diabetes drug Byetta

Romney Misses Stephanopoulos Gaffe: Pwnd By Daschle

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 18

Sen. Norm Coleman Pressed on Unethical Housing Deal

Coastal towns doomed by rising sea (UK)

'I will win,' Obama promises donors

S.Ossetia seeks permanent Russian base(rejects presence of international observers)

U.S., U.K. Hinder UN Resolution On S. Ossetia - Russia

TYT Absurd News: Man Dresses Like A Cop To Get Free Adult Movies

McCain camp slams cross story skeptics

Use War Block Breath Spray to forget the Iraq War!

Iraq moves against some US-backed Sunni fighters(arresting some leaders, disarming, checkpoint ban)

Would McCain Make Up A Story To Help His Campaign?

Georgia sees little sign of Russian withdrawal

Cone of Silence! LoL!

The Source of John McCain's Bright Light

McCain "Cone Of Silence" @ Saddleback Church???

The Truth about War in Georgia

Musharraf Falls from Power: Musical Interlude

NBC News: Nixon retreats to Camp David/Harris Poll (1974)

GM won't buy advertising time for 2009 Oscars: report

Obama Mocks McCain’s Definition of 'Rich'

John McCain Calls Out Michael Moore at 2004 Repub Convention

Collateral 55-10 steps to fascism

McCain The Mind Reader-extended version

Pacific Gas deal will nearly double USA's solar power

TheRealNews: Naomi Klein on Opportunistic Big Oil Corporations

Obama-Keyes debate on "infanticide" from 2004

CNN 1986: Battle Over Contra Aid (Pro-Contra protesters attack Anti-Contra ones)

Obama: McCain thinks $3 million income is middle class

Russia to send naval fleet to Venezuela

Barack calls Ed Prouty of New Hampshire to thank him for becoming the 2 millionth donor.

A Message to Michigan Voters from Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Deconstructed WARNING Graphic images..

Gov. Tim Kaine is Fired Up for CHANGE!

POWs Say John McCain Is A Lying Skunk!!!!!

To Our Leaders: Free Us

You Are Being Recorded... Right Now...

Cokie Roberts Smears Barack Obama AGAIN

Sen Biden: US To Consider $1 Billion Emergency Aid For Georgia

Paul Waldman of MEDIA MATTERS on Corsi's The Obama Nation

VALERIE PLAME WILSON - 60 Minutes Interview by Katie Couric

Barack Obama on Equal Pay in Albuquerque, NM

CNN - Obama on GOP attacks

The Truth about who started the Georgian Conflict

Despite Assurances, McCain Wasn’t in a ‘Cone of Silence’

McCain the Mindreader - Better Than Carnac

TYT: Why We Don't Need to Worry About Global Warming Anymore!

Reactor shut down after fire at Calif. nuke plant; no radiation danger, plant says

Cafferty: The Mainstream Media is John McCain's Base!

Did John McCain Steal His Cross In The Sand Story (And Lie In Church)

Dan Bartlett Joins CBS News as Political Analyst

McCain protests NBC coverage; Objects to Andrea Mitchell's question on Faith Forum "heads-up"

Entertainment Tonight: Dan Rather says F-word to reporter

"The people I represent don't want to impeach this Clown"

College presidents want drinking age lowered to 18

McCain's Mansions

Obama/Biden Ad

Tour of Tskhinvali undercuts Russian version of fighting

Fighting Russian Tanks With Patriotic Defiance

The plight of the lame duck

Guardian UK: The American school where teachers carry a pen, a ruler and ... a gun

State lawmakers urge challenge of National Guard use

In Banks, Big May Not Be Better

Feeding the Beast

"what does the admin. think it’s playing in Georgia — paint ball?"

Georgian opposition promises tough questions

National Geographic: Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran. A glorious past inspires a conflicted nation.

Television Starts to Court the Young Voter

Why I Won’t Be Politically High In The Mile High City

For Convention, Obama’s Image Is All-American

Like Politics? Broadcast Your View for Only $6

Does being a jerk work? John McCain is a liar and flip-flopper and panderer and bully and whiner....

James Carroll: Taking Stock as Summer Wanes

This WaPo article about McCain is the vampire-slayer

McCain Dissed frmr. Sen. Bob Smith's Vietnam Service Too

Double Standards in the Global War on Terror: Six Questions about the Anthrax Case

Turkey Negotiates Nuclear Ties With Iran

Americans play Monopoly, Russians chess

McCain Explains to Rick Warren HIS ‘Purpose-Driven Life’

Thanks a LOT, Greenspan

Out-of-state voter forms cause confusion

"October Surprise"? - Fringe benefits for the Neocons from the crisis in Georgia...

Crisis in Georgia Beginning to Turn Into a Big Political Liability for McCain

Plug-In Hybrid From G.M. Is Nearly Ready for Testing

At JFK Airport, Denying Basic Rights Is Just Another Day at the Office

U.S. Watched as a Squabble Turned Into a Showdown

The Corporate Free Ride

War Casts Doubts On Pipeline

Shameless deal with Libya

McCAIN WON!!!! (Saddleback).....according to Wm. Kristol

Sally Quinn: Worlds Apart-McCain's Clarity vs. Obama's Nuance

Foreign Policy In Focus: Christians United for Israel and Attacking Iran

Georgia On The Mind

Meet the Economist Who Thinks We're Doomed

What about Democrats who are not "people of faith?"

At JFK Airport, Denying Basic Rights Is Just Another Day at the Office

McCain Needs to Be Asked If He'll "Repudiate and Denounce" Jerome Corsi

The Plot Against Liberal America

A Vid for the Environmentalists

Renewable Power's Growth in Colorado Presages National Debate

"McCain Supports The CAP, Like Most Arizona Politicians, But On The Record Against Unlimited Growth"

Canadian Ice Service Updates For 8/17

Make This Holiday Season Special - With The Movie Version Of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road"!!!

UK Scientist - "In 20 Years' Time, We May Be Looking At Jellyfish & Chips, Rather Than Fish & Chips"

Pub-goers In Norfolk Beat The Credit Crunch By Bartering For Pints - BBC

We finally replaced our crappy old windows.

Oman turns to coal for power

Be prepared to pay extra for local produce, or watch it disappear

Emerald Ash Borer Hits Western UP, 200 Miles From 2007 Infestations - Free Press

New UK Environment Head - Nation Must Decide Which Coasts To Protect, Which To Let Go - Independent

How do we know that the southeastern states aren't becoming a desert due to changing rainfall

Two paragraphs say it all

The Natural Pool (no chem/plant biofiltered swimming pools)


Pacific Gas deal will nearly double USA's solar power

"Free Electricity" - Scottish inventor/electrician re-invents the water wheel

USDA Conference Spotlights Sorghum's Biofuel Potential

Wind turbines across Oregon stir up health scare:

Energy Use and Population Growth

Anti-gay organization aims to reinstate Mass law against marrying out-of-state residents

APA Resolves To Play Leading Role

Calif. Supreme Court: Doctors cannot refuse IVF to lesbians

Headline News (CNN): The adopted parents are sueing the school for not enforcing dress code ...

Manhunt Chairman Jonathan Crutchley Steps Down from Board

Anyone have experience with vague death threats from co-workers?

The Lessons Of Mountain-Climbing In Energy Planning & Economic Assumptions

In banks, big may not be better

Export Boom Helps Farms, but Not American Factories

Bracing for Inflation

Christians United for Israel and Attacking Iran

Israel to free long-serving Palestinian prisoners

Military judge: Naalin arrest unfounded

From Australia to Israel, on a footballing peace mission

PNN readers blame PA and Hamas for delayed opening of the Rafah Border Crossing

Israel's Dog in the fight in the Georgian War

Dr. Doom

Obama isn't Going to Save You

Today in labor history August 18 Radio station WEVD, created by the Socialist Party went on the air

International Labor Conference Planned For February In Iraq!

A Spotlight on Pay Equity at the Democratic Convention

The Employee Free Choice Act: A Critical Analysis (Union Buster's Report)

Uribe: "Look at other leaders." (in reference to another presidential bid)

Guatemala appoints Mayan ambassador to indigenous people

Jimmy Carter supports free trade agreement with Colombia

Official talk shit thread for the DU fantasy football league


The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (August 18):An Armenian Man, Indian Youths and Georgian Women

The Stars This Week: "Set a New Course" - August 18 - August 24, 2008

Eclipse tracks over pole/ice melt accelerates

In 2014 Pluto in Capricorn squares natal Saturn

{author Terry} Pratchett criticises drugs ruling (BBC)

Re: a dozen Gardasil Threads

Cervical vaccine trial on babies: report

Hydrogels Provide Scaffolding For Growth Of Bone Cells

Number needed to treat: gardasil

One-Third of Uninsured Are Chronically Ill

Adverse reactions, vaccines and VAERS.

Antibodies still protect 1918 flu survivors

Scientists Discover Major Genetic Cause Of Colorectal Cancer

please......I need your opinions for an entry

The sun is shining briefly, and, yes, I do have flowers. :)

Some pics of urban decay in a nearby city...any feedback?

Pray for sun.

Yes, it's another "Help me pick my picture" thread!

a couple from this morning

Home with a taste of Maui.

Any more on the guy who shot that Democratic party leader?

Man at Center of Gun Lawsuit Registers Revolver

Huge Comet Discovered

Dark Matter is Missing From Cosmic Voids

Saffron rice with apricots and almond

I'm not allowed to go here.

Microwaving chicken after grilling...a dispute...

Iran Launches Satellite For Imam Hazrat Mahdi's Birthday

Please do not ask me to be tolerant or accept Fundamentalists

Cleveland Plain Dealer writer recommends Biden

more background on Georgia trip on Wash Post tonight:

Ambinder on Biden as potential VP (short and funny)

Too funny!

Pirhana is Psychic!

Biden article in NYT

Obama's press release on Pakistan sounded very familiar.

It kinda pisses me off.

biden statement / press release on Pakistan

Sure is more fun

Anyone else see this weekend

Here's a nice snip from the Dallas News --

RCP veep_watch

Has the Biden Brigade become a new mafia???

With all our new 'friends' visiting the JBSG, maybe it's time to re-introduce ourselves

Sibel Edmonds Case: FBI files "formal complaint" with Sunday Times

Jerome Corsi: ..scumbag, fake 911 truther.

NIST Report on WTC 7 - August 21, 2008

I Apologize To All -- I've Found The Evidence That Convinces Me

New HD-32 poll: Juan Garcia up by 10 points over Todd Hunder

Pollster Dilemma: Weighting Demographics in a Change Election - Texas as a Case Study

do I need to uninstall my old adaware before downloading 2008?

Morning all, a quick question. Is there a small "something or

next stupid and embarrassing question

Coleen Rowley's LTE on being a Patriot for RNC

Sen. Coleman: I Wouldn't Go To GOP Convention If It Wasn't In My State

Norm Coleman's DC sleeping arrangements raise more questions--and eyebrows

Dallas schools plan to ease grading standards angers teachers

This crap is on the Rec List? "I met Obama Tonight, and he is no John Kerry"

News story in the Milford newspaper today

Kerry in Worcester

RCMP scrambled after taser airport death, e-mails reveal

Donna Brazile just put...

Yes...there was folk rock in the 80's

The only COMIC book to win a Hugo... it looks like they've NAILED the "Watchmen" film. (trailer)

States Still Struggling With Voting Machines

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 08/18/08

OpEdNews: Rove is Orchestrating a Fix For the 2008 Election

Cameron: 'Punish the Russians for their attack on Georgia by banning them from our shops'

Was a one word answer-- "yes" -- simply too painful, or honest, or "complicated?"

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