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Obama : "I'd hit Gore"

Wow, Hanoi Jane has everybody up in arms around here...

Obama endorsed by Lee Hamilton

Admirals and Generals endorse Hillary - great video

Caught my nephew eating a Big Mac on the side of the garage. He used Big Dog as a defense.

Htler bowled 243 average ,Hill had 3 300 games ,Obama? Not.

...Wait a minute.

Rule #1 about American Presidential elections

Ok,lets face it,if Obama's full of shit,we're royally screwed.

Do Ya Get The Feeing That Pretty Soon, The Hillary Supporters Are Gonna Run Outta Busses ???

What does a smile reveal?

Do you like Hillary's supporters calling Hillary "Goddess of Peace"

Do you like Hillary's supporters calling Hillary "Goddess of Peace"

Hillary is right, Obama can't win the general election, he's being propped up by blacks block voting

Colbert Challenge Update - PA Schools

I am suspicious of McCain

I am suspicious of McCain

Caught my niece coming home late from a party. She said she dodged sniper fire like Hillary

The only way Hillary can make herself a national hero in her life is for her to.........

You May be Rocky Balboa....

Could we stop talking about race and gender constantly? WTF?

Don't you see what you Clintobomatrons are doing ?

Google battle

Gallup Poll: Clinton vs. McCain & Obama vs. McCain as seen by Reps & Dems

Gallup Poll: Clinton vs. McCain & Obama vs. McCain as seen by Reps & Dems

Fuck! This photo was taken today outside the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO.

So will Hillary Clinton's claim that Obama can't be elected help or hurt her in upcoming primaries?

Hey!!!!! Hey, DU, WTF is going on???

Hillarious Predictions -- 5 second clip confirming her omniscience.

oh my god.... she is being such an A-HOLE.... somebody please tell her to stop!

An elderly friend: 20 hours in the corridor of the emergency room

An alternate take on Democratic coat tails in '08 election.

oh my god.... he is being such an A-HOLE.... somebody please tell him to stop!

Pike County, PA Clinton office opened. They have my refrigerator and coffee pot.

John Nichols: Endorsements and Focus Aid Obama in Pennsylvania

Hillary can't win the general election, she's being propped up by white female Democrat block voting

So let's have an honest discussion of racism and sexism on DU like Obama wants, is that possible?

Fox News .... Is giving the public news on Obama v Clinton?

Are you listening to Hillary discuss the economics with Cramer?

Looks like those angry villagers finally caught up with him.

Hillary is too good at Bowling.. something is wrong here.

Elizabeth Edwards and Clinton Health Plan

High Level Source confirms Obama to drop out of race by July 2008

DNC convention stance surprises campaigns (Will seat FL & MI)!!!!!!!!

Obama office opening monday Apr 7 Lexington Ky at

I'm sick of hearing that Obama only wins because of African American votes, because it's fucking BS

I'm sick of hearing that Obama only wins because of African American votes, because it's fucking BS

Hillary Clintons' Donnie McClurkins

Does anyone on Du know the percentage of the

U.S. learns Iraq's army can't cut it

There are tasteful ways to discuss racial and gender democraphics in this election....

deleted post

The Death of a Good Democrat.

Hillary isn't dropping out any time soon.

Hillary Supporters: I know where you got your latest talking point

Does Hillary genuinly think Barack can't win because he's black? Or is it another excuse?

New Obama campaign slogan: "You're wearing me out."

Psychological Warfare As Last Resort...

Onion satire: It's not just words anymore. Still pretty damn prescient, all the same.

delete duplicate thread

LA Times: Clinton on the sidelines of efforts to end the war

Hillary has had only one high profile endorsement since super Tuesday

Rabid Hillarite Response to Obama's PA Upswing, 'Operation Send in the Clown'

I walked into GD:P this morning - and the discussion is sillier than ever

Effete Obama owes Clinton a debt of gratitude

The McCain Problem (Yes he might Win)

New Poll data - Obama ahead by 2 points in PA!

Krugman is to Obama supporters as Olbermann is to Clinton supporters

10 Questions...which Obama refuses to answer!!

The only issue that matters to me

Remember how nice and civil last week was?

Anyone that stirs the "Race/Gender" honeypot

High Level Sources confirms Hillary Clinton to DROP OUT of Presidential race on April 14th

Does Hillary Clinton support gay MARRIAGE? Simple question. It seems like there are those who


Can anyone explain to me . . .

Am I dreaming?

Illegal drugs, Keating 5,...etc...

Obama Catches Clinton in Support From Superdelegate Lawmakers

Both of our candidates are handing it to McCain on a silver platter.

If Clinton's Tax Info Redacts Bill's Portion will THAT be OK?

Obama is a great candidate. He's run a primary campaign unlike anything I recall in my

MOJO Blog: Please, Please Go Away, Joe Lieberman

Obama Labeled as Flirt by Huffington Post Article


Something Ironic about that Hillary Supporter Strike...

Obama- on "special interests"

1996 reports HRC swooping in on Black Hawks protected by sharpshooters

Hey it's not me, my link made me do it.


Pssst. Hey Clinton Supporters.... Come Here. (PIC HEAVY)

The biggest clue that Obama will be the nominee is the SD trend of the past 2 months

Since DU is a good contrarian indicator of political success for both candidates and issues, Obama

Democrats will seat Florida's delegation

Wake Me Up When It's Over

Obama readies plan to reshape the electorate


Hillary is on Cramer right now CNBC

It's official! Obama Catches Clinton in Support From Superdelegate Lawmakers

Hillary's Tax Returns : Has Anyone Seen Them Yet ?

Hillary already conceding to McCain on National Security with her latest "3am" ad

To Hillary's credit, she probably does believe Obama can't win...

Jane Fonda endorses Barack Obama; there goes his crossover vote

Jon Corzine (paraphrased) if Hillary doesn't win BIG in PA"

"Obama Can't Win"

Comment On MSNBC's Handling Of Obama Appearance On Hardball College Tour......

Obama Catches Clinton in Support From Superdelegate Lawmakers

Message to you HILLARY: Keep up the lame Negative attacks.

MSNBC: Richardson tells Clintons: "Get over it."

Does the Defense Department get a busy signal when Hillary's on the phone at 3AM talking economics?

Latest polling trends: PA and NC

Overheard in a restaurant tonight

Has Sen Obama expressed disapproval in us writing to super-delegates? If so please post a link.

Can the Obama graphics People get more "Orwellian?"

Corzine "reserves the right" to Flip from Clinton to Obama

Obama changes tactic: Now starts lying about McCain instead of Clinton

If Hillary can hardly afford to campaign in PA, how can she afford FL and MI?

Beer Executive Could Be Next First Lady

Went down to the crossroads...

Which polls have been the most accurate this primary season?

Hillary vows to sabotage Obama's campaign as the nominee

"Obama can't win....Obama can't win...Obama can't win...Obama can't win..

Obama should go all-in in Pennsylvania and end this race

Very interesting interview in GQ w/Rove - Omen of GE strategy?

Quote of the Day

Hillary to release her fundraising numbers at 4:20 pm on 4/20

So who's left that's still OK?

White Fright is a Canard: a little anecdote

Do you think that the democratic nominee will be chosen before the convention?

Jimmy Carter Endorses Obama (without endorsing)

GOP gaming the message boards

Hillary and Obama supporters in Kentucky. Important, keep kicked.

DUers Defending Rove In Even The Slightest

Blog bickering called poison to Democrats

Only 12,000 Republicans have crossed over in N. Carolina (Limbaugh effect overrated)

Here's what Obama should do at his first debate vs. McSame

Bush's future will be hotter than Hell (Tom Toles)

I Just Got Back From My Weekly Obama Volunteer Region Meeting...

So you want to be a McLame Democrat?

The Bosnia footage that MSM doesnt show

A reminder of why I am proud that Jimmy Carter indicated support for Obama

Is Either Party Really Principled?

Hillary to Richardson: "He cannot win Bill. He Cannot win." does she know something we don't?

The Right Choice? The conservative case for Barack Obama

Why is Hillary too much of a coward and refuses to appear on the Hardball PA College Tour?

Mississippi State Democrats reverses TVOR - fight continues

Can't decide which disingenuous attack to throw at Obama today?

Gore Vidal supports Hillary

Something to think about

So, what's Obama going to find once he's in the white house..

I just can't believe Bill Clinton would lie about something as petty as the Richardson thing...

Is Hillary saving a huge pile of promised endorsements for a final bang?

I just had an email read on David Gregory's new show...

MSNBC Jane Fonda picks Obama

Superdelegates: Guide to undecideds

New Clinton Campaign Ad Targets McCain on Economy

Anybody see Michael Smerconish on Abrams show yesterday re: Obama? Up is now down.

Anybody see Michael Smerconish on Abrams show yesterday re: Obama? Up is now down.

Clinton edits Texas ad for Pennsylvania (3 am "economic crisis" phone call)


ABC~ Clinton tax returns to see offshore income?

Wow, it's so much nicer in here...the clouds are gone and the sky is blue



Wow, Clinton will not release her March Fundraising numbers until LEGAL deadline, 4/20!

Moral of the story "Thorns trump pearls every time" Just ask Randi Rhodes.

Clinton winning Asian-American superdelegates 3:1 over Obama

The Numbers in Hillary's Favor

Hillary's Tax Returns Coming - maybe today or tomorrow. Holding fundraising #s till deadline.

If Richardson had gave his word not to endorse Obama, I wonder why did he get visited 5 times.

Ticket giveaway steals Bill Clinton's thunder

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 46 (+2), Hillary 43 (-2) ; INTRADE: Obama at 83%, Hillary at 15%

Wes Clark on Clinton (would be "great president"), Iraq, the AUMF, and electability

Can Reid play a part in Hillary's withdrawal from the race?

Senator Borama.

Is NJ Gov. Corazine open to Obama switch?

Obama back up in Rasmussen poll 46% to 43%, Maintains steady lead in Gallup

One thing Hillary supporters have in common with republicans: they are not based in reality.

on dobson and mclame--by a local columnist

Is fear causing Super Delegates to be hesitant to commit?

I'm tired of hearing Obama hasn't done much

Does anybody else get the sense of things winding down?

Does anybody else get the sense of things winding down?

Obama Needs to Add "This is America. Yes, We Can."

All Hillary supporters willing to bet she will be the nominee, let's bring it

The Clintons have made more than $50 million since leaving the WH but mysteries remain

Clinton camp - Ha ha, just kidding, we really didn't MEAN he was unelectable

Curious, which other message boards do GDP posters frequent?

Got an idea for an anti-McCain ad - variation on the 3 AM phone call theme...

at this point I'm feeling pretty sad for athletic supporters

Ari Gold Endorses Obama!

Reasons I would vote for McCain:

What Will You Do After The Primary Race Is Over?

3:30 EST Author Alan Katz (who asks whether or not Obama hates Islam) Joins TYT @

She's REAL.

She's REAL.

MAJOR BIG endorsement for clinton. could win her the nomination

do you some democrats told HIllary to quit on purpose just so Dean and Pelosi can say "let her keep

More good PA poll news for Obama (details about PPP poll method)

You know, I'm liking Hilary better lately.

At this point I'm starting to feel pretty sad for Hillary's supporters

Carter hints at supporting Obama

It takes 270 electoral votes for a Presidental win. Post your electoral prediction! (dialup warning)

Local Pittsburgh coverage of Michelle Obama's speech yesterday

What if Democrats used Popular Vote?

Clinton raised around 20 Million for March. No word on how much of that is for the primary.

Clinton raised around 20 Million for March. No word on how much of that is for the primary.

There's nothing more pathetic and sad than power-deluded Hillary supporters...

At this point I'm feeling pretty sad for LaRouche supporters

Insider Advantage PA Poll(April 3): Clinton 45, Obama 42

Political Entrance Music Sets the Mood

theres nothing more pathetic and sad than a power hungry/desperate woman who doesn't

Hopefully Obama is not peaking too soon.

"12% of voters who don't like Obama say its because they think he's a Muslim"

New IA Poll confirms Obama and Clinton in PA dead heat! 45-43 Hillary

New IA Poll confirms Obama and Clinton in PA dead heat! 45-43 Hillary

Its not a horseshoe game.The closest doesnt win.The score is 0-0 unless someone gets 2025

Hillary says Obama can't win. What is she plotting? Does she want to destroy the Democratic Party?

UT OH!!!

Young Voters: Damned if We Do, Damned if We Don't

The Nixon/Clinton/Obama health care reforms = failure

Clinton regarding PA primary: "It's going to be a close race...I am being outspent"

Clinton Unveils Proposal To Spur Growth In Economy Driven By Science

Clinton Unveils Proposal To Spur Growth In Economy Driven By Science

Gallup: McCain least popular of the three candidates

Clinton - Obama debate set in NC for April 27th

Clinton - Obama debate set in NC for April 27th

I believe Obama would be consistent in General Election while Hillary will dump the left

MSNBC: HRC campaign claims that Richardson told them "Obama couldn't win"

Obama cartoon

"Democrats ONLY bash Bush because they don't have ideas of their own!"

"Democrats ONLY bash Bush because they don't have ideas of their own!"

A comparison of success

Clinton's Cadre of Coconut-heads

Obama failing to mend ties with rest of world

The Day.,... The Subprime.... Died.

Jules Feiffer is dead to me, Dead, I tell ya

Jules Feiffer is dead to me, Dead, I tell ya

Jules Feiffer is dead to me, Dead, I tell ya

Letter Backfired: DCCC Donations Spike After Clinton Supporters' Threat

About the Clinton campaign's money troubles, does anyone else

Sexist Attacks on Hillary Clinton HURT ALL WOMEN

What fresh hell is this? "DUscoveryChannel"?

BusinessWeek: Facetme with Barack Obama, April 3, 2008

Carter Strongly Hints at Support for Obama

Now that the numbers in PA are getting close, on to the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE: what do we know ...

A serious question on how to answer some John McCain supporters:

The popular vote is not relevant.

"Superdelegates" what is that the new "Soccer Mom" or something? Did Frank Luntz come up with that?

I was told this wasn't sofisticated enough for the Lounge, but Obama/Nader!

What did Clinton just say about Gore?

Which one are you?

Donna Brazile responds to rabid Hillary supporter: Buzz off jerk!

Obama NOW doing better than Hillary against McCain in Electoral Votes!!

Who can't win?

Harkin: Bill Clinton “Ought to Chill Out a Little Bit”

OMG ! This is going to change all the polls! Obama caught

George W Bush: from drunk to world leader

Only "Assholes" Fret about Torture

What Happened to the CLINTONS?

Truthdig: Torture’s Poet Laureate

General Barry McCaffrey (Ret) - pretty impressive!

Poor nations demand climate money

Campaign Alert: MSNBC: John Edwards will not accept VP job

Some Asians in US using sex selection

The shadow president. (And no, I don't mean Dick Cheney)

Murtha: Clinton Cannot Win Nomination Without Popular Vote

Why doesn't Obama reply to the most liberal RW talking point thusly

Latest Clinton Lie-gate: "Obama can't win"

‘Nonlethal’ Stun Gun Claims Another Life

Independent UK: Mortgage approvals fall to near decade low as two more banks suspend lending

I just got my OBAMA 08 Shirt!

Happy Fifth Anniversary KO

Not Hillary bashing....

Oregon Obama Supporters

Amy Goodman: Where Do We Go From Here?

NATO allies turn down Bush request

Pennsylvania Strategic Vision Poll: Clinton 49, Obama 41

Who Do You Think WILL Be The Eventual Democratic Nominee?

A Growing List of People That DoNotMatter Anymore

Ewww! Caption?

Enron slimebucket Skilling seeks to reverse verdict

A little reminder of why I'll do everything possible to get a Dem in the WH this year

Barack will be the keynote speaker at the North Dakota Democratic NPL State Convention Tomorrow

Interesting Article - Obama's Patriotism Problem

Hillary's a fighter? What is she fighting for?

What kind of President do you want?

Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" is backfiring ... here's proof ...

Military feels pain of rising gas rates (Iraqis pay only about $1.36 a gallon)

Why Can't We Just Get Along ? At my Senate District Convention the Clinton and Obama People did

Popular Vote Pugilism

Our need to be heard and have our opinions respected.

Offshore income, offshore bank accounts and taxes and the 2008 Primaries

What do spokesmen for political campaigns have in common with "baghdad bob"...

$153 million a month goes to filling up jets, tankers, cargo in Iraq

$153 million a month goes to filling up jets, tankers, cargo in Iraq

I like General Discussion so much better than GD:P

There go those gays again with their "agenda"....The AFA targets McDonalds

New poll shows Hillary maintaining her lead in Pennsylvania!!!!

Faux outrage from HRC supporters is sooooo loathsome.

Calling on all Democrats

My trip to a clinic today

Who was upset when Rush lost his ESPN job because of comments about Donovan McNabb?

Hillary Tried To Join The MARINES??

On CNN a few minutes ago they were talking about the United Church of Christ's press conference..

Anti-Obama, Anti-African American Flyer Found on SC State Rep's Desk

Good News! Homosexuality NOT considered a physical disability!

Cornerstone loses its bid to join the UIL (John Hagee's Church)

Kerry: "It was McCain's operatives who approached us first (re:VP spot in 2004)"

If John McCain is your second choice, it doesn't say a lot about your first choice

Andrea Mitchell should be suspended.

The Creekside Declaration...

Pledge Allegiance To The Flag- Whatever Flag They Offer

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

For Hillary supporters..

Raw Video: Bill Clinton Heckled

Bill Richardson responds to accusations...says he never questioned Obama's electability

Fuel price increases for truckers?

So, I gather the "boycott" is over?

So, I gather the "boycott" is over?

Dan Foomkin: Call It The Abu Ghraib Memo

Anyone remember this ad by the Republican Party?

I think this has bad idea written all over it

John Scott of Green 960 is NOW discussing the Randi Rhodes suspension. LISTEN LIVE:

Faster computers may use light instead of electricity

Here's my favorite Clinton-related pastor...

I am still really confused on this whole war thing

So some progressives and Air Head America don't believe in free speech

Chicago Tribune: Who is the real Patriot? This article made me incredibly angry

The World Bank's Climate Profiteering

POLL: Obama beats Hillary and McCain on shares American values, cares about people, unites country

Interest in election goes viral, as primary rivets people

Obama: 'Democrats have to say, Even though I'm a progressive, I believe in being practical'

Finally got an Obama yard sign!

Hillary's refusal to drop out isn't infuriating. It's sad and pathetic.

John Stewart et al are tearing MCSameasBush

I'm sitting back laughing at these ASS WHIPE pundits talk about how McCaine is going to be tough

We are not a nation of one, we are a nation of villages, and villages in villages

So, I just got home from work

BREAKING: McCain announces VP pick.

Can a candidacy declare bankruptcy? And is Hillary earning interest from her loan to herself?

Why I think the Iran strike is imminent.

Carry On My Wayward Clinton... There'll be Peace When You are Done

Why do the Clintons keep talking about Richardson?

Clinton Accepts North Carolina CBS Debate

Bill Scher: So You'll Be Giving Back Those Oil Subsidies Then?

The 44th President

5th-grader finds mistake at Smithsonian

ABC anticipates Clinton tax returns to see offshore income - video at link.....

ABC anticipates Clinton tax returns to see offshore income - video at link.....

Is this the time to buy stocks? (From "How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis")

U.S. learns Iraq's army can't cut it

MA State Treasurer Timothy Cahill, "Hoard your cash"

I don't see slang vulgar words such as.....

"Hills" airhead Montag Endorses McCain for President

Mass. leads bid to limit greenhouse emissions

I just donated to Hillary Clinton :)

Hey DU! Elizabeth Edwards takes a Fellowship at Harvard! (for 3 days only??)

Sirota: "Events Prove Obama-Clinton Race Chasm Article...Correct!

CNN claims it got WalMart to drop the suit against the Shanks...

Nancy Pelosi steps in for Tammy Baldwin's partner, who was nearly stopped by the Pentagon

What do political donations get you? $800 million in Florida!

Bush presidency 90% over (nt)

Killer’s sex change gets new look

some inconvenient facts, and what the dems will face from the msm

If Canada can bar Paris Hilton, why don't they bar Chimpy?

CBS NY Times Poll: Obama 46 Clinton 43...56% of Dems say Obama has the best chance to beat McCain.

I'll be going to a Clinton rally tomorrow....suggestions for a question to ask?

Man wrestles croc to rescue wife

Man wrestles croc to rescue wife

US air strikes return in southern Iraq - Iraq's Sadr calls for million-strong march

msm loves mcCain

So...When does Limbaugh get suspended?

Sergeant Kreutzer's insanity defense is...well, kinda weird

Why this needs to end before May and well before the Convention

Cops seize snakes, owner having bitten fingers amputated

At this point I'm feeling pretty sad for Obama supporters

With the recent declassification of a torture memo

Why is Hillary better than Obama?

Ashcroft booed for calling Obama "Osama"

The Nixon bowling thread.....

OK...I have to ask - Why the Hillary Hate?

msm strikes again

F.U.D. McCain!

ACLU forms official north-state chapter (California-fundraiser in Chico this Sat)

President George W. Bush's successor should renounce his monarchy-By Bruce Fein

A good point brought up today on DU: All catholics should denounce their

Hillary Clinton and the destruction of the Democratic Party

Teleflex Inc. a world wide corp. just gave local workers an ultimatum ..

CNBC ....Jobless Claims 3/29

Air American on demand

Florida House speaker Marco Rubio pushes more tax cuts

Obama refuses to be interviewed by Philadelphia Gay News

Guardian UK: Jailed boss (Skilling) seeks to reverse Enron verdict

McCain Spoofs Clinton in New Ad (3:00am Phone Call)

Washington Journal is reading an OpEd in the Christian Science Monitor now??

Has Materialism/Commercialism Stunted the Growth of the American Education System?

Joe Scarborough is someone

Glenn Beck: Wal-Mart Made A ‘Deal With Terrorists’ Ending Lawsuit Against Brain-Damaged Employee

Bush boy's faith-based optimism gets him shivved in the ribs again

One of the funniest things that you might see and read today.

I'd like to dedicate the Hillary Rodham Clinton Cemetery

The war is over, we have "run out of military options"

Caption this * pic...

What's at stake in the TELECOM IMMUNITY issue?

This, the most important issue this campaign season: Circumcision.

Experts dubious of Ga. 3rd-grader plot

I found 1,000,071 people who dislike George Bush!

If Louis Farrahkan and Jane Fonda want to help Obama

al-Zawahiri: "Innocents" killed in a-Q attacks are "unintentional errors" or enemy's "human shields"

Hillary has GAMBARU!

They all laughed...

Is Senator Obama the "Promised Land" that Dr. King referred to?


Death of Four Sealers - Coast Guard Incompetence Canada

Rice Jumps to Record, Corn Near High as Demand Outpaces Supply

Lots of Obama commercials on PA Television.

Photo from McCain fundraiser.

I hate all conservative jerks they can all kiss my ass

Americans prefer energy fix to cancer cure

Why al-Maliki attacked Basra? (Juan Cole)

Remember when Bush said this re: Iraq...

The Many Interests of Conservopedia

More Reasons You Should STOP Watching Or Listening to Fox News:

Congress, the War Criminal Administration is on your agenda.

Dave Matthews to perform free concert for Obama in Indiana

HAHAHAHAHAHA - just watching Inhofe on C-SPAN

IRAQ: 'Handed Over' to a Government Called Sadr...

If the Clinton campaign says it - it must be so (even if Richardson denies it)

MSNBC's "Mission Accomplished" photos...Basra, southern Iraq, April 03, 2008 (GRAPHIC)

Sometimes I mistake the Clinton Campaign for the Iraq War

Legislation Would Give Builders a Big Break . Socialism for corporations

NATO Backs Bush's Missile Defense System

Something's In the Water. Literally.

Should we buy Euros? Now?

News Stories full of Job Cuts, Bankruptcies, Financial Chaos.

Senate hearings on Iraq continue

Why some Clinton supporters might vote for McCain

Report: Jack Bauer "Gave People Lots of Ideas" at Gitmo

Argentine president lays 'inalienable' claim to Falklands

I didn't drop in to discuss the specific viscosity of damp dog dookie.

Missile defense: More billions for Bush’s friends and relatives - Today’s Headlines 4/3/08

My 1000th post.

*Breaking*** McCain's demographic steals Obama campaign slogan

To save her Lab, Minneapolis woman bites pit bull on nose

Thank you, Barack. Philly Loves You Back!

I fuckin' hate her

U.S. Gives Nuclear Power a Second Look

My 60th B-Day party in ATL on Saturday. Too cool .. too much!

Clinton Says She Long Has Been Sounding Alarm on Economy

Kerry's senate floor remarks, proposals for foreclosure bill debate

Richardson: I never promised Clintons

You've got a choice:

Senator McSell-Out

Obama battles to limit expectations in Pennsylvania

A social thread

Interloper on Clinton Conference Calls Wants HRC to "Talk Sexy"

Soros: Economy 'Worst Since Geat Depression', Warns World Markets Will Fall Again

Hillary is losing PA rapidly, She will Lose. The End is NEAR!!!!!!!

Outrageous K. Couric hit piece on Democrats last night.

Would Gore accept running the EPA?

Roger Ebert to resume writing movie reviews

Why can't we have all the Republicans declared insane and institutionalized?

Get out those goalposts again: Wolfson says Obama "will have failed" if he doesn't win PA

Sitter had baby 12 minutes: Parents suspected nothing violent about woman

Has the time come to end affirmative action and racial quotas?

Jobless claims surge.»

I don't want this man back in the White House

If we taxpayers subsidize big oil with our tax money

Religious Tolerance

The "I fuckin' hate her" thread has 223 posts and 38 nominations

Anyone else see the movie "Rendition"..

Who leaked the details of a CIA-Mossad plot against Iran? (Operation Merlin)

Do You Recall SeeingThis Statement About Airline Profitability?

Elizabeth Edwards: only Clinton's health care plan is universal

The George W. Bush Sewage Plant?

I think my favorite day of the year now is April 2nd, The day NPR read angry email from April Fools!

India had a hailstorm so bad it killed livestock

Bush Policy: Quick Border Fence Trumps the Environment

does anyone know? does the WH kitchen use organic food

Do Hillary Supporters Like ANY Democrats who support Obama?

Caption this * pic

Feith: Only "Assholes" Fret about Torture

Cosmetic castration banned

In the meantime . . .

Corruption in the U.S. vs Corruption in other countries

A Profound Photographic Slideshow: "Life Before Death"

Does anyone here know anything about Domestic Passport attempts or legislation?

Anger as Seoul aims to reclassify dogmeat

Email from a software co. in Sweden that we do business with...

Batman vs Superman - Repub vs Dem - as seen by small fish in medium pond

France Millionaire Show thinks Sun Revolves around Earth ?

Geek Week: E-voting experts and nymphomaniacs wanted, inquire within

Extremist Propaganda: Fake 'Hate' Crimes Embarrass Far Right

Paper BALLOTS vs "paper trail". Flawed Voting bill in House

Whatever happened to the "50 superdelegates" who were supposed to endorse Obama like a month ago?

Is this country ready for gay marriage?

Census to scrap handheld computers for 2010 count (* even screws that up...)

Popular Vote Pugilism

Army can't be sure some of its body armor met safety standards

Some Defense program costs up as much as 323 percent (no word on healthcare...)

Corporate Watchdog Radio Offers Podcast on Sweeney and Climate Change

Hartmann's got Ravi Batra, the economist, and they're taking calls

Hartmann's got Ravi Batra, the economist, and they're taking calls

It's 3am when the phone rings

Report identifies top 10 management challenges facing next administration

FAA inspectors: Bosses tried to suppress reports on inspections

US Army 'war hero' outed as fraud

Ever heard the MSM mention the US-Mexico Border Fence?

About Olbermann

Sam Seder in for Randi again today

Why doesn't David Gregory admit hes in the tank for McCain instead of trying to sound neutral?

Elizabeth Edwards Takes Fellowship at Harvard

NFL Player's Disturbing Rant Revealed

Oops, al-Qaeda #2 says: it would be "in the interest" of Al-Qaeda to see Iran fight the US

Senator Durbin on floor now trying to add bankruptcy judge provision amendment to help homeowners

New word: McCain Democrats

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Thursday April 03-2008

Americans Are Truly The Stupidest People On The Planet....

Hillary is more electable

Nigeria Leading Communications Revolution in Africa

Calls renewed to fix Berkeley's citizen boards

"You don't go after the Bushes and get to talk about it. Ya got me?"

Rural communities hit by foreclosures (family loses dairy farm they owned for 21 years)

Diamond thong shown to the throng

The George W. Bush Naming Project for America

John Corzine on CNBC this a.m. Looks good.

Where has this story been hiding?

Where has this story been hiding?

The Green Light: Guantánamo as the 2002 birthplace of Bush torture policy

Another effect of the Rove DOJ strategy---now when we prosecute, they'll accuse us of tit for tat

bad republican ideas never die

I'm looking for a neoconservative quote, I can't remember who it was

UN Appeals For Help To Rid Iraq of Landmines

Mississippi legislators sign off on abortion restrictions bill that most don't even understand.

Court Rules Federal Reserve is Privately Owned

Mukasey LIES & Cries About Critical 9/11 Episode He Made Up To Scare Americans & Reveals Bombshell

i need an update today: is keith olbermann a hero or repub slimebag today?

Clinton is finished. She should concede NOW - $20M raised, ~12M in debt

How to tell if you are a whore...

A year from now I hope that .........

Crocker: U.S. has 'moral' duty in Iraq (USA Today, 4/2/08)

A picture that amusingly illustrates the decorum of GDP:

Why hasn't anyone tried seizing the Pig Farm under Eminent Domain?

Gore Vidal: War kills a generation of leaders who might have challenged status quo

Obama is Weaker General Election Candidate... TOO Risky for Dem Nomination...

Great Letter to the Editor


Script review for Oliver Stone's "W" now online

John McCain the next 'Honest Abe?' Highly Doubtful...

Rep. Issa: 9/11 was ’simply’ a plane crash.»

Graffiti on an Anchorage bench

Lindsey Graham Claims McCain Has Done ‘Even More’ Than Al Gore On Global Warming»

C2C w/ George Snore-y: Who Killed MLK? On now. Links.

Yoo Memo Release is a Diversion!

Interesting series of Youtube video clips on CIA & FBI disinfo.

It's more than time we sever big oil's ties with the government.

It's more than time we sever big oil's ties with the government.

McCain might win, anyway, Mr. Conyers...

Tom Toles on Global Warming...

Florida House votes to require ultrasound before all abortions

Looking for POW info on Mccain...

Naomi arrested after row on plane

Anyone watching C Span 2 Senate is Up

Caption this..

Oregon Democrats see jump in voter rolls

Questions on McCains 100 year commitment and the media

We Need A Hard Break -- PERIOD!

Breaking: Edwards will not take a VP slot if offered..

Naomi Klein..nominated for Canadian book award..

Packer outsources Northwest pickles (Nalley) "great taste of the Northwest" "product of India"

Buyers' Revenge: Trash the House after Foreclosure

c-span 2 - Dodd leading discussion/votes through amendments on foreclosure

Bastards....Air Force Found Boeing Tanker More Capable

Another KBR Employee Reports Rape and Coverup

Al Qaeda’s Zawahiri Rebuts McCain: It’s ‘In The Interest’ Of Al Qaeda To See Iran Fail»

A Season of Song, Dance and Autism

Thank you Howard Dean! You gave us what we asked for!

Thank you Howard Dean! You gave us what we asked for!

Andrea Mitchell just hinted that Hillary is privately telling people Obama can't win b/c he is black

Police Hire Paranormal Investigators After Unexplained Events

I will give Barack this.

THEY'RE KILLING US ALL- Pentagon's Weapon Spending Surges to $1.6 Trillion in 2007

Is John Yoo subject to any criminal prosecution for his legal opinions?

McCain supporters hear what they want to

Tonight's Worst Person in the World

Who "owns" America?

Bush's New Resume...

Toyota buying back unsafe, rusted Tacoma pickup trucks - turn yours in before the frame snaps

McClatchy: As Guantanamo trials near, Pentagon limits what can be reported

Bush : Sarkozy “the latest incarnation of Elvis”

Qaeda backers may be questioning tactics: U.S. official

DU a CNN poll: Are you in favor of universal health care?

Anyone remember what happened when the Iraqis tried having their real elections?

Has the time come to end Legacy Admissions and Quotas for Rich White Men?

Unbelievable interview on MSM with "Shell Game" author Steve Alten

Secret Executions

Congress now bailing out Homebuilders

Man seeks drinking pal for father

There's a very simple way to stop the problem of illegal immigration...

LIMBOsevic has HouseHelp in househelp uniforms, a children's playroom, lots of booze

In airport yesterday saw O'reilly interviewing Karl Rove.

Woman awarded $2.1 million in discrimination case

Why can't wright say what he thinks about this country...

Gov. Rendell: There's 50% About Barack Obama We Don't Know Yet

Caption the idiot..

I fuckin' like them

Ryan Crocker: "There were a boatload of problems..."

House and Senate members join hands and sing We Shall Overcome to honor Rev. MLK Jr. - pics

Please watch Mr Shuler re South West on PBS now

Children and Politicians (Dutch members of parliament) at IFAW's Rally to Ban Seal Products

Freedom of speech and the future of this country

AP Video - 40 Years Later: Jackson Remembers MLK

Iraq War as War Crime (Part One)

Iraq War as War Crime (Part One)

Yoo on Abu Ghraib: Nobody's Perfect

Forget EHarmony, how about Conjugal Harmony?

Forget EHarmony, how about Conjugal Harmony?

Elizabeth Edwards chooses Clinton's healthcare plan over Obama's and McCain's

Breathtaking: To me, this chart says more than a thousand words about the America.

Sen. Armed Serv. Comm. want NIE on Iraq before Crocker/Petraeus testimony.

Local hate-radio station is dropping Boortz - others to follow?

Here - we all need a good laugh.

dupe please delete

The Nation: Another KBR Rape Case

Obama supporters....where is you candidate the weakest?

Email about Oprah's puppy mill investigation...

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Go ahead, vote McCain or third party, here's your prize..

Police Chief Suppresses Voice of Veterans Protecting Publics Ears From Truth Violating Constitution!

Will Murdoch's support of Obama be surprising to anyone?

CNN’s Ware: Long-Term U.S. Presence In Iraq ‘Could Actually Ferment Further Resentment ...'

BIG DAMN BREAKING: more evidence the PA gap isn't much of a gap

I don't consider Hillary a Democrat anymore

How Immigrants Saved Social Security

Dare I ask? What if Don Slimus had said what Randi Rhodes said.

Gen. Wesley Clark/Jon Soltz/Robert Greenwald: Tell McCain To Step Up on G.I. Bill

* regime may have missed terrorists on 9/11 but they found a lesbian at the justice dept & fired her

Olbermann suggested this: Conyers Questions Mukasey on FISA Claim

Is Mr. Green of AAR being Hillary's B*tch?

Happy 40th WEDDING anniversary to my ATHEIST parents.

Obama now wants to stay in Iraq?

Mine Deaths Blamed on Company Run by Major GOP Contributor

James Madison: "No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."

Deathwatch DAY 3

Ok George & Dick, I call your bluff...

To All Those Who Will not Vote for the Nominee, whoever it is, think about this Picture.

Relax and enjoy the world with other people in "generous ways."

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Strengthen the Arts in Schools; & get rid of NCLB!!

Fundie Foreign Policy! What a joke!

Need help debunking a winger on Obama charities vs Wal-Mart!

Support 'Operation Wetback'! Call Congress NOW!

" Bush Hits the Delete Button" (Bush's massive censorship campaign)

Email from the ACLU

Rapper Snoop Dogg converts to Mormonism ETA I'm a fool.

Honest Question for Clinton Supporters

Asia Times: Iran torpedoes US plans for Iraqi oil

Bill Clinton To Speak At My School In NC Tomorrow Morning

AP Reporting - MSNBC confirming: Clinton Raises $20 mil in March

How can the party who was pissed that al gore won the popular vote but lost the election

Just got official word from the Mississippi Democratic Party - Obama 20, Clinton 13

*** Senate Banking Committee Hearing ***

Scienctific sources vs. Celebrity endorsement

John Scott of Green 960 is NOW discussing the Randi Rhodes suspension. LISTEN LIVE:

Bush appears out of touch on U.S. economic woes

Fight the TransTexas Corridor Saturday April 5 in Austin

Pennsylvania poll shows Clinton campaign on life support

MSNBC: Obama raised over $40 million from over 442,000 donors at an average of $96!

Kentucky residents! Important, keep kicked.

1,276,000 That's Tweety's big number tonight= Obama's donors

N. Korea's Bush-like Rulers Acting more Nutzo than Usual...

What If Democrats Used Winner Take All?

Breaking: MSNBC Obama raises more than 40 Million in March

He's real

"The Europeans Are Very Happy that our dollar is weak"

US lawmakers have as much as $196 million invested in defense companies


Who Is She Today? Now Clinton Says She's "Paulette Revere"!

What do you dislike most about Republicans?

Republicans Against McSame (sign displayed during McCain's campaign tour) - pic

Wife of soldier charged with starving child to death

Psych study links homophobia and homoerotic arousal; Violet Blue wants Jay Leno to know he's safe

So you are bitter, aging, ...

At the risk of flogging a dead horse: Automobiles vs. cigarettes

Please DU this poll: Florida House votes to require ultrasound before all abortions

THE greatest heist ever

Is Karl Rove on DU?

Conyers Threatens Impeachment if Iran Attacked

Scamway loses a round in court.

Listen here, to McCain's speech. (yes, it's a joke)

"It is normal to be prejudiced."

What's your favorite political talk show?I like "Hardball".

Caption this * pic

School Bill Would Force Parents To Volunteer

Obama's church faced threats

Short Film - FALLOUT: Coming Home From the War in Iraq

Let's all take a moment to thank the mods for the INCREDIBLE job they've been doing

Wind Power That Floats

Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear


WTH? Clinton won't release her MARCH total donations 'til April 20th?!

Obama: Positive Vibrations

Obama Shill Ed Shultz Gets The Axe At WINZ 940 South FL

Why did Hillary back up the Iraq War Lies?

Lindsey Graham has jumped six sharks: Claims McCain has done more than Gore on Global Warming

Manhattan Crane Collapse Exposes Lack of Renters Insurance

April 4, 1968: Do you remember where you were when Dr. King was killed?

Please rate my published LTTE on George Will's factually inaccurate article

Honest question for Clinton supporters. don't want any negative comments.

Honest question for Clinton supporters. don't want any negative comments.

Phew! Exhausting day. I just taught the whole Global War on Terror in one class period!

OINK< OINK!! Congress still pigging out on pork-barrel projects

Would You Like To Vomit?

John Scott of Green 960 is NOW discussing the Randi Rhodes suspension. LISTEN LIVE:

Pollan: Nutrition "Science" Has Hijacked Our Meals -- and Our Health

Morality. It's not about sex.

Let's play the Health Insurance Quiz game

WTF? - Death of Prisoner Justified If Interrogator Acted in 'Good Faith' While 'Brutally Torturing'

We're Sitting In at the House Judiciary Committee Office Right Now

'Hannah Montana' Star: I Do Everything for Jesus

Does your water come from a well or a municipal water supply?

Have you guys seen the amazing self-potraits done by elephants?

Male rock fans likely to vote Republican: survey

I finally understand why many of Hillary's naysayers bash her relentlessly 24/7

I finally understand why many of Hillary's naysayers bash her relentlessly 24/7

Chicago Tribune: Who is the real Patriot? This article made me incredibly angry

Rachel Maddow will be subbing for Keith O Friday night--

So, you want to be a McCain Democrat?

I'm going to say it again...perhaps until I am blue in the face.

We should have listened to these men

Muslims' fury forces schools to shelve anti-homophobia storybooks

Randi Rhodes suspended by AAR

Thank you MODS!! This one has been a long time coming!

Paper or plastic? Either bag would cost you 20 cents extra under Nickels' plan


Randi Rhodes SUSPENDED

Randi Rhodes SUSPENDED

It's My Right to Have Kid, Pregnant Man Tells Oprah

I know these threads never get any attention, but I'm still going to post them

Does anyone else really dislike Rachel Maddow?

"Paulette Revere" just played the gender card AGAIN

All of you MUST listen to today's "Fresh Air" broad cast. AMAZING AND INFORMATIVE!

James Earl Ray did not Assassinate MLK

Is Gore starting to make a move?

Ka Boooosh.....!

Could Carter's endorsement of Obama be forthcoming

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huffington Post: "Oh. My. God. 4th Amend. Doesn't Apply To Military In U.S.?"

Apple passes Wal-Mart, now #1 music retailer in US

Do you agree with Air America Radio's decision to suspend Randi Rhodes?

More proof McCain is the new Bob Dole "McCain likes that pig analogy"

New questions surface on Petraeus' role in Col. Ted Westhusing's being "suicided"

That Rev Wright sure hates America

How the HELL Does Obama Do It? Why Do Clinton's Leads ALWAYS Shrink?

How the HELL Does Obama Do It? Why Do Clinton's Leads ALWAYS Shrink?

Of Administrators and Leaders

Henry Rollins Endorsement


14,000 year old poop in a cave found.

Call to Action from Dana Siegelman RE: Rove testifying

So... were the Swiftboat Vets lying or not?

For Those Who say They Will Only Vote For Their Candidate in the General Election...

Combative? Wasserman-Schultz says Dean "less combative" yesterday. Oooooh.

Exxon Mobil attacks and demands subsidies at the same time

Universal developing film about journalist Gary Webb, "Kill the Messenger"

Ellen Page from Juno's new movie

I just watched "Xanadu" or...

Runner gets homeless on right track

i'm fuckin with the chronic


A really good day for me, finally.

This is why fundamentalist religion is just WRONG

I just made an awesome chili...

Bloody 'ell, I feel old. Long live 1993... to be 21 and complete again...

Don Giovanni Rocks

repurposed holy holy

holy fucking shit!

The boat that I row? It's a Lulu!


Obama battles to limit expectations in Pennsylvania - Reuters

Which is of greater interest to Tango on Ghost Hunters

Is there a new Top Chef tonight? Are there spoilers?

Look at this super neato-dorito doo-dad I just found!

Cats Rule , Dogs drool..

I'm only going to say it once: Obama/Nader!


Quantum of Solace

Sophie/Smokie in 2008!

KLF Appreciation Thread!

Has anyone seen mycritters2 lately?

A friend just messaged me to say I HAVE to watch Idol tonight...

Alison and me have found our retirement house, we just don't know where we will put it.

What does it take to get some frickin' sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads around here?

Didelphis virginiana!!!

Shamen Appreciation Thread!!

Unnecessary Censorship - Jimmy Kimmel style!

I jsut made an awesome chili...

You might think I'm weird but I ordered this Picture today. I Love it !

Ok, 10.5 hours of Statistics...

Ramen Appreciation Thread!!

An observation about "Matrix: Reloaded"

TOP CHEF TIME!! **Spoilers contained herein**

There is good reason to "hate" Hillary Clinton

I don't need no Wawa

I challenge you to a duel

A funny confession re: Trek geekdom

My cat is walking across my laptop keyboard again!

Is American Idol a way to actually find stars?

C H A L L E N G E! man or fish?

An Amazement!

Anyone ever done Mandarin immersion in China or know someone who has?

I just watched a pathetic romantic comedy...and enjoyed it anyway.


Gawd DAMN, I'm bored

Cubs . . .

Anyone watching George Clooney on Letterman?

What is the optimum length

F*ck It! I want to GET AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Guess what movie I watched today?

The Revalation:

Greetings Earthlings from the intellectual center of Freeperdom

OK, since I'm not part of the clique, I'm outtie

I am exhausted, I do not have two brain cells to rub together, but I can't fall asleep

Elmo meets a baby.....hilarious video.

It's a beautiful world we live in...

I hate Cesar Franck's "Panis Angelicus"

Letterman and Clooney, two of the coolest people alive

How many of you are talking to your boss while you post.

Cats v. Dogs

Fashion show: My Spring Collection...

Insomniac Candy... good luck.

anyone feel like going into mos eisley

Oh delete the damn thing

Where to find talk about Hurricane Katrina on the radio

Got the Vicodin itch now

"I don't want to blow my own trumpet..

But you're wrong Steve, You See, It's Only Solitaire

Skating away on the thin ice of a new day....

What did you do when you had your 'Hey Joe' moment?

Anyone else play the Hitman series of computer/video games?

Fuck Off World!!!!1111

Caption this photo

Tim Ahrens: Learning, not winning should be goal of Little League

Why do we use the word "catty" when someone (almost always female) is making snarky passive-

I think "Office Space" is the funniest movie of all time....

I challenge you to not smile:

what's your favorite music show?

A short Rush Dittie for you this morning...

I've had it.

The color of the sun and his eyes were green

Jerry Seinfeld flips his 1967 Fiat, emerges unhurt: "What is WITH these failing brakes?"

Willkommen from Germany!!

The Obama difference-at ease with himself

good audio on this one

if you had to rank these in order of importance, how would you rank them?

WOW! NBC News anchor Brian Williams has a FOUL mouth and a LOT of RAGE.

We had one heck of an "outage" last night

Who's in your ultimate movie/play cast?

Video: "SpongeBob DarkPants" (absorbent and yellow and HOMICIDAL is he)

Do you know what the word "bigdoings" means? As in,

All of you ANTI-RUSH fans please check in here...

So, how non-refundable are non-refundable plane tickets?

Who got kicked off American Idol tonight?

"Cat Found!!!"

Am I an Asshole?

i may not agree with what you say

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/3/2008)

i found a sony 4 track reel to reel for $5 at a yard sale in texas

if you had to rank these in order of impotence, how would you rank them?

Pick Your Poison - It's Morbid Humor Time

Play a song about you

BREAKING NEWS: "Christina Ricci: I want a bigger butt. I Want Jessica Biel's Butt."

Rattle snake cat?

Are there solar flares or something going on?

Can you tell from my posts that I'm totally high right now?

10 gallons of navy bean soup is on the stove fer lunch!!

Cute joke

Toddlers can no longer marry in Arkansas

If you are ever driving in the DFW - Euless area... PSA...

I'm going to be out of the loop around here starting next week

Oprah's Big Give and Reality Show Contestants

DU this: FaceBook members = 1,000,007 people who dislike George Bush!

Computer help, please!

I got my short film up online

I AM Switzerland, ask me anything!

Heels are for bedroom shennanigans - not everyday wear

do you pee in the shower?

My freezer went out

Dean offered an olive branch to Florida. Delegate apportionment not settled.

Is this elephant a better painter than you are? Prepare to be AMAZED.

Serbian ex-wife gets half of everything - literally.

Are we not men?

Phew! Exhausting day. I just taught the whole Global War on Terror in one class period!


Holy crap - I have Regis on for background noise and George Clooney is on

I'm fucking sick of rain...

Just to clear up some confusion from this thread...

About a year ago, I cleared out my (impressive) ignore list.

Okay - I fess up . . .

Another confession . . .

Dem Senator from S.C. dumps pregnant dog at high kill shelter

A Hawai'i-centric McCain joke (does contain an age component)

Holy. Fucking. Shit. I am so unbelievably pissed off right now.

Who believed I was LEAVING DU?

ATA Airlines Ceases Operations

How Many People Does LynneSin Have On Ignore?

Man, poll numbers and finances are looking near catastrophic for Hillary tonight

Anyone caught John Adams on HBO?

The best damn blogger on the face of the planet has died

Woohoo! I haz free trip to Washington DC for 3 dayz!

Who likes R.E.M., not the band, the sleep?

Best. Threadlock. Evah.

What are your favorite nonpharmaceutical methods of relieving stress?

I had the most bitchin' dream ever last night

The new search function sucks! Are there any TOP CHEF threads?

This will look a lot cooler in the finished film (Quantum of Solace)

I got nuthin' today.

Here's a little song I wrote, you might wanna sing it note for note:

Someone I knew my first semester of college died of an OD.

Someone I knew my first semester of college died of an OD.

About a year ago, I put the entire population of DU on ignore.

Somebody should fix the Internet

The best season-ending cliffhanger ever... What is it?

Worst season ending cliffhanger ever?

What should I have for dinner?

I just did a pre-employment drug screen.

Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport at Night

Forty Years Ago Tonight

Fucking management

Who is your favorite superhero?

Latest "Caption This" Thread

The sad irony of my back pain....

My personal rant!!!

Police search for man who hid Freddy Fender's Greatest Hits CD in his pants.

"I don't know what's wrong with the internet"

I was infested with mouse aneurysms

Have you ever played a practical joke on someone, IRL

We need to arrange a party for ThomCat!!!! Edit: Woo hoo, there is one!!

Obama pwns Chuck Norris!!!eleven

I just did a post-employment drug binge.

Please explain this to me, so I can try to go to sleep...

So far my Midterms have been 97, 96 and an A+

I've discovered the world's greatest litter box.

Battlestar Galactica in 8 minutes....

Who needs to feel good and smile?

Who needs to feel good and smile?

Philboy: The Movie

looks like jpgray has left us

How would you pronounce "Buitrago?"

I just finished my first painting in years. What d'ya think?

Dogs Rule, Cats Drool. Post your DU Doggies here

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/3/08

Left Behind

RCP Polling Aggregates Show Dramatic Obama Surge in PA

The LAST thing in the fucking UNIVERSE that I need to know ANYTHING about

Have a problem, take a pill.

There simply is nothing better for dinner than...

It was 40 years ago today

When you're at work and need a mid-afternoon snack, what do you go for?

LOL! My company just sent out an e-mail etiquette memo

Describe yourself with one word ?

My first kitteh/lolcat

Match Game: "Jack the Jackass shot an arrow in the sky. It hit a ____ passing by".

I absolutely double-dawg dare any of you . . .

Damaging winds, large hail, isolated tornadoes possible

Remembering our dearly departed (or missing) DU'ers.. do *YOU* know where they are?

I'm sick of it. Sick of the GD:P wars over two candidates that don't

I was born 50 years ago on this day.

How do some advertisements get off the drawing board?

Do you do anything if you see an infant in a car sans car seat?

Picture thread.


May I bug you for opinions about an invocation?

I'm NOT in Switzerland, Ask me a question

Police look for man who hid Fender Stratocaster in his pants

My 40th birthday has been cancelled.

Sky: Naomi Campbell arrested at Heathrow

Hey, I have a flickr now. Am I one of the cool kids yet?

I received an email regarding Oprah's puppy mill investigation airing tomorrow

Jimmy Carter Hints That He Will Cast His Vote For Obama

I am embarrassed to even post this (racism in PA)

What a birthday gift!

I'm so annoyed at my best friend for taking up smoking...

Ahhhh....I turned it all in...all of it....serenity.

Come Celebrate Thomcat's 40th birthday on April 19th, 2008

Jazz/rock bassists: Did you play center (football) or catcher (baseball)?

It's about frakkin' time! The Galactica countdown thread!

Bobby Brown: Whitney Houston Drove Me To Drugs

Why are some people assholes?

Our latest orchid blooms

Carls Jr. Ads - Is It Just Me?

Post you favorite humorous quote(s)

Ladies, would you want to wear these?

Saul Williams.. anyone else here a fan?

"It's the Deregulation, Stupid!"- As Americans lose homes they can thank Clinton Admin!

Sing with me to the tune of "CAMPTOWN RACES!"

160-2, then.

Who likes R.E.M., not the sleep, the band?

Ok, I have to warn you, this picture is dangerous, if you can't handle sugar DO NOT LOOK!

Edward R. Murrow was no Edward R Murrow

Clinton to Richardson: Obama can't win

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK - Reuniting!!!

HILLARY is Weaker General Election Candidate... TOO Risky for Dem Nomination...

For those of you who have become widows/widowers in the past several years . . .

Are you for or against reparations for slavery?

The Political Obituary of Hillary Clinton

The Political Obituary of Hillary Clinton

Thomcat, this is for you!

June 2009 going Cruising again!!! This time my sister and her family going to :)

Post a picture of your pet helping you.

Famous alums of all 65 NCAA Tourney schools!

Before the despicable assholes and media begin siding with McCain on Iraq, the facts

Anyone fluent in French here? I'm not, and need some help!

This is why Obama is not worried about losing the nomination to HRC - The Fix is in.

Randi Rhodes Suspended -

Extreme Awww Factor

Hillary's limbo: how low can she go?

What's a first name you just don't hear anymore?

w00t! we got our Obama shirts today, finally!!1!

CNN: Sex takes 3 to 13 minutes, study says

I know how the lounge loves Pink Floyd so look here.

I need to build a seriously jacked-up PC. Help!

"Lake disappears suddenly in Chile' (Or why the BFEE bought land over water aquifer in Paraguay)

Inaction on Polar Bear Criticized; Senate Dems Blame Interior for Delay in Addressing Climate Change

U.S. sending troops to Kandahar

Memo on administration position on illegal serches comes to light

Suicide Bomber Kills 7 in Iraq

Colombian president slams Ecuador for herbicide prosecution at Hague court

Builders Get Breaks From Congress

(European) Court annuls PKK inclusion on terror funds list

U.S. air strikes return in southern Iraq after calm

Colombia's president criticizes Barack Obama on trade stance

Iraq's Sadr calls for million-strong demonstration

Service Sector Contracts in March

Late Payments on Consumer Loans Climb to Highest Level Since `92, ABA Says

French Hostage Mission Heads to Colombia

Ares I Thrust Oscillation mitigation - the current state of play

Mortgage broker charged with fraud in subprime mortgages

NATO to Endorse US Missile-Defense Plan

NATO to Endorse US Missile-Defense Plan

U.S. military in Iraq feels gouge of fuel costs

Sealer recalls clinging naked to piece of ice

New Clinton Campaign Ad Targets McCain on Economy

Bush appears out of touch on U.S. economic woes

ATA Airlines Out Of Business

Inspector General: 200-plus crane operators improperly certified

Did lesbian rumor lead to firing of former assistant U.S. attorney Leslie Hagen?

China's ambassador to London may pull out of the Olympic torch relay

Colombia spat boosts Correa's approval in Ecuador

Sky: Naomi Campbell arrested at Heathrow

8 Dead In Jefferson Co. House Fire

(Iraq) Pro-government militiamen integrated in armed forces; move angers rival groups

US envoy says caught off guard by big Basra battle ("boatload of problems")

(Ben) Nelson (D-Ne) says Iraq must pay its way

Iraqi PM vows to launch more assaults against militiamen

'Prescreened' driver suspected of trying to bring marijuana into U.S.

Rove disputes allegations about Alabama governor (Siegelman )

Other fundraisers for Clinton, Obama have questionable backgrounds

U.S. forces (wearing civilian clothes) clash with gunmen in Iraq's Hilla

Donations to DCCC Spike after Clinton Threat To Pelosi

Research Debunks Health Value of Guzzling Water

Housing bill would provide far more tax relief to businesses than to homeowners

Census to scrap handheld computers for 2010 count

Obama Raises $40 Million in March

Housing Accord Puts Builders First; Strapped Homeowners Offered Little Aid

Chrysler plans big tech job cuts - Hundreds to lose their positions in outsourcing (to Tata and CSC)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 3, 2008

(NY) Barista Sues Over Tip Sharing

US soldiers targeting militant accidentally shoot and kill Iraqi woman: military

Another Clinton fundraiser has a suspect past

As Guantanamo trials near, Pentagon limits what can be reported

Osama is 'well and healthy'

U.S. weekly initial jobless claims rise to 407,000

GOP Rep. Issa Under Fire from Everywhere after 9/11 Comments ('Simply' A Plane Hitting WTC)

James Bond gets new villain as Chilean mayor drives at Daniel Craig

Chinese Spy 'Slept' In U.S. for 2 Decades (Espionage Network Said to Be Growing)

Senate Rejects Proposal for More Leeway in Bankruptcies

Shuttle Successor Flawed, Dangerous (Constellation)

Seal hunt protesters will be charged, Hearn says (too close to the slaughter)

Lawmakers Heavily Invested In Defense

UPDATE:FAA Whistle-Blowers Threatened Over Southwest Warnings

Venezuela passes 'windfall' oil tax

Argentina reiterates sovereignty over Malvinas islands

Raids Target Zimbabwe Opposition Party

'No Sun link' to climate change

Rust to fertilize food price surge

Air America Host Suspended for Clinton Remarks

Carter Hints at Support for Obama

American Family Association takes aim at McDonald's

Bush Bolts Last NATO Meeting

Ed Begley, Jr. on the Adam Carolla Show

Hillary Clinton on GLBT issues

Obama visits the Wilbur Chocolate Factory in Lititz, Pennsylvania (3/31/08)

Obama talks NCAA Tournament

Hardball: College Tour With Sen. Barack Obama


Oregon Reps Endorse Obama

YOUTUBE EXCLUSIVE: Send me your stereotypes

Wishing War Away-April Fools Day

Billy Douglass gets kicked out of house One Life To Live


TYT: Jesse Ventura Calls Out Dick Cheney

McCain 3am ad, answer to Hillary's

Bush On John Yoo's Torture Memo

Good People Day: A Tribute to George Bush

Some Obama in 30 Seconds videos (

Lieberman attacks Obama on Fox News

Iraq War protesters disrupt Easter Mass at Holy Name-Chicago

Countdown: McConundrum w/ Rachel Maddow

FALLOUT: Coming Home From the War in Iraq

John McCain has fallen into Osama bin Laden's trap

Yes We Can International

Wes Clark/VetVoice/BraveNewFilms: John McCain, GI Foe-PLS. SIGN PETITION

Hillary Clinton's 20 Passed Bills

Hungry FDA Official Orders Massive Pot Pie Recall

The End of the World

Interest in election goes viral, as primary rivets people

McCain's Campaign Finance Hypocrisy starts to hit MSM (ABC)

Obama's line on stem cell

A People's Histore of American Empire by Howard Zinn

WP, pg1: Economic Slump Underlines Concerns About McCain ("dog-eat-dog capitalist") Advisers

Teresa Heinz and Michelle Obama in Pittsburgh

Guardian UK: Jailed boss (Skilling) seeks to reverse Enron verdict

The Nation: The Ailing Health Insurance Markets

To Placate the Right, and Neutralize Age Issue, McCain to Pick Fetus as Running Mate

Pakistan’s Disgraced A-Bomb Creator (A.Q. Khan) Hopes to be Freed

So, you want to be a McCain Democrat? (Payne / Boston Globe)

Its Always Hard to See Your Child off on Their First Day of War

Dr. Greenspan's Amazing Invisible Thesis

Who Is Iraq's "Firebrand Cleric"?--Interview w/ Patrick Cockburn

Mark Steel: You couldn't make it up (unless you're Hillary, that is): [Independent]

The Real Story of 'What Went Wrong in Basra'

In Economic Drama, Bush Is Largely Offstage

Unions Give Obama a Big Welcome (AFL-CIO Leaders in PA)

Forget 'Old Age'— McCain 'Bio Tour' Proves He's a Man of the 'Middle Ages'

Freedom of Speech in question. Great DU people unite.

Poll: Obama Ahead of Clinton in PA By Public Policy Polling

Countdown: summarizes 5 years of lies on Iraq

CNN - Obama On Autism

Is It Take One of Stage Five for Hillary Clinton?

A Dream in Doubt

Look who's really calling Hillary Clinton at 3AM

Barack Obama on Hardball - MSNBC

General William Odom Tells Senate Rapid Withdrawal Is Only Solution

80 yr Old Man Arrested For Wearing Wrong Shirt

What schools didn't teach about empire

Military Report: Secretly 'Recruit or Hire Bloggers' By Noah Shachtman

Dean on CNN with Campbell Brown...Election Central

Primary shenanigans could backfire By: Josh Kraushaar

Rolling Back History; Joe Lieberman's smears against the American left...

Deja News? -Why Online Media Matter By Michael Fox

Sacred Cows, Black Jesus and Civil Religion

Iraq’s Sadr Calls Million-Strong March Against US

Shiny new ballpark in DC shows Cheney-like corruption runs all the way to lowest levels of gov't

Ex-Envoy (April Glaspie) Details Hussein Meeting (1990)

Why Is Bush Suddenly Ready to Make a Deal on FISA? Ask the House Democrats By Steve Benen

The Politics of Bling-Bling Hits France

Death of Prisoner Justified If Interrogator Acted in 'Good Faith,' Report Said By Jason Leopold

Condi's Divide and Rule Strategy in South America

Howard Dean meets with the Florida delegation in DC

The Nation: Guantánamo Endgame

The Obama difference-at ease with himself

Obama Says Gore Will Be At The Table And On His Team

War With Iran?

No Wonder Russia Is Paranoid

Intelligence centers run by states have access to personal information about millions of Americans

Clinton Up With First North Carolina TV Spot

Lawrence Korb: Factor military duty into criticism

Rapid Withdrawal Is Only Solution (Wm E. Odom testimony)

George W Bush: from drunk to world leader (Stone biopic)

Two Kinds of Americans: Us Versus Them (Part I)By Sara Robinson

Barack Obama - Change Is Gonna Come

So, you want to be a McCain Democrat? (aka, the kick in the pants I needed...)

Red State Update: Should Hillary Drop Out?

Don't Move On, Start Over - The Next President Must Make Bush an Unperson by Ted Rall

This week in the religious right: McCain Advisers: The New Deal Is Satanic

Media wrong on Wright

World News Trust: The Audacity of Depression (Joe Bageant)

Randi Rhodes calls Ferraro and Clinton 'f-ing whores'

Peterbilt developing environmentally-friendly hybrid

'No Sun link' to climate change - BBC

Use of U.S. Croplands for Biofuels Increases Greenhouse Gases Through Emissions from Land-Use Change

Vt. lawmakers told of water crisis ahead

Cargo trikes in Cambridge, MA

French Nuclear Lemon Must not be Exported to US says Advocacy Group

Tropical Forests Not Likely To Limit Expected Rapid Rise In Carbon Dioxide, Major Study Suggests

Moving freight: Go fly a kite

Oregon boasts a record and bounty of snowpack

Mars Hill wind farm celebrates a year of clean power (Maine)

Radio Host advocates harassing Veteran who speaks out.

Investigators question body armor tests

U.S. must leave Iraq, retired generals say

Former Ranger found guilty of murder

Solar-powered hydrogen fuel station opens despite cutbacks

Veterans hiring preference limited in Congress

Quilt show delays soldier’s murder trial

Fort Drum seeks to build 550 new homes

Declassified memo OKs harsh interrogations

Navy requests more Littoral Combat Ships

Navy fined $37K over Groton waste

Okinawa curfew to be trimmed by 2 hours

Marines must protect freedoms, Mullen says

They called Chernobyl 'the new Venice'

Harlan Watson In Bangkok - "The Clean Development Fund Seems Not To Be A Popular Item" - AFP

While ChimpCo Hypes "Eco-Terrorist" Threat, Jury Still Out On Washington State Arson Case - Guardian

Extreme Drought, Flooding Conditions Destroying Way Of Life Of Uganda's Pastoralists - AFP

Critics Tire Of Bush & EPA "Foot-Dragging" On Climate - Markey Threatens Subpoenas - CSM

After 40 Years Of Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zones, Time For Yet Another Redraft Of Another Action Plan

(Gov.) Baldacci asks president to declare Aroostook (County) a snow 'disaster' (Maine)

Land Grab on a Global Scale

Australia launches project to bury carbon dioxide (AP/CNN)

China's Pollution Quietly Taking Toll On Japanese Environment - AFP

Record snowfall in northern Maine leaves deer herd in deep trouble

GM road-tests batteries for Volt electric car (AP/

Nature - Controversy Grows Around IPCC Scenarios - May Have Seriously Underestimated Climate Problem

James Hansen: "Neither carbon sequestration nor nuclear power can help in the near-term"

Former commandant to serve on oil company board

Lejeune unit ships off for Iraq

Corps offers help for war-strained marriages

10 career fields shut out of astronaut duty

VA fails at PTSD care, lawsuit charges

GAO declines to throw out tanker protest

Airplane scrap sale planned at D-M boneyard

Editorial: UAV career long needed

Army in peril without more funds, Cody warns

Sale of alcohol ceases on Yokosuka

NATO tries to bridge divide on Afghanistan

U.S., Iraqi troops rebuilding in Mosul

Eight paid allies die while delivering bomb for destruction

Baghdad market seeing a return to normalcy

Blast knocks AFN radio station off the air

Report: Some soldiers at remote bases lack health care access

Boeing's New Helo-Drone

Aviators Take on Insurgents

Reps Support VA Sex Assault Counseling

Technology transforms cockpit view of Iraq

To the Anti-war/ Peace and Justice Movements: Thank You For Your Support of Iraq Veterans Against th

Military feels gouge of fuel costs in Iraq

What Not to Post

Oil Politics Alleged in Polar Bear Decision

US Phosphorous Production Drops 7 Million Tons In Two Years - Ag., Energy Concerns Growing

Key House Members Support Toxicologist After Reporting On Katrina Trailers Brought Demotion

ResetButton . . . . thread #2


Layoffs force local workers to seek food relief

Unions: Cintas case proves need for tougher safety laws

Inspection lapse is latest case of a federal failure to serve

Civil war in labor’s presidential front

Nike strike ends in Vietnam

AFL-CIO Endorses Scott Kleeb for NE (US) Senate

Clinton's Remarks to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

American Axle Supplies Toyota Amid Strike, Union Says (Update1)

Airline mechanics union switches to Teamsters

OSHA cites Winter’s Roofing in employee death ($224,000)

Judge erred in tossing discrimination suit against Union Pacific Railroad, appeals court rules

Union Contractual Question

Indian Workers Demand Major Changes in Guest Worker Program

Independent Truckers Call for Strike Thursday (+ video)

Strike is unplanned blow to US economy

NPR: China's Labor Advances May Affect U.S. Prices

Robert D. Novak: Will Democrats heed labor's demand on trade pact?

Harley Davidson Puts Labor Issues to Rest

AP: Report: authorities question dozens of Asian workers over labor unrest in Sharjah Emirate

Today in labor history April 03

After 5 years Walker Methodist workers finally get to vote on union contract

Housing troubles immobilize U.S. labor

Kroger, union reach tentative agreement 1,200 workers at 87 stores

Lockout, then strike at Northeast Solite

Impasse leads to lock out at Kongsberg Automotive in Ohio

Audio/Visual unions in St. Louis cry foul at America's Center rules

Victoria library lockout over; pay equity issue resolved

Engineering Workers At Foxwoods Get The OK To Vote On Union

Short-Handed NLRB Sets Aside 15 Percent of Cases, Chair Tells Senate

Senator Harkin Criticizes National Labor Relations Board For Failing To Protect Workers' Rights

NLRB Refuses To Adopt An Exclusionary Rule Where An Employer Illegally Videotapes Misconduct

Senators Kennedy, Murray, Brown and Obama Call for Stronger OSHA Enforcement

Service Sector Contracts in March (economy may be sliding into recession)

Utility Workers ‘Changing to Organize’

CHINCOTEAGUE: Crane strikes island power line; repairs Friday

Crane Collapse Strands Two On Top Of Roof (Miami again)

Jobless claims: Highest since Katrina

USA Today: Memphis workers pick up where MLK left off

Unions pounce on patent reform

Area officials happy after Ford meeting

W Post: Is Free Trade Worth This? (letter to the editor)

Generation gap: Dad's factory dream job is today's rocky career path for son

Late loan (highest level in 15 years) payments, jobless claims climb

Kongsberg vote could lead to lockout tonight

Who owns you Americans?

How to Fix the Credit Markets

The stimulus package is doomed to fail.

Paulson says U.S. economy faces a tough quarter

Justice Probes Lawyer's Dismissal Amid Gay Rumor

I am watching Latter Days again

Here is a great queer as folk fan video.

Tory MP Lukiwski apologizes for anti-gay remarks made on tape found by Sask NDP

Violet Blue wants Jay Leno to know he's safe

I remember watching Ryan Phillippe's first role

W Post: Kennedy Targets Job Bias Against Gays , lesbians and bisexuals _ but not transsexuals

Obama refuses interview with Gay Philadelphia News, Hillary does not

Hillary on the Ellen Show Talking about Civil Unions/Gay Rights

You heard this here, first, from Peace Patriot! "Colombia spat boosts Correa's approval in Ecuador"

New York Times v. Hugo Chavez

US Waging A Covert Campaign Against Venezuela (Video, 34 minute interview)

Colombia spat boosts Correa's approval in Ecuador

Ending U.S. embargo could help this country of contradictions

Venezuela Warns US over "Terrorism" Label - Amb. Alvarez Quantifies the Risk to US

The Caribbean: Storm Brews - Worry about American recession, inflation and Venezuelan Aid

Just Like Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, "China, Tibet and US-Sponsored Counterrevolution"

HAITI: "Damming the Flood" Book Review

ICAHD founder Jeff Halper arrested for attempting to stop house demolition in Jerusalem

MIDEAST: This 'Bombshell' Took a Year Falling

Al-Qaeda vows to target Jews 'in and outside of Israel'


Pope baptizes prominent Italian Muslim

Jewish leader calls Evangelists 'extremists'

Israeli Housing Ministry plans to build 1,900 new housing units across West Bank

Biden on torture - press release 4/2

C-Span 2 replaying it NOW!!

Anybody having any luck in finding today's cspan coverage

help finding Biden on Iran; website almost down?

Obama on sports talk radio in Philly today.......

Interesting post..

Miracle Reframe™ with NLP

'They're here': The mechanism of poltergeist activity

"Keys to the Other Side" - Karen Bishop - April 3, 2008

Mysterious computer happenings.

quick thought re: Uranus and sending Light

Drug poisoning deaths on the rise

Research debunks health value of guzzling water

Break up

Check this neato KitchenAid attachment!!

Abuse, Neglect Seen in 30,000 Newborns

Appendix removed through vagina in groundbreaking operation age...

Upside down tomatoes???

Holy crap! I just found this forum!

---- The April Contest theme is Dystopia ----

Religious Tolerance

Evangelical Church in Germany knocks creationism, ID in school

Exploding Star Shows Rare View Of Early Stages Of A Supernova

5th-Grader Finds Mistake at Smithsonian

Germs In Soil Find Antibiotics Tasty

Smallest Black Hole Ever Discovered Has Amazing Tidal Force

From the "You're not gonna believe this" Department...

Jesse Ventura on 911...

3 Official Denials of Calls from Barbara Olson on 9/11!

ABC local interviews Steve Alten...

And the official number of NORAD intercepts between 1990 and 1994 is .....

Melted cars at Ground Zero?

Jesse Ventura Says 9/11 Was A Controlled Demolition 04/02/08

Teresa Meets Michelle

A pretty sad day on the GDP board. A DU poster thinks Kerry lied about being in Cambodia:

Dodd's foreclosure bill - anyone know the bill number?

Culver signs law banning touchscreen voting machines

Princeton's Felten explains Sequoia screw-ups: machines disagreed with themselves.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Open Thread Thursday 04/03/08

Here is how you can testify against re certifying Hart Voting Machines in Texas

"Emergency" Bill Tries to Make Electronic Voting More Accurate, But Will It?

Jason Lewis advocates terrorizing Vets who speak out

MN Majority says Hi from planet Zoltran!!

Mary Kiffmeyer's group MN Majority posts Veterans info

Deal for Christmas Mountains ahead?

Texas ranks low in child well-being, report says

Needed! Planning and Action for State!

Teresa Meets Michelle

Obama raises 40 Million in March

Latest BS Media Attack on Obama re Smoking

Until you see it, it is impossible to imagine...

Obama Logo - opinions please

Randi Rhodes Suspended For Attacks on Clinton

CAITI via Harper Index: Mulroney's causes have done well under Harper government

CTV Canada must protect its water from U.S.: report


CBC news just axed Calgary's Newsworld operations

High school student sues over ban on religious imagery in artwork

"History Boys" is an interesting take on education

Efraim was "a boy genius" who is "hard to control."

'The Bold and the Bad and the Bumpy Nights' .....Happy B'Day Bette Davis

Hellboy II trailer now online

KOEB - 4-2-08 - What? Wasn't KO invited to his own party edition?

CNN is trying to steal Keith's thunder on the Wal-Mart story.

Rachel Maddow will be hosting Countdown Friday, April 4th

Update on Mom and Sheridan

Olympic Torch Protest, 4/9; any DUers going?

Where are we supposed to take fluorescent bulbs when they burn out?

Death of UW-Madison student from Marshfield likely homicide

Here's what I find very depressing.

Passion of the Price

"Get the Bus? Are You Mad!?"