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Archives: June 22, 2008

Just a passing thought on expanding marriage civil rights...

US health official says flu threat high

People of Claysburg vs Police over shot bear cub - vid

Younger Than McCain - The Song!

New from McCain... with goose fat

McClellan testifies to House Judiciary Committee

More congressional computers hacked from China

It's 5:40 PM on the left coast and 106 degrees where I am.

I just saw "the Happening"

Food Stamps Buy Less, and Families Are Hit Hard

Outcry over Sheriff’s Department search methods

RFK on C-Span right now

What hour do good Democrats have supper?

McCain: New Look, Same Taste

AP: Everything seemingly is spinning out of control

Cheney Drops The 'F Bomb', & Bush's Outrageous Hypocrisy (Bush History: Sunday 6/22)

New GoogleTrends Tool does Website Comparisons

Cindy McCain:Prescription drug addiction, theft, and recovery

Why does "google analytics" have to transfer data

Inventor says he's built a better sandbag

Help save a UT Daycare Center for the Elderly

MN's CEO of Alliant Tech, maker of Clusterbombs made 10.5 Million

Real life and real history is complicated.


One way you can tell an incumbent has no fear of loosing

Why aren't the people that commit hate crimes terrorists?

Whom is hosting MTP tomorrow? n/t

Everything seemingly is spinning out of control

Why the US is in the shape it's in.

CSPAN will be talking about Newsweek poll and race relations

As Medicare reimbursement cuts loom, seniors and lawmakers worry

Frank Rich: Now That We’ve ‘Won,’ Let’s Come Home

Greenwald: Time Magazine uncritically prints Pelosi's "justifications" for the FISA "compromise"

Ferry with 740 aboard capsizes during typhoon

Talks on new Iraq oil law to resume this week

Refusing To Show TSA ID at Airports

Bill Moyers & Steve Frazer on the New Guilded Age in America

Are You a Patriot?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/22/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 (O up 1, M unchanged)

Why it makes sense to relocate an area that had suffered constant flooding:

Why it makes sense to relocate an area that had suffered constant flooding:

Email idiocy - it's going to be a long election season

Female suicide bomber kills 15 in Iraq

CBS: How The GI Bill Changed America (landmark bill signed into law 64 years ago today)

Newsweek: ‘He Should Never Have Gone to Iraq’ - Unfit Soldiers Sent to Iraq

My political goals are modest: I just want us to get through the next

What Oil Companies Will Get in Iraq For All Those Dead And Dismembered People

Photographer Documents Secret Satellites — All 189 of Them

Democrats Cave on Telecom Immunity

I purchased some American made topsoil with my stimulus check, and

Getting gas back to the price we remember

White House Refuses To Release Documents On Air-Quality Policy

What a call on Washington Journal

Haditha victims' kin outraged as Marines go free

Even bankers find home sales difficult: Former Citigroup chief can't sell house

In Fertile India, Growth Outstrips Agriculture

Contests for Senate Signal Big Trouble for GOP

Bush History: Sunday 6/22 (Cheney Drops The 'F Bomb', & Bush's Outrageous Hypocrisy)

Proof the FISA Bill wasn't a compromise.

Just a short note to our three year old unitary big chief.

If you wanted to demonstrate how stupid or clueless your Congress

Is everything spinning out of control?

Kay Bailey Hutchinson is an ass

Rep. Eric Cantor (R) Virginia on CNN explaining futures speculation will adjust...

Rep. Eric Cantor (R) Virginia on CNN explaining futures speculation will adjust...

Just caught it on This Week, do republicans still say it's anti-American to list

Obama versus the netroots (how Obama's FISA statement was drafted)

Feeding the Tapeworm:

Poorly worded survey question

Brokaw named as Russert replacement...

Major "Big Dig" contractor faces federal charges (Modern Continental Construction Company)

traitor Justice Antonin Scalia continues lying

Corporate Espionage Detailed in Documents

Strike on Iran could turn Mideast into fireball, official says

NATO troops tried to downplay the size of the Taliban uprising

“They got everything”..... China hackers on Capitial Hill?

DU this poll about Obama/McCain

The Denver buzzing (photos) (and one for bluebear)

Lindsey Graham on MTP with no flag pin- This is hugh!1!1

Is This Election That Last Chance To Get Big Media Out Of Your Head?

Share your heat wave stories.


USAF: Most US Nuclear Sites in Europe Don't Meet DoD Safety Requirements

Kennedy memories haven’t dimmed (JFK’s Nebraska-born speechwriter)

Fareed Zakaria is tearing Condi a new one on CNN

HEAT EXHAUSTION/ STROKE --- Symptoms/Treatment

The next 6 months they'll rob the bank before they get out of Dodge.

Vote here: Is David Broder the biggest inside-the-Beltway turd of all time?

Bob Barr: GOP's Ralph Nader of '08?

SMART vs DUMB....? we tried Dumb 2X with Bush,,,,now the GOP wants us to go with DUMB AGAIN????

"Half-cocked" Jean Schmidt center of controversy over false statements

The n word.

Exodus of San Francisco's middle class

It's time to shift our military focus to Afghanistan.

For your enjoyment ...

Can anyone Read this note by the BushenFührer?

If the surge was so successful why aren't our troops returning home?

Anybody have a Neighbor (like mine) that doesn't know when to leave?

Basic question on search - how to search archives by author name?

If Bush invades Iran/starts WWIII, it will be to profit.

Paul Craig Roberts: A Totally Lawless Regime

So Tom Brokaw will host MTP

Forget the locking gas cap

Hunted, rammed, poisoned, whales may die from heartbreak too

Any one here lose a pet to RoundUp poisoning?

roh roh....wonder how many disgruntled DU hillary supporters

Enron Loophole, Enron Loophole, Enron Loophole - we MUST educate the public about this

Enron Loophole, Enron Loophole, Enron Loophole - we MUST educate the public about this

Energized Democrats Gather For Nebraska Convention (I made the TV news video)

Iraq to award oil contracts to foreign firms

Senators, especially the leadership are being blackmailed by this Whitehouse to support FISA Bill

Toddler Saves Grandmother (video)

Man Tries To Fuel Up For Pennies -- $10 Worth

Denver PD stockpiling "non-lethal" rifles prior to DNC

Are any right-wingers OK?

Shifting gears

An easy anti-McCain (or any GOP pol) ad: Do pop ups on one of their ''wasteful spending" commercials

(Ben) Nelson Believes Nebraska Could Give Obama Two Electoral Votes

White House invokes executive privilege on EPA investigation regarding California's vehicle emission

Is it Peak Oil? Moment of truth is here...

Is it Peak Oil? Moment of truth is here...

Are you an Antichrist?

Lindsey Graham really is the best Gramps can do. 2 weeks, running.

Ah the History Channel is on its left behind fix again

Johnstown Flood on the History Channel at 4 p.m. EDT today.

And we wonder we why the US healthcare system is so fucked up

Billions needed to rehab embassies, .........WTF?

Industrial Hemp Advocates for OBAMA!!

“Wherever there is hurt, that hurt has a claim on you.”

Wheelchair-bound woman trapped in house fire, critically injured; her absent mother arrested

More US Capitol Computers Were Hacked From China

Over 150 DUers have already donated more than $11,000 to the Obama campaign. Won't you join us?

What is "public financing" ??

Thanks to all who replied to my post re: AT&T-IT&T

Chinese vice president meets Saudi king, crown prince

Does anyone have the latest list of casualties in Iraq

See How You Will Vote (Paper, DRE w/or w/o VVPT, Mixed, etc.)

Goddam elitist NASCAR drivers! (I love this pic from ESPN)

Who believes John McCain is going to ride the Iraq dead horse all the way to a loss in November?

Neoconservatives are the scum of the Earth!

211 days, 8 hours, 19 minutes, 50 seconds until America is America again

Road-Kill T-Shirts ?

What happened to the right to say NO?

Tom Brokaw will moderate 'Meet the Press' through election

in light of FISA and other corporate favors, what percentage of Dems are corporate owned?

Iraq's provincial elections could be delayed- MPs

Sucks the life right outta ya before it shreds your internal organs and then crushes your body

I think Iran will be attacked on November 8, 2008, 1:01am that Saturday morning

Most important local race in America?

Is this man Obama's answer?

Dry Dock the Obama Swift boaters

Kids who broke into Robert Frost house are sentenced to discussing his poetry

Did anyone hear Joe Biden say that there was speculation on oil market??

Journalist 'reported own murders'

Kroger recalls large brown eggs---MOLD inside

Here's what we're up against....

Forget the magic fuel additives too

I Swore I Wouldn't Do This Again

Weekend TOONS: Part 2 Bush and the rest

Woah, I think I just discovered the "height of the beast" from this celebrity data website

McBush's obsession with destroying Boeing

The choice is really easy - dem crazy!!

The Republican Dictionary, 2008 Edition

Jet Stream on the move - mile & a quarter toward poles each yr.

Typhoon Fengshen deaths rising in the Phillipines

60 Mins reporting on yet ANOTHER Bush failure

Obama's strange appeal to high priests of US conservatism / "Bush coalition is dissolving" Zogby

Air-Powered Car Coming to U.S. in 2009 to 2010 at Sub-$18,000, Could Hit 1000-Mile Range

Tom Brokaw: 'Meet the Press' til Nov. 4

The Poverty of Reaganism-Bushism

TOON: What's the bigger threat to the institution of Marraige?

Will Obama Investigate and Hold the Bush Admin Officials Accountable Once He's Elected President?

Sunday Dental Thread: Eco-politics and Composite Restorations

IRS Targets Billionaire's Lucrative Tax Strategy

I hate John Stossel because...(finish sentence please)

Great comments by readers re: the Democratic cave-in

On The Sheer Ridiculosity of IVF

"he signed his name on a piece of paper"... "he signed his name on a piece of paper".

Gays wed; God yawns

big trouble between KBR & military over sodium dichromate poisoning

Latest STUPID Bushism -->> it's the DARK MARKETS, not the Enron loophole that's killing us

Early boomers and older: Which do you think was JFK's bigger dream ........

Ex-Pentagon Lawyer Says He Researched 'Real Manchurian Candidate Stuff'

Gas-hog owners can't sell them

Latest salmonella outbreak in tomatoes blamed on incapable FDA

COWARDS!-NYT Confirms Poland torture, but does not name facility... why? (Larisa Alexandrovna)

If Bush and friends are stupid, why are they still in power 7+ years later?

"The world is only broken into two tribes: The people who are assholes and the people who are not."

DOONESBURY'S BACK! TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "The Last Bushism"

If the Opposite of Pro Is Con, Then the Opposite of Progress...

Should I be in favor of nuclear power?

Greek TV news on Israeli exercise and plans to hit Iran soon.

Beaten to death with clubs and chains in Mississippi

Barack warned us that we would be disappointed in him...

Which would you say best describes...

Should the democrats boycott Fox News again?

A reporter, an airplane, a little cold tablet and a lot of guns.

incredible pic, solstice celebration in spanish cavern

Say it with me: Arctic. National. Wildlife. Refuge. (beautiful photos)

Remember the Clintons...

I got your back Barack! (Awesome Post)

I got your back Barack! (Awesome Post)

This man could change EVERYTHING!

Tim Russert check: He's still dead.

Law School Wants to Hang Bush — Literally


My local newspaper runs a sustainable living article every Sunday.

Texas Republicans Press Conference Backfires

"Like firebombing to death everyone in Chicago" (Juan Cole)

On 60 Minutes: A Life Saver Called "Plumpynut" (a neat story)

Remember back when AT&T was IT&T?

Bolton: Israel Will Attack Iran After U.S. Election But Before Inauguration

Soldier died on 4th tour in Iraq: "wanted to slap" BushCo

It's Not Yours To Give Away

“The Upside of Income Inequality”

Weekend TOONS: Part 1 FISAsco

How many things have the GOP renamed?

Whatever you do... Do not think about Impeachment...

Do you want to save 50% or MORE on your monthly grocery bill???

Iowa flood pics: devastating.

MSNBC: " ...Roll of Race in Presidential Election" at bottom of TV screen

Do you have a republican friend?

Kristol: Bush Might Bomb Iran If He ‘Thinks Senator Obama’s Going To Win’»

So, how would one go about nationalizing Oil?

Corruption in The Mainstream Press - or How Big Oil carries the Day!

I finally watched Sicko, and I'm sorry that I waited this long to see it...

I finally watched Sicko, and I'm sorry that I waited this long to see it...

Ultimate supply of uranium is believed to be sufficient for at least the next 85 years

Is the Bushie Summer Propaganda Offensive against Iran a Psyop?

In its own thread: Conyers' office main argument against impeachment

Activists to Color Democratic Convention

AP 'Everything seemingly is spinning out of control'

Bill Gates surrendering Microsoft helm

How powerful is your senator?

Has your time at DU made you more liberal or less?

Jeffs daughter trying to dump court-appointed guardian

MoveOn to Obama: Keep Your Word, Filibuster Telecom Immunity

Does anyone else make their own laundry detergent?

McCain is feeding the Trolls - LITERALLY!!

Thieves Take Flags Honoring Dead Veteran

Did the NYT Just Out Another CIA Agent to Help the NeoCons Invade Iran?

An email I sent out to conservatives/indies:

the 82 million in taxpayer funding

WARNING: Scary McCain Photo

RepubliCON claims Obama's new seal is illegal....

Ohio Democrats get pro-Obama message

Obama: No Immunity For Telecoms

You Have Been Warned

Dems maneuver for a seat in Denver at state convention

$ Trillions lost....

I just sent a contribution to Regina Thomas for Congress

Obama: White House aides should comply with congressional subpoenas

Ohio Democrats get pro-Obama message

Giuliani Spotted Sleeping On New York City Subway

Scott Ritter - heard him speak last night - WOW

Pass This Around - Obama Earns A+ In Middle-Class Grade Votes

WP: McCain Driving Debate, But Some Fear Swerving - GOP Insiders Want More Consistent Theme

I just donated another $10 for a better America!

Drag racer Scott Kalitta killed in fiery 300 mph crash

So where are we in the Rome-Scheme?

Cool INTERACTIVE Electoral Map

Keep Hope From Melting

Post your favorite Bach Werke Verzeichnis number. If possible link a youtube performance of it.

A forget it I need more sleep...

I wonder what some folks said about FDR in 1932 ??

I won 1000 bucks from the Tennessee lotto! woo-hoo!

I just got off the phone with the boyfriend...while watching him on "Jeopardy!"

Ohio Democrats get pro-Obama message

I'm all in...

Mr. LIW went to the fights. I don't like the fights, so I stayed home. I'm going to have a beer.

I can't get none

OK - it's been 24 hours. Where's my Obama t-shirt featuring a

Triplets-separated at birth?

Now this is THE ultimate Kitty Picture

Obama (And Us) Against Big Media

Be Informed at the Voting Booth

The economy and the heatwave.

Battleground Ohio: Obama campaign sightings....

They Did Very Well Without Knife and Fork..

McCain is Running Scared... Americans are Declaring Independence Again!

My son just asked if he could go to bed. It's not even 7:00pm yet.

Hey GoPsUx! I bought you a book!

Hey? Whatever happen to the Offshore Drilling Debate? Are we letting McCain Win that?

I just realized Cindy McCain reminds me of Sandra Lee

Not over for Obama on FISA

What Obama needs to do about FISA

Democrats select delegates for national convention

Ummm, what exactly is GayThugDating?

Obama says Republicans will use race to stoke fear

Two more FISA stories. It really hurts me...

Please caption HEyHEY's bear sigline.

Please caption HEyHEY's bear sigline.

The First Lady Gambit

Re: I AM Legend the film (spoilers)

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/22/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 (O up 1, M unchanged)

Whats wrong with Obama's seal?

Michelle Obama sends thank-you to first lady

Joey Liberal Poetry

They smoke a lot weed in California

I have become the basis of the local eco-system.

A.B. Stoddard on MSNBC: "john mccain needs to pick up some women"

Gas station manager lets people vent about prices — with a dunk tank


Obama Team to Unveil Plan to Close “Enron Loophole”

How is OperationMindCrime these days?

MoveOn demands a filibuster

Weirdest Day Ever And How Was Your Day?


OH HELL NO! I love my Mom to death, but HELL NO!

I stumbled across this German website

Wendy, The Muscle Whippet rules

I'm watching The Professionals on TCM...Lee Marvin y'all!

Yay...we made it!

BIG OIL jacks price up to $4/gallon, hopes voters will be duped into buying "drill, drill, drill!"

Caption this Obama photo...

My sister and niece are seeing Smokey Robinson in Tahoe tonight

Is "Black" by Pearl Jam a great fuckin' song or what?

Barack Obama and the New Politics

I have always opposed the death penalty but now support it...

Mm ... mm .. mm .. my Sharona ...

Yay! We watched our first movie in HD!

So what all happened while I was gone today?

WA, June 21 SurveyUSA Poll: Obama (D) 55%, McCain (R) 40%

Little Willy Willy won't

What are you listening to right now?

Stick a fork in me, Jerry, I'm done.

This post is especially for you youngsters on DU to mull over...

McCain Driving Debate, But Some Fear Swerving: McCain's "schizophrenic" campaign

How are all the single Parents tonight?

Let's hear it for Tammy Baldwin! I gave her an Obama sticker AND button today!

McCain: “I didn’t really love America until I was deprived of her company.”

Excluding the immunity provision, what parts of the new FISA bill are in violation of the 4th?

Is "Mmmm Bop" by Hanson a great fuckin' song or what?

Naysayers--what is YOUR strategy on how to run against McCain in a time of war??

Anyone watching Lindsey Graham Swoon for Obama on MTP

Linear inverse vectors merge at zero

Oldie goldie.

Scary moment at Barnes & Noble

What is a common word (or phrase) you'd like to see shoved into the arcane?

Obamas Brains is way better than McLame/Bushies Beer..its smarts that count, not the folksy head rub

What annoying celebrities should Sniper Kitty take aim at?

Final YARD SALE tally...$ 413.79

Kitten Picture of the day for Sunday June 22

How good a President do you think Obama will be?

Having the MSM in his corner is worth at least $100 million in fundraising for McCain

A New Social Contract

Boston DUers - what are the pros and cons of living in your area?

God help me I've discovered Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter Ice Cream

Paparazzo sues Woody Harrelson for $2.5 million

New Ltd Obama Environmental T-Shirt

I wonder if it will be hot today here in Tucson.

how many DUers in this photo?

Anybody have a Nakamichi cassette deck they'd like to sell me?

I just found a very very cool music site - Little Steven's Garage

You know what sucks?

When should Obama start running ads showing McCain as a flip flopping machine?

CRAZY Violent Femmes version - supports intriguing lilypads

China cop promoted for breastfeeding Duke Nukem babies

Hello on this Sleepy Sunday!

Should Schools Censor Embarrassing Personal Histories. (Genealogy)

Bonanza, Bewitched and a 1965 Chevy commercial = Boomer heaven.

A quick guide on how to FIGHT the M$M.

question appeared to me today in conversation

Why isn't Obama out there pounding McCain for pandering to Canada on NAFTA

Any Dem would beat McCain. So lets hold Obama accountable!

Circle Jerks

Female orange

Ugly dog contest winner!

"Swiftboating" Book On Obama will be on the shelves in August.

Girls Can't Play Outfield

Bodies of 3 missing snowboarders found in Wash. - Went missing last December

Credo/Working Assets Cell Service

Cindy McCain wins a Daytime EMMY!!!!


Shaving and girls. I'm looking for some opinions!

Oh, boy, the TV Land Awards show is on again.

i love scarlet Johanson and all, but i can't figure the music out

What should I do when the aliens land in the backyard?

Stress-induced depression.

All right who is talking about me?

How NOT to haggle

McCain campaign's delusional response to Obama's Enron plan

I would consider a VP offer from Obama if asked.

I took my new lens out today, and when I got home I laughed my ass off

Senator Obama opens bigger lead in new poll after opting out of public financing-favorability soars

FEC reports are posted

Man, that 12 hour nap totally threw off my day!

NYT Compares Bush and McCain - Kind of Stretches To Create A Difference

Everything is spinning out of control

Check this bitchin' tune - Talking Head fans..... sooo goood

George W. LameDuck, in the style of Chevy Chase's NatLamp Christmas Vacation Rant

The Gong show with Dave Attell


On the shocking series finale of June 2008...

Female orange kitten

Tarts for Obama -- and I paid for two of them.

Name a movie that you'll do your best to avoid when it comes on TV

Anyone else familiar with Jesus' brother?

We can't leave now!

Poll roundup: Americans want to renegotiate NAFTA

Over 150 DUers have already donated more than $11,000 to the Obama campaign. Won't you join us?

Where the HELL are my keys?

Are you an Antichrist?

My God - how many celebrity shows must we have?


How often do you lance your boil?

Where the HELL are my knees????

Do you want Osama Bin Ladin Dead?

Best Contextual advertising today:

I believe we can now put this argument to rest...Once and for all...

I signed up for my college courses yesterday.

Pawlenty tells Blitzer Obama to raise taxes on 401 (k)s

California is on fire

TechNet Plus subscription - is it worth the investment?

There's a revolt in the Shetlands!

Sexy dance video on youtube!

absolutely noobish internet question

Wife's beer company could cause headaches for McCain

Bill "Effin' Batshit Crazy" Kristol: Bush will worry if he thinks Obama will win and might bomb Iran

St. Pete Times: Black Voters Could Tip Florida to Obama

I am bullish on the heat death of the universe. It's inexorable!

90 percent of whites would be comfortable with a black president

Roll call: Who's up?

Lets not have a repeat of this bull

Them Boys From Oklahoma... They Roll Their Joints All Wrong!

McCain to Cindy: "At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop!"

CSM: Obama as a grass-roots president?

Media jumping on Repubs bandwagon on "public financing" issue...

GOP fears Barr could spoil McCain's bid

John McCain doesn't know Shiite from Shinola...

Leftwing Cynics NEED Obama To Fail. Winning Would Invalidate Their Core Philosophy

I know people have seen the Virgin Mary on all sorts of objects....


The Democrats caved on Iraq, too. Remember?

Obama calls for closing "Enron loophole"

FOX excluded McCain's "didn't love" USA remark from transcript

Where the hell are my fleas..

Muslim World Speaks Out on Obama

“Psst, Pass It On, Fox Says Obama Is a Muslim”: How the MSM Smears Obama with Faux Outrage

Voting Laws for the Mentally disabled

GOP Fears the Barr

McCain’s Trade Policy ‘Is a Third George Bush Term’

have a chance for a bobcat

I got the new Seven Moons album for my birthday!

(Bill) Clinton praises Obama's greenhouse policy, sort of

Obama Release on “Enron Loophole” (AND PLEASE HELP THIS POLL)

WTF is wrong with YouTube

Myspace Pet Peeve

We just lost eighty thousand dollars. Good thing they're theoretical dollars.

MoveOn demands a filibuster

"Change We Can Believe In" T-shirt... What is on the back of it?

Well, one of my housemates called to say the orange tabby kitty we have been feeding has kittens.

Barack Obama inspires Milan men's runway styles

Labor’s historic ’08 election drive means TV, money and troops (McCain can't have my baby 4 war!)

China cop promoted for breastfeeding quake babies

Question for DUers ---- Can anyone register new voters?

Anyone see the sneering and vicious Lindsey Graham on MTP??

I donated to John McCain.

MCain is the GOP's Dukakis

Man who beat Chihuahua to death with shovel sentenced

Did anyone notice this?

Can you get a gas stove/range that isn't black, white, or stainless anymore?

Lieberman wants to be number 2!

McCain/Russert 2008

FASHION CAMPAIGN - Bing, bing, bing......I think we have a Winner!

Today is the day my refrigerator must be cleaned out.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/22/2008)

Obama is a formidable orator: Where is his early media push ?

The joy of watching the Republicans slowly slide into desperation...

Sunday- Obama's Plan calls for oil crackdown ending Enron Loophole

Sunday- Obama's Plan calls for oil crackdown ending Enron Loophole

DKOS wants Obama to keep his vow...

Hello. I have travelled back in time to wish you a Merry Christmas

Anybody know date of Dem convention in Denver? nt

In the GE, would Obama stand better chance of winning VA or OH?

What would be wrong with Gore being VP again?

I think I broke my foot.

It is my birthday Goddammit. Let me give you a smiley!

So I'm going to be in the Baltimore / DC area for a few days in August.

Hate-Every sunday Till November.

Huffington Post: "Joe Lieberman: I Want To Be Number Two"

The 4th Amendment.... Challenged? Yes.... Lost? No.

Democratic Underground Star Crawl. Episode IV: A Blue Hope

Damn, Damn, Damn!!!

Rasmussen Poll: Does the U.S. need stricter gun control laws?

What I don't get about the Obama public financing dust-up.

Organized religion causes more problems than it solves

OUR Operation CHAOS: Donating to Bob Barr?

TS'd DU members emerging elswhere, making a wee bit of trouble.

Dry Dock Obama Swift Boaters

Over 150 DUers have already donated more than $11,000 to the Obama campaign. Won't you join us?

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Politico: Three women who might join the GOP ticket (Palin, Fiorina, Hutchison)

Dear Barack...

Hey DU, don't be fooled...

So what you going to do when Obama before the DNC and declares the "Era of Partisianship is over"?

crappy codswollop bicuits!!!!

I think it'll be Obama-Biden.

Obama: I'll Fight To Strip Telecom Immunity From FISA


6/20 Election Model - Obama Jumps to 352EV, Leads Newsweek 51-36

Tim Russert surely is gone. Brian Williams has spent the last

Hillary Supporters for McCain: Principaled or Petulant?

A Shout Out for Michael Apted's "Up" Series (following English kids from age 7 to 49)

Last year, I asked for beach reading recommendations...

67 senators voted NO on removing the immunity clause

Obama campaign says they will support FISA Fillabuster

Anyone here a musician (or related to one) who made it on the national scene?

Does anyone know if Hillary Clinton will vote for or against the FISA bill?

Dems set sights on McCain insider Phil Gramm

US Weeky: Why Barack Loves Her

Defending the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment does not make me a concern troll.

This is an anti-Obama video that seems to be making rounds at my work

This is an anti-Obama video that seems to be making rounds at my work

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/22/08

Israel stages massive practice attack on Iran: US increase rhetoric and tension IAEA warns of war

Can we go home now?

Just remember, we can't run in favor of "Change" in the fall if we "hug the center" again

***** Janesez and GoPSuX got me thinking. Post a video of yourself. *****

Obama's Strange Appeal To High Priests Of US Conservatism

Check out the post by a freeper visitor---and check out how he spells McCain.

Okay. I'm tired of what's on TV. Bring back the black and white game shows!

Should Obama reconsider his public financing decision?

For Those Who Missed Joe Biden Vs Lindsey Graham On "Meet The Press"....

Are you thinking of donating even one dollar less to Obama?

Gore bump? Shhhh. Don't tell the pundits

A Public Service Announcement for the Democratic Party

Isn't Obama's opting out of public funding really a blessing in disguise?

Dogs Love Praise. Cats Ignore It.

Is it possible to learn to be more decisive?

If they can't take a joke

Statistics questions: what does a p>2.0 mean?

Obama Announces Plan to Fully Close the Enron Loophole

so i think i have the list of universities i'm applying to complete

How often do you change your oil?

She Left Me for Jesus

Fashion Crisis!!! As some of you know I volunteered to be a Pride Group Marshal.

I like Joe Biden and I hope he is the VP pick

What exactly is a *yacht* anyway?

Never in my lifetime have we had a candidate like this. Time to take out GOP trash. No mercy.

Our first major act as a married couple ....

Lou Reed: Which one is better? Rock N Roll Animal or Live?

Does anyone here believe that Cindy McCain makes her husband watch ARMY WIVES with her??

Du Catters: Best age to give a son a cat

I have an addiction that I just can't kick...

I made a movie of myself and put it online!

Please visit this website and let me know what you think. I got there accidentally...

McCain and EADS: deeply corrupt. Broadcast Media No Show.

Heavy Metal: Sweetie, Fluffy, Sugar-coated, "Love Ballads"

Argh. Stupid #$%&*@# old-ass mobile home.

***EUROCUP 2008, Italy vs. Spain****

Who is unfunnier?

How many Presidents have lied us into war?

pics pics pics..lets see em

What music have you purchased within the last 24 hours?

Palos Verde snorkeling/kayaking picture thread. Now with more fishies!!!

LBN: Tension Rises in the White House!

Good vibes please for Mr. DTBK - his first colonoscopy tomorrow

Are many commonly held Christian beliefs harmful to our Nation? You tell me...

"Cosmos" marathon is on Science Channel.

Y'know those allergy meds like Loratadine that claim to be 'non-drowsy'?

FoxNews is slowly building the case that there is a lot of "black racism"

A tip for getting better music from YouTube

Alternative Music Fans----

Apparently, Both VP Choices Are Going to Be Booooring

Feedback, please! Web site construction

I'll take an exception to my personal 'rules' and share a story with y'all.

I'm stuck on lazy...Help! My house is a disaster!

I, for one, am going to trust Barack Obama.

Anybody have a Neighbor (like mine) that doesn't know when to leave?

Must Obama Choose A VP That Voted Against The Iraq War?

Donate $30 or more to Obama and receive your 100% organic cotton T-shirt

I'm 37 and she is 22. Can This Work?

Do Obama's FISA comments give us a taste of what he meant by "reaching across the aisle"?

Dispatch from the straight marriage file: My marriage to Mrs. Aristus still unaffected

What is an archaic word you'd like to see come back into common usage?

Remember when people were worried that Gore would invade Iraq? No? Well what were they thinking?

Remember when people were worried that Gore would invade Iraq? No? Well what were they thinking?

Do you worship the rich? The Bill Gates story...

Summary of Dean's appearance in London today at Imperial College. Pictures also.

Brazil welcomes EU decision to lift sanctions against Cuba

Ecuador says could halt EU talks over migration law

Corporate Espionage Detailed in Documents

Frank Rich: Now That We’ve ‘Won,’ Let’s Come Home

Diplomacy expected to trump confrontation at International Whaling Commission meeting

Saudis think you pay too much for gas, too

A reporter, an airplane, a little cold tablet and a lot of guns.

Activists to Color Democratic Convention

US Industry Requests Verification of Beef Age for Korea

Army crisis as 10,000 troops are unfit to fight (Britain)

Ohio Democrats Get Pro-Obama Message (Gov. Predicts State Will TIp Race Agian - for Obama)

Hunted, rammed, poisoned, whales may die from heartbreak too

White House invokes executive privilege on EPA investigation regarding California's vehicle emission

Federal judge in Houston joins Iran collection case

Iraq to award oil contracts to foreign firms

Fighting breaks out in northern Lebanon; 4 dead

FBI 'to probe Swiss bank UBS' in tax dodging case

Australia expects tough talks at whaling meet: minister

Violence spreads to Harare: 'Ring of torture camps' set up in the suburbs

'Guest workers' protest recruitment tactics

Colombian rebels release proof-of-life video of hostage lawmaker

AFGE Launches Voting Rights Pages on MySpace, Facebook

Minister: Saudi Arabia can increase oil production

Jordan returns stolen antiquities to Iraq

Haditha victims' kin outraged as Marines go free

Philippine ferry sinks; 700-plus passengers missing

Their foreclosures delayed, vacant homes fall into disrepair

Pakistan troops 'aid Taliban'

Food Stamps Buy Less; Families Are Hit Hard

Baghdad suicide blast kills 15

(Bill) Clinton praises Obama's greenhouse policy, sort of

Fourth Bolivian state hosts referendum vote on autonomy from central government

Dad Says Amy Winehouse Has Emphysema

Iraq courts order prisoner amnesty (20,000 prisoners to be freed)

Baghdad squatters told to leave occupied homes

New Crisis Threatens Healthy Banks: Late Payments Hurt Smaller Lenders That Dodged Subprime Mess

Record corn prices mean more expensive meat, dairy

Banks Trimming Limits for Many on Credit Cards

Zimbabwe opposition to pull out

Hate Groups' Newest Target

India baby girl deaths 'increase'

Iran: IRGC (Islamic Rev. Guard Corp) ready to respond to any attack’

Bikers rally in Berkeley to support military

General Assembly approves $7 billion for 15 peacekeeping missions

3 in 10 Americans Admit to Race Bias - Survey Shows Age, Too, May Affect Election Views

Venezuela 'taking control' of mines

Venezuela 'taking control' of mines

NBC: Brokaw to host 'Meet the Press' through November election

Countdown: KO and John Dean on FISA and Obama


MUST SEE!! Treadmill Kittens

Bush's Speechifier - Alternative Jargon

Pretext for bombing of Lebanon ...Was it a practice run for Iran?

Dancing Politicians



Bloomberg blasts Obama rumors and whisper campaigns

A pinko lefty wacko goes hysterical over what he calls "the military-industrial complex"

Blackhawks in Denver We Are Change Colorado

The Obama-Simpsons-Colbert-Major League Baseball Conspiracy... whew!

MoveOn & AFSCME - Not Alex

NC Gov Republican Candidate McCrory: On Law & Order, DAs Can Afford to Shop at Neiman Marcus

TheRealNews: Does McClellan's testimony matter? IMPEACHMENT?

Neo-Con Issues Murder Contract

Mike Reagan Wants To Put Grenades Up the Butts Of Babies & Kill The Mothers Too

TYT RANT: Bush, War Crimes & The Failure Of The Mainstream Media

Evangelist's Florida revival making local Pentecostal leaders very nervous.

TYT: Oil Companies Take Over Iraq

On Countdown: Democrats To Cave Friday On Telecom Immunity

French/US Sea-level Tracking Satellite launched on the solstice.

US energy chief: Low oil production drives price

Putin Threatens New Power Players

Volunteers pitch free weatherization

NYT - A Green Coal Baron?

Please give me the facts/figures to counteract this nonsense from Newt Gingrich:

A Governmental "Project"

White House Refuses To Release Documents On Air-Quality Policy

Federal agencies release plan for (Navajo Nation) uranium cleanup

Dyson working on electric car

We Can't Drill Our Way Out

NYT - The New Trophy Home, Small and Ecological

Home made energy - UK

'Splash and Dash' Biofuel Scam Costs Americans Millions, Lawmakers Say

Germany the greenest country

Building a home..thinking of going Geothermal. Need help.

Germany: Marburg City Council Approves Law Requiring Solar

I need help analyzing "Clean Coal" pro and con arguments.

Return of the population time bomb

Brits doubt cause of climate change

What we're facing here in Pennsylvania

Mercedes wants to eliminate petroleum by 2015

History of ...modern-day VP nominees chock-full of blunders caused by haste or miscalculations

U.S. 'Plans To Neutralize Russian Nuclear Weapons By 2012-2015'

Possibilities In Colombia For A U.S. Military Base

Economy Down, Crime Up

Frank Rich: Now That We’ve ‘Won,’ Let’s Come Home

U.S. May Free Up More Land for Corn Crops

The real McCain -- The Guardian's Paul Harris uncovers the dark side of John McCain

A couple of amusing Quotes of the Week in today's Mail on Sunday,

WP, pg1: Higher Learning Adapts To a Greening Attitude; Students Lead Drive Reshaping Curricula

Tom Hayden: The U.S. Has Its Own Dr. Strangelove in Iraq

Just How Will 'Meet the Press' Differ With Brian Williams?

BP Solar ditches thin film solar cells. Minor drawback: They don't work very well.

Cuyahoga County Wants Yet Another Vote System (OH)

Everything seemingly is spinning out of control

The Loud Silence Of Feminists

The Guardian's Simon Hoggart, a hilariously droll political commentator.

Mr. Bush, Lead or Leave: Our oil-addict-in-chief

Israel Endorses McCain Campaign

Life in Putin's Russia: "The right to commit crime has become part of official privilege."

Political segregation:The Big Sort

Russia Calls Israel's and the White House's Bluff

Let Wal-Mart fix US health care

Civilization can no longer afford the hypocrisies and violence of institutional religion.

Jeb Bush And His Cronies Have Big Plans for Govt.-Funded Religious Schools in Florida

Keynes' wisdom is not to be denied.

House Resolution Calls for Naval Blockade against Iran

Report: Local soldier murdered compatriot

Spying Equals Inflation

The FHA Time Bomb

The Real reasons

Did Bank of America write the Dodd bailout bill?

Report: Citi to Cut 10% of Investment Banking Jobs

Do you want to save 50% or MORE on your monthly grocery bill???

Foreclosure auction firms accused of “bait and switch”

Today in labor history June 21, 10 miners are hanged in Pennsylvania (updated)

Thousands march to support Atlantic City casino workers

Today in labor history June 22 “Herrin Massacre,” Thirty-six were killed, 21 of them non-union miner

Today's working family cartoon: Captain Hook

College graduates will need to work harder to land a job

Working America New Mexico: 25,000 New Members in Six Months

Air Controllers: FAA Contract ‘Offer’ Just Another Delaying Tactic

Spotlight on AFL-CIO Campaign to Reveal Real John McCain

Forced Child Labor in the Cotton Fields of Uzbekistan

Food service workers strike at Boston convention centers

HELP WANTED: Time off to cash paycheck? Not today

CS Monitor: Immigration crackdown may boost US job prospects

Strike Cancels More Qantas Flights

Unionized Steel Workers Will Not Strike

Another Strike in Hollywood?

NYT: Pushing for Union Contracts, Casino Workers Stage Rally

NJ teachers union plans to protest benefit cuts

GM will build hybrids at Oshawa plant, CAW says

Slump Boosts Wal-Mart's Image and Bottom Line

Anti-Gay Hate Group Meddles in Maine and Puerto Rico and Loses in Both

Gay Marriage Is Good for America

Anti-gay Hate Group now targeting Governer Deval Patrick's Lesbian Daughter

Gay community's Pride Festival has big turnout

Baton Rouge: Couples want legal matrimony; Pride Fest event blesses gay unions.

Pew Forum surveys denominations' views on gay marriage

Gay-union initiative may aid McCain

Marriage Equality: Either you believe in Equality and Freedom or You are a Terrorist

Married in Palm Springs!

Israel's peace efforts widen

Report: IDF ignores abuse cases involving Palestinian detainees

Greek TV news on Israeli exercise and plans to hit Iran soon.

Israel reopens crossings, allows goods, fuels into Gaza

Saudi helps feed 900 Gaza families

Rights group accuses Israel of abusing Palestinian prisoners

Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel

Possibilities In Colombia For A U.S. Military Base

Colombian rebels release proof-of-life video of hostage lawmaker

Brazil welcomes EU decision to lift sanctions against Cuba

Mining crisis bares Peru's deep rifts

FIDEL: "Truth and Diatribes"

24 Presidential Hopefuls in Panama

Barrancabermeja NGOs denounce threats by ‘Águilas Negras’

CentAm Ministers to Meet in El Salvador

ChiSox in first. My Cubs have MLB best record

Judge rules that Duke does indeed suck at football

Check out this ball girl!

NHRA driver Kalitta killed in horrific crash

Sigh.... Nothing To Watch Until The End Of August...

8 Wimbledon Matches Fixed, Dossier Claims!

The Stars This Week: "Opportunities in the Midst of Change" - June 23 - June 29, 2008

Excerpt from Karen Bishop's book "The Ascension Companion"

Biden and Pakistan

A sermon on Summer Solstice and fertility

Joe Biden is a genius and makes Lindsay Graham look like the sniveling little jackass he is

Some cool pics of cool cars, friends, and stuff at the Freedom Fair today, Sacramento...

Summer Solstice Fire, Germany

HEAT EXHAUSTION/ STROKE --- Symptoms/Treatment

"Virtual man" may ease drug R&D woes

Are Placebos A Betrayal?

Elderly's restless nights helped by ancient martial art

Clinical Trial for Bipolar Disorder, now recruiting

Any one here lose a pet to RoundUp poisoning?

Investigation of Glaxo's Paxil widens

West Nile virus hits 8 people in the US

a few snaps from a few minutes ago

Home, safe home

Shocking video from Toronto

NYC: four shooting sprees in two days.

A Constitutional question?

yum - the husband is making peach half whole wheat pancakes!

does anyone have recipes for asian vinegar beverages?

Photos from Mars

This I believe essay by Paul Thorn

Hard-line Anglican bishops make a mess of it in the Holy Land

Why Christians can’t dance

Scientists discover a new mathematical formula...for the perfect cheese sandwich

Public School Teacher Accused of Branding Kid With Cross, Teaching Creationism

Question for theists...

Why the skeptic can’t dance

"The truth is out there" ...

The War on Truth

Japanese Lawmaker takes 9/11 doubts global

what are the three biggest problems

Inside a 9/11 Mastermind's Interrogation

Rick Siegel interviewed by Daan de Wit....

The Swift Boat group has officially disbanded (or so they say)

Has anyone else been having trouble viewing YouTube in Firefox 3?

TechNet Plus subscription - is it worth the investment?

Great Concert July 6th from 5-8pm. at MN Music Cafe

what local news doesn't show: McCain isn't welcome to MN

Tinklenberg endorsed by Independent Party

Some on the Left are attacking McCain on the POW/MIA issue with smears. This is not right.

Student Loan Overhaul Advances

6/20 Election Model - Obama Jumps to 352EV, Leads Newsweek 51-36 - x

NJ: Judge rules public can see voting machine test results

Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finally got around to seeing "Hacking Democracy"....

The Truth About Britney Spears.

Phila. law firm wages an epic legal battle to win billions from Saudi Arabia.

After the rain: MOSQUITOES

Santa Cruz County has free concerts at the beach.

CA Dems vote to Spy on Americans

Public School Teacher Accused of Branding Kid With Cross, Teaching Creationism

Answer to Left Behind Videogame: Atheist Videogame has goal to stop spread of Xianity & Islam

Europe De-converts Missionaries!