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What's make sick are Repig Pundits giggling about how negative they will be in the General Election Live - 8:30 a.m. et - Mon. April 28, 2008 REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT AT PRESS CLUB

The Clintons get elected: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad drives to work one morning

Here's the Plan: If you can't win in November, sabatoge and forsake the

KO just APOLOGIZED on Countdown today!!!

Hillary supporters: if it's true that Hillary is purposely kneecapping Obama so she can run in '12

Behold, the faces of evil (graphic)

KO is going to be talking about Rush and his Op Chaos fiasco

Another debate?

How can Hillary Win? She Can't! - New Scientific Proof

WOW! After watching Rev. Wacko's interview

The astounding hypocrisy of Camp Clinton: Terry McCauliff edition, Michigan

**** Warning! **** to Obama donors

On The Weatherman Pardon: What Did She Know & When Did She Know It?

I won't watch any more debates

Sanctimonious bluster thread.

Obama 45%, McCain 44% in Pennsylvania (Rasmussen)

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a sane and rational choice for VP

2008 is all about old versus new

What a beautiful set of data from the home page of Real Clear Politics!!!

Rush calls for riots...

Hil stole the "If you can't stand the heat..." from GHWB

Since Bush's first installation, EVERY race is a 50/50 horse race. Hmm.

Who is your average neo-nazi or kkk member rooting for in this election?

Is there a better forum for this kind of question?

Excuse me: Rev. Wright is a caring person. Also a Marine; Cheney got five deferments: Same age.

Keith Olbermann Just SLAMMED McCain on his Senior Moment

Keith Olbermann Just SLAMMED McCain on his Senior Moment

Hillary Clinton Will Take Vengeance on Blacks and Progressives if She Becomes President

Look at history. No nominee at the convention = Democrats lose

Hillary Clinton Will Take Vengeance on Blacks and Progressives if She Becomes President

List One Swing State in the GE

Hil stole the "If you can't stand the heat..." from GHWB

The Clinton Pardons and Hillary's Brothers

Dean says Super Delegates have every right to "do what they want"

BBC AMERIC NOW--Newsnight profile on OBAMA....

Important news about Obamas Ties

FRIDAY -- DU'ers calling for Obama, daily check in thread!

Should we start a pool on when HRC will withdraw . . . ???

Reverend Wright on Bill Moyers (video links)

Obama supporters: Do you agree with your candidate that Indiana is the "tie-breaker"?

Hillary will NOT get the white guns, gays and abortion vote against McCain.

Is there any politician that cannot be destroyed ??

***OFFICIAL**** Bill Moyers/Pastor Wright interview-watching thread. ON NOW -- ***

Obama polls better with the American demographic

Was the Abercrombie thing a big deal?

Is it true Hillary only gained 10 delegates in Pennsylvania?? LOL....

Imagine if Obama suggested KKK for McCain

Dodd: Long fight will hurt Dem nominee (video clip)

Puerto Rico....what is going to happen?????


John McCain makes "MAN MADE" disaster statement

Does anyone else find Kiki McLean annoying as hell??

Been out all day - what latest dispicable, racist, party-destroying, "done with her" rovain move

Been out all day - what latest dispicable, racist, party-destroying, "done with her" rovain move

Hillary's leadership on 9/11 (Ann O'Leary, Berkeley resident)

Anyone else want to move to Chicago?

Excuse Me... But The HARM Hillary Clinton Is Doing To The Democratic Party Is NO JOKE !!!

Excuse Me... But The HARM Hillary Clinton Is Doing To The Democratic Party Is NO JOKE !!!

Obama targets Kentucky - TV ad

Report on How I did projecting PA counties based on demographic cutoffs

Obama Campaign Announces 50-State Registration Drive

I know Hillary fans think the Supers will save her but what have you seen so far........

Obama's Playbook Found

May 20th, Oregon, Obama, Magic Number, Democratic Nominee

Fair and balanced in the checkout line.

I Just Watched the Bill Moyers / Rev. Wright Interview

Here's a warning from the crazy cousin in the attic.......

The whole Reverend Wright story is why we need separation of church-state

RCP Average of Polls, Indiana: Obama +3!!!

Neither Clinton nor Obama--just my humble opinion

Hey Superdelegates: " Rush Limbaugh Claims Victory in Pennsylvania"

It's Over. Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee

A Blast from the Very Real Past: The Clinton/Gore Reelection Website from 1996

A Blast from the Very Real Past: The Clinton/Gore Reelection Website from 1996

A Blast from the Very Real Past: The Clinton/Gore Reelection Website from 1996

A Blast from the Very Real Past: The Clinton/Gore Reelection Website from 1996

A Blast from the Very Real Past: The Clinton/Gore Reelection Website from 1996

HuffPost: Vetting The Candidates: An American Tradition

Rec this thread if you like peanut butter

shame on EVERYONE

"The mess we're in today? It's because you voted for scoundrels and cowards who made you feel good."

GOP (and Hillary), Nazism, and fear-mongering

What will you really do?

Drudge dredges up a fascinating bit of history....

One other issue to consider is re-electability. Obama's base of the youth vote MATTERS!

Great website on all candidates for pres, "project vote smart"

"I think it is clear that the Michigan primary won't count for anything"

"I think it is clear that the Michigan primary won't count for anything"

Obama making plans to attract voters and money for November

'EVEN THOUGH' !!!!!!

Why did Richardson lose? Racism or limited appeal?

Why did Richardson lose? Racism or limited appeal?

Rev.Wright cared for Lyndon B. Johnson after his 1966 surgery

If HRC wants the nomination she must tell us how she'll win 90% of the black vote w/ a high turnout

What a POS!...the Repug *Meme* that Clintons are "holding out for 2012!

DU this poll! Did Limbaugh cross line hoping for riots at DNC? (Denver TV)

G.O.P. Now Sees Obama as Liability for Ticket

Is there no pundit or other person out there who will defend the Clintons

Tony Snow, newest "part of the best political team on tv" on CNN just called Obama "Slick Barry"

NY Times Op/Ed: "A Shameful, Ugly Ad"

White Peoples' Riot. Yeah I Said It.

McCain adopted a child from the 3rd world!

Who could have imagined

Headline, todays' "Oregonian."

Why May 10th will be the best day of this election cycle

Clinton Fundraiser Defects to Obama Campaign

Looks like Clinton DID win PA by 10 points!

WP: 73 Top Clinton Donors Switched to Obama

Take the high road.

What does the Right Wing have in common with so many people on the Democratic Underground?

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/26/08 - Obama down 2 (47), Clinton up 1 (43)

Outside a Bucks County polling place on Tuesday...

After what the Clintons have done in this campaign, I am ashamed that I defended him about lying

Obama may not be the first choice of many democrats, so why assume he will be the last choice?

Democrats favored in electoral map.

So Women Need Education & Training To Receive Equal Pay Huh?

So Women Need Education & Training To Receive Equal Pay Huh?

*Nobel Laureate Economists * Stiglitz and Phelps Endorse Obama

Obama Dribbles (((PICS)))

Do We Owe A Barack Obama Nomination to the AA Dems?

Where is the video of Olberman wishing harm upon Hillary?

All of you who have placed me on your ignore list... are missing out on the experience of my Genius!

All of you who have placed me on your ignore list... are missing out on the experience of my Genius!

All of you who have placed me on your ignore list... are missing out on the experience of my Genius!

former JE supporters "flocking" to Obama!!!

“OBAMA SUPPORTERS” DAILY NEWS Saturday April 26 2008

Wow. People, lets not be herded into conservative thinking by fear for the party

**************** OFFICIAL: No More "debates" thread *********************

52% of Republicans indicated that they felt “irritated” while viewing the anti-Obama ad....(NC)

What Motivates You To Give A Thread A Rec?

Shame on the Media, Shame on Hillary Supporters, and Shame on Hillary Clinton

A brief history of Hillary's pledge

I remember after the 2000 election debacle when Hillary promised election reform...

70 top Clinton donors write their first checks to Obama

If Bill Clinton were running today, would you vote for him?

Clinton has 17 more private fundraisers scheduled. Obama? Maybe one or two

Caption this pic:

Photos: Obama Holding A Town Hall Meeting In Marion, Indiana

After Watching the Moyers/Wright Interview, It's Clear Why Hillary Would Not Have Him as Her Pastor.

Obama Attempts to Deceive the Superdelegates!

Democrats favored in electoral map

Hillary is not a monster

Racists and sexists and votes, oh my!

No matter what, we need to elect a Democrat next November. (And that rules Hillary out).

No matter what, we need to elect a Democrat next November. (And that rules Hillary out).

*******Heads Up: Obama Now Live******

Obama and his staff couldn't care less what you think about the color of his skin....

The Clintons are making a whole lot of history here in this campaign, but sorry to say, it's not

The real answer is of Obama folk...

Obama's Real Advantage among Independents Trumps HRC's Supposed Advantage among Dems.

Obama's Real Advantage among Independents Trumps HRC's Supposed Advantage among Dems.

Hillary has placed her own ambition above both country and party.

Why Did They Release Excerpts from Wright interview before it aired?

We BECOME what we HATE. A case study of the Clintons.

Fox News at its best: Campaign hookups

SLICK HILLY STRIKES AGAIN ON MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA. these people are over the top! these people are over the top!

What would be Obama's best response to Rev. Wright commercial in NC?

What would be Obama's best response to Rev. Wright commercial in NC?

Why can't Clinton(s) close the deal?

Harriet Beecher Stowe agreed with Jeremiah Wright



RE Michigan & Florida : Terry McAuliffe says NO to seating the delegates

Something I've been thinking about re: Crowd chants from each candidate

Something I've been thinking about re: Crowd chants from each candidate

Something I've been thinking about re: Crowd chants from each candidate

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Former Congresswoman to help decide Democratic Superdelegate battle

Ooooohhh..ouch. My repub family member's email ("Dear Abby...)

Obama to Kokomo

Bumper sticker reality check -- has Bush lost his "base?"

More than 70 Top Clinton Donors Left Clinton for Obama according to WA Post article today

Are Indiana and NC both closed primarys?

White Democrats' abysmal performance re: Barack Obama

Updated! Quoting Bill Clinton last night in North Bend, Oregon

**Liz Sidoti (AP Writer), learn to do your homework.**

It's time for the babies to get what they want.

“all she had to do was open her mouth for me not to believe her,"

Why can't either of the candidates "close the deal"??

Obama gets to show he's tough without allowing Hillary to play the victim card-by going on Faux

McCain Frequently Used Wife’s Jet for Little Cost

HELP: This Online Poll is being Lopsided by Hillbots ... need more Obama supporters

Obama: The Wizard of OZ (BO second choice; too much dirt on Blagojevich)

When Hillary tells SuperDs that Obama is unelectable due to race, isn't that the Ultimate Elitism?

Obama rules out more debates in "friendly" echange on FauxNews

Would we call her President Hillary????

Whether Clinton or Obama wins, the real loser of 2008 will be - wait for it - the Democratic Party

Pretty sure it's going to be 1984 all over again!!! Hart & Mondale does it ring a bell?

Yep, they are planning another election theft...

Obama very effective at courting White Democrats

Chris Matthews vs. Jimmy McNulty (The Wire) on American Bitterness...

You know what would be funny in a nightmarish kind of way?

Interview: Why Ray Flynn Backs Clinton

Indiana: steel, health care, trade, Chelsea: Rock on Hillary--and NC

Hillary's victory road map-slash-epiphany: a "Lincoln-Douglas style" debate without moderators.

Is Hillary's former pastor a child molestor?

Obama supporters defecting to Clinton in Indiana....

For those who claim there is "no difference" between McCain and either of our candidates

Major Clinton fundraiser switches to Obama: "I am First a Democrat"

Hillary appeals to Tobacco Road voters

What should be served for refreshments on the first day of the Democratic Convention?

Supers need to pick now or before July to save the Dem party..

The Danger Zone - Bob Herbert on the Obama campaign

Which candidate do YOU find more likable?

Which candidate do YOU find more likable?

Rove "Bamboozling the American electorate again"

Let's be honest if Obama were not a candidate Hillary would've had a photo op with Wright

Instead of attacking each other, Clinton and Obama should attack McCain

Hillary Is Not A Monster

Show Of Hands. Do you want to end the pissing contest or do you want McCain-Huckabee '08?

Obama supporters--let's wave to each other from under the bus!

No matter what she says or does, you still support her

Vengeance as Campaign Motivator

Who would make the best female president?

KO was wrong for his "joke" but why is Hillary not wrong for her threat to innocent Iranian women ?

Really try and imagine a world where the SD's override the delegates because the leader is too black

The most important reason Obama MUST be the nominee soon for me is....

Gallup Daily: Clinton and Obama Tied at 47%

Gallup Daily: Clinton and Obama Tied at 47%

Clinton v McCain '08 & the new/young voters

Why doesn't 'The Media' ask HRC this?

Instead of a debate, let's have a speech contest...

Gallup, April 26, 2008

REC THIS THREAD if your tired of REC THIS THREAD threads

It Has Been Illegal To Accept Campaign Donations from Oil Companies for 100 Years

Why do Clinton supporters keep saying Obama played the race card?

Clinton challenges Obama to Lincoln-Douglas style debate

Secret GOP Weapon: The Scots-Irish vote.

Obama Voted for Bush/Cheney Energy Bill, Written in Secret by Industry Lobbyists

Guess what all these white people I know who voted for Hillary Clinton in Arizona are going to do...

It's obvious to me, where Hillary's going to end up going.

To Those Posting 'Jokes' About Harm Being Done to Hillary Clinton

say something if you see this.... i fourtuple dog dare you!!!

Thank you Paul Krugman for the truth.

I just realized why McCain went to Selma & New Orleans...

Should Obama win IN on May 6, we'll have an official nominee May 7.

Obama will clinch the Nomination on June 3. Here's why.

Hillary Rodham Clinton as President would be a tragedy for this country.

Hillary Is A Good Dem And Would Make A Great President.

At Obama's inauguration....

3AM (Clinton's refused offers to capture and or kill Bin Laden)

And now for something completely hopeful...

Poll: After seeing & hearing Rev. Jeremiah Wright On Bill Moyer my view of him has/has not changed.

There Are Three Things Hillary Just Doesn't Believe In...

Howard Dean must know something is in the wind, because today

Did Senator Obama actually say this?!

Reverend Wright Reaction....

I am so looking forward to donating money to the DEM that challenges Hillary for her senate seat!

I just saw Jeremiah Wright with Bill Moyers and I have one thing to say about that man.....

Sen. Harkin today: "The rules are the rules"

The top 3 issues most often raised by Conservatives-Republicans I talk to....

Remember, Obama drew the divisive and race cards first.

Remember, Obama drew the divisive and race cards first.

Krugman - Obama

Obama gets great coverage today in Indianapolis Star! Photo gallery of basketball pickup game!

Democrats favored in electoral map

New York Times: G.O.P. Now Sees Obama as Liability for Ticket

New York Times: G.O.P. Now Sees Obama as Liability for Ticket

Clinton's Endgame Strategy!

If The Convention is Deadlocked

Do you really want 8 years of drama, polarization, narcissism, perennial battles and negativity?

Please list the horrible mistakes Obama has made in this campaign

Democratic Party Fears Racial Divide - WaPo

Why are more people not wanting Biden as Obama's VP?

This is how I feel right now, I pee'ed myself on this one.

Excuse me, does Senator Clinton know what a 'Lincoln-Douglas' debate IS?

Radio host on RNC protesters: 'Mow 'em down, baby!' (DU mentioned at KTLK)

Clinton supporter ousted from DNC

The Enemy Is Us

Cowardly Clinton REFUSED to DEBATE in 2006

"Clinton was spending $1.10 for every $1 raised", "Back to donors, cap in hand, after every victory"

Florida and Michigan Dems, my heart goes out to you, but your state parties BROKE THE RULES

The not-so-simple story of Barack Obama's youth

PHOTOS: Barack Obama campaigning today in Marion, Indiana

DNC To Assess Challenges (FL & MI) On 5/31- Marc Ambinder (Updated)

FL & MI delegates must be punished! Seat them in the first amendment zones

Hillary Clinton scares me.

Indiana: Clinton 50%, Obama 45% (ARG)

Are we ready to have a serious policy discussion? (Or are we still Pastorbaiting?)

Department of Ridiculous Arguments: unity ticket!

Why Paul Krugman is no longer credible

Her Hillaryness told defecting donor, "Too bad for you, because I'm going to win."

My views and why I chose Obama.

It is happening. If my Fox "News" watching, Limbaugh-Hannity listening

Bill Clinton urging Hillary's campaign to make stronger attacks on Obama.

Interesting comments from my Republic cousins:

I can't vote for someone who won only by excluding the voters of two states

I can't vote for someone who won only by excluding the voters of two states

All the idiots who stay home after 8 years of Republican rule deserve to be TS'd

All the idiots who stay home after 8 years of Republican rule deserve to be TS'd

Why aren't more people on either Clinton or Obama side angry at the STATE parties for MI and FL?

I think it is time we start telling hillary exactly what we think of her.

Roughly 2 million people will be disenfranchised if current FL and MI results "count"

How can Hillary be better for gay rights...?

How can Hillary be better for gay rights...?

That darn truth, you just can't keep a lid on it. More and more seeing the real Clinton:

I need Hillary

Good news for 2.2 million betrayed Democrats: Delegate challenges to be heard

Lately Hillary keeps talking about "Senator Obama's supporters" SHE IS CALLING US OUT!

Clinton SD endorsers tried to influence the election before a single vote was cast!

T-shirt given to Dean said "Establishment Media" on the front, "We have the power" on the back.

Hill challenges Barrack to Lincoln/Douglas type debate.

Obama Should Say That His Next Debate Will Be Against McCain, Alone

Senator Clinton was right: It does take a village. Had she returned

White Peoples' Riot. Yeah I Said It.

*** "Clinton stood and cheered, while Obama remained seated and silent." ***

Clinton to Obama: Debate without moderators

Whether it's Obama, or Clinton....

I really need the free TV, Please, oh please debate with me...

I've posted here for years. Throughout that time, I've had online conversations with

Hillary Clinton Challenges Barack Obama to a Duel

Putting All The Race Cards on the Table: "The Race Memo"

Putting All The Race Cards on the Table: "The Race Memo"

Putting All The Race Cards on the Table: "The Race Memo"

Olbermann's guest: "Barbara Bush once called Hillary a bitch". But that never happened

Alright, Clinton folks. So why are you continuing to support Clinton?

If Hillary were to steal it,

Nothing would have stopped Dems from winning the White House in Nov...except Obama

Newsweek Poll: Obama still leads Hillary 48%-41% nationally; has highest favorable rating of all

Latest Newsweek poll shows Obama dropping like a brick

Obama crumbles before Faux News--& embraces Repug issues:

the torch is handed to KO

Obama's a Mac - Hillary's a PC

Why can't Clinton connect with Black voters? Why the dismal performance?

Which spiritual leader deserves the greater scrutiny for influence on US policy

Could Rev Wright hire an attorney and sue for defamation/libel/slander?

Obama Camp caught lying about Pastor Wright - again.

70 top Clinton donors write their first checks to Obama

McAuliffe's threats to MI in 04 make ABC News...they should have read DU last year.

99.99% Reporting Statewide

The United Church of Christ; What We All Should Know...again!

Hillary Clinton Offers Solutions for Indiana

Brass tacks - WHY do YOU think corpmedia is lying to voters about HRC's chance to win?

Pop-Up Double Talk: John McCain Does New Orleans

If you want to see ugly personified,

If you want to see ugly personified,

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March small car sales up — SUV, truck sales down

Politician Claims Gay Blackmailer Made Him Steal

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drum, Drum, DRUM

John, your Delta Tau Chi name is McCake

Olberman apologizes for implying ‘something untoward.’

Joint Chiefs chair: US prepping military options against Iran

IRS Rebate question:

It's almost 7:30 pm on a Friday night -- where da Duzys at?

CNN out foxes FOX

Jeffrey Sachs is on Bill Maher discussing

KAETO KAELING is a pundit on Abrams & SO is RIDLEY!1

The music of your life

The music of your life

Season Finale: Real Time With Bill Maher

Ok history buffs, was the olympic games known as the games of good will or

The "Good old days"

Will China invite the Dalai Lama & Ma Ying Jeou to the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremonies?

Limbaugh should at the very least

Arianna Huffington coming up on tonight's 20/20

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

I wish there really **was** a Rice shortage

Rob Riggle wasn't far from his real persona on last night's Stewart.

Those "rebate" checks will do nothing to help this economy

Real Time starting now.

Rec this thread if you are getting tired of

Condoleezza Rice: Teflon No More?

Rush to biofuels leaves a world of emptier plates

American "Family" readers comment, torture is OK! ("God condoned whole cities being destroyed!")

McCains Free

McCains Free

Here's a question

If you think the housing crisis won't affect your area...

The Talisman of Torture

I wonder what Limpballs...

TOON: Excellent Tom The Dancing Bug - "Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer"


If MI & FL Split 55%-45% For Hillary,

So should I just say 'screw you' ? What would you do? (just need some advice, nothing too deep here)

Wow, so it's true about the amusement park in Iraq!

Landmark Native American treaty rights decision celebrates its 25th anniversary

WJ now talking about Iran

Self Delete: dupe post on CSPAN

McCain Adviser Says McCain Is The One To ‘Stand Up’ To Big Oil

Lamb Balls

Visual Guide to Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Any more "Democrats" want to tell us what a swell guy McCain is?

the list of "injuries and usurpations"

the list of "injuries and usurpations"

Meanwhile, as we argue about the election . . .

Is hunger an issue at Camp Bucca? (xpost from Veterans)

Natural-gas vehicles hot in Utah, where the fuel is cheap

I was talking to someone who was a rabid republican 4 years ago

McCain = big, old Hypocrite

Supernanny needs to visit "Little People". They are out of control on that show! nt

Student 'Twitters' his way out of Egyptian jail

Some believe oil will go as high as $200 a barrel

Some believe oil will go as high as $200 a barrel

Joint Chiefs Chairman Says U.S. Preparing Military Options Against Iran

Joint Chiefs Chairman Says U.S. Preparing Military Options Against Iran

O'Reilly says he's going to "hang" Bill Moyers

A perfect example of the gilded age Bush has brought us.

change of pace Dylan

What's going on with Polls . . . .

So where is she now?

Bush Radio: "A slowdown in the economy shouldn't mean a downturn in educational opportunities..."

Calling All Former Republicans: Tell Your Story

Beer Prices On Rise (now we're REALLY 'screwn'!)

Rec this thread if you are tired of "Rec this" threads.

REC this thread if you think recommendations are abused by people recommending useless threads!

Olbermann revealed McCain was having birthday cake in AZ with Bush

Jeremiah Wright coming up now on Bill Moyer's journal n/t

So the drug addicted fatso Limbaugh makes his riot wish - Could you imagine

Leahy: Iraq should pay for reconstruction of country we destroyed with oil profits

So Reverend Al is going to straighten things out in NY ??????

There will be attack by the warmonger GOP, but...


What is the correct response to living in a society which is not sane?

Note to John McCain: Amnesia is NOT a communicable disease

Dear Terry McAuliffe, Stop praising Fox News!!

The Chicago "RIOTS" were not Riots they were Police Brutality and National Security State Repression

The Chicago "RIOTS" were not Riots they were Police Brutality and National Security State Repression

Protestors ask for trial - Won't be prosecuted (Cape Cod)

New Orleans or potentially anywhere?

Republican mandate??

Bush Visits Kissinger - Protest Outside Kissinger's Home in Warren, CT - video

Article by Brent Scowcroft (2002)

More U.S. troops battle foreclosure

Making You Pay for the Next Chernobyl ... in Advance!

McWar you're no Maverick...Rushit you're no riot inciter you're both just assholes.

All In The Family: Son of Moonies founder takes over as church leader

Hi! I'm Cancer! No, Not the Astrological Sign. The Disease.

Need for food, shelter rises as Sacramento economy falls.

McSame's Campaign Finance Dodge Using Charity Front Group

Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer -- "Good Guys and Bad" (ToM the DaNCiNg BUG 'TOON)

Chicago: the Stupid Experiment

Despite all the bad news lately, I'm still optimistic. (short story)

Jamal Naseer, tortured in your name.

The race would be over if Obama or 527groups took the gloves off.

Hagee retracts Katrina comment

Headlines you don't see every day..."Playboy cushion robbery..."

His commander asked whether he believed in God? 'No, but I believe in Plexiglas'

1st National Anti-War Conference Scheduled For Cleveland June 28-29

"You Americans abhorred being called part of the world's 'working class.' Now you are not..."

At final tribute to slain Marine, the Pentagon obstructs what the family wanted you to see

Anyone see the Pelosi/Newt Gingrich "climate change" TV ad . . . !!!

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: An Iraq Allegory

Why is Rush allowed to incite riots here in America? Has our legal system, in this country, become

A $600 bribe by the Republicans...

News Flash: Sec Def Gates to suspend retired general officer's briefings

McCain's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Week- digby

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You America's Republican Party

Latest on Iran war buildup

Did you realize if you requested your tax refund be direct deposited

The global warming is a myth crowd is on tour! Are they coming to your town?

kidney stones

Thank you for your service

U.S. Confirmed Deaths as of yesterday... 4,052

I am pessimistic

Which Gov Agency Should Be Your Computer's Firewall?

Scalia: "Constitution was written a long time ago. People should just get over it."

New bid, same result: KBR shares big Army contract

If this ends up the McClintons vs the McCains at the OK corral, I

I've become an evangelist at all my health care providers

Starting April 1, the Office of Children’s Issues will assume handling all “incoming” Hague child

Vote! Vote again! And REC this thread! Than vote again!!

Anyone know if there was recent senate action regarding undocumented immigrants

Strange stat I found "Since the Civil War only four Democrats have won a popular vote majority"

We just had a pretty good Earthquake....

'It's true - we're hypocrites over our huge carbon footprint,' confesses Sting's wife

It's Up To 90

LA Times: Countrywide's Mozilo reaped $132 million as mortgage lender got hammered

Re: "U.S. Weighing Readiness for Military Action Against Iran."

McCain teams up with former rival Huckabee, "wants him to play a prominent role in campaign"

Anti affirmative action activist recruits minutemen to help gather petitions in MO

Fuckin liquid gold

"Back in the day" people knew how to have fun/enjoy/share their feeling *sigh*

The Wright Interview (direct link)

Anti-war Cindy Sheehan files to take on Pelosi

Detroit Police Suspend Firearms Testing

Universal Health Care ~ It Ain't Rocket Science

Happy 90th! HR 676 (Medicare for All) gets two more co-sponsors! We have 90!

Sign the "Healthcare not Warfare" petition for Conyers bill HR676!

Anti-sealing groups use media blitz to seek European ban

Clash ahead over longshore union war (Iraq and Afghanistan) protest

Who gave this illegal President and his corporate thugs

China's mobile phone users hit 574 million by March

Will lack of "health care" create this generation's "Bonus marchers"?

I bet i can find 5,000,000 people who dislike George Bush

A song for Rush Limbogg ,or Limbago whatever.

if banks fail, how safe is our money in the banks?

We need a prime list the next AG should investigate - Katherine Harris is first for me! (PICS)

Energy crisis forces India to join Iran gas pipeline project

It All Started With Advertising

Another national jewel loses its luster - Thanks George .... you fuckwad.

Leave Taliban alone, Afghan president tells West

Vandals deface former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau's, tomb

Is IT abuse a threat to democracy?


Online link to the entire Reverend Wright interview with Bill Moyers

when posts sink link a rock or when you talk sense and no one wants to listen...

Many Mexicans see oil as last frontier against US invasion

I went to the mall today


What would it say about America if two families could hold power for 28 years?

Saturday night TIVO special: 2008 White House Correspondents' Dinner (LIVE) -- C-SPAN 8pm ET

This Song Says It All

Uh-huh. Yeah, right. (message board survey about Iraq)

Al Gore Will Not Be Working In Clinton, Obama, or McCain Administration

Paul Minor's Journalist Father On His Son's Prosecution By Corrupt DOJ: "I Hate To Be So Blunt"

Let's play a game of "What if.."

Any news on that massive fire in

introducing my cousin who is running for state leg in Kentucky

Today's PSA: Beware of exploding truck tires!

Constitution Party chooses its candidate

The Christian Right, a history of Hate and Violence

10 things every new homeowner should know

A Howard Zinn movie!

NYT..McCain Frequently Used Wife’s Jet for Little Cost

Must Read: Palast on The Secret American Competitiveness Council Meeting

Catholic pharmacists and doctors refusing to dispense birth control

Darth Cheney headlines a fundraiser (photo)

3 Candidates With 3 Plans, but One Deficit

Rush Limbaugh Placed on Denver's most wanted list

Staying safe re tires . . . had a flat on the Garden State Parkway yesterday . . .

***DUzy Awards for week ending April 25, 2008.***

Book TV Schedule: April 26th - 28th

Is Internet access a luxury or a necessity?

Bush's Last White House Correspondents' Dinner Promises Surprises, But No 'New York Times'

What will you be spending your $600 on?

What will you be spending your $600 on?

Dirty Tricks in Pennsylvania

I Found The Prettiest Marijuana Plant

I like Rev. Wright.

What did Arianna Huffington say to Bill Maher to which he replied "gay husband" and Taibbi remark..

How many people here have fairly serious dental problems

We need a Hippie resurrection.

Gas prices are high

If you ran the Department of Education...

When an employee is on salary, how much can the employer work them

FINALLY: Someone is Telling the U.S. Gov't Where to Put Its E-voting

Catholic Charities takes in 35 kids seized from polygamous sect

I tried to post this video about Sean Bell

Bill Moyers yesterday demonstrated to journalists how an interview is

Who is the excellent Democrat running in your Congressional District?

For those of you who watched Wright interview and disagree with what he said, please share

'Pentagon Says Strike Against Iran Possible'...this is the headline in our daily paper

Time to admit it - I'm pervious to elimination

I don't like the look of those clouds out there. I'm loggin' off.

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

BSG fans and Burn Notice fans cool news!

More Obama Logos!

I love the ol' 8-6-2-5 double play

What can't you find on the net? (anyone remember this show?)

My daughter received a short letter and receipt for professional services.

Pamela Anderson: YES, it WAS a wiener, BUT...

Children of the 80's, finally a Nickelodeon Quiz

Born and raised in NorCal. Why is it every time I go to Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha etc...I

There's a war on our southern border! Who knew? The Second Amendment helping arm the bad guys?

I'm only doing this in hope of boosting my low standing in the lounge...

ROFL!!!! Baseball related.

Fuck! A paying guest has Fox on with Sean Hannity

"We're all day to day, Dick." - Bert Blyleven

I'm doing my parents a favor again...

I've been working on my family photo scans again...

excuse me, where is the toilet?

*I got a DUzy!* Oh, and so did Rabrrrrrr, BTW...

We got a new foal here!

Nancy Grace needs good, quality, orgasm-centric sex

I know why he hates her.

Hello, my name is Erica, and I'm a geneology addict

Ritchie Blackmore

We got a new fool here!

We got a new fool here!

Anybody seen the new movie

Four more weeks until...

Four more weeks until...

Bonus Baseball


Hello, My Name is Eric, and I'm A Genie-ology Addict

I am so proud of my daughter (photo)

I've been getting dirty looks from the men in my neighborhood the past few days...

Goldy McJohn had some hair on his head:

Assholes Anonymous - We need some group like this!

I have a new work of computer art that cries out for a name.

Has anyone here seen "The Forbidden Kingdom"?

I am going to try and cheer myself up by playing the Twins' pitchers version of Ode to Joy

This squirrel has a groin squirrel

I'm going to do a Writer

Ethel's question about expecting chastity

So honestly - is Ween the most innovative, crazy and yet misunderstood band to ever exist???

TZ has landed!

Finally I am home and boy is Sophie glad to see me!

What's the easiest way to search for blogs on a certain subject?

Gender Power Relations

LOLrabbit. I admit it took me a sec.

Ever have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong?

4.9 quake! Talking w/friend of mine in Reno and she just felt big quake !!!

The 21st century is amazing and weird

dam it!

REC if you like recommending stuff

Part of our great adventure today - Bullwinkle at Condoms to Go!

I'm worried . . .

I just watched Dawn of the Dead again, and it made me sad...

I'm a guy & I love cats (puppys & dogs are too dependent for me)...

What was done to Rev. Wright in the media was basically a lynching.

delete - dupe

Watch turtlensue fly home!

Normally I prefer subtitles to dubbing

Anyone know anything about dvd camcorders?

Tomorrow, I search for Graphic Novels....

It's a SMALL F'in World!!!

Okay all y'all . . .vibes needed . . .

My place in the world. Where is it?

Engineers guide to cats

was arye gross a poor man's edward norton?

We got a new troll here!

If someone called YOU a poseur, how would you react?

Bwuhaha! I got a spam that references Vogon poetry - here it is:

Bwuhaha! I got a spam that references Vogon poetry - here it is:

Utterly tasteless, yet absolutely addictive

Only three things really matter

Okay I think the internets are merging on me

Karma's a Bitch!

It snowed last night.

I almost killed a Little 6 year-old Girl today.

It will soon be that time.

On a much lighter note, have you guys seen the " lizzy the lezzy" cartoons

Going from bad to worse.

billbuckhead's been TS'd?!?

Polish cookies...

Polish cookies...

Where can I get a suture set?

It snowed a bit in Anchorage yesterday, too... pix

Dude, you can't drive. You're a polar bear.

Funniest google search ever.

oh, fricking hell.

Bullwinkle is on her way back to CA, and I am crying

So what the fuck is going to happen???

I saw a very strange and terrible accident this morning

Dream Interpreters help! - I dreamt I was Caesar last night.......

Snow? What snow? I don't see any snow.

Why can't I get a deal?

Why can't I get a peel?

Why can't I get a seal?

My duty is clear: I must destroy Faux Sprots

Floor collapses at Christian rock concert - a sign?

Missing Urinalcake

I wish I hadn't started this thread.

Why can't I cop a feel????

I'm Going to be a Writer

Congratulations to Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson, married April 12 in "a quiet ceremony in Colorado"

"No parking anytime" - are there exemptions?

M42 beneath Grand Central

Kill The SCOOTER Jokes DS1. I Am Now The Proud Owner Of THIS:

Missing Cheesecake

dam. Bob Childers has died.

It's really stormin' out there now!!

Bird owners - have a Happy Hut or related bird toy?

There's a transit strike today.

Three days ago, my kids were running through the sprinkler

I'm All About Safety So I Got DS1 His OWN Helmet For When I Take Him For Motorcycle Rides On My Bike

Drunks that have disappeared: Who were your favorites, or ones you hated?

So whatsisname responded to my email

Are your feet summer ready?

So those of you who like Pepsi:

I have returned with Graphic Novels:

I wonder what the shark was thinking while biting into a human

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 4/26/2008)

The Atari ST sucks! The Amiga is better!

"Woody's Wood Glue Extreme Styling Hair Gel"

For my birthday tonight

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/26/08

Perfect Divorce Letter...


Does anybody know a natural way to get rid of Poison Ivy?

Thanks for the vibes . . . they worked!! Safe, happy flight.

The limitations of genius

The Official Lounge Rumors about flvegan thread!

Time to reveal your inner nerd/geek

What kind of tunes did/do your parents listen to?

HEEEELLLLP!!! I have an insurance crisis!!

Supernanny needs to visit "Little People". They are out of control on that show! nt

Ok why do I think this is so sad... warning LOL cat...

Baseball fans: AL, NL, both, neither?

my new do

The All-American Lunch!

I'm about to rent some movies.. recommend me something

Okay, I gave up and handled him. Now he's mine!!

1.8GB TIFF files are no fun to deal with, in any way, shape or form

I just got pink slipped...ask me anything.

DU Lounge Annual Spring BBQ.........what would you bring?

Join me in wishing Whoa Nelly a most happy birthday!

Question about the Open Office "Writer" application

Do you hear me? I cannot EVER live in the Southwest in summer. Don't tell me "It's only DRY heat!"

God forsakes Christian rock concert attendees

Where do I go from here?

Trying to locate the person who lives on the Olympic Peninsula, WA... but can't find the name.

Ethical Question about accepting charity

Since we're talking movies...I just finished watching "The Golden Compass"

flvegan - where are the puppy pictures?

Do you get four distinct seasons where you live?

Damn - you Chicagoans have some serious Weather Issues

Most bitter science fiction writer?

Comcast, DirecTV, or Dish Network,

Traumatized kitties friendly Minnesotans and other trip tidbits..

Today was a good day.

So I'm gonna go on something called Pegasys...

We saw the new "Harold and Kumar..." movie tonight (NO SPOILERS - GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELVES)

So should I just say 'screw you' ? What would you do? (just need some advice, nothing too deep here)

Just got done watching 'No Country for Old Men'...

I am in Tennessee

Am I the BEST wife ever??

"Gone Baby Gone". Watch it.

My Fiancee has Finally graduated from Grad School!!!!!

Do any of you have bipolar parent/s?

Saw Rush last night. Great show. Flame away!

How are you a liberal stereotype?

You think you know your neighbors

Read This and Weep for Our Children

Just got my latest 2 CD's in the "Classic Composers" series...

I wonder what you'd be thinking while being eaten by a shark

Battlestar Galactica in 20 minutes! btw...did you notice anything familiar last week?

I LOVE Rev. Wright! He is absolutely, totally correct..

How are you NOT a liberal stereotype?

Jesus Made Me Puke-Matt Taibbi Undercover with the Christian Right (Rolling Stone)

The Pentagon Strangles Our Economy: Why the U.S. Has Gone Broke

Cuba to Rock on May Day

NYPD officers cleared in killing; rights leaders want probe

German agency may have spied on Afghan ministers: report

Census official, police among 24 killed in Afghan unrest

Pentagon halts feeding of information to retired officers while issue is reviewed

Joint Chiefs chair: US prepping military options against Iran

Confidence Falls to Lowest Level in 26 Years

Malaysia's ex-PM Mahathir wants Iraq war leaders on war crimes charges

Germany apologizes for bugging Afghan minister

'Charge Howard with war crimes'

Soldier Says His Atheism Led to Threats

Turk warplanes strike PKK targets in N.Iraq: army

Lautenberg: Pressure Bush, GOP to change energy policy(radio address)

Fund Raising Boosts Democrats

Zuckerman submits $580 mln Newsday bid: source

Afghan Leader Criticizes U.S. on Conduct of War

Blackwater permit faces challenge(Public not informed, San Diego officials say)

Jury acquits soldier charged with Iraqi murder

Sgt. Found Not Guilty In Iraqi's Death

Iraq endures bloody morning, Overnight fighting, U.S. airstrikes in Sadr City kill eight, wound 28

Fort Riley atheist soldier speaks out on lawsuit

Zimbabwe: Recounts do not overturn any opposition wins

Costa Rica protests against U.S. over detention of general prosecutor

G.O.P. Now Sees Obama as Liability for Ticket

Letters Outline Legal Rationale for CIA Tactics(illegal tactics ok if thwarting a terrorist attack)

Pingree-McCain rift emerges with release of new book

FLDS attorney challenges Texas count of pregnant minors from polygamous sect

FLDS attorney challenges Texas count of pregnant minors from polygamous sect

Fourteen killed in Mexico drug battle

Colombia's Uribe defends his record on trade union murders

Clinton challenges Obama to Lincoln-Douglas style debate

Pray-in at S.F. gas station asks God to lower prices

Anti-war Cindy Sheehan files to take on Pelosi

VA Denies Cover-Up of Suicide Rates

Iraqis accuse Blackwater of shredding documents

Sen. Salazar: Reprimand Rush

Official: Colombia to arrest ex-lawmaker (bribes to re-elect Bush ally)

Bush administration opposes Democrats' mortgage relief bill

Plot to Kill Colombian Witness Exposed (Bush's South American ally)

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius endorses Obama

Barack Obama in Blue Bell, PA

Barack Obama in Blue Bell, PA

Obama in Kokomo IN - 4/25 ("Behind the Statistics, There are Families")

New Rules - 4/25/08

Hardball: Rep. Clyburn and Clinton's Conduct

Rev. Jeremiah Wright On Bill Moyer 2008.04.25, Part 4

Rev. Jeremiah Wright On Bill Moyer 2008.04.25, Part 2

Rev. Jeremiah Wright On Bill Moyer 2008.04.25, Part 3

Barracks for Charlie CO 2/508 82n Airborne

Fair and Balanced Fox

Iraqis speak to head of US joint chiefs of staff 25 Apr 2008

A long long time ago....

Vaca (a tribute by Sigur Ros to the carbon legacy we leave for the children)

"No More Republicans" New Hillary Promo

CAUGHT: Pentagon-scripted TV News Interviews

TYT: McCain Endorser's Recent Thoughts On Katrina

McCain & Huckabee on the Campaign Bus (3 of 3) 4/25/08

McCain & Huckabee on the Campaign Bus (2 of 3) 4/25/08

McCain & Huckabee on the Campaign Bus (1 of 3) 4/25/08

3-on-3 with Barack Obama

Hillary laughs at State of the Union

They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot

The Headzup/ GoLeft TV Week In Cartoons 04-26

Genetic Foods/Monsanto Revealed 1/3

Countdown: Hillary's Finished, The Numbers Don't Lie 4-24-08

We do not torture. By George W. Bush (Starring Helen Thomas)

Obama 3-on-3 basketball game in Kokomo

Rev. Jeremiah Wright On Bill Moyer 2008.04.25, Part 5

Earth Day - Real Time With Bill Maher

Barack Obama in Marion, IN

Rev. Jeremiah Wright On Bill Moyer 2008.04.25, Part 1

Was Hillary Clinton aware of this?

Wrong turn puts illegal immigrant family on tragic path in U.S.

Four-Star Pimps and Whores By Scott Dick

Groundbreaking New Book Documents Widespread Election Fraud By Jason Leopold

US Planes, Choppers Cross Pak Border, Violating Air Space Aiding In Battle Against Rebel Forces:

Scientists Report Political Interference By Christopher Lee / Washington Post

Commentary: Testimony of Sean Bell's friends sank case (Hoslin/CNN)

A Supreme Crime Against Humanity By Gene Cappa

Krugman: Self-inflicted confusion

50 Bullets, No Conviction

War, Inc.

The Clintons haven't necessarily lost their minds. They are corporatists.Always have been.

Latin America: the attack on John Pilger

Confined Animal Feeding Operations Cost Taxpayers Billions, New Report Finds

US: Report Finds Air Force Officers Steered Contract

U.S. prison population dwarfs that of other nations

They Can’t Go Home Again

Dogs of War: Cost-effective: Myth or fact?

News You Can Lose

Jack Abramoff's Ties Ran Deep at the DOJ

Mr. Young Wants Another Road

More Trouble for Obama: Rev. Wright Does Interview Wearing 'Abercrombie'

Hillary's Favorite Fallacies By Jim Fetzer

The FundamentaList..This week in the religious right:

Hillary Makes Pitch to NFL Superscouts She Should Be Drafted No. 1

Forced Displacement, Land Reclamation, and Corporate Power in Colombia

Behind the Numbers: A Democratic Edge on Top Issues

Settling Scores: If Hillary Clinton finds a way to win, she'll have a long list of grudges...

Jim Lobe: Hawks Resurgent?

Clinton's endearing fictions

AP Previews Fall Race for White House: Map Favors Dems

The Meltdown Lowdown: This week in economic news:

Hill: D.C. Dems Back Off Health Care Promises

Leo Strauss and the "Crazies in the Basement" By Donald Archer

TIME: In the Rezko Trial, A New Name Surfaces: Karl Rove (Conyers wants to interview Ata)

Getting Away With Torture. Legal maneuvering has shielded those responsible for conditions at Gitmo

Iraq war architect blames Powell for Iraq

7,000 Pages of Justice Dept-CIA Torture Documents

Gail Collins: McCain against fair pay for women bill because of "lawsuits"

New Huffington Post column about Obama as part of Generation Jones, not Boomer nor Xer

MUST READ !!! - Why is it so quiet after the Moyers-Wright interview?

Democratic voter registration surges in Oregon

The Archdruid pens another winner

Brazil trip opens French lawmakers' eyes to biofuel vs. food debate - AFP

Narwhals more at risk to Arctic warming than polar bears - AP

Was there ever a follow up to the story about the internet cable 'cuts'

Some Carbon With Your Kiwi?

Giant Undersea Volcano Found Off Iceland

Canadian panel: Polar bear seen in trouble, not endangered - Reuters

Why Do You Pay Factory Farms $115 Every Year for Grain?

New periodic table shows political interference in science-Union of Concern Scientist

What do we do about the millions of deadbeat enablers of fascism?


‘Our unit is the transformation’

Lawyers ready to close in court-martial

Auto wreck kills 2 Campbell soldiers in Iraq

Review ordered for anthrax vaccine refusers

House panel votes to expand VA home loans

Is hunger an issue at Camp Bucca?

Ex-soldier gets life sentence in murder of wife

Roadside bomb kills soldier south of Baghdad

Medic pleads guilty to setting strip club fire

Warning shots fired in Persian Gulf, Navy says

4 current, ex-sailors indicted in weapons case

2 Camp Lejeune Marines killed in Iraq

Former Marine charged in FBI grenade case

Hearing sought for Marine in Fallujah death

How was your day, honey? Wives try Corps life

Bill would expand PTSD benefits

IG finds more dubious contracts at Nellis

Land a role in next ‘Transformers’

13 hurt in bus crash returning from training

Pentagon halts feeding of information to retired officers while issue is reviewed

Officials worry threats, opportunities in Southern Command obscured by wars

NEX, AAFES say all plastic products meet federal rules

British authorities cancel arrest warrant for airman due to lack of jurisdiction

Military charges Marine in alleged rape of 14-year-old

Okinawa police call for Kadena soldier to be charged with rape of Filipina

29 servicemembers earn American citizenship

Families of abducted contractors eagerly await word

Namdaemun arsonist gets 10-year sentence

VA Denies Cover-Up of Suicide Rates

Jury Acquits Soldier of Murder Charge

Corps to get more combat shotguns in May

Blackwater Accused by Iraqis

Atheist Soldier Speaks Out on Lawsuit

The Untouchables: Part III

Pack Your Ruck for a Tehran Grid

DoD Official Defends Felony Waivers

Thousands of ribbons line procession route for Staff Sgt. Matt Maupin

Not just a few “bad apple” employers (guest workers, under union contract)

Features of the Month : Death in the Haymarket by James Green

Monaco Coach slashes 600 jobs

Today in labor history April 26 Some 60,000 people marched in Washington, D.C.

Crossing one bridge at a time (W35 He – like much of the overlay crew – was on break)

I Am A Man strike 1968

Resurrection Health Care Faces Prosecution over Back Pay of $381,000

AFL-CIO Report: Workplaces Not as Safe as OSHA Claims

CAFTA Complaint Might Affect Ongoing Colombia Standoff

(Ohio) Workers who died on job to be honored (Monday is Workers Memorial Day in the US)

Blacks and Labor Movement Make Better Union

Alaska tops union's worker fatality list

United Steelworkers: Members OK 4-Year Labor Pact With International Paper

City, Portsmouth Police Commission drop labor grievance

Weary of waiting for Washington, US farm union recruits laborers in Mexico

Business, labor (Colorado) plan for November ballot fights

Guest Editorial: Company Unions - The New Threat to the Progressive Labor Movement

American Axle cites strike in $27-million loss

Bloomingdale's Workers May Go On Strike (first time 43 years?)

AXL ready to invest millions if labor pact reached

Inter-Con Security guards to strike at Kaiser hospitals

Director of Chicago's Latino Union gains respect of day laborers, groups formed to help them

Trade union identifies problems at Chinese billionaire paper tycoon's company

NY: Workers Memorial Day, construction union members and managment stand together in Memorial Mass

Family devastated,plant fined $2,500: Poultry worker's death casts light on safety oversight

Union claims Toyota workers expressing more interest

The whistleblower's unending story

AFSCME Wins Food Service Outsourcing Fight at University of California–Davis

Interesting story, in lieu of the apparent rice shortage. Texas rice farmers going under...

Carlyle May Pay $525 Million for Stake in 666 Fifth Ave..

This story will break your heart...

What is your opinion about this clip?

On a much lighter note, have you guys seen the " lizzy the lezzy" cartoons

female affection.

What's this "Its not gays, I don't want to see ANY public affection" bullshit?

Are Hedge Funds and Financial Speculation Behind the Food and Oil Crisis?

Plot to Kill Colombian Witness Exposed

Official: Colombia to arrest ex-lawmaker (Uribe re-election vote)


Forced Displacement, Land Reclamation, and Corporate Power in Colombia

Report: Brazil police kill 11 in raid

FIDEL REFLECTION: "Our Spirit of Sacrifice and the Empire's Blackmail"

Report: Muslim Brotherhood allegedly helped Hamas develop drones

Bush to Nasrallah: An Offer Hezbollah Cannot Refuse?

Arab lawyer invited to train 'kinder gentler' Israeli soldiers

Meshal: Hamas ready for truce, but only as 'tactic'

Turkish PM arrives in Damascus to discuss Syrian-Israeli peace

Facing widespread pressure, Nadine Gordimer may pull out of Israel writers meet

Biden Thread Alert in GD-P

Somebody want to post this in GD-P?


There's a Hippie uprising over in GD. They're calling for PEACE! NOW!

New Bulwark to ponder.

A comparison of Barbaro and Big Brown at the Florida Derby

Isiah Thomas: 'My Time With The Knicks Was Actually A Psychological Study Of New York Residents

How did that Shaq move work out for the Suns...

Some thoughts of relativity

A link to Nancy Waterman's blog for those who remember her time here

April 2008 Prayer, Light & Healing Requests Thread-- thread Three

Bookmark this prediction: Big Brown will win the Triple Crown.

Strawberry Tapioca Pie

I'm trying a new chicken recipe tonight

Why the food press rarely talks about dollars and cents

Who knows from Polish sausage? I found...

Eating is sometimes messy business...

The baby is here!

Your best friend and what YOU can do if and when something

Companies may not market as dietary supplements.......

Celebs decry evidence on vitamin pills

The Extravagant Gourmets

Spring is here, least for this week.

ANOTHER SLANT ON CONSCIOUNESS: Vulnerability, Presence, and Power

Two religious groups in Texas, both accused of sexual misdeeds in one week. Coincidence?

Episcopal church sues deposed California bishop over property

Oil Paintings discovered behind ancient colossal Buddha statues destroyed in 2001

Colossal squid out of the freezer

Mystery Of Ancient Supercontinent's Demise Revealed

Deep Copy

Amendment II Democrats caucus to be held at Texas Democratic Party 2008 state convention

Brain Cell vs The Universe

I've got this Mossberg 590A1.

Flood from nowhere plagues OH city

John McCain makes "MAN MADE" disaster statement

PNAC part 1....

Hannity, O'Reilly & Catholics

Clinton Targets John Kerry

Business mishaps threaten Franken campaign

SC Times Larry Schumacher Liveblogging DFL 6th CD Convention

Whatever Happened to Cheryl Yecke?

Morning folks, must be many of you in the same situation as I am.

Can you use any free burner software for most CD -RW drives?

Desperate, frustrated, (Bitter??) I just want to make a cable....

FINALLY: Someone is telling the U.S. Gov't Where to Put Its E-voting (X)

Alternet has new election integrity newsgroup

Election Reform and Related News: Saturday, April 26, 2008

Diebold Admits ATMs Are More Robust Than Voting Machines

Help! My laptop is a goner

Kerry For VP?

Obama has to make Hillary Clinton the issue

Questions about DU and 2004 General Election ... Re: Math

Poll in my hometown paper (WV) help!

Clinton Hypocrisy Exposed

Obama's Plans Don't Add Up--But McCain is Worse

I'm not feeling very confident right now.

"Elevator speech": How would you set someone right on Wright in 30 sec?

The Clinton Blood Bath (With John Kerry as Major Target)

Cool new X-Files poster.

Transformers The Movie (1986) Full Length Score

The Voight decision is 25 years old...


Today's Daily Mail contains a surprise - a scathing attack on David Cameron

Harris and Dawkins were, of course, right.

Do I have "sucker" written on me or something?

Delete- Dupe

KOEB Meeting: 04/25/08 -- OMG!! WILL KEITH APOLOGIZE ON AIR??? Edition

Why I made the cancer post in GD.

Why are believers so attached to their beliefs?