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Archives: June 10, 2008

Obama: Impeachment is not acceptable

Boren Call Obama "most Liberal Senator" Won't endorse

"Well you know, I've always voted Republican".

(Very) bad news: Obama appoints another leading neoliberal to his economics policy team

Fuck Obama!

Wal-Mart Defender To Direct Obama’s Economic Policy

Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones offer Clinton details on Web

Jones and Flowers making the rounds again

i was thinking about my grandmother

Democratic Rep. Dan Boren won't endorse Obama

The Progressive Economic Voices On Obama's Team That Disruptors Don't Want You To Know About


PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA visits Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO, June 10. 2008

The more I look at it, the better Bill Richardson looks on the ticket....

PUMA: Party Unity My Ass. A new coalition formed to say no deal to voting for Obama.

Obama is meeting with 30 religious leaders as we speak

Affirmative Action Poll

Get r-r-r-ready to r-r-r-r-r-umble!! When Hillary was Obama's opponent, he made every effort

Thought Bush was bad? Meet McCain, member of the Keating Five

The Soft Art (and why it terrifies republicans)

Rec this thread if BIDEN is your #1 VP pick for Obama...

It is 21 hours, 27 minutes and 04 seconds until Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 12:00:00 Noon

Sen Hillary Clinton RELEASES her delegates late last night.

Yahoo group is for "Hillary Clinton supporters for McCain"

Isn't it time to change the name of this forum?

DU Potluck Sign-Up; Wednesday, 6/11/08 Noon ET, 9AM Pacific!

is a steaming plate of shit what we all want here?

This Obama supporter hopes Clinton supporters stick around after tomorrow

What is the deal about Jim Johnson? Is he working

Who should Obama pick for VP if electability is the primary concern?

Malkin and right-wing bloggers now pushing story that Obama is NOT a citizen

So... GD:P Noon Tomorrow... Will There Be Fanfare ? A Moment Of Silence ? A Flash Of Bright Light ?

Jim Webb as VP?

Oh Gawd, Harold Ford, Jr. just now said he agreed with Gas Tax Holiday...WTF..he sucks

Stimulus checks?

Leave it to Dennis Kucinich to finally unite all of DU!

Obama Makes No Effort to Unite This Party

Dem Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (KS 2nd district) won't endorse Obama

Schweitzer not on Obama's short list?

I am very disappointed


Why do people still believe Hillary will be on the ticket?

Obama receives praise from Tony Perkins-meets today with top Evangelical leaders

Today's Gallup Poll-Obama now leads McCain by 7

Would it be wise for Obama to campaign hard in the Appalachia region?

Why no discussion of Gary Hart as veep?

Who was named the Patron Saint of Daily Kos in June of 2004?

Should Obama have hit Clinton harder during the campaign?

Is it my imagination OR are RW ideologues trying to give Obama insane suggestions?

Lets talk about Men's clothing...WTF is up with Harold Ford's tie right now?

I am beyond fed up with the notion that Hillary ran a racist campaign

I just watched "Bobby" again. Anyone else reminded of Obama by it?

Hate Speech

Downtime scheduled for this Saturday, June 14th

Navel gazing: So how does all this remembering Carter's presidency, the Vietnam war... help us now?

Today, Randi Rhodes and her guest, Jonathan Turley, asserted

Mike Easley for VP.

Racism-By-Proxy Of The Day: Americans Shouldn't Vote For Obama Because....

Sam Nunn is so old

The Daily Widget – Tuesday, June 10 – WEA 53.72% 597.00 Obama 295-243

I just have this to say about dems voting for McCain: It's irresponsible. It's also:

Handy Guide to how John McCain is exactly like George Bush

Tom Brokaw Slams Press Drumbeat For Hillary's Exit: "Inappropriate", "Commentary Disguised As Report

The bloggers have spoken...Obama's TOP THREE VP choices:

Would You Advise Barack Obama to Come out in Favor of Impeachment

Barack Obama is $100M man

What Do You Like On Your Granite Pizza?

Fun with Gallup Poll Math: Obama 48% McCain 41% Today

Better than an LOLCAT thread!!!

CONFIRMED: Obama confronted Lieberman over Muslim smears

MSNBC: General Jones for Obama's VP?

Richard Nixon had a theory about pacing a campaign to avoid

As A Wine Drinker I Am Ambivalent About Stopping Beers

George H.W. Bush "Terrorist Fist Bump" pic

Oklahoma Dem won't endorse Obama

A musical farewell to GD:P: "Thanks For The Memories"

Ted Strickland: I will “absolutely not” be Obama’s running mate

Thoughts From a Hillary Supporter Who Might Go for McCain

Vice Presidential candidates don't help in the election one way or another here's proof

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius: Completing Obama's Puzzle

For every "Dem." who won't vote for Obama, there's a Repub. who won't vote for McCain.

He is a "Roll Of The Dice"

Forget What Clinton Did Wrong -- What Did Obama Do Right?

Rasmussen, 6/10: Obama still leading McCain, 48% to 40%

behind the scenes: obama rallies the troops

Question for people that still dislike and/or distrust Hillary

Obama says he can Unite the Dem Party. Yet he has yet to reach out to Hillary Supporters

I wonder if McCain and Obama will be playing a game of chicken regarding VP selection?

"I serve as a blank screen," Obama writes...

Gov. Schweitzer for VP!

Hillary said she could lead from Day One. yet she has no effect over her own Supporters?

McCain isn't going to be on the ballot in November.

My 1000th post.......and reflections

I think that Obama will win in November, and it won't be close.

Since I Have All These Posts To Burn Up

Analysis proving that the "Obama is the most liberal Senator" meme is BS

Obama VP Prediction: General James Jones

Reposting a very serious starroute post from 2004.....BCCI.

Don't argue too much with these Hillary-to-McCain people, they are attention-seekers!

I can't believe that nobody's brought up an obvious choice for Obama's VP

I apologize

The threat of Clinton supporters going to McCain are overexaggerated.

So we elect an oil man and now our gas is $4.00+ a gallon. Coincidence?


McCain: 'I will veto every single beer'- CNN Video

I continue to be impressed by Dennis Kucinich

A list of the Articles of Impeachment Dennis introduced

It's too late for an impeachment...

Question about Impeachment!

This is kind of a weird Obama question but does anyone

McCain will veto beer! And he has the pen to prove it!!

Bump this thread when you're a pawn in the right wing's divide and conquer strategy.

"Obama veep vetting team looks at retired military" - even mentions Clark!!

FOX News: You might be a terrorsit if you...

ZulchZulu: If Obama asks me to be VP, I "will not accept it" under any circumstances!

Obama leaks list of 20 possible VPs

Live on MSNBC: McCain getting continually booed during economic speech!

McCain is an idiot how many people remember Jimmy Carter's Presidency?

"Terrorist Jabber" ED Hill gets cancelled by FoxNews!

"It betrays a misunderstanding on Barack Obama's part of how the economy works..."

I just saw a Hillary bumpersticker on an SUV

Obama's Economic Policy Director Brings Aboard Progressive Voices

Obama Works the Morning Shift

Dorky FOX Noise host calls Obama a 'nerd'

As far as selecting a VP nominee goes, there are several theories in play.

E.D. Hill Apoloigizes for "Terrorist Fist Jab" Remarks


Let's clarify the Obama deal with Rezko - Chicago Tribune - handy cheat sheet

A European View of Obama

As A Woman, I Am Disgusted and Demoralized

Fresh Polls: NJ: Obama +9, WI: Obama +2, TX: McDubya +13

I'm going to take personal credit for turning one republican into an Obama voter

May be this song has meaning now?

Listen up Minneapolis DU'ers! Ron Paul planning his own convention during McSame's!

Get r-r-r-ready to r-r-r-r-r-umble!! When Hillary was Obama's opponent, he made every effort

Get ready for a disappointment

Talkingpointsmemo: Lieberman Calls Dems the "Democrat Party"

I think it might be Gore.

No offense, but why is this forum still here?

Obama's schedule of speaking engagements?

Obama cancels planned campaign stop in Iowa (Cedar Rapids) due to major flooding

Vice Presidential Candidates and their Approval Ratings in their Home State.

Best (and craziest) thing I learned from GD:P is to treat Republicans better than I have been

Clinton urges her delegates to back Obama

Do we know the profit Cheney made off Halliburton by the year or total so far?

MSNBC unity speech on, Pelosi, Dean, Reid & others..praising Hillary & Obama and the party!

Never Forget

Y'know, the media did dick over Hillary

What Is Obama's "Jewish" Problem?

Question for Fox News: Do you think any of these people might be terrorists?

Before we close out GD:P, please indulge me while I get out the last of my bitterness

EJ Dionne (Wash Post): The Case for Joe Biden for VP

FOX - The red headed step child of news?

CNN economy poll-

Its the general election people.

McCain's Ties To Telecoms Questioned After Wiretapping Flip-Flop

Will Obama delay the switch over to HD TV in Feb 09 to get the rural vote?

Is GD:P going to turn into GD:GE??

Obama/Webb: I'm having some second thoughts.....

Christine Craft brings up Whitey Tape!

Congressman John Yarmuth is Obama's Best Choice for Vice-President and Why Webb Would be a Mistake

NYT:"Threatining Iran"

Obama veep vetting team looks at retired military

Obama gets help from D.C. in VP search

More McCain insanity: Claims he "didn't say" pro-Clinton remarks in last week's speech.

So, speaking of a NEW Economic Stimulus bill, who's gotten your payment from the OLD one???

NY Times: For Clinton, millions in debt and few options

Obama Builds Leads On McCain

I am a single issue voter...

Regarding Hillaryis44 and other party dividing website.

On January 20,2009 there will be SIX supreme court justices over 70 years old

A great new Obama sticker! Check it out...

I don't think the impeachment filing helps Obama in the fall

Howard Fineman: An introduction to Obamanomics (Fineman says there's not enough change)


Why hasn't Dennis Kucinich endorsed Obama?


In a way, Hillary is lucky.

John McCain once again cannot get through a speech without being heckled.

Why doesn't Obama just take Jim Johnson off the vetting team?

The words were all there, but Hillary left out the music.

Rasmussen Poll: Obama has "solid" lead in New Jersey over McCain

On 08/28, Obama accepts the nom. On 08/29, McCain turns 72. (Plus: great column by Beckel)

McClone being booed on MSNBC

Obama website???? When I went to the one listed, all it did was have me sign up and then ask for a

A working definition for 'neoliberalism'?

Chuck Berry endorses Obama

Does anyone know Lindsey Williams?

Is it eulogy time? The pizza man came and his delivery was huge! LOL

Obama LIVE on MSNBC - now (Edit: at 10:37 ET, no longer on)

LIEberman aide says Obama's questioning of his boss amounts "sleazy tactics" of intimidation.

How about Obama/Kucinich?!

Poll (MSNBC): Should Bush Be Impeached?

McBlunder Vs McPrompter

Obama: Saying that McCain is running for a 3rd Bush term on taxes is unfair to George Bush

FOX news: "knuckle knock" at his victory speech is a sign of terrorism

Is Obama Screwed When He Picks VP? Media Narrative Will be About Him Not Picking Hillary

Thanks For Releasing Your Delegates Hillary! On The Day After Your Money People Talked To Obama's

Chris Dodd is the safe choice for VP ...

Russ Feingold as VP?

Update On My Students' Get-Well wishes To Senator Kennedy:


Fuck the Clintons!!!

Who did Hillary Clinton's Campaign the Greatest Disservice?

When did this happen?!

Allan Lichtman: The democrats could pluck a candidate out of the phone book and they would win this

went fishing today

We are so SCREWED!!!!! in Iraq regardless who wins in Nov. anyone see this article

Interlude: McCain SNL Flashback to 2004

Fuel Protest in Spain Stretches into Second Day: Food Shortages Expected

The real question tonight is.....

Hold everything! The party is at Hillary's!!!

Your choice for President of the United States:

I support Obama with donations, volunteering but not with my vote...ask me why

Grumbling Clinton supporters make Democrats nervous

So much for unity and kumbaya...

My fantasy VP pics.

TheHill: Obama could raise $100 million in June

Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles - LIVE on C-Span I NOW!! - Woot!!

Rasmussen: Missouri Gubernatorial Candidate Nixon (D) Lead Continues to Grow! 20+

I am so hopeful that ONE candidate will do GREAT..

Japan loves the Dems too...

Donate right now to keep DENNIS KUCINICH in Congress!

Obama to appear in special "Friends" episode!

What does Obama think of Kucinich's plan to impeach?

Um...people....John McCain actually called Putin the President of Germany

Good for Obama.

Arguments that should not be made here

Can we please stop using "18 Million" as a talking point? PLEASE!!!

Photos from the Bilderberg meeting in VA::

This Modern World The week that was

No More Primary Flame-Wars: Slightly Cranky Reflections

Top 3 VP picks with interesting biographical information

I had this thought regarding the upcoming convention.

Obama Campaign really going city's Dems seeking housing for Obama volunteers.

To the Clinton supporters who address the Obama supporters who address the Clinton supporters...

Two issues the the Democratic Primaries have raised... which should be addressed...

Wednesday Wednesday

Jim Webb on the Daily Show

Breaking 2

John Gibson Tells Black Caller: "You Just Like Obama Because He's Like You..."

I've already seen Hillary Clinton supporters now supporting Obama with full force

***OFFICIAL Rep. Kucinich Introduces Articles of Impeachment of George W. Bush THREAD in GD ****

Caption This: Hillary and Sen Schumer

John McCain's divorce...valid concern about his character or not?

Ain't No Party Like The Democratic Party

Is Obama holding an IPhone here?

Hillary supporter on Abrams just said Hillary was already VP for 8 Years. What a slam to Al Gore!

HELP on some infomation please.

If you go on the Obama website and see negative comments about Hillary or Bill please report them

Contact Your U.S. Representative in Support of Kucinich. (Link)

Does anybody know the story behind the photo of John McCain making the Popeye face?

Jonathan Alter: "I Don't Think He's Senile"!

An E-mail I Received From A Republican...Discussion??

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/8/08 - Obama 48, McCain 40 (same as yesterday)

Vietnam's Troubled Economy

Cleveland Kucinich-hating daily's blog article on his impeachment move

OMG What is the world coming to......

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/8/08 - Obama 48, McCain 40 (same as yesterday)

McClellan to testify before Congress a week from this Friday, per KO.

Holy cow!! Amway is sponsoring "Countdown With Keith Olbermann."

Forecast: Dead zone off La., Texas coasts to grow

Forecast: Dead zone off La., Texas coasts to grow

I just sent Kucinich a contribution for his Congressional campaign

Alter on McCain's lying: "It's a learning curve for him to get up to speed on the new rules."

That Damned Mike Easley...pretending to know what "fist bump" is...Disgusting!

OMG!!! Yahoo front page!!!! Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren name their new baby girl.

Sorry, this can be deleted, there is no reason for threads to stay around after the question has

Guardian UK: Recession fears grow as house buyers vanish

Haha! Bill Moyers will be on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tomorrow.

Does KO's show have 50000 ads tonight?

Does anybody remember the 1996 presidential election?

McClellan to testify "publicly and under oath" before House in CIA leak case

ARTICLE 14 - Valerie Plame Wilson matter - Obstruction of Justice!

Two more things that disgust me about racism

WTF does the TSA need a gold-plated gym for?

McCain's new campaign song to be A Whiter Shade of Pale.


ACLU/Americans United File Brief Objecting To Govt Promotion of Prayer In TX "Moment Of Silence" Law

Um, I thought we were going to impeach Cheney first...

Um, I thought we were going to impeach Cheney first...

Damn KO looks hot tonight

"You Just Like [Obama] Because He's Like You And You Want To See One Of You Up There"

Hasn't Dennis Kucinich done this once before?

Does anyone have the media blaster list?

Kucinich is mentioning Maher Arar!

MAKE Pelosi consider Bush Impeachment!!! Call her office 415-556-4862

Teddy Kennedy back home

$1.47.9....the price of gas...

Do you think Bush will be impeached?

'AP Appoints Three Managers to Entertainment Posts'

I am so sorry,I put the wrong number on here for Dennis

Kucinich on Impeachment has made Youtube

cspan front page / tv-schedule page -- nothing!!!

Sorry I'm so dense, but--is "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" live?

Associated Press: Rep. Kucinich Introduces Bush Impeachment Resolution

How the Bush Cabal lied us into war.

Malloy is running Kucinich

For the GE, someone in Obama's camp needs to find...

Senators introduce bill to block military propaganda campaigns.

Glenn Greenwald: Comcast censors criticisms of itself and Rep. Carney

DU this poll--vote that NO the Republicans won't be able to beat Patrick Murphy in Pennsylvania

What's happened to Scotty?`

VA Senate Race: Two former GOP lawmakers back Warner

Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act

Impasse on Spying Could Lead to Tighter Rules

John McClain for president!

Send a message! Donate $35 to Dennis's campaign!

Scientists Develop Fastest Computer (mind boggling!)

VOTE UP Bush impeachment stories on news ranking websites so more will hear about it LINK:

Why can't those tomatoes be sold at a discount price and let us decide if we want to take the risk?

Dennis just brought up NSPD 51!. That's the whole kitchensink and everything

Isn't it required that the house has to deal with Dennis

In all seriousness - McCain VP? I say it's Mitt for his money.

msnbc - bu$h*s trip to Europe to focus on Iranian threat

With all the talk of terrorist scarfs and fist pounds...

Why Didn't Kucinich Include Cheney?

* arrives in Slovenia - pics

Self-Delete (nt)

(TOON) Steve Bell on Shrub's farewell tour

Has Dennis taken a pee break yet?

Mega Disasters: Oil Apocalypse

AP picks up impeachment

'Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles' - Raw Story

Reason # 31 Katrina

Kucinich includes handling of death of Pat Tillman as one of his articles of impeachment!

Thank You Dennis

Jon to Webb RE:VP "all you have to do is decide who you want to shoot in the face"

I hereby nominate Dennis Kucinich for RATIONAL HUMAN BEING of the day.

Is there any doubt that....

Chinese officials head for crisis talks in US

Let's play: NOT *my* Veep!1

Jon totally just PWNED the MSM for not covering the latest iraq war report!

I love how DK says "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution

Obstruction into the attacks of 9-11

I missed the first part of what DK had to say.

Want to help keep Dennis in Congress?

Are we looking at the next Attorney General of the United States?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Even if only one out of 35 stick.................???

I dont care what anybody says to the contrary, but I think the VP was just on The Daily Show.

What was the woman in the piink blouse saying before she read

Article 36, George W. Bush is a Fucking Asshole!

The most slovenly US president ever is sleeping in Slovenia tonight. How appropo?

We should all try to call in to CSpan Wed am to talk about Dennis' Articles of Impeachment

Does the Patriot Kucinich Have a Wink From the Nominee?

#35 Endangering the health of the 911 workers....

Jesus! I just heard DK say of Bush: He has committed an impeachable offense..

DK says "Suck on this, George."

Obama could raise $100 million in June and could attract 2.5 million to 3 million new donors

Remember what Richard Clarke said re: Shrub Co.

Why do some parents get all paranoid about what their kids learn in school?

Before I supported Obama, I supported John Edwards. Before that,

Petal, oldest African elephant in US zoo, dies

Is there a transcript, or list of the articles?

Did anyone think to set a timer when Dennis Started this?

35 articles of impeachment but no lies about sex, no sexual misbehavior!

Article #36: "Nucular"

Bush Insider Callously Dismisses Gitmo Suicides as a "PR Move" (Bush History: 6/10/08 Tuesday)

Interesting observation at the grocery store today

The story of Carol McCain - where the hell have I been?

The story of Carol McCain - where the hell have I been?

Guess who's making fun of DU over Kucinich?

I have a real fear that Bush may resign and hand it off to Cheney

cindy sheehan


You know, of course, that Dennis is speaking to an empty podium in an empty chamber ......

a legal question regarding impeachment

AP is carrying Dennis' Impeachment resolution

And now he's mentioning KATRINA!

And now he's mentioning KATRINA!

Go here and put McSame where he belongs:

Is There An Official Designation To Dennis Kucinich's Resolution .........

E-Mail / Call your Representative to support Dennis! Threaten him/her with your vote. nt

Noted oil expert Chuck Norris calls for more domestic drilling.

If you like getting raped and mutilated and sold for parts you must love supra-national capitalism.

It saddens me to see how much racism there is out there... (Rant)

Surge in Northern California political giving. (WOW)



Bill Clinton's zipper problem pales by comparison, doesn't it?

Well, I've heard it at least a half dozen times today: The first RW frame of Obama is: Marxist

Father's Day is Sunday...what are you getting your daddy

CNN Quick Vote: Which candidate would do more to improve the U.S. economy?

Carol McCain STILL loves the 'true' sense.

What does the outlook look like for Democrats in state legislative races this year?

The Democratic Party's Huge Advantage for November

Okay ... I gotta turn Dennis off .............

Did ANYONE pick up the Dennis reading the articles of Impeachment story?

Sadness in the family.

Coming up: the Southern Strategy

June 10, 2008 Washington Journal starting soon...

John MIca, (FLA-GOP) spewing neocon economics on CSPIN -1

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Jesus Saves Another Soul from Turquoise Lycra®

I'm not crazy about the timing of this impeachment...

E. J. Dionne: Biden Belongs on the VP List

I hereby nominate Dennis Kucinich for Sainthood

"Republicans have been tagged with the responsibility for

Former Bush Donors: Still Hesitant About Backing McCain

Hey DU, how about we give Dennis a whole room of white roses!


Kucinich introduces Articles of Impeachment today, and the lead story on AP radio news tonight is...

Ah they will have to vote for this...

Global Military Spending Soars 45 Percent in 10 Years

Listening to John Meacham is equivalent to washing down Valium with a beer

Why is Dennis wasting our time?

White House-Abramoff ties confirmed

Bernie Sanders is on now on Washington Journal

The Rainbow Flag.

Bush History for Tuesday 6/10/08 (Suicide as a "PR Move"?)

Why Is Bush Helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes?

MSNBC impeachment poll (from 12/21/2005)

Senators introduce bill to block military propaganda campaigns

Obama hammers McCain and Bush over economy and gas prices

McCain: ‘It’s a Google.’ (VIDEO)

Concentration Camps in N. Korea

Debt stress becoming a major pain in the neck -- and back and head, AP-AOL poll says

Foreclosure's hidden victims - Renters in a bind when the landlord loses the place

Senate debates higher profits tax on oil companies today

Supreme Court curtails rights of public employees

Statue of Jefferson Davis is proposed (Richmond VA)

60 billion dollar trade deficit in April - just reported

If McCain becomes president...

Palm Beach Realtor: "ultra-high-end" home sales "very good, records set all over the place"

{More on this} Blackwater opens a facility in San Diego

Fuel Protest in Spain Stretches into Second Day: Food Shortages Expected

Blue Balled

But now we are being asked to sign for our own occupation

Pope wants to repay Bush for a warm reception at the White House, the Vatican said

Can somebody please do this?

The most brilliant original post you remember on DU, but can't retrieve.

Spitzer Mulls Starting Vulture Fund (he wants to become a house flipper)

impeachment? what impeahment

More than 3 dozen organizations to try to head off American attack on Iran

Did The CorpMedia (Cable News Networks) Even Mention Kucinich And......

Here's a 'journalist' to be wary of...

Army Times: Senate targeting DoD 'propaganda' by handpicked 'media-analysts'

Military Officers Association of America strongly endorses Webb’s GI Bill.»

Military Officers Association of America strongly endorses Webb’s GI Bill.»

High costs land on school cafeteria trays....Student meal prices up by as much as 50 percent

John McCain does not have a Delusional Disorder, so stop saying that!

Does this kind of financial move seem crazy or do these people know something we don't?

Bush: U.S., Europe must stop Iran on nukes

Someone who knows the laws on this help me. Some cop on the a local newscast said people don't


The House is now in session

How about we all call him 'Rep. Kucinich'

NY Post Attacks Olbermann Via Infographic

Is money itself losing meaning? Is that behind rampant speculation in commodities?

Fire Society - Conservative message board

arlen specter on cspan slamming bush

McCain Gearing-Up For Attack on Immigrants?

CNN not covering Kucinich's Art. of Impeachment-Submit as iReport to CNN here:

Scott Ritter: Investigate This

After Dennis Kucinich's performance this evening, I have only one question

Help the media learn about Impeachment!

A Reporter's View From the War Zone

Is Iowa Another Katrina?


So what is article #35 DUers

Restoring Constitutional rule is going to be difficult

For lobbyists, high gas prices are good news

please recommend this article about impeachment

The people who got Hillary to concede were her staff and congressional supporters

I am so tired of hearing conservatives talk about "enemies" in Iran and Venezuela

If Jim Webb gets the VP nod, ironically, we can thank the utterance of one word:

"In all these actions & decisions Geo. W. Bush has acted in a manner contrary to & subversive of"

McDumbass on CNN (Tax cuts and staying in Iraq?!)

Protesters greet McSame as he speaks

US: "Articles of US-Iraqi pact don't require congress consent"

Do we owe $9 Trillion??

Free Advice: How Clinton Can Painlessly Reduce Campaign Debt $11mil to $6mil ...

Captain Kirk for President !!!

My RW cousin in Florida just sent me a Ken Blackwell article

Rep. Kucinich calls for Bush impeachment = all 2,172 news articles

Anybody read "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder " by Vincent Bugliosi?

Bush is the disease. Obama is the cure.

We must connect McCain to GWB!

I just called Kucinich's Washington office...

McClellan: White House Officials Blocked Intelligence Report

Influencing Congress - a Conundrum

Probably should fill your gas tanks up early today

Probably should fill your gas tanks up early today

Is John McCain even running for President?

And now 9-1-1.....

McCain condoms: ‘Old but not expired’

Censorship again. Earlier this AM Digg had Raw Story's article on Dennis was top, with close to 4800

Tribute to the great people who have elected Dennis Kucinich

Response to my e-mail from Congressman Jim McDermott re IMPEACHMENT:

Contact Your U.S. Representative in Support of Kucinich. (Link)

Abramoff sought Rove aid in stopping Jena casino (Susan Ralston orchestrated with Interior Dept.)

Tweety Said Something Today On 'Morning Joke' That I Found Amusing...

Dennis Kucinich deserves the Medal of Freedom!!

I hate Kay Bailey Hutchison. She's a CRIMINAL! I pray to Gawd that someday.

EU-US summit: bu$h* says Iran 'faces international isolation'

do you think the economy is in the shitter, because of the war?

Why does every.....

Please copy paste this onto your local news message boards. We have to get people to wake up!!!

Human-chimp hybrid--could this really happen?

Remember this picture?

Rate the Articles of Impeachment!

Bush describes his post WH plans: probably write a book, start a freedom institute

Breaking: Republicans block Wind Fall Tax move by Dems

So how much cheaper is food at Costco?

Has anyone heard mention of Kucinich's speech on Network TV? n/t

Not even the House website, The Gavel, has anything on what Rep. Kucinich

"Handy Guide to how John McCain is exactly like George Bush" (x-post from GD/P, excellent!)

A very small Left Wing Conspiracy - What the Hell is THIS?! - YouTube post trashing Kucinich

Caption this * pic...

Post-Clinch, Obama Builds Leads On McCain

Seven-Point Lead for Obama in Virginia

Withdrawal from Iraq will be center stage in the GE. “Iraq War advocates overstate the

What is the deal with these McCain ads?

Take a Poll (MSNBC): Should Bush Be Impeached?

today's anti Obama meme-Is he a US citizen

Call them.

Today... I'm proud to be from Ohio

Contact the M$M About Not Reporting The Articles of Impeachment Being read by Kucinich

Marbles...I hear them Texas kids love Marbles and love to play the many games they have

Please help me find this old DU thread or the link it contained.

US Seeking 58 Bases in Iraq, Shiite Lawmakers Say

Senate Republicans block taxes on oil majors

US court again dismisses challenge to military ban on gays

Hmm Spector is up on the Senate floor, he looks terrible

Terror Free Oil - Does Anyone Have Information On This Project?

A subordinate group of people always knows more about the dominant group in

Republicans Attack Dem Congressional Candidate For NOT Backing Obama

What is wrong with Nader?

Katherine Harris vs. Katherine Harris

City To Hold Meetings To Debate Banning Pit Bulls (OH)

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment Against President Bush on Monday


Life up north

We expect you to honor your old prices !! WTF ??

Bush, Cheney & Lieberman Go In A Bar....

Correct me if I'm wrong, but an actual impeachment is pretty newsworthy, right?

My early list for possible Dem senate pick-ups

Millions Paid to Dead CEOs: Outrage Over 'Golden Coffins'

Massachusetts Under a Tornado Watch Until 6 PM!

Anyone Think Larry Johnson is COINTELPRO?

democracy in action

dupe...........please delete

Um, if you could just keep me in your thoughts DU

Lieberman Camp To Obama: Back Off

Wow, every major MSM outlet from TV to radio to print!!!!!

Ari Fleischer Hides Behind Helen Thomas

'Daily Kos' weighs in on Impeachment and Kucinich... 980 comments...

A wonderful flashback from last week...lmao

Scott McClellan can kiss my happy ass.

anyone wonder what bu$h* is up to in europe.....?

Email the networks and tell them about the breaking news here:

Nurse Obama (PICS)

Santorum: ‘I Love My Brother. Should We Call This Relationship Marriage Too?’

My situation is hopeless. I have fallen in love with Rachel Maddow.

Kucinich Too Boring? Steve Jobs Presents iPeachment 08!

Kucinich Too Boring? Steve Jobs Presents iPeachment 08!

Second Day In A Row - MSNBC Leads With McCain's Attacks

Who are the most liberal congress critters? McCain 2nd most conservative 109th cong

Israel launches 'Iran Command' for war

Does anyone have a link to a non-partisian website that reports on voting records? n/t


This morning's racist anti-Obama spam mail

Poll: 74 percent of GOP lawmakers don’t believe in manmade global warming

Approval Ratings for Vice Presidential Candidates

I voted today.

If only this were the '70s: Stagflation is back, but the outlook is grimmer this time

Why doesn't the Senate just declare Obama a natural born citizen

"ANWR" (pronounced "Ann-Warr") vs. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge "impeachment resolution" shows only CBS, AP, UPI, Reuters ...

Taxas by the numbers

Do You Know What It Cost To Fill Up My Tank? - Goddamn You Bill Clinton

Kucinich puts impeachment on the table! - Today’s Headlines 6/10/08

ELIZABETH Cheney Threatens ‘Military Action’ Against Iran

ZIP up your GINA (BMW)

I've been away all day. What's the NEXT STEP with Kucinich's IMPEACHMENT resolution?

"Credit Default Swaps" "souring" as I type this

Cheney Winning the Inside Battles Again (Steve Clemons)

Bush/OPEC screwed Carter. Enron/Republicans screwed Gray Davis. BushCo will screw Obama.

I think McCrery's office staff are just a wee bit stressed today.

Oil Companies Granted Windfall Profits By Senate -- Republicans Hate The American Populace

John Bolton breaks the irony meter on Hartmann

Cyclist using Viagra to enhance performance. Not kidding.

We will have war with Iran, they are making an end run

European Leaders Support bu$h* on Iran Sanctions

I'd rather Congress focus on the disasterous economy than impeachment

John McCain: Huge ABBA fain.

America...three strikes and you are out...

'Saved'? Site Lets You Send E-mails Post-Rapture

'Saved'? Site Lets You Send E-mails Post-Rapture

What is the name of the anonymous Capitol Hill blog for staffers?

Bush Fired Rove in Church: "‘Karl-there’s too much heat on you-It’s time for you to go"

Check in if you've called your rep in support of Dennis.

About fed up with Huffington Post--anyone else?

Kucinich will be on with Ed Schultz on Wednesday.

Am I starting to see some Democracy busting out around the Washington DC area

olmert loves bu$h*

(OFFICIAL Rep. Kucinich Introduces Articles of Impeachment of George W. Bush THREAD Part III)

McClatchy: McCain defends NAFTA, tax cuts in slamming Obama's plans

Another Algal Oil Story with production estimates

If Your Beautiful Spouse Was Disfigured, Would You Leave Them?

Mainstream media yawns as Kucinich offers impeachment

McInsane Golf Gear

John McCain is a wizard..

KO should do a whole hour on DK brave stand against the war criminal

FL Democrat Tim Mahoney distances from party, gets attacked by GOP for it.

Kucinich Website Crippled Under Suspicious Circumstances

Yesterday at the Richmond City jail

There have been protests in...

McCain says Obama running for Jimmy Carter's second term. WTF!?!

sure is depressing to read a bunch of Kucinich put downs

Impeachment resolution gains co-sponsor

ACTION ALERT, DU! Rate up ALL Impeachment videos on YouTube - get it viral! >>>>>>>>>>>>

Letterman, on NYC heat wave: ''It's 105 and miserable, just like

DU this forum!

Single Payer Healthcare

Vick's trial on state charges (Va.) won't begin until *after* he does his Fed time

EU Apathy. Bush hobbles out of world stage limelight. Laura holes up in trailer inside C-41.

Say it with me...

Robert Wexler (D - Florida) talking live with Randi Rhodes now

CNN Latest News: Is Obama black or biracial?

What is all this "fist" talk?

This is where the Real Presidential Race Begins.

How long did shrub practice before he could pronounce "enrichment" ?

Wexler Co-Sponsors First Bush Articles of Impeachment

House Members Want Birth Control Provision in War Funding Bill

Plane veers off the runway in Sudan and bursts into flames

John Nichols: McClellan Will Testify, But Will Congress Act?

FOX Ambushes Bill Moyers; Journalists Ambush FOX !! - (Lmao!!!)

David Sirota: Dilberts of the World, Unite!

David Sirota: Dilberts of the World, Unite!

Would Impeachment Proceedings help prevent war with Iran?

CNN has an *exclusive* tonight at 9 PM


All the comments about McCain's age got me wondering...

"Second highest corporate tax rate in the world"

Delete, posting bug error

Ever notice how, when anything like last night's Impeachment motion occurs...

Tomorrow's the day

FBI General Counsel: Waterboarding Is ‘Clearly Not Permissible In The United States’»

TEDTalk Tuesday: Our Oceans

It's not just tomatoes that are dangerous

ZOMG!!! Terra-ists!!!

How much do the moral values, values voter conservative types REALLY know the Bible?

Does no one remember what a train-wreck H.Res 333 was?

"He's a good BSer"..Dick Armey on Obama just on the Situation Room

My friends we only have 147 days until election day expect to see this a lot

Caption time!

The Iraq Freedom Congress: Working For a Democratic, Secular and Progressive Alternative

Any statement from Pelosi on DK's Impeachment res.?

Cafferty: Should Bush worry about McClellan's testimony? Is the American dream dead or just wounded?

"Terrorist Fist-Jab" Secret Origin Revealed!

"Terrorist Fist-Jab" Secret Origin Revealed!

Which is the single most important issue for you in this general election?

McClellan to testify UNDER OATH

Strickland: "If drafted, I will not run. Nominated, I will not accept. And if elected, I will not ..

bu$h* in europe

Of course it's not about Kucinich at all - it's about justice...

Anti-war protestors interrupt McCain speech

Bernie Sanders coming up on WJ now n/t

Bernie Sanders coming up on WJ now n/t



Did hyperactivity evolve as a survival aid for nomads? - New Scientist Story

help me find the truth, please/

Primary Season has taken a huge Toll on Senator Clinton's Approval Rating in New York

Primary Season has taken a huge Toll on Senator Clinton's Approval Rating in New York

Obama Looks Strong in Latest Polls (Holding a Big Lead Since Securing the Nomination)

Remember this little Bush video gem?

Tornado Warnings For Orlando/Kissimmee exp 6:30 lcl

Bush orders contractors to check legal status of employees

Were there negative racist comments when Condi was named SOS?

On McCain's Comparison of Obama to Carter . . .

Taser Int'l takes first lawsuit loss; ordered to pay $6 million

God, Randi has a real Kool Aide drinker on the phone.

Tweety skewering the REthug radio lady,

Those who control the media DO NOT care if you send

US: Iraq Forever Plan Will Be Finalized In July

Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment; Self Aggrandizing Stunt or Noble Stand?

The Truth about Obama's "fist bump"

"The Liberal Press" On DK

Kucinich office number: 202-225-5871/ wexler: 202-225-3001

Anyone have the vote tally on the big oil windfall profit tax?

So if I killed a bunch of people but it was politically expedient not to

The media does not get it.

Congressman Norm Dicks (WA) reply to Impeachment support request

Congressman Norm Dicks (WA) reply to Impeachment support request

No warning of tornado for Millard (Omaha) residents 2 A.M. Sunday morning 500 homes damaged

Anyone else have a friend or two like this?


Relax, liberals. You've already won.

Carly Fiorina former CEO of Hewlett Packard. now RNC chair

Dodge a recession, my ass. WTF is wrong with these clowns.

A copper story that you are going to dig!

What if the French had set up 50+ military bases in Colonial America...

From the Ain't It The Truth Department: A succinct Summary of the 2004 election

Guardian UK: bring the age of heroic consumption to its close should be done

Corporate Tax Breaks vs Corporate Tax Give-Aways and other such things...

Corporate Tax Breaks vs Corporate Tax Give-Aways and other such things...

Juan Cole: Khamenei Tells al-Maliki not to sign Security Pact with U. S.

Top Lieberman Campaign Official: We Begged Obama For Help In 2006 -- And He Came Through

The next president's attorney general will have a daunting task. Who might


Answered. I Usually don't boast. Thanks!

Salmonella Saintpaul And tomatoes

Salmonella Saintpaul And tomatoes

Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones Team Up on Web Site

I think Bush knows he isn't going to be able to walk away from all of this

Kucinich Rocks!

DU this Kucinich poll!

Call McCain's Econ Attacks For What They Are - Defending Bush

What's more likely?

OF COURSE McCain has the support of a chunk of HRC "supporters."

bu$h*s yurp farewell tour - new toon

"Countdown" Beats "O'Reilly Factor" In Ratings Demo For First Time Ever

Perhaps, One U.S. Attorney Did Her Job A Little Too Well! (Carol Lam)

Impeachment Is A Distraction - Real Issue Are The Presidential Pardons

Feds probe speculators' role in rising oil prices

(OFFICIAL Rep. Kucinich Introduces Articles of Impeachment of George W. Bush THREAD (Part II)

James Inhoff is an Ass

Obama's general horoscope (traits & characteristics, not predictions). Interesting...

Just how is it NOT a 3rd Bush term, Senator McCain?

Okla. Dem calls Obama liberal, declines to endorse

Tomato Industry Reeling ---

It's been too long and I hafta sit down

It's been too long and I hafta sit down

can someone please explain to me why I am to believe that impeachment is political suicide when

Did Lieberman cast a vote on the windfall tax bill?

Tucker I (for Idiot) Carlson, professional trust fund baby, said that if Obama wants to prove

The Constitution in the National Surveillance State

Can McCain avoid a Bush 3rd term?

Can McCain avoid a Bush 3rd term?

Don't believe the media talk about Obama VP list. Johnson DOESN'T LEAK - Period!

Don't believe the media talk about Obama VP list. Johnson DOESN'T LEAK - Period!

McCain: ‘The Fundamentals of the Economy are Strong’ (on video)

Obama VP short list per an MSNBC report on DC "chatter"

Ramussen: Support for generic GOP Congressional candidates falls sharply

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment Against President Bush on Monday

"Impeachment Again Tonight"

Happy Birthday John Edwards!


Yahoo Buzz Up! Please Buzz Up articles on Dennis!!!!

FDA just said its okay to eat Florida Tomatoes...that was a quick turn around..could it be

Kucinich is a distraction, sorry, that's the way I feel

Kucinich is a distraction, sorry, that's the way I feel

Obama's Campaign Can Carry-on. IMPEACH '08!!!

Wexler on Olberman Tonight Re: Kucinich/Impeachment

For those who Missed Representative Kucnich's "Articles of Impeachment" against Bush ...last NIGHT!

DO NOT support Sen. Webb for VP

Starting soon KUCINICH resolution to Impeach Bush = C-SPAN.

Jon Stewart Slams Media for Blacking Out Iraq War Lies Report

Wow...Prices are much cheaper at my local Hispanic Grocery

FR Desperation: Can Obama Leagally [sic] be President?

i just checked the homepages of the following:

Impeachment is a terrible idea

Support Dennis Kucinch. DU this USA Today poll.

Who knew? Obama would NOT be our first black president

Kucinich Website Crippled Under Suspicious Circumstances "100,000-plus hits per hour"

So I decided to see what Dennis Kucinich's congressional record was all about

The Iran Trap, By Chris Hedges

The Iran Trap, By Chris Hedges

Top McCain Adviser Blatantly Lies About Obama’s Tax Proposals: ‘He’s Not Proposed One Single Tax Cut

A wingnut told me today that if we just ANNOUNCE that we will drill in the U.S.

Hannity spreading b.s. about Obama's citizenship

Has David Gregory ever heard a GOP talking point that he

Kill the Stupid

One hundred Million bucks in a month..Will it be enough for 4 states?

Today on Jeff Farias - John McCain and women & 35 Articles of Impeachment

Do conservatives get a discount on gas?

No Body Armor, No Presidency!

SUPPORT DENNIS: melt congress phone & email lines with demand that your congress cowards back him!

Hey! Did you hear the news about Kucinich's Articles of Impeachement on the news???????????

$.32 ...a mile?

Bush Impeachment Resolution in the Congressional Record

Why the hey is Reid

The Repubicans do it AGAIN.

Waverly, IA flood pics (dial-up warning!)

I am not the only one who thinks DK is wasting OUR time


OutFoxed-Keith O beats O'Reilly for first time


Dennis Kucinich is HOT on the blogs!!!!!!

House GOP Forces Complete Re-Reading of Impeachment Resolution, Vote Tomorrow

What's behind the 'Obama scares me to death' mindset?

My God! DK's speech is the most definitive statement of bushco's crimes yet!

For Fuck's Sake! Jews are more than One Issue Voters!

An Onion article that will send chills down your spine...

Open Letter from Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney to Barack Obama

My 138th letter printed TODAY!!! OK, me out again!

ah ha ha ha ha ha Nasty car getting sued! ha ha ha ha ha

Help John McCain lose the women's vote (conserv. or prog.)-- pass this info on!

Take ‘Parade’ Magazine’s Online Poll on Paid Sick Leave

Parents of ill vegan girl may face police

Senate Conservatives Uses Rare Maneuver To Try To Close Down A Hearing On Torture

Happy Birthday Senator Edwards!

Infrasound frequency makes protesters defecate involuntarily.

"There is no justification for the current rise in prices"

Bush and Abramoff Meet: Four New Photos

US Gag order prevents discussion of War Profiteering

Kucinich (202-225-5871) & impeachment - our fucked up media

Most ALL Dem Liberal Blog Sites...came out Early for he owes us!

Senate Judiciary Hearing NOW on Coercive interrogation techniques

May 2008 : One Hundred and Eleven (111) Pro-Impeachment Candidates

United States National Debt: An Analysis of the Presidents Who Are Responsible for the Borrowing

BREAKING: Since gas is now averaging over $4 a gallon, Hummer has changed name to Bummer

A Dissenting Opinion On Impeachment....

Is it safe to say Kucinich has just taken unite the party off Obamas' To Do List?

Janet's Nephew is HOME from Iraq!!! (BUT...)

Obesity/diabetes correlates with inequality: wider income gaps, wider waistbands

POST TO MY JOURNAL PLEASE Full Text Articles of Impeachment

This isn't supposed to be a goddamned game. This is a democracy!

Interesting read on Michelle and Cindy

Kucinich has little influence within the House.

Is anyone else catching the error in John Dean's thinking abt impeachment?

The Soviet Plan to Destroy Guantanamo Naval Base - October 1962

Reality whacks creationists on the head. Again.

Most Viewed Story At! Kucinich Offers Impeachment Articles Against Bush

Where is the complete Kucinich video?

US dam bursts open after heavy flooding (Wisconsin now) attacked?

This is the first good news I've seen on DU in a long, long time

After all the work he's done for POWs, I just assumed Ross Perot would be a McCain supporter.

Reality Check: Impeachment is not going to happen.

Impeachment isn't about politics. It's about the survival of our country.

Florida tomato industry in "complete collapse"

Media Matters for America: Maureen Dowd repeatedly uses gender to mock Democrats

Which Corp. News will Print list of Articles of Impeachment ?

Top Lieberman Campaign Official: We Begged Obama For Help In 2006 -- And He Came Through


Bush's Most Important Political Victory for the NeoCon Project

Dennis Kucinich appreciation thread.

The Impeachment Resolution Will Be Reread by the Clerk of the House tonight after Special Order

Anti-War Protesters Banned From Demonstrating Against Bush

Another Scandal at Justice

Does no one want to sign my petition?

Take a wild guess - Who is McSames VP

Anyone who still hasn't gotten their REBATE --- ???

Wexler Co-Sponsors First Bush Articles of Impeachment

The Media Uses Some Basic Sales Tricks to Prop up Pukes

Senate conservatives block windfall profits tax.»

"This isn't the right time for Kucinich to be doing that."

Kucinich Makes Case for War Crimes Prosecution

Are DUers listening to John Dean with Randi

You're right, defending THIS is a stunt

Ailing Paul Newman Turns Over $120 Million To Charity

Ailing Paul Newman Turns Over $120 Million To Charity

I Don't Much Care That Impeachment Won't Happen. Why Trying Is Important

Questions for Republicans, Democrats, and Others

Is still down?

It is better to fail at chImpeachment then accept their crimes

Randi has Wexler on the Phone Now

Regardless of Whether It Succeeds or Not, Do You Believe Bush Deserves to Be Impeached?



Emergency Pesticide Ban for Saving the Honeybee

Emergency Pesticide Ban for Saving the Honeybee

Impeachment is not about justice. Impeachment is all about poltics.

Dennis! The Most Honorable man in government!

Weak-as-water Olbermann interview of McClellan tonight, on Countdown

Help! Dear friend needs DU love, prayers, mitzvah, etc... (dog lovers, please check in)

Jeff Koopersmith: Is Bush Planning a Dangerous "Baracktober Surprise"?

Jimmy Carter was a president who tried to stop GWB's energy disaster...30 YEARS AGO!!!

Here is why Dennis is "wasting our time"

Iowa City about to be flooded any moment now, Feds f'd them over!

NASCAR racist, sexist: Who could have guessed?

How much does Roe really matter?

He's a sacrifice.

Blaming Bush for His Greatest Achievement

NBA Ref: Games are Fixed

When he was a boy the world was much better. We were freer.

Can Congress and Senate Ignore Kucinich, and not be

Would someone please report Kuchininch's Articles on CNN??

"I'm voting Republican"

For The Hand-wringers: It's Not About Kucinich. It's about Justice.

COVER-UP at Google NEWS hides BUSH impeachment statistics

House Report: Abramoff's White House Connections

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Just Said Larisa Alexandrovna's Name On The House Floor!

Congressman Wexler Consponsors Bush Impeachment

This is for the DUers who insist that Wal-mart treats their employees shabily...

IMHO Lieberman Did His Part to Sink Gore's Campaign ...

The Blue Dogs have been showing their colors this week. Not a true shade of blue.

Cindy Sheehan: Music to My Ears

Hawaii statehood: Aug. 21st, 1959. Obama birthday: Aug. 4th, 1961

Why Bush impeachment doesn't make front page

E.D. Hill loses her Fox News show after ‘terrorist fist jab’ remark.»

Why isn't Kucinich introducing Impeachment the top headline in the blogosphere?


Full Text Articles of Impeachment

Kucinich Shows How to Block War on Iran

Full Text of the 35 Articles of Impeachment

600 HRs for Ken Griffey Jr.

Wow, a double lock in a GDP thread

Oktoberain was just inside of my apartment

The heck with impeachment; I say we get Dr. Phil on Bush's case!

Fun Poll: Can you sing the jingle to both Free Credit commercials.

Tavernerkids are watching Peter Pan

I'm making barbecups for dinner. What are you having?

A lovely Quebecois film that I had forgotten...

Guitar Hero - the latest Wii game my son can't tear himself away from -

ok, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for this *&%($ cough

My backpack is running out of room for buttons!

Crash! Bang! Boom!

Remind me again: what are the reasons to -NOT- commit suicide?

If you speak to the same person more than once in every 24 hour period


Storm Watching---yes, more Kitten--- ***Dial up warning***

Powdered Tobacco Snuff...Do they have that in the U.S.?

Do not click on this link! (Unless you WANT to know what goes on inside John McCain's head)

What the hell is wrong with people?

This is the last week of homework for the school year!

Thinking about those poor cats and dogs with the food coloring (pic heavy)

How long would it take to burn 4 gallons of gas in a Focus that is idling?

Lightning vs. Lightening

Listening to OLD Jim Croce right now

How can we have thunder when it's freezing?!

For my *not so* little boy...

Vince McMahon just got RickRolled on national television!

i need help lounge, i already looked it up so i'm asking for a little assist if you would.

Has anyone heard how XemaSab is doing.


I LOVE Dennis Kucinich

So I want to be an MP3 player....finallly

Mint Water

When geeks cyber

Drinking on a Friday night is overrated

Tell me something good.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...

I just want everyone to know I broke my "dry spell" this weekend.

Grammar Cop (actually Spelling Cop) says, "It's lightNING, folks"

So, who's naked tonight?

Don't forget Father's Day is Sunday

I want to have Dennis Kucinich's love child

Auto Accident Descriptions

How would I check to see if a company name has already been copyrighted ?

My new GD thread...

Crap.... Very Frustrating

There was a thread about books we had read,

Hartford Police Department's bomb squad came and blew up the chicken

Fuckity fuck fuck FUCK!

Fuckity fuck fuck FUCK!

Touch Me Tuesday!

Anyone ever use a Pulmicort inhaler?

It's after 8:30 and it's still over 90, how many other DUers are suffering through this heat wave?

This is my new favorite music video.

My netflix queue is empty. What should I add to it? nt

Ever feel like escaping into ignorance? I gotta stop reading the BBC news site

Where has Parche Gorn to??

U.S. Reps Peterson, Weldon, Porter, Hulshof perform "Evil Ways." Take them OFF THE TABLE, PLEASE!

Monday night lolcats thread

Anyone ever taken a US Postal Service Clerical Abilities test? A friend is taking one in 2 weeks

the very things that would endear me to DU are the very things I avoid posting

105 degrees on Sunday and guess whos A/C goes out...


What a cute politician!

gas prices- coming DOWN...

I'm going to be re-aunted!

I am sick and tired of being COLD in my office.


Alien vs. Hunter. The Da Vinci Treasure. Pirates of Treasure Island. Transmorphers.

The world in Music

Something especially for my New York pals.. to help with your heatwave

New York: Shizuka Spa offers $180 facial made with "nightingale droppings"

All righty then. Thanks for all the advice.

I spent to last two days with my friend, her mother passed away tonight.

Now I want a BigMac. Damn you MrCoffee, damn you.

A "statistics" joke

I thought I wouldn't be alive today...

If you're sick of cheap gimmicks to get on the greatest page rec this thread

A new "brazillian" joke

A "brazillian" joke

'Someone put LSD in my salad.'-top 10 calling in late and sick excuses

Don't you think there should be cats in the Bible? nt

To anyone who saw "Cloverfield"-CAUTION SOME SPOILERS!!

Can anyone else flex their temple muscles and make lightning shoot from their eyes?

I feel like a curmudgeon today.

A "logic" joke

So, the chick in the bikini started up a conversation with me again this morning

Is it wrong of me to wish to be on this woman's jury...

Why does youtube let people post covers of songs?

I shouldn't be able to taste my eye drops, should I?

Only post if your avatar is a muppet

The Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone. It is gorgeous!

Pachelbel's Canon

Anybody seen "My Boyfriend's Back?" How was it?

I don't like the "John Bush McCain" tag!

Which Underoo is more offensive?

Video of tornado passing through my in-laws neighborhood this past weekend

I can't believe how easy that was.

i'm the manager of a sushi place, and all i want is enough meth to make the pain go away

If your meal is ruined by drunken bosnian gangsters, do you complain to the manager?

meet the newest member of our family - frank sinatra (the kitty cat)

Can anyone else flex their muscles and hear "thunder" in their pants?

If your meal is ruined by roving bands of minstrels, do you complain to the manager?

"Screwed the pooch"--anybody heard this expression?

My 18 month old girl was crying in a sushi place, and some jerk complained to the manager about it!

Those born in 1949

If your meal is ruined by copycat threads, do you complain to the manager?

"Bad Man" report

I think there is too much head and not enough beer!!!!!

Does anyone know of a decent WhoIs or free white pages for cellular phones??

If your meal is ruined by effete french intellectuals, do you complain to the manager?

If your meal is ruined by hordes of Delaware tollbooth workers, do you complain to the manager?

If your meal is ruined by the mob, do you complain to the manager?

If your meal is ruined by a waterskiing squirrel, do you complain to the manager?

Can anyone else flex their temple muscles and hear "thunder" in their inner ears?

If your meal is ruined by roving bands of panhandlers, do you complain to the manager?

if your meal is ruined by 16,500 condoms, do you complain to the manager?

If your meal is ruined by nagging regrets of a misspent youth, do you complain to the manager?

you can't have your sushi and eat it too

take this job and shove it

Calling all Troll Hunters: Rockford's WTVO MyStateLine Political Forum

If your meal is ruined by ancient Germanic script on the menu, do you counter-rune the manager?

Lord and Lady! My lover is driving me crazy!

If your meal is ruined by Breastfeeding Pitbulls, do you complain to the manager?

Um, if you could just keep me in your thoughts DU

Here's a preview of the upcoming Knight Rider series.

i am about to answer one of the most intriguing questions . . .

If your DU is ruined by inanity, who do you complain to?

My family has been "babysitting" my friend's Basset Hound...

Sycamore Trees

Shell station in Redwood City, Calif. selling regular at $4.99

If your meal is ruined by a bloodthirsty cabal of repukes, do you complain to the manager?

Antarctic base gets condom haul before winter - 16,500 prophylactics arrive

Name a well-known movie, and I will give you the Asylum Studios straight to DVD knock off of it

i'm at the sak n pak and this homeless woman asks me for some of my grocery store sushi

Congrats to Ken Griffey Jr. for his 600th Homerun - a real class act!

What is your most recent earworm?

Question: What is more boring than the Byzantine Empire?

Any Suggestions On Removing Oil Spots From A Driveway?

The best Italian restaurant in Las Vegas is.... Olive Garden!

Step back in time at Plantation Day on June 21

It's downright disgusting outside, but...I'm so glad I'm not inland

Those born in 1889

Why do people talk on their cellphones....when they are driving? (Warning: Tragic)

DU Fathers ... What Do You Want for Father's Day?

How do you get a post deleted in a thread about gas prices??

Those born in 1789

Those born in 2009:

I'm starting a new band, "The Breastfeeding Pitbulls"

Excuses to Miss School

I come from two days in the past....

Look "Who" appears in a "Tom Tomorrow" strip...

I do not worship at the feet of Dennis Kucinich

Anyone read anything by Ian Rankin?

Lactose intolerant people I have a question

asssss hoooole

another craigslist rant

A "calc 3" joke.

If your meal is ruined by screaming managers, do you complain to the children?

arrrrrgh! I'm trying to print an envelope and it ain't working

Two of my favorite subjects: baseball and grammar

Hey, look at the Obama graphic Blogslut made for me

God only made a few perfect heads, he put hair on the rest of them.

Most puketastic 'unique' spelling of a name I'll read all week

Father's Day is Sunday...what are you getting your daddy

I feel so sorry for the feral cats in my neighborhood.

A Bluegrass Tribute To Metallica?

Auction sites other than eBay?

I just "Obamafied" my cell phone ... LOL!


I Wonder if Dave Navarro Picked Up One of These Yet ..

Not to be melodramatic, but I'll be painting my deck until I DIE!!!!

Even skeletons have fun.

Those bored in 1989

Anybody see anything from Rankin-Bass?

Can someone help me with my avatar?

If your meal is ruined by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, do you complain to the manager?

MrLaraMN's coworker asked if he could take me to his class reunion.

June 10, 2008. Early morning. I open the front door to let dogs out and...

Dammit frickin earworm

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/10/2008)

Everbody wants a good thing is down!

Poor MrsCoffee. She tries to make this woman's house look halfway presentable, but

I just posted this in another thread, but ask me if I fuckin' care...The Beatles, I'm Down, Shea '65

Question about deafness.

Anyone read David McCullough?

If anyone is in Winston Salem NC this saturday

We got a Nigerian letter through snail mail...and it's in Portuguese!!

I may be launching a human rights complaint

I was getting my arm X-rayed and ...BAM! *LIGHTENING*

Are you bored?

You know what interests me? People's motivations. Why people do that things they do.

This is rapidly turning into a "FUCK ALL Y'ALL" kind of day.

Anyone ever have a pelican crush?

My new stove isn't here yet :-( But my new BBQ is!

What does it mean when a thread and its copycats line up with each other here?

Prequels. Rockin' addition to a great saga or money-grubbing capatlistic ass-tastic swine ripoff?

Skunk Fu!

What books are you currently eating?

No one wished me happy birthday on Sunday :(

It's so ungodly hot and humid right now, I'm wearing less clothes than I did at work

Love for The Lounge

Caption This Story

Good Gracious, people. If the meeting starts at 11AM and you

If you had your natural handedness switched, would you try to switch back?

McCain: "Obama Is Running for a 2nd Term for Millard Fillmore"

Okay, now that we've done the Top 250, let's do IMDB's bottom 100. 'Fess up, folks.

My Grandma would have been 100 years old today.

It's FREEZING in my neck O the woods.

I was hungry yesterday , so I bought a Burrito from Chipotle

Good Gracious, people. If the beating starts at 11AM and you

OK, I've established that I'm being besieged by punkies.

Post a LOLitics pic

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/10/08

If your meal is ruined by screaming children, do you complain to the manager?

Jury duty tomorrow!

So tell me what you know about Maztalan, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta

Anyone read anything by Ranking Roger?

I think there is too much cat love on here and not near enough dog love!!!!!!

I survived this: June 10, 1958 . . .

Military or Ex-Military DU'ers: What was/it like?

Gowntime scheduled for Saturday June 14th.

How do I get the homeless to stop redecorating my house without hurting their feelings?

I just came through an episode where I prayed for death

dinner tonight....baked spiral ham with pineapple

I can't take any more goodbyes...

If someone ruins your meal by wearing boy shorts,tank top and no bra do you complain to the manager?

YouTube: Beatles at Shea Stadium - Ticket to Ride

Those born in 1989

Mom Finds Snake In Crib With Baby

Brooke Hogan "Freaked Out" Over Mom's Romance

Amy Winehouse apologizes for racist rant song

Anyone ever have a politician crush?

Forget the punkies, does anyone know what a brown recluse spider looks like?

Cassette deck recommendations? (Or: do you have a cassette deck you don't need anymore?)

Oooooo thunder boomers!

The only Grand Canyon I've seen is . . .

DU's annual nude pics POST THREAD to open on Saturday June 14th, at 9:01pm EDT

Does Free Republic have a lounge? What do they do in there?

Saw Kung-Fu Panda on Sunday.

K&R this Post - It's Patriotic! You Commie Bastards! Pick your cliche'!

Complete the sentence: When someone handed George Bush a book, George said . . .

Could I get some vibes? A good friend of mine is having lung problems

Cat Owners:

Monday's Kitten Picture of the Day

This cartoon is too true

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Cat Spray!!!!

How do I get my cleaning lady to stop redecorating without hurting her feelings?

Who eats Garlic here ?

I saw "There Will Be Blood" over the weekend and IT SUCKED

A little humor...

I fucking hate him (post a picture of your pet being an asshole)

There's a great TOMATO FESTIVAL this weekend

This is my 15,000th post.

Do you ever come to the realization that

Help me name my new puppy.

This is not funny. Don't look. Especially cat people. Especially cat people with no sense of humor!

Mr. KUCINICH. Madam Speaker, pursuant to clause 2 of rule IX Resolved, That President George W. Bush

Even with the AC, I'm wearing as little as possible...

how often do you say 'i love you'?

What kind of music do you listen to when you're angry?

Imagine the career in porn he might've had...

Downtime scheduled for this Saturday, June 14th

Post here if you don't believe ronnykmarshall. I think he IS knocked up.

Downtime scheduled for this Saturday, June 14th

Has anyone heard from Floogeldy?

Drixoral discontinued?

temeah appreciation thread

Impeachment Happening in Congress Right Now

I am so sorry,I put the wrong number on here for Dennis

Parents Rally in Albany Against Forced Vaccination

Lawmakers worried about sale of night-vision

4-year-old out of surgery after shooting self at Sam's Club

Northrop Tanker Deal Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers (extra) Billions

AFL-CIO Smacking McCain For Backing Big Oil

Major Iraq decisions left to next president

US: Iraq security pact can be finalized in July (David Satterfield)

U.S. seeking 58 bases in Iraq, Shiite lawmakers say

Libertarians Choose Candidate for Fossella Seat (not Frank Powers)

Triple murderer spared from execution by (Gov.)Kaine (Va.)

Companies Promise CEOs Lavish Posthumous Paydays

Net Providers to Block Sites With Child Sex

Plane with 180 on board crashes during landing in Khartoum, Sudan

Bush widens immigration checks

Cheney criticizes McCain's plan to cut gas tax

Republicans Block Extra Taxes On Oil Companies

Senate debates higher profits tax on oil companies

Bush and allies embrace possible Iran sanctions

Report says Britain to announce by year-end it'll withdraw its troops from Iraq

Bolivia asks U.S. if granted ex-minister asylum

Republicans Block New Tax on Oil Profits

Head of Saddam tribe killed in car blast

Emirates airline to launch first service to US with A380 (double-deck)

Montana cow tests positive for brucellosis

PPP Calls for Musharraf’s Impeachment

EPA: Water transfers will not need permits

McCain wants low corporate taxes, regulated CEO pay

Republicans Block Extra Taxes On Oil Companies

Guantanamo inmates suffering mental damage: report

FBI removes files from office of ex-(New York) GOP chief Powers

Argentine Courts Let Narcotics Offenders Off Without Penalty

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees : Colombia/Ecuador: disappearances

California Files Lawsuit Against Whole Foods, Avalon, and Others ...

Obama could raise $100 million in June, fundraisers say


US accuses India of trying to wreck WTO talks

India, China among top arms buyers: Study

Senators demand more answers on torture policies

Scientists find monkeys who know how to fish

Gates warns states against giving terrorists nuclear bomb

China wins quake lake battle

UAW (more than 1 million members) Backs Obama for President

Shasta High Volcano (school newspaper) erupts (over flag burning)

BBC uncovers lost Iraq ($23) billions ("largest war profiteering in history")

Senate Republicans block taxes on oil majors

Pentagon prepares for White House wartime change

Levees break as Midwest floods worsen

Cancer patient who died had salmonella poisoning (Tomatoes)

TORNADO WATCH: City of Edmonton-St. Albert-Sherwood Park

U.S. Beef Crisis Escalates in S Korea as Cabinet Offers Collective Resignation

Obama veep vetting team looks at retired military

Flooding to force closing of Mississippi River

"Terrorist Fist Jab" Host loses her show

Judge Denies European Summer Vacation for Disgraced CIA Official

Alternative courts gain ground for petty criminals

Impeach Bush, Wexler says

Takeda's Actos prevents diabetes, study finds

Study: Same-sex weddings could boost California's economy

Bernanke sees signs of economic improvement

Firefighters union will support Obama (Forty-five percent of the union's members R registered R)

3 Internet providers agree to block child porn

McCain wastes no time in turning negative

For Clinton, Millions in Campaign Debt and Limited Options

Federal court upholds 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Consumer confidence flat, near record low: report

Doctors To Study Iraq Birth Defects

President Bush regrets his legacy as man who wanted war

TYT: We Need A Balanced Debate - The Right Wing Is Insane (Not On Homepage)

Eric Cantor / War with Iran at McCain fundraiser June 9, '08

McCain Supporter- "How do we beat the bitch?"

Jimmy Carter Explains the Occupation

Countdown: 'It's the Economy Stupid'

Obama on "Friends"

The Video tape Catches John ' Bush ' McCain Lying Again

Republican Congressman Eric Cantor's Staff Try to Intimidate a Constituent

John McCain: Fool on the Hill

Articles of Impeachment, XXIV: Spying on American Citizens, Without a Court-Ordered Warrant ....

Kucinich Impeach Art. 28: Tampering w/ Free & Fair Elections

Articles of Impeachment of George Bush, President of the United States. Part I

TYT: Floyd Brown & GOP Attack Obama On Death Penalty

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: End of the Beginning

John McCain's War on Beer: "I will veto every single beer..."

Obama --- Change that Works for You: Raleigh, NC (more complete)

KO: Scott McClellan Agrees to Testify to Congress

Barack Obama:Africa Bamba

TPMtv: 2008: Battle Lines Drawn

Should Bands and Musicians Speak Out? - JTMP.ORG

John Bush McCain pledges to send unlimited troops to Iraq

Countdown: McClellan Agrees to Testify Before Congress

"New Obama Commercial" Must watch!!!

John McCain: Unfit for the Presidency

Lieberman gets led away by Obama

Brav New Films: Why Do Women Give McCain a Zero?

McCain harnesses the awesome power of the intertubes for his VP search

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) The Depth of Deceipt in the Bush Admin.

TYT: Cenk's Take On Fox And Obama's 'Terrorist Fist Jab'


100% McBush

Countdown: Rachel Maddow on Fist Bump Slime

TYT: Cenk's Take On Obama's Inspirational HQ Speech

Kucinich Impeachment Article 29: Violation of Voting Rights Act

By the Numbers - Texas Democratic Party Convention (Must Watch!)

Barack Obama in St. Louis, MO, press conference

McCain Beer Gaffe

Fox News' E.D. Hill Apologizes for "Terrorist Fist Jab"

Senate Conservatives Uses Rare Maneuver To Try To Close Down A Hearing On Torture

McCain Ignores Hunger Striker - Arizona State Senator Takes Striker to the Senate

Jim Hinde - Shout Down the Wind

KO comments on Bill Moyers versus Dildo's producer :)

Obama's Sunday bike ride with daughter-in-tow

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Presents 35 Articles Of Impeachment Against Bush

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Bill Moyers IN BODY LANGUAGE SEGMENT!

Bush's plan to combat climate change: Engage in lots of meaningless talk about how great solar is.

94% of Americans Say Solar Energy Is Important

Boeing Throws its Weight Behind Algae (Wired)

Peak oil review -- June 9, 2008

Storage Boosts the Power of Renewable Energy

Lieberman-Warner Climate Bill Voted Down by Big Oil

As Numbers Of Fishermen Double, Lake Malawi Showing The Strain As Yields Drop - AFP

Rate Of Warming Of Arctic Lands Could Triple In Absence Of Sea Ice - NSIDC/NCAR Study

Fox News: Global Warming Deniers Crazy Like Man Stuck in Toilet

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: The reality of France's aggressive nuclear power push

Bush: "I Think We Can Actually Get An Agreement On Climate Change During My Presidency" - AFP

Gazprom CEO Pegs 2009 Oil At $250 Per Barrel During Paris Visit - G&M

Waste Heat Engine Runs On Low Temps

Actual Headline! "Bernanke: Energy Prices Increase Risk Of Inflation"

DOE/EIA Project US Gasoline Price Peak AT $4.15 By August - Reuters

Seattle Times: Your footprint's looking good, Seattle

Cheney's Plan to Combat Global Warming: Nuclear Power

hi, new to forum...wondering if anybody knows anything about Radiant Barriers?

EPA Refuses To Monitor Dumping Of Polluted Irrigation Into Everglades, Okeechobee

The changing face of Africa (BBC)

Life after the oil crash ( dot net )

Victoria, BC Meals On Wheels Shuts Down After 35 Years - Can't Pay For Gasoline - G&M

Food Banks Requesting Home Gardeners To Help Out With Produce - "Grow A Row" Program Expanding

Chinese parks 'sell tiger wine' (BBC)

Fast fall of Mediterranean sharks (BBC)

Uranium Report: Plenty More Where That Came From

Population: What To Do When There Are Too Many of Us

Electric cars as bumper cars

Anna Creek Station, World's Biggest Cattle Ranch, Sells Stock & Mothballs Operations Due To Drought

Intellectual Violence

Now It’s Really Official: McCain Loses His Maverick Status

Banks vs. Consumers (Guess Who Wins)

McCain wastes no time in turning negative

Amid Anti-Immigrant Fervor, ICE Deporting More American Citizens

CCD May Have Reached Alaska - Eagle River Apiary Discovers Empty Hives - News-Miner

Who should Barack Obama pick as his running mate.

Impeachment in the news

Water Scarcity: The Real Food Crisis

What Biden offers Obama - E.J. Dionne

ASU to install 7MW of solar power

Bob Herbert: The Flip Side Of The American Dream

The Way to a Just Foreign Policy - YES magazine

Two new polls -- one national, one from Ohio -- have glad tidings for Obama

Firing Congress


Dennis Kucinich Makes History Again - Impeach Bush!

More Cows! More Lanterns

Glen Greenwald; NYT circulates fear-mongering claims on FISA debate

Congress Gets Behind Israel's Aid Request

Tech trade group spent $455,835 to lobby in 1Q

Comcast Censors Criticisms of Itself and Rep. Carney

McCain, Obama Present Different Views on Taxes

Barack Obama's victory stirs ghosts in Mississippi: Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman

Dick Polman: Why McCain is dining at the Waffle House

The Spy Who Loves Us By Philip Giraldi

Oregon State Requesting $250K Emergency Funding To Study Colony Collapse - AP

Rep. Schakowsky: Time for a Special Counsel to Investigate Bush Administration Use of Torture

Why Is Bush Helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes? Rep. Markey (D., Mass.)

The toxic Texan's foreign policy doctrine will endure

Attack Iran? Cheney's Already Tried

Bob Beckel: Barack Obama--The Democrats' Ronald Reagan

An open letter to the un-American coward who stole our Obama sign

Canadian opposition slams Colombia free trade deal

Yes, we can – pander (Obamakins: From denial to reality)

Satterfield: 'Articles of US-Iraqi pact don't require congress consent'

McCain thinks Putin is the President of Germany

The Great Seduction - David Brooks

Japan Dumps 2020 Goal In Favor Of Pilot Carbon-Trading Program - Reuters

Bush's Testimony Before the Truth & Reconciliation Commission

The face of the anti-war movement fires back (Cindy Sheehan in Seattle)

my 138th ltte supporting the troops printed TODAY!

Ex-official Says DoD Nixed Iran Attack

Gates: No more cuts to Air Force personnel

Marines Smash Recruiting Records

Our exclusive interview with the fired chief

RAND: Pakistan Govt Groups Aid Taliban

National Guard Gets First Lakota Helos

Yemen can’t hand over Cole suspect

Army Tests Off-Road Prototype Vehicles

McClellan to Testify in CIA Leak Case

Air operations center arrives in Europe ahead of Bush

Anti-war activists want access to L.A. schools

Proposal would enlarge Camp Humphreys 'downtown' to more than 15 times its current size

Prosecutor weighs charging Kunsan airman

Who is Gen. Norton Schwartz?

Gates names choices for AF chief, secretary

Editorial: Privacy safeguards needed

French navy cancels missions due to fuel costs

Not done yet: Kitty Hawk tapped for RIMPAC

Mercy’s mission on hold after helo hit by bullet

House used by foreign fighters hit, 5 killed

Dismissal of gay vets’ suit upheld

Major Iraq decisions left to next president

Gates making mark as accountability enforcer

R.I. Guard chief: Gun salutes will continue

Theft worry plagues sale of NVGs to Iraq

Fort Drum wants ex-depot for training grounds

Think tank: Pakistan gave info on U.S. troops

Iraq vet turns down plea deal in trailer fire

Accused but cleared, O-2 called back to duty

The One Silver Lining for the Sub Prime Housing Crisis

F.H.A. Faces $4.6 Billion in Losses

Desperate sellers turn to rental market

According to Repukes, the "windfall profits tax" is a political stunt ...

Former employees sue Big Sky Airlines

‘Catholic Worker’ at 75: Long Ties with Union Movement

Labor-Environmental Coalition Testing of Water Contaminated By Dupont

70,000 Spanish Truckers Blockade Highways In Fuel Cost Protest

Historic Longshoremen Mural Finds New Home in Brooklyn

Congress, White House, Set to Ignore Long-Term Jobless—Again?

Working America and Allies Rally to Demand Better Health Policies

Lawrence Co. company faces OSHA fine ($72,000)

Accidentally Backing over a Fellow Construction Worker

Today in labor history June 10 The Equal Pay Act was signed into law by President John F. Kennedy

Young people need new lessons about labor unions

IN OSHA investigates after Michigan City worker is killed on the job (mom of 4 fell into grinder)

Eric Lee: Good news - trade unionists released from jail

Indian Hunger Strikers Profiled in The New York Times (fired for trying to form a union)

McCain Adviser: No Labor Standards in Trade Deals

United Steelworkers Reaches Pact with ArcelorMittal and More Bargaining News

Union Leaders Say Bush, EU Ignore Workers’ Concerns

Correcting a labor injustice in N.C.

Ironworkers ask OSHA to reinstate safety penalties

Union Members Rally in Indiana, Launching Nationwide Gas Rallies

A Key to Staying Safe While Working in the Heat: Acclimatization

U.S. violates worker rights: world labor body


The school year is over

Dismissal of gay vets’ suit upheld (xpost from Veterans)

Gay Unions Shed Light on Gender in Marriage

LGBT Groups Issue Warning To Out-Of-State Couples Marrying In Calif.

Is gay marriage explicitly prohibited in new york state?

U.S. eyes possible new trainer aircraft for Israel

Report: Hezbollah willing to negotiate over Shaba Farms

Gaza: Mahmoud Abbas seeks deal with Hamas

Baradei Hits Out at Israel Again

Iran warns of "painful" response if Israel attacks

Knesset votes to amend 'Intifada law'

Syria: First the Golan Heights, then direct talks

Olmert 'wants Lebanon talks'

The Iran Trap

FEATURE-Qaeda groups active in Gaza after year under Hamas

Israeli ambassador: Britain has become a hotbed of radical anti-Israeli views

Knesset votes to amend 'Intifada law'

What does Palestinian youth think?

COLOMBIA, Land of Fear and Cover-up

Bolivia: Enron and separatism

Argentine president: Grain export tax hikes to fund social programs

Bolivia censures EU for backing forced repatriation of immigrants

Consumer advocacy group wants Peru to claim treasure found near Spain

President Michelle Bachelet of Chile to speak at Berkeley on energy pact

Chavez crab walking

CUBA Criticizes Washington on Human Rights

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: Colombia/Ecuador: disappearances

Venezuela: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Peruvian children in remote village get small laptops from government program

Losing Latin Am: What Will the Obama Doctrine Be Like?

Bolivia asks U.S. if granted ex-minister asylum

For those who want to see Biden as VP - rec this thread:

Tomorrow's early Biden link - "Biden Could Help Obama Win"

'Buy Me Some Sushi and Baby Back Ribs' - Great read for ballpark fans.

Belmont: Denial of the slicksters

Ken Griffey Hits 600th

EURO 2008. Spain 1 Russia 0. Great match so far

Donaghy claims referees helped Lakers win series.

Completely off-topic, but just wanted to suggest:

Please, all possible light to Dennis Kucinich.

Anyone interested in the NCAA Men's 2008 College World Series?

Robert Hand, respected Astrologer predicts Obama will win.

Photos from a recent stay in Madrid

Kitten International Airways?

Sophie and Saschi, best friends forever

Facing criticism, U.S. agency bars 7 doctors from drug trials

Smoking causes middle-age mental decline

Salmonella in tomatoes. Anyone know if it is on the outside and can be safely washed off? nm

Oh Man, look what's for sale on my CL!

Henckel's Twin Cuisine Knives - $112

What do you think is the difference between pan frying and sauteing

Who's the resident gravlax expert?

Free Bumper Stickers

Here's a story you won't see on gun web sites-CCW related

Why citizens in Mount Clemens, Michigan might exercise RKBA for self-defense -- gang violence.

What does an onion "know"?

"Plants have a secret social life."

Anticipating the Future to ‘See’ the Present

Scientists find monkeys who know how to fish

Jordan cave may be oldest church

US {gamma-ray} space telescope set for launch (BBC)

Free Bees - 9/11's a Lie (Stayin' Alive)

What is this black object that is on the perimeter of the core?

Don't check your common sense...

Senator Karen Johnson Brings 9/11 Truth to Arizona


Kerry, Gingrich, & Energy Advisors to Obama & McCain Answer Questions LIVE on Virtual Energy Forum

Army Times: Senate goes after DoD ‘propaganda’ (bill just introduced today)

John Kerry Wins Profiles in Compassion Award

New picture slideshow from the MA Dem convention

"Tedstrong" bracelets!

i'm about to put it in the mail...

Texas by the numbers

Meals on Wheels program is closing in North Anoka County

Where's the Media? Kucinich/Ellison Articles of Impeachment

Dick Cheney in MN Yesterday for Secret Fundraiser

CD-02 Steve Sarvi

Are you ready for the McCain Theocracy?

And How Did John McCain Score On A Mini Mental Status Exam?

Polls and Clinton for VP

Some Conservatives Look Beyond the Liberal Label to Back Obama

The Clinton-Obama Meeting

Obama to Fight Internet Smears

Where can I get Obama gear by the 4th?!

Broadcast Legend Bill Moyers on Media Reform: “Democracy Only Works When Ordinary People Claim It as

Staffer Fired for Seeing a Movie

For Election Reform Activists....Here's th e Relevant Part of Kucinich's "Impeachment Articles!"

Thnx to Rep. Kucinich, tin-foil is not only the new black -- it's the new flag lapel-pin!

Articles of Impeachment of George W. Bush: (28 and 29: Election Fraud)

Got an anecdote about Norm Coleman's womanizing? Ed Schultz wants to hear it

Controversial - Peer Review System for Teachers Spreads

Anyone Else Have a Roku Netflix system?

Details about the Obama event in Kaukauna

Bush's Father's Day schmoozefest in Windsor Castle

What to do if you suspect or discover fraud

CONTACT INFO to tell LA Times to cover Bush articles of impeachment by Kucinich

I saw this cartoon a few days ago

Sci Fi Writer and Atheist Terry Pratchet Has Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s