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Know why the Clintons have to make so much money?

The Chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate hearings FIRED Hillary ?

I bet ya some Feb 5 states regret pushing their primaries so early

Of course, there are no sexists here ...

Sirius Left - Could Lynn Samuels be any more annoying??

How did Obama do in the Hearings with Crocker and "Betrayus" Today?

I love a bitch chorus

I love a bitch chorus

A Fishmonger Sells Fish. A Warmonger Sells War. Obama Distancing Himself From Schultz Remark Stinks

somebody on the planet talked trash about John McCain

So, is John Mccain losing his mind?

Who Would You Rather Have? Tiger Woods or John McCain

As an Obama supporter, the grandma ad fails

how do they poll people with no landline phones (cell phones only).

The Errors Haunting Clinton

Why I'm voting for the Democratic nominee, regardless of who it is

AP: Colombia Trade Deal Splits Clintons

AP: Colombia Trade Deal Splits Clintons

Joker in the Deck for PA

I need Barack Obama?

Bob Herbert: A Different Kind of Election

And now, a musical theater tribute to my candidate.

Teamsters Prez to Obama: 'End the Mystery' on NAFTA Meeting

Pennsylvania, Part III

A wager on who Obama picks as Veep.

Hillary says Memphis National Champ Despite KU Having More Points

I'll be so glad when we as DEMOCRATS are on the same page...

Obama Prepares Argument to Discard Public-Financing Principle

Apparently, The Right Wing Conservatives Were Correct All Along

My Birthday Card--check it out!

One of the most heartening things is to see how people react

I Just Got An Email From Sen. Casey...

Colbert Nation Pennsylvania primary votes--latest results

Elizabeth Edwards Backs Clinton Health Care Plan

Clinton & Obama among the least liberal Democratic senators - while McCain is NO moderate either

Why Obama CANNOT Accept Public Financing

Alright, so long as "Dancing on the grave" threads are permitted, I'd like to say a few words...

Bill Clinton just as involved with Colombia as Penn.

How Mark Penn almost sunk Gore too. Before Gore canned him.

If "experience" is really all that matters, why not support a Cheney run?

Caption this Obama picture!

Suggestion to Senator Obama regarding Iraq

McCain is not our friend.

Hillary's Last Charge

The point is "Joe Scarborough"

The Real Clinton Mistakes...

First Obama was called Apollo Creed, now he's being called Tiger Woods.....

The Chicago model of "community development" :Follow the Money: Pringle:

(psst) hey mods...

Clinton will say: "With all the money Obama spent in PA, he could not win PA"

Another one bites the dust...

Bush's OSHA: No Laws? No Crimes

PA PPP Poll: Clinton 46, Obama 43....Correction from the last poll

tweety 360

What's the chance Obama has of winning PA in the primary?

Latest national poll numbers: Obama: 46% McCain: 45%; McCain: 47% HRC: 44%

ABC's: It's "surprising" the troops like Obama

Clinton camp hints Obama has dropped the ball on Afghanistan

Caption this Clinton picture!

Just a heads up on what the other side is calling for

I'm voting for whoever ends up being the Democratic nominee, but....

Philly Inquirer: Clinton had no ground rules for Penn, even Rove had to give something up

Voter Disenfranchisement, Capitalism and Obama's Unprecedented Campaign Contributions

What happned to the story about the 11 districts in PA

IF HRC says she has more in common with Obama, than the two of them with McCain...

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Wednesday April 09-2008

is Obama going to back to PA before the primary? just wondering. he did a great trip there, but

"The American people have had it up to HERE!"

I'm not enjoying the increased gloating, attacks on posters and bad attitude coming from my camp.

"Invest in our 'Comunities'"

I'm glad I'm not supporting Hillary.

McCain must be shaking in his boots as Obama hints that he might opt of public financing

Can't we all just agree to disagree?

Let's repeat this, again. Criticizng Clinton's camapign, policy, track record is not sexist

Politics makes strange bedfellows

Candy Crowley : What's her story?

If you want to watch the Olympic torch relay/protests in San Francisco on Wednesday

"Golden Rule" for "loyal" democratic party members

For Edwards supporters now supporting Obama / Clinton

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression hands out Muzzle awards...

Hits at pro-Obama blogs plummeting.

Is PA Diebold country?

Rioting if Obama doesn't get Nomination

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/9/08 - Obama down 1 (50), Clinton up 1 (41)

General Tommy Franks


How long until a prominent McCain supporter uses a racial epithet to describe Obama?

Obama is Canada's president according to a poll

Rasmussen: McCain 47, Clinton 44... McCain 45, Obama 46.

Spectacular: Five New Clinton TV Ads in PA

The Clintons Court the Right Wing Because They are Better Knee-Capping Fellow Dems Than Republicans

Hillary steals obama's words

How many of you could have watched Petraeus but chose not to?

Flashback -McCain had this to say, in his words: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?

Obama going for knockout blow in PA

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton lies about being named Hillary Clinton

Karl Rove: Clinton is figuring out that Democratic primary voters watch Fox

Honest Question: I wonder if Clinton had to loan herself more money last month?

A little background on the SUSA poll that runs against the others in PA.

Haitians riot, loot over food prices

I need to edit my post on MSNBC for accuracy

what ever happened to that piece of crap Deryk Schlessinger... dr laura's son?

Sen. Obama Confronts Petraeus and Crocker on 'Major Strategic Blunder' in Iraq

DU: The Untold Story.. why primaries is so GODDAMN ugly

Clinton leadership a study in missteps

Larry Sinclair, if you can read this..

Veepstakes: The Ambinder Short Lists

SUSA is full of shit

Memphis beat Kansas afterall... Hillary can win too!

Noticing a trend

For my 1000th: Proof of Petraeus's lies on Iraq, and Obama or Clinton's next question....

The Burston Marsteller/Chalabi Connection (The Nation)

Greenspan: Yeah, we're in a f**king recession but don't f**king blame me....

Clinton Leadership a Study in Missteps

Lanny, Joe Klein is right when he said, "Lanny, Lanny, you're spreading the poison right now."

Obama seeks talks with Iran over Iraq - Raw Story

Since there is so much talk of Sexism here on DU

State Sen. Monique Davis needs a primer on the violence religion inspires...

Very early PA predictions -- anyone want to play? Mine is Hillary 52% Obama 44%.

Rush Limbaugh may be helping Obama (Gallup: Obama 51% Hillary 41%) ...

I don't care who wins in November, as long as it's

What is the difference between Iowa/Wisconsin women and Ohio/Pennsylvanian women?

This 1/3 is Dedicated to Dennis Kucinich.

John McCain is a hatemongering warmonkey.

John McCain is a hatemongering warmonkey.

Keith .. Keith. It was NOT the Medal of Freedom, it was the Medal of Honor. BIG DIF.

Greenberg Traurig on the Defensive as Abramoff's Guam Dealings Blow Up

Please Tell Pat Buchanan To.......

It's pretty clear to me which side the meanest, nastiest, most divisive & disruptive DU'ers are on.


Posted in wrong forum — please delete, Mods!

"I want their money in our treasury!!!"

I voted yesterday...

I claim coinage of this term: "straw rage"

Breaking: Hillary Launches First Negative Ad of Pennsylvania Primary

I've noticed something about candidate events in PA

Mark Penn: Neurotoxins as Health Food

April 9-Gallup Daily: Obama Leads Clinton by 10 Points (51-41)

Get Me More White People!!!

The GD:P Wall of Shame, 4-9-08

I want PA canvassing/phonebanking stories and other anecdotes!

Hillary supporters trying to get Carter to change his mind, go against the will of his state

The two candidates questions to Crocker/petraeus, compare and contrast



Did I not get the memo?

Why is Hillary Clinton embarrassed about her own last name?

Obama: "I am trying to get to an endpoint." WaPo says that may be the "quote of the day."

Oh please, oh please, oh please -- I am begging here

Poll Updates April 9: Obama cloing in PA, Overtakes McCain in GE Ras Poll

Clinton reaches lowest point since January--41% Gallup. Obama-51%

The Truth About the 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’

Procedures and Rules of Conduct for Press Conferences with President John McCain

I went through the unpleasant task of looking up bitch, cunt, fucking whore etc.

Post your cabinet choices for the Obamadministration!


Hillary backs Memphis according to Email I just got...

WTH is McGroan talking about when he says "classic counterinsurgency strategy"?

Pro-Lifers wring hands about Hillary's support of gays, promised repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

OH my god I thought a nieghborhood cat was being tortured...the sound was so horrific

I Want to Thank you for your Hatred of Each Other and The Candidates

Why is nobody mentioning Powell as a McCain running mate possibility?

"You can have your Tiger Woods. We have Senator McCain."

Dick Move of the Week

Meanwhile in Iraq, I can't accept what is happening there.

The Housing Crisis--two locations near me, Condos for sale.

4:28 in - The Republican Crayon.

What the-- ?

Does anyone have a direct link to the Mike Malloy Show?

There's Just A Feeling In The Air

Light Notes About Michelle Obama

Elizabeth Edwards on Olberman tonight. Interesting!

Hooded torture victim in Cheney's glasses

Lets play: One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong

My earworm today reminded me so much of GD-P

Can someone identify what is reflected in Cheney's sunglasses?

"I'm Pro-Military So I Support Obama."

I love this Obama ad! (Video included)

Philly burbs: BIG NEWS

Philly burbs: BIG NEWS

*****THIS JUST IN: Obama still unelectable despite polling better (winning) vs. McCain than Clinton

A question for the Obama supporters .......

If McCain wins the election, I'm moving to Canda

Listening to Wolf Blitzer on CNN Trash China and do Huge Coverage of Protests agains Olympics

How should IL state representative Monique Davis be dealt with?

CIA rendered 14 suspects to Jordan for torture...

Medicated Child - Frontline (PBS) documentary starting now. If you have young kids

when does this become facism?

No Democrat who voted for the Iraq War will be President

Time Magazine remembers when Mark Penn nearly sank the Gore 2000 campaign

***** Breaking News on Florida Delegate Appeal *****

Clinton Camp: It's A Miracle We're Not Behind In Pennsylvania

Wolfson's Daily Goalpost-Moving Exercise: Obama Must Win Pennsylvania

GOP loses 2 more county registration majorities--IN PA!

PHOTOS; Barack Obama campaigning today at Grand Valley High School in Malvern, Pennsylvania

Does anyone have any idea how many delegates Hillary will pick up if she wins Pa by @10?

CNN, Cafferty: "What are the chances Obama becomes president?"

Obama takes aim at knockout blow in Pennsylvania

Dean: GOP trying to 'weasel out' of McCain's 100 years comment

Canadian Press Poll: Canadians Prefer Obama

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/8/08 - Obama unchanged (51), Clinton down 1 (40)

MSM stress Obama's Money advantage--Forgets to stress where the Money came from!

The real reason, HRC MUST be the nominee

That’s all Folks.

GOP candidates line up to face Kerry

"I want their money in our treasury!!!"

Obama supporters.... EMBRACE the SUSA poll.....

Charleston Gazette Endorses Barack Obama

“It’s a pay-to-play system .” Hire the right lobbyist, pay the right fee,Despite Rhetoric, Obama Pus

Elizabeth Edwards Prefers Hillary's Health Care Plan to Obama's (update)

Tweety dreams of being Timmeh

If Hillary would have ran in 2004 she would have won.

How can you tell this primary season has gone on far too long?

Obama gets snippy with Bayh about Clinton endorsement. Bayh punches back.

Insider Advantage Poll (PA) Clinton 48% Obama 38% with cross tabs

Jon Corzine “Clinton is the most qualified and prepared to be our next president”

So how does this primary end?

Election '08...The Election of Entitlement

Obama Breaks Gay Press “Silence” ... This outta be good!

Anyone know a link to see what's happening in the Jackie Speier election today?

There are just three days left before North Carolina's voter registration deadline ACTION >>>>>>>>>>

Had HRC talked this much $hit about the BA, she might have won a few more primaries.

Cokie Roberts was extolling Laura Bush on her fight for Burma -TDS

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!! Marc Maron Subs for Mike

Clinton rising: gains 7 and 5 points in two new PA polls despite being outspent 3:1

Clinton rising: gains 7 and 5 points in two new PA polls despite being outspent 3:1

Link to the actual court documents in the polygamy case,

Do Clinton supporters realize that about half the field was more qualified than her?

Here's the difference in Hillary Supporters and Obama supporters....

Do you remember the "fruitcake lady" from Leno? What would she say about McNasty?

St. Obama started attacking Clinton on day 2 of his campaign

Uganda: U.S. Army Set to Recruit Citizens

DUer's that are not New Democrats, just Democrats and traditional Democratic voters silent thread.

Jeremy Scahill Confronts BlackWater Vice President

Thanks mods - A double header

Obama dramatically ups the ante in Pennsylvania - Unprecedented Ad Buys

The Portland Tribune endorses Barack Obama

The Portland Tribune endorses Barack Obama

Guardian UK: Food price rises threaten global security - UN

Thank you, Michelle Obama!

Jackie Speier-D CA-12 has a huge lead in early returns in special election to replace Tom Lantos

Gordon Brown of UK -will not attend opening ceremonie for the

On The Elton John Fundraiser For Hillary Clinton

does anyone here actually like Chris Matthews?

Michelle Obama in Raleigh, NC (Dial up warning)

I liked this article..

what is the worst name you ever called your SO...the worst you have ever been called?

From a political standpoint: the 'other' benefit of Obama spending so much $ in PA...

Former Fed Chair Volcker..."You don't have to predict a dollar crisis, you're in it."

Give in honor of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton

Theodore Roosevelt As A Republican

"You have your Tiger Woods"

Canadians Prefer Obama

Eyin DC, I wanna tell ya how come Sam Maverick ain't last long in th'Texas cattle bidness

The Power of the President to Deploy Troops

CSPAN re-running the Foreign Relations hearing today

Funny, I just realized my tax rebate of $600 is what every American adult owes per year for Iraq

So Cindi McCain is getting a pass for the thinning hair comment in public?

Obama is Of Two Minds When It Comes To "Free Tibet!"

Hillary says Memphis national champ despite KU having more points

Hillary excuse 1,245: Obama is outspending me! (4/8/2008)

Assume the wet dream of the Clinton supporters happens

Were bookbags around in the 60's?

The real crime in Iraq - -money handed out without question.

If you Can stand Faux, Phil Donahue is about to Appear on the Repeat of Hannity and Colmes

This is what really pisses me off about Petraeus

View UN refugee camps thru Google


"People Who are Well Represented at Trial do not Get the Death Penalty." FEINGOLD

Democrats seek to tie Iraq's costs to economy's woes

Breaking: Obama to Bush - Boycott Ceremonies If China Doesn't Consider Tibet and Darfur

glamorizing the surge

Honest and (I think) legitimate question to Obama supporters...

Honest and (I think) legitimate question to Obama supporters...

Honest and (I think) legitimate question to Obama supporters...

Honest and (I think) legitimate question to Obama supporters...

Russ Feingold will be on Washington Journal at 8.00am

Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton

Study: Percent "Angry" Over a Female President of the United States

Study: Percent "Angry" Over a Female President of the United States

Study: Percent "Angry" Over a Female President of the United States

Study: Percent "Angry" Over a Female President of the United States

IMF: Credit crunch costs '$1 trillion'

McCain Vitter 2008!

New Canadian Film: "Wal-Mart World's Most Hated Company."

I have a question regarding the Medal of Honor


“The Nation’s Top Ten Worst State Attorneys General” (1/24/07) cited by the Institute for Legal

Question - How many elected officials

Working poor struggle to get by. Our party is the only hope for such folks

Ct LTTE about Christopher Shays' Hypocrisy (could be LIEberman also)

Another flight delay for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner

feith on cnn NOW

Poor get poorer as recession threat looms: report

Iraq's Death Squads

C-SPAN: Russ Feingold On Now...

Full texts of questions and remarks by Obama and Clinton yesterday?

What's the first thing you do when you log on to DU?

FBI taped lawmaker calls {Renzi (R-Ariz.)}

Wednesday Primary TOON Updates

I'm punishing myself and listening to Duncan Hunter address Petraeus and Crocker

Surge poll CNN

Biden treads lightly at Iraq hearing

Hey, Mark Penn just earned $101,600 from the Clinton Campaign

VetVoice: Congressman McHenry Violates OPSEC; Endangers Troops

Essentially, what Obama did yesterday w/Petraeas and Crocker was to call their bluff.

Essentially, what Obama did yesterday w/Petraeas and Crocker was to call their bluff.

Howard Dean: McCain's Huge Gaffe

Another broken promise--Obama wants out of election public funding

Another broken promise--Obama wants out of election public funding

ACLU Argues That Ashcroft Can Be Held Accountable For Wrongful Detention

Brain Dead Trade Debate

My letter to my old senator about the Colombia Free Trade deal

Clinton attacks Obama and McCain over Iraq (and thinks we are all stupid)

Petraeus; Imperialism's spokesperson?

Tell this man or his family

Drivers Stay In, Gas Prices Drop -- When?

the surge is working perfectly

If you can't beat 'em, bribe 'em !

C-SPAN3 - High Schoolers to quiz Scalia at Supreme Court

Charlie Cook: "Obama has a 95-percent chance of winning the Democratic nomination."

Taylor Marsh: DU the vile that has become the "progressive" blogosphere

Heads Up: Obama Now Live On CNN

Food Riots Across the Globe ?

AlterNet: Iraq Vets: 'Petraeus' Spin Has no Relationship with Reality on the Ground'

A Critical Look at Dissolving Mexico-U.S.-Canada Borders

(To Me)...This is one of the most depressing songs ever written. (IGY)

Hillary Clinton: The Wal-Mart Videos

The Rude Pundit: Another Soldier Down (and a Small, Good Thing You Can Do)

Toil and Trouble (MoDo)

Wow. Clinton surrogate Lanny Davis continues to push Wright Story

I'll eat my Obama yard sign if Clinton doesn't win PA big.

petreaus/crocker dog & pony show now appearing before the House

4fer: COLBERT's Shrub smackdown. Tommy Lee up, Bruce DOWN, Craig-the-Entertainer

Bush Plan to Push Colombia Deal: ‘Outrageous Disregard for Human Rights’

Secret US Plan for Military Future in Iraq

hmmmm....Edward's 'selling' out?

Web Site Posts Info on House Staffers Finances, Staffers Pissed

CNN sez Bush is planting a commemorative tree.

DU Obamatrons -- PA needs your help!!!

*sssshhh!* I can't mention this outloud in Richmond....but.... 143 years ago today

Obama et al On Idol Tonight?

April 9th 2003 -the Saddam statue in Firdos Square

Medvedev called me WHAT?!!

Juan Cole: Will Petraeus' Imperial Delusions Prolong Iraq's Civil War?

Do you think Bush called Petraeus to congratulate him?

Civics textbook loaded with disinformation

John McCain calls Congressmen "boy," gets into a fight

Clinton's Catastrophic Failure of Judgment

Clinton supporters.... Hillary needs 1016 of you donate $100 each.

Joe showed his lack of respect for Phil Donahue

American Postal Workers Union Endorse Obama

Monday: 4023 troops dead in Iraq. Wednesday: Plus 5

Greenspan: U.S. in recession - recommends settling the crisis by committing taxpayers' money

Boeing Sponsors Flight of Historic Airplanes Over Washington, D.C.

Navy SEAL gives his life for teammates, doesn't even get a picture

David Corn: Dems Miss Opportunity to Challenge Surge

Why Hillary's Supporters Need to Dig Deeper In Their Pockets.

True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society

Federal Employees Charged Millions in Questionable Expenses on Credit Cards

When mccain say Iran is supporting AQ this isn't a mistake, it is intentional

WTF! McCain/Rice beats Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama in NY!

Using 15 Frat Boys and Reactionary Reporting, We Are Able to Blame the Coming Depression on Boobs

American Airlines cancels 40 percent of its mainline jet flights today

Petraeus/Crocker at the House on c-span 3 - good ?s from Tauscher

IMF says US crisis is 'largest financial shock since Great Depression'

They COULD have found a welfare mother driving a Cadillac, you know

Irish Anti-War Activist Refused Entry Into The United States

Zimbabwe faces starvation as mobs rampage through farms

cnn breaking news: senior al qaeda official dies of natural causes

NAACP Wants Probe Of "Barbie Bandits" Case

Sean Hannity's Crazy Pal Calls for Violence Against Pro-Gay School Superintendent

Hey People of Conneticut, does it feel like you got drunk

Check out this Mr. Fish cartoon: Counting the reasons to vote for McCain

AP: Pelosi to Block Vote on Colombia

6,500 Protesters Expected This Afternoon as Olympic Torch Passes San Francisco

Image: WAR

Caption this


David Horowitz's "Islamofascism Awareness Week" is back.....

40th Wedding Anniversary

MM Sicko & My 4yo - a funny story.

Hillary's Hoosier Chair: Obama Running "Negative" In IN

Code Pink report on Patraeus testimony

Federal Credit Cards Misused

Katrina was more a defining moment in my life than JFK's assassination.

Stories under discussion here that you've seen nowhere else.

Obama Supporters! - Lets open a can of Whoop Ass on Elton John!

Who do you think of when you hear the reply "So?"?

Who do you think of when you hear the reply "So?"?

GOP loses majority in two PA counties...Yippee! I'm not alone any more!

Nude torch run against Olympic flame in San Fran, April 9th

It would seem these two guys are peas in the same pod.

Four *direct* quotes from Amb. Crocker----just now

I'll put it more bluntly: I'm an Iraq veteran

Affidavit: Teen bride's cry for help led to raid (CNN)

IMF says US crisis is 'largest financial shock since Great Depression' - Guardian

The Bush years - Lets sing along

To Keep America Safe, We Must Impeach Bush and Cheney

Pssst.. Petraeus...Is it worth it?

Thanks for bringing us another Depression, Wall Street! - Today’s Headlines 4/9/08

Dispatches From a Legal Reporter in Iraq

NYTimes article on Chris Matthews, including very funny line

Siegelman's Lawyer: By testifying before Congress - it may jeopardize his appeal

Lindsay Graham loves being verbally abused by John McCain- Seriously

Senate hearing on now>> Prosecuting Sexual Assaults by Americans in Combat Environment

The reason for this recession is simple- FUEL PRICES

Secretary of Hate - pic

"John McCain Accuses Me Of "Trash Journalism" While He Engages In "Trash" Propaganda..."

Who is Thom Hartmann Talking To?

Guaranteed to piss you off: Reid says Lieberman to keep Chairmanship in '09

House FRC - Petreaus and Crocker hearing - C-Span 3

US Soldier laid to rest on 21st birthday

Back From Iraq: “I Killed Innocent People”

NYTimes quote of the day, from Petraeus

So here is what we should learn from the Iraq invasion.

Think you need an ID to fly? Think again.

A Nation of the Corporations, by the Corporations, for the Corporations

Folks, I'm serious - If the Dems don't win in November, I'm done with the Dem Party as a whole..

CREW: Senator Larry Craig offers advice and support to Senator David Vitter

You're gonna love this one:

McCain’s ‘gaffe’ on South Philly

Phil Donahue coming up on Morning Joe talking about Body of War

Ike Skelton: Iraq Policy Leaving Us Open to Attack

Does the American tax payers have to pay for everything in the Iraq?

Columbian Trade Deal? Drugs, Oil and Weapons Hooray!

The Anti-Immigrant Hysteria in America: Alien Invasion!

Justice Tackles the Corporate Offenders, Or Perhaps Not = documents "immediately incinerated"

Wexler on right now!

It's official, the place that fired me Feb 22 last year just promoted me

Raw Story: Facts about McNasty

Police call turns up big alligator in Southwest Missouri basement

Caption this pic of *

Oh My. Mark Penn's Company Worked with Bush/Cheney! (along with Former Clinton appointee Quinn)

Oh My. Mark Penn's Company Worked with Bush/Cheney! (along with Former Clinton appointee Quinn)

Oh My. Mark Penn's Company Worked with Bush/Cheney! (along with Former Clinton appointee Quinn)

Oh My. Mark Penn's Company Worked with Bush/Cheney! (along with Former Clinton appointee Quinn)

Oh My. Mark Penn's Company Worked with Bush/Cheney! (along with Former Clinton appointee Quinn)

Oh My. Mark Penn's Company Worked with Bush/Cheney! (along with Former Clinton appointee Quinn)

what in the hell is wrong with maureen dowd? when did she become so stupid?

So, who killed Davey Moore?

Report on Iraq to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs >> Starting Now

Caption this

Obama spends more because he got MORE DONATIONS!

what in the hell is wrong with maureen dowd? when did she become so stupid?

Dean on McCain: Once is mispeaking -- five times is a dangerous lack of understanding (IRAQ)

Conyers Schedules Hearing with John Yoo! ... and text of his letter to Yoo...

Caption this

U.S. must free photographer, Iraq judges rule

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 4,025 - Number of Iraqi deaths: "We don't do body counts"

The Jefferson Davis Highway

The Petraeus Paradox: Why We Can Never Leave Iraq

Memo Proves Detention Is Illegal, Attorneys Say

Two Kinds of Americans, Part II: From "Us versus Them" to "We the People"

Al Gore's Updated Slideshow From TED Now Available

Its kind of a strange place the republicans have themselves in

Blogs aren't copyrighted are they? We can post entire sections from them right?

Fox News according to Conservapedia

Man I love Sam Seder (sp?)

Moelis Says Wall Street Banks May Be Forced to Cut 35% of Jobs

Median Incomes fall for first time.

The Last Days of Cheap Chinese

Report on Iraq to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs >> Thread II

Cockfighting still prevalent, FBI agent says

1/20/09. A world day of thanksgiving?

New way to hike credit card rates

General Petraeus how many Iraqis is the USA either directly or indirectly responsible for killing?

McLame Equate The Growth of Ebay to.....

Email form to oppose giving Bush fast-track for trade deal with Colombia

How did this bizarre clown ever get a TV show? (Not about Paris Hilton)

From C&L: Phil Donahue to Hannity: ‘So you are arguing that we are safer that we attacked Iraq?’

Freedom Reigns -- A Torch And a Goon Squad. Enjoy!

These are the Olympics sponsors - Boycott Them All!

The tears of a clown....

I am TIRED of the MAN keeping us DOWN!

"Senate housing legislation highly disappointing"

Grandma gets it right!!!!



New all-time record price per barrel of oil: $112.21

I make no claim to being all that swift with economics, but...

Rush Limbaugh's Audience Loves Ads, Not Rush

Great point by Sam Seder: We're seeing all this interest in China's human rights abuses.....

How about they just skip the torch thingy and forget it?

Veteran Battles Pentagon's Vaccine, Seeks "Justice for All"

What's up with the airlines? Why are there so many down?

Video - Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis

Is that our Calimary on the radio?

Iraq has "$30 billion in U.S. banks right now"

Biden on Tweety now n/t

McCain and conspiracy theorists agree that Washington is Satanic

San Francisco Olympic torch run collapsing

San Fransisco has Jet ski cops?

The Day Hillary Lost the Nomination and the Presidency

when are new "record oil prices" going to stop being a BIG story?

GM to managers: Volt is No. 1 priority

This Whole "Democracy" Thing Is A Real Nuisance!!

I understand the outrage that is causing the Olympic protests...I just wish people

McCain Supporter's Comment About Obama: "You Can Keep Your Tiger Woods"

VIDEO: It's not a torch run, it's basically a military parade, look at all those cops....


delete - dupe

Think THIS torch run is interesting?

Gingrich: Reports Of Iraqi Desertions In Basra Shows ‘Stunning Bias Of The American News Media’

If you aren't watching the same thing on TV that I am right now YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

As Oil Touches All-Time Highs, Our Deparment of Energy Takes Us For Fools

Live Coverage Stream SF Olympics Protests

Lindsay Graham: McCains "Little Jerk"

If Hillary Clinton - or any other woman for that matter - isn't a victim of sexism...

DEATHWATCH Day 9 -- The GOP is the Party of Death and Destruction (PODD)

On Newshour: Adam Putnam (R-Florida) is spouting off the Chimpy

An insolent question for Americans:

Myths That Must Die: All we need is a simple majority and...

This Torch Run is Unbelievable.

McCain Won't Rule Out Pre-Emptive War

Uh... uh... uh... uh... uh... uh... uh... uh... uh... uh...

Oceanside CA- Off Duty Cop Shoots Woman and her 8 Year Old Son - Police defend his actions

Republican seduction: Luring women to your apartment with Hawaiian Pizza

Let's call Rep Patrick McHenry (R-CHICKENHAWK) and ask him why he hasn't enlisted

Is it better to vote early, or wait for the primary day?

OJ Simpson drives Olympic torch to Cheney's Bunker for Closing Ceremony.

Amazing that the same M$M that ignores protests about the American

Waxman Issues Third Subpoena for EPA Documents

Get a Free Ann Coulter Poster for Your Enemies

THE END of "BookBag-Gate." Yes, they were around in the 60s. PROOF. Now apologize to Hillary.

Robert Wexler just asked the key question of the hearings

As Petraeus testifies, Baghdad teeters on edge of erupting

Teaching the next generation abouts Dems, Labor, and Civil Rights, etc...

it appears protest is no longer a viable form of dialog in the american democracy

Wal-Mart Execs In Drag

Wal-Mart Execs In Drag

More deaths in Iraq today....You would thought the day would have been one of celebration

Guys - a calimary KPFK update - I MAY be preempted.

Sen. Vitter May Testify In 'D.C. Madam' Trial

Has the Presidents power to pardon ever been challenged?

Torch closing ceremony in SF canceled

Feds Bame Lieberman for Web Site Crash

Question about the olympics.

Chinese "torch guardians" are paramilitary thugs

Puzzle me this! If we , as a country, are as strong, as great,

Perino: Iraq Agreement ‘Not Subject’ To Congressional ‘Yes-Or-No’...

Wednesday TOONS : Part 2- War, China, Charlie...

I feel sorry for our DU brothers and sisters in the Bay Area

I didn't like it (in the moment) when Carter ordered an Olympic Boycott in 1980 ......

Who is this clown on with Thom Hartmann?

Why is he crying?

Tweety: I'm a free man starting next June

Colorado's Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer - what a guy

Senators Kennedy, Biden Release Report On Iraqi Refugees

Senators Kennedy, Biden Release Report On Iraqi Refugees

"Thank You For Your Service"....Give me a break! Army/Navy/AirForce/Marines why in the world join?

Bush Administration officials who have worked for big pharma...

Know what's shocking?

US Water Pipelines Are Breaking (277 Billion plus need to replace)

Dennis Kucinich's brother died of heart and lung disease

The 2008 Democratic nomination: In search of "the Popular Will".

Body of War opens nationally

John McSameAsBush recommends making your living on Ebay.

Amy Goodman: In First Joint Interview, 2 Ex-KBR Employees Say They Were Raped by Co-Workers in Iraq

Bob Dylan is awarded Pulitzer Prize

Bob Dylan is awarded Pulitzer Prize

People that didn't swallow our governments Tonkin Gulf lie were once considered conspiracy theorists

Wednesday TOONS : Part 1- Bushco- Messing up the skies, economy, in fact, everything!

Wednesday TOONS : Part 1- Bushco- Messing up the skies, economy, in fact, everything!

Protesters Plan 'Unwelcoming Party' for Cheney's Grand Junction Visit

Mississippi Justice: Bush US Attorney targeted my wife, supporters and friends (Larisa Alexandrovna)

Letter from Miami: Florida Just Can't Seem to Shake Off Its Banana Republicanism......

"So much for the Constitution..."

I was not trained to murder people!

The CIA's Secret War in Tibet

Ride your bike, use the bus

If Obama gets elected, will there be white supremecist protesters at his inauguration?

Wal-Mart Exposed: Videos You Were Never Meant To See

Quarter Pounder with Crazy: McDonalds' support of the "gay agenda" driving AFA freaks insane.....

If Condi gets on McCain's ticket, I'm voting for them.

Are there any DUers who are active feminist activists?

So How Many Democrats Will Be Replaced....

And WE are gonna boycott for 'human rights abuses" ? (graf pics)

Depressing Peak Oil article...

Seriously David Gregory's program

A NATION AT RISK - 25th ANNIVERSARY (and the fear-mongering and scapegoating continue)

"Writing is a form of thinking".

Anybody have a chart of what the tax rates were before the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts?

An astonishing revelation was the US's role in fomenting the sectarian bloodshed now in Iraq

Colonel Killed in Green Zone Mortar Attack, While on Treadmill

FBI probe: Lieberman campaign to blame for crashing own Web site

Paid for by Johm (sic) McCain

Bashing China Is Not The Answer by Professor L. Ling-chi Wang

Oil, Fuel, Corn, Wheat, Rice prices off the chart....Whew! I'm glad we don't use these things.....

ABC evening news doing something on torture.

Media Ignore Bipartisan Criticism Of Iraq Policies, Claim ‘A Parade Of Dems’ ‘Pounced’ On Petraeus

A Conversation at 38000 Ft

How will we win the Congressional votes to pass universal healthcare?

Okay. Ohhhhhhkay. Now I’m mad (re: health care)

"I Didn't Sign Up for the Navy to be in the Army!" The Other Military Draft

Ah, another Republican politician goes down in flames for gay hookers

So now "monkey" will be known as the "M word"

World News Trust: The Endless Bummer (Mary Lyon)

Liberals and Their Invisible Homophobia

Guys - I will be live on KPFK TODAY - Wednesday the 9th!

Dr. Laura just stated

DU! Let's End This Thing!--Activism Alert!!

The Petraeus Paradox: Why We Can Never Leave Iraq

Seven Lies about Tibet and His Holiness, The God King Of Tibet

Apparently all our tax dollars are going to iPods and expensive suits for bureaucrats and wonks.

Lieberman Lies Again: Crashed His Own Website, Blamed Lefty Bloggers

TYT: Author Of The New Book 'The Real McCain', Entire Interview With The Young Turks

"Da-Lie" Lama's Naked Truth Exposed

There are other ways the Iraq War affects us...

Free Republic's posting about Rush Limbaugh

Okay, flame me- but I gotta comment on this.

I'm really getting sick of people saying "I don't think people should be fucking with the flame."

Rachel Maddow: Progressive Media's Next Mainstream Star

Lawmaker Looks To Ban Dangerous Display Hooks

Bush Will Personally Kill Colombian Labor Leaders if You Don't Pass His Stupid Trade Deal

How would this look on a ballot ?

On the light side because sometimes we all need to lighten up and laugh

Bush Admin Censors Pro-Electric Rail Transport Policy Report

Carlyle Group's Plan to Takeover the Banking System

Joe Biden (!) Obliterated Every Administration Argument About Iraq

Should used auto parts be illegal?

Are the truckers still employing block the freeway strategy today where you live?

How to lose votes in the general population

Patrick McHenry (R-NC): Timeline of a Young Chickenhawk

MSNBC pays $5 million per year for "tonally inaccurate but factually true" TWEETY?

Charts Lie in General Petraeus's Report

The View today -- Hasselbeck came up with a doozy

WOW, Pelosi's challenger is speaking TRUTH to POWER, called her a COWARD!

Something Different about Obama

Christians say kids' dress-up day promotes alternative lifestyles

"Squeezed to Death" a look at the Iraq of 2000.

the bus that's carrying the Olympic flame is being blocked by protesters.

Women of Florida to be tightly controlled by men in suits.

Why do we feign outrage about China and the Olympics?

Al Gore! Take a Cue From Donald Trump and Fire Omarosa.

Virginia Democratic Chairs Send Petition to VA Superdelegates: Act Now! Support Obama!

Talking With a Friend Who Hates Muslims

remember the 3rd graders who plotted against their teacher?

Considering women won't be allowed to compete in ski jumping in 2010...

National Lawyers Guild calls for Yoo’s disbarment & Tried as a War Criminal

Ron Paul at the Hearing

Condi and Top Advisors OK'd Torture From Inside the White House: "Its Your Baby.. Go Do It."

Notice the reframing achieved by the Administration--

The recession is official (at least in the retail sector)

Iraq Coalition Casualties Website - Anyone else having problems?

Bring Back Randi Rhodes Now (petition)

Clinton: I Differ With Bill on Trade - AP

Clinton: I Differ With Bill on Trade - AP

What in the world is wrong with society nowadays?

WTF is wrong with these female reporters and their names? Cokie? Candy? wtf?

ERA: Sign the Petition to Ratify

Should the U.S. be banned from The Olympics?

I'm wondering if Randi is gone for good.

Naomi Wolfe, Time To Do Whatever The Hell It Takes.

A Day Of Pride For The Chinese People

Has anyone here ever been hungry? As in going to bed hungry.

Doesn't this contradiction seem a bit odd? Re: China-Tibet- Olympic Boycott- US Protests

What has happened to the ICC ( website?

A real case of Terrorism

A local responds to the Absolut stir

What are we going to DO??

I need your thoughts,prayers,and good karma

Coroner Cyril Wecht another target of Karl Rove's US Attorney scheme?

As a native NORCALITE I am very embarrassed for SF!

As a native NORCALITE I am very embarrassed for SF!

ATTENTION!! There's a Democratic candidate for the 1st TN district...'s been almost 12 years. how's welfare reform working for us?'s been almost 12 years. how's welfare reform working for us?

The Passive American.

Conspiracy Theorists: Explain the world to me

Zombie Strippers: The Movie (Rated R - starring Jenna Jameson!)

Does anyone know if you can send a faxed copy or fax your tax return?

The problem with dames

I am my own worst enemy...

I wish Hell's Kitchen would do McDonalds



I have the Hiccups

America does, if America says it's so...

Serious Issue, Song About Consequences (graphic)

Once Upon A Time, There Was Cinema. Now, There's Only Movies

The problem with men

Is this your homework, Larry?

Richard Belzer has not been on Law and order SVU

So I Am Having A Blast Making Comments on the LOLcat generator

My boyfriend, Fidel Castro

Film Preservation/Archiving Masters Programs

My boyfriend, Pepto Bismol Castro

vacation Pics ***warning dial up users***

My boyfriend, Jason Fidel Castro

Stay off the highways!!!

Kind of a downer - but have you seen the casualties of the war on drugs?

Anyone watching the NOVA show on Mayan languages

what is IBTL???

Bush Budget Would Eliminate RIF (Reading is Fundamental)

Should I sell my car?

Question to those who do Sudoku puzzles, particularily but not exclusively to experts

Free LSD trip

Goodnight everyone

Buffalo Jim is dead

Sometimes I am very angry.

My mood is like a bouncing ball

Embarrassing emissions

whats the point of being able to recommend lounge posts ?

How long does it take a 1st class envelope to arrive from Texas to British Columbia?

Again, I scare myself & His Hot Licks

My Dad


Hello fellow nightowls

I just got the BEST news via Facebook!!

So I've been living under a rock....Can you help me out?

Looky, looky! It's...

Come as You Are

Next time you're in Venice...

When I was in High School, we had a band trip to Moose Jaw.

Sometimes the only person who can sing Dylan is Bob, ya know?

My 16-yr-old daughter woke me early so I could listen to her on the radio.

So, I need to see the dermatologist

Great moments in Oasis lyrics

I got a new kitty and I'm in love, but need some advice on feeding and care..

Let's start the BSG discussion a couple days early this week :-P

i love my husband. he just rescued all my emails from a dying hard drive.

Florida lawmakers pass take-your-guns-to-work law

"i'm gonna pick up my axe and fight like a farmer"

"Fiddling while Rome burned," "Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic"...

Oh I do love officiating weddings. Here's an opening reading for you movie buffs.

Myrtle Beach Vacation - and a potty training adventure

Eddie Izzard is on The View today!

So Yahoo just Rick Rolled me!


Would you get plastic surgery from a doctor that looks like this?

My boyfriend, Jason Castro

American Airlines Cancels 500 Flights

ORIGINAL lyrics to "Hey Joe" by Hendrix

White House Denies Bush Told Bulgaria PM He Would Make Good Son-in-law

Embarrassing emissions

Sometimes I hang out on DU and think that the world is batshit crazy.

Lady techies

So, when can gawd fearin' murkins take their guns to church?

If you were FORCED to sing a karaoke song

Talk about hanging onto the past. :/

Can you imagine the life this tiny young woman must lead?

I spent my morning helping a little puppy find its way home...

Hey all you beer elitists... The finest of brew is coming back!

"Why do you have little hoses taped to your face!?"

Sign of the Times: The Chum Slick is Getting Bigger

My boyfriend, Fidel Castro

You know, I've never found DUers to be particularly shy

I am so pissed off and could use a hug.

I'm writing again!

I love it .... Tommy's new shitty movie is pushed back.

Bryan Adams and Wal-Mart team for album

Fight Club: mostly liked or mostly disliked?


CONFESS!!!! What was the last really whacked out wet dream you had

Three netizens being sued by Larry Sinclair.

The Mail: I was given a young man's heart - and started craving beer and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Triumph and Jesus at America Idol

You know , it just occured to me , I think we die because it is necessary

Breaking Bad is a kick-ass new show on AMC.

I received an email from the "IRS" saying that I was due for a $2,800 refund.

If you don't use cable, you'll love the new HDTV converter boxes

The Detroit Tigers have a new player named Owen

While grasping an Alzheimer thigh, are you abusing mass panic?

Venezuelian Govt finds "The Simpsons" unsuitable for children. Replaces it with "Baywatch"

Caffeine withdrawal is a powerful thing...Ouch

When You Were A Kid How Did You Say F*ck?

I'm so ashamed....I have a lack of substance abuse problem :(

I'm so ashamed....I have a lack of substance abuse problem :(

I just spent the evening working on the yearbook

Truck's loaded and we're ready to go tomorrow morning.

Obama riot...I wanna riot...

Really annoyed with the parking garage

Put my freind Deb is your thoughts ..... kitty cat dying.

Dan Savage's mother died

The cat that I want apparently sucks - what should I do?

Oh, my lunch is sooooo good...

"The Secret Government", Bill Moyers Documentary from 1987

Is it REALLY fucking necessary for Windows Updates to FORCE a restart of the computer?

Okay, what do I have to do to get some Canadian or European to green card marry me?

Want to move to Japan; commute to work every day? (video)

I saw Moe Tucker in Target last Saturday

My boss told me yesterday he was gonna buy me a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck

Head cheese, 15 cents a pound!

Yay! Madinmaryland is ignoring me!

Who else despises the Laff-A-Lympics

I was never much of a Replacements fan, but I always thought this a good video

Is it dangerous for children to know that atheism exists?

The good news is that I've lost 7 pounds in the last 10 days! The bad news is that

Give me one good reason...

What do you call it?

What would you think if I sang out of tune?

This is a thread for discussing The Clash

In case you need standing up:

Cheese cutting-it is ON! right now

I hate it when I'm told I didn't return something I know I DID!!!

BNL! I'm calling you out!


I just had to put somebody on 'Ignore'. I hate that. I got my first hate-PM. I hate that, too.

Volunteer recall of some Sam Adams beer

Great. One more thing to worry about.

Where's live TV of SF Torch Relay Festivities?

Obama supporters: need a bumper sticker that has a little attitude?

I saw "casualties of war" last night - really pissed me off

"Dancing with the Stars" question

Too bad I'm working on Friday and won't be able to attend this lecture...

Well fu*k me running again. I went to paste another thing ina Yahoo

Crayola's 'box of 64' turns 50 yrs. old AND we have 8 NEW COLORS!

I was driving, heard on a radio that a local bank had been robbed, drove toward the scene...

Holy Crap My Bank Was Just Robbed, And I Was There

lol...I'm using colored pencils to finish up a project I'm doing for grad school...

So how many Arab Americans are DUers

old timer checking back in.....

I just got back from Dogfish Head Alehouse....

So yesterday I took Jack and Guinness out for a walk out back.

For crying out loud, for that I love you............. Meatloaf appreciation thread

Free on-line pregnancy tester

Oh no! Stanley Kamel ("Monk" psychiatrist) has died

YOGA PORN! Do any women anywhere do yoga to Namaste Yoga or belly dance to Shimmy? NO!

So this is the IPOD I bought

Excellent News! My House is SOLD!

This made me laugh so hard....

Great speech by Shirley Schmidt on "Boston Legal"

Business that might want a name-change

How's this for a Microsoft Error Window

A question for the lounge: How many times do you think Ronnie James Dio saw LOTR

OK! Which of you village idiots have seen Pure Prairie League in concert??

Dadgumit! I could've won a pony!

My thoughts on being poor and riding the bus

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/9/2008)

Tomorrow, we'll have been married 26 years. Don't ask me anything!

Obama VP poll Round 3: Crossover choices.

Now I'M in the mood.... to watch the movie "10". Say what you will, it is an excellent film!

American Idol: I just voted for Kristy tonight because she looked beautiful and sang very well...

What are Tensors?

Springsteen "Ghost of Tom Joad" w/ Tom Morello in Anaheim youtube

Did they redesign the iPod earbuds?

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Grass cutting-it is ON! this weekend

I'm so ashamed....I have a substance abuse problem :(

Write a Haiku based on a DU thread

Luke Skywalker vs a Venti Peppermint Mocha

Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

more language fun from my new job at the call center

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/9/08

NY Times "Bad Name Contest"!


How the hell do you "caramelize" the sugars in something without COOKING it?

So I'm going for it...Doing the Senior Honors Thesis

Now I wanna fight..

Tell me what song gets you "in the mood".

Paris Sketchbook -

Who is funnier Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?

How much water do you drink every day?

Need help naming my dragon

CONFESS!!!! What was the last really whacked out dream you had

I Love Getting New Books in the Mail!!!

Name a TV show which you didn't watch during its first run, but came to really like during reruns

What Is The Most Annoying Song That You Despise The Most

Blood!! Blood!!! NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!! !!!! (youtube)


In case you need cheering up:

I've decided to quit smoking

Should it be against the rules to attack a whole generation?

With Gas Prices At All Time High, Are You Using Mass Transit?

The Wildflowers of Spring

highly unlikely prediction from the Death Psychic....

Play a show tune

The problem with women.

Embarrassing admissions

When You Were A Kid How Did You Say Spaghetti?

Photographing The Ninth Ward


Drug du jour: khat.

Flight simmers and shuttle enthusiasts check it out... just got an awesome new simulator

The Trouble With Brand Hillary

FBI Data Transfers Via Telecoms Questioned

Libby Won't Fight for Pa. Law License

Congress wants prosecution for assaults (sexual assaults against civilians in Iraq)

Eight dead in fresh Afghan unrest: officials

Second (Nashville) High-end Builder is Bankrupt

Peru Court Convicts 4 for 1992 Massacre

Mothers of Iraq dead lose fight for UK war inquiry (into legality of invasion)

U.S. Water Pipelines are Breaking

Baghdad Under Curfew as Iraq Marks Saddam's Fall

Rep. Young's (Republican) earmarks help his children's employers

Baghdad anniversary clampdown fails to stop violence

Zimbabwe's poll commission accepts 5 recounts

Affidavit: Report of child brides led to raid

Democrats Want Iraqis to Use Oil Surplus

IMF slashes world growth forecast

7 die in Baghdad blast; Green Zone shelled

Volcker Says Fed's Bear Loan Stretches Legal Power

Obama takes aim at knockout blow in Pennsylvania

Boeing 787 Launch to Be Delayed Again (Delivery Target Now 3Q 2009)

Dems want Iraqis to spend oil surplus

American to cancel 1,000 more flights

New affadavit links Barclay to prostitutes, hidden cameras

Roadside bomb kills 3rd U.S. serviceman in Baghdad

US soldier killed in Baghdad bomb attack

White House Expands Program To Help Homeowners Head Off Foreclosure

U.S. Navy lawyer to defend alleged 9/11 mastermind

(PA) State GOP aims to reverse voter registration losses

DLC Dismisses Exempt Status Attack By IRS

Lindsay Graham: McCains "Little Jerk"

Official Had Controversial Photos Deleted, Report Says

Iraqi President Talabani Backs Moves To Disband Sadr Militia - AFP

Iraqi regrets toppling Saddam statue ("today we have 50 Saddams")

Feds Blame Lieberman for Web Site Crash

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 9, 2008

While reservists serve, their jobs don't always wait

Former Bush administration lawyer asked to testify before Congress

US president gets an earful from Afghan governors

Dems Assail McCain on Iraq, Economy

IMF says US crisis is 'largest financial shock since Great Depression'

Traders Bet Obama Will Win Democratic Nomination

Venezuela looks to replace Exxon Mobil as partner in U.S. refinery

US senators question 9 IT firms over H1-B visas

IMF sees US falling into recession

Rice Leaves Door Ajar for Vice Presidential Chance

South Korean Lee's Parliament Win Paves Way for His Conservative Growth Plans

Bush Emotional at Medal Ceremony for Fallen Navy SEAL

American Airlines expects to cancel more flights: To comply with federal rules about wiring

Court Sides With Insurers on Flood Damage in Louisiana

Experts hack power grid in no time

FBI probe: Lieberman campaign to blame for crashing own Web site

Hungry world: Economic pressures raise prices for food worldwide, even in developed countries

Jackie Speier-D prepares to go to Washington (Special Election CA-12)

Sources: Top Bush Advisors Approved 'Enhanced Interrogation'

U.S. official confirms death from natural causes of senior al Qaeda official Abu Ubaida al-Masri

Oil Passes $111, Gasoline Hits Record on Unexpected Drop in U.S. Supplies

Middle-class progress said to be limited (not better off today than 5 yrs ago)

Landing gear mishap nearly catastrophic, pilot says

Siegelman Prepping for House Committee Testimony

AP photographer receives Iraqi amnesty

Military Mom Says She Was Brutally Raped in Iraq

National Lawyers Guild Calls on Boalt Hall to Dismiss Law Professor John Yoo,

CIA said to control Ecuador's military intelligence; defence minister resigns

CIA said to control Ecuador's military intelligence; defence minister resigns

Report: Jimmy Carter to Meet With Hamas Leader in Syria

New anti-terror weapon: Hand-held lie detector

Haitian president calls for stop to food riots

Five more U.S. soldiers die in Iraq (17 killed since Sunday)

Row Flares Over Rudd's Tibet Comments

Indian auto suppliers eye US companies

Mississippi Justice: Bush US Attorney targeted my wife, supporters and friends

Girl Faked Anti-Illegal Immigration Sign Attack, Official Says

Route shortened after thousands gather for S.F. torch run

Canada says will not call for boycott of Games

Dubai firm buys into Fontainebleau (Miami Beach)

Petraeus Says Iranian-Backed Groups Are Greatest Threat to Iraq

Student sees political bias in high school text

Senator Byrd won't give up top committee spot

Pelosi to Block Vote on Colombia

US Olympic torch relay descends into farce

Fla. lawmakers OK take-your-guns-to-work law

Breaking News: Nebraska Legislature won't apologize for slavery

How Will The Troops Vote? It May Surprise You

Wafaa Bilal interviewed on RPI Censorship

TYT: Author Of 'The Real McCain' On McCain's Fist Fight!

Opening Statement at Petraeus Hearing - Biden

Hillary Disses Patraeus

This is dedicated to General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker

Obama to Petraeus, Crocker: diplomatic surge, withdrawal timetable, our resources are finite

IRAQ: Ted Kennedy Questions Gen. Petraeus - Free Ingrid Betancourt

David from Johnstown, PA talks about why he supports Obama

Red State Update's Tribute To Charlton Heston

Petraeus: Sen. Feingold - 'Staying in Iraq is Playing into bin Laden's Hands'

Is It Too Late for Impeachment? (1 of 2)

Battle in Seattle Trailer-France

2008.04.08 - Don Siegelman On Abrams' Verdict Part 2

Is It Too Late for Impeachment? (2 of 2)

Bush On Blackwater's Contract Renewal

The Petraeus Paradox TYT - Cenk

Sen. Clinton Questions Gen. David Petraeus at Senate Hearing

BaRocky - Obama Baby is Back!

2008.04.08 - Don Siegelman On Abrams' Verdict Part 1

2008.04.08 - Don Siegelman on Abrams' Verdict Part 3

Crocker says he'd rather fight Al Qaeda in Pakistan/Afghanistan

The Price of Iraq

New Hillary Clinton Ad: Scranton

Inside Iraq - Motives for war - 04 April 08 - Part 1

Barack Obama in Malvern, PA

Fascism comes to America- Who are the Nazis now?

Powderfinger (performed by The Beat Farmers)

Janeane Garofalo sticks up for Randi Rhodes w/ Sam Seder

Countdown: Gen. Odom 'We're Brutalizing Our Troops; Reminds Me of Nixon's Widening of War'

Chinese Military Parade

McCain responds to Cliff Schecter's new book and allegations of anger management problems

Sen. Clinton Questions Gen. Petraeus & Amb. Crocker on Iraq

US Corporate media isn't telling this story...the BBC is

Elizabeth Edwards on Health Care and Importance of Endorsement (4/09/08)

Michelle Obama in Winston-Salem, NC - April 8, 2008

One-on-one with Michelle Obama

Countdown: 'You Can Have Your Tiger Woods' 4/8

Six Girls Beat Up 16-Year Old (graphic video)

Sen Joe Biden: Gen Petraeus Iraq Surge Hearing

Phil Donahue on Hannity and Colmes 4-8-08 Pt 1

Senator Barack Obama questions Petraeus and Crocker

Obama Everywhere....In Pennsylvania!

Guardian UK: Gen. Petraeus's declaration that the surge must go on will simply prolong the agony

Iraq 6 months at a Time and the continuing lies.

Hillary with Joe and Mika on "Morning Joe," 4/8

The Secret Government, PBS 1987

Venezuela scolds Bush over Colombia deal

Al Qaeda Sues McCain for Defamation of Character

Chris Matthews... 'unmasked' Bwaaa!

The World's Most Powerful Cult and how it undermines American democracy

Animal Planet TV producer Peter Brown - Sea Shepherd Whale Campaign

CAMPOS: Tax burden? What burden?

TYT: Obama Delegate Gets In Trouble For What She Says

Colombia’s Invasion of the United States

Blitzer: Iraqis playing U.S. taxpayers for 'suckers'?

Is America a Center-Right Nation?

Robert Scheer: Everything His President Wants to Hear

Everyone is Out to Get Them. - Ever notice Conservatives are paranoid?

NYT editorial: The Torch and Freedom

Skins of the Southwest

Idiotic RW LTTE from the Columbus Dispatch

FBI probe: Lieberman campaign to blame for crashing own Web site

Gene Lyons says Let Obama-Clinton contest play itself out

Forget Tiger Woods, Experts Compare John McCain to John Daly

NY Times: Justice Dept Replacing Trials With Deals For Corporations

What I Learned About Am Politics from Watching the Irish Peace Process - Jean Kennedy Smith (pro-O)

Kansas Firm Airs Candid Wal-Mart Videos

Senator Clinton Doesn't Really Oppose the Colombian Trade Agreement

CommonDreams: Enough Already

Juan Cole: Ayatollahs Decline to Ban Militia

For Many, a Boom That Wasn’t: "...never an expansion in which the middle had no wage growth."

Jon Ausman Releases Memo on Florida Appeal

Greenstock attacks lack of planning for war aftermath

Bush is depicted as foul-mouthed frat boy

MSNBC Excerpts of book on Chalabi - Man Who Pushed America To War

Psst, America did you forget about Iraq?

The Keating Five Legacy

Robert Scheer: Everything His President Wants to Hear

"Why Hillary Clinton should be winning" by Sean Wilentz

Colombia Trade Deal Splits Clintons

Jesse Ventura Bodyslams Hannity & Colmes!

Military Crisis in South America: The Results of Plan Colombia

Got misrecognized as a Republican today

Robert L. Borosage: Brain Dead Trade Debate

The Audacity of Populism

Ungrateful Urchins Turning Their Backs On The Country That Tacitly Welcomed Them Into Its Kitchens,

The club rules of the left

The technologies needed to beat 450 ppm

Westinghouse strikes deal to build US nuclear power plants

Guardian UK: Food price rises threaten global security - UN

Soldier arrested for allegedly stalking wife

Army reopens investigation of soldier death

Soldier dies in Baghdad roadside bombing

Baghdad mortar sites targeted in 3 airstrikes

Murder trial begins for Ore. ex-soldier

Editorial: Don’t phish own waters

Backtalk: As long as it takes

Bill would help vets needing continual care

Editorial: Allow all applications (astronauts)

Marine awarded $3.5M from military insurer

National Geographic Channel's "Human Footprint" airs Sunday 4/13

Boulder County passes strict green building standard

India, Israel to collaborate on renewable energy

Explosive Sales Growth In Generators In South Africa - Some Dealers Out Of Stock - PE Herald

Bangladesh Army Chief Of Staff - Price Increases Have Reached "Intolerable" Levels

S. Africa's State Power Utility Eskom Wants To Double Power Prices In Next Two Years - BBC

$16 billion environmental lawsuit tests Chevron

Freak Chinese Hailstorm Kills Five, Injures 66, Damages Or Destroys Thousands Of Homes - Reuters

Hong-Kong Based Oasis Airlines Liquidates, Business-Class Maxjet Out Of Business - BBC

4.2 Day Average Advance In Date Of Cherry Blossom Season In Past 50 Years - Mainichi

Dematerializing The Global Poor - How The Developing World And Media Make Them Go Away - Guardian

South Africa expects to phase in nuclear power because of expected carbon taxes.

Percholorate contamination...for fireworks. Need some advice/reality

Warming trends rise in large ocean areas: study - Reuters

Harnessing Biology, and Avoiding Oil, for Chemical Goods

Pickup Truck Sales In Serious Trouble - Despite $5,000+ Rebates; Black Book Down $4,200 This Year

Pause withdrawal after summer, Petraeus says

Inquiry into F-16 bomb drop comes up empty

Senator says Cyber Command belongs in Colorado

360-degree Gatling gun eyed for Osprey

Delaware Guard scores millions in base funds

B-1B readiness drops 4 years in a row

Soldier and wife accused of killing toddler

Editorial: Restoring faith

Backtalk: Commanders should encourage airmen to express opinions

Academy invites more controversial speakers

Petraeus’ graphs for yesterday's hearing

Dems want Iraqis to spend oil surplus

No clear winner in Iraq’s ‘March Madness’

Gen. David H. Petraeus’ remarks to the Senate Armed Services Committee

Patriot Express flight halted temporarily

Plans for new-look Landstuhl fine-tuned

Baumholder-based unit on a mission to stay connected

Navy Launches Newest T-AKE

Misdirected Email Doomed Convoy

Soldier accused of raping Filipina on Okinawa still not charged

New B-52 squadron to call Minot home

Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker's statement on the situation and progress in Iraq

American troops, Iraqis prepare as time for massive march nears

Powderfinger (performed by The Beat Farmers)

Well, we just had 30 Solar Power panels installed on our roof

'Regional' Nuclear War Would Cause Worldwide Destruction

"Bus Stop Pansies" wasting fuel, adding to global warming.

US reactors eight or more years away from coming online: NEI CNO

No Pull-Out, Says Iraq War Vets Group

Hillary, Be My Best Friend


GM will use Mexican axles to reopen 2 plants

Today in labor history April 9

Central Labor Councils Making April Health Care Month

California Labor Federation Releases Report On Value Of Paid Sick Days (uses U.S. Bureau of Labor #s

USW local 3141 lockout continues in CB, Ia my granddaughter stood on the line today

TRW to build Indiana plant for Ford work

IMF Says Financial Losses May Swell to $945 Billion

Morgan Stanley re-elects board slate

Greenspan: U.S. in recession - recommends settling the crisis by committing taxpayers' money

Median Income falls for first time in post war era.

Anti-gay Republicans launch phone spam drive in California

If you want to have a fit, try and have a factually accurate one.

Stonewall Dems looking for GLBT people to work in the next Dem administration

Egypt Sentences 5 Men for Homosexuality

The Master's Tools

Peru Court Convicts 4 for 1992 Massacre

$16 billion environmental lawsuit tests Chevron

From HAITI to GUINEA: Haiti's Former Human Rights Abusing PM Sent to Guinea by UN

An Evangelical at Armageddon

Israel to bar UN official for comparing Israelis to Nazis

Palestinians kill 2 Israelis in raid

Many Israelis 'uncomfortable' with pastor who supports McCain

Robert Fisk: Hizbollah Turns To Iran For New Weapons To Wage War On Israel

2 Israeli civilians killed in attack by Gaza infiltrators

Sixty years after Deir Yassin

Biden's Opening Statement at the SFRC Hearing

vid of Biden during the SFRC hearing --

Maybe I should be flattered and proud of Biden,

NYT "As nightmares of newsprint danced in Biden's head"

And this

Joe's Today Show spot at Huffington Post

Did you guys see this?

Link to Joe on "Morning Joe" this morning

Veepstakes Watch: Biden

Biden Videos!!!

ALERT: Biden on Tweety acccording to a post in GD -- NOW

Lady Vols again!

How can you not get emotional watching this guy throw out

Absolutely, Positively the Worst Team in the History of Professional Sports

What websites do you visit when you need a lift/positivity?

Free Energy and Mental Control

Who picked the Detroit Tigers to win it all this year?

Does Satan Lurk in Washington?

My letter to my old senator about the Colombia Free Trade deal

April 2008 Prayer, Light & Healing Requests Thread-- thread Two

Another mystery thrift store find

Bacon powder!

FDA warns GlaxoSmithKline for not reporting safety studies of diabetes pill Avandia

I am so excited.

Wrong diagnosis causes 4 with transplants to get cancer

A few dark images

Any recommendations for healthy shampoo w/o chemicals? nm

I want to talk about George Foreman's Fusion Grill

What does "freedom of religion" really mean?

Godless propaganda (a little on the smug side)

I would like to collect some sangria recipes

'Breakthrough' at Stonehenge dig

New rocky planet found in constellation Leo

Toronto's foreign policy proposal

Are all religions equivelant ?

Toronto mayor launches petition for handgun ban

Al Qaeda in Iraq is a US run PSYOPS program to bullshit the American people?

You can become an AE911Truth Hero for only $911 / month!...

A "bio" of Taylor Marsh. For me, I am stunned.

Video up of Sen. Kerry questioning Petraeus & Crocker today

A nice little comment, Hagel on JK's patriotism

Lee Hamilton denies Michael Mukasey's claim about 9/11

Did Doyle rig Wisconsin for Obama?

Failed Again: Widely-Used Diebold Touch-Screens Systems Dropped Votes in Recent Ohio Primary

ICE agent not guilty of charges in governors race

WaPo: Groups Step Up Efforts to Avert Voting Mishaps

Vets for Freedom speaker calls Obama "Tiger Woods"

Rowley's LTE makes St. Cloud Times re: Vets Freedom stop

Bachmann getting outside help for reelection from Rep Boehner

On KQRS, Tommy B said that if KQRS had to do a cut, let it be him...

OPEN thread Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Wednesday 04/09/08

Wanted: Information about Pete Olson


Fort Bend Commissioner who gave us eSlates defeated!

Oracle, Crystal Reports and Symantec questions--re: Vista

Looking for a second hand laptop

Melancon (D for TX 4th) asks "Are you ready to lead?"

Obama ahead in Colbert's "You Choose"! $122,526 to $22,333!

Taylor Marsh: TOTAL fraud (wow)

Does anyone have the picture

WV County Conventions Saturday!

USDA Finds Violations in Slaughterhouses re: National School Lunch Program

Could I get some opinions please.

I was riffed today, maybe

KOEB Meeting: 04/08/08 -- I'll Take Tiger Woods Edition

Cool article about Rachel from GD:

I gather there truly is no love lost between Keith and Tweety.

Anyone know a link to see what's happening in the Jackie Speier election today?

Architect and Scientist to Lay Out Disquieting New Evidence in WTC Collapses--Thurs San Diego


Patients 'not NHS staff's top priority'

How Brown makes the poor pay more tax

Secular Holidays

Coming up on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann:" Atheists are a danger to children...