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You, too, can Reject! Denounce!

TFHT: There are 4 parties not two, which are they going to let you chose

Bill Clinton ‘Woefully Unprepared for 21st Century Media’

MoveOn: Obama in 30 Seconds

McCain is going to be a weak candidate

has Wright's speech been posted online anywhere yet?

Cool photo from Wright's interview with Moyers

Cool photo from Wright's interview with Moyers

Bill Clinton lost the '92 NH primary by 8.4% and called himself "the comeback kid"

McCain Calls Obama Insensitive To Poor People

McCain Calls Obama Insensitive To Poor People

McCain Calls Obama Insensitive To Poor People

The Reverend Wright issue is history!!

Someone's gonna get whopped upside the head

The Team-Hillary "big state" argument debunked once and for all.

CNN Is Replaying The Wright Speech Now

What Senator Barack Obama has done for me:

"Democrats concocted this IRANIAN election system"

The Guardian: "When he picks his nose, which digit does he use? And what does that say about him?"

Chelsea Clinton for Vice President?

Rev Wright's NAACP speech will be a hugh Youtube sensation

Loyal democrat alert

How many campaign offices does Obama have in Indiana? nt

Table Tennis anyone? How Obama helped deliver $320,000 in state grants in exchange for ???

So what do we think about the DNC's 100 Years in Iraq Ad?

So what do we think about the DNC's 100 Years in Iraq Ad?

If Hillary wants a Lincoln debate so much, perhaps she should join the Party of Lincoln...

HRC's -gate flowsheet

post from march 30/ Wright and Pfleger

LA Times: Obama donor received a state grant

Went to the bookstore today.

Is anyone watching Rev Wright live on CNN right now at the NAACP dinner?

Rev. Wright seemed to think Bill Clinton was a good guy.

'Vast right-wing conspiracy' leader's paper backs Clinton

Another Peaceful GD:P Interlude... Brought To You By WillyT

Another Peaceful GD:P Interlude... Brought To You By WillyT

CNN Coverage on Wright's speech has crapped itself right now.

Confessions of an Obama Skeptic, Part I

Got Cognitive Dissonance?

I refuse to yap about a unity ticket because it's fucking stupid.

What should Hillary get as a consolation prize?

LONG TIME LURKER here with a question for GD:P

LONG TIME LURKER here with a question for GD:P

Gore And Bradley Pulled Their Names Off Michigan Ballot in 2000

TYT: Hillary's Popular Vote Argument Is Nonsense (Must See)

"McCain Gas tax holiday is like Crystal-Meth for Economy"

I have sadly come to the conclusion

Democrats Registering In Record Numbers

Reverend Wright Speech at NAACP (video links)

Wright coming up again in 2 minutes on cnn

Responses To Project on DU and the Animosity created by the Extended Primaries

Hey, guys!

Hey, guys!

I had to go check out Hannity to see the reaction to the Wright speech.

What kind of Fighter is Hillary Clinton most like?

Obama donor received a state grant

Everyone in GD:P: Please join me in a toast.

Hoops For Change - Play Ball With a Blazer

Hoops For Change - Play Ball With a Blazer

Race card? How about rape card.

Do you want to know why it is a GOOD thing Wright is out in public?

Obama currently has a 135 total delegate lead. What was his lead before the PA primary?

Haven't seen Wrights NAACP speech? Must see! But SKIP the "Let me break it down for you" punditry!

I wish I can just go into a coma

Bring back "The Love Boat", so Bill Clinton can do some cameos

Hillary is good at debating, but what else is she good at?

Please run and tell my "stuck-on stupid" friends that Arabic is not a religion. Best "soundbite"?

Hillary supporters - a challenge for you. Read on.

Democrats plan hearing on Fla., Mich. delegates, May 31st.

Take our Florida delegate debacle quiz [St. Petersburg Times]

Debate: Obama vs. McCain

Would President Lincoln agree with Rev. Wright? You might be surprised at the answer!

Please vote on CNN Poll: Which is closer to your view of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright? share prices for the GE (not the primary) for all THREE candidates

Is Wright saying anything that Cornel West hasn't been saying...

McCain calls Ill. senator insensitive to poor people

vote fraud, voter-cleansing lists, voter 'challenges', malfunctioning machines, NO machines...

Money and Power -- The two issues that REALLY MATTER in this election

Rev Wright issue. Attention Catholics: Draft survey: 4,450 priests accused of sex abuse

Rev Wright issue. Attention Catholics: Draft survey: 4,450 priests accused of sex abuse

Senator Obama turned me on to his books, his vision, his hope,

NOTE To All those who Helped me With My Project On DU

Clinton:tough questions in a debate is nothing like the tough decisions you've got to make in the WH

Dayyym...wish you were Pres-i-dent.

The Guardian: Clinton Cynically Turns to Race Argument

NPC Day Book: Event Details: Rev. Wright To Speak @ 8:30 am EST

Obama Vs Wright - Who's a better speaker?

Who here is "committed to changing the way people treat each other?"

"McBush" is the key to the White House, folks

BREAKING: Clinton supporters are too chicken to take on my challenge.

Mika is making me sick this morning....neither Mika, Tucker, or Willey...(Rev. Wright)

and another thing....

a sympathetic view of the Rev, Wright matter

Where do you go to promote yourself?

I wish they'd cover all of John Hagee's speeches like this

And the RACE is on and here comes Pride in the backstretch.....

Obama says he will set timetable for Baghdad

The MSM is now trashing Wright for speaking out on his own behalf?!

Dean: Divided Dems would lose to McCain....One must drop out after June primaries to unify the party

LIVEBLOG: Wright at National Press Club

"Obama took his name off the Michigan ballot because he knew Clinton would beat him"

Dean wants "someone" to drop out before the convention.

Rev. Wright is off to a GREAT start. I have been very critical, but am impressed this a.m. EDIT-NOT

While we argue among ourselves as to the candidate

Waitress Fired After Showing Political Support

It's just too predictable. It takes the disingenuous fucktards about 24 hours to get their spin on

I serves six years in the military, how many years did Cheny serve? Wright kicks ass.

With all this excitement and controversy going on right now ...

McCain wants Roe V. Wade overturned... Now, is that enough to convince Democrats

Bill Clinton unhinged: advisor says "He doesn't like Obama;" yelled at James Clyburn after SC loss

Roger Waters for Obama

Is there ANY doubt that the MSM is shilling HARD for the GOP?

I have generally ignored the media hype about Rev. Wright

Why I probably will never vote for Obama......

Hey Chris Matthews what the FUCK did Wright say in the last 72 hours to make you call for Obama ...

Just remember that the Iraqis used to have MSM spinning news

I, as a white person, denounce and reject Rev. Wrights attemp to defend himself against the right


Separation of Church and State

Obama supporters:

NOW do you understand why Obama would not, could not denounce this man?

McCain LOST to Bush, talk about a weak candidate, why so much on Rev. Wright

Did Sherri Jacobus, Republican Strategist, just say that Rev. Wright

Reverand Wright is being a selfish jerk -this is not the time for his side show to air.

Reverand Wright is being a selfish jerk -this is not the time for his side show to air.

So racial issues are the most compelling issues in the 2008 presidential electioN?

NBC Today preparing hatchet job on Wright: "He mocked JFK.."

Michelle didn't look like she was too proud of America after the Pennsy primary

I donated to Barack Obama today - Matched a first time donor

Why is Wright engaging the media?

Hillary: Better Candidate, Obama: Better Campaign

Sorry Folks. This isn't about Obama. This man's reputation was trashed by the MSM. I don't blame

Bill Vs. Barack (The New Yorker)

I think that it is sad that Barack Obama has to appease

If for some reason Obama doesn't win, there is no way we can run Hillary in the general

The New Yorker: Bill vs. Barack

Whether you or I admire Reverend Wright is immaterial

**What every DUer needs to ask themselves about Rev Wright**

Troubling, Controversial, Bombastic, Incendiary, Divisive And Problematic For The Obama Campaign...

"Cloverfield" movie an allegory for Democratic primary race!

Latest rePube chain email sent to me.. Help me send a good rebuttal..

A little history repeats itself about Wright

A little history repeats itself about Wright

A little history repeats itself about Wright

A little history repeats itself about Wright

Wow! 28 posts about the Rev. Wright and not ONE attacking John McLame!

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters and his Giant Obama Pig

Rev. Wright Says 4,000 GI's Have Died Over A Lie In Iraq

Hillary Clinton the Queen of Pork..One Presidential Copter $400 million

Is McCain still the "enemy"?

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll (Monday): Obama: 49% (up 1) Hillary 41% (down 1)

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll (Monday): Obama: 49% (up 1) Hillary 41% (down 1)

Enough about Wright hurting Obama. If anything, Wright speech made it

Former West Virginia congressman Ken Hechler endorses Obama

Why oh why is Rev. Wright back in the news?

Who the hell does Wright think he is mocking JFK?

Hillary supporter here. I'll say it: Rev. Wright was GREAT this morning.

"Have you heard the whole sermon?"

Why I Finally Chose Obama

If Hillary could do math, she would NOT want FL and MI seated

Can you be a Democrat or Progressive

Obama's `Gigantic' Donor List May Make Him Democratic Party's Power Broker

NEW NC POLL: Obama 10 point lead (ARG)

How's the polling in Indiana right now?

DNC Releases New Ad on John McCain: "100"

"It took one Clinton to clean up after the first Bush....

Did Hamas really "endorse" Obama? Source is lying RW whack job

Did Hamas really "endorse" Obama? Source is lying RW whack job

Did any of us here in 2004 even consider defeat in Nov? The fact that so many are now

This Modern World: The Elitist Menace!

McCain could never win in November without all our insipid, hateful infighting.

John McCAIN and the CNP-- Still in the Closet. NO Media disclosure.

What's this all about? Watching the Obama blogcult imploding on itself is painful, I tell you.

CNN Quick Vote: Should Obama agree to debate

PPP: Obama by 12 in NC

Clinton's campaign sent out e-mail saying Obama is a Muslim - link?

The key in attacking McCain will be to show him both ripping the Religious Right

For those of you that continue to push the racial divide, I have a message.

I think Obama needs to come out SWINGING this week.

If Obama was not charismatic then the media would bitch & complain that he was boring & uninspiring

George Bush approves of Hillary Clinton

Has there been any numbers

Axelrod: It's the media's fault for giving Wright a forum!

When will we exploit the fracture between McCain and most of the Republican Party?

Maybe we should ask that Hillary AND Obama give it up

Can someone give me an unbiased, readers digest version of why we're all in a twitch over Wright

Can someone give me an unbiased, readers digest version of why we're all in a twitch over Wright

Obama Links Broad Ideas to Economic Specifics

Here's what Mister Berger has to say about "those people":

Why does the corporate-owned media love to put on conservative Black commentators?

Hillary Clinton is Counting on the Votes of Disaffected Racist Republican Voters

Contessa Brewer to journalist traveling with Barack : Are the crowds mixed (meaning race)? WTF?

Thank you, African-Americans

Thank you, African-Americans

Bill Bradley just on MSNBC - talks about pastorbating, "vetting"

MSNBC just said on air that Wright is slowly sinking Obama's campaign

Tonight I watched CNN and actually LEARNED something.

I hope the Obama campaign didn't get Wright to go on this media blitz

Hillary supporters happy about Wright? They shouldn't be.

Why is Wright on a publicty tour now?

I'm confident Hillary's going to use Indiana's archaic voting law to harass voters

Who should drop out of the race for the good of the Democratic party?

This post probably doesn't belong here.

Do you think Obama needs to go negative during the home stretch?

Hillary Clinton Criticizing Closure of Indiana Factory That Bill Clinton Helped Close

GIVE IT A REC if you think "GODDESS OF PEACE" is a lame moniker!

If the M$M spent as much time focusing on the BLATANT hate speech

Former President Bill Clinton vists NC and speaks to massive crowd of 200 (two-hundred).

Former President Bill Clinton vists NC and speaks to massive crowd of 200 (two-hundred).

So the msm decides to make a preacher of a presidential candidate an issue, which to my knowledge

Transcript of Rev. Wright at the National Press Club.

It's still called "Morally Bankrupt"

The world is laughing and is excited! And this is why.

how obama can make the wright "issue" go away:

MSNBC just got caught. They had a black "preacher" on bashing Wright

Hillary supporter, yes but

The Uncle Tom Strategy; meet Reverend Joe Watkins

Is it really true that white people raise and teach their kids by putting them

Wright will continue to be the star of this campaign

Hillary Clinton(NeoCon-NY) caught lying again

Hillary Clinton(NeoCon-NY) caught lying again

There was a time that I craved primary news. Not anymore.

We are All Going to Have to Let the Anger Go Pretty Soon

Why Aren't Recommended Threads Here Posted On "Greatest Page"?

Anyone who puts "Breaking News" in a thread when it isn't should be chopped up, fed to rabid dogs!

Dean says either Clinton or Obama must drop out in June

Rev. Wright is a loose cannon.


McCain: I have never questioned Rev. Wrights' patriotism, and service for one's country in the

Jeremiah Wright’s Greatest Hits......order now 1-800-555-5555

so Hillary jumped with the crowd condemning Wright

I applaud KOS and Huffington for keeping the Rev. Wright "frenzy" the blip that it is.

So now the media is calling for Hillary to give a speech on race?

Posting Tabloid Inuendo that Hillary May Be a Lesbian Only Proves Homophobia in the Obama Camp.

My thoughts on Reverend Wright

Well, If Obama loses the nomination now, will you blame Hillary or


That's it. Enough! I'M running for President!

The media has done it again....just like in 04. People are scurrying like rats...

******Heads up - CSPAN Rev. Wright will give a speech

Gallup, April 28, 2008

Predictions for Indiana and North Carolina. ?? Here are mine:


Breaking: Why Obama isn't agreeing to another debate with Hillary

Times: About that Hillary Endorsement...

Times: About that Hillary Endorsement...


Christ! Give it a rest, will ya? That's for both sides

Judge sets date in Paul vs. Clinton case & says to “say hello to his (Judge Munoz) friend Bill”

Do you remember back when only the joke candidates would talk about obliterating entire nations?

Explain to me how one 'Misremembers' having sniper fire around you?

Obama does better than Clinton in key swing state

Wow, I didn't know Rachel Maddow was a Rhodes Scholar. #50 in Influence !

It's Quite Simple: Rev. Wright Is Not Barack Obama.

This Black reverend guy is really pond scum

I have to admit...Hillary staying in the race is killing the party

After they give up trying to figure out what Wright said, Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly's heads. .

Once Obama gets the nomination and they run an ad about Wright

So... how do we think John McCain will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of "Mission Accomplished"?

You all realize 2 way polls are nonsense right now, right?

Bill Maher On Hillary's Candidacy...

Which Had A Bigger Impact In This Primary: Obama's Race Or Clinton's Gender?

Establishment attack? See this little is a life saver!

Did anyone see Jackie Mason on Fox and Friends a few minutes ago

The wrong message is getting out.

NBC Either Phones Busy Or Won't Answer

This is what happens when you elect "Democrats" like Hillary Clinton

Brent Scowcroft Echoes Obama: We Need To Talk To Enemies

Composition of Rules and bylaws committee

Rev Wright threw Obama under the bus...

Alright tell me how stupid this idea is

Hillary regrets how Repukes "politicized" Wright. Regarding Obama: "You’ll have to ask him that.”

Obama Wins in Indiana by 10 !!1!

It's been 18 YEARS of nothing but Clinton and Bush families! I'm just SICK of it!!!

Oh, for godsakes, calm down about Wright

In the RED Corner, we have.....

I've lost many SD's has Obama picked up since Saturday?

Pro-Hillary picketer: Mike {F}Huckabee got me fired

McCain: Obama and Wright do not share views. Any word from our fellow "Democrat" named Hillary?

Clinton Criticizing Closure of Indiana Factory That Clinton Helped Close

The best move for Obama at this moment

Had a phone conv. with the (Repub) Ex-Husband today and was

AOL Poll

Desperate for Debate, Clinton Suggests One On “Back Of Flat Bed Truck”

Clinton's campaign manager showing final strategy on video

Can we STOP IT with pretending that GE polls matter?????

for all you that think Hill is more electable because of 1 poll

for all you that think Hill is more electable because of 1 poll

SUSA Indiana: Clinton 52% (down 3) Obama 43% (up 4) in newest poll

Ask The Media To Run the Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

Rasmussen daily tracking: Obama 49, Clinton 41.... posted 3 minutes ago

HILLARY SUPPORTERS: Please email Air America! NOW!

We politely interrupt the arguing for a brief joke!!

AP reports that Roger Waters closed Coachella

AP reports that Roger Waters closed Coachella

dupe delete

Vietnam Veterans Against Mccain

Did obama hurt his own cause by..

Obama's campaign, for its own good, has cut Wright loose

Math help! If we had "winner take all" primaries, would someone have sealed the deal?

Isn't it cruel and manipulative president's that got America where it is.

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters unleashes giant 'VOTE OBAMA' pig - w/Uncle Sam wielding 2 bloody cleavers

So the media whores expect a 75 year old Reverend to shut up and say nothing

Wow, the cable news networks really did a job on us!

Obama's so skinny, he uses his ears to hold up his pants!

I Hate SUSA - new poll has Clinton up in Indiana !

Clinton Camp: Time To Move On Past Wright !

Forget the convention fight: McAuliffe says it's over by June 15

I Lost Count

All that Wright posting that has been managed here?

I wouldn't be surprised to see some manufactured controversy about HRC in the next couple weeks

Cafferty File: Major Clinton fund-raiser defects to Obama

Roseanne is hosting Air America Radio this week.......

Why would the NC GOP play the Wright Ad NOW while the primaries are still going on?

Do you really want C-H-A-N-G-E?

NC Governor endorsing Clinton

David Gregory Hosting On Air America

A Democrat, A Republican, and an Unafflilated Voter go into the Board of Elections

Wow Unbelievable Breaking News

One Way to Change the Subject from Wright Redux.

WaPo: "Democrats Registering In Record Numbers"

Reminder for those who bash Rev. Wright here:

General Election polls in April tell you - NOTHING

"A change is going to come." ----Reverend Jeremiah Wright, April 27, 2008

Gut Check: How much of your principles are you willing to compromise...

Splitting the Dems, splitting blacks, splitting black churches...

Wright, etc. vs. Gas, etc.

**Supreme Court upholds voter identification laws.** JUST IN TIME FOR Indiana

Best. Interactive. Map. Ever. (HRC's campaign members and donors)

No more mincing words, folks. The only person Obama should be debating here on out is John McCain.

The Democratic Party continues to allow itself to be defined by the GOP, instead of defining itself

Obama will distance himself from Rev. Wright when McBush distances himself

Clinton is UNBELIEVABLE Video

So this serious thread gets less views than my intentionally "racy" thread.

Hillary Strangelove (the story the media is ignoring)

Fastened to a Dying Animal

The Obama campaign needs to learn to control the media

Rev. Wright is simply the right's permission slip to hate Obama for his race.

Rev. Wright is simply the right's permission slip to hate Obama for his race.

Dean Says Either Clinton or Obama Must Drop Out in June

Make Your Own Obama Poster Here!

While everyone is focused on Rev. Wright, Drudge has a headline that gas could go to $10/gallon

Photo ID-Indiana has it for elections

This media is out of hand with this Reverend Wright stuff

The Obama campaign is making it impossible for any African American to run for president again for a

Did David Axelrod just tell Tweety he's full of s__t?


Monday' primary TOON Roundup:

So what's the difference between Wright and the Pope?

Scalia made a very good point

Where's Hillary on Supreme Court voter id decision?

In dedication to Barack Obama: A beautiful poem

Rerun of Axelrod coming up on Hardball n/t

Obama: 'He does not speak for me'

*******Heads Up: Obama Now Live!!!!!*********

" He does not speak for me"

I like it when Obama calls for people to be responsible parents

Why I think Obama has been picking up one Super delegate per day on average since end of Super Tues

Barack, Oh please debate with me, so I can get my free TV! (compiled from previous post)

About graciousness, compassion, and getting back our political identity.

Boston Globe Editorial Calls Clinton a Nuclear Madwoman

RESOLVED : Never Again Will We Allow The Corrupt MSM To Pick OUR Nominee....


AP Poll: Clinton leads McCain, doing better than Obama

Sorry. I'm an Obama supporter, but I don't enjoy yelling

Hillary is for you and me

Hillary Clinton Surges In New National Poll: Clinton 50 - McCain 41; Obama 46 - McCain 44

********OBAMA ON LIVE NOW*********

keep your focus,Obama is keeping his

Obama has a pretty sweet j.

Clinton knows she cannot win the nomination. The Clintons have now switched to plan C.

Wright is not Obama and Obama is not Wright.

If BHO doesn't win North Carolina by 15+%..

If BHO doesn't win North Carolina by 15+%..

If BHO doesn't win North Carolina by 15+%..

Obama: 1990s deregulation, a mistake that has to be fixed

Clinton Scolds McCain Over Republican Ads on Wright

Listen up! Angry White male here......

Obama Picks Up Superdelegate

For Obama, the Voice of Doom? - WaPo

"Obliterate" Why no outrage?

Here come 'ol flattop, he come groovin' up slowly....

I can't believe Wright said two controversial things in one speech:

Is GOP Using Vote Fraud To Steal the Primary for Clinton, Or Is Clinton Angling to be McCain's VP?

Beware of the HIllary TROLLS!!! Concern trolls particularly! She can't afford to do much else than

Ignore the Wright hype all he did is speak truth and the truth is the answer

John McCain lied to the American people about the capital gains tax, while Obama got it right.

Did Wright say that black kids learn with the right side of their brain and white kids

Whoever wins needs to push for a repeal of the Telecommunications act of '96

To all of you NBA of teams other than the Phx Suns - Your teams put up a good fight maybe next year.

Superdelegate Update: Obama Gains 3, Clinton Gains 1

My email response to an in-law regarding an attack e-mail on Obama

My email response to an in-law regarding an attack e-mail on Obama

Bill Kristol Hearts Hillary! It's a LOVEFEST!



If OBAMA can't "close the deal," what does it say about HILLARY who can't beat HIM?

Screw the MSM

Clinton is really "Winning" TOON

Barack Obama Promises to Focus on the Voters of North Carolina

Funny new Clinton supporter mantra...

MSM: "It's Rev. Wright!! Forget economy in the shitter, It's Rev. Wright!

I drink your milkshake. I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!!

Fuck. This. Noise.

Fuck. This. Noise.

Why doesn't Obama challenge Hillary to a debate solely on the Iraq war?

Hillary's Campaign is so broke.....her push poll calls are collect.

Did you hear that O'Malley, O'Shaunassey, O'Reilley....classic!

Outraged email I sent to Jacobus re Wright's education comments


Ron Paul not planning to campaign for McCain

I think Petraeus has done a good tactical job in Iraq.

ISSUE Thread: Education

Listening to Reverend Wright this morning, I think he was a breath of fresh air

1.5M Donors - Only 55,920 to go!

BREAKING! King from New Mexico announces he too will endorse Obama.

We will lose GE


University of Wisconsin Poll: McCain 47% - Clinton 41%, Obama 47% - McCain 43%

DU this CNN Rev Wright POLL

Obama's bracelet

What is Obama talking about today?

PHOTOS: Barack Obama today at a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina

Obama needs to speak up!

I'm starting to have MAJOR doubts about Obama....RANT

If Obama is going down, he's going down swinging...

BREAKING: Why Obama is refusing to have one more debate with Hillary

CBS: Bad News For Obama

CBS: Bad News For Obama

MSNBC Is Beating This Wright Thing To Death

No matter how this presidential election finally transpires...

Hillary's hypocrisy exposed, joins McCain's kooky call for suspending the gas tax

Hillary's hypocrisy exposed, joins McCain's kooky call for suspending the gas tax

NBC's Todd: Bill Clinton ‘Woefully Unprepared for 21st Century Media’

Gov. Dean, Let It Go to the Convention!

Why is Obama expected to apologize for his pastor? I'll tell you why: Racism.

MIchael Moore caught lying; Obama campaign "grossly exaggerating" Wright-Bill Clinton link

Was Wright right about Farrakhan?

BREAKING: Why Hill must debate !!!

While we were all pastorgasming, did anyone notice what SCOTUS did?

Obama supporters don't worry: His nomination will not be derailed

When John Stewart asked Obama if he planned on enslaving the White Race after his Inaugural. He just

Oh for the love of... People, Wright was talking about cultural differences, not genetic ones.

When William Kristol writes an Op-Ed praising your candidate...

Better Buckle Up : Obama In Crosshairs Of America's Criminal Oligarchy

Q. What fantasy world does McCain live in where we continue to occupy Iraq and have no casualties?

To Hillary supporters who think that a candidate can't weather manufactured scandals in the primary

It appears that Rev. Wright is actually trying to undermine Obama

Obama supporters: Your guy has nothing to be ashamed of. He did his best. It just didn't work out.

Reading some of these Rev Wright posts, really got me to thinking!

New SUSA Indiana poll released...Clinton +9

The Problem With Rev. Wright & his supporters is that they don't tell the whole story

Chris Matthews just called Barack Obama "Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde" thanks to the Wright controversy.

Flaming hot crap being served up daily! New DU Primary Poll!

Obama's Subprime Pal: Finance Chief Penny Pritzker's Bank Failed in 2001 Costing 1400 Their Savings

If it's fair for the media to associate Rev. Wright with Obama, isn't Monica fair game then?

If it's fair for the media to associate Rev. Wright with Obama, isn't Monica fair game then?

Hillary Clinton Appeals to the People of North Carolina

What is the context for the Rev. Wright pretend-humping his pulpit in Church?

APNewsBreak: Gov. Easley to endorse Clinton **NORTH CAROLINA**

Breaking: Governor Easley endores Hillary Clinton

ISSUE Thread: The Middle Class

One Million new democrats...The SD's know who's been bringing home the gravy...

Dr. King's words still ring true today

Media pumping spin against Rev Wright but SILENT about Douglas Coe. WHY?

Media pumping spin against Rev Wright but SILENT about Douglas Coe. WHY?

The elitism of Obama is simply APALLING

Please ! Someone explain to me

Oh My Gawd! Oh fuck me! You!! Shut up, You!! And panic!! O fuck, it's the end! We're all gonna die!!

I'm wondering how many people know where the quote in my Sig. Line came from?

What scary commercial will Hillary use before IN and NC?

Analysis of the media on the "Wright Issue" will be seen as unprecedented years from now

Pretty goddamned sad that I have to go to the BBC to get intelligent media observation on Wright.

The Rude Pundit: The Lewinsky Nuke, or How Bill Is Hillary Clinton's Reverend Wright

*****What Elitism Really Looks Like: PA exit polls show elitists went for Clinton***********

When Obama hits 2024 Hillary will ....

Clinton Creditor Watch

Pastor Wright's PR blitz: "as selfish of a move as we've seen in some time"

Survey says Clinton is more electable. (per MSNBC)

Survey says Clinton is more electable. (per MSNBC)

It's amazing what passes for BRILLIANCE these days.

It's pretty bad when a gallon of gas costs more than a person on minimum wage

Smell ya later.

Link to TRANSCRIPT of Wright's NAACP speech. (And what I find SO WRONG with it.)

Mr. Wright has betrayed Obama

McCain Republicans Have A Meltdown in Nevada Heat

Neither Candidate has "the votes of the People."

Clinton criticizing closure of Indiana factory that (Bill) Clinton helped close

Listen Up! Angry Black Man Here!

I can see why Hillary wouldn't want Wright as her pastor.

Superdelegate Envy

TURN OFF the Television! Especially if you are watching CABLE News!

TURN OFF the Television! Especially if you are watching CABLE News!

Obama is causing that Thing to run amok.

One big difference between Barack and Hillary:


**** POLL **** Where do you stand on the Wright issue today?

To both Obama and Clinton supporters on this board....

Clinton Criticizing Closure of Indiana Factory That Clinton Helped Close

Looks like Obama's candidacy has just derailed.

Will the MSM be talking about McCain's White Supremacist ties?

Hill supporters hate it that Obama won't twist the knife on Wright. Kick if you agree

What do you think of the idea of a Gore/Edwards '08 compromise ticket?

Clinton supporters: listen up.

Rev. Wright just called their chicken hawk asses out

National Press Club - Rev Wright Q & A [FULL VIDEO] - (04/28/2008)

Reverend Wright's speech and followup remarks at the National Press Club .......

Jesus! The Obama-haters need to switch to decaf today.

Obama Was the Correct Choice for Nominee.

The Wright "event" feels like an orchestrated opportunity...


The Rainbow Sign

Standing at the Gas Station filling my car

BREAKING: Senator Bingaman Endorses Obama!

There won't be any real change in this country until we "fix" the media.

Barack Obama is a black man. Did anyone notice?

DU Democrats: Do you agree MORE with political views of Rev Wright or Douglas Coe?

Just so you hear the things that Wright said tonight

It's clear today that DU is under a coordinated attack from the establishment

DailyKos and showing signs of Obuyer's remorse

Are Obama's "chickens coming home... to roost"?

Are Obama's "chickens coming home... to roost"?

AP headline; Poll: Clinton has better chance than Obama of beating McCain

AP headline; Poll: Clinton has better chance than Obama of beating McCain

AP headline; Poll: Clinton has better chance than Obama of beating McCain

Why Hillary wins the big states (Dr. Bob Fitrakis)

Why Hillary wins the big states (Dr. Bob Fitrakis)

Let's Conduct an Experiment! No Cable News for 23 Hours!

Hillary Bashing Obama to set up for 2012

So some were here last night saying how great the racist Rev Wright is...

CNN Poll shows America disapproves of the black church 2-1

Just donated to Obama!

Just donated to Obama!

I hope I'm Wrong -- But I think Wright may have just given it to McCain

155 threads so far with "wright" in the title.

Rev. Wright is LYING to say this is an attack on the black church and black people's patriotism.

Shame on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz...Shame on her.

It is an embarrassment to Democratic Underground and the Democratic Party as a whole.

Ms. Clinton Bangs her Shoe: We will OBLITERATE you

Hillary In India- "The Outsourcing Will Continue". Obama Supporters STOP FEEDING THE WRIGHT STORY

Clinton tries to buy PR votes with tax money and claims NY & PR have an "historic relationship"

Sorry. I'm not a hater.

dupe; please delete

How Orwellian: McCain calls Obama insensitive to poor people

Beam me the fuck up, Scotty !

Hey, who's that guy on the Dime? And why do Republicans hate him so very, very much?

Hillary (Senator-Punjab) Tells Indiana It's About "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" But She Supports Outsourcing

CNN to repeat the Wright's speech at 8 PM CST

Blogger Fouad al-Farhan released from Saudi jail

I feel so encouraged that a group of black leaders are emerging

Dear God. You and I haven't talked in a long, long time.

Anyone here ever NOT heard Chuck Berry?? Young peeps apply withing!!


South African food prices cause consumer stress

Jeremiah Wright and the prophetic tradition

funny Bush joke I heard on the radio...

Republican Electorial Strategery: Make Gas So Expensive That People Cannot Drive To Vote?

Fuck you Rick Sanchez

US would pursue Bin Laden through other countries

Google Earth Isn't Fun Anymore

My Humbling Weekend.

Jeremiah Wright speaking now at NAACP in Detroit

Nevada GOP in disarray, cuts convention short over lack of support for McCain

Florida to examine faith-based health care

reminds me of a furniture company called Sofa King..........n/t

Pimped out 727 used by Saudi's and McCain up for sale.

President Jimmy Carter on The Daily Show tomorrow night.

President Jimmy Carter on The Daily Show tomorrow night.

Texas seeks U.S. ethanol cutbacks; cites corn costs


And they're playing it again!

PBS to Debut Stand Up: Muslim-American Comics Come of Age

I can't wait for the Clinton response

It's time to stock up on the ramen noodles!

I'm so fucking pissed off right now I can't even think.

It's no wonder the Bush Administration and the Contractors are all great pals

Republicans Continue Eating Into The Onion's Market Share!

I think Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" is one of the most compelling books

Larisa Alexandrovna: South Winning The "Cold" Civil War?

So I'm at a party in a McMansion in Scripps Ranch

Today in history: Civil War Adm. David Farragut captures New Orleans (1862)

Reverend Wright brings CNN to a complete stand still will be all Wright rest of nite

Pentagon Propaganda: So Much Worse Than We Thought

I'm conflicted about the gas prices

Libby (MT) Judge Accused of Seeking Sexual Favors

Bush involved in torture plot

Let's come up with a list of ways to keep the stimulus money in America.

The big news ignored by the media from PA Primary: 27% of GOP voters voted against McCain

JIM CROW of the 21st Century

Some rhabid anti-Carter calls on WJ this morning

WHY is it necessary for CNN to tell me what Rev. Wright is saying??!!!

Thought this was a little funny- get fuzzy

Did a shark attack Rev.Wright?

Give Clint Curtis money!

Attention Catholics: Draft survey: 4,450 priests accused of sex abuse

Have to give credit to CNN for showing the whole speech of Dr. Wright....

What do you think of Rove's advice to Obama?

What do you think of Rove's advice to Obama?

It's Monday, April 28, 2008. Are the war criminals still in office?

Hey Mika, Willie, and Tucker: BITE ME!

From the "I wish I had written this" department: "Spiritual"

McCain and 'Wife Jet-Gate'

CNN Coverage of Last Night's "Reverend Wright at the NAACP" (VIDEO)

Overheard at one of the McCain homes

Wright throws on the floodlights, haters complain and scurry about like insects.

Want to see something interesting about David Horowitz's group that promotes academic freedom?

Q&A with Rev Wright will be on CSpan 2

Tucson to Phoenix

The definition of Damnation made manifest:

I have very important questions about the Sean Bell incident.

I just recieved my stimulus payment.

Rev Wright at the national Press Club -coming up on CSpan1

Rubber Stamping ‘Failed’ Iraq Projects

> 700 rocket and mortar attacks in Baghdad and the Green Zone in April

If you are not listening to Reverend Wright on Cspan you are missing something astounding.

Fascist little brother Jeb is supposed to be the smart one?

Repugs making it more difficult to register and vote in Florida

Question about the pending "rebate"

Chavez Calls Ethanol Production A "Crime"

Hey they've OUTDONE us here at DU on flowers to Helen Thomas!!!

A comment on CSpan prompts this, are big trucks trying to shut down DC?

4 killings shock family, neighbors

George Bush: A true speaker for our time and one Wright can be judged by....

Reverend Wright's Speech at the National Press Club is available now at C-Span

Bloggers offer glimpse of uncensored Cuba

"Lincoln H.S. parents receive hoax 'prom night' letter"

Hot Dog! You Get To Go See Bush Fake-Conduct An Orchestra...

I hereby nominate for "Most Pathetic Bumper Sicker Ever" What did Israel bomb in Syria?

Rice shortage!?

********WHITE PASTORS ONLY!!! **************

Supreme Court upholds photo ID law for voters in Indiana

isn't extreme free market capitalism like a neutron bomb: it kills the people but leaves...

Rev. Wright's BRILLIANT speech being replayed on CNN now

A question for those of you who thorougly understand economics .......

Reverend Wright on CNN NOW!!! - This white boy would attend his church.

How did this race devolve into "race"?

Another right-wing smear attempt discredited

CNN Running Wright Again--3rd time!

The Myths and Harsh Effects of Bush's Economic Class War

Army veteran accused of slipping secrets to Israel in '80s

BUMPERSTICKER for fall: 28 years of Republican economics = no job, no pension, no house

Democrats Registering in Record Numbers

Democrats Registering in Record Numbers

Police: Dad confesses to holding daughter captive 24 years, fathers 7 children with her

I really like Jeremiah Wright

Why there is a continental U.S.A, and the War in Iraq, ..they connect..

Hospital to patient: Pay us up front or we won't treat you

"...Republican President and Republican Congress..."

Please proofread my 135th ltte-on oil prices

Ok, now you pissed me OFF... STOP THE HAND WRINGING!

Ok, now you pissed me OFF... STOP THE HAND WRINGING!

David Gergin: Seems to me he is one of the biggest racists in the media world...

Holy moley ... there sure have been a lot of earthquakes recently!

The MOM Project-FREE dental care last weekend in Roanoke VA

is there a lawyer in the house?

Columbia's Drug Cartel gets 5 US military copters.

Dear M$M

OK, Rev Wright spoke in detail of his beliefs. When is it Rev Hagee's turn?

Is Isikoff Laundering Information for Karl Rove Again?

Economic stimulus payment in lieu of a raise?

I read this a.m. that they think this summer will melt ALL the arctic ice

9 hr. severe rainstorm wreaked havoc on the Benue state capital

At 11 08am Central Time. on 4/28/.BBC says top word story is "Austrian admits daughter abuse"...Why

Left Wing? You Must be Kidding!? -- The Daily Show, Colbert, Olbermann

About the "National Constitution Center" ... (WTF!)

The definition of Damnation made manifest:

Sigh. "We could have gone so much further"

McCain. Remember him? He's the guy who'll pick the next US Supreme Court justices.

Soldier in Iraq About to Lose Home to Hogs

Health Care in America: Pay To Play Isn't Working . . . For Anyone

Wall Street Grain Hoarding Brings Farmers, Consumers Near Ruin

Prostitute Scandal Rattles Tehran Government

U.S. Home Vacancies Rise to Record on Foreclosures

American to start charging $25 for second checked bag

Pelosi wants to trade "BLOOD for BUTTER" call (415) 556-4862 and (202) 225-4965

Wherein I judge Jeremiah WRIGHT

If Rev. Wright were running for President, I would vote for him.

Dr. Wright gives a smackdown against division carried live by CNN LIVE ON CNN NOW*****

‘Western Leaders Are War Criminals’ - Former Prime Minister of Malaysia

Who keeps watering the Wright story?

Rev Wright spent 6 years as a US Marine and am I correct he has family serving in Iraq?

CSpan now.. Heartbreaking, infuriating testimony from former

Are other people getting oddly minimalist formatting in some threads and forums?

The Real Jeremiah Wright

FDA found concerns at Merck vaccine plant

Wright to Obama: ‘Coming after you’ TO CHANGE ....

Are the asshole racists mentally equipped to handle an Obama presidency?

Do you believe our bad economy is in anyway connected to Iraq War?

A list of all the lies told about Iraq occupation?

I've Come to the Conclusion that Rev. Wright is Brilliant.

"Condi Tried to Clinch Firm Arab Commitments on Iraq but All She Got was This Lousy T-Shirt"

SCOTUS Strikes Again!

Pentagon (Temporarily) Stops Feeding Info to Retired Officers

Obama: "If I lose, it WON'T be because of RACE..."

From our workplace

Truckers protest gas prices in Washington, D.C.

Supremes to the poor, the elderly, and Democrats: "Fuck You"

Supreme Court Upholds Indiana's Voter ID Law

Marian Anderson (a reference made by Rev. J. Wright tonight)


Krugman: McCain’s economic plans are ‘Bush made permanent.’»

Things the media *could* have covered if they hadn't been pastorbating:

Aaron Brown to host "Wide Angle" on PBS

Tornado spotted near Jacksonville Florida

Mika Bryzynski: "I urge all our viewers to go online and watch the *entire* speech"

Hey .... media fuckheads .... c'mere .....consider this ..... you have 24 hours a day to fill .....

FDA Allowed Testing of Artificial Blood Despite Risk of Death

Anyone have the list of AP's advisory board?

Anyone know how LONG Joe Watkins has been 'Rev' Joe Watkins? He was a GOP strategist

Can this be true about Cindy McCain?

Tell the UK Telegraph they're out of their minds! Lieberman a liberal???

Even the Japanese buy food from China --and get poisoned!

Shuster to fill in for Ed Schultz on Wednesday

"Gov. Mike Huckabee Had Me Fired Because I Held Hillary Clinton Sign At McCain Rally"

I'm not getting a rebate check, and it's my own choosing

Are there going to be any real and substantive issues

KB Home's Broad Says Home Prices May Drop Another 20%

I was polled today by Rassmussen (sp?)

Ever seen a thousand pound steer? (Re: the coming food crunch)

Ever seen a thousand pound steer? (Re: the coming food crunch)

Hard numbers: The economy is worse than you know

Free Tibet flags made in China

I thought Bush doesn’t care any more about bin Laden - Today’s Headlines 4/28/08

A fun poll to skew: Vote for "The Top 100 Public Intellectuals"

Increased demand for beef in India??????????

April the Deadliest Month For U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Since September '07

Blame the Little Miss

Supporting the Troops: Soldiers Housed in 'Disgusting' Barracks at Fort Bragg

Group files FEC complaint over McCain’s London fundraiser

One thing I've noticed about labeling conservatives "racist" or "sexist"...

Huge Cyclone heading for Myanmar and Thailand.

Craig Ferguson and Barney and inattentive Bush

How many members of the Bush Administration does it take to change a light bulb?

People killed while walking on railroad tracks: Idiots or "Tragic Victims"?

American history with torture -

How many grand juries and secret grand juries at work right now? Indictments soon?

Gene Therapy Improves Vision In Nearly Blind Patients

Conservative groups lead fight against so-called "lawful Islamists"

What happened? I go away for two days and everything changes

I want to buy a segway now

Are there really that many conservative blacks?

The Tweety bashing has started

CPS: Half of sect's teen girls have been pregnant (AP/CNN)

Military Propaganda Pushed Me off TV

Bloggers offer glimpse of uncensored Cuba

That recreate 68 and rush's chaos

I, for one, think its a good thing that the democrats don't cut the funds from the war.

Jeremiah Who? Did You Hear What an Unrepentant Supporter of JOHN McCAIN Said?

SYRIA: More questions about alleged nuclear site

If I have one complaint about the MSM

Rebate 'could' be used for "something more substantive".

We are such good little media consumers. They define Wright and we go

What Kissing Cousins Can Lead To

Does anyone know how it REALLY works after congress approves

The Torture Election-Bush Has 2 Choices-'Cut A Deal With Candidate-OR- Eliminate Them' (Chris Floyd)

I have a question for Pastor Hagee

Exactly why is the media covering Patror Wright?

Tweety is such an ass

Monday TOON Updates- Got Inflation?

State moves to ban fake testicles on vehicles

Imagine Another 9/11 Attack of Domestic Origin. Imagine Martial Law.

DU boycott of Cable News outlets

I just turned off David Gregory

Rev. Wright: "How many years did (Vice President Dick) Cheney serve?"

Chicago Mayor Daley warns of police facing "semi-fully-automatic weapons"

Those BAAAAD poor dental patients are the REAL problem, doncha know...

How "Conservatives" Pick Your Pocket

Why I really hate economics discussions when Peak Oil is discussed...

Forty Years After Historic Columbia Strike, Four Leaders of 1968 Student Uprising Reflect

Forty Years After Historic Columbia Strike, Four Leaders of 1968 Student Uprising Reflect

31 out of 53 teen girls from FLDS ranch are pregnant or are underage mothers

Berlusconi's wife: Divide Italy

Good New! "The occupation of Iraq ended in 2004" Wolfowitz said today!

Why the Discredited Right Still Sets the Agenda and Dominates the Debate

Top 10 Outrageous Quotes from McCain's Spiritual Advisers

If any of Florida's bills seem bad, just wait

R.I.P., Antioch. You did good work, and your legacy will live on.

***** VIVA Ben Linder ***** April 28, 1987, Reagan mercenaries shot Oregonian in the head at close

There is a hearing on corrupt contractos in Iraq on Cspan right now (Mon 2:40 pm)

Why in the world would a pharmaceutical company name a drug ACIPHEX???

Lou Dobbs is...

House Judiciary to investigate Rove’s alleged effort to get Fitzgerald fired.»

Freedom's Watch caught Red-Handed!

The gas tax "holiday": Man, do they think we're stupid.

TV Military ‘Analysts’ Are Part of What Ike Warned Against

Elizabeth Edwards supports Clinton, lobbying for Sen. Edwards to endorse Hillary

Massachusetts Police Get Black Uniforms to Instill Sense of 'Fear'

It seems like everyone here and across the country

Will Darth cheney choose himself as VP again??

CONYERS TO YOO: Testify voluntarily or face subpoena

Senate leader 'goes off' on Utah, polygamy - Reid asks Mukasey for Federal Task Force

Joining the smokers/Cutting the smoke at Rush Limbaugh's show

Pentagon/Bush Adm. can't sweep this under the rug fast enough as far as they're concerned..

Unearthed: News of the Week the Mainstream Media Forgot to Report

Green Zone shelled; 4 U.S. soldiers killed

TPM: GOP Still Pushing Retroactive Immunity for Telecoms

a slice of pizza up to $3 in my neighborhood (due to "rising wheat prices")

Obese Inmate Sues Jail Because He's Lost 100 Pounds

Dolphin dies after mid-air collision during Sea World trick

GOP ART: Bush genocide pride

Giving Our Jobs Away

Smash ICE Demonstration in Tacoma, Washington

Expose the Real McCain-New DNC Ad Quotes McCain-RNC Losing It-Demanding It Not Run

Fox News STILL Featuring Pentagon Pundits (no surprise but)

It looks like we will get a break from Wright: Story about Hanna Montana topless.

"Is an Iranian general the most powerful man in Iraq?"


I viewed Jeremiah Wright's address to the National Press Club this morning

Apocalyse Now

Analysts Predicting $10 gas prices are coming

How soon? Gov. to lower minimum wage to "create more jobs"

A long overdue apology.....

I took care of everyone

Only about 100 rally in Orlando about delegates...and to threaten they may vote Republican.

Only about 100 rally in Orlando about delegates...and to threaten they may vote Republican.

If you have comcast, "American Hardcore" is available on Encore on demand.

How old is this guy again? GodDAMN...

SHINE - How is ShineGirl?

Learned a new word tonight

I am the most ignorant person on DU!

I love my husband

The unwise man mistakes the bull for an apéritif.

Where is a good place to get a cheap used Nintendo DS?

How are you NOT a liberal daguerreotype?

666th post! I am teh evile!

This Sounds Ridiculous... And I Wouldn't Blame You For Laughing Either

Out of pocket this weekend, and see my DRays swept the Red Sox

Well It Is Out Of Something

Something just hit me

Bar is Open

Pictures from a demonstration in Mexico City

An e-mail spammer created this page...

oops... wrong one of us was logged in!

Making a Killing from Hunger: (The real causes of the food crisis)



Ugh. Family! My dad is having surgery, my sister knew and didn't tell me...

Dear Latin America: You Don't Mind if We Just Park this Aircraft Carrier Offshore, Do You?

Somebody else be me for today, ok?

Has anyone else noticed that tv commercial makers have been getting their grubby lil hands...

How to send YOUR contribution to "a Web Site that consists of nothing but bad Mr. Spock drawings"

Avry caption I could think of would be bound to offend somebody

NY cardinal criticizes Adolf 9iu11ani for taking Communion during papal visit

Question for FLDS apologists

Does anyone else here get migraines from ingesting Nutrasweet (aspartame)?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/27/08

Has anyone ever dealt with a melanoma?

"I got a gal that lives up on the hill..."

A Typical "CHiPs" Episode

Frodo put down after a fall

Lil' Bush

From "The Superficial"..."Dustin 'Screech' Diamond: A-Hole Extraordinaire"

FYI..a good "read" if anyone interested ...

Could use some of those lounge vibes tonight

Easy logic question

I really feel bad bugging the lounge again, BUT I have another problem with feral kitties.

Battlestar Galactica: how many more?

Now I've seen everything. Paul Anka doing Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Lounge vibes needed for a job interview

Moderately disturbing YouTube video: "This is what I do, I sit on you"

An s-o throwing things at you--would that be a dealbreaker for you?

Already Sullied by Steroid Allegations, Clemens Hit With Report of Affair With Country Music Star...

TODAY is just a BLAH day

I demand you accept my FAT!!

I'm Eating Humans For The First Time.

Did you know Chuck Norris can eat only one Lay's potato chip?

okay, was i wrong?

Raised in boom times, many Gen-X and Yers see their dreams go bust

EFF Tim Jones: Stopping Abuse of the State Secrets Privilege

NYT - Mars needs Gum!

OK it's almost MAY and it's 36 damn degrees out in Minnesota

I need stimulated!

It's my Birthday!

Man, I need some DU good vibes and a hug.

I was cleaning computer last night and found this

Last night I mowed for the first time....and today it's snowing.

Can a caged animal be truly happy?

Why I can't wait to see Ironman

Nerds, wimps, geeks, and poseurs to converge tonight

I'm eating Hunan's for the first time

You are participating in a race. You overtake the second person. What position are you in?

so I posted this in GD

Good vibes needed - Bullwinkle925 is in the hospital for chest pain

A plane crashed into a house near me, killing the pilot and a passenger.

Tech Support, in the old days....

I love my wife's husband

Anybody have experience with injecting themselves with meds?

Good news of a long-awaited event will arrive soon -- says the fortune cookie

A Mother's Dilemma

self delete

Star Wars fans!

Shark Frenzy in Solana Beach

So I'll be buying my new ballcock and flapper today - any advise on getting the right one

Randi Rhodes is back on my Air America affiliate

Move Pevism is GD:Pffth!! Last week is was pastorbaiting...

Parche got me a hotel in Boston.

*** I have to confess something. I'm kinda crushing on RedQueen right now ***

Boston DUer's, I have a hotel question!

You know you've been spending too much time in Teh Lounge when...

Golf Ball Diver: Gator Meant To Kill Me

CONFESS!!!! What's your super secret guilty cable TV watching pleasure

HOLY crap, 20.00 gave me just barely over a 1/4 of a tank of gas

What's with Midlodemocrat? She's in Wikipedia AGAIN!!!!

I don't get it. Lately it seems like a lot of people I once considered friends have just ditched me.

I need help with my choice for fool!!!!!

Flaming Taco Truck Blocks Highway - matcom spotted speeding to scene

I know where at least half of my "big" tax rebate of $600

Update on Bullwinkle925

It's church newsletter article time again! Help me, Lounge!

I am posting from the back deck, the wind chimes are making music, and the birds are feeding.

My cousin drove through town yesterday, stopped to visit,

I'll bet I could kick Tony Stark's ASS if he'd just peel off that fuckin' iron SUIT.

Today's resale shop haul. I made out mighty well again!

Damn, IFC on cable has had some bloody movies on all night,

How did this bunny with a pancake on its head get become the symbol for the inane?

How did this bunny with a pancake on its head get become the symbol for the inane?

Classic Kitteh Commercial (1984)

A DU public service annoucement....

Our yard is xeriscaped and this year we have tufts of grass

Finally! A Bible I'd be able to read from cover to cover, The LOLCat Bible Translation Project.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/28/2008)

Saturday Night, we saw The Living Reincarnation of Paganinni.

Hi lounge!

14 minutes, 58 seconds: "Ashley Dupre" files $10M lawsuit against walking gonad Joe Francis

I need help with my choice for school!!!!!

y a y eyoa ye ooa oay?

CREW: New Website Urges Sen. McConnell to End Impasse on FEC Vote

CREW: New Website Urges Sen. McConnell to End Impasse on FEC Vote

2 Down...Alternate Title: Just don't say NAFTA, please...

Just discovered a new channel on Dish Network.

Worlds. Are. Colliding.

I never thought I'd say this in my lifetime - but I need a new ballcock & flap

What is your "spy music"?

Anyone else here who can't stand Bush?

Beethoven's "Missa Solemnis" almost gives me multiple orgasms

I have a new slogan:

I saw Newton Faulkner perform on Friday. What a great show!

i am so worried about my friend

If you see some fuzzy cute thing , that is so cute you explode , does that make you a terrorist

Anyone have experience with a tax advocate?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/28/08

Name an organization/group whose name makes you laugh or brings up a funny image

A scary forecast about peak oil from a University of AZ professor.

Wh cn't m kybrd tp vwls tdy?

Working on my final project for "Women's Studies" -- sexual harassment. HELP!!!

I'm sick of politics.

What is all this "teh" stuff?

I just found out a friend bought a new Mercedes

CONFESS!!!! What's your super secret guilty TV watching pleasure

Mrs. V. is probably going home for a month to help with her dad (Alzheimer's)

Thanks everyone for the vibes and well wishes . . .

One of the most precious memories of my life

Thanks everyone for the vibes and well wishes . . .

dO yoU tHinK FLowErs gO iN a "vayse" or a "vahz?"

dO yoU tHinK FLowErs gO iN a "vayse" or a "vahz?"

anybody drink Jagermeister?

What childhood/adolescent things did you just never grow out of?

My presentation was awesome this morning... than you DUers for all the help last night!

My presentation was awesome this morning... than you DUers for all the help last night!

What's the best Monday remedy for my stuffy head and sore throat?

Reverend Wright my Brutha! I love you!

Please permit me to brag for a moment...

Am I a nice enough person to date a pastor?

You Guys Are All Fucking Crazy

Can we stop it with this "Would you like your mom/sister/daughter/friend to be a prostitute?" crap?

Anybody see CARRIER last night on PBS?

Carrier - I challenge you to watch it.

Carrier - I challenge you to watch it.

What is your favorite Classic Car?

Miley Cyrus poses topless for Vanity Fair

I need some opinions!!!

Secret Asian Man

Do you like "Family Guy"? and who is your favorite FG character

SCOTT HORTON: Alice Martin Perjury Update

My new puppy needs surgery :-(

I am so tired and dissapointed with my life

Kitteh. A poll. Redundantly so.

Play a jazz/big band tune

Do you think flowers go in a "vAYse" or a "vAHZ?"

When I grow up I wanna be a Belly Dancer.


What is your favorite classic novel?

Have you gotten your "stimulus" payment yet?

Buffett says recession may be worse than feared

Col. Ann Wright: Is There an Army Cover Up of Rape and Murder of Women Soldiers?

Military Recruiting and Abuses in Iraq (waivers & Steven Green included)

Ominous Signs That White House Advisers Want More Wars

WTF?-"Noose allegedly found at Secret Service Training Center"

"A revolutionary state, a state determined to overthrow the Westphalian order of sovereign states"

Has anyone got their stimulus check direct deposited yet?

What are you going to do with your economic "stimulus" (Tax Rebate)?

Is fat acceptance a progressive issue?

China train crash kills 66, injures hundreds

U.S. army says it killed 38 fighters in Baghdad

Obama's ex-pastor slams 'corporate-owned media'

Wright on CNN NOW at National Press Club

Oil strikes new record near $120 on supply fears

Pentagon (temporarily) suspends retired military analyst program

Already Sullied by Steroid Allegations, Clemens Hit With Report of Affair With Country Music Star...

Top court upholds photo ID voting law

Human warming hobbles ancient climate cycle

December sentencing for Cunningham bribery figure

Petrol rationed to stop hoarding as supplies dwindle on the forecourts

New Mexico Sen. Jeff Bingaman Endorses Obama, Giving Him More Senators Than Hillary

Supreme Court upholds (Indiana) voter ID law

St Francis's hometown Assisi bans begging: report

AP source: United, US Airways in 'very advanced' combo talks

Study Says FDA Allowed Risky Blood Tests

Wall Street Grain Hoarding Brings Farmers, Consumers Near Ruin

Boeing to outsource F-18 components to India

Libya Asks Arab League to Cut Diplomatic Relations with Bulgaria

Iraq mulls reintroducing the draft

CBS' Butler says he isn't sure who kidnapped him in Iraq

Dad's video of run-down barracks sparks military response

Coal price hikes boost electric rates, more increases coming

Jury selection begins in court-martial on (wounded, unarmed) insurgent's death

Former World Bank Pres. Wolfensohn Is `Pessimistic' on Banking Crisis, Sees $1 Trillion of Losses

Bahrain May Appoint Jewish Woman As Envoy To U.S.

Democrats try to win Feeney's House seat on Space Coast

Oregon Lawyers Voice Fear of Scrutiny

Polygamous sect's kids in hospital, moms want answers

AP NewsBreak: Gov. Easley to endorse Clinton

House chairman threatens subpoenas on torture policy(Ashcroft, Addington & Yoo)

Truckers protest gas prices in Washington, D.C.

Obama says will back Petraeus for new military job


Oil Prices Hit New High, OPEC Chief Says $200 a Barrel Possible

US short of diplomats for Iraq, Afghanistan reconstruction ("the appetite is unlimited")

Pentagon Suspends Military Media Analysts Program

Chavez confirms he will work for release of US hostages

GM To Cut 1 Shift Each From 4 Truck Factories, Lay Off 3,500 Workers

White House undermines EPA on cancer risks, GAO says

Hayden: Syrian site could have produced fuel for 2 weapons

Justice taps new pardon attorney

US accuses Iran and Syria of trying to destabilize Iraq

Ex-Obama pastor tells NAACP he's descriptive, not divisive

Iranian official warns against importing Barbie dolls

Number of vacant U.S. homes hits record 18.6 million

Debate without moderator? Obama declines

Witness: Rezko said 'Fitzgerald would be eliminated' (Hastert's name pops up)

1 dead, hundreds injured in possible tornadoes in Va.

S.C. teen accused of gunning down, killing 4 family members

4 US soldiers killed; militants shell Green Zone

Bush to travel to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia: White House

Pakistani Taliban chief pulls out of peace talks

Legislation aims to jack soldiers' 'off time' reading materials

H1-B claimants 'ordinary' workers, not geniuses: Report

Weeping schoolgirls wish happy birthday Saddam ("An Iraqi woman could hold her head high.")

Should cadet's NFL status keep him out of Iraq?

'Free Tibet' flags made in China

Officials: 31 of 53 girls from sect ranch have been pregnant

AP Poll: Clinton leads McCain, doing better than Obama

McCain: 'What we did was perfectly legal and appropriate'

Supreme Court upholds photo ID law for voters in Indiana

House Democrats work to extend war funding for another year

Dad's video of run-down barracks sparks military response

Horror in a cellar: woman tells of 24 years of imprisonment and rape by her father

North Pole Could Be Ice Free in 2008

Brazil bans rice exports, protests in Peru

Blood Blister: The New Political Commentator of Our Times

Paul Waldman (Media Matters) and KO plumb the depths of McCain's memory loss

John McCain - Flying Through A Loophole

Is Impeachment Possible 3 of 3

Is Impeachment Possible 2 of 3

Is Impeachment Possible 1 of 3

Jeremiah Wright - Audacity of Hope

Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright at the NAACP - mocks paranoid politicos, the media, "analysts"

What did Israel bomb in Syria?

Naomi Klein talks about the evolution of The Shock Doctrine

CREW Launches

The McCain Plane

So You Want to Fund the Troops Eh?

The Origin of AIDS (Documentary)

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup. The Hero in this one is Dean

Rating Candidate Characteristics - 28 April, 2008

Reverend Wright at NAACP Part 1

Howard Dean *New DNC Ad is NOT Illegal* Morning Joe

Woman/Man on the Street: Interviews on Election 08, Main St. USA, DU'ER Debbierlus

Media Ordered to Ignore Torture

Barack Obama in Wilmington, NC

Obama March Pre JJ Dinner!

McCain's Dilemma: GOP Hypocricy.

Dean: Party Leaders Don't Want this Going to the Convention

Obama at the IN Basketball Hall of Fame

Roger Waters Endorses Obama Via Prop During Performance of

Artic Ice may be gone Summer 2008 experts say

TYT: CEO Gets Paid Millions While His Company Gets Hosed

Obama stars in Mississippi attack ad

National Press Club - Reverend Wright Q & A (04/28/2008)

Vets for Peace in LA and a citizen's arrest warrant for W

82-year old woman to be Obama`s VP?

Scalia: Torture is not *punishment* so doesn't violate cruel and unusual provision of Const.

Chris Hedges Interview w/Thom Hartmann - 3/4/08

Doctors agree: We need single-payer health care...

Muckraker Report: Sibel Edmonds - A Snap Shot that Speaks Volumes

Accounting ripe for outsourcing

India needs McCain as US President

Lawyers Fear Monitoring in Cases on Terrorism

U.S., Allies See Progress in Selling Al-Qaeda As an Enemy to the Muslim World

Iraq's Dance: Maliki, Sadr and Sunnis

Former D.C. Workers Say Law Doesn't Prevent Retaliation

Nigeria: Country Halliburton Probe - U.S. Expands Probe to Shell EA Project

The Myths and Harsh Effects of Bush's Economic Class War

Toronto Sun: The Neoconning of a Nation

Gas May soon cost a Sawbuck ($10./gal)

Oil giant BP closing a pipeline system due to labor strife

Supreme Court Holds Hoosiers Need License to Vote, But Not to Kill

On the 2008 Primary and Black Anger

Scalia on '60 Minutes' Reveals His 'Un-Original Intent'

Fastened To A Dying Animal: the U.S. election process

Krugman came out against dumping the gas tax when George W. Bush proposed it.

Wages in India to rise by 14.4 % in 2008: Report

Fastened To A Dying Animal: a short jeremiad regarding that affront to the nation's dignity known as

Opec chief warns of $200 a barrel oil price

Book Review: Sizing Up the 60s

Curse of the Clintons

Think Progress: Wolfowitz: ‘The Occupation Of Iraq Ended In June 2004'

Belief System (James Kunstler)

McClatchy: Is an Iranian general pulling the strings in Iraq?

Girl, 17, killed in Iraq for loving a British soldier

'I have no idea how I'm still alive'Hollywood talent agent Pat Dollard turned war reporter

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 334

The War, Next-door


Buffett says recession may be worse than feared

Petrol rationed to stop hoarding as supplies dwindle on the forecourts

Oregon rail system grows as new lines crop up

Saco considers rules for home windmills (Maine)

Kibby Wind work may begin in August (Maine)

Giving Up the Car

"Fuel too high, shrimp too low"

Indonesia Will Not Hit Oil Production Target Of 977KB/D In 2008 - Jakarta Post

BP Alone Among Oil Majors Was Able To Replace Reserves Depleted In 2007 - Globe & Mail

Nature - Current Rate Of Anthropogenic CO2 Production 14,000 Times Faster Than 600,000-Year Average

Government interference with EPA scientists

Humans boosting CO2 14,000 times faster than nature, overwhelming slow negative feedbacks

Forties - Grangemouth: the failure of a complex tightly coupled system

Green Groups Join Forces To Target Key Senate Races On Climate, Environmental Issues - Reuters

Loss of fuel economy from ethanol-blended gasoline hits motorists in the wallet

Brazil's Oil Find Will Require Drilling Technology Capable Of ealing With 500F Oil, 18,000 PSI

Punjabi Farmers Reaping Harvests Rich In Pesticides As Yields Continue To Fall Despite Spraying

Alberta Suspending Spring Grizzly Hunt - Population Decline Apparently Faster Than Expected

Yellowstone Wolves *UPDATE* has just filed suit to STOP the killing...

xpost: "Flood from nowhere" plagues OH city

Natural-gas vehicles hot in Utah, where the fuel is cheap

Big Oil: ‘Together, We Can’ Ignore Climate Change»

State closes Fayette County cave to hone in on killer bat fungus

Pray-in for gas prices (from the demon-haunted-world files)

Standing Room Only At Beekeeping Classes In Massachusetts And Beyond - Boston Globe

Here’s a bad idea: Gas from trees

The Bees Die…The Planet Dies

Iowa State Climatologist - One In Three Chance Of Corn Belt Drought This Year - Reuters

We're on the edge of something

The slow car movement........... Easing off the gas eases gas use


Cali_Democrat ... thread #2

2nd of 3 AWOL brothers arrested

Hood soldier ordered to stand trial in Mexico

Forces Command CO: Stress on GIs to continue

Iranian official says U.S. attack unlikely

Ecuadorian officials want U.S. troops out; colonel warns of damage to drug

Green Zone shelled amid sandstorm

Navy clarifies Kitty Hawk departure plans

In Ecuador, U.S. troops on ‘A passive detection mission’

Audit Hits Incomplete Iraq Contracts

Reserve officials seek better dental care

Spc. who smothered grenade to get MoH

NASCAR’s Earnhardt gets Navy recruit quota

E-8 is first above-the-knee amputee to return to Iraq

55 percent of airmen overweight

Army to Launch Sats After 50 Year Lull

Huff Post: On Worker's Memorial Day: Protest Bush Administration Policies Making Work Less Safe

Obama Fires Up UFCW Activists in Chicago

Bus Drivers Vote In Bitter Union Election Friday

Painters union votes not to join carpenters

USW blasts Senate GOP for blocking equal pay law

Privately Funded Training Shores Up Declining Skilled Labor Force

EPA Wants New Rules for Testing Bacteria Levels in Airplane Tap Water

D.C. Security Guards Get FIRST Union Contract

Businessman gets 6-month sentence in tax evasion (undocumented carpenters)

Today in labor history April 28

Eric Lee: Unions to celebrate May Day in a virtual world

Keep America's Workers Safe E action to House and Senate

American truckers are going to DC today.

Belief System-Jim Kunstler-April 28, 2008

Dollar Slide Drives Burgeoning U.S. Deficit as Japanese Desert Treasuries

"Why You Shouldn't Spend Your Stimulus Check"

"Why You Shouldn't Spend Your Stimulus Check"

Israel recognizes overseas adoption by gay couple, grants child citizenship

Gay-Straight Alliance continues to promote awareness despite initial objections (xpost - Veterans)

Human Rights Campaign endorses 14 Senators, candidates for '08

Anti-Gay Graffiti Mars Day of Silence


Anyone nervous about the Day of Truth

Ecuador Wants Community Stakes in Mining Projects

Chavez confirms he will work for release of US hostages

14 Countries Smack Down Secessionists in Bolivia

Takes Two to Tango: Why Washington Can't Win in South America by Nikolas Kozloff

Bloggers offer glimpse of uncensored Cuba

New education panel to promote Jews and Arabs living together

Hamas disrupts fuel supplies to Gaza

Israel: Gaza truce depends on Hamas control over Jihad

Jerusalem source: Turkey looking for ways kick-start Israel-Syria talks

Report: Hezbollah man says new attack on Israel is question of 'when, not if'

Last-ditch effort

Militants fire barrage of rockets and mortar shells at west Negev

West Bank farmers face ruin after trees uprooted

Israel Might Have Many More Spies Here, Officials Say

Settlers to move into E. J'lem police HQ

US presses Israel to reach Gaza cease-fire before Bush visit

Israel: UNIFIL hiding info about Hezbollah from Security Council

Israel's Grotesque Spying Operation

4 siblings killed in IDF strike in Gaza

Palestinian court sentences collaborator to death

Woo hoo! The Seahawks drafted the most easy to root for college player EVER

Rays sweep Red Sox, move into tie for East lead

Jets Sign 5'6" Career NCAA Rushing Leader

Imagine you're a big league closer, what's your entrance music?

Riley steps down as coach

DailyOM: "Graceful Guidance - Working With Angels"

The Stars This Week: "A Gradual Turnaround" - April 28 - May 4, 2008

The Kirby Thread

I think this is kinda cool.

Wolves !

Have any of ya'll read, A NEW EARTH?

Jerky cure?

Nice photo thread in progress in the Lounge:

Gene Therapy Improves Vision In Nearly Blind Patients

Chick and Hen

Sometimes I accidently take cool pictures


Today I went to Costco

Pope Sends Easter Greetings to Eastern Churches

Calling for an inclusive National Day of Prayer

A lesson in the importance of Separation of Church and State from right-wing Town Hall

Movie Trailer: For The Bible Tells Me So

Attention Catholics: Draft survey: 4,450 priests accused of sex abuse

This really riles me up:D.A.: Parents pray as girl, 11, dies of diabetes

65.95 million years, give or take 40,000

a compromise solution

On the Quality of Discourse (Firearms Edition)

Cosmic Collisions Galore!

An example of HOW NOT, to write a news paper article.

Why did Helgerson recuse himself from the KSM part of the CIA OIG investigation?

The concept of transparent conspiracy

Ken Wilber: Lunatic, Liar or Lord?

A view of the US election from Sri Lanka

HRC (Human Right campaign) endorses Kerry and others

Chris Jenkins murder connects dozens around country

If you're a Rolling Stones fan

Norm Coleman's wife using Norm's Senate title to sell Blo and Go jobs

Voter ID decision could boost Texas efforts for such a law

Need some Texas forum good vibes...!

i have a problem with Microsoft ,net framework 2 ..wont take update to 3, needs fixing but

Election integrity activist Clint Curtis needs some support in his Congressional bid

NYT: Election Day in Florida May Look Familiar

Indiana voter ID law ruled constitutional

TOP Recommended/Discussed Election Reform Threads (Mon April 21, 08 thru Sun April 27, 08

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 04/28/08

some fun video from the '04 campaign. live from the heartland. 49th ward

New SUSA poll of Indiana will have Obama down by 9

Anybody have any opinions/ideas right now?

Tom Hayden on Clinton

Hate to nitpick on Sunday's attack in Kabul...

When Young Teachers Go Wild on the Web

Election Fraud: Obama Should Have Won the Nomination By Now

Amy Goodman in Fresno, April 29th at 7pm Tell your friends

Weenie running for Congress in 8th District against Steve Kagen

Right now top stories on BBC News website

What in the world is going on? Why are people blathering about Keith?

Well until things die down

Left Wing? You Must be Kidding!? -- Olbermann's Humor an Evolution from Stewart/Colbert?