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A Critical Week Is Coming Up for Obama

I look forward to the debate coming up

McCain: ‘I Have Not Missed Any Crucial Vote’ On Energy Legislation»

Rachels on countdown now.

Two shady international situation involving Grampa: Columbia starring McRambo

For safety reasons

John McCain Can't Handle the Truth: Taxes, Troops, and Clean Energy

PAC touts Obama's faith in new ad

Deployed troops give 6X more $ to Obama than McCain

According to David Shuster, Rick Warren will ask McCain about his first marriage!

Sign While You Still Can (

General Clark on today's CNN-Situation room;

Does Obama have to announce his July fundraising numbers

O'REILLY: "We can,"ROVE: "We can. We can," O'REILLY: "Thank you, thank you," ROVE: "Yes..... Distorting the DHL Deal

Voting machines: Yer doing it wrong

A little different poll: What are Sen. Obama's actual odds of becoming POTUS on 1/20/09

Sunday Talk Shows - Guests

This is one lottery I might actually enter into...

Candidates gain on average 5% bump from VP announcement (Gallup)

C-SPANners, Corsi will be on WJ tomorrow morning - you know what to do

Are these photos of Jerome Corsi?

No VP hopeful is as popular as Warner

McCrypt campaign hits Dean comment - "in the white, uh, excuse me, in the Republican Party"

Has it been made official yet? We're waiting...

PUMA is not the only one working hard for HRC---LaRouche won't leave me alone..

Gov. Ed Rendell Thinks Fox Is the "Fairest" of Them All

the Corsi/plagarism/underage trasvestite hooker story now has TWO sources.

It just keeps getting better.

Probably been stated before...

Obama's southern strategy omits Arkansas - so far

In bad taste: John McCain's ten worst jokes

WP, Eugene Robinson: Obama Faces The Smear Machine; "Here come the goons..."

Fashion Designers Hope to Stitch Up an Obama Win

Maybe Obama is waiting for DU to get 1000 donations before VP announcement.

religious america may find mccain repugnant

self delete

On what day will Obama announce his VP pick?

VetVoice: McCain's Elitist Response to Military Donor Story

Obama has got to bring this up eventually

Publicity photo of Jerome Corsi

What scandal will be the most damaging in Jerome Corsi's new autobiography?

Dick Gephardt is the one Democrat most responsible for the Iraq War

Where can I find Obama's schedule?

who put the Obamas on my Car and Driver magazine?

McShame and his wife's topless contest

Registered a 76 year old Republican lady today...

I think the general's sudden and "supposed" trip to Milan was just to throw us off track....

Edwards Affair - Another target of the GOP Slime Machine: Meet A.P. Reporter David Scott & Crew

What Would Obama Do?

A Poll For African-American DUers

Truth Fights Back Alert - Call Jerome Corsi on C-Span Tomorrow! (Sat. 8/16 8:30 am ET to 9:15 E)

I need cheering up-It's hard not to be depressed about the chances for an Obama win right now

how do you get tickets to the debates?

All things considered, can we all agree that the worst VP race in history...

False e-mails biased against Obama

Anyone from Arkansas?

Tarred by Scandal, Republicans May Be Losing Alaska

self-delete - double post - Call Jerome Corsi LIVE on C-SPAN Washington Journal 8:30 a.m.

The Importance of Obama and McCain at Saddleback Church This Weekend

Election History 2004 - 10/11/04 - Sinclair Broadcasting Orders Stations To Air Anti-Kerry Film

McCain Email

Corsi's first job involved trying to prevent historic win by black politician

What the hell? Coworker says Obama isn't the right kind of black.

Obama Campaign Angered by McCain's 'Sense of Humor' Comment

Senator Obama's brilliant choice for Vice President

100 points will be awarded for the correct prediction of the Obama's VP nominee

Corsi is coming up on CSPAN

How to hand Corsi his ass, Obama style...

FYI: CSPAN is giving Jerome Corsi 45 minutes this morning. Media Matters rep after that.

Tonight's debate(?)

Jenna Bush Wedding Pastor Rips McCain

Rep.: Half of House Dems may vote Hillary at DNC

The Real Reason McCain’s Age Might Matter

McCain’s water remarks spark fire (McCain's comment on Colorado River pact)

Shocking new evidence that Jerome Corsi plagiarized his book from his underage transvestite hooker!

Vice President ..... Obama is now looking at a small but very deep pool.

Media Matters: Media denounce Corsi's anti-Obama book

Dems Feeling Unintended Consequences of Foreign Oil Rhetoric

Has Jerome Corsi denied the allegations

Important--if you're awake right now--do this! (quick!)

John McCain's Divorce Led to a Lawsuit

Are there any new details about the investigation of Jerome Corsi for beating his wife?

This Time the Press Does Not Wait to Hit a Swiftboater's Claims

Latest smear against Obama an abomination

I can't believe it's just butter (McCain). Do you really think Cheney is going to

Updated with a bookmark link ... Guerrilla warfare against the new swift boat book. One small step!

There is a book about Jerome R. Corsi Ph.D. by someone named "Obama Nation" ???

Troops Fed Up with the Bush and the GOP? They are Turning to Obama Big Time - Bush History, 8/16

Mitt Happens: "Conservatives move against Romney as VP pick"

Does anyone know who is vetting McCrabby's VP? We know about

Here's why I DON'T think it will be Wes Clark--flame away!

The right looks like they are going to make this a very bloody affair over the issues.

Is There An "Anti-McCain" Biography/Bestseller Slated For Release Soon?

Clinton to appear with Obama in Espanola NM on Sunday (El Paso Times)

Fashion Designers Hope to Stitch Up an Obama Win - ready to roll out an Obama clothing line.

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/16/08 - Obama 43, McCain 41 (Obama down 1)

Electing a President in the Post-American World.

VP Round-up (both sides)

My trip through Northern Pink States East to West

Obama left lasting impression on one-day boss

Not only did Obama crush McCrypt in July fundraising, the DNC outraised RNC, first time since 2004

Bill Moyers For V.P.!!

Do you think this election will change a lot after the convention?

LATE BREAKING: Mark Halperin: "Could it be her???" (Hillary)

Hey Crash! re War for Georgia > How many of these have state of the art Nuclear Bomb Shelters?

Themes for Today's Forum: Leadership (Character), Competence, Experience, Stewardship

Organizing for Obama in Western Wisconsin

DNC raises $28 million in July

Broder: Obama's Well-Oiled Machine

I just had a concern about being sure I will be able to vote

McBucks Up To $1 Billion

Four of CNN's 5 new "top political reporters and commentators" don't span OUR side of the spectrum

How would Obama handle Russia?

Why I am OK with the "Faith Forum"

Allies Ask Obama to Make ‘Hope’ More Specific: Party leaders in battleground states see tough fight

Dick Gephardt? Better throw him into the mix.

AP: Obama's Hillbilly Half-Brother Threatening To Derail Campaign

Black Liberation Theology is no more anti-American...

PLEASE watch this video!

Obama Campaign Raises Over $51 Million In July

About the questions that will be asked tonight at Saddleback Church..

Bush/Cheney/Rove & McCain seek to maintain power-by keeping nation in a cycle of hate & resentment

What did Pa. really think of Tom Ridge when he was Governor?

Obama's Well-Oiled Machine

I know a politician's personal life is his or her personal business, but

Obama, McCain make first appearance together tonight

McCain is the best thing that ever happened to America.

Candidates Face Three Critical Weeks: "Concentrated dose of potentially campaign-altering events"

I just called Wes Clark's office, really -- and...

Draft-dodging Corsi caught burning the Flag of the USA while

Can Mr. Corsi PROVE he wasn't humping that crack whore in the backseat of his SUV last Sat.?

For the week of August 4-10 Obama gained ground everywhere but the South, per Gallup

Pastors' ad praises Obama for standing by his family (unlike some candidates?)

JoeTrippi ... this movement spells disaster for the Republican party long term.

Some Clinton backers blowing smoke on delegate count

HOW do you think Obama will announce his VP?

Conservative on Corsi: "Embarassing for Republicans"

Can Hillary's Name Be Put in Nomination for VP at the Convention?

Obama raises $51 million in July

Hottest Intrade picks for VP now: Kerry and Gephardt

As McCain hides behind Corsi's lies, should Obama challenge McCain to DEBATE their personal lives?

Dreyfuss, The Nation...McCain is the anti-christ...

Anyone else worried about tonight's faith panel being a TRAP?

The new Secretary of State for Ohio Rocks! (Can she sue Kenneth J. Blackwell?)

Want to tell Corsi what a lying fuck he is?

I hope Obama doesn't announce his running mate 'til the Convention...

McCain's False Tax Attacks

Prediction: Bill Clinton will give Obama a big and enthusiastic endorsement at convention speech

Have any of the body surfing pics of Obama been on the corporate news?

Obama’s Hawaii ("solidly middle class")

DNC raises $28 million in July

Jerome Corsi is going to be on C-SPAN's Washington Journal tomorrow morning

It is human nature to overestimate the other party's disunity

Jerome Corsi has sex with horses.

Mark Warner question for you Virginians out there

I am so excited I can barely stand it! I have been invited....

Amazing and Fun post from November 3, 2004:

Video: Corsi owned by Media Matters

I know this is Obama's campaign BUT I'm not sure he knows how to win.

I hate to say this, but I think it's gonna be...

Presidential Tech Policies: Embrace The People Versus Ignore Them

Instruction Manual for Blowing a Swiftboat Out of the Water (You too can help!)

I think The Dunce is a dunce because he’s a dunce. Just watch him babble without a script.

Senator Obama leaves the entire national stage for a week so that McCain can accomplish this

So, Obama speaks first tonight at Saddleback Church.

McCain Backer takes on Howard Dean over 'white' remark

McLame and his millions!

Wes Clark: Wednesday night I'm scheduled to be at a dinner in Milan, Italy.

Video: 'Obama the Antichrist?' CNN actually asks

Election History - 9-17-04 - RNC Distributes Flyers Claiming Liberals Will Ban Bible

I was informed yesterday that Glenn Beck has proven Obama is a Communist...

Do you think Obama would have gone on vacation if he didn't have VP

If Obama doesn't let every single Democrat speak at the convention, I'm going to be OUTRAGED!

If Obama doesn't let every single Democrat speak at the convention, I'm going to be OUTRAGED!

McCain finds Corsi hatchet-job funny, then backpedals

VP pick for Obama, does,,

Rasmussen, 8/16: Obama 43%, McCain 41% (with leaners, Obama 46%, McCain 45%)

Any more news on the possible Corsi indictment for domestic abuse?

BBQ for Change

Approval Ratings: The Public v. McCain

$2000 for a ticket

McCain and His Mother Don't Recall Old Lawsuits, Against 1st Wife, Carol

What night of the Convention is the Roll Call Vote?

Is it just me?

Remember the people here who were screaming that Hillary would "take it to the convention?"

Andrew McCain personally lobbies to stop Mothers Against Drunk Driving

McCain Gets a Bye from FEC Lawyers

From ObamaActionWire: Debunking McCain's lies about Obama regarding taxes.

McCain Snubs ManHunt Founder

Anyone watching MSNBC? They're having their weekday schedule on right now. Shuster is hosting RTWH

So are they going to have a meter that shows who loves Jesus the most on Rick Warren's religion

Should Barack punch McCrypt in the chops tonight when they meet on stage?

I need a picture of John McCain with a big price tag hanging off of him

Obama gets the first hour tonight... Exact same questions for McGaffe. So....

Today's daily Gallup tracking numbers are ... unknown

Jerome Corsi Ties McCain to Terrorist Groups (really)

Fundie meltdown of the week: Michigan Huck for Veep supporters

The extreme-right way to make a buck - Corsi product of publishing industry that feeds off extremism

Finish This Sentence Please: If A Dem Is A Speaker At Denver, It Means . . .

So when is the *PUKE* faith forum tonight?

Conservative Heritage Foundation Praises Obama`s Tax Plan

Heard this Exchange on Fox News Earlier...

Why not Richardson?

If you are a "True" Christian.......

Rick Warren Just Said "Money Shot"

Got a call from my friends out West, who are GOP Christians who are NOW terrified of Obama

I've never encountered a "McCain Supporter". Have you?

Is it time for an 80's "Cold War" movie night?

McCain up by 20% among White Men, but tied among White Women

New Gallup today Obama 45 McCain 44

John McCain's Technology Platform

Tonight's the Night

Jerome Corsi eats at the Olive Garden

BREAKING: McCain To Advertise During Democratic Convention! *Breaks With Accepted Tradition*

Can We Get Some Squirrels To Clear Out The (Left )Wing Nuts?

Will You Be Surprised If Obama Picks Wes Clark As His VP?

Here we go again with these phony,fake,hypocritical...

Barack Wants Us to Raise $1000 each. Join the GFC!

Hawaiian Vacation Reveals Importance of Family, Friends to Obama (CBS News)

Hawaiian Vacation Reveals Importance of Family, Friends to Obama (CBS News)

BREAKING NEWS: Jerome Corsi caught on To Catch a Predator.

Any Democrat whose confidence in Obama is contingent on what happens to Hillary

Jerome Corsi rapes underage male goats!!!

The Imperial Presidency - Change? It's NOT going to happen. (Moyers interview)

WOW!Check Out Obama`s Front Page!!!

Here it starts - Democrats starting to criticize Obama and his campaign.

Why I think Obama will not do Townhall with McBush....

Is Bayh being considered for Veep just because he's boring? has blocked me from rating or commenting on reviews

The real presumptuous candidate - Rachel in for KO n/t

Edwards should say, "I had an affair, but so did John McCain."

Foreign Policy and BI-partisan Agendas


Oh, please, Please, PLEASE, Tell Me There Is...

YouTube video claims 9-year-old at US prison in Iraq

We license the wroooooooong things! Glad somebody's watching this though!

Georgian, US troops start military exercise amid escalating tensions with Russia


WP: Biden to Make Own Journey to Georgia

What is the name for ...

California's DNC delegates may be prohibited from attending convention

August 15, 2008: Bill Moyer's Journal: Andrew J. Bacevich

This just ain't my day.

How to Make Mud Cookies (Haiti)

Andrew Bacevich, The Lessons of Endless War ... Bill Moyer's guest tonight on PBS

There was a video posted on here about McCain

Anyone have the lowdown how Corsi dodged the draft during Vietnam?

Bill Moyers Journal tonight: 'U.S. Imperial Presidency' with Andrew J. Bacevich

NEW RULES: Before you post on the Russia/Georgia situation, you must EDUCATE yourself.

Is John Edwards' former aide covering for him?

Obama, McCain To Be Interrogated By Goateed Evangelist In Megachurch Isolation Booths

I will donate $2000 to the Obama campaign if

Invesco field was planned so that true Obama supporters could see the speech.

Canada is the USA's perpetual best friend.....

I'm concerned, people. Extremely concerned. About John MCain.

Guardian UK: 'US must share power in new world'

Phelps is up NOW on the east coast.,

US Senator Tim Johnson was in McLauglin, SD yesterday

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Best of Malloy tonight

Jerome Corsi is on Washington Journal Sat. morning -call in!

I'm curious about Nathaniel C. Wall, mentioned in the gray sticky above...

Have Clinton be the first person to vote

Hey all you FOX News diehards, check this out. MUST SEE

Bhutto Protegee Tackles Sex Harassment in Pakistan

Are bu$h And CONdi Still An Item?

Jerome Corsi has a huge collection of child pornography.

The Crime of Aggressive War

Let's talk some more about "holding cells" for protestors at the DNC

460 rebels and 22 soldiers killed on Pakistan's border with Afghanistan

Fundie pretzel logic: More abortions means safe-sex message is failing, thus Abstinence works!

loving - right now watching the sync diving

Has ANYTHING been found out about the guy who shot Bill Gwatney?

Jerome Corsi an avowed disciple of Aleister Crowley occultist and Satanist

Impeachable Crimes Summation

The Crime of Torture

California unemployment hits 7.3%., job losses accelerating.

Dana Torres..classy as well as amazing..

I owe the forum an apology.

Melting Trees? This is a really bad idea...

Joe Lieberman, Traitor or Just Misguided?

Do you think Jim Adkisson and "j adkisson" are the same person?

Peggy Noonan: These Candidates Suck Because I Can’t Tell Where They’re From

Google Is Your Friend When It Comes To The Corsi Threads

Do You Think Wes Clark Will Be Obama's Vice President?

Is it possible to be so far to the Left that you're on the Right?

War and Peace

Bill Would End Ban on Photos of Returning Military Dead

Don't they know he owns the largest wind farm in the world?

Should airline flights initiate an alcohol-free policy?

Wow, look at this email I got...

Wrangler features sexydead models

Dara Torres - a real Olympian (spoiler, I think)

Turkish prez says US must share power in 'new world order'

The swimsuit that takes 30 minutes to put on. $550 for 6 wears,fits like a corset

Speaking of the Mr. Rogers sticky, someone told me...

A bunch of criminals and a John McCain fundraiser . . .

CSpin this morning WJ - Russia v the US - new cold war?

The Donald does something very nice..

Obama: $51 million in July

Tropical Storm Fay this morning -still moving West

"Why won't America and NATO help us?

Convention Speakers/Schedule and What I Deduce From It

At last FOX news tells the truth

Could It Be Huckabee? One Theory of the Bill Gwatney Assassination

Could It Be Huckabee? One Theory of the Bill Gwatney Assassination

Man claims to have corpse of bin Laden in deep freeze.

Human Rights Watch accused of "willful ignorance" of Georgian atrocities

So I turn on CNN- Anderson Cooper and what do I see?

Jerome Corsi coming up on CSPAN1/Wash.Journal, 7:30amCT. nt

The Bush Files: (at Ron

The Bush Files: (at Ron

Case NOT Closed ---- Anthrax terrorist

The Crime of Murder


It's not over for faithful manservant Tattoo: "Gonzales, DOJ Officials Sued By Attorneys"

Human Rights Watch: Russia using cluster bombs in Georgia (not Ossetia)

Chimpers & Co. pushing for expanded Domestic Spying by local law enforcement.

Gay marriage opponents seek to reverse new law

Ohio's Election Stolen Again? State May Face 600K Voter Purge in Coming Weeks

Bush Radio: Russia's damaged relations with U.S., Europe, and "restoring its place in the world"

Changing appearance with plastic surgery.

Obama to General Wesley Clark: Your Services Not Needed (Steve Clemons, HuffPo)

U.S. May Ease Police Spy Rules

YouTube video claims 9-year-old at US prison in Iraq

is it possible Corsi is a Hillary supporter?

Georgians still hoping that U.S. military will arrive

Bush Says "Support the Troops" While He Sends them to War Unarmored - Bush History, 8/16

hard rain closes part of Trans Canada highway - evacuations

Crist to loosen pesky regulations that are blocking construction and development.

"We're Back In The Cold War Because Of Reckless Driving By Clinton And By Bush"

The Patriot Act Did Not Go Far Enough-Bushco Revises Spying To Include ALL Americans

Texas School District Allows Teachers to Carry Guns

"more than twice the amount of water in the entire Colorado River."

The best sand art I have ever seen!

Photo: Metamorphosis of a Smirk...the 2008 smirk has more sneer, less cheer

Surprise, surPRISE!!! Right Wing Rag Plain Dealer gives Corsi free publicity for his "book".

Convicted sex offenders challenge Nevada laws that lump them together, publicize their names

Michael Ledeen Leaves AEI

Edwards may be in trouble over payments to Hunter.

Voting Machines (toon)


AP: Forces align against Republicans in Senate races

Russia-Asia cooperation a nightmare for US hawks

So long, George! Thanks for the memories.

Obama campaign brought in $51 million in July

The Imperial Presidency?

Aljazeera repeatedly presents General Petraus while saying, pertaining to Iraq, the only thing that

It's ALWAYS about the oil with this bunch . . . McCain plays the oil fear card

I could be wrong but isn't the swimmer guy on the stickies a republican?

New York City Ponders Possibly Catastrophic Climate Changes

In empty House, GOP engages in political theater

Portal to mythical Mayan underworld found in Mexico

Dishonest Hypocrite O'Reilly Sells Foreign Made Factor Gear

The Top 5 Senate Vulnerables, Revisited and Revised

“With all due respect, Sam,” said Obama, “this is my house, too.”

Fore!! Grand Oil Party’s Hypocrisy on Gas Prices Exposed

The news you didn’t read: people with serious mental illnesses are committing fewer murders

DU on the radio 2-3 pm 1580 WVKO

Is there any way to find out if you are on the harassment list

Is there an archive of Mike Malloy doing "1984" online?

Alan Greenspan recommends wiping out the middle class.

Suggested Uniforms for Schools That Allow Teachers to Carry Guns

I Heart McCain

Bush Takes His Own Myspace Pic

Is $$ donated to the campaign NOW able to be spent for the GE,

I can't believe those sheep that act as "our press corp" still file

You know what everyone needs right now?

Lance Armstrong's Austin home used 330,000 gallons of water in July

How do I delete "MyIdentiytyDefender?" Tried to search for

Jerome Corsi of "Swiftboaters" fame guilty of domestic violence!

Saakashvili thrown under the bus:

Imagine if Russia destroyed Georgia's infrastructure

I may live to regret this - Thomas Paine video.

So ..... did alleged pedophiliac Jerome Corsi mind his manners on teevee this morning?

We are all terrorists now...

For those of you unhappy with "Obama Nation"...

Proposed 25% porn tax in California has been defeated

Did Washington waste millions on faulty voting machines?

Official Phelps Finish Photos: Sorry, Not Available

Alberto Gonzales, defendant?

Wesley Clark's Foreign Policy Advice: 'Get it stopped.'

If John Edwards had Groped that lady and been a republican...

McLaughlin Group and Monica Crowley. Ugh! But Obama's

What time is Phelps' 8th event tonight? Can't find it.

Shut Your Mouth Pelosi

New poll shows the impact of the working man

"Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century"

it's who they are...that's the problem

Fat Pig Limbaugh on Michael Phelps. Video

Track and Field on NBC Now EDT..........n/t

Bear attacks inside Anchorage have people on edge

Girl, 12, Tells the Truth about Georgia, Fox News Interrupts With Commercial Break

Did anyone see the "semifinal" round of darts at the Olympics?

Cable news viewers by Party. Not what I was expecting to see.

McCain and his mother don't recall old lawsuits

Just as an aside, anybody else here remember those ancient times when

The WH was panicked after 9/11?

You're President. Just got back from the Olympics. What's next? Your "August Vacation," of course!

Where Can We Read The Georgia-Russia Cease Fire Agreement?

The Map With Only 38 States

Bam-budda-bom, badangadangang, adingadangdong blue sticky...

Dear Big Board DUer with the dark blue sticky:

President may resign within days to avoid impeachment!!

Why is NBC showing Basketball instead of the men's 100m final?...

Most appropriate cartoon of * I've ever seen.(And scary too):

Religion out of medicine, a new message for Ontario doctors

Does anyone else pray like me that the U.S. makes it till the end of *'s term?

Republican Candidate Arrested For Assault After Firing Handgun At Neighbor

brilliant (as usual) latest Chris Floyd (on Georgia/US/Russia conflict)

Bush protesters get $50,000 state settlement

bwahahaha. Corsi couldn't serve in Vietnam because of his life threatening...

OMG. Usain Bolt.

For Jackson Browne Lovers:

I am U. ... D U I'll take my facts straight shaken not stirred

Why the *-Mc* "huggy-poo" thing for the DU fund drive?

Can we please stop it, just stop calling Corsi gay?

Speaking of the R word , if this song came up today

Why are the super-rich getting so paranoid? Afraid we serfs will kill 'em for some food or what?

Even MORE spying power given!

Howard Dean Accidentally Calls the Republican Party the "White" Party

Apologies in advance. I know Texas combines good people with assholes. Cue Stephen Colbert.

Guards guilty in jail rape,allowed inmates to rape an 18-yr-old

I miss Andy.

Knocking off Witnesses for Plame Case is it a possiblity

so if the united states of america was to go manno to manno against the russians

Lenin, welcome to the United States of America, circa 2008.....

So. The Faith Forum Religious Test/Religious Pandering Circus Show is being...

Real U.S. patriots support Constitution over president

Patronizing and Condescending

Saakashvili eats his tie - Is this guy nuts?

Conflict in Georgia threatens U.S. effort to secure access to Central Asian energy

tonights forum

Does Obama Know what he is Getting Into?

Watch the abortion topic

Summer vacation: did you take one? If not, why not? If so, was it

Angry Wrestler Stripped of Bronze Medal!

Russian bombers flew undetected across Arctic

Did anyone listen to the PapAttack on RIng of Fire today? will have a live feed of tonight, and be broadcasting it on their station.

Speaking of environmental concerns- waiting at stoplights. I have an idea.

Who has a Stonger Faith? McCain or Obama?

McCain is about to crash into Bush's armpit again!

John Kerry in Running for Vice President

Is anyone else helping in a phone bank?

Russell Crowe to do movie based on the life of Bill Hicks! YEA!

(McCain refusing to comment on why he's keeping large gay-sex donation ) Update -He's returning it!

FYI: What IS the Ames anthrax strain? Good historical article from NYer.

.. But you Promised!

Helen Thomas interview from yesterday! She's BAAAAAACK!!!

General Motors Isn't Seeing Signs of U.S. Economic Recovery, Wagoner Says

Georgians doing forced labor in S. Ossetia

Troops Fed Up with the Bush and the GOP? They are Turning to Obama Big Time - Bush History, 8/16

Impeachable Crimes

McCain just lost Colorado

The Nation ---The War We Don't Know - Russia and Georgia

NeoCons are just Nazis... plain and simple.. and they took over really easy... Links>>

I really think the "forum" is a setup

I wanted to watch the Olympics

Edwards Cancels Visit to Iowa Poverty Conference

Should the Dems go to the dark side (fight fire with fire)?

Beware! The language police may be lurking around the corner

Is Condoleeza Rice stupid? Or incompetent? Or just plain evil?

Why in the hell did this whole "Bigfoot" hoax get so much media coverage?

Out Damn Blot: A Letter to Colin Powell (a should read)

Bill Moyers interviews Andrew Bacevich: "The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism"

Flashback to NYT, 1991: "Georgia for Georgians"

CNN just did a quick report on the "Evangelicals" in Washington D.C.

So ..... Rick Warren has charged upwards of a grand a seat to watch tonight's Christapalooza?

A Fire in Mississippi (Connected to the Siegelman Persecution/Prosecution)

Retail managers are NOT out to screw the people below us

Fox News puts on 12-year-old Georgian girl to talk about Russian bombing. Turns out,

I am SO glad we're finally just minutes away from the National Night Of Religious Pandering

Notice that Paul Waldman was on C-Span to refute...

Al Franken is a terrible candidate.

Bill Moyers Journal - The Imperial Presidency

Fuck NBC!

Bad Economy Means Bad News For Hershey Lovers

"What Germans? What cruise ships?' "

OOOOOH! With Condi at his side, Bush issues "stern warning" to Russia from the Crawford Pig Farm.

BIGFOOT photo and DNA shows-part inconclusive, part human, part opposum

Barnes and Noble: Corsi's Crap is rated too high

Has anybody else noticed this?

I Don't Like the Olympics

UBS (Phil Gramm is Vice Chair) helps hide 18 BILLION $ in illegal offshore accounts for US citzens:

Russian bomber jets swoop over US Aircraft

100m SpoilerOMFG -

McCain just lost Colorado

A juror asks,"Where “is a constitutional grant of authority to ban possession of cocaine today?"

Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH, Prisoner No. 28882-016) Released from Half-Way House

Our National Stupidity

BREAKING: Conyers calls House Judiciary Committee back early from recess re: Suskind's evidence.

Are you pimping the American religious community?

Things To Do With a * Standee

I see Trampoline is an Olympic Sport. Is Cheerleading next?

The BEAST weighs in: Special Iran War Preview!

The Union shop that makes Obama-Gear is going crazy (pic heavy)

Why are there very few black swimmers at the Olympics?

Who has the most gorgeous eyes in all the M$M?

Proof that the war in Georgia was a neocon project? Former IDF soldier admits training

Did Washington waste millions on faulty voting machines?

FOX Noise gets blindsided by 12 yr old girl about Georgia/Russia dust-up..

Bumper sticker problem solved (re: living in freeperville)

BREAKING: Conyers Calls STAFF Back to Investigate Suskind Allegations

Does this faith forum constitute a religious test?

Calling the Bluff on the Limits of American Power and Influence

Where's that list of Pentagon paid Gen. (Ret) lobbyists that get

When will Sen. Ted Stevens resign?

NYT: The Most Trusted Man in America?

25% of home sales result in loss: "It's stunning what's happening out there,"

I ain't goin' nowhere

WTF? McCain's Divorce Ended So Well, He & His Mom "Unintentionally" Sued His X-Wife Carol

*****VP Pool: Name the person you think will be VP and date Obama will announce**********

Violence against progressives

One Bestseller - Comin' Up!

Bet some of them are going to be carrying a gun to plant on students they want to shoot

Fat children ‘should be taken from parents’ to curb obesity epidemic

McCain considering Phil "You're All Whiners" Gramm for Cabinet post

FL Obama volunteers asked to make 50,000 calls.....already over 125, 000.

Georgia's "Invasion" Of South Ossetia: It Was A Massacre And War Crime

A wake up call: the Republicans *did not want* this Russian invasion of Georgia.

FBI case against dead suspect is unravelling.

I found a place selling local fish eggs!!!

Voting opens in search for oddest book title

Let's hear it for LeftyMom!!!! She put up with ALL THREE MIDLETS,

Congrats CANADA for winning 16 Olympic medals............

damn it

Oliver stone is making a movie about Bush

Without Your Love

DU's Grovelbot vs Dalek

I've got a date tonight with one of three CPAP masks.

Don't touch my salad, you evil bastard.

I don't give a fig about dates.

I have got a date with myself tonight

What are the best dating sites?

You know what really smells?

flame away...I'm officially a Brandi Carlile fan now

Little Blue Man sung by Betty Johnson

The Gates of Kiev

Where the hell is Kitchy?

Hey, when did this happen? Did I miss something?

Sexy Posters in the Bedroom

Oh crud. I just saw "Hellboy"

There May Be Many Mushroom Clouds In Our Future By Paul Craig Roberts

Look. If I wanted to screw you, I'd just come right out and tell you.



So I watched "Almost Famous" again last weekend.

Oh yeah! This turns me on more than any human being has yet to do!!

You're lucky, he's lucky, I'm lucky. We're all lucky!

Mary Matalin's publishing company, doing Corsi's book, also Karl Rove's memoirs

Arrrrgh... [email protected]#!!%@##^&!

People in GD are fucking crazy man

I'm shocked nobody put up a sticky of *THAT* photo...

Anyone here see some of McCain's tv ads?

Phelps is going for seven now (SPOILERS COMING)

holy sheet! the chinese paid ONE MILLION DOLLARS for SAND!!

Have you seen the ads for the "new" Ruby Tuesday?

party like a rock star!

Sweet news! hershey to ramp up prices 11%


My date with the republican just ended

What Lounge thread am I missing out on?

Your bizarre medcial word of the day

If I was really rich I would become a woods hermit.

Who is really suprised that JE cheated on Elizabeth?

Kali, is that your Bouteloua there?

McCain is just about to rush into the arms

Skechers: good shoes/low price or the equivalent of Payless with a brand name you recognize

Just saw Emmylou Harris on Letterman

New Shirt on Cafe Press Front Page: John is my homeboy.

and I love seeing your farm pix, vard28!

I think there might be sand in their ..... speedos (pics)

Dara Torres is one classy person

Good Morning

Good Morning

Who is Nathaniel C. Wall (08/15/1838)??

I've got a date tonight with a margarita.

"I live to take people into the Oval Office and say

Another Bat!

10,000M Women's Olympic Spoiler

Hollywood is making a movie about talking Chihuahuas. OMG!

Fred Phelps does it again! 7 gold medals.

I've got a date with grovelbot tonight.

I need to go to bed...Now, if only I could get sleepy

Converting Republicans by dating them

I hate to be an idiot, but...Countdown's Best Persons don't seem to be Best...

Has anyone seen "Pineapple Express"? n/t

I've got a date tonight with a vacuum cleaner

The Hair

Worst commercial jingle earworms (or songs) and has to not merely stick in your head but suck also

Classy Part II

I have a cunning plan.

I asked myself on a date, and got turned on

I'm tired of paying for my girlfriend at the movies.

The 100m Butterfly Finish (MAJOR SPOILER)

I'm tired of playing with my girlfriend at the movies.

I'm not tired of playing with ForrestGumps girlfriend at the movies

C'mon now , Bush is wonderful , I adore Bush ! why all the hate! Bush is the best ever!

got a different laptop today and WOW

Sit on my face and tell me that you love me...

I am done now, with wandering....

"i must go and do wonderful things"

Can someone tell what this line means :

Kitchen Witch, care to comment on this?

Speechless..... .speechless.. ...speechless......

I asked myself on a date, but got turned down

ohhhh who put up the cool BAT sticky. I love bats!

Ethnic Dilemma

The Earth Dies Screaming

Can I have a round of applause for Mrs. BlueDog?

Death a certain harvest scattered from the skies.

*SPOILER* Olympic 100 M *SPOILER*

Amandla Awethu

i should not be tempted to turn my heat on in august

Soon the red blood will be boiling and the blue blood will be dead

Silent Witness

Look at what we found eating our tomato plant

does anybody know the name of the 4am red neck hill billy alien cartoon, i was telling my wife about

Somebody stole my sprinkler.

Where Would You Most Like To Go For A Vacation Destination?

Man claims to have corpse of bin Laden in deep freeze.

Yay! A Gentle Giant sticky!

Ray Barretto with Ruben Blades 1974

I have been getting lots of calls from telemarketers...

When you're stabbed in the back and there's salt in the wound then it's time to move along


Ok , younger trees. younger than 280.series question, really

i'm coming to your town

Wrangler features sexydead models

MrsGrumpy, thank you for your florist recommendation a while back...

"i traveled 500 miles


lizziegrace - how are you doing?

When Grovelbot's McCain meets McShrub are they going to belly bump like frat boys?

Official 100m dash discussion thread

Gary Numan Kicks ass

Congratulations to Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson

Peticure. Anyone ever buy one and use it on their cat?

Feeding the dogs stale baguettes

Why does the West Coast get so mistreated by NBC Olympics?

I'm taking orders for Taco Bell. Place your orders!

Have your cats been rejecting their canned food lately?

School starts in one week and it can't come soon enough!

why did god make me so irresistible to lunatics and geriatric men?

On August 16, 1969......Janis at Woodstock

Question about an Olympic event....what is it called?

Why did Eddie Murphy stop being funny?

Thank you for my star! Whoever you are, I appreciate it!

I really hate movies where...

I nailed the final! All done with Summer Quarter!

I'm departing for Cape Cod for a week! See you guys later!

Like a solitary woman waiting for Mr Right to approach her in a crowded bar full of horny guys


Hey, sniffa!!! THANKS!!!!

computer question of the week: my old computer crapped out unexpectedly

Best of luck, pokerfan!!

I caught this Lisa Lampanelli last night on Comedy Central.

Pffft.. I could do this diving shit.

Mi Sook Yu arrested for prostitution.

tonight . . .

Did anyone see the "semifinal" round of darts at the Olympics?

Hey, sniffa!!! TANKS!!!!

Wall Street Journal breaks ice on Andrew McCain's Silver State Bank board resignation

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday August 16

Ah, the Chicago Air and Water Show.....

Very cool video on the fakery behind "beautiful"

I love you, blue stickie poster.


Check out this very clever website intro.


Has anyone else been getting this insanely hilarious "MSNBC Breaking News" spoof email spam?

Shru*b is in Crawford at the pig farm ??

I just had a date . . .

i think the lounge needs a musical interlude

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 8/16/2008)

Before they crossed the pond: Beatles '63. Great quality video, color. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enjoy.

Acid House is the best

I can't believe it's taken 6 days for the first "9/11 Truth" stickies to show up

My so-called friend. (Rant alert)

why did god make me so irresistible to women?

WTF?!? Suddenly Kal Penn is in every film I've ever seen

Could somebody say something interesting? Anyone?

Ooooh yooooohooooo cwydro!!!


What's going on in everyone's lives?

Why did God make me?

I can always tell a David Mamet movie

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/16/08

List songs that have a "healing" quality for you.

Anyone want to recommend a washing machine?

It's Summer and I'm making Iced Tea. Here's a really good method...

What is your Alert-Criteria?

31 years ago today ...

First you scoop some vanilla ice cream into a large glass, I personally enjoy French vanilla

Ok, I can't stand it anymore. Who rec'd Gray's thread?

Greatest singer-songwriter of the 1960s

Shaved pussy

Golly! Does it ever end with home repair?

Anyone want a Springer Spaniel and/or a Cattle Dog? They're getting on my last damn nerve


Be nice to Grovelbot please?

ok - need mower engine advice again.

Steam Locomotive!!!

Why did God make me so "resistable" to men?

I thought you loved me.

why did god make me so irresistible to men?

Thewiseguy bailed on our date tonight.'re in a room filled with chickens. What do you do?

So what's it like where you work (pay raises, vacation, other benefits, etc.)

Drank my coffee, ate my breakfast, fed my cats. Now off to door knock in my

I am one LUCKY guy

Why are repeat murderers and other felons given better treatment than hard working citizens?

We just tried the first fully-ripe Brandywine tomato from the garden. I can tell you this:

I just realized something really stupid about my dating patterns

Changing appearance with plastic surgery.

Is it just me, or...

To the person who put up the sticky and wants to make me

Okay. Younger men - I mean younger than forty. Serious question.

I Just had a date

I think there are cliques in life....

any professional wrestling fans here?

When you search your user name on Google Images, what's the first image you see?

So I got my dog shaved and I am embarrassed for him!

The Heretic Show

Russia in nuclear threat to Poland

Georgia: Russian Cluster Bombs Kill Civilians

FDA Draft Report: No Risk From BPA In Food Containers

Russia: Poland risks attack because of US missiles

Bomb Strikes Pilgrims in Iraq for 3rd Straight Day

FBI conclusions in anthrax probe meet skepticism

US: Quds, Hezbollah Training Hit Squads

Louisiana policeman indicted in racially charged Taser manslaughter case

Russia says extra security needed for withdrawal

Phelps Ties Spitz Record With 7th Gold

Official Phelps Finish Photos: Sorry, Not Available

McCain and his mother don't recall old lawsuits

Georgian refugees' plight is grim

Senate could grill FBI on anthrax investigation in September

US deports ex-Peruvian officer accused in massacre

F.B.I. Will Present Scientific Evidence in Anthrax Case to Counter Doubts

Girl, 12, Tells the Truth about Georgia, Fox News Interrupts With Commercial Break

Court Filings Reveal Evidence Against Stevens

School District Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns (Texas)

Russia signs up to Georgia truce

Bush Protesters Get $50,000 State Settlement (Strip-Searched during 2004 Bush Campaign Stop)

Both parties (and candidates) reach for center on abortion debate

Top CEOs Give 10 Times More to McCain Than to Obama

Thai, Cambodian troops leaving disputed territory

Obama's July fundraising bodes well for fall race

Sean Parnell

Helen Thomas out of hospital, recuperating at home

Rachel Maddow Highlights McCain's 9 Houses and $520 shoes

Countdown: The Return of Phil Gramm

Ney (HAVA Author) Freed After Serving 17 Months for Corruption

Red State Update Hates Russia Again

Countdown: Pre-President McCain

Russian forces destroy key Georgian bridge

Bush warns Russia over disputed Georgian provinces

Vermont pulling plug on telephone company probe

Countdown: Bushed! August 15, 2008

Lejeune Marine Dies in Iraq Combat

Collateral 44 - The End of Food?

Lawsuits help guarantee drug safety, doctors say

Countdown: Keeping the Faithful

Conservatives parrot claim that Obama is bad for Wall Street

Gitmo Video - Guantanamo Bay

Alfred Zappala, Peace Activist Who Lost Son in Iraq, Dies

What are we doing here? Part 1

Real Reason Why USA & Israel Will Attack Iran

McCain is already senile; having forgotten some recent history of invasions he pushed


Obama Outpaces McCain in Bush Donors

Obama Outpaces McCain in Bush Donors

Even more news from Project Breakout

MIR: What Did Bush Really See in Putin's Eyes?

GOP Hack Tries To Attack Obama, But Slams McCain Instead


The Lost Generation

NBC: Obama campaign responds to swiftboating

Charlie Rose - THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN (nailing McCain)

TheRealNews: Protest movements growing in China

Larry LaRocco Ad = U. S. Senate, Idaho

Lieberman To Travel To Georgia Amid Russian Conflict (Logan Act Violation)

TheRealNews: Poland-US missile deal enrages Russia

DemocracyNow: Russia-Georgia conflict is about control of oil

NOW on PBS: The Mexican Border Fence

CNN's Cafferty: U.S. Troops Give Six Times More to Obama

Mark Begich Ad: Independent

Ethnic cleansing -- Rights abuses in Georgia's war - 15 Aug 08

Ethnic cleansing -- Rights abuses in Georgia's war - 15 Aug 08

Presumptous McCain


Frankly, McCain is equally as dumb as Bush

GOP gov candidate in MO gets pwned!!

Right Wing Comedy Trailer for 'American Carol'

TYT: Story Shows Republicans Love To Steal From Their Own Kind

Speaker Pelosi Delivers the Democratic Radio Address-8/16/08

GOP rejects Pelosi's energy proposal

US must share power in new world order, says Turkey's controversial president


DNC Begins Distributing Tickets for Obama Speech (local tv)

Chris Matthews Recovering from Pneumonia


TYT: Will The Rock be Obama's VP?

Hannity Attacks Ron Suskind And Fails

Gifts, Cash Bonuses Allowed at Conventions -- on Taxpayers' Tab

Edwards says John McCain did it too. Who is the actual candidate.

Germany's Schroeder says Georgia sparked fighting

John Bolton Fear Mongering About Russia

The most spine chilling McCain video you will ever see

The Truth about Georgia gets censored again on TV

CNN McCain's Republican viewers are very upset

U.S. May Ease Police Spy Rules

Campbell Brown Fascist Mouthpiece

Bill O'Reilly Goes Nuts --- THE REMIX


Baracky II (the movie)

Cokie Roberts Attack Ad

We Want Barack Obama Now (song / video) Must see!

TYT: You Won't Believe What Michael Phelps Eats!

Right-wing blathering

Mike Malloy : catharsis

Airhead CNN reporters try to belittle Conyers pre impeachment hearings

We're Getting Ready! RNC Welcoming Committee

General Wesley Clark on Russian-Georgian Conflict

Man injured in tiger attack sentenced to prison for violating parole

NY: Paper-Ballot Box Stuffing -- With An Electronic Voting System! (Op Scan)

New case of mad cow disease detected in Canada

New President needs to end the Federal Reserve.

The Adventures of T Boone Pickens, Episode 16

Georgia: Russian Cluster Bombs Kill Civilians

How About the Home Front?

Bush: Why don’t you shut up?

Russia lost the original Cold War, but the United States is now weaker than it was 20 years ago

Nato divided on American call to punish Moscow

WSJ: Alaska's Congressmen Are a Bridge to Nowhere

Georgian refugees' plight is grim

John McCain's Party of Hate

The Daily Show Live From The White House

FBI conclusions in anthrax probe meet skepticism

The extreme-right way to make a buck (Corsi, let's boycott Simon & Schuster!)

War or peace? U.S. faces a choice in the Georgia-Russia conflict and beyond

Everything we know about Darfur, and everything we're not doing about it.

How Anti-Intellectualism Is Destroying America

Bolivia: Can The Majority of People Vote for Change and Actually Get It?

LA Times: The Mukasey test

No Cold War, but Big Chill Over Georgia

No Wonder Our Hospitals Are a Disaster -- People with Marketing Degrees Are Running Them

Bob Herbert: How About the Home Front?

Pill use 'affects partner choice'

Winners Never Quit? Well, Yes, They Do By ALINA TUGEND


Cold Friends, Wrapped in Mink and Medals: If not a "new Age of Authoritarianism," at least a season

Democracy Now: Russia-Georgia Conflict Fueled by Rush to Control Caspian Energy Resources

CSM: Petropolitics at heart of Russia-Georgia clash

McCain Memo on Russia Leaked to Press

The Weekend Economist

AlterNet: How Anti-Intellectualism Is Destroying America

Charles Krauthammer: How To Stop Putin

Ukraine To Join In US-led Missile Shield In Europe

"Ethnic" Children at Beijing Opening Ceremony Were Fakes: Fake fireworks, fake singer, fake children

Putin Walks into a Trap

AAFES offers gasoline discount

Article 32 ends for accused Green Beret

Groups want quicker OKs of VA health budgets

Group urges more openness in courts-martial

Sheriff: Intern tried to sell case files

Chicago-area Marine killed in Afghanistan

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: Putting it all together

Minot nuke handlers pass re-inspection

Airmen at Eielson mop up after housing floods

Space Command pushes for GPS launch tracking

Concurrent receipt for combat vets expanded

Plan for back pay of post allowance unveiled

Relief efforts resume to war-torn Georgia

Mookie's suggestion on naval ship design and procurement

Officials say HIB vaccine shortage in Far East poses little risk

SOFA-related crime reports relatively low on Okinawa

No change in Japan gas prices before Oct.

Military Update: Redux a bad deal for servicemembers

Corps certifies UH-1Y; January deployment eyed

Report: Shipbuilding in ‘serious disarray’

Russia and the limits of oil wealth

U.S. Wind Power Could Hit 150 Gigawatts by 2020

Plutonic Power To Develop (1000 MW) Run-of-River Hydro Projects Worth US $4B (BC Canada)

McCain's tilting at wind turbines (Seattle Times OpEd)

Fort Halifax Dam (removal) a victim of economics: Cons outweighed pros (Maine)

Merck's Solar Power System (1.6 MW) is Billed Largest in the Eastern U.S. (NJ)

More US States Cooking Up Renewable Energy Incentives

Ground Sizzling at California Hotspot

Officials of Texas-based company negotiating with landowners (800 MW wind farm, Maine)

JCPenney Installing Wind Turbines at Distro Center

Did anyone here catch the latest Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff?

Brown calls California a model for energy efficiency; Calls for R&D tax breaks

McCain's Pitch for Safe Nuclear Power May Be Undercut by Leaks

(Delmarva) Electric customers to pay 24¢ on bill for (land based) wind projects

Who's laughing now?

Utah's Famous Stone Arch Collapses (photos)

eSolar Announces Breakthrough Pre-Fabricated Solar Power Plants

Hydrogen-fueled cars on tour—"a case of putting the chicken before the egg"—How I love that quote!

Do you know what's worse than people who hate you ?

No on 8 rally Saturday Aug-23 Palo Alto

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/15/08

The $ 600 per person economic stimulus package

Hamas fights gas shortage by robbing cab drivers

Behind the Scenes: Blindfolded for trip to Gaza rocket factory

UNIFIL chief accuses Israel of violating Resolution 1701

Dome of the Rock 'erased' from Temple Mount

United Steelworkers-Represented Mill Workers Ratify Five-Year Agreement

Ohio Employment Report: Employee Confidence Index Declines...

Pennsylvania's Employment Situation: July 2008

Union Calls for Investigation on Recent Firings of DC Inspectors

UHW Healthcare Workers to Strike at Five Hospitals

Economic Report: Consumer Price Jump Is Biggest Since 1991 - 08/15/08

Union-bashing disguised as concern for workers

Teamsters, foreign unions meet as InBev takeover looms

Paraguayans cheer as ex-bishop takes office

Bolivia: Can The Majority of People Vote for Change and Actually Get It?

The revolution continues in Latin America!

Swimming SPOILER!!!!

SPOILER...Great photos at MSNBC

I'm so nervous! Will Michael get #7 tonight???

Proud Spell wins the Alabama Stakes at Saratoga

Question for field hockey players..

Dave Zirin: Blind to Bolt in Beijing

Something I think I can only post here.

does anybody know about medication cds..

I apologize for not updating on my niece, especially since you all have some powerful

August 2008 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests Part II

Amerigroup rejects pregnant women & high risk applicants & defrauds Medicare.

Kudos to NEJM editors and their stance on lawsuits against drug companies

Gardasil: "Cancer jab linked to pancreas disease"

A Little Skipper

Stormy weather

First Shots w/the XTi

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco..."

Now you see it; now you don't...

2,500-Year-Old Greek Ship Raised off Sicilian Coast

13 things that do not make sense

Earth's Plate Tectonics May Eventually Stop

In Yucatan, a maze of Maya stone temples found in underground caves

Hostess gift idea...

Eggs and toast.

Hi all. Soliciting ideas for soft foods. Had extensive dental work done yesterday,

Are you still listening to David Bender,tsegat?


Some of you guys might enjoy this clip of Clark re: Russia/Georgia

The talking points are out there for Biden.

Biden and Obama voted the same in the Senate 94% of the time.

Joe is NOT scheduled for a Sunday talk show:

To cheer everybody up -

Awww -- look!

from a thread in GDP - InTrade betting on VP candidates

Speaking of cupcakes...

Boy -- I have gotten so NASTY lately.

Has anybody seen SwampRat around lately?

Finally!!! Some news about Biden accepting the IAFF endorsement for Obama.

Gosh Dangit!

Alright - Andrea Mitchell just announced it on msnbc -

Look at this - Look at what Biden said at a debate in 11/07 -

bit from a Wash Post blog

Conspiracy confirmed

The Elephant in the Room

Need a sign printer

John Kerry for Vice President

Laptop wireless help, please.

Video problems.

A message from Team Coleman

Laurie Coleman comes to Norm's rescue again

Rep. Keith Ellison Talks About DOJ Scandal

Great smack down of a teacher critic in my local paper!

Help debunk: "Kerry’s charisma was less than zero"

John Kerry for Vice President

Hey, guys, look at this...

Totally OT, but may be somebody from MA can help me.

John Kerry in Running for Vice President

Here we go again. This election season starts to look like 2004 all over again.

Hey, let's update the list

Finally we win some medals!

Anyone want to start talking about

Vice President Dick Cheney got carded. Not for drinking but for voting.

McClatchy: Did Washington waste millions on faulty voting machines?

Psst! Want to do some Paper-Ballot Box Stuffing???

Who is televising the Olympics for Britain this year?

Meetup is still on for tonight in Milwaukee

Don't care what anyone thinks, just HAVE to say it . . .

Blog post that needs attention

FSM trumped by Invisible Flying Baby Jesus

A Lesson From History, Part 1,257...