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"Politicians" versus "Public Servants"

Dear Secret Cabal of Obamabots (Updated With Hillarious Clinton F-Up)

Dear Secret Cabal of Obamabots (Updated With Hillarious Clinton F-Up)

Dear Secret Cabal of Obamabots (Updated With Hillarious Clinton F-Up)

Dear Secret Cabal of Obamabots (Updated With Hillarious Clinton F-Up)

Rec This Thread if You're Tired of "Rec This Thread" Threads

My biggest fear in all of this.

So, WHEN exactly do we get our DU back?

Clinton seeks to burnish military credentials in NC

Who got the bigger bang for the buck in PA?

Who got the bigger bang for the buck in PA?

Unlike Obama, Hillary loves the voters!!

I'm a racist and I'm voting for Obama.

Super Delegates Weekly Tracking Since 1/13. HC lead shrinks from 96 to 22

PA General Primary (99.99%) Reporting Statewide - 9.2%! MSM Get it Right! It is NOT double digits!!

I also love how many Obama supporters....


Attn. Super Delegates: Please note who the MSM Cons are shilling for.

I love ( get a big laugh out of) how if you do not support Obama....

Tweety is all aglow and has been for weeks......

Tomorrow I am going to vote early.

I support ( get a big laugh out of) how if you do not love Obama....

What Do You Think Of Closed Primaries?

Contradictions in Hillaryland

The Official Faux News(Rupert Murdoch)/North Carolina GOP/Richard Mellon Scaife Save Hillary Thread

Why does Obama have to PROVE his worthiness in ways Hillary doesn't?

mccain throws scrub under the bus

Nice surprise when I came home tonight

DU admins: Call it

Obama electability memo: Outperforms HRC in IA, NC, OR, WI, MN, NM, MI, NV, CO, MT, VA, ND and TX

Obama electability memo: Outperforms HRC in IA, NC, OR, WI, MN, NM, MI, NV, CO, MT, VA, ND and TX

Obama electability memo: Outperforms HRC in IA, NC, OR, WI, MN, NM, MI, NV, CO, MT, VA, ND and TX

Obama electability memo: Outperforms HRC in IA, NC, OR, WI, MN, NM, MI, NV, CO, MT, VA, ND and TX

Rec This If You'd Kick In $100 To Entice The Clintons Go Away

Rev. Wright vs. Rev. Hagee

Rev. Wright vs. Rev. Hagee

Obama let insurance lobbyists write health care reform in IL senate

Whither Florida and its delegates?

Clinton debt larger than reported

The young and the racists.

Barack Obama Destroys The Democratic Party

Peter B. Collins said it best...

Hillary and the BOMB

What Do You Think Should Be Done About Michigan & Florida?

To all of the so-called "Unity Ticket" proponents ...

BREAKING: Senators Hillary Clinton & Lieberman to Participate with ESRB Ad Blitz

Funny political cartoon from Scranton, PA

Funny political cartoon from Scranton, PA

The primary race will end on May 20

Rev. Wright Quickly Dismissed the Notion that Obama believed in Any of the Controversial things....

Hillary to endorse McCain Tomorrow

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

Funny how McCain didn't say much about Bush and Hurricane Katrina in the past

When will John McCain announce his VP?

Hillary acts like she didn't realize there was going to be caucuses!!!

David Wilhelm just cleaned Terry McAuliffe's clock on Larry King Live....

About McCain and his wooing of moderate "democrats"....

Democratic men are not sexist

Possible voter fraud in PA?

Hillary for president. Of the United Federation of Planets!

Do you think the Dem primary will be over on May 6th?

Cant wait till this months fundraising numbers come out

rec this if you think it is idiotic to say you raised 10M in 24 hours when it was 27 hours

Rec this thread if you're tired of being asked to rec threads.

IN Police investigating 'Sniper Fire' comment/threat made toward HRC by BO supporter on Facebook...

Remember this?.. Senators Hillary Clinton & Lieberman to Participate with ESRB Ad Blitz

Third Ranking Member in the House of Representatives Denounces Bill Clinton

Nearly 100 Superdelegates Poised To Endorse Obama on May 20?

Prejudice and the General Election

Hillary in Asheville, NC Tonight.

**********STRAW POLL TIME (REDUX)***************

Rev Wright's words

Are you tired of humoring Clinton supporters?

DU Queen Peggy Noonan questions the content of Obama's patriotism.

Star-13 poll shows tight race in Democratic primary (41-38% with 21% undecided)

John Kerry won PA by 64 points

Humphrey won the popular vote in 1972. McGovern was the Democratic nominee.

Realism and 2008: How both Democratic Contenders are Electable

You know what? Let's duke it out till the end if Hillary and her supporters want to.

Clinton's Pennsylvania victory comes with cash prize

Clinton's Pennsylvania victory comes with cash prize

Wreck this thread if you think asking for thread recs is wrecking recs and makes you want to retch

IN Polling Data SurveyUSA Vin Gupta CEO who gave 3.5M to Bill Clinton off the charts for Hillary!!

To supporters of your candidate who won't vote for the other in GE:

Let's Speed Things Along For Clinton Supporters: More Black Folks Obama Must Answer For...

Matthew Mundy: Slouching Toward Denver

If Hillary is such a "knowledgeable" and "experienced" fighter that knows how to beat the GOP....

Is it Sexist When 65% of Women Vote for The Female Candidate?

Good idea: let's make Hillary unelectable so the superdelegats will be stuck with voting for Obama.

WHY doesn't Hillary get on the ticket with McSame and they can both run...

Democrats to Zogby: "screw you". 59% say Hillary should stay in race (even if she had lost in PA)

A Question for PA voters

He/she disrupted so poorly

McCain criticizes Bush on Katrina response.

Watch David Shuster's segment on Hairball re: Team Hillary & McInsane against Obama

Given These Choices:C/O or O/C or mcsame or no vote, which is it?

John Dean, on KO,

Hilli Vanilli tour extended, 2 MORE STATES!!

OK so Hillary is prepared to Nuke Iran, so what else could we get

OK so Hillary is prepared to Nuke Iran, so what else could we get

Give us a Debates...who cares if there has been 23 already?

Rec this thread if you believe in rec-ing this thread

This whole election process takes too damned long.

This whole election process takes too damned long.

Who does the media love?

How DARE Rove or any Rethug for that matter

Obama accepted oil money, said he didn't (S.F. Chronicle)

Clinton Bulldog Rahm Emanuel Tilting Toward Obama?

New IN poll conducted after PA

Irony: A Clinton ad mistakenly using a factory sold out during Clinton era.

What was the consensus after super-tuesday? Obama would rack up a bunch of wins until Ohio/Texas

Obama leads McCain in Indi-freaking-ana!

Barack Obama's ULTIMATE ace-in-the-hole superdelegate argument

OK, which one of you is it that has the Obama/Arugula/Whole Foods image?

How in the world is Obama not considered the presumptive nominee on GD P ?

Has George W. Bush ever said he would nuke a country into oblivion?

With What Moral Authority Do THEY Speak?

Paul Krugman on Obama: "Self-Inflicted Confusion"

Clinton's negativity isn't the problem

Tell me I'm crazy

Clinton working on Michigan...

DON'T BE FOOLED: Rupert Murdoch, CLINTON'S BFF is at it again.

Hillary Claims she didn't know about Bill's Sentence Commutation of 2 Weather Underground members

Ignore this thread posted twice Sorry

Detroit News: Michigan is becoming Clinton's secret weapon ("uncommitted" votes)

Detroit News: Michigan is becoming Clinton's secret weapon ("uncommitted" votes)

Obama's pre-emptive conventional missile strikes against a nuclear weapon equipped Iran...

I think we should have a debate with hillary, Obama, and McCain in it

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/24/08 - Obama up 1 (49), Clinton down 1 (41)

This Sums up the race between Obama/Clinton

My thanks and thoughts on the Rec if you want Hillary to drop out and the primaries in general

I switch to Obama

You are mistaken on this one, Maya

Campbell Brown Just Asked If Hillary Has Momentum After Her NINE Point Victory!!

Has the "Deaning" of Obama begun?

Even the Germans know this prolonged PRIMARY is BAD for Democrats

New Indianapolis Star Poll: Obama: 41% Clinton: 38%

New Poll of Massachusetts: Both Dems enjoy double-digit lead over McPain

Rachel Maddow: "Fox News EXISTS to destroy the Democratic Party"

The reasons Obama can win against McCain...

END . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NOW

a proposal for further debates

Cheer up, Democrats! (TNR)

Will McCain be forced to quit because of the Wright ads being run by the

Yes, Clinton Raised $10M Off The Net--More people will start placing their money with the winner is up and rolling in Indiana.

Still waiting on a confirmed link that Hillary raised $10M in 24 hours...

Who should we throw under the bus today?

Two Nobel Prize Winners in Economics Recommend Barack Obama

Obama's Manager: "Fairly or not-the majority of voters don't trust Senator Clinton" (Nat'l Journal)

Tin Foil Hat Time...

BREAKING NEWS!!! Stunning new images of John McCain discovered!

BREAKING NEWS!!! Stunning new images of John McCain discovered!

Hillary's McGovern Problem - Going Off Script

The Democrats Have a Nominee

One and One and One Is Three -- Should Rodney King Speak at the DNC?

Harvard survey: Young voters favor Obama over Clinton

Clinton calls for free-trade timeout.....The Fayetteville Observer

I would never even shake hands with Charles Krauthammer

Mike Malloy is ripping Limbaugh a new asshole

NPR: "Can Dems unite in time to defeat John McCain?"

Why do words mean more than actions? Which speaks louder? Words? or Actions?

IN POLL: Obama 41, Hillary 38. Obama beats McCain by eight points. Hillary and McCain even.

Anger & Respect. Are the two candidates going to mention Sean Bell?

South Bend Tribune Indiana Poll: Obama 48, Clinton 47

More enthusiastic, optimistic and energized for Obama than ever.

Obama, Democratic Party Close to Fundraising Deal for General Election

The GE will be won or lost by the VP selection. This will be the first and most important decision

"West Wing" President, Martin Sheen supports Obama

Clinton debt larger than reported

Anybody else chomping at the bit to go after McCain?

SDs will endorse Obama...losing AA vote would cost Dems numerous seats.

SDs will endorse Obama...losing AA vote would cost Dems numerous seats.

ARG Indiana: Clinton (50), Obama (45)

Rasmussen Poll: Clinton's Pa. win did little to change race

82% of Florida Democrats and 77% of Michigan primary voters support seating delegates(no even split)

Who is hiding behind the bushes in Bush's speech?

Anyone else think Rachel Maddow should have her own show on MSNBC?

What the hell is wrong with Hillary?

What the hell is wrong with Hillary?

Obama to unveil "massive" 50-state voter registration drive today

Best case in PA for Clinton: +7 pledged delegates. Big whoop.

If Barack Obama steals the nomination, do you know what I'm going to do to Political Heretic's lawn?

"Well, we don't really need these working class people to win"

Hey can some skillful editor do a bomb bomb Iran clip for Hillary that wouuld be cool

The Rude Pundit: Why Rush Limbaugh Ought to Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat (Riot Edition)

Is HRC's support based on her positions or her race/gender?

Clinton Supporter Evan Bayh Trying To Muzzle Obama Supporting Legislators....

North Carolina GOP party head cuts off her feed on MSNBC interview when the questions get too tough.

Time to fight McCain

Arianna Huffington criticized by WAPO media critic for cherry-picking facts to make a point

Uncommitted Superdelegates weren't shaken by Pennsylvania...still don't like Hillary!

In order to form a more perfect debate environment on GD:P, I propose that we debate like Canadians.

What Hillary is doing is the result of brilliant political strategy.

Obama memo to SDs. Who's strongest v. McCain. Full article.

Obama says Special Interests are Blocking Energy Reform, Proposes Short-Term Steps to Relieve...

Is it me or do the talking heads seemed OFFENDED that Rev. Wright is speaking up in his defense?

Why I support Hillary Clinton.....

Obama needs to debate

*** Baseball to Change Rules, Not Most Wins, Most Runs? ***

Look at what's happening in NYC and tell me that Rev. Wright didn't have reason to be pissed off

Just found an Obama chat room on IRC

First Rant: I am SO proud that MY Party has the first Woman and the First African American

First Rant: I am SO proud that MY Party has the first Woman and the First African American

Anthony Charles Zinni for Obamas VP

George McGovern way off script says good things re Obama.

George McGovern way off script says good things re Obama.

Hey Obama, Debate Only if the Moderators are Bill Moyers & Walter Chronkite..

Dean on NC ad: "This is a test of leadership for John McCain."

Obama: “I’m a big believer in reconciliation and redemption.”

Poll for Obama supporters

Poll for Obama supporters

Trip Down Memory Lane - Campaign 96

The Mind Of An 8 Year Old (Get Ready To Smile And Be Inspired!)

DNC's anti-McCain spot: (link)

Flashback from 2004

Why does Hillary create so much turmoil around herself and her campaign?

Its rough being Rush

Hillary's mystical math

Meet the Credentials Committee.


McGovern warns against the same party infighting that sunk him, and implicitly rebukes Hillary

Indy Star Poll: Obama 41, Clinton 38.....Obama beating McCain 49 % to 41%

The reason Hillary cannot win against McCain.

MSNBC just announced another SD for Obama but didn't say who??? Guess they will address it again

A happy what if!

Clinton's Ratchets Up Republican Tactics: Starts Push-Polling in North Carolina....

Close the deal, Obama. Please! (Tom Toles)

Is anyone else concerned about the prospect of this happening in NC?

The 2008 primaries are archetypal American Literature:

A happy what if!

A song for the Primaries (courtesy of Hank Williams, Sr.)

Watching the Daily Show last night made me HUNGER to go into GE mode

Asia Times: Hillary, the war chick

The top 10 list of undisputed facts about Lanny Davis, top Clinton/Lieberman defender

That HIllary won't speak out against the repuke racist campaign against Obama in NC

Hillary: It's Time For Democrats To Dump This Destructive Spouse

Hillary: It's Time For Democrats To Dump This Destructive Spouse

Morning Incantation for Obama Fans

Clinton calls for the murder of 70 million innocent IRANIAN people:

"This hardening (political) polarization (in the Democratic Party) is very concerning...."

I don't get the superdelegates.

Want to know what Obama and McWobble debate will look like...

Gallup, April 25, 2008

There's Something about Mary... and Hillary...

McCain On Obama: "Clear Who Hamas Wants to be the Next President"

Have there been any further developments in the case of Paul v Clinton?


Indiana is the key. Obama can seal the deal if he wins this state


Clinton Supporters, It's Time to Start "Getting It"

Is this another Hillary "Mispeak"?

most of the progressive women I know (famous and friends) are for Obama. what does that say?

POLL: Have you switched your support of one of our candidates?

Royalty on the edge of defeat. How far will the Clintons go?

Rec This Thread If You Think YOU Count!

Why the Economy May Favor McCain on Election Day

Clyburn to be the guest on Countdown tonight

Tallkingpointsmemo: Obama Winning More Edwards Supporters Than Clinton

Who thinks the Media is swaying towards Billary???

Senior Obama Adviser: Obama Will "Take Fox On" In Appearance This Sunday


Another reason we'll likely have a nominee VERY shortly after May 20


I know some of you won't like this but what about Evan Bayh as Obama's running mate?

The Godfather, part 4: "Just when we thought we were out..."

Hillary supporter states on this board that "Oprah got her 'black' on" when campaigning for Obama...

So Now The Psycho Brigade Wants to Get ANOTHER Liberal Voice Silenced

Recommend this thread!

Obama Campaign Confirms Joint Fundraising Committee With The DNC (PLUS, 50 State Registration Drive)

Is Hillary running a 2012 campaign right now?

Lanny Davis says Repubs want to face Obama

Come on people, do you think Dean is going to give up a 40 MILLION Dollar a month money machine!?!!?

Does anyone know the email for Olbermann? I can't find it on the msnbc

Big HRC Fundraiser Defects to Obama

'Willie Horton' Ad Aimed at Obama Misses Mark

who really plays the race card

Hamas endorses Obama (says McCain)

Why Are A Lot of Dems Such Wimps? Scared of the Repub Attack Machine

My mom, a Hillary supporter, sent me this on Reverend Wright,

What will happen to Rush Limbaugh if OPERATION CHAOS puts Hillary in the White House?

Let's Be Honest: Wright + Ayers = General Election LOSS For Obama

Obama TIES McCain in .. guess where...

Obama Peeps: If Hillary runs a positive campaign from now on, would you be cool with her staying in?

Will Hillaronians and Obamatrinitrons Ever Unite?

Will Hillaronians and Obamatrinitrons Ever Unite?

Does Hamas get to vote in the Primary?

"He says what he has to say as a politician"

The endgame.

Hillary push polling audio link...this says it all

Some of you please CALM DOWN

Has anyone asked why the GOP is running the Wright ad NOW in Carolina?

Self-Inflicted Confusion : Krugman NYT

Hillary gained a whopping 10 delegates in PA!

Obama: National Journal Rating Of Me As "Number One Liberal" Is Bogus

Cease and Desist!

Just theoretically: What happens if Obama wins NC by 20 and IN by 5?

Clinton's ED problem. Humor (Not for Hillary fans)

For those planning last minute donations to the Hillary campaign....

This week's Economist cartoon

Official Results: Hillary wins PA.

"I won't vote for the other Dem"

Obama needs to turn around and face two hard points

I'm truly mystified by the enthusiasm that some supporters of either candidate are displaying...

Stewart: Media applaud McCain for going ‘near where black people live’

Stewart: Media applaud McCain for going ‘near where black people live’

The CiC threshold; The Economy Stupid

Obama To Play In 3-on-3 Basketball Game In Indiana On Saturday.

Drop Out, Obama (in Slate)

It thrills me to realize that Barack H. Obama will be the next President

Which is more true - Hillary "must win" NC or Obama "must win" IN?

Rec this thread if you are tired of "Rec this thread" threads

They ignore me in the lounge, so let me phrase this as a campaign question:

Best case scenario for the Democratic Party.

Hill & Bill, Fer Fuggssakes, It's TIME TO GO.

American University

Going to Kennedy or Richardson events? How?

Clinton debt larger than reported

Repost from March 7 - Reality check on media's role in deluding Clinton voters.

Poll: Indiana Independents and Republicans favor Obama overwhelmingly ...

I find myself angry and mean spirited towards Clinton. I know rationally I should

McCain invoking the will of Hamas is some of the lowest shit ever.

Has Clinton reached a Bush level of incompetence?

If our votes are good enough, then our candidates should be good enough, too

Rioting In Denver

Howard Fineman and a very good quick essay on how Obama can improve his image.

Recommend if you think people should stop putting "recommend if you think" in their subject lines.

Obama should stop campaigning and go on vacation.

Exclusive: PA's Results Website Listed 3 Obama Entries, w/ 3 Differing Totals on Election Night

"Fourth quarter, team Obama up by 37... 45 seconds remaining in the game...

What was that skit on SNL about The Thing Who Wouldn't Leave?

Major Clinton fundraiser defects to Obama

A Modest Proposal

Cintons arguments are a complete falacy, She can not win in the GE !

Rasmussen daily graph for 4/25/08 - Obama unchanged (49), Clinton unchanged (42)


Hey "Hillary by 10", It could be "Hillary by 25" and Obama will still win the GE wo Hill.

Hey "Hillary by 10", It could be "Hillary by 25" and Obama will still win the GE wo Hill.

Do Hillary's supporters honestly believe that GOP pollsters

Is it really worth the heartache to give the GOP mouthpieces the time of day?

Corrupt Obama to bribe SDs

Why I support Obama and not Hillary, in a nutshell:

Fair Is Fair

In Defense of an Obama-Clinton Ticket

Do you agree with Hillary's attempt to portray Obama as having ties to terrorists?

I just can't see them running together

Why the "They both need the superdelegates!" argument is BOGUS...

Who Will Be the Democratic Nominee?

Clinton or McCain?

It bears repeating - Hillary cannot win in 2008

Something Obama and Clinton Supporters Should Understand

How Hillary Clinton Courted Racists In Pennsylvania

If the GOP thinks Obama is so easily beatable, as some people say

Are people who ask if Obama is the messiah delusional or political hacks?

Another Clinton LIE. This one on energy...

Pat Buchanan on "Race": Let's not forget who this guy is.

The dream ticket is now the necessity ticket - they simply cannot win without each other

Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

MSM Turns Against Obama - We Must Continue the Fight

Anyone who thinks Hillary should drop out of the race is either a quitter or has a loser mentality

Write Obama's Campaign requesting surrogates point out Clinton won by SINGLE digits (9%)

Support Barack (Who's Sane) Obama

WTF is with all these tacky "Recommend if you think..." threads begging for recs

Obama narrowly leads 41-38 in IN (poll taken mostly before Hillary's big PA win)

Two Nobel Prize Winning Economists Recommend Obama

MUST READ: Elizabeth Drew in Politico: Dems' Suspense May Be Unnecessary

Keith Olbermann is NO JOKE

I'm trying to decide if I could live with a Clinton staffer

Clyburn-Clinton's tactics“Scurrilous”,“disingenuous",know they can't win so want Obama to lose GE

I agree with Howard Wolfson!

If You Seriously Want To Know Who Reverend Wright Is, I Would Suggest

Blue States are blue due to Blue Cities.... Blue Cities are blue because of Black People

Blue States are blue due to Blue Cities.... Blue Cities are blue because of Black People

Does anyone really care about Bill Ayers?

Hillary was on the board of the NWF and they gave money to terrorists, the PLO

When Edwards dropped out I was sad but...

Thank the diety confirmed that Obama is--in fact--NOT the Antichrist.

"Unity" ticket? You bet!

Which insult is acceptable to call Senator Obama?

My extreme right-wing coworker is going to vote for Obama in NC.

If Joe Lieberman defected from the Hillary campaign

"Big HRC Fundraiser Defects to Obama" - What's that I hear? The Fat Lady clearing her throat?...

Obama live meeting with IndyStar Editorial Board 3:30 pm

Obama is playing the race card again

Friday Primary TOONS: Election fatigue

A "Unity Ticket" IS possible!

If Hillary Clinton steals the nomination, you know what you'll see on my lawn?

Obama supporters: anyone else "feel" like it's over?

Complain to the FCC about Limbaugh -- Here's the link.

SUPER DELEGATES reading this make up your minds NOW!! (Rec if you agree) so they see it)

Obama and D.N.C. Set Up Fund-Raising Committee - The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

Obama and D.N.C. Set Up Fund-Raising Committee - The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

So, any comments from Wes Clark on Clinton's nuke Iran belligerency?

is hillary the nader of 2008?

So who will be Obama's VP?

Hillary supporters: How do you think people will react if she wins with a SuperD over-ride?

Hillary supporters: How do you think people will react if she wins with a SuperD over-ride?

Getting a taste up close and personal of the Rethuglican mind...

Gallup Daily: Obama and Clinton Tied at 48% to 47%

Recommend This Thread If You Think I Should Drop Out Of The Primaries

CNN: The week that Clinton came back

A free graphic of Hillary Clinton...what do you think?

Call me crazy - but I think the Obama Campaign read my DU Post?

Dems' Suspense may be Unecessary

I Think Obama Should Debate Hillary in North Carolina: CULTURE WARS

**** Will someone explain this to me??? ****

Farrakhan Hamas Al Queada and the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD want OBAMA because they know he WONT NUKE it

Maddow slammed for 1-Mocking Dukakis, 2-Misstating the facts, 3-Refuting an argument nobody made

God comes out for Obama.

Bill Press has it right regarding Super Delegates.

Bill Press has it right regarding Super Delegates.

The United Church of Christ, what we all should know!

Pardon Power.... whitewater pardon revisisted....or the life of a serial liar....

New Obama-DNC fundraising deal

New Obama-DNC fundraising deal

Watch your tongues......

Krugman: Clinton's PA ad is badminton compared with the hardball Republicans will play this fall.

Y'say you want a female president? There's one coming along.. a GOOD one, too

Don't Even Bother Reading This Thread. Don't Recommend It, You Will Not Like It, I Mean It

New York Times, "The Front-Runner; Like Voters, Superdelegates Have Doubts "

WSJ: Karl Rove: Is Obama Ready for Prime Time?

Incoming. New round of Clinton for VP talking points. Obama wins WITHOUT Hillary or

Incoming. New round of Clinton for VP talking points. Obama wins WITHOUT Hillary or

Charts on the growing and shrinking leads among total delegates and superdelegates:

Charts on the growing and shrinking leads among total delegates and superdelegates:

Charts on the growing and shrinking leads among total delegates and superdelegates:

Delegates 1726-1592 (Obama +134), Pledged Delegates 1489-1333 (Obama +156), Votes 49%-47% (Obama +2%

No wonder rethugs want Obama to win, look at what their focus groups show about his electability

McAuliffe, circa 2004: Michigan "will not get seated" if they break rules

Just taking a look at the breakdown of the 2004 CNN National Exit Poll shows why HRC is great choice

Hillary evokes the same emotion in me as Bush. Disgust.

Hillary evokes the same emotion in me as Bush. Disgust.

Obama-DNC Fundraising Deal - Is this for real and what does it mean?

Barack Obama was in the same room with fellow professor Bill Ayers twice.

REC THIS THREAD if you agree that John McCain is a doddering old hatemongering warmonkey

Question: today's hearing on Paul v. Clinton fraud case

Hillary Clinton connects with N.C. voters on experience and character

Hillary is now from North Carolina?

Hillary is now from North Carolina?

Elitist? Obama Says Nah - He's Got "Street Cred as a Down to Earth Guy"

May 6th: One Million Calls (Obama Campaign)

Krugman Nails It Today!

Final votes from Philly in (100% reporting), it makes rounding to 10 even more fuzzly mathematical

The media is helping Hillary spread "unelectable Obama". Email this article to them to point it out

Something I wish more Obama supporters understood

Why don't people want the primary process to play out? Are you afraid of LOSING?

James Clyburn

James Clyburn

James Clyburn

Molly Ivins, One More Time: "I Will Not Support Hillary Clinton For President"

Major Clinton fundraiser defects to Obama

Please read and consider recommending kpete's important thread on Rep. James Clyburn's concerns

Did anyone else hear that delusional Hillbot on Thom Hartmann a few minutes ago?

Did anyone else hear that delusional Hillbot on Thom Hartmann a few minutes ago?

5 reasons why Hillary Clinton has great odds to be the democratic nominee

Electoral College Map: Obama 264, Clinton 284

How do YOU decide who to support?

Something I wish more Clinton supporters understood

Does America have blood on its hands ?

Does America have blood on its hands ?

None of us should be angry at Clinton supporters.

Recommend this thread if you're sick of "Obama/Clinton unity ticket" threads.

Recommend this thread if you're sick of "Obama/Clinton unity ticket" threads.

Do I have a BIG mouth, or what?

Obama benefits from Calif. gay couple’s ‘golden Rolodex’

Has anyone been noticing how these talking head shows are...

It's over for Obama if he wins in NC by less than 2%

Obama's absymal performance among White Democrats.

The Clintons Campaign Strategy: "We're White Like You...He's Not"

Hillary Supporters: A simple question for you.

Obama to Appear on ‘Fox News Sunday’

Obama to Appear on ‘Fox News Sunday’

Ask Yourself...

"Target Dean" 2004...Target Obama 2008?? The shameful media role.

Obama's Electability: The PA Chart Every Democrat Needs to See

Olbermann Apologizes

So Hillary supporters: what was Bill Clinton thinking when he pardoned those violent radicals?

"Obama's pastor in a camp of violent extremists who use guns & grenades in the name of religion"

WSJ: BARACK OBAMA is the Democratic Nominee!!

Why I would choose some Clinton Supporters to be in my fox hole.

Free Obama poster and icons for your use

Lowering the Bar: Is it a Dirty Trick to BE Hillary Clinton?

"This hardening (political) polarization (in the Democratic Party) is very concerning...."

Rep. James Clyburn: "Clinton Is Staying In Race To Derail Obama-Pave Way For 2012"

Despite my support for Clinton, I do not find myself feeling mean-spirited or hateful toward Obama.

Obama Plans May (50-state)General Election Organizing Launch; With DNC

My Sis n Law.. "Did YOU hear what that woman said about Iran"

Randi Rhodes "Don't buy into the notion that Obama is losing support"

Howard Dean: What's he doing??

I love KO, but he definitely stepped on his own dick here.

PHOTOS: Barack Obama campaigning today in Indiana. Pick up basketball game photos later.

ABC News > Audio: Clinton Camp Testing Attacks on Obama

OBAMA SUPPORTERS-Here's a project to help GOTV in INDIANA (Postcards To Undecideds)

REC if you think that dirtbag Limbaugh should be JAILED or FINED for inciting riots in Denver.

The super delegate tango...Or...

Internet campaign strategies

USA Today: 60,000 firms owe $8B in taxes (Federal contractors)

Sick of "Divisive" Politics & Cable Froo Frah? Want to stretch brain? Get over to DU Editorials...

Sick of "Divisive" Politics & Cable Froo Frah? Want to stretch brain? Get over to DU Editorials...

John McCain's revisionist history on Hurricane Katrina

Why can Rush Limbaugh calling for Riots be considered ok when Rev Wright;'s statements are condemned

Justice Isn’t Blind. It’s Partisan

Defending A 'Wide Stance' Requires A Thick Wallet

Ethics committee criticizes retiring Sen. Domenici

Hat tip to DU. I do like this blog. True pandemonium, true opionions, and fast moving

Seventy Two Hours A Day of Nooz ...... and the American public Don't Know Shit

Gingrich Says McCain Should Condemn Only Hagee’s Anti-Catholic Comments, Ignores Hagee’s Homophobia

Helen Thomas has many friends

easy to debunk McCain pledge to NOLA

Did I just hear that with two more military deaths in Iraq today

Will McCain denounce the Call by Rush to riot in Denver...

The CIA has released the following video containing the allegations.

Is slandering a whole race with a racial slur justified

Let's talk ELITIST...

Judge Rejects Bush Administration's 'State Secrets' Claim;

Richard Lewis ...... I LOVE this guy's mania!

A quick break from all the doom and gloom...

The Anti-War Movement in the United States

World's highest standard of living...

MSNBC, the Democratic Primary, and the O.J. Trial....

The Kinds Of Men Who Represent The GOP

Will the democratic party

Will the democratic party

So DUers, what do you think those

maria schriver on colbert tonight.

World food fears mount as rice prices hit record

Anyone catching Malloy playing the Rush clip with the caller laying into him?

UN Cuts School Children's Meals

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Turkish jets target Iraqi Kurds

Now, isn't this convenient? "McCain says U.S. government failed New Orleans"

John McSame Receives 80% Discount & Use Of Free Inmate Labor For His Campaign

Hey, Rash Limbough, you just frackin GO FOR IT! Okay?

Fraudulent set-up of small group of Miami hoods as Al-Qaeda boomerangs on FBI

Leftcoast alert: Phil Donahue's on with Tavis and he's really kicking ass

A picture is worth a 1000 posts....

Senator Domenici Gets Hand Slapped! Business As Usual.

Dickipedia entry for Condoleezza Rice:

Nader bringing push for solutions to Glens Falls

Have you heard about Rush calling for riots at the Dem convention?

Safe nuclear dump discovered

In light of these comments by Limbaugh, let's remember the Montebello provacateurs.

Why are Democrats so fearful of what Republicans "might do"?

Why are Democrats so fearful of what Republicans "might do"?

Why does Google Maps not map Israel?

Why, pray tell, am I hearing Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough on Air America?

Petraeus promotion paves way for Cheney to attack Iran

How many DUers where there on May Day 1971? I was one of the 500,000.

"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes."

(Republican) mayor of San Diego drops F-bomb after debate, later unapologetic

(Republican) mayor of San Diego drops F-bomb after debate, later unapologetic

Radio host on RNC protesters: 'Mow 'em down, baby!'

Finland to host Iraq conference this week

Give Dems a backbone! Conference call 4/28

Arianna Huffington in LATimes: "Sleeping With The Enemy" MSM Jump Into Bed With Another Propagandist

Quick! I need help regarding the National Day of Silence today.

China is getting ready for the olympics .....

ATT Charges extra to pay your bill with Cash..

When Times are Tight: 168 Frugal Tips to Make Your Dollar Stretch

Ann Curry is wearing her nightgown on NBC this morning...

Ann Curry is wearing her nightgown on NBC this morning...

McCain's senior policy adviser: "looking forward, not back" by extending Bush's tax cuts

WJ this morning -Rev Wright

SPEAKING OF Scooter Libby

I don't think we have anything to worry about with all the riot crap. I have full confidence in

McCain’s televangelist ally believes God damns America

freak floods in ohio

McCain slams his Katrina partner-in-cake: "I would've landed my airplane and come over personally"

What is a 6019 error

Republican Activist Caught With Pants Down 4/24/08

Let's see how many more express this concern today. JCS concerned about increased Iranian arms

Let me tell you something about Racism.

Groundbreaking New Book Documents Widespread Election Fraud



Crossover Republicans

Yet another failure from President Insane....

Superdelegates are NOT being fooled by Clinton! Great news!!

Subsidizing Corporate Crime and Rewarding Constitutional Abuses

Confessions of an Obama Skeptic, Part I

Wash & Go?

Time to admit that Nancy Pelosi is dumber than a box of frogs...

Rice is one of my least favorite foods

"Scalia On Bush v. Gore: Get Over It!" subtitle-Its all Gore's fault....

Pentagon Reports on Iraq's Military Are Suspect, Audit Says

John Conyers:Politicization at the EPA

Concerning the Wesley Snipes sentencing

Can we all agree swiftboating works and we need to embrace it in the fall

Can we all agree swiftboating works and we need to embrace it in the fall

Soldier says he shot unarmed Iraqi standing in his backyard when he started to run

Thoughts on the Sean Bell verdict, Mayor Bloomberg, WCBS-TV, and the NYC situation.

Oh Wow, an Obama supporter at the coffee shop

So Laura hates the pounding George is getting.

GOP candidate defends speech at Nazi gathering

Feith: I reject ’snide and shallow self-justification’ in my memoir.

US Labor's First Strike Against The Iraq War Gains Momentum!

CBS: Reliving The Legacy Of Edward R. Murrow

FBI Will Investigate Jewish Center Vandalism

Just wanted to say "Thanks DUers".

Taliban bitten by a snake in the grass

If we had a Draft we would not have Bush's War.

Just watched REO Speedwagon on Rave and they played

Have we all e-mailed ABC/Disney about Rush's terrorist activities yet?

Dog Pack Attacks Gator in Florida - warning - graphic

Sarah McLachlan Makes Me Cry For The Animals

BREAKING NEWS: U.S military-contracted ship fires on Iranian boat

Syrian Nukes: the Phantom Menace The Media Falls for Fake News Once Again

Republican Congressional Candidate Speaks At Hitler Birthday Celebration

Did I hear that right?

U.S. fires on Iranian ship???

Office of the strategic services planning group - secret memo on spreading rumors

The Life & Times Of Race-Baiter Floyd Brown: Creator Of The NC Obama Ad

Hold the Presses! Journalist Challenges Karl Rove for Lying (Harpers)

Do you realize how much the cable news networks are PRAYING AND WANTING NYC riots right now?

Three major Iran related reports this morning - Do you hear those drums?

Gallup Poll Shows New High Of 63 Percent Think Eye-Rack War Was A Mistake

I found the worst song in the world. Seriously bad.

Wall to wall san diego shark attack............but Hmmmm…

I just saw a creepy promo for Dateline: "Sex Tape Murder!"

anyone hear the head of the north carolina rethug party on NPR.?..this is what we're up against

US Syria claims raise wider doubts

British soldiers executed up to 20 Iraqi detainees, say witnesses - 23 February 2008

New Terror War Atrocity: Beheading the Innocent for Bush in Somalia

Six ways to wrap the same white bread sandwich is called diversity!

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Falls More than Forecast to Lowest in 26 Years

Kristol: John "Purim is the Jewish Halloween" McCain Understands Passover

Auction-bond Flops Stick Student Loan Investors with Zero Percent Interest

Auction-bond Flops Stick Student Loan Investors with Zero Percent Interest

Stocks decline as consumer confidence falls to 26-year low

Limbaugh "dreams" of - doesn't advocate - Denver riot

Standard Operating Procedure

We are our own obstacle to change

Judge Recommends Order "To COMPEL WH To Search Individual Workstations" Re: Missing E-Mails

They need some death-defying roller coasters in Iraq! - Today’s Headlines 4/25/08

To me, the Bush Administration will always embody 4 events

The land of the Karma Sutra flunks sex ed

Take a look at this picture of the 'Syrian nuclear site' and advise me.

Iraqis see red as U.S. opens world's biggest embassy

Charlie Cook: Clinton in "Political Purgatory" and more about the hole Hillary dug

Health care relief for Americans

"How do i spell relief? NOT GUILTY" Says the NYC police spoke-man about the Bell shooting

RESOLVED: Many of the problems America faces can be traced to extremely excessive individualism.

For everyone whining about counting every state's votes, how do you explain her plan to win by 2/5?

Insanity about the Pledge of Allegiance done in Spanish. (xposted from WI folder)

Occupied Iraq and the US are the most dangerous countries in the world, not Pakistan

University President Should Be Held Accountable

users at Anne Coulter forum beware PRIVACY ISSUE!

the corn shortage

Senate Votes Unanimously To Improve Protection For WhistleBlowers

McCain campaign given deals, virtual slave labor by Homewood, Alabama, city government

All three NYPD officers acquitted in Groom-to-be death

A question about the Drudgereport

So...what the fuck do I do with these 800 pounds of rice I now own?

Executive PayWatch Database

Ben Stein is mocking the holocaust victims

Israel's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot'

Graph Points To Bush-shit: Arabs Dislike Us For Our Actions -- Not Our Values

This week in the #5 spot on Act Blue goes to Scott Kleeb US Senate

Assistant to Pope - Your Holiness, America Has Invaded Iraq

Brazil Oil Finds May End Reliance on Middle East, Zeihan Says

Obama should now disown Rev. Wright

Minnesota Flushing Away Chance To Go Green

Newsrooms Shrinking as Publishers Race to Bottom Line

THE MATH Update - Introducing New and Improved: Super Huck 3.0!

I Support This Candidate 100%

Bad News.....Here Comes the Repo Man

A Few Words From JFK on Presidential Leadership

Bush never elected? - "Get over it. It's so old by now."

Bush to Take Final Comedic Bow at White House Press Dinner

Sign of the times....

DETECTIVES: Chris Jenkins murder connects dozens around country

Shots fired at Iranian boat


Looks like oil has a good chance of busting the magic $120 mark today.

17 vets a month commit suicide under VA care (Sorry if dupe)

Students modify a hybrid.. 100 mpg.. (automakers "mildly" interested)

Woo-hoo! Rebate checks going out Monday. Our troubles are over.

NYC Cop shooting, proves Rev. Wrights point!! Why would African

We need to start planning the de-Bushification process.

progressives are smarter than doubt about...but why do so many DUers.....

The Daily Howler - At some point, the mainstream press corps passed to Countdown

Any Cheap Gas Where You Are?

what's the difference between Rush Limbaugh (joke)

Glitch at pump adds to soaring gas costs

Jeb Bush allies put pro-voucher plans on ballot (guts constitutional separation of church/state)

Ship under contract to U.S. Defense Dept. shoots at Iranian boats = Higher oil prices?

Anyone want a FREE copy of Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here"?

Cross posted from GD:P: The Squirrel Awards

Send these guys to their own room - they disgust me

Rice shortage, vote Rice for VP! ?

* * * * WRECK THIS THREAD * * * *

surge update - Al-Sadr threatens 'open war' on 'occupiers,' not Iraq

Homeless begin moving back into Ontario tent "safer, more sanitary" city

Butter Shortages in Japan: the other part of the story.

Inside the mind of an everyday "libertarian"

About Bibles being given in schools, another account

John McCain: first politician since Spitzer to express interest in a dry rub...

U.S. Navy regarding Persian Gulf incident: "We have no proof of who they were"

Re: Polygamy case -- Child Advocate says, "Give system time to work."


"You weren't there, so how can you talk about it?"

greemsburg, ks, greenest town in america

Is Rush's call for inciting riots at the DNC part of an upcoming fascist takeover?

Have there been any further developments in the case of Paul v Clinton?

"He has lost them."

A Deadly Shark Attack In Solana Beach CA?

Some time this week I topped 5000 posts.

Fox News Democrat Tammy Bruce's Anti-Mexican Bigotry

US 'extremely concerned' over Iran

Tonight on News Night on BBC America-Guantanamo Torture Techniques

Unholy alliance developing between Hillary Clinton and conservative Republicans to stop Barack Obama

A question for lawyers

America Decides Network - We decide what you decide

Panic-Mongering Moves to the Wall Street Journal

R.I.P. - Elizabeth Fineron (Colo. Springs Demonstrator)

John McCain Officially Most Absent Member of the Senate

Evidence of Climate Change in Madison, WI?

Author David Baldacci Joins TYT To Talk About The Military Industrial Complex And Propaganda.

This works;

Is it Possible??

Stock up on Food (says WSJ columnist and others)

The strange case of Murdoch's lost empire

Rice to make trip to Britain, Israel, West Bank

Cheney camp 'behind Syrian reactor claim'

what are the freepers saying about jenna not shilling for mccain on larry king?

FLDS sharks ate my rice while shooting with an unarmed Rush.

Is an Attack on Iran Imminent?

Sadr calls for halt to Iraq fighting - Can't we all get along?

I wonder if there will be a late Friday "news dump" today...

Listening to Randi Rhodes over a SLOW DIAL-UP !!!!!!

why is a shark attack top headline news on seriously?

An Inconvenient truth II: Al Gore strikes again!

New National Intelligence Estimate released

POLITICS-US: Courts May Get More Latitude on "State Secrets"

"I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live." -John McCain

TORNADO WARNING:, Green Lake, Fond Du Lac Counties in Wisconsin; (Columbia basically over)

Kevin Phillips - The Plunge Protection Team (An Elite Group Protects the Financial Sector)

LEGISLATIVE REPORT for the week of April 25, 2008

If you're angry about your heating oil bill, you don't want to miss this site:

Ohio University to Rename Newsroom for FOX News' Roger Ailes

Mark Morford: All the President’s Liars

Senate passes bill barring genetic discrimination

Please DU this poll - Should officers at Missouri casinos carry stun guns?

How big a check can you expect....

Steal this thread

Sending Positive Vibes to Jim Lehrer..

two headlines of interest: 60,000 Firms Owe $8B In Taxes; Federal Contractors Delinquent, GAO Says

Let's all let off some steam and insult Rush 'Piece of Riot Inciting Shit' Limbaugh.

OK, it's now big enough deal for GD. NFL Draft is Saturday. What's your team, and who's your pick?

BBC: Wild bee decline "catastrophic": "The whole suite of pollinators are declining simultaneously."

Anyone have the vid of mclame snapping at M.Shriver ?

Christian Newswire: Overcome your Gay in just one weekend!

(D)Sen. Salazar calls for a Rush Reprimand for Riot Statements

Arizona Sheriff Stirs Furor With Crackdown on Illegals

WOW!!! Abrams just reported that 25 of the mothers from that Texas sect

Anyone interested in going to Cuba to set up a "SHUT DOWN Guantanamo" protest?

"Presumptive nominee" John McCain.. I think we may get "Schwarzeneggered"

Court says student can wear anti-gay T-shirt

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

An Unreasonable Man

How do you respond to the "Flag Pin" subject?

Schumer nixes healthcare legislation -- Where's Edwards?

Good-Bye, Cheap Oil. So Long, Suburbia?

The Foreclosure Tidal Wave: 1/8 of all mortgages predicted to fail

Anyone know the name/number of the insurance law...

Anyone else think Rachel Maddow should have her own show on MSNBC?

"VISUALIZE the movement against the Vietnam War. What do you see?"

Juan Cole: Syria Reactor Story a Diversion; But From What?

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher---Phil Donahue.

So we went into Iraq to Free the Oil?

In food crisis, US may cut support for ag research

How can a cop be acquited when he empties his pistol into an unarmed man

Shocked at DU

a meme for general election: If republicans fuck up the economy and the budget...

Is an Attack on Iran Imminent?

Is it in poor taste for DUers to make fun of Jenna Bush?

Toxic Waste Dump Found in Fla

if you could smack anyone from the MSM in the mouth with a flaming sack of shit...

Kucinich: People are Hocking Their Jewelry to Afford Gas

Electric Motion Systems E+ ebike: great features, high price

Mathematically, how do democrats lose elections

Time magazine: Understanding Black Patriotism

Historians rate Shrub as worst President...

Historians rate Shrub as worst President...

50 best cult books

WTF is Bush doing - IMPEACH NOW

New definition of 'Middle Class'...

Jeremiah Wright - April 25, 2008 - BILL MOYERS Journal

The United States of Corporate America

Old timers, young folks - what were your days like in school?

Old timers, young folks - what were your days like in school?

Regarding Hillary vs Obama and their respective supporters... thoughts.

here's a republican we can all get behind......

Iran is not just a desert wasteland. Pic's of scenic Iran.

The Texas Polygamist Sect: Uncoupled and Unchartered

The Texas Polygamist Sect: Uncoupled and Unchartered

Florida cuts safety-net programs for children as need for them grows

McCain can't tell the difference between Shiite and Shinola

Would you take a free ticket to a * speech?

Elitist debate missing the point

Gas bills ate your rebate

WP: What The Family Would Let You See, The Pentagon Obstructs

== All the president's liars = By Mark Morford

Machine Gun-Toting Officers To Patrol NYC Subway

The verdict is in on the Sean Bell case. I have no link.

Re-create 68 is known COINTELPRO

"Always My Daughter" Spinning Ring from a few months back

Would ANYTHING positive come from Obama being denied the nomination?

Rate this video up on YouTube

CEO Who Torpedoed Countrywide Mortgage Company Paid $132 Million

UN probes US Syria reactor claim; ElBaradei rejects US claims at face value

McCain or Lieberman?

US Labor's First Strike Against Iraq War Gains Momentum!

Tastes like chicken, but it's fifty feet tall, runs forty five mph and has lots of teeth

Today Show instigates panic buying

Friday TOON updates: Repeat after me - "The Economy Sucks"

The latest fast boat "incident" in the Strait: MSN says : "Iranians," Navy says "No."

Who else hates the new Rachel Maddow / David Gregory simulcast?

Spread the word, fuck Rush, no demonstrations in Denver. Why give

3 cops acquitted of killing Sean Bell in NYC!

My neighbor just lost her 4 year to Lung Cancer/brain cancer.

Ben Stein responds to Yoko Ono

I'm becoming convinced Bush wants to START war with Iran to help McCain in November.

OK, it's now big enough deal for GD. NFL Draft is Saturday. What's your team, and who's your pick?

Jimmy Carter, this Pink Badge is for you!

HELP THIS POLL!!!! Limpballs rioting of Denver!!

It was only a matter of time: "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantánamo Bay"



I'm putting my $ 600.00 in an IRA...

Field worker approved (food &) wine list USA

Could Apple be giving Intel the boot, or coercing them to lower prices?

Sympathy for Dick Cheney

Made in China means "JUNK" (rant)

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease

Joint Chiefs Chairman Says U.S. Preparing Military Options Against Iran

Single-Payer, Not Universal Coverage Is The Health Care Solution

Hartmann playing the Limbaugh (riots in Denver) tape NOW

"DU Squirrel Awards" ground rules

Corp. Media PASTORBAITING again! It must really be good to them......

Being left handed in the middle ages...

so apparently they just assume that EVERYONE has huge credit card bills?

Simple MATH: If remaining pledged delegates split 50/50, Clinton needs 69% of uncommitted Super Ds..

A must read from David Sirota: Matthews vs. McNulty

Silent thread.

Take a look at these excellent clods !

Can somebody bring some fried chicken and

I see Detroit Red Wings are cheating again as usual...

Can I post this in the Political Video Forum? Caution..."F" bombs!


Breaking News in GD:P! I'm serial!!!

Anyone else having trouble with photobucket?

Raccoon's made me think of a game — 'They Can't Do That on Screen!'

Pic thread! (it's blurry, but it's new at least....)

The Penis Mightier

Digital History (cool interactive map)

You guys ever watch the front page videos?

I snore. Yet another thread that is not about penises.

10 minute email (gives you an email address for 10 minutes, to sign up for things)

I don't have a penis or an adams apple

Anybody seen my penis?

If i could nurture a bonsai, I would hope it would look like this


Don't worry about Gordon. IT'S ALL PART OF THE PLAN.

Director chosen for The Hobbit

This pic is just plain wrong. But jeebus made me post it

Yellow canopy. Yellow drift.

Great introductions

Take me away.......

Can someone here explain satellite radio to me? XM? Sirius?

Some words of wisdom

Ingrown toenails. Ouch!

I voted today!

The Wings, Pistons and Tigers winning! It's good to be back home in Michigan!

Earthquake in Reno!!

Photos of my recent big scores!




Does the package match the product?

I'm in a coffee shop, doing my damnedest to irritate this guy with a laptop.

Blake's 7 to make a comeback?


So , does the family understand the baby ?

I am Thetrollbreaker.

Pic of my gigantic cock

Speaking of man poles

I am beginning to feel like things are under control

nevermind did it wrong.

Bugs Bunny and Cotton Eye Joe

This thread is not about my penis

A treat for the ladies of the lounge


Does this qualify me at the world's biggest nerd?

Detachable Penis...

How do I make Avatar

Today is Battle of Flowers in San Antonio and I'm going in, well, being dragged in.

Daft punk Girl

i also like to think i'm open-minded in the extreme, but i find this pic disturbing on many levels.

Wow! I've had to hide FIVE threads in here today, just to make teh

I'll soon depart for my weekly two hours in hell

I've lost 5 pounds on my do-it-yourself veggie "Nutrisystem-esque" diet!

I just called in sick, ask me anything

Cat in North Brandord not budging from tree perch

If a widow is a woman whose husband has died.....

OK. I've changed my eating habits for the better, my clothes are

"You can't fucking concentrate because your fucking wife"...Good Charlotte is sick of Paris Hilton

McCain Had a Key Role in the Iraq WMD Deception

a picture is worth a thousand words...

Let us pray

Lettuce spray

Parche tells a joke

Inflatable tube man dances to Cream's "Glad"

I met Parche today!!

I am beginning to think I won't be able to graduate in August either.

zOMG! Woman pole dances with 2 fingers!

Ugh! 2 days in a row! (a public transportation rant)

This thread is dedicated to DUer driver8, and one of the best DU laughs I've ever had

Imagine a world in which everyone was, like, Paris Hilton or whatever? Right?

Anyone listen to internet radio while on DU?

I need advice on cellular carriers: who is really good? who sucks?

I think I have about 30 applications in my Facebook account.

Who here is xemasexual?

Orangina comes in liters.

ZOMG!! The Pevs have struck in GD:Pffth! "PASTORBAITING"

Can This Day Go By Any Slower.....

Know the facts! (Pev fodder inside)

Things I learned in GD:Ptth today...

More new puppy pics! ***Dial-up Warning***

Don't tell this guy you have a boyfriend *some ads may be nsfw*

I Am Stuck, Help Me Write My Sermon For This Week

They're talking about Brazil in GD...

You know it's going to be a great day when you wake up to find cat barf in your reeboks.

I'm sooooo sick of coughing...

i like to think i'm open-minded in the extreme, but i find this pic disturbing of many levels.

BREAKING: Harmonix announces Guitar Hero: Jimi Hendrix edition

I have a long day today

Ranchers vs Penguins

Is now the time to quit while they're ahead?

ARRRGH .. too lazy buy a teapot , so I'm boiling water in the micrawave

Dog Pack Attacks Gator in Florida - warning - graphic

Happy Arbor Day Biatches

Curtain Rods - and a Happy Ending!

So if someone tried to tell you that your OWN ETHNICITY didn't exist

Movie stinker. "Deception."

O.K., what's wrong with this list: Wendy MALICK, Debra MESSING, Kelly RIPPA?!1

man, ever have one of those days? you're at work and you soooo don't want to be there.

No wonder the human race acts as if it's hopelessly inbred most of the time.

Something terrible happened

If you squint at the "Rock of Love" girls...

Looky what I found as I ate- April's Photography Finals

I totally won tickets to Goldfrapp!

I needed a good reason to in here for the first time.

Just posted in W4M in Maine's Craigslist. Heh.

Pork and Beans - Weezer

I just bought both seasons of "Dead Like Me" on DVD. Ask me anything.

So the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds CD is pretty damn good.

The Rude Room.

Pimp My Poll

Do employers ever really want someone who "thinks outside the box?"

Towhee couple building a nursery on our back porch

Ladies: have you ever met a guy with a small wee-wee

This is for retrolounge (fellow book lover)

So what wild & crazy, extravegant ways will you spend your tax rebate?

Who wants to guess why I am right now?


Happy Birthday Al Pacino!

Do you support sex-sex marriage?

Today I was auctioned as a slave....

Is sex-sex like pizza-pizza?

ok, in this thread, i will TELL you where I am!


Day 2 of my city being on fire....Damn, we need rain

Who wants to guess who I am right now?

So what do you have planned for the weekend?


Jesus. What next? Paparazzi captures pic of Carrot Top's penis.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 4/25/2008)

Gabe Perez is my new hero

Some things defy explanation

I Just Had Lunch With My Nephew In The Army

wedding rings for geeks

Oh crap

Could someone absolve me of my guilt?

I think I had food poisoning last night.

I have my sermon done, and it's only Thursday night.

Woohoo! Front page y'all!

Shall I replace my sig line pic, from

Nice video of my town....great place to live I tell ya!

Flag pins?

Well, now I know.

I have been taking anti-depressants for years and I am slowly

Which is more effective: ka-RA-tee, or ka-rah-TAY?

I'm in Hammond, Indiana right now by choice!

Some people are real assholes.

We were the world...RIP

I need to vent - I hope you don't mind.

What ball yard is it where they play 'Sweet Caroline' on the PA

This is a dog?

What are some CDs you have gotten this year?

Who wants to guess what I am right now?

Recommend if you think

I'm in a Question Answer-y mood

I need to say this... Hypnotoad's sig pic really creeps me out.

A cartoon - The white whale

Who wants to guess where I am right now?

So...I spent 4 hours burying the cat today...

Woot! I finished in time.

Anybody "in the business" here?

If the lounge were GD:P

Israel's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot'

Top 50 Sesame Street Moments

Question for those in supervisory positions --

So...I spent 7 hours researching in the archives today...

Behold! My five month old grandson!

Claim Your PHOBIA!!! Mine slapped me last night til I pissed like a puppy!!

Naked dog picture!

OMG!! DU-ers on Re-issue of Rolling Stones cd!!

It's Friday night, the week before "Dead Week"


SHIT! If I'd have just had the vons discount card, I could have gotten Crown Royal for $16.99

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/25/08

Cinnamon Conure!

Play an "old" blues tune

Idiot Gets Stuck In Tree--- Pic thread for Friday (Post sightings of your pet being an idiot here!)

Idiot Gets Stuck In Tree--- Pic thread for Friday (Post sightings of your pet being an idiot here!)

...Take a Look at My Enormous Penis...

If you love the sound of babies laughing

YOU MUST have a sense of humor to watch this, dammit!!!

Family dogs who try to eat the family bird

Refund check paying property taxes. Where's yours going?

Song dedications anyone?

Bullwinkle925 is getting a tattoo!!!!!

Farm Bill question. Are we still paying farmers NOT to grow crops?

Hillary Clinton is deeply, grievously, morally wrong

Rangers vs Penguins : Game 1

So, if Christian Bale's the best Batman....

Whoa! Check out the new "The Dark Knight" poster! They went "there"

Kittens are five weeks old

Drinks that Have Disappeared: What were your favorites, or ones you hated?

Help put an end to elephant abuse...

I've Been Accepted At Sarah Lawrence College!!!

How To Prepare Your New Pressure Cooker for Use

MrsGrumpy, DayDreaminHippie68 and ME all in the same room...

Mike Malloy says RECREATE 68 is a CIA front

Mike Malloy says RECREATE 68 is a CIA front

Jack Johnson. Can someone please explain?

The best possible news!

Savage Capitalism: an Ecosocialist Alternative

Bloggers Wanted!

For Indiana Voters, Talk of Change May Fall Flat

Congress Agrees To Add $10 Billion To Nutrition Programs

White House Influence Is Cited in Corruption Trial

Shots reported at 2 schools in Omaha; soccer player injured

US alleges baby-selling in Vietnam

Republican Senators Block Pay Discrimination Measure

Syria 'had covert nuclear scheme'

Miami Man Pleads Guilty In Venezuela Spy Case

(Bill) Clinton calls local radio show (in Guam)

Microsoft earnings flat, despite server launches

Immigration: The Democratic divide

TV station rejects state GOP ad

Star-13 poll shows tight race in Democratic primary

Texas Coverup Is Latest FAA Black Eye

I had such a great time at my last DU house party that I'm having another one - just for bbernardini

Court rules in favor of BMV in ACLU case (33,000 may lose driver's licenses)

Senators ask Pentagon to reopen Air Force contract probe

Iraq Still Paying Dead, Absent Soldiers

Number of Iraqi forces trained is uncertain

Groups With Iran’s Backing Blamed for Baghdad Attacks

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 4,050

Bomb Attack Kills US Soldier South Of Baghdad - US Military

Schwarzenegger Halts Aerial Moth Spraying

Obama Going on the TV Airwaves in All Remaining Primary Contests

Using New Math, Clinton Contends She’s Ahead

Many States Appear to Be in Recession

U.S. air strikes kill 10 in Baghdad (74 wounded)

President Bush will make a statement this morning on stimulating the economy.

US Contracted Ship Fires on Iranian Ship

3 NYPD detectives acquitted in 50-shot killing

UNHCR deplores refugee expulsion by Turkey which resulted in four deaths

U.S. Economy: Sentiment Weakens More Than Anticipated

Zimbabwe police raid opposition, election offices

Cutoffs and Pleas for Aid Rise With Heat Costs

Martin Sheen backs Obama

U.S. Vessel Fires on Iranian Boats

Gay, anti-gay demonstrations planned at Snoqualmie school (Pastor Ken Hutcherson again)

Bush Plan To Contract Federal Jobs Falls Short

Appeals court stays execution of sea lions

Top US officer warns of Iran efforts in Iraq, region

FDA found concerns at Merck vaccine plant

Black Congressman Denounces Bill Clinton’s ('Bizarre') Remarks

U.S. report on Arar useless, congressman says

Bush wants aid for religious schools

Watch Obama Speak Live With Indianapolis Star Ed Board

Here We Go US finds *new* Iranian weapons in Iraq

War fears drive up gun prices in Lebanon

Analysis: McCain Wins As Dems Bicker

Al-Sadr threatens 'open war' on 'occupiers,' not Iraq

Colombia's Congress is crippled by militia scandal

U.S.-contracted ship fires toward Iranian boat

China says it will meet Dalai Lama representatives

OGC unveils new logo to red faces

Obama Strikes Fundraising Deal with D.N.C.

Iran says no confrontation with U.S. in Gulf - reports

SF Chron: Effort intensifies for same-sex marriage ban

Trial recommended for Pendleton Marine in Iraq slayings

Argentine Dirty War suspect detained

Consumer sentiment lowest in 26 years

Nigerian Rebels Call on (former President Jimmy) Carter to Mediate

CDC, FDA investigate salmonella outbreak

POLITICS-US: Courts May Get More Latitude on "State Secrets"

IAEA chastises U.S., Israel over Syrian reactor

Now, Democrats target McCain

Cheney camp 'behind Syrian reactor claim'

Obama to Unveil “Massive” Nationwide Voter Registration Drive

Carbon output goes off the chart

Relax Dell skips India as job cut target

Gunmen ambush and kill Honduran union leader

Bush: tax rebate checks going out Monday

Domenici Rebuked for Call to U.S. Attorney Before Election

Uribe government accused of plotting against Chávez (with Bush)

McCain: 'It's very clear who Hamas wants' in the White House

Paying Cash, That Will Cost Extra

Pentagon halts feeding of information to retired officers while issue is reviewed


NJ Judge Gives Go Ahead to Independent Review of Sequoia's Failed Touch-Screen Voting Machines

Joint Chiefs chair: US prepping military options against Iran

NYPD Officers Aquitted In "Groom Shooting" In NYC (link found!)

Crude Up (spike nearly 3%) on Report of Shots in Persian Gulf

Dealers see SUV glut as drivers trade in gas guzzlers

Bolivia Government Freezes Separatist Santa Cruz Province Accounts

Israel's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot'

This just in: Fatal shark attack off San Diego coast

New US Embassy in Iraq has no housing for all its workers

Obama decides to appear on Fox Sunday Morning

Senate passes bill barring genetic discrimination


Guatemala accused in CAFTA labor complaint (to U.S. Department of Labor)

Mount Kisco cop accused of killing immigrant goes on trial next month

US found date-stamped Iranian weapons in Iraq: report

Iraq's Sadr tells fighters to observe truce

Amnesty International's new anti-waterboarding advert

Pop-Up DoubleTalk, Episode 1: New Orleans

Hillary Clinton: Hail to the Chief

KO and Rachel Maddow on the Electability Argument

The Internationale

Greenwash Guerrillas Pie Thomas Friedman on Earth Day

24-APR - Obama talks to Roland Martin on Radio

TYT: The Appearance of Hillary's Win in Pennsylvania

Hillary's Attacks on Obama Stregthen McCain- Tom Hayden

Obama Addresses the UFCW

Rep. James Clyburn on the Clintons (back in January)

Eye To Eye: Obama's War Room

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Rev. Jeremiah Wright | Clip #1 | PBS

Hillary's Oregon Compact (Proposes Two Debates)

Obama: Behind The Scenes (CBS News)

Casino Nation

CNN's Jack Cafferty: Bush Stole the White House

The Syria Propaganda Catapulted - CNN

TPMtv: Pennsylvania Post-Game

PBS Pentagon Pundits Scandal: John Stauber debates Bob Zelnick

Katie Couric visits Obama HQ

North Carolina Democrat Responds to Jeremiah Wright Ad.

North Carolina TV Blocks Anti-Obama Attack Ad ("It's Offensive")

Jenna Bush talks about recession

Oh, Congress. Foor me once, fool ma .. . can't get fooled again. WH briefing 4/24

Scientific Interference

Barack Obama on Gas Prices, in Indianapolis

Once again - Curious George!

TPMtv: Clinton's New Math

It's Raining McCain: SLAYER STYLE

Barack Obama: To Hell And Back

GOP objects to bill allowing recounts

Dan Abrams 4/23: Is Hillary Clinton Helping John McCain?

Rush Limbaugh: Operation Chaos manual for rioting

Matthews: Whites ‘willing’ to support Obama in same way they ‘root for black athletes.'

Are GOP Congresspeople finally tired of eating the Bushadmin's crap?

Obama Ad Airing In West Virginia

Okay, okay - I admit it: Clinton is winning!*

Leaches and John McCain

As we head toward May 1st.....

CNN - Obama on the issues - Press availability from today

Where Was McCain During Hurricane Katrina?

Hardball: Tweety Thinks This is Obama's "Iraq"??

TYT: Pastor's Banner Links Obama to Osama (Warning: Ear-Muff The Kids)

Scalia: Get Over It! (Bush v. Gore)

TYT: Guess Who Else Isn't Wearing a Flag Lapel Pin?(!)

Cesar Chavez: Embrace the Legacy (5 min. UFW video)


Keep hoping (Al-Ahram Weekly)

Why we hosted Carter (Israel Council for Foreign Relations)

Jimmy Carter Has a Point (Accra Mail)

A friend defends Carter’s meeting with Hamas (AJC)

Slumping sales forcing Black and Decker to lay off 700

Iraq's unemployed despair about the future

It's hopeless! Read "The Real Matrix: The Pentagon Invades Your Life" by

Jesus Made Me Puke -Taibbi

Senate panel advances state secrets bill

The Devil’s Down at the Crossroads

Costly Lesson on How Not to Build a Navy Ship

Unbelievable headline of the Day: With violence down, Iraqis flock to revitalized Baghdad Zoo

Putting pollution on grocery bills

It's Time To Defund Torture

Chertoff Says Fingerprints Aren’t ‘Personal Data’ By Peter Swire

The incredible shrinking terror case

Oh, the dead people? Yes, that was unfortunate. (Oil be seeing you)

I Just Don't Want to get Involved: By Mike Folkerth

Greenwald: Charles Krauthammer on the evils of associating with terrorists

New US Embassy in Iraq has no housing for all its workers

All Eyes on Media Glutton Murdoch

Financial speculators reap profits from global hunger

Two Poems by Campesino Turned Poet, Juan Felipe Herrera

No End in Sight... Well, not until Denver. By Rob Kall

"Freetrade" With Colombia: Double Speak, Deadly Silence and Deception

All the President’s Liars

The Democrats ‘Free Trade’ Divide

The Worst of Times (NYT) Staff Braces for Layoffs

The Real Matrix: The Pentagon Invades your Life!

Syrian Nukes: the Phantom Menace: The Media Falls for Fake News Once Again

The Endless Primary: Good For the Democrats By: Jane Hamsher

The super delegate tango...Or...

A Constitutional Conundrum By Brian Beutler, The Media Consortium

U.S. Kills 800 In 3 Weeks In Sadr City

J Chiefs Chairman Says U.S. Preparing Military Options Against Iran

Analysis: McCain Wins As Dems Bicker

America's Apartheid Mentality Toward The World By Helena Cobban

House Republicans try once more to break the H-1B logjam

Is This Where Bush Gets His Policy Decisions?

Navy Re-Establishes U.S. Fourth Fleet (SOUTHCOM)

Imminent Arrest of Americans for War Crimes?

Clarke/Goff: "The Politics of Food is Politics"

Gwynne Dyer: America Benefits Little From Its Alliance With Israel

Sirota: The Real Elitists Work in Mainstream Media

FBI wants widespread monitoring of 'illegal' Internet activity

Clinton debt larger than reported

Machine Gun-Toting Officers To Patrol NYC Subway

The Sad End of Jimmy Carter

Monopoly for Morons

My Parents Managed to Raise Two Kids on One Salary. That's Impossible Today -- What Happened?

Is 450 ppm politically possible? Part 2.6: What is the impact of peak oil and peak coal?

Moth spraying in California county must wait, judge rules

LURC gathering public comments on its vision for Maine's North Woods

Various super happy fun time readings

Climate feedback: Beetle tree kill releases more carbon than fires

Woods Hole Scientists Bracing For Red Tides - Conditions Favorable For Major Blooms This Year

Scottish Refinery Powerplant To Shut Down Saturday - Will Shut In 50% Of UK Oil Production - Reuters

Scotts pulling pesticide from shelves under EPA order

ExxonMobil Shuts Down 90% Of Nigerian Production In Face Of Strike - Bloomberg

Update - BP Begins Shutting Down Forties Pipeline - Reuters 4/25 18:05 BST

The promise of Little Venice: so toxic no one will touch it

minister sparks fuel panic by admitting: 'Supplies can't be guaranteed o

16:50 GMT -- 6 of 11 crude oil benchmarks over $120/bbl

North Pole could be ice free in 2008

Sen. Kennedy Tells Navajo He Sees Money In Wind And Sun

Unpaid utility bills soar as economy sags

Tom Whipple -- The Peak Oil Crisis: The Case for 2008

EXPOSED: Media ignore Pentagon Pundits scandal

Airline shutdown causes delays for troops

Airline shutdown causes delays for troops

Ex-soldier gets 14 months over Webcam photo

IG: Dead count toward Iraq force strength

Government targets language in war on terror

Soldier arrested in Mexico formally charged

Prosecutors put interpreter on stand in trial

UAV to be test-flown by remote pilots

VA to call Iraq, Afghanistan veterans

House lawmaker favors Senate GI Bill proposal

3 soldiers killed in accidents, a 4th in battle

Knox soldier dies by apparent gunshot wound

1,100 Drum soldiers to get sendoff today

Senate votes to pay Filipino vet pensions

150 Va. guardsmen back from Iraq

Navy to stand up new 4th Fleet in Mayport

House passes bill that CG, Bush oppose

Sailor indicted in death of cab driver

Staff sergeant charged with rape on Okinawa

New River Osprey unit gets new commander

Lawmaker: Review needed in Lauterbach case

Corps to track anthrax refusal discharges

ARTs sue Wynne over uniform policy

AF holds first court-martial in Afghanistan

Online SERE training required by June 30

AFMC to fill its own civilian jobs, for now

U.S., Afghan troops retake key bridge

Army adopts battlefield promotion program

77 Army, Air Force families forced to move

U.S. continues Iraq reconciliation effort by releasing nearly 200 more detainees

Gas prices leap 12 cents in Pacific

Iron Brigade ready for Iraq rotation

Iraq-bound GIs supplied with convoy safety info

AAFES fuel price hike in Europe is biggest spike seen in six months

Camp Humphreys' new land ready to be developed

Sailor dies in non-combat incident in Dubai

Warrant issued for U.K.-based airman who missed hearing

Analysis: Nominations signal faith in strategy

Fitness run death blamed on heart problems

Polarizing statements close sailor’s trial in Japan

Senators: Reopen AF Contract Probe

Okinawa Marine pleads guilty to forging, passing $20 bills

Hanau Bids Farewell to US Army

Two soldiers convicted in attempted robbery case in Germany

Army investigating massage parlor visits

Parents of dead GI sue anti-war shirt maker

NASA Turns to AF for 'Guppy' Evaluation

I read in another section (GD P) that a veteran at a rally for HRC

Nursing home won't fight union vote

Union workers picket at future Walgreens in Hampton Township

UPS Freight courtship is long one for unions

Does North Carolina’s Ban On Public Employee Collective Bargaining Violate NAFTA?

Texas and area nurses consider pros and cons of unionization

Labor's First Strike Against the War Gains Momentum

W Post: Take Two on Time Off (workers' rights advocates and the Bush administration are battling)

Labor Department Seeks More Than $400K in Back Wages from Brooklyn and Queens Supermarkets

American Axle CEO: Don't Know When Strike Will End

Aloha Pilots Authorize Strike

Labor leaders meet to discuss Mexican immigrant workers' rights

4,200 Ford Workers Take Buyout, Early Retirement Deals

AP: Obama seeks union's help while Clinton promotes vets issues

Breaking....Top union leader shot dead in Honduras

Coalition of Immokalee (USA) Workers' petition to end slavery, Sign Today!

Haz click aquí para regresar al sitio de la petición.

Today in labor history April 25: NYT declares the struggle for an eight-hour workday to be “un-Ameri

35W bridge collapse: Building a safety net for the future

OSHA orders West Jet Aircraft to pay back wages to terminated whistle-blower

Cintas Death Calls into Question OSHA Enforcement

MI Nurses want fair union organizing (after the nurses filed charges with the NLRB)

Court orders Goya (largest Hispanic-owned food company in the US) to negotiate with union

Ca Group of CVMC nurses files papers to unionize

The Company You Keep (Hillary & Mark Penn)

Lawmakers want safety reviews company-wide: OSHA practices make it hard to identify patterns of work

W.Va. third in workplace death rate

N.C., S.C. easier on work safety (OSHA fines for violations were among nation's lowest)

‘Death on the Job’ Report: More Workers Killed, Fewer Employer Penalties

New Home Sales Tank Big Time and McCain Loves NAFTA

Help fired Vignolo activists get their jobs back and win a union contract

UFW protest in support of pea harvesters

The Return of MKULTRA?

Credit vehicle defaults continue to climb

The Financial Crisis: An Interview with George Soros (NY Review of Books)

Wall Street may lose 36,000 jobs

Wal-Mart, Shrimp, and Slave Labor

Wal-Mart, Shrimp, and Slave Labor

Better return on your investment by stockpiling food?

Wachovia to Pay as Much as $144 Million in Marketing Case

Memo to Bernanke: Enough with the Rate Cuts, Already!

Gay DNC leader to be deposed Friday

Younger Gays Want Long-Term Relationships, Kids

Lesbian women I need your help, if you have a My-Space account.

Clinton, Obama weigh in on plight of Iranian gays

What purpose is served by embracing an identity as a gay person?

Santa Cruz County (Calif.) high schoolers honored with Queer Youth Leadership Awards

Ang Lee making gay Woodstock movie

Anti-Gay Govt. Bias Still at Issue

Junk Science on Stage: Psychiatrists Allow Ex-Gay End Run

U.S. Attorney drops charge in Georgetown gay bashing

Is Main Street USA Ready for Gay PDA?

well the day of silence is over

Can we please have clarification

Some Young Religious Voters Steering Away From Anti-Gay Measures

DNC chief welcomes gays to their ‘seat at the table’

Sorry double post

"This is Not a Hobby: Taking Global Poverty Seriously " - Speech by Dr. Paul Farmer

Memory haunts 'Malvinas' veterans

OAS warns of possible violence amid power-play in Bolivia

Gunmen ambush and kill Honduran union leader

Guatemala accused in CAFTA labor complaint

International coalition rallies for Haiti

Peru to protest Europe on terrorism

Colombia's Congress is crippled by militia scandal

GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY - US Navy Re-establishes Fleet for Latin Am and Carib

AGENT KOLAR: Bush's New Hope for Destabilizing CUBA

Cubans on new freedoms: 'We'll see how far we go'

Bolivia Government Freezes Separatist Santa Cruz Province Accounts


Uribe's headache: Politicians accused of ties to rebels

Cuba to Rock on May Day

Israel rejects Hamas offer of a ceasefire

Abbas: I failed in U.S., no progress in peace talks

Israel's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot'

Yes, it is apartheid


I hope this is a sports post......Brett looked retired on David Letterman

Tyler Hansbrough STAYING, Ty Lawson LEAVING...

Kenny Smith (doesn't) jump over an Aston Martin!

You guys can't have him.

Defining series this weekend between N.Y. Yankees and Cleveland

Check out the Family Circus cartoon here:

Okay, I've been around here for awhile

Saturn and Hillary (with a dash of Uranus)

Does anyone have a Vita-Mix?

What happened to DS1 and the final round?

I am SO not believing this !!

Baby Geese. Too cute for words.

So...I spent 7 hours researching in the archives at PUC today...

County's hands tied in endoscopy clinic case

Has anyone used superfino carnaroli rice?

I'm going to Whole Foods this weekend!

Autism Risk Linked To Distance From Power Plants

Viruses may be linked to lung cancer

I Don't Believe in Atheists

What Makes Prayer Work? (Does any of this explanation making any sense?)

Gun initiative hasn’t turned up a single lead

Another America's Gun Gallery, 4-25-08

This happened not too far from my home town.

Daly of Chicago calls "Gun Summit" for 1:00 p.m. today...

Where's the faux outrage now?

Shameless example of disregarding law

NYT: Study says near extinction threatened people

Test-tube meat on Science Friday (NPR)

Rich B (especially for Noise and anyone else interested in CIA)

Lee Hamilton confirms Norman Minetas testimony?

My friends....the tide has definitely turned....

Rasmussen MA Senate polls

So cute I can hardly stand it. (An OT diversion from politics)

Al Giordano names JK to Obama's short list of VP candidates

Phyllis Bennis: "Empire Building in the Middle East"

Tues, 4/29 Co-founder Jodie Evans in Minneapolis

oops dupe

Sat night 4/26. Come watch ex FBI agent spin plates on sticks !!!!!!

Sun Current

Michele Bachmann's 2007 report card on the middle class is out: F

Any other Du'ers going to be at the 6th Dist. DFL

Rush Limbaugh calls for riots at Democratic convention, so pass out the ax handles?

Texas Environmental Democrats State Caucus Meeting - Austin 4/26

Netroots Nation '08 coming to Austin July 17-20

Who here is an Adobe Acrobat God? (Scripting too)

Firefox help

I am using Firefox now and downloaded Adblock Plus, Question

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 4/25/2008

Why did HR 5036 Require a 2/3 Majority?

Brad Friedman Statement for the U.S. Election Assistance Commission's 'Voter Advocate' Roundtable...

Dirty Tricks" We know who really won.......

On Electability and Who Obama Brings In

Globe : Hillary's BFF is a Muslim


Foxs News Sunday: Obama this week

President Bartlett Endorses Obama

Obama Ads Debut In South Dakota

Obama running TV ads in Montana

Allegations of Clinton Push-Polling in North Carolina

Clinton loses top fund raiser due to negative campaign

Guardian (Comment is free): The Canadian Nixon

Tories stalling Martin handover, Liberal MP says

CBC: Another Conservative candidate attacks 'in-out' ad scheme

One Canada or 10 Canadas?

Students Lose Billions as Colleges Petition for Loans

Rockefeller Gives Harvard $100 Million

Hold the marbles: Abstract approach best for math

Has Tim Burton ever FAILED to fuck up a classic movie?

IT'S OFFICIAL: Guillermo del Toro to direct 'Hobbit'

Judge orders halt to spraying for moth

Effort intensifies for same-sex marriage ban in California

2007 Middle-Class Grades: Congressional Report Cards are out

Oh, HELL no.

Fucking insanity in Edgerton, I'm going to counter protest

Humphrey Lyttelton dies at 86

Your not going to believe this!!!!

Another head of the "atheists are fundamentalists" hydra in R/T...

On Secular Fundamentalism

I just had to cross post this from N2Doc's toon thread

A message from god?

KOEB Meeting: 04/24/08 -- Intervention Edition

Dipped my toes in GD-Primaries

Atheist Soldier to be subject of CBS Morning News Show

Take a look at this