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Eugene Robinson, please. The next time Pat Buchanan starts nattering about

God Damn it! do not kiss Fundie ass

This was the cartoon (Obama/Clinton) in this morning's Newspaper

These are some of the most politically cumbersome questions ever asked in a Presidential forum...

Bush's pastor rips McCain, endorses Obama

Please tell me that John McCain is in a soundproof room

I wonder how many time McShame attack Obama?

Official Saddleback Church Political Forum thread.

Obama everywhere in Atlantic City

Official Saddleback Church Political Forum thread #2

Sen. McCain- We know you like puppies a whole lot. Did you like puppies when you were a war hero?

This Warren guy is supposed to be a moderate evangelist?

How about a drinking game for McCain's Hour.. every time he says.....

Now McCaint goes to confession. He says his greatest moral failure was his first marriage.

If McCain were to have a meltdown, it will be tonight. Unless

The questions are not exactly the same

Pssssst--it's only called PANDERING...

Holy Bullshit

Obama threw Clarence Thomas under the bus!

"It took a lot of prayer; It took a lot of prayer"

OK, be honest. We're not watching to see what McCain will say...

McCain sounds like a politician campaigning while Obama sounded like a thoughtful human being

Fuck work.

One hour of "free" exposure. Invited by a person with hundreds of thousands

2 words: My freeeeeeeeeeeends.

McCain's Economic Plan: Ebay.

Obama performing brilliantly! My GOD...

He's making this all about HIM!!!


Heh. I was more excited about the McCain hour than the Obama hour.

9/11, my friends...

I just realized McCain and Bush have a very similar laugh - yech!

Will McCain be wearing an earpiece?

McCain said tonight that he will go to the gates of HELL

gates of hell dupe thread

Official Saddleback Church Political Forum thread #3

Has anybody read The Purpose Driven Life?

John McBush is an ass!

Official McCain Saddleback Church Forum

McCain and his 5 million income before you are taxed

Hey McCain: It was over 200 Marines killed. 220 to be exact.......

Official Saddleback Church Political Forum thread #4

Christ, now he's bringing up Katrina.

Know McCain is knocking teachers..

At the beginning, he was pacing his speech pretty well, but

"California sucks. I like to eat California babies and crap them out all over a Jesus painting."

Cheapest of cheap shots taken by McWeirdo on subject of DNA research.

Official Saddleback Church Political Forum thread #5

Can McCain answer any questions without

Is this going to backfire on McCain? He's so comfortable with his crowd, he's tossing red meat.

McCains economic policy revealed: Lets all be Rich and not pay Taxes

Attempted Coverup of Alleged John McCain Satanic Symbol!


McCain hitting all the redmeat right wing talking points he can!!

Official "My Friends" and "POW" word count thread

CNN has McLame's picture on the home page...ugh....n/t

Now he wants to address Georgia

How many times will McLame mention he was a POW, my friends or the Surge

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears the questions are customed tailored for McCain

Ooh CNN! Pundits in a Box!

I am so glad I am not watching this. But I am having an absolute blast....

"I want to inspire a generation of Americans to serve a cause greater than ourselves" (Gramps)

John McCain's canned answers may impress many......but that is all that they are; canned!

He's trying to make this the McCain Comedy Hour!

Why does McCain keep trying to make his own questions?

i hate to say this, but the person who will benefit the most from tonight's forum...

I'm sorry but this entire thing seems like a set-up to me.

Where was McCains LAPEL FLAG???

c-span taking calls on the forum

He asked for a specific dollar amount!

School Choice is the "civil rights issue of the 21st Century"?

Any woman or Liberal Democrat thinking of voting for McCain should be safely for Obama tonight

McCain Had All of The Questions Beforehand

I didn't watch a single minute of this Saddleback Forum

Caller into CSPAN 1 just called McCain's answers CANNED

Obama looked better from start to finish

John McCain really is turning into gwb*

Official Saddleback Church Political Forum thread #6

McSame couldn't even answer if condoms prevented disease

Not withstanding my other thread, I think this event was a gain for Obama.

Frank Rich: The Candidate We Still Don’t Know

When the MSM starts spinning Democrats as nuanced, they're usually covering for Republican vagueness

A funny, funny thing just occurred on FAUX News

Listening to C-Span Callers (Americans) instead of the Pundits shows that Obama did best.

Haven't we had enough of a President who gets a hard on about invading other countries?

OK so the big question is "were the justices mentioned before

CNN: McCain direct, Obama nuanced.

Obama on CNN live right now

McCain would get rid of every Moderate Judges on the Supreme Court Bench.

A noun, a verb and POW

Funny. The media is hyping up a lot of typical wedge issues right now.

how do we get Mike Malloy or Randi Rhodes to host a forum???

Are the Olympics on MSNBC now?

"Hey guys, I believe in Jesus too"

The straight talk express had a "full tank of gas" tonight...

The MSM is right: John McCain is a "renegade."

The EVIL question - did I hear Warren correctly?

Didn't the "I'd be a pro-life president" answer by McBush scare you?

McPOW said: I have a 25 year pro-life record.

Obama should announce his VP tommorow or Monday

Hundred bucks says mccane had lifts in his shoes

I am very disappointed in Rick Warren

I say we should have another faith forum, only the moderator should be

Fucking Pat Buchannan

Duplicate post.

Sen. McCain, did you put your country first in the Keating matter?

McCain Says No To Choice: 'I Will Be A Pro-Life President'

He is letting McCain go on and on......Yet kept cutting out Obama

Mark Halperin of Time (no Obama fan) gives them both an A-

Obama and Mccain both Ace Saddleback Forum-Mark Halperin gives both A-s

Please, everyone. Chill out.

Obama ended his presidential forum hour strong!

Obama needs to announce his VEEP on Monday.

What a shitty night...

If you want to send you kids to private school go ahead.

McCain knew about a question.....!!!!! The supreme court questions

MSNBC is starting to get video clips up

Perspective - How Would This Have Played Out Before The AFL-CIO?

McCain in Jan. 2002: ‘Next up, Baghdad!’..."would have named Donald a McCain cabinet"

To McCain, "evil" is al Qaeda/bin Laden. His war-mongering colors showed CLEARLY.

Bill Moyers Should Moderate The Next Forum

This forum was a bunch of bullshit! It was about McCain shoring up the evangelical vote! That's it

Just shut the fuck up already, asshole.

Facts and Numbers Re City of Lake Forest and Orange County, CA - Obama Did Pretty Good

MSNBC was counting GOD Jesus and Christian????

So, that went really well. Everyone here that knew this was going to be a mistake raise your hand..


I wonder how the PUMAs feel after witnessing that far-right circle jerk with McCain.

Just me? Or did it seem McCain knew the questions beforehand?

McCain having access to answers before the forum. Tivo help needed.

5 am DHS Wakeup Saturday Raises Issues Beyond Construction Noise

"Nuanced" vs "Direct".

A thousand bucks a seat? DIdn't Jesus say that a fat guy could get through the

From now on, we call McCain and supporters of offshore drilling

Jed needs to make a video of all the military obligations McCain wants us in

TNR: Advantage Obama ; NRO: Obama was relaxed, reflective, polished, and conversational, truer...

The Faith Based Forum Recap (for those like me who didn't watch it)

We're always going to have a problem with the crucial idiot voting block

My Friends............I hope H2O man is watching.

Did McCain indicate a heads-up on the Supreme Court question?

I wish someone would ask McCain why, if Gen Paetreaus is so brilliant and he is going to follow


Media coverage is OBSCENE... WTF are these people SMOKING?

Gallup Daily August 16th: Obama 45, McCain 44

Don't miss the point of the Saddleback fourm

What do you think? Edwards is being trashed now to link him later to Kerry if he is our VP.

The real last two VP choices... which one?

Did Tonight's Faith Forum Provide Footage For Anti-McCain Ads?

Will McSame get a bump above 44% in the Gallup poll from tonight

Is there a way to produce electricity from excessive hand wringing?

I was watching Obama tonite with my Evangelical sister and WE BOTH LOVED OBAMA

Setup the oil rigs in Orange County CA

How Johnny became a Neocon: NY Times on McCain

McCain on abortion in 2000...."a family decision". John McCain...flip flopper.

Work Item #1: Get Obama off of the separate-but-equal anti-gay marriage thing.

concern threads are so thick tonight

The "thoughtful liberal act" does not win presidential elections

If one person learned that McCain is anti-choice and Obama is a Christian

Are those the same bears that Scooter Libby wrote about so eloquently?

What day will we officially know the veep pick?

Is there a repeat of the Warren Faith Forum anywhere? Is it online?

So who's unpatriotic now?? Calling John McCain

Be nice to Grovelbot please?

when Obama names his VP

The Forum tonight: Advantage to Obama

Pastor Rick Warren told CNN on Thursday that he would not -Pastor: Not going to play 'gotcha' with M

Don't underestimate the American people.

Obama did great...

From the first question it's obvious that McCain was fed the questions!

There were a couple of Obama's answers tonight that I wasn't pleased with

Not that it matters, but the subtext of Warren's stem cell question was completely wrong

Obama did exactly what he needed--he was intimate, open, and honest. McStump made almost

Putting the Faith Forum in a realistic Prospective

Obama makes a mistake in the way he frames same sex marriage equality

Sheez, everyone lighten up. Nearly everyone here thinks Obama did fine...

I thought Barack bent McSame over the table and SPANKED him SOUNDLY

Roe v. Wade WILL be overturned

Atrios reminds us that not only was that crowd evangelical...they were rich!

This would make a great Obama Ad

Hillsborough County Florida needs more Obama volunteers - WE NEED YOU!

The FReeper thread about tonight's forum: bring teh popcorn!

What was all the "this is a hard question" part about McCain's answer to going against part

If McCain was in Harry Truman's shoes, we would have invaded China

Tonight's little farce won't matter because:

McCain treated forum as campaign event reprising well worn jokes and stump speech...

The difference between Obama and McCain in a nutshell...Their answers to the abortion question.

CNN- Candy Crowley:" McCain was direct. He seemed to answer questions BEFORE THEY WERE ASKED."

The nx disease, pathogen, to hurt Humanity is US...we are the Poison to ourselves

Obama says help to disadvantaged key

Obama says help to disadvantaged key

NO JOKE! Confronting vs. Defeating EVIL and the Bible! McCain believes he is the 2nd Coming!!!

Does anybody happen to know how last night's audience

Barack Obama's purpose-driven gamble -- and his "home run"

Barack Obama's purpose-driven gamble -- and his "home run"

Good NYT article about Pelosi and Impeachment but

A litmus test for the Presidency

Obama did what he needed to do!

Which candidate will really get the most out of Saddleback?

My Letter to CNN about this Forum - Get your Email addresses where to send yours here!

Rasmussen, 8/17: Obama 44%, McCain 42% (with leaners, Obama 47%, McCain 45%)

after McCain's multiple POW references last night, I am convinced our VP needs to be a vet

Dupe-Delete (thread re: Clark and DNC appearance)

We should be waaaaaaaay ahead, but instead

Crowd Eventually Warmed to Obama at Faith Forum

Some interesting things about Saddleback Church

Horse Sense at Saddleback

Horse Sense at Saddleback

Why McCain's "win" wasn't really a win at the FBF

Alternet's Top 10 Idiocies of the General Election .. So Far

What does Candidate McCain mean by "A Cause Greater Than Self"?

After Taking A Little While Off...

When is John McCain going to be introduced to the American Public?

MSNBC is trashing Obama

Thomas Sowell has raised the self hating art of being an Uncle Tom to a new level

John McCain most admires David Petraeus? What a fucking BS answer

Did this poster at Dkos find the smoking Q&A?

did McCain's anecdote about "the cross in the sand" jive w/his primary ad?

Anyone keepy track of how many times he has said My Friends?

Anyone keepy track of how many times he has said My Friends?

Washington Note: Clark will not be attending DNC.

Senator-Astronauts to Endorse Obama Space Plan

Ohio voting law may benefit Obama supporters (Better than having it benefit the GOP!)

I didn't watch the "Faith Forum", I wasn't the intended audience.

I am sick and fucking tired of hearing about McCain's POW experience

ExxonMobil covering CNN and CBS coverage of...

Wes Clark realized that McCain's reliance on being a POW needed to be diffused.

Thank You To Obama For Causing Christians and Liberals To Reconsider Prejudments

Ukraine offering Soviet-built satellite facility as part of the European missile defence system.

Not one person clapped when Obama said he was against the war in Iraq --

How come his infidelities should be forgotten but his POW Status remembered?

McCain's Strategery

so today is officially the start of

Sirota a makes good case against Bayh for VP

Since we for some reason have to have debates, let's have all of them like the thing last night

Obama reasoning, McCain pandering

Does anybody REALLY believe McCain and Obama are Christians?

Aug. 28 Has Room for Another Milestone (Washington Post)

McCain's false ideas

Senator Obama is the perfect foil/sabre....

Why are people freaking out?

The biggest piece of MSM/Repuke propaganda: Obama should be blowing McCain

McCain - Dishonest On His Greatest Moral Failure - ADULTERY

Mich., Fla. could get full voting rights


McCain Adviser/Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman Silent On Campaign’s Opposition To Net Neutrality»

Barack Obama's Purpose-Driven Gamble

McRoll'd Viral Video

My Take on Obama v. McCain in Religion-Land

LOL, while all this is going on, Michael Phelps was busy winning his 8th 2008 gold medal.

So mccain doesn't intend to raise taxes. Has he stated anywhere

So mccain doesn't intend to raise taxes. Has he stated anywhere

Obama backing away from original social security payroll tax position

He put his hand on the Constitution and swore to uphold the Bible...

Barack Obama's Vice President Short List. Here is the scoop.

McCain, judgment, and a response to the attacks of 9/11

Should the Obama camp do a commercial that shows how McCain has flip flopped on the Religious Right?

Uh-Oh, McCain: Tom Ridge Told Fox Today "GOP Would Accept Abortion Rights VP"

"Are we gonna get back to the issue of Supreme Court justices?"

The election won't be decided on who went first or who got tipped off to the questions.

It's Blue's Turn

I think McLame is going to pick Huckleberry for VP

Demconwatch: GOP won't have a state delegation from Nevada

Well atleast we know that Ridge is out

Anti-Abortion Group - Real Truth About Obama - Seeks Exemption From Election Restrictions

Obama can afford to name his veep at any time.

Did the Obama Campaign Get Snookered Tonight?

RCP now shows McSame up narrowly in 4 0f 6 key battleground states

Don't you just love Wolf Blitzer? He had Richard Lugar on, hoping he would throw Obama under the bus

I won't win cool points for this, but McCain is doing excellent so far, better than Obama

Nutbag GOP powerbrokers plant the idea of pro-choice Ridge as VP,

McCain = authoritarian .... Obama = negotiator

FRANK RICH Rips MSM for McCain Coverage

My friends, can I tell you a story?

Dear Obama: STOP complimenting McBush!!!!

Link to Saddleback transcript

Liberal Pastor Group Ad - No Mention Of McCain, But ABC Says Its An Attack Re McCain's Adultery!

Obama made a good show tonight!

McCain has always been wealthy and privileged but he accuses

McCain labels Bush as author of America's greatest moral failure and other musings on Saddleback

McCain labels Bush as author of America's greatest moral failure and other musings on Saddleback

HEADS UP-Obama giving Town Hall in Nevada at 1pm ET (started 1:35)

McCain's definition for a rich person when it comes to taxes

Jindal stumped when asked to name new ‘big ideas’ that McMyFriends is proposing

Did Obama say anything that'll work the Religious Right up into a froth?


How Do James Dobson and the Other Hate Preachers React To Rick Warren...

Watching "Pastor" Warren and his circus of insanity from an ICU.

Obama may be winning in the polls, but the rabid right wing is winning on another front.

Bayh on Face the Nation sounded VPish

Obama Backers Mobilize in Bid to Wrest NC From Republican Grip

The media is making a big deal about McSame "talking about" his

"the mud hits chicago" this weeks right wing talking point.......


Aside from all his many faults, I COULD NOT BEAR TO LISTEN TO HIS *VOICE* FOR 4 YEARS

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/17/08 - Obama 44, McCain 42 (both up 1)

John McCain thinks that life begins at conception because...

Ben Stein: So, yes, go ahead and raise my taxes

McCain won't be following anyone to the gates of hell

wouldn't it be progressive for the prez. candidates to acknowledge atheists?

Group tied to al-Qaida backs McCain for prez!

Obama's WINNING general election message - what it should be


Blacks and Jews should stay they hell out of the political process...

Gallup: race tied again

Aspen celebrity John McCain: how can he lead when he's always in Aspen?

Obama Disagrees With Nevadan Assailing McCain's Vietnam Service - Contrast with Chimpy in 2004

The Gates of HELL just opened up last night. McCain was the first to enter!

I told my daughter that I found McCain very bellicose last night.

I told my daughter that I found McCain very bellicose last night.

I saw my first Mcsame bumper sticker. Barely.

Is Obama too nice?

"My Freends" is beginning to remind me too much of "My Precious" from Gollum

Speedy McGonzales couldn't wait for the Pastor to finish his questions, so anxious

Does anyone wonder why McCain is polling so close to Obama,

Does anyone wonder why McCain is polling so close to Obama,

Barack in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Monday!

If Karl Rove was a Democrat

Did anyone see the pro-Obama "family" ad being run during last night's forum?

McCain Jokes About His Definition Of The Rich: ‘How About $5 Million?’

Time to remind people of this:

Do DUers have what it takes to be involved in presidential politics?

Ran into a guy yesterday morning with an Obama t-shirt.

Tonight should put one thing to rest regarding "Clinton" supporters

"We Are All Georgians"? Not So Fast

I think the Adoption question was such a obvious set up question for McCain, that was the worst.

Hey Clark Fans, Guess What?

So How Many Other Stories In McCain's Books Are Bullshit? Did He Even Write His Books?

Bayh vs. Timmy "the Tool" on Face the Nation (VIDEO)

What do you think? Edwards is being trashed now to link him later to Kerry if he is our VP.

Clarence Page: Obama vs. the lunatic fringe

How are Polls Weighing Dem Voter Registration and are they Factoring in Turnout?

One thing I wish Obama would have said last nite -

Democrats and national defense.

Today Evan Bayh called on McCain to denounce the anti-Obama smear book

Response to 9/11 Offers Outline of McCain Doctrine

Is Hillary's shindig in Espanola, NM being televised, does anyone know?

Well, I hate to say I told you so....but this Saddleback Church event WAS a trap.

Bayh sounds good on Face the Nation

Biden his time*, Obama's potential VP to Georgia?

Obama Tears Into McCain

Question for church-going DUers: What did other folks at church think of Obama last night?

After Church Obama tears into McCain



Drill Here Drill Now Pay Less Clothing!

Obama accuses anti-abortion opponents of 'lying'

Richardson is going to be VP...know why?

Oh My God! OP-Ed Defends 1st Amendment

my iraqi war veteran (2 tours) cousin

God and Politics

OBAMA PHOTOS - Today & Yesterday

Is there going to be an Atheist/Agnostic forum now?

BREAKING: Scientists discover new species in California

No "cross in the sand" for McCain in 1973

Rocky Mountain News/CBS Poll of Colorado: statistical dead heat between McCain and Obama

After last nights forum, there is no way mccain will choose a VP that is pro-choice

Has McCain ever referred to the Vietnamese as anything other than "The Enemy"?

Chet Edwards, coy on VP prospects, takes lead in attack on McCain record on veterans

The trap for Obama has been sprung on McCain...

Who here thinks it is over for our country if McCain gets elected?

On last night's forum, did you catch the part where McCain came out against unions?

you know regarding Biden and how he possibly dosent fit into the CHANGE theme....

There is no way a Democrat defeats McCain in 2012 if he wins this one...

a conundrum...

Isn't McCain Now Caught Between Iraq and a Hard Roe?

Alternate names for the "mainstream media."

John McCain Invented Wi-Fi

Transcript: You publicly say that you are a follower of Christ. What does that mean to you?

Kaine: "I don't have any illusions about it. . . . I don't think that's likely to happen."

Rumors of a contentious Democratic convention appear to be greatly exaggerated.

Do you guys and gals think anyone watched the "Faith Forum" last night.

Tell me what the Hell kind of "Moral Forum" doesn't ask the Single most important Moral question of

WWJD about abortion?

Saddleback? What's going on?

Evangelical reaction mixed at forum, but McCain gets edge (not good news for McCain)

Is intellectual a dirty word in any other country?

Andrea Mitchell just said McCain probably knew the questions ahead of time.

Realclearpolitics average of battleground state polls

Did anyone catch this lie (uninformed pronouncement?) by Rick Warren?

Order of Preference for VP: Bayh, Biden, Kaine

The rest of the nation isn't thinking about this election anywhere near as deeply as we are.

McCain cites debunked story when describing "evil" last night.

GLBT Pridefest Voter Registration/Volunteer sign up today

McCain gets briefing on Tropical Storm Fay

McCain's "Cross In The Dirt" Story -- Andrew Sullivan finds it curious.


Veep fever is only once each 4 years, often every 8 years.

Why don't they ask the obvious: If Republicans really wanted to overturn

McCain lied about the "cone of silence"!!!

Why is that hack Gregory hosting MTP? What happened to

Why is that hack Gregory hosting MTP? What happened to

Please DU this online poll

Please DU this online poll

Begging for captions....

Here's the real question about McCain's phony POW story:

States where polls should be questioned.

You do realize that the "McCain cheated" charge only strengthens the meme that Obama did poorly

Lieberman: "I loved that thing you did last night."

We have an outstanding nominee. We need to stop second guessing.

The Best Reason Yet Not to Vote in November!

Phelps going for 8 gold medals or 2 guys talking about religion.

Tim Kaine fires back at Karl Rove

OH POLL: Obama and McCain tied at 45. Some disgruntled Hillary supporters not on bandwagon yet.


This Is Obama Angry - on the Illinois abortion bill. (VIDEO)

Any religious DUers have a comparison of Obama's and McCain's answers?

Any religious DUers have a comparison of Obama's and McCain's answers?

Obama Nation is not just a book from Mr. Corsi but part of a smear campaign

Chuck Todd: "Obama may have had more authentic moments but McCain was impressively on message."

We need Biden more than ever now

David Gergen: "the candidate who can connect emotionally to Middle America will have the advantage"

NBC's Andrea Mitchell Floats Idea McCain Cheated

Interesting North Carolina poll numbers from the Charlotte Observer

So the pastor lied?

U.S. Constitution Article VI

On abortion: It's the CRIMINALIZATION, stupid! and Kaine gets it.

The response I wish Obama had sent Rick Warren re his invitation:

Do you picture McCain's top advisors telling him he cannot win

My father was a brilliant man. One of the top appellate lawyers

Dean's on C-Span right now from DemFest last night.

To all the people who are upset about Obama talking to Rick Warren last night

State your guess when the Dem VP will be announced!

"the GOP will lose [Senate] seats this year — the only question is how many."

If Obama Picks Biden, Does It Force McCain to Roll the Dice?

John Lewis is one of three wisest people McCain will rely on if he becomes President.

CNN coverage of Saddleback Forum...

So we now have FORUM-GATE:

Let's limit the thread-starting on this board again

A review of tonight's Faith Forum...Entirely in picture form

Rural Economic Woes May Provide Opening For Obama - (Plus Video)

Link to TRANSCRIPT from 'Saddleback' Appearance tonite:


What is wrong with this picture??

Dear Female Clinton Supporters Who Are Wavering In Their Support of Obama,

Is McCain's POW story for real?

VP Bayh could deliver Indiana

Jerome Corsi is the victim, says FOX

The transcript proves it - McCain knew the questions before they were asked

Obama meets with T. Boone Pickens

Sometimes the truth hurts, folks.

What I don't get about the "Obama is the Anti-Christ" meme.

So, when is the Forum on Science scheduled?

What really happened to Cindy McCain's arm?

You figure McCain's veep will be --

Richardson: Clinton to Pledge Her Delegates to Obama After Vote to Make it Unanimous

Obama meets T. Boone Pickens, billionaire oil investor & funder of '04 'Swift Boat' attacks

If these nuts pray for rain during Obama's Convention speech, then why

Listen to a bit of Pastor Warren's sermon today.

Did McCain Intentionally Plagiarize "Gulag Archipelago"?

Did McCain Intentionally Plagiarize "Gulag Archipelago"?

Why is anyone surprised that Warren lied and McCain cheated ... duh ...

C'Mon George.. get up..........

Biden headed to Georgia

DU Surgeon General's Warning: The Following Drinking Games WILL cause alcohol poisoning

The country of "Georgia" was invented two weeks ago.

Pass it on - GOP rejects Pelosi's energy proposal

As predicted

About McSame at the Rick Warren forum...

"I will Follow him to the Gates of Hell" McCain's Answer to is there evil in the world

Alabama DUers, is this true

To sumarize why Barack Obama wants to be President, TO HELP PEOPLE

Election History - 8/24/04 - Bush/Cheney Lawyer Resigns -Acknowledges Advising Swift Boat Veterans

"I'm a war hero and former POW"

Georgia forced to accept a Russian occupation

Just wanted to mention that apparently Bonnie Raitt is a Scott Kleeb fan.

OK, mccain has made it loud and clear, he will insure Roe V Wade is overturned

***********S*P*O*I*L*E*R**** ********S*P*O*I*L*E*R***** *****S*P*O*I*L*E*R************

You know what we need? A site that live-streams and archives network and cable news off-air feeds.

Isn't it plainly obvious that

Cool Site: Library of congress Flickr site!

McCain's Sniper-Gate: Lifted the 'Cross In the Sand' story from Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

this is great.. critique of 'Obamanation'... 40 pages of debunking.. "Unfit for Publication"


What has happened to US Olympic Boxing?????

If you are proud of Dara Torres REC this post!!!!

McCain's cross in the sand story...PLAGIARIZED

OMG Edwards wearing a Bikini had sex with Phelps during a showing ofTropic Thunder

Propaganda, media manipulation - You just witnessed it in brilliant fashion

On the DU Donation meter above...

Laibach on God: "Yes, we believe in God, but unlike Americans we do not trust him"

Talked to my neighbor who is having guests

"Gross National Happiness"

A little economic good news for the weekend:

Anyone else watching the Saddleback Forum?

"... answering questions before they are asked." -- Candy Crowley, CNN

I hope this audience isn't representative of most of the people, or we are going to lose

It is important to show ads with Bush and McCain as twins

** Phelps about to swim his last race if interested **

LOL, Look at what I found when looking into the McCain's home in La Jolla CA

The BEST Olympics I've ever seen, so far!!!!

Would it kill NBC to ease delay a bit?

Do you believe in Evil?

Did everyone see this about Helen Thomas?

John McCain is no radical conservative .......

TPM: Ted Stevens Talked To Grand Jury Witness: Feds

For the prize today, what chubby blond PNAC'er is my Mom thinking of?

What $100,000 buys... Be careful!

Michael Phelps has redeemed the Phelps brand name

I had duty, and wasn't able to watch the "Debate", but from reading what some of you have posted...

Damn cops and their stun guns killed a man in Florida Saturday

Forces align against Republicans in Senate races

Regarding McCains simplistic remarks about evil...

Body proves Bigfoot no myth, hunters say

CAPTION this Saddlesore Pic!

McDirtball appears set to flip on another topic - Drilling in ANWR...

Poor, beleaguered Russians looting Poti, the Georgian Black Sea port.

Vampires--why are some authors using them as "good" guys?

The difference between us & repubs, they would kill us given the chance.

McCain throws Cindy under the bus

The idiot probably thinks America would care just because we now have a gop governor.

For your pleasure: Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, together. March 1, 1965.

McWar's foreign policy - WJ this morning

Obama to General Wesley Clark: Your Services Not Needed

Russia considering arming its Baltic fleet with nuclear warheads

New Allegations Against Sen. Stevens

Woo hoo! Only 55 more donations to go before The Big Embrace of True Love!!!!

Found this fascinating article on China and the Olympics....

This little Cape Cod town has given two of it's sons this week...............

Justice Dept. Moves Toward Charges Against Contractors in Iraq Shooting

surge update -Car bombing targets Iraq pilgrims

Plain Dealer: In the tank for McCain? and the LTTE in response!

Earning $20/hour - Who do they think they are,... Harvard grads?

All those Gold Medals ...... Go USA!

Holy Crud! Can we put Michael Phelps on the ticket?

U.S. May Ease Police Spy Rules

Our National Park Service sells a book that says the Grand Canyon was created by Noah's flood

South Ossetian people will decide their destiny - OSCE chief

Obama should NEVER have agreed to that christianity forum with Rick Warren...

Mother spent three days trapped with son’s corpse

Really NBC, all 2+ hours of the women's marathon.

YouTube video: Saakashvili reaches for his 'binky' during this stressful time

What is Chris Matthews doing on ABC?

37,000 South Ossetian refugees flee to Russia

"This might be the beginning of the end of the American empire"

Citizen's arrest of Karl Rove

LTTE: Nation does not need Edwards affair hype

I am a Born-Again Christian Obama supporter and lifelong member of the Democratic party--

If you were a independent voter what would you want your presidential candidates talking about?

FT article dances about the issue of ruined testimony in "Face of 911".

So how the FUCK did Five-Plane know about the 'Supreme Court Justice' question before it was asked?

Bush Lied,People Died-Bush Nuke 'Evidence' Known to be Wrong Years Before War-Bush History, 8/17

White Cop Indicted for Tasering an African American Man to Death

Assassin kitty

"Young @ Heart" Worth a watch

TOON: Tom the dancing bug- "Lucky Ducky and the proper stimulus!"

Dear Beth Broderick of the Huffington Post; Regarding Your Letter to Bill Clinton

Ladies 100m Spoiler Alert

cnn shamelessly pimping john mccain this am

Asia Times: Iran gambles over Georgia's crisis

The Tragic Arkansas Shooting and Conservative Hate Speech

San Francisco, the city the Fundies love to hate......

Obama is using Truth and Reason to reach the voters, McBush is not. Thus, he will lose unless

Real estate "remains a basket case"

Poll on Russia Today home page:

When, exactly, does McCain plan on listening to Rep. John Lewis' advice & counsel? LMAO!

Just in time: The Daily Olympics Sap-o-Meter.

Who Pandered to Saddleback the Most?

French president demands Russia comply with truce

A quick question--Anybody got any data on this?

Atrocities in the name of Democracy.

It Has to be Biden

This country may be in danger. Could be losing something we can't afford to lose...

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "What Have You Done??"

The ridiculous "forum on faith"

Cindy McCain vs. Mothers Against Drunk Driving


IRAQ: Students Fail, Like So Much Else

VECO's Bill Allen waiting for 'ax to fall'

Do conservatives really support individual freedom?

Bush trying to create NEW space authority. "Bold Steps" to merge "black and white" space

Help Obama beat McSame on debate poll Link inside

Pat Choate, author of "Dangerous Business" on C-Span

So I'm innocently flipping channels and came upon a CBS news commercial...

Man dies in hot air balloon explosion

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts skipping the Republican party

Uh Oh! Now Obama's "too clever"! Can't have THAT in a President!

McCain cites de-bunked Right WIng Propaganda story on 'evil' question:

If Lenin were alive today, he'd stand in Lafayette Square Park, look to the south and say:

Every reason you can think of not to vote for McCain

Sunday Brunch Coffee & Quotes: Corporatism run amok......

"Loserman is still sore"....campaigning for McCain all over Florida.

BP's troubles in Russia show Big Oil's clout fading

Breaking: Bush and Cheney finally get out of the closet:

Newspaper: Blackwater guards get target letters

Anyone else seeing Republican candidate signs with blue backgrounds?

Lumpy McSame's greatest moral failure, was not his, it was his marriage's.

Hershey's price increase 13% effective immediately. R price increases present day rationing method?

Michele Bachmann Watch, 8/17/08: Remember the Alamo!

English-only Blowhards freaked out by the rise of Spanish-language news.....

The "Monroe Doctrine" doesn't smell any better when copied by others

Concern Raised Over Suspicious Deaths of 24 Bio-Scientists...

What big and new ideas does John McCain actually propose? Republicans are unable to answer.

Snort - a gift for the bigass SUV/truck owner in your life.

History will condemn more than just the lies, killing and treasury drain.

Trivial Pursuit Super Challenge

Trivial Pursuit Super Challenge

Potential Florida Storm Problems


This email and a response. What would you have said?

Jindal stumped when asked to name new ‘big ideas’ that McCain is proposing

Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?

Bush warns Russia from the Pig Farm while Biden goes to Georgia to meet with officials & citizens

dont eat beef.... links>>

Obama sure looks rested

CNN was just showing photos of Georgian refugee camps

Thoughts on the USA's health "care" system

Lieberman renouncing past votes (read: liberal ones), such as voting against Alito

Happy 39th Anniversary Woodstock Music & Arts Festival!!!!

'The Constant Gardener': What the Movie Missed By Sonia Shah

Some are saying Bush is drinking again

*Sigh* I am at a loss for words

Note to admins: Of all the graphics you've used that I've seen, this one is my favorite.

Corsi linked McCain to Al Qaeda-5 months ago!!

Jason Linkins at Huff Post finished off today's column with this rant on Jerome Corsi:

the bloggers seem to be swarming

I will always believe homophobia is a mental illness

Conyers: Ms. Miers’s claim of absolute immunity has no likelihood of success on appeal

Iran puts dummy satellite into space orbit....


Elect me please

Classmate of murderer of Bill Gwatney said he had contempt for Democrats

Bush History,8/17-Bush Lied,People Died-Bush Nuke 'Evidence' Known to be Wrong Years Before War

Dog dies after owners were delayed by police officers

"Confident Russia Determined To Resist American Hegemony By Force If Necessary"

Did I just hear that the Georgian president was at an Italian fat farm when the Russians invaded?

No harm, no foul. Obama ventures into hostile territory

So I guess McCain really did hit it out of the park?

Wonder who Lumpy McSame's Xwife Carol is voting for?

OK, now that the religious "forum" is done, can we have a forum in NOLA??

The Great Crash of 2008, by Mason Gaffney

The Conflict in S. Ossetia: Part of the Bushie Summer Propaganda Offensive?

207 blacks in Missoula; 160 blacks pulled over by Missoula police last year

Pew Survey: Viewers of Colbert and Stewart Score High on News Test (See Who Didn't!)

The movie, "There's Something About Mary" and the election.


No more hugs as Obama tears into McCain

Should a church that advocates voting for a candidate have their tax exemption removed?

"John McCain's president, George W. Bush,"

Albert Speer Jr Helped Design The Beijing Olympics?

Wall Street's Jobless Try Cupcakes, Cheap Haircuts, Maybe Omaha

Death decree against Nobel prize laureate?

If we had national healthcare, we'd know much more about John Mccain

I feel soooooooooooooo much safer now that Bushco has warned Russia. NOT

great Joel Pett cartoon

Can't even sign a bloody Iranian athlete

News Flash Anderson Cooper just discovers there is a genocide going on in Congo

An afternoon with Michael Dukakis--who offers his apologies for Bush and a cool take on Obama

Michael Phelps volunteered to submit to additional rounds of testing done to check for doping

Let's Raise A Toast! Ellen and Portia Get Married

Andrea Mitchell: Possible cheatng by McCain by hearing the questions......

US Navy not headed to the Black Sea after all. Turkey has put the kybash on any entry.

McClatchy: South Ossetian city Russians said was leveled still standing

anyone watching Valerie Plame on 60 Minutes?

Here we go again - gay panic defense in New Orleans

Iran launches first home-produced satellite

Kosher Meatpacker Struggles After Immigration Raid

Could the Russia-Georgia conflict jeopardize U.S. space plans?

Pandering to the fundies just isn't going to help I am afraid

CNN is in Atlanta, right? I keep hearing that Atlanta is a pretty

Sham on YOU!.. (Freepers discover sex on the teevee)

Back when Israel was quelling the Lebanese insurgency...

Alice Vet Can't Get Passport-DHS says birth cert. isn't valid because he was born in a house

The biggest challenge of all - changing minds of the brainwashed

Willie Brown: Colin Powell MIGHT introduce Obama at Dem convention

A Letter To Colin Powell From Ray McGovern: "Out Damn Blot"

Parents Let Kid Drop Out of High School to Focus on Guitar Hero

Warren on CNN: McCain was not at church during Obama's questioning

PHOTOS: Dr. Condolleezzaa Rice visits hospital patients in Georgia

More Republican Senators got VECO $$$$$

A Crisis of Confidence

Northern Island Floods - climate change anyone?

Faye is coming our way...

McCain's "Three Wisest People" are Petreaus, John Lewis & Meg Whitman? Discuss:

Have you ever personally had dealings with the religiously insane?

To those who believe the word 'retard' is just 'a word'.

Are you f'ing KIDDING ME?

From Norman Lear: What the American way means to me

Antiwar Activists Want Table at School Career Day

I Still Don't Miss Tim Russert

I Still Don't Miss Tim Russert

So who's going to win the election? Maybe this will help.

Blackwater guards served target letters.

Is Phelps The Greatest Olympian ever?

U.S. town turned into an open-air prison

If you missed Blll Moyers Journal this week, please take the timel

Govt. likely to quasi-nationalization Fannie and Freddie

mccain on his greatest moral failing: 'the 'failure' of my 1st marriage"

Are Southern Baptist Leaders using Shock Doctrine tactics on their Congregations?

I live in a 2 bedroom townhouse and my latest utility bill (water, electric, garbage)

U.S. envoy with links to Scheunemann informed in advance about Georgian invasion plans

Nero was the Antichrist of the Book of Revelation!

"Obama at Rick Warren's Saddleback Soiree"...( Positive Review of Obama Last Night)

Watching Katie Couric interview Plame tonight, I think I finally figured her out.

"My Friends..."

Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly: Who was the better dancer?

60 Minutes...the story about women being raped in the Congo...

Tropic Thunder is hilarious

"I've got news for John McCain:"

Wind (Turbines) whips up health fears

Is anybody buying into T. Boone Pickins nonsense ?

Should the motto "In God We Trust" be removed from U.S. Currency?

What the bible says about abortion.

I DONT LIKE THIS (Re: saddlebag forum)

CNN Piece Negative on Wind Power - I guess the petro ad dollars were in question.

How McCane Lost the Race Last nite...He trapped himself with a single issue card

Veterans give John McCain a "D," as in David, and Obama a "B+," as in Brother.

Veterans give John McCain a "D," as in David, and Obama a "B+," as in Brother.

How come we don't have counters to the right wing think tanks?

Why Are We Asking Questions like "Does Evil Exist"???

Fred Thompson is McCain's VP pick

There are 1,877 Americans fasting for "holiness in the life of George W. Bush"

When Mc was 31, he was a POW. Obama at 31? Professor of Constitutional Law

What happens when the Russians take Tbilisi?

Do you believe in God?

McCain's Former POW Speaks Out

To the admins: Regarding DU forum software:

I think these 'Fire-safe' cigarette are going to be enough to make me give up smoking

"War Or Car" Blog: For The Cost Of The Iraq War We Could Have Bought Every American A Prius...

Constructive Criticism

I am SO pissed...our local paper published a database on salaries and INCLUDED names ect...

PLEASE DU this poll!

I would NEVER kiss the ass of a religious asshole to advance my career.

Fla Keys visitors evacuated, more to come...What ever happened to the Emergency Prep Forum???

Memo From a Pissed-Off God

Was just watching the Nike commercial on NBC...

Peter Camejo, National & California Green Party Leader Has Terminal Cancer

Women marathoners' navels have been digitally removed in vid feed

Met a little 7-year old home "schooled" boy over the weekend

If you do nothing else today, you should read Frank Rich's Sunday NYT column on candidate McCain.

To all these Beatles threads out there:

I get my news from Keith!

Tonight, I'm a happy vegetarian. Dinner (all from our garden except the onion) was:

Please explain Forkboy to me

Daily Kos: Bobbing for oranges better than Bob Graham: You and what teeth?

Events in the Summer Olympics that would NOT be improved if the athletes competed nude?

Why did God make resistors for men?

"Youtub"? Now THAT site is gonna get a lot of hits!

Greatest contract rider in rock music history

That new Jets quarterback (what's his name?) is playing tonight

Shit, David Zucker's planned right wing political satire wis even worse than I expected

I'm spiking my dark chocolate fudge pudding with wine. Ask me anything!

The Many Uses of Vodka

Here's a simply drink anybody can make

Each decade of the 20th century had at least one signature...

Please Caption This:

Anybody watching the Olympics now. Spoiler

Should I fix the al the MISSPELLINGS in my posts

What will happen when Bush and McCain finally meet? Has this kept you from donating?

Will he do it?

Will he do it?

Is everyone biting their fingernails over this relay coming up?

Cool! Cool! Cool! "Spoiler"

Tell me... who is more pissed off here?

4x100m medley relay thread *spoilers of course*

A little music for a saturday night.


Caldor, Zayre, Ames.

Vegan World Radio sticky poster...


Vote For

There is a thread title that's getting me all hot & bothered just thinking about it.

When Is That Johnny Depp Movie "Public Enemy" Opening?

One thing especially sweet about [Olympics spoiler]...

"T. Boone Pickens thinks water is the new oil—and he's betting $100 million that he's right "

Spoiler- The woman's marathon was amazing...

Why is McCain coping a feel on Dubya, on top of DU?

michael phelps. *spoiler*

China confiscates Bibles from American Christians (4 guys need 300 Bibles?)

Morty and Ferdie. Mickey Mouse's actual NEPHEWS, or Mickey and Minnie's Dirty Little Secret?

I saw some dude reading a book while pitching a tent at the campground.

OMG Edwards wearing a Bikini had sex with Phelps during a showing ofTropic Thunder

Why is God making me drink this delicious cold beer?

Mad props to whoever posted Bug-Eyed Earl..

I have another UTI. It's like the damn thing returns the minute I run out of antibiotics.

Elrond Hubbard has gone to Cape Cod

One of the stickies has a misquote

Are the Chinese Olympic refs "Gay" bashing?

I love late night adult progamming on Skinamax.

I think there are Bics in life.......

I'll buy a thank you sticky to the first DUer who can solve this google challenge.

This is for you!

***Scenes of Summer Photo Contest Finals***

To whoever gave me this star...

For all you Deadheads, this is fucking sweet!

How can I put Grovelbot on Ignore?

Okay, Kali...

Don't Panic

Evidently chickentown

start wearing purple!


This is hillarious!

KUDZU, dammit.

my aunts and uncles all seem to be fading pretty quickly.

This week's Darwin Award goes to....

Please Caption this photo:

I am 1 in 10000 according to this website I found

WTF is up with that weird Chevy Traverse commercial?

Need advice on choosing a host for my website. Any takers? DU has inspired me to start my own place.

Hey countingbluecars

I need advice from whiskey drinkers

Awesome date last night

August 17, 1969 - Jimi's first song at Woodstock

The Young Turks (kitty pics)

The RetroLounge / miss_american_pie Daily Poem Thread (Sun 8/17/2008)


OK.... I am now, officially, having a Really Good Day!

I'm screwn. So to speak.

Events in the Winter Olympics that WOULD be improved if the athletes competed nude?

Aww thanx for the purple shoutout

How many miles would you walk to give someone your seed?

Dumb Laws in North Carolina

I just realized Mercer was right all along

Best gift you gave to your SOW as of now?

John Hiatt

Worse than crack or meth

I was stopped by Maricopa Cty Sheriff's Department 5 minutes ago

So, facebook registered me

Bad Santa is the apex of modern cinema.

Brettie and the Jets...

Post here if you were sophomorically amused by Paula Radcliffe's pee stop.

Wow, Phelps is a freak of nature.

Mr. Writer was NOT a stud last night and this morning.

Ouch-From Russia (Pravda): Mr. Bush, Enough!! Do you hear people laughing at you Mr. Bush?

My mother wants to have a baby shower for me, but I'm not sure I want to invite coworkers

My mom, who is pretty keen on the whole "war on terror" idea, borrowed a couple of books from me...

Butt pads????


The Soup- Brief flash of a cat eating spaghetti during a talk show

Even for the less political among you, PLEASE read this thread in GDP

For your pleasure: Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, together. March 1, 1965.

We're thinking of going to Cuba, any advice?

It's a beautimous Day!!!! Damn hard to believe it is only mid-August

So we are leaving California.....

Ooh! Ohh! Look at all the money I saved at walmart!!!1!!!11!1!!11!!!12

Photo time... post one of you and your pet

Do you have an SO?

I envy those young women who already have their children.

I'm a single 29-year-old with no kids - I'm here to anwer your questions on parenting...

Did you ever want to run away from your own life?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday August 17

So if I told the truth...

People who are on the shitlist for today:

A song for a Sunday Afternoon spent with a special person...

I am ashamed to say this, but I forgive Tom Cruise....

I saw some dude pitching a tent while sleeping in Borders tonight.

You know what I think?!?!?

We attempted a locovore meal tonight

Best gift you gave to your SO as of now?

For your delight and entertainment, at the pinnacle of the American empire (1977):

I think my 90 year old mother is reading the lounge.

How many miles would you walk for the person(s) you love.

The "Destroy Fascism" sticky just reminded of something odd from Friday night...

I have an image on photobucket that I can't find a use for. Any suggestions?

My 72 year old father has joined Facebook

Stupid time for a mental block.

I think we should start seeing other messageboards.

Holy CRAP! This kid is WAY too into grilled cheese sandwiches.

Would someone please shoot me

Social anxiety setting in.

A Brazillian!

Vegetarian Dinner Week at our house!

I just made Chinese steamed buns (stuffed with chicken)

yay me! I got a job!!!

New towels and fluff accretion

I've noticed, over the past few years, that my typing has gotten progressively sloppier.

Usually I'm not a fan of Kobe or LeBron

DU has reached its goal of 1000 donations but...

Female Mountain Bikes

I have been gone for 2 days. Did ya miss me? ( I missed you!)

Ever hear of a play called "Church Basement Ladies"?

Elvis died 31 years ago, not 50 years ago

US Route 6 versus US Route 20

Is wearing suspenders still deemed cool?

Top 5000 surnames in the US

We just set up a tent in the back yard.

I've been drinking since 5 pm this afternoon and my sister has eight kidney stones and needs-


Worst obituary ever written?

The puppies have waged a vendetta against the flower pots.

Has anyone heard from Fox Mulder?

can anybody link to that shit bricks when you see it thread from a couple of days ago?

On a fun, meaningless and perverted note - what rightwinger would you not kick out of your bed...

ya know, the West Wing predicted this whole Russian fiasco

I'm John McCain my friends, ask me anything

So my crazy roommate might actually be moving out!

ok, so i'm trying to decide what city i want to travel to for my 18th in october

Mountain Dew. Not made on a Mountain, contains NO actual "Dew." Class Action Lawsuit?

Why do leftover fries taste so bad?

Vampires--why are some authors using them as "good" guys?

Have you been to Nationals Park?

For your next computer, make sure it comes with this:

Cartoon Network is as bad for cartoons as The Sci-Fi Channel is for science fiction

Finally saw the new Batman movie - wonderful!! But unrealistically bothersome at times. (spoilers)

I am like a magnet for "crazy" this afternoon.

saturday August 16....

Guess who's going to Columbus to see Motorhead september 14th

Send out some good thoughts to the Keys, please!

No Country For Old Men

Post here and I will tell you where you will be exiled

I wouldn't have a problem voting for an atheist president, would you?

More birds....second round

PODCASTERS: Who do you use to host your podcast files?

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Should city shut off water if you can't pay?

Should city shut off water if you can't pay?

Hurricane pics

Have Republicans rendered you clinically depressed?

What are you favorite and least favorite types of lounge threads?

What would you be willing to do to be with your true love?

I dislike the Jonas brothers.

Obama to General Wesley Clark: Your Services Not Needed

Fox cuts off 12-year-old relating Georgian violence

Justice Department may ease domestic spying regulations

Qwest union contract expiration nears, talks go on

Brazilian singer, songwriter Dorival Caymmi dies

7,000 Police Deployed to Secure Kabul (Militants Pose Growing Threat to Capital)

Ney released from halfway house

Welcome to Texas, where men are men and teachers are armed

MI5 links up with gay lobby

BP's troubles in Russia show Big Oil's clout fading

Forecasters: Floridians Should Prepare for Hurricane

Russians 'advancing on Tbilisi'

Tropical storm lashes Cuba, leaves 4 dead (in D.R & Haiti)

Did Washington waste millions on faulty voting machines?

Fred Thompson is McCain's VP pick

Russia: Will begin pullout from Georgia on Monday

Frisco man says HOA won't let him park pickup on driveway

Cops' Treatment of Protesters Will Get Legal Eagle Eyes

US terror victims angered by Libya pact

Head of World Congress of Russian Jewry accuses Georgia of genocide

Germany offers support for Georgia's NATO bid

Deployments Are a Factor in Army's Deficit of Majors

Tropical storm Fay moves on Cuba, Florida on alert

Iran Launches Satellite Carrier

US, allies contemplating action against Russia

Venezuela promises Paraguay "all the oil it needs"

West must understand Russian fears: former British military chief

Activists arrested after Hawaiian palace takeover

Obama @ Saddleback Church -Different Points Of View

Obama at Saddleback: Different points of view

World War III (1982) - First seven minutes of the movie

Ex-Marine Decries Prosecution in Civilian Court (Accused of War Crime)

Russia pledge on Georgia pull-out

Obama @ Saddleback Church -Forgotten the least of us

U.S.' Gates scoffs at Russian warnings to Poland

Obama @ Saddleback Church -Pro-Choice, Not Pro-Abortion

Obama @ Saddleback Church - The Middle Class, Rich & Taxes

McCain @ Saddleback Church - I will be a pro-life president

Russia Today accuses U.S. TV of gagging Georgia war victims

U.S. likely to recapitalize Fannie, Freddie (on taxpayers' dime): report

Grassroots Finance Committee

Crisis of Confidence (Jimmy Carter 1979)

Pretend You Give A Shit About The Election

I'm Dick Cheney, I ain't never goin away

Paul Weyrich - "I don't want everybody to vote"

McCain @ Saddleback Church - My Greatest Moral Failure

Russell Means Freedom

Fluxview, USA in 60 Seconds

McCain/Obama Town Hall Meeting

AF General connected with B52 Nukes suicide

Obama says help to disadvantaged key

TheRealNews: Russian General discusses Poland missile deal

Mitch Mcconnell Supports George Bush

Turkish warplanes 'bomb PKK base'

Justice Dept. Moves Toward Charges Against Contractors in Iraq Shooting(Blackwater)


Sleepwalker McCain

McCain vs Google - How Tech-Savvy Should a President Be?

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili Eats His Tie

Kids Village Attacked by Police @ National Rainbow Gathering


Barack Obama: Reno, NV Event

Russia-Georgia Conflict A Two-Sided Descent Into Full-Scale War

Cynthia McKinney Green Party Presidential candidate - Africa

The Headzup/ GoLeft Week In Cartoons

BREAKING - Tropical Storm Fay: All yachts over 500 tons could be required to leave Port Key West

DANA PERINO: 'Not Cut Out For Hard Hitting Journalism'

McCain Defines Rich as Making $5 Million a Year??

McCain: 'I Will Be A Pro-Life President'

TYT: Fox & Friends Shocked By The 'M' Word (Ear-Muff The Kids?)

Guess Who's Got a Crush on Obama?

Obama Meets With 'Swift Boats' Bankroller T. Boone Pickens

"MY FRIENDS" McCainism is McPainful!

China confiscates Bibles from American Christians

Sir No Sir The GI Revolt part 1/5

Rice warned Georgian President in JULY not to provoke Russia.

Obama @ Saddleback Church -Defines Marriage

Make Me Your VP

Earthen dam breaks near Grand Canyon after heavy rain; hundreds being evacuated

McCain's Suspicious 'Cross In The Sand' TV Ad from Last Christmas

Phelps Wins 8th Gold Medal, Breaks Tie with Spitz

Rick Steves Seattle HEMPFEST August 16, 2008

Barack Obama Saddleback Presidential Forum pt.1

US Senator Biden to visit Georgia for crisis talks

94 seconds of Gov. Tim Kaine slapping the dough out of Karl Rove

Obama & Biden 08

Sharing Stage, Obama and McCain Split on Abortion

Vladimir Putin's mastery checkmates the West

The masking of a jealous boring politician

Mr. Ng’s Death

Drilling lies into voters' heads

Independent UK: Musharraf will not go gentle into that golf course

Guardian UK: Give me a randy politician any time - as long as he cuts inflation

California budget compromise takes from the poor, gives to the rich

The New York Times covers for US role in Georgia crisis

Lawmaker Calls on Pentagon to Explain Promotion of Threat-Wielding Recruiter

John McCain's Party of Hate

Bank seizures of US homes reach record high


Frank Rich: The Candidate We Still Don’t Know

60 Minutes interviews Valerie Plame Wilson tonight.

Money: The root of all evil?

Antiwar Activists Want Table at School Career Day

Frank! As A Former Pro-Life Leader How Dare You Support Pro-Choice Obama?

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, August 17 – Obama 306, McCain 232

Debunking three 'truths' about offshore drilling (WaPo) RW loves this op/ed

Small town Iowa struggles after immigration raid

The Plot Against Liberal America by by Thomas Frank

The Why-Haven’t-You Impeached-the-President Tour

Cyber attack preceded Georga invasion

Don’t Forget Yugoslavia By John Pilger

Researchers hunt for energy in strange places

Woohoo! Oil Majors brought to their knees!

NREL Solar Cell Sets World Efficiency Record at 40.8 Percent

Scientists learn from nature to split water

France Reaffirms Its Faith in Future of Nuclear Power

They Are Still Dying From Radiation Poisoning BUT Navajo's Request For Uranium Cleanup Ignored

65 oil is coming (maybe)

If you get a chance to see Save Me, you should

I just watched Dear Jesse

Ellen and Portia Tie the Knot

Anyone else ticked off by this?

John Russell Democrat for Congress Addresses The American Legion Post of Citrus County Florida

A Historical Look at a Chicago Bank in the 1850's

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/17/08

Builders hit by credit crunch as banks tighten cash flow.

Mofaz: Livni is inexperienced, Barak failed as a leader

Jews and Arabs strive for 'sulha' in Latrun

Defense officials seek to forcefully block boats protesting Gaza seige

The buck may be turning into a bull. (no, this is not The Onion)

This Is A Tsunami, And It’s Getting Worse

Manufacturer faces labor tiff, pending sale: Lincoln Foodservice Products

Can a Bumper Sticker Get You Bumped? NLRB's General Counsel Issues Guidelines on Political Advocacy

Trash can bomb kills 7 at Colombia fair

Bolivia to Open 3 Universities Teaching in Indigenous Languages

Sunday's Bolivia vote shows fascist rebellion to be confined to one city!

Why have I never heard of this Forsett character? (Seahwks, RB)

Eighth wonder of the world

Reiki or other healing energy please

Karen Kingston and space clearing

Weekly Healing Project #3 | August 17 - 23: Healing for Healthy Self-Worth

Gardasil: Testing on men 18-26 but we were told that girls must be vaccinated before sexually active

You know, I am confused by the anti-vaccine types.

Some pictures from last week

*Summer Contest Finals are up in GD*

Having some trouble resizing my photo

pictures from the skys!

Storm Pictures from Chicago Area (6 pics inside)

Pictures from Krk, Croatia

In the spirit of the Olympics...

Using "the war on Terra" to ban private gun sales

Resistant Prions: Can They Be Transmitted By Environment As Well As Direct Contact?

Even Cancer Cells Follow The Laws Of Evolution

3 controversial maps

Do subatomic particles have free will?

What do y'all think of what I saw at the grocery store today

Sunday Brunch, with thanks to hippywife

Nice surprise in the fridge this morning.

The Invention of the Devil (Franz Kafka)

Finding the Sacred: A parable

Watching "Pastor" Warren and his circus of insanity from an ICU.

No 'Mark Of The Beast' Licenses For WV Christian Group

I am NOT "saved" nor do I want to be.

Are you watching this shit????!

You guys - the Saddleback Church forum is on now --

another news bit on Biden's travel schedule

Here's what the IAFF site says about Biden's speech.

Biden to Georgia featured on Huff Post

Where's 48???? nt

What they're saying at KOS about Biden as vp:

Anyone remember the article about Biden doodling houses

Waaaah! I can't find video of Joe at the IAFF convention anywhere!

9/11 Truth: The Anthrax Attacks

AF General connected with B52 Nukes suicide

9/11 Truth: The Military Tribunals

911 Synchronized Live News Broadcasts

Any Houstonites visit the new Discovery Green park downtown?

San Francisco Donates 276 Recycling Bins To Houston

Frisco man says HOA won't let him park pickup on driveway

"This is 100% made by me" (Technoporn caution)

AVG "bin file missing" problem tonight

my wife has lots of Audio Cassettes she wants to put on CD's & Mp3...howdoyadothat..??

does anybody have/or have experience with voice programs like Dragon9, i lost my left hand and i am

I'm having serious slow data transfer problems, would removing the RAID1 and use HD2 as a separate

Bachmann at the Alamo

Don't Listen to Norm & Brodkorb.... The GOP Supports Rep. Mark Olson

Has anyone seen any polls between Al and normie lately???

Pawlenty is as good as it gets.

OT sort of, NYT's Frank Rich mentions JK ...

Breathe... DUJK Group, breathe...

OT: Obama meets Pickens. This had to happen. It's done

SysTest Labs under Fire For Shoddy Methods & Collusion with Vendors

dKos - "Voter fraud" = "we will suppress the vote"

Two and a half minutes to vote?

When Ballot Access Goes AWOL

According to local TV news tonight: Obama ads in FL; $85 billion; McCain ads; $0...WHY?

Paul Rieckhoff: Voter Drives Aren't Partisan

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Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, August 17, 2008

MI5 links up with gay lobby

Sac Bee Bill Durston right up.

Excuse me?