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My preference for new host of Meet the Press is...Jon Stewart.

NBC will have a special tribute to Russert this evening 10:00 Eastern (nt)

Michael Reagan asks for murder of 9/11 Truth Activist Mark Dice

price in los angeles - regular

Coming Sunday from McClatchy: 'Guantanamo: Beyond the Law'

Meet the Press - a bit of its history

Cindy McCain May Reap Benefits of Anheuser-Busch Bid (Update1)

By no means do I wish to appear callous, but is there any other news to report

WA POST - Mukasey: Detainee ruling won't stop terror trials

Bush History, Friday 6/13 (Bush is popular! Well, in Nigeria)

Tim Russert

IC and CR IA flooding worse than 93-100 year flood.. Best wishes to those of you affected!

What is a "Fundraising Disbursement" on the monthly FEC reports?

omg... just got in and heard about Tim Russert! No matter what you felt

Possible battlefield fallout from today's Supreme Court decision?

I don't mean this to be mean towards Russert, but will there be this much coverage when...

On a lighter note - What the hey?

Missouri Humane Society rescuing pets in Iowa flood catastrophe

Props to Foxnews for poignant Russert coverage

HEADLINE: McCain "forcefully sides with President Bush" in condemning Supreme Court

Two unusual ideas for new MTP host.... Bill Moyers (I would love to see that) -

Just Found this....

Afghan militants (Taliban) attack Kandahar prison and free inmates

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Now the Jersey 9/11 Widows is a new TABOO subject . . . ???

O.K. "other" threads KEEP over there. This one is a Dem "G.E Russert" thread

Dog Swept Up, Killed By NYC Street Sweeper

If he isn't still with ABC I think Ted Koppel would be a good host of MTP

1780 British warship found in Lake Ontario

Miss Teen South Carolina is a terrorist!

Floods swamp Iowa town; Drinking water near gone

Can anyone tell me what happened to the "The Jersey Girls get..." thread???

McClatchy: Maliki raises possibility that Iraq might ask U.S. to leave

Ok, I'll play.

Seven Questions: The New World Energy Order

Tim was a great guy but 5 hours coverage on his death? The media think it is all about them.

Poll: Republican support, enthusiasm down

Charlie Rose doing a retrospective on Tim Russert. PBS now here. nt

GOP to go the way of the Federalists or the Whigs?

On this impeachment thing that's...

My sympathies to Tim Russert and his family and friends...

Back to the 60's! (Bush History: 6/14 Saturday - Flag Day)

Magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits Japan

Donate $35.00 to Dennis and $0.35 to Nancy and John Conyers ....

What was that reference I saw earlier today.......about Russert and Scooter Libby?

Teen tied to tree overnight dies

DU Eulogies. Alas!

Fewer troops are dying in Iraq!

Now this is extraordinarily weird...

Bill Moyers Journal: The American Dream In Reverse?

Bye George

am i overreacting?

Welcome to the Desert of the Real...

My top political wish list for the next 7 months

If It's True That Allen Dulles & Prescott Bush Fingered the Murder of John Kennedy...

Exxon Mobil to sell U.S. gas stations

I Was Born in Buffalo, a Year After Tim Russert. He Makes Me so Proud...

Political cartoon, Montgomery Advertiser, birthplace of the Confederacy & Civil Rights Movement.

So mcSame is a post turtle

Cheney can't even talk about Russert's death without invoking 9/11, he

GE Russert never got to debate Aaron Broussard again.

Re: The Missing William Pepper thread...

Hail to the rube.

DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION: The " CRAP CANNON " will be used against protesters

It's Going To Be Hard To Replace Russert

Right there in the ads on DU's Greatest Page is this cartoon of Bush

Another Guilded Age/Work and Wages/Tinseltown's Workers

So what was Tim Russert, politically?

Judge Sets Abramoff Sentencing Date, Investigation May Continue

Afghans attacked prison and helped more than 1,100 prisoners escape from jail

A Moment of Clarity in Baghdad

McCain's Next Controversial Priest

The FEC: Lots of Work Ahead for a Full Commission

23,000 Veterans Petition Congress to Impeach Bush!!

Sharif stirs call for Musharraf to be hanged

Anyone know what types of dogs the Obama family has?

Tim Russert was a Saint!

Rove ‘talks fairly regularly’ with top McCain staffers.»

Extrapolation: Tim Russert > 1,220 google links in appx. 24 hrs X 365 X 5 (years) = 53,436,000

Flood of lawyers, political activists pummels capital

Four U.S. troops killed in Afghan blast

Hedge Fund Owner Cheats Investors Of $450 Mill,, Vanishes

Self-described liberals up 17%, more good news for Democrats; Rasmussen Reports

Why aren't the 4 soldiers Killed in

Air Force Association Endorses Webb’s GI Bill

"I'm voting Republican!" (hilarious!)

US garrisons and global gas stations

Can we get a time limit that is acceptable on DU to criticize someone after their death?


Shuttle re-entry in 10 minutes

Ohio people

1,000 city blocks are under water in Cedar Rapids fish were seen in the basement of Mercy Hospital.

Manic Miles O'Brien just prattles on and on...

Question re Bush possible war crimes prosecution abroad:

An Affair To Remember: She Was 82, He Was 95.... And They Had Dementia

Can McCain Fix His Brand?

Democrats to be fueled by beer power

The unstated assumption that "fair and balanced" is good.

The "War" is over, the Pentagon should start handing out "Occupation" medals

scott mcclellan is on "wait, wait, don't tell me"

I Just Don't Get It...

Woodward and Bernstein he was not

the love stories are gone

Put up or shutup. Give specific examples if you think Tim Russert was somehow a RW hack

He's a saint, he's a whore, the late Tim Russert

Monica Crowley makes me ill.

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/14/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 - unchanged

Some Gitmo Detainees Can't Go Home

Didja ever wonder what Donald Trump's

Blackwater ok'd to open Facility in San Diego June 5th.

Tim Russert's big "lapel pin" moment, and it wasn't the American flag

Propaganda and a Potential War with Iran

a change of topic - starry eyed Alice Hunt of the

What are the crimes of Bush /Cheney?

I was microwaving my pizzapockets and there it was the GE logo. I cried.

BOOM BOOM. The Shuttle is back. I hope that everyone returns

CNN was acting odd yesterday - all Tim, little flooding disaster

The Attack on Prosperity: How Speculators Are Causing the Cost of Living to Skyrocket

Russert was a reporter

Who should replace Russert on MTP? One candidate only: Keith Olbermann...

Climate change protesters hijack coal train

Designate ANWR as part of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Any experts here on computer simulations and floods?

Repo Men Prosper As Economy Sputters

Tim Russert had one commendable moment in his recent journalistic career.

Predictions of crop loss due to excessive rain levels from a 2002 article.

It has to be asked. Is Tim Russert's death a blow to the Bush administration?

This has NOTHING to do with Tim Russert

4 Marines die in Afghanistan; 870 inmates escape

You're not gonna believe the email I just got...

Dodd taking Payola?

John Dean: The Importance of Scott McClellan's Testimony Before the House Judiciary Committee

Bush: “We’re there at their invitation”

Meanwhile, in Iraq, a few more nameless children died

anyone from seattle?

Deadly ‘Diplomacy’

Gun ownership from a different perspective.

USGS WaterWatch -- Current water resource conditions -Interactive - Excellent data source!

People of Hills, IA, is being asked to evacuate to Iowa City Shelter

The absolute worst part of the M$M orgy re Russert's death

Things I learned on DU today.

Rapture-Ready Evangelicals Impersonate Army Officers

Iraqi PM suggests US might be asked to leave (yippeeeeeee)

Celebrity Journalism

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count = 4,099 -- it's upticking last few days....

Iowa gets coverage. Russert funeral planned for barge float down river.

In Midwest, Rising Waters and Fears of Worse to Come (NYT)

The people of Afghanistan should be allowed to grow opium.

Maliki raises possibility that Iraq might ask U.S. to leave

The G Spot

I want to die like Russert did. One minute alive and doing what you want, then death...quick

Both Democrats and Republicans didn't like Tim Russert? Doesn't give him legitmacy.

Straight Talk or Bull Straight from McCain?

Attitude check: Is this government inteference with our freedoms or

AP: Companies get OK to harm, annoy polar bears

So when do you think it will be a good time to stop buying

Look what they're doing to California, that pesky, highly "blue" state.

American and allied combat deaths in Afghanistan outpaced Iraq's in May

What was Tim Russert's role in the buildup to the Iraq War?

To Commemorate the Supreme Court Decision: Happy Magna Carta Day!

They Can Indeed Impeach-They Are NOT Bound By A Judge Or Court-They Are BOUND BY THEMSELVES

Dennis Kucinich Live on the Rob Kall Radio Show Tonight

American Occupation at the Pump: Is $250 a Barrel Oil on Its Way?

The American Political Landscape has been compromised by DIRTY TRICKs

McCain ‘promises’ to get bin Laden — with ‘people who can swim in the water’

D.U. question ..... when will W show up in Iowa for a photo op?

Anyone watching the Spin Job they are doing about oil on CNN?

Noam Chomsky: Bush is a catastrophe and gambler

Impeachment Articles Deluxe Version


McCain's campaign calendar

So what the fuck is going on at Lehman Brothers this weekend?

Oh Good. They Are Mailing Out Warnings That Your Stimulus Payment Is Coming

why I am glad mom was not famous when she died...

Republican judge pervert alert!!!!!

Iglesias: We Were Summer Help With Law Degrees-Moved About By Rove's Quest-Permanent Repub Control

I Organized a Voter Registration Event At a Juneteenth Festival. Are DUers Familiar w Juneteenth?

Isn't it ironic that, once again, Timmeh is distracting us from the real news?

Severe thunderstorm with possible tornado north of Marshalltown Airport and headed east.

We are sorry our president is an idiot

Bumper sticker: Defeat Obama Chelsea's Mama.

TV9 live feed to Iowa flooding

Bush Radio 6/14/08: "Defeat the terrorists' hateful ideology by spreading the hope of freedom"

China clearly overtakes U.S. as leading emitter of climate-warming gases

Free Press: 'Comcast Is Not Above the Law'

USAID completes large scale tsunami reconstruction programmes

"Tim Russert is in Hell!" (This is what gay people have to

The radar looks like Cedar Rapids & Iowa City are getting

If you don't appreciate anything about Tim Russert at least recognize this...

Queen Latifah to Marry Longterm Partner

Police Suspend Trinidad (Washington DC), Checkpoint Program...

Have You Already Lost?

DId Ya Know There Was Another Levee Breach In Iowa

When do you think McCain will make his next blunder...?

Cuba Deports US Citizen Wanted for Child Sex Abuse

State of Emergency: The US in the Final Six Months of the George W. Bush Administration

First NBC will choose a new Bureau Chief and that person

Question about crop failures, storms, rains, floods

University of Iowa has shut down its Power Plant. Flood waters

FEMA and disasters

I think GD needs a soft and fluffy break

Pics of the French providing a warm bienvenue (welcome) to the war Chimp


20% of Iowa grain crop has been lost to flooding.

Tentative accord on spy bill, immunity: sources

How DARE YOU????!!!!!!!????

How DARE YOU????!!!!!!!????

Has Anyone Heard Who Will Be Russert's Successor?

Meet the Press this Sunday - Remembering Tim Russert - Barnicle, Carville, Fischer, Ifill, more.....

Liberal philanthropist (and GM heir) Stewart R. Mott dies at 70

Raise your hand if you think OJ was innocent

Say Whatever You Like About Tim Russert - But Wait Till Nobody's Interested

Have the grave-dancers asked themselves why most Americans agree or were to the Right of Russert?


Scientists find bug that eats waste and excretes petrol


Freedom Next Time: Propaganda as Journalism

Maybe it's a good thing DU will be down for a few hours. I'm thinking some of us need to take a

The BBC is still covering real news -- here are some pix from IA

Obama advisor Holder criticizes Bush's "War on Terror," says we must reverse "disasterous course"

A Tim Russert story.

Security for Bush will shut centre of London

Would Republicans be happy if we just paid our taxes directly to the oil companies?

I disagree with those who cheer Tim Russert's death. But I criticize his legacy.

Does the midwest flooding have you reconsidering flood insurance?

Just got word, My cousin lives in CR Iowa...had to evacuate yesterday their home is flooded clear to

Brent Budowsky: McCain Supreme Court: Nightmare for Women, Workers and Justice

Get Osama Bin Laden before I leave office, orders George W Bush

Celebrity deaths in general

Can Congress walk and chew gum at the same time? Can't impeach b/c there's more important issues...?

Mississippi river flood photos from Davenport, Iowa; (Major dial up warning)

Recieved my Veterans for Obama bumper sticker in the mail.

Why are there so many threads about Tim Russert's death on DU ??

Just saw a kitten run over by a truck. Stupid fucking kitten!

Who has been to an Obama event?

Let's assume the Mr. Russert was a horrible little freeper...

Did Russert have any history of coronary events?

FEMA better get their asses over to Iowa!!!

I'm a visitor from the old GD-P forum, and I got to say, some of you

Re: Tim Russert - There's a sickness among a segment of DU

Comparing Iowa flooding to Katrina

Help, I have been completely cut off from the world for a week.

Do you respond to right wing smear emails?

Laura Bush IM's Michelle Obama

ELAD, Can You Give Us A 1 Hour Countdown Before You Pull The Plug Today?

White House Staffers Held Abramoff 'In High Regard' = Karl Rove involved

White House Staffers Held Abramoff 'In High Regard' = Karl Rove involved

Please let us all remember the ones that truly deserve our thoughts and prayers

I'm sorry but...

For those of you who claim Russert was a great Journalist----

John Conyers, are you out there?

While Russert is in the process of becoming a saint....

The Abramoff bomb drops in September: He is talking and he’ll testify.

WetStart McNASTY gets booed at "21"

Annoyed by Tim Russert coverage?

4,099 dead Americans, and not one got half the coverage Russert's getting...

A question about the Iowa floods.

This Is Just The Beginning

Obama Outdoes FEMA on Disaster Relief

Anyone have KO's email address @ MSNBC?

Anyone have KO's email address @ MSNBC?

Digby: "Under Water" While Media Eulogize Russert ...Iowans Drown!"

Can we finally put “Trust Me” economics behind us?

Scientists find bug that eats waste and excretes petrol.

If Nancy Pelosi is a war criminal, so is Chris Dodd

An Open Letter to the Media (DKos)

An Open Letter to the Media (DKos)

Who Owns DomainTools To the Rescue

Since When Can A Private Recreation Club Pay Employees UNDER Minimum Wage?

Weekend TOONS: Part 2 the courts and bush

Senate hearings interrupted to stop testimony (judiciary)

Fred McMurray Dead at 83

Support Iraqi Fathers & Their Families on Father's Day

His most memorable remark, that I will remember him by

'This is our version of Katrina,' Iowa resident says

U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler takes issue with editorial on impeachment

Angela Honeycutt, Lynne Long Arrested for Sexual Sleepover with Teenage Boys

The best replacement for Russert would be Bill Moyers.

grave pissers are extremist kooks.

Attended a forum on home heating fuel assistance moderated by Carol Shea Porter today

The Obama campaign has organized flood relief...please pass this on.

A game of "What If"

Here's a link to email CNN Newsroom. Ask them where the hell FEMA is

Someone died! Time to pass judgment on them!

good god - Tenn. Democrat believes Obama has terrorist ties

Bush In Prison - Wish You Were Here

New Englanders: a dialect question

Book TV Schedule: June 14th - 16th

Could you turn off/not watch your teevee for 40 days?

News Story VOTE OFF!

I think there should be a national holiday in tribute to Tim Russert

Just had to try this: Look and Compare!

Wired fans find it hard to forgive Metallica

For those of you who think historic floods in the Midwest are less important than

Which news story was the most important for the week?

Why hasn't George W. Bush returned from his junket in Europe

Scared Of Liberals? Well, The Pledge of Allegiance Was Written By A SOCIALIST!

MSNBC poll on Bush impeachment: 89% in favor

"I want you to read this story"

Weekend TOONS: Part 3 Gas, Food and other things

Obama Campaign Organizes Flood Relief

WEXLER LIES!! is now a deception!

Bill Moyers is a great journalist

This dog still bites

How Evil-Perverse-Sick & Criminal Can Bush & His People Be? (Democracy Now)

The interview I'd like to see... Vincent Bugliosi interviewing Scott McClellan

For all you fathers out there..

Now where did I leave those documents?

I was glad when Reagan died

For the history rewriters. Russert did everything but go to jail to avoid testifying against Libby

When did Meccan authorities most recently recognize a slave owner's "property rights" in a slave?

Support Russert's career, if you can.

Gore Vidal: US needs 100 years to recover from Bush

Henry Waxman: Shocking Wasteful Spending On Weapons Systems

Whether you liked Russert or not, one thing everyone can say is...

PHOTOS: *ANOTHER* national emergency. WHERE IS GEORGE?

This picture of Fancy Pilosity is worth a thousand words:

- “The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavery?”

In Iraq, The Love Stories Are Gone

Obama Fills Sandbags to Help Flood Victims, McCain Issues Statement

Iowa Flooding Forces Shawn Johnson From Gym

Strange talk with a RW patient and epiphany therefrom:

When someone dropped dead where you worked was production ever stopped?

I sorry, they have carried Tim Russert's passing too far

Might be too soon to ask this...But is this "St. Russert Stuff" to Immunize his Memory from....

SCOTUS needs full complement of justices, fully focused on the law, not their own bottom lines

Nightline reported: Russert had an enlarged heart and coronary disease that was 'under control'

June 14th protest of the Church of $cientology

So what did Russert ever do that was so great?

Paradise evacuated

Russert's MSNBC "Deathlolopalusa Festival" now entering 20th Hour..

Evidence Showing Pelosi Must Recuse Herself On Impeachment

If you don't want Iran War, MIHOP, or elections cancelled,

This is what a failed revolution looks like (Bush's attempt to increase presidential power)

Russert hysteria: How many of you even noticed when Philip Agee died? Or knew who he was?

H.R. 5843, Act to Remove Federal Penalties for Personal Use of Marijuana by Adults

To those of you who are grave-dancing over Tim Russert's death...

An election year is the absolute worst time to advance your pet cause.

Is saying that Tim Russert was something of a Bushco shill the same as "dancing on his grave"?

WOW! Those of us who "suspected" that US Govt. Infiltrators were posting Comments on Blogs!.

WOW! Those of us who "suspected" that US Govt. Infiltrators were posting Comments on Blogs!.

Impeachment: Which of the 35 articles is likeliest to yield a CONVICTION?


Have you checked out Obama's site?

Just to lighten the mood, a laugh at McCains expense

Admit it.....

Out of the mouths of babes. Gitmo and my Constitutional Law Class.

Is it safe to say that Russert was a Cheney ass licker yet? While I feel for his Family..


Gotta love those Texas Republicans

You know, hardly anyone here could say they know what it's like to be a journalist.

Cute story about Dean and his flag pin.

Brilliant Democratic Strategy Revealed!

McClatchy: Obama 'considering' world tour ahead of August convention

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Saturday June 14, 2008

Keep up the pressure on Davis. "Davis' downplays suggested Obama terrorism link." It's working!

SCOTUS Dissents

Anyone ever heard of israelinsider? Is it legit?

I can't believe that Tim Russert has died. Unbelievable...

Barack Obama calls Tim Russert "thoughtful", "irreplaceable", and "One of the finest men I knew".

What really pisses me off about this presidential election...

Excuuuuse ME!!!!!

If you want to decide what's questioned or not, what's used or what's not then be a campaign manager

How does someone turn down a promotion and then be given a disability pension?

Excuse me, but MOBA is having a contest

I don't know what McCain's doing here


I'll be leaving work in about an hour...with about three pounds of cheese cubes and crackers

Wow, it's been a while since I hung out here in the Lounge.

OMG! Today is a for-real Friday the Thirteenth!

Excuse me, but ringtones are not music

Is it finally safe yet???

There aren't enough Excuse Me threads in the Lounge today

This thread is heavier than a rock.

Giuliani Plans to Aid Hopefuls, for His Share


Have you ever asked someone who you see everyday, but doesn't know you, what you do?

Sorry Liberal_In_LA I made one too

When did the Democrats last win more land area in a presidential election?

went to the dr today

There aren't enough Tim Russert threads on DU today

Anyone want a Tim Russert banner?

People must email MSNBC

Liberal_In_LA wants more Tim Russert threads.

My friend, who's only political involvement is voting, sent me this.

Tim Russert was a fine journalist, may he rest in peace.

Report from IOWA: Day 3

Community Outreach During the GE

I Wonder How Terry McAuilffe Feels Tonight ...

Excuse me, but when did chemotherapy become funny?

Rasmussen Reports to Partner with

So, I have brownie mix and some pecans; how could I make these

The Midwest is where we need to win.

About fucking time!

My first weekend off in three weeks and I get a cold!?

A LTTE I sent to the NY Daily News

There aren't enough sniffa threads in the Lounge today

Question about TV viewing

I Feel for NBC News Today.

good night you kings of maine

***** OBAMA ON CNN live stream NOW - don't know how long he has been talking ****

Obama currently leads McCain among Latinos, 62 percent to 28 percent

Excuse you!

Damn cheap v-tech phones

Pardon me, but Sniffa's morning events are not scenes.

Man Gets Notice Of Guardianship Taken Of Him...Dies During Night After

What would Paco Rabinowitz say?

Why are some people so bad at taking my money?!

There aren't enough Tim Russert threads on DU

Are my Iowan DuBrothers doing OK?

Dems call on McCain to return fundraiser’s $300,000

If you're completely indifferent to me, please don't post here.

Do you torrent?

Excuse Me!

Jedreport- McCain's Greenscreen Debate with Himself.


My feet hurt.

Do you torment?

Fellows Training: On the Ground in Ohio(with pics)

Excuse me, but What day would you like SNIFFA to re-live...

In Honor of Mike Reagan send as many DVDs as possible on GOP corruption to Iraq

where is Chris Matthews? haven't heard a peep from him on MSNBC. is he inconsolable?

Couldnt sleep.. so here!

Are you getting snarky with me?

View from our room

Talking with my uncle.

I'm wicked HOT and I don't care.... I'm turning on the AC!!

That was the easiest thousand dollars I ever made

Older and wiser...

It's 12:33am and I'm going to go to bed.....

i hate movie trailers and television promos...

Just a reminder

And in the only non-interleague game tonight...

We need to take a page from Reagan and ask everyone we can

Why you should vote for McCain:

Two weeks ago my daughter only knew how to do the freestyle stroke in swimming.

"Right-Wing Right to Lifers".....

A Wesley Willis Classic.

Poll: Dem/GOP enthusiasm gap; "Republicans are demoralized"

I know it is late, but I need some advice. I'm connecting 12/3 Romex to the circuit breaker box...

Every man dies...

Journal help.

Where do today's young women get those dreadful voices from?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/14/08 - Obama 47, McCain 40 - unchanged

Wanna see me do John McCain?

Rasmussen: Self-described liberals up 17%!

I want a new name....

A Right-to-Lifer and the GOP's Nursing Home Dilemma

Wolf Blitzer has the charisma of a toadstool.

How does one go about ending their profile?

My Dick Is Hugh!!!!11111

Pizza hut is advertising pasta by weight. 3 pounds of pasta.

Separated At birth ??

Register For McCain's Townhall Designed To Woo Clinton Supporters!

GOP Claims China Drilling Off Cuban Shores; Actually, That's False

It's a little late for a dinner thread, but--what did you have for dinner tonight?

Have some fun

Excuse me, but mustard gas is not mustard.

The Zohan---don't mess with it, seriously. ****spoiler****?

The nation is falling deeper into the housing crisis: Foreclosures continue at record pace

Supreme Court decision puts Court under election-year spotlight

Would you drink this?

Media Treats Obama 'Fist Bump' Like Artifact of Foreign Culture

McCain's Wall Street "Town Hall" ---pix--->>>

Has McCain already conceded Oregon?

A couple Embarrassing items in McCain's Past.....

McCain Cancels Fundraiser w/ "Claytie" Williams

Floods swamp Iowa town; Drinking water near gone

Bob Barr may get post-Paul boost

DU Mortgage experts: Decode this for me?

US OPEN FEVER --- Is here in my home town - Tourist advice and tips

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA speaks at a townhall meeting this morning in Wayne, PA

Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

Many Clinton Backers Say Obama Won't Fall Victim To 'Residue Of Anger'

OK, the lounge is closed now....

"Sri Lanka by Sergey Militsky "

Gallup Daily June 14: Obama 45%(-1), McCain 42%(-1)

Ooohhhh I have a crick in my neck...

There is a sparrow trying to make love to my motorcycle

Caller on Coast to Coast pretends to be character from video game.

Can you name one hip, cool republican?

I am so sorry and saddened that Tim Russert died suddenly today.

Discovery Shuttle landing

call for candidates to address abuse of immigrant detainees

Barack Obama to appear on Jimmy Kimmel special

Anybody else watch Battlestar Galactica tonight?

If McBush steals the election, would Governor Janet Napolitano (D-AZ) replace him w/a Democrat?

Sexiest Atheists

Kinda don't care about Russert

What injustice/annoyance is Sniper Kitty going to pick off today?


Gwen Ifill as hostess of "Meet The Press?"

What the fuck... Professional Baseball played in shorts????

Tweety (from Paris) says something very interesting about Russert

Disclosures Give Look at Candidates’ Personal Finances

Do you find this eerily prophetic too?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/14/2008)

A picture that captions itself

HuffPo followup on McCain CC debt... cards are Interest Free!!

Obama to hold telephone conference with Iraqi Foreign Minister

Senate Rule XXVI and the Consumer

Obscenity-laden e-mail shows Florida delegate fight lingers


I'd like to invite all of you to weep for the future with me this morning.

McCain conf. call with "prominent" Dem leaders, but release lists out-of-office local officials

Walter Shapiro ( on Russert.

EU in Chaos after Ireland's 'No' Vote

The Incredible Hulk is worth watching everybody EOM!! *no spoilers*

Post here and tell DU Lounge denizens why you dislike Boojatta

Obama's got that Trudeau Swing


McCain Denounces Detainee Ruling

Thumbs up to Obama for not backing down to McCain.

CNN Poll of Polls: Obama ahead by 4

Will the Real Tax-and-Spender Please ’Fess Up?

McCain Cancels Fundraiser With Texas Oilman Who Made Rape Joke

Obama team issues memo seeking to tie McCain to Bush and stressing his opposition to abortion rights

Has John McCain done a rally in 2008 with tens-of-thousands of attendees?


3% OR 50%, What's gonna Sway an ELECTION?

I know some posters are getting criticized for mentioning Russert's

Drag and Drop World -- found on u'tube

Just this once... I'm back. And you might want to help me.

So, what are you going to do while DU is down tomorrow night?

Music is what YOU think is is


I Propose We Embrace Barry And His Blackness... Oh Yeah... And Barack Too !!!

Planned Parenthood and MoveOn team up

I'd rather be alone for the rest of my life...

Open post to Rethuglicans

John McCain's Chilling Project for America

TODAY! The Vibe Tribe (my band) in Wilmington, DE at the St. Anthony's Italian Festival!

You take the good, you take the bad

McCain Says No to Returning Funds Raised by Controversial Oilman

Obama hits McCain, oil companies


Heads-up: Senator Obama to deliver speech on fatherhood Sunday at 12:45 ET

OMG!!! My dog just about killed

John McCain Debates Himself on Supporting Bush

read NY Times article on Supreme Court detainee issue and presidential politics

Not unusual to move DNC operations during a presidential campaign.

In S. Carolina 2000 Rove went dirty on McCain but now McCain is using him?

And in other news, John McCain is still an idiot

McCain Theme Song

Obama rejects all but one town hall appearance with McCain.


Warner takes himself out of consideration for VP

This weekends webcasts! Bonnaroo and Railroad Earth........

Weekend TOONS: Part 1 the choice

Paging "smart, energetic, charismatic" DU ladies!

No Grave Dancing, Just a Goodbye.

Why Is It Wrong to Be Muslim?

I may be experiencing the symptoms of a Gidney Cloyd.

Nine months after tonight's DU downtime we'll be seeing a lot of new faces around here

Oh hai. Question about MP3 players

The only argument I get from my IDIOT GOP friends is......

Do you have a clever comeback for this?

I may be experiencing the symptoms of a kidney stone.

Right plays ‘Kill the Witch’ with Barack Obama’s wife

RIP, Stewart R. Mott, a Lounge kind of guy:


Suggestions, Please! Obama speeches for someone new to politics

WP, pg1: In Illinois, Clues to Obama's Electability; Courting of Rural Areas Began in '96

Friday the 13th Kitten Picture of the Day

DU Ladies!!! Mani-Pedi question

Obama on Kimmel: "Father's day is usually an experiment with waffles and pancakes"

My cool new music application PSA.

What is your preferred way to buy beer?

Who Is Elitist? - Here Is George Bush's $2,300 Bike


Speeking of Ween

Here we go again! Monkey doll named for Obama called racist (VIDEO)

"Is your shower curtain killing you?" Like I didn't have enough to worry about already?!

I wish pets could talk

The Linda's Parisian Burger. WARNING: Graphic photo of double-patty cheeseburger inside.

Sweden - Spain: Game On!

Greece v Russia (spoilers)

Congratulations Oahr!

McCain seen as best choice for economy

partied out in the sun by the pool all day!

Has anyone watched the movie "Jumper"?

I just order all natural deoderant crystal stick on line

Obama to Speak About Fatherhood Sunday

ok so I'm a gay man on will and grace.....but I like it

McCain's Next Controversial Priest

McCain's Next Controversial Priest

A few questions. but first....FUCK Fox News!!!

Please join Art Paul Schlosser and me

Obama in Philadelphia, "We don't have a choice but to win."

You Sexy Thing

Mmmm ... Black raspberries! Fat, black, and ripe ...

I’m not sure who this woman is…

Report: Rove Talks "Fairly Regularly" With McCain Camp;

baby's first heels...

De-motivational pet posters are the shit! (create and post one)

Snapshots from Luisenpark. Mannheim, Germany.

Obama to Speak About Fatherhood and Its Responsibilities Sunday at Chicago's Apostalic Church

ZOMG! I missed International Pickle Week!

Should i tile my laundry room floor today--or--start teaching my daughter how to drive?

Is anybody here a graphic artist?

In my next life….

I present to you, the best of Father Jack Hackett

I can't believe some idiots who post mass email hoaxes to listservs

I can't kick this earworm

Political cartoonist Tony Auth nails John McCain on his Straight Talk "American Express"

ZOMD!! Baseball fan or not, y'gotta watch this!

Southern DU'ers: The Difference between 'y'all' and 'all ya'll'

is this normal? (A serious topic)

not to be a shill but...

"The more I see the less I know, The more I like to let it go"

varieties of fatherhood, part 2

Can we all agree a person is a stupid ass if they vote based on race?

Fun With War Crimes fans! And everyone else in need of a break from the serious stuff ...

+++++ Official Condolences thread for TIM RUSSERT +++++

DS1's overheard quote of the year

Why Is Carly Fiorina—a Symbol of Corporate Excesses—McCain's Favorite CEO?

Now that I have your attention: COMPARE!

Today I got a tract handed to me that said "You have five minutes to live"

Does anyone else have Comcast (cable TV)?

Letterman Tells it Like It Is....

New Forum Proposal: GD:TR

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/14/08

ok, we're still wrestling with potty training.

Random Saturday "fill in the blank" afternoon questions

Art is magical and everyone who eats it will become a genius.

Granholm: Obama to give full votes to Mich, Fla delegates

What's the name of this song ....It goes (something like)....

Photos: Obama and Volunteers Pitch in with Flood Relief and Prevention

I mentioned Alan Rickman's name to a play director and he said I had lust in my voice.

The pilot episode of "Fringe" by JJ Abrams has hit the torrent sites

Severe Cowgirl

Some people cut the grass TOO often.

$51.00 freakin' dollars to . . .

One Question on Russert

Gummy Lighthouses: When candy goes bad

DU this straw poll from AOL

My Mother is semi-retired

How old were you when you got your first driver's license?

Barack Obama - In His Own Words: A Promise of Redemption

weird al yankovic is not music

So - Battlestar Galactic: spoilers galore!

Tim Russert - A Good Man but Biased Journalist

Cass R. Sunstein: Obama: The University of Chicago Democrat

I saw her today at the reception...

The bread is now in the oven cooking. And in 30 minutes we'll see what I get.

Music or not music?

A Face In The Crowd - A Must See Dynamite movie @ 8PM ET on TCM

Saturday 6/14 Kitten Picture of the Day

Woohoo! We're back from Boston Pride!

Lyrics. I'm bored. But great song.

McCain's T-Shirts marked half price at Texas GOP convention-He was a no-show

Is no one else watching the tribute to Tim Russert on MSNBC?

David Plouffe on which states will be the battlegrounds

Russert was the best of the best of balanced journalism, but how sad is it that....

Black Republicans likely to vote for Obama.

"What will we do know, Buffy?"

Only in GD could a LOLCookieMonster go completely ignored

Does anyone watch those painting shows? Too funny.

Please Remember: If You Put An Obama Bumper Sticker on Your Automobile, You Represent the Campaign

I just burst into tears in the store and I want to thank the lounge lizards...

I want revenge

McCain can't use a computer and nobody cares?

I'm not that big a fan of today's rock

Clark hits McCain — and hits all the right notes

BSG show tonight...(spoilers)

Anyone ever had their ankle screwed back together?

Some mush brain took my DU sticker off my bumper

Freshly finished portrait

Rasmussen Poll June14 : Obama 47%, McCain 40%(without Leaners)---Obama 49%, McCain 43%(with Leaners)

87 million dead bacilli later, I'm back, and I'd like to thank

Bob Novak: Mccain said to very much want to tap Joe Lieberman as VP

Bob Novak: Mccain said to very much want to tap Joe Lieberman as VP

I'm voting Republican

I , Hate phrenetic commas! ,,

ok, everyone... what's wrong with this picture?

How Obama can win in a landslide

Major DNC delegate resigns, can't support the presumptive nominee...

I am going to turn Daniel into a shop kitty

What's the first thing you did when you got your driver's license.

Do you ever wake up with a song on your brain? And then you

Whoops! McCain Campaign Plays Song Written By Obama-Backing Dem Congressman

McCain cancels fundraiser over oilman's rape comments

Tim Russert: Rec this post if you think cable news should move on now.

What song do you have stuck in your head right now?

What song do you have stuck in your head right now?

Elected Clinton delegate plans to vote for McCain

Apparently I had really good gaydar when I was 10 years old...

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am now a redhead...(pics)

Obama: “If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun”

Closest thing to being married - reception in the DU Lounge!!!!

Obama & CPR

Have you ever told someone to eat your junk?

Safety message: I saw someone eat it on a motorcycle today

I do NOT feel as though McCain's military record should be questioned

Only 154 threads?? C'mon, DU, you can do better than that!!

My MySpace page is cooler than yours!

This Car Is a Status Symbol. It Symbolizes I am Poor!

Petition for Civil Liberties from Obama campaign

Well whaddaya know? We have a racist living in east Houston!

Harold Ford slaps down aide to Lincoln Davis, TN. No comment from Davis.

Three reasons to NOT vote for Barack....

Russert exemplified everything that is wrong with journalism in America

First thought upon hearing of the death of Tim Russert::

Poor Fred Hobbs from TN....Wonkette stabs him for his terrorist remarks about Obama.

Ok,, if a genie (leprechaun, fairy godmother ) offered you one of these two things, which..

OK, here's a challenge for our resident music buffs...

Paraguay's president-elect appoints former leftist militant as Cabinet chief (US air base)

U.S. foreclosure filings surge 48% in May

Taleban jail raid frees hundreds

Iran rules out nuclear halt after powers offer deal

Ex-GOP Leader Pleads Guilty In Sex Case

Dem convention panel faces $15 million shortfall

May combat deaths in Afghanistan outpace Iraq

Iraq prepares new drive against armed groups

Disclosures Give Look at Candidates’ Personal Finances

EPA chiefs could face contempt

AP targets bloggers over story excerpts

Parts of Florida, Mexico still suspects in tomato outbreak because they sold so many

Democrats Criticize Republicans for Blocking Energy Measures(radio address)

Navy: Pilot killed in jet collision over Nevada

Strong quake hits northern Japan: TV report

Bush warns Brown over plan to cut Iraq force

INTERPOL reaffirms key findings of its examination of seized FARC computers

Governor Mansion alarms broken when arsonist struck

Iowa's raging Cedar River forces 20,000 from homes

APNewsBreak: Companies get OK to annoy polar bears

Paul, Barr may be forging an alliance for fall election

Obama says he would cut taxes for middle class

NJ home sales plunged 30 percent in first quarter (1st reported as a 4% INCREASE)

Theories and rumours abound as scientists ponder mystery of mass dolphin deaths

Stewart R. Mott, 70, Offbeat Philanthropist, Dies

Iowa's capital swamped by Midwestern floodwaters

McCain cancels fundraiser with oilman Clayton Williams

Report: Cost of raid on sect compound to top $14 million

Saudis to Increase Oil Production

More secret files found on train

AFL-CIO says student visa extension hurts tech wages

McCain slams Supreme Court on terrorist detainees

Probe deepens in missing hedge fund manager (partner to John Ellis - Bush cousin)

4 Marines die in Afghanistan; 870 inmates escape (2 separate incidents)

Freedom Next Time: Propaganda as Journalism, By John Pilger

Colin Powell on MTP: Frustrated staffer tries to end interview by panning camera away.

Meet the Press Remembers RFK

Chuck Todd on Tim Russert

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Lies Again

Talk show host Michael Reagan calls for murder

The Headzup/ GoLeft Week In Cartoons

"We are winning" Flobots

More NBAvetta Betting?

Obama: Russert 'irreplaceable'(with better sound quality)

REVOLUTION, with Cindy Sheehan, David Swanson, Mitchel Cohen, Donna Smith, Kevin Zeese 1of2

REVOLUTION, with Cindy Sheehan, David Swanson, Mitchel Cohen, Donna Smith, Kevin Zeese 2of2

Cheney admits no Iraq/9-11 Connection ~ On MTP

Do you know where John McCain stands on women's health issues? LOOK!

CIVIL LIBERTIES AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS with David Swanson, Lynne Stewart, Tammy Belinski, 2of2

Iowa floods

Mike Reagan - talk show host - Calls for the murder of Anti War Activists.

Jedreport- McCain's Greenscreen Debate with Himself.

Meet a John McCain Fundraiser

CIVIL LIBERTIES AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS with David Swanson, Lynne Stewart, Tammy Belinski, 1of2

Kucinich on Democracy Now! on Impeachment Part 1

NEW VIDEO The Numbers: Obama vs McCain on Taxes

John Edwards on Countdown: People Trusted Russert

ABC News: Moratorium Day 1969

Kucinich on Democracy Now! on Impeachment Part 2

TYT: Cenk's Take On Republicans Siding With Big Oil (Again)

MUST SEE video: Obama on Religion

Blue Balled - I only sleep with Democrats

Fun With War Crimes fans! New Bush spoof "Wazzup?!?"

Official John McCain Campaign Song

(TURN VOLUME LOW ) Michael Reagan on 911 truthers

Burning the jungle -- Illegal trade in charcoal threatens gorilla refuge

Congress Learns Another Medium - Twitter!

New York Governor Encourages Unique Clean Coal Plant

An excellent link for Global Warming history

Tim Russert Gone, But Still Doing His Thing

Chile volcano eruption regains strength

Noam Scheiber: Tim Russert's Hidden Genius

Toyota's Green Plan: Li-ion Battery Production to Begin in 2009

Where Has All the Water Gone?

Gareth Porter: Bush Pledges on Iraq Bases Pact Were a Ruse

In Congress, H-1B issue pits tech workers against farm groups

Maine Clean Power residential electricity rates now *lower* than CMP and Bangor Hydro Standard Offer

Thoughts on deep water wind turbine platforms

BMW's Shapeshifting Concept Car

The Truth About the Truth

Key Iraqi Leaders Deliver Setbacks to U.S.

Barbara Ehrenreich: This Land Is Their Land

Free-Trade Era May Be Nearing End Amid Food, Growth Concerns

U.S. Plans to Kill Pirate Bay, Monitor ISPs With Multinational ACTA Proposal

Greenhouse Effect

Post Peak Iberia: 800 thousand people deciding the fate of almost 500 million,

Family Calls For End of Tasering

"Big Brother" Presidential Directive: "Biometrics for Identification and Screening ...

The Audacity of Depression by Joe Bageant

U.S. Military Hoped for Virtually Unlimited Freedom of Action in Iraq

Pope Benedict XVI backs nuclear energy

Europe probes biodiesel 'dumping' {by US !!} (BBC)

Blast in China mine kills dozens (BBC)

A Major Arms Dealer in Shackles, Delivered to New York

Trouble at the Pentagon

PS3 Sucks . . . Juice

The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination by JK Rowling

Canada-Colombia FTA: When democracy gets in the way, just sign it, eh?

Japanese Water-fueled Cars to be Mass Produced (video)

Mountaintop removal called 'sin against nature', 'crime against humanity'

The Smell of our Money by Catherine Austin Fitts

Over the Counter Intelligence

The Divided States of America

The Irish People have spoken. Lisbon Is Dead

TIME: Iowa's Floods: A Midwestern Katrina?

David Iglesias: Bush's executive-privilege claims almost make Watergate look like a fond memory

Transparency International's Wall of Silence on Venezuela's PDVSA

Get Osama Bin Laden before I leave office, orders George W Bush

David Corn: Will the Iraqi Government Destroy Half of McCain's Campaign?

Why is Capitalism Failing Us?

No Rest For the Working Poor

Herbert: Letters From Vermont (To Sen. Bernie Sanders from suffering constituents)

Antonin Scalia and police-state rule

Coca-Cola Paralyzed by Ex-Fleet-Workers in Venezuela

Ugly: The Future of the Republican Party

Is it crunch time for coal?

One Million Protest Free Trade Agreement

Farther, deeper, colder is now the mantra as crude producers scour the globe.

Russert's cause of death explained. DAMN SCARY!!!!

90 per cent of pandas in jeopardy after China earthquake


Eaton showcases its hydraulic hybrid system in Toronto

UK Protestors Occupy Coal Train - wanna chain yourself to a bull dozer?

Nuclear plant explosion triggered Chinese quake, says Dalai Lama spokesman

INTERPOL Clarifies it Never Determined Authenticity of Laptops that Implicate Venezuela

Irish say no to creating more robust, cohesive E.U.

Obama’s Chicago Boys by Naomi Klein

Diesel hybrids could enter Le Mans (BBC)

Freshwater Runoff From Greenland Ice Sheet Will More Than Double By End Of Century

Residents derail 5 proposed sidewalks -- NIMFY

Is Tx. Gov. Rick Perry's government a revolving door for energy industries?

Five Myths About Nuclear Energy

Remains ID’d as missing guardsman

No new PFT in the works

Navy pilot dies in jet collision over Nevada

Different paths for Army, Navy pro draftees

Georgia soldier wounded in Iraq dies in Texas

N.Y. flags will fly half-staff to honor fallen

California soldier killed by bomb in Iraq

3 convicted of plot to kill soldiers in Iraq

Rice offers regrets over Pakistan deaths

U.K. to send extra troops to Afghanistan

Taliban attack Afghan prison, free inmates

Sweat equity

Afghan border needs control, general says

Guardsman cop sues state over demotion

Army vet convicted of murder in bar shooting

Cartoon is Navy’s envoy to anxious Japanese

Prosecutor disputes reprisal allegations in adultery case

Women Vets Get Worse Care, Review Finds

Badly mounted weapons prompt inspections

Wash. sub base wants weapons handling wharf

University of Hawaii may do Navy research

Corps offering cash for new Reserve officers

Lawmakers criticize B-1B readiness

Air battle managers flock to $75K re-up bonus

Reservist drowns while on training mission

Fullhart tapped for CyberCom vice commander

American advisers training Iraqi police units face series of challenges

Online Christian soldiers

HEART Act gives troops tax breaks totaling $2 billion

U.S. invites Russian navy to participate in global missions

City, AAFES at odds over taxis at Camp Casey

21st TSC units heading to Iraq

GI gets 16 months in child porn case

Servicemembers' survivors could opt for tax-free benefit investment

New center in Vilseck links GIs, services

US Low Key About Bangladeshi Crackdown

Iran Nixes Anti-Nuke Incentives

Soldier Sentenced for Brutal Assault

Military Channel to Present Documentary

Marine Has Signature Prosthesis

Fallujah Marine jailed for refusing to testify

Predator crash is second in two weeks

G-8 Says Economy Faces `Headwinds,' Oil a Threat

How Do America's Super Rich Get Away with Acting Like 'Just Folks'?

Midwest floods may send gas up 15%

The weekly newspaper in this dumpy little town did a very un-dumpy thing

What does gay look like? Science keeps trying to figure that out

Great Website: Chicago Gay History.Org

Talk of Nunn as Obama’s running mate rankles activists

How stereotypically gay are you?

Shelter from the siege

Eli Valley's The Incredible Hulk

Human Rights Groups Petition Israeli Court to Halt Settlement

Why a Cultural Boycott of Israel Is Necessary

Paraguay's president-elect appoints former leftist militant as Cabinet chief

Follow-up to article posted by edwardlindy:"Files detail plot against Ecuador's president"

Cuba 'chokes' dissident support

Great protest photo, from a demonstration against Bush in Rome.

MACHETERA: "Obama, the clairvoyant (and new decider)"


Boxing : ESPN FNF (6-13)

Tiger the Freak---You know how many stories I read that said he didn't have a chance?

NBC sportscasting legend Charlie Jones dies at age 77

Tiger at one stroke position to take lead...starting in a few



Sometimes I have a little bit of ESP, but...

Volunteer needed to coordinate the July prayer, light & healing request thread

Just before the train arrives

Bald Eagle Attacks Swan

In The Garden

Mystery Spider

Governor’s Veto of Health Care Partnership a Betrayal of Hardworking Connecticut Residents

Vulnerable Plaque the real culprit in sudden cardiac arrest.

Anyone else ever try Jyoti canned Indian foods?

Just dreaming

Maybe this is a lounge question

"Quebec man acquitted in police officer slaying" during a botched drug raid.

High profile ex-DEA convicted in dozens of straw buys

Interesting site for women thinking of owning a gun for defense.

Plants Found To Show Preferences For Relatives, and other 'intelligence'

Anyone see a red moon tonight?(warning dial-up)

Regarding the words "fundamentalist Muslim"...

How to do eastern cooking?

In perilous times, the value of tithing! Caution laugher entirely possible. Apologies if it offends.

BBC Radio Report: The Failed Fascist Coup Against FDR in the 1930's

Did any 9/11 conspirators play a role (perhaps a minor role) in Tim Russert's death?

CIA "Ghost Planes" Hidden in Cayman Isles Trusts

Reagans adopted son Michael requests Murder of Mark Dice...

Polywell Fusion, WB-7 cranked up to hi power

In Islam, what prophets are recognized and what books record messages of those prophets?

The media STILL doesn't understand what Swiftboating is

Tour de France: John Kerry Eyes the Pack, With Envy

John McCain went to Kerry in 04.

This quote from Robert F. Kennedy represents my views of Kerry:

Will people ever admit that?

Abraham was...

"Hello, America!" author speaks out again

Clayton Williams (wackjob gubernatorial candidate from 1990) raises money for McCain

What's up with this?

Video: Bachmann Lies About China "Procuring" Oil Off the Coast of Cuba

Let's get rid of M. Bachman. Is Tinklenberg our person?

OMG.......saw my first normie advertisement!!!

Amy Klobuchar for VP?

Exclusive with Richard Hayes Phillips' re ground-breaking book about the theft of OH in 04.

In accusing Bush, et. al. of Election Fraud, guess what Kucinich said about Exit Polls.

"You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!" (Galactica Spoilers)

Where's next years convention?

Greetings from the WisDem Moonbat Convention!!

Checking your property in WI? The detour on I-94 just got a lot bigger


More secret files found on train

Waukesha and Jefferson Co's in WIsconsin not included in disaster declaration

Any Enter Jabberwock Jack Chick summary fans here?

How do you suspect bin Laden's feels or felt about things?