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Today might be better for King Day

British fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes 05 Apr 2008

156 step burger wins Rube Goldberg Contest

AP video: Memphis Marchers Honor Legacy of MLK

McCain’s Health Care Plan ‘Won’t Cover More People, Won’t Cut Costs’

From MoveOn: 10 Things You Should Know About John McCain

Why I love this guy.

We must not allow the lies to be forgotten.

Trivia>>>which two former US presidents died on the same day? What day? bonus which one first?

Take that ROY TRAITOR Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU

Why are so many banks being built?

Israel and Syria Flirt Dangerously

Israel, U.S. plan to release details on Syria attack

Just think, future generations of DUers will speak of this time....

Secret First Sequence of Postal - The Movie by Uwe Boll

Chris Dodd on SNL?

How many people know that Willie Nelson did a song about Bush & Cheney?

Why doesn't the MSM ever talk about the Rethug's "tall tales"?

"A Global Warning" was on History Channel tonight

Rockkkk Chalkkkk Jayyyy Hawkkkk Kaaaaaay Youuuuu!!

College students most certainly DID use bookbags in the 60's.

Well isn't this special? Ben Stein made a movie!!

Is there a 24 hour news channel on tv/cable?

Coach Haskins started five black players for the first time in NCAA Championship history.

To the "its not a rebate" question: Sen. Sanders said refund would need to be counted as income

Moses has died

It is time to have some balance on this site. Let's talk about the Republican perspective for once.

MLK's speech Opposing the war in Iraq

Bush-Putin Press Conference on CNN now.

US intelligence says al-Qaeda still wants nuclear bomb

10 things you should know about John McCain.

Has this administration been a major gift to Democrats?

In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop

Who is your choice for president?

BBC International now - Curveball and the WMDs

Correction / Apology: Sen Sanders says rebate will NOT be counted as income.

LOL, A caller on Washington Journal called * President Howdy Doody

remember when bush threw away the ABM treaty? Now he is trying to renegotiate

I Wish I'd Been In the Room When....

Life and Death at the Opening Bell

City Lawyer Has New Memory of Secret Deal

Gallup asks Republicans to pick McCain VP: 18% want Huckabee, 15% Romney, 6% Condi

Have you been diagnosed with autism?

When the bottom drops out of the economy....

"We, the People", are the government ?

Was Killing Iraqi Children Worth It?

gen.odom and the surge

Army Worried by Rising Stress of Return Tours to Iraq

NYT: Too Few Primary Care Physicians in Mass. Let's Blame Universal Health Care!

Have you heard "Franangela" on Air America?

More than 50 percent chance of U.S. recession: Greenspan (Reuters)

Film legend Charlton Heston dead at 84

Noting the War's Expiration Date in the WaPo But Absurdly and Criminally Proposing to Extend It

Man killed while beating would-be robber

Pentagon overspent budget by $295 billion

We should buy a damn commercial

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bernie Sanders Does Small "d" Democracy

Sign of the Times- Man in electric Wheelchair succeeds in Robbing Bank

Now that I am a criminal, I feel so ..... free :)

Terrorism Study Drops a Bombshell on Boise

buh bye, charlie

Modern day "Torquemadas" in single needle suits and hand made English shoes. (Pat Lang)

Send Your Donations to:

Yesterday, I was impatient with and dismissive of my 10 year old son.

Countering Petraeus' Iraq Spin

Bob Barr is a lot of things. But 'moron' is not one of them.

Gender Identity 101

Working America ‘One of Labor’s Greatest Successes’ (workers outside of collective bargaining)

Hollywood legend Charlton Heston dead at 84

Wouldn't it be nice if people really were simple? (A Charleton Heston post)

The Real Fathers of Our Country

Why I despise the Washington Post: Bush "Listens Closely" to Petraeus as the top story?

In White House Deliberations on War, Gen. Petraeus Has a Privileged Voice

As crises loom, Fed critics and conspiracies bloom

Charles Manson Cuts Killer Creative Commons Digital Album From Prison

Health-savings plans may not live up to name

D.C. lawmakers maneuvering ahead of Iraq hearings

Coleen Rowley: "...Just Denounce the Pacifists for Lack of Patriotism..."

If US withdrew from Iraq, would price of oil go up or down?

Navajo Nation's Internet Borked by FCC and ISP, Reservation Reverting To Smoke Signals

The air strike killed “nine criminals in Sadr City,” the military said without providing details

THE NEW WORLD DISORDER Documents disclose 'shadow government'

Larisa Alexandrovna: It's official, Alabama is the Soviet Union...

Deputy Shoots Suspected DUI Drive

Randi Rhodes... and Listerine

let's keep our eye on the ball!

Bob Schieffer gets points for at least having some smart, attractive women on his show

Reuters: Vietnam vets admire McCain, may not vote for him

Iraqis angered by Blackwater contract renewal

Cokie Roberts is the dumbest pundit I have ever seen

How to Ignore Politics without Leaving Home...

delete -dupe

The Sheeple Doctrine

Winning Ugly in Wisconsin - Talk about a Swiftboat

Holt Baker: McCain’s Not Living Up to King’s Legacy

Kirsten Sinema on channed 12 AZ now re arepiehole

bu$hit's DHS Waives Environmental Laws to Build US/Mexico Border Fence

10 Things You Need to Know About McBush!

a bumper sticker: Republicans run the government like a business--ENRON

I saw Robert Gates had his arm in a sling, anybody know why?

"Only a fool...." yup!

VEBAs will make health care impact (a temp bridge to universal perhaps?)

I wonder what made Frederic Wertham think that comics were bad?

A. Sullivan On Matthews Show: Addington, Yoo & Rumsfeld Shouldn't Leave The Country

Political figures on the right seem to be dying off without replacement

Arrests Mar London's Olympic Torch Relay

Progress against poverty stalled (+ video)

Bush thanks Scots for bagpipes and golf.

Editorial Cartoon - Social Security Privatization (Good one)

Photo Destination of the Week - Week of April 6th 2008 - Alaska

HaHAH!1 G.E.Russert called A. Sullivan "The Daily BUSH"!1

Common Dreams selling bumper stickers: My America Doesn't Torture!

Bully Put Lynn Boy In Hospital

NYT: No Justice, No Mani-Pedi!

Hello? Freedom-spreaders, Liberty-givers, Sanctity of Lifers?? There's GENOCIDE going on...

With the price of gas what it is, how does one go about hiring an Iranian?

Machete mayhem in Massachusetts.

Seeking Avid or Final Cut Pro guru for collaborative Sink McCain project

Just Another Day at the GD:P Corral

10 things you should know about John McCain (but probably don't):

Big Banks screw over school districts

Fearless, gutsy pundits who take on Hillary

Apparently America has already elected a black president in the past...

Pentagon: Colleges must hand over names

RIP Charlton Heston

Living for Change: Obama and MLK by Grace Lee Boggs


Soros predicts end of the road for cheap and easy borrowing

McClatchy: Clinton, McCain, Obama all face Iraq war test this week

interesting read...

Vanity Fair: The "Green Light" on Torture From The Very Top Level of Government

You could see this coming a mile away! Paraguay Ambassor wants FTA with US!

"Fear, Paranoia And, Yes, Some Loathing In Alabama" (NYT Notes Subpoena/Arrest Of Legislators)

Afghan President Karzai hints at plans to run for 2nd term in office - Might be permanent?

Bob Barr may run for President as a Libertarian

Bob Barr may run for President as a Libertarian

Insane letter to the editor in the Omaha World Herald

Rev. Martin Luther King the Radical: Anti-War, Pro Family, Pro Union

"in the beginning was the word--unfortunately, it was spoken by charlton heston"

One month from today, I will cast a vote for Harry Taylor

Death By Blogging: Writers Blog Till They Drop appears this polygamist bust is escalating in Texas

Andrew Sullivan to speak in Oklahoma City on Monday night

Was Heston clutching a double barrel shotgun in his hand when he died?

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, Why You Should Care

Fascinating New Obama Antidote-Use It!

Temple at FLDS compound: Officials say "Found everything they wanted & more"

It doesn't look like these two DU forums get much traffic ->

Iran to OPEC: Stop Oil Sales in Dollars

"We’re paying executives like successful entrepreneurs-without the entrepreneural risks

Arlen Specter said on Maher's show:

To all Hillary Supporters

oops, wrong forum

Is this going to be a problem? *Warning, Graphic*

Memphis garbage man (76) still living MLK's legacy (This is where they threw gas on us," 60 injured)

John McCain Gets it Wrong Again on Iraq today on National TV

New Iraq report offers grim outlook

Obama and Hillary Spin a 'Big Lie' About Iraq

NIE: Iran does NOT have nuclear capability! Missing Torture Tapes!

NIE: Iran does NOT have nuclear capability! Missing Torture Tapes!

The Enclosure Of The Commons

Obama supporters is there any issue

As many as 20 Iraqis killed in clashes between Sadr's militia and U.S.

surge update - 3 US Troops Killed, 31 Wounded in Iraq

Vichy Survival: Duck and Cover Bourgeois

Permissible Assaults Cited in Graphic Detail


New And Deadly Viruses Passed Through Sweet Food And Domestic Animals

What General Petraeus will say?

Peace symbol turns 50, man

Peace symbol turns 50, man

Peace symbol turns 50, man

Peace symbol turns 50, man

Peace symbol turns 50, man

Peace symbol turns 50, man

Senator Kerry Hosts a Town Hall Meeting in Lansdowne

Australian Father and Daughter are couple, have child together

Tuesday could be big..All Three Candidates get to drill Petraeus

Lethal Field Work: Anthropologists Cry Foul Over Colleagues' Aid to Iraq Occupation

I will never make a good politician.

Because I have a post left...

Is Stephanie in the house tonight?

In re: Charlton Heston:

Randi Rhodes gone for at least one more week?

Will Congresssman Wexler ask this question next week?

We Need Volunteers in West Philly TOMORROW!

Does anyone know much about Pangea Day?

FREE sig file W photo

Glenn Greenwald: The Associated Press fails to reveal Mukasey's favorite color

How can you get a source citation from Wikipedia?

No more "cold dead hands" jokes, please...

Hillary's campaign is looking more and more like Edwards before he dropped out.

U.S. forces clash with Shia militia - Video

Know your Feith Facts: He'll be 'hawking' (ha) his upcoming book on 60 Minutes tonight.

Kindergarten? It's competitive in L.A.

Vaccine Question

Has anyone seen the movie "Nurse Betty"?

Doug Feith 60 minutes: "We didn't just look at the people who did it (9/11)"

I was reading Darth was in Oman to reaffirm DC's 'appreciation'

Just walked my dog and I noticed that not only are all the flags gone but so are the flag poles

BREAKING: Hillary and Barack in Butte MT --Live --NOW!!

Harpers Scott Horton: Worst. President. Ever.

"Rudy" Drops the H-Bomb

Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy strikes again!

Breaking on CNN: Mark Penn departs

Stalemate deepens in Zimbabwe

Don Siegelman on 60 Minutes shortly.

Obama Adviser Calls for 60,000-80,000 U.S. Troops; To Stay in Iraq Through 2010

Report: US No Closer to Iraq Goals

McClatchy: Is Hillary Clinton dishonest? A lot of Americans think so

USAF Space Command advertising on CBS Evening News 2-nite.

If it's OK to sway pledged delegates away from their pledges...

Did you see Doonsbury today? 70% of the nations debt acquired under 3 presidents

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huffington Post: "It's Official - Alabama Is The Soviet Union"

The Life of an Anti-Government Conservative.

So, I guess the sky is falling.

FWIW...If we're supposed to be considering the GE implications of Rev. Wright ...

My mom is a Church lady, she was ready to dump Obama until....

When is the next debate and what network?

So James Hartline just came to my front door....

Clinton thrills Eugene audience

My impression of Jim Webb/Lindsey Graham on This Week

A Cheneyism I'll be glad to see gone:

60 Minutes Siegleman segment went snowy in Middle TN

Who killed Dr Martin Luther King Jr ?

I REALLY hate .....

The difference between Obama and Clinton supporters.

Don't Stop Believing

About 700 Iraqis were killed last week. Another 1500 were wounded

King documentary on tonight.

McCain calls for respectful campaign

Clinton: “I started criticizing the war in Iraq before he did"

Jesse Ventura: "I can't hold my country on a pedestal anymore."

Feith is either a complete idiot or a blatant liar... Or both

Wake Up Democrats

Should torture be allowed?

Mississippi US Senate Race: Unique factors shaping race

Martin Luther King — Letter from a Birmingham Jail

War Drums Going to Pound Louder?

The bright side of recession ............ post yours

TYT: 80 Year Old Arrested for Wearing Wrong Shirt

Hit Job on Obama

Columnist Bonnie Erbe's "Rape" problem.

Ed Rendell's spokesman: Monday's Worst Person in the World?

Offensive Words.

Feith on 60-minutes NOW (7:23 EDT)

Tom Lewis, One of ‘Catonsville Nine,’ Dies After Life of Activism

Terry McAuliffe Spotted In Washington Trying To Steal Pledged Delegates

Terry McAuliffe Spotted In Washington Trying To Steal Pledged Delegates

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Myth of GOP Fiscal Responsibility"

Tax rebate; what a f*cking sham!

Back to the Moon!

Very Unofficial Poll: They pull even in Oregon!


Bush upset over comparison to chimp

*** Official '60 Minutes' Siegelman Interview Broadcast & Story Update Thread ***

Colbert wins a Peabody.. O'Reilly shines his Polk.

Obama on ‘Renewing the American Economy’

Pa. truckers rage at high gas prices

Republicans muzzle credit card victims

I no longer blame bush for the things he has done, and neither should you

Time to Attack The Right Wing's Core Values-- Less Taxes and Less Government

Greg Mitchell: Why did U.S. Soldier Kill Herself -- Instead of Taking Part in Torture?

So these voters are willing to vote for 100 year war and more right wing nuts on the courts

I'm not sure whether GD is the right location for this,

Hey Boys & Girls...let's all tell UC Berkley what we think of Prof.John Yoo.

The Nation: Another $102 Billion

Time Out: Take the 1:1 Pledge

Denmark might be the happiest country in the world

Deathwatch DAYS 5-6 (weekend)


Computer Taught To Recognize Attractiveness In Women

Horse racing is as good an investment as day trading

Good riddens you old fool . Rest in peace

Debunking the latest Hillary lie: She started criticizing the war before Obama did.

Dinner with Ava

Think McCain is an Option?: Think Again

Iowa: Obama over McCain by 4-points; Hillary loses to McCain by 15

Clinton and Petraeus - BFF

Super Delegates

If you could ask one question

Hillary Clinton "I started criticizing the war in Iraq before he did"

McCain economic advisers come with baggage (specifically Phil Gramm)

Monsanto: a documentary that Americans won’t ever see.

Today's Bright Shining Object: "Sweetie!"

Today's Bright Shining Object: "Sweetie!"

Anyone listening to Meet The Press??

McSame is getting WAY too much face time in the media

McSame is getting WAY too much face time in the media

This Week in Death

"A Unity of None": Donna Brazile

Obama aims for pro-gun vote

Stop asking

Why John Edwards Can't Endorse Hillary (In His Own Words) (youtube)

CNN Discussing race.........again

ALL Democrats should be OUTRAGED at Hill and Bill given their latest stunts.

Charlton Heston is dead. Let's pry the guns out of his cold, dead hands.

Large Bank Failures Possible.

Parsing words. Good lord. Remember the Bush/Ferraro VP debate?

Why does being tortured in a war that shouldn't have been fought matter?

Why do you support Obama?

Caption this pic

Oh lord, Jesse Ventura is on CNN telling Barack Obama to watch out

Sunday News Show Lineup for April 6

If guns are good why do Bush's Iraqi puppets want the Iraqis to give up their guns?

The myth of Republican fiscal responsibility....

Tet Happened, and No One Cared By FRANK RICH

Hillary Can't Keep Her Lies Straight Anymore

Women face bias worldwide - UN

"The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming". Did anyone watch

Navajo Nation likely to lose Internet service

Regarding a brokered convention.

HRC should call McNasty a "warmonger" today - she would be a huge hero

Starting posts with "I Support Obama"

Fiery Clinton Fields Tough Questions at Campaign Rally

Obama Caught Up in Bizzare Baby-Surfing Ritual in Butte, Montana

What's the most likely scenario for the next 3 Dem primaries?

O'Bleness Hospital changing their story; woman their patient, died elsewhere

Jeb Bush/Condi...Yeah THAT's the ticket!

Hillary Clinton in Eugene, Oregon (report by The Unapologetic Mexican)

I'm only in GDP to refute criticisms, not to attack

Bob Barr??? Are the reports true??? Is he gonna make a dash for the White House??

Sean Hannity's ability to start lies and not be held accountable

I love you all

Why is DU like an RNC oppo room?

Hillary and Obama should play Russian roulette

The Big Deal Over Clinton's Income Is BS:

Bob Barr's candidacy could tip Georgia to Obama's column in Nov.

If Hillary loses the nomination, will she pull a Lieberman?

If Hillary loses the nomination, will she pull a Lieberman?

Hey, remember Blackwater?

Can The Press Really Elect McCain?


They're taking Heston to a cemetery in a hearse

They're taking Heston to a cemetery in a hearse

ABC's This Week: Condi Does Want The Veep Spot

Get the name Obama out of my ears , so I shut off the radio !

Tales from PA

Let's talk coal - A talking head on Chris Matthews April 6th said Obama is wrong on coal - is he???

"Good Morning Sweetie!"

Jersey Girl takes on Obama about 9-11 comment

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/6/08 - Obama down 1(50), Clinton up 1 (42)

NORTH DAKOTA & MONTANA are both winnable in the GE with the right DEM Candidate!

My son is Home!!!!!!

Pathetic clusterfucking god-damned piece of non-human shit-spewing lying enabling scapegoater! STFU

BREAKING: Hillary says pigs can't fly!

Obama's street cred (Howard Kurtz-Washington Post)

Obama's street cred (Howard Kurtz-Washington Post)

The US arms industry is backing Hillary Clinton for President

1967... We Haven't Come a Long way, Baby..

Obama in January 2005: MLK would have opposed the war in Iraq and tried to end it

Remember when the Clinton campaign blasted Obama for saying something positive about Reagan?

Sub-Prime Religion

Everyone Knows That Hagee Is A NeoCon, Right?

I've had it with these "probably voting" Republicans...

Dowd rips McCain for hiding drinking problem; and Obama for hiding smoking problem

Where are the three candidates on Darfur?

Whoever LOSES the nomination is responsible for uniting the party.

Doing the math

I respected and appreciated the action's of Sen Obama and Sen McCain

I hate the campaign the Clintons have run. BUT--

Barrack has some kick ass ads just seen one on CNN in the Chicago area

"Brand Obama, a winner in the image war"

A Lie a day keeps the White House away

Clinton Campaign Lets Supporters 'Buy' A Yard Sign - USAToday

It's too late...

Funny Story Today: A Sign of the Times?

So now that Charleton Heston has died (RIP) does that mean we

Sometimes its easier to proverbially "pad the walls" than to try to heal a crazy person.

Colombian Government Fires Mark Penn

McCain graduates in bottom 0.55% of his class

"Don't call me sweetie!"

Enough w/ certain "supporters!" They hurt more than they help.

Why would the country be better with McCain?

Dupe - self delete

a reminder of Hillary and George's precious gift to Iraq.

What is the most recession/depression proof business to be in?

War Monger McCain objects to his nickname


BHO is a false god and will not serve his self-prostrating

Narberth, PA Obama canvassing report

Is Anyone Here A Delegate To The Democratic National Convention, Or In That Process Now?

Sent my birthday money to Obama

Sweetie-Gate at DU

Which politician probably regrets his/her early endorsement of Hillary Clinton the most?

REVELATION: Most of the Clinton supporters here..

Why talk about Clinton at all?

Poll, Iowa: Obama 46% McCain 42%.... McCain leads Hillary Clinton 51% to 36%

"Obama's 'Sweetie' Problem"

Did you know Obama and John McCain are related?

SNL on Clinton Tax Returns...

(Bowing) I'd like to express my deep appreciation to Admins and moderators.

Great Article in the New Statesman Exposes BHO's Slimeball Tactics

Where Is The Website To Create a Personalized Obama Signature?

Where Is The Website To Create a Personalized Obama Signature?

Clinton PA Fundraising numbers

Senator Clinton's remarks on sub-prime lending to NCRC (March of 2007)

New Rass Iowa GE Polls

Oops, Clinton lying again???

Did Hillary Speak out against the Iraq war before 2002?

"We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes, ....

Serious Question (no stupidity please) but should we equate Hillary to Bill's policies?

Serious Question (no stupidity please) but should we equate Hillary to Bill's policies?

Serious Question (no stupidity please) but should we equate Hillary to Bill's policies?

If you're truly offended by Obama's "sweetie" remark - feel free to file a class-action lawsuit

What dirt can Obama or Clinton throw at McCain in the GE?

Let's just get it out of the way. Bill Clinton's penis.

BREAKING! Mark Penn is OUT!

HillFANS, your "big state" logic is as skewed as it comes.

Cast all the vote counts and Primaries and Delegates aside, How has Hillary Clinton made her case ?

I guess I'm incorrigible

"Protest to Support Hillary Clinton" April 11? A protest FOR a candidate?

So this waitress at the diner calls me "Sweetie" so I told her to hold the chicken between her knees

Doug Feith Coming up on 60 Minutes.

McCain boasts: ‘No one has supported President Bush on Iraq more than I have’

I have a compliment for the Obama campaign.

Kerry: Obama Won't Be Swift Boated

Thanks to the mods

Thanks to the mods

Were you satisfied McAuliffe used our DNC donations fr2001-2005 to secure the election

Time to Attack The Right Wing's Core Values-- Less Taxes and Less Government

On thing that DU and FR agree on

On thing that DU and FR agree on

Each candidate should state his/her position on going to the Olympics or not. This is a campaign tie


New Electoral Vote Projections!

******* Breaking News - Mark Penn leaving Clinton Campaign! On CNN Now!

Comments by Hillary today show a bitter woman entrenched in the ideas of yesterday

*********Don't be hoodwinked: Mark Penn is NOT leaving********

"There is no such thing as a pledged delegate."

Obama Leads in PA - Public Policy Polling

Tartan Day April 6th

The Obama infection and the lynching of Hillary Clinton

DU Knowitalls: How did Hil, Obama & McCain vote on the Bankruptcy bill a few years ago?

WRAL North Carolina Poll: Obama opens up a 23 point lead (Obama 56% Clinton 33%)

Reaction to the Obama sign in my car

Clinton's lost face time

I missed Sweetiegate until today. Would someone please PM

"This is Personal"

C. Rice for VP?

I don't hate the Clintons, I just hate what we've become, and, yes, I want things to change

I don't hate the Clintons, I just hate what we've become, and, yes, I want things to change

I don't hate the Clintons, I just hate what we've become, and, yes, I want things to change

Two people who hurt most by what is going on with Obama and the voters:

Internet News Group To Expose Sex Predator

Obama/Clinton versus Mccain/Rice?

I'm about to tell off in very ugly words, a GOP couple that are major hypocrites

Bill Clinton not surprised by Obama?

I just went to the store because I was out of cooking oil

If you as a voter could ask Hillary Clinton any question , what would it be?

Clinton talks; Obama balks No interview from Obama for Philadelphia Gay News.

Pledged Delegates

Kerry: Obama Won't Be Swift Boated

Now, we CAN pry the gun out of his cold,dead hands.....

Obama's biggest lead ever today - Ramussen. polls 4/5/08

Dean did not seem to be buying the whole "popular vote"

Soooo. Hillary went on a fishing trip and it was all over the news!

Hillary drops out

Has McCain been on socialized medicine his entire life ??

What is your favorite Chuck Heston movie?

Why OBama will win the General Election - If you think Hillary can win, tell us why.

Why OBama will win the General Election - If you think Hillary can win, tell us why.

Democratic contenders always get labeled as "liars"

Obama Gets Blank Space Punishment from Philly gay paper; Mr No-show strikes again

A Gentle Reminder to Hillary and Obama Supporters. This is Democratic Underground.

Why the DNC must count Florida's 1.75 million votes and seat no less than half of our delegates

Obama's lawyer days were effective but brief

With So Many Men Owning Guns, Domestic Violence Is Difficult to Prevent for Justice System

Howard Dean: The Dems, Now Dancing to His Tune

I don't see the evil in Clinton's hospital story.

Hillary Clinton in Eugene, Oregon

It is Wise to thank God for Barack Obama!

Yikes, How did Bob Casey ever get elected to anything?

IRONY ALERT :::: Hillary: This 'is not a coronation'

Let's review the facts about the IWR vote.

60 Minutes: Insider: Iraq Attack Was Preemptive

Need help: Obama v. McCain in the Senate

Everybody Loves Obama - Even Punks!

Say "Goodbye Moses" = RIP: Charlton Heston

Obama called a woman "sweetie"...this is the end, folks.

We in the party deserve better.

Fourteen whoppers to which Hillary will not confess

BO camp lets rip the Schultz “warmonger” but is SILENT on Rhodes “f**k whore”

Helen Thomas

Finally. On TeeeVeee. "Bush Administration Officials Will Be 'Indicted For War Crimes"

Thank god Randi only called Hillary a whore

Sen. Barack Obama: Raising The Roof In Missoula, MT

Fox News. Newsmax. World News Daily. Lucianne Goldberg. CNS. Rush Limbaugh. Glenn Beck. Sean Hannity

Yet another Hillary camp implosion - Rendell calling for Penn to be fired

Dean staying "above the fray", letting the process unfold.

I've decided to give Hillary a chance

The Smoking Invoice

MUST SEE: Fox News Smack-Down Regarding Rev. Wright

You think it's been ugly on GDP so far?

Could Money Woes Eventually Force Clinton from the Race? NEWSWEEK

OBAMA: "Even if I'm not the nominee, I'm still going to be somebody who cares very deeply"

John McCain is a War Monger

Hillary Clinton, you are NO Jeannette Rankin

Hillary Clinton at the Lorraine Motel ---pix--->>>

"We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For"

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Please Be Gracious In Defeat"

Which candidate would you most hate to see win in 2008?

I did not know that John McCain's son was in Iraq

In Oregon, Clinton Makes False Claim About Her Iraq Record Vs. Obama's

Chelsea Clinton's missing college thesis

Mark Penn is not leaving Hillary's campaign, he's changing his title

Question about Charlton Heston...

Who needs Florida

Carlos Santana for Obama!

About Clinton's hosptial gaffe. I have a bone to pick.

The Obama Phenomenon (written by longtime Hillary adviser/supporter Michael Lerner)

Clinton Clarifies HOW she criticized the Iraq war before Obama...

Folks, it's MOOT - not MUTE

There really is too much Hillary bashing going on.

Hillary Clinton's Self-Swiftboating into Irrelevance

My mom called me sweetie today. I promptly punched her out.

Hillary Clinton on MI:"It's clear this election they are having is not going to count for anything."

Eldorado #9

Transformational figures in American history were partisan, rigidly ideological and combatative

Hillary Clinton Brings Her Fighting Spirit To Montana

Curious ... Has anyone seen any McCain bumper stickers or signs?

Breaking: Mark Penn asked to give up roll as as chief strategist

Hillary Will Win Pennsylvania By A Huge Margin!

If Condi is put on Mc Same's ticket. . . it only reinforces more of the same.

If Condi is put on Mc Same's ticket. . . it only reinforces more of the same.

Clinton drops hospital story from stump speech (without acknowledging error...?)

Obama picks up 2 Superdelegates, Hillary loses One.

Obama Adviser Calls for Troops To Stay in Iraq Through 2010

Please don't miss the movie "Body of War." I saw it yesterday.

Ohio Hospital Contests a Story Clinton Tells "...uninsured pregnant woman lost her baby and died..."

I'm an early boomer woman, and I LIKE being called sweetie by anyone

Threats toward Howard Dean by Clinton's big donors this week should alarm us greatly.

I hope Obama supporters don't become like Bush fanatics

DUers: For comparison to last fall-who were you supporting then?

TPM: Penn Sorta Not Really Resigns from Clinton Campaign

Why should Hillary get more than 50%?

Obama Supporters!! Shift the AOL Straw Poll

Clinton: No State Will Be Overlooked - NYT

I really thought it was going to be Obama that unraveled.

Philadelphia Inquirer: It's Obama's maturity for his age that matters

Dedicated to GD:P

Bob Barr & the Upcoming Democratic Victory

Bob Barr & the Upcoming Democratic Victory

AP: Clinton Invokes Female Trailblazer - wants "points" for taking time to be pretty.

Taylor Marsh's wacky comment section...(long but funny)

Tell me again: Why Can't Obama Win?

The "W" word, the "B" word, the "C" word, the "N" word

Strategist: Rice eyeing VP spot on ticket

Operation Chaos: online edition -- Is the person you are arguing (or agreeing) with an operative?

Lest we "demonize" Heston too hastily

Here's the deal: Legitimate criticism of Hillary does not constitute "hate"

JFK & Castro: Secret Quest for Accomodation

Republicans feel good about Obama match-up... wow..

Obama camp wants to count every Hillary vote in MI and FL, Hillary declines

If you as a voter could ask Barack Obama any question , what would it be?

If you as a voter could ask Barack Obama any question , what would it be?

What is it like going to a Michelle Obama rally?

HBO 4/8/2008... The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo

Which of these blockbuster events is more HUGH!!111: Gutter-Bowl or Bookbag?

Charlton Heston owned guns. How many people did he kill with them?

Which of these 4 will make the strongest VP candidate for Obama when he gets the nomination?

Anyone Else Offended By This Photo Op?

Obama=>Like McCain, a misogynist, blogger kidnapping, and Obama Community Pages

A sincere question for Clinton supporters (no Obama flames here, please)

Current opinions on SIDS

McCain: Obama 'Absolutely' Qualified to Be President

McCain: Obama 'Absolutely' Qualified to Be President

More Obama Logos!

I have never heard so much jarring noise as over the past 3 hours

Another "empty nest" call out to Kaghime!

Wow...the people on this web site are INSANE! (

I've said it before and I will say it again

Wanna join me at the Funplex?

Well I have been gone for a few weeks working early voting, did I miss anything.

Ban on samurai swords becomes law

I'm sick of this little Hansbrough diving

Here's the answer to the question Chelsea won't answer because it's none of your business:

Political realities or why Hillary trying to convert Obama's pledged delegates is desperation

I love women

Oh God - please let them keep this up

The best kind of beaver...

Torchwood Watchers...(Spoilers?)

Two questions about taxes, on behalf of my mother

Intoxicated Animals

I love men

Update on the horse stranded on Ohio cliff

If you have to rant, would you rant at a single family or a town?


I'm about to watch the first new Doctor Who episode of the season.

Time bomb - Lake

I accidentally renamed 20,000 files on my hard drive

CCR misheard lyrics!

What to do with the kitty? An opinion poll

Post something AI gone bad: movie,book, vidoe etc.

How often do you fight with your SO?

hi lounge.....

Why us 13 unlucky and 7 lucky?

The sickness

A horse with no name

The funeral

i just found out i can do all sorts of cool stuff with my camera's here's a pic thread

Don't forget my dog - fixed and constant

I can't stop laughing about this

Here is prophecy

Radiator cap

History is as up to date as todays news


I never thought you'd go........

Shhhhhhhhhhhh! they're sleeping.

Who first said "If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit"?

Went to a local production of Pirates of Penzance

A blue lamp.

Psychedelic Furs

Would it offend you if Randi Rhodes called Lynne Cheney "a trucking door"

You say that you're leaving,well that comes as no surprise

this picture makes my hemorrhoids hurt

Battle of the Bands: The Fixx vs. XTC

My name it means nothing,my fortune is less

Constant craving

Lights Out.

Then suddenly,last summer

You always won, everytime you placed a bet....

I Am Legend

Tuesday afternoon..........

Are you having a bad night Swede? Why all the songs posted tonight?

Met some of the boyfriend's family yesterday.

Mad world

The guilty get no sleep,In the last slow hours of morning

I thought this was supposed to be a new SNL?

Funny how I find myself,in love with you

Enjoy the silence

A big shout out to the lounge lingerers tonight....

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

The Mike Wallace Interview

Why can't I sleep?

Silent Running


North Carolina vs Kansas

delete dupe

Cortez the killer

Happy Birthday, Bette Davis! of her movies, which is your favorite?


Star Trek TNG/ds9/voy fans - has season sets at $35 each

I'm #9,562!!!

Proof that crime does not pay

Public posts on Facebook are not a good way to talk behind people's backs.

Bette Davis Eyes...

Too many people have put too much stock into the persona that they're created for the internet

People behave like assholes in GD:P

The ask petersond anything thread....

Does anyone know what the procedure or protocol for giving

Food Pr0n pics. Home made sushi tonight!

Bette Davis - born 4/5/08

more proof of Wal-Mart idiocy

Remember when

Thai Food, India Pale Ales, Kids Going to bed early

flow chart

I don't have a shredder, I have a poop can. Which begs the question:


I can't find

I'm a killer, yes I am ..


Sunday list thread


Go outside!!

The horse on a cliff is safe.

Ugh, I hate asking certain people for favors...

I just did a youtube search of ice skating bloopers

Go inside!!

What should I do with antique quilts?

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup alert!)

Think about this

True story. George donates blood. As a "reward," involuntarily gets his nuts removed.

How is this for a lineup

Delayed outrage, let's talk about MI and FL

Beloved Children's "star" procreates

Top Chef fans, who's your early favorite to win it all?

Memo To: All DU'ers Taking Part in Summary Executions Thread:

I just dehydrated and ground up 2 pounds of habanero peppers.

Dress Angelina for the Oscars!

Star Trek and STTNG fans. Book Question...

I DEMAND that our country's pornstars be classified as "athletes"!

Having just finished watching the 1st of the new series of Doctor Who, I have but one thing to say..


Is there a gif doctor in the house?

Best Film Version of a PKD Story Other Than Blade Runner?

Pittsburgh Peregrine Falcon Web Cam

Favorite Charlton Heston film?

How come I get the feeling that we're going to get some nasty revelations when the primaries end?

Which is the best version of "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory"?

Ministry - Rio Grande Blood and The Last SSucker

The Lawgiver will judge him...

A boring Sunday review for Star Trek TNG, season 3:

Fair and balanced Fox

A boring Sunday review for Star Trek TNG, season 1:

What should we make to accompany our cornish game hens today?

Inexcusably funny.


I like Christopher Walken, but he sucked last night on SNL

I miss having a social life and I'm tired of feeling like crap


Don't do it...

alright, sombody get in there and pry the gun from his cold, dead hands

"Seven Million People packed into a space

Anyone here running for an elected post this November?

For Horrorpunk fans - I hope you've heard of Blitzkid

Father and Daughter living as husband and wife in Australia....

Yoo Two and The Torture Memo Family

Turning in early tonight.

Turning in early tonight.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/6/08

Monica’s DOJ Makeover

Today we went to the Wat Thai in Ontario for their Songkran festival

Thomas Beatie was NOT the first pregnant man.

When you go out to prom, be sure to wear protection!

Hitchens asserted Clinton's actions made her look "sort of alternately soppy and bitchy"


Yesterday was the first really spring-like day this year; according to the calendar it's the 55th

My friend's mother just died

Just so you know...the asshole who recommends my threads....

A poll about the dinner scene in Five Easy Pieces!


Paul McCartney Remembers Linda In His Own Words

Charlton "I really am Moses" Heston

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 4/6/2008)

I am now the proud owner of a heavy bounceless handled basketball

Charlton Heston has died

The good news: that odd, intermittent ticking noise was not another new roof leak

ICanHasCheezburger meets Dr. Who:

7 pounds in 7 days

Gonzales and Addington went to Iraq to witness torture...Phillpe Sands Documents

What's for dinnah, DU? Do tell!


A boring Sunday review for Star Trek TNG, season 2:

A perfectly nice day outside and I couldn't be bothered to leave the house today.

This is not a Rick Roll. Exactly.

Well, the classiest guy in all of sports retired last night.

Americana trivia question

Edward Norton Appreciation Thread:

Cuteness Alert : Baby Hamster eating Brocolli .

Update on my favor-asking phone call:

Holy crap! We have a Magistrate sighting!!!!

Stopping puppy mills. Hopefull I got to the right page this time

An odd, embarassing, possibly inappropriate request for me and my cat Jewel:

I'm loving this Facebook thing...

Damned Office Rules...

I work retail and I can tell you something big is definitely coming

Yesterday, I was impatient with and dismissive of my 10 year old son.

I am GONE from DU.

Husky or Kitty?

The trof report: Dinner with Ava

My 7000th post

The "50 Best Jokes" from the last year ...


Monty Python's The Meaning of Life is a terrible, terrible movie

Movies you want to see made

sweet dog and baby kangaroo story

Long Day...

OMG Britney Spears

I'm on the waiting list for lung transplantation

There's a UU church near my new apartment...

Language meme - post your answers!

Post your favorite movie intros

Why no love for Johnny Winter around here?

Name a film that was better than the book it was based upon

My mom passed away last night

I'm leaving.

Movies with great restaurant scenes

Random questions for loungers

I'm gonna be famous! Well... Sort of. (Matchbox collectors take note!)

Who should Obama pick as his VEEP?

What book(s) do you hope are NEVER made into a movie?

Some Superdelegates more Super than the rest

Zimbabwe's MDC court bid blocked

Group Wants Clinton Strategist Ousted

Tricky Task of Offering Aid to Homeowners

Rebel's Death Hinders Betancourt Rescue

Bush, Putin remain apart on US missile defense plan

Drug Makers Near an Old Goal: A Legal Shield

Sri Lanka bombing kills 12; dozens hurt

Scuffles mar Olympic torch relay (London)

Gunmen release 42 students in Iraq

Top Taliban militant arrested, 15 killed in Afghan raids

Clashes kill 22 in Baghdad

Standoff emerges at polygamist retreat

Obama's lawyer days were effective but brief

GCC demand to curtail oil exports

Investigators review VA credit charges

Residents Urge U.S. Congressman to Support Bush Impeachment (San Fernando)

Attack on Green Zone kills 2 Americans

McCain vows to deal with severe US economic crisis

US air strike kills nine in Baghdad's Sadr City

Neo-Nazis desecrate 148 Muslim military graves in France

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad attacks - 31 wounded

No frowns at Bush-Putin talks

McCain calls for respectful campaign

Slow Going for N.Y. Traffic Plan

French Muslim war graves defaced

New Heat on Bush Environmental Chief

Former lawmaker favored to win California House race once held by late Rep. Lantos

3 U.S. Troops Killed In Mortar Attacks (includes two in earlier story)

Coming soon: superfast internet

More than 50 percent chance of U.S. recession: Greenspan (says "I'm Republican")

(Pa) State sees union membership boom (adding to April 22 primary mix)

Report: US no closer to Iraq goals

Police storm temple at polygamist ranch

Iraqi forces performed 'pretty well' in Basra: McCain

Executive Pay: A Special Report - A Brighter Spotlight, Yet the Pay Rises

Breaking on CNN: Penn has asked to give up his role as Chief Stategist for the Clinton Campaign

U.S. retailers cut jobs as shoppers stop shopping

Sweden's welfare state 'alive and kicking'

Shock Jock Comments About Lumbees Labeled Racist (Raleigh DJ: Native Americans "Lazy," "In-Bred")

George Carlin on our Bill of Temporary Privileges

Hillary and Obama Game Show Appearance

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Barack whoops McBush - NO PROBLEM!

The Audacity

Keep Hillary in Cartoon Form :)

Media Not Allowed to Video or Record Audio at MN GOP Convention Yesterday


Obama in Wallingford PA: 'We need to promote the arts.'

"Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?" Trailer (HD)



TYT: Rape Case Involving U.S. Citizens & KBR Employees In Iraq

Good magazine Sen. Hillary Clinton

Michael Moore Charlton Heston interview from BFColumbine CAUGHT BARACK OBAMA LYING!

BBC: World Opinion of U.S. Rises in Anticipation of Bush Departure

Two Standards

Obama on 'Tired, Cynical' Ownership Society Dogma - Butte MT, 4/5

McCain on 'Bomb Iran' Joke:

Disturbing talk coming out of Obama's campaign..

Bill O’Reilly’s True Claim to a Peabody Award

A Memorandum of misinformation (Lokeman / Kansas City Star)

It’s Time for the War Profiteers to Pay Up!

Permissible Assaults Cited in Graphic Detail

Barack Obama in Missoula, MT Pt. 1

Consequences for Yoo? (MoJo)

'$64,000 question': Policy or personality?

Paul Craig Roberts: The Petraeus and Crocker Show

North American Military Agreement Signed By US and Canada

Frank Rich: Tet Happened, and No One Cared

Democratic battle hands McCain lead

The Already Big Thing on the Internet: Spying on Users

Can Stephen Colbert save America?

The Quick and the Dead and McCain

Record Home Foreclosures across America by Sherwood Ross

Fact-Checking the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Coleen Rowley: "...Just Denounce the Pacifists for Lack of Patriotism..."

Food riots fear after rice price hits a high

Uribe’s Attack on Obama

Bill O’Reilly’s True Claim to a Peabody Award

Clinton: 'Gilded class' in 'Rust Belt'

Robot armies - another military revolution?

Brand Obama, a winner of the image war. (International Herald Tribune)

Frank Rich: Tet Happened, and No One Cared

Sherwood Ross: Bush Military Buildup Recalls Stalin And Hitler

The Audacity of Depression

Wall St banks 'hooked on emergency funds scheme'

A Silver Lining In the Blue Battle-Newsweek- Markos Moulitsas

You Had Your Shot

Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX) and the mess they have made

More Nations Turn From Democracy - Officials Blame Bush

A Shift in the Debate Over Global Warming: "Manhattan-like Project" now needed

Barack Obama can tell 'uncomfortable truths'- The Telegraph UK

Charlton Heston To Be Buried With His Gun Collection

Israel, US To Boycott Durban II Human Rights Conference.

How the Big Sky Went Dark

Let's get over our silly fears of public ownership. Will Hutton in Guardian Comment.

Is Hillary Clinton dishonest? A lot of Americans think so

Stagflationary Abyssal Part II - More Evidence and Suggestions for What to Do

Charlton Heston dead at 84

Army tests new mounted gun

Boards to consider voluntary retention

Cash gift lets Ky. Guard members come home

Land near Malmstrom runway may cost millions

B-1 that caught fire was from Ellsworth

It’s About Laws, Not Light Bulbs

Wind farm plans brewing in Aroostook County (800 MW, Maine)

Dead birds washing up at Great Salt Lake

Independent UK: Koalas in danger

The Real News: Is "clean coal" possible?

Solar powered cell phone station in the works.

New biodiesel crop Jatropha taking off in S.W. Florida

War puts strain on Air Force’s aging fleet

U.S. contractor to face military court in Iraq assault

Yongsan making room for soldiers with large families

Two more arrests made in robbery of Okinawa cabbie

Yokosuka sailors in training, reflection period after arrest of U.S. seaman

Life’s a bit different for crew of old, new aircraft

No glory behind the scenes, but maintainers are crucial

The Strain of Our Aging Fleet

A safe way paved for troops

Venerable ‘Warthog’ due for an upgrade

For veteran, a new home, life, and wife

BBC: Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

Two on Farley Mowat Charged (but not really)


Clinton, Obama woo union vote in Pennsylvania

Lawmakers launch probe into Minn. AG's fight with union

César Chávez Anniversary Celebrates Struggle for Workers' Rights

A Purple Uprising in Oakland

Unions challenge Bush ‘no match’ plan

DeStefano to testify about ICE raid effects

UAW blasts Ford's bonuses ($60 million to five senior executives)

UAW official helps mother visiting terminally ill son

Today in labor history April 06

Two security officers suspended for engaging in civil disobedience

A Steward’s Responsibilities: What Workers Can Expect From You

Engineers (white collar) Join IFPTE, Show How Employee Free Choice Act Would Work

Member tip for the week: Educate Yourself About Your Union

Working family cartoon for the week: Lucky Worker

Union To Verizon: Hear Us Now?

UAW strikes for fairness (Workers sacrifice while profitable American Axle gives CEO a bonus)

Local hotel workers march for union rights

Labor unions allege fraud in right-to-work petition

NFL Labor dispute on the horizon?

Records show foreign students who come to America to work still owed pay

Is Labor a Threat to America's Economic Security?

Union is right to fight against hiring of tax contractor

Oregon OSHA Revises Housing Rules for Agricultural Workers

Firm told not to touch fallen bridge platform (follow up on 3 killed)

AFL-CIO endorses 37 Democrats for May primary (Oregon for their commitments to "working families)

Let's axe the 'Ax Men' (finding a "reality show" based on your occupation)

Big 3 VEBA nothing to fear, AFL-CIO chief Gaffney says

Workers demand rights (act of civil disobedience resulting in their arrest)

Labor book for the week: Triangle: The Fire that Changed America

Harley-Davidson unions approve new labor deals

Economic Report Summary: Worst Labor Report In Years

Labor complaint over privatizing custodial work at Dover schools

Working America Is at Your Door By Richard Freeman

McCain in Memphis: Straight Talk or Double Talk?

DU & Labor Forum mentioned at Joe's Union Review

I'll know about my promotion this week

Free sig file W photo

The Mortgage Bust Goes Global

Bankruptcies: The No. 1 Growth Area For 2008

Investment bankers in search of a new business model

More corporate tax breaks added to homeowner rescue bill

More than 50 percent chance of U.S. recession: Greenspan

I'm not against straight people or anything. But why do you have these freaky parades?

We need a "FAIL" smiley

Show Jay Leno your gayest look!

What do y'all Gay DU'ers think of those crazy "Hetero Mile High Club" exhibionists?

Pregnant trans dissed on Morning Joe

Norwegian troops will be sent to Haiti

Before ’73 Coup, Chile Tried to Find the Right Software for Socialism

Uribe’s Attack on Obama

Cuba to Expand TV Content in Latest Reform

Mexico's drug traffickers are financing churches, bishop says

3 killed in Haiti amid food riots, clashes

THIS IS BIG - Correa says CIA Controls Part of Its Intelligence Agencies

Ecuador Starts Action At UN World Court Against Aerial Spraying By Colombia

Miami-Dade's Cuban-American legislators push for Cuba travel regulations (penalizing travel)

Why the hell are Haiti and Cuba threads FORCED to the Latin America forum?

why furry is a GBLT issue.

Israel and Syria Flirt Dangerously

The Mitchell Report

Hamas: If Israel doesn't release prisoners, we'll negotiate over Shalit's bones

40 Killed By Israeli Cluster Bombs In Lebanon

Joe Is One Of Us -- You won a DUzy! nt

Voting opportunity

Ok, what the hell is going on?

Bobby Knight's doing an ad for VW ... and in it, he throws a chair.

Forget the Sox and's Bruins vs Montreal!

Rooooccccckkkkkkkk Chhhhhhalllllllllkkkkk

Grats to Memphis!

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (April 6): Russian team championships in Sochi

Capitals win the South East division


When are they coming out with the Tyler Hansbrough Flops DVD

Vitale Inducted into College Basketball HOF

Some advice please!

May I have some DU love, please? :)

UFO Hunters on the History Channel

The Stars This Week: "Walk Your Talk" - April 7 - April 13, 2008

Lorena Ochoa faltering

Happy food accident!

Made tiramisu tonight.

Can I simultaneously bake game hens and scalloped potatoes?

I feel like making a recipe tonight!!

Been sort of messing around lately just birding the pasture next to me

Familiar face answers call for help resolving endoscopy center crisis


Clay May Help Fight Drug-Resistant Germs, Researchers Find

Virtual Potluck!

Buddhism fastest growing religion in West

Suicide by homeopathic sleeping pills

Film legend Charlton Heston dead at 84

9/11: Where Barack Obama and Condi Rice Sound Alarmingly Alike

National Journal on JK in PA needs comments

Lesson learned here: Don't suggest Kerry for VP at midnight on DailyKos:

Kerry on FoxNewsSunday today!

Bill Clinton advised Kerry not to defend himself aggressively against SBVT!!!

One of the many problems with Forbidding Paper Ballots...

Ramstad Town Halls Monday April 07, 2008

The Strib's article on the pitfalls of Health Savings Accounts

Do I get it right? We are going to cut health care spending

CIA and torture

Friends of Texas Public Schools

Revo Uninstaller

An example of how expensive it gets when Texas forbids paper balots

Threat note Flashing: You have a virus. Yipes!

Funny video on YouTube "She's F***ing Obama"

CA-33 Delegate Candidate: Michael Maheras

Delaware panel probes teacher’s Obama remark

Obama supporters win contest for final national convention...

Tomorrow night is the Dave Matthews concert to encourage voter registration...

Obama promises Native policy advisor

Any thoughts on HRC's 2002 opposition to the Iraq war?

Canadian soldier killed by IED in Afghanistan

Staff briefed Bernier to discuss wireless issue with Mulroney

They've got it wrong, Kosovo's totally dependent

How exactly does the education system work in the US ?

And, ladies and gentlemen, as predicted, we finally have...Baseball.

My long, personal nightmare is over

It's the Tabulators, Stupid! The theft of the 2004 Election, a short retrospective

CA-33 Delegate Candidate: Michael Maheras

Something I hate about Democrats

Clydesdales to join Brat Days parade

The time has come! County caucuses to choose delegates to Denver are tomorrow

Brown backs army cadet corps plan for schools

London Mayoral, London Assembly and Local Government elections on 1st May