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I really would like to know the difference

Bob Herbert: The Pastor Casts a Shadow


“I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen.”

Top Michigan Democrats Suggest Splitting Delegates

Obama is a real man...


My one and only Wright thread, I promise

So...the African-American Vote is being "Split down Middle" over Rev. Wright...but what about Dems?

What time is HIllary on O'Reilly?

Hillary's First "Contrast" Ad In Indiana Attacks Obama On Gas Tax Holiday

Clinton on O'Rielly? According to ratings more eyeballs are watching "SpongeBob SquarePants"



Clinton and Obama supporters

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/29/08 - Obama unchanged (49), Clinton unchanged (41)

who will then dare . . ?

Clinton Campaign talking about this all being over by mid June??? WTF is up with that?

Preachers are but the flawed earthly messengers

With all this talk of's the New Math

Obama says rivals Clinton, McCain pandering on gas tax

GOP strategist: Hillary is the "chief white woman in the country"

I Hope Someone Gave Barack A Hug Today. My Heart Aches For Him.

And now for something completely different....

has the term thrown under the bus jumped the shark?


Interesting column Mike Malloy was reading a bit ago

CQ: DNC Rules For FL Should Give Hillary 1/2 Delegates and Obama 0

What Will Candelovsky's Third Post of the Day Be?

Ed Rollins on CNN: If this Dem primary is decided on race instead

Anyone watching Boston Legal?

The New, New Math - Charlie Cook

Who's going to pay for their earlier sins?

Combining Conspiracies.

man, is everyone tired from pastorbating all day long?

What does HRC's "Gas Tax Holiday" say about how she'll handle the economy?

Would it be fair to make Hillary disown the "Rodham Bros."??

Would it be fair to make Hillary disown the "Rodham Bros."??

Unfortunately... It Was Fiction...

***One Big Reason why we cannot afford to delude ourselves with a Gas Tax Holiday...***

I don't understand the controversy over Reverend Wright...

Sexism Isn’t Holding Hillary Back

One BIG reason why any gas tax holiday is a disaster.

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Prediction: I think Hillary may drop out of the race the week of May 11-May 18 after West Virginia

Press Club

The problem is, they researched Obama, and couldn't find anything on him

What we must do, beyond 2008...

Will Rev. Wright continue... CNN Poll

I applaud Obama's decision to throw both Jimmy Carter and Jeremiah Wright under the bus


I'm hard pressed to give much of a frog's fat ass any more.

Thre Real Danger of the 2008 Election

LOL Checkmate! Check-In Obama Supporters !

I don't blame Reverend Wright one bit for his actions & I think Obama made a BIG mistake today

I don't blame Reverend Wright one bit for his actions & I think Obama made a BIG mistake today

Should Obama withdraw since Clinton leads amoung Dems (Gallup), beats McCain by 9 vs Obama only by 2

Should Obama withdraw since Clinton leads amoung Dems (Gallup), beats McCain by 9 vs Obama only by 2

Should Obama withdraw since Clinton leads amoung Dems (Gallup), beats McCain by 9 vs Obama only by 2

Some of you should really be ashamed to compare some


If anyone should understand Obama's ambivalence toward Wright,

David Letterman said John McCain looks the kind of guy

Prediction: The MSM is tired of the primary and puffing Hillary up...

Smooth and confident, Obama has hoops game

Tomorrow Will be a bad Polling Day for Obama

Question--When did you first realize that there would be racial dissonance in the primary?

Bill Clinton and Reverand Wright? WTF? What is up with this?

So I opened the opinion page of my local paper today...

Today at work, I was dealing with a situation I wanted to rise above...

OK, GDP'ers - Here's a chance to REDEEM yourselves!

So What's the Bigger Issue?

So What's the Bigger Issue?

Clinton Picks up in Two States, Stays Steady in a Third

Please excuse me while I ask for something stupid

CNN, ABC, FAUX NEWS, NBC, CBS, any MSM I may have missed

This is what Democrats sound like

This is what Democrats sound like

Obama was more personally insulted than outraged by Wright's views.

Did Obama throw Wright under the bus

Obama put on a good side show today, but these questions remain:

Michael Moore to be on Larry King tomorrow night and

Do you give two pieces of poo about the Rev. Wright thing?

DU didn't help Obama any

Uncommitted SD's do the right thing and endorse please.!!! End the blood bath. Kick if you agree

WSJ: Obama Heads for Superdelegate Edge

clinton and the race card

Obama only needs 134 more pledged delegates for a majority (will get them by 5/20)

Obama only needs 134 more pledged delegates for a majority (will get them by 5/20)

Link to an online poll in CT RE: Sen. Obama

If you knew of Rev. Wright BEFORE the Obama campaign began...

It's About The Superdelegates, Now.

Federal Earmarks this year by the candidates: Obama $0, McCain $0, Clinton $2.3B with a B, PRICELESS

Obama dropping like a stone in all NC polls

Capitol Hill insiders say the battle for congressional superdelegates is over: Obama has it...

Majority of House & Senate Secretly Back Barack Obama (Lobbying has all but's over)

I am now officially non-excited about our candidates

Primal Scream Into The Dark White Void Of The Computer Screen Leading To GDP Forum

America's Revolutionary Moment

Barack Obama WILL BE the Democratic candidate...

Will Hillary Take Responsibility If Bridges Fail/People Die Cause "Gas Tax Holiday" Takes Money

Why is Hillary afraid of the word "gay"?

Time's The Page: Michelle Obama to Address Wright Controversy Tonight In Interviews

I think it is unseemly for someone, anyone to state

Barack Obama: An Overview

HIllary Clinton is going to have to talk to african americans!

NYT's MoDo on Obama/Wright: Praying and Preying

Is Obama Catholic?

Hillary's Gas Tax Holiday Is Not A Good Idea

Are there any polls on Guam's caucuses?

I think we can all agree now that claims of media favoritism toward Obama are laughable

Hillary, Do Not Play With Us...We Can Not Be Bought With Nickles! That Gas Tax Thing is Bullshit!

Honest question =/= an attack . . . .

HRC's gas tax holiday: $0.18. Eighteen cents!!???

Obama's Baggage.

God Damn the MSM for not bringing Rev. Wright to

Gas Tax Holiday Shows Obama's Experience. He supported it in Illinois and it didn't work.

I'd be getting whiplash if I was trying to be a good Obama supporter the last few days

Too bad NJ moved its primary date to Super Tuesday

Duplicate: Another DONATE LINK can't hurt

Obama to appear on Meet the Press Sunday, for the full hour.

Iowa superdelegate endorses Obama, now within 19

While Most Of Us (And The M$M) Were Focused On The Wright Fiasco Yesterday...

Day 259 since Hillary Clinton failed to take the pledge.

The Politics of the Rev. Wright Controversy: A Debate W/Melissa Harris-Lacewell & Adolph Reed Jr.

Never post an OP in support of gay rights

Huff Po: Geoff Garin, Clinton Chief Strategist, Once Called For Violent Revolution

Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley , Superdelegate endorses Obama - ABC: More SD's to come today!

Just Heard on Malloy >>>>

The country deserved bush, and they have more than shown that they deserve mccain also /nt

Predict the Future

US troop deaths hit 7-month high in Iraq ... By The Way, What's up with that Mean Preacher today?

Your gas tax rollback will save you half a tank of gas this year!!!

Your gas tax rollback will save you half a tank of gas this year!!!

Barack Obama is a true leader.

Howard Dean: we may need an additional bus

“Harry T. and the Chamber of Secrets” co-starring Oil and Republicans–Screenplay by Bill Richardson

Bill Clinton to be in West Virginia tommorrow.

Bill Clinton to be in West Virginia tommorrow.

Wright knew exactly what he was doing...

Worst Idea Ever: Installing some *knight in shining armor* over the votes of millions

Hillary owes us several big apologies.

Joe Pettit: Media Portrays Obama Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Hehe: I find this very interesting

Delegates: Ferguson's bid for preferential treatment does zip for Michigan

GOP Assumes HRC Loosing - Even after BIG PA win GOP still only Buying anti-BO Advertising

something for the defenders of Wright ;at DU there were many

Clinton Chief Strategist Geoff Garin, Once Called For Violent Revolution

Why did Obama join Trinity Church? A non-cynical appraisal

Many Economist Agree that McCain-Clinton Gas Tax Holiday Is A Bad Idea

OK, now I'm feeling sick. Do you realize that if Obama is slimed and smeared

What will history say about us?

For those who can't quit pastorbating.

Hillary: Roy Orbison has a song for you...

Hillary Clinton picks up another Pa. Superdelegate

Hillary's racist voters show their true colors

Barack and Michelle to appear together in interview on Today show tomorrow

On affirmative action, Obama intriguing but vague

Michael Moore will be on CNN Larry King Live tonight. Email your questions!

Does character matter anymore?

This Post is in Support of Gay Rights.

GALLUP POLL: Top-of-Mind Perceptions of the Candidates (2006 vs. Now)

Supers Trickle

*Obama To Pick Up Endorsement Of Super-Del Bruce Braley Today*

Indiana Republican candidate gives a speech at a Hitler b-day party.

Indiana Republican candidate gives a speech at a Hitler b-day party.

Obama-Backer McCaskill: Dem Battle For Congressional Support Effectively Over


Watching Obama yesterday has made me appreciate the man even more

Huffpo: "Senator Says Obama Has Dozens of Secret Superdelegates Lined Up"

Hillary Has Cynically Turned to the One Argument She Has Left: Race

Roger Waters' Obama Pig FOUND

Important Reading -- How and why we choose a candidate

Vote on Obama AD's

Step 1: admit you have a problem. Step 2, solve it.

Shame on you, Sen. Obama, for helping justify Fox News’ fascist agenda!

Shame on you, Sen. Obama, for helping justify Fox News’ fascist agenda!

3 NEW donors matched my 3 $10 pledges for OBAMA

Hillary will be on the O'liely Factor tonight and tomorrow

Mark Brown in today's Sun-Times nails it! " It's gut check time for white Americans"

All Trolls check in here

An honest question: Why does Wright matter?

My thread was locked ...

So who do I support today?

Has anybody read /Monica's Story/? Does Monica Lewinski say anything about Hillary in it?


Clinton kicks back with DNC (PA) endorsement (back to 20)

Clinton kicks back with DNC (PA) endorsement (back to 20)

California PAC (and 527) gears up for Obama

Surprise - Klan leader does not endorse Obama.

Obama slams back with IN superdelegate (back to 19)

Commentary: How Obama can get beyond Rev. Wright

NC Elections board hunting robocaller

The Rising Populist Tide

(superdelegate) Rep. Lois Capps of California announces support of Obama

Life, croquet and politics...

Obama can transform America's image, says Jimmy Carter

NJ POLL: Obama Wipes the Floor with McLame.

Barack Obama is white...

I voted today.

Congratulations to the MAN

A Democratic nomination question for anyone who knows.

A Democratic nomination question for anyone who knows.

On the gas tax, who is the bigger pander bear, McCain or Clinton?

87% of Democrats see Clinton's presidency as "excellent or pretty good" (Harris poll)

So, I was going through my ignored list of Hillbots..

I can't WAIT to see where she's from in Puerto Rico.

I can't WAIT to see where she's from in Puerto Rico.

Obama Phonebanking Results 4/29/08

20 years of anti-American preaching and racist sermons

Now that Obama has put the Rev Wright distraction to rest,

"Outsourcing will continue,” Sen. Clinton said.

Clinton-McCain gas tax holiday slammed as bad idea

What is it with Hill and Bill?

My wife and I will be divorcing

Should have used my 900th post to post that I just gave, again, to Obama. NT GOBAMA!

Third super for Obama today

Which do you think there are more of: whites in Rev. Wright's church or blacks in GOP?

Interest Groups Slam McCain - Finally

If you take as given that McSame has no chance, the Dem Primary IS the General Election

Obama picks up four superdelegates; Clinton adds two

Everytime Obama is asked about Rev. Wright, here's how he should respond IMHO

I was really proud of my campaign, standing up...

What's The Big Issue In GD: P Today?

Let's play a game of Unity Twister!

Has anyone seen Hillary's photo-op with the pickup?

IT'S A SET UP! Jeremiah Wright's disastrous NPC appearance was organized by a Clinton supporter!

Zogby GE poll today compares McCain, Barr & Nader vs Clinton/Obama - good Obama news

The Feds lower the interest rate to 2%

Talking points Memo: "Nonprofit Women's Voices Women Vote stops suspicious N.C Robo Calls."

Color Jersey dark blue for both Dems

I'm a skeptic

What's the most popular brand of beer among each candidate's supporters?

Just taking the temperature: Who gives a flying F$ck about Obama's Pastor?

Obama campaign files FEC complaint against pro-Clinton group

Who's looking forward to watching Barack Obama come out fighting over the next 6 days?

Clinton on Obama: “He Made His Views Clear — Finally”

Statement from Indiana Rep. Baron Hill on why he is endorsing Obama

When the exit polls show 90% of white people in KY voted for Hillary, will they say the same thing?

Wright was overwhelmingly cheered at the NAACP events.

Report: Rush Limbaugh Dittoheads to Vote for Hillary Clinton in Indiana

Newt Gingrich just totally silenced the crowd at The Daily Show while Jon was trying to defend...

GOP Gives Clinton The Silent Treatment (She's NOT relevant anymore) - CBS

From NC State Board of Elections

Sen. Clinton admitted because of her "special circumstance," she hasn't bought gas in a long while

*************It's the money*******************

*********Heads Up: Barack and Michelle Obama Now Live - started 1.39 PM EST - 30/04/2008*********

There are rumors that Edwards is holding out for a cabinet post...

Help! Need a screenshot of Fox's LInocoln/Douglas debate F-up

ctrl F...wright...scroll...delete


Who is getting sick of the 'I am a huge Obama supporter but I now think Hillary is better!' posts???

How are neanderthal neocon neopologists & other pontificating puffed up pundits

Serious question

Hillary vs Barack Poll

Hillary ... What ya gonna do?!! When Obamania Runs Wild On You?!!!

PHOTOS: The Obamas arrive in Indianapolis, Indiana, to campaign in the state today

PHOTOS: The Obamas arrive in Indianapolis, Indiana, to campaign in the state today

Hey, Did You Hear? Hillary, A Good Dem, Now Masterminds Illegal Voter Deception Practices!!!!!11111

Take a Break from the News People

Election Markets.... Obama bounces back today....

Police this where we are headed?

Obama political man

Chicago Sun Times blog Obama's Wright speech: this was a 3a.m. phone call that went into voice mail.

Rev. Wright, the Black Experience, and White Privilege

I just e-mailed the Obama campaign with this...

My day just got a little better:

Obama still in charge despite greatest smear campaign since Kerry ran for President.

Reminder to Hill: Donated to Trinity and Obama, work the local voter reg. drive, logging phone hours

O'Reilly and Rove have lots of "stupid questions" to ask of Hillary

BREAKING: Chelsea Picks Up A Puerto Rico Superdelegate For Her Mother

The race about race...

Prediction: I think Obama may drop out of the race the week of May 11-May 18 after West Virginia

Hillary Clinton takes lead against John Mccain and Barack Obama in new Fox News Poll

Jeremiah Wright's revenge

Does the US have a shortage of skilled IT workers?

What people think of Obama and Clinton (Gallup today 4/30/08)

Most superdelegates in Congress privately back Obama

Clinton joins McCain in the race for panderer in chief (TIME)

Reverend Wright has brainwashed Obama into killing your children

New Pastor to Head Obama's Chicago Church

Rev. Wright smarter than we think

Hillary's Dominionist ties to the Military-Industrial Complex

Chuck Todd: "talked to Republicans today who are 'disappointed' they won't be able to use Wright"

Indiana Congressman Baron Hill (a Blue Dog) Endorses Barack Obama for President

Has anyone asked Obama to explain this?

What I Thought About Sipping Mai-Tai's Last Week

Picture not related.

Is Reverend Wright Running for President ?

Obama Supporters: Donate by Midnight - April Deadline!

He's not Obama's spiritual advisor. He's a bunny with a pancake on his head.

"George Bush's third term"

What I think Obama should do

Is the MSM overcompensating for past charges of anti-Clinton "bias"?

Is the MSM overcompensating for past charges of anti-Clinton "bias"?

Obama "Don't you think I love my country?"

DENOUNCE him! Why don't you DENOUNCE him?! DENOUNCE him NOW!

Diplomacy 101-Before you trash your close friend and Pastor in a "Historic" speech on race relations

A California congresswoman with long ties to both Clintons will endorse Obama today...

Obama's refusal to pander on the gas tax holiday crap reaffirms my support for him

Anyone one else thinking Hillary's gonna steal this thing?

Clinton supporters only!

Women who expect other women to vote for Hillary out of gender loyalty...

OK, I'm Wrighting out myself!

Why isn't this Wright Youtube clip being played constantly on cable news?

So Wall St. Journal Poll only does two negative questions on Obama one on Mcain and none on Clintion

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/30/08 - Obama down 2 (47), Clinton up 2 (43)

Obama's stand on Rev. Wright - shows integrity

Does anyone here have a "spin-free" defense of this gas tax holiday scheme?

Clinton pumps for gas this morning - well sort of...

"designated by the White House as a terrorist rogue state. What a great honor!"

IF rightwing pundits and media SOMEHOW managed to slide HRC in under the fence

The MSM Can't Handle Obama

MSNBC's Tamron Hall stayed 10yrs at Wright's church also

Breaking; NBC/WSJ: Obama 46, Clinton 43 - CBS/NYT: Obama 46, Clinton 38

I finally got responses from Hill supporters to my question

So the gas tax holiday is a gimmick? Temporary relief..., political ploy?

Wright to Obama "I'll be coming after you" Did Reynolds and Wright plan this

MSNBC: NBC/WSJ poll: Bush — not Wright or Bill Clinton — is voters' main concern

Expert Support for McCain-Clinton Gas Tax Holiday Appears Nonexistant

New Obama North Carolina Spots

I just donated $5 to Barack. I could not do more.

Oh Come On, here....Center for American Progress and Hillary Supporters do Voter Suppression?

Where is Oprah? Anyone Anyone??? Why has she dropped out on Obama???

The Hillary Deathwatch: Obama slams Wright, Clinton's gas-tax plan gets jeers, and Indiana is still

Clinton blasts Bush for not stopping a project Bill OK'd

Just made 3 $10 "Please match this Pledge" donations to OBAMA n/t

Just made 3 $10 "Please match this Pledge" donations to OBAMA n/t

Who does Sen. Evan Bayh, D-IN., blame for China move?

Jeremiah Wright for President!

FOR T*W*E*N*T*Y* Y*E*A*R*S !!11!

Obama Supporters -- Check In if You're Fired Up

ABC Digs Into Clinton Trade Hypocrisy - Clinton Campaign Responds With More Deception

Wednesday Primary TOONS-The Wright Stuff?

Broken: Hillary Clinton Refuses To Debate (from my DD)

Things I Wish We Had Written #2 - The Confluence for Hillary

Should we start a McCain data forum?

Ollie North on Hanity last night

ABC must be on the Hill payroll

Can we have a nice, cheerful, no-snark thread this evening?

Hillary Endorser NC Gov Easley uses anti-Gay slur in Endorsement Speech

Does Loyalty Still Matter in Politics?

Voted my primary "early vote" in North Carolina for Obama!

Hillary fired for lies, unethical behavior from Congressional job

Enough with the fucking polls

Some Dem. politicians now distancing themselves from Obama


Hey Clinton supporters: wait a FUCKING MINUTE! Yesterday it was "he must denounce him" and today

GOP gives Clinton the silent treatment (Politico)

Why hasn't Hillary introduced a bill to enact her gas tax holiday proposal?

Hillary Clinton is a zombie.

Wright was NOT Obama's spiritual adviser yet everyone in the media KEEPS SAYING SO!

Hillary Wants a Gas Tax Vaction Obama Wants None...Math

Hillary Wants a Gas Tax Vaction Obama Wants None...Math

Battle for superdelegates is over

If GOP tries to use Rev. Wright against Obama in fall, we should have their racist resume ready

Who is the 527 American Leadership Project

Wouldn't Hillary support Obama if she lost?

Who is tired of the Media pontificating on "whether the story will continue" even as THEY push it!?

Hey Hill supporters why don't you have a problem with this

Another Black Man down. Anybody see Fences by August Wilson?

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: The Center for American Progress is being slandered right here on DU

I made a mistake that I deeply regret.

Am I the only one sick of the punditocracy saying, "This story just won't go away" when THEY'RE the

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

How much $$$ does a 60 year old Baby Boomer need to have

*** Why the Wright "issue" is racist ***

5 superdelegates commit today; Obama gets 3--Clinton gets 2

Swishyfeet, Yael and GetTheRightVote - JUST LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!

Whose side do you take?

A few Hillary Clinton anagrams for ya

CBS/NYT poll: Obama's lead against McCain disappears. Clinton leads McCain by 5%

How long until Rev Wright responds to Obama's denunciation today?

RE: Obama's excuse that he "wasn't in church" during Wright's sermons

Conserve energy, invest in public transportation

has Hillary ever explained her vote against ban on cluster bombs ?

Congratulations Obama!

Clinton-McCain gas tax holiday slammed as bad idea

Obama Cuts Hillary's SD Lead into the Teens.

My fellow Obama supporters

LOL!!! Keith just showed a Fux News clip about Hillary's proposed Lincoln-Douglas-style debate

A reminder for 2012

AP calls Clinton on FAKE visit to gas station

How did it get to the point that Fox news is Hillary's biggest cheerleader? They are so clearly in

So what will it be Democrats? KO or BillO tonight?

Chuck Todd: "Against any other candidate, Obama would now be unelectable."

Finally, a GOOD HEADLINE for Obama (not) about Wright!

So This Is What Democratic Underground Has Become

I predict fewer of these critters around here after May 20th:

Obama +24, Clinton +14 over McBush in NJ, Obama -9, Clinton -16 in AZ poll

Hillary's new chief strategist Garin once called for violent overthrow of the U.S. government

"When will Obama clear up this Wright issue for us?"

"Man Overboard!": Obama turns away from a drowning friend

The handwriting is already on the wall...If Obama ends up

Translated from the Norwegian...Doug Coe, the ""Shadow Billy Graham."

Princess Chelsea in 2016? Wake Up America!

A unity ticket is the only way. A Clinton-Obama ticket is the very BEST way.

Is that tough enough?

Let's show Obama some love! Get your car magnet here, Ladies & Gentlemen!

Mr. Obama and Rev. Wright (NYT)

Mr. Obama and Rev. Wright (NYT)

CNN's Poll of Polls - Obama losing ground vs Clinton and McCain

Clinton supporters: Check in here and let's pretend she is winning..

KO...Leave the Edwards alone !

Superdelegates Set To Call For "END To Iraqi War-Regardless WHO Wins"

Isn't it funny....

Fox News' Garrett falsely claimed the Golden Rule, Obama's "favorite Scripture," is not, in fact,

Obama campaign posts delegate countdown on website

Obama campaign posts delegate countdown on website

Am I the only one?

Hillary is just plain dumb if she thinks her gas tax gimmick will make any real difference.

I think EVERYONE is so sick of these chattering imbeciles in the media

Obama has been fully aware of these controversial opinions of Wright's for a long time.

Hillary Push-Polling in North Carolina

Has anyone posted about Obama supporting a gas tax holiday in Illinois?

Thanks for the match!! Joann from Virginia (DONATE TODAY)

OBAMA SUPPORTERS: Today is the last day to donate and receive a special gift!

MSM may jump on HRC supporters' robocalls disenfranchising black voters in NC.

I've begun the long and nauseating process of accepting that I might have to vote for Hillary

So let's check list a few Hillary proposals

HRC Loyalist Krugman slams Clinton's Gas Tax Cut "disappointing, pointless, giveaway to big oil"

Hillary Clinton Supporters -- The Global Warming Deniers of Democratic Politics?

Hillary is more dangerous than Bush because people think she's smart

Whooot! *Obama Gets Another Congressional Endorsement* Rep. Lois Capps of California

Obama should have known Wright was crackers 20 years ago? Who knew Clinton would be this way?

Hillary Clinton On O'Reilly Factor: Wright's Statements Are Offensive And Outrageous (VIDEO)

Huckabee says Obama's former pastor needs him to lose

Obama supporters: Let's face it. Reverend Wright has stolen the show

"Give us Barrabas!", cried the multitude.

New IN ad, PA, AFL-CIO, a SD, endorses Hillary, WV Vets for Hillary, ORDebate. Workers Mem. Day

Reps. Bruce Braley (D-IA), Baron Hill (D-IN), and Lois Capps (D-CA) Endorse Obama

Peace and Prosperity vs. Monica?

Obama to donate funds received from Rezko friend

McClatchy: Clinton blasts Bush for not stopping a project her husband approved

Obama/Wright is Kennedy/Pope

sorry gays..sorry Rev. Wright...sorry granny..sorry typical white people.

Clinton supporters...Donate by the end of the day and your contribution will be doubled

Clinton supporters...Donate by the end of the day and your contribution will be doubled

Obama Campaign Registers 30,000 Oregonians

You might have the wrong candidate IF....

Why can't Obama close the deal?

***Wednesday April 30th New Super Delegate Endorsements***

The "threw him/her under the bus" metaphor is overused. (My first real rant)

GOP prefers "very liberal" Obama: Clinton might steal moderate votes

Obama supporters only.

Henceforth, every-time Obama is asked about Rev. Wright, here's how he should respond IMHO

My Personal Conspiracy Theory (Tinfoil Hat Time!)

Hillary Clinton Gas Station Photo-Op ---pix--->>>

Hillary Clinton Gas Station Photo-Op ---pix--->>>

UPDATED: Hill to endorse Obama tonight:

Clinton wastes money on a new plane so she doesn't have to pass press on way to lavatory

Obama can no longer win the general election

Overkill On Reverend Wright

Kucinich Supporters, Obama or Clinton?

You Obama followers owe Hillary a big apology.

Oh Come On, here...."Center for American Progress"and Hillary Supporters do Voter Suppression?

I knew it! Wright's got a book deal!

Is Hillary campaigning to be McCain's running mate?

After Your Candidate of Choice Dropped Out...

oh snap! Barack is sending out Michelle to take care of Wright

I think Morning Joe might be as big an asshole as Rush Limbaugh & dangerous in his own rite

Regarding Habeas Corpus

Obama: Parents need to turn off the TV, put away the video games

Democratic Nominee Supporters Only! Check in and get fired up!

Watch Hillary shamelessly stick the knife in! Excerpt of her interview with Faux News Bill O'Reilly!

I may be out of line here but

The Somewhat Flawed Ideology of Barack Obama

Breaking News! : Hillary Clinton Required to Testify in November to FEC Fraud!

Gen Y Speaks

Don't Worry. It Will Backfire On Them. Grace and Dignity Wins Out

Check in if, after all this time, you STILL don't see what the big deal was about Wright?

Check in if, after all this time, you STILL don't see what the big deal was about Wright?

The superdelegates now have no choice but to pick Obama

Obama Supporters: Let's Stop Pretending.

Tikkun: "The Wright Eruption"

What goes on here? in NJ Obama beats McCain by 24-points while Hillary wins by only 14?

Have You Left No Sense Of Decency?

Barack Obama Focuses on Indiana's Working Families


If Obama having listened to Wright preach for 20 years

The Fonz for Obama! HAPPY DAYS are here again!!!

Black Agenda Report: Obama's 'Race Neutral' Strategy Unravels of its Own Contradictions

Black Agenda Report: Obama's 'Race Neutral' Strategy Unravels of its Own Contradictions

Out of control gas prices - what's your answer?

Now that Barack is off his pedestal...

Reminder! Hillary will put BillO in his place in 27 minutes.

***POLL*** The ball's in his court, WHAT WILL WRIGHT DO NEXT?!?! (the supense is killing me!)

How much are the Clintons to blame for Gore's loss?

NC Robo-calls: Hillary's Campaign Manager on board of group making calls

I found no passionate denunciation regarding Rev. Wright from Obama today.

I found no passionate denunciation regarding Rev. Wright from Obama today.


BARACK needs our support!! HAVE YOU DONATED TODAY??

All Economists Despise 'Gas Tax Holiday', What With Its Hilarious Lack Of Logic

Buchanan: "WAKE UP, America! A black man might become president!!! WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!"

John Kerry: one of the best Democratic Senators ever

Hope and Change = BITTER AND ANGRY

The Clinton Smear Campaign Against Obama

Goddamit! When will the fucking media stop obsessing over fucking Rev, Wright?

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Wednesday April 30 2008

The Bill Clinton-Rep. Clyburn War of Words that is Tearing the Democratic Party Apart

BRAVO!! Sen. Kerry on MSNBC

can someone repudiate this Obama article for me please?(Robert Blackwell)

The word "swiftboating" is being used too much around here

The word "swiftboating" is being used too much around here

People seem to forget the large contingency of us who don't much like either Hillary OR Obama

Maya Angelou testimonial to HRC in new NC ad: "prayer of every American who longs for fair play"


Obama is going to be UP in the new NBC and the new CBS polls out tonight. And that's at the height

Florida's Hillary supporters protest at DNC, pretend they are not Hillary supporters.

Wright has lost it


Is Pathetic Hillary Still Claiming she Won an Election that is Unconstitutional?

Dailykos Blogger: BREAKING: Source of deceptive NC robo-calls exposed

We have to seriously consider bringing in GORE or EDWARDS. Obama and Clinton may be fatally flawed.

MSNBC running FREE ads for Clinton AGAIN: It must be time to vote!

Barack Obama Advisory System - from the Dept. of Racial Insecurity

Edwards Supporters, Obama Or Clinton?

ATTENTION OBAMA CAMPAIGN: It's time to warn voters about the surprise coming this weekend.

I never saw this coming.

When you're on DU, how often do you refresh your posts to see if anyone has responded? -

When you're on DU, how often do you refresh your posts to see if anyone has responded? -

Should GI Bill be in war supplemental?

US Military Deaths In Iraq At 4,056

"Gas Tax Holiday" On-Line Calculator - How much would you save? $12.94 for me

What will the republics do when The Decider has a (D) after their name???

Army widens probe after finding bad conditions at Fort Bragg

McCain's financial plan for the future results in the biggest jump in the deficit

The biggest issue is never discussed.

How much can we REALLY trust

I could have driven away not paying for $68 in gas a couple hours ago.

Someone Tell Tweedy to STFU

Do Sephardic Jews from around the world have a right to return to Spain?

McCain, Clinton and Nixon's "silent majority" ...fence the left into minority status.

Bush: "I firmly believe that if there was a magic wand to wave, I'd be waving it, of course"

If Obama does not win the Democratic nomination,

Foreclosures spike 112% - no end in sight

Candidate (R-Of Course) speaks at Hitler birthday party

President Pot blames Kettle Congress for failing to act on mortgages, energy costs, food prices

Did Barack Obama take the bait today?

Huffington Post: Just. Doesn't. Get It

The Bushistas will ..........

A scary Roman turn to the right? .... Check out this Guardian UK report from Rome.

How's that opiate of the masses working out for Sunni and Shia in Iraq?

Norm Coleman's wife using Coleman's Senate title to sell Blo and Go jobs

Republican Space Rangers!

Save $ - Escape Verizon without early termination fee

Dog survives 8 days trapped in rubble after Colo. explosion

So Olielly is going to interview Hillary

Good thing HRC won't be Dem nominee when Gary Webb movie comes out soon.

If I hear one more word about his Pastor Im going to Scream

I stand firmly with Obama. Who's with me? Say GOBAMA! if you are.

Officials: Captive family in Austria reunited

Religion a figment of human imagination

Is Iran imminent?

Book Review: The Big Squeeze - Tough Times for the American Worker

CNN Video: North Minneapolis grocery store sells expired food at "low, low prices"


Somebody remember the Gas Mileage Chart?

DUers did you just hear Lawrence O'Donnell

Frederick Douglass debated Lincoln?

Not that I'm sure most care.. But... I created a thread here yesterday where I called...

I paid 10 dollars for a roll of toilet paper

Okay, that's it. I'm outta here.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

On Colbert: Annie Lamott: "Even Dick Cheney will get into Heaven"

Why TF Do Chicagoans Say "Di-VI-sive" and Not "Di-VYE-sive?"

If you could actually stuff a human being in a gas tank and burn them like gas:

"Colombian goods come in this country duty free"

NYT- "It Was The MOST Forthright Repudiation That We Can Remember"

Caption the Chimperor.

The weirdness of news

Would Obama Throw Martin Luther King Under The Bus?

Is reliable?

Why do you watch cable "Opinion shows"?

Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates botannical link to the far east

Today, in his press conference, Numb Nuts called for us, meaning

Message to Edwards and Gore holdouts (spirits trapped on the corporeal plane)

Cool! McClatchy's new National Security Blog: NUKES & SPOOKS...

"And I can't get it out of my head..."

Iran laughs at USA’s face

Why did Obama wait until now to speak out against the wacky conspiracy rants?

Why did Obama wait until now to speak out against the wacky conspiracy rants?

Why did Obama wait until now to speak out against the wacky conspiracy rants?

Hillary appearing on O'Rielly

Former President Carter To Be Tried For Peace Crimes

WTF is "light, sweet crude"? .........

Dear (BULK):

Dear (BULK):

Bush's ally, Berlusconi, uses coded language to thank fascists for victory

WJ this morning -Should the US attack Iran

Edwards/ Biden/ Richardson /Kooch/ Grav supporters disgusted by Obama v. Hillary fiasco: check in

Sky-high gas prices may have silver lining

Concentration camp doctor tops list of 10 most-wanted Nazis

The Obama Pastor Story is subterfuge. Cover the Pentagon Propaganda Story 24/7.

Hey Limbaugh! I got your riot right here!

Freaking Al Franken

Freaking Al Franken

The Oklahoma Legislature's Invasive, Anti-Choice Legislation

AP: US troop deaths hit 7-month high in Iraq

Using Bush logic, the Soviet Union would have been justified in attacking us during the 80s

GSA Chief Doan Fired

Did you ever have any REALLY idiotic political notions when you were young?

Want to get rid of corn based ethanol, work to end Iowa's privilege

Indiana Politix's

Corn and Ethanol

Poison ice As the sea ice melts, a toxic stew of mercury and synthetic chemicals is seeping into the

Tom Hayden responds to Chris Hedges...

"Congress, (heavy mechanical breathing sounds) You Have No Power To Control Me." - Darth Cheney

SOS Rice blames Indian and Chinese appetites for global food crisis.

SOS Rice blames Indian and Chinese appetites for global food crisis.

Dept. of Commerce says First Quarter growth is up!

OPEC president claims high oil prices due to mismanagement of US economy


Caption This!...The Devil hisself on economics (CNBC photocapture)

dupe. self-delete

Guam has a caucus this weekend. Any predictions on how that will go?

Grand Theft Auto IV is your friend.

The somewhat flawed ideology of Barack Obama

Is anybody listening to the Stephanie Miller Show?

Repeating the Crime: The Iraq War Morphs Into the Iran War, Paul Craig Roberts

Vote: Which health care plan do you prefer? @ MSNBC

Mortgage aid program benefiting few in trouble

Bob Cesca to MSM "Have You Left No Sense Of Decency?"

Supreme Court Gives Republicans a Boost

So does this mean we do have a woman as the VP on a ticket?

“There’s no idea so asinine that this administration won’t give it serious consideration,”

Congratulations to the MAN

Pew Research: Dramatic Gains in Democratic Voters 18-29

Secret Law and the Threat to Democratic and Accountable Government


Iran has stopped trading oil in $'s - completely

U.S. Prepares ‘New Options’ To Attack Iran, Deploys Second Carrier To Persian Gulf

Barack Obama called "Uncle Tom"

So how come M$M has given Rev Wright so much airplay

The battle of meaning continues: ENTITLEMENT

Republicans are cannibals.

Bush Administration claims there's nothing it can do about high gas prices

MSNBC: Senior U.S. military officials claim Iran is trying to ruin the "surge"

"each time the dollar falls a percent, the price of a barrel rises by $4",

Michael Moore will be on CNN Larry King Live tonight. Email your questions!

Scientists demand removal from Heartland's global warming denier's list

What happend at KUDO-1080?

Charlie Wilson: "I think we can catch bin Laden. He's catchable. He is absolutely catchable."

We're working ourselves to death

Michael Moore on Larry King Tonight for Full Hour

Not all Republican Congressional candidates are dishonest.

McCain introduced at health care event by health care lobbyist

Secret Law and the Threat to Democratic Government by Senator Russ Feingold

John McCain actively sought and got an endorsement from pastor John Hagee

"Why It’s OK to Chill About Global Warming"-Right-wing paying kids for denying global warming.

Starting a war with Iran to help McCain in the election. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Mr. Obama and Rev. Wright - NYT Editorial

breast milk banks - something US women don't have yet.

How Do You Feel About Clinton Going On O'Reilly To Do a Hit Job on a Fellow Democrat?

Why President Insane can't wave his Harry Potter magical wand....

I almost had a chance to pay $2.99/gal today for gas

what are Bu$h's approval ratings these days.. no one seems to care on the news..

Phony rice shortage. Phony WMD. Phony Social Security Crisis. Phony Gulf of Tonkin...

McCain’s Health Care Plan: Increases Taxes, Decreases Coverage

McCain's simple, three-step health care plan

Live hearing link re FLDS children's injuries

Figureheads, Troublemakers, and Pooperscoopers: Anatomy of a Presidential Race

Loss of housing wealth massive: $85,000 per avg homeowner in 2008

More Potentially Deadly Moves by Bush’s FAA

Albert Hofmann, Swiss Chemist Discovered LSD;Dead at 102

Lesbians turn on lesbians in battle of Lesbos

Is the concept of removing dependence on humans that aren't American now a progressive or liberal

CAPTION-not his father's 1,000 points of light.... just 5

Proof of Yahoo/US news cleansing....

Were racist military researchers behind anthrax attacks in 2001?

Gary Hart and the American Security Project: A New American Arsenal

Right-wing organization paying kids for denying global warming.»

Well this takes the cake: the first PRO Polygamist TOON I've seen...

Dick Durbin coming up live on MSNBC in a minute

History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.....

Finally,a true enviro friendly hummer hybrid!

I guess the ADL finally saw Ben Stein's film

Have YOU Been 'Stimulated' Yet?

rush to biofuel market bypasses female workers

who will then dare . . ?

Are there many young people here on DU?

I'm kind of torn on this, this involves tax dollars

What does Moqtada al-Sadr want???

Texas officials just reporting re FLDS sect

I have a simple point to make: the fact that the GDP grew in the 1st Quarter only proves one thing

The American Family Association's obsession with gay sex and intimacy....

All My Hatreds in One on MSNBC

Just got back from DC/NY...loved DC (except for the idiot in chief) hate can have it

Christian Rightists say that Darwin gave rise to Nazism and the Holocaust

cnn just reported we have two carriers in the gulf....

The Obama campaign notwithstanding, we should all be saddened by Wright's

State Department: Al Qaida Gaining Strength In Pakistan And Afghanistan

Don't Buy Rice

What should the Democratic position on military and military spending be?

Email forward from a family member (funny stuff)

Are people that stupid that they don't realize that the lower interest rates are not passed down

Forget Grand Theft Auto 4, check out "Prototype". Skid along streets using dead bodies

What should be done with parents that pray their kids to death?

== Laura Bush, docile doormat = By Mark Morford

Fastened to a dying animal: A jeremiad regarding the US election process

unse(a)ttling political scandal....

Will WiMax replace Wi-Fi and change the way we live?

Hawks Try To Throw Mylroie (AEI Iraq 'expert') Overboard

War Profiteers: The Bush Baghdad Bubble

Flood Gallery examines war, the media and personal battles (Asheville, NC)

Cheney's Office: (Do Not) Save The Whales

word help!!!! rephrased

second carrier headed to Persian Gulf

Aspen attorney challenges legality of search warrants, polygamist raid

Hedge Fund in Talks to Buy Blackwater

HPD high-speed chase ends in death, deeper mystery

How will YOU spend it?

How will YOU spend it?

Contaminated sand from Gulf War bound for a disposal site in Grand View, Idaho,

"Laura Bush: Docile Dormat"

Testimony starts in manslaughter trial of woman who cried 'rape'

Yayyyyy I finally crossed the line...

If We're At Peak Oil Does It Make Sense To Build Any New Roads?

Florida Republican Legislature's Session of Shame

Just one question on the building of new refineries

ACLU Commends Senator Feingold for Hearing on Secret Law

The Taxman Cometh for Al Franken

Katie Couric, the perky Lou Dobbs

This should be our health care mantra:

Last night, my daughter asked what word I was taught that "G" was for.

Oh oh. Will the MSM bust St. Obama on his changing stories (lies) about Wright?

Pander alert: gax tax

Arrest Bush: Bush Confesses to Waterboarding, Call D.C. Cops!

Said it before, sayin' it again, nah, gonna shout instead: READ DAN FROOMKIN EVERY DAY.

McCain's healthcare plan.. "Watch your diet, walk thirty or so minutes a day"

Cafferty: "Tommorrow is the 5th anniversary of "Mission Accomplished".

Is Having A Good Time A Bad Thing? It's Time To Play.... Distraction DU Poll

Meet Jimmy Carter tonight at Chicago Borders Books, 830 N. Michigan Ave -- 7-9pm CDT

Gas Tax Holiday - Why Not Just Hand Out $65.00 Checks?

surge update - U.S. troop deaths hit 7-month high in Iraq

Just Curious.

From crazy old uncle to I am outraged - Today’s Headlines 4/30/08

Bush and Cheney in one photograph

are there any non-profit health insurance companies???


From the pathetic files: Divorce rings

Did Paulson just tell Blitzer that the stimulous package now

U.S. Role Deepens in Sadr City - this is Baghdad folks

The Policy of Secrecy

Video Clip: Jon Stewart celebrates a "tall glass of awesome," Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

O’Reilly: ‘We Didn’t Invade Iraq’

* receives a signed football from the New York Giants - pics

Hey guys. Need some help about McCain.

I Don't Hate John McCain

DAMN I am going to Miss Her.....

DAMN I am going to Miss Her.....

Great ball of fire! Nomads saved astronauts

NBC/WSJ Poll: Bush Far Scarier Than Wright


Iraq, 9/11, Economy, Katrina, Unemployment ETC...All Democrats Fault

Judge Walton: Bush’s commutation of Libby sentence creates impression of unequal justice.

Bush needs to pardon Siegelman or commute his sentence

List of George Bush's transgressions in office

If Jesus' Pipes Need Fixin'!

Glenn Greenwald: Brian Williams' "response" to the military analyst story

"Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book' by Shel Silverstein

The deep dark secret shared by both Senators Clinton and Obama

A friend on Yahoo has a nieghbor that bumped into Jimmy Carter etc...

Verizon activists: CEO shouldn't be chair too

An elephant never forgets? George W. Bush's lost e-mails

Glenn Greenwald going for BriWi's jugular over links with Pentagon's pro-war "analysts"

Nobel Peace Winner Visits U.S. from Iran

"And the fighting intensifies with every passing day." - Richard Engel, NBC News in Baghdad

Sibel Edmonds' documentary "Kill the Messenger" to be shown in Vancouver on May 31st!

North Carolina AG Opens Investigation of Robo Calls

I'm starting my ignore list. Please apply inside...

If the gas tax holiday passes, will it change your driving habits?

Siegelman: Exposing Rove is 'worth every day in prison'

Michael Moore will be on Larry King show tonight for the entire hour

What questions would you put on a test used to qualify American voters?

Wednesday TOON Roundup

A fat man who owned guns was tasered before he received his immunizations he needed before his

Um...what's the latest on Sibel and Lurkery? Haven't seen either for some time...

Tom Perriello Plans to Unseat Virgil Goode

Bush hits all-time low on handling of the economy.

Sen. Webb calls out McCain on GI Bill: ‘He’s so full of it’

Keep Trying, Until They Are Convicted

About That Torture/Waterboarding Thing

I can NOT understand this...

VP's Office To Conyers: "You really ought to be bugging a presidential aide"

R.I.P. Albert Hofmann

We should tax private air travel out of existence - who needs to fly to Disney World?

The Problem of Race

Why progressives should not get too excited by the Recent Supreme Court Photo ID ruling

U.S. Importing 6,700 Tons of Radioactive Sand From Kuwait

I have had it !!!!!!!!! with the world, with taxes, with gas costs, with NcLB,

Sen. Biden: "Al-Qaeda in Iraq is a Bush-fulfilling prophecy: It wasn't there before the war."

Thursday the 5th Anniversary of "Mission Accomplished" 8 more months of the same bushitler crap.

RICA and AD 1590?

RICA and AD 1590?

Plus-sized beauty competing for title of Miss England

Walmart reneging on their promise to let injured employee keep $$$!

Antonin Scalia is a shit head

Best. Job. Ever.

Inventor of LSD dies at age 102

Bush’s explanation for why he was lying in 2006 is itself a lie.

Seen Arianna on NBC/MSNBC lately? Rumor is Tim Russert got her blackballed.

Do you think I should pay a TAX on a Big Mac???

Tim Russert Blackballing Arianna At NBC?

Randi Rhodes returns to XM167 next Monday.

Man set to be 17th exonerated by DNA in Dallas County

Did the Supreme Court Just Elect John McCain?

Dana Perino: 'The media plays up "Mission Accomplished". What's important is TODAY!'

Did Jesus Appear In An Ultrasound?

Islanders want legal right to be 'true lesbians'

Well my 401k has turned to trash. Anyone else?

So, my 8 year old son comes in with an old, home made VHS that was in the garage... HOLY SHIT!

Today, the refineries in America are operating at 85 percent of capacity...Sen. Dick Durbin

When and why did Iran become our no.1 enemy?

Native American Hopi Elders Speak/Warn: (Health of the Planet)

If Japanese-Americans had all been deported from America during WWII...

Did anybody else hear Bernie Sanders on the Senate floor just now?

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Lurita Doan Finally Forced Out At GSA = "asked to submit my resignation"

From Don: Siegelman's new travel restrictions

I am officially finished packing my Fiances stuff...

Hehe, funny email exchange today:

St. Fu! St. Fu! PLEASE shut Tweety's fat f***ing mouth!!!!

Fla. university locked down after gun fired at campus party

Do you guys like the Avis ads with the jealous cars?

The Left Has Lost Its Way, Chris Hedges

The Left Has Lost Its Way, Chris Hedges

there is a news van in front of my house right now.

What if no one were fat?

Mother's Day

"The Alaska Experiment" - Discovery Ch.


Oh lordy I responded to a post in GDP

Okay, can we apply a little rationality to this fat versus skinny issue?

I thought of another fun thing you can post!!!!

Pelosi and Reid Need to Step Down

Try to listen and not tear up. Andrew Johnston, "Britain's Got Talent":

Battlestar Galactica fans! Check it out!

What this with these phone surveys?

Just saw an All-American Rejects concert on I want to hit their lead singer in the face.

Republicans are the lowest slime in the Universe.

Awww - Mr. DTBK always misspeaks and calls Monty "Fergus"

Laura and Jenna Bush on tour - our pictures

Why is a muppet singing "Sweet Caroline" on Fox?

PriceofGas PriceofFood GDPbickering War GlobalWarming PolarBears PeakOil all got you down?

Off to DC tomorrow

Do any of you use African black soap?

I hate chemistry.

GOD DAMN pResident bush. Take NCLB and shove it up your ass

45 Scientists Dump Global Warming Deniers in 24 Hours

OMG, where's pawpicker?

Goodnight, everybody...

Is there a "Dentist Office" radio station that is piped in to all dentist offices nationwide?...

New Zealander riding Vespa scooter across

a quote

Midlo and Madinmaryland WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THIS WAS GOING ON??????

I'm farty today

So I'm Thinking That The Women Of DU Would Put The "Women" Of Feax Snooze To Shame!!!

Go Lakers! - One series down, 3 to go


When are we going to get "stimulated"?

Ryan Seacrest has an awesome tailor

I'm really sad....


Did Stephen Colbert just say that he's interviewing JD Salinger tomorrow?

Do you ever just want someone to tell you

Anyone else ever get checked out for Ménière's?

If God exists, why did He create trolls, or allow trolls to exist? nt

I have come to the conclusion

Good morning Lounge...

AHAHA! My coworker knows me pretty well....

Straight up now tell me... what the hell happened to Paula Abdul last night?

What Would You Do

Bored stiff with People's 100 Most Beautiful People.........

Do you ever just want someone to tell you:

I think Meatloaf and Ann Wilson should do an album together.

I am going to fluff a great band here: Railroad Earth!

No! I think I am coming down with the stomach flu!

I'm sad.

DU, I am on my way back to MN

DU Lounge please inform me who sucks the most

OMG a fucking NC cop filmed in a video kicking his "police" dog

What movie...

So, my daughter tells her *boyfriend* . . .


I am going to fluff the bunny here!

Do you remember in the old days of the Oprah show... all the sensationalist topics, etc.

Why is it so hard to run an effective, efficient meeting?

I have recently made a major discovery about getting old

The little girls I sometimes babysit lost their stepdad this weekend.

Look what I did today...Hot sexy photos!

Anyone else here attend Coachella?

Looks like Joseph Francis has some competition...

I cast you out! Unclean Spirit!

"The universe is not required to conform to human ambition" - Carl Sagan

I'm 40 today.

Truck loaded with 50,000 pounds of ribs catches fire

Behind Disney's Cyrus "outrage" uses "underage looking" models to sell lingerie in China

I created a graphic you can use to understand the mindset of Republicans

The National Review weighs in on Stein's 'Expelled'

This is why I am so happy being back in New England-ATTITUDE!

WOW!!!! Madonna AND Justin Timberlake?!?!?!? What's that???? Together in one song?!?!?!

AFI's choice for the greatest film hero of the 20th century

"GGW" bottom-feeder Joe Francis responds to $10M "Ashley Dupre" lawsuit by offering her $1M

I wake to sirens at 5:45, and helicopters overhead about 15 minutes later.

Less that eighteen hours with a smoke-- I'm going to hit someone, soon

Rolling Stone: "Cheney "Deeply Embarrassed" by Topless Photo in Vanity Fair"

Just being nosy 'bout Skinner

I'm Procrastinating

What have your roommate experiences been like?

"Law & Order: Special Victims unit" (With Robbin Williams) was Excellent tonight.

Town giving free Viagra to senior citizens

DID YOU KNOW? Our government is run by all those old 60's hippies!

CNN just reported Exxon to show porn at the pump!!!


Speaking of zombies, I have a question. In Maximum Overdrive...

Anyone else have a CGILF?

I thought that this thread was going to be extremely hot:

Sir Ian is coming back to play Gandalf in the Hobbit

Anybody have a time-share?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

I'm cold and sleepy . . .

I love afternoon baseball

does anyone of any duilf?

Why would anyone eat at Olive Garden with all the great Italian restaurants in Manhattan?

What happens if I alert on one of my own posts?


Aha! So here is why the right wingers don't like immigrants!

I hope I can rock this f-ing hard when I'm 65 - Ronnie James Dio and "Heaven and Hell"





Late Breaking News about MILF

Okay . . .

May Day!

Mashups are fun! Kraftwerk vs. Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson Doe Sebastian

Always wanted fuller lips, but NOT because of falling face first on the sidewalk

Late breaking news about MILF

This should be stickied...


Uh-oh!! There is a lounge post in GD!!


So I got one of them... whaddyacallit... jobs! Yeah, a job!

Personal calls at work


Awwww... spoiled rich fucks miffed at other spoiled rich fucks....



Why do people have to....

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Weeping "American Idol" reject prepares strategy to "TAKE DOWN FOX"

"Tyler Perry Presents my ________________________"

I'm bummed out and I really shouldn't be........

Play a Country-Western song backwards

Maya Angelou once swerved across a busy highway to run over ducklings.

New pet peeve: Loud music in coffee shops

Reverend Wright Was Seen At Olive Garden Eating With Carrot Top

i'm not here to learn, i just want to get drunk

This stupid freeper floyd fan told me today..

Do Reverends Pastorbait?

Inflatable pig lost during Coachella music festival is found

DU job ethicists and counselors... your input is needed

DU alchemists - need some help

DU alchemists - need some help


Anyone seen my communion kit? Where the hell did I put that thing?!

I Have Communion Kit Hostage

What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

what famous person would you like to take a bath with?

LEAST favorite place to see blood coming out of




I'm in the mood . . .

Hey to everyone that cares...

Hey to everyone that cares...

Waiter, a hot shower and a new shoulder please

A feel-good story...

*^%&** )(UOJHKJH (YT(*^%*&%$&#5 (*&%*&%$*%$#

Bitcher thread!

The funnier film?

Has there ever been a National DU Meet-up proposed?

Is This Tomorrow?

Just posted in GD

I'm going out for Chinese . . .

What If I Like Rev. Wright?

What's a good gym to join?

I think I've found a new sport to watch . . .

I Just Left The Seat Up For Turtleandsue

I'm lonley....but I ain't that lonely yet

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/30/2008)

Okay, I'm An Asshole

Anybody Here Seen An "Asia" Concert Since Their Reunion In '06?

the power of lard

Pitcher thread!

The power of larb

what a nice compliment


I think we have a new cat. We stopped by a friend's house and brought

I'm going to a big gay conference next week.

What's with all the "fat" threads in GD? Two today, one yesterday. Are there

Mouse, the shy cat has been jumping up on my bed, and the minute I look at him

link to look at -- dog-cat, cat-dog.. Sweet Togetherness!

BREAKING NEWS: Reverend Wright Just Tasered At Circuit City

I Am Having KFC


This day in baseball — April 30, 1961

Texas officials looking at possible abuse among FLDS boys

I ruined my diet after succumbing to half of a homemade cupcake

People of Lesbos take gay group to court over term 'Lesbian'

People of Lesbos take gay group to court over term 'Lesbian'

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/30/08

Tomorrow is May day.....

FLDS: Author went undercover, lived with polygamists; confirms baby-abuse

I just realized my chemistry teacher wrote my chemistry textbook.

Betty had a bit of bitter butter, but it made her batter bitter, so

I didn't get the scholarship....

It's like, really bad to get into shouting matches with your Professor

It's like, really bad to get into shouting matches with your Professor

Happy birthday, Call Me Wesley!

Your Favorite Baseball Game "Crowd" Song

Does anybody else have a bad lower back??? Any solutions?

In honor of Call Me Wesley's birthday, come lock a thread!

Sect's boys may have been abused too, agency says (CNN)

Why do women like men who have a bit of the *bad boy* in them?

Is Randi Rhodes coming back to XM?

Hey now, I thought this was daughter was taking her AP US History test

Where would you go in a zombie attack?

Lower speed limits save gas.

If someone is dumb enough to tell me to "Get Over It" in person....

17 minutes without breathing-NEW World Record

God CURSES, Dooms AMERICA Says McCain Backer Pastor Hagee

I know I ask for these a lot, but can I please have some patented Lounge hugs?

How will you be spending your 'economic stimulus' check?

Raw video: Officer stops traffic for duckling crossing (across busy highway)

What to you is a crime worthy of "ass kicking"?

the bar is open

The Reaction To Reverend Wright Reveals How Totally Lame We Have Become

Validation for RateMyProfessor.Com?

What is your favorite trashy novel?

YES! I found it! Why Picard sucks!!!

Play a Country-Western song.

"Fit, but Fat" Demonstrated to be Nonsense

Match Game Story style: "Ethel lost her mummified terrapin in Vancouver. She was _____ donuts."

****Really Bad Product Ideas List 'Em Here****

I f**king HATE being on crutches!!!!! Can I get some sympathy?

Post-op Pupdate

Picture thread!

Just a few questions: What is happening to us?

Tips for Getting Women as "The Nice Guy"?

Mexican Senate approves bill to end criminal penalties for undocumented migrants

Canadian lawmakers hold hearings on Guantanamo detainee

House chairman wants civilian agencies to play larger role in Iraq (Skelton)

Senate Panel Votes to End Waterboarding

Is Iran imminent?

Port Authority Liable in 1993 Trade Center Attack

Presbyterian Church says minister didn't violate rules by presiding over same-sex 'marriages'

US defense chief visits Mexico seeking improved military ties

Bush unique: (Sen) Reid (responds)

IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) pipeline doable: India

Federal Money in Health Care Plan From McCain

China's oil consumption hits record high in Q1

Militiamen ambush drives back US patrol in Sadr City

5.2 earthquake hits Northern California

N-deal not dead but Indian politics stumbling block: US

Deleted Pro-Clinton Blog Entry from National Press Club Rev. Wright Appearance Organizer

Khadr's only hope for a fair trial is in Canada: lawyer

AP Exclusive: 2 beef processors cited for humane violations

Skelton: Improve readiness by leaving Iraq

Manila Bans Organs for Foreigners

Afghan intelligence chief says Karzai assassination plan hatched in Pakistan

White House cautions against effort in Congress to restrict US aid to Iraq

Hinchey pushes legislation to lower gas prices, urges passage of energy bills

Vets say they feel misled about GI benefits

Sadr City bloodshed kills 925 Iraqis

McCain Offers Market-Based Health Plan

Cries of 'Duce Duce' salute Rome's new mayor

Rockefeller Family Pushing Exxon to Go Green

US marines launch mini surge to weaken Taliban

"Hostile" Iran Sparks U.S. Attack Plan

Islanders want legal right to be 'true lesbians'

Iraq Oil Revenue Rises on Higher Prices, Shipments (Update1)

US report says al-Qaida gaining strength in Afghanistan

Fed cuts key rate by a quarter-point

Obama picks up Baron Hill support (Blue Dog Democrat)

US Jewish leaders call for boycott of Beijing Olympics

At least 925 people killed in Iraq's Sadr City clashes

Pentagon officials may beef up command role in Afghanistan

New Mexico police remove 3 children from church compound

Dorgan tries to revive bid for Iraq contracts panel (waste, fraud and abuse)

CIA chief says Europe, US may never agree on security threats

Hamas are Iran's proxy warriors: Rice

AMPTP, SAG not close to contract

Iraq PM Accuses Shiite Militia Of Using Saddam Tactics (human shields)

Iraq's Maliki: state will disarm militia by force

US military deaths in Iraq at 4,058 (2 soldiers killed Tuesday)

GM posts $3 billion loss

Wal-Mart to cash tax rebate checks for free

U.S. deaths in Iraq at seven-month high in April

Administration brings back one-year Treasury security

CIA director says Iran wants to kill Americans in Iraq

Appeals Court Tosses Out NYC Lawsuit Against Gun Industry

Gates reveals plan to counter drug cartels(Merida Initiative)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 30

Anchorage food prices soar with fuel costs

Fed Trims Rate to 2%, Seventh Cut Since Squeeze Began

Lurita Doan finally forced out at GSA

Venezuelan ex-general sentenced in 2003 bombings

Studies on Chemical In Plastics Questioned ( Dems question FDA approvals)

Republican Brand Sinks to Record Low

Young tries to explain Coconut Road earmark

Grain Companies' Profits Soar As Global Food Crisis Mounts

US secrecy boss on the attack over torture brief(never should've been classified)

San Diego Republicans React to Chairman's Piracy Past

Gates says 2nd carrier in Gulf is 'reminder' to Iran

White House admits fault on 'Mission Accomplished' banner

US officials: Decision on confronting Iran up to Iraq

Shell Oil president: To cut price, produce more gasoline in U.S.

Idaho lab develops a quicker way to catch a thief

Clinton-McCain gas tax holiday slammed as bad idea

Fearing stigma, US soldiers hide mental problems: study

D.C. nonprofit aimed at women voters behind deceptive N.C. robo-calls (Clinton ties?)

Iran conducts all crude trade in euro, yen - link

Pa. senator says slavery would pass in a secret ballot

Official: History of injuries found in polygamist sect kids

Libya slams UN walkout over Holocaust remark

Aviation companies blame FBI, CIA and terrorists for 9/11

Engineers find 'missing link' of electronics

San Diego GOP Chairman founded international piracy ring

MILF blames govt for crisis in peace talks

UN experts urge Colombia to try to stop killings

Libby judge says Bush sent wrong signal (worries about perception of inequality in justice)

Concentration camp doctor heads list of top 10 wanted Nazis

'Dirty war' witness goes missing (Kissinger supported junta)

The Onion: Congress Debates Merits Of New Catchphrase

John McCain Ardently OPPOSING Bush Tax Cuts (3/18/03)

CNN On John McCain and Hagee

Chris Shays' "oversight" of GSA Administrator Lurita Doan

Follow-Up Hearing on GSA Misconduct: Clay's Questions

Follow-Up Hearing on GSA Misconduct: Cummings' Questions

Follow-Up Hearing on GSA Misconduct: Waxman's Opening

The Onion: '9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous' - Al Qaeda

Countdown: McCain Double-Talk (w/ Rachel Maddow) 4/29

Max Keiser on dollar role in global food crisis

Thanks for the memories, Lurita Doan

Ashcroft And Subpoenas

7:32 of Newt projecting his lard a** off on The View

ILWU Strike Against Iraq War - May 1, 2008

Stephanopoulos & Gibson: Certified media whores for Clinton

Red State Update: You Thought Rev. Wright Was Bad...

Maya Angelou - Clinton Ad

Countdown: A second U.S. aircraft carrier pulls into Persian Gulf (plus world's worst)


Hillary and O'Reilly get all excited about how unAmerican Wright is

Nebraska Values (Scott Kleeb new video)

Economists and Experts Agree Obama Correct on Gas Tax

Lurita Doan fights over grammar and conjecture. = Doan and Tierney

Follow-Up Hearing on GSA Misconduct: Waxman's Closing

Beating the War Drums against Iran: Nukes, nukes, killing Americans, Propaganda

Financial Crisis Protest NYC

Dana Perino contemplates what *Mission Accomplished* really meant

Lord Pissypants bullies Martha Raddatz: Hulk Smash! Jihadists!

A Democratic Political Coward

TPMtv: McCain's Yes, No, Maybe (Iraq/Korea analogy)

Dan Abrams and panel discuss Obama's reaction to Wright

Monica Conyers Gets Schooled By A Smart 6th Grader


TYT: Clinton Leads The SwiftBoating Against Obama

Breaking: McCain Ups the Ante to One Million Years

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) Defends His Coconut Road Earmark

The Clintons Behind Natl Press Club Invite To Rev. Wright?

Feel the inspriation of 'Mr. Excitement' talking about healthcare


SEIU Pro-Obama Ad: "IN Obama"

New Obama Ad Responding To The Gas Tax

Hillary Vs. The Coffee Maker

Nancy Pelosi Rubber Chicken

Obama Lines Up New Spiritual Adviser: One Who Takes a Vow of Silence

Halliburton Bribe Case Haunts Cheney

Intelligence serves as propaganda (UK Independent via Seattle PI)

US blundered by crying wolf and keeping secrets

Independent UK: America's grim newspaper story

A Litany of Horrors; America's University of Imperialism By Chalmers Johnson

Freedom Rider: Sean Bell and Wesley Snipes

CAFTA's Bloodtrails

The RAND Corporation: America's University of Imperialism

John Nichols: Wright, Jefferson and the Wrath of God


McCain and the Decline of the U.S. (Brad DeLong, Project Syndicate)

(Martin Luther) King and the Jews

John McCain Gets Tax-free Disability Pension

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Audacity of Our Gotcha Media

Wasserman/Fitrakis: Did the US Supreme Court just elect John McCain?

Hillary Criticizes Obama's Basketball Playing

Mothers know the cost of war

Siphoning Off Corn to Fuel Our Cars

Arianna Huffington: Shameful Days: Why Won't The Media Pursue the Pentagon Propaganda Scandal?

Did the US Supreme Court just elect John McCain?

The Escape Artist

My Pastor Is Holier Than Yours

TYT: McCain Flip Flops On The Iraq War

Vanity Fair: When Democrats Go Post-al

Gene Lyons riffs on The First Amendment

Gas Prices: Why aren’t people madder? - A look at the Republcan double standard.

A Hungry Mob is an Angry Mob

Chinese slave children 'sold like cabbages'

Right wingers set up a fake anti-war group. (Re-create 68)

Watching the Sundance Channel.'s ...The Green.

'Decade to save Asian vultures' - BBC

"When bananas ruled the world"

Vermont Yankee wants to raid decommission fund

Insects left disfigured by nuclear radiation

Pellet mills retool state's aging wood industry (Maine)

Coal and agrofuels win the subsidy sweepstakes

The folly of Liquid Coal

99.9% Of White-Backed Vultures Gone Since 1992, Two Other Species Down 97% Thanks To Diclofenac

British Scientists Alarmed By Levels Of Arsenic In Rice-Based Baby Formulas - AFP

As Grain Crunch Continues, Chinese Companies Eyeing S. America, Russia As Farm Sites - AFP

Pew Commission - Livestock Industry Threatened Funding Cuts To Scientists Engaged In Survey - DMR

Looking Back In Anger - 20 Yrs After Australian Environmental Summit, Leaders See Grim Outlook - SMH

2 Weeks For ChimpCo Decision On Polar Bear Endangered/Threatened Status - NYT

Tensions, Public Anger Still Building In Egypt Over Food Prices - USA Today

Qatari Energy Minister Warns Of Possibility Of $200 Oil -

Hundreds Of Ducks Dead Or Dying After Landing On Syncrude Tar Sands Tailing Pond

Say Hello To OREC - The Organization Of Rice-Exporting Countries - Forbes

Woods Hole Develops Buoy Network To Transmit Right Whales' Whereabouts To Ships - AFP

Unless the ice loss magically levels off

Food for cars

Rockefellers call for change at Exxon Mobil - Reuters

Portland, Oregon wins bike friendly honors

Bush again calls for drilling in Alaska wildlife preserve

X Prize: $100 Million for Clean Fuels

Global tourism struggles to shrink environmental footprint

Does anyone have numbers on what oil and commodity prices would be without Corn based Ethanol?

Bizarre Flooding Ongoing in Ohio

Leveraging the Right to supporting GHG reductions

Diablo muzzles workers concerned about plant safety, SLO group alleges

An Open Letter to Our Next President about Energy

Keeping fed

NOAA/USGS - Abrupt Climate Change Review Draft - Synthesis & Assessment Report

Experts Urge Bangladesh To Tap Coal Reserves Before Natural Gas Runs Out - Reuters

'Free Energy' & Giza Pyramid

Dumb As We Wanna Be - Friedman On McCain/Clinton Gas Tax Proposal - NYT

Mexico To Reduce Oil Exports To US By 184,000 Barrels/Day In 2008 - Penn Energy

Melting Andean Glaciers Could Leave 30 Million High and Dry

Possibly silly question about storing energy

MIT Technolocy Review on Lithium-ion for transportation

Scientific American: Nuclear Fuel Recycling: More Trouble Than It's Worth

Study: Recruits on waivers get promoted faster

Medic testifies E-5 told him to suffocate Iraqi

Militia ambush drives back U.S. patrol in Iraq

7 soldiers injured in training mishap

FBI: Pipe bomb vet sought revenge over mom

Skelton: Improve readiness by leaving Iraq

Guard recruit dies after training

Colin Powell: Military ‘stretched’

Editorial: Exchange bill off base

Surface force ‘pauses’ amid readiness worries

Navy to conduct attitude surveys in Japan

Arabic made focus for Iraq-bound battalion

New Pendleton recycling center reaps millions

Marines launch assault into Taliban-held area

U.S., Iraqi forces see spike in IEDs in April

Earnhardt gets Navy recruit quota

Editorial: Environmental warriors

Gates opposes Senate GI Bill improvements

Colonel testifies on interference at Gitmo

Editorial: Get rid of officers who cross ethical boundaries

Backtalk: New world, new strategy

Puppy toss incident still being investigated

130 Charleston airmen deploy to war zones

Where can I check to find a Veterans rank when they left the service?

Army-wide barracks inspection ordered

Predator airstrikes hit all-time high in Iraq

Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living

Workplace deaths rise in California, nation

Drywall Finishers Reaffirm Their Support of Painters Union

Letters to the editor: Trade pact bad for human rights & The guerrillas in their midst

‘Card check’ bill would help prevent intimidation of employees

Activistas piden más protección para latinos

Workers Win Court Battle For Union Representation After Ten Years

Union Members Ask McCain: What About Workers’ Rights?

Today in labor history April 30, killed 109 miners

700 Oklahoma AFSCME Members Win First Contract and More Bargaining News

Global Unions Condemn Murders of Honduran Union Leaders

Every $1 Billion Spent on Rebuilding Infrastructure Creates 42,000 Jobs

Pea harvesters win farm fight (UFW)

Ambulance firm EMTs go on strike in dispute over salary

What do you think Americans will do with their "stimulus checks"?

Has the Financial Industry's Heyday Come and Gone?

It is one thing to be swindled during foreclosure

Borrowers trash homes.

Barclays Issues Warning on ‘Underwater’ Borrowers

People of Lesbos take gay group to court over term 'Lesbian'

I think the word "homophobia" legitimizes narrow minded bigotry in a way.

I'm beginning to wonder

Reject intolerance cloaked in faith


Gays and lesbians are "self-absorbed narcissists!

Greek Lesbians Sued For Calling Themselves... Er, Lesbians

Jews Leaving Bolivia as Morales Favors Socialism, Iran, Chavez

Bolivian Students Against Autonomy Referendum

Colombia arrests 15 soldiers for peasant killings

Venezuelan Military Destroys Colombian Paramilitary Camp in Venezuela

Venezuela inflation takes off

Colombian police kill suspected drug lord

suggestions on what to take when traveling to Cuba

In Cuba, 'On the Left' Means A Flourishing Black Market

U.S. terror report cites Venezuela, Iran

UN experts urge Colombia to try to stop killings

'Our Dreams Are Dead’

U.S. Jewish leaders call for boycott of Beijing Olympics

Germany opens world's largest archive of Nazi documents

Hamas TV Perversion: Zionists planned Holocaust....

Hamas: Hundred of thousands ready to become martyrs

Army did not know it was firing at TV crew: Israel

Amnesty International calls for independent investigation into killings by Israeli Forces

900 rockets on southern Israel in 2008 already

"The egg is hopelessly scrambled"

Palestinians agree Israel truce

Venezuelan ex-general sentenced in 2003 bombings

Reflections on the Palestine return movement

U.S. terror report cites Venezuela, Iran

CUBA Denounces US Radio, TV Aggression

Uribe has highest approval rating in latin american, next Correa

Is Israel finished? Five questions

El Salvador and Venezuela top world homicide rate

Anyone want to comment on starting a forum on the General Election / McCain:

Voted for Obama today. Sigh.

How Will Robinson revolutionized the game of basketball


All of these coach firings are just stupid.

The PHILLIES will be over .500 on 1 May

Boxing: April 30 - May 3

Huzzah! (Longhorn is improving re: cancer dx).

Rick DiClemente's Starself Astrology Newsletter for May

Derby Entries up

Okay, who broke

Galactic Diplomacy

DUer would probably like to see us

The Weight Room

May 2008 Prayer, Light & Healing Requests Thread

So I made these chocolate chipp cookies....

herb flavor help please

Oh, NO.....

I have a medical question, is there a medical blog or is this it? nm

Anyone have a severe long-lasting respiratory malady this winter & spring?

I wonder ... how many pastors of snake-handling white churches

Liberation Theologians Please Speak Up!

When was it okay to say doctors should wash their hands before delivering babies?

Does the laid back religious nature of the Danes cause them to be happier & healthier, also?

Huge squid has world's largest eye, say scientists (CNN)

More "sensible" gun legislation, moving forward!!!

Why as a gun owner i want obama as president

'Castle doctrine' likely will apply in fatal shooting (San Antonio TX)

More suicides, accidents by "responsible gun owners"

An African Speaks out on Refugees

Stunningly beautiful pics set to music

looking for the ultimate chocolate cake recipe

Well what do ya think of this....

This Week in 9/11 Truth

MSNBC today at 4:00 pm or so

Want to say something positive to this group

Deceptive GOP ad blames Democrats for High Gas Prices

"How to prepare for a possible depression" Tonight's Good Question on WCCO's 10 o'clock news

How hurt is Al Franken by this new financial problem?

The Private CIA

Grand jury indicts Tex. Sup. Ct. justice's wife on arson charge

Reporter needs Computer Tekkie to find hidden files on website

Can you download a TV show from the CBS web site that posts

When upgrading to a new version of Word.....

FL-13: After Records Reveal E-Voting Glitches, Election Official Jokes She'll Stop Keeping Records

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Wednesday 04/30/08

Multi state, Clinton linked vote suppression operation targets black voters.

Why Jack Wins

The more I see Richardson the more I like him for Obama's VP

Get your donation in before the April 30th reporting deadline!

No more vitamins? WTF?

Today I received a lay off notice at the close of this school year...

Aviation companies blame FBI, CIA and terrorists for 9/11

CA GOP Finance Chair Exposed as Piracy Ring Founder

Lobbyists make new friends with Assembly Democrats

For those still broken-hearted about Favre retiring...

Our boy Russ is makin' some waves, yay!!

Labour rebels renew threat to vote against tax plans

Predictions for the morrow?

Did you hear they're selling Pat Condell DVDs on Dawkins' site?

I have found god ;)

KOEB - 4-29-2008 Barack totally disavows Wright edition