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Can We Please Stop Arguing About The Dumb Little Things?

KO doing first segment on Clinton

Touching all corners of America!

Hillary is not a little worried that Rove WANTS to run against her?

Someone Give Hillary Her PROZAC

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/19/08 - Obama unchanged (46), Clinton unchanged (44)

Karl Rove should be in Jail

Did you all see the segment on Countdown tonight about Manchurian McCain and his lobbyists?

Exalted Cyclops buys soul back. But only at the expense

The Onion gets it right about Edwards' endorsement of Obama...

Any guesses as to why the Chimp is smirking tonight?

Thank You, "Anonymous"

GOP and Polar Bears: Endangered Species

I really don't care who is the dem candidate anymore -

CNN covering the Oregon Obama rally: 75,000 people. Nice video and comments.

OMG, George Bush is an idiot!

This is not a Rickroll

Hillary and Karl spotted canoodling at the Hard Luck Cafe

Kristol’s Third Strike: Weekly Standard Editor Gets The Facts Wrong In His New York Times Column

Rush Fatbag, Karl Rove, HillaryClinton. neocons who love mccain.

Oh the outrage that was leveled when it was suggested that Clinton use Rove's services...

Clinton's Strength is Not Obama's Weakness or Democratic Voters Like BOTH of Them

Clinton's Strength is Not Obama's Weakness or Democratic Voters Like BOTH of Them

Tonight's GD:P... Oh, I Get It Now !!! - Didn't Quite At First !!!

Tonight's GD:P... Oh, I Get It Now !!! - Didn't Quite At First !!!

Barack in Bozeman: just started streaming 9:44 pm edt. Barack just began.

Any polls taken today comparing Obama to McCain are measuring

Obama's Map ("the" math?)

Just watching a movie and thinking

In the words of Sinead O'Connor: Supporters of both Democratic candidates, "Fight the Real Enemy!"

The more McCain campaigns, the worse his numbers will get.

Picture from House with "Change" sticker

I'm sorry, but she sounds ridiculous when she proudly proclaims that

3 Prominent Dems Reject Obama's position on meeting with Ahmadinejad

James Baker Hammers Senator John McCain on Appeasement

Obama will Start Tuesday with an Iowa SD: Dem Chair - Brennan

"..curious support...done by - of all people - Karl Rove, saying that I was the stronger candidate,”

Vote for Change '08 bumper sticker on House (Fox)

Hillary knows the Dem primary IS the race for the White House this year-she knows

Hillary : "It's time to bring the troops home!"

In honor of Senator Byrd's endorsement of Obama,

For those who insist that current polls are indicative of G.E. results - a blast from the past:

Prediction from "The Field" ::: Obama wins OR by 16 (+12 PDs). Hillary wins KY by 33 (+13 PDs)

Prediction from "The Field" ::: Obama wins OR by 16 (+12 PDs). Hillary wins KY by 33 (+13 PDs)

can someone explain this Obama quote?

US billionaire Warren Buffett backs Obama for president

Hillary touts Karl Rove's support

Hillary touts Karl Rove's support

From the hearts of New Jersey to the hearts of all

I'll admit that I'm a sexist.


MYTH: Obama Supports a Woman's Right to Choose

Price of power: McCain action helped Arizona land developer

In one way, I do wish our process was more like the Republicans

Geraldine Ferraro might vote for McCain?!?!?

Former Clinton aide, Obama strategist in talks ~ AP 16 minutes ago

For those of us at work all day, how about a quick synopsis of what happened in GD-P?

Operation Chaos distorted Hillary's vote totals - they won't vote for her in the GE

When Will It End?

For those that need a second wind...

Frances Perkins: FDR's secretary of labor in 1932

The mental clarity of post-menopause

The mental clarity of post-menopause

Did anyone watch CNN's "We Were Warned" yesterday? It was

Did anyone watch CNN's "We Were Warned" yesterday? It was

133 to 18

You may laugh, and that's OK, but I think the GE might very well be

Is the Bush Nightmare causing the intensity of our internal fight?

The first and last time the supers over rode the delgate choice Dems got their asses handed to them

Heard a new argument today. It's pretty good.

Those over there are not giants, but windmills.

Those over there are not giants, but windmills.

Hillary, dear, you can't have it both ways...the MAP or the MATH...

Rachael Maddow had the highest rated news program last Friday!!!!

Major alternative news in Louisville reporting that Clinton will concede Tuesday night

How Does Hillary's Stance On Iran Differ From McCain's?

Spotlight falls on Kentucky, Oregon

Herbert Kicks Ass and Takes Names Later....

Poll question: could Obama energize black turnout to the point he makes the South competitive?

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton now thinks Karl Rove's a political genius

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton now thinks Karl Rove's a political genius

Will Obama's clinching of the majority of elected delegates bring on massive SD support in the 3 day

CNN online poll re. the Iran dust-up

Does Obama have a loyalty problem...

Local news reports in Tampa: Dean is meeting Obama and Hillary staff today.

COUNTDOWN TO THE NOMINATION: 14.5 to a majority of pledged delegates; 110 to secure the nomination

Clinton supporters count too.

Sexism. Hillary and supporters have it both ways.

Obama takes Novak as credible source, slams Hillary based on Novak's words.

Obama ADOPTED into Montana Indian tribe!

The GOP is a smoudlering wreck and bushie is now as weak as a prez could be

It’s Washington style politics for Obama

A call for peace.

A call for peace.

A call for peace.

A call for peace.

Are the polls closed yet?

Obama is really going to suck..

dialog with Clinton supporter on FL/MI - a dramatization

OMFG! Jerus. Official quoted today "B* Plans to Attack Iran Before Term Ends"! STOP B*/MCCAIN NOW!!!

OMFG! Jerus. Official quoted today "B* Plans to Attack Iran Before Term Ends"! STOP B*/MCCAIN NOW!!!

"Poor uneducated white people who are not voting for Obama are racist.".....

myrtle strong enemy

When mccain critisizes Obama on Iran, all Obama needs to do is cite the Baker/Hamilton report

Reminiscing before my 13th Democratic primary vote (KY).

Obama, US Gluttony and the Global Food Crisis

Yo Obama, when you come to Orlando, come to a place where everyone can see you!

Doomed to sink but I don't care.....

McCain Reaching Out To RW Extreme Elements For Judicial Advisement

swords to ploughshares

The Hillary supporters won't answer some easy questions about their candidate

I solved the Dilemma....I am going to

I solved the Dilemma....I am going to

Terry McAuliffe on MSNBC: Send money to

I Think Hillary Will Be the Veep and I Think The Deal Has Already Been Struck

Bill, sad Bill, introduces Hillary at Transylvania University

Is Rachel Maddow as Progressive as Randi Rhodes?

Is Rachel Maddow as Progressive as Randi Rhodes?

Tomorrow in Florida I wonder if another big name democrat will stride on stage to endorse Obama?...

Being forced to the back of the bus........what that means to me.

Cleared Gitmo Chaplain Is Obama Delegate

Wolfson is on CNN barking this 2210 Bullshit!!! and they are not calling him out! WTF!!!

NYT - "Obama Adopted by Native Americans" (Crow ceremony)

In US election, every (written) word counts

My white, poorly educated blue collar drinking buddy voted Obama

It looks like Barack Obama is drawing audiences as big as Roosevelt did

Obama first to visit Indian Reservation

Clintons Court Kentucky (pics)

I almost got into a multi-car accident

Clinton: Karl Rove analysis supports me as strongest candidate

This is Karl Rove's idea of the GE on Obama v McCain, and my counter map included here.

I hate to tell you..but at this point, treat diehard Hillarites as you would

Gosh, just imagine if the MSM had parsed *'s words as assiduously as they do Obama's?

Short video excerpt of massive Portland rally Sunday, w/ crowd scenes and (brief) backstage

Barack Obama is a man of courage and conviction.

How should Hillary court the Puerto Rico vote?

For those who think Wes Clark should be VP...only 1 President During the 20th Century was a General

For me a line was crossed yesterday

Did anyone see the Hillary's Downfall video?

Michelle should be off limits, but if they want to play that game, bring on Cindy McCain. . .

Clinton Campaign warns Obama About Taking Victory Lap.....

Criticism and Betrayal - Quotable Quotes - YMMV

Hillary Supporters: If the tables were turned the math was flipped, what would you say to Barack?

Hillary (who accused Obama of using "Rove's Playbook) uses Rove's Playbook"

TPM Cafe: Should Cindy McCain's Brain Damage Be a Campaign Issue?

remnants of a late night thread on DU ("elitism", or "not this shit again!")

Clinton fights on, Obama returns to Iowa

to everyone who votes for Clinton today

Clinton's parallel universe

Mass. Repukes can't even get enough signatures to put 2nd idiot on ballot to run against John Kerry

O will lose the primary, this I know, becuase 6 month old polls tell me so...

Why didn't Hillary pull her name from the MI ballot?

Video: Biggest rally yet

Do they do exit polls for Oregon? There are plenty of blue collar workers in the state

What if Hillary Treated Iowa like Obama Treated Kentucky & WVa?

So many people who know the Clintons best are supporting Obama. Why??????

Should Puerto Rico count towards the mythical popular vote total?

WaPo -- "Cease Fire"

Low turnout in my Kentucky polling station

Clinton's accusation of sexism might be more ingenuous and positive if

Clinton: Racism hasn't been a factor in this campaign

Is today the deadline day for April financial numbers to be reported?

Let's play guess the FEC filing...

Clinton Keeps Up Fight as Staff Tenions Rise - Kool Aid Drinkers want her to keep fighting

Stay in the race and fight until the end, Hillary!

Mad Props To Rodeodance


Change We Can Believe In

I am somewhat regretting a post that I made last night about Hillary's mental health....

2 more Superdelegates for Obama

Obama Adopted by Native Americans (Video Link)

I can't help it. I love listening to Robert Casey's voice

Jim Webb fans - he's on NPR's Fresh Air this afternoon

On Clinton and Obama...

MP3: "I'm Too Sexist" song

This Modern World: The strategist: Superdelegates have to intervene on Hillary's behalf!

John McCain needs to reject and denounce Mike Hucklebee's NRA remarks

In light of tonight's primaries, funny (yet informative) Wonkette piece on Pat Buchanan and MSNBC

In light of tonight's primaries, funny (yet informative) Wonkette piece on Pat Buchanan and MSNBC

Democrats: enjoy this day

Obama's inner circle & Big Media

Who does she think she's fooling? Clinton's magical Southern accent.

They just reported Kennedy

How Obama can win the GE.

Anatomy of a Right Wing Myth: Obama is the most liberal Democratic Senator

Thank you KP...quite well done!

The cult of personality

I can no longer support Barack Obama

General election polls: Obama +8 PA, tied in New Mexico; Edwards best VP pick

KY 51-25? Where's the other 24%?

SUSA PA Poll: Obama 48, McCain 40

What a Terrible Injustice!

Thank you mods!

gender issue lives on as clinton's hopes dim

gender issue lives on as clinton's hopes dim

Hillary is a manager, not a leader. She needs to stay in the Senate.

Definitions from an English graduate. Today's term: self-fulfilling prophecy

Did Seating FL & MI Late Affect the Vote?

I'm getting spammed from individuals in the Hillary campaign

Post your favorite bits of inane bullshit from Hillary is 44

Why is Mario Cuomo pushing an Obama - Clinton ticket?

I have never asked Hillary to drop out; neither has Obama...

Karl Rove Using Michelle Obama Video to Raise $ for 'Swift Boat' Groups

Have men been discriminated against?

I Voted Today!!!!

Maddow, Ferraro on gender factor

HRC people still posting negative BO stuff

Here are your water skiis Hillary, the shark is waiting.

What is Clinton doing?

Just voted for Hillary in Kentucky.

Senator Dodd, Governor Richardson Strongly Respond to McCain's Hardline Cuba Attacks on Obama

Sexism vs. Racism: The Obama & Clinton Campaigns

WOW!! Hillary supporters are VERY upset judging by the number of posts...

Abc just said he is suffering from Brain Cancer.

MGH statement on Kennedy tumor

Poll: Obama gaining support with key Clinton demographics

Breaking: Kennedy Has a Malignant Brain Tumor

Let's be honest--all this was inevitable.

CNN showed some woman say "a woman's place is in the home" about Hillary

Send Teddy a note with this link my fellow democrats

***** Protecting the Constitutional Right to Vote for All Americans = Senate Judiciary *****

My 2nd outrage post re: Ferraro/Dirt off his shoulder gesture. . .IT WASN'T FUCKING ABOUT HILLARY!

People who would support Mcsame over Obama were never Democrats to begin with...

Karl rove is.....

Karl rove is.....

MI Primary- If you were on the ballot, you were "participating"

Bring on the bogus claims of sexism.

Aren't the campaign finance figures due today?

*************Top Ten Mistakes Barack Obama Might Make************

*************Top Ten Mistakes Barack Obama Might Make************

Why do you think Pat Buchanan is such a Hillary Fan?

More women support Obama now?

John Edwards is a sexist

Send Your Best Wishes For Sen. Kennedy

Send Your Best Wishes For Sen. Kennedy

Can't the CNN mouthpieces KEEP QUIET for even one single moment?

Mitchell: The myth of the "white working class" vote as part of the Dem coalition

Grandpa gets confused AGAIN- he DOESN'T KNOW who leader of Iran is!

List of issues that Democrats should agree on but don't because of this primary:

There is a war coming...

Clinton horns in on Obama's planned trip to Florida

Nobody does it better. (Tribute to Ted Kennedy)

On the generosity of the American spirit.

Obama 'broadening' Democratic base

Should Michelle Obama be off limits?

Do you want Hillary to withdraw from the race now? Today?

Will Obama call Biden and Hart cowboys, or will he wise up and listen?

My friends parents live in Florida and ...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 199 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Bill Clinton Blames media for Obama's delegate lead

Maybe we can take a few minutes off from fighting and come together for our Great Elder Statesman

Maybe we can take a few minutes off from fighting and come together for our Great Elder Statesman

If we were grading on the standard grade scale...

If we were grading on the standard grade scale...

Will John McCain have a foaming at the mouth temper tantrum rage moment this campaign season?

Must listen: Teddy's 1980 democratic convention speech.

Who Was First Circumcised President?

An argument to Hillary's supporters about the importance of voting for Obama

Poll What will the Clinton talking point be Tomorrow?

She can still WIN !

The GOP Is Using Overblown Sexism Charges Against Hillary To Divide Democrats

May Filings should be posted on FEC website today (5/20)

Re: Sending Messages to Ted Kennedy

The "Fox News is the most fair and balanced" thread...

Did anyone see the SUSA prospective ticket matchups?

Many more viable female candidates; not enough viable minority candidates...

Flag Pin-Gate: Idiocy Revealed!

THE MATH Daily Widget – Tuesday, May 20 – Wigand +0.07

Senator Edward Kennedy: His Greatest Speech, His Moving Words, His Vision for Us

OBAMA only needs 5.6% to get to 2209

OBAMA only needs 5.6% to get to 2209

If the RBC Follows it current rules this thing is over when the last precinct reports in in MT

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton and her supporters for winning Kentucky!

What in the holy hell is the problem?

What Will Women Lose if McCain is POTUS

self delete

Hillary only needs 5.9% to win the nomination!

Who here really believes that McCain will be serious competition

John McCain just had some nice words for the ailing Ted Kennedy...

Thank you, janesez!

Are Geraldine Ferarro's accusations of sexism a cover for her own racism?

It's simple: If we lose in 2008, it's because not enough people voted for Obama.

Don't Count Her Out Yet! Hillary Closes the Gallup Gap.


Hillary supporters: Doesn't Obama's sexism make you sick?

I'm a Nielson Family for a few more what do you

Gallup: Key Clinton voters are shifting to Obama

Is Hillary a good candidate for women?

Exit poll: take with a grain of salt, please

I'm sitting here watching Geraldine Ferraro screaming sexism on Fox news

Geraldine Ferraro! What an old pile of bile bashing Obama

Ferraro on Faux going on and on about how sexist the media and the Obama campaign are...

Do you think Hillary will get more than a couple minutes of

Who is your family voting for in the GE?

I'm Not Ready To Make Nice.

Are the American people stupid enough to elect another Republican??

So Pat Buchanan says:

Watching Dodd and Kerry get choked up puts this together for me.

What is Hillary talking about here? Has the Obama campaign been "misogynist"?

I have a slightly sexist comment for all men here...

I have a slightly sexist comment for all men here...

The Math

The Math

I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's the LOSER's job to unify their supporters...

My daydream: Tonight Obama goes out onto a stage surrounded by 50 SDs

My daydream: Tonight Obama goes out onto a stage surrounded by 50 SDs

Isn't it Ironic that Hill Supporters are linking to a video

Perot leads Bush and Clinton in CNN/Time poll, May 18, 1992

Obama: a sexist b#$tard?

Did Thom Hartman ever announce who he voted for?

WTF!!!! Kentucky polls ain't even closed yet and MSNBC are running the vote count already

Umm... There's something wrong with John McCain.

Tonight is the Gatorade being dumped on the coach

A poll of perceptions of sexism.

History buffs: Isn't the May/June timeframe when these noms are normally sewn up?

Would Hillary even accept a VP slot?

Kentucky results are starting to come in

For those who say Hillary has more chance of beating McCain than Barack...

Obama On Reports of Unfair Treatment Towards Clinton

Has anyone heard about voter turnout in KY? My TV is off...n/t

Tonights opening act: Hillary wins Kentucky

Hillary is five votes from the nomination

Question about required delegates.

So, what time do the polls close in Oregon tomorrow, and more to the point ,

So, what time do the polls close in Oregon tomorrow, and more to the point ,

KY, just like jelly goes for MY FUCKING GURL!!!

I've been gone since Sat. morning. Did I miss anything?

Hillary wholeheartedly supports destroying American jobs: Goddess of Outsourcing

"Barack Black Eagle"

Hillary's popular vote count proven to be completely bogus per ABC

If things go as projected

Olberman: At what point does a person who endorses fox news and Karl Rove cease being a democrat?

Fellow 'Obamatrons' - Do You *Dare* Take The Pledge?

"The Media Hates Hillary" is shaping up to be a pretty groovy album...

After hearing about Ted Kennedy...

What I really, really want for Ted Kennedy

Ed Kock says he may support McCain over Obama????

What a shame that Obama's victory tonight will be tempered

Conversations in a Kentucky Bar on Primary Election Eve

Question here: Aren't the FEC Fundraising Disclosure reports due today?

Kentucky Exit Polling Released - CNN

What does Obama have planned for tomorrow?

This Bob Bazell hack on MSNBC is pissing me off.

This Bob Bazell hack on MSNBC is pissing me off.

Hillary :51%, Obama45% with 7% of the vote in Kentucky

Where's Rachel Maddow tonight?

"We'll always have WV and KY"

"We'll always have WV and KY"

Announcing the Wigand Electoral Average (WEA): Obama 49.07, McCain 50.93

Announcing the Wigand Electoral Average (WEA): Obama 49.07, McCain 50.93

We are in GE Mode... so yesterday I ordered a couple


What are Hillary and Bill afraid of?

Being a so-called Bitter Boomer is why I am voting for Obama...

If things go as projected

If things go as projected

Help our nominee let's bring a civil case in October!

The most -ist/-ism campaign I've ever seen.

Bird Brain-Video! CAA__UTE!

Terry McSpin on MSNBC saying after June 3rd the remaining SDs will go for Clinton..what a douche'

"My Lady Parts Do Not Ache for Hillary Clinton"..Alison Benedikt

Wow! Clinton is jumping on this sexism mantra.

Why can't Clinton stop the constant, persistent superdelegate flow to Obama?

New PA and NM Polls Reveal Obama/Edwards To Be Strongest Dem Ticket & Obama/Sebelius To Be Weakest.

Hillary citing Rove today = she has gone off the deep end!

So Hillary voters will refuse to vote for the DEMOCRATIC candidate because she won't be it?

Congratulations to Hillary and her supporters on their big win!

Clinton didn't just break through the 'glass floor,' she set a new low for floors in general

I'm Off to the Bar to Celebrate!!!

It's a shame Barack can't celebrate a milestone tonight for fear of hurting Hillary's feelings

Obama the Sexist

Guys - my latest column - on Michelle Obama - made HuffPo.

Bill Richardson to campaign for Obama in Puerto Rico

"A typical male"??!!! Who is sexist now?

Sending prayers and all the luck in the world out to Teddy.

Does anybody know when Obama will speak?


Congrat to Sen. Clinton for her tenacity during this contest!

West Virginia and now Kentucky only states without record turnouts??

Is Hillary Clinton losing this thing because she relied too heavily on misogynists?

Please, 1 thread for us Clinton supporters, please respect it.

Sweet ...

BREAKING: McCain - major gaffe!

Only Terry McAuliffe could turn a SURE THING into a loss!!!

What has happened in Hillary's campaign that is "deeply offensive to millions of women"?

A toast to the moderators for another timely pizza delivery - EarlG too!

Hillarylogic... where the very laws of physics do not apply

If you demonize those who disagree with you into racists and crazies...

If you demonize those who disagree with you into racists and crazies...

Go ask Alice when she's ten feet tall...

Some exit polls >>>

BREAKING: Mark McKinnon is leaving the McCain campaign...."don't want to work against Obama"

Why are some people so intensely loyal to Hillary?

If you add up the attendance at Hillary's last 15 events, it doesn't reach 75,000.....

Senator Kennedy & Family at the Hospital ---pix--->>>

I would like to propose a gift to Sen Kennedy.

We can't save you from yourselves

WOW! Terry McAuliffe is a fool!

Congrats to Clinton on KY, Congrats to Obama on OR and...

It's obvious neither Dem candidate is a sure win in November.

Clinton donor meeting with Dean in Tampa tonight..she needs to stay in "anything can happen."

All this faux concern over Florida & Michigan is just so touching

All this faux concern over Florida & Michigan is just so touching

Would you tell this woman to "shut up and get with the program"?

Message Received: Hillary Supporters Can Swing This Election

Should Hillary accept VP slot if offered?

Pledged Delegate Majority Day - hardly something for Obama to be proud of. ON TO DENVER!

Pledged Delegate Majority Day - hardly something for Obama to be proud of. ON TO DENVER!

Pledged Delegate Majority Day - hardly something for Obama to be proud of. ON TO DENVER!

Sneaking a peek @ Obama (cute pic) in Billings

Remember...FEC filing deadline is TONIGHT!! (HRC debt watch)

Barack Obama Loyalty Quiz

Obama acknowledges some sexist media coverage in the campaign.

Do you scrapbook, and do you believe that sexism played a role in this primary?

Do you scrapbook, and do you believe that sexism played a role in this primary?

Hillary Clinton will never concede and this is all about her run for 2012

Latte hate


Latte hate

I proudly cast my vote for Barack Obama today in Kentucky!


Top Ten Less Profound Reasons I Support Obama

Top Ten Less Profound Reasons I Support Obama

The Media Never Did Get Around To "Vetting" Hillary. They Went Easy On Her.

We make our decisions for the damnedest reasons. I will now support Barack Obama

We make our decisions for the damnedest reasons. I will now support Barack Obama

Some Great News for All Democrats

Geraldine you miserable F'ing BIGOT, you think brushing the dirt of his shoulder makes Obama sexist?

Geraldine you miserable F'ing BIGOT, you think brushing the dirt of his shoulder makes Obama sexist?

Who should Obama replace lost constituencies with?

RE: Gerri Ferraro on the Today Show--Sexist, my ass!

In honor of Ted Kennedy, I have posted my last divisive post on DU.



The New Math...Hillary and her donors claim lead in popular vote.

Grandpa rated as "America's WORST Senator for Children" by non-partisan Children's Defense Fund

My response to Hillary supporters crying sexism: BOO HOO HOO.

** Obama Delegate Countdown 108 to nomination *** 14.5 to pledged del majority

Myers-Briggs, Obama, & Clinton

One of the many reasons I want Hillary Clinton to be our nominee

If Hillary got 68% in every remaining election, PLUS 68% of the remaining superdelegates

As my 1000th post, I am calling this: Congratulations on your nomination Barack Obama ! ! !

MYTH: "Obama never did any political favors for Tony Rezko"

After seeing what I saw today, I am seriously concerned for Hillary's Mental Health

The 800-lb Gorilla in the Room

Barack Obama's Best Choice for VP: Joe Biden

I will admit it Obama FAILED in Kentucky

Women to the barricades : eMail leaked from prominent Clinton supporter

Why don't those hillbillies like Obama?

Come morning, I expect to be an Obama supporter

Today I found out that it is true

I am a woman. I believe Hillary's campaign is playing the "gender card"

What does it say when only 33% of HRC voters will vote for Obama but 70% of Obama voters...

KO has a Special Comment postscript

Wes Clark annoys me and shouldn't be VP

2210, no such number; Obama clinches the pledged delegate majority today. Period.

Rachel was a PINCH HITTER! on Friday!

Most Clinton voters in Kentucky not willing to support Obama

Clinton supporters won't vote for Obama because they are racist?

McCain and his fired lobbyist/campaign folks story on KO, he really is The Manchurian Candidate.

Why has Hillary suddenly become Rove's 'baby'

WTF? Floyd County Kentucky 91% to 5% for Hillary?

KO is undressing Bush in public tonight about his interview with Richard Engel...

Read this: "The Fall of Conservatism" - New Yorker Article

McCain's Spiritual Guide....... right wing fundie..... Rev. Rod Parsley

Could you imagine if Obama played up racism like Clinton is sexism?

'Disaster fatigue' leads to drop in giving

Malcolm X would have been 83 years old today!

Thanks Keith for saying what many of us know

Bush is nutz .... who just saw him on Keith Olbermann?

Falling BS

Think you can't be blacklisted from the high seas? Meet the Morans

KKKarl Rove is a traitor! Most here would agree. Why would Hillary

has anybody noticed that the fatherland "security" nazis

Unleashed: Unanswered 9/11 questions

Oil transition (PO going main stream)

Caterers Find (DNC) Eco-Standards Tough To Chew

If Obama loses the GE....

FDR part II starting now on PBS' "The American Experience"

heard on the radio this morning that a bunch of Astrologers are prediction Biden for VP

Multi-cat owners on the board? We can use some help

which exterminator service should the new Democratic President use

John King may be leaving CNN:(:(

Texas (Dem) Voter Fraud? Want to know what they did or yes, Repubs ARE evil

How are DU Floridians dealing with all that SMOKE? Or, is Media exaggerating it?

Does your mailman park at the corner and walk thte route to save gas?

Does your mailman park at the corner and walk thte route to save gas?

The real TRUTH about abstinence

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Rachel's last fill in for Keith got the highest rated cable news show all day.

Main Core? Tin Foil or substantive, I don't know,

Who gave what to which campaign? Go to http://fundrace huffingtonpost com to find out.

It's all about the hand - where's it going? (warning - gross picture)

I was wondering if anyone knows -

America Brings Hell to Somalia

An historical tidbit for those watching The Tudors series:

People getting salmonella from handling dog food

Bill Gates gives mother of pearl-clad Xbox 360 to South Korean President


‘Disaster fatigue’ blamed for drop in giving

When McCain becomes too big a liability, who will they replace him with?

A Letter to America - by David Boren

When democrats win the White House and sweep the U.S. Congress, just how

Not Diebold this time ... electronic horse wagering fails

Why do so many people hate Barack Obama?

Wow, I didn't realize Raw Story has White House press credentials

No inflation if you don't eat or drive

Did I catch this right? The Canucks denied entry to Powell due to their

Am I being paranoid?

Definition of "quid pro quo"

Reforming The Primaries

Press, Democratic Party guilty of "misogynistic holocaust"?

Lieberman makes a move for cheap and shoddy headlines at YouTube's expense.

Morans banned from Royal Caribbean Line Cruises!

Republicans Are The Past! Democrats Are The Future! Have not gone through

New Light Source Lasts 15 Years Without a Recharge

John Dean: "If Teddy knew the bear trap he was walking into at Chappaquiddick" --

Rachel Maddow on Today now with Meredith V, and

Jon Lester just pitched a "no hitter"

do you think there is any chance at all that the Bushies will attempt the "unthinkable"

McCain's purge of lobbyists is only highlighting his problem

Rachel Maddow beats Bill O'reilly in the Friday demo

Psycho Christians And the Media

Al Gore Hosting Major Fundraising Event For DNC Uniting Clinton And Obama Donors

Shoppers to 'abandon organic food to cut bills'

Donor Fatigue? Oh really? I say "bullshit" is the ECONOMY stupid

AlterNet: Iraq Vets Testify to War Atrocities, Vow to Fight and Resist Bush Policy

C-SPIN First caller - why so pro-obama? Why no good conservatives?

McCain to release medical records Friday (supposedly)

Venezuela accuses US of air violation

In Myanmar, cyclone survivors live with the dead

Obama is (not) a Muslim

Dream on, Pastor: Churches hope for stimulus checks:

MN Gov Pawlenty accused of “class warfare” . (Foreclosures)

ACU to Liberal Congress: Come Clean (Take a look, notice something strange?)

Kevin Phillips - The Old Titans All Collapsed. Is the U.S. Next?

Iran busts CIA terror network

Thank you to whomever gave me a star!

We won't be quiet, we won't go away, we won't politely watch Dem men lose the GE again

Hospital Attempts Deportation of Woman With Inadequate Insurance

Cartoon (Bob Rogers) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: really smashes Bush**'s "Golf" remark

So Hillary's lead in the popular vote


The Bin Laden-Bush Consensus

Producer Prices, excluding Food, Energy, Increase More than Forecast

The GW Bush of the art world

We have many talented DUers who also have cafe press accounts

Leahy up on the Senate floor talking about Judicial Appointees

McCain & Lieberman....

McCain & Lieberman....

So - Jon Stewart is making a difference in Georgia??

TODAY on C-SPAN: Senate Committee = Fiscal Year 2009 Defense Budget

New record for oil prices: it crosses $129 per barrel

Sen. Webb on NPR's 'Fresh Air' Today (Tue, 5/20)

Ali Khamenei NOT Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has the FINAL SAY on military matters

(VFP) May 1, 2008 Troop Engagement Actions (xpost from Veterans)

Racial Woes: GOP Fails To Recruit Minorities

Update on Honeybee Germans Emergency Suspension

'Marketplace' Report: Newshour to Die?


Crazy Uncle Sam's Going-Out-of-Business Sale: All Items MUST GO!: Today, the Penn Turnpike

Bee talk with President Bush

The Rude Pundit: Ten Other Ways John McCain Is Like Jesus (Christ, That Is)

NY Times: Economic Tide is Rising for the Repo Man

Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

Oil crosses $129 for first time, heads for $130

Home Depot reports 66 pct drop in first-quarter profit on housing weakness, one-time charge

More Ohio nutfuckery

Sam Seder vs Marc Maron is going on right now

How does it work when we close down GD:P?

Good News For Democrats (Cross-post from GD:P)

Home Run for Rachel Maddow

***** C-SPAN LIVE - Senate Approps. Subcmte. on Defense = FY 2009 DoD BUDGET *****

McCain saber rattling against Cuba on my tee vee.

Bumper sticker last night

Eating Habits Poll

Geraldine Ferraro Please Do Us all A Favor

Bush to sign Genetic Non-Discrimination Act tomorrow?

Congress's $3.5 million "bake sale" for the Boy Scouts

Protesters angry over cull of 400 kangaroos in Canberra, Australia

A challenge for the anti-gun folks

The day I drove Ted Kennedy around Madison in 2004

Wash. Journal had 2 criminals as guests this morning

One Country’s Table Scraps, Another Country’s Meal

KC Star OUTSOURCES to India, employees to train their replacements

Someone tell me why Hillary has Puerto Rico...

how likely do you think an attack on iran before * leaves office is?

Food Crisis Spreading Like a 'Rolling Tsunami of Social Unrest'

Speak With Leading Iraq Veteran Against War

Speak With Leading Iraq Veteran Against War

AP: Ted Kennedy Has A Brain Tumor

AP: Kennedy has brain tumor

Oil went to just a hair under 130 today

GAS PRICES and Excess Profits. Whitehouse on Senate floor LIVE now.

The Problem with Capitalism or

Whaddya think of Jim Webb for VP? n/t

Which statement do you think BEST describes the "friend"/"enemy"...

Congratulations Rep. Travis Childers of Mississippi,

Who the fuck is this screaming old coot on my teevee screen?

Shocking Proof That McCain Hates America

6 degrees if seperation of the Bush family.

'Bush apology' for Koran shooting

Town Sees Cluster Of Brain Tumor Cases

Appeals court upholds that US money discriminates against the blind

Want to help the cyclone victims in Myanmar (Burma)?

Have the Democrats joined the march to war with Iran? - Today’s Headlines 5/20/08

The State of Ourselves...

How many gay men, lesbians, bisexuals or transsexuals have been sexually harassed or similar?

"Patriotism"=easy, good citizenship=incredibly difficult and getting harder

Request: Anyone have that image of Boosh meeting the 2 school girls

This Tangled Web We Weave

Anyone else just a little suspicious...


James Baker: "Talking to an enemy is not, in my view, appeasement."

Hillary's Campaign: A Proxy For Women's Rights?

A real holocaust ( Extreme Holocaust Graphic Content Warning)

The US (world?) is afflicted with Otherism

Mom forced to live in car with dogs

Oliver North is in protective custody at FOX.

McCain doesn't even know who the leader of Iran is.... REALLY!!

What was the reaction by Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin

Repuke Snarl Gallery

TEDTalk Tuesday: Making Diseases Less Deadly

MSNBC: Sen. Edward Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor

the REAL APPEASERS: The Coalition of the Willing

Damn... that's a FINE ride....

**** PLEASE look to see if there are any Kennedy brain tumor threads before you create one ****

Bush**: "Sen. Kennedy is in his prayers" What a crock. Kennedy is one of Bush**'s

Alzheimer's Cure On the Horizon

Let's send Teddy our get-well wishes

If you want to send a get well item to Ted Kennedy - consider giving Teddy Bears to Fire Depts/hosp.

Guidelines for the Gungeon?

People always describe Ted Kennedy as a "lion". I think it's due to his awesome hair.

A Pictorial Tribute to Teddy... (Dial-up warning)

Huntingon Hartford II died yesterday at 97

Iran's Supreme Leader issued a fatwa against Nuclear Weapons in 2005

He's much more than just a politician.

This news about Ted Kennedy is really ruining my day.

Psycho Christians and the media

LIEberman to Google - Tells them to CENSOR CONTENT

Take this sad situation and do something about it

Dave Lindorff: Big John McCain and the Scary Iran Threat

Come on people, let's muster up some positive energy for Ted!

This is incredible.

To call Ted Kennedy "one of President Bush's greatest adversaries" is to INSULT Sen Kennedy.

Everyone ready for another night of MSM squawking about Obama's "white working class problem"?

OMG, we're VOTING FOR HIM. Shut up!

Trent Lott's seat to the (D) column

WHOOPS! Gary Bauer calls the California Supreme Court "unelected radicals", WRONG!

How long before we have this happening in America?

Do TSA, "anti-illegal-immigration" roadblocks, in-your-face-cops,

Randi; Hillary Will Run As An Independent

Whooooo Hhoooooo. A new DEM introduced NOW in the House. REP. TRAVIS CHILDERS

With the coming oil shock , and millions of people falling into abject poverty

A big thank you to my anonymous friend.

Putting the brakes on giraffe women

Fannie CEO sees steep home-price drop

The Man Who Couldn't Go Home - blog

EPA: Who Cares If Chief Changed His Mind on Emissions (after talking to wh)?

Huckabee endorses GOP Chairman Glenn McCall, praises his committment to "one man one woman" marriage

Google tells LieberBush to go f*ck himself.

This is one of those days

Poor white woman living in a car...

Was Keith the first to bring Rachel Maddow into the MSNBC fold?

Get wounded in Iraq? bush, "It is their fault they volunteered"

Free Republic is locking Kennedy threads to cover up their glee.

Congress takes on Oil and food prices



OK - I finally watched the season finale of House -

Are up-to-date dictionaries the best source for the definitions of words?

Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism

Racist Willie Horton Ad Author Accuses Democrats of Racism in Racist Publication-my head is spinning Takes On McCain and Cornyn in New TV Ads

To all of my fellow Massachusetts people, past and present,

U.S. House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices

Thank you Teddy Kennedy

I rode an elevator with Mittens and spouse at Logan Airport... ask me anything..

Is It Me Or Is MSNBC Talking About Teddy Kennedy In The Past Tense.....

As US Threatens Iran Over Enriching Uranium, Bush Promises to Give Enriched Uranium to Saudi Arabia

Karl Rove's sly deal with Fox (Salon)

Stripping democracy of its power

I have been on a field trip all day. I just heard about Sen. Kennedy

Sen Byrd is making me cry too...n/t

My Dedication to Ted Kennedy...

ACLU Blog of Rights

(Not) Keeping Up with Our Parents: Just Being Middle Class Is Becoming out of Reach

Feeling Down ??? - Can We Have Your Liver Then ???

Feeling Down ??? - Can We Have Your Liver Then ???

Suggestion For Gift For Sen. Kennedy

House Conservatives to Offer Ideas for G.O.P. Message

Chafee: ‘It’s a different John McCain’ running for president than the one I served with in the Senat

Have We Really Hit Peak Oil?

Byrd 'distraught and shaken' 2:49 VIDEO

***Breaking on CNN! Doctors say Sen. Edward Kennedy has brain tumor

What I really, really want for Ted Kennedy

Having had two brain tumors removed in the past seven years, my heart goes out to Teddy

McCain: We'll Miss him for that and many other reasons

NRA and Obama

I'm wondering if Barack will roll out a huge Super Delegate in Iowa tonight? n/t

So Bush Finally apologizes for something..

Which is more rampant?

I was driving home from the PX when I heard the news of Kennedy's tumor

Sen. Jim Webb is on Fresh Air right now

41% in Kentucky dems said they'd vote for McSameasbush.....

What's best?

Youtube Talks of Free Speech but Banned This Vid

Here is my prayer for Senator Ted Kennedy...

Well, this ought to go over well...NOT!

Congressional Election Predictions

a new low, now they are saying to STOP DIAGNOSING PTSD

Eight Rules for a Brilliant Campaign

My cousin survived brain cancer that had spread throughout her body.

Obama is SO KICKING ASS on the Cuba Issue (on Wolf)

January 19, 2009: The Exact Day Bush Will Attack Iran

EPA Chief's Stonewalling Sends Waxman Into Gavel-Pounding Rage

Last Day to Stop Feds Taking DNA in Civil Disobedience Arrests

The most poignant memory I have of Uncle Teddy was watching him during the death of John John

CNN post worth voting/

Oil crosses $129 for first time, heads for $130

Teddy Kennedy: He's not dead yet!

Free Washington, DC Trip To Talk To The DNC Committee May 31st.

My Prediction On The 2008 Electoral Result

Joe Scarborough is such a pissant. That is all. (n/t)

If we're at Peak Oil why are massaive Tire Kingdom signs burning all night

Whatever happened to Condi Rice?

The Real Villain in the World Food Crisis

Why are white people from Spain not considered white in the USA?

Inverted Totalitarianism: A New Way of Understanding How the U.S. Is Controlled

Octafish's A Fan Letter from Hell up at OpEdNews. Go digg it!

New NSA Whistleblower Tells of Faulty WMD Evidence

What Ted Kennedy Means To Massachusetts

"The fight for health care has been the driving dream of my public service..."

How best to honor the work of Ted Kennedy

Is there such a thing as reading too much?

Senator McCain’s Medical Records: Will They Include Psychiatric Records re PTSD?

If Ted Kennedy is going to die...

So we're all headed for the Gubmint Detention facilities--the ones Halliburton

An idea for Congress if it wishes to help Ted Kennedy

Jack Abramoff: John McCain’s other Lobbyist problem...

Pics of Senator Kennedy from today:

ACLU: DOJ Report Reveals Senior Government Officials Knew Early on of Interrogation Abuse...

Clips of Senators' statements on Kennedy

A youtube clip of what has to be reTHUGS destroying a Prius

When did you know the Bush maladministration would be THIS bad?

North Carolinians -- y'all doing okay in this storm?

Tuesday TOON Updates part 2-GOP's gone a little stale...

oh no! vet kills himself, wife joins him

YouTube refuses Lieberman request

Senator Kennedy avatar?

If we REALLY want to honor Teddy...Let's Work Like Hell to WIN!

FLOWERS FOR TED KENNEDY - the great liberal lion!

Poll: Democratic Convention Keynote Speaker?

Are you afraid of the Federal government?

Jury acquits six in protest

Another "Special Comment" coming up from KO....

Ohio Students' Hotel Room Doors Duct-Taped Shut

Digital TV Transition Not as Easy as Advertised

For more than 45 years Senator Ted Kennedy has fought for our rights...

NRA Convention - No Guns Allowed

Prescott Bush/Nazi link today: "The Bushes and Hitler's Appeasement" by Robert Parry

Who do you think will be the first RW jerk to say something stupid about Teddy's diagnosis?

Critics Slam Boston Doctor Who Offers Sex Change Treatment to Kids

Do you think that we have hit Peak Oil?

Do you know what is best for everyone else?

Artifact from the American Dark Age: Creationism in US High Schools and Society

Stop calling Bush's Grandfather an "appeaser"

***** C-SPAN next: OIL Cartels & OIL Supplies *****

Progressives should welcome higher gas prices

What is the worst thing the bush/cheney years have done to America?

The End of America: Letter of Warming to a young Patriot: Required watching

Tuesday TOON Updates part 1- Are we insane?

As horrible as it is to hear about Sen. Kennedy...

Under 40s poll: Are you better off than your parents?

An Open Message To The Klan

Rep. Wexler: Inherent Contempt for Rove

Head of the Klan said somebody from the south will take out Obama,

U.S. House leaders say military action against Iran cannot be ruled out

Media is already speculating on Kennedy's replacement. I think he will stay until the very end tho

Recommend if you want the hate mailbag updated!

Mom forced to live in car with dogs

Abortions, Gays, and Illegals OH MY!

The Infantilization of the Nation of Japan is Complete - Hello Kitty Named Tourism Ambassador

Sex versus sexism

The Most Curious Thing - Why are you smiling? - NY times

so i spent the weekend with my crazy ex gf

What's for dinnah?

"Oh, I love General Meow , he's been sooo sweet since we cut him"

The Naked Gun/Enrico Pallazzo

"Make money fast" infomercials - the face of pure evil

Who Is The Biggest PEZ DU'r?

How much are you paying for hookers, booze and coke?

I like this song....... does it make me a bad person???

AUghGGH! CRY! I feel incredibly violated!

Saw Harold and Khumar yesterday

Ceramic deer? Check! Big, fake wooden well? Check!

Is the Detroit Red Wings game broadcast on-line?

A good laugh for all who are feeling down/cranky tonight

I got me one of those today==>

Earworm alert: I believe in miracles, you sexy thing!

Anyone listening to Thom Hartmann where he's saying he thinks ....

Dear Howard Fineman,

I could use some lounge vibes.


I guess I am gun shy (so to speak)

I am overcome with extreme bitchiness/crankiness

Drinking some Fat Tire out of my super awesome...

Who Is The Biggest PEV DU'r?

I am such a good person

Help! Say something good!

Thank you everyone - for the well wishes!

I am the answer to 8-Down in the May 19, 2008 NYT crossword,

Semi-technical question

I'm watching a program on "The Real Hillbillys" their term not mine...

Hey... The Tigers did not lose....

Sorrow - Bad Religion

If anyone knows of nice and relatively inexpensive lodging in


How would you answer this question?

There is a benevolent Universe - My washing machine is finally fixed

MMM - Chocolate-covered BACON.

Is there a lot of sunspot activity presently?

Remember the bird outside my window? She was busy! (dialup warning)

Just like college, man.

Dialup Warning - Photos from Running Springs

How my Sheridan has faired since his cancer surgery...


Wow - it's strange seeing places you know on TV.

There's suddenly a giant bushy vagina on my street!

Dollop Warning - Whipped Cream

The predictable nonsense about how bushco will declare martial

The predictable nonsense about how bushco will declare martial

The bad news? Bonus Baseball... The good news?

Any YouTube Experts here? I have a dumb question to ask

Gene Simmons looks terrible

Gene Simmons looks terrible

I have LOST spoilers (The Season 4 Finale) if anyone is interested.

Seven degrees of Ashling -

A Question for Winos...

Harry Truman introduced a plan for universal heatlh care.

early morning roll call!

Dirty Laundry!! People should keep mouth shut!

"Dear Mom, I no longer fear Hell for I've been to Camp Krusty.."

Bareback riding London-style.....

Hey... The Red Wings did not lose

My god, it's full of glucose.

"Bear" attack! (pic)

Island for sale - $29mil includes established homes, manor, tax haven and even a jail

So are the Foo Fighters still HIV deniers?

Is it too early to start eating chocolate?

Gotta love a job where you don't have to show up before 10...

Wow, Paul Ranum, the Singing Farmer was still at it as recently as 2006

Damn Target and its cheap crappy footwear

Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester, cancer survivor, hurls...yes, a (spoiler inside)

Damn, where is the beef in my beefaroni?

I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

First pictures of my hubby at the Bay to Breakers - Bush Whackers!

State court protects ass-crack privacy.

Anyone else here at DU look at various threads in LBN and GD

I tried to rent "Watch" last night

What is with those banner ads on the bottom of DU pages?

I tried to watch "Rent" last night

Poll: All time best ensemble comedy TV show?

Mr. Sulu Is Getting Married

A virtual ***HUG*** for WannaB please...

Favorite Political Movie

Back to work three days and I'm again retired.

My team is on a roll . . .

Women lives in her car with 2 dogs - at a parking lot setup for homeless people

Dresses from Cannes...

Funny story....

I can starve myself all I want

Ah, it has been awhile...My newest poem...

BoyMidlo is the loudest person on this planet.

Want to make an easy $5,000.00? Fight Jose Canseco.

Hiker Falls 200 Feet After Bee Attack

Morans on a cruise!

In-depth Kennedy coverage

Hello Kitty named Japan's tourism ambassador

Anyone have a jacuzzi/spa

Something Cool: The Polytheistic Kalash Tribe of Pakistan

Multi-cat owners on the board? We can use some help

Naked, drunk pilot gets lost in the woods with flight attendant...

Now, that's a fine mess

Answer me this, baseball fans:

Crap.... we are at Level 1

Advice on repainting a deck?

eeewwww Something Stinks in GD

"Thus allowing what the Greeks and Shecky Greene called a catharsis"

"Kristi Yamaguchi is a "sure bet" to win tonight on 'Dancing with the Stars.'"

Military Recruiters Turning To New Sources for Soldiers

Anyone else seen Massive Attacks new ultra depressing video?

I had a dream about DU last night.

Post here and I'll give you a breath mint

Harold Ford = Republican...

Why don't Lounge threads appear on the "Latest" page?

Roadkill from the rodent's perspective: Which vehicle would you MOST want to hit you on the highway?

I just showed some 7th graders the "Jandek on Corwood" documentary. They were a little confused.

I have a lot of fun because I am willing to ride the bus

Live one in GD-P!!

Where the hell is MrCoffee when you really need him?

Do you know people who are incapable of following directions?

Post Here and I'll give you a free psycho reading

This is incredible.

Obama/Krystal '08

Wanna see the best 'lock message' of the day?

Wanna see the best 'lock message' of the day?

Wanna see the best 'lock message' of the day?

Gorn Lizard On The Meat

room complete

I Just Had A 'Shwing' Moment

Post here and I'll give you a chocolate mint

EarlG, Giver of Tombstones, Slayer of Sockpuppets!!

EarlG, Giver of Tombstones, Slayer of Sockpuppets!!

A spider bit me on the face (unforunately not a joke)

i did it all by myself!!!!!

The 419 scam that worked

OMFG - "Top Ten Toys that Made You Gay" (VIDEO)

Lounge ladies might enjoy this video. I did.

Why are we on Level 1?

"Lizard on the meat" is the phrase of the day. Modify a thread title to include "lizard on the meat"

Check in here if you want a Tony!

I did it eeeeeee-bay

This is trippy

This is trippy

This is trippy

Check out this photo of Dubya at Jenna Bush's wedding...

Post here and I'll give you a used Lynnesin breath mint

Flying penis disrupts Garry Kasparov speech

A question to the women here. If I say that a female reporter is hot, is that sexist?

Someone in here recommended World War Z recently

Why do I get insatiably curious and "un-ignore" people?

Bartcop and KO

A farmer,a horse,and a midget with a speech impediment

"2 animals 1 cup"

I Have More Popular Votes Then Matcom

Uh oh... I think we've reached Defcon 2!


Doggie Bliss

What to do when your peers at work hate you?

IzaSparrow says the National League is "real" baseball

I'm listening to "Under the milky way" by "The Church - Remember that one?

Post here and i won't give you a fucking thing

I have had a bad day

Spring is here for sure: "Naked Pilot, Local Woman Charged After Romp In Woods"

YouTube: "How to Piss Off Robert DeNiro In 30 Seconds Or Less"

Amazing photos of a thunderstorm mixing with an ash cloud from a volcano.

Well, I'm having a mole biopsied

Well, I'm having a mole biopsied


This is heartbreaking....

lizziegrace & Dangerously Amused: A Mini DU Meetup at my place

WannaB and I went to the mall today (kitten lover alert)...

50 Worst Album Covers

For all you Doctor Who fan-boys and girls!

David A., David C., or Robb.

anyone with a mac

Latest picture of Erin and Lucky

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/20/2008)

In moving threads to the Dungeon . . .

One of our kittens died tonight.

Will you be watching the K-Y primary tonight?

Do you think Freepers use Heinz Ketchup?

Check in here if you want a pony!


ever think of posting something on du, that is true, and then realize that people

House last night. *spoilers*

I updated my web page

Post here and I'll give you a free "psychic reading" fiance and I got our first dog together about a week and a half ago, ask me anything

Gary Kasparov attacked by Flying Penis

Ted Kennedy needs our prayers right now, guys.

Who noticed that bush was sniffing during the entire interview

Vibes and Prayers for Ted Kennedy

Why would you make a good Star Trek Captain?

Very important poll: Peanut Butter

Ah fuck! I went into GDP again!

How can something be "inspected" and be missing a dozen parts

Breaking: CNN projects an OREGON victory for Hillary!

Anyone ever watch that HBO show "Rome?"

What food do you typically crave?

A job offer is being delivered

I know this happens all the time with debit cards.

I know this happens all the time with debit cards.

FUCK YOU, DODGE! I will never buy another one of your products ever again.

Dear Mr Skinner, I would like the following

Some Good Vibes For A Little Dog Please...

Does that $175.00 burger come with fries?

Meet Mildred, sweetest girl. Meow. (caption these)

BUSHCO's 'Secret List Of 8 million UNFRIENDLY American Citizens' To Be Detained Under Martial Law

BUSHCO's 'Secret List Of 8 million UNFRIENDLY American Citizens' To Be Detained Under Martial Law

Star w/o makeup. They look just like us, some look worse.

how desperately do you need to fit in?

Hillary has a lot to say about sexism. What about lobbyists? What about Hillary's men?

#$%^&* Russian Spammers!

GOP frustrated with Boehner, longs for Tom DeLay.>>

I heart Scarlett Johansson......but

ON THIS DATE in Bush History -- Tuesday May 20th 2008

How to scare the living crap out of a parent

Ohhh mannn....just ate a chunk of cheese. I think I died and went to heaven.

America-Going-Out of Business Sale: ALL ASSETS MUST GO!....Today's item, the Penn. Turnpike

A Gecko Was Watching My Wife in the Bath Last Night, What Should I Do?

Venezuela 101 - Understanding Recent Events - BUSH vs. Venezuela

Where Is The Weirdest Place You Have Done It.??

Ahem...Introducing my daughter the "citated" or "the suspect"...

Question about Windows MovieMaker

Guess the DUer from the pic(s)...

I have more Super Lounge Delegates than DS1 does

"I want to watch you pee into this paper cup to see if you have been taking drugs."

Are You Straight/Bi/Gay?

Who is Rep. Darrell ISSA, R- CA 49? NOT just another car thief, obviously!


Please vote for my friend (and fellow Democrat)

I bought this today from my favorite seller....Allegrorondo

Has anyone here ever witnessed a historical moment or majorly newsworthy event in person?

Security rules stall Guantanamo defense efforts

Bin Laden Throws Support to Palestinians

Top Hillarylander Mulls Obama Job

US lists child 'enemy combatants'

IRS Puts Some Rebate Checks Into Wrong Bank Accounts

Democracy and the Web

Byrd endorses Obama for president

Ramon: Israel's government holding talks with Hamas

'Marketplace' Report: Newshour to Die?

Intel eyeing six deals in India

White House Role Cited in EPA Reversal on Emissions

Senate Leaders Agree on Housing Aid

Shoppers to 'abandon organic food to cut bills'

Option proposed to sue military - Bill would allow lawsuits for poor care

Hello Kitty named Japan's tourism ambassador

Producer Prices Up 0.2%, Less Than Expected

Hospital Attempts Deportation of Woman With Inadequate Insurance

Affair revelation halts GOP congressman's re-election pursuit

Wolfowitz to chair board of US-Taiwan business group

Stocks open lower as oil at $129 fuels inflation concerns (now at $129.31 bbl)

White House denies story about attacking Iran

US begins to break foreign oil ‘addiction’

Former Guantanamo prisoner to to testify before House panel(today_

Top military officer says violence up in Afghanistan

Is That Barack Obama in Your FriendFeed? (Political Blogger Squatting on Obama, McCain Names)

Clinton Puts Up A New Fight, The Candidate Confronts Sexism On the Trail and Vows to Battle On

Bush intends to attack Iran before the end of his term

Senator Barack Obama Projected to Win Majority of Pledged Delegates

Lawyer: suspect at Guantanamo attempted suicide

Census considers rewards for data

Bush apologizes to Iraqi PM over Koran shooting

Gore wins $1 million prize from Israeli group

Senator Kennedy Has Malignant Brain Tumor


Oil crosses $129 for first time, heads for $130

Top Military Officer Says Iran Jeopardizing Peace In Iraq, Senators Want Diplomatic Talks

Layoffs at Columbia Sportswear, too

W. House ignored FBI concerns on prisoner abuse

Large Building Burning in Sao Paulo, Brazil - Undetermined Cause

Lieberman Wants Terrorist Content Yanked From YouTube

Clinton wins Kentucky, NBC News projects

(Iraq) PM receives official apology from Bush over insult to Qur'an

Merck agrees to $58M settlement over Vioxx ad claims

DSCC Poll Shows Musgrove Leading In Miss. Senate Race

Military retools detainee releases (4 out of 5 can be reintegrated back into society)

Mental health groups join forces for troops

Reuters seeks new inquiry into Iraq hotel deaths

Sources: NY Rep. Fossella won't run again

Kansas Citians Are Angry: The Kansas City Star Outsources to India

T. Boone Pickens: Oil Going to $150.00 a Barrel

Fed Loans Another $75 Billion To Struggling Banks

Iraqi forces enter Sadr's Baghdad bastion

The Hot New Trend: Manure

US Senate hears no agreement on role of speculators in high commodity prices

White House takes exception to story saying Bush plans Iran attack

Obama, Clinton signal Florida boycott over

Senator Robert Byrd Breaks Down During Ted Kennedy Tribute "Thank God for you, Ted"

Gates rebuffs calls for diplomacy with Iran

McCain Campaign: Comment Trolls Wanted

Gay wedding for Star Trek's Takei

Court rules paper money unfair to blind

Key architect of Iraq war defends case for US-led invasion (Feith: "It was an honest error")

Ted Kennedy Has Malignant Brain Tumor

McCain Finds a Thorny Path in Ethics Effort (lobbyist thick in his staff)

The View co-host brings up Prescott Bush's Nazi ties

US groups back Cuba's charges against US diplomats

$12 Gas and Rationing? Possible, Says Expert

US: Myanmar's storm response appalling

McCain 2013 Ad Roughcut - HILARIOUS!!!

Sen. Byron Dorgan: Iraq Waste, Fraud, & Abuse Ad on Cornyn/ GI Bill

John McCain's Racist Ad Against Obama Ad on McCain / GI Bill

Rachel Maddow discusses McCain's lobbyist purge with KO

KO on the Bush / Engel NBC interview dustup - that's going to leave a mark

Oliver North Wins Worst Person in the Worrrrld!

Barack Obama in Crow Agency, MT

KO lists Rachal Maddow as among World's Best for her great ratings

Kyl (R-AZ): McCain’s ‘Tax Program Goes Far Beyond' President Bush’s

Russert and Lauer discuss Obama winning majority of elected delegates: also SNL bit

Even More Flip-Flops: McCain's Shifting Positions on "Roadmap" for Cuba

Bush's Own Nazi Appeaser

Enjoyable Hardball segment, featuring old McCain, Tweety vs. Kevin James, Dem. Steve Novick

Iowa DNC Chair Scott Brennan endorses Obama

McCain Gets Basic Iran Fact Wrong

White House: Pentagon Propaganda Program Similar To Writing For A 'Liberal Blog'

McCain on SNL's Weekend Update. Actually kind of funny.

Venezuela 101 - Eva Golinger

MoveOn TV ad: McCain, Fire Charlie Black

Is Obama being Sexist?

Todays Empires, Tomorrows Ashes

Wolf Blitzer on Yet Another Republican Sex Scandal

Barack Obama in Bozeman, MT

Countdown: Special Comment May 19, 2008

F.B.I. Complained about C.I.A. using torture at GITMO

Dan Abrams' panel discusses Obama's defense of Michelle

The Weather Underground Documentary Clip

Eulogy of Robert Kennedy

KO discusses Clinton citing Turdblossum w/ J. Alter

Constitution Party's Chuck Baldwin claims Spitzer taken down through illegal use of PATRIOT ACT

Keith Olbermann: Special Comment (5/19/08)

KO Tonight: Hillary says "vote for me because Karl Rove says I can win!"

Ted Kennedy Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

Ted Kennedy: "The Dream Will Never Die," DNC 1980

Obama Regarding Ted Kennedy: "I Stand on his Shoulders"

Fox & Friends Chews Out Olbermann for Picking on a Kid

Contessa Brewer is shocked, shocked! that MoveOn would point out McCain's lobbyist's dictator ties

NBC Today Show: Rachel Maddow & Gerldine Ferraro on Hillary Clinton & Sexism

TPMtv: KY-OR Primary Preview

Baptist preaches on KJV "him that pisseth against the wall"

CNN reports from Clay County Ky--"It's BIBLE!"

The View talks about Prescott Bush ties to Nazi Germany

Obama: Our Largest Rally Yet

Dennis Kucinich: EVERYTHING is on the line -- right now!

Waxman Threatens to Kick Issa Out of Hearing Room

OzarkDem . . . . thread #4

House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices

Will Hillary Still Cite Rove, Even After He's in Jail?

The CIA Is More Active Than Ever In Venezuela

McCain's 'Compelling Logic' For Not Talking to Our Enemies

Radar: Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

Red State Update: Tennessee GOP vs. Michelle Obama

Time for a change in war crimes trials

Obama makes case for diplomacy, loud and clear

Democracy and the Web

McCain Defends 'Enron Loophole'

Did McCain Create an HDTV Monster?

RFK: The Last Good Campaign: Politics & Power:

Wake Me in January

The Other Way

Matthews: Buzzed Out (by Chris Matthews)

Steve Ballmer Egged in Hungary! LOL!

John Nichols: Robert Byrd's Anti-War Vote for Obama

NEW Blog at ACLU site....Blog of Rights

Sex Ed in the Bible Belt

Senate loads war funding bill with domestic programs

Siegelman: This Will Make Watergate Look Like Childs Play

JPost: 'Bush intends to attack Iran before the end of his term'

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Jim Webb's Time to Fight

Dumpster-Diving for GOP Quotes (And Their Hidden Meanings)

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Ike Was Right

When political spouses join the fray, they're fair game (USA Today editorial)

Brazil's incoming environment minister vows to fight illegal logging in Amazon

Winds of change .......... Joseph Romm

Google in talks with Israeli solar company

From stowaway to supersize predator: the mice eating rare seabirds alive

Have We Really Hit Peak Oil? And if so, we had better prepare to change the way we live.

T. Boone Pickens on CNN Money just now: "We're running out of oil"

Xpost from Political Videos: Waxman Threatens to Kick Issa Out of Hearing Room

N.J. firm signs wave (power plant) deal in Australia

Quantum and Asola to Triple Plant Capacity for Solar Modules in Germany to Meet Increasing Demand

SeaGen completed: world's first megawatt-scale tidal turbine installed

Sunny days for Canadian solar power

Critics challenge new federal policy on polar bears, demand steps against global warning

Uranium shortage hits Nuclear Power (India)

Why isn't there an emphasis on biodiesel instead of ethanol since it doesn't conflict with food?

Wind power and birds

For The Bible Tells Me So

The People's Republic Leads the Way in Alternative-Energy Hardware

US begins to break foreign oil ‘addiction’

America must face the harsh realities over oil

Putin's swan song before leaving office: turning Russia into a nuclear outhouse

Sometimes recycling doesn't have to have a functional value...

The bees are here

New study says carbon nanotubes might be as harmful as asbestos

Hirsch on CNBC: Peak oil problem "as massive as one can possibly imagine"

Speaking of Peak Oil, has anyone noticed NYMEX futures today?

My Rube Goldberg idea for Steam power....

'Small Wind' Power Plants are Blowing Strong

Iran sets off nuclear race in the Middle East

Commentary: Make wearing a flag pin the 28th Amendment

25,000 headed to war late this year

Lawyer keeps license despite lying to Army

House focuses on phone costs, leave policies

Soldier dies 4 months after Iraq IED attack

Firms work to stay a step ahead of EFP threat

City gives Vietnam vets overdue welcome home

250 Ky. reservists set to return Thursday

Making the new Texas Special Forces unit

Editorial: Reserve deserves funding

The right path to unity

Gulf War vet dies 5 days after stabbing

Mistrial declared in ex-soldier slaying case

Navy jet may have crossed Venezuelan airspace

Sweden: Soviet sub was actually a taxi boat

Mid accused of rape may not face court-martial

Corps issues wear rules for new running suit

Corps to boost criminal investigator numbers

Brooklyn Navy Yard gets a makeover

Marine shot in Cleveland while on leave dies

NCO charged with filming nude sleeping airman

Ex-wife of tech. sgt. may sue AF in shootings

Officer punished for wearing wrong rank

Retired O-6 bigotry lawsuit to be heard July 21

Editorial: Deployment cycle reality

Time for a change in war crimes trials

Gates wants $240M more for ISR

Anti-drug ops likely to move out of Ecuador

Reaper UAV tests first GPS-guided bombs

After weeks of fighting, GIs in eastern part of city are guessing what a lull in the action might me

Air Force asks your help in naming tanker

The medical rules of engagement

Mental health groups join forces for troops

With 5 ships, NYC Fleet Week is smallest ever

Next troop rotation to send 25,000 to Iraq

Germany-based units going to Iraq

Free-mail privileges to continue at many war-related areas

Key senator says no to GI Bill transfer rights

Naples official vows end to trash woes soon

Soldier who shot at Quran removed from Iraq

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Iraq TV: Bush Sorry for Quran Shooting

Taliban Leader Spared by German ROE

Army Exhibits High-Tech Gear

Community Honors Those Who Serve

USS North Carolina Arrives at New Home

Death of Army officer’s wife in South Korea still being investigated

Google Hit Over Terrorist Videos

Translator Gets 10 Years for Spying

(VFP) May 1, 2008 Troop Engagement Actions

Marine arrested at Okinawa airport after sword found in baggage

Growing UP - Vertical Gardening, Roof Gardens and Veggie Walls

UAW urges adoption of Axle deal to angry workers

Today in labor history May 20 first federal legislation protecting workers’ rights to form unions

Senate Drops Labor Bill, Turns to War Spending Measure

Crane he was operating tips over, kills Iowa man

Taxpayers' bill leaps by trillions

"Far From Normal"-James Kunstler 5/19/08

"Imminent" recession may cost NYC 59,400 jobs: study

Chinese Newspaper Calls Wal-Mart Factory A Sweat Shop

Recession's real when rich feel it

Absolutely frightening, if true

BAHAHAHA...McGreevey Accused Of Failing To Cash In On Gay Fame

WP: Court Denies Parental Status of Ex-Partners (same-sex couple)

Anti-Gay Hate Group Still Taking Video of Youth Against their Will

There's a thread on the greatest page with 30 rec's calling Geraldine Ferraro a f'ing bigot.


George Takei is getting married.

Calif. Assembly Passes Harvey Milk Day Bill

Ramon: Israel's government holding talks with Hamas

Al-nakba: The Sponsor Of Arab Identities

The Region: Self-made Nakba

Palestinians cool to Osama bin Laden

Mustafa Barghouti: We remain

16 year old boy murdered by Israeli soldiers at Huwarra checkpoint

Brazil's incoming environment minister vows to fight illegal logging in Amazon

DC Press Conf-5/20: Calling for Extradition of Posada Carriles and Freedom for Cuban Five

Colombia rebel urges others to surrender

FIDEL: Two Hungry Wolves and a Little Red Riding Hood

70 people murdered over the weekend in Caracas

This is too sad. "Haitian survivor clung to corpse in sea"

20 Cubans land in Honduras

Brazil and Argentina warn Bolivian separatist movement

Bush to Announce Sanctions Against Venezuela Wednesday???

Cuba's Case Against US Interests Section - Docs, Video, Articles - in English and Spanish

Here's a Joe for VP thread

Biden - Bush-McCain continuum in Foreign Policy

Joe West should not be a MLB umpire

Bertuzzi files court action against Crawford

Congrats SPURS and Thanks HORNETS



Lester hurls 18th Red Sox no-no

Hillary's Scorpio Challange - Just found out she has Sun & 3 other signs in Scorpio.........

An electric fan was knocked off the table today.

Discovering the spirit in matter and making it manifest.....that's beauty.

Which wet and wild critter should I enter?

Web Game With a Message Debunks H.I.V. Myths

Guess What...

Rare diseases offered free treatment by NIH

Chronic diseases top causes of deaths globally

Need Help With STD Statistics and Links

Warning: Using a mobile phone while pregnant can seriously damage your baby

Erectile Dysfunction a Strong Harbinger of Heart Trouble

Glioma vs Resveratrol

Cottage Cheese...Recipe?

So it was tuna quesadillas

Need help completing my menu; looking for a good dessert recipe

Anyone have a recipe for "Mango Duck Quesadilla"?

Baptist Preacher pledges to always pee standing up

Are Men Better At Cooking Meat?

proofreading menu -- anyone got enough French to make this call?

Orthodox Jewish youths burn New Testaments in Or Yehuda

Variation in divorce rates by religion:

Violent Criminals Cause Violent Crime

Criminals, Guns And Pelle Lindbergh

U.S. Court Rejects New York Gun Lawsuit

Gun control laws in court today

20 handguns stolen from Sheriff's Department

A challenge for the anti-gun folks

Safeguard on nanotechnology

I saw Roald Hoffman speak tonight.

Tasmanian tiger DNA comes alive in mouse

Your favorite theorem?

Planning a trip to the sun (CNN)

Indiana Jones is no bad thing for science

Rubicon by Lawrence Alexander

Unleashed: Unanswered 9/11 questions

9/11 Weather Anomalies and Field Effects (New Paper by Dr Judy Wood)

Is it wrong to take into consideration creed when making hiring decisions?

Video of JK statement/interview re Teddy

Kennedy - brain tumor

Movie on MN history, Sacred Land

3 great events this weekend Bring the Republicans !

Pawlenty accused of “class warfare”

Global Warming at WCCO

Rep. Juan Garcia/HD 32 Update

New - Bloomington Progressive Issues Forum

Madia Campaign Kick-off May 31 - Save the date

Question for people in Houston...

The Popular Vote

LOL. Are you calling into Kentucky for Obama today?

Can anyone tell what book it is that Barack is holding? It looks like he has his finger stuck in to

Women for Obama

Arrgghhh ... I'm open to suggestions here

Mark Crispin Miller on Election Fraud 5.19.2008 (X)

3% audits...

Election Reform News Update, Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CP: Punk band The Suicide Pilots catches eye of anti-terror cops

Reports on Schools Cite Student Discontent (DC)

Cross-post: Mom faces arerest if she brings autistic son to church

At some schools, failure goes from zero to 50

In Kansas no less: Include atheists in making the world a better place

Ex-preacher says goodbye to God

Non-religious summer camps develop niche

Evolving Definitions: OCT now equals Obama's Conspiracy Theory

Women for Obama

KOEB Meeting 5/20/08 Kentucky and Oregon Primaries Edition

How Sheridan has faired since his surgery...

This atheist finds he needs a foxhole