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"Clinton vows to keep fighting"

***Congratulations to all Progressives! WE DID IT***

Oxypussbutt is allowed to interfere with elections and call for rioting?

Analysis: Democrats quietly send word to Clinton it's over

Question for Hillary supporters about VP choice ...

The "Obama" Primary Map

The point of the war in Iraq is to make sure there is

If the "Gas Tax Holiday" is such a great idea lets just cut the price in half....

Now that it's over, look for the Hillary Clinton Campaign Autopsy on the MSM

So my post got locked and all because of Obama

So my post got locked and all because of Obama

One Against The Other

Attn Stupor Delegates -- I have some of these if it would help you:

What happened to the ten million dollars Hillary raised

What happened to the ten million dollars Hillary raised

Who were the 150+ superdelegates that pledged to Hillary before the primary started?

Obama sets up his Kentucky Leadership team.

You know what might be fun? If the superdelegates promise to give Hillary their vote...

So... incredibly... irritating.

Just because Obama isn't the first choice of the "white working class",

Leave Hillary Clinton alone!

Leave Hillary Clinton alone!

Obama is only the third AA senator to be popularly elected to the US Senate...


Rasmussen releases Wisconsin Obama vs. McCain poll (won by Kerry in '04)

Are you an ELITIST? Reprise from Poster "lumberjack_jeff" ...gone to Archives..

Are you an ELITIST? Reprise from Poster "lumberjack_jeff" ...gone to Archives..

George's Bottom Line on Clinton for VP-Clinton Might Be Negotiating Spot on '08 Ticket, George Says

George's Bottom Line on Clinton for VP-Clinton Might Be Negotiating Spot on '08 Ticket, George Says

George's Bottom Line on Clinton for VP-Clinton Might Be Negotiating Spot on '08 Ticket, George Says

********** Gong *********

All Bitter-ites/bots should leave this forum immediately and return to sanity

Why do you have to be black or white - why can't you be both?

Obama is on the cover of the new TIME it says and the winner is....

Study Shows Obama is Wrong About Gas-Tax Holiday

Isn't it time to stop the "He's unelectable" posts, the spurious math

Obama On The Cover Of Time Magazine - Title: "And The Winner Is..."

Would "white working class" voters accept an Obama / Richardson ticket?

If the superdelegates decide it, then any who voted for Hillary get a massive primary challenge.

Yes we can!

"Do you know how hard it is for a woman.... " Will she just STFU already?

Heard on AARadio: "Devolving into pathology." The Clinton Gang

Hillary the Understudy- Hanging in "Just in case!"

I don't believe Obama is a free agent to offer Hillary a VP spot if he wanted to.

Why care about Hillary antics? She can't afford ads and this wild behavior is the only way to get

What is missing today from all other days before???

Gordon Liddy, McCain's radical problem. Every DUer needs to send this to the MSM, yesterday

This has been a historic campaign folks

MSM talking heads are clanging pots and pans for the unity ticket

Nothing Can Withstand The Power of Millions of Voices Calling For Change

I just have to ask, is Obama the Tiger Woods of Politics ??

Free up the new President from the War--Call your reps FIRST THING

Some of you may not know...especially if you're new to DU this primary season.

The Goal Post

How Would you Describe Lanny Davis

If I can vote with both my heart and my head, I will

CNN wins ratings war on primary day

Lisa Caputo Just Claimed that the Obama Campaign Considers the Popular vote as the Important number.

If Clinton can pull this off, I mean really get the SD's to back her, I'll get a DLC tattoo.

John W. McCain on the Daily Show now...

Kick the head off this mannequin that looks exactly like Charley Gibson

Hillary Clinton: The Psycho Ex-Girlfriend of the Democratic Party

They put it best on MSNBC tonight: A McCain presidency means the end of Roe v Wade

Not Black? You Don't Matter to Obama

"If we had the rules the Republicans have, I would already be the nominee"

Under the 5 Following Conditions, Hillary should be the VP for 5 Reasons.

Why I think Obama *SHOULD* pay Hillary's debt with TWO EXCEPTIONS

When all this is over....a pic for us

Why won't the superdelegates just end it?

zOMG an ASTERISK. What could the FINE PRINT be saying???

The transcending issue of this year's election: a vote for McCain = a vote for filling body bags.

Irony of ironies: Hillary's choice in 1999 may have laid the groundwork for her defeat this year

Has anyone declared Operation....

Hillary Campaign complains about Media pronouncement of "It's over"!

Hillary, what can we do with Hillary and her supporters to make them feel............

Obama picks up superdelegates; undecideds moving his way

Will Obama Have Complete Freedom to Choose His Own VP?

What do you think is the main reason Clinton's staying in the race?

If, by some remote chance

Is Hillary Staying in BECAUSE She Is A Woman???

Obama will win provided 5 things happen (IMO)

Obama would have been forced to quit if he was in Clinton's position.

The majority of DU members are sane, rational Democrats.

LOL @ the Sludge Report

Is this SD really selling his vote and if so WTF?

Hey Hillary Supporters and Obama To.....Question....

Here is one good thing about this Democratic contest.

Harry Potter: Spoiler alert

Someone explain this to me

The Math out of Lake County Indiana (segregated towns of Gary and Hammond) is FISHY

Rush says Obama is the weaker candidate and urges Clinton to soldier on

Clinton campaign faces reality on FL and MI

I would donate to Clinton's campaign

Edwards Can Still Win This!!!

Edwards Can Still Win This!!!

I'm not one of the very eloquent posters here and I've stayed out of GD primaries because I felt it

McCain's Mom Tells Us What Obama Will Face in General Election

What's on West Virginians' minds these days? (From the WV Gazette)

I pledge not to gloat when Hillary finally drops out

Let her go out on her own terms

I absolutely will not vote for Obama if he DOESN'T pay off Hillary's campaign debt.

My final word to HRC supporters because I am moving on to McCain

Ed Koch: "My honest opinion is that Obama will be the candidate and that he will lose"

Anyone saying that Obama CAN'T win, doesn't want him to win. It's transparent.

What Does Hillary Want? Help with Debt; Policy Win; Input on VP

I really hope Hillary doesn't expect Obama to help her with her debt.

Florida and Michigan are the new Goalposts "Don't make me laugh

WP: For Clinton, a Misfire on Gas Tax?

can you with out hostility tell me why I should vote for BO and Not Clinton

Roe vs. Wade may just be the start, How about Griswold v. Connecticut:?

My big fear: Hillary after West Virginia.

Tuesday night "victory" speeches

Tuesday night "victory" speeches

Alan Keys Received 3% Of The Republican Vote In North Carolina

In the words of Kenny Rogers

Jimmy Carter on Leno: My Family Supports Obama

CNN Silly Math: 1.11% = 2% Spread in IN

I want Obama to pay off all my debt! I won't vote for him otherwise.

You know what won't win in November?

Clinton's latest 'Endorsement' now in question...

This is the very first thing you read when you go to the contribute for HIllary site. Unbelievable.

Its starting with the editorial boards, Chicago Sun-Times-- "Face it, Hillary: It's over"

The undecided SD, a more likely explanation as to why they are dragging their feet.

My questions to Obama (and/or Hillary)

Can the Clinton Campaign Declare Bankruptcy?

Joe Conason : Hillary Plays the Crazy Card

Within 48 Hours, About 30 Super-delegates Will Endorse Obama?

I retract this

I want George Bush to pay off the national debt!

I hope the Obama Campaign will NOT use our small donations to pay off Clinton to exit

Clinton fundraisers say campaign 'all but over'

Looking for a video of Sean Hannity ties with racistand threats towards Obama

I now get it and will admit that Hillary was right

Obama can't beat McCain because...

Obama/Edwards 4tw !!


After West Virginia the media will turn on Barack again

**OO-LA-LA! I finally get why Hillary threatened an Oct. surprise for Obama.!!

Why should Clinton supporters

Will you really refuse to vote for the democratic nominee?

Edwards campaign manager to endorse Obama

Delete - Pointless here. I should have known better.

The Night the Old Politics Died ... Article and Link here

The Night the Old Politics Died ... Article and Link here

KO: Just Because Clinton Has Not Withdrawn Does Not Mean It's Not Over

NY Times: "Support for Clinton Wanes as Obama Sees Finish Line"

Toni Morrison: People Misunderstood Why She Called Bill Clinton First Black President

Bill Moyers: "Is this race about the country, or is it about the Clintons?"

I had this dream...Barack at the convention. Balloons coming down. A scream from the rafters...

I had this dream...Barack at the convention. Balloons coming down. A scream from the rafters...

It's time to admit defeat an move on.

Clinton Supporters: Now is the time to get rich.


All this talk of Hillary standing up for the voters in MI is a fucking joke.

Edwards' Campaign Manager to Endorse Obama

Surprising benefit of a contensious Democratic primary....

*Question* Let's say Obama DOES become our official nominee...

Obama supporters beware Dowd

The "big states" aren't the "important states"

It's time to step back and take a deep breath...

HA HA! Obama surrogate makes Fox News LQQK Sane!

Kristof - NY Times: The Too-Long Goodbye

Kristof - NY Times: The Too-Long Goodbye

Edwards' Campaign Manager, David Bonior to Endorse Obama

It's time to double, Barack

Gee, Limpballs can't make up his mind. First its vote for Hill, now its Obama


Hillary camp: three-fifths compromise alive and well

Am I the only one dreading how Hillary Clinton will spin her West Virginia win?

McGovern on Larry King

Obama Plans to Declare Victory - 5/20

'Pick a Progressive Patriot' of 2008...............Russ Feingold

Obama's problem is with white seniors, not "blue collar workers"

Obama's problem is with white seniors, not "blue collar workers"

Obama's problem is with white seniors, not "blue collar workers"

Obama's problem is with white seniors, not "blue collar workers"

Is It Ethical For Clinton to Continue to Fundraise?

If there aren't some real consequences against FL and MI won't that encourage future rule scoffing?


Support for Clinton Wanes as Obama Sees Finish Line

Admiarl Ackbar: IT'S A TRAP

Pelosi remove thy pointy beak from my heart

Obama in the House: A Clinton super gets an autograph

We are no longer "Obamatrons" or "Hillbots". We are DEMOCRATS!

Obama's High School Basketball Footage

I felt f$cked over when my candidate Kucinich dropped out

Obama's nomination acceptance speech on 45th anniversary of "I have a dream"?


How did Obama do, exactly, among Working Class voters in Indiana and North Carolina? Under 65 I mean

The Five Mistakes Clinton Made

Clinton supporter pressures Pelosi over White House battle

Hillary's debt may be as high as $20 million. Eek. It'll be higher if she keeps running...

You know, if I was at the Denver convention I might have joined in a protest or two....

You know, if I was at the Denver convention I might have joined in a protest or two....

You know, if I was at the Denver convention I might have joined in a protest or two....

Stephanopoulos says Clinton debt is $20 million, maybe more according to his inside sources.

Clinton Interview w/audio - re: "Whites" are supporting me article

People misunderstood "first black President"- from the woman that coined it

So, if I don't like Ms. Clinton or Mr. Obama...

More proof that "" posters don't know Shinola from that other stuff.

Since Obama seems to defer to older men, will he even put up a fight against McCain?

There is a difference between calling Hillary Clinton "racist"....

Why does the MSM forget that blacks are also blue collar workers?

There is 1 reason, & 1 reason only, why the Goddess of Peace is sticking in this race to WIN

What if you don't like Hillary or Obama?

What if you don't like Hillary or Obama?

Clinton only needs to win by a 70% margin in every remaining contest!

It is over and now supporters have several choices

Barack Obama is our leader!

Neither Obama nor Hillary have ever faced real electoral opposition before.

Obama treated like a Rockstar on visit to house floor; even a Clinton SD asked him for autograph

Bill Clinton won WHAT PERCENT of white working class voters in 92 and 96 general election?

Bill Clinton won WHAT PERCENT of white working class voters in 92 and 96 general election?

Irrefutable logic for the won't-vote-Obama crowd

Poor Joan Walsh....( Salon Magazine)

Bonior endorses Obama

Hillary is NOT the best candidate for VP! It would be a disaster! There are others MUCH better

Time Magazine: "The Five Mistakes Clinton Made"

Time Magazine: "The Five Mistakes Clinton Made"

Clinton: The 'White' Power Candidate

Why Clinton's demographic argument fails (Koppelman on Salon)

Will Hillary supporters stick around DU just to make "constructive criticism" of Obama?

Why isn't the Clinton campaign talking about her record on LABOR?

I just realized it - Obama IS our candidate! Wow!

Terry McAuliffe on Ed Schultz live NOW... confirming this is almost over....

TOON: the 3 a.m. phone call

Taking Back the Night

The Clinton Legacy (per Google)

CNN: Rush Limbaugh urges vote for Obama

Do you think the Obama campaign is correct to call Rush Limbaugh out?

*****BREAKING NEWS*******Elvis is alive, will endorse......

OK so I am not buying into the he has a hard time with white people stuff.

African Americans constitute 12.7% of the country. The rich and upper middle class are approx. 16%.

MSM Already Giving Clinton a Pass on her "White Voters" Comment

Here is an idea!

I think I know why Hillary is clinging to the end....

Women are Minorities in a COMPROMISE to Appease Black Men?? THIS is as sexist as it gets

Women are Minorities in a COMPROMISE to Appease Black Men?? THIS is as sexist as it gets

Why does Hillary give a fuck about West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Montana, SD, Puerto Rico?

Is Hillary a Democrat or a Dixiecrat? WOW, just WOW!

Obama has a fire to put out regarding the paying of Hillary's debts rumors

HRC is the gift that keeps on giving to the Repubs

Hate Roe v. Wade? Disgusted by Social Security? Don't want Medicare? Cool

Where's that flood of super-delegates?

Barack Obama’s Big Mistake: He’s Getting Too Many Votes

I absolutely will not vote for Obama if he pays off Hillary's campaign debt.

Hillary would do herself a lot of good if she dropped out this weekend.

Hillary would do herself a lot of good if she dropped out this weekend.

The real difference between Obama and Hillary

The real difference between Obama and Hillary

Snoot, snoot

TX Dem leaders to HRC: "the Democratic nomination is over....unification...begin at once"

TX Dem leaders to HRC: "the Democratic nomination is over....unification...begin at once"

John Nichols: The Clinton Campaign is Broke

Hillary is winning older establishment Democrats who happen to be white.

If Obama loses to McCain, this is the painfully bitter topic

Hillary Clinton=Pat Buchanan. Two racists in the same racist pod

All eleven of Jimmy Carter's grandkids support Obama!

Tucker Carlson: "I'm not saying this for Machiavellian reasons,

Tucker Carlson: "I'm not saying this for Machiavellian reasons,

Fact checking Karl Rove's ass: Bush is the most unpopluar President EVER!

Remember: Clinton is about as popular as Obama

Bringing them back into the fold


Bill Clinton on stump in WV says Hillary can still win Popular Vote

She's staying in so she can continue to tear him down.

She's staying in so she can continue to tear him down.

As They say in the hood…. Ghetto pass REVOKED!!!

It is time to get behind the presumptive nominee

Hillary will SUSPEND her campaign

Hillary will SUSPEND her campaign

Hollywood Clinton backer said to threaten Pelosi with cutting off donations

I'm glad Clinton did not drop out before now

I think we're passed the point where bitching about the candidates is productive

PLEASE: Someone provide proof to the wildfire rumor Obama may buy out Hillary's campaign.

Wow.... a GOOD column by George Will.... Very good, in fact (link)

Has Obama ever ONCE cited his 90% Black vote and claimed that is reason not to vote for Hillary?

Not voting in the GE?? Voting Republican cause you're mad??

Obama’s Support Similar to Kerry’s in 2004 (Gallup)

Folks,all hell has frozen over

This primary has proven to me that human cruelty knows no bounds.

I think Obama should begin ignoring Hillary and concentrate on McCain

Hillary And Her Daughter Heckled During WV Speech....

Terry McAuliffe Says on Bill Press Show this morning "We Need To Bring Them Together"

Why are all the northern antiwar rednecks and woods hippies voting for Obama?

Extended primary threatens Democratic majority in Congress

So John and Cindy Have Had a Boy Serve....

So if Florida and Michigan were seated as is

Rush and Obama

IM a poor white woman. GOBAMA

IM a poor white woman. GOBAMA

Newsmax: McCain, The Ugly Truth.

i want hillary to drop out on june 14th,

I Saw a Very Ignorant Bumper Sticker Today

I can't fault the Clinton campaign for underestimating Obama's campaign

As a Dodd supporter, I won't be voting for Biden in the GE

Jim Webb!

Terry Mcaiuliffe is on Fox saying let these six states vote first

Rush's 'Operation Chaos' Hurting McCain

Rush's 'Operation Chaos' Hurting McCain

McCain Still not Getting Full Support in Primaries... Makes me laugh!

Funny Cartoon "These two are both a pain in my ass"

Obama Gets Rock Star Treatment in House of Representatives (link)

I wouldn't mind Hillary staying in if she were running a positive and fair campaign.

McCain still not getting full support in the primaries... Makes me laugh!

Clinton's hardline view on outsourcing were not against India

Please, Republicans, make race an issue. Please. Please.

Why do people keep saying Obama has a problem with Jewish voters? Lookie here!

HRC Supporters ... Please explain why you believe that she has

All this "you'd better court my vote" stuff is just one last attempt to save face and weild power

Former Edwards-Backer David Bonior Endorsing Obama

What do you think of an Obama-Bloomberg ticket?

If BO gets the nomination how can he pull the Clinton supporters?

Michigan State Dems agree on delegate-seating plan for DNC

Obama needs to act like he's already won. Start the VP search.

Candidates prepare for Oregon Showdown

Math reveals seating Michigan and Florida in any way other than 50-50 is a trap for Obama

No one has to repay Clinton's campaign debts.

New SDs for Obama, today

New SDs for Obama, today

You Won't Believe Who's Being Swiftboated

*** State of the GE race: McCain vs Clinton or Obama ***

AP: Hillary is a 'deluded also-ran'

Axelrod: Obama To Claim Victory on May 20th

“Electability” is important to Undecided SD’s , 5/06/2008

Former Rep. Bonior, who had run Edwards' campaign, endorses Obama

OBAMA on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer Live @ 4PM ET Today - NOW

This is one reason why Obama has been able to defeat Clinton....

This is one reason why Obama has been able to defeat Clinton....

Terry McAuliffe discusses Obama campaign's "meaningless" plan to declare victory on May 20

My letter to the Obama campaign on PayingHillarysLoanBackGate -- feel free to use any/all

Good's still the same race-based crap about the white vote? Really? Still? How?

Bob Shrum just said on MSNBC the Clintons are now "playing the race card." Buchanan defended them

The Five Mistakes Clinton Made

Gore: "I haven't ruled out making an endorsement prior to that time" (convention)

Here's my solution to FL & MI....

If you want more of the same, vote for McCain!

Montana SUPERDELEGATE Jean Lemire Dahlman declares for Obama.

Should Obama pay Clinton's campaign debt? (Poll)

We Need Clark.

Florida Dems pushing again. Another letter to Dean. A meeting with Obama.

"In cartoons there is often a moment when a hapless character, having galloped over a cliff ..."

America Must Pay For My Hurt Feelings...?

JOHN EDWARDS - Suprise TODAY SHOW appearance this Friday!

Someone don't explain this to me...

Inspirational, inclusive and challenging. I, for one, will try to live up to his expectations.

Stroll through memory lane: Hillary's Nazi salute

Some comments heard from some of my GOP "friends"

George McGovern urges Hillary Clinton to give up presidential bid

Poll: Clinton as veep?

Theoretical Question for both Hillary and Barack supporters -

Please tell me Hillary isn't planning to run as an Independent.

Please tell me Hillary isn't planning to run as an Independent.

Please tell me Hillary isn't planning to run as an Independent.

Is there a PDF of Clinton's signature somewhere where she signed off on FL & MI? Love to see it..

INTERVIEW WITH OBAMA - on CNN w/ Wolf, coming up.

The DU Reconciliation Thread

This appears to be the strategy: appeal to everyone to lay down your weapons, THEN attack

John McCain is to the GOP 's what Joe Lieberman is to the DEMS; they cannot stand him!

Ironic sitting here listening to HRC talk about deficit spending

Hillary, please let go!


Who would Obama's most SUCCESSFUL running mate be among Democratic voters?

Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC) endorses Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton Has a Palmore v. Sidoti Problem, and Now We Do Too

The Honest Truth About the Modern Republican Party.

On Being a Democrat

Wall Street Journal, 2004: Release Theresa Heinz Kerry's tax returns (link). 2008? Yeah, right.

People who claim Obama can't win in the GE are

??? BUY HER OUT!!! ??? Wait just a goddamned minute, bub

SD Brad Miller (NC) endorses Obama!! Breaking on MSNBC just now.

Obama schedules Oregon stops: Beaverton, Albany and Eugene

Will Obama pay off Hillary's debts? MEDIA PUNDIT IDEA ONLY!

May be old news, however this Newsweek article caught my eye;

I'm Ok With Obama Paying Off Hillary's Debts...

It is merely a cult favorite that other candidates were on the Michigan Ballot.

Memorable Clinton Campaign Moments - Let's Kneecap!


We did it!

Obama: The Slow Rollout (Of Superdelegates)?

"Hillary should quit." This a.m. on NPR: About a dozen quotes from influential

Hillary Clinton has the lock on the white & nerdy vote.


Obama/Clinton Supporters - Pre-Election Story Links

Sadly, I detect racism by some Obama supporters....

Time to put the electability nonsense to bed- NOW!

Clinton Era is Coming to an End - The newly registered Dems would not support her in the GE

David Bonior`

My Only Post Of The Day

You sucka MCs got no flow.

delete, posting bug error

Why do Hillary supporters want her to stay in this race so much?

How will Hillary Clinton appeal to affluent, highly educated white folks?

CNN Breaking - Another TOP Al Qaeda Leader Arrested in Iraq


Obama has "effusive praise" for Clinton on CNN, The Situation Room

Clinton writes to Obama, asks for help with MI and FL

Clinton writes to Obama, asks for help with MI and FL

Any Super Delegates Today?


A question for Hillary supporters on her recent "white vote" statements:

It's gone...

Can anyone argue that Hillary is NOT hurting the party at this point?

Wolfson on Hardball: We're gonna win but we don't have to win any of the remaining states...

The only white people who support Obama are lazy, overeducated, effete elitists like me!

So if Limbaugh and his 'operation chaos' is so intent on Hillary

Hillary Campaign Says No To New Michigan Delegate Proposal

Dee Dee Myers: Fuzzy Math Redux

self-delete: it was a bad, stupid nightmare

Hillary's new low

Debbie Dingell on Ed Schultz: MI performed an act of "civil disobedience."

"Beware of the simplifiers"

SDs HRC: 269.5....BO: 260

Hilliary Needs To Think Positive - Check This Clip Out From Dumb & Dumber.....

Hilliary Needs To Think Positive - Check This Clip Out From Dumb & Dumber.....

BREAKING!!! Flag pins are not the only pieces of patriotic attire that Barack Obama refuses to wear

Video of Obama in Capital Hill today.

Supreme Court justice Hillary Clinton??

Hit It, Roy!

It's called 'politics.' Feelings get hurt. Get over it.

I have a question about those hard-working white voters

It's the Esau Complex

It's the Esau Complex

Obama Camp May Approve Michigan Delegate Deal - 69/59 Delegate Split

Obama Camp May Approve Michigan Delegate Deal - 69/59 Delegate Split

Do we want a President who is delusional?

Ted Rall on American Voters: He Nails It Again...

Barack Obama Already Has a Guaranteed Majority of Pledged Delegates

Indiana is less than 10% African American

Couple of questions for those expecting an Obama landslide in the fall

I officially need a new hobby.

In honor of Tweety's new hair color,

Huff Post: Hillary to drop out by June 15th! So, how do we spend the next 5 weeks?

Wolf is pushing Obama's emotional Mom bomb pretty hard

Response to Nat Hentoff

What in the hell is wrong with you folks?

There are 11 million reasons for Clinton to continue in this race.

Memorable Obama Campaign attack Moments - Let's Recap!

Obama addressed taxes (capital gains) and told Blitzer that millionaires like him

Chris Matthews OWNED Howard Wolfson Today

What fresh hell is hillary up to?

The Economist: Obama deserves the Nomination

The dumbest threat/argument ever.

August 28, 2008

Obama's Minister's Outrageous Comments - Funny stuff from The Onion

Thank Hillary. She has given us the opportunity to weed out the Racist Dirtbag Wing of our Party

Hitler didn't know when he was beat either

It's official, Senator Clinton has lost....

It's Time To Follow Obama

Any Super Delegates for either today?

McCain's age: Out of Bounds or In Play?

Obama, Clinton need to do some gas rationing of their own

Obama, Clinton need to do some gas rationing of their own

Clinton never ceases to surprise, lol I guess? ( open letter to Obama on FL and MI )

Clinton never ceases to surprise, lol I guess? ( open letter to Obama on FL and MI )

Kucinich is my man. I'm not voting because y'all have abused me by not nominating him!

Could someone explain why Wesley Clark is such a popular vice-presidential pick on DU?

Could someone explain why Wesley Clark is such a popular vice-presidential pick on DU?

what does Hillary want?

Attention! Feminists who won't vote for Obama in the General

Why are DUrs being allowed to tell members that it's OKAY for Clinton supporters to Vote FOR McCain?

Is Hillary a fighter or is she a poor loser?

HRC Deathwatch: The Vultures Circle Overhead, Drooling:

Superdelegates say: We will decide

DELEGATE COUNT: Obama: 1850----Hillary: 1700

West Virginia is raring up for Obama and the campaign is opening up offices

Former Republican to seek Libertarian presidential nomination

Did Bush destroy the "DLC" powerbase? (a rambling rant)

I wish I had an "Ignore" button for Hillary's campaign.

Since the blinded- by- ambition Hillary provided all of McCains promos in advance, no VP slot!

Since the blinded- by- ambition Hillary provided all of McCains promos in advance, no VP slot!

Clinton WILL have a very important cabinet position in the Obama White House

So Hillary's latest claim is Obama can't get white people support

So Hillary's latest claim is Obama can't get white people support

Snark - post it here. Get it all out of your system and just whale away.

Barak Obama is the second coming

Plea to Obama campaign: Please don't use our contributions to pay off Hillary's debt.

I'm beginning to think that Clinton is negotiating for a VP slot - Stephanopolous interview

I'm beginning to think that Clinton is negotiating for a VP slot - Stephanopolous interview

Can we do some POLITE speculation?

Is the DLC now irrelevant? Are we looking at a new Democratic Party?

Rec this thread if you're sick of people trying to divide our party!

Will the press ever concentrate on McLame ever again or is he going to get a free ride in the GE too

Don't freak out! This is a pro-Hillary post. I've been thinking....

Disenfranchised Nuns Strike Back (Is this the best headline ever, or what?)

blitzer interview's BO hard hitting

blitzer interview's BO hard hitting

PHOTOS: Senator Barack Obama returns to Washington

Gallup Poll: Obama Leads McCain 2 to 1 Among Jewish Voters

I am going to support hillary to the end..


(song) Once there was a man named Barack, said we're wrong to go to Iraq . . .

I am so fucking sick of this "Obama can't win in November" BULLSHIT

How's Hillary going to fare in the Senate once this is all over?

Will you people quit prattling on and on about what "some" supporters of the other candidate do

BREAKING:Clinton campaign revamps message and face of the campaign

Clinton Camp Chides NBC

McCain will pick a female VP

McCain will pick a female VP

Pictures of 2008 Democratic Nominee

Pictures of 2008 Democratic Nominee

Obama supporters...

Why do some people hate Obama's guts?

clinton tearing us apart on racial lines


"Hillary is not racist, she is only taking opportunistic advantage of racism."

The Hillary forum is now donating to John McCain; Anybody Surprised?

"I will not run for president or vice-president." -- Barack Obama

She just keeps running, and running, and running, and running...

Hillary's "lead" in Indiana is 1.11%

Hillary's "lead" in Indiana is 1.11%

Hillary's campaign using race divisions already having consequences.


Mark Penn tanked Clinton's Campaign - calculated Clinton getting ALL 370 delegates from California

Obama May Still Lose! Doomsday Scenarios that Would Cost Him the Nomination.

Before Obama became a senator, I was 100% FOR him. When he became a senator, he lost me. Here's why:

Before Obama became a senator, I was 100% FOR him. When he became a senator, he lost me. Here's why:

"Obama lost in Michigan."

I think many of you perpetually need a villain

"Anybody who has ever been in a political contest with her will tell you

*** BREAKING*** Big Money to Pelosi: Revote MI & FL or we'll back McCain

*** BREAKING*** Big Money to Pelosi: Revote MI & FL or we'll back McCain

Obama will pick Sam Nunn or Bob Graham to serve only 1 term

Senator Clinton: "Don't Alienate the Dixiecrats"

Hillary backer on Ed Schultz today: "I will work hard for John McCain."

Clinton SD lead down to 8

I can't wait for Hillary's concession speech. I might make it my ringtone.

Women will NOT vote for Obama. Reason: anti-democratic thug tactics.

Hillary Implies that Barack Supporters are Lazy Brown People and Snooty White People

What about Bob Graham of Florida for VP?

Obama plans to declare victory May 20

I Think I Know How to Bring Countdown With Keith Olbermann Back Through the Looking Glass

Time Magazine: Awesome Cover Of Obama: "And The Winner Is"

Electing Obama as President of the United States is only the first step in a long struggle...

Electing Obama as President of the United States is only the first step in a long struggle...

Electing Obama as President of the United States is only the first step in a long struggle...

Electing Obama as President of the United States is only the first step in a long struggle...

Electing Obama as President of the United States is only the first step in a long struggle...

Read this article and listen to Hillary's audio and please tell me she isn't race baiting.

Read this article and listen to Hillary's audio and please tell me she isn't race baiting.

If you are a Clinton supporter who is unsure about supporting our nominee, Obama

Obama's Game Changing - - His refusal to play by the old political rules is about to pay off.

TPM: Penn thought primaries were winner-take-all?

So after a day of Obama supporters calling for unity...

Another Obamite electability argument biting the dust: Wisconsin

16,639,064 citizens already voted for Hillary Clinton. Let's not throw them under the bus.

I heard on the radio that John Edwards is going to support Obama.

Howcome No One Ever Cites College Educated Blacks?

The mean streets of Newburgh ensure another kid won't grow up to be Obama

Fellow Obama supporters. Don't indulge threads that prolong the rancor. YES WE DID!

Hillary today: "...and I was NEVER supposed to win Indiana."

WSJ: Bill urging Hillary to "fight on" and her path to "victory"

Why is the MSM (and others) so anxious to get Hillary out of the race?


Question: How Much Pop. Vote Would Hillary Net With A 40 Point West Virginia Win?

Obamamania Hits the House Floor

Three myths that keep getting repeated and are driving me bonkers

White as fuckin Wonderbread male here for Obama!!!

Ever wonder what it's like to be a successful black person in America?

Seinfeld Fans! The Bizarro World episode, a teachable moment....

Seinfeld Fans! The Bizarro World episode, a teachable moment....

Is "Unelectable" a code word for black?

John Paul Stevens 87, Ruth Bader Ginsburg 75, Steven Breyer 70, David Souter 69,

Hillary Says White Blue Collar Workers are Uneducated Racist s

I'm looking for the text from Obama's speech in NC this past Tuesday...????

"Plenty of us don't like him for political reasons."

Where should Obama set the bar in WV? How much should he campaign there?

Hillary claims she has the right vote (wink, wink) to win the WH

It is no secret that the endorsements of John and Elizabeth Edwards was available to Obama at the

To DU In The Coming Times

Obama: McCain is 'losing his bearings'

"Do you know how difficult it is for black people to stand up and say we are the best at anything?"

"Do you know how difficult it is for black people to stand up and say we are the best at anything?"

McCain's Vietnam 'experience': Out of Bounds or In Play?

Chicago Sun-Times Headlines On Front Page .....

Howard Wolfson - Clinton Campaign Communications Director on Hardball now:

I'm going to be brutally honest.

Are Hillary's recent comments about voting demographics racist?

TPM on paying off Clinton's debt, Pelosi on continuing race, Kid Oakland on Judgment of Howard.

Summary of the devastating blow NC (and IN) dealt to Hillary's campaign

We Get it! You're Not Voting for Obama

Who Do You Think Has Been the Best Obama Surrogate (non-family), and why?

Is it dog whistle politics if a white liberal does it?

Matthew Rothschild: Why Obama Won’t Take Hillary

Clinton has caused me to re-evaluate.

Obama just chumped Mitt Romney VERY FUCKING hard on CNN

The Super Delegate Bomb

Hillary is unelectable

OBAMA on new TIME Magazine Cover (very nice!)

Help Provide Relief to Burmese Workers




Toni Morrison: Its not GENDER, its not RACE, its WISDOM!!

U.S. Consumer Debt Increases $15.3 Billion, More Than Economists Forecast

Pelosi~ "Don't You Ever Threaten Me Again"

Obama Oregon trip - may include Bend, Oregon too:)

Peeper drops lawsuit to get porn from San Rafael cops

It's GOT to be an Obama/Clinton ticket now

It's GOT to be an Obama/Clinton ticket now

Kleeb currently holds #1 spot on Act Blue

CREDO e-mail: Update: Illegal wiretapping victory in jeopardy

CREDO e-mail: Update: Illegal wiretapping victory in jeopardy

Handy Guide to how Obama won big in very "white" primary states

By Hook or by Crook: Clinton's big-money donors don't like this "we the people" shit.

By Hook or by Crook: Clinton's big-money donors don't like this "we the people" shit.

Are the Clintons playing Dixiecrat and "Ethnic White Backlash" politics?

Are the Clintons playing Dixiecrat and "Ethnic White Backlash" politics?

Are the Clintons playing Dixiecrat and "Ethnic White Backlash" politics?

White House: Time not right for three-way...

Ok so know I said " it's a trap" but here's what kos says about HRC's comments today

Police Officer Accused Of Relationship With Girl, 13

KO's covering the Florida teacher/wizardry story tonight.

California city (Vallejo) to File for Bankruptcy

FBI seeking records of 2004 Condoleeza Rice ethics probe (Bloch raid)

What's the chance? Bush starts war with Iran and Bill Clinton supports/defends that decision

Surge in Consumer Debt a Sign of Rising Economic Stress

Hey Obama Supporters...Let Move On..

KO mentioned the teacher/wizard story. Practically quoted the DU reply

An answer to the "why are all the black people voting for Obama" question

Draftdodging wingnuts sure like to play dress-up don't they?

"Dear President Cheney" - DOJ Recognizes The Truth

Heads Up: Universal Health Care on Bill Moyers' Journal Friday......

McCain and Torture: Has their been any objective journalism....

OMFG Sharpton, slain groom's fiancée, others arrested in 50-bullet shooting protest

As a reminder: Don Siegelman will take calls tomorrow on Thom Hartmann

FEC official who raised legal questions about McCain's campaign funds out of a job...


Psychotic Silly Mustache Man is absolutely orgasmic over an attack on Iran.....

Iran again, we might see

I just finished watching Jimmy Carter Man From Plains.

Chinese firms bargain hunting in U.S.

There's something about Benedict...

McCain on The Daily Show Tonight

White House emails deleted during invasion of Iraq!

Anyone ever looked at the history of this guy Scott Bloch?

Every time I think about Obama's VP possibilities I always end up thinking about Al Gore.

The American Family Association wants Marriott to stop showing dirty in-room movies....

EPA not doing anything about rocket fuel in drinking water...

The Pentagon vs. the U.S.: How Americans Have Become Targets of Their Own Military

"Proof" that no one should be released from Gitmo.................NOT!!

Who would be the wisest choice for Obama's VP?

Olbermann kidded Maddow about last night's disagreement...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Secret McCain Campaign Slogan Memo

Tweety tells Wolfson: "You're like one of those Japanese soldiers still fighting WWII in 1953"!

What an Amazing Accomplishment

WTWO general manager Duane Lammers ('Book of Daniel', 'Doppler Dead Zone') quits

Pence Derides Torture Critics As Advocating ‘Oprah Winfrey Methods’

Where is my friend and SHINING star Swamp Rat?

Judith Miller redux? (The Iran version)

When posting from a blog whose source is a link to traditional media, just give us the real thing

Sirius Left 146 - I never hear much talk about it

We are going to LOSE


Pentagon plotted for more wars


Ontario: Supply and demand anomaly leads to negative electricity pricing

Neocons let Bin-Laden roam free so War on Terror could be used for Regime Change

AP IMPACT: An islands tax haven for U.S. defense contractor

Australia adds $2.9 billion to climate tab buying water

EPA's secret meetings with the White House

Obama and Marx?

Obama and Marx?

Thom Hartmann: Why Have Travel Restrictions been Placed on Governor Siegelman?

Senator's vote to let Bush fight his own war! (satire)

Since people are talking about legalizing cannabis...

Man Accused Of Stealing Wife's Leg

Just how pro-family is the Bush Administration anyway?

Something with all the losses in the financial ind. doesn't make sense to me.

Nobody Loves You Like Mama Does....

It takes youtube to embarrass the government into doing the right thing

For those of you who won't vote for the Democratic nominee for one stupid reason or another...

al-Zawahiri endorses McCain

Scarborough wants tear gas in streets at Democratic Convention

Kathleen Sebelius on AAR with Sam Seder right now!

I wish this would fit on a bumper sticker

Max Boot Compares Walled Baghdad Neighborhoods To American Gated Communties

Does anyone know why FOX was the only "media" outlet with a chopper...

Phyllis Holden Macey (first Mrs. Bob Dole) has died...

WJ this morning - Should Senator Clinton stay in the race

Pentagon’s Spin On GI Bill Is ‘Offensive Nonsense’

UK: the National Staff Dismissal Register (NSDR) is expected to go live. Big Brother?

Mexico Mormons say "stay away."

Indian workers don't want US jobs, survey reports

Remember Shrub's dress up day when he visited China? I found this in my scrapbook:

Blast On Board U.S. Flight On Take-off Investigated

Take the McCain/Hagee quiz

Zawahiri endorses McCain Plan to Bomb Iran

Oil Prices

Glitches mar debut of Gitmo courthouse

Time Magazine: Awesome Cover Of Obama: "And The Winner Is"

Elizabeth Edwards, you are one really wonderful woman!

Gas here $3.62 but I saw a huge line at Krogers for the discounted

WSJ Opinion: The Housing Crisis Is Over

San Diego Union-Trib: With food costs rising, ethanol benefits now questioned

I'm beginning to regret donating to DU.

So, where is the international outburst of compassion, marches and pledges of sympathy...

COMIC: On Preachers 'N' Politicians...

Winning the White House isn't the hard part

Cheney & McCain did NOT vote for George W. Bush in 2000

'New and Improved Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton'

McCain's Best Election Strategy Should Be Bush's Impeachment

About the "Gitmo suicide bomber". . .

Looking for a good web site that takes on the "Maverick McCain" myth.

Obama Supporters, Relax.... Hillary will NOT be the VP

Hillary Clinton Says Only Whites Matter

Hillary Clinton Says Only Whites Matter

Even More Blame Game In King Death

43,000 troops medically unfit for combat are deployed anyway

In the way of a fine harangue (smackdown of GOP "activist judges" argument)

Hagee Reneges On Retraction Of His Katrina Comments: ‘God Always Punishes Unconfessed Sin’

Is this the end of snark? Will the shortage of snark drive the street price up?


Make a birthday card for Stephen Colbert!

"The Common Touch Leaving Crawford" (New Crawford/POS Bush Documentary)

Heads Up: Universal Health Care on Bill Moyers' Journal Friday......

This guy gets a whack-job of the year award...

ACLU Lauds House Judiciary Committee on Torture Investigation

I'm about to ignore Obama's advice.

If you thought that police brutality in Philly was bad, wait until Stop-and-Frisk comes along.

Hackers' posts on epilepsy forum cause migraines, seizures

McClatchy: Did Bloch block investigation of Condi to help re-selection of Bush?

Penguin tale (penguin family with two dads) tops list of `challenged' books

Tornado in Tupelo Mississipi

OMG! I love Elizabeth Edwards! MSNBC Now! nt

More Special counsel revelations> Bloch denied push by task force for Monica Goodling investigation

I Just Noticed The Similarities........

AP: Consumer borrowing unexpectedly surges in March

"Highlights" from an early draft of Oliver Stone's "W"

Steny Hoyer: FISA Deal "Still in Flux"

As discussed this morning: The McCane BUMPERSTICKER design

The "id" of America on a cultural level....

Coming To Terms

Judith Miller redux? (The Iran version)

Why are we still in Iraq? An interesting look back to January.

SF Chronicle: Flame retardant found in peregrine falcon eggs

The winds of Fascism blowing across Europe

This long primary race is a blessing. A true gift to the country. Thank you, Hillary. Seriously.

WSJ: Consumers struggle with rising food costs

WSJ: Consumers struggle with rising food costs

WSJ: Consumers struggle with rising food costs

Breaking -CNN crew pinned behind building

Post here to support Howard Dean and his stance with MI & Florida

Legislator asks DEA to explain pot club raids

$3,000,000,000,000 (Iraq War cost) / 300,000,000 Americans = $10,000 for every citizen

Pictures for Hillary:

Blue Dogs vow to bite on Iraq spending bill - (they're opposed to the GI Bill of Rights)

Bush Says Poor People Want Too Much

Quick!!! run me through the decontamination shower! I just left GDP!!!

Did Obama REALLY Win Anything???

Did Obama REALLY Win Anything???

Rewarding FL and MI would create CHAOS in the next presidential primary.

Don't Give Up!

Why we must continue!

If You Think You "Know" Clinton Remember, You Have Never Met Her

NY congressman Fossella admits fathering child from affair

The Rude Pundit: John McCain: Child Porn and Sex Slavery Are Bad

Dismantling Peace Movement Myths, by Frida Berrigan

Telecoms provide immunity proposals to lawmakers

(This Sucks) Dem Aide: Telecom Companies Tell Us How To Give Them Immunity

Donor Credit Card Scam--don't give your cc # to fake callers...

RIP Tom Lewis

It's Bare Knuckles Time at the Bush EPA

Why are Right wingers so gullible?

The Recent Market Rebound? Just a Sucker's Rally

New West Virginia Poll - Clinton - 63 / Obama - 23. Clinton +40

New West Virginia Poll - Clinton - 63 / Obama - 23. Clinton +40

New West Virginia Poll - Clinton - 63 / Obama - 23. Clinton +40

Siegelman will be on Thom Hartmann after the news break at 1:00 PM EDT

Hillary DU'ers: Do You Want to See President Obama Fail?

Glenn Greenwald: Neocons and the truth: bitter enemies to the end

“Harass young thugs, police urged” for anti-social behavior. UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith (BBC)

G7 loses grip on global policy to O5

This needs help. Bush legacy is DISASTER!

Newton GOP wide-eyed over school board candidate with child sex issues


The California Nurses Association's fight for Universal Health Care...Friday on Bill Moyers' Journal

Bush is dumping the FEC commissioner who exposed McCain's campaign finance scam

Suspected pedophile held after global manhunt


Robert Kuttner: Good Jobs for Americans Who Help Americans

House passes $15B anti-blight bill

'Deafening' silence on Pentagon military analyst story

I would just like to thank George Bush for all that he has done for my family.

Has anyone ever heard of the Orphan Works Act of 2008?

Clinton Falls Into Huckabee Role -- What To Expect From Her Now

Pentagon's Propaganda Documents Go Online, but Will the TV Networks Ever Report this Scandal?

Get those Mother's Day cards in the mail.

I saw this bumper sticker on my way to lunch today and want one.

Cars that burn natural gas in Utah can fill their tank for $5.00

Superdelegate Rick Larsen (D-Wash.) endorses Obama after Hill meeting

Document showing intent to move guantanamo to Afghanistan

Senators Call for Investigation of Alleged Drugging of Detainees

Economic Suicide

Who should Obama Pick as his VP choice?

793 billionaires in the US with combined net worth of $2.6 trillion.

Liberal quotes.

The Rockefellers’ self-sanitized version, with all its glaring omissions.

Interesting comments McCain made about the war..........

(Watching my TIVO'd Daily Show now). . "Hamas endorsed Obama"

Leahy seeks to quiz Big Oil over gas prices

56% of Americans now favor withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq as soon as possible

The shell games don't be fooled

The shell games don't be fooled

A Secret Afghanistan Mission Prepares for War with Iran (Arkin / WaPo)

Siegelman: OSC Was Told To "SHUT DOWN" Investigation Of His Federal Case

Ten of the 15 questions in today’s press gaggle focused on Jenna’s wedding.»

McCain’s other pastor problem: Rod Parsley.»

Karl Rove: "This will be a very difficult year for Republicans."

Experience Guantánamo in a town near you!

Judge: Turn Over Torture Evidence

Since when is American Idol "news" on AP radio?

Shrubby will jawbone the Saudi masters next week...

No more Mr Nice Guy...

John Cusack wrote a diary on DailyKos!!! About the cost of the Iraq War

Conyers asks DEA to explain raids on medical marijuana patients and suppliers

Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum pissed that the BushCo has advised against using the term "Islamofascism"

Wikileaks - safe haven for whistleblowers

As filings soar, so does bankruptcy's personal toll

Another GOP "family man" in Congress who had a SURGE in his pants!

Congressman Vito Fossella (R-NY) Cries On House Floor After Drunk Driving, Adultery Revelations

The Philly cop beating makes the Rodney King beating look like a pillow fight.

Latest KBR scandal: contractors accused of sexual harrassment at British Embassy in Iraq.»

Thank you Skinner for not shutting down DU for a week to implement new features or reconstruct.

John McCain's Friends...

Was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor??

A new way of describing them

Amy Goodman: The U.S. War on Journalists

Bob Shrum's nose is all aglow on Andrea's show today.

Find Out The Current State Of Air Polution In Your Location At This Website

Speaking of Cindy McCain

Cayman Islands Subsidiary Allows Pentagon Contractor Aiding War In Iraq To Avoid Millions In Taxes

I was sent a very disturbing video of a marine in Iraq

Juan Cole: "al-Zawahiri is endorsing McCain's plan to bomb Iran"

Texas and Utah set to raise speed limits

Texas and Utah set to raise speed limits

FCC commissioner:"President Eisenhower warned against the excesses of a military-industrial complex"

Link to view this morning's hearing that Elizabeth Edwards and Lance Armstrong testified at

U.S. 'outraged' by Myanmar's delays of aid

Talk shit about your Repubican congressperson here? Who's going down this Fall and why?

We Can Stop the Iraq Funding - Here's How

Israel says Iran will have nuclear bomb within a year

The California Nurses Association's fight for Universal Health Care...Friday on Bill Moyers' Journal

Wow...Think Tweety's been Coloring his Hair?

White Supremacist Group Infiltrated By Central Fla. Man For Domestic Terrorism Information

DoD: 43,000 unfit troops sent to war

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Newt Gingrich to GOP--Wake Up or Perish

Chopper Airport Security

What derisive nickname will ultimately stick to McCain?

Survey shows US honey bee deaths increased over last year

“Torture Team”: British Attorney Philippe Sands on the White House Role in Sanctioning Torture

LET'S HAVE SOME FUN: McCain Graphics

"Corrupt Bastard" Vic Kohring (R-AK) sentenced to 3-1/2 years

at-Largely: Hartmann talking about the "break-ins..." with Larisa Alexandrovna

Just in email from Scott Kleeb camp: Change sweeps across Nebraska

DOJ 's Litigation Security Group. More unethical and criminal behavior from this WH and DOJ!!!

God's retribution for high gas prices:

Tweety needs a name change.

Cheney's spring reading

A Sad & Pathetic End to the Clinton Era: Super Delegates Shun Hillary "Vote White" Clinton

Philippe Sands and Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson

Here's a "novel" way to sell your home in trying times

Hard Times in the Newspaper Business

Russ Feingold: Government in Secret

I'm getting very suspicious about this Myanmar aid

Bush and His Crazy Pastor

get me on the front page of my paper!Rate up and comment on my ltte at the site!

Flying Foul: Passengers Behaving Badly

Did Everyone See The House Hearing On Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules?

The Govenator!!

Why I'll never stop pushing for IMPEACHMENT

The righties are getting their panties in a wad over the Wikipedia. Again.

BREAKING: Focus should now be on McCain not Clinton

Apparently the picture of Hitler right behind him didn't arouse suspicion of Republican candidate

Iran Mosque Blast That Killed 13 in Shiraz Was Bomb; Links to West Alleged

McCain Ad: I'm Not That Old -- Meet My Mom!- Its his ad really

Woman...tells of her rare ability to perfectly remember every single day of her life

40% will vote Republican. 40% will vote Democrat. What and which candidate would appeal

Is Matthews morphing from ............


*****Countdown to OREGON*****!!! (D-DAY)

Looks like DU is back to normal again (relatively speaking, of course)

Conservatism Collapses in the Emergency Room

Between Gaza City, Beirut, Sadr City and maybe Kabul

Are Investors Contributing to the Global Food Crisis?

Anniversary of health and YOPD

John McCain to End Slavery in Venezuela Once and For All

Mp3 of NY AG conspiring to entrap filesharers

McCain's 'Maverick' Myth Is the Media's Creation

We all have to admit- Hillary mismanaged her campaign, and Obama is a political genius.

Another disgusting 'pundit' who has no business spewing shit on teevee

It's just a number

What is with Chris Matthews' hair? When did he color it?

Why Rev Wright makes sense- She was tortured and murdered

The GOP messes we have to fix.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words, By Helen Thomas

A petition to the DU admins: Time to begin the transition period now.

A petition to the DU admins: Time to begin the transition period now.

A petition to the DU admins: Time to begin the transition period now.

A petition to the DU admins: Time to begin the transition period now.

The Republican Brand Will Fail Because It Stands for Lies.

need your help...need real life definitions on an 8th grade level for

Your new friend in the days of soaring gas prices

Simple solution for American economic woes

Vito, Vito, Vito ..... we hardly knew ya, man ...... and neither did yer wife.

Photos of the Chiten volcanic eruption Chile

The Democratic party is weak on defending this nation.

Bill Moyers: "The Media Doesn't Allow Complicated Thought To Be Articulated"

Proposed Ban on "Porn" Angers Soldiers


Government in Secret by Russ Feingold

Government in Secret by Russ Feingold

How long will the FCC let Rush Limbaugh incite violence?

The New Whopper: Burger with a Side of Spies

(Missouri) Nuns strike back

Larisa Alexandrovna Interviews John Cusack On His New Movie "War, Inc." (Iraq War Dark Comedy)!

Memorable Clinton Campaign Moments - Let's Recap!

Battle Of Coral Sea 7-8May 1942 66years ago today USS Lexington CV2 Sinks

COMIC: America's Youth, Growing up Accustomed to the Police State

Who was the Manliest president?

We Can End Iraq Funding - Here's How

Wisconsin trucking firm lowers thier trucks' top speed to 60 mph.

Writing on the wall—U.S. will bomb Iran - Today’s Headlines 5/8/08

I just got a job offer for a job I didn't apply for!

Never Again? New Urban Myth Insinuates Iran Causing Schools to Drop the Holocaust to Mollify Muslims

Souvenirs! Get your Wedding Souvenirs! - pics

A request from an Equine Veterinarian - Eight Belles

Man who killed hikers in '81 suspected in shootings

Donna Brazile: We are a party that can take care of the needs of the poor and the wealthy alike.


Fareed Zakaria - Tom Friedman's replacement as Globalization's #1 cheerleader

Cyclone threatens CIA drug route?

It's time to legalize cannabis and tax the farmers and buyers.

Miss Cindy says she will NEVER release her tax returns..

Trouble ahead for science

Cindy McSame will "never" release her income taxes. Sounds

Ayyub al-Masri was in an Egyptian prison and was killed last year and has now been arrested

I was willing to give this whole "Voter ID" concept a chance - until today

Eddie Arnold has died. Let's take a moment to remember a

Tibetan Woman Holds Olympic Flame Atop Mount Everest!

Tibetan Woman Holds Olympic Flame Atop Mount Everest!

Another “pro-family” Repig with an 81% rating from the Christian Coalition caught with pants down

If George W. Bush is a "shrub", John McCain is a...

Help Stamp Out Hunger

Planning to sit out the general election?

We need to do some research on McCain's 8 houses......

My right-wing co-worker is at it again...

Mark Crispin Miller: BushCo's Enemies List

How demographics are driving this primary and why Hillary is not a racist.

That's it. I'm going to truck driving school.

"rental car smells like sunshine"

Ziippy on J. Edgar Hoover's penchant for tutus!

Something we all need - Aquariass

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Remember when Christiane Amanpour reported finding all those nuclear documents in Afghanistan?

Remember when Christiane Amanpour reported finding all those nuclear documents in Afghanistan?




Tomorrow I will get my bottom braces put on

Here's a telling quote from Star Jones about Baba Wawa

Dear son's are home from college. They are eating everything in sight.

I Have One Day of High School Left

"Maybe the house bummed the mouse out"...SCTV's CLASSIC "Garth & Gord & Fiona & Alice" on YouTube

is there no Boston Legal this week?

Gamers: Help

The World's Shortest Voter Guide - Pass it on. (funny)

Here we go again! Tornadoes!

Made in China

Funniest lolcat yet!

Who else has never tasted beer? And never wants to?

Lounge reminder: Help Stamp Out Hunger

Whiskey is so hot , how can people drink this stuff

Karl Rove's Least Likely Interrogator: Scott Bloch and the Office of Special Counsel

This is horribly disgusting! But I laughed my ass off anyway.

I think this is gonna blow....

what the eye percieves

My washer is getting fixed (or replaced) tomorrow!

Is it just me or is this season's American Idol the lamest show on TV this year?


After 5 shots of whiskey , I have neve3r been so drunk in my life

For sale: Digital Camera. Used only once! Available in 14 hours. n/t

I'm sorry, but that Geico Mrs. Butterworth ad annoys the hell out of me.

The Bastard is Back...

Make a birthday card for Stephen Colbert!

No body loves me every omne hates me

Second Generation iPhone will launch between June 15th and July 12th

Show us your Military Parches

Who slipped the "Yoiks" smiley some Red Bull?


Show us your Missionary Position

Congrates to the Spokane Chiefs - WHL Championship!

I think I am going to be terrible today , sorry in advance

I bite my toenails

I dreamed last night that I had opportunities to participate in orgies (but did not)

Do you have that number for truck driving school?

Star Wars - 1942 edition figurines

I always love that E.M. Cioran, no matter how fleetingly and futilely

Fuck, my good friend is moving to girlincontempt's stupid city in three weeks

So I am siting in a truckstop parking lot right now

OMFG - Carlos Gomez just hit for the cycle!

Well, I tried to post something nice in GDP

yuck. yuck. yuck.

Got a Live One Here......

How often do you cut your fingernails?

Why cant i reply to archived posts?

This is the Top Chef Thread!

Look out there and stare it in the face.

The recommender is back

Is there a Serbian liquor?

Any female that does NOT vote for the Democratic Nominee...

Any female that does NOT vote for the Democratic Nominee...


A hair pic thread - which do like better on me/wife?

I wanna tell you a story...

Thanks a lot!



whew! i have to breathe from GD:P.

i give up.

IK think I just threw my guts out ,,, goodnight

I'd love to be on top...

OfficAl late night drinking club.

One more time - London calling - what to do on Sunday?

When was your peak of DU-ish-ness?

In honor of JerseryGirlDem getting to 1,000 posts (pic heavy)

How I feel

Battlestarved Republicans (Galactica parody videos)

one of the more interesting responses i've ever gotten.

Sign in if you still bite your finger nails.

Divalert!! Cher and Tina Turner on Oprah today

Divalert!! Cher and Tina Turner on Oprah today

So has anyone ever done a seaman analysis before?

What probably could be an Onion headline

my new boss's name is Timmy

Appropos of not much

It's been a long time comin', It's goin' to be a long time gone.

There was a 2.0 earthquake not far from here yesterday...

Brawndo's got what plants crave!

rejected Christian music Demo recordings

i had a dream last night

Wow! I read some of my post-midnight posts

self delete nt

Stupid Criminal Alert: Criminals try to 'copyright' malware

the politics of preschool

Blu-ray or an upconverting DVD player?

Man finds pit bull in his engine

Star Jones just obliterated Barbara Walters!

Did I miss anything?

I am throwing up like crazy ....trying to settle my stomach

Wow an honest mechanic with great advice!

The classics never die: YouTube, Kermit the Frog's version of "Hurt"

Delight in the local Dollar Store!


One more day until vacation!

Lovers of Love, Right 'CHER!

Wolfe Tones - Erin Go Bragh

Crossdressing Girl, how do you tell?

whoohoo! Another epidural this morning...

The life of Sugar Bush Squirrel in pictures

I want my bus back. The IN and NC primaries are over and I want my damned bus back.

Stay Away From ProFlowers

Do you receive an *excessive amount* of email from the same person?

Does anyone know who invented McDonald's Golden Arches?

So has anyone ever done a semen analysis before?

Good grief - the force is strong with that one...

my 7 year old sister just asked me this:

Country Legend Eddy Arnold dead at age 89

i'm so bored.. i'm so damn bored

Is knee-length too short for a prom dress?

Trust the Gene Genie

This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend

Looks like I will be spending time at the laundermat.

At the risk of starting a flame war...why bother to do a necropsy on Eight Belles? you kids LIKE the DU?

Am I a Jedi?

TODAY!!!!! is the DAY of DAYS!

Experts. My pal's 8 yr old deaf dog bit someone in the face (someone woke him up, startled him). It

This looks like a Lounge family album

When will they be opening these coffee shops in the states (From Engrish)

Comments made in the year 1955:

blast to the past...

So, who's gonna win Top Chef out of the final 7? (Potential spoilers)


Wilford Brimley For Obama VP

Change Your Thinking

Pantyhose. I love them

Thread deleted

Is this going to be an awesome concert or what?

Silk Stockings. I Love Them

It's amazing how much better you feel after a good night's sleep.

Am I Out of my Freaking Mind?

While Milk Duds are now disappointing, I'm happy to report that Sugar Babies remain as tasty as ever

Memo from Dept. of DUH!

I'm confused

Dudes, I love my new PCB turntable

Post one image from this page that describes how you're feeling today

++++++very important poll++++++

Fuck you, Burt Bacharach

Post something that you couldn't care less about

Pantyhose. I hate them.

Go check out E/E!

GEICO Commercials ROCK!

Dudes, I love my new USB turntable

My neck is in major spasm...again and I have no meds....

Matcom's New Cell Phone

Yanks fan allegedly runs over, kills Red Sox fan

I am a mathematical genius. Public Service Announcement.

Today I'm giving notice to my unethical employer

I Just Ordered New Binoculars I Have Enough Points

For Mother's Day: Buying Lingerie for Mothers

Spencer Pratt ("The Hills") on jealous "haters" in their cubicles who wish they could be him

I can't post pictures!!!

I just got a robo call from the fire dept.



Saddest piece of news I've read in a while

Great tits in the news!

Help me!!! I can't get this song out of my head!!!!!!

I have adorable friends

It's confirmed.

Any idea what causes the big human die off in M. Night Shamaladingdong's new movie?

Is it possible to eat _too much_ fiber?

"W" the movie - will you go see it (Suppose to be very negative about Bush)

So, I was covering this murder last night

Dress socks. I hate them.

Happy Birthday 5-08-77! (best Grateful Dead show ever!)

Happy Birthday 5-08-77! (best Grateful Dead show ever!)

Roll call for insomniacs!

This is possibly my favorite song at the moment.

Bush, Republicans, and other assorted failures. (dialup warning-pics)

GAAAAH - I am having to download a 1.5GB "update" patch for my navigation system.

Advice Needed


Imagine Cujo if Cujo were a GOOSE, and you're ready for THIS video...

Have You Ever Gotten Stuck In A Thread?

I hate fauxhawks...

Red Sox. I hate them.

Mostly good news.

Video of the day: Mating Penguins

When the lie's so big

Is it really that difficult to pronounce Linksys?

Bye, DU! See you in a couple of weeks. My flight leaves Sat. pm.

I have an announcement to make....

Damn, I've got a nasty on my back!

I just woke up

I have an AP history exam at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

UTO vs. Whiskey ,round two

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/8/2008)

I have a dental appt. I'm completely phobic, but I have a sore tooth.

I'm almost done with my big final project for my art class... when suddenly...


Someone is spying on me!

UPDATE on my cooties....

A very happy 3 minutes if anyone needs it. Total mood uplift.

For your morning enjoyment! Star Wars Fighting! Moving with expert timing!


A yummy snack! Triscuits and sharp cheddar cheese!

BREAKING: I have discovered a picture of DuStrange...

Panties. I hate them.

Holy Potato

I need a hug

A moment of Zen...

A moment of Zen...

A little blast from the past.....I'm sure you guys ( and gals ) would appreciate this one!

Patrick Swayze preparing a final farewell ... NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Anybody here into Steampunk?

8More Days Prince Caspian

Does anyone else experience bad intestinal pain after long flights?

Which game show are you most likely to win

Red Sox. I love them.


Who was your favorite character on the Waltons?

Predict your Obama VP now - I'll save this, and we'll see who's right when he announces

What's on your summer movie must see list?

I got my bottom braces on

Wrap your gifts with cloth...

Corporations you patronize, even though they're part of the "bad guys"

Did anyone celebrate the 8th of May today?

What are your favorite derogatory names for others?

I just figured out a foolproof way to keep the trolls out...

My husband is VERY concerned about the Olympics this year

Let's be perfectly clear about one thing

Post a random thought you've had that other people will think is insane...

5:30 am and I'm already furious with my ex

Does this assignment sound reasonable to you for a 9th grade English class?

The Spoilers Only Thread - Add your own!


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/8/08 (warning: graphic language)

Hey Oklahoma!

What do you think of "crop circles"?

OK, the Meatleaf Gophone commercial--do you know who plays the wife/mother?

Do you guys like these earings?

Please . . .Men of DU . . . . Never, ever do this . . .

I deal cards in Las Vegas. Ask me anything.

Today I challenged my students to connect Robert Fripp to Miley Cyrus in as few steps as possible...

Oh Sweet Jeebus.....

Post a picture of a good crier

Vegetarian myths, Debunked

Fired for giving a 16-cent treat to toddler?

3 accused of using corpse head to smoke pot

Many of US Know the BFEE-how many of US know the DLC?

Wisconsin GOP leader faces trial for child enticement

Congratulations WannaBeGrumpy!

I'm bullish on ALDI Supermarket (and more)

Pundits declare the race over

Florida Teacher Accused of Wizadry

Guyana's president announces measures to head off food crisis

Cannabis classification to be tightened

U.S. court ruling on Tasers worries Canadian doctors

Mich. Dems settle on delegate-seating plan to bring to DNC

Vallejo vows to keep services afloat during bankruptcy proceedings

Army OKs $248M in barracks repairs, but housing still aging

Obama Picks Up Superdelegates; Undecideds Moving His Way

News Corp sees U.S. economy hurting advertising

FBI Targets Internet Archive With Secret 'National Security Letter', Loses

Special-Counsel Chief Should Resign, GOP Lawmaker Says

DoD: 43,000 unfit troops sent to war

Iraqis allege abuse at British embassy(by employees of KBR)

Comedy of errors as war court complex debuts

Rush Limbaugh urges vote for Obama

Hackers try to cause seizures on epilepsy site

Vietnam to try American for terrorism

Scarborough wants tear gas in streets at Democratic Convention

Consumer borrowing unexpectedly surges in March

US risking Cold War: Gorbachev

CNN: Burma now estimates 100,000

CNN: Burma now estimates 100,000

Myanmar Death Toll May Top 100,000

Dana Perino Meets The Student Scholars For 9/11 Truth

Ahmadinejad calls Zionist regime a 'stinking corpse'

Suppressed Aviation Report Forecasts 'Massive Environmental Damage'

Obamamania Hits the House Floor

Clinton 'heading for the exit'

Journalists, lawyer arrested in Zimbabwe

Journalists, lawyer arrested in Zimbabwe

Clinton's campaign chairman says contest will be decided in June

Obama plans to declare victory May 20

Fighting rocks Beirut, five killed

Clinton makes case for wide appeal

Russia Expels Two U.S. Military Attaches From Moscow

Residents says Iraqi soldiers warn them to leave Sadr City (using loudspeakers)

Iraq rocket attack on Basra base kills two

Mich. Dems settle on delegate-seating plan to bring to DNC

Gas tax battle was a political gift to Obama

Bust of Frank Zappa may be erected in hometown of Baltimore


Country music superstar Eddy Arnold dies at 89

Report: Thousands living in shoddy barracks

Ecuador says Colombia committed 'crimes against humanity' in military raid on rebel camp

Ahmadinejad Criticized for Saying Long-Ago Imam Mahdi Leads Iran

Clinton Vows to Press on as Time, Options Running Out

Navy releases McCain's military record

Berlusconi appointed prime minister

Israel Premier Olmert Says He `Never Took a Bribe,' to Resign If Indicted

ACLU, booksellers sue over registration (to sell explicit material)

Philly officers taken off street after videotaped beating

Congressman Comes Clean on Love Child

GM to pay up to $200M to help end American Axle strike

Guantanamo judge threatens to suspend Canadian case(Gov't must turn over daily records of detention)

U.S. House Passes Major Housing Rescue Bill

Idaho Dems miffed at Bill Clinton's comments

Marriott Weighs Risk, Opportunity Of a Hotel in Baghdad Green Zone

Cindy McCain says she'll never release her tax returns

Gay Penguins: The most objectionable book in America

Sharpton Plans Another NYC Protest Over Police Shooting

Senator: Ban torture but give CIA interrogation leeway(Kit Bond)

Online librarian from S.F. wins his fight with the FBI

Former Rep. Bonior, who had run Edwards' campaign, endorses Obama

Spain demands return of $500 million treasure

Iraqi army: Iraqi al-Qaida leader held

Conyers asks DEA why it's going after medical marijuana

Oil Giants to Settle Water Suit

U.S. lawmakers introduce new Net neutrality bill

Hezbollah says Beirut government declares war

Mozilla: Firefox Plugin Shipped With Malicious Code

Sources: Clinton supporter pressures Pelosi

Deadly virus threatens China's children

Toyota's Weak Quarter Brings Grim Forecast

Even Republicans ready to write off Vito Fossella in DWI, lady 'friend' scandal (NY-13)

Democratic Dream Team in the Works?

Roman mayor vows purge of gypsies

10-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth, Illegal Immigrant Charged with Rape

Dan Abrams Verdict : Will Rove Testify re Siegelman Prosecution

Watchdogs or Lapdogs? Deirdre Brown Fleming

KO disagrees with Rachel Maddow on Clinton, again

We're in Iraq for OIL!* ~Dennis Kucinich

Hillary Chief Strategist: North Carolina Loss Represented Progress Because We Won Among White Voters

KO and Rachel Maddow discuss Obama going forward


Countdown: Worst persons, 5/7, including ED Hill and the Florida "sorcery" school firing

Fox/McCain Pal Rev. Rod Parsley Calls for War on Racist USA

Clinton surrogate focuses on white voters w/ Tweety Matthews

What's Wrong with a Little PsyOps? Rumsfeld plans his propaganda

Jon Stewart recommends McCain select Hillary as his running mate

John Bolton is pretty sure that Bush will bomb Iran before he leaves office

How JFK's message compares to Obama, Clinton

Hillary: *I'm Staying In This Race Until There's A Nominee*

CNN - Obama in jeans

via TPM: Lanny Gone Wild!

No Nuns Allowed

Cindy McCain is a Bad Person

McCain's spiritual guide wants America to destroy Islam

When Hillary said Florida doesn't matter . How soon we forget

Cindy McCain Refuses to Release Her Tax Returns... Ever

Clinton cites support from "white Americans" as path to nomination

Obama with Wolf - Situation Room, May 8

Protester against Hillary's fearmongering and warmongering interrupts rally

TYT: Did Hillary Clinton Really Win Indiana?

Donna Brazile takes on Begala over his "eggheads and African Americans" comments

TYT: Should Clinton Get Out Of The Race?

Jon Stewart Analyzes Obama, Clinton & McCain For Larry King

Hillary in West Virginia

Iran rejects nuclear inspections unless Israel allows them

Is Captain Ahab-illary Still Pursuing the Great White Male

Abuse Claims Mount Against Pentagon, Contractors

McClatchy Newspapers: FBI seeks records of watchdog's (Scott Bloch) probe of Condoleeza Rice

The Iran Consensus Grows More Dangerous

George McGovern Promises Hillary $1000 To Quit Race

Kenya rains unlikely to end food crisis

FCC Endorses Junk News, Calls Fox's TMZ and 700 Club 'Bona fide Newscasts'

Food prices change life for Ivorian cocoa farmers

Barack Obama Is a Loser

Lee Iacocca gets it.

The FundamentaList: This Week in the Religious Right:

On Torture and "Administration Interrogation Rules"

Testimony of Marjorie Cohn

Those Darned "Yokels"

Whaddya' See When a 'Maverick' is Fading into the Sunset?

War profits taint the greedy hands of more than 25 % of members of the US House and Senate!

I believe we have a candidate for the GE.

Joe Conason: Hillary Plays the Crazy Card

Voter ID Law in Indiana Prevents Jesus From Voting

Clinton 'heading for the exit'

For my 666th post... All Hail President Bush our Commandant in Cheif! n/t

So Much For Hillary's Civility

Government in Secret by Russ Feingold

Sutherland to setup 10,000 people global campus in Chennai

Hewlett-Packard employees say job cuts are coming

A Human Rights Crime By Jimmy Carter

Project for Excellence in Journalism examines 'The Daily Show'!!

U.S. is Promoting Secession in Bolivia, Repeating Venezuela Effort

India to create 8m outsourcing jobs in next decade

Every U.S. President Has To Have A War - Gorbachev

Israel's 60-Year Test

LA Times: Wanted Terrorist Honored In Miami

Pelosi Consolidates Power, Positioning Democrats for Wider House Majority

Is it fate? When George Will and I agree I know the earth has tilted on it's axis.

Neocons and the Truth: Bitter Enemies to the End by Glenn Greenwald

Confessions of a Rehab Republican

COLOMBIA: "Mark Him on the Ballot - The One Wearing Glasses"

The US War on Journalists by Amy Goodman

If you are going to donate to (((((TYPHOON)))) Victims.........

Margaret Carlson: Time for Clintons to Finally Take High Road

All Thumbs. Bloch was Physically searched and 2Thumb Drives were Seized

Legal loophole is leaving Iraqi police powerless(basically all foreigners have immunity)

Scott Horton on Political Prosecution

What does Hillary want?

Business as Usury

How Did We Get Here? Wheels Turn as U.S. / Nazi Germany Parallels Grow Starker

Liberalizing Food Trade to Death

"enthusiasm for a nuclear future was muted at an industry conference Tuesday"

The Power of the Sun: Solar Lanterns Transform Lives in Malawi, Africa

Iran rejects nuclear inspections unless Israel allows them (crosspost)

Japan nuclear plant usage hits 5-yr low in April

Bangor Hydro sends disconnect notices to nearly half its customers (Maine)

Tribe stages mass protest against British company Vedanta

Energy, the smarter way (CNN)

Iran's N-plant to start in September

5/8/08 - 13:10 GMT - Every Global Oil Benchmark Over $115/Barrel


Shell Oil president wants more access to energy resources

Don't Give Up on Energy Independence

6 Stupidly Simple Steps to Saving Billions of Gallons of Gas

No Headwinds for Coal ... at All

Platypus Looks Strange on the Inside, Too

Cyclone damaged Myanmar "rice bowl"

U.S. Renewable Energy Leaders: Don't Count on Carbon Price Alone

Rome (NY) ethanol plant will convert wood chips into fuel

U.S. Wind Industry Installs 1400 MW of Wind Power in First Quarter 2008

Tasty, tasty justice: People's Grocery is rebuilding food connections in West Oakland

dramatic CO2 emissions reductions for ethanol plant using renewable fuels and integrated heat and

The U. S. electric grid: will it be our undoing?

Here comes the polysilicon sun

Wildlife in Middle of War on E. Coli

NASA Imagery Of Typhoon Track In Burma - AFP

U.S. consumers rank last in world survey of green habits

‘Air Tree’ Structures in Madrid produce Oxygen and Energy

Heavy crude can't keep up

Scale of problem with CO2 sequestration

Areva plans to build $2 billion uranium plant in Idaho

Brits throw away a third of the food they buy

2000 mile spuds

Campaign Ad Accuses Pelosi Of Being Soft On Bush

Spanish (natural) gas use seen rising 10.1% in 2008 (mitigating wind/hydro problems)

Great tits cope well with warming

Nuclear reactors will cost twice estimate, says E.ON chief

Are Immigration Authorities Going After School Children Now?

EVs Are Top Nissan Priority

Ocean Gardening Using Iron Fertilizer

Why the electric car is a bad idea....

Looks like we've caught up with last year

Army outlines future asymmetric threats

Autopsy done on Carson GI who died at Irwin

BCT commander wounded in Iraq shares insights

Ex-soldier admits stealing weapons in Iraq

Geren at Bragg after barracks criticism

McChord, Lewis posts to merge in 2010

Former Gitmo prisoner carried out Iraq attack

Preventive care plan omits Tricare for Life

Soldier killed in western Anbar clash

VA warns of problems with GI Bill upgrades

Motorist: Soldiers open fire in Kuwait dispute

New Yorkers set to walk to Drum for peace

Readers, leaders detail problems in surface force

Midshipman who died Monday identified

Sentence cut for Hamdaniya squad leader

2 Marines arrested in alleged trespassing (Japan)

T-38s must be inspected before flying again

Airman charged in shooting death of airman at party

Army responds to comments by author King

Stuck tail rudders may have caused F-15 crash

Amputees given Segways to ease mobility

House panel backs 3.9 percent pay raise for troops

Americans taking over for Aussies

Transition forum cautions parents on incidents with Lakenheath kids

U.K. site could become support base for AFRICOM

Woman testifies she initially lied about gang rape (Japan)

Soldier jailed for spending spree with lost wallet

Airman’s attorney says sex was consensual

Lakenheath airman sentenced to 21 days in jail for fatal crash

Whiteman airman arrested in meth probe

Soldier sentenced to prison over child pornography, sex charges

Myanmar Blocks Aid to Cyclone Victims

DoD: 43,000 unfit troops sent to war

Army OKs $248M in Barracks Repairs

Four names added to Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Fitness crackdown pushed to war zones

Tricare to allow medical visits to local physicians

Arbitrator upholds vote to establish nurses' union at Tenet hospital in Houston

Union expresses concern over lack of offers to Barry Bonds

Truck drivers strike over pay (CA)

Today in labor history May 07 (“Bloody Tuesday”)

Today in labor history May 08

How ya liken' that American dream?

Democrats want to extend Unemployment Benefits..

Misleading growth statistics give false comfort

Hardball In Vallejo, No Balls In D.C.

Fed to teach groups how to buy foreclosed homes

Wave of Lawsuits Over Losses Could Hit a Wall

A View of ETFs In An Obama White House

A Little Pity, Please, for the Poor Lender

Treasury loses money minting coins: a penny costs 1.26 cents, a nickel costs 7.7 cents

Death of the SUV

An article about Gene Robinson (The Episcopalian Bishop)

Damn them Gay penguins for destroying society.

Transgender teen says he has support at Brewster school

How Do You Stop an Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment?

Anti-gay marriage referendum fails in Illinois

Lawyer blames school in shooting of gay Oxnard student

Family Values Congressman Admits To Affair, Illegitimate Child

Easley explains 'pansy' remark

Through much anguish , I am trying to understand myself

Gay couple: Secaucus violated our rights

Eitam to Arab MKs: Day will come when we will banish you

Iran Jewish MP Criticises "Anti-Human" Israel Acts

Israel's Arab minority not celebrating Independence Day

Poll: Most Israelis see themselves as Jewish first, Israeli second

Israel's 60-Year Test

Mideast change is coming, and may not be pretty

Israeli PM Olmert to make statement

CARTER: Politics aside, a human rights crime is happening in Gaza

Israel celebrates its 60th with pride, but also uncertainty

Ahmadinejad calls Zionist regime a 'stinking corpse'

Colombia massacre troops jailed

(Peru) Govt drops plans to open up uncontacted tribes’ reserves

Great Bolivia blog....

American Rancher at Odds With Bolivian Government

Ecuador says Colombia committed 'crimes against humanity' in military raid on rebel camp

John McCain to End Slavery in Venezuela Once and For All

COLOMBIA: "Mark Him on the Ballot - The One Wearing Glasses"

Magic hammer Detroit....

Some thoughts about the Native Dancer bs being the reason

Instant Replay: Love it or hate it?

Ex-Pats employee Walsh sends NFL video of Pats' taping

DailyOM: "Fulfilling Energetic Investments - Focusing Our Energy"

DailyOM: "A New Level of Mastery - Coming Full Circle"

Check out these UFO pics!!

Today is the 1 year anniversary

Bookends Down by the creek today..a double delightful day

A couple of other Charleston shots

*** Spring Contest Preliminaries are up in GD! ***

Okay, last one from Charleston

Incredible photos of volcano eruption in Chile

The ice is gone! Woo-hoo!!

From an undisclosed location:

Autoimmunity caused by genes that cause Autism and Schizophrenia

adding fresh ingredients to leftover chili - should fresh cilantro be added when it's done

suggestions? I have an 1.5 inch thick sirloin marinating in the fridge

Why I'm pleased with my Church:

When I saw this bumpersticker the other day, I laughed! But now I realize...

Nuke dry rice before storing?

The problem with rearing children on religion

How do you reconcile "I want mercy, not sacrifice" with Jesus sacrificing himself?

Treating the 1st like the 2nd: Lets ban ASSAULT WORDS!

Armed bailiffs stop courthouse shooter

Top billing for platypus at end of evolution tree (Nature)

Is there a material that will block magnetism....

I did my best to stimulate the economy yesterday.

Sexy orchids do more than embarrass wasps

Hard Drive Recovered from "Columbia" Shuttle Solves Physics Problem

Torture Team *** Is it a Conspiracy yet? *** An Inside Job?

Need JK quote from 2004

Mass. people: Obama just zinged Romney but good:

Senate Passes Kerry Resolution on Humanitarian Aid for Burma

Kerry coming up NOW on MSNBC n/t

Does Kerry have ads up in Mass.? Because Ogo does.

Bachmann to "speak" at "town hall meeting" in Blaine May 9

Rep. Ellison To Speak At Mother's Day Peace Convocation in Mahtomedi

Voter IDs: a Modern Poll Tax?

Since we have no Texans to support this round, who looks best to the forum?

Looking for cheap, easy WP software that can link references like a research paper.

what is the easyist photo dump.. my brother is such a whiner

Moving to Waco -- any advice?

Weld Clerk wary -- for now -- of how voter registration machines will work

TYT: Did Hillary Clinton Really Win Indiana? (X)

SOS Nelson (SD) Issues Warning About Voter Registration (WVWV)

Get information about Election Reform into YOUR State Party Platform!

(Missouri) Nuns strike back (X)

Clinton Takes Doomed Argument to DNC

AP: Clinton Remains a “Dogged But Deluded Also-Ran”

Question regarding the change to "General Election" mode

Voter IDs: a Modern Poll Tax?

I feel like the Democratic Party is Charlie Brown and the "rural white" vote is Lucy sometimes

Bush signs student loan market stabilization plan

question for DU musicians, especially percussionists. Please identify this instrument....

30 Rock: Homeland Security's "War on the Poor"

Should Catholics who can't be priests be permitted to teach in public schools?

If you live in TORRANCE

I need a counselor or a bar tender or something !

Had to answer some questions by Christians about Christianity.

Article on social workers & the FLDS

Top 10 Ways Hillary Can Still Win

Randi must have read our thread from the other night