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Archives: June 29, 2008

Richardson rips McCain on offshore drilling (Dems' weekly radio address)

Without a war

Mrs. McCain, San Diego County Would Like a Word

Gay Soldier Murdered in Afghanistan? Military Rules It was Suicide

Does anyone have a link to the ENTIRE Addington/Yoo hearing from 6/26?

So what are the actual standards for fair trade?

Outstanding "Frontline" documentary on the lives of young people in China today:

State Guard leader, wife went to Virgin Islands meeting (oh! th'high cost o'war!)

"I hope"

Saturday Night Live from October 11, 1975, hosted by George Carlin tonight on NBC.

Fake Speed Bumps-cities try to slow traffic

NY Times: As Bill Evolves, Mortgage Debt Is Snowballing

**Gasp** Pentagon worried that Gitmo detainees might be tortured if allowed to return home.

Four Brooklyn Teens Charged With Hate Crime

Six Months into the Year and the Oil Crisis is Getting Worse

Indonesian cocoa output threatened

2.55 Billion dollars in 2009

Obama vs. McCain

E-mail bait in Frank Rich column

New Citizens Given One 'Choice': Register Republican(Bush History: Sunday 6/29)

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Green Stages Of Grief"

Trudeau is an honorary grunt......

Videos from Mandela's 90th birthday concert

I admire and respect Senator Clinton.....(Dowd)

Cheapest Station in US: $3.67 Most Expensive Station $6.20

Simply AWESOME space pic of the day from NASA!

South Koreans to U.S. beef: "Ewwwwww! Barf!"

Blame Democrats for high gas prices

War and consequences

Standing Up To Authority - US Cowards vs. Determined Koreans

What is the birth defect in the ad with the kids that look like they

Cannibal liberals

U.S. Payrolls Probably Fell in June as Factories Slowed, Economists Say

I am not proud of America, but I do love America.

Michele Bachmann Watch, 6/29/08

Watching the first SNL, how I LOOOONG for the classics!

UPDATE-they are still protesting against OUR FOOD (that we eat)

Six members of a family were killed yesterday when a US jet destroyed their house in Iraq

Lincoln vs. Darwin

Telecom Immunity Issue Can Only Be Decided By Those Safe From Blackmail:Federal Judges,Not Congress

Your opinion: does Mc C's wife have tattoos? What? Where?

"McCain Predicts 'Underdog' Win in Final 48 Hours"

Chinese Riot over Teenager's Death..Coruption Stinks Wherever It Is

Oh GREAT. Lieberman Shilling for John McCain on Face the Nation.

Does anyone own the 'perfect' vacuum, why, and what did it cost?

Under a new administration the first thing we need to get right is the fourth estate, our Press

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/29/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 (unchanged)


On immigration:

Hey, if we can't impeach Bush, can we exorcise him?

Affirmative action hurt by Obama's success?

Lifetime Channel and Big Pharma

BEWARE: John Roberts' record defies '05 pledges

A Psy-ops tool as old as civilization...On Dragons & Terrorists...

Anyone else having trouble with the recommend feature?

Must see Toon

Water and oil mix on the gulf coast of Florida

Thomas Friedman: The U.S. is in Decline

Will we be seeing more racist ads like this one?

Colo. Springs Gazette: 'Evangelism may be losing its sway'

Qingdao China- host of Olympic sailing events- outbreak of algae (PICS)

Has Phil "Enron Loophole" Gramm answered for his role in high gas prices?

More Sunday morning wisdom from Noam Chomsky:

Candy Crowley (CNN) asked Mitch McConnell (R) if he helped fund operations against Iran

30 provinces in Iran in drought - farmers given grants/loans

Hey! Map the countries you've visited before you can't because it's so

heavy rains/high tides backing up rivers flooding Christchurch, N.Z.

ABC's 'This Week' has this guy on today?

Is there a bigger doughy pant-load than Jonah Goldberg of the NRO online?

my phone calls and e-mails to my congressional delegates can't compete with lobbyists money

If You Like The FISA Bill, You're Gonna Love This

When, oh when will they learn to spell?..

When, oh when will they learn to spell?..

Markets to wade further into uncharted territory; Jobs report, oil near $143 to keep traders on edge

Bush History: Saturday 6/28 (Is This a Moral Person? You Decide)

Bush History: Saturday 6/28 (Is This a Moral Person? You Decide)

"reflexive, poisonous partisanship"

No news on the cable "news" shows

What a 'relief' to see Brokaw on MTP...

Mcain's Malibu home in tax default?

McInsane's mom has been "muzzled" by the campaign?

Roberts' record on high court defies '05 pledges of centrism

Fly On The Wall

War protesters take their cause to the mall (NY)

Caption Time! The McSames!

UK: Brussels to sign away your private details to US

The Wild, Wild (North) West - A Supreme Mistake

When did everything become a "brand"?

surge update - Truck bomb kills 7, wounds 3 in Iraq

Guardian UK: All aboard the American express (Ruth Fowler travels the country via Amtrak)

Which is a greater threat to human survival?

Isikoff: Bush Wants Satellites for Domestic Spying

How many here are just waiting for the election to come and go and then?

Bill Kristol.....unhinged

Vandals in Orlando spray-paint cars with anti-Obama messages.»

Caught On Tape: Officer Slams Woman To Ground (and added to a list for promotion)

New Citizens Given One 'Choice': Register Republican(Bush History: Sunday 6/29)

"Cheney's Toy" by James McMurtry

Anyone up for a terr'ist fist bump?

FOX: Stop the smears are we going to talk about know...S-A-N-T-A this year?


How about this person for Obama's VP mate?

My ISP's email server has been down since Thursday...

Letter to Bill Moyer's on Iraq, Oil, & Democrats

Only for soccer fans ... Who will win, Germany or Spain?

Are Americans losing their taste for right-wing propaganda? ... FAUX on the decline.....

Dick Cheney 'tried to block North Korea nuclear deal'

Dear DUers, son-of-calimary needs your help. calimary does, too.

E Z PASS...I don't know...

Fox News Sunday: Kristol Says GOP Much More Open To Strong Women, says Palin will be McCain VP

Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.

Convention media coverage will be overshadowed by the total collapse of the

BREAKING: Corrupt Presidential election, declaration of victory. A first time for everything!

On $25,000 Desserts

McConnell: Senate GOP 'won’t be in the majority' next year

Watch Arianna make Hewitt shut the fuck up

SNL coming up, NOW! n/t

Rumor of Wachovia being taken over by JP Morgan-Assholes.

""Scary" Government Health Insurace - is it scarier than yours? Compare!

Women for John McCain

Seven Ways a New Conservative Justice could Change America

Palace of Justice - Court Room 600: 1945/2008 (pictures)

Welcome Home, Soldier: Now Shut Up

Everyone is to immediately e-mail all of their friends and even their enemies

State Department auditing Blackwater contract

Sherrod Brown responded to my letter re:FISA bill

Mexico City smog hurting people's sense of smell

Bush to Zimbabwe: "Stop the sham elections"

Mrs. McCain, San Diego County Would Like a Word (Newsweek)

Preparing the Battlefield by Seymour M. Hersh July 7, 2008

Saint ColdDeadHands shafted "self-pitying pinko" Ed ASNER in 1982 cancellation

A message, from out benevolent masters...

Cell Phone Spying: Is Your Life Being Monitored?

Iran preparing thousands of graves for enemy soldiers

Congress does it again

Anyone know if these rumors about McCain are true?

Baby to be born free of breast cancer after embryo screening

update to the sodium dichromate/military story posted previously

McCain: Gun ownership "sacred"... how over the top is this?

Do you think Cheney/Rove/Murdoch will allow the farcical McCain campaign to go to November?

Gay Pride Parade Stories?

Simple poll: Will the US take military action on Iran before 1/20/2009?

The House of Reps doesn't even have the spine to Impeach,,,,

There have been several posts about surviving the money/oil crunch

V is for Voting

Obama confirms he's making a play for Georgia

Hey McCain. She's coming.

AT&T billing site makes jokes about company's participation in warrantless wiretapping?

Does the name Andrew L Tucker and mean anything to anyone on DU?

Blip TV Tom Hayden interviews Naomi Klein

"Obama Vandal -- One Dumb Cracker".....

"Bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out."

How to become independent of Foreign Oil (US EIA already knows)

Energy Non-Crisis (Paperback) $1,999.99

Barack Obama

McCain's extremely inappropriate Jokes

"Somehow, I just don't feel fresh"...WalMart saves humanity by redesigning its logo

Republican controlled groups, are using the Heller case, to raise money!!

Presbyterians Drop Gay Clergy Ban

Is there ANY truth to this article?

I don't recall Urban Outfitters having lots of iconographic t-shirts of John Kerry

Now, Barack Obama camp puts out strategy discussion video

I did not know that the Clinton's also donated the max to Obama

Anglican rightwingers move to form anti-gay power bloc

"Chomsky: US Public Irrelevant," {"A fake democracy"}

Creative editing on Micelle's GLBT comments...

"He has the merits which can energise young Muslims..."

Biden WaPo LTTE: - "Mr. Obama is Right on Iran" 6/27/08

Do you think penis size affects people's voting decisions?

McCain, an anti-abortion creationist who surrounds himself with extremists. THE DARK SIDE OF McCAIN

Revising HIV's History

Hey, I found the Morans' truck:

my local nbc station news just reported that the race between obama & mccain was a statistical tie

Hey mods....

The GOP's PR Monopoly

Mods? Do we still have one?

Don't Give Your Consent to Slavery – Fight Fascism!

Call for CEOs of fossil fuel companies to be put on trial for high crimes against humanity & nature

McCain is soooo boring that even the opposing party activists don't bother to attack him!

Israel has a year to stop Iran bomb, warns ex-spy

Gas price update.....What's the price pg in your burg?

Mr. O___ wants Mr. O_____ to be his President.

Frank Rich: E=mc2 that Bomb in American City=G.O.P. Landslide.

Went to Walgreens on Friday. Saw Obama Tshirts..

Who Owns You?

230 years of White Rule in the USA.....Its Time for a minority at the Helm..

Which of these would drive the right wing the most nuts?

OMG! The Sleaze!

'When The President Talks to God'

John McCain's nickname - McLame should be official

Radio caller...

Reminder: "Rise of the Super Rich" tonight at 10 EDT on CNBC.

I have this nagging little worry

It's quite clear...

NYC keeps the cannoli but drops the trans fats

current headline:Report: U.S. 'preparing the battlefield' in Iran

Bill Clinton About Obama: Obama must "kiss my ass" for his support...

How different would the country be if the Supreme Court had been more conservative?

We haven't been attacked in 7.5 years because... we haven't been attacked in 7.5

Thanks mods.

Anyone watch Govs. Freudenthal and Ritter on MTP this morning?

Kerry facing first Democratic primary challenge since taking office 23 years ago

Excerpt from NYT's Frank Rich: If Terrorists Rock the Vote in 2008

Rollingstone says Democrats have been afraid to stand up against swiftboating!

My two problems with Obama and FISA

So the corporate media (ABC,CNN, MSNBC, CBS, FOX) absolutely despise Obama-why?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/29/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 (unchanged)

"It's going to be staggering." Heating Oil costs to nearly double for coming Winter

Plouffe is right about Obama, Kerry and McCain

The Daschleization of Barack Obama - or, How to Lose Your Balance By Centering Yourself

Your Candidate For The Democratic Nominee For Vice President Is ..

So much work, so little time

McCain Doesn’t Like Taxes, But Should Still Pay Them

Obama Speaks With Iraqi Foreign Minister

Does John McCain even know what he is talking about?

How did your local UNITY PARTY go??

Big Media Continue to Excuse or Ignore ‘Honest John’s’ McCainery Edition

What's with the Gallup Daily Tracking (tied at 44) unlike most other polls

TPM: Report: McCains Have Over $100,000 In Credit Card Debt

Contrast & Compare (((PICS)))

Can we get a consensus of which polls are crap and which are ok?

Cartoon: Republican Gordon Smith trying to win re-election in Oregon

McCain can't remember the last time he pumped gas and how much it cost

John McCain Doesn't Know the Price of Gas/Can't Remember the Last Time He Bought Any

McCain's base is not as inspired or mobilized as Obama's and

So here we are...Obama Vs McCain, essentially a no brainer.

McCain/Mexico/Columbia - Do I Smell Corruption?

How will we stop the MSM from its double standard?

I really don't think the Republicans want to win.

Help please .... A link to the article about Penn v Axelrod as per $ spent.

You know what makes me happy? (((PICS)))

you wouldn't think McCain marrying into money would play well

Political Freelancers Use YouTube to Attack: Filling a vacuum left by decline in 527 activity?

Merrill Spent $1.3M Lobbying in 1Q

"Democrats, Republicans, and Hillary supporters"

Wow check out this letter to our Blue Dog Dem congress critter!!

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must 'kiss my ass' for his support

John McCain says you can't trust John McCain

AZ GOP: "...McCain is mentally unstable and out of control..."

Honestly why some people vote they way they do

Go To Brave New Films and Check Out My Vids

Obama Does Not Support Return of Fairness Doctrine

Occam's Razor: If the Repugs want it - it's going to be bad

Passage of GI benefits bill seen aiding Webb's veep odds

Rahn Emanuel says if there were a gold medal for "flip-flopping"...

Rasmussen: McCain only leads by 9 in Arizona

Spain v. Germany has started, and we have an early score! SPOILER

John McCain says Obama is a liar.

Media Matters: The Edwards standard and John McCain

Homeless Heroes

Has anyone checked to see that McCain has paid all his taxes on his other 6 homes?

Bobby Jindal rules out running for VP (because it's "something I've not been offered")

Jindal wants to castrate democrats and exorcise their children.

Nation of Assholes

Cannibal liberals (about the MSM) - worth the read if you still believe everything the media says

I propose the following Obama ad.

McCain Is ‘Glad’ To Have Championed Immigration Legislation That He Wouldn’t Support Today

Let's settle this once and for all - Is Obama a "centrist" or a "liberal"

Obama up in MN, but Coleman...

NEW REPORT: McCain Would Give America’s 200 Largest Corporations $45 Billion In Tax Breaks»

"Republican presidential candidate John McCain has pledged to choose new justices who are like..."

Wish this skanky goon weasel would go be blood sucking politician in his 'most favored' country.

A party role reversal? Democrats ascend in prosperous areas

Bush BULGE musta' ruined the usual presidential debate format

New debate format.

DUers. Please check out the Editorials & Other Articles part of DU,

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must 'kiss my ass' for his support

McCain Finished? -where have we heard that before (truthdig article from July 17, 2007)

DUPE, sorry: Did anyone watch Face the Nation with Gen. Clark and Sen. Liebertraitor?

Man Accused Of Drinking Boys' Urine Arrested In Dublin

McCain on the defensive about spending - Voodoo McEnomics

Ok, Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages...

McFlipflop: McCain Reverses Stand on Offshore Drilling in Just 18 Days

McCain meets with both Franklin and Billy

McCain; I don't see how it matters that I don't know the price of gas

John McCain and the International Republican Institute

Glenn Greenwald nails it on Dem electoral strategies

Bob Barr: McCain has lost his way through support of wireless wiretapping

McCain: I ‘Don’t See How It Matters’ That I Don’t Know The Price Of Gas

For those that think republican-lite is right.

Fla. vandals tag 60 cars with anti-Obama messages

calling all elephant hunters

This is the message that could sink McCain

Thank you mods, sorry. But... wow.

Obama likes "Maggie's Farm"

BUMPER STICKER Wanted: "I disagree with what the majority of the American people want." - McCain'08

Self delete.

We are not running against John McCain. We are running against Roger Ailes and Karl Rove

Joe Lieberman is a delusional pompous ass

McAuliffe: Bill Clinton and Obama to talk within 48 hours

Sorry folks. We really do have to move to the center in order to win.


Amen, TPM!

Huff Post- Sunday Pundits Allude To Coming False Obama 'Flip-Flop' Accusation, by Jason Linkins

In 2003 Terrell Dotson owed CA $546 in taxes and lost his house

McCain the Elitist

He has to win to change anything!

If Obama Loses, Where Does the "Power" Go?

Any asteroids headed this way? Seriously, people, I'm in crisis overload.

Survey USA: Virgina - Obama (49) McCain (47)

“It’s Over, Lady!”

Bold prediction thread--- Obama will win Virginia!----

Take a time-out and listen to this guy jam on the ukulele 'while my guitar gently weeps"

McCain meets with evangelist Billy Graham and son

This is why we are voting Democratic party..

Clark blasts McCain's military service

I've never ever seen a prospective 1st lady described as "slammin" but that is what the pool report

Rightwing racists infiltrate supposedly Democratic blogs: Is Obama an American?

LMAO --Did '24' open American minds to a black President?

A little straight talk would be nice from the "Straight Talk Express"

A reminder: We can KICK out Joe and STILL keep our majority? Why?

Sat-1st day of Obama "Protective Pool" so we know kids played in sprinkler & Michelle looked slammin

This is HILARIOUS(!)

Wesley:I don’t think getting shot down is a qualification to become president.

MTP: Arnold breakfasts with the stars. Barack Obama, perhaps?

Neil Young on Impeaching Bush

Can the Obama Campaign Shape the Agenda?

Bloomberg: General Clark Says McCain Oversold Navy Experience

A Priest, A Vietnam Veteran and A 10 Year Old Boy Walk Into...

American culture and politics as a media minstrel show

So Russert Thought He Could Change The Constitution?

The very first SNL is being shown tonight

WTF? Obama is back up in Gallup's tracking poll. Oh, no, there goes a talking point

I de-vandalized a gas station today

"Keep America Strong- Vote George W. Bush 2008"

PREDICTION: This Tax Scandal Will Ruin McCain

To classify all of Hillary's primary voters by a disaffected minority is unfair and inaccurate.

McCain's unorthodox campaign: GOP puzzled as McCain drives in direction voters don't want to go

Thank God _______ is a Democrat!

*Breaking* Sy Hersh: "Preparing the Battlefield" ("Gang of 8" Covert Operations in Iran)

Can't we all just get along?

Giving McCain too much credit? Here's a good one:

We must not use McCain's incontinence against him.

McAuliffe: Bill Clinton and Obama to talk within 48 hours

The Washington Post vs. Sen. Barack Obama: The WaPo How To Be a Freeper Guide

ABC NEWS: July 4th Celebrations cancelled: no dough...

Who is the most politically radical artist?

McCain takes credit for GI bill ...

She was 17 and pregnant when she died tending grapes in 100 + heat, no shade and water was not near

Gore Vidal: 'The US is not a republic anymore'

Up until recently, McCain opposed his ‘top priority’ (McCain is as trustworthy as Bush)

Is it true that Obama does not support reimposing the Fairness Doctrine?

U.S. seeking 50 billion yen for marines' move to Guam

McCain's Skyhigh credit card rate

I'm 56, and a cynical Boomer with a GenX daughter. Then I see this, from Millenials. I tear up.

Time to strip Lieberman's committee chair--just called us the "Democrat" party on Face the Nation.

Where is Obama going to be on July the Fourth ??

What the hell is this shit...

who can relate?

Lyrics to a song I'm working on: Without a war

The N.C. DMV really upset me this week

Greenwald - The baseless, and failed, "Move to the Center" cliche

Every week or so, a British newspaper publishes an inflammatory

So the dog got up and ate my snack when I left the room.


Can one capture the picture/image from StreetView?

Have You Ever Wanted To Be Moderate At DU? Now's Your Chance!

There be a DUer on my Jeopardy repeat!!

Folks, Obama did NOT flip-flop on FISA.

The blowers daughter

I'm going to the movies on Tuesday. What should I see?

Jindal on CNN wants Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

I'm going to see my ex tomorrow for the first time in nine months.

Summarize the plot of a movie the way Chuggo would say it.

Looking ahead

Uh oh. Mr. LIW just brought me a margarita.

I'm totally stuck at this point of my sock...knitting halted!

The very 1st SNL show is on right now...with George Carlin as 1st host!

new art project


Who went to a Unity Party today?

This weekends photo-thread. "The fishies that got away"..

Are kids more breakable than they used to be?

So I got someone else's meads in the mail today

Hola, amigos!! We're back from are a few pics to enjoy

Should I apply for a job up in Calgary?

My doggie is being treated for DLE, an canine auto-immune disease

What a great day for...THE BEACH!!

I am a desperate woman

I Think I Have A Crush On Dani California

I STRONGLY suspect that some of you wore mullets in the 80's

For tattooed DUers, do any of you have a foreign language tat?

Wow... I'm A Magnet Freak!

Anyone here ever use an acoustic coupler?

Another long rant... and... advice?

Does Penis-Size Affect Decision-Making Process?

Good night then...or good morning...

Anyone got a recommendation for a cheap auto shipping service?

Reminder: Saturday Night Live tonight

Republican Nevada Gov "Comforting" an ex-Playboy model

I am going to Taco Bell right now. BRB!

Just got power back here a couple hours ago. Over 24 hours without power.

Sleepy morning

Mr. Whippy, the ice cream truck just pulled up.

DS1, and other Marines, look at this

Cooking with Chuggo

I needs me a hug. Today was just very, very bad.

Bruce in the USA!

Why are movies for little kids better than movies for teenagers in general?

Over 37,000 People Think Lieberman Must Go!

Honest opinion here: Is my friend going overboard?

Battle of the nerds

Leap Frog !!

Is this normal?

Why does 1+1=2?

Does anyone own the 'perfect' vacuum, why, and what did it cost?

Where are these video stars now?

I'm ridiculously hot.

With the day I've had today, Meatloaf sings it

testing a new sig..

Apparently, no one in GD likes my caption humor

help me describe these "western democrats" I keep hearing about

It is exceedingly gratifying when I "snu-snu" someone

Is the Web accessible to blind people ?

It is exceedingly gratifying when I "buddylist" someone

I bet the conversation in this thread would be a lot different if it were in the lounge

Rolling Stone: 'Ledger's Joker Is Oscar Worthy'

Commander Data appreciation thread!!

Spotted on Free Republic

I sooo need to go to bed...there are weird birds chirping in the dark...

ahhhh. summer

What are your summer vacation plans?

When's the best time to see a blockbuster without all the chatter?

Looks like I'll have more vet bills... A dog is outside my building hurt.

Dodgers get no hits, beat Angels 1-0

Retro kitchen blog:

Our little n' local food co-op is going out of business.

I was just ambushed by this girl!! She chased me

HaHa , Zohan was actually funny !

FYI Leftymom

Long time no see Lizards.

Trip to the vet

New Cindy McCain Photo surfaces!

Lieberman: "Barack Obama is better qualified to be President than Barack Obama"

Police Say Man Had Stolen Beef In His Pants

Have you got your special edition Obama logo T-shirt? Free with donation of just 30$...

McCain Win - Supreme Court - Is Impact of the Reversal Of Roe v. Wade Overstated?

Joan Rivers...WTF?

Post your favorite Going-to-Battle Speech from movies/TV

What do you mean that, " there are no bars here in France"? There are bars all over France

Please, Chicago Cubs. I am begging you!

I am so bored......

Gun Poll

Notorious on TMC - who's watching with me ?

It is weird getting Twin Cities TV ads here in SoCal

Blah, blah-blah, blah blah

I love Complete Game Shut Outs!

Well Kitchenwitch, thats that...

Snack time! I made cookies!

I have to say, I miss temeah's Twins record posts!

I have the whole house to myself, except for the pets sleeping everywhere.

Proof that some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands

Grasshopper, is that you? {dial-up warning}

How could they ever expect kids to say no to drugs after showing them shit like this?


How EXCITING! More "Star Wars" from George Lucas. How could he possibly top Jar Jar Binks?

Tigers are looking good

Wake up! It's Sunday Morning Bird pics from the intertubes

Fuck, the one magical word

My little "olive branch": special t-shirt for Clinton supporters

The Semi-Annual Obligatory YOUR Favorite Version Of The Grateful Dead Poll

I have finally joined the 21st century...

Kitten Picture of the Day Sunday June 28

Deutscher Fussball-Bund!

I know you're an ace, I don't know which one you might be, I am more curious why.

Stephen Baldwin to leave country if Obama is elected

Estonian anti-drug commercials. (kind of graphic)

Heads up: Weirdest "Bonanza" episode ever airs at 4 on TV Land.

So, which of the original Indiana Jones Trilogy do you like best?

PuppyCam! They're now a few weeks old, opening their eyes:

The infamous "Turkey" episode of WKRP is on WGN, right now!

What the hell is wrong with Florida?

So we looked at the pregnancy test this morning.

Today, I picked and froze 32 pounds of strawberries and 17 pounds of peas

How often do you say "Thank You" to others?

Ladies and gentlemen, Chuggo is dead.

What's with those god-awful uniforms the Padres are wearing?


Fact- I frickin hate those commercials that start out saying, "Fact..."

Holy SHIT, the Sopranos are coming to Minneapolis...

It's very hard to read a CCNA (networking) study guide and watch Fight Club at the same time

Open wide for Chunky!

I am going to try and grow lettuce.

Oh, boy, looks like the whole east coast is in for THUNDERSTORMS tonight.

Okay--question time: lottery winner

Have Any Of You Heard About This Guy?

***EuroCup 2008 Finals!!! Spain VS Germany***

Do you people have freaking amnesia?

Jay-Z rocks the UK Glastonbury Festival... despite earlier criticisms

I just spent 4 hours cooking

Xenith Booksellers is Open Once Again

Obama phones you, asks for 3 names for his veep nom, and

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/29/2008)

Please caption this kitty.

Here's the kitten I'm sitting for my sister over the weekend.

My roommate is complaining to the other roommate about her boyfriend.

So I'm inviting people to our first anniversary party, and...

As God is my Witness, I thought turkeys could fly

Are The Tomatoes Still Bad? (as in contaminated)

Need vibes! Just looked in the mirror, and one of these was on my ear lobe!

High fuel prices put pinch on Nevada brothels


BEST song to include multiple LA LA LA LA LAs

The Price of Oil Makes Me Laugh and Cry at the Same Time...

Wow... I'm A Freak Magnet!

Do not take your eyes off the prize

Cuteness Attack!

What's hot in fashion this year??? CARROT TOP CHIC!!!

I bought a whole new wardrobe.

Dear DUers, son-of-calimary needs your help. calimary does, too.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Cooks: So I scored this cast iron dutch oven with lid.

If you're in the lounge tonight, check in here and say why you're here tonight...

The kitten went home...

It's my birthday but I wish the day were over.

Democrats should attack McCain on his perceived "strength"...

Let's play Name That Tune.

Pastor Who Officiated at Jenna Bush Wedding Launches Pro-Obama Website

A shoutout to William Schallert, great TV character actor: He's 86 on July 6.

By July 8 we will all be on board, just like we have been before.

Seems a few of our fellow DUers are

Hey Lounge, I'm back home from Sarah Lawrence...

Has anyone seen the movie "The List"? **possible spoilers inside**

Has the waterskiing squirrel met its match?

No more 3.2 blues

Al Gore supported "The Clipper Chip."

Who is the funniest DU'er?

Highlights (?) of Paris Mens' Fashion Day 4 (Not For Dial-Up)

For my knitters up in here.

*I hate being ignored!!!!!!*

Since we're talking about tattoos in the lounge tonight, I just made a realization...

Kites and sandcastles! **PICS**

The Website Is Down: Sales Guy vs. Web Dude

Anyone remember 'Night Flight' on USA in the '80s?

How many here have never had a tattoo?

Slash! Burn! Denounce! Slander! Destroy! Demolish! Tear him limb from limb!

Is Obama/Clark the best possible ticket this year?

Diablo fans - Blizzard just announced that Diablo III will come out soon.

I have questions for those who think Obama is a moderate /centrist/ conservative.

There is not a shortage of oil!

NATS WIN!!!! WOOO!!! up!!

My new iPod will only work with the newest Mac OS? What a rip off!

Elite? You Bet! And I Don't Care

70% chance that the North Pole will be melted by end of summer????

Sometimes you've just gotta be unreasonably happy

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/29/08

What’s the hardest rocking video you got?

Seymour Hersh: U.S. escalating covert ops against Iran.»

1975. First SNL, Chevy Chase: 'Live from NY, It's Saturday Night!' Carlin is

Because I think this deserves its own thread: Euro 2008's Hottest Players!

Those who try to stifle deserved criticism of Obama do our party a disservice.

Jesuit Jottings includes catholics for obama

Please, stop pretending that bitching about Obama on DU makes you a heroic revolutionary patriot

Did this person like WallE?

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Do you say "Thank God" or "Thanks, God"?

Suicide bomber kills 7 policemen in northern Iraq

(British) Soldier dies in Afghan mine blast

McCains Defaulted on California Taxes

Summer 'war' camp kids chant 'Ooh, aah, ooh, aah, I want to kill somebody.'

A Win by McCain Could Push a Split Court to Right

Barack Obama may retain defence chief Robert Gates

Official delays stop Baha Mousa's father entering Britain

Reports: Model dies in fall from NYC building

High fuel prices put pinch on Nevada brothels

In Maliki's hometown, grief and questions after deadly U.S. raid

Shipping woes cut Chinese fireworks exports

Iran to ready thousands of graves for enemy soldiers

Lieberman: Al Qaeda, Iran would control Iraq under Obama plan

Schwarzenegger backtracks on McCain, environment

Mrs. McCain, San Diego County Would Like a Word

Mugabe sworn in after disputed Zimbabwean election

Sen. Kerry facing first Democratic foe in decades

Newspapers, reeling from slumping ads, slash jobs

Real estate market threatening Georgia banks

As Housing Bill Evolves, Crisis Grows Deeper

General Clark Says McCain Oversold Navy Experience

Iraq to sue oil-for-food suspects

'Obama' Hate Messages, Graffiti Cover 60 Orlando City Vehicles

Iran moves ballistic missiles to launch position

Home-grown veg ruined by toxic fertiliser

U.S. Escalating Covert Operations Against Iran - Report


Not Available, Delete

Green is the NEW Red, White and Blue!

Unity speech

Unity Obama -Clinton part one

Obama Speaks to Nat'l Association of Latino Elected Officials - June 28

Message from Dennis Kucinich: June 28 (PART 1 - Attack on Iran)

Message from Dennis Kucinich: June 28 (PART 2 - Oil in Iraq)

Chomsky: US Public Irrelevant part 2

Democracy NOW: The Geopolitics of Energy Part I

We'll drop the bomb if we feel like it, ASSHOLE!

The Week In Cartoons 06/28

False flag operations to bring the new world order

McLovin McBush

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

A secular world is sane world.

Obama And Rolling Stone

Jonathan Alter explains Obama's position on FISA

Joe Lieberman on Face the Nation June 29, 2008 Part 1: My problem is with the party overall

McCain In 1999 - repeal of Roe vs. Wade

Wesley Clark On Face The Nation June.29, 2008

Impeachment. ON or Off the table? You decide.

TYT: HILARIOUS. This Is The WORST Way To Try To Get A Date(!)

Democrats Attack McCain On His Strength!!--The Young Turks

TYT: McCain Secretly Meets With Gay Republicans

Bob Barr Rips FISA and its Supporters June 22, 2008

Think YOUR gasoline bills are high? $3.8 million for a fill-up!

China admits controversial tiger photos faked - Reuters

Living Near The Homestake - Company Working To Clean Up 30 Years Of Uranium Waste

Bush's Environmental Wager on Climate Change Will Burn the Rest of Us

Saudis press United States to put an end to rate cuts

Bush's Capital Crimes in his own words

Independent UK: Britons give green light to clean energy

Frank Rich for Sunday, June 29: "If Terrorists Rock the Vote in 2008"

Huff Post: McCain's property in default for non payment of taxes.

Free Trade w/ Colombia: McCain's Misguided Policy

Antonin Scalia & Friends' One and Only Upside / THE FIFTH COLUMNIST by P.M. Carpenter

The same old politics of terror (Boston Globe Editorial)

A Win by McCain Could Push a Split Court to Right

Airport Tyranny: The Introduction of "behavior detection" technology at major US airports (like on the Titanic) . . . Thank you Ohio Blue for finding this site

Robert Mugabe, yet another man the West loves to hate by William Bowles

This Summer’s Trilogy of Truth

Freedom of the Press Moguls

U.S. Conference of Mayors Backs Single-Payer National Health Insurance

Ticket to Hollywood (Outsourcing to India)

Did Bill Clinton Cross the Line at Mandela’s 90th?

Editorial: Economic chaos engulfing world

Zodiac copycat boasts pregnant soldier murder

Abstinence only “sex education” and what’s wrong with Democrats

Marijuana May Be Effective For Neuropathic Pain

How an effervescent tablet got me in terrorist hot water

PFC. K. VONNEGUT, JR. 12102964 U.S. ARMY TO: Kurt Vonnegut, Williams Creek Indianapolis, Indiana

Hewlett-Packard Recalls Fax Machines

In Maliki's hometown, grief and questions after deadly U.S. raid

Obama Supporters Take His Name as Their Own

Southern Nevada Water Authority warns of contamination

McCain's Unique Campaign Promise: 'No Old Taxes'

Bushco continues to allow uranium pollution in our water

Weather phenomenon - heat burst rolls through Nebraska town

The World They’ve Always Wanted

An oldie but goodie: Mendocino oak largest in country

Barack Obama may retain defence chief Robert Gates

Blind and Naked Ignorance

The State of the Nation’s Ecosystems 2008

Candidates Think Flip-Flopping is the Only Way to Win Elections (Newsweek)

The Edwards standard and John McCain

The Truthdig Interview With Naomi Klein

NewYorker: Seymour Hersh: Preparing The Battlefield

Parabolic Solar + Stirling Engine = Free (microgenerated & scalable) Energy

'The New Oil Order - The end of the world as we've known it is rapidly underway'

Uranium mining puts Colorado aquifer at risk

Has ANYONE tried any of teh Hydrogen On Demand systems?

Dr. Housing Bubble 06/29/08

Saving Resources to Save Growth

NWA pilots to vote on labor deal

Labor Dispute Looms For Chicago-Area Funeral Home Employees

Bracing of fallen wall that killed 3 under review

Dock labor talks continue (W est coast)

U.S. secretary of labor (Elaine Chao) hails U.S.-China dialogue

TV reviewFactory : Labor yields some laughs

Child Labor Contributes towards Poverty; Says Minister

WSJ: Labor Audit (green cards) Frustrates Companies

Today's on strike cartoon: The Symphony

Long Island case turns spotlight on hundreds trapped as slaves

Otto the strange: The champion who defied the Nazis

Indian Cities Celebrate Pride

Today in labor history June 29

If Costco's worker generosity is so great, why doesn't Wal-Mart imitate it?

Video: Michael Parenti 2002 speech about capitalism and poverty

Solidarity shown for Atlantic City casino dealers to get a fair contract, a year after winning repre

Right WIng Christian Extremists will not stop.

So you want to be a journalist, Martin Fishgold and SSEU Local 371 are looking for an entry level la

Tell the next president, we want the right to be in a union without employer coercion

NY nonunion construction: With guns, threats and empty promises this modern day gangster keeps his w

Justice Department breaks law in it's hiring practices

Video: George Carlin - They want obedient workers and now they want your social security, RIP old fr

NY: Con-Ed to workers: Take your 0.5%, give us a 2-tier and shut up

Building Bridges Radio: The Toyota you don't know, oil prices, Atlantic City Casino workers want to

US Congress approves Israel aid increase

West Bank torturers funded by Britain

Joint Chiefs Chair hobnobs with Israelis in Tel Aviv:

Israel to reopen Gaza crossings

Cabinet approves prisoner swap deal

Guatemalan interior minister killed in crash

Free Trade w/ Colombia: McCain's Misguided Policy

John McCain's Florida campaign managers is a Cuban "exile" whose father was a Bay of Pigs

Officers say Chávez won't tolerate dissent

A farewell to revolution?

JOHN MAXWELL: None Dare Call It Genocide - Haiti

Peru trial sensation: President versus spymaster

Ad Hoc Governing Rules in Colombia

Córdoba interrogated by U.S. immigration authorities

And now some reeking, steaming gibberish cranked out by one of the Miami Herald's

Hugo Chavez's Venezuela 'supplies half of Britain's cocaine'

Spain wins Euro Cup Football Final

Biden letter to WashPost - "Mr. Obama is Right on Iran" 6/27/08

Ancient, Sacred Teachings

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/29/08

The Stars This Week: "Home Improvement" - June 30 - July 6, 2008

Great article about Joe in The Wash Times

A Conservative's View on Reincarnation

Steer clear of negative energy


What is in the stars RE: wardrums beating loud again...

WHAT is with all the fear right now?

"God is too big to fit inside one religion."

Weighing the Costs of a CT Scan’s Look Inside the Heart

Meditation found to increase brain size

Revising HIV's History

ahhhhh, summer

A "people picture" I love. :-)

Some leftovers from an unanticipated photo gig

Around town

Started a batch of strawberry preserves

I'm eating a Slim Jim

I finally got around to making the Sparkling Beet Cups!

artisan bread in 5 minutes

Brady Campaign, VPC now on the same level as Jack Thompson

ACLU’s latest statement on The Right To Bear Arms, (6/26/2008)

make gun companies cure society's ills

An abomination

Shooting demo uses real bullets, injures 16 (France)

How Gun Control Lost

When it comes to guns, there are Two Americas

Uh-oh...Move over kalishnikitty...

Mitch Albom: "Every home a gun, everyone a shooter?"

New collider could find evidence of extra dimensions

What is Real? Quantum Physics for Real Dummies.

Best Answer Ever

WARNING: This video contains no lies, or "White House" spin!


Interesting testimonies...

Northeast braces for home heating oil increases (lots of quotes from Small biz hearing)

Thank you ad for Sen. Kerry in Sunday 6/29/08 Boston Globe

I didn't realize that Bill Clinton adviced Kerry to not go after the swifties in 04.

Cannibal liberals (it is about the MSM).

Rollingstone says EXACTLY what we've been saying for years!

I really hate this article.

Tough to point a finger at Franken for tax problems when McSame has plenty of his own

Ill-conceived rush to ethanol

48 Hours

Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, June 29, 2008

NY: Be Careful What You Wish For - County Considers Using Untested Scanners

Official delays stop Baba Mousa's father entering Britain

Would it be mischievous or jejune of me to see the Robert Mugabe mindset ...

Monday night, 6-7 pm, PROTEST CONYERS - MILWAUKEE!!

Anybody know where to get Obama swag locally?

Can't go to Pride tomorrow but, fyi, you are my pride.

Carlin on SNL - Could he do the routine on religion today?