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Archives: April 5, 2008

HOWARD ZINN on Jeff Farias' show now talking about war and American empire....

Government-funded website blocks searches on abortion

Who lies the most?

Google the phrase, "right-wing tool"

Google the phrase, "right-wing tool"

Nope, no hatred. Not that there aren't sufficient incentives.

Conyers slams McCain for 1983 vote against MLK Day

Brazile Tells Angry Clinton Supporters: "You Are Destroying Her Candidacy"

Rachel Maddow Is Dead To Me !!! .....

exercise your vote

White House Rips 'NYT' Column On Bush Economic Reaction

MLK Jr. and the wisdom of a child (piece from This American Life)

My first hand account of MLK & RFK

NY neighborhood unites to find cats after crane collapse

Bill Moyers Journal Tonight: Hope in the Congo

Obama on Hardball (funny)

The world would have been a far better place if Martin were still with us.

Obama, JFK and a Sense of History

If Hillary Clinton is to be the Nominee, I ask for Only One Thing....

I need that picture of McSameasBush in Memphis today


Gazans Cut The Head Off Rare Giant Sea Turtle!!

Eric Alterman: Why do conservatives continue to feel oppressed by the "liberal elite"?

HOTLINE POLL: Obama 50, Clinton 38

O’Reilly Disgusted By Transgender Couple: ‘Imagine A Poor Kid Getting Born Into That Family’

Abraham, Martin and John


Tee hee Sea turtles off the menu!

Hillary Campaign spins like crazy: Her own words on Michigan in October

Knowing More and More About Less and Less

JP Morgan Chase Out-Sourcing and Off-Shoring To India

A few words from the immortal Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Fuck this B.S. we need a forum for the "Democratic Nominee"

Jonathan Alter just called McCain "McSame" on Countdown

What's Happening And Why......

Rachel Maddow taking Keith's place tonight!

Does anyone know where this guy Russ Belleville's radio show comes from?

I Think, We Should Have One Big Assed Party About A Year And 4 Months From Now...

So red states don't count, but now Hillary will run a 50 state campaign

The Money Made at Randi Rhodes' "Whore Event" Went to Obama's coffers.

The Money Made at Randi Rhodes' "Whore Event" Went to Obama's coffers.

A tale of two Trinities

Rasmussen Maine: Obama 49 McCain 39 / Clinton 47 McCain 42

North Dakota is crazy tonight!! The Grand Forks showdown!!


Ava has a new film up at Youtube...

Is it a bad idea for Obama to use a Senator for his running mate?

Real Time w/Bill Maher tonight:

Obama, Clinton accept Messiah invitation

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Peter Werbe Subs for Mike

Key delegates turn to Obama!

Freeper's are so damn brave!

April 4th Addendum...

Is there a Point in even Posting something Outrageous Bill O'Reilly Says or Does?

One reason the official stories about the assassinations of

One reason the official stories about the assassinations of

ND: The Commerce in Causation [Autism]

Airplanes falling out of the sky left and right...

I don't get what they are trying to accomplish her in PA

Obama has cut Clinton's superdelegate lead from 106 to 30

Pentagon: New MRAPs saving troops' lives

IMPEACH! I want the Constitution back!

most republicans don't understand the housing crisis affects

More cases of females serving in Iraq being raped

Shhh! Be vewy vewy quiet

Bush, Putin and What Russian Bloggers Think ("I’m happy their eight-year terms are up")

DUers, in memory of MLK, can't we all just get along, for one weekend?

Nobel prize winner advocates activism

Randi and

Senior Democrats, in Letter to Bush, Outline Strategy to Change Course in Iraq

Bread Kills!

Obama's Speech Today - Video Link?

Obama's Speech Today - Video Link?

The best Obama video ever made

Clooney & Writers Union Part Ways; They Didn't Back Him So He Withdrew

Gazans still cut the head off a Giant Turtle!!!!

Maybe it's the Scotsman in me, but the more the establishment pushes back on Obama...

Woman Stuffs Snake Down Pants

DU a poll;

At least we know *'s angle for Iran war

Another bizarre Woo memo: Administration Asserted a Terror Exception on Search and Seizure


Who is the oil hack on WJ this morning?

who is this dumb woman on Real time right now? JEBUS is she in the 1950s

Where do they go before they come here?

After leading McCain by 8% in February, Obama now trails him by 2% in new Hotline/Diageo poll

After leading McCain by 8% in February, Obama now trails him by 2% in new Hotline/Diageo poll

40 years ago I was working in Washington, DC just two blocks from the WH

Hilarious! Bush Snubbed at NATO Summit

British Fear US Commander(Betray-us) is Beating the Drum for Iran Strikes

Security guard turfed for bringing pet parakeet to city hall

Only Three Things You Need To Fear

Only Three Things You Need To Fear

McCain leads Obama by 5% in PA. Clinton leads McCain by 6%

Inspectors Say FAA’s Coziness with Airlines Endangers Safety

The Atlantic - The Peril of Obama

$2,300-a-Person Fundraiser or Meeting with Workers? McCain Prefers Cash

Martin Luther King's Voice Carries 40 Years Later (2 pages of stories and links)

Wexler asking for questions to ask General Petraeus next week

Grandma Zel Writes Postcards for Obama

Someone tore up my bumper sticker today.

TSA deploys airport "behavior screeners".

April 4th Addendum...

Clarification with links: Randi Rhodes event was fundraiser for Green960 radio station

Who would have been the 1968 democratic nominee if RFK had lived?

Hillary to replace Erica on "Days of Our Lives"

Obama Adviser Calls for Troops To Stay in Iraq Through 2010

Robert Kagan's book "Of Paradise and Power"

John McCain Just Ran his 3AM Ad On Countdown!!!

John McCain voted against passage of a Martin Luther King holiday

A must listen! "Howard Zinn" interview live in 3 minutes!

AFSCME remembers Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

is anyone else following the FAA hearings?

is anyone else following the FAA hearings?

A top State Department official responsible for passports has resigned

"May" is one thing. SHOULD is another.

Want to listen to Randi? She on Nova Radio Right now

Want to listen to Randi? She on Nova Radio Right now

Want to listen to Randi? She on Nova Radio Right now

Crazy for Coffee!!!! If you love the java, please check in:

Breaking: May I interupt the Inter-party war to bring your attention to a major gaffe by McCain?

Home Depot eliminates store-level HR personnel; approx 2000 positions cut

Get your red hot 'toons!

Evidence Grows of Drug Use on 'Terrorist' Detainees To Weaken Resistance

What Obama Could Teach the Treasury Secretary About the Economy

Do you trust your favored candidate?

McCain: Union Members Are Right, I’m Just Like Bush

Iraqi official: Blackwater staying on 'is bad news'

State Extends Blackwater's Deal a Year

From an aging hippie: Senators Obama and Clinton: Will you stop the rain?

HuffPost: Blackwater contract renewed

what a Nigerian saw

this explains a lot of the Housing crisis crime, and Spitzers problems...Video link>>

Caption this Even BETTER Photo of w at NATO

young Ava Lowry's latest:

WHO will really END the war?

U.S. Military Charges Contractor at Iraq Post in Stabbing


Folks, $109 million is nothin'.


his lips parted and he said the oil barons really, really don't make too much profit

What would a "poverty czar" accomplish?

Where Was the Military Brass Against the Yoo Memo? The Political Leadership?

Obama Should Challenge Hillary To An Act Off

Sept. 1-4: Students for a Democratic Society Want You to Participate in Shutting Down the RNC

I need some reliable sources on Smedley Butler preventing the coup against FDR.

Annals of Improbable Research: the Colbert Bump

Change to Win (coalition of 7 unions, not only SEIU): Mark Pen Has to Go

SF cements its role as "sanctuary city"

So Bill Hasn't Received His $20M Payoff from Billionaire Playboy Ron Burkle Yet?

Schwab's largest bond fund still tumbling (holds a ton of mortgage-backed securities)

MLK - William F. Pepper & Judge Joe Brown on NPR - 4.4.2008

Bush officials mount campaign against media shield bill

Divided Democrats make GOP's campaign job easy

Bush Team Report Card (Domestic)


Union that endorsed Obama (SEIU) asks for his opponent's pollster (Mark Penn) to resign

SWAT Officers Bring Children On Raid

Do U.S. citizens still need more GOP?

Male Monkeys Prefer Boys' Toys

Tony Snow's Iraq Fantasyland

We need to be ready to nail Gen. Petraeus with perjury charges

For Those Too Young To Remember, And Especially For Those That Do...

"And that is what is so great about the Internet...

Sigh... please remain aware of this basic: McCain will continue to OVERPOLL

How Do We Stop the War in Iraq? How Do We Stop the Killing?

89 Percent of Americans See War in Iraq as Drain on U.S. Economy

A valuable lesson learned

When Will Hillary Demand Rush Be Fired For His "Halfrican"

Sure Obama is weak and has no experience

I'm Alert button free and damn proud of it.

I'm Alert button free and damn proud of it.

You know what? I really hope Obama chooses John Kerry for VP!

DU is NOT Freeperland or GOP Playground

"We are not as divided as our politics suggest." n/t

Key delegates turn to Obama

Dean Baker: Wall Street Big Boys Milk Small City School District

The Dirt Within The Clinton's Taxes. Cronies Funnel Money To Bill AND Hillary- Plus Tax Havens.


B-1 Bomber Qatar Crash? I'm getting reports it was shot down by a F-16

I saw one of the most disturbing things ever today

Obama and Memphis

Scientists downplay global warming's effect on hurricanes

Air Force One Gets Tagged

Colombia to Penn: You’re Fired

Farmer Cuts Property In Two To Give To Ex-Wife

What is Mark Penn's relationship to Blackwater (whose Iraq contract was just renewed)?

McSame just ran a "3 o'clock phone call" commercial in AZ!

Anti-Tobacco Group To Keep Funds From Governor, Lawmakers

IOC head says Beijing was "wise choice" (Reuters)

Blackwater Stays In Baghdad, and an odd thing

Fuel or folly? Ethanol and the law of unintended consequences

Why in the h*ll is there ALWAYS a video commercial to every

Obama's Key Adviser Calls for Troops to Stay in Iraq

The next time Bush looks in Putin's eyes and sees his soul, it will be as a private citizen

Attack on 4th Ammendment continues.

How your donations to Hillary and Obama go to support the war in Iraq?

Please caption this! latest wingnut website to be used as source by some in the DU

Fired Up Ready To Go!!!!!!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Should Be Canned

The War Legally Ends January 1, 2009

Anyone else tired of all the _________bots?

Drug Makers Near an Old Goal: A Legal Shield

Drug Makers Near an Old Goal: A Legal Shield

Who would get your vote?

Who would get your vote?

John McCain As Bob Dole "just hip enough to know that rock and roll exists"

I love this photo.

Late payments on consumer loans at 16-year high

Even in Alexa ratings, anti-Hillary sites tanking since last month

I am distraught.. dismayed! BEREFT!!

NC rassmussen: GOBAMA 56% hillary 33%

CNN: "If you want to stay in manufacturing, you might want to consider moving out of the country."

McCain admits error on King holiday ("I was wrong. I was wrong.")

“Rush to restrict trade in basic foods” (Financial Times)

george bush----the man without a friend

Nothing to see here

The Demon Hellary and Saint Barack Of The Grassroots Or

Bwwhahaha! " Five...and Counting"

Bwwhahaha! " Five...and Counting"

Bwwhahaha! " Five...and Counting"

So why would anyone scrimp to donate to a person who's worth tens of millions of dollars?

Settle down folks

Homeowner Shoots Suspect After 2 Break-Ins

I have a nice bottle of Moet Champagne chilling and waiting to be opened the day GDP ceases to exist

caption these photo ops

40 Years Later, Martin Luther King Is Still Silenced

How America Was Destroyed (ToM the DaNCING BUG 'TOON w/perfect ending!)

State Department calls arms dealers' disadvantaged status 'coding error'

'Greed' a speech by Cindy Sheehan 4/4/08

Tweety calls Clinton Strategist Mark Penn "Mrs. Doubtfire"

It is time for Congress to investigate the polling industry

HRC's tax returns and The Quello Fund ("offshore tax haven abuses"?)

Democratic Sen. Joe Biden Declares Troop Buildup in Iraq Is Failure, Peace Is Far Off

Tripp Jones: My fellow Clintonites, it's time for Obama

Tripp Jones: My fellow Clintonites, it's time for Obama

Republicans Are Crazy

State Department passport official steps down.

I want a do-over of Iowa.

Comcast Major Internet Outage in 7 states -- and nothing in the News??!

New SNL tonight?

Take a break from politics today...

My rethug uncle told an Obama joke last night and I shot back

Speaking of sinking.....

Mark Penn is sorry, really very, very sorry - honest. He's really, really sorry!!;

Employment discrimination?

American Views On International law

Candidate-neutral: How much have you donated to primary campaigns this season in total?

The Iraqi War Becomes ILLEGAL(Even For Bushco) On January 1, 2009 (Wapo)

Walls close in on Phelpses; Judge orders liens on church building, law office

What's your favorite political book of the past year?

Petraeus Testimony Next Week Will Signal IRAN ATTACK - by Paul Craig Roberts

Out of 118,000 DU'ers on this site...

Messiah: Clinton, Obama coming

The Most Disgusting Thing Possible

Independent Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. has endorsed Barack Obama

52 Girls Are Taken From Mormon Sect’s Ranch in Texas

Arlen Spector on Real Time last night, Obama is a phenomenon

Bullshit Alert:: Gates Says U.S. Wants Diplomacy to Solve Iran Disputes

this is worth another look and a barrage of letters and calls...

McCain from 2006: Americans wouldn't pick lettuce even for $50/hour.

Here is the context to Barack and promoting testing for HIV and general health

Iraqi official: Blackwater staying on 'is bad news'

Rachel Maddow's Hosting Countdown

BBC's week in pictures........April fools day.......

Subprime Mortgage Crisis - An Explanation in Cartoon - Pretty Funny

Corporate Whore Score ... McCain - Clinton - Obama

Corporate Whore Score ... McCain - Clinton - Obama

Snoop Dogg's too baked for politics.

Would you support your candidate if they ran as an independent?

Obama has largest lead ever in Rasmussen poll! Leads by 10!!!

Am I the only person here who doesn't give a shit about the Clintons' taxes?

Honest question. When was the LAST time Congress did ANYTHING

Iraqis Angered by Renewal of Blackwater Contract

Hillary Town Hall Live Stream - Hillsboro, Oregon 9:30 AM

The Ron Paul people here are having a 'picknick' tomorrow

Should We Amputate GDP Already? It's Getting Gangrenous...

It is 40 years after the assasination of Dr. King, it is now time to go through the door

4 years ago this month, the largest protest in American history

Wow! No wonder the Clintons want back in the White House! It really pays!

I had the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos (vegan) today (link added)

DemoRATS for Mcsame

Huffpo's Tom Edsall: What Did Bill Clinton Do to Get $15 Million from Ron Burkle?

Sunday TV news shows

6-Year-Old Accused Of Sexually Harassing Adult - said teacher was a hottie w/nice butt

has any other president been responsible for TWO recessions?

Bill Richardson for Veep thread.

Hillary in ND: 'I have absolutely nothing against rich people.'

I'm going door to door for Clinton today. What should I do if I run into Jehovah's Witnesses?

Glenn Greenwald: The US Establishment Media in a Nutshell

Babies for Obama

Again? NYT reporting Clinton may have been telling false tale of Ohio woman and her health insurance

For sale: I AM A MAN (MLK) T shirts (with photo on front & more)

Clintons charitable contributions went to all Clinton controlled foundations?

So you're going to sit this one out, huh?

Over/under that Jowls 'n Flopsweat (aka Mark Penn) is gone by monday?

STREAMING LIVE NOW: 12 Noon est--Obama live in Missoula, Montana on

Colombians fire Penn?

Countrywide Bank downgraded to "D" - as in DEFAULT

I think there is only One thing the Clinton's give out more than Money.

HRC Chief strategist Mark Penn was once fired by Al Gore!

On endorsements and superdelegates: a personal story

People that cast ballots in primaries and caucus were not voters but more like shareholders in the

Clinton supporters: please explain how things are now going so well for your candidate.

Why is Bill getting paid so much for delivering speeches?

Seriously? Hillary gets a pass for her performance in Memphis?

Sen. Bob Casey! National Journal On Air. Transcript.

Gallup: still Obama 49, Clinton 44

He should have been the story but, of course, Barack Obama went bowling.

Campaign Finance Question -- Can HRC repay her $5mm loan with GE funds?

lolol I was watching the news and John McCain giving his speech came up...

Here's your chance to convince 1 Superdelegate who wants to hear from you.

Lawsuit Over Disabled Students Taking State Exit Exam to End

Obama supporter: Frankly the Clintons have deserved to make some dough...

MSNBC the new FOX

Firm gets $27M Army contract = 920 battlefield-ready ambulances this year

The Medical Industrial Complex HATES Hillary Clinton, & Medical Records are Secret

Kittens for Hillary.

let's put GD-P in a 'Blind' you can go to, but it doesnt show up on the main page

When was the last time...

Strong opinion by Charlie Rangel on Rev. Wright

Do you think that in the coming years of this economic fallout

Bob Barr running for President?

Bush Wants $200 billion More for Iraq

Rachel Maddow has done a great job tonight on Countdown.

Of Course It Hurts, You're Getting Screwed by an Elephant and other bumper stickers

This is the first time we've seen exactly what winning the Presidency is worth in income.

For film buffs

For film buffs

Corporate interests likely pushed Edwards out. Could corp. interests be pushing Clinton to stay on?

Both Hillary and Barack at a state party dinner in Butte tonight!! Woo Hoo!!

9/11: Where Barack Obama and Condi Rice Sound Alarmingly Alike

A gay liberal female is hosting a major cable news program...think about that for a second.

A gay liberal female is hosting a major cable news program...think about that for a second.

How About a Tally on the "DU'er's" who've had the most other DU'er's put an alert on them?

A legal shield for drug makers?

Army Leaders Concerned About Troop Mental Health

Hillary on CNN just now -

Dave Mathews is having a benefit concert for Obama tomorrow at IU

wow, almost all my clothes were made in China...

Fighting vs working together

'The Republican War On Voting' (Brad Blog)

# 6 OBAMA, Why does she still have a principal financial role in your campaign?

# 6 OBAMA, Why does she still have a principal financial role in your campaign?

Caption Chimpy and Pooty

Right to Privacy

Name This Book - a contest

The Already Big Thing on the Internet: Spying on Users

Candidates Remember King, Clinton Chokes Up

I'm a fighter! I'll fight for you! Help-the boys are ganging up on me!

More U.S. Troops to Be Sent to Afghanistan - To look for Osama in his magical mountain fortress?

Condi's Big Disappointment


Once this race is over, I'll remember Hillary Clinton as

Does Anyone Have the ACTUAL TEXT of "Why America May Go To Hell"?

What happens if Senator Clinton loses PA?

"Eat the Apple, F the Corp, I Don't Work for You No More"

"Eat the Apple, F the Corp, I Don't Work for You No More"

When will Hillary Clinton demand that my next door neighbor return my pruning sheers???

Democratic National Convention 101

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 4,013

"How America was Destroyed": A Tom the Dancing Bug TOON

Masturbation Race

Petraeus Testimony Next Week Will Signal Iran Attack - by Paul Craig Roberts

Hillary:“... took my book bag and hurled it across the room."

Are the Corpmedia Giving Hillary the Gore Treatment?

Clinton did not lie about the Hospital in Athens, OH

Rupert Murdoch - "CNN is extremely Liberal"

Colombia Fires Mark Penn.

The first serious candidate personally unaffected by the military or the draft?

The first serious candidate personally unaffected by the military or the draft?

If Hillary were leading Obama by about 150 delegates, would...

When will Hillary be listed as an actress at IMDB?

"Hey Joe, sorry about your buddy getting killed yesterday in that fire fight, but good news,

"My fellow Clintonites, it's now time to support Obama" - Tripp Jones in Boston Globe

Even though I support Obama, it's exciting to see there's a Hillary rally in my town today.

A letter to Clintonites

Rantings of a rabid yellow dog.

While we debate Bookbag Gate, Blackwater just got a renewed contract.

Clinton comedic gold -- what's your favorite running joke so far?

Should Obama remove the bowling alley at the White House

Great Mikhaela cartoon about the Obama and Clinton.

Hey, Obama supporters - looking for the "right" bumper sticker?

I just want to point out: Reagan turned MA and NY red

Did Obama make a mistake when he refused Hillary Clinton's attempt to join forces?

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/5/08 - Obama up 3 (51), Clinton down 1 (41)

Study: Lawmakers heavily invested in defense companies

You may not criticize Wright until you objectively respond to this interview. Michael Eric Dyson...

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Saturday April 05-2008

This article is a must-read: USA Today interview with Michael Eric Dyson on MLK, Obama

John "Botox" McCain - Does Anyone Have Any Before and After Photos?

What would happen if you put every ____ supporter on ignore?

Living for Change: Obama and MLK

Why are internal polls considered more accurate than independent polls?

The Book-Bag: WTF?

The Root Problem with Hillary: She does not care if voters base their decisions on the Truth

Did any of anti-Hillary posters apologize for jumping to the conclusion that she

I don't know what Dean said to them but whatever it was

HRC's Feb bill paying and contributions broken down on a day to day list

The politics of parsing

busymom is what's wrong with america

Fred Phelps Clan gets Rick Roll'd

'There are no candidates for President,'

Time out!!! No matter whom you support this is a worthy read.

Del. Democrats pick delegates

When did 'hope' become a four letter word?

If Countrywide goes belly up...I think I should not have to pay my mortgage

Geraldo endorses Obama?

ALREADY censored cached article from Pakistan Post discusses Foggo and other admin's misdeeds

John McCain favors amnesty for illegal immigrants

You might be an Hillbot if...

I knew Hillary when she was in college.... She was into public S&M

I have decided not to vote in November....

I have decided not to vote in November....

3rd Chimp Escapes - Photo Included

On the Clinton definition of 1%

CREDO: Stop the "Nuclear Weapons Forever" Program

BILL MOYERS: Concern in Afghanistan, ... Congo..., Bread for the World

Here's a reminder about Hillary (She will Doom the Democrats)

For Those Too Young To Remember, And Especially For Those That Do...

Hillary Clinton tells Oregon supporters she won't quit

New North Carolina Poll: Obama opens 23-point lead in state

Heard on NPR: "He worked on his next sermon, titled 'Why America May Go to Hell.'"

You can't really believe that Hill's statements about going after pledged delegates help her

Hi. I was Hillary's roommate in college. I remember one day, second semester, she had been gone

Hi. I was Hillary's roommate in college. I remember one day, second semester, she had been gone

Revisiting The Obama Delegate Spreadsheet

Once again your november decision please

Here's the thing: Senator Clinton could be the incarnation of Mother

ABC News hit piece on Obama and Clinton...

What's at stake.

The US Establishment Media in a Nutshell (what Obama's up against)

Senator Obama follows in Governor Clinton's footsteps...hmmmmm

I am Afraid.

TX Judge Lets Men Challenge Paternity - TX Attorney General Is Pissed

Columbia Mining Interests, Free Trade & the Clintons:

My Only Thread Of The Day- I Intend To Support The Nominee

Why would so many Hillary voters settle for a president who could only win ..

The Newbie survival guide for GD:P (animated)

Ways Hillary is like 50 cent

Randi on

I wish we could have two forums for the Primaries.

Barack's political future if he doesn't win the GE?

"We WILL HAVE the resources that we need to compete," said Wolfson.

Are any of you perfect?

When is the last time 81% of Americans agreed on anything?

Here's a primary lesson for everyone:



Hillary Clinton Says She Once Tried to Be Marine

Uh oh -- Colombia has fired Mark Penn

Anybody else hit with this Comcast outage?

"My husband, much to my surprise, has made a lot of money"...

Almost makes me want to give up...

Florida's primary had the 7th highest turnout of the 40+ states that have voted thus far

5 million dollar Lein put on Fred Phelp's Church and LawOffice,

Ok What's he hiding?

A Salute To Our Next President!

If your candidate was a corporation/company.....

If your candidate was a corporation/company.....

On GWB's first inaugural day, a Euro was worth $.93US. Today, that Euro is $1.57US.

52 girls removed from Texas compound - built by polygamist leader Warren Jeffs

Hillary I have some questions for you about this Hospital story

Just thought I'd point out, Al Gore made more money than the Clintons

Isn't $109 million obscene?

Clinton Charitable Giving is to Clinton Charity

Book bags 40 years ago

"Senator Clinton has denounced the denouncement of the denouncing of her retraction"

For my thousandth post: Why Mark Penn?

Bill Clinton meltdown stuns California super delegates

Another tall tale

Ohio Hospital Contests a Story Clinton Tells


Senator Clinton needs to learn more about the labor movement

"Barack Obama represents a perspective..."

So is it begining to dawn on people that neither candidate will get us out of the war?

Colombia fires Penn - "lack of respect to Colombians, and finds this response unacceptable."

Merged Union "UNITE NOW!" calls for Penn to go.

Haitian Man-Tits, The White Plastic Chair, and Now Bookbaggate!

Steve Novick (potential OR-Sen): Why I’ll Be Voting for Barack Obama...(fair analysis)

Husbands create 7 hours of extra housework a week (I bet they do it on purpose to!)

I have to retract my position on the Randi Rhodes thing that I made yesterday.

I have to retract my position on the Randi Rhodes thing that I made yesterday.

If you didn't carry bookbags, what happened to your books

Ex-Puerto Rico governor on why Hillary will LOSE PR.


Ex-Puerto Rico governor on why Hillary will LOSE PR.

Clinton Asks Obama's Pledged Delegates to Switch

A question for Oregonians on the mail-in ballot:

Hillary's Acting Coach Should be FIRED!

Another Hillary lie?

Who "would" you (as a SD) support if HRC wins the Popular Vote but BHO wins the Delegate Count?

Proud member of the "Michael Moore Left" here.

Hillary (Act IV): “I walked into my dorm room and took my book bag and hurled it across the room."

Regarding the Clinton Family Foundation - Hmmmm

Remember "SNUBGATE"? Why didn't that "bother" those who are now poo-pooing BOOKBAG GATE?

NBC: Secretive DC prayer group has worldwide reach

When I found out that Molly Ivins had died, I trashed my apartment.


We're in the Death Spiral. Banned all Democrats Today.

If we used a winner-take-all instead of a proportional system Hillary would be ahead

Another Clinton Claim Disputed

CNN Showing the Hillary "Hospital" Speech Clip RIGHT NOW

Native Americans walking across the US right now

Biden: "I love the idea of having McCain explain why [the surge] is working so well."

Clinton asks ND pledged delegates to switch.

I am about to upset a lot of Hillary supporters!

I hate John McCain more today than ever

Democrats, here are your marching orders.

I just gave my two year old grandson $250.

I just gave my two year old grandson $250.

Rezko trial is heating up, Obama pal becoming a target

I can't breath, I'm so upset ... (for lack of a better word)

Hillary Clinton speaks to huge North Dakota crowd, in Oregon vows not to quit.

Bill Clinton: 'North Carolina Now Crucial' for presidential bid

Global climate change rocks, and it's happening to all of us!

Clinton Ramps Up Call to Count Fla, Mich. ....this angers me.

PHOTOS: Barack Obama in North Dakota, Montana--turning the red states blue!

You might be an Obamabot if....

One woman's point of view

One woman's point of view

Hillary Clinton's greatest enemy is herself

I have decided TO vote in Novmeber..for the Democratic nominee

National RCP Average - Obama +6

Obama Campaign: McCain Not a 'Warmonger'

Does Clinton lie because she knows her base isn't Internet savvy?

Barack Obama Writing a New Chapter of American History in North Dakota

Do you believe the U.S. dollar...

10 Things you should know about John McCain (but probably don't)

At some point we need to get back to attacking the GOP before we end up in another Stone Age

What a bunch of fucking cry babies (graphic pics)

TYT: Crooks & Liars Egregious Clip Of The Week And Thank God For Rachel Maddow

Clinton/Obama race : A proxy fight between the DLC wing and the progressive wing of the Dem. party

Has Obama asked pledged delegates to switch?

The Countering of U.S. Imperialism – A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Fascinating New Obama Anecdote-Use It!

Something positive about Hillary Clinton

Boy does this place read like an Art Bell Conspiracy Convention...

The irrationality of Clinton Derangement Syndrome: an objective look at Clinton-Gore policies.

Clinton didn't lie. (about the pregnant woman story)

"It's clear, this election they're having is not going to count for anything,"

Voter Doubts About Her Honesty Costing Clinton

Army to Shorten Afghanistan Tours

Hillary, Lose Penn or Lose Penn.

Guess who just Got a donation

Obama has opened a 23% lead in North Carolina - New Rasmussen Poll

Obama supporters, I am BEGGING you, STOP THE HATRED

If Hillary is somehow nominated, I'm not a Democrat anymore.

BREAKING: DU "STRONGLY" LINKED TO RADICAL RIGHT. Provocateurs Bashing Dem Candidates.

Today, as I do my income taxes, I think upon on the changes Bill Clinton made.

Ed Schultz calls McCain a WARMONGER. McCain wants the comment condemned

After a lot of soul searching, I've decided to switch my support to Obama

Bill Clinton Earned $15.4 Million From Ron Burkle Firm, $800,000 From Data Mining Co.

The complete Rhandi Rhodes Comedy Video about Political Whores and such

Come November, who here will hold their nose and vote for

Come November, who here will hold their nose and vote for

****** BREAKING: BOOK BAG GATE *********

Come and get your pro-McCain/Anti-Obama talking points...

Oops... another MAJOR Clinton campaign story turns out to be...a .... lie!!!

$109 Million And She Can't Pay Her Campaign's Health Insurance Bills?

On Blaming the Victim

In Reply to Larry Johnson of NoQuarter, Re: Randi Rhodes

Debbie Wasserman Schultz reinvents the party rules for choosing a nominee

The average percent of income given to charity by high income families is 3.1%

isn't this really great stuff ?

"the only thing worse than the substance of the ad is the opening sequence" (Humor about McCain ad)

There Is Never a Good Reason to Hate Another Democrat: A Response to Another Thread

Everyone, stop picking on HILLARY!! You're hurting her FEELINGS!!!

Everyone, stop picking on HILLARY!! You're hurting her FEELINGS!!!

Tim Russert Show: Christopher Hitchens & Andrew Sullivan

Seattle Post-Intellegencer: Clintons -- a last stand that lacks class

Puppies for Obama

Who Is Who?

If Super Delegates decide the nominee

Hillary Clinton Delighting Democrats from North Dakota to Oregon

Hillary fired for lies, unethical behavior from Congressional job: former boss

Hillarys Problem: She thinks we're still as dumb as we were in 1992.

Hillarys Problem: She thinks we're still as dumb as we were in 1992.

Why do you suppose Obama is gracious toward Clinton?

Obama's National Support Softens . . Peak Has Passed

Clintons' tax returns: $94K to clean a home office and a motive for extending Bush's tax cuts?

Barack Obama: Babies Believe in Him!

10 things you should know about John McCain :

Could two people be the same poser?

Hey are off the hook ....

Does anyone else like Immanuel Kant?

Market Tumbles on News That Bush Is Still President

I'm really pissed at my son's college

Badger Badger Badger Badger

anyone else like Willian Katt??

Glenn Greenwald NAILS IT again!!!

did JeffR post a duzy later thread??

Arrrghh..I just wanted to kick his ass!!!

Wild horse stranded on a cliff near Powhatan Point

Some guy kept screaming that he was going to kick my ass as I gassed up my Hummer today.

Trekkies: Nurse Chappel before she went to nursing school...

The cat that says "Nie"!

Obama made a homophobic joke?

It Has Been A While.. And So It's Time For

I'm exhausted... should I eat first or drink first?

To any of you who still have me in the doghouse....

Another Obama delegate reclaimed - this time in Washington DC

Copycat of madokie's GD thread: Abraham, Martin and John

Tonight's Lullaby

Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn.....texas

I have a $20 iTunes gift card.

A question about lingerie

Either that pain pill I took has me completely wacked, or

zOMG did they get friggen married????

God help me, I'm hungry enough that I could eat one of these...

Update on my outage

"Mind if I smoke while you eat?"

I like doing something new for my job. 1450 ° F worked for annealing BeCu.

Name a show that jumped the shark halfway through its run, yet remained watchable

I am descended from the Blowasses of Temperanceville

Nice to see normalcy returning. GD (regular) has gone batshit again.

Just saw "10,000 B.C"

I going to hang out with my brother so he can audition for "Deal or No Deal"

DUs new theme song...

A Yuppie Heads 'Back to the Land'

I watched the show "Numb3rs" tonight, and something they said annoyed me. They

Mythbuster: DLC members apparently prefer Obama, contary to netroots article of faith

Is there any way to convert a FAT32 file to NTFS?

Mind if I flex my ripped, bronzed, manly triceps while you eat?

It's gonna be 64 degrees tomorrow!! I promised the cats

Okay...This is just WRONG. 9 different ways. But I laughed anyway.

Is she really 44?

Rick Roll the Mets!

Be honest. Do I sometimes post things that make NO SENSE

So, what can a person do if they have airline tix for summer, and the airline stops operating?

Is this smiley drunk?

And now I will post a third thread with the words "baseball" and "exciting" in the subject line.

Does the top left photo look like there is a picture of Jesus in it?

OK....What do you do?

Play a song with an alternate meaning

Hey! I thought I was from the only "El DoRAYdo!"

My daughter was white-hot up in my grill.

Did you know that the classic 'Take Five' by Dave Brubeck is in 5/4 time?

Is she really 95?

That damn race thread just won't go away.

I have 7 minutes!

The Final enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (04/05/08)

I have an earworm.. had to get up to share it

Will graywarrior make it home?

Hello, My Name Is Southpawkicker...

What You Can Do To Stop Puppy Mills. from the Oprah show.

You've got a perm

Is there a more exciting play in baseball than a well executed suicide squeeze bunt?

My fellow DUers, I shall return one hour hence. Battlestar Galactica is on!

Return of the Living Dead on IFC!

Anyone know a word for a person who is overly 'nice'?

another one bites the dust!


LIVE NUDE TROLL in GD! Get it while it's hot, folks:

Are there any Rod Serling experts here in the loung tonight?

Woman Stuffs Snake Down Pants

BSG season opener review (obviously, spoilers inside)

For my last lounge post, i'd like to bitch at the fact more loungers aren't up and posting at night!

I'm sick for the first time in 10+ years

Lets do it!.. "With a doodle and cock!"

The Who will probably still be recording and touring after Pete and Roger have died.

It's Friday's your cat (s)?

Baltar aquitted! Wow! Some great flicks here.

SKYBUS calls it quits

Grover Cleveland

What is your favorite euphemism?

What's your favorite DU smilie?

Grr!!!! Snow again???? I must have set my calendar wrong.

Question I must ask - any Europeans around?

What would KISS do?

Just visited GD:P for the first time!

I'm making American Chop Suey!

Is she really going out with him?

Get 'em while he's hot....

Is she really 45?

Abbott denies pushing Costello to contest 5/5/08

I watched this great movie last night..." 8 Women" they nursed it; and they rehersed it....

Tooth Fairy inflation?

New Tatu Pics: Just got it a couple hours ago!

Question for African American DUers on the use of an idiom...

Sexual peak/aging/biology poll (not a sex thread, but a biology one)

Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes

hello . . .

My future mom-in-law sends me some odd shit

I need a fix cause I'm goin' down.

Argh!: My Cat Pooed in the Dryer

Listen to the Earliest Known Recording! (NPR)

The Twins will go 159-3!

I'm going across the street to get some Rolling Rock...

Condoms irk Chuck Norris

Check this out. What I heard today at WA State convention.

Newsweek: Of the 20 million Clinton raised in March, only 7 million likely eligible for Primary

You think you have problems?

I'm going across the street to get Rick Rolled...

The Economics Department got no love at Welcome Day!!

I think the internets might be broken. (Can't get mail or certain websites.)

So I pooed in this guy's dryer

Damn, I feel sorry for my across the street neighbors...


Battlestar Galactica, ep1 season 4 (SPOILERS)

Say something thoughful, mushy and profound about 1 DUer who's impacted you in the last month

Something just occured to me. I have a massive inferiority complex.

Nice tata

Say something about 1 DUer who's impeached you

I'm going into GD:P for a few minutes....if I don't come out....

I am so hungry, but am waiting to go to the Seafood Buffet

Skybus Airlines Ceases Operations

Deciding whether to leave the past in the past...

Five Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

Fucking A! Fuck Fuck Fuck!

I am so hungry, but am waiting to go to the Jimmy Buffett

Name an episode title to Star Trek: The Next Generation that would sound dirty to a non-fan

Broad Kills!

Some one just posted in a thread the word "dolt" as a compliment!

Good site for apartment rentals?

So I woke up at 5 a.m., in line at 6 a.m. for a $50 gift card giveaway at IKEA.

Need a smart-ass remark for a laundry mix-up.

Gates: Windows 7 may come 'in the next year'

Arf.... Arf..... Arf.... ARF.... ARF.... .ARF..ARF..ARF.ARF!!!!!!!

OMG, TCM is playing Bette Davis movies all day.


How do I convert pictures on my computer that can be viewed on my cell phone?

Possibly an item for people with too much money?

Clinton Charitable Contributions Went To Clinton Foundation

shift work a big ole pile of shift work

GD-P Pissing Contests

Computer Taught To Recognize Attractiveness In Women

Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn.....taxes

Favorite Airline that is no more?

What should be done to a person who calls Jello Biafra an emo?

ULTIMATE New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Band

Final Four starting..How's your bracket?

Did this really happen?

Did this really happen?

I have three bumperstickers who need a home...

At what age did you know your political orientation?



Two types of Nature shows...


What the hell is wrong with people these days- why are they such assholes? RANT

Predict the future and get paid.

My Doritos bag has a "PEABODY AWARD WINNING!" sticker on it...

Obama supporters, need another sticker? Of course you do...

When umbrellas are outlawed, only outlaws...

Are these the Nazis, Walter?

Watch a video of my morning bath.

Breaking News: Detroit Area Meals on Wheels Buys Controlling Interest in GM and Ford

Songs that make you want to smack yourself for liking them.

Men Create More Housework for Women

Kids from the sixties

Some people just plain rock!

Name This Book - a contest

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/5/2008)

Girl Scout cookie sales soggy in sliding economy

Is this a dead pigeon? *picture*

Bread Kills!

What can anyone tell me about North Carolina?

6 1/2 months... 58.8 lbs. GONE!

I had the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos (vegan) today (link added)

The Cubs will go 3-159!

Look at this business name: Shouldn't it be screamingly obvious?

First Light from the Large Binocular Telescope!

***DUzy Awards for week ending April 4, 2008.***

Any fans of the Cramps here?

I feel so bad. Poor Kitteh.

If you have to rent, would you rent a Single Family house or a townhouse?

Crazy for Coffee!!!! If you love the java, please check in:

Inquiring Minds Need to Know Department


PSA - Don't let a plumber rip you off. (with pics)

New Tata Pic: Just got it a couple hours ago!

I ran the Chesebro Half Marathon!


is it tacky to suggest "stick the lemon rind up it's butt" when giving

Someone posted a thread with "baseball" and "exciting" in the subject line!

Cashing in assetts -- need advice.

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Oh Heidi~ where are you?!?!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/5/08

Buying a small LCD TV

Who's lying now? Joe Cannon begins a series of articles about Obama's lies.

*** HOLY SHIT! I found these pictures from my childhood! Very cool! ***

Who knew a new cat bed would cause such excitement?

Oh fuck, how much does it cost to get plumbing replaced?

My inlaws stumbled upon an abandoned puppy in Petsmart yesterday.

It may be acceptable for RW Republicans, but when did Democrats come to consider

Thoughts On Battlestar Galactica

What is the internet for?

What is everyone up to today?

Back from MD Anderson

A song for parents of teenage is AWESOME>>check it out

Does Anyone Know Where I can find a HUGE yellow ribbon for the HUGE tree in my front yard?

To Randi Rhodes

Oh my, this is too "Fargo" - you gotta read this!

ever been banned from du?

BSG is gonna kill me (no spoilers, please)

hubby is drunk again...grrrrrrrrrrrr

Where can I find 100% cranberry juice?

Do you agree with this rant? (Can men and women be friends)

Photo Thread: Last picture you took.

New Tattoo Pics: Just got it a couple hours ago!

School bans three-year-old over haircut?

Name a movie that you can NEVER get tired of watching again and again

$2000 tranmission rebuild, because repair shop used the wrong filter when the maintenance was done

IRAQGATE: A DU historical discussion about the US covert arming of Iraq

Know Your DLC: Current DLC Leadership Team and other Democratic Leadership Council links.

Roofing Company Superintendent Faces OSHA Obstruction Charges (RARE)

AP: Govt. Plans to Cut Army War Tours

Male Monkeys Prefer Boys' Toys

U.S. military charges civilian contractor in Iraq

Key delegates turn to Obama

HTA OKs $5M to charter planes for stranded travelers (Hawai'i)

Huge job losses set off recession alarms

Clintons made nearly $109M since 2000

ACLU tapping top legal talent to defend accused 9-11 conspirators

Clintons Made $109 Million in Last 8 Years

US-Colombia Deal Fosters Drug Trade

British (Officials) fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes

Regional Elections Suspended in Nicaragua

U.S. military charges civilian contractor in Iraq

Police looking into bingo players’ dispute

NY duck gets "order of protection" after attack

Culture not Capital, Cuban Minister

Iraqi priest killed in drive-by shooting in central Baghdad, police say

Couple jailed for kidnap in Argentina's dirty war

Mark Penn Fired - By Government of Colombia

Federal Reserve staff move into offices of investment banks to monitor activities

Army Worried by Rising Stress of Return Tours to Iraq

3 killed in Haiti amid food riots, clashes

Colombia cuts ties with Clinton strategist

Skybus shuts down, cancels all flights

(FL) Foreclosures Are Forcing Renters Out

Alabama senator E.B. McClain (Democrat), the Rev. Sam Pettagrue charged in theft

Crop switch worsens global food price crisis

Army Worried by Rising Stress of Return Tours to Iraq

British fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes

Bill Clinton: N.C. now crucial

3 convicted of switching child's identity in landmark Argentine 'dirty war' trial

Health Site Blocked 'Abortion' Searches

Lingle, Schwarzenegger oppose cruise-ship rule change

Huge Job Losses Set Off Recession Alarms

Cuba hit with $253 mln verdict in Miami court

Ohio Hospital Contests a Story Clinton Tells

Obama Adviser Calls for Troops To Stay in Iraq Through 2010

Obama Campaign: McCain Not a 'Warmonger'

Sen. Biden: Troop buildup is failure (radio address)

Iraqi official: Blackwater staying on 'is bad news'

Army faces new torture claims over arrest of Shia leader (Britain)

Microsoft Threatens to Replace Yahoo Board, Cut Bid

Ecuador says CIA controls part of its intelligence

Countdown w/ Rachel Maddow: Bush Refuses to Release NIE - 4/4

Bobby Kennedy announcing the death of Martin Luther King, Jr., in Indianapolis

Love Song for Hillary Clinton

Neil Young: "Looking For A Leader"

No Justice at the Justice Department

Republicans, Dixiecrats, Newt, Trent, Strom & MLK

David Axelrod interview on The Charlie Rose Show

Countdown w/ Rachel Maddow: Bushed! - Dipsh*t Rep. McHenry 4/4

BBC: Final Day of NATO Summit - Watch Bush Get Snubbed

IVAW member Casey Porter speaks out about STOP LOSS policy

Red State Update: Hillary's Phone Ad

We are one people

The mis-education of Michelle Obama

New Rules - 4/4/08

4/04/2008 | Bill Maher | Part One

TYT: Rachel Maddow Introduces Scarborough To The Facts & Cenk Loves It


The Devolution of America

The Yes Men Democracy Now

CIA Mind Control National Geographic

Obama spoke at the North Dakota State Democratic Convention on April 4, 2008

TYT: Clinton Cashed In, But Who Would Pay Bush To Speak?

"Hillary Chokes Up Recalling MLK"

The Headzup/ GoLeft TV "Week In Cartoons"

Hillary's sniper fire? Barack can top that!

Clinton Tells Make-Believe Health Care Horror Story (4/4/08)

What the Classroom Didn't Teach Me About the American Empire-Howard Zinn

Is Obama ready to be CEO?

U.S. adventurism soils image of democracy

George Carlin on America, Blessing and False Pride

US Senate leaders agree on pro-industry housing bill

Mark Penn and the Stealth Corporate Campaign

American Grand Delusions

Audio Interview with Gregg Mitchell author of So Wrong For So Long

Dems Flunking Trade 101

Larry Beinhart: Report From Iran: Should We Really Bomb These People?

Obama and Hillary Spin a 'Big Lie' About Iraq

The US Establishment Media in a Nutshell

Missoula, MT: Mayor Endorses Obama

The Most Un-Surprising Item on Hillary’s Tax Return

"Progressives" Showing Their Regressive Colors on the Topic of Randi

Uribe’s Attack on Obama

Hillary Clinton Tells False Health Care Horror Story, Exposed in NYT

Matt Taibbi: Hillary's Flimsy Case for the Nomination

Bill Clinton Cites Founding Fathers in Battle Against Barack

Tripp Jones: My fellow Clintonites, it's time for Obama

Dr. King, Forgotten Radical

Some Superdelegates more Super than the rest

Venezuela To Nationalize Cement Industry in Order to Boost Construction

Hitting bottom is where all the bounce is!

Why John Edwards Cannot Endorse Hillary Clinton (In His Own Words)

IVAW seizes National Archives Building

The Staging Game - a soldier in Kuwait tells the truth

I’m Not Ready to Make Nice - Sea Shepherd response to Canadian Government

Van Jones: Forty Years Gone: MLK's Dream Today Would Be Colored 'Green'

CBC: Problems at French nuclear construction site for company seeking Ontario contract

UN chief calls for review of biofuels policy - Guardian

Source: Army war tours to be shortened

Senators: No progress to report on Iraq

U.S. commits to adding troops to Afghanistan

Soldier alleges threats over religion lawsuit

Idaho lawmakers appeal for soldier’s clemency

Lawmaker apologizes for comment on Iraq guard

MRAPs working so far, generals tell Congress

Blackwater’s security license to be renewed

More lawmakers float plans for better GI Bill

Chavez could take loan to buy Russian subs

Another noose found; CG investigates

Navy seeks federal help on Bethesda projects

Navy releases report on sonar impact

Family fears worst for another missing Marine

Local officials ID airman killed in Baghdad

Westboro members must post cash bond during appeal

Russia's borders now open for Afghanistan-bound supplies

Official: Air Force drug testing seems to deter use

Marines expand Okinawa patrols

Teens could be charged in two Okinawa taxi robberies

Oakhurst (Dairy) to add solar energy panels (Maine)

Landstuhl soldiers awarded new Air Force Space Badge

Afghan president says his army is ready to step up

Predator UAV crashes at Balad Air Base

Darton Nurse Deploys to Iraq at 53

Wynne blocks promotion of Khobar Towers CO

B-2 ‘pause’ may last to mid-April

B-1B catches fire at al-Udeid, crew safe

Mini Warship on the Way for Navy

1,000 people are expected to attend the Dan Rather-moderated "Symposium on Nuclear Nonproliferation"

Energy Dept. Sets Aside More Oil (Strategic Petroleum Reserve)

Westinghouse in talks on 4 nuclear reactors (here we go again)

AlterNet: A Yuppie Heads 'Back to the Land'

State of Rhode Island Seeks Bids for Off-Shore Wind Farm Development

Why Michael Pollan and Alice Waters should quit celebrating food-price hikes

Who owns your tomato?

Life without transport by oil is closer than we think

Ethanol gets bum rap, expert says

Did I say that sucked?


Security Guards Begin Strike At Kaiser Facilities

House Labor Committee to Vote on Bill to Help Prevent Deadly Industrial Explosions

At the UN, Complaints Against New Labor Chief Unanswered, Moonlighting Sportsman

Day-labor numbers dropping in Orange County

OSHA: Company working near Oconomowoc blast has history of safety violations

Crane Inspector Tied To Deadly Crash Resigns (+ video)

NYT: Democrats Call for New Aid Package as 80,000 Jobs Are Cut

The March For Good Jobs

Cool labor site for the week: designed to expose the most brutal forms of trade union repression

Today in labor history April 05

Labor quote for the week of March 31, 2008

Every U.S.-based union with a website listed here-find yours

Penn Lobbying Undermines Clinton's Trade Stance

McCain: Union Members Are Right, I’m Just Like Bush

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. (sanitation strike and more videos at AFL-CIO)

KB investors reject union plan for exec pay paying out millions to its CEO last year

Help-Wanted Ad Translator

Marchers Observe 1986 Sanitation Workers Strike

Unions to return to America's Center End Lockout

Workers strike at Peru's Doe Run smelter facility

European unions protest over pay

UPDATE: Kongsberg Auto 300 locked out, scabs bussed in

UAW locals threaten strikes at five GM plants

Within Powerful (SEIU) Union, Debate Over Mission Intensifies

Crandall Canyon disaster: Not a word from Labor secretary

Welders' job status examined in Kansas (Filipinos replaced about 40 Americans $10 an hour less)

Construction Worker Deaths on the Strip: In fatalities, union to meet with OSHA

Siemens Appeals OSHA Decision ( 1 dead 1 injured)

Feds assess large safety fine

Three (construction workers) Presumed Dead After 100-foot Fall Into Arkansas River

State (PA) Lacks Crane Safety Regulations

Man loses appendage Tuesday at A.L. company

Chinese exporters shun flagging dollar

Skybus becomes third airline this week to close (CNN)

Dr. Greenspan's Amazing Invisible Thesis

Why the Fed's rate cut doesn't doesn't help you...

More Mad Max Dot Connecting

Elaine Chao's "black box" numbers...

What's Happening And Why.....

Apparently Obama has only given ONE interview to the LGBT press...

What do y'all gay DU'ers think of those crazy "gay pride" parades?

Washington Post’s gay problem

Gay students more likely to consider suicide: study

Here's something Obama can do for GLBT people this year....

The Gay Moralist: The sins of Sodom

Have any of you read McGreevey's book?

Obama Attends NYC Gay Fundraiser

Was interested in learning more about Brazilian Oil....

3 convicted of switching child's identity in landmark Argentine 'dirty war' trial

Paraguayan opposition candidate ahead in polls

India's oil major ONGC to invest 450 million dollars in Venezuela

Globovision: Source of Intelligence Information for the United States

Cuban-American kids win record verdict against Cuba. ($253 million)

FIDEL- can the methods used to run a grocery store create the consciousness required to . . .

Senegal in Bid to Free Colombia Hostages


Colombia Paid $2.7 Million to Informant in FARC Killing

Culture not Capital, Cuban Minister

Israel's Tehran connection

Egypt hunts men suspected of plotting terror attack in Sinai

Egypt hunts men suspected of plotting terror attack in Sinai

The Economist: Israeli economy is stable but has shaky foundations

Al Aqsa militants break out of West Bank prison

Palestinian rocket accidentally kills local farmer in Gaza

Iran cleric says Israel behind anti-Islam Dutch film

'Barak is wrong, Olmert is right'

Biden: "I love the idea of having McCain explain why [the surge] is working so well."

more credit to Biden and others for truth on situation in Iraq:

Another Joe thread!

God Bless you, Joe!

Biden radio address in LBN forum:

Roll call - who is still here?

Carlyle Group's plan to takeover the banking system

An Omen? Hawk attacks girl with a familiar-sounding name at Fenway

That's it


Norovirus sickens 65 at medical meeting

Cheap Flash for you Nikon owners out there

Off-Label Drug Use Needs Strong Oversight

The last snow games and the bouviers

Here is a picture of the Pavlova I made for my son's school fundraiser

NYT: Inoculated Against Facts

Opinions on SIDS

Priest 'Made £3M From Fake Exorcisms'

Atheist's Church?

Evangelicals lean to the left

Its Dangerous For Children To Know Atheism Exists

how do you do popcorn?

Vaccine Question

Lower thyroid activity tied to weight gain

Badge may have saved officer a felony gun charge

April 5, 2008 America's Shooting Gallery.

Detective, 3 other officers, accused of drive-by shooting

Oleg Volk's gun propaganda, and discussion thereof

Banning the .50 Caliber Rifle in Hawaii Sets a Bad Precedent

Legislature to tackle assault weapons ban (LA)

Star Wars in Iraq

B-1 Bomber Qatar Crash? I'm getting reports it was shot down by a F-16

Photo gallery from Sept 11...

Election Reform and Related News: Saturday, April 5, 2008

suggested amendments to HR5036 that gets rid of funding DRE VVPTs and

The Cost of E-Voting

HGTV has selected the Twin Cities for one of their Rebuilding Together projects

6th CD GOP convention imposes news media blackout on recording

Media Not Allowed to Video 6th District GOP Convention

I just donated to re-elect Tim Walz to Congress.

Obama supporters in Texas - need a bumper sticker?

I have a gateway laptop and I am getting a message that drive D is almost full

Thoroughly Modern (raging liberal) MILLIE!

Nearly 200 taken from Texas compound (Fundamentalist LDS)

Obama up 56-33 in new North Carolina poll


AP Language, Computer Courses Cut

KOEB 4-4-08 Rachel's debut hosting on Countdown edition

Cheney to sneak into my little town (Wilton) for Lungren!

Migden Women's Caucus Video

If Brett comes back on a different team......I'm moving to Mexico

Lawmakers heavily invested in defense companies: Sensenbrenner, Petri

NUT General Secretary Steve Sinnott dies.