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"$3 Trillion for Iraq war est. may be too low" - Stiglitz & Bilmes

Video: New Bush Money

Climate target is not radical enough - study

Mortgage Bankers Association Building To Cost Millions More Due To Housing Crisis

Israel Begins Largest-Ever Home-Front Emergency Drill

Chevron Redubs Ship Named for Bush Aide

Citizens of nowhere (Le Monde Diplomatique)

UNITE or DIE...... John Adam series-Tonight

Evangelist Hagee pledges $6 million to Israel

BwahHAH!1 Condo is SERIOUSLY considered as a candidate/leader!1

"And I can't find my way home..."

How many times a day do you check your postings

Tracy Ullman's State of the Union

Personal data can be seen by states

West Coast "King" doc on History Channel

Who is the U.S. most trusted ally in Africa?

Exact Quote and no Photoshopping

Interesting interview on C-span with Roger Mudd --- quite a look back at some of America ...

Political Ponerology: A Science of Evil Applied for Political Purposes

This Modern World: Time-Lapse Cartooning - The Real Estate Experts Speak

Ain't it about time to crank up a McCain forum?

Five years ago today - David Bloom died in Iraq

Martin Luther King program on History Channel now (Tom Browkaw)

New Iraq Report: Surge Definitely 'NOT WORTH IT'! (WAPO)

Remember the Iraq War 4,000 Milestone?

Can anyone give me a simple answer about this rebate we're supposed to get in May?

C. Heston with James Baldwin, Sidney Poitier, Marlon Brando, and Harry Belafonte

Howard Dean is leaving after the elections?

Muslim war graves defaced in France

Bloody Sunday...

Are you willing to pay to send humans to Mars?

Are you willing to pay to send humans to Mars?

WTF is up with Madonna?

Market Reforms A Scam, A Fraud, A Charade, A Lie by Jim Jubak

Stiglitz is on Joe Scumbag right now n/t

Is it Still Considered "The Running of the Olympic Torch" if its in a Bus?

I just watched the Feith interview on 60 Minutes. I shouldn't, but I was

Is anybody an expert on security clearances?

Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes: $3 Trillion May Be Too Low

Afghanistan probes civilian deaths claim: ministry

I'm going to see James Baker speak in Norfolk, VA Tuesday night. What should I ask

Should We Call The Department Of Defense, The War Department From Now On?

Democrats' Dean Urges Superdelegates to Pick a Nominee Soon

Big, Whopping Hunk of Pre-Petraeus SPIN on WJ this morning...

This may a little late, but I finally watched Sicko.

When did Dana Perino

some information on the ongoing Genocide in Tibet... >>LINK>>>

Jay Rockefeller: The Most Gullible Sheep in the Senate?

Iraq effort faces fresh Hill scrutiny-Petraeus, Crocker to testify as fighting, strain on GIs rise

Evidence Grows of U.S. Use Of Drug On Prisoners

A man destroyed. Do not become the enemy. No rovian politics ever.

British fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes

Justice Dept. sues Fox over indecency fines

May I suggest a way to really piss off your conservative neighbors?

Of course John McCain is a warmonger! Look up the word and his picture is right there!

get your "If They Bomb Iran" posters here,

Rush Limbaugh's Ratings Best During His Commercials

Let me get this straight....

School's cross-dressing day angers Christian network

Neocons' Nightmare: Not Being Able to Attack Who We Want

'Stop Loss': Patriotic Bluster Dressed up As a Protest Movie

From Legal Schnauzer: Another Gotcha On Rove

So the Iraqi elections are in October ?

Weird. Does the left and the right actually agree on something now?

The torch was put out.

McCain blunders on Iraq, again: Confuses ...

In last night's King special, right at the very beginning, there was ......

So the USA dismantles Iraq via...

The Nation: Petraeus's Ponzi Scheme

Cokie Roberts "chortling" constantly while Katrina Van den Huevel

Oops! Foreclosures come to McMansion country

DU: Need some good progressive advice on topic to choose for finalist video in political contest

This Is Really Weird... Man With Suicide Victim's Heart Takes Own Life - MSNBC

Horse's ass arrested for punching horse in the ass.

UN pulls out of North Korea Olympic torch ceremony amid fears of propaganda coup

VA staff spent $2.6b on agency credit cards-Bills at casinos, posh retailers investigated

Hey George, doesn't Tibet deserve Freedom?

Army recruits requiring waivers for misconduct more than doubled since 2004

Would someone please tell me what these guys are wearing?

Those who claim to be "Pro Life" are LYING

Court seeks color-blind jury

Check out this dumb poll. I can't believe the results.

The Reason the Political Right Invokes Love of Country

VIDEO: FULL '60 Minutes' INTERVIEW with Gov. Siegelman

Darfur women still face rape risk

If you can’t win one war, start another one! - Today’s Headlines 4/7/08

I just googled news stories for: five killed Iraq-and came up with only 8 stories despite 1st report

I have the feeling that buzzflash has gamed us

Iraqi leader wants answers for Blackwater 'massacre'

Some of the Biggest Behind-the-Scenes Players Who Made Radio Godawful Are Heading to Tribune Network

Vitter (R-LA) to testify in DC Madam trial?

Posters that have less than 30 posts and start fighting with others gets my suspicions up

Oh crap. One of my clients just filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

I just called Sfgate-Chron- to complain about lack of homepage coverage of 7 troops killed Sunday

UK: Vigilantes Cook Speed Camera

Careers Vanish After Subprime 'Free Fall'

11 men arrested on charges of soliciting sex from children

Wall Street Cracks Down on Bloated CEO Pay (Yes, That's a Joke)

surge update - Deadly Sadr City clashes rage for second day

Only 32 minutes left ...KATHIE LEE GIFFORD is back on TV!!!!

"The surge is working"...yeah...right

Clinton campaign chair... Holding an OBAMA sign?!

McCain’s Preacher: Gays “Detestable.”

Do you think McCain will put Lindsey Graham on his ticket? nt

Act Blue: We've got big plans for this year. We need your help.

I Watched Tom Brokaw's "King" on History Channel

Hah! Limbaugh Has More Listeners During The Commercials

has anyone been to the Corpus Museum

Iraq War costs every American family $100 a month

Congress doing little to help homeowners, unions charge

Evergreen Solar to double plant's size, add 350 jobs (Plant expansion in Mass. - Boston Globe)

Definitely Eisenhower.

St Ronnie and Poppy ............ Fleet Queens?

Search engines warned {by EC} over data (BBC)

President George W-is-for-warcrimes Bush.

'Soft Money' Battle Brewing; Millions raised; attack ads set...

Anyone watching CSPAN2 with Kit Bond in a sling?

Three Months of Job Losses=Recession

Did anyone just see the Tibet protest ON the Golden Gate Bridge?

"Feminist Hero," McCain supporter & star of "The Hills" Heidi Montag is not registered to vote

Lyndie England revisited

"MANdated" ultrasound

Thom Hartman now discussing

Republicans Oppose Homeowner Bailout as Home Values Fall


Dave Lindorff: Listen to the General on Iraq (No, not Petraeus!)

New VW TDI Hybrid Concept Car to Get 69 MPG

Don Young (R-AK)-The Million Dollar Man (in legal fees)

vinegar weed killers

Paris:Officials extinguish Olympic torch again (second time)

Is this the sexiest man you have ever seen? or what

Hey McCain... pucker up

Is it me? Or have the stakes in Iraq just racheted really really high

Oh joy! * to address nation on Iraq Thursday morning, not in prime time

The Young Turks

Thom Hartmann is filling in for Randi today.

Shoe Shopper Actively Campaigning for McCain VP Post.... Rawstory Headline LINK

Across the border, "a humanitarian crisis" is brewing

Randi's On Live on WJNO!!!!!!!

What Costs More Per Year Than The Iraq War -

the height of irresponsibility

They're going to get away with this: Admin removes goalposts for measuring "surge" success

Jim Webb, Roger Ebert Announce Joint Initiative

NYT: The Union Pressure to Oust Penn (McEntee telephoned her on Friday to urge her to fire Mr. Penn)

English family fakes girl's kidnapping for money

I Lost All My Respect For Sen.Jim Webb When I Read This Article!

+++ 4,020 +++

He even looks like an evil man

Can someone explain why the word "bitch" is empowering?

Should the U.S. boycott the Olympic Games in Beijing?

Let's not discuss our next president in such a way that it sullies this board

61% of historians rate Bush the "worst ever president" in US history; 98% say failure

As three more troops are killed in Iraq, here are some screen shots

Should we remove politics from the Olympics?

Gardening For Consumption?

Do you think McShame will put Condi on his ticket?

Federal Budget Cuts Leave Consumer Safety Net "Frayed"

Where are the Top Ten Conservative Idiots?

Howard Dean question:

A second simple question about the Rebate we're all getting from the IRS.

The Documentary Everyone Should See! ***The 11th Hour***

Glass particles force Sam Adams beer recall

Short of just not going, how can you avoid flying?

Jeremy Scahill: Contract Justice (Iraq/Blackwater)

From the "Oh No They Didn't" Department: Lieberman and Graham say war critics lack "credibility"

RUSSIA considering a ban on hunting baby seals

Bill would ban Mylar balloons

Deathwatch DAY 7


More info about the mall anti-war protester


Bob Dylan wins a Pulitzer Prize

From A to Z your favorite republican offender

McCain economic advisor: "Gas prices unrelated to Iraq war"

Indian girl born with two faces

Jesse Ventura might run for senate..............!!!

Gen. Patreus to ask for a (another) Friedman unit tomorrow

Who wants to play whats a lie, whats a half truth and whats pure BS?

Sen. Vitter’s Bad Day - He Learns He May Be on DC Madam Witness List, Then Come Fender-Benders

Don't forget ... Don Siegelman on MSNBC at 9 EDT

Slowpoke TOON-"Kneejerkin' " (getting you to vote against your own beliefs)

exclusive LIVE interview with Governor Don Siegelman

Republics show their fear of Darcy Burner

Randi On At 7PM EST On Green 960

How times and fortunes change ......

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

The experts speak: Ignorance from the chattering classes

McClatchy: GOP Congressman's Iraq tale stirs election anger (McHenry)

Neocon Chickenhawk Doug Feith cries "It's Not My Fault" on Iraq

(Video) White House spokesman says they have thrown out rose colored glasses

Pasadena council to consider extensive smoking ban (bus stops/atms/rose parade/etc)

"The Snippy President"

Pelosi and Rangel Statement on Administration Sending Colombia Free Trade Agreement to Congress

Paper: Clinton campaign chair photographed holding Obama signs

"I need your clothes. Give them to me. Now!"

Did Anyone Else Hear Thom Hartman's Guest Just Now?

Third-Grader Suspended For Sniffing Marker

Third-Grader Suspended For Sniffing Marker

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Vitter is on the witness

McCain fundraising tops $15M in March, still trails Dems

McCain Votes To Cut Veterans Funding, But Says We Owe Vets ‘A Debt We Can Never Repay’

The Already Big Thing on the Internet: Spying on Users

Pump up the volume with ‘boob job in a jab’

Interesting. December 21, 2012.

On 5th anniversary of U.S. invasion, South Bay demands end to Iraq war (grannies, labor, & photos)

Former minister and teacher busted for child porn

"Compare the way things are in the US to how they were 5 years ago" (April NYT poll)

KBR & Rape...Past due for a letter righting campaign.

*****Breaking News!Breaking News!Breaking News!Breaking News!*****

Taxes Wealth Meet Bill Mahr / Lies, damn lies, and statistics

the original definition of the word c***

WTF? 534 women, children leave polygamist ranch

THE DONKEY: A story with two morals

Nebraska lawmakers limit probing of phone records (now they will go through DC)

Where is the push to have the United Nations take over in Iraq?

tweety is taking on this little rethug shit on the iraq war

tweety is taking on this little rethug shit on the iraq war

OK -- so it looks like Air America has been knocked out .. . ???

Glenn Greenwald: Cokie Roberts speaks out on the war on behalf of the American people

McCain's temperament

GOP Presidents systematically preside over slower economic growth and rising inequality...

And Now He's Dead: Semicolon; Punctuation Mark

One thing this election brought us, a more colorful press corps.

The Glossary of Nowhere - why the depressing topic of suburban sprawl is also really funny

Which President gave

Can someone post links to all the interviews HRC has given to the gay press in this campaign?

"Civilian Conservation Work Force!" Do you know what it is? Could we Use it Today?

tap'er light = "take it easy" or "have a good day"

Changing the mind of America, one sign at a time

Foreclosing on Rural America

It's nonsense to blame Obama for the antipathy toward HIllary

Great cover for Cliff Schecter's book on McCain

see the world as the Clinton Campaign does

DU Old Timers: Was The Carter/Kennedy Primary This Acrimonious?

Clinton Campaign To Turn Away From Ohio Woman's Anecdote

W's shame at New Orleans shirts & posters on sale!

I'll admit it. I am a caucasian male, and I'm a racist.

So, Hil, how was YOUR weekend?

98% of historians say Bush presidency a failure, 61% say he is the worst president ever

Global Events Magazine: Attack Iran soon. Inaccuracies, falsehoods, utter tripe

How DU members are failing the nation.

Is the military spying upon Sen. Barack Obama ?

Biofuels: Not all they're cracked up to be?

US Military Strike on Iran Set for the Week of April 6, 2008?

Uh Oh! Jack Cafferty just compared Red China to Bush's America!

A favor, please, for my son in Baghdad--

PBS' Iraq Documentary Sets Online Viewership Record

Does John McCain exhibit symptoms of memory loss or other mental impairments associated with aging?

Don Siegelman will be on with Dan Abrams


In effectively calling for the disenfranchisement of Fl and Mi

A tasteful thread about the passing of Charlton Heston

NYT - In Superdelegate Count, Tough Math for Clinton - Obama adds another SD

Radio host Ed Schultz: 'I'm sorry ... John McCain is a warmonger'

Like a turd swirling in the toilet bowl .........

SCOTT HORTON: Karl Rove in a Corner

Sigh. I know it's challenging.

I was selected at my county caucus as a delegate; heading to Congressional District caucus (WI)

Obama supporters: Honest question: Why are you so grumpy & irritable all the time?

McCain eliminating middle man, Already shifting from Candidate straight to Legal Defendant

SICKO health care: Clinton's speech accurately reflects what she was told;

What am I thinking?

If PA is close and its a blowout favoring Obama in NC, what then? Brainiacs, what say you?

Obama Supporters, Do You Hate Hillary Or


Obama Blasting Publisher Gave Hillary Grand - Queerty

Obama Picks Two More Superdelegates! Within 24 SD's, Now!!!

Dear DU: why the attacks?

An answer to EVERYONES problems are right HERE, people!!! hehehe

Hypothetical Question...

Felons' Voting Requests Pile Up

Does anyone know if Randi is allowed back on the air today?



Time to get off our collective asses: McCain: 'The luckiest man alive'

I have to give it to McCain:

Does Bill Clinton take seriously his anticipated responsibilities as First Gentleman?

Okay, I will admit it

I watched the History Channel's MLK story tonight and thought that Obama's

So most of the super delegates who are hanging out could chose now?

I think we should all take a moment to honor Proud2BeAmurkin

I hear Edwards will be endorsing Hillary next week.

Rasmussen: Obama Up Way Over Clinton AGAIN

***** Obama WINS Final ND National Delegate *****

I have a policy against reading DU in public

ABC This Week: Democrats agree it should go on up to a point, but if its close in PA or if he splits

The big prick who likes calling our party the Democrat party calls for political civility

The editor and publisher of the Obama-bashing 'Philadelphia Gay News' is a Hillary supporter

Network Solutions outage (or hack?)

Negativity: Who went there first

Clinton drops hospital story from stump speech

Greenspan foresees recession, makes endorsement

OK, I think I've come up with a compromise with regards to voting for Obama if he's the nominee

OK, I think I've come up with a compromise with regards to voting for Obama if he's the nominee

Anybody else watching the John Adams miniseries on HBO?

Clinton's Sunday PA Online Fundraising

Keeping our eye on the main target

Clinton's Chief Campaign Strategist Quits Over Conflict Of Interest

Two dream tickets, One Choice: Which one would you prefer?

***BREAKING - Mark Penn quits/fired may the rejoicing begin***

Repub Strategist: Rice eyeing VP spot on ticket

If you had a choice who would you choose as Obama's VP

Is Obama allowed to announce his VP and recruits now?

Frank Rich: Our soldiers were killed this weekend because of a Shiite vs. Shiite civil war

When will the MSM Start to Spin an Obama win in PA?

I have a question for everyone: Do you know Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama well and can vouch

Barack Obama in suspended animation

Mark Penn, forced out or left on his own? I'd like to know which

By poisoning the wells in Michigan and Florida, Hillary gains leverage.

Hillary's Real Bad Weekend

Clinton predicts more 'twists and turns'

Hillary has to spend an hour getting ready every morning

Two Dems are running for the privilege of unseating Patrick McHenry in NC's 10th District

Senator Vitter's car hits stop sign as he flees reporters

moving up

Is Obama allowed to announce his VP and recruits now?

Obama will Win Indiana, North Carolina and every post PA State by at least 35-40 points.

Hillary Grapples With WAR

Penn "IS" still a part of the Clinton campaign

People, it's COLOMBIA, not Columbia... I'm series!!!!111!!

Thank you, Michael Moore

Petraeus's Ponzi Scheme

Moles? >> So, whom do you think Mark Penn will vote for?

Bush sending a Colombia free trade agreement bill to congress today.

What if Obama Posed for a Photo-Op at Dealey Plaza? Would That Be Cool?

Carpenter (Buzzflash) - The Democratic Party's Fascinating Squalor

Buzzflash: Mark Penn and Sen. Clinton: It's a Matter of Trust

I hadn't heard about Penn's resignation. Some questions:

New Clinton fib over Iraq War Record

No Really, You Should Go: Wretched Rationalizations for Hillary Clinton's Kamikaze Campaign

I don't care anymore.

Morning Joe cuts Shuster off & changed subject before he could discuss Clinton tax issues.......

I hope she stays through May--it's good for Obama

Here is a prediction: come 2023, the Obamas will have made a lot more than $109 million

War on Drugs = Voter Disenfranchisement?

First 100 Days

If now isn't the time, when is?

TPM: "Full Firing or Just Gelded? Is Penn Really Out? Completely, Positively Out?"

Do you believe as I do, that Obama has made a deal with Bloomberg for VP or

The Clintons have released their tax returns....

The Clintons have released their tax returns....

Hillary Supporter: Rep. Brad Sherman-Hillary's minister won't be in Mccain Ads

Why Not Invest in Cold Fusion or Zero Point Energy?

Kristol, NYT: Republicans see the weaknesses of party and McCain, assume Obama will prevail

Thank Bob Barr for making President Obama?

Howard Wolfson is now Hillary's chief strategist?

Gay City News Endorses Obama

Recent ARG Pennsylvania Poll

McCain foes play up, backers play down temperament

I've got it! If the primary map as it stands now were a game of RISK

BREAKING: "Obama's Connection to Terrorists Revealed"

No substance here...

Kempe: Europe's in love with Obama

4/7/08 Rasmussen: Barack Obama Retains Lead Over Hillary Clinton, 51% to 41%

If any one wonders if Hillary's principles take a back seat to her political ambition,

Meet Michelle Obama in Winston-Salem and Raleigh, NC on Tuesday 8 April

Obama in church with Rev Wright...Original Website promotion Video. taken down.

Recipients of Clinton Foundation $

Another explanation why Obama may have opposed the war initially

Hillary Clinton calls on Bush to Boycott Olympics Opening

Get A F***ing Grip People

Obama's indoctrination

If Clinton quits before the convention, what are some key things to watch for in her speech?

Obama now has 9 point lead in Gallup

Mark Penn Out is Bad for Obama

Clinton campaign chair... Holding an OBAMA sign?!

Carville said it best

****BREAKING******Hillary names new campaign mascot

Clinton campaign chair photographed holding Obama signs

Ooopps: She did it again

Hey, why aren't you Hillary fanatics posting primary polls anymore?

Why would PA race suddenly tighten up? (April 5-6 ARG: 45-45)

Another Superdelegate to Obama - from Montana

After grossing $100-plus mill, shouldn't Hillary Clinton finance her own campaign instead of you?

Terry McAuliffe a secret Obama supporter? Maybe?

Fun Read: West Wing Writer's Pretend Screenplay about the Primary Going Down to the Convention

Does Obama "need" to go to Iraq? (if he becomes our nominee)

This week the news coverage will be all about Iran, Olympics, civil defense drills in the ME, North

Ed Schultz taking it to warmonger McCain

Gallup has Barack back up 52-43 nationally.


Tom Harkin seems to be leaning Obama

Mark Penn and Senator Clinton: It's a Matter of Trust

Obama's Appeal vs Clinton's Appeal: An Hypothesis


First Obama table event in Madison's Farmers Market is in two weeks!

Democrats have the perfect primary system until you add in superdelegates..

Obama Ties it up in PA !!!! 45-45

Who is Obama's campaign manager?

consider the delegate count and its connection to the popular vote.

The Bob Barr Effect- Map

In North Carolina, 81 % of black voters vote black....Affirmative action and racism kicking in...

If it becomes apparent that Hillary can't win...

If it becomes apparent that Hillary can't win...

Obama - Why I like him

Hillary Clinton's ..Israel Problem

Clinton stronger in the big 3 swing states (FL, PA, OH) that will decide the election

Has a drawn out battle helped prepare Obama for the GE?

If/when Obama secures the nom, should he publicly offer Hillary the VP slot?

If/when Obama secures the nom, should he publicly offer Hillary the VP slot?

Ed Schultz is destroying McCain and he has been ripping into him since this morning!!!

Sen. Harkin - Superdelegate who is leaning toward Obama

The photo of Terry McAuliffe holding an Obama sign is CLEARLY photoshopped....

Book: McCain temper boiled over in '92 tirade, called wife a **** (C word)


Penn Out, Then In (He hasn't gone away, folks)

Blue Collar males, Hispanics, gravitas or women

"InfoUSA has spent nearly $900,000 since 2001 flying the Clintons to domestic and international..."

If we only had a winner take all system Hillary would be winning!

On they hypocrisy of "cutting off the nose to spite the face"


It's late in the game, but still very winnable. The time has come for Hillary to pull the goalie

does the system make sense?

Not really a prediction, but something that could happen.

Under Pressure

FIVE more troops killed in Iraq

Pass it on...

Pass it on...

The Great Penn Lie. It is a change in job description not a resignation!

So which are you? Sexist or Racist - take the Poll

Insane McCain called his pill-stealing ex-mistress / second wife "The C Word"

Trivia question: GE Candidate Income

Who is most likely planning to attack or invade Iran when they become President?

Breaking: Penn OUT as Top Clinton Strategist

527's on both sides are revving their engines

Is John McCain a war monger?

Fox Attacks! Watch this video to see where all Anti-Obama talking points come from.

Fox Attacks! Watch this video to see where all Anti-Obama talking points come from.

Fox Attacks! Watch this video to see where all Anti-Obama talking points come from.

Fox Attacks! Watch this video to see where all Anti-Obama talking points come from.

John McCain: Campaign Finance Criminal

John McCain: Campaign Finance Criminal

Can someone explain to me what a "security" is and why bad mortgages became securities?

Could we have clearer headings - ex.: ANOTHER SD!!!! is too ambiguous:

Change to Win Labor Federation wants Mark Penn out of the Democratic Party

Separated at Birth: Mark Penn and Thufir Hawat

You're one of Ickes's 10 staff people tasked with keeping Hillary's super delegates on board.

Why do some still believe that pledged delegates are allowed to switch?

Hillary, Obama and McCain Will Be in the Senate for Iraq Hearings

Does Hillary Clinton's decision to keep Mark Penn on staff compromise her integrity?

HIllary could easily win

Clinton Chairman Terry McAuliffe Posing With Obama Sign? Smiling?

Manatee fetuses love Obama!

real clear politics

Too bitter to vote for the Dem nominee? A McCain presidency could cost you your health insurance

THE GUILTY MEN - Pass this on to everyone you know.

Can Obama continue to raise money online even after Hillary concedes until the convention?

Cindy McCain MUST be hard-up !!

Big Spending In Pennsylvania Fight


McCain’s Preacher: Gays “Detestable.”

Hillary supporters are in Fight or Flight mode. Please forgive them..

The Cesspool that is Illinois Politics

I love the smell of granite in the morning

Barack Obama Tells Butte, Montana to “Tap ‘er Light.”

Hillary's credibility issue is growing. Health Insurance-gate

You couldn't make it up (unless you're Hillary, that is)

Clinton Drops Another Tale From Stump Speech

Clinton announces cancer research effort

Okay seriously, Obama supporters, this Memphis photo-op thing is fucking stupid

Note to the Clinton Camp about why anti-war voters can't forget/forgive/dismiss the IWR vote

To all Clinton and Obama supporters....

CA colleges say they may resort to collections agency for unpaid bills

BREAKING: "Militarist McCain as the Manchurian Candidate Revealed"

Jack Cafferty's questions for today -- real beauties at 5 and 6pm ET

Gather round, girls and boys...

I'm a paid operative for the Clinton Campaign.

My Obama Logo Slide Show!

What's Your Point

Will Obama demand that Randi Rhodes be fired as he did of Imus?

Who are the big cocaine kingpins in the USA?

I think we need a Joke thread here. Hillary jokes, Obama jokes, lets' lighten up

Tribune:Obama's using the lure of the pension funds/same employer that pays Michelle Obama a salary

Hillary WASN'T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered...

All that needs to be said regarding Hillary and her pathetic photo at the Lorraine Motel

Hoffa: Penn "Demotion" Not Good Enough

This is REALLY shocking..... Airline Passenger Complaints Soaring


If Obama wins Pennsylvania, then Hillary Clinton will probably give up.

Why is it that enthusiasm for a candidate equals cult?

Yoo Memo Makes Wa. Post: Permissible Assaults Cited in Graphic Detail ("an unconscionable document")

What happens if McCain

Forgive me, but I don't understand...

The Tibet Protests: An Excercise In Hypocrisy by Uri Avnery

Polls: Race helps Clinton with whites

To all Democrats who can do math: Contact your superdelegate

North Carolina WRAL Poll: Obama 56, Clinton 33

McCain called his wife the "C-word."

"We are seeing .. the collapse of the modern day banking system"

gallup daily: obama moves to nine-point lead over clinton

BREAKING: Mark Penn caught in Photo Still Advising Hillary after his Resignation!

What is Obama's excuse for his treatment of the Washington Blade

Dave Matthews in Bloomington, IN: "Based on some of the signs around here..."

Obama: No Need For Foreign Policy Help From V.P.

"The hill that Hillary Rodham Clinton must climb...will grow a little steeper on Monday..."

Fox News: Rev. Wright like Jesus!!!!!!!

Obama & Rezko: The Early Years

Tell me why, Oh please tell me why, does Obama

History News Network: 61% of Historians Rate the Bush Presidency Worst Ever

Seriously now. Why do Republicans STILL have a chance in 2008?

Mark Penn, Not Reverend Wright, is the Mega-Embarrassment of this Campaign

Financial Times: Clinton Too Little, Too Late on Penn

So, our pesidential candidates are going to actually

"She's ahead in the electoral college."

Is it just me, or do you also get pissed when you hear McCain say Obama's name?

" a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany"

" a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany"

On quoting Well-worn Conservative Nutjob Conspiracy Theories on DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND...

Obama mania: Is this 2008 ... or 1984? "reminds me of totalitarian cult"

Free Tibet Stickers - Free (no charge) to you

Anne Kornblut/The Washington Post Should Apologize for Violating A Deceased Woman's Privacy

Barack Obama will crush John W. McCain.

Armchair Psych Session: WHY DOES HILLARY EMBELLISH??

Is it over if Hillary loses PA?

Rethugs confident about beating "glass jaw" Obama, cite pastorgate, inexperience among other things

2008 TOON

Obama leads in N.C.; voters distrust Clinton

Do you like how "President Obama" sounds? Come in and say GOBAMA! if you do!

Obama May Not Have Fully Contained Damage From Ex-Pastor

Do you believe McCain’s team will successfully rein in his “gaffes”

Let's Cut the Bullshit. Penn hasn't Quit and Clinton had to Know he was working with Colombia.

Obama Frames it: Tax Cut is not a policy, it's a Dogma/ Bush Ownership Society=You're on your Own!

Obama Can't Win

GD:P needs a dose of this:

NC PPP Poll: Obama 54 (+/-0), Clinton 33 (-3)

Only a few days to go before 'The PA Primary Debate'

Hillary Clinton and the Hospital story - Where did she get it from????

Watchdog group: Obama’s ad touting oil independence misleading

Why is this campaign so ahem, toxic?

BARACK THE VOTE! Obama has inspired me to cast my vote for him in the GE.

McSame to wife: "At least I don't plaster on the make-up like a trollop,

Hillary should quit because we need the funds to fight the General Elections

Clinton supporters: Ask yourselves, is this really the campaign you want to be backing?

Mark Penn and Top McCain Advisor Lobbied For Ahmed Chalabi

Quit trying to get Hillary to Quit!

Does anyone else find it disturbing that Shrub has been trying to get a missile "defense"

The more people tell me that HE is the one, the more I don't accept it.

14 Days post Bosnia - 7 negative Clinton stories - 4 PA polls show HRC support plummets

John Edwards would be awesome on the Supreme Court

America, let's talk about racial and gender bias

The "use of force" more time

To All The Clinton Lovers Here (the ones that don't have me on ignore)

Handy Guide to the Clintons supporting the homophobic Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

THE MATH – Monday, April 7 – Two Weeks Before Pennsylvania

Congressman McHenry (R-NC) Violates OPSEC; Endangers Troops

US Evangelist (Hagee) Gives $6 Million to Israel

Obama's National Lead Biggest Ever, Clinton's Numbers Lowest Ever

Clintons Get Rich, Avoid Criticism by Paying Taxes, `Tithing'

By blaming the Iraq War on Hillary's vote, you give Bush a pass, and help McCain.

Hillary - Where are the bank statements?

My Top Ten list of Innane, Profane, and otherwise Flame arguments used against Hillary Clinton

When is Hillary going to drop out?

Ed Shultz vs Senator McCain: "McCain and our Vets"

Hillary Goes Bowling On Ellen...And Is Worse Than Obama. LOL

The Pocket Obama

Ex-Clinton Insider Launches Unity Ticket Drive

Clinton campaign, Ickes has 10 staffers directly working to forestall superdelegate defection.

"Experience Trumps Charisma"?

"A Painful Lie" (HospitalGate family speaks out, and they are NOT happy)

I strongly prefer Obama but Clinton's PR on energy sounds good

All these 'McCain called his wife a cunt' threads are getting kind of lame.

Another possible political indictment: one of Gore's Lawyers from 2000

HRC Colombia ties don't stop with Penn

Clinton: "demonize those blocking legislation!"

Breaking - Another Super (Dahlman - MT) goes for Obama

I've got a few campaign donation bucks and no place to spend them. Help Spend Stinky's Money

Ya know what would make me have a lot more respect for Obama?

Grrr, and so it begins!

Grrr, and so it begins!

New Hillary supporters' talking point: "Stuff"-gate

WTF!?! Forget Colombia! Mark Penn's lobbying shop is headed by John McCain's top adviser!

It will be interesting to see how Hillary repositions herself after Mark Penn Leaves...

Another poll gives Obama a 20-plus lead in North Carolina (new out today)

Scalia says the American people want the SCOTUS to rewrite the

If my husband ever called me a c@^t, his ass woudl be on the floor and he would be toothless

Hillary is a good and sincere person. That's not her fatal error.

POLL: Does anyone regret their vote?


Obama's VP: Knows a "bunch of stuff"

Anytime The Clinton Supporters Trash Obama From Now On, You Should Reply With This Single Word...

Blast from the past: How the MSM in collusion w/rw attacked Al Gore over the cost of dog medication

what will Obama do to restore the Constitution?

what will Obama do to restore the Constitution?

Mark Penn Downplays Resignation on Call-Will Still Play a Direct Advisory Role

The World According to Monsanto

Foreclosures come to McMansion country

Handy Guide to how Hillary Clinton is trying to cheat on the Four State Pledge (Michigan/Florida)

Mcauliffe endorses Obama!!

Clinton: Bush Should Skip Olympic Ceremony

"I beseech you in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken."

New Obama Campaign Song!

Lee Atwater's Diseased Patriotism Continues to Infect American Politics

Hillary HACK Taylor marsh EXPOSED

Clinton and the Dot Com Bubble

What should be done with people who view child pornography?

Jimmy Carter (SD) votes for Obama

Iraqi Widows, Orphans Left Stranded

Iraqi Widows, Orphans Left Stranded

Warmonger McCain doesn't appreciate "Warmonger" tag

Rut-row - follow the Clinton (library and donor list) money

Spike Lee: The Clintons, man, they would lie on a stack of Bibles

Holding Hillary Clinton Accountable in Missoula, Montana

On Rice as a possible VP ....

For Hillary supporters only , Please

How the %@#* Do You Think She Got Here?

Does anyone know if this is all true?

Obama Didn't Want My Money



What's up with the $18 million the Clintons received from InfoUSA and Ron Burkle?

John McCain Goes For A Physical: "I'm as Healthy as the Economy!"

REFORMATTED: The GOP is the Party of Death & Destruction (PODD) --- Deathwatch DAY 7

Democrat Jackie Speier (and Jonestown survivor) favored to win special election in CA-12

Bill Richardson better choice for VP than Joe Biden? Please explain. (Obama's VP)

Bill Nelson: "There could be “blood all over the floor” in Denver " Video included.

Gregory's descent from journalist to circus performer mirrors

Obama was right in voting to fund the war

Name ONE good Republican from the last 100 years.

UPDATE on the big(?) "Protest to Support Hillary Clinton" this Friday (they have art!)

Watching those women and children on the six o'clock newz ...... this really frosts my ass ......

Lexington Ky Obama Headquarter opening photos Huge crowd.

McCain (Alledgedly) Yells at His Wife, Cindy, Calls Her "You c**t"

I changed my registration back to "Democrat" after 8 years today

Justice in Birmingham

Any Dorutti Column fans here?


Breaking news!

Rosefeld or Seinanne?

Yo, John McCain,

I'm gonna miss you

Taking a break from GDP...ordered some Indian food....I will list what I have ordered

The Orioles are in 1st Place in the East!

Is your buddy list bigger than your ignore list?

When I really need to be talked down off the ledge, one tune really helps.

there's a hundred thousand children being killed for their bread

If you could ask one question (GD copycat)



Racist Lolrat

"Carpe articulus!"

Even MORE Obama Logos!


I had an unnerving encounter with a whack-job today

I had an unnerving encounter with a whack-job today


MY HEAD IS ON FIRE!!!11!!!!!!


geez.. we can't have any fun around here...

Any fans of Blackmore's Night here?

The Twins will go 158-4

I have a confession to make. I'm a Furrist.

Horrifying story of birthing middle school mothers

Meh, just saw Family guys star wars parody

Am I the only doof watching "Rock of Love 2?"

Unions Want Penn Kicked Out Of Entire Democratic Party. Hillary Should've Listened & Actually Fired

Breaking **** McCain: Obama 'Absolutely' Qualified to Be President

GALLUP TRACKING: Obama 52 (+3), Hillary 43 (-3), Ties McLame

BREAKING: New ARG Poll has PA tied at 45-45 Obama/Clinton as Obama surges


Major Delegate Surge *****Obama gains 5 Delegates in two days*******

Major Delegate Surge *****Obama gains 5 Delegates in two days*******

Terry McAuliffe jumps ship for Obama?!

cool progressive song...

What would happen if I swallowed a thumbtack?

Cell phone question... How long does your cell phone battery last...

OK, we have spring, correctly?

Why does anyone give a rat's ass if someone has them on ignore?

If I am on your ignore list, post here and tell me why

Anyone Here Take Coral Calcium?

There was frost on my windshield this morning.

Look at what today is!

I can't sleep

So I was on that date Saturday evening

Need some resume advice...

Whee, tomorrow I have to argue a "controversial" topic for a grad class

Who do you think was the worst president ever?

*CORRECTION* Nicholas Cage did NOT steal a chihuahua

OUTRAGE! DuPont uses ground up used syringes to make stabilizer used in infant formula

first day of spring break and I look like a revolutionary.

Any Stones fans here seen "Shine A Light" yet?

Feral cats, endangered birds each have defenders

Ok, I need a new, tomorrow


Young@Heart choral group documentary: what's the difference between the original BBC documentary...

FINALLY! Miss Mitzi Gaynor has a Youtube channel

Edith Piaf

is there a character left in Harry Potter for Hugh Grant?

Grandson breaks leg...Doc calls child protection services!

What is the deal with the Name Deleted posts in GDP?

keep seeing this one a lot: IT'S "BREATHE" not "BREATH"

This is going to be the most controversial thread at DU ever!

Horse's ass arrested for punching a horse's ass who punched a horse in the ass.

Baby Hamster Eats Brocolli

I turned down a street I've never been down before today.

so so so so so so SO very wrong

Jeff Gannon/James Guckert,

Chris just left to spend the night with his aunt and uncle and their kids.

Cheerleaders Pummel Girl For 30 Minutes In 'Animalistic' Ambush Attack

Cheerleaders Pummel Girl For 30 Minutes In 'Animalistic' Ambush Attack

Ah, spring is finally here, I can here the tornado sirens now...

ever get a "moment of clarity" when reading posts?

DU's NCAA tournament comes down to 2 players: Pretzel's DU Pick and Jimbo

WOOHOO!! I was in Vienna this morning!! Ask me anything.

Let's try something new for DU: kitteh pictures!

The clock strikes noon....I have been SO productive this morning:

I'm going to Mentone, Texas! What should I see/where should I go?

I thought this might be a fun thread - list your preoccupations.

I want to see "Roger and Me" but yet I don't want to.

need some advice re: a friend who just miscarried

60 years of tree torture...

Was there no Conservative Idiots last week? Where's my list

You Are An Extreme Redneck When........

Would anyone here object to erotic Cheeses of Nazareth if they were in an art exhibition?

Horse's ass arrested for punching horse in the ass.

Horse's ass arrested for punching horse in the ass.

I thought this might be a fun thread - list your preoccupations.


Noes!! I haz the recalled Sam Adams beer!

What baseball team do you root for? No smart remarks Orrex!:)


30 inches of snow and still falling

I thought this might be a fun thread - list your country's occupations

The "doctor" is in!

what would you do?????

I thought this might be a fun thread - list your circumlocutions

Hey Brits/Aussies, or people for whom English is a second language,

Anyone watch the JOHN ADAMS miniseries on HBO?

I'm a latte sipping liberal today!

Do you (a poll)

My boyfriend told me I'm going to Hell

what happened to you after you first read rimbaud and baudelaire?

The Wisteria Gazebo is blooming RIGHT F^CKING NOW!!1

This may be a stupid question but

Is Plaid Adder still around?

hee hee

Monday morning flowers for the Lounge...

Hey Midlo- found another source for a free car for TM

Do you walk to school or carry your lunch?

Anyone know a good site for tips on designing a myspace page? I am a bit


Please call 911, I am being molested by a troll...

"You'd be amazed how many people want to believe in magic."

I just finished climbing her hair

Listen to sounds live from under the Antarctic sea ice

I just finished combing my hair.

a goose. a gander. what's good enough for them?

Raise your hands and step away from the hedgehog

Hey, do you guys think soylent green has a low-cal version?

Uwe Boll will stop making movies if a million people sign this petition...

This dog has Mad Skills...

I thought this might be a fun thread - list your occupations.

i never missed my water

So I'm thinking about St Patrick's Day(tm) next year...

I just bought some homemade Italian sausage

I just bought some handmade Italian suede shoes.

Biker survives collision with turkey.

I'm going up to my office. what should I see/ where should I go?

does anyone else here participate in "the Lifestyle?"

Speaking of kids that make you want to tear your hair out...

3More Airlines On The Verge Of Shutting Down Operations

Get a Grip!

Why I love spam emails: "will easy u to make sex on me making intimate on me."

I just had a rather unusual experience

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/7/2008)

Can you guess what's unusual about this frog?

And Again I Am The Top Salesman For The Quarter

Should I switch schools?

I just got hit on by an 80 year old man in my lobby.

I wish this drama would stop.

Cubs win!

Hey DuStrange, its Monday...where's the silly picture to caption?

Biker survives collision with tofurkey.

Donuts. DO YOU DUNK?

Brocolli Eats Baby Hamster

What post would you have permanently stickied in the Lounge?

I thought this might be a fun thread - list your inoculations

Everybody hide! Midlo's Lady UConn Huskies just lost in the final four

TV shows that should not be made into movies

The U-turn away from the cliff...(Thoughts about a visionary platform)

Name some books and movies you really liked, then recommend books/movies for others

Sanity check needed from parents who have had 11 year old boys. Please!

I leave for NYC tomorrow

Three Wisconsinites suspected of stealing $50,000 worth of beer.

I FINALLY got Health Insurance...

I joined Fly Lady

NCAA Championship

So I'll be in New Orleans during Memorial Day holiday on business...

So I'll be in New Orleans during Memorial Day holiday on business...

List a song that no one would guess you like

Describe, IN DETAIL, the characteristics of your EVIL Doppelgänger.

I wish this drama would start

Bus Commuters check in - I'm new to your ranks

Real life imitates Star Trek

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/7/08

Signs of maturity in my teenager....

mmmmm.... placenta-ey!

That's right--come in here and caption this pic.

How far does the cord on your cell phone reach?

AARRGGHH! I spent nearly 20 hrs this weekend writing a biology exam....

I Swear... A gang of cats came in and did this... I was trying to stop them...

Speaking of movies...

Light Rail Commuters check in

I need ideas! My Dad's dying from cancer and my Mom's SOOO warn out!

If you had only one day in London, where would you go?

So I need some suggestions for some good picnic Vegan recipes

Sense and Sensibility - BBC vs. 1995

When kids should start sleeping in their own bed...

Working Assets Mobile, anyone using their service?

Happy birthday Kitchen Witch!

What Are Your Favorite Political Movies?

I'm going to Montreal! What should I see/where should I go?


Name a movie that you NEVER want to see again....

The Role of Ideology in the Development of Evil Regimes (Pathocracies)

Do you believe in ghosts or the supernatural?

Why do the British say "arse" instead of "ass"??

Visiting Pittsburgh Next Week: What Should I Do There?

It's 3AM: If HRC isn't alert enough to know top strategists ACTIVELY work Colombia trade deal

The Samples (the band) are no more. Sigh.

Who Else Despises The Olympics

post your favorite movie one liners

If you HAD to choose...who of these should Obama pick for VEEP RD. 2

After I KILL myself on the treadmill for 30 minutes , I burn only 200 calories

Breaker One-Nine, this here's the Rubber Duck...

Video of a tiger cub.

Video of a tiger cub.

Southeast PA DUers: Don't miss me in a rare public appearance this Friday in Malvern, PA!

Minnesotans: Get yourselves to the Minnesota Forum to learn about our gathering

How many guitarists does it take to change a light bulb?

Hundreds march in Paris to support hostage Betancourt

Israel, U.S. plan to release details on Syria attack

Dell will focus on emerging markets to boost growth

Clinton's top strategist quits

Five Americans killed in Iraq violence (includes 3 from earlier articles)

Gunmen set Baghdad's largest food market on fire - eyewitnesses

Free-trade plan with Colombia likely to cause stir

Iraq's Maliki threatens to bar Sadr from vote (article states 7 Killed on Sunday)

Luxury car sales show the rich are spending less

Rice Run Prompts Curbs to Rival Credit Market Seizure

219 children, women taken from sect's ranch

Los Angeles Times retracts hoax rapper story

Clinton's chief strategist steps aside

Iran says U.S. requests new talks on Iraq security

Indian girl born with two faces

More Army recruits require 'conduct' waivers

Iraq's Sadr to disband Mehdi Army if clerics order

Protests halt Paris torch relay early

9 convicted of terror attacks escape Morocco jail

Radio host Ed Schultz: 'I'm sorry ... John McCain is a warmonger'

Russia's biggest party to ask Putin to lead it

Stymied in quest to bolster small businesses in Iraq

Sri Lanka military says kills 49 rebels, bombs north

Iraq Sadr to disband militia if clerics give order

Afghanistan probes civilian deaths claim: ministry

Blackwater contract renewal not approved by Iraq: Maliki

Rockets fired at villas housing US oilmen in Yemen

Tracy Letts Wins Pulitzer Prize

UAW, American Axle top leaders to meet on Monday

Bush sends Colombia trade pact to Congress

Hemingway haunt gives discounts to "poor Americans"

3 US soldiers killed in Baghdad (Monday)

Armstrong to Leave Citi Risk Panel (pressure from shareholders)


Olympic torch protesters scale Golden Gate Bridge

Erotic Jesus sparks art debate in Austria

Climate target is not radical enough - study

Siegelman Future Hinges on Appeal ("60 Minutes" Interviews Freed Governor - 'Rove Needs to Testify')

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday April 7, 2008

Eight persons killed in fiery blast in Basra

IMF Approves Eventual Sale of More Than 400 Tons of Gold to Close Budget Gap

'Wash Post' Captures 6 Pulitzers, 'NYT' Takes 2

McCain insists Iraq buildup is working

Sen. David Vitter Might Be Called to Testify in D.C. Madam Case

Crude rises above $109; OPEC comments cited

Fayed conspiracy claim collapses

Surprising Political Endorsements By U.S. Troops (ABC World News)

Olympic torch extinguished during Paris leg

Arrest made in Texas polygamy case

China signs free trade deal with New Zealand

Congress blasts Colombia free trade pact

GOP Congressman's Iraq tale stirs election anger

US Evangelist Gives $6 Million to Israel

Judge strips Texas of its "pole tax"

Low pelt prices, high fuel costs frustrate sealers

Drug Errors Hurt 1 In 15 Kids, Study Says

Clinton Calls for Olympics Boycott

AMD Lowers Sales Outlook, Plans Job Cuts

U.S. Consumer Borrowing Rose $5.2 Billion in February (January borrowing $10.3B)

Iraq's Maliki threatens to bar Sadr from vote

"I Remember (It's Happening Again)"

"It's Our Time" Song/Video For HIllary Clinton - The Positive Power of Music!

I May Not Get There With You -- MLK's Last Speech

60 Minutes: Don Siegelman Speaks

Clinton's new fable: I criticized Iraq war before Obama did

Defeat After Mission Accomplished

CBS: Iraq Falls into Chaos Ahead of Petraeus Testimony

Former Georgia lawmaker Bob Barr may seek nomination

Do you honestly think Rev Wright's 15 min's are up? Who's SCRUBBING?

Axelrod: The sword is mightier than the Penn

Dan Abrams' Verdict: On Their Trail Apr. 4, 2008

Discussing the Race Chasm on CNN - 4/5/08

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Petraeus Part Deux

Cokie Roberts (The Village Media Whore) at her best

Latinos for Obama (English version)


Imagine! Australia sings for Lebanon

Dave Matthews talks about his support for Obama

To This Day! Chris Shays has NEVER read the NIE

CNN “political analyst” Amy Holmes makes a case for McCain on Real Time with Bill Maher

TYT: Imagine If It Happened To You, Your Mom, Your Daughter, Your Sister (RANT)

Priest Micheal Pfleger Defends Rev Wright (Part 2)

Obama Baby: A Historical Perspective

Imagine! France sings for USA

Asian Americans for Barack Obama

White Catholic priest defends Rev. Jeremiah Wright pt1

Powell Writes to Petraeus

Bush’s Final Reflections on Putin

Contract Justice (Scahill / Nation)

Medical Tourism: Pathway to Outsourcing Physician Jobs

Senators’ concern over H-1B visa

A 670-mile-long shrine to American insecurity

Microsoft threatens Yahoo with proxy fight

The Real Final ‘Straw’ That Broke Mark Penn’s Back

Between Iraqi Shiites, a Deepening Animosity

Another Test for Habeas Corpus

NY Mag: Lawrence O'Donnell Jr.: Four Days in Denver (DNC convention in movie-treatment form)

LAT: Officials foresee no ebb in Iraq violence

Free-trade plan with Colombia likely to cause stir

US congressional hearings on Iraq foreshadow aggressive stance against Iran

Hillary to Replace Mark Penn with Juan Valdez

Sexual Abuse Fueled by Abusive Immigration Language

A PA native and mother of four talks about why she supports Obama

Have we made some mistakes? Sure.

Canadian Fisheries Minister Hearn Scheming Ways - Sea Shepherd, Editorial Capt Paul Watson

The Real Reasons for the Credit Crisis

Caveat Emptor: Buy McCain, Get Kagan and Woolsey

Petraeus Testimony to Defend False "Proxy War" Line

Finding the Exit-The moment presidential candidates know it's time to go.

Those Crazy Kagans, America's Most War-Lovingest Family

TIME: Call my lawyer... in India

TYT: McCain's Hypocrisy On Troop Withdrawal

No Really, You Should Go-Wretched rationalizations for Hillary Clinton's kamikaze campaign

Evidence Grows of U.S. Use Of Drug On Prisoners By Jeff Stein, CQ National Security Editor

Petraeus Testimony Next Week Will Signal Iran Attack By Paul Craig Roberts

McCain’s Biggest Vulnerability to His White Male Base: Wife Made Him Sign a Pre-Nup

Who Goes There?

Robert Parry: Hillary Low-balled Bill's Pay in Forms

$3 Trillion May Be Too Low by Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes

A Natural Treasure That May End Up Without a Country

More Penn-Hill-Mania: Will Penn’s Latest Conflict Finally Doom Clinton?

Douglas Feith really is the stupidest f*#ing guy on the planet

Jay Rockefeller: The Most Gullible Sheep in the Senate?

Obama - anybody else concerned about his "associations"?

There is only ONE country in the World that scares me,our neighbor - the United States of America

Secret US plan for military future in Iraq

Stop outsourcing

Batten down the hatches: this is the big one

Erotic Jesus sparks art debate in Austria

Dwight D. Eisenhower's 1954 letter to his brother Edgar

Yoo's Memo Hints at Bush's Secrets

Grains Gone Wild (Krugman on the world food crisis)

Who Killed the Republican Party?

Capitalism chose fascism over democracy in Spain

Hillary accepted & signed the DNC rules barring MI & FL. From a MTP interview

Bill Moyers: On Journalism

Falling Out of Love With Bill

Petraeus Testimony Next Week Will Signal Iran Attack By Paul Craig Roberts

Israeli Designs 'Who killed Barack Obama?' T-Shirts

Sonny Bono 'assassinated' by hitmen

Carpenter (Buzzflash) - The Democratic Party's Fascinating Squalor

Thug Radio Host Urges Beating and Shooting RNC Protesters

Hillary Clinton: Mad As Hell/Bitch

Bill Clinton's Role in the Mortgage Crisis

Hillary's Path To The Nomination!!!

Guardian UK: A very cold war indeed

Jonathan Rosen: Talk Birdy to Me-On the extinction of species.

As heating season winds down, no relief in (heating) oil prices

Rainforests Being Rapidly Cut And Cleared For More Rubber Plantations In Southern China - Reuters

Peak Of Austria's Stubai Mountains Vanishes - Glaciologists Suspect Climate Behind Melt, Erosion

Seahorses - Native To Africa & Mediterrenean - Now Living In Thames Estuary

Study Shows Yellowstone Bears Entering Hibernation Later Than In Past, Emerging Sooner

Alaska - Mat-Su Valley Residents Push Changes In Commercial Fishing - Cite Shrinking Salmon Runs

Gaborone Gets Solar-Powered Streetlights

Rise in attacks prompts new MRAP plans

Climate target is not radical enough - study (Hansen: 550 ppm "disaster", 2m sea rise this century)

S.C. guardsmen return after Afghanistan tour

Soldier training is in for a big overhaul

Airstrikes kill insurgents in Afghan battle

Salmon disappearance could bring fishing ban

GW sails today for new homeport

Alleged taxi murder clouds Yokosuka open house

Petraeus may push for flexibility at hearing

Surge failed, senators say ahead of hearing

Report: 1 in 8 Army recruits needs conduct waiver

4/7/08 13:40 GMT - Tapis Benchmark Within 76 Cents Of Legendary Triple Yergin!!!!

Report: Iraq goals no closer than a year ago

Pendleton Marine killed in traffic accident

Death of Iowa Marine under investigation

Lima Company reservists heading back to Iraq

Missing Marine spotted in Kansas

For Marine divers, high-tech future is now

Columbus AFB pilots bid farewell to T-37 Tweet

Report: Hill was warned about inventories

Vermont Guard proud of longest flying F-16

Maine wants Guard to upgrade Bangor tankers

Iraqi police applicants unhappy with delays

Chaplain accused of sex crimes resigns

Resigning in lieu of courts-martial can allow military to avoid publicity

Aviano airman sentenced to 15 months, fined $10K for false official statements

5 soldiers killed in Sunday attacks

Brits Bolster Iraqi Forces in Basra

More Russian bombers flying off Alaska coast


Washington Awaits Petraeus Report

Officials: Sadr Party Growing Isolated

Misawa group serves teens pizza, Bible lessons

US Also Practices Cyberwar Offense

Southeastern Veterans Center to Receive Generous Donation From AFSCME

WHO - More Than Half Of Deaths Linked To Climate Breakdown Will Be In Asia - AFP

Kyoto Successor Plan Discussions - Any Final Decisions Will Wait Until After US Elections

Kyoto Successor Plan Discussions - Any Final Decisions Will Wait Until After US Elections

I finished "Sixty Days and Counting" (spoiler free for your enjoyment)

Price of offshore wind, scale of development, and radar

Solar bulbs light up desert state

Renewables' Replacement Of Fossil Fuels Lags Well Behind Estimates

Land Once Preserved Now Being Farmed

Has anyone heard about the huge oil deposit under N. Dakota?

A Modest Heresy


McEntee on King Anniversary: “We Must Create an America That Lives Up to Its Ideals”

Associated Press Claims Workers Cause Airline Problems

KS: State passes bill that will encourage more illegal immigration and punishes unions who try to he

Bush Out of Touch?

Steve Dondley's Personal Story, owner and founder of Prometheus Labor Communications

AFTER KATRINA - New Orleans Working Families Still Struggle for Higher Ground

New Jersey lawmakers poised to offer 6 weeks of paid leave to workers caring for relatives

New York State Union Leadership Institute Set for Seventh Year

Grim Job News For U.S. Workers Likely To Get Worse

Laid Off And Left Out: New Web Source Just in Time

Catholic Teachers Strike Continues At Eight More Schools

Today in labor history April 07

Iran: International trade union welcomes activist's release

Pro-Clinton Cuomo Loses Spokesman To Pro-Obama Union Group

NYT: The Union Pressure to Oust Penn (McEntee telephoned her on Friday to urge her to fire Mr. Penn)

Barack Obama's Remarks to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

Bashas' Facing NLRB Hearing

Coal Mine Safety Shortchanged by Years of Budget Cuts

Contractor faces more than $43,000 in OSHA fines

Southeastern Veterans Center to Receive Generous Donation From AFSCME

USW Calls on Congress to Reject Colombia FTA

Obama’s S.E.I.U. Boost in Pennsylvania

Teamsters Will Strongly Oppose Colombia Trade Agreement

U.S. border guards bar skilled Canadian from his job (increased protectionism at U.S. border is unfa

La-Z-Boy, Whirlpool Moving Hundreds Of Jobs To Mexico

For bargain basement America, foreign investment no panacea

Here cometh a Commerical Real Estate Bubble Bursting

IMF head: 'Help needed' for credit crunch

Prosecutors allegedly pressing Berkshire (Buffet) to remove Gen Re head

Waxman Asks Fed for More Details on Decision to Hire BlackRock

x-post from SMW- "Banks Backlogged by Foreclosures, Let Defaulting Borrowers Stay in Homes"

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 04/04/2008

DrHousingBubble "The Genesis of the Credit Bubble: Advertising, Deception, and $163 Billion

Strip Mall Vacancy Rate Highest in 12 years

Fixing the Problems on Wall Street is Easy: Raise Margin Requirements; Max Keiser, HuffPo

Where can I find info on small business startups throughout the years.

amex euro -> dollar rate whaaa?

Rents continue to rise in housing slump

Pride at work poster for sale

Clay pride

Homeless LGBT Youths Often Face Violent Life on the Streets

School costume event gets the nutjobs riled up

Gay City News endorses Obama

Gay animals condemned by Christians

Colombian Government Fires Mark Penn, PR

Congress blasts Colombia free trade pact

Israeli, Palestinian leaders meet

Hezbollah Says Israeli Military Exercises Are Preparation For New War On Lebanon

Hillary Clinton's Little-Noticed Israel Problem

A systemic problem: Many of Israel's troubles stem from its political system...........

In Chile, Palestinian refugees find welcome far from home

Watchdog: Israel ups east J'lem activity

Bibi: Christian Zionists our top friends

Check out this poll from October.

Your attention please

never mind!


I just thought of something

Look at the quote from Joe --

long list of hearings over in the Kerry group

KU BB history

Sad Day in Baseball History

Here is a peek into the past lives of the candidates

Lunar Living: New Moon April 6, 2008

Oster™ kitchen blenders: am I the last person in the world to discover this trick?

...not dystopian...

States 'Recycle' Meds to Battle Costs

Study: Medicare flows unevenly to hospitals

Wow, my scalloped potatoes were awful...

Two die in Spain from human variant of mad cow disease

Hospitalized Kids Often Victims of Drug Mishaps

Avian Flu Jumped from Dying Son to Caregiver Father

Flowers from a Master Gardener's garden

New generation of evangelical Christians will have an impact on election

Solar System's 'look-alike' found (BBC)

Meteorites delivered the 'seeds' of Earth's left-hand life

Alligator Blood May Put The Bite On Antibiotic-resistant Infections

Archaeologists unearth 35,000-year-old tools in Australia (AP/CNN)

billbuckhead has been tombstoned.

April 7, 2008 America's Shooting Gallery

A logical argument for gun rights in the US

Water Falling Over Things 2008: The Prologue

Why do nails start to work their way up on an outside deck after a while?

David Rovics: The Real Truth About The 9/11 Truth Movement

Is Facebook a CIA creation ?

Daniel Sunjata: The Tipping Point

Steven Jones is protecting the 9/11 perps and betraying us

Kerry: 'we are playing into Iran's hands'

Hearings, Hearings and more Hearings. What a week!

Cool Marvin pics

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday, 4/6/08

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 04/07/08

Is something fishy with Mary Kiffmeyer's campaign ethics?

KTLK Thug Radio host Chris Baker urges machines guns, ax handles be used on convention protesters

BREAKING: Pawlenty Throws Light Rail off the Tracks

Hi! I'm coming to your state for a week soon!

One Week away from our next DU get together at SpyHouse!!!!

Plan to close TYC gathers support

Does anyone have any experience with Verizon's FIOS (fiber optics) internet service?

Charter schools owe state $26M

Earthquake reported south of San Antonio

Roadblocking the TransTexas Corridor

UT sued for considering race in admissions

Gadget geeks help me out!

AMD loses graphics market share to Nvidia

the cutest pictures!

Be prepared with PA polls closing in O's favor watch Hillary throw another kitchen sink

What do you think of my new Obama Siggy

Harper Again Lies about Public Opinion on Afghan war

Business looks for renewal in right-brain thinking

Great word game and a worthy cause.

the shit hits the fan while charter school bus driver sits on the can

Fear, Paranoia and, Yes, Some Loathing in Alabama State House

In a New Generation of College Students, Many Opt for the Life Examined


KOEB 4/7/08 No Penn in Pennsylvania Edition

Help fight the Religious Right in Orange County! Attend the AU Barry Lynn fundraising event Monday

San Franciscans in Dist 8: Will you put a sign up for Shirley?

What we in Wisconsin can do about climate change--April 17 meeting

Rare chance to hear Rachel Maddow on radio in Milwaukee--this week, 5 pm

Another Democrat to leave State Assembly

The new Super Walmart in Waukesha

Thatcher 'would win election today'

Brown has to get back in touch with Labour values

Ugh. Should I even bother?

psss... psss...