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AFL-CIO Union Veterans 2008

Rachel is on countdown tonight

Convention rick-roll

***BREAKING NEWS: We finally have a Chimp SEX SCANDAL!!***

In 2001 McCain voted to save tax cuts for the wealthy over a Strategic Reserve for SS

In 2001 McCain voted to save tax cuts for the wealthy over a Strategic Reserve for SS

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/13/08 - Obama 43, McCain 42 (Obama down 1)

When there is a rollcall at a convention

"Portrait of the candidate as a pile of words"

White, male, normally Republican from GA is voting for Obama...

Chet Edwards is a Champion of Veterans Issues - VP day is Veteran themed.

Big Media Question: Who Gets More Coverage? 65,000 Cheering Obama or 100 Alleged PUMA Protesters?

Whatever happened to....

Did anyone watch Hairball tonight?

Some advice to McCain on how to remain youthful:

Look. PUMA cages

Wouldn't Patrick Murphy fit the change message and Vet Day at the convention?

Troops Deployed Abroad Give 6:1 to Obama

Election History Oct. 2004 - Oregon and Nevada - Democratic Voter Registration Forms Destroyed.

Veep Clues in Obama's Schedule? :: Sat in NV, Sun in ?, Mon and Tues in FL, Wed in ?, Thurs in VA.

Senate Majority Leader Reid will discuss Obama’s energy policy at the Convention

Just got back from 8 days in Orange County CA

Just got back from 8 days in Orange County CA

Very interesting piece on how Cong Cleaver switched from Clinton to Obama

do you understand television?

Scumbag Corsi to promote his Obama smears on white supremacist radio show.

"The Original Maverick"

McCain's ad on being opposite to Bush

OK now. Let's think like a Republican. (I know, hard to do, but try.)

Obama campaign on taxes...

Inside scoop...VP pick unmasked

If Rove were a Democrat ...

OH NOES! Larry Craig isn't going to the GOP convention!

John McCain says a pro-gay running mate is not acceptable

Kos: State of the Race 8/14 - Obama 264, McCain 154 (MAPS)

Is it time to swiftboat McCain.

How influential is the Catholic News Agency (CNA)? They're attacking Obama.

U.S. Troops Donate More to Obama Than McCain has depressing information on McCain's gains

When Will Barack Choose His V.P.?

Ok, time to go negative on McBush - lates Rasmussen poll has McBush +1 in Colorado

Imagine Obama returning to the stump.....

Imagine Obama returning to the stump.....

Since McCain Won't Condemn Corsi's Book, He Must Be Endorsing IT!

Obama get's more contributions from US soldiers than McCain

It's 3.30 am in LA ....

Looks what's going to swing states for the 73rd birthday of Social Security!

Since Hillary has already spent several years putting

Obama is leading McCain in the red state of (gasp!) ...ALASKA !!!

Shocking - John McCain Lying To The Evangelical Right? Big Media Will Praise It As Maverickness!

I Got a Text Message From Obama....

My trip through northern pink stakes

FEC: McCain didn't violate finance laws

The Next Memo-What Democrats Need to Hear: 'STOP IT!!!!'

Maybe its time we really support the troops.

I have fucking figured it out!

Pound Of Cyanide Found In Denver Hotel

Kremlin dusts off Cold War lexicon to make US villain in Georgia

GOP Loyalty Not a Given For Young Evangelicals

I have got to get me one of these!

Rambling McCainiacs campaign says he needs more rest to focus; limits his time for press and voters

When do you think Obama will announce his running mate?

From Salon - The Newer Deal: The path to a Democratic supermajority

I think Obama should announce his VEEP this weekend to head off the book of lies.

"We've already had 8 years of McCain in the form of George Bush"

McCain's Son Sat on Troubled Bank's Board (WSJ)

BREAKING NEWS: McCain raises $27 million in July, biggest haul since clinching GOP nod

Another way to fight Corsi’s new Swift-Boat-style book among others

Odd - McCain Is Limiting Press Access - Not Taking Greater Advantage Of Obama's Absense

McCain campaign throws Social Security’s birthday cake in the trash.

Obama Bests McCain Among Bush-Backing Bankers, Drug Companies

The Three Stooges

"Obama feels like a closet muslim"

McCain 'needs to drain down his campaign bank account this month'

The Republicans want to lose

Oops. McCain Off By $1.25 On Aspen Gas Prices

Am I the only one who thinks all of this Clinton speculation is much ado about nothing?

McCain, Obama face war veterans in Florida next week

Bloomberg News: Not all Republicans "are opening their wallets to a McCain presidential run"

It won't be W's 3rd term, it will be Cheney's 1st, if McCain wins.

Rasmussen, 8/15: Obama 44%, McCain 41%

McCain Tech Plan to Continue Hands-Off Approach to Regulation

FEC Attorneys Give McCain a Pass on Financing

McCain: 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq not International Crises

Do you ever come to DU hoping to get away from the negativity of the media...

Will We Know Obama's Running Mate Before The Convention?

“Would Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi have kept his name off the ballot?”

Is Obama More Like Steny Hoyer than JFK?

Hillary To Campaign For Obama In New Mexico This Sunday

If the Abramoff ad is the best we can do, then we are fucked.

Obama surfs, honors late mother as vacation ends

Tammy Duckworth to deliver tribute honoring military at DNC

McCain Raises $27 Million in July

Why hasn't McCain denounced Corsi's book? How can we put his feet

Barack Obama blinks in Hillary face-off

OMG! Did I Miss Something? When Is Al Gore Scheduled to Speak at the Convention?

Troop support: They like Obama

Winfrey Will Support Obama At Democratic Crowning

Barack Obama's body-surfing video

Marc Ambinder: Why Don't People Believe That Obama And Hillary Are Getting Along?

Audacity of a dope: "McCain "Presumptuous" story line beginning?"

Obama camp: Breaking News Alert– RNC attacks hamburgers, moviegoers and ice cream cones! Puppies and

The DailyKos post was CORRECT. Thomason to produce Hillary video for convention.

I love that Indiana only ad that Obama is running

Road to 270: Maine

Question about polls:

Why Don't People Believe That Obama And Hillary Are Getting Along?

Richardson and Rockefeller also speaking Wednesday night...

What a Convention "Bounce" Looks Like

Companies Win, Consumers Lose in McCain's Tech Plan

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/15/08 - Obama 44, McCain 41 (O up 1, M down 1)

Eric Burns (formerly of the cancelled FoxNews weekend media show) on with Rachel

McCain: Georgia conflict is the ‘first serious crisis internationally since the end of the Cold War'

Chelsea Green Makes Obama Book Available Early Exclusively on Amazon


This election is really getting to my boyfriend.

Article: It Doesn't Matter If Hillary is Nominated or Not

What are your best case and worst case electoral scenarios for Obama?

Holding pens and Tasers: Denver's DNC Little GITMO ready to go!

Terraist in Denver??? Local NPR station just had an item

Want to Win? Get Your Nose Out of Your Computers

Right wing boards are 100% for McSame. DU is 50% intramural fighting

Obama camp says Detroit mayor unwelcome in Denver

It's Not Just Corsi Who Should Be Condemned, So Should His Publisher Mary Matalin

It's Not Just Corsi Who Should Be Condemned, So Should His Publisher Mary Matalin

CNN VIDEO: Obama at the Beach

I-25 To Close For Obama Acceptance Speech

GOP base less than pleased with pro-choice talk

McGrumpy old white-haired dude's latest gripe

What I like about the Obama campaign calling Corsi a "discredited, fringe bigot"

Celebrate, celebrate

McCain faces "tough" questions in Colorado . He's such a jackass.

Half of Democrats Say Putting Hillary's Name in Nomination Will Help Unify Party

Do Gallup polls show race tightening only on weekends?

DNC launches strongest attack ad yet - Abramoff + Reed + McCain = same old corrupt politics

Friday TOONFEST part 2: McLame and the race

Obama seeks to link Corsi, McCain

Lie much? McCain falsely takes credit for ‘creating’ Do Not Call list.»

"Cindy met John a Navy reception in Hawaii."

McCain Camp downplays military donation report: Troops "too busy doing the important work"

Grandpa's Old Party - How Long Will the "GOP" Last?

Obama is getting the numbers due to body surf pic!

Obama Is NOT The Anti-Christ (from the "Left Behind Authors")

Dick Morris is an Evil Stooge: How EVIL?

Obama is running a sleath negative ad campaign, says Chuck Todd

Should Hillary's Name Go Into Nomination @ the Convention?

self delete.

Silver State Bancorp Update - Price falls again - loses much worse than projected

Will Convention Speeches be "Vetted"?

What were the first words McCain said to Cindy when they met in Hawaii?

What is the weather usually like in Denver in late August?

Might I remind everyone of the big picture?

McCain On Swift-Boating Book: "Gotta Keep Your Sense Of Humor"

4 days ago, the NYT's Michael Falcone had a fairly positive story on Obama's vacation. Not today...

Press on Smear Filled Book by Hack Jerome R. Corsi

WaPo: McCain's Focus on Georgia Raises Question of Propriety (breathtaking hypocrisy)

McCain's marriages:Campaign fodder? Christian group injecting marital histories into campaign debate

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE To Play War Protest Show During DNC - Aug. 14, 2008

Looks like McCain is floating Ridge..

Just Curious, What Do You Do To "Take A Break" From Campaign 2008?

Pumas obsessed over Obama's birth certificate

(YIKES! )The Atlantic: "Who Says Penn is Finished?" (If Bayh is VP)

When will the Righties realize they got had...? Used and pawns on a chess board..

McCain didn't just "shack up" while married. He did so whilst serving in the military

Is Obama going to unleash hard hitting negative ads in the coming weeks?

Would Pumas hate Obama if he was white?

Waxman calls on McCain to give back Reed's money

Do YOU WANT Obama to go negative in his ads or stay like they are?

I am now convinced that the purpose of the "Daily Tracking Poll" is...

How Does This Russia/Georgia Conflict Help McCain?

Aimee Mann's ode to the modern Republican Party

Racism Giving Pollsters Fits

McCain: "We are all Georgians." WTF?!

Top CEOs give 10 times more to McCain than to Obama

Open Apology to Hillary Clinton

TPM: McCain Camp's Defense Against Sturgis Beauty Pageant Critics: He Was A POW!

Rasmussen: Obama expands lead in Maine. 53% to 39%

Georgia/Russia, and now a US/Poland missile agreement.

Wikimedia Foundation replies to McCain plagiarism charges


The symbiosis of international business and the big 3 of authoritarianism

For fun: 20 Ideas For Making the Olympics Kick Way More Ass

How many DUers are just now starting to realize what an incredible moment in time this is?

Sickening Military Propaganda....Listen to this Democracy Now! re: a recruit threatened w/ jail..... on Election: "5 Things You Should Know"

The recent ungracious behavior of some on this forum

Miller's Analogy: Rudy : 9/11 :: McCain : P.O.W.

GOOGLE : Truman Commission

I really hope McCain chooses Ridge as his VP!

Tempest in a teapot

For whoever is posting those "What would you do if...." stickies

Would Leopards hate Obama if he was covered with spots?

If we can get by these three things, I feel we can win

Fallon woman wins trip "Backstage with Barack"

I'm ready to vote third party over FISA.

'if the americans can take baghdad, why can't the russians take tblisi ?'

Heh,heh, CNN:'s Schneider: McCain has an "Iowa problem" with its evangelicals.

Neil Cavuto Proclaims That, "The Cold War is Back"... Neil is playing 'Wag the Dog'

Corsi probably hate a Hillary hating book all ready to go if she was nominated

Who Would Name A City Poti?

Why Obama will Crush McCain

Ugandan man hacks wife to death over HIS HIV infection.

And now for the real Olympics - 100m heats coming up

Gallup: Tied at 44% each

To those who stream Mike Malloy on KPHX from Phoenix...Who's the person who does the local news?

Just when the f are we going to get a veep announcement?

Corsi masturbated on dead babies while smoking meth and receiving assistance from a transvetite!

Judge who freed Mayor Kwame for a trip to the Dem convention is a fucking Republicon

Friday - Last Day Of No Obama Events - Then Rick Warren Event With McCain On Saturday

Deployed Troops Donate to Obama 6-1 Over McCain

Wes Clark on CNN now!

Tomorrow (8/15) is the Statehood Day holiday in Hawai'i

New e-mail "Obama's Plane" smear. I did a beautiful smackdown.

Tax & Spend Liberals vs Fiscal Conservatives

It's Rachel tonight

The phony tough and the crazy brave.

Tired of the "Lotsa of Racists in this country" & "Racists won't vote for Obama" Threads & Posts!

Caption this * pic

What would the fundies think about a Jewish VP?

Got my Thursday night ticket

Mike Myers Demands McCain Pull Ad with "Wayne's World" Clip

Breaking NEWS on Corsi!

Barr goes to court to demand entry into Saddleback Church

McCain Camps new approach to handle gaffes - "he didn't hear the question"

Question Regarding National Enquirer

VEEPSTAKES: Narrowing the Names

I like this Pic of Obama

Obama Camp Unveils "Buy American, Vote Obama" Campaign

Did I miss threads about updates on the plane emergency with Obama?

Rocky Mountain News: Colorado still in top 10 of foreclosures

Will someone please please send McInsane some Denture Adhesive?

The proposed tax increase McCain doesn’t want to talk about

This youtube video of Obama/Biden 08 makes me want to vote

State polls show increasingly tight race.

New Poll: Obama expands his lead in Maine

New Poll: Obama expands his lead in Maine

We really need to use the term "borrow and spend conservatives" more

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on Larry King Live tonight....

McCain Fun Facts!!

How does creating a special day for people to DONATE to Obama sound?

Tennessee GOP Link Obama, Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick

I saw something that was kind of cute.

Jerome Corsi is D.B. Cooper.

Obama Camp Unveils "Buy American, Vote Obama" Campaign

Is a 40-paged rebuttal enough?

U.S. Ties With Russia Being Reassessed, bu$h* Aides Say

LGBT Suicide Line Seeks To Educate Youth


Today is my dad's birthday! He was born on 8/14/1920. 88!

Is anyone else having trouble replying to threads?

Bush friend and Obama supporter - Kirbyjon Caldwell - raises McCain's infidelity

Jerome Corsi's Greatest Hits

U.S. Role in Georgia Crisis

Andrea Mitchell just called Lieberman a "nominal Democrat"

What's a good old boy from NC to do?


John McCain's campaign is a train wreck

Challenge to DUer's to come up with campaign ad ideas

Vice President Wesley Clark

Wes Clark, Smackdown King!

What network is covering the Rick Warren interview with Obama and McNasty?

Would you vote for Obama if he was a Republican?

John McCain Revisits Highway 61

Phil Gramm returns to McCain’s side.

Jenna Bush’s Pastor Rips into McCain for Sturgis

Wes Clark Will Be On fox Sunday (8-17-08, 11:30 a.m. cst)

The primary difference between Joe "Girls Gone Wild" Francis and Rick Warren is topless coeds.

Party Unity My Ass

Folks are there any rumors about Caroline Kennedy speaking at the convention? nt

Well, I guess I once met a spy

“Campaign” Carl Cameron Spins McCain’s Abortion Views And Makes Us Very Dizzy

A Republican PUMA?

Obama took vacation @ perfect time

Want to watch the polls?

McManiac dooms his chances with ABORTION comment- Politico reports

Bush pastor RIPS McCain over Sturgis, backs Obama

A Few Words in Defense of Our Country - Randy Newman

Ex-elections chief LePore writing book about 2000 presidential election

What If Obama Said This?

"Ill and in Pain-Detainee Dies in U.S.Hands"

"in fact, Obama's plan provides a bigger tax cut for middle-class families than McCain's does."

Olympics. Is it me or is NBC showing more sports.

Leaked McCain Memo...

Alabama. Allah... Bama...?

GALLUP: Tied at 44. Movement away from Obama rather than toward McCain.

FriDAY Ras Rpts Polls-CO 49-48 McCain, NC 46-42 McCain, MN 49-45 Obama

McCain: Gitmo is ‘one of the nicest places in the world to live in.’»

Dems hit McCain over Abramoff-tainted fundraiser

From Fox Attacks: How to answer the smears against Obama.

Huckabee Backers May Bolt

Milkin' it for all it's worth...

Louis Dobbis is a pompous, bigotus hypocriticus POShitus.

Exclusive: Death Threats Against Obama and 'Traitorous Liberals' Posted On Rightwing O'Reilly

Exclusive: Death Threats Against Obama and 'Traitorous Liberals' Posted On Rightwing O'Reilly

Bayh nor Kaine would not be good VP picks.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

McCain thought the party could “exclude people” for being “pro-gay rights“

If you don`t like Governor Tim Kaine you should...

Wes Clark next on CNN re: Georgia (for real this time; 5:10 EST)

Just realized Joe Biden has 10 years more experience in D.C. than McLame

While discussing ABBA, McCain manages to bring up his military service

Speculation Grows that Obama Will Announce His VP on Wednesday

PHOTO: Oh wonderful, Cindy McCain is out of the hospital. And looking so much more RELAXED.

Georgia: Russian Cluster Bombs Kill Civilians

Silver State Bancorp Update - Loses much worse than projected

"His [McBush's] Grandiosity on Display" or "When huge stakes meet a small campaign"

Dean Baker: The Meltdown Lowdown

Here is direct proof these operatives want to remove Howard Dean as DNC Chair.

Fox claims Jeromi Corsi, Swiftboat asshole and attempted Obama Swiftboater, is being Swiftboated

Obama's poll standing unhurt by Hawaii getaway

Sen. Stevens Of Alaska Asks Judge to Dismiss Case

Why is Senator Obama doing this stupid Rick Warren thing?

Only in America... Planners urge monks to close down temple

McCain [most absent U.S. senator]: ‘I Have Not Missed Any Crucial Vote’ On Energy Legislation (lie)

List athletes who became really good commentators

The Edwards affair would have been handled differently if he had been the nominee

Dean honors Arkansas Dem leader, hope for a tribute at the convention.

Prosecutors lay out new information against Stevens

Russia Capitalizes on New World Disorder- opinion from Germany

Eugene Robinson: The Original Swift-Boater is Back

The proposed tax increase McCain doesn’t want to talk about

McClatchy: Some wonder if McCain's too wrinkly to be president

VIDEO: Georgian television reporter shot in forearm on live TV, continues her report minutes later

Another serious threat against a Democrat: MD Gov Martin O'Malley

Rasmussen: 31% favor restrictions on political blogging

David Shuster is saying Obama is trying to hide his "negative ads"

random quote

Why we are in this mess?


How to be a right-wing asshole...

Breaking: Conyers Calls Committee Back from Summer Recess to Investigate Suskind Allegations

He shouldn’t even be in office.

Spoiler Alert. Women's all around

Jackson Browne sued Republican John McCain's committee and the Ohio GOP and RNC

Corsi's claim that Obama posted "false, fake birth certificate" flatly rejected by Hawaii Health

I Think Al Gore Will Introduce Barack Obama to the Convention Thursday Night.

McCain: ‘I Have Not Missed Any Crucial Vote’ On Energy Legislation»

My Official VP Prediction...Joe Biden

I just finished watching "SICKO" for the 2nd time today gives McCain more cover, criticizes Obama's DHL ad

XM radio listeners: What will happen to the POTUS channel after the election?

Ill and in Pain, detainee dies in U.S. hands

on Abrams: something was seriously wrong with Obama's plane

***** VIRAL Alert *****

New LA Times report about Ivins / Anthrax ... I have a question....

xkcd on diebold...imagine you're at a parent-teacher conference

For [email protected]#[email protected]! The Housing crisis ends when the median income can afford the median home!!

Washington Post Editorial Bodyslams Jerome Corsi ("Par for Mr. Corsi")

Russia Vows to Support Two Enclaves, in Retort to Bush

A Latest MUST READ article re the DNC's 'security measures

Lest we forget McCain's Flip-flopping/Hypocrisy..

Evan Bayh: No Memory of Neocon Iraq Liberation Committee

Neil Cavuto Proclaims That, "The Cold War is Back"

Attorney: 'DC Madam' left instructions if 'ever found dead of apparent suicide'

8/14 ELECTION MODEL (TIA): Like Kerry, OBAMA will win TRUE VOTE (339 EV) but lose RECORDED VOTE IF.

Ridge would be a dangerous VP choice, IMO

Obama campaign: A counterpunch is not a counterpunch if you wait a week to throw it

Taiwan should learn from Georgia conflict, analyst says

Does anyone want to sign Cindy's cast?

Obama's new ad in Colorado.

How Corsi's rant became a "bestseller" but really isn't--and shame on Simon & Schuster

Said on Rachael's show sitting in for Keith that when Corsi's book comes out on the NY Times best

"The Donald" ...Big Heart....,.

Donald Trump: Let’s bomb Iran.

People of Pakistan have had enough of the Bush coddling Musharraf. Impeaching.

obama nation: can we shut down Simon & Schuster

I've noticed something about the continuing Obama vs Clinton crap here.

bush calls Russia a bully. What an arrogant fucking Nazi jerk.

Musharraf said on Verge of Resigning

Musharraf said on Verge of Resigning

I need help .. I am cheering against the American beach V-ball players ....

Pohlad ponying up $$$ for Obama

McWar's son's departure has finally made the WSJ

McCain mistress disappears (with photo)

Another flub? Bush vowed Navy aid to Georgia too soon

Republicans don't have any moral values! FAKE book sales!

Corsi's claim that Obama posted "false, fake birth certificate" flatly rejected by HI Health Dept.

A short metaphor explaining one of Diebold's problems

Hi. Would everyone posting in GDP please read this book and get back to me?

What's your favorite McCain gaffe?

Howard Dean is going to be on the Black Eagle, XM 169, The Power

Lavonia, GA: Mobile home "so rank & squalid it forced police investigator to vomit upon entering"

How the media helps the liars! Myths and falsehoods about oil policies

Has McShame become a rogue element?

Obama08 ActionWire - armed with the FACTS, write LTEs regarding Corsi's book - DO something!

Holy shit! Tornado warning for Manhattan, NYC!!!!

Video of Putin telling Bush about Georgian attack, at the Olympic opening ceremony

Forum operator files objection to subpoena

McCain isn't McBush, he's McReagan

Let us loosen our lips and discuss W's options in dealing with Russia

What a way to start a morning,

John Corsi, author of Obama Nation, and his hit pieces against the Catholic Church

So tell me how come the corporate media

McCain: It's OK for a Jack Abramoff linked figure to raise money for me

New Jersey authorities investigating Jerome Corsi for beating his wife Monica?

New DNC Ad on McCain Decision to Raise Money With Abramoff Crony

Lets 'santorum' Corsi

Feds reveal more in Ted Stevens case

A Shout Out to All Atlanta DUers

Oh Goodie...Corsi Is on C-SPIN Tomorrow

Did Cindy know McCain was married with 3 kids when she began porking him?

Something strange and unusual is happening outside...

Something You Don't Hear Everyday: I Love My Bank!


This one's for the DU Cat People...

Ugh, Enquirer leaks more unsavory details... mistress is waiting out Elizabeth's illness...

Should we @ DU make an ad and buy air time about McSame to air during the convention?

Melos, Morals, Matryoshkas and Majorities: Of Sudetenland and South Ossetia

Top Ten Reasons Why Obama Isn't Crushing McBush

Saakashvili must LOVE Condoleezza's truce proposal.

Please read my LTTE response (re: global warming AGAIN).

Conservative Admits Bush More Irresponsible than Democrats with Taxpayer Money - Bush History, 8/15

Corsi is a racist

Vice President John Kerry

High fuel costs to 'kill off' Japanese whaling

Political Science: 101

What goes around comes around. Why corporations and nations

Prosecutors new info "Sen.Ted Stevens-R made more than $100,000 profit off a FL real estate deal"

As horrible as CNN is in the AM

Seriously is this mad woman Condi Rice

What theme song should go with the McBush-Bush reunion image up top?

FOX News Calls White Supremacist, Holocaust Denier and Anti-Semite a 'Free Speech Activist'

Drivers Spend More on Fuel Than Cars for First Time Since 1982

Robert Parry: Washington Post and the Great Disconnect

Grampy McSame campaign attempts to dodge the Jackson Browne "Running On Empty" lawsuit bullet

Russ Feingold has a new "Pick a Progressive Patriot" page.

Georgia invades South Ossetia, a pro-Russia anti-Georgia state

Russia: Poland risks attack because of US missiles Files Official Complaint Against Wal-Mart w/FEC and Calls for Investigation


Worst-case scenario

Vote in the Russia Today poll. When will Georgia’s President Saakashvili leave office? LOL

Is it his due to his poor English or is he really this immature !!!

heavy rain, lightning and thunder mess with the Olympics - plus

Prominent Neocon Francis Fukuyama: Iraq May Be Stable, But the War Was a Mistake

Love, soft as an easy chair... love, fresh as the morning air... one love that is shared by 2

Caption Mickey Mouse leading protest at Disney Land

Tinkerball and Minnie Mouse in plastic hand-ties (PICS)

Sen. Leahy accuses WH of stonewalling and of trying to "run out the clock"

Fundie pretzel logic: More abortions means safe-sex message is failing, thus Abstinence works!

“Obama sleeps with a Teddy Bear and a night light"

Democratic Convention: Please tell me this is NOT the title of the topic for Wednesday.

John McCain's convenient amnesia.....

You have got to be kidding me. One for the books. Caption moron bush at the games.

The Russian attack in Georgia is really an attack on the US!

Barack and Hillary are united. We should be, too.

John McCain May Have Covered Up Abramoff Email to Protect GOP

Sums it up...

Hey! Who the hell is in charge of this ZOO??!?!??!

Blame the irresponsible spending habits of the FKNG REPUBLICANS

2 items re: Israel and Georgia

Freeper Funny of the day (so far)

Sr. Admin Official: Bush "Was Writing Checks To Georgians WITHOUT Knowing What He Had In The Bank"

Ex CIA Agent: "highly possible that Washington actually encouraged Georgia to attack South Ossetia"

Suburban Chicago LTTE: Bush years have been good years

Announcement from Dr Rice live from Georgia

WH knew Hussein had no WMD (Iraqi chief of intelligence told British Intell) - The Way of the World

Why is Chelsea speaking, but not Charlie Rangel??

Rep. Sali (RepubliCONstupid-ID): There ‘Could Be Up To Forty Barrels Of Oil In A Single Tree

Caption Mc* and T. Boone


TYT: John McCain Forgets We Invaded Iraq and Afghanistan

How come the media never reports this McCain affair?

Name your top 3 VP picks

‘Not enough coffins’ as rescuers restore war-torn capital

Never have so many been so damaged by the insanely stupid actions of so few (David Michael Green)

President Bush Discusses Situation in Georgia (with my emphasis)

Caption *

New bill would lift ban on journalists photographing returning military dead

Clinton having her name placed into nomination will...

S.Ossetia Peacekeepers To Be Beefed Up With Armor, Tanks

Our very own DUer, BLOGSLUT, just OWNED Corsi on live national radio!!!!!!

Class Action Suit Against DOJ Grows, Names Gonzales and Goodling as Defendants

Lieberman the reason the Dems are not impeaching?

S.Ossetia, Abkhazia To Seek Sovereignty Under International Law

So after all that noise from Condi and

100th Anniversary of the Springfield Riot.

Do these Lyrics remind you of * ?

What the fuck is bushco playing at.....


Forget Clinton. Forget Obama. Can we PLEASE put an end to all of the ABBA bashing.

Obama ad campaign continues to pummel McCain for his role in Ohio job losses

Tasers and Holding Cells: Denver Prepares for the DNC

This Ravi Batra guy on with Thom Hartmann right now......

Pastor From Jenna Bush's Wedding Rails Against McCain

Are you a turtle? (just curious)

When the war mongerin' gets tough, the chimp goes on ...

Jerry Wexler died

It's What You've All Been Waiting For: Trailer From "An American Carol"

US military will stay in Georgia

This is a pretty tough way to get a school system to work It is also sad.

just a couple of hours left - Phx AZ Melissa Etheridge ticket giveaway

NSN Daily Update: As Things Fall Apart – Bush’s Foreign Policy Comes Full Circle, 8/15/08

Do you ever email Obama?

Russia warning Poland now

Thank You, DU!

Now how did I miss this one?

Bush and Barney head to the ranch for some vaca time

bu$h* gives russia the finger with poland missile deal

bush coming (again) to New Orleans and the Mississippi Coast

how corporations destroy humanitarian ideas..

Russo-Georgian War Photos-- *** WARNING-GRUESOME ***

rising food prices trigger thoughts of rat farming for low cost snack

This is your brain on cell-phones.

New Signs Of A Middle-Class Collapse

crazy like a fox ...

Number Of weeks Jerome Corsi's book will be number one on the NYT best sellers list

AP Gets Rather Bold in Detailing Neocons' Disastrous Back Pages

Why have so many "liberals" embraced paternalism as social policy?

Is Bush starting another Cold War, or World War III? - Today’s Headlines 8/15/08

Abrams - JSTFU! just shut up already

Is PB&J a threat?

The new minority-majority was inevitable.. Thanks to Reagan

HA HA HA .. Mr.Idiot

Dr. D. is at APA in Boston

OMFG - Condi and Chattsvilliverymuch are holding a joint

Who's going to stand up to the evil Russians?

White House Reporter Helen Thomas Profiled on HBO

Pravda: US / Russia relations

Paul Craig Roberts on Georgia crisis: "President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"

23 Dead in 24 Hours in Escalation of Mexican Violence

Are we going to keep hearing about how Reagan won the Cold War now?

Sale of Colorado drilling rights SETS ONSHORE RECORD

Clip of Chimpy's eyes inserted into new Obama ad, "Punch"?

Pat Buchanan explaining the Georgia/Russia situation

Russia threatens to nuke Poland . . . and Ukraine . . . and _____

US Rejected Russian UN Statement For Both Sides 'To Renounce The Use Of Force' On 8/8/08

FReepers react to the news that Obama gets more money from soldiers than McCain

San Diego officer charged in police dog's heat stroke death

Did anyone get tickets to the acceptance speech at Mile High?

Does W think that Georgia was named after him?

Pentagon puts Cyber Command effort on hold

'Gitmo On The Platte' Set As Holding Cell For DNC

McCain has done the impossible... He scares me more than Bush on Foreign Policy...

Former Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) is on the loose.

Now Christopher Walken is involved

Met Randy Scheunemann (apparently new) U.S. Top Foreign Policy Adviser

I predict a landslide victory in November for the WPEA.....

Are the DUzy's out yet? nt

Siegelman to speak at party (DNC) function

Big Foot found sipping cocktail in tropical location

Bigfoot Capture UPDATE!!!

W. Gets Misunderestimated With New Posters in Denver

How long until Russia begins supplying Iraqis and Afghans with missiles?

Estimates Concerning the Iraq War

What Happened to the World Grain Shortage? In April, we were advised to stock up & buy ammo.

God Says So, says Warren.

The Bush Legacy

You must looky here. Now. Big Foot Press Release

New Year's baby's death shatters family, relationships

Boxer calls out Interior Department (Endangered Species Act)

Obama's Hillbilly Half-Brother Threatening To Derail Campaign

"The Neocons Do Georgia"

McCain’s Hypocrisy: Promises To Protect ‘Copyrighted Works’ While Infringing On Artists’ Copyrights

Congress Passes $60k Law School Loan Forgiveness Program for Prosecutors and Public Defenders

Bush Accuses Russia of "Bullying"....

Chinese gymnasts to assert their innocence following naptime

Bigfoot Hunters release picture of a live female Sasquatch

Saakashvili is a dick-tator who kills his own people. He also has an approval rating of 16%.

The Neocons Do Georgia Humanity's Greatest Enemy?


Fox News cuts American child for thanking Russian troops

London Clubs Rebuff `Braying' Bankers, Favor Style Over Wealth

No more 401K matches anymore? - Article

Michael Ware just said on CNN: "Russian, in the beginning, attacked...

Would you be interested in this feature?

A Forum on Faith ? ...... OUTSTANDING !!!!!

Isn't Bill Maher ( Real Time) due back soon?

My e-mail from Al Franken says Iraq will have $50 billion surplus this year!

The Russia/Georgia thing is modus operandi for the Bush Presidents.

The Gold medal of SEPARATED AT BIRTH?

Is Saakashvilli now a member of the

Schooling our elected officials

VIDEO Ghost Recon in Georgia. Prediction or conspiracy?

Project for next year. FIRE all the CIA agents that came in under Bush

SiCKO Kicks Off a Week of Health Care Events at the DNC in Denver

I would just like to throw out a big FUCK YOU Washington Mutual for raising my credit interest rate

National Media Finally Shining Light On McCain's Son's Involvement In Failing Bank

More ideas for strategy for effective Election Protection (cross post)

Famous personnel included in opened OSS files

Links between Ark. Democrat leader, killer unclear

Wes Clark is on CNN

The Surprising Upside Of The Russia Georgia Conflict!

Corsi smears HIMSELF


ME-Sen: Collins Leads by 15 (+)

The Pentagon is not a humanitian organization!

***The John McCain Challenge***

My friend had an affair

Florida DU'ers get ready for Fay!

An example of Repuke "ethics":

So has the War on Terror just fizzled out?

The Ukrainians DON'T want to join NATO!

Shouldn't this site just be Conbushian Underground?

Michael Ledeen Leaves AEI

Lame Duck Bush uses the "S" word again, probably STILL does NOT know its meaning

John McCain Has More Odd Things to Say About Russia/Georgia

I'm warming up to Clark as VP

McCain Adviser/Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman Silent On Campaign’s Opposition To Net Neutrality»

They're baaaack! Obama's birth certificate forged by "Dr. X"

Russia gets a six mile patrol zone INSIDE Georgia as part of the truce deal.

Now the fundies are whining about 'liberal intimidation tactics'.....

John Stewart: Bush, McCain have 'memory loss' on invading countries

Obama swimsuit photos have arrived, as have the bodysurfing pics - don't be afraid. It will be OK.

Fair and Balanced?

Georgia: Tailor-made for the McCain campaign?

15August 1945 Japan Surrenders

I just thought up this cute funraising ad (cross posted in Lounge)

Hartmann just said Rove and Georgian President at the same Conference last month!!!

Does anyone have a speakers list for both conventions?

Ray McGovern-Out Damn Blot-A Letter to Colin Powell: "What Did You Know…and When?"

Sen. Stevens Scored Big In Florida Condo Deal, Prosecutors Allege

John Feehery says McCain woudl ignore the United Nations

Gotta have me some o' that Crusty Spambake!! (free recipe inside!)

To Be A Republican You Need To Believe.....

Why the Russians are acting like Soviets. And why it will be difficult to stop them

PHOTO: The world's on fire and there goes George....Happy vacation, you drunken failure.

Unexplained Minneapolis explosions a 'Homeland Security' issue

Maybe I can help explain why some African Americans are upset about the Clintons

Racist dickheads don't deserve to live!!!!

You can have any foreign policy you want, as long as its war for oil

Buy evidence of my husband's adultery on eBay

Didn't Georgia Launch a Pre-emptive Attack on August 7th

Official PUMA Conference 2008!

Bigfoot newsconference on CNN now

Freakazoid Fundies Want to Put a 40-foot Wall around San Francisco

Michael Phelps accused of cheating

BULLSHIT! McCain blames his lame music taste on a PAVN SAM?

"Just like the '30s, it might take financial disasters and major policy victories that address them"

in praise of boys

Florida lawsuit against DNC refiled on August 14.

Friday TOONFEST part 1: War and the Idiot Son

TPM: FBI Appears To Change Theory In Anthrax Case


Why Didn’t McCain Call Ralph Reed To Testify During Abramoff Investigation?

AlterNet: It is Time to Send Maureen Dowd Packing

OMG... Pro-Obama group sticks it to McCain's infidelity to wife #1 & kids w/new ad!


Russians losing propaganda war

did anyone else watch misty may-treanor & kerri walsh totally overcome tonight?

Once again, it all comes down to oil. It's all about the oil.

McCain's chief foreign policy adviser member of Project for the New American Century

A really, really, really good joke.

The Case Against Jerome Corsi (Author Of The Obama Nation)

My German wife watches half an hour of US TV and says "this is pure right-wing propaganda!"

Cheney aide Mary Matalin published the Corsi smear book

Health Insurance Nightmare

So It's The G7 Again?

Bigfoot Cited in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Michael 'Savage' Weiner drops suit against Islamic Group

This is how McGrumpy shows respect for the American flag

Eat rats for snacks, says Indian a way to beat rising food prices

I'm decided I'm voting republican.

Ah Oh "Mean Jean" paid only $95/yr property tax on land valued between $2 - $4 Million:

Scathing commentary on Bayh by David Sirota

A Florida school's solution to encourage achievement. T-Shirt with FIRE on the front.

Focus REALLY Doesn’t Want You To See Its “Pray for Rain” Video

"After 8 Years Bush's Pakistan And Russia Policies Shown To Be Complete Failures."


The Great Corporate Tax Heist

Property insurance tripled. Overnight.

Why did John cheat on Elizabeth?

Help Stephen Colbert Better Know YOUR Canton!

Did Admiral McCombover just invoke his POW days in a story about ABBA?

this winter's heating bills to be killers - EMERGENCY

Forget Beach Volleyball. Check out OBAMA Body Surfing!!! WOW

"Lawyers’ Ties Hint at Extent of Hiding Edwards’ Affair" - From today's New York Times

There is way too much Russophobia on this forum

Russia Threatens Nuclear Attack on Poland Over US Missile Shield Deal

God says personal life in a presidential election matters...

Rachel Maddow tells America to "Google 'Truman Commission'" -- and they do!

For almost 8 years the US media has served as Ministry of Propaganda for a war criminal regime

Georgia president signs cease-fire with Russia; says West invited invasion.

Should the Truthiness Encyclopedia sue Jerome Corsi ?

Most important news story of the week (ending August 14, 2008)

If the repub assholes really had their way, what would they do to America?

Rep. Rahm Emanuel regarding Bush: "He has been impeached by current history"

Why Clinton-bashing and trying to turn DU into an echo chamber are mistakes (reposted after requests

I saw people picketing a Planned Parenthood center today...

I want THEM to be marginalized for decades.

Welcome back to the cold war: Russia threatens Poland with nukes.

Yea, could some people quit insinuating that PUMAS are

5 Billion reasons to re-open the 2002 Georgia election

In bad taste: John McCain's ten worst jokes

Announcing a "Long" shot against Peter f*ckin' King of NY . .!!

Has anyone heard from KitchenWitch lately?

Why Bugliosi Wrote “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”

If you were an Ikea product what would your name be? What would you look like?

Muslim Sticky Abuse Rickroll!

hey loungers i have a question

Anyone one else remember "Long Ago And Far Away"

To the person who put up Annie Hall:

Got Ammo?

Anybody know who posted the Starlight sticky?

I think now, looking back, we did not fight the enemy, we fought ourselves.

Sticky: Loosing erections?

I'm tired ... keep me awake.

Just how exactly do we "loose" elections?

Your Favorite Fed?

Ack, somebody bleached Quinn!!!!!!

Does anyone know where I might find higher-resolution images of the 08 Olympic mascots?

August photo contest invite

Behold the Blue Ball Machine

I learned a hard lesson today about friendship

éí 'aaníígÓÓ 'áhoot'é

I had quite a day.

Calling out TK421

The more I hear Kings of Leon the more I like them.

My cat just totally screwed up.

Army Psychologist-Who Ordered Torture Of Juvenile Detainee-Pleads 'Fifth' At Gitmo Trial

Collapse Of The Middle Class Continues On Meet The Bloggers Right Now (w/ Bernie Sanders & Cenk)

Match the area of Boston with it's sister, foreign city


I heard that Paul Newman is dying

Looks like the recommend fairy is back

Holy mother of Jebus, what a week it's been

Hey Billy Mays and the ShamWow! guy

Popularity threads suck, but so does Elrond Hubbard.

Turns out...I am not buying a Kia Sedona after all.

I am

Spoiler- I was just yelling around watching swimming

Hey Lounge! Guess what I just heard about your mothers...

The Donald plans to buy Ed McMahon's mansion & lease it back to him so he can continue to live there

a life misunderestimated...

Big Brother Fans?

Have you seen 1992 and 1996 Olympian Shannon Miller lately? Yowza!

MSM Coverup of Condi press conference in Georgia

Ahh....fuck it....I'm drunk again....howz everyone else [email protected]!!!

something I wrote...

Soviet born gymnasts are a PNAC conspiracy.

Ellen DeGeneres and Fiancee Portia De Rossi to Wed This Weekend

I will be in the Outer Banks in N.C.

Any Vermin experts?


has anyone ever used a sedation dentist? I have a cavity that is getting PAINFUL and I hate pain

US Men's Swimming SPOILER

"The Day After" is on.

Johnny Depp, Colin Farrel and Jude law donate their movie pay to Heath Ledger's daughter.

Any Garmin experts?

Funny how I find myself ,in love with you

Love my way

The last time I saw her face, her eyes were bathed in starlight

The Bodeans -fadeaway

The Church Destination

Should a teacher have a loaded gun in a classroom full of kids?

Love it when the ex comes calling

Rapture Ready: "I used to get annoyed at the porn magazines....then I decided to fight back!"

The Odds - I would be your man

Tell me something good.

When is the Grovelbot movie coming out?

Would Obama be our first Hawaiian Prez?

Did God create the DU Lounge?

In your travels today

I thought I reached the highpoint of my week

Walker, Texas Ranger

Damn Copycat Freepers...They've got a fund drive too.

Anyone else bothered by Obama's sit down with 'purpose driven life' guy Rick Warren...

US - Belgium Beach Volleyball game (spoilers probably)

Now somewhere in the black mining hills of Dakota There lived a young boy named

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!! Post your weekend plans here. I am off to Hatteras Island on NC Outer Banks.

Just Got Back From A George Jones Concert, WOW!!!!

Trifecta in GD: Mental illness, veterans, and guns.


PNC Online - edit - yeah, the site is down. N/T Never mind.

Any Advice on Caring for a Wounded Bird?

Pocahontas - Neil Young

Christian heretics.. FAKE book sales!

Since I got no replies last night . . new kitty pics!!!!

For those of you who like LOLCats


Recently a couple of du'ers have PM'd me...

Where is Rusia?!

Can you help me find this?

Finally. An intelligent website for cat lovers...

Lol! I can see naked peoples with Google Earth!

What 7 year olds think of beer….

This one's for the DU Cat People...

Friday Questions

Cat Proximity

What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?

So I have not been watching the Olympics, AND

Ok. Which one of you did it?

Does anybody know what the grand prize is for correctly guessing the number of times "9/11" is used

His nose is only slightly longer than McCain's

666 Donations!

How do you eat your animal crackers

What would be the title of your autobiography?

Before Jasonc Gets Married

US Women's Gymnastics SPOILER


"He could fly to Guam with those things." Movie quote thread.

Michael Phelps: Great American athlete, but you DON'T want to know what his middle name is-

Grovelbot Appreciation Thread

Did you watch "What would YOU do? If YOU saw . . . "?

Why would using underaged girls grant any advantage to the matcom?

Should I post my Crusty Spambake recipe here?

Post your recently postulated theories here....

Friday TOON Roundup part 3: The Olympics and other distractions

Brian Austin "Beverly Hills 90210" Green as The Riddler in the next Batman movie? No thanks...

George Lucas craps out another Star Wars film, wipes butt with my fond childhood memories.

Greatest debate competition ever!!

What to Do With Traumatized Elephant Stirs Up Dallas


A word or two before I go.

"Never pet a burning dog"--what does this expression mean?

Harry Potter release bumped to Summer 09

U.S. Olympic gals gymnasts...All Around

Getting Naked With Mary-Louise Parker

284 more donations to go!

Before you call in and yell at me because the tech didn't set up your connection...

I want to see Frank Caliendo impersonate

What shows would have been excellent if only 2 to 3 seasons?

Norwegian colonel receives knighthood (Did I mention that he's a penguin?)

DU'ers in Denver during the DNC... seen the meetup thread?

anybody in or near Phx AZ? Melissa Etheridge ticket giveaway

Jerry Wexler died

This picture of Obama cracks me up (it's a great photo):

MAN, have you noticed the SPAM subjects lately?

Any body got some good pepper jelly recipies?

Home's water heater explodes, hurtles 135 yards

Is Facebook just one more way to discriminate against people who don't have faces?

For all of those who want to make love...out of nothing at all

I got a job!!

WELCOME TO THE DU OLYMPICS!!!! What sports should be held in our competition

Well you can bump and grind...It is good for your mind

Pelosi to address nation on gas prices

The Week in Review - Elvis Has Left the Building!

You gotta love our company's construction managers:

The Bigfoot DNA tests are back!!!! I can't believe it!!!!

DeGeneres And De Rossi Set Wedding Date

After 46 years, I am now an uncooked cookie dough convert

Noisy British sex emerging as a counterbalance to Ernest Borgnine's masturbation

Cops say alleged robber locked keys in getaway car

Limbaugh's full of a Yellow Margarine.

I'll be your best friend if you bring me some cherries.

Why do convicted repeatm urderers get a death penalty better than the rest of us?

Raise Your Hand If you Don't Give a Rat's Patootie About the Olympics

Sometimes you do have to laugh ... spam filter catch

Wrong number!!

A LOLcat just for DU....

I'll be your best friend if you bring me some cherry pop.

It's my 1000th post!

I have one more sticky to post.

Phelps Gets 6th Gold Medal

OK I AM Ready To Kick Some DU'rs A$$ In RISK

Why Disneyland needs to maintain good relations with its labor unions

Why Disneyland needs to maintain good relations with its labor unions

What can I do with old feather pillows?

How does a donation to the DU show up on your credit card statement?

Bulletin: Google is not always your friend

Preggers cat about to pop -- all advice needed and welcome!!!!


Xposted from GD, because I think it's worth noting:

Whats Your Favorite Beer?

What happened to the Hate Mailbag?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/15/08

School district enables staff to carry firearms

I'll be your best friend if you pop my cherry.

Simple Solution? Re Budget Question

Since 1980 all music phoned in


Have any of you kids seen The Take?

Why is everyone talking about a War on terrya??

Whats Your Favorite Happy Love Song?

So much for all your high brow Marxist ways, just use me up and then you walk away..

Kittten Picture of the Day for Friday August 15

Remember me, I'm the one who has your baby's eyes


Let's go back to the rock and see it at four forty

Have you hugged a moderator today?

Step to the rhythm, lay down the brown paper

I am MEGA pissed off!!!!!

I won't let go, I won't let go of your love

Don't wanna be weak, just wanna be strong

Okay, I admit it. I'm going to see Clone Wars tonight.

Get another plan, 'cause this one's not working

So sad

wow! tornado warning has been issued for Manhattan

I am somebody... I finally got rickrolled!

What's Your Favorite Sappy Love Song?

Nekkid video!!

Hey Midlo, I think MrsG's can take you and your MidloVan with her new Saturn

I just made homemade frosty paws for my dogs... ask me anything!

cute dog sticky! :)

Some people have altogether too much free time...

You are in my system

Two white dudes and a white chick

Goddamn, my upper arms are so sore...

Elliot Spitzer or Fred Phelps: Who is better looking?

My Middle Leg Is Throbbing

My leg is throbbing.

Hey, sister, don't jog it all it away

I've got a date tonight with a democrat

Have You Ever Been To A Lemon Party?

I'm gonna go deposit my paycheck. You just stay here. I'll be back in no time. nt

I just want to kill myself.

Hmmm.... Do People Ever Post Things Here

Harry dog is on Grovelbot's Big Board

Godddamn! David Bowie is a genius!

I need your opinion...Would you give this guy money?

Cat Proverbs

Soul Party! w/ Steve 'Hitman' Williams and 'Get Down' Ponder!

OK Listen Up Things Do Work Out

When life gives you lemons...

Sending vibes to Fox

Back to life, back to reality

Sticky: Loosing elections?

Isn't this offensive to Jewish people?

This is new to me, the 2005 DU picture gallery

Just moved my baby into the dorms at UNC-Chapel Hill

Was Marc Bolan to the UK what the Ramones were to the US?

Collards with Cento tomatoes, basil, thyme, oregano, and crisp panceta!

I Wonder If A Lime Party Is Different Then A Lemon Party

what are your rainy day recipes?

so I'm desperate

A request for info on tombstonees

I've got a date tonight with a republican

Mr. Writer just bought himself a gift for finding a job...

bastards! H/P isn't going to update the drivers for my 7 y.o. scanner to vista!

bastards! H/P isn't going to update the drivers for my 7 y.o. scanner to vista!

Official Alanis Morissette Is The Most Annoying Singer Out There Thread

Finally! A picture of Oscar!

A request for info on tombstonees?

What's the best band you've seen live?

The Super Theory of Super Everything...

Iz in your manshun, recrootn your childrenz

Man gets 2 years in prison for killing cat

Which states have you been to.

Have You Ever Been Tombstoned?

I am importing all my cd's to my mac

A funny Bush joke (NOT the Brazilian joke)...

Are The Gold Medals Given At The Olympics Real Gold?

So apparently there are different formats for DVDs depending on which country you live in...

They are letting Dean be the scapegoat for actions of others in the primary.

Do friendships ever just kind of run their course and then die?

Damn, I loves me some Béla Károlyi (No Spoilers Here)

Business etiquette question... ((inquiry within))

I made onion rings tonight, and they were AMAZING!!

Anybody seen Tuesday Afternoon lately?

Curiously: Is administrating DU all Skinner, Elad, and EarlG do?

So, school's starting again...

For WoW players - World of Wifecraft

Sweet! Nitzer Ebb sticky---

Talking to my girls about breast cancer

Have you ever found yourself using slang from teh lounge in real life?

My brother and sister in law have not paid into social security and they

Jango or Boba

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 8/15/2008) (Strong Language Warning)

"Running on Empty" and Jackson Browne - Are the Republicans really that stupid?

The faces behind the cartoon voices

iPhone drama on our patio tonight

Now Christopher Walken is involved

Seriously - cats are proof that God loves us and wants us to be subservient

Here it is, our new car (for the next forever, hopefully) ***Dialup Warning***

I found a place selling local fresh eggs!!!

Let me get this straight The Saudi Kings can't be arrested

The Donald does something very nice..

Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps: Who is better looking?

So I was flipping through the porn section at Borders today...


Damnit, who has a recipe for that great cake with the green icing

True story, or urban legend in the making?

Please explain Facebook to me

I thought up a fundraising ad

Use of Public Transit and Telecommuting Increases to Highest Levels Ever Recorded (AZ)

Is It Worse Than Watergate? Americans Won't Know - Unless We Investigate, Charge and Prosecute

More ZOMBIE REAGAN Pics (If you dare!)>

Remember when Austin Powers first awoke and saw the Russian general?

Next War for Us: Iran or Russia

Peter Pan, Snow White Arrested At Disneyland

Bigfoot found in a freezer in Georgia

It's time for the ~ Friday Night Picture Thread ...

Something strange and unusual is happening outside...

Harman International to move manufacturing to Mexico

Bands HUGE in the UK that don't register here

OMG I am just bouncing off the ceiling right now!!!

10 mispronunciations that make you sound stupid

Want To Get Kicked From A Wal-Mart...

It's 3.30 am in LA ....

Post Here And I Will Give You A Nickname

Unlimited-Range Electric Car for less than $25K To be unveiled on Aug 18

One Question You Need To Ask

Texas school district to allow teachers to carry guns...

I'd like to share a few photos

Doctor Who Icons

Debt collector may add 700 jobs

Poland, U.S. Reach Missile Shield Deal

FAA Tapes Reveal Drama of Obama Jet Incident

Mexican housing boom threatens black bears

Psst, information tips on the rise from public to FBI

(Terre Haute City) Council urges Indiana Legislature to pass hate crimes bill

Injured Iraq War Vet (Tammy Duckworth) to Pay Tribute to Service Members at Democratic Convention

Kim Sengupta: Villagers caught in front line become victims of atrocities

Radio host (Savage) drops lawsuit against Islamic group

US-trained Iraqi troops taking over Georgian base

Did Bush speak too soon about U.S. Navy aiding Georgia?

Saudi Arabia immune in 9/11 case

Republican Trio Crosses Party Lines to Back Obama

U.S. Ties With Russia Being Reassessed, Bush Aides Say

Chilean deputies approve law against whaling

Brig. gen. removed from 2nd Gitmo trial

Need 'closer look' at peace deal-Georgia president

Democracy Now Headlines- Thurs. Aug.14, 2008 = CIA breaks law

New Obama Ad for Ohio

COUNTDOWN w/ MADDOW: GOP Keeping Away from John S McCain

Marine killed in Anbar province – U.S. army

Countdown: Bushed Aug. 14, 2008 w/ Rachel Maddow

Evidence suggests planned shooting (Bill Gwatney)

Another flub? Bush vowed Navy aid to Georgia too soon

Right Wingers encouraging violence against Democrats

British security laws are eroding human rights, says UN

McCain has abandoned everything he stood for" - Brent Budowsky

Iraqi elections official fears fair vote in jeopardy (Security forces raiding registration centers)

Did Bush speak too soon about U.S. Navy aiding Georgia?

Merkel, Medvedev to discuss strategic partnership

Source: $14,000 to Edwards' mistress was for unused video

Layoffs, complaints plague SeedAmerica

Anthrax scientist Bruce Ivins slipped under the radar because of FBI obsession

Small Texas school district lets teachers, staff pack pistols

Georgia leader signs cease-fire deal with Russia

Two soldiers from NATO force killed in Afghanistan

BBC: Russians losing propaganda war (against Bush)

John McCain finally tells the truth

Countdown: Convention No-Shows = Grand Old Party Poopers = w/ Rachael Maddow

Lowered Expectations

Georgia president signs cease-fire with Russia

Casino Jack = new film in the works on Jack Abramoff

Feds List Favors Stevens Allegedly Did For Oil Firm

Prosecutors lay out new information against Stevens

McCain's Bad Experience vs. Obama's Good Judgement

Countdown: The Slime Machine = Jerome Corsi's book Obama Nation

I'm Afraid of John McCain

Senator Obama tends to an old man in the twilight of his life.

"Fix the Economy" Ad by BARACK OBAMA

Bigfoot found in a freezer in Georgia

Gorbachev: Georgia started conflict in S. Ossetia

Harman International to move manufacturing to Mexico

Texas school district to let teachers carry guns

Cambodia says ready for troop pullback

DemocracyNOW: Ron Suskind - Bush Admin forged documents = Day 2 w/ Rep. Conyers

Legendary record producer Jerry Wexler has died.

Georgia signs EU-brokered ceasefire agreement to end Russia's intervention.

Georgia signs EU-brokered ceasefire agreement to end Russia's intervention.

Seal Wars - Sea Shepherd

Data Raise Questions On Role of Speculators (are a larger piece of the oil market)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 15

TheRealNews: Who's to blame for the Russian Georgian conflict?

Corsi Under Fire: Smear Author Faces The Truth

Winners and losers in the new China

Kilpatrick will stand trial for alleged assault

Captain Paul Watson Sea Shepherd Interview on Al Jazeera

Countdown: Corsi is a Smear Peddler with a Long History of Lying

McCain has no comment on anti-Obama book (actually says: "gotta keep your sense of humor")

Arkansas Suspect Quit Job on Day of Killing

(Ohio) GOP crying foul over law it passed

CNN: Candidate John McCain on Russia and Georgia Conflict

Countdown: Gordon Smith & Other GOPers Abandon McCain

Wal-Mart Ordered to Allow Union Contract in Quebec

Uncounted - Election Day 2004 (Ohio)

Rapid Growth Found in Oxygen-Starved Ocean ‘Dead Zones’


5 Public Service Announcements circa 1979

Appeals Court Orders Cuban Militant to Stand Trial in El Paso

Lawsuit Filed Against Gonzales & DOJ Officials (Six attorneys rejected by DOJ)


Good Lord.....This is great.....

Larry King on CNN: Mikhail Gorbachev on Russian Georgian Conflict

Why didn't this video of George Bush, drunk at a wedding, go viral?

Slain student's family files claim against district, county

Bill Would End Ban on Photos of Returning Military Dead

Peter Pan, Snow White arrested at Disneyland (labor protest)

Russians Leave, Then Return to Seized Georgian City

General "Punch" Ad

Your Family


Russia-Georgia War Looks Like Republican Election Year PLOT!

Rep. Keith Ellison addresses "gross politicization" of Justice Dept.

Bush hits Russia on 'bullying and intimidation'

Nebraska firm expands beef recall, USDA says

Dick Cheney on The ACLU-SC

CNN: Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

TYT Absurd News: The Chupacabra Caught on Tape! (Ear-Muff The Kids)

I like John McCain!

Chicago hoping for Obama booster in Olympics bid

Fact Check: Refuting More McCain Attacks

DNC Ad: "Tainted"

Russia: Poland risks attack due to U.S. missiles

Obama Hits McCain On DHL in Tough New Ad for Ohio

"Gori in ruins"? See for yourself

Lawyers’ Edwards Ties Suggest Extent of Hiding Affair

TheRealNews: Russia-Asia cooperation a nightmare for US hawks

TYT: Inside Edition Has Cenk On To Comment On John Edwards

CBS News 1975: Prospects of Female Presidential Hopes

(CA State) Senator Pat Wiggins Wigs Out

China's top 1% control 70% of wealth

(US says Iraqi) Hit Squads Training in Iran

Russia "seizes U.S. weapons" near Georgian town

Cookie chain Mrs. Fields to file for Chap. 11 bankruptcy protection

TYT: MM Goes After Author Of Obama Nation & Cenk And Ben Weigh In

Graves Found From Sahara’s Green Period

Bacevich on the Crises Threatening Our Democracy (Moyers interview tonight)

Ex-bishop takes Paraguay's helm

Civilian Diplomacy -- Dialogue to Prevent a War with Iran (Robert Koehler)

Guardian UK: Athletes from US & China are unwitting soldiers in a superpower in decline...

Georgia on My Mind: Imperial Rivalry Fuels Tussle over South Ossetia

Kim Sengupta: Villagers caught in front line become victims of atrocities

Rundle 08: Russia bombs the theme park of American supremacy

FBI mishandling of anthrax case leaves many questions unanswered

It’s The Economy…Ratings of President, Congress Near Their Lowest Points Ever

Danny Glover, Haiti, and the Politics of Revolutionary Cinema in Venezuela

Walmart: Vote for Obama and you could lose your job!

The bear is back

John Nichols: Georgia's First Mistake: Taking McCain Seriously

Viewpoint: Living with Iraq's violence

Pentagon Gives In, Sexual Assault Expert To Testify Before House Panel

A very good article by one of the Daily Mails' economic correspondents, Andrew Alexander.

Tom Hayden: The Defunding of the Peace Movement

Guardian UK: Death and Texas

McCain: "The Eddie Haskell of Politics"

The End Of Aviation-What will happen when America can't afford to fly?

Swift-Boat Redux: Right-Winger Claims Obama Fought for North Vietnam

Christopher Hayes: Wanted: New Voters

Wag the Dog: How to Conceal Massive Economic Collapse

Geopolitical Chess: Background to a Mini-war in the Caucasus

An Equal and Opposite Reaction

The Nation: Progressives in the Obama Moment

BBC: Russians losing propaganda war (against Bush)

Friday Talking Points (43) -- And The Gold Medal For Snarkiness Goes To...

The Tragic Arkansas Shooting and Conservative Hate Speech

Mr. Bush, Enough!! (Case of those that live in Glass Houses)

His Time is Short

Where does the line start to attack Matt Taibbi?

Another soldier found dead in Hood barracks

Green Beret: Team waited to report killing

Most U.K. troops out of Iraq by spring

Group disputes military in religion case

Wainwright police reactivated

Captain attack case lawyer: Evidence planted

6 sailors charged with detainee abuse in Iraq

In Georgia, refugees overwhelm relief efforts

Greek tragedies offer lessons on pain of war

Twentynine Palms shooting investigated

2/3 begins return to Hawaii from Iraq

2/24 returns to Twentynine Palms on Friday

Review: Air Force botched officer separations

Body of Bolling airman found at her apartment

Navy identifies ships leaving the fleet

PA director suspends daily mission reports

(Air Force) Backtalk: Create single leader to guide electronic warfare

Invasion of Georgia seen as power play

AAFES gas prices in Europe continue plunge

Recycling unavailable at Korea bases; called too costly

BAE to build 155mm naval gun for U.K.

Mexican housing boom threatens black bears

Follow the Coal money - new database

NYT: With Energy in Focus, Heat Pumps Win Fans

Credit crunch hits Indian power investment plans

Squeamish about truth

Mankind is the 'Earth's biggest threat'

Peak oil notes - Aug 14

Climate Reality Eludes the Business Press

Wind Turbine That Imitates Flippers Could Increase Efficiency

China car sales slow on oil prices

East Hawkesbury tries to freeze solar farm plan (NIMBY)

Vestas to add 1,000 jobs in Colorado

Wood sales smoking (wood export collapse)

Good Idea! Solar Collector in Asphalt Roads - Renewable Energy Source


25% Reduction In Marine Invertebrate Reproduction Likely Outcome Of Ocean Acidification - Reuters

New Scientist - Climate Myths: "Global Warming Stopped In 1998"

US Wind Market Reaches New Heights

Once More Unto The Bray - RealClimate Demolishes Monckton

Vestas to test "world's longest" turbine blades on Isle of Wight

National Ice Center Update - About 90% Of Franz Josef Land IF Or Down To 1-3/10ths

Edinburgh Penguin Knighted As Honorary Colonel-In-Chief Of Norwegian King's Guard - ENN

New Biomass (Plant) To Be Built in Belgium

Honeybee deaths reaching crisis point (1/3 lost this year)

8/15 8:00 AM EDT - NHC Sees "High Potential" For Further Development For Hispanolia/Puerto Rico Low

New Zealand Mud Snail Latest Of At Least 186 Invasive Species Affecting Great Lakes Systems

Gasified wood chips and corn cobs are replacing natural gas at Benson ethanol plant

Sam's Club stores highlight solar power

Does anyone convert front wheel drive to hybrids with electric rear wheels?

XPOST fm LBN: Data Raise Questions On Role of Speculators

French Nuclear power - another perspective

Multiple Common UK Bird Species Laying Eggs One Week Earlier Than During 1960s - Independent

More US States Cooking Up Renewable Energy Incentives

Possibly rabid cats worry New Milford neighborhood

stupid question about electric car electricity generation

lol-ocelot I made, and a petition

Everything They Tell You About Solar Is Wrong - Travis Bradford

The Delusion Revolution: We're on the Road to Extinction and in Denial

Residents squawk at (turkey manure) energy plant

Ronn Motors' Scorpion using HydroRunner Hydrogen Boosting

What Chinese pollution really looks like

(EcoGeek) Status Check: The Biggest Wind Projects in the World

What Happens If Congress Lifts Drilling Ban?

8/15 16:00 EDT Tropical Storm Fay Eastern Tip Dominica - Max Sust 35 1008 MB W 275 12 Knots

Electric bikes selling briskly as gas prices climb—More commuters use electric bikes…

The shocking truth about ethanol subsidies

Kansas State School Board Candidate needs help!

'America's Next Top Model' Goes Transgender

Interesting poll on - "Homophobia Questionnaire"

McCain Takes $2300 Contribution from Owner of Gay Sex Site Manhunt

The Remains of the $1 Detroit House

Slow housing market complicates divorce

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/14/08

UT regents ease conflict-of-interest rules on investing

Misery at the pump offers at least one bright spot

2 more banks to settle over securities

Nasrallah: 'Failed' IDF generals caused Georgia defeat in war

The Lobby Like No Other Wants a War Like No Other

Israel 'worry' at settler attacks

Rupert Murdoch Unveils Plans for the Global Dow

9,500 Carhaul Members (Teamsters) Vote to Reject National Agreement

As Charges Mount, Caregivers and Supporters Call on Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange to Stop....

Potlatch woodworkers poised for picket line (1st strike since 1948)

Nurses at Providence Medford vote to unionize

American Rights At Work Petition Calls For FEC Investigation of Wal-Mart

AFL-CIO Files Complaint with FEC on Wal-Mart Electioneering

Study: Guaranteed Pensions Cost Less

South Carolina State Employed Smokers Pay An Insurance Penalty

NYT: Social Security Too Hot to Touch? Not in 2008

Fatal wrecks prompt revocation of labor license

Cops arrive before union auto workers for Chrysler rally (The move will lay off about 2,400 people)

Obama’s Record Backs Teachers, Building Trades

Raw Video: Towering Window Washer Rescue (2 different cities 1 day apart)

Today in labor history August 15 Will Rogers killed in a plane crash, Point Barrow, Alaska

Spirit Management to Pilots: 'Call in Sick - and You're Fired'

"Tinkerbell" Busted At Disneyland (I'm now offline till Sunday late afternoon)

Venezuela blames US for Georgia-Russia conflict

Code of Conduct for Fans?? Good idea??


ok I remember who won the Super Bowl in 2008, but I totally forgot who came in second?

List athletes who became really good commentators

“Out of Russia comes again the hope of the world”

I'm really upset at some DUers' comments to me

Gender and Culturally Tailored Interventions Help Curb STDs in Black Girls

cancer and the uninsured.

third cervical cancer vaccine on the horizon

The Kinesio Tape on the Olympic Volleyball Players

The photo I would have entered in the summer contest if I'd had time to get out with the camera

Need your expertise: Slides to digital?


Opinions, please.

Canon Question

I'd like to share a few photos (X-post in Lounge)

~~~SUBMISSION THREAD for the AUGUST Photo Contest. Theme: Old dilapidated structures~~~

~~~COMMENT THREAD for the August Photo Contest. Theme: Old dilapidated structures: ~~~

Flowers in the Rain

School district has mechanism for staff to carry concealed

Tenn. AG: Person with PTSD can obtain handgun

Remains of cemetery found in Sahara

Hidden Cameras making wild animals angry

The Genetic Map of Europe

Friday Night Eye Candy (Dialup warning)

I have been making homemade muffalettas since I got back

Is this dinner too heavy?


I made Chili Rellenos for 12 people last night.

The Right to Control Standards

I'm tired

You guys! LOOK!

Biden press relase on Pakistan/Musharraf

A mysterious gap in Democratic convention lineup

From Chuck Todd's blog

New President needs to end the Federal Reserve.

9/11 Truth: How Did Those Buildings Come Down?

Messages for the general public about alleged conspiracies

Small Texas school district lets teachers, staff pack pistols

Obama's S.C. campaign leadership named - is there anyway using Google or Firefox to prohibit this

Question about video drivers.

Norm Coleman has a better apartment than most people for a fraction of the rent.

XP: 'Tax Swap' axed from (Florida's) November ballot

Graffiti artists welcome the GOP

Congress Passes $60k Law School Loan Forgiveness Program for Prosecutors and Public Defenders

North Texas school district will let teachers carry guns

If possible, Corsi is even worse than we thought.

DNC requesting LTTE's about the Corsi ...

2 more wks till National Veterans for Peace Convention

Jerry Wexler dies at 91....

"He changed the world" Jerry Wexler 1917-2008

An excellent Bob Koehler column -- on civilian diplomacy with Iran (X-post)

Preparation Is Key To Election Reform

'Tax Swap' axed from (Florida's) November ballot

Florida Democratic Party Wants Federal Probe On Rep. Buchanan


A POV on where to address problem with election protection

A fine example of Wail Newspapers "fair and balanced" coverage ...

If this is what the 2012 Olympics will be like, I want to emigrate: Beckham, BoJo and a bus

More happenings in Waukesha

Two months later Sauk Co. Wisconsin homes and farms remain flooded

Speech-watching bash in Milwaukee on Aug. 28! Mark your calendar

CA: State Unemployment Rate Jumps To 7.3 Percent

AlterNet: The Age of American Unreason: How Anti-Intellectualism Is Wrecking the Country

If Evangelist Rev. Rick Warren gets to interview Obama and McCain

TN: Wilson County Fair bends, will give atheists discount